Dragon Husband 876-880

Chapter 876

Li Sini can’t wait to coax this matter!

Now that the authorities have stepped in, the group of people upstairs can see how arrogant they are!

It’s best to put those who humiliated themselves just now, especially Zhao Dongcheng, and the extremely arrogant Wiliam!

After she said these words, she wanted to walk outside and enjoy the happiness of the rest of her life.

However, there was a sudden shout behind him, “Stop! What did you say!”

She looked back, but saw that inch, her face was sweating!

He was walking towards him in a hurry.

Li Sini was taken aback, thinking that she could not hear her words clearly.

So she stood there and said again, “I said, those people are coaxing things on the top floor.”

Top floor!

After confirming this information, Cuntou trembled all over.


Ten thousand grass and mud horses galloped past in his heart!

He thought that this woman was in conflict with others on other floors!

I’m afraid that it will alarm the boss on the top floor!


This woman is referring to the top floor!


This is killing myself!

Fortunately, I asked one more question just now!

Otherwise, a group of people will go up rashly, it is simply looking for death!

“You tell me clearly! Did you just clashed with the people on the top floor?” Cuntou’s eyes turned to Li Sini suddenly.

Li Sini still didn’t feel that something was right, so she nodded and said, “That group of people are bastards, one by one is very bad! In order to maintain social order, I suggest you catch them all quickly! Otherwise, let this group of people be scumbags. Coming out is simply a social disaster!”

“Are you special!” Cinchou was almost mad at this woman!

He suddenly yelled, “Come here! Get them up for me!”

In a flash!

Those who were heavily armed immediately caught Li Sini tightly.

Li Sini’s head buzzed, she didn’t know what went wrong!

Why suddenly he caught himself again?

She hurriedly argued: “My lord, it’s the group of people upstairs who are making trouble. We just used to fight for justice. We are great people. Why are you arresting me?”

“Oh, you are paralyzed! I was almost killed by you!” Cuntou was full of grimace!

He finally figured out one thing.

The big guys on the top floor are doing things.

Regardless of when they are in a fight, whether it is a fight or a meeting.

This is beyond the control of Cloud City officials!

In accordance with the spirit of the highest leadership’s instructions, they just want to stay here, maintain order, and give the highest convenience to the people upstairs.

But I didn’t think of it!

This woman rushed up and clashed with the person above!

I almost made this woman cheated, so I wanted to rush to arrest someone!


“Grab them all for me and put them in jail!” Cuntou shouted loudly.

Li Sini stopped doing it immediately.

She is still at a loss as to why her attitude will change so much before and after this inch.

But even if your attitude changes, you have to be reasonable!

They are official, so there must be some rules!

As she said, she was still struggling to take out her phone, and said in a broken mouth: “I will take photos of your violent arrests and post them online to see who is at fault! Don’t let me go, I will let you You can’t finish eating and walking around!”

As she said, she really broke free.

She took out her phone and turned on the camera, and wanted to take a photo of that inch.

But when she raised her head, she was dumbfounded!

A black hole pistol, just pointed it on her forehead!

Her whole soul is going to be frightened!

“How dare you say something! I killed you!” Cuntou sternly shouted at Li Sini.

Li Sini’s legs were soft and she collapsed to the ground.

She has never been pointed at her head by a gun in her life!

What’s the matter!

“You, why are you arresting me?” she muttered to herself on the ground.

Cuntou glanced coldly at Li Sini on the ground, as if unable to restrain the excitement in her heart, and said: “Why arrested you? You are at fault. You shouldn’t disturb the big people on the top floor! Do you know why the city is under martial law today? Why are we guarding here?”

How could Li Sini want it, she shook her head.

Cuntou sneered, looking towards the ceiling, but as if to look towards the top floor, “Because we have received the order from the highest level! Do everything possible to give convenience to the big people upstairs! That group of people, especially there is a legend in it. The big man in China, that is, the power of our entire Cloud City combined, dare not provoke! You dare to provoke!”

