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Dragon Husband 866

“Fuck! Everyone, look there!” someone yelled in horror, pointing to Wiliam’s chest and Mulan’s palm.

Everyone looked at it, and they all took a breath!

I saw that between Wiliam’s chest and Mulan’s palm, it looked like a dragon was hidden, a tiger lying down!

A cold light flashes continuously in the meantime!

Hanmang flew out from time to time, directly piercing the ceiling!

This shows the strength of this cold light!

At this time, everyone also understood that on Wiliam’s chest, a strange and dangerous contest was unfolding!

Wiliam just stood quietly.

He even closed his eyes slowly.

He needs to concentrate all his energy into his body.

Only then can we fight against Mulan’s power of strength.

Fortunately, Mulan’s attack on the Dragon’s Fury had already consumed a lot of her energy.

Now this palm is on Wiliam’s body, and the energy is much smaller than before.

The cold light kept flashing.

In the eyes of everyone, it has become extremely mysterious.

They suddenly felt that it was not Mulan’s hand, they wanted to crush Wiliam’s heart!


There seemed to be something terrifying in Wiliam’s body that was about to break out!

It is Mulan’s palm that is resisting this horrible thing!

Mulan is clearly attacking!

But in the eyes of everyone, it has become a stickman.

This feeling gradually spread to the audience, and everyone even breathed, cautiously, for fear of disturbing the delicate balance of the two people in the court.

Even Mulan felt something was wrong.

She was going to crush Wiliam’s heart.

Even her right hand was invalidated.

However, in the back, she actually found out!

Her palm automatically turned into a chest that pressed against Wiliam.

From offense to defense!

This is the instinct from her body!

But why is there such an instinct?

Mulan was suddenly excited!

I thought of the only possibility!

That is, this kid in front of him, the things in his body are stronger than his own energy!

Only this reason can explain the instinct of one’s body!

However, he was clearly a martial artist with inner strength, there was something in his body that was stronger than the Qi Jin of his own master of Jin Jin!

It’s incredible to the extreme!

To the back, Mulan became more horrified.

Because she discovered that she did not just switch from offense to defense.

And has completely lost the initiative!

Her hand seemed to be held tightly by something in Wiliam’s body.

Now I just want to withdraw, and I can’t withdraw.

And the sharp thing in Wiliam’s body was stinging Mulan’s palm all the time.

Mulan no longer knew whether her palm still belonged to her.

The subtle changes in the scene immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone looked at Wiliam with his eyes closed in horror, and Mulan with shocked eyes. For a while, an unprecedented thought grew in everyone’s hearts.

This kid, won’t you have the upper hand?

Could it be that Mulan is going to lose?

This thought made everyone tremble.


An inner strength warrior, after experiencing just being born to death, his body is already on the verge of a state of powerlessness.
But not only can he hold Mulan’s move, even now, he has faintly pressed Mulan, so that a master like Mulan is shocked!

Zhao Dongcheng, Caishen and Tongmao, look at me and I will look at you.

The eyes are full of shock!

Today’s performance of this kid has completely surpassed the ability that a mid-stage warrior should have!

Even, Yan Qiang Qunfang!

Even Zhao Dongcheng and the three sect masters asked themselves how bad they were!

If you really want to fight, maybe Wiliam, a warrior in the mid-inner power stage, can slap their group of late-in-power bosses!

“Zhao Dongcheng, I really don’t know how to say hello.” The God of Fortune mumbled to himself.

At this moment, he had only one thought in his mind for Zhao Dongcheng.

Be envious of crazy.

Turned out to be born a day, enough to pull up the entire southern Kylin Gate!

At the back, everyone suddenly discovered that Mulan’s face suddenly turned pale!

Now everyone is excited!

The guess just now turned out to be true!

Wiliam really suppressed Mulan!

Look at Mulan’s body trembling slightly, but Wiliam didn’t move.

Everyone has enough reason to believe that this delicate balance will be broken by Wiliam immediately!

At that time, it’s time for Mulan to lose!

