Dragon Husband 886-890

Chapter 886

With this scene, Mulan turned her head and her scalp was numb in fright!

She didn’t think that her angry sentence would cause Guo Yucheng to vomit blood directly, and now she is still convulsing!

He seems to be unconscious, looks terrifying!

Her head buzzed and she was completely confused.

She looked at Wiliam instinctively, “Young Master, what should I do! Save him!”

Wiliam looked at Mulan amusedly, and said, “Don’t you hate him for abandoning his wife and abandoning his son? Isn’t that just right? Anyway, the poison on his body won’t last long, just to vent your anger.”

Mulan was so angry that she wanted to go to Wiliam.

She struggled for a while, her eyes softened, and she looked at Wiliam helplessly, and said, “Hurry up and save him! I can feel that there should be a misunderstanding between him and my mother. I want to know. My mother must also want to know! Once he dies, according to my mother’s character, he will definitely live a long time…”

Wiliam saw that Mulan was so serious, and he was about to nod in agreement.

And Mulan thought that Wiliam would not make a move, and suddenly walked directly in front of Wiliam and knelt Wiliam with a plop, “Master Lu, please make a move!”

Wiliam hurriedly picked up Mulan and said, “I see. Get up and talk.”

Hey, this woman with a knife-mouthed tofu heart.

He was so arrogant just now, and now he’s like a grandson.

I can only say that blood is thicker than water.

Wiliam walked to the head of Guo Yucheng’s bed and pressed Guo Yucheng’s pulse.

Mulan was on the side, staring at Guo Yucheng closely, for fear that there would be something wrong with him.

Wiliam knew that Guo Yucheng was poisoned before, but he didn’t know what poison he was.

Wiliam suddenly wrinkled his brows during the pulse diagnosis.

Mulan looked at it and asked nervously: “What? Is it difficult to save? It’s over!”

She probably also knew that the poison on Guo Yucheng’s body was incurable, otherwise it would not be dragged to this level.

Wiliam is still young…

But she was thinking, but she saw Wiliam suddenly glowing with red light in her hands!

Her eyes always!

Red light!

Long live Guren!

This was what Wiliam had shown before her.

Turned out to be silver needles.

Wiliam is going to save people!

For a while, her confidence recovered a little.

And Wiliam, at this moment, there was a storm in his heart!

It’s not because this poison is not easy to cure.

But because this poison is so easy to solve!

The solution was so good that Wiliam was incredible!

However, that cannot be said.

It should be said that this poison is incomparable to any other healer in the world.

Only for Wiliam, or, only for the doctors who have practiced the “Impermanence Medical Classic”, it is very easy to explain.

This poison is the poison of heart attack.

And Wiliam Xiu’s “Impermanent Medical Scriptures”, on the first page of Grandpa’s completion, records the solution to the poison of attacking the heart.

If it were ordinary Beiluolu family members, they would be helpless with this poison.

Only Wiliam.

For a while, Wiliam faintly felt something was wrong.

But now the situation is critical, and Wiliam doesn’t have time to continue thinking.

The silver needles in his hand flew like seven, suddenly flying out of seven!

Seven stars desperate!
Seven stars can continue their lives!

He read it!

A silver needle fiercely entered Guo Yucheng’s Tianting acupoint.

Guo Yucheng was shocked, and the tremor slowly disappeared.

And Wiliam’s second root instantly inserted Guo Yucheng’s Ziwei point.

When all the first six roots were in Guo Yucheng’s body, his face was not as ugly as before.

Mulan shook the cold sweat on her forehead severely.

She stared at the last needle of Wiliam.

She didn’t know medical skills and knew that as long as the last needle went down, Guo Yucheng’s life should be saved.

But just when Wiliam wanted to get the last needle.


The door of the room was suddenly opened!

Wiliam frowned slightly and raised his hand.

The last needle returned to Wiliam’s body.

He looked at the door.

The person who came in was Wu Bili!

Many people followed her.

When Wu Bili saw this scene in the room, her face suddenly changed, and she rushed over, “You guys! What did you do to Lao Guo! Do you want to die!”

In the room, Guo Yucheng’s bed was in a mess and stained with blood.

It looks terrifying.

Naturally, she thought that it was Wiliam moving in front of Lao Guo.

She burst into anger, and shouted: “Okay! I thought you were here to spread the letter! I didn’t think you were here to poison our old Guo! Say! Which family are you a killer!”

