Dragon Husband 871-875

Chapter 871 Mulan Chen!

The world is out of my generation!

Once in the arena, the years are destroyed!

Wiliam is the lord of unicorn!

As the saying goes, heroes come from teenagers!

If the lord of the unicorns does not come out, who will come out!

The lord of unicorns does not indulge in wizards, who indulges in it!

If the lord of the unicorn fails to turn the tide, who will do it!

This kid is the biggest shock and surprise tonight!

When Mulan fell, countless exclamations were heard on the scene!

All the people who were still confused, after listening to Mulan’s words, looked at Wiliam in amazement!

The Lord of Kylin!

They waited all night for the Kylin Lord who appeared, but he was always on the court!

And it has been creating miracles one after another right under everyone’s eyes!


It’s him!

If it weren’t for him, how could you order the audience to kneel down!

If it weren’t for him, how could he mobilize everyone’s power for his use!

And if it weren’t for him, how would you interpret the most shocking Qilin spirit before!

All the doubts disappeared under Mulan’s words!

The rest is endless shock and stunning!

The Lord of Kylin is so young and promising!

With his own strength, Mulan was hard to shake without defeat, and even in the last punch, Mulan was crushed to a loss of color.

Only him in the audience!

Be worthy of the four-character glory of the Lord of Kylin!

The God of Wealth looked at Zhao Dongcheng with an extremely ugly expression, and asked in a low voice, “Old Zhao! He is really the lord of unicorns! You already knew it, right?”

Zhao Dongcheng knelt on the ground, nodded, and finally smiled.

The moment the mystery is solved is always so happy.

You people, you can finally experience the feeling that I was shocked in the morning.

“Damn! Then why didn’t you say it earlier! You old man is very bad!” God of Wealth scolded Zhao Dongcheng angrily, but his heart began to faintly disturbed.

This kid is really the words of the lord of unicorns, no wonder Zhao Dongcheng listened to Wiliam so much before.

I thought there was any deal between them, but now it seems that it is simply a slave to follow the master’s order!

Oh, this kid is hiding too deep!

However, those of us are also inferior to others.

In fact, when you first saw this kid, you shouldn’t underestimate him.

At that time, he was downstairs, facing Lin Dandan, the deputy sect master, without fear.

He even dared to board the elevator dedicated to Venerable Qilin in front of everyone.

This is already his signal of the venerable.

It’s just that no one can believe it.

It’s ridiculous to think about it now.

If this kid is really just a little disciple, how dare to do such an extraordinary thing.

Even if Zhao Dongcheng came, he would not dare to be so lawless.

What God of Wealth thinks now is that the good insurance is the winner of the Qilin Master.

Otherwise, he can still ride on the head of Qilin Lord and let him hand over tens of billions of net worth?

Looking for death!

“Ho ho, I like him so much, young man.” Tongma’s laugh suddenly came from the side.

God of Wealth and Zhao Dongcheng turned their heads to look around, but saw Tong’s eyes gleaming.

The goose bumps of both of them are about to fall.

Grandma Tong has always looked at this kid high, but there are also changes in his mood.
At the beginning, I just liked the boy’s appearance and a male hormone.

Later, I gradually fell in love with this kid’s domineering, and the courage of not accepting defeat.

And now, Tong Grandma feels that he has fallen completely.

This kid turned out to be the master of the unicorn!

What a noble status!

My old woman is so discerning. She likes the first person in her life, but she actually likes the lord of the unicorn!

There is a sentence to say.

It starts with the value of the face, trapped in talent, and loyal to character.

This is Tongma’s most true heart portrayal now.

She wouldn’t care if Wiliam’s identity was riding on her head.

Just proud of my own vision.

“Wake up, old lady! Stop dreaming! How could the young master be nice to you? Wishful thinking.” Zhao Dongcheng finally caught the opportunity and stunned Tongma.

Just now I saw Tong’s sentence and sentence that seemed to indicate that Wiliam’s subordinates were already fixed. Don’t mention how uncomfortable Zhao Dongcheng was.

I’m fine now, I can finally say it.