Everyone thought about witnessing the miracle of a person who has never been before, and all of them are full of excitement!

Looking forward to it!

Inner strength fighter defeats Huajin fighter!

This scene is enough to leave a name in history!

They stared at Wiliam and Mulan closely.

I’m afraid that I will miss this eternal wonder if I blink!


Suddenly opened his eyes!

Obviously increased strength!

And Mulan’s body trembled more severely.

She is not strong.

It was something unknown that made Mulan more infinite defense.

With this ebb and flow, Mulan is naturally at a disadvantage.

But if Mulan really wants to make a desperate bet, I believe that the scene will soon be broken by Mulan.

It’s just that it didn’t come to that time.

The people around had already begun to whisper excitedly, “Alright! Almost! This scene is coming soon!”

Some people even took out their mobile phones to turn on the video mode.

After all, this is the Mulan sect master who is rampant, losing for the first time in this life!

It’s too memorable, and it’s too depressing.

But at the moment when this situation was about to be broken, an unexpected change happened suddenly!

A violent shout suddenly came from below.

“Sect Master! I will help you!”

While talking, a figure has flown from the crowd!

This figure is exactly Lin Dandan!

Lin Dandan broke her hands, but she was in the air!

One of her feet was wiped to Wiliam’s neck fiercely!

Everyone looked intently and screamed in unison!

I saw the shoe on Lin Dandan’s feet, and I don’t know when a shimmering sharp blade appeared!

Shoe blade!

If this shoe blade is applied firmly to Wiliam’s neck, it will probably cause Wiliam’s body to be different on the spot!

When everyone saw this scene, their eyes were cracked!

I want to stop it, it’s too late!

After all, Lin’s indifferent skill was among the best in the field.

“Lin Dandan! No!” Zhao Dongcheng shouted sharply!

However, Lin Dandan’s eyes were full of ferociousness!

Her single foot was reluctant to turn back, and even wiped it towards Wiliam’s neck indefinitely!

Mixed with infinite hatred and anger!

She waited for this moment, already waiting too long too long!

It was so long that she felt that if she waited any longer, her whole heart would explode!

and so!

One knife!

Give this kid an eternal joy!

Return the eternal prestige of the Kylin Gate in the East!

As for Wiliam, he didn’t even notice it, he didn’t even turn his head back, let alone dodge it!

Between the sparks and flints, everyone’s eyes were closed!

Dare not look!

Dragon Husband 867

Lin lightly hated Wiliam.

Today is definitely the most humiliating day for Lin Dandan in so many years.

And all this was imposed by Wiliam!

Therefore, Lin lightly wanted to eat Wiliam’s meat alive!

I thought that the Mulan sect master would easily defeat this kid.

But what shocked Lin Dandan was that the Mulan sect master had no choice but to do anything with this kid.

Even now, Mulan’s sect master still faintly showed signs of decline.

It seemed that he was about to lose.

Lin Dandan’s anger burned again at this time.

This is the master of Mulan!

Once the Mulan Sect master loses, what prestige is there for the entire Qilin Sect in the East?

She hates it!

I hate that this kid will always have so many weird tricks, it is helpless!

Hate Mulan’s master even more!

Why didn’t you use all your strength in the beginning to give this kid a good time!

Well now, once you lose, you will lose all the games!

Never let this happen!

Therefore, Lin Dandan was a soldier and decided to assassinate Wiliam on the spot!

And just when Lin lightly thought that his feet were about to wipe Wiliam’s neck!

She suddenly opened her eyes!

It’s Mulan!

Mulan glanced at Lin lightly!

His eyes are full of endless anger and shame!

Mulan was between the sparks and flints, and her bloody right hand suddenly pulled out of Wiliam’s chest!

One palm!

Entrained wind and thunder!

He attacked Lin Dandan fiercely!

Lin Dandan was almost completely too late to react, the whole person had been beaten up in mid-air with fierce energy, and fell to the ground severely!

“Wow!” She spit out blood!