The people behind her immediately surrounded Wiliam and Mulan.

Wiliam looked at Wu Bili coldly, and said, “The sect master was poisoned just now, and his life is hanging by a thread. I am helping him heal the poison. Is there any problem?”

Seeing that they were all fierce and evil, Mulan hurriedly said: “Yeah, we have no murderous intentions. Just now it was really close. If it weren’t for Wiliam to take the shot in time, the sect master would have died. Now it’s still a shot. Ye finished the last stitch.”

When Wu Bili heard this, she laughed fiercely as if she had heard some fantasy, “If you lie and don’t write drafts! When you came to assassinate Lao Guo, you didn’t ask what kind of poison is in him! The poison in him! There is no one in the world to understand. Now you tell me that he is treating Lao Guo to treat poison? Let him get another shot! With this shot, Lao Guo still has a way to survive? If I find it wrong, I will arrive in time, Lao Guo You really want to be killed by you!”

“Come on! Get them up for me! Torture me!” Wu Bili gave orders, and several people immediately arrested Wiliam and Mulan.

Wiliam didn’t want to go back, and didn’t bother to go back.

At this time, there was another sound of footsteps at the door.

Wu Bili looked back and looked overjoyed, “The master of the hall! You are here! You are here too timely! Help me see our old Guo! He was assassinated by a Xiaoxiao with a silver needle just now, and now he is unconscious, please help. we.”

Here comes an old man with white beard and hair.

He is kind-looking and looks harmless.

His most striking thing is his eyebrows.

The eyebrows are white and slender, like the long eyebrows among the eighteen arhats.

This person is the owner of the big hall in Wu Bili’s mouth.

The master of Daguan was originally just a healer in Fanchen, but the Xinglin master of the whole medical school was a sensation a while ago.

Legend has it that he trained with Ling Han Needle, which can bring the dead back to life.

And for the poison that all the masters of the path of medicine have been helpless this time, only the master of the hall has the method to continue his life.

Now, the owner of the main hall instantly became the life-saving straw of the Jackdaw family.

The main hall owner was not hypocritical, and walked towards Guo Yucheng without saying a word.

He grabbed Guo Yucheng’s arm and began to pulse.

But after a minute, his face changed drastically.

In the mouth, slowly spit out two words.


Chapter 887

The voice of the main hall is like a brain of magic sound!

Wu Bili’s face turned pale and pale in an instant!

She didn’t even care about Wiliam and Mulan. She grabbed the master of the hall and asked anxiously: “Master of the hall! You must find a way! Your medical skills are extraordinary, and there must be a way, right!”

The master of the hall sighed and continued to signal his pulse.

Just now, he just gave a rough sign.

However, he found that Guo Yulin’s pulse was extremely disordered, not like a living person at all.

Can you live like this?

The main hall owner knew that Guo Yulin had a heart attacking poison.

In the past few days, he has been running around in different families, watching this poison.

And he also has some experience.

If there are no people who want to start indiscriminately and simply attack the poison of the heart, the main hall master can really help these people with the Ling Han needle technique he has just practiced some time ago.

Only now, the original appearance of Heart Attack Poison has been destroyed.

The main hall owner’s eyes changed slightly at this time, and he suddenly noticed that there were still a few silver needles in Guo Yulin’s body!

At this moment, he couldn’t help asking: “Little baby, did you leave the silver needle in the main body of Guo Men?”

Everyone looked at Wiliam together.

Wiliam nodded naturally, “I left it.”

Wu Bili’s eyes flashed a bit of sullenness, and she shouted angrily: “Good boy! You dare to leave the criminal evidence in Lao Guo’s body! Now, what can you quibble about!”

Seeing that Wiliam’s kindness to save people was so slandered, Mulan immediately stopped doing it. She stood up and said coldly, “You don’t want to spit people! If it weren’t for him to act in time, now Guo Yulin might have been killed!”

Wu Bili smiled back, pointing to the master of the hall and asking: “Do you know who he is!”

Wiliam and Mulan shook their heads together.

Wu Bili said in a deep voice, “He is the great doctor of the main hall that no one knows recently! Under the world, only he can suppress this poison for a while! You young man, can it be said that your medical skills are better than the main hall owner? !”

The atmosphere now seemed to freeze suddenly.

How can it be!

This is what everyone thinks.

