Dragon Husband 881-885

Chapter 881 Jackdaw

Wiliam was taken aback, and instantly understood Mu Xiaolou’s good intentions.

She wanted to find a reliable refuge in Lingcheng for Wiliam and her daughter.

It’s just that the head of the Jackdaw family is actually Mulan’s biological father?

This information made Wiliam a little difficult to digest for a while.

After Mulan came into a family, she followed her mother’s surname Mu.

It seems that Mu Xiaolou has been avoiding the Jackdaw family.

Now, for the sake of her daughter, she does not hesitate to throw out this long-hidden message.

That’s the Jackdaw family.

Wiliam, a family of jackdaws, had heard of it when he was young.

This is a family different from other sects.

The family honors jackdaws as totems.

They are not orthodox martial arts.

On the contrary, like a tame animal, many rare and exotic animals have been raised in the family.

Like jackals, tigers and leopards, everything is available.

Moreover, the beasts that have been tamed by them will never betray and rebel against their masters.

Therefore, don’t look at the personal strength of the Jackdaw family is not outstanding among the family.

But with the ability to train beasts, they are also very famous in the kingdom.

Regardless of whether it is the mentality of domesticating pets or the mentality of looking for help, they respect this family of jackdaws.

So in terms of fame, the Jackdaw family is more famous than the Southern Forbidden Li family.

Even the Jackdaw family, because of their connections all over the world, even if the Southern Forbidden Li family is in front of the Jackdaw family, they would be polite and dare not show any respect.

Wiliam looked at Mu Xiaolou with a wry smile.

This woman found herself a very weird backer.

But he also knew that since Mu Xiaolou begged himself to take Mulan to see the head of the Jackdaw family, and then confess.

Then this matter is definitely not that easy.

Let alone the complicated relationship between Mulan and her mother, can she accept such a father who has never met before?

The most important thing is that the Jackdaw family is a famous family.

In the general family, the phenomenon of fighting for power is common.

Now a daughter of the Patriarch suddenly appeared again, and the other heirs would definitely regard Mulan as a thorn in the flesh.

Mu Xiaolou seemed to see through Wiliam’s wry smile, and slowly smiled: “Young Master, to tell you the truth, even if you and Mulan have no plans to go to Lingcheng, I will also ask Mulan to go there soon. Go over there.”

“Why?” Wiliam asked curiously.

If this is the case, my guess just now is wrong.

“Because, that man, his life will not be long.” Mulan said this, smiling desolately, her smile full of bitterness.

“A year ago, that man participated in a great battle with people from other families to encircle and suppress one person. In that great battle, all the masters were poisoned very viciously, and the life span was only one year. The year is coming soon, this poison should have already occurred.” Mulan said bitterly.

“A year ago? Who on earth could allow multiple family sect masters to encircle and suppress together? And the sect masters not only won, but were poisoned? Also, is this poison insoluble?” Wiliam was full of expressions. Amazed.

To be able to be the master of the family in this world, that is at least a master at the mid-level of energy.
A few masters encircled and suppressed a person, and they all returned home in despair, but how terrible the person they encircled and suppressed.

“I don’t know the specifics either. Maybe you will know about it in the future. After all, a mountain in martial arts is that big, and the top of the peak is so small. Young master, you are destined to climb the top of the peak. People, so, on the way to the summit, you will meet this person sooner or later.” Mu Xiaolou said with a smile.

Wiliam had some appreciation for Mu Xiaolou.

This woman, although painstakingly lonely with her own daughter, even reached the level of solitude.

But her mind and vision are very broad.

What she saw was something that Mulan couldn’t compare.

“I don’t know much about the poison in their bodies, but they are unsolvable. Otherwise, with their status as the heads of the family, what kind of genius doctor can’t be invited? Now, a year is almost here. I don’t want that man, I don’t know until I die, I still have a poor daughter in this world.” Mu Xiaolou suddenly choked.

Wiliam nodded solemnly this time, “Okay, I promise you, take Mulan to the Jackdaw family.”

On the one hand, Wiliam sympathizes with Mu Xiaolou’s love and dedication. On the other hand, he also has his own considerations.

If this goes smoothly, it would be an excellent thing for Wiliam to be able to make a good relationship with the Jackdaw family.

And to go to the Jackdaw family, you have to ban the Li family in advance.

“Thank you, young master.” Mu Xiaolou said to Wiliam with tears in his eyes.