Looking at Mulan in disbelief, “Why!”

She can’t figure it out!

He obviously wants to help Mulan!

But why does Mulan’s master not appreciate it!

Even, hurting himself seriously at the last minute, save the kid!

Could it be!

Is a kid who humiliated us at the Qilin Clan in the East Realm, is it more important than my position as a deputy master!

Lin Dandan was about to get up and question Mulan. At this time, her body had been picked up!

Zhao Dongcheng carried Lin Dandan and punched her in the chest!

He beat her to vomiting blood again!

And Mulan, who slapped her palm, suddenly turned pale, and a touch of blood slowly overflowed the corners of her mouth!

Master of Huajin!


Although it was only slightly injured, this scene has been engraved in the heart forever.

It was Wiliam, who fought across tiers and achieved an impossible myth!

Wiliam just looked at these people in front of him coldly, without speaking.

Lin faintly shot back just now, already seriously offending Wiliam.

The secret arrow hurts people, is it the work of the disciples of Qilin Shimen?

Wiliam is watching now!

Look at Mulan, what to do with this villain!

If Mulan mishandled!

Wiliam didn’t mind, he revealed his identity on the spot and judged himself!

The shame of the unicorn!

Mulan wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and slowly walked towards Lin Dan.

Lin Dandan became excited and shouted: “Sect Master, save me!”
However, as soon as the words fell, I saw the Mulan master slap and slapped Lin Dan’s face fiercely!

Lin Dandan was beaten up and stunned, and cried out: “Sect Master! Why! Why are you doing it again and again! Dealing with me again and again! Didn’t I think for the sake of our Eastern Kirin Gate! Today we can only win without losing. what!”

Mulan’s face was cold and cruel.

“Who told you that we can only win but not lose at the Eastern Kylin Gate? Or it is Mulan, only win but not lose? How can there be such bad rules in the world?” Mulan said coldly.

Lin Dandan was taken aback and said again: “But, even so! At the beginning, the kid cheated first. He lost first. I just returned the matter to the moment he cheated and let everyone re-rule it! What’s wrong?”

When everyone heard this, they shook their heads.

There is no cure.

In other words, this woman has completely blinded her eyes by hatred.

Even Mulan was very disappointed.

She suddenly sighed and asked, “Lin Dandan, how many years have you been with me?”

Lin Dan said unwillingly, “Ten years! I’ve been with you for ten years! I feel like sisters!”

She wanted to persuade Mulan with her sisterhood.

However, Mulan suddenly gave a cold smile.

Her two hands actually stretched over her shoulders!

Trick fiercely!

It was originally a short-sleeved sailor suit, and the two short sleeves were severely torn apart!

Mulan threw these two short sleeves in front of Lin Dan Dan, and said without emotion: “Ten years, isn’t it? Sisters? Then today, I will act like an antique person and cut off my robes.”

Cut the robe and cut righteousness?

When everyone heard this word, their heads buzzed.

What’s the evil of this?

Isn’t it bad to just say that breaking up?

Lin’s faint eyes turned red in an instant, and he pointed to Wiliam and shouted, “Mulan! Isn’t my position in your heart as good as the kid you just met today? Think about it, he brought us the Qilin Gate in the East. What! And I, brought to the East Kylin Gate, and even brought you something!”

There is another meaning in these words.

Mulan glanced at Wiliam who was silent, and slowly said, “Okay, after ten years of sisterhood, I can answer your question. What you brought us to the Qilin Gate in the East is not hope, but shame! You bring it. It’s not a favor, but a disappointment! And this kid, although I don’t want to say it, I have to say that he brought it to the Southern Qilin Gate, which is not right. It can be said that he has brought the Sifang Qilin Gate, a brand new His spirit and soul! Aroused the original intention of the Quartet Qilin Sect! This is his greatest contribution today! As for whether he can defeat me, it is not that important anymore, do you still understand?”

Lin faintly blew his head.

Just now, she was completely dazzled by hatred.

Where can I see so many things.

