Dragon Husband 891-895

Chapter 890

At this moment, Wu Bili has only one thought in her heart!

Find that kid quickly, just tie it up, and tie that kid to Lao Guo’s face.

Drop the last needle!

When the entourage behind her heard Wu Bili’s words, they all reacted and rushed outside!

After making this extremely difficult decision, Wu Bili secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

She didn’t care about the boy’s threat at all.

A joke, she is the wife of the dignified Jackdaw family, how could she kneel to that kid?

It was an honor for him to take a high look at that kid.

And that kid deliberately didn’t give the last shot. Doesn’t it make sense to blackmail the Jackdaw family?

When the time comes, as long as the kid comes over, he will be both kind and powerful.

It was expected that he did not dare to turn his face on the spot, thus offending the entire Jackdaw family.

So Wu Bili relaxed.

But at this time, an old servant suddenly stood up, looked at Wu Bili, and said a word with difficulty.

“Mrs. Sect Master, the old slave doesn’t know that there is something, should it be improper to tell?” the servant said.

Wu Bili’s face was stern, “say if you have something, let it go if you have a fart!”

The old slave shrank his neck, tremblingly took out a piece of paper from his arms, and slowly handed it to Wu Bili.

He tremblingly said: “When the sect master was awake, he had already made a will. When he made the will, he told the old slave that if he was unconscious, he could make the will public. The jackdaw family must not violate the will. “

Wu Bili’s face was pale!

She knew about Lao Guoli’s will, but she didn’t know what Lao Guo gave to the minion, let alone the contents of the will.

Thinking of this, she hurriedly opened the will.

She thought that in the will, she would definitely give the Jackdaw family to her, or her son would take charge.

But after reading the will, her whole body trembled!

Her eyes were red, and she was so angry that she threw the will on Guo Yulin, who was in a coma, “Lao Guo, Lao Guo! No idea! You even made such a will with me on your back! You are so inhumane! !”

The will is not as easy as Wu Bili imagined.

It probably means that Guo Yulin feels that he can’t stand a woman named Mu Xiaolou in this life, so in order to compensate, 60% of the Jackdaw family’s fortune will be donated to Mu Xiaolou.

Of the remaining 40%, half will be given to Wu Bili and her son, and half to other children.

Moreover, a sentence was added.

“I know that there is a vast sea of ​​people, and where to find the small building. Therefore, the family will try their best to search for the small building for ten years. This family property is also dusty for ten years. If the small building is not found for ten years, it means that it is destined in this life. No points, I would like to donate this property in the name of Xiaolou for free, as an apologetic, the family will follow it.”

The last is Guo Yulin’s autograph and seal.

Wu Bili was mad, she yelled like crazy, “Lao Guo, Lao Guo! I’ve been by your side for more than 20 years! It’s no better than a woman who left you without you! You are! So cruel, to give her 60% of the family property! Are you worthy of me!”
“Twenty percent of the property, are you begging for charity?”

“That woman is dead long ago!”

When Wu Bili shouted these words, she suddenly had a cold war!

Yes, those two people just said that Mu Xiaolou is dead!

Lao Guo must have heard from these two people just now.

However, he has no time to amend his will!

Now, the most important thing is to find those two people!

If you can find these two people and protect the old Guo from death, then there is still the possibility of old Guo modifying his will!

And if you find those two people, Lao Guo is still alive, and these two people can also prove that Mu Xiaolou is dead, and the property may still be questionable by then!

So, in any case, those two must be found!

Moreover, if possible, let that young man rescue Lao Guo!

Thinking of this, she seemed crazy, and rushed out the door!

She wants to find those two people herself!

However, when she ran behind the door, she ran into the servants who had just gone out to find someone.

“What about people! What about people!” Wu Bili grabbed a person by the collar and shouted.

The servant, with a pale face, said blankly: “When we came out, they were gone.”