This sentence is clear.

But it made Li Sini completely like an ice cellar!

She was completely shocked.

It turned out that the incomparable use of the whole city, for it!

Just enough convenience for the big man!

What a terrifying and honorable identity this is!

And the mysterious big man Cuntou said, could it be…

A young and indifferent figure slowly appeared in her heart.


It’s that kid!

He even has the entire power of Cloud City, whether it is official or underground!

Have to retreat!

He is a cloud-piercing dragon that suddenly appeared in Yuncheng!

I went so far as to provoke such a fairy!

For a while, Li Sini was really scared.

Wiliam’s figure is actually in her mind, lingering!

She tried her best to see Wiliam’s face, but found that he was already radiant in her mind, and she couldn’t see clearly.

Her heart was miserable, and the only thing worthy of comfort was that she fell into the hands of the authorities and was going to be jailed.

In this case, I can barely survive for a few days.

But, when it comes out, will Zhao Dongcheng let him go?

Absolutely not.

He cuckolded him in public, and angered the young man again and again.

It’s not enough to die a hundred times.

She thought miserably, letting a group of people take it down.

As for Cun Tou, he walked respectfully and respectfully in front of the Lanyue Group members, bent down, and said sincerely: “Brothers, it was a misunderstanding just now. I disturbed you. I’m really sorry. You still have no idea. If you have any instructions, I will do it!”

The people of the Lunar Group were also shocked at this moment.

Unexpectedly, the young master’s appearance this time would have caused a sensation throughout the city, causing the highest officials of Yuncheng to retreat.

It’s really a turbulent youth trip.

After sending away the group of people, he touched his forehead with a little bit of sweat.

Now, there was only one thought left in his mind.

He boldly wanted to stay here.

Let’s see if there is this honor, and see the mysterious big man who has changed the city’s beauty.

Chapter 877

On the top floor, the real talks officially began.

The scene was already in a mess. Everyone took Wiliam as the center and stood all around him listening to the training.

Mulan was standing in the forefront. Although her eyes were staring at Wiliam, she felt absent-minded.

Wiliam smiled slightly.

He knew what Mulan was absent from.

He looked at Mulan and asked, “Mulan Sect Master, what are you thinking about?”

Mulan recovered, but slowly shook her head, “Nothing.”

“You are thinking, today is not as good as coming, your whole life has been completely changed by me. You originally wanted to go to a magical world to continue your studies, but now it seems that you can only revolve around me, and you can do nothing.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Mulan’s eyes widened in disbelief, she couldn’t help but blurt out, “How do you know?”

Mulan felt that this young young master was like a roundworm in her heart.

He saw through everything he thought.

This is indeed what Mulan was thinking.

Originally, she was going to that world soon, after all, that place belonged to the Huajin Warrior.

There are a lot of masters waiting for her to compare and improve.

But now it seems that all dreams are broken.

Originally, she also accepted her fate.

But when Wiliam said so, her heart jumped wildly.

Since Young Master can say such a thing, does that mean that he has other plans?

“Follow me, you won’t suffer.” Wiliam said this to Mulan with a smile, then looked around and said, “From today, I officially take over the Sifang Qilin Gate! The Sifang Gate Master will follow me to the one that belongs to The local affairs and internal affairs of the Huajin fighters are temporarily taken care of by the masters of the sect.”

This sentence, like a thunderstorm, blew everyone’s heads.

Especially the Sifang Sect Master looked at Wiliam incredulously.

But in their hearts, it was as if Wiliam had opened a door, so bright.

Young Master, actually going to that place.

The place that everyone has been talking about just now, the world, actually refers to the place where the Huajin Warrior lives.

In this world, cities where ordinary people live are also cities where strong people live.

Like Huajin fighters, they are no longer fit with ordinary personalities.

In order to pursue a better martial arts realm, in the early years, these warriors would gather in one place by themselves.