Even if Mulan speaks eloquently now, Lin Dandan is still unwilling to say, “Mulan master, then even if I did something wrong just now, I am willing to regret it, and you will give me a chance! I will definitely perform well in the future! Is it okay?

Mulan shook her head and said disappointedly: “From the moment you came out for the sneak attack, the consequences have been doomed. We, the sisters, can’t do it, and the doorman can’t do it.”

Can’t the doorman do it?

A shock of thunder blasted in Lin Dan’s head!

“Sect master! You, you mean…” Lin Dandan couldn’t believe this cruel ruling made by Mulan.

What she means to the Kylin Gate of the East Realm is definitely as great as the other pillar under the gate owner!

Mulan suddenly looked around, sounding like a bell!

“From now on, abandon Lin Dandan’s lifelong cultivation base! Obtain Lin Dandan’s qualification as the deputy master of the Eastern Kirin Gate! Drive out of the Kirin Gate! Immortality!”

“See you again!”

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Mulan ruling!

Megatron Quartet!

Everyone was stunned.

Abolish the cultivation base and expel the division!

One is more ruthless!

For a deputy sect master, this is simply a shame imprinted on his heart.

Everyone knows what Lin Dandan means to the Qilin Gate in the East.

Mulan didn’t care much about things. In these years, it was Lin Dandan who was in charge of the daily affairs of the Kylin Gate in the East.

To put it mildly, Lin Dandan is the uncrowned master of the Eastern Qilin Gate.

Moreover, everyone knew that Lin Dandan seemed to have a powerful force supporting her.

This is another reason why the gatekeepers of the Eastern Qilin Gate are indifferent to Lin.

In addition, Lin Dandan has been in love with the Mulan sisters for many years, and everyone thought that Mulan would protect Lin Dandan.

Unexpectedly, Mulan is cruel, what I have seen in this life!

The closer the person is, the harsher the ruling!

After Lin Dandan heard Mulan’s words, the whole person seemed to have completely lost his soul and limp on the ground.

She couldn’t believe what she heard.

She even looked at Mulan, feeling that the woman in front of her looked very strange.

And Mulan, with a cold face, stopped talking.

Feeling Mulan’s unfeeling, Lin Dandan suddenly sneered, “Mulan, I’ll just ask you a word, what you said just now is true!”

Mulan nodded, “Without a word, it’s hard to chase a horse!”

Lin Dandan’s face showed an incomparably ferocious face, which turned out to be like a ghost, “Mulan! What a ungrateful little bitch! Have you forgotten! How did I worry about assisting you all these years! Don’t forget about it. I laid the foundation for you in that world a while ago! I can make you! I can also ruin you!”

Everyone was dumb.

Lin faint, turning his face is too fast.

Sure enough, women are terrible.

But, what is that world…

Everyone was a little confused.

But these words seemed to touch Mulan’s heart.

There was an uncontrollable touch of sadness in her eyes.

“Take it!” Mulan said coldly at the end.

“Ho ho ho, okay! I’m wrong about you! Mulan! I put my words here! You had better kill me today! Otherwise, you had better not go to that world in the future! Otherwise I want you! Survive No! I don’t want to die!” Lin Dan said grimly.

Mulan raised her hand.

The men indifferently took Lin out.

At this moment, Mulan’s heart was extremely sad!

That world…

Lin Dandan’s relatives are in a wealthy family in that world.

This is also an important reason why Lin Dandan is just over thirty, but he can still cultivate to the middle of his inner strength.

She also received a lot of training resources.

More importantly, relying on Lin Dandan’s forces, Mulan had already laid a certain foundation before entering that place.

Breaking with Lin Dandan now means that that little foundation is ruined, and even that place has become crisis-ridden.

A decision that subverts life.

It’s really good luck.

Lin Dandan’s scene came to an end, and everyone’s eyes returned to the scene.
Everyone looked at Mulan.

Who wins and who loses in this battle?

In the hearts of everyone, there was no certainty.

Originally, it was Wiliam who was going to win.