But Tongma just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Why didn’t she know that this dream of Dengluan and Fengfeng became empty.

But she was still proud of her own vision.

Also for this kid’s excellence.

Facing Mulan, Wiliam slowly nodded, “Yes, I am the master of the unicorn!”

These words are loud and loud!

Undoubtedly gave the most domineering blow tonight!

No one dared to doubt anything anymore.

After all, only the master of the unicorn can suppress everyone.

Wiliam just confirmed it with strength.

There are no more people who dare to doubt that Qilin blood is used.

Everyone bowed their heads.

Mulan looked at such a young Wiliam and suddenly smiled.

The haze in her heart was swept away.

It was a shame to lose to an inner strength kid.

However, this kid is the lord of unicorns.

The master of the unicorn who creates endless possibilities.

Then there’s nothing sad about it like this.

“I lost again.” Mulan said with a smile.

This time, she said it, feeling very relieved.

But Wiliam didn’t care about this, but suddenly said, “Now, let’s go back to the four previous concerns.”

Four concerns?

Everyone was taken aback.

Wiliam stretched out his first finger and asked Mulan, “One, is your mentality still uneven?”

Mulan shook her head, “I am convinced, there is no unevenness.”

Wiliam’s second finger, “Am I weak?”

Mulan said: “The lord of the unicorns, give orders to the audience, I will bow to the wind with that punch.”

Indeed, everyone present at the Kylin Gate is equivalent to saying that this is the home of the Kylin Lord!

With a hundred people here, what can we do!

In front of the Kylin Lord, even if the heart is unwilling, we still have to sacrifice power for the Kylin Lord.

“Third, is my status still low?” Wiliam asked.

Mulan shook her head with a wry smile.

Is the status of the master of unicorns still low?

Isn’t it because I thought you were just a little disciple before.

“The last question, are you still unwilling to me now, don’t you want to help me with all your strength?” Wiliam asked.

At this moment, Mulan was shocked.

The last question is about Mulan’s next life!

It’s served.

Being a slave and a maid is also recognized.

As for the assistant…

Assist this man younger than yourself?

An inexplicable shame made Mulan’s pretty face blush.

Although young, it is so good that people can’t refuse it!

Since they are all slaves and servants, don’t you have to confess your body and mind sooner or later…

It’s up to him, if you want…

Thinking of this, Mulan’s eyes suddenly became firm!

Kneel down on one knee and enshrine with both hands in full view!

“Mulan, meet the lord of the unicorn! For the lord of the unicorn! The blood is sprinkled!” Mulan’s voice sounded loudly!

This sound seemed to infect the audience!

In the hearts of everyone, there is an incomparable pride!

The Lord of the Kylin used the most domineering means to tame the biggest thorn in the Kylin Gate!

What a pleasant heart! What a blast!

Almost spontaneous!

The whole audience knelt down!

No one did not surrender!

They shouted in unison: “Meet the lord of the unicorn! For the lord of the unicorn! The blood is sprinkled!”

Chapter 872

Standing proudly alone, the whole audience bowed down!

This scene actually caused Zhao Dongcheng’s turbid tears to fall directly!

He waited for this exciting moment for ten years!

He was dreaming about how the Lord of Kylin would come on stage generously and submit to the Quartet.

I have thought of many ways.

But I definitely never thought that it would be as overbearing as today! So exciting!

Perhaps, in many ways, there will be scenes of kneeling in the audience.

But, to be honest.

It is estimated that less than half of those who kneel down are truly convinced.

But today, Zhao Dongcheng believes that while kneeling, no one is wrong!

Including the most difficult Mulan!

Because the Lord of Kylin showed his supreme brilliance today.

It also brings unprecedented confidence and bright prospects to Kylin.

With him in charge of the unicorn power, how can it not shine in the future!

It belongs to the real spring of the unicorn trend, today, at this moment, is here!

Seeing this scene, Mulan couldn’t help feeling bold.

She had planned to stand on her own before.

But look at the present, one mind, this situation is far better than to toss a new school.

For a moment, she stared at the only young man standing in the field, but she didn’t know what to say.