Over time, cities of distinctive martial arts have formed throughout the country.

In these cities, there are usually a few wealthy families or sects as the mainstay, and martial arts are popular in the cities.

This is also the reason why Huajin masters are so rare in ordinary cities.

After reaching that state, he has nostalgia for mortal dust, and only martial arts in his heart.

Including the North Lu family where Wiliam is located, and Li Nanfeng’s South Forbidden Li family.

Even the medicine knife family that Tian Tian mentioned before is not an ordinary city, but in the city of martial arts.

This time Wiliam was going to Lingcheng, the city where Li’s family lived in Nanban.

Zhao Dongcheng still had lingering fears and couldn’t help but ask: “Young Master, there are many masters in that place, do we really have this strength to stand on?”
Wiliam smiled and said, “Only by constantly challenging yourself can you achieve yourself, right? Besides, have you forgotten an important purpose of the unicorn power?”

Everyone’s hearts were stunned, and they couldn’t help thinking of a hatred!

Lu Lingfeng!

Wiliam’s grandfather is also the pioneer of Qilin Power.

Cruelly killed by the people of North Lu’s family!

This hatred is not shared!

In the hearts of everyone, infinite shame was born again.

Over the years, they have been wasted, and even gradually forgot this hatred.

“I want to avenge my grandfather! So, sooner or later, I will go to the city of martial arts to practice! And, according to my plan, after going to Lingcheng this time, it’s almost time to take you to the North Lu family. !” Wiliam threw a blockbuster again!

Even Mulan’s eyes widened, looking at Wiliam in disbelief.

After going to Lingcheng, are you going to North Lu’s house?

This is a bit fast.

The masters of the North Lu family are like clouds, how can they be compared with the current Qilin power?

Seeing that everyone was puzzled, Wiliam didn’t explain too much.

He already had a measure in his heart.

The biggest purpose of this trip to Lingcheng is to master the entire Southern Forbidden Li Family with one hand!

Although the South Ban Li family has declined in recent years, the lean camel is bigger than the horse.

Coupled with the unicorn power, these forces have already had a battle with the North Lu family!

“Mulan, would you like to go to Lingcheng with me?” Wiliam suddenly asked Mulan.

The doubt in Mulan’s eyes gradually disappeared.

In my heart, also gave birth to extremely heroic!

A kid with inner strength dared to point at the city of martial arts.

How can I be weakened?

Besides, isn’t this what I want!

Go to a higher world and become a stronger self!

“Subordinates take orders!” Mulan knelt down on one knee, offering worship with both hands!

Zhao Dongcheng, Caishen and Tongmao looked at each other and knelt down together, “Subordinates are willing to go too!”

Wiliam nodded in satisfaction.

The most important purpose of coming to Yuncheng this time is to regain control of the Qilin Power, and then take the master to Lingcheng.

Now, the goal has been achieved.

“That’s very good. I will give you one day to explain the work. The morning after tomorrow, we will set off.” Wiliam said, and walked out the door.

The matter is over.

Behind them, everyone shouted in unison: “Send Master Kylin!”

Mulan suddenly seemed to remember something, and hurriedly chased Wiliam.

At the elevator entrance, she suddenly stopped Wiliam.

Wiliam watched her hesitate to speak, then smiled and asked, “Is there anything else?”

Mulan gritted her teeth, still asking her greatest curiosity.

“Master Lu, I just want to ask you, how long did it take you to cultivate to the middle of your inner strength?”

She was not reconciled in her heart, and even the scum left by the young master.

Wiliam’s eyes were confused, and then slowly said, “One year?”

One year!

Mulan is getting goose bumps all over!

But this was not over yet, Wiliam added, “Oh, less than a year.”

Mulan’s whole body collapsed, and there were ten thousand words in her heart, but the last thing she said was a silly sentence, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

The elevator is coming.

Mulan was still in despair.