But in the end, Lin Dandan came up with this one.

Mulan pulled her hand to save Wiliam.

It’s right for Wiliam to owe Mulan a favor.

But some people don’t think so.

Because Lin Dandan also belongs to Mulan.

It was Mulan who broke the rules first.

Everyone insisted on their own words and didn’t know how to judge.

But at this time, Mulan looked at Wiliam and slowly said, “I lost this battle.”

Everyone’s eyes widened.

Mulan, surrendered so simply?


This is not right!

Doesn’t fit Mulan’s persistent character!

Does she know what the price of losing is?

Or she drunk herself just now.

Mulan’s mood was also extremely complicated.

She doesn’t know, the outcome now depends on a mouth.

It depends on what you say.

However, how can Mulan say the words of invincibility?

She doesn’t have this face!

Let an inner strength kid be forced to this level, and even end up in danger.

This is already the death of Jin Jin.

He won, there is nothing wrong with it.

However, Mulan still had doubts in her heart.

“I want to ask you a question.” Mulan asked in a deep voice.

Wiliam nodded, “Please speak.”

“What is the mystery hidden in your body?” Mulan looked at her right hand, which was riddled with holes.

Wiliam just said softly: “This, you will naturally know.”

He didn’t say it on the spot.

Wiliam saw Mulan’s indifferent ruling to Lin just now and remembered it in his heart.

This Mulan is still a person with justice in his heart.

People have righteousness, but they are saved despite evil.

Seeing Lu Yezheng’s words, Mulan also understood.

This should be the kid’s last hole card, so naturally it won’t be easily revealed.

It’s pretty good to be able to do it now.

At this time, Zhao Dongcheng couldn’t help but walked over and said: “Now that the victory is divided, we should always carry out the original promise?”

Everyone was stunned, and then realized that it was time for the Queen of Autumn to settle the accounts!

What were they betting just now!

This kid, betting tens of billions of wealth with God of Wealth, the God of Wealth’s dream becomes empty.

Gambling with Tongmao’s youth for a lifetime, Tongmao has nothing to lose.

And the bet with Mulan is for slavery!

Everyone felt excited about this!


Let a master of Huajin be a slave, this master of Huajin is still the master of a family!

This is how to go out!

Tsk tusk tusk, a long-legged spirit of about 1.8 meters, always likes to subdue temptation.

This master is too cool.

Everyone looked at Wiliam, with endless envy and hatred in their eyes.

This is the peak of life.

It’s just that, where did everyone dare to think about it, it would be such a result.

Now it’s just a miracle.

“Lao Zhao! You have issued the Southern Kylin Gate! Mulan serves as your disciple as a maid, and your disciple is under your control. You can’t tell. You are the final winner. You played a big game of chess. Can’t help but slap Zhao Dongcheng hard.

Zhao Dongcheng looked eager to cry without tears.

Have half a dime relationship with Lao Tzu!

Lao Tzu gives his youth, nothing can be gained!

Zhao Dongcheng couldn’t help but change the subject, and asked Mulan, “Mulan, the master, does the bet you made with Wiliam count?”

He was afraid that Mulan would cheat on the spot.

Mulan shook her head with a wry smile, “I still said that. After a word, it’s hard to chase the horse. If I lose, I lose.”

Even she herself had never thought of losing, and the bet of being a slave made her breathless.

However, she just lost the confidence to go to another world, and her whole life has changed.

Now that it changes, Mulan is already weak.

Suddenly she raised her head and looked at Wiliam, “I will serve you as a slave and I will do what I say, but there is a ugly thing I want to say first.”

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Wiliam slowly said, “But it doesn’t matter.”

Mulan showed a sad expression and said lightly: “You can only get my people, but you can’t get my heart.”

Wiliam thought she was going to say something ugly.

Was shocked by this sentence, a black line.

He couldn’t help but murmured quietly, “Don’t worry, you are uglier than words, I don’t need your heart.”

Everyone was shocked by Wiliam’s complaint.