Obviously just a young man.

But time and time again, using the most overbearing means, he abruptly subdued himself.

The last punch really perfectly explained the four doubts in his heart.

It is not too much to call him the teacher of his life.

Forget it, this life, that’s it.

Just when Wiliam wanted everyone to stand up, a shocking change appeared again.

The door of the originally closed box was suddenly kicked open from the outside!

Then, a dozen people filed in!

The one in front, still not coming in, let out a terrible laugh.

“Smelly boy, my old lady came to you to settle the account! Don’t think you are hiding here, I will not be able to find you! Why don’t you get out of here and die!”

Everyone followed the prestige, with a trace of doubt in their eyes.

Come, who?

Wiliam tickled the corner of his mouth when he saw the person coming.

Ants, coax things.

The person who came was surprisingly Li Sini who had met before in Lanyue Group.

Li Sini was followed by a middle-aged man with hair dyed yellow.

This person is exactly the wolf brother with Li Sini’s mouth.

Speaking back to half an hour ago.

Brother Lang was so angry that he insisted that Li Sini pay a little bit of sweetness first.

So Li Sini went to find Brother Lang directly.

Unexpectedly, the wolf brother said that he was very bold, but he was actually strong in the outside world.

After fighting on Li Sini for less than ten minutes, she confessed hastily.

This made Li Sini feel even more depressed.

It feels like being beeped by a dog.

And also keeps myself out of it.

Angry, Li Sini asked the wolf brother to summon people immediately on the spot, ready to clean up the stinky boy, so as to vent her anger.

And Brother Lang’s men also inquired that Wiliam had come to the top floor of Xilai Cloud Hotel.

Li Sini naturally didn’t know why Wiliam was here.

But if there is Brother Wolf cheering, Li Sini is not afraid at all
A group of them rushed to the Xilai Cloud Hotel.

Only when I arrived at the hotel, I found a strange scene.

Around the hotel, there are many people with live ammunition hidden in secret.

It seems to be heavily guarded against this hotel.

Brother Wolf was on the spot.

Someone stopped the wolf brother and the others and asked them why they were here?

How dare they say that they came to teach a brat.

When Li Sini had a thought, she said nonsense, “I am from the Lanyue Group, and I came to the party today.”

He does not mean that.

Li Sini originally wanted to use the reputation of Lanyue Group to suppress these people.

Unexpectedly, it was really suppressed by mistakes.

Those people have long been instructed by the people above. Today, the people from the Lanyue Group will be released to the hotel, and they must be treated well.

After all, the people above know that one of the people who came here today is the Lanyue Group.

This group of people thought that Li Sini, Brother Lang and others were with the people inside, and immediately put them in respectfully.

Li Sini didn’t even think that this group of fierce people would have such a good attitude.

At that time, she felt that the name of Lanyue Group was really easy to use.

This also strengthened her belief that she must firmly grasp Zhao Dongcheng’s thigh.

So, a group of people took the elevator and came to the top floor.

Seeing that the door on the top floor was closed tightly, Li Sini became even more jealous now, and let people kick in.

She started clamoring even the door was still not open.

I want to give the kid inside a scoff.

But as she spoke, her voice suddenly became quieter.

I can’t move anymore.

She thought that this kid was on the top floor, and he was probably eating with friends.

But what a thought, take a closer look!

There were hundreds of people in the audience!

Moreover, the whole audience was in a mess, like being swept by a bomb.

How come there are so many people?

Li Sini was stunned on the spot.

Moreover, she looked intently again, cold sweat came out!

These hundreds of people actually knelt on the ground together.

As if giving a big gift.

These people all turned their backs to Li Sini, and Li Sini didn’t even recognize the sacredness of these people.

Then Li Sini looked into the distance again, and at a glance saw the kid that Chao Simu wanted to kill.

That kid stood quietly in the middle, his eyes turned towards Li Sini.

Li Sini’s anger suddenly came up again, and she smiled grinningly, “Yeah, still acting here? What kind of drama is this? Is the emperor ascending the throne and the ministers kneel down? What kind of society is it, and still playing this? Many extras? Sure enough, in order to pretend to be coercion, your kid can do everything. My old lady will teach you now, let you know that pretending to be coercion will be struck by lightning.”