At this time, the sound of footsteps came from the door, and Mu Xiaolou quickly wiped the tears in his eyes, pretending that nothing had happened.

They knew that Mulan was back.

Mulan stepped into the door and saw Mu Xiaolou’s red eyes.

A complicated light flashed in her eyes, but it disappeared immediately.

She said coldly: “I’m going to cook, Master Young Master, you give me a shot.”

This is justified.

Mu Xiaolou wanted to stop him, but Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Okay, it’s been a long time since I had home cooking.”

She gave a reassuring look at Mu Xiaolou, and then followed Mulan out.

Mu Xiaolou was left alone, staring at the door in a daze.

After Mulan went home, she seemed to have changed.

She became taciturn.

Even when I was alone with Wiliam, I didn’t have the same noise as before.

Without a word, the two prepared the meal.

The three people gathered around the table to eat, and it was embarrassing to eat.

Mu Xiaolou had a bad appetite and couldn’t eat after only a few bites.

She retired first and went back to the room to rest.

And Wiliam returned to a clean room after taking a few bites.

However, in the middle of the night, I suddenly heard a knock on the door.

“Who?” Wiliam asked.

But a little knowingly asked.

“Come out and have a drink with me.” Mulan’s clear voice came from outside the door.

Wiliam opened the door.

It was Mulan who was standing at the door.

She was wearing a thin pajamas and carrying a case of wine in her hand.

When Mulan saw Wiliam come out, she stopped talking, turned around and walked forward.

Sit on a stone chair in the small courtyard.

Wiliam also walked over and sat down slowly.

Mulan opened a bottle of wine for Wiliam, and then drank it by herself, not caring whether Wiliam drank it or not.

Wiliam knew that Mulan was on her mind.

He also drank with Mulan.

After the two bottles were eaten, Mulan’s face became flushed.

It seems that the grievances in the stomach are also coming out.

Suddenly she stared directly at Wiliam and asked, “What did my mother tell you?”

Chapter 882

Wiliam thought for a while and said, “She let us both go to the Jackdaw family in Lingcheng and do something.”

Wiliam said this only halfway, and it was not a deception to Mulan.

He was afraid that Mulan wouldn’t want to go after he learned the truth, so he just cut it out and played it later.

However, Mulan, as if he had expected it, blew another bottle.

She burped severely, and then her eyes became resentful, “I’m not going! I’m Mulan, there is no such kind of father who abandons his wife and daughter!”

Wiliam was taken aback, “So, you already knew it?”

“Are you really stupid? Since I am sensible, my mother has been desperate all day. Every night, I can see my mother holding a black jade pendant in her hand! So, I will learn when I grow up. The first thing I did independently was to get someone to help me investigate the origin of this jade pendant! Hoho, the Jackdaw family! My mother is really capable! She hooked up with the head of the Jackdaw family!” Mulan said. The eyes were also red all at once.

However, Wiliam frowned upon hearing this.

There is always a gap between Mulan and her mother.

But why don’t you make it clear in person?

“So, you hate your mother?” Wiliam asked back.

Mulan took a sip of wine fiercely, but was choked and spit out.

Her face rose even more red!

“I hate it! Why don’t I hate it!” She yelled first, then glanced at the dark room opposite, her voice weakened uncontrollably.

But still gritted his teeth!

“I hate her! Why did I find such a man! Since I was a child, I have lived in an environment where there is no father’s love and being pointed by people around me. Can I not hate her!”

“I am very her! Why give birth to me!”

“When I grow up, I hate her even more! Why do you want to ask for those cultivation resources for me for me! I even kneel down and kowtow!”

“I hate her! My martial arts is all her kowtow one by one! The higher I achieve, the greater the sin I bear! Why don’t I hate her!”

“What is she showing off to me! How wide is her network to show off! Just kowtow to people, can she find the treasures of the world that others dream of!”

“Do you know! I have, I can’t face her at all! I don’t dare to face such a mother!”

“Where can I be such a blessing! Why can she do this for me, even dignity!”

“I have tried countless times to abolish martial arts by myself, and return her to be clean! All martial arts are all alms! I live ridiculously!”

“She made me unable to lift my head more and more, and her body deteriorated day by day. Looking at her with gray hair, I blamed myself! As a daughter, I am growing up taking my mother’s bone marrow! Do you know how torment this taste is!”

“So you say, why don’t I hate her!”

In the end, Mulan was actually covering her eyes.