Wiliam stepped onto the elevator and went straight downstairs.

Just as soon as I got off the elevator and walked to the lobby, I suddenly saw a group of people rushing out of the surrounding area, and Wiliam surrounded them.

One inch of the head, he sternly shouted at Wiliam: “Stop! Sorry, we are under martial law, and we need to conduct a routine questioning of you!”

“Honestly, who are you, what are you doing here! Dare to lie to me and serve me with a big punishment!”

Chapter 878

Cuntou was coaxed by the group of Li Sini just now, and there is still a shadow in my heart.

I’m afraid that there will be some people who don’t open their eyes to make trouble in the West Cloud Hotel.

For a time, the grass and trees are all soldiers.

When he saw Wiliam come down alone, he instinctively stopped Wiliam for questioning.

But after he asked, he suddenly laughed.

Because the young man in front of him seemed to be frightened by himself, his whole person was stunned.

He hurriedly said: “You don’t need to be nervous, I just want to ask, show me your ID card.”

Wiliam looked at the front of his eyes amusedly, and he was a bit bluffing.

Reach out and don’t hit smiley people.

Wiliam handed over his ID card.

Seeing Wiliam’s initiative to cooperate with that inch of head, all the weapons in his hands were put down.

According to his thoughts, what trouble can a person coax.

And this little guy looks very good at talking.

He took the ID card in Wiliam’s hand and looked at it carefully, “Wiliam? Q City ( Qena City )?”

Wiliam nodded.

He was adopted by the Bai family and naturally issued a new ID card.

“What are you doing here?” Cuntou asked again.

Wiliam said casually, “Come here and take a look.”

Cuntou didn’t care, so he returned Wiliam’s ID card.

Seeing that Wiliam’s attitude was okay, he whispered to Wiliam, “Isn’t you coming here to travel? Brother tell you something, don’t stay in this hotel today.”

“Why?” Wiliam asked curiously.

At this time, Cuntou’s addiction to cigarettes came, and he hooked Wiliam’s shoulders and walked towards the door, “Come on, say here.”

Wiliam looked at this cinch amusedly, he could really hook up any shoulder.

When they stood at the door, they took out a cigarette and handed it to Wiliam, “Come on?”

Wiliam shook his head, “You’re welcome.”

“Take it! A man with a cigarette is like a dragon and tiger whip.” Cuntou directly stuffed the cigarette into Wiliam’s hand, and then naturally lit him.

Wiliam looked helpless.

Cuntou also clicked on one, took a deep breath, showing a look of ecstasy, and then said mysteriously: “Today this hotel, there is a big man, we are all here to martial law for the big man. . So you have nothing to do with you here.”

“What big man?” Wiliam still didn’t react for a while.

Cuntou suddenly became even more mysterious. “Of course, ordinary people like you don’t know it. I just told you that it was pleasing to your eyes. Today, several major forces are concentrated here. I heard that it was to meet a mysterious big Guy. Our boss in Yuncheng told us that we must make way for that guy.”

Only then did Wiliam realize that this big man is talking about himself?

He came over for a meeting, and even directly alarmed the official people?

The tree wants to be quiet but the wind keeps going.

“Hey, my brothers have been guarding here all the time. I just want to see with my own eyes what the big man looks like, is it three-headed and six-armed? Don’t be too close, just take a long look, just enjoy it.” Cuntou showed a trace of rustling. Come with a smile, “Our job is to have the advantage of getting the first month from the water.”
Wiliam looked at Cun Tou helplessly, and his heart was full of complaints.

It seems that you are not so close to the big people now.

Hooking the shoulders of the big man, he still lit a cigarette for the big man who didn’t smoke.

Is it enough for you to brag at home?

“Brother thinks that you are a bit pleasing to the eye, so he said a few more words. Don’t tell others when you go out. I’m afraid that someone will come here and increase our workload.” Cuntou confessed again.