With that, Li Sini walked forward carelessly.


The people at the scene were stunned.

Many people who didn’t know Li Sini asked, “Who is this woman? Is her tone so mad?”

“I don’t know it, it looks like it’s awesome. Even Master Lu doesn’t pay attention to it. Is it because the other side’s hidden master is not successful?”

Even the God of Wealth asked Zhao Dongcheng stupidly: “I rely on, you Yuncheng Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, not only has the young master such a masterful prodigy appeared, now there is another person who dares to provoke the young master, where is this person? Holy? Shall we worship together?”

When Zhao Dongcheng heard this, his head fell to the ground in embarrassment.

He naturally recognized that the person here was Li Sini.

He even knew that the person next to Li Sini was called Big Wolf.

And also know that Big Wolf is Li Sini’s ex-boyfriend.

Zhao Dongcheng, at this moment, feels that there is a vast green Hulunbuir grassland on his head!

Chapter 873: As You Wish

At this moment, Zhao Dongcheng was about to cut this stupid woman a thousand times!

I only hate that my heart is not cruel enough in the morning and let her go!

Unexpectedly, this woman is now causing great disaster!

Yu Gong, this Li Sini was killed at the glorious moment when the officials saw the lord of the unicorn. It was like a mouse shit. It broke the grand atmosphere now, damn it!

Yu Si, Li Sini is Zhao Dongcheng’s woman!

Zhao Dongcheng investigated Li Sini when he accepted Li Sini before.

Knowing that she had a concubine called Big Wolf before, and she was a small gangster in Yuncheng.

However, at that time, Zhao Dongcheng was fascinated by Li Sini, and Li Sini repeatedly assured that he had severed all contacts with Big Wolf.

That’s why Zhao Dongcheng accepted Li Sini.

Unexpectedly, Li Sini was still in close contact with Big Wolf.

Now, in front of all the unicorns, in front of the young master of the unicorns, he brought the big wolf over.

Isn’t this clearly putting a green hat on Zhao Dongcheng in front of everyone!

Zhao Dongcheng’s murderous heart is up!

The people at the southern Kylin Gate at the scene were even more trembling, not daring to lift their heads.

It was too embarrassing.

A little ant, now dare to come and provoke the lord of the unicorn!

Li Sini, Li Sini, did your eyes get shot?

Say we are all extras?

Say that the young master is acting in a costume?

You can’t take a closer look, who are the people kneeling here!

It’s okay that you can’t recognize other people!

Look, your man, the master of the Southern Qilin Gate, the president of Lanyue Group!

Kneel down too!

Zhao Dongcheng wanted to get up to teach Li Sini in public.

But at this time, he suddenly saw Wiliam smile.

“It’s you, I don’t know if you are here, what are you doing?” Wiliam asked lightly.

Li Sini led the people and killed him directly in front of Wiliam. Without looking at other people, she shouted fiercely: “I come here, naturally I want to settle an account with you! The shame you imposed on me, I want Let’s get it back together!”

Lu Yehehe smiled, and said indifferently: “Oh? Really? You brought these few people here?”

Li Sini showed a proud smile on her face, “Just bring these few people here? Ho ho ho, crazy tone! I will give you a good introduction! The man next to me is our famous wolf brother in Yuncheng! It is also me. A man. As long as he is there, a hundred of you will not be able to get out of today’s meeting place!”

Brother Wolf, seeing so many people kneeling, felt a little uneasy at first.

He just smirked, without speaking.

The God of Wealth below was stunned on the spot.

Asked Zhao Dongcheng in a low voice: “Big wolf? Old Zhao, what is the origin of this big wolf? Is it fiercer than you?”

Zhao Dongcheng’s face flushed, and his whole body was shaking.

He wasn’t paying attention to the wolf as Li Sini said.

He noticed that Li Sini said that Big Wolf is her current man.

The hat on his head is greener.