One is a renowned genius doctor who has practiced medicine for more than 60 years.

One is a little hairy boy in his twenties!

Which is higher and lower, you can tell at a glance.

Even Mulan was a little lacking in confidence at this time.

After all, she didn’t know Wiliam well, but instinctively thought he had some medical skills.

But to what extent the medical skills are so brilliant, Mulan has no bottom in her heart.

The master of the hall glanced at Wiliam, and did not take it seriously.

He has lived for most of his life and has never seen anything.

But he didn’t look down on Wiliam. After all, he had just experienced something a while ago that gave him a complete baptism.

But at the same time it also created him who is now famous.

He was immersed in Guo Yulin’s condition and wanted to find some new breakthroughs.

After all, Wiliam’s random shots made Guo Yulin’s body completely different from those before.

What the main hall owner needs now is the world, to reorganize a new way of diagnosis and treatment.

He also picked up the silver needle and tried it on Guo Yulin’s body.

Wu Bili’s nervousness was only slightly calmed down when the master of the hall had taken a shot.

She poured all her hatred on the two boys in front of her!

She didn’t care about Guo Yulin’s life and death.

What she cares about is that Guo Yulin cannot die yet!

After all, she brought these two people over.

If Guo Yulin dies at this time, Wu Bili can’t escape the relationship!

To be more serious, people in the family say that these two people are Wu Bili who can’t wait. What if they are sent to assassinate the master?

Even if it was a bit lighter, it was Wu Bili who made a mistake for a while and brought people in to give them the opportunity to assassinate the master.

It’s all wrong.

So Wu Bili didn’t want Guo Yulin to die now.

She thought that after the two little dolls in front of them were dismantled by herself, they would show their feet on the spot.

Never thought about it!

Wiliam suddenly looked at Wu Bili, and faintly replied, “I don’t know who he is, but I know that he is taught in no particular order. Medical skills are not based on experience, let alone age.”

In a word, shocked the audience.

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and they couldn’t think of a brat who would say such blatant words!

For a while, even Mulan lowered her head slightly, afraid to look at Wiliam.

She felt a little embarrassed.

But no one has noticed that the master of the museum, who was originally dedicated to studying the condition, suddenly raised his head to see Wiliam’s eyes, what was more!

No one knows the shock in the heart of the main hall.

If it had been before, the main hall owner would have sneered at these words.

But just a few months ago!

The master of Daguan experienced a medical practice that could change his life.

In the competition, he lost to a young man about the same age as the Wiliam in front of him!

It was also at that time that he came to his senses and heard the Tao in no particular order, and the master was the teacher!

This famous saying has now been uttered by another kid himself!

The main hall of the main hall looked at Wiliam’s eyes, and he was in a daze for a while!

It seemed that Wiliam’s figure overlapped with the figure of the young man before.

And that young man is called Lin Jiang!

Phoenix Linjiang!

“What a madman! I don’t think you would be stolen by my people and won’t look back! Good! I will show you today, our jackdaw family is amazing!” Wu Bili’s face showed a hideous look.

She felt humiliated by a hairy boy!

She is the wife of the Jackdaw family!

How can a kid be presumptuous in front of her!

But at this critical moment, Guo Yulin on the bed suddenly opened his eyes after being given a needle by the master of the hall!

“Don’t embarrass them!” He almost yelled out these words with all his strength!

Then he rolled his eyes and fainted again.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Is this the door master?

After speaking, he fainted again.

Wu Bili also looked at the main hall owner.

The main hall owner shook his head slightly.

He still has no idea.

After the trial just now, he only felt that the master’s body was like a magical sea with waves hidden in the current.

There is a faint sense of mystery that makes him unpredictable.

This kind of mystery does not seem to be a dying person at all.

Give me some more time!

The owner of the main hall seemed to be aroused to fight, and was more absorbed in the excitement of fighting against the sky and fighting against himself.

Wu Bili looked at Wiliam with fire breathing in her eyes!

She utterly thought that what Guo Yulin said awake was not to embarrass them!

Why is this again!

She couldn’t understand at all.

However, she had to follow orders.

She suddenly walked to Wiliam’s side and said grimly: “Although I don’t know why Lao Guo protects you, but you will remember what I said next!”

“One day, I will kill you by myself!”


This sentence seemed to have provoked Wiliam.

A fierce coercion suddenly burst out of him!