Wiliam nodded, looked at the time, and said, “Then I will leave first.”

“Hey, you little guy is a bit interesting, you don’t have any interest in that big man?” Cuntou looked at Wiliam in surprise.

Wiliam shook his head, “Not interested.”

Cuntou suddenly showed a sigh, “You are still too young. Forget it, go go.”

Cuntou said, suddenly looked back and yelled, “Emma! A lot of people have come down! This group of people is designated to be the people in the top floor meeting, maybe the mysterious boss is in it, let alone brother , I’m going to pay homage to the tycoons first, don’t send it off.”

With that, he flung his cigarette butts and ran all the way.

Wiliam looked at the guy who came and hurried, shook his head, and walked forward.

And those who came out of the elevator were the owner of the Quartet Qilin Gate, as well as some other high-rise buildings.

They had come down to chase Wiliam.

But as soon as I got out of the elevator, I saw the noble Lord of Kylin standing at the door smoking a cigarette?

The object of smoking, or a fully armed guard?

Everyone was a little puzzled for a while, what kind of shame is the young master Qilin?

Seeing the smoker trotting all the way, he came to them in the blink of an eye.

I swept across the group of people, and suddenly became excited.

He doesn’t know other people, but he knows Zhao Dongcheng.

Zhao Dongcheng is here, and that big guy must be there.

Zhao Dongcheng also knew this cun. After all, this cun was the personal guard of the top leader of Yuncheng, and he had met several times.

“Hello Dong Zhao!” Cuntou shouted respectfully.

Zhao Dongcheng nodded, “Okay, this is…”

Zhao Dongcheng pointed to the heavily armed man outside.

“Report to Dong Zhao, we are here to maintain order under the orders of your lord. I hope your meeting will go smoothly.” Cuntou said.

Zhao Dongcheng smiled, “I have work.”

Then Zhao Dongcheng saw the thick eyebrows and big eyes of Cun Tou, twirling around them.

“What are you looking for?” Zhao Dongcheng asked amusedly.

Because I am more familiar with Zhao Dong, I will tell the truth.

He pouted his head and said, “Well, Zhao Dong, I heard that a big man came to Yuncheng today. Even our boss is in awe of three points. I want to come and see him. I don’t know if there is such an honor? “

What this said, everyone at the scene was taken aback, one after another looking at this cuntou with weird eyes.

Cuntou was staring at him and suddenly felt a little chill, so he immediately said: “Ahaha, I offended me. I know that the big man is a very noble person. I am a little ant. How can I have that honor? , Shame, goodbye!”

But Zhao Dongcheng stopped him, “Don’t go. Didn’t you see it just now?”


Cuntou was taken aback, saw it?

What do you see?

Big shot?

“No, I have been guarding here just now, not leaving every step of the way, no big people will come down?” Cuntou suddenly looked puzzled.

But Zhao Dongcheng showed a weird smile, patted Cuntou on the shoulder, and said jokingly: “Is it a pleasure to smoke with our Master Lu just now?”

Chapter 879

Master Lu?


The inch was even more clouded.

He thought for a while, patted his head, and smiled embarrassingly: “Emma, ​​I was really embarrassed to be caught by Dong Zhao when he was fishing in the water at work. But you said that kid Wiliam, where is he? Come here one by one. The young ones playing in Cloud City…”

As he spoke, his voice suddenly lowered.

He saw these people on the opposite side, their eyes getting more and more weird.

And his head suddenly buzzed!


With a violent shout, everyone was shocked!

“Dong Zhao! You mean! The young man who smoked with me just now! That’s the big man you met this time!” Cuntou was full of disbelief, and he didn’t care about etiquette.

Zhao Dongcheng nodded naturally, and looked at Cuntou with jealousy, “Boy, you are so brave! Even we have never been so close to our Lord Lu. It would be nice for you to hook up with him and smoke and chat, envious. We are dead.”

The whole person was completely stupid.