The people at the Southern Qilin Gate below also buried their heads deeply

The Southern Qilin Gate was mighty all night today, and I didn’t expect to fail in the last moment.

The doorkeeper made people cuckold.

The angry horse is now not an angry horse, but a wild horse.

How to sing a song.

Fall in love with a wild horse, but there is no grassland in my house…

Old Zhao is going to blow up today.

“Well, then tell me, how can I pay you with the profit?” Wiliam asked jokingly.

Seeing that this kid finally subdued, Li Sini laughed more cheerfully.

She landed Ye with one finger and said fiercely: “First of all, you crashed my luxury car today, and then publicly damaged my reputation. The cost of repairing the car plus the cost of mental damage, adding up to give me 10 million. That’s it.”

She just said casually, wanting to give Wiliam a chance to bargain.

But unexpectedly, Wiliam nodded directly, “Yes, is there any more?”

Li Sini couldn’t help this kid for a while.

Just agreed so happily?


Something is wrong!

Does he have so much money?

Are you writing me a bad check here?

She immediately said again: “Then, you must kneel down for me and knock a hundred beeps! Call a hundred grandma! I want you to do these conditions immediately! Otherwise, my wolf brother’s hand can be cruel Go!”

Speaking of this, she affectionately held the absent-minded wolf brother, and said coquettishly: “Lang brother, don’t you think?”

In order to cheer up Brother Wolf, she squeezed Brother Wolf’s arm with a bulging heart, and then whispered: “Brother Wolf, have you forgotten our happiness? This is done, we still have a room downstairs.”

She speaks very quietly.

But who are the people on the scene!

They are all martial arts masters.

How could they not hear what Li Sini said.

The people below all had scalp numb.

Zhao Dongcheng was shaking all over.

The happiness just now?

There is another room downstairs?

Could it be that this pair of dog men and women had a hard time before they came.

Will you go down the waves later?

Good you Li Sini!

In this life, Zhao Dongcheng has never been so humiliated!

Still humiliated by a little bitch!

It is tolerable, which is unbearable!

He was about to violently teach Li Sini, but was caught by the God of Wealth.

God of Wealth looked nervous and said, “Lao Zhao, why are you so excited? Master Lu still doesn’t speak.”

God of Wealth is also kind, he doesn’t know where the cruel people come from.

Seeing Master Lu wanted to compromise and calm things down, he was afraid that Zhao Dongcheng’s violent temper would ruin the young master’s major event.

God of Wealth didn’t know how green the top of Zhao’s head was.

Wiliam looked at Li Sini jokingly, and said lightly: “Are you sure you want me to do it right away?”

Li Sini immediately said: “Nonsense! Otherwise, my old lady will bring so many people over. Isn’t it the same as you, acting as an extra!”

This brainless range attack can infuriate the people present.

“I can’t make money so fast, I want someone to give it for me.” Wiliam said blankly.

“Ho ho, you can afford to invite so many people to accompany you to act and make you pretend to be addicted. It seems that you are also a rich man. I don’t care. I want to see 10 million dollars in ten minutes. There are still a hundred rattles, a hundred sentences for grandma!” Li Sini said viciously.

Wiliam finally smiled now.

If this woman wants to die, then no one can stop her.

“Okay, then…”

“as you wish.”

“I hope you don’t regret it.”

Wiliam said, looking at the person next to the court, and said coldly: “Money, you give it for me, head, you knock for me.”

“Do you have an opinion?”

“Zhao Dongcheng.”

Chapter 874

Zhao Dongcheng?

Li Sini’s head buzzed when she heard this very familiar name!

Then, she saw below and slowly stood up.

It’s not Zhao Dongcheng, who is it then!

The moment she saw Zhao Dongcheng, Li Sini’s face was extremely pale!

She didn’t even think that Zhao Dongcheng would be below!

Zhao Dongcheng, President of Lanyue Group!

How could it easily appear here!

What’s more terrifying is how can I kneel down!



How could Zhao Dongcheng become an extraordinarily rich in an enemy country!

Li Sini’s cold sweat broke out in an instant, and the whole face was wet with sweat.

Now she looked down again.

At this look, his head boomed!