“Then you also remember what I said next!”

Wiliam raised his hand, and a long live red lotus appeared in his hand!

“If you want to beg me for this needle, you need to kneel down three times and knock nine times! Five-body throws the ground before me!”

Chapter 888

The people at the scene opened their mouths wide!

A needle still needs the wife of the housekeeper of the Jackdaw family to kneel and knock on the ground three times!

It’s simply a big issue in the world!

Total nonsense!

If it weren’t for the sect master’s words just now, the family sects at the scene would all want to rush to tear up this shameless kid!

Wu Bili was even more angry and laughed directly.

“Okay! Let’s take a look, it’s you who said it, or I who said it!”

“Your head, I’ll put it on your neck first! Get out of the Jackdaw family!”

Mulan was stunned.

Although she is also a master of Huajin, this is the Jackdaw family.

Who knows how many masters lie in wait.

Wiliam, this fellow is absolutely lifeless.

Just forget about being crazy about yourself.

Outsiders are so crazy!

It should be his one-third acre of land!

This is the city of martial arts, the Jackdaw family!

Wiliam strode forward, not paying attention to Wu Bili.

However, when passing by the main hall owner, the main hall owner didn’t know why, so he slowly stood up and nodded slightly to Wiliam.

After nodding, the main hall master himself was stunned.

Why, would a brat boy stand up and nod.

It’s like talking to this kid, peers.

Could it be that he has recognized this kid’s medical skills in his heart.

Or, recognized the arrogance of this kid?


When the main hall owner was stunned, he found that Wiliam was also looking at him.

Wiliam looked at the master of the hall, and suddenly his heart moved.

The owner of this large hall was different from everyone Wiliam had met before.

The reputation is outside, but there is no trace of arrogance and pride.

It’s a medical idiot who is obsessed with medicine.

Wiliam suddenly stretched out his hand and made a few random clicks on the shoulder of the main hall owner.

It’s like playing the piano.

After doing this, Wiliam patted the master of the hall on the shoulder, and walked away!

This scene frightened everyone again!


This kid!

It’s getting too much!

How dare to hook up with a respectable person like the master of the hall!

Who does he think he is!

Just rely on him, worthy to stand with the main hall!

Wu Bili was anxious and wanted to make people catch Wiliam.

But at this time, the main hall owner suddenly said in a daze: “Let him go, let him go.”

Everyone was at a loss again.

Is even the master of the hall devilish?

Everyone could only watch Wiliam and Mulan leave.

One breath, stuck in everyone’s hearts.

“Master, what’s wrong with you?” Wu Bili turned around and asked the master.

The master of the hall, the whole person seemed a little lost.

He didn’t understand for a while, what Wiliam had just clicked on his shoulder meant.

It’s just that the wonderful rhythm fascinated the main hall owner a bit.

what does it mean?

How many clicks did he just click?

Seven times?

Where is the point?


No, it’s not as simple as a shoulder!

If, I mean if…

Think of my shoulder as a reduced version of the human body.

The seven that this kid just clicked..
A flash of light flashed across the head of the main hall owner!

He was shocked. Regardless of everyone’s astonishment, he directly moved away from Wu Bili in front of him, “Get out! Keep out! Don’t disturb me!”

Wu Bili was defensive and was pushed back and forth.

She was already angry, so she became even more angry.

But seeing the master of the hall immediately went over and grabbed the hand of the master of the hall, her anger was forced to endure!

All are sick!

The doctors are so crazy!

No one knows how shocked the master of the pavilion at this moment is!

He grasped the unconscious Guo Yulin by the wrist and closed his eyes.

But as if in front of my eyes, a new world was opened.

Just now, the kid clicked seven times.

Think of your shoulders as a human body.

Seven points…



The master of the large hall closed his eyes, and the seven points Wiliam just pointed out kept appearing in his mind.

And the names of acupuncture points gradually appeared in his mind!

Until the seventh acupuncture point appeared, the master of the main hall suddenly eyes and shouted, “Good! Good! Good!”

Three in a row!

But it is not enough to explain the shock and admiration in the heart of the main hall!

And everyone was suddenly pale with fright by the big pavilion master’s shout!

Is the main hall owner crazy!

Wu Bili asked immediately: “Master of the main hall, you have nothing to do!”

But the main hall owner still ignored her, eyes burning, and suddenly put Guo Yulin up and sat on the bed.