That kid, Wiliam, is the immediate boss of these big men!

That is to say, the mysterious boss who made a sensation in Yuncheng and caused the high-levels of Yuncheng to retreat!

I’m going!

The eyes were hit by a cannon!

He didn’t recognize it all at once!

I thought this was just a ignorant young man!

Cuntou think about what I did with that supreme Lord Lu just now?

Drink him loudly at first!

Then check his ID!

Then he hooked him up to smoke outside.

Looks like it is still forced to let the boss smoke?

Even laughed at this young man for being too young and ignorant?


What a shame!

Fortunately, Master Lu looked very talkative, without a little air.

Otherwise, it would really be a disaster today.

Think about it, why did your boss send himself here?

Guard the big shot!

Rather than interrogating the big guys, in the end, I even show off to the big guys how awesome he is.

For a while, Cuntou was in a trance.

“Where did Master Lu go? Did anyone tell you? See you talking and laughing.” Zhao Dongcheng asked sourly.

Cuntou was still in the mist, and couldn’t help but pop out a word, “I don’t know, I saw you come out, and I was anxious to please you. I thought he was getting in the way and asked him to leave.”

The people at the scene have a black line.

This is so typical of buying caskets and returning beads.

Zhao Dongcheng looked helplessly at the front of his head, “I will wipe the bright spots in the future. Okay, let’s go first. The martial law in your city can also be removed. By the way, go back and tell your boss and say thank you. “

After all, Zhao Dongcheng a group of talents slowly left.

But the short position is still in a trance.

However, after he was shocked, his heart became extremely excited.

It’s been a long time!

Lao Tzu made a big deal today!

Catch the boss is a cigarette without a brain!

I really disliked him.

This cowhide can blow for a lifetime!

When Wiliam returned to the hotel, he washed a bit, picked up his mobile phone, and saw a missed call.

He just went back.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that Mulan was calling.
Mulan hesitated on the phone.

Wiliam Lu said angrily: “Master Huajin, why don’t you see you as a small woman during the day?”

One sentence made Mulan explode on the phone.

She said depressedly: “Then what! If it is convenient for you tomorrow, come home with me and see my mother!”


Wiliam’s head buzzed in a single game!

What a special thing!

Did you know this girl during the day?

Still fighting hard with her.

So I have to take myself home to see her mother at night!

No dog-blood idol dramas are performed like this.

Wiliam said depressedly: “Big brother, please let me go! I am a married man, and I have no plans to develop an underground lover or three wives.”

Mulan at the end of the phone was so angry that she almost dropped the phone.

This young master, his mouth is so cheap!

Mulan also called her mother just now, and she said everything about today.

No wonder, after her mother heard this, she was so excited that she insisted that Mulan take the lord of the unicorn home and let her meet her in person.

Mulan’s mother was ill and couldn’t go out, otherwise it wouldn’t be so embarrassing to take Wiliam home.

It was a good thing that the young and energetic Young Master thought of where it went!

“My old lady won’t marry you! You die of this heart!” Mulan was so angry that she blurted away, regardless of her superiors.

When Wiliam heard it, ho ho ho ho.

Cranky sect master, online divorce.

Ho ho, woman.

Mulan explained angrily, saying that her mother was originally the sect master of the Qilin Gate of the East Territory, but she gave way to herself because of her health problems in recent years.

But she was always proud of being a Qilin Gate, so she heard that the young master appeared, and she had to meet everything she said.

When Wiliam heard this, he slowly let go.

As long as you don’t ask yourself to go on a blind date, everything is easy to say.

“My mother, let me beg you, she must go there, she seems to have something to tell you.” Mulan finally said weakly.

When Wiliam heard this, he thought about the itinerary, and said, “Okay, you should be thankful to you for the hard work you have put in for the Qilinmen over the years.”

“I thank you fucking!” The grumpy lady on the other end of the phone went online again.