This man is tough!

Coming from the master of Huajin, he is not soft at all!

Even said Mulan is ugly!

It’s wrong.

This is a one-meter-eight thigh that is refined, young man, don’t you know if you play with your legs!

Everyone shook their heads, feeling sorry for Wiliam.

The young man was stunned and green, after all, he didn’t know the beauty of a woman’s heart.

But Mulan didn’t get angry after hearing this.

She naturally thought that Wiliam was holding the scene.

It’s just that where did she know that the woman next to Wiliam could kill Mulan in seconds by picking out any one.

Mulan slowly explained: “My mind is broken today, and life is hopeless. So I can be your servant, but I will not do my best to you, let alone be willing to you. After all, the identity between us The gap lies here. I want me to be willing to someone who is weaker than me and whose status is lower than me. I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”

This is too honest.

Everyone nodded one after another, and for a while, some people turned their backs one after another, and they felt distressed for Mulan.

This is a queen-level figure. It is too awkward to serve as a servant for a mere disciple. Whoever is willing to do anything is fake.

At the scene, only Zhao Dongcheng showed a weird look.

Humble status…

In your eyes, the young master Qilin means a humble status.

Young master, young master!

When will you be able to reveal your identity? This little foolish face is stunned!

“One, the mentality is broken, and life is hopeless. Two, I am weak. Three, I am low in status. Four, I am in Cao Ying and my heart is in Han.” Wiliam suddenly said slowly.

Everyone, including Mulan, was stunned.

What one two three four?

Wiliam said again: “If what I just summed up is wrong, now you have these four concerns, right?”

Mulan was in a daze, then nodded, “Yes.”

“Never mind. Just, these four concerns, I can solve them in one thing.” Wiliam suddenly looked at Mulan and said, “I’ll give you another chance. Let’s make another bet, how about?”

“Huh?” Mulan’s eyes were blank.

Bet again?

Zhao Dongcheng got goose bumps all over his body, and quickly said, “No! No!”

All things today are due to betting.

Zhao Dongcheng has a psychological shadow on betting.

Now the situation is great for the young master.

Why bet again?

What should I do if I lose?

But how could Wiliam worry about Zhao Dongcheng’s thoughts, he continued: “Just now, you asked me to take three punches from you. Now, I am going to repay you, you only need to take me one punch.”

Mulan was even worse.

Take a punch from this kid?
This sounds like, why are there so many traps?


It’s definitely not right!

This kid had a horrible idea from the beginning, how can he make such a simple bet that is equivalent to sending a proposition now?

There must be a bigger hole waiting for me.

Mulan was shocked to find that she didn’t know when, every word she said to this kid had a shadow, and she was afraid of being pitted.

The main reason is that this kid’s performance just now was too good.

One person bet on the four sides, and also won beautifully.

Zhao Dongcheng was desperate when he heard what Wiliam said.

Young master, young master, you forgot just now, did you escape from the dead?

You are just a mid-inner strength warrior!

If you are defensive, there is a certain foundation.

But on the other hand, the internal energy attacked Huajin, which is too bullshit.

What do you say?

Stir the rice jar with bamboo sticks?

No, no!

The mayfly shakes the tree!

How could it be shaken.

If people stand there and let you hit, you may not be able to hurt them.

Don’t humiliate yourself, okay?

Let’s end it, isn’t it good to drink and chat to play a maid?

Indeed, what Zhao Dongcheng thought was a common sense in secular martial arts.

Defense is easy and hard to attack.

It was impossible for Wiliam to break the defense of a master of Huajin.

It was even more difficult than he had just guarded against the impact of the master of Huajin!

And Wiliam just said, only one punch!

It’s harder!

Everyone must look at Wiliam with dumb eyes.

“Old Zhao, you, I don’t know if he is a genius or a fool. I don’t understand basic common sense?” God of Wealth couldn’t help but complain.

“Are you confident, blow me with a punch?” Mulan asked suddenly, her collapsed state of mind gradually condensing before the battle.