Tears flowed from her fingers uncontrollably.

After listening to these words, Wiliam’s mood became extremely complicated.

He finally knew what was going on with the complicated emotions between Mulan and her mother.
Mu Xiaolou, for the sake of her daughter’s growth, endured the humiliation and murmured.

And Mulan, just sit back and enjoy it.

But while getting growth, he was also given guilt.

Who is right here? Who is wrong?

Is Mu Xiaolou wrong?

What’s wrong with the mother’s sacrifice as a daughter?

Is Mulan wrong?

She bears the grace, guilt, and hatred in her heart that she didn’t want to get at all.

Wiliam finally sighed.

This poor mother and daughter were both wrong and both wrong.

They need to touch the soul of communication and communication.

Mu Xiaolou wants to tell Mulan that her mother’s kindness is actually very hard.

And Mulan wanted to tell Mu Xiaolou that when she was a daughter, she didn’t want to see her mother like this.

Ordinary life is not bad.

“Master Lu, I will go to the Jackdaw family with you tomorrow. Because I am your servant now, I naturally want to obey you, please rest assured.” Mulan suddenly said viciously.

Wiliam nodded.

She also knew that Mulan was not just as simple as her words.

How could she have that desire.

Even if it’s a meeting!

The father I have never seen in these two decades!

Take a look at the kind of man who killed their mother and daughter for life!

“I’m going to rest first. Do it yourself.” Mulan seemed to be drunk, staggering a little while walking.

Wiliam didn’t comment, sitting quietly in a chair alone, feeling heavy.

After a long time, Wiliam suddenly sighed, “Have you heard all? Your daughter has grown up, maybe you can try to let go.”

In the darkness, a low sob suddenly sounded.

A remorseful voice slowly sounded, “I was wrong, a big mistake… I have always felt that I am the most aggrieved. For her, how much shame I have endured! I always thought that she would not Understand me, don’t understand me. Today I discovered how much suffering I have caused my daughter’s body and mind in the name of love! I was wrong…”

The crying gradually became louder.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Hate deeply and love deeply. I hope you can all understand this truth. Mulan hates you deeply, and in turn thinks, she also loves you deeply. She saw you pay like this. It will be uncomfortable, and I will blame myself even more when I see you now. If she doesn’t love you, she can accept your favor with ease. Isn’t this the best? You are a good mother and she is also a good daughter. I hope you all Show your heart to each other and stop doing it your own way.”

“Thank you, sir. I understand.” The voice choked.

“Tomorrow morning, I will write a prescription. You will follow the prescription I wrote to take medicine. Although it cannot completely cure your current condition, it can also prevent it from getting worse. Sorry, although I am a healer, I can’t do it. Bring back to life. If one day comes, I will let your mother and daughter…”

“Mother is kind and filial!”

Wiliam said, stood up and walked towards his room.

These last four words!

It’s like a giant!

The darkness behind him seemed to be shocked by these four words!

It seems that there is incomparable compassion and pain between the lines!

Mu Xiaolou suddenly thought of something.

Why, Wiliam is so concerned about their mother and daughter.

Because, Wiliam also has a grandpa who has a deep love for him!

It’s just a pity that his grandfather is no longer alive, and in Wiliam’s heart, he left eternal regrets!

The son wants to support, but the relative is not there.

What Master Lu didn’t want to see was this sad scene.

The cry is still there.

But a little more relieved and relieved.

Chapter 883

The next day, Wiliam and Mulan set foot on the road to Lingcheng.

Mulan seemed to be vomiting her heart to Wiliam last night, her face tightened and she seemed to be a little bit shy along the way.

Obviously just met this guy, and this guy is still her nominal master, shouldn’t be so presumptuous.

But last night, they talked shallowly.

It wasn’t until she got off the plane that Mulan said, “Thank you.”

Wiliam was taken aback.

Mulan moved her mouth, and finally said: “The prescription you left for my mother.”

When she was leaving, she also saw the prescription Wiliam left on the table.

Although she didn’t know the effect of the prescription, Mulan faintly felt that Wiliam would not harm her mother.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “You’re welcome, let’s go.”

Saying that Wiliam walked forward.

Mulan stomped her foot slightly behind her, and followed in annoyance.

When they first entered Lingcheng, the two felt an eye-opener.

This city looked similar to all the cities they had been to.

There are many tall buildings, and it looks prosperous.

But the two immediately felt different.

People walking on the street.