Wiliam has a black line. Is this girl having a problem with her comprehension or she has a problem with her expression and has eaten explosives?

He just hung up the phone, too lazy to care about the crazy woman.

But after a while, Mulan called again and apologized to Wiliam, “I’m sorry, I got it wrong just now.”

This is very nervous.

How to be the master of the door?

The two agreed on a time and hung up the phone.

Wiliam thought for a while, called Zhao Dongcheng and asked him and the other two sect masters to go to Lingcheng on their own the day after tomorrow.

At the same time, he called Li Nanfeng and let them go by himself.

Because after all, I went to Lingcheng after three days.

And Wiliam naturally wanted to go directly to Lingcheng with Mulan after meeting Mulan’s mother.

Early the next morning, Mulan came downstairs to the hotel where Wiliam was.

Wiliam went downstairs and saw Mulan’s outstanding figure at a glance.

It’s too high, the long legs become fine.

However, today Mulan swept away yesterday’s sexy and charming JK costumes and dressed very conservatively.

A white loose T-shirt and a pair of fat bloomers concealed her graceful figure.

Wiliam walked to Mulan, who still looked deserted, and said, “Let’s go.”

Wiliam followed her and asked amusedly, “Why don’t you wear a JK uniform today?”

Unexpectedly, this grumpy young lady turned her head again, staring directly at Wiliam fiercely, and then she opened her mouth to make a joke.

“I’ll spray you JK! I will give you KJ, do you want me!”

Chapter 880

Wiliam’s head was buzzing.

I don’t know what this girl is thinking?

I don’t see it as an old driver.

It’s just this temper, no wonder I can’t get married when I’m almost 30.

Wiliam didn’t bother to care about her and went on his own.

After a while, Mulan took the initiative to find out her conscience, and said sincerely: “I’m sorry, I’m used to arrogance, so what? I’m going back to see my mother. Of course I must dress conservatively. If you like it. Look at JK, I will wear it for you another day, not the kind of leggings.”

Wiliam Yihan, staying away from her, “Forget it.”

Staying away from neurosis is good for physical and mental health.

The more contact with Mulan, the more Wiliam felt that this woman was a strange flower.

An alcoholic who vomits after drinking.

Full of nasty jokes, the old driver is certified.

The temper is particularly irritable.

How did you survive these years?

In the end, Wiliam pretended to be asleep directly on the plane. Looking at her more, Wiliam felt that he would be infected.

In the afternoon, the two came to the city where Mulan was.

It is also a small city.

The two took a taxi to Mulan’s house.

Her home is not luxurious, but looks a little simple and plain from the outside.

An old house, even the walls are dilapidated.

“Mom, I’m back.” Mulan pushed in and shouted loudly.

“Hey.” An old voice came from inside.

Then, a woman with white hair tremblingly helped the door and walked out.

Wiliam took a deep breath when seeing this woman.

This is Mulan’s mother?

According to Mulan’s age, her mother will be in her early 50s this year, right?

However, Mulan’s mother’s face was so beautiful, and she would definitely think that she was only in her thirties.

It’s so charming.

However, her body rickets and her head is full of white hair.

This sharp contrast made Wiliam frown slightly.

Mulan stepped forward and held her mother with a strange face.

It looks distressed and angry.

Wiliam faintly felt that Mulan must have extremely complicated feelings for her mother.

“Why are you getting up! I told you to stay in bed and don’t move!” Mulan’s voice was also full of accusations.

And her mother looked at Mulan guiltily, and she looked a little cringe.

Like being used to scolding by Mulan.

When Wiliam saw this scene, his heart hurt inexplicably.

The mother of the world is the greatest.

Mulan couldn’t talk to her mother like that.

Seeing her mother’s guilt and helplessness after being scolded, Wiliam felt sour.

He stepped forward and said to Mulan’s mother: “Hello, are you Mulan’s mother? I’m Wiliam.”