“I just want to give you an answer. Winning or losing is just for fun. How? Dare to take my punch?” Wiliam said with a smile.

If everyone is struck by lightning.

There was only one word in my heart for this young man.

Young man, pretending to be struck by lightning, don’t you know!

What gives you an answer, the outcome is not important?

Obviously victory is the most important thing.

“Interesting, what’s the bet?” Mulan asked again.

“I can’t repel you, I lose, the Quartet Qilin Gate, respect you, without complaint. I repel you, you lose, I am willing, but I will follow.” Wiliam said slowly.

Everyone has a black line.

Isn’t it the same as the previous bet?

It was equivalent to Wiliam giving Mulan another chance.

And this time, it is a great opportunity for a thousand years!

It was equivalent to the tripartite Qilinmen letting this kid grill on the grill again.

Everyone is angry and anxious!

“Interesting. I agreed. This time, you can really do another miracle, I promise, and I am convinced! Maybe you can consider marrying.” Mulan suddenly smiled, Bai Meisheng.

Everyone was stunned.

Mulan, talk about marriage!

What a miracle!

But Wiliam’s forehead jumped, “Don’t coax! Fights don’t talk about marriage, talk about marriage don’t fight! The little head is more dedicated.”

He treats women first and second, and he absolutely doesn’t want to add another peach blossom triumph.

“I’m here!” As if afraid of Mulan’s random thoughts, Wiliam suddenly punched and blasted towards Mulan.

Mulan slightly hooked the corner of her mouth, with an evil smile.

If you really want a martial artist to repel, then just go home in a short skirt and go home.

She put on a defensive posture very casually.

But the next second, the audience was a sensation!

Wiliam suddenly burst into a green air!

This green air rose to the sky!

Except for Mulan, all the unicorns were kneeling at the same time!


Like being led by the king!

All the energy exploded uncontrollably on everyone!

All these energies flew towards Wiliam!

Hundreds of thousands!

Become one!

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Everyone on the scene paled with fright by this sudden scene!

They watched their legs kneel down uncontrollably!

What’s more terrifying!

They seem to feel that their bodies are not their own at all!

It seems to be controlled by something!

The Qi Jin of the body will automatically move into the sky!

Everyone knelt on the ground, their bodies trembling!

Just one person!

This is everyone!

What the hell is it!

Control the audience!

It can even be said, ordering the audience!

Ninety-nine percent of people have no reaction to what is going on!

Even the God of Wealth, when he was kneeling on the ground, his voice was bumping!

“Old Zhao! What’s the matter with me! What’s the matter with you! And Tongmao, is there something wrong with her too?”

Zhao Dongcheng, kneeling on the ground, had red eyes!

He waited for this scene all night!

Finally waited!

Little Lord!

Dominate the audience!

Although Zhao Dongcheng was full of pressure, his face was relieved.

He slowly said: “God of Wealth, you are serious about it!”

Following Zhao Dongcheng’s gaze, God of Wealth finally cast his eyes on Wiliam in the field!

At this look, he was shocked!

I saw the energy of the audience flying towards Wiliam’s body!

Vega alone!

“Fuck! What the hell is going on! Why! Why is the vigor of our body added to that kid! What kind of crooked way has he cultivated! Can mobilize our power for his use!” Some people tremblingly shouted .

This discovery is terrible!

It is equal to the current Wiliam alone, able to display the strength of hundreds of people in the field!

Can it be scary!

The powerful spirit swept the audience instantly!

Wiliam punched!

Slowly wave towards Mulan!

This punch is like a heaven and earth fist!

As if the whole world, only the coercion of this fist is left!

In an instant, Mulan’s face became extremely ugly!

She originally thought that Wiliam was just an ordinary mid-level inner strength warrior!

No matter how powerful it is, it can’t escape the shackles of the martial artist.

It is impossible to cause much harm to herself!

But now!

This punch!

More than the mid-term!

With the anger of hundreds of people!

With the power of hundreds of people!

Even with the spirit of the entire unicorn power!