Some people are dressed in primitive costumes, even in ancient Hanfu.

Some people hold a bow and arrow in their hands, and some people carry a sword on their backs.

These costumes were rare in their previous cities.

If you get to the road like this, it will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

But here it feels like a sparse and ordinary dress, and everyone is used to it.

This is the unique charm of the city of martial arts.

According to the address given by Mu Xiaolou, the two soon came to the foot of a mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, there is only one building similar to a leisure villa.

Two people stood at the door of the building.

But when the two of them got close, they felt that the building was extraordinary.

I only heard faint roars coming from the building.

Like the roar of an animal.

If you come here in the middle of the night, you will definitely be scared to death by the roar.

Wiliam knew that this was the Jackdaw family.

The Jackdaw family is famous for taming animals, and it is normal for animals in the family to roar.

The two came to the gate with four big characters on a plaque.

Jackdaw family.

The two gatekeepers stopped Wiliam and Mulan, “Stop, you come to my Jackdaw family, what’s the matter?”

Wiliam and Mulan looked at each other.

Wiliam handed over the black crescent moon jade pendant that Mu Xiaolou gave him yesterday, and said, “Let’s come to meet the master of the Jackdaw family. This is a token.”

After seeing the token, the expressions of the two people changed slightly, and one of them whispered to the other: “You go in and report to the Patriarch!”

They seem to recognize this token, and they know the importance of this token.

The person who was left immediately said to Wiliam politely: “You two, please wait a while, the rules are like this, I’m really sorry.”

Wiliam nodded.

The background of the great family is still good, and the gatekeeper is not as arrogant as the ordinary family.

And at this moment, in a room of the Jackdaw family.

Two people, one lying on the bed and one sitting on the head of the bed.

The man lying on the bed was extremely pale, but between this paleness, faintly visible bursts of black air lingered.

His body was originally an adult.

But the muscle was abnormally atrophy.

The whole person just shrank to about 1.6 meters, and was as thin as wood.

This man is the head of the Jackdaw family, Guo Yulin.

And sitting on the head of the bed was a young woman with lingering charm.

There was a touch of sadness on her face, and she seemed to have just cried.

But when he turned his face away, the sadness gradually disappeared and turned into another complex expression.

She is Guo Yulin’s wife, Wu Bili.

“Old Guo, you must hold on! The main hall owner is already on his way, and he will be there soon. As long as the main hall owner takes action, the poison on your body will definitely be solved.” Wu Bili looked at Guo Yulin again, choked up. Said.

Guo Yulin showed a tragic smile and said, “Hey, the poison on my body, I know, even the Patriarchs of the aristocratic families are helpless with this poison, and even some of them have invited the genius doctor from North Lu Family. Look, I’m at a loss, I think, let’s forget it.”

But Wu Bili said anxiously: “Old Guo, you must not say that. Haven’t the patrons of the other aristocratic families all asked the master of the pavilion to see them? Haven’t they been renewed?”

Guo Yulin shook his head and said, “Resurrecting from the dead is not that simple. It only lasted more than three months. After three months, my life will be completely accounted for.”

Wu Bili was startled, she didn’t speak any more.

Obviously, she also knew what Guo Yulin said was true.

Guo Yulin seemed to know Wu Bili’s thoughts, and suddenly said with a smile: “Bili, you have been with me for so many years, don’t worry, after I pass away, I will not treat you and your son wrongly. I have written the will long ago. .”

Wu Bili seemed to be pierced through, a touch of tension appeared on her face, but she immediately concealed it.

“Lao Guo, I’ll be angry if you say this again! I still look forward to getting old with you Baishou! You can’t have anything to do!” Wu Bili said solemnly.

“I, Guo Yulin, have acted madly in this life, but I have a clear conscience, but there is always one thing that I can’t let go of…” Guo Yulin said this, and even choked up.

Wu Bili’s face became ugly on the spot, she knew what Guo Yulin was talking about!

“Bi Li, I wouldn’t explain to you to help me in this matter. After all, I am sorry for doing so. But now, there is no way…” Guo Yulin saw Wu Bili’s face changed drastically and felt guilty. To say.

Wu Bili was about to speak when a request came from the door.

“My lord, there are two people outside the door and want to ask to see you.” The person outside is the gatekeeper who just came in to report.

Wu Bili suddenly became annoyed and shouted towards the door: “When is the time! Don’t you know if the sect master needs to rest! No matter who comes over, let them go back! People nowadays are getting more and more discerning and don’t know the sect master. Are you unwell now!”