Like being blown up by a bomb!

She saw a lot of familiar people!

Not only Zhao Dongcheng!

There are also many executives in the group!

These people all knelt on the ground, dare not say anything!


What exactly is going on!

Why do all the senior executives of Lanyue Group appear here?

Kneeling here!

They, who are they kneeling!

“Good, you Li Sini!” A gritted voice woke up Li Sini.

When Li Sini came back to her senses, she saw Zhao Dongcheng slowly approaching.

Zhao Dongcheng has a hideous face, his face is hard to see the extreme!

Li Sini suddenly screamed inwardly!

That’s it!

It’s over now!

Li Sini knew those words just now, and she must have been heard by Zhao Dongcheng.

Didn’t I put a hat on Zhao Dongcheng in front of everyone?

You know, Zhao Dongcheng has the best face!

And the temper is the most irritable!

How can I die now!

“Dong Zhao, Dong Zhao! Listen to my explanation!” Li Sini stepped forward, trying to hold Zhao Dongcheng’s hand.

However, Zhao Dongcheng slapped Li Sini directly.

Even this slap was so powerful that it directly knocked out half of Li Sini’s teeth!

Brother Lang and the others on the side saw that it was Zhao Dongcheng who had come personally. He was already frightened and collapsed to the ground.

In his heart, he almost wanted to strangle Li Sini alive!

This bitch!

Why don’t you say that Zhao Dongcheng is here!

If I knew that Zhao Dongcheng was here, how dare I bring people over here in grandeur!

This is ground breaking on Tai Sui!

Damn it!

I really shouldn’t be able to control my lower body!

It’s alright now, Zhao Dong looks very angry, I am afraid that he will suffer a great deal today!

After Zhao Dongcheng slapped Li Sini, his anger was difficult to calm, and he continued to walk towards Li Sini!

He has lingering fears!

I’m afraid that the young master was furious just now!

Fortunately, the young master is magnanimous, saying this, it means that the young master has given himself the right to handle this matter.

Thinking of the day when in Lanyue Group, this little bitch also offended the young master.

Three things!

The young master can punt the boat in his belly, but be a subordinate!

How can you repeatedly condone the ants to offend the young master!

What’s more, this ant is still on his side!

Isn’t this to let the three unicorns look at jokes!

Today, we must exterminate relatives righteously!

The God of Wealth below saw that Zhao Dongcheng was so furious, he was a bit stunned for a while.

Is Lao Zhao so impatient?

Is this flattering Master Lu?

Isn’t it right? It seems that Lao Zhao knew this woman?

Thinking of this, he quickly turned around and asked a person from the Southern Qilin Sect, “Then who, what’s wrong with this woman?”

The man looked at the God of Wealth in fear, and then said shiveringly: “This woman, called Li Sini, is the concubine of our master.”

God of Wealth’s head seemed to be struck by lightning.

Old Zhao’s concubine?

Damn it!

I thought how sacred this woman is!

The young master will be punished if he is so overbearing!

It turned out to be a little ant.

No, no!

Zhao’s concubine, the relationship between this wolf brother and Li Sini just now…

Thinking of this, God of Wealth suddenly snorted and couldn’t help but laughed in public.

“It’s my day, Lao Zhao, you have this day too, you have enough green on your head.”

This laugh made Zhao Dongcheng’s face even more ugly.

He grabbed Li Sini from the ground, his eyes almost bursting into flames.

Li Sini was slapped, her mouth was full of blood, but she still shivered and shouted: “Zhao Dong, it’s not what you think. I’m here today, just looking for this stinky boy…”

She was half-mouthed, and her words leaked. This scene is not to mention too funny.

However, Zhao Dongcheng was angry.

He threw Li Sini directly at Wiliam’s feet, stepped on Li Sini’s head, and shouted sharply: “Little bitch! You can see clearly! The stinky kid in your mouth! Who is it!”

Li Sini was taken aback.

Who is the brat?

She couldn’t help but looked around.

The brat looked indifferent, standing tall and proud.

The people of the Quartet still kneel on one knee and bow their heads piously.