His hand is groping on the acupuncture points of the main hall!

The more you explore, the greater the shock in your heart.

Sure enough!

Sure enough!

He touched the acupuncture points on Guo Yulin’s body, and at the same time felt the silver needles!

Right in the acupoints!

He had originally thought that Wiliam’s silver needles were random, and he was still worried about how to recover.

However, now this trace of melancholy is swept away!

Seven points of Wiliam’s points, the seven acupuncture points are connected, which is very famous!

Surprisingly, it is the amazing Seven Star Desperate Needle handed down!

This seven-star desperate needle, under the seven needles, the soul is dead!

However, this is only normal.

The Seven-Star Desperate Needle is now being used on Guo Yulin’s body, and it is simply a death and resurrection!

Guo Yulin was originally a heart attacking poison, and the poison was horrible. Even the main hall owner could only force his life to continue, but he did not know how to treat it.

Being able to continue life is already very powerful.

But the master of Daguan had never thought about this kind of side-door acupuncture to fight poison.

I have never thought about it, but I dare not think about it!

If it weren’t for medical skills to reach the pinnacle, how dare to act so recklessly.

Because this is a life, and it is the life of the family master.

A little carelessness can easily lead to death!

However, the main hall master was completely awakened by Wiliam’s seven attacks!

He saw a path of medicine that was completely different from usual!

Killing the needle can also save people!

The medical belief he has always upheld was completely overturned in an instant!

That kid, with a seven-star desperate needle in one hand, he has tremendous merit!

He was even more extraordinary and holy than the kid named Lin Jiang!


Who is it!

The master of the hall looked at the door, and was utterly silly.

“Master of Great Hall! Master of Great Hall!” Then, he was awakened by Wu Bili.

The master of the pavilion knew that Guo Yulin’s life was on the horizon.

He suppressed the shock in his heart forcibly and took out a silver needle.

Wiliam’s last acupuncture point appeared in his mind.

Is it Huifeng Cave?

It’s Huifeng Cave!

His hand was placed on Guo Yulin’s Huifeng Acupoint, and he was about to apply the needle.

But at this time, his head seemed to be smashed by something, with a hum!

He shouted, “Impossible!”

As he said, there was a sudden burst of energy in his body, and his palm was more like a black hole!

I wanted to suck out the six silver needles Wiliam had used before.

But he was surprised to find that at all!

Can’t suck it out!

This strange scene once again made the main hall’s eyes widened!

Chapter 889

Originally, the main hall owner didn’t even think about this.

He just thought that after the seventh needle, and the most critical one, needs to be retrieved in an instant!

In this way, the curative effect from death to life can be achieved.

By the way, when he wanted to apply the needle, he suddenly thought of Wiliam’s last words.

The inexplicable sentence.

“If you want to beg me for this needle, you need to kneel down three times and knock nine times! Five-body throws the ground before me!”

That kid, since he has such a clever medical skill, the last sentence is definitely not groundless.

Thinking of this, the master of the hall remembered whether his needles would have something mysterious.

This is the case!

The master of the big hall is a master of Huajin!

It is also a great medical expert.

Sucking out the silver needle in the body is not a matter of hand.

But the six silver needles of Wiliam left in Guo Yulin’s body were like Dinghai Shenzhen!

It’s totally not led by the main force of Daguan!

Moreover, the more the master of the large hall drew, the silver needle seemed to be wise, and the more it drilled into Guo Yulin’s acupoints!

This scene was enough to shock the main hall master into speechless!

He knew that the acupuncture points of the human body are so subtle that every minute of the silver needle can change the curative effect of the patient.

The master of the large hall suddenly did not dare to use internal force to suck out the silver needle.

He shocked the magic of Wiliam, and shocked the weirdness of this silver needle!

In the world, there is such a silver needle!

Unseen, unheard of!

in this way!

That kid’s last sentence is completely valid.

That shot, only the kid can make it!

In other words, in the whole world, only that kid can save Guo Yulin now!

No one else!

“Master, you are talking! Don’t scare me!” Wu Bili couldn’t help but said directly.

The madness of the main hall just now caused her heart to touch her throat.

The main hall owner suddenly sighed, put away the ordinary silver needle, and shook his head.

He slowly said: “I really made the kid right. The last stitch, I am afraid that you will kneel down three times and bow down nine times, and worship him in front of him. The Lord Guo has his life to live.”