However, the person at the door hesitated and said tremblingly: “Mrs. Master, the subordinates naturally know that if they are ordinary people, we will naturally persuade them to come back. But the two people who came this time brought something. Dare to make claims.”

Wu Bili became more and more annoyed and shouted: “There is something more important than the peace of the gatekeeper! I see you, the gatekeeper, do you want to be a gatekeeper?”

There was a thumping sound from the door, like someone outside the door kneeling down.

Then, the nervous voice of the gatekeeper came in again.

This time, the face of the door master and his wife changed drastically!

“What they brought is the Jackdaw Crescent Pendant of the master.”

Chapter 884: Guo Yulin

The complexions of Guo Yulin and Wu Bili changed on the spot!

Guo Yulin’s pale face suddenly became bloody!

But Wu Bili instantly turned pale, and Dou Da’s cold sweat broke out on the spot!

Jackdaw Crescent Wear!

How could this thing appear in the Jackdaw family now!

In the world, there is such a coincidence!

This jackdaw crescent moon wear is Guo Yulin’s personal token.

But in the early years, it was given to a woman.

A woman who makes Wu Bili jealous and resentful!

It’s just an ordinary woman who fascinated Guo Yulin!

Even in the past twenty years, I have never seen that woman again.

But Wu Bili knew that Guo Yulin always had a place for this woman.

What Wu Bili hates even more!

She has been with Guo Yulin for more than 20 years!

From the decline of the Jackdaw family to the prosperity of the Jackdaw family.

The journey was ups and downs, and Wu Bili never abandoned him, and even fought each other.

But he still couldn’t get into Guo Yulin’s heart.

Because of that woman!

The thing Guo Yulin wanted to ask her just now was to let Wu Bili look for that woman.

Now, I mean Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here!

How can there be such a coincidence!

Wu Bili was about to scold the gatekeeper when Guo Yulin yelled out: “Quick! Let them see me! Quick!”

With that said, he was struggling to get up.

It’s just that his hands and feet were weak, and after struggling, he fell heavily on the bed.

Wu Bili was annoyed and said to Guo Yulin: “Old Guo! It must be someone outside who has heard about your Jackdaw Crescent Pei. If you want to make some movements when you are unwell, you must not take it seriously!”

But Guo Yulin was full of excitement and said: “Even if it is fake! I want to see it too! I want to see a piece of fake jade pendant! I want to see one hundred fake jade pendant too! In case, one of them is true. That’s it!”

He spoke, his eyes gleaming with affection.

This scene made Wu Bili even more annoyed.

She only feels that all these years of hard work has fallen short!

She immediately persuaded: “But Lao Guo, the master of the museum is coming soon. If you go out now, it will delay the master of the master’s treatment time. You know he has the next one to go…”

“Don’t talk about it anymore, even if my life is dead, if I can see Xiaolou, why don’t I die! Bring someone to see me immediately!” Guo Yulin said in a deep voice.

Wu Bili’s face was uncertain, so she finally stood up and said, “I’ll make arrangements now.”

With that said, she walked out directly and took the jackdaw crooked moon wear of the gatekeeper.

Originally, she wanted to see if it was true.

But from this look, she felt like she was hit by a stone, very resentful!

It turned out to be true!

In other words, that woman is really here!

Little bitch!

Lao Guo was so fascinated, but for more than 20 years, he has not been seen!

Now that he knew that Lao Guo was not good enough, he showed up.


The family property of our Jackdaw family, just make you can’t wait!

“Take me out, I want to meet that little bitch myself!” Wu Bili said through gritted teeth.
Wiliam and Mulan waited outside the door for a while, and soon saw two people come out.

One of the women, walking along and stepping, seemed to be sternly angry.

Wiliam frowned slightly.

When he came on this trip, he naturally thought about all the possibilities.

The greatest possibility is that it will attract strong resentment from other members of the Jackdaw family.

From a young age in the family, Wiliam knew the terrifying power of this struggle for power.

At this moment, people must think that Mulan is here to fight for the family property.

Wu Bili walked to the door, and she was stunned when she saw two people standing.

Is there that little bitch figure?

Whose is the Jackdaw Crescent Wear?

The gatekeeper pointed to Wiliam.

Wu Bili walked to Wiliam, “That Jackdaw Crescent Moon Wear is yours?”