Her heart suddenly beat fiercely!


These people are not acting in groups.

Then their kneeling object…

Everyone is kneeling, only this kid is standing.

Just now, this kid directly ordered Zhao Dongcheng…

The answer is obvious!

Everyone, including Zhao Dongcheng just now, as well as the senior leaders of Lanyue Group!

They are kneeling!

It’s this kid!

This shocking truth made Li Sini’s heart beat wildly!

When she looked at Wiliam again, she only felt that the temperament of the young man in front of her had completely changed.

Before, Li Sini thought that this kid was a small security guard of the group and could knead it at will.

But now it seems!

Where is this little security guard!

It’s like a giant dragon in the sky!

What can make Zhao Dongcheng surrender, it is not a dragon!

“You’re slandering Master Lu over and over again, what’s your guilty! Come here! Bring them to me, and I will slowly give these people a good time!” Zhao Dongcheng said angrily.

Master Lu?

This word blasted Li Sini again.

She stared at Wiliam in a daze, and she couldn’t think of why a little security guard would change his body and his identity became even higher than that of Dong Zhao.

At the same time, she felt extremely regretful in her heart!

Isn’t it just a trivial matter?

Have to fight this kid!

So that things get bigger and bigger!

From the beginning to the end, Master Lu seemed to have never cared about himself.

On the contrary, it is myself, again and again, not forgiving!

No, it doesn’t make sense.

I just want to bully others…

It’s alright now, it’s not an ant who bullied me.

But to provoke a golden dragon!

Zhao Dongcheng, how should he punish himself!

Can this life be kept?

When she was stunned, a group of people, including Brother Wolf, had been taken out by others.

Until, she appeared outside the elevator on the first floor, and saw the group of people carrying guns outside, her desire to survive again burst!

Evil grows to the gall!

She didn’t know where she was, she suddenly broke free from the guarded people around her, ran towards the group of gunmen, and shouted as she ran, “Come on! Help! Someone is fighting upstairs! Help me! I am innocent!”

Chapter 875

Li Sini is really fighting now!

She already knew that Zhao Dongcheng was completely angry.

It is a dead word to fall into his hands!

You must not let Zhao Dongcheng’s people take them away.

She couldn’t care how strong Zhao Dongcheng was, she just wanted to seek asylum.

And the group of people outside who didn’t know why they had been patrolling today just happened to give her the greatest comfort.

She yelled as she ran, and immediately attracted the attention of those people.

One of the middle-aged men with a shaved head immediately yelled, “Who!”

Then the group of people galloped in the direction Li Sini was running.

This group of people was surprisingly personal guards photographed by the top leader of Cloud City.

The middle-aged person is the head of the guard.

He kept in mind the explanation his master gave him, and today no one is allowed to be presumptuous in Yuncheng.

Especially in this hotel, there must be no mistakes.

Suddenly seeing a woman shouting something to fight, her face changed in shock.

If this happened on the territory he was guarding, he would be completely finished playing his part-time official position.

So he hurriedly led someone to Li Sini’s side.

But the people of the Southern Qilin Gate were instantly annoyed.

They are totally careless.

Originally thought Li Sini, who had no power to bind the chicken, would obediently obedient, but she didn’t expect to come out like this.

They also recognized that the people carrying live ammunition outside were from the government.

For a time, they dare not act rashly.

After all, the people do not fight with officials.

Li Sini quickly hid behind Cun Tou to seek shelter.

When she saw that the people from Lanyue Group didn’t dare to catch up, her heart was completely relieved.

Right bet!

And the bet won!

I am saved.

Looking at this group of fierce and evil people in front of him and holding several people in his arms, the brows frowned tightly, and he shouted sharply: “You dare to make trouble at the Cloud Hotel in the West! Are you tired of your life?”

The people of Lanyue Group were silent, they were thinking how to explain this scene reasonably.

Li Sini hurriedly added fuel and jealousy at the back: “My lord, save me! I am really a good citizen! The upstairs are really messing up things, and many people are fighting!”

Cuntou’s face changed drastically, and he asked, “This happened!”