“What!” Wu Bili heard this, her whole body exploded.

“That kid! How could it be! Isn’t he talking nonsense! Master, you are a respected Xinglin master, how could you be fooled by his nonsense!” Wu Bili killed him and didn’t believe the words of the master. .

Not to believe in that kid’s medical skills.

However, the main hall owner suddenly changed his previous kindness and became extremely serious.

“Mrs. Guo, I’m not talking nonsense now, let alone playing Tai Chi with you! If you believe me, hurry up to find that kid, he shouldn’t go far!”

But where Wu Bili is willing to go to that kid, she still has to go to that kid.

Can’t do it!

She stared straight at the main hall owner and said: “The main hall owner, I have heard that other door owners were also treated by you before. Now that Lao Guo is like this, you are talking a lot of nonsense to me. Could it be that you are Want to sit down and raise the price?”

The master of the hall suddenly became ugly, and he suddenly snorted, “Sit on the ground and raise the price? Laoyou is not that kind of person! Hoho, I will tell you clearly! The previous sect masters were indeed saved by the old man. , But, the old are just forcibly continuing their lives. After three months, they will definitely die! But, do you know the mystery of the few shots of the kid just now?”

“If it weren’t for you to interrupt him for the last shot! Sect Master Guo might be all right now!”

“Listen! It’s safe and sound! That is to say, that kid’s needle technique can completely save his life instead of renewing his life! Seven stitches are enough to make Master Guo worry a hundred years old!”

The main voice of Daguan is thunderous!

Wu Bili was limp on the bed.

Her face was extremely pale!

How could she have imagined that a young man in her twenties who seemed to have such medical skills!

Even more powerful than the main hall owner!

The main hall can only continue his life!

But he can save lives!

Simply appalling!

Was it you who interrupted that kid’s last shot?


When I came in before, I saw the kid about to give the needle.

But who can think of it!

He was like that, he was going to murder Lao Guo!

That’s it!

That’s it!

If the people in the door knew that I interrupted that kid’s last shot, it would be equivalent to killing Lao Guo with my own hands!

Once this kind of crime is carried, let alone the Jackdaw family property, it is lucky to be able to live out of the Jackdaw family’s gate.

That kid!



“Master, since you can see so much, didn’t you say that there is the last stitch? You follow that kid’s stitches and get the last stitch?” Wu Bili seemed to grab the last one to help Like a straw, he clung to the master’s hand tightly, even imploring.

After all, the owner of the pavilion has a kind heart, and he can’t bear to see Wu Bili suffer so much.

He smiled bitterly and said: “If it is possible, I would have made up the needle just now. But, the kid’s silver needle is very mysterious. Let me just say that. In the world, only he can make this last needle. And , This is not a question that can be delayed, do you know?”

“The six silver needles left in the main body of the Guo Clan are life-saving and desperate! If these six needles remain in his body and do not come out, sooner or later they will cause blood stasis. At that time, the Clan Master Guo is really dead! It’s expected, three days, only three days!” The main hall owner said slowly.

Now, Wu Bili was struck by lightning!

The whole person was instantly dull.

She never thought that in the end, it would turn out to be like this!

The hairy boy she sneered at turned into a punch for the Jackdaw family!

If he can’t get that kid’s last needle, then Lao Guo is really dead, and the poop on his body will be locked!

For a while, she was completely lost and didn’t know what to do.

And the main hall owner also sighed, without speaking.

He was also immersed in the magic of that kid.

The hero is a boy!

In just a few months, I actually saw two teenagers who turned out to be born!

The waves behind the Yangtze River really push the waves forward.

What’s more, the patron of the main hall is even more palpitating that Wiliam is different from the previous Lin Jiang.

Lin Jiang, respecting martial arts, is just a powerful needle.

But the young man I met today is respected by doctors, to put it bluntly, he is more than enough to be his respected teacher!

This is not because the master of the pavilion is inferior, but he knows that there are no wonders in the world, and it is not that he has talent or ability.

It’s because you are born with human beings, born noble, can see what you can’t see, and can learn what you can’t.

This is a resource advantage, which cannot be matched by the owner of a large museum.

At this time, Wu Bili, who was sluggish on the side, seemed to wake up suddenly, and shouted out: “What about that kid just now! Where is it! Don’t hurry to find it!”


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