You are not at all polite.

Mulan was about to say it was her mother’s.

But it was gently stopped by Wiliam.

Wiliam stood in front of Mulan and said, “It’s mine, I’m here to see your master.”

Mulan looked confused.

Why did Wiliam say that?

But she knew that Wiliam naturally had his plan, so she didn’t ask any more questions.

Wu Bili looked at Wiliam, her face even more ugly.

She had already guessed that the little bitch did not dare to come over, but sent his son over!


Unexpectedly, he even gave birth to wild species!

I definitely can’t stay now!

Say nothing to let him see Guo Yulin!

When she was thinking about how to send Wiliam away, the corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly.

He had already guessed Wu Bili’s thoughts.

So Wiliam arched his hands and said, “I’m really sorry, the owner of this Jackdaw Crescent Pei is my neighbor. She lives alone and died abruptly a few days ago. We sympathize with her. When she was leaving Said to ask us to help, return this jade pendant to the original owner, and then convey a few last words to your master.”

Wu Bili was taken aback, wasn’t that little bitch’s child?

But the neighbor?

And that little bitch is dead?

These two delightful messages immediately dissipated the anger in her heart.


Good death!

Finally dead!

This is better!

Return to the original owner so that when Lao Guo dies, he won’t have to worry about anything!

In that case, the Jackdaw family can justifiably fall into the hands of Wu Bili and my son.

“It turns out that they are two kind people, OK, I will take you in to meet our old Guo, but you only have five minutes. We old Guo need to rest, you know?” Wu Bili pretended to be serious Said like.

Wiliam nodded, “This is natural, you have something that keeps calling, we can’t hear it.”

There was a touch of disdain on Wu Bili’s face, and the little ant was not worth mentioning.

She turned and walked inside, and said as she walked, “You come with me. You are good at spreading the message, and I will give you a good reward when you come out later.”

Wiliam said thank you, neither humble nor humble.

The three of them quickly arrived in front of Guo Yulin’s room. Wu Bili said, “You wait, I’ll go in and let me know.”

Then she walked in.

Mulan couldn’t bear the doubts in her mind anymore, and asked Wiliam angrily, “Why do you say that we are my mother’s neighbors! You also said that my mother is dead! Your mother is dead!”

Wiliam looked at Mulan with a black line, “Don’t you hate your mother?”

Mulan was so angry that she wanted to hit Wiliam, but she never dared to fight, so she could only say in a whisper, “I can only hate my mother! No other people can hate my mother! My mother is already very pitiful!”

A word made Wiliam feel soft.

This mother and daughter are really injustices.

Chapter 885

Wiliam couldn’t bear it, so he slowly explained: “You saw the woman just now. When she came out, her eyes were full of jealousy. If she tells you that you are the sect master, she will let you in easily? I can only say that. , Lower her defenses before you can come in.”

Mulan was touched by Wiliam and instantly understood.

She couldn’t help sighing secretly this young master Qilin.

Really Qiqiao Linglongxin.

Just glanced at that, as if she had insight into the woman’s mind.

In a flash, the most reasonable arrangement was made.

Really the city is extremely deep.

Mulan admired Wiliam in her heart, but said proudly, “Huh! I don’t care about the family properties of this Jackdaw family! I’m just taking my mother’s order to see the wretched man.”

Wiliam smiled slightly before saying nothing.

At this time, the door opened again.

Wu Bili walked out and said, “You go in, our doorkeeper is waiting inside. Remember, the time should not exceed five minutes.”

With that, she walked outside.

I just received the message that the master of the hall will be there in a few minutes.

Wiliam and Mulan nodded, and Wiliam walked forward.

However, he found that Mulan’s feet suddenly hung as soon as he entered the door.

Wiliam naturally knew that Mulan was scared at this time.

After all, he is the father who has never seen him since birth.

No one can accept it for a while.

Wiliam smiled, and suddenly whispered: “So, you can treat yourself as your mother’s neighbor. Wouldn’t it be better?”

Mulan was taken aback, and the stormy sea suddenly turned up in her heart!


This kid!

Just now I said it was my mother’s neighbor. It turned out that the more important purpose was not to get in!

It takes me into consideration!

He knew that I would not accept such a father for a while, so he left a way for himself.

This kid!

For a while, Mulan’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Such a considerate man is so delightful.

“Thank you.” After Mulan said this, she stepped in and walked in.