Li Sini glared fiercely at the people from the Lunar Group, and suddenly said, “I dare to swear to the sky! I saw it! There was a mess inside, and there was blood on the ground! I was going in with a few brothers to see righteousness.” , But I didn’t expect to be caught by them, they wanted to kill me!”

The heart of Cuntou was raised immediately!

That’s it!

Something really happened on my own territory!

Thinking about pressing down this matter quickly, he said loudly, “Come here, surround these people!”

The people of Lanyue Group also frowned.

One of them said politely: “Brother, there is a misunderstanding in this. This little bitch is talking nonsense. We are just having a meeting on it.”

Li Sini got the official asylum, and now she became bolder, and said grimly: “Ho ho, meeting! Have you seen any meetings that can be beaten with blood? What are you kidding? I want to deceive adults. Beautiful!”
“Shut up!” The people in the Lanyue Group didn’t think that Li Sini would dare to speak out in front of the official, and their expressions were angry.

But Cuntou lay in front of Li Sini and asked those people: “I will ask you, is there blood or blood at the scene?”

Those few people, you look at me, I look at you, are silent.

The young master and the Mulan sect master had just been fighting, and it was inevitable to bleed.

Seeing them hesitate, their hearts jumped wildly.

It seems that what this woman said is true.

Something really happened above.

Don’t disturb those big gods on the top floor!

Seeing this scene, Li Sini smiled grimly behind.

She even stared provocatively at the people of Lan Yue Group.

The look in his eyes seemed to say, “Come on, come and catch me if you have a seed now!”

Everyone was furious with Li Sini’s arrogant appearance!

“Come on, come and have a look with me!” Na Cuntou said quickly.

A group of people surrounded these people of the Lanyue Group, and a group of people immediately assembled and wanted to follow the inch.

At this time, Li Sini was a bit hesitant.

Although she has succeeded now, these people from the Lunar Group have suffered.

But she did not dare to go up to see Zhao Dongcheng again.

Especially to meet that mysterious young man.

She hurriedly said: “My lord, it’s fine for you to go up. I am a little girl. I was very scared when I saw the floor full of blood just now. Can I go back first? I’m really innocent.”

Cuntou thought for a while, nodded, “It’s fine.”

Li Sini was so proud that she was about to go outside when she turned around.

But at this time, the depressed voice of Brother Wolf came from behind, “Li Sini! You even rescued me! You want to abandon me!”

Li Sini turned her head, just to see Brother Lang’s face aggrieved.

She suddenly showed a look of disgust.

This wolf brother is completely waste!

What can’t you do, recognize the first place!

Let him fight, as if as grandson.

Let him fight on the bed, soft as noodles.

Are you still like a man?

Li Sini didn’t want to save it.

Brother Wolf seemed to see Li Sini’s thoughts, and immediately said with words: “Li Sini, if you don’t save me, I have a lot of interesting videos and photos of you…”

Li Sini’s face changed drastically on the spot, and she was so angry that she was so angry.

But in the end, she also confessed aggrievedly!

The two people’s eye contact seemed to have reached an agreement.

Li Sini said to Cuntou: “My lord, these people are all my brothers. We are all brave enough to fight for justice. Can you let them go too?”

Brother Wolf nodded quickly.

Cuntou thought for a while, these few are civilians after all, and the top priority now is to calm the troubles above and not disturb the top floor.

So he said: “Okay! You have to go! Don’t get in the way!”

The people in the Lunar Group had no choice but to let go of Brother Lang and others.

Li Sini even stepped forward provocatively and turned around in front of several people in the Lanyue Group.

Then in a person’s ear, he said in a charming voice: “Is there a kind to catch me? If you catch me, I will make you hey.”

After speaking, she patted the person’s head arrogantly, turned and left.

Outside is the new world of rebirth.

It’s great to be alive!

And just when she wanted to step out of the hotel and regain a new life, that little voice suddenly came from behind, “That woman, where are they making trouble? I’ll take someone up to settle it.”

Li Sini turned her head, showing a treacherous smile, and said bitterly: “Top floor! Go up quickly! Get those people up for me!”


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