Mulan’s mother became excited when she saw Wiliam. She trembled and wanted to kneel.

Wiliam hurriedly supported her, “No, let’s go in and talk, it’s windy outside.”

Mother Mulan glanced at Wiliam moved, and said okay.

The three of them entered the house, and Mulan threw a sentence, “You guys talk, I’ll go shopping for some food.”

Then walk outside.
Seeing Mulan’s indifferent expression, Mulan’s mother was full of sorrow.

“It’s useless, my mother used it. I didn’t say anything to trouble the daughter, and she pulled her back. My old lady, it’s better to die sooner.” Mulan’s mother muttered to herself with guilt on her face.

Wiliam’s heart was even more sour.

Probably all mothers in the world are like this.

Being a mother is strong, raising children without asking for reward.

However, when their children grow up, they will gradually find that there are fewer and fewer places where their children need them.

Until, the children are full of wings and fly to the sky.

Mom will never grow old.

Only when they feel useless to their children, they really age.

“I’m sorry, Master Lu, I made you laugh. I didn’t think that my young master of unicorn power was so young and promising!” Mother Mulan gave a gentle smile.

“Just call my name.” Wiliam said with a smile.

“Mulan told me on the phone, ho ho, you can surrender Mulan, young master, you really don’t have to be self-effacing, I know best about her temper. If she didn’t surrender to you sincerely, she wouldn’t call Tell me, because she has been carrying me back to the unicorn door.” Mulan’s mother said a little embarrassed, “I am the goddess.”

After some discussion, Wiliam found out that Mulan’s mother’s name was Mu Xiaolou.

A very heroic name.

Seeing the kind of compassion and tenderness that Mu Xiaolou’s words inadvertently revealed, she must have been a popular goddess when she was young.

It’s a pity, why has it become so solemn now.

Wiliam suddenly grabbed Mu Xiaolou’s hand.

Mu Xiaolou was startled, and asked with a pale face, “Young Master, you?”

“Don’t move, I’ll signal your pulse for you.” Wiliam said lightly.

Mu Xiaolou was taken aback for a while, and suddenly showed a warm smile, “I am so confused, you are the grandson of Master Lu Lingfeng, and you are very good at natural medicine, but my body…”

Wiliam didn’t speak, and it took a minute to slowly lower Mu Xiaolou’s hand.

He also sighed, “I don’t know what you have gone through. Your body is like a dead tree, with no vitality, and your potential is overdrawn so much.”

Mu Xiaolou looked away and said, “It’s all fate, thank you Young Master for your concern.”

“You called me over this time, is there anything wrong?” Wiliam asked, returning to the subject.

“Well, for these words, I can only say with my daughter, I beg you, sir.” Mu Xiaolou’s eyes suddenly turned red.

“I know that you are going to Lingcheng this time. There are many masters in that place. If there is no one to take care of, it will be difficult to move. Although the young master has different talents, he still lacks time to settle down. And my daughter is violent and more prone to accidents. So I I want to beg of you…” Mu Xiaolou said, and suddenly walked slowly towards his bed.

She picked up the wooden pillow and slammed it to the ground.

The wooden pillow was torn apart and it was hollow inside.

A piece of object fell to the ground.

She picked it up as if looking at a lover.

Finally, she sighed, and slowly passed the thing to Wiliam.

Wiliam saw that it was a piece of black jade, curved like a black moon.

Mu Xiaolou seemed to think of the past, and there was nostalgia in his eyes.

She said: “I beg you, be sure to take my daughter to the Jackdaw family in Lingcheng.”

Jackdaw family?

Wiliam was taken aback.

He does know this family.

Just go there?

As if he understood Wiliam’s doubts, Mu Xiaolou suddenly showed a faint shy face, like a young girl who was pregnant, and said: “The head of the Jackdaw family is the biological father of the daughter.”

“My lord, let their father and daughter recognize each other. The Jackdaw family can also become your foundation in Lingcheng.”


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