Enough to break the world!

Mulan stared at this punch blankly, and she felt a sense of powerlessness in her heart!

In front of this punch, any resistance and resistance seemed to be a futile effort!

She actually completely forgot to defend!

Just let this punch hit her.

A kind of despair and helplessness breeds in her heart.

And just when Wiliam’s fist was about to hit Mulan!

Abnormal regeneration!

The coercion of the hundred people gathered just now dissipated instantly, as if they were under new orders.

Wiliam’s punch just stopped on Mulan’s stomach.

Under all eyes.

The fist was only one finger away from Mulan’s belly.

Wiliam stretched out a finger and flicked Mulan’s stomach.
Because Mulan had no defenses, her whole body instantly retreated.


She was in the air with a mouth open!

It was the wine that was beaten by Wiliam to the floor again.

There is no drop of blood.

The scene seemed to fall into the eternal sluggishness.

Everyone was extremely puzzled and puzzled.

The eyes were all on Wiliam’s body.

There is no one who cares about whether this punch is won or lost, and even less concerned about the price Mulan will pay after this punch.

The coercion is lifted.

Everyone stood up from the ground with difficulty and looked at Wiliam in amazement.

The God of Wealth sternly shouted: “Boy, what did you do on my body! Why can our power be used for you! If you don’t explain it to us today, we will definitely finish with you!”

The scene just now was really terrifying.

If someone in the world can transfer their power, it will definitely be an incomparable disaster for them, of course it must be clear.

There was only a group of people still kneeling on the ground, and they did not get up after the pressure was lifted.

Zhao Dong became the first Southern Kylin Gate!

Wiliam, there is no answer to the God of Wealth.

Instead, she looked at Mulan, who was slowly getting up on the ground.

After spitting out the wine, Mulan was completely sober.

Dou Da’s cold sweat came out along her forehead.

A master of dignity, was so scared that his face was earthy!

This was also Mulan, who felt the threat of death for the first time tonight.

The punch just now was too powerful.

If it wasn’t the last moment, the kid saw that he had no defense, and scattered all his strength.

That punch was enough to kill oneself!

This kid is merciful.

Mulan naturally noticed that everyone was kneeling together just now.

She was the only one kneeling.

Why, exclude yourself?

Is it because he has no way to order his body?

If this is the case, the only difference between myself and these people is that I don’t have unicorn blood on my body!

In other words, this kid can mobilize all the Qilin blood!

Then, his identity is ready to be revealed!

Four gleaming big characters suddenly popped out of Mulan’s head!

The Lord of Kylin!

These four words made Mulan completely breathless!

It has long been known that today’s meeting was convened by the Kylin Lord.

But the mysterious lord of the unicorns has been slow to show up.

Everyone thought that the lord of the unicorn was afraid to come.

Unexpectedly, the most hearty battle tonight comes from the lord of the unicorn!

This young boy looks so young in front of me!

He is the Lord of Kylin!

At the thought of this, all the doubts and incomprehensions in Mulan’s heart suddenly understood.

Only this kid who is the master of the unicorn can explain the mysteries of him.

Only this kid who is the master of the unicorn can command the audience with the blood of the unicorn!



Before, even I thought that the illusory unicorn blood was useless, it was a thing to scare everyone.

Now, this kid punched, shattering everyone’s doubts!

Qilin blood is a sharp blade hanging on the momentum of every unicorn!

As soon as I thought, the Lord of Kylin could kill everyone at any time!

And it is possible to crush!

There is no room for everyone to resist at all!

This unicorn blood is so mysterious that it is really terrifying!

For a moment, Mulan was so lucky that there was no unicorn blood on her body.

Otherwise, even if he is a master of Huajin, there is no fighting power in front of this kid.

Wiliam walked slowly towards Mulan.

It wasn’t until he stood in front of Mulan that the shock in her heart weakened slightly.

But she still repressed and said a sentence that made the whole audience a sensation.

“Unexpectedly! You are the master of the unicorn!”


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