After the two came in, they saw a sluggish man, half leaning on a bed.

His eyes were staring closely at the Jackdaw crescent in his hand, his eyes flushed.

He didn’t seem to notice even Wiliam and Mulan came in.

It wasn’t until Wiliam and Mulan approached that he recovered and showed a hard smile, “Hello, sorry, I can’t meet each other, sit down.”

He pointed to the two chairs next to him.

Wiliam sat on it casually.

Mulan was stupid when she saw Guo Yucheng’s appearance from the moment she walked in.

She had ten thousand words of resentment in her heart to say to this so-called father.

But seeing Guo Yucheng’s half-dead look like this, her heart seemed to be pierced by a needle, and she was extremely uncomfortable.

No matter how ruthless it is, I can’t say how.

When Guo Yucheng raised his head to look at Mulan, his eyes suddenly stayed.

Four eyes face each other.

As if there was a kind of traction, after the two looked at each other, they could no longer separate.

Guo Yucheng’s heart shrank, as if thinking of an exciting guess!
“You, you!” Guo Yucheng was incoherent with excitement.

Mulan seemed to know what Guo Yucheng had guessed.

After all, when she was a child, Mulan heard many people around her say that Mulan looked a lot like Mu Xiaolou.

Especially those eyes of mother and daughter are exactly the same!

Between the eyebrows, she was very heroic and rustling.

It’s just these years that my mother’s energy between her eyebrows has been worn out because of her life.

No, it should be said that my mother has transferred this heroic spirit to her eyebrows and hearts.

It is not surprising that Guo Yucheng recognizes these eyes.

However, she still has no way to accept such a father in her heart.

She said angrily: “I am Mu Xiaolou’s neighbor.”

When Guo Yu came to see Mu Xiaolou’s eyes, he was already 80% confident in his heart!

After all, in the world, how could there be such a pair of eyes, which had been engraved in his heart for more than 20 years!

Suddenly hearing Mulan say this, he was instinctively frustrated.

However, he immediately cheered up and asked, “Dare to ask the girl, what’s her name?”

“My name is Mu…Does my name matter? I’m just a grassroots. Compared with high-ranking people like you, it’s not worth mentioning.” Mulan was halfway talking, her anger aroused.

But Guo Yucheng heard a wooden character and two lines of murky tears, which actually slowly flowed down.

A wooden character!


“Then dare to ask the girl, how old is this year?” Guo Yucheng asked again.

At this moment, Mulan had nothing to hide, “29 years old.”

She already knew, the man guessed it.

29 years old.

This answer, like a thunder, exploded in Guo Yucheng’s heart!

He separated from Mu Xiaolou 28 years ago!

Calculated from time, just right!



Xiaolou left without saying goodbye, and is already pregnant!

In those years, she turned out to be pulling this child alone to grow up!

Suddenly, Guo Yucheng’s heart felt immense regret!

He felt even more sorry for Mu Xiaolou.

“Don’t be self-righteous, there is nothing between the two of us, I just came here to return this jade pendant to the original owner.” Mulan couldn’t help but say when Guo Yucheng was so excited.

She did have hatred in her heart.

Mom has been pulling her to grow up over the past 20 years, she has suffered and she has lost her eyes. Who will sympathize with her!

Guo Yucheng became very sad, and tears came out again, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry her! If I knew she was pregnant with a six-year-old, how could I let her leave without saying goodbye! I must go through this world, too. I must find her out!”

Speaking of this, his voice became even more choked, “You tell me, where is Xiaolou now? Why don’t you come to see me? Are you still hating me!”

Mulan didn’t get angry and said directly: “She’s dead, don’t miss her anymore. I came here today to send a letter, and I will also have nothing to do with you in the future!”

With that, she was angry and wanted to walk outside the door.

But she didn’t realize that Guo Yucheng’s face instantly darkened after hearing this message!

Suddenly, life lingered on his face!


Xiaolou is dead…

Until I die, don’t give me a chance to explain!

When I die, I have to return this jade pendant to draw a line with me!

Xiaolou, what happened back then was not what you thought!

Why, can’t hold on for another night!

Hahaha, she is dead.

Xiaolou, I am here to see you!

If we apologize and explain, we will speak slowly at netherworld!

Guo Yucheng, this love debt, will pay it back in my next life!


A mouthful of blood mist suddenly spurted from Guo Yucheng’s mouth!

After he vomited blood, the whole person suddenly convulsed violently!


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