“Trash! All of them are trash! Immediately mobilize all the power from top to bottom to search for those two people!” Wu Bili kicked the person away and shouted.

The servant tremblingly led his orders: “Yes! We will immediately gather all our strength and do whatever it takes to capture those two people back!”

“Catch a fart! Find those two people, tell me as soon as possible! I’m going to invite them myself!” Wu Bili shouted again.

Now she suddenly had a terrible thought in her heart.

Up to now, all the factors are pushing her to bow to a hairy boy!

How can we bear this kind of shame!

However, she had to endure it again, otherwise the Jackdaw family would have to hand it over.

If you are lucky enough to find that young man, even if you pay a painful price, you must ask him to perform the last shot!

The whole family of jackdaws, because of the arrival of Wiliam and Mulan, turned into a mess.

Within the family, the wild beast roared, making it even more anxious.

At this moment, Wiliam was sitting in the same car with Mulan.

Mulan stared at Wiliam without speaking.

“Just say what you want. Don’t worry about your eyes falling.” Wiliam looked at Mulan amused.

Mulan almost reached out to hit Wiliam, “What is the purpose of our coming here! Do you know!”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, make friends with the Jackdaw family.”

“Do you remember what my mother said! What did you do just now! You offended the entire Jackdaw family, do you know that! As soon as we entered Lingcheng, you set up one for us? Invincible enemy!” Mulan’s face flushed with anger.

But Wiliam smiled and said, “Oh, when did you listen to your mother like that?”

Mulan was stunned, and now she didn’t care about the difference between the top and bottom anymore, she knocked her head on Wiliam’s head, “My old lady is so tender to you!”

“Okay, don’t be angry, maybe things are not as bad as you think?” Wiliam said slowly.

But where is Mulan willing to believe, “You have offended the sect master’s wife, don’t tell me, now my dad… uh, Guo’s sect master is also hanging by a thread, is this not bad enough? Believe it or not, they will hunt us all over the city, maybe we just got off I’m going to be taken away!”

Wiliam didn’t care, and smiled slightly: “Oh? You are so afraid? Then why can’t you think about it. It is possible for them to find us in the whole city, but it is also possible. Are they here to beg me?”

“You can’t believe it, I can pinpoint people and ghosts?”

Chapter 891

Mulan was taken aback for a moment, but immediately got angry again, “My old lady believes in your evil!”

How could she believe that Wiliam would fix life and death in one shot?

It’s purely pretending to be in front of the Jackdaw family!

Don’t you know that pretending to be struck by lightning!

The famous museum owner is helpless. Will your kid be better than that master?

He has eaten more salt than you have traveled!

“You have so much confidence in me?” Wiliam looked at the tempered Mulan amused.

Mulan stared at Wiliam depressedly, “If you can really turn things around, my old lady will really show you a miniskirt handstand! Believe it or not the one who doesn’t wear leggings!”

Wiliam has a black line.

Even the driver in front looked at Mulan speechlessly.

The speech is too cruel and the content is too attractive.

“Alright, alright, then you’d better choose a good-looking miniskirt in these two days, and I’ll wait for you to stand upside down for me.” At the end, Wiliam didn’t bother to talk to this girl, and went straight forward.

Now the mighty and domineering women do not let the eyebrows.

When it’s time to stand upside down ashamed, don’t cry and pretend to be a woman.

“Humph! I’m so angry!” Mulan added.

The two drove all the way, this time to another family in Lingcheng.

It was also Wiliam’s ultimate goal to come to Lingcheng.

South forbidden Li’s house

Within Lingcheng, there are four or five martial arts families.

Among them, the Jackdaw family is the most powerful.

Although the Southern Forbidden Li family was glorious in its early years, the main characters in the family suffered successive setbacks in the past few years, and they have become the bottom family of Lingcheng.

The Nanjin Li family was originally in charge of the old lady He and his old man.

They have five sons.

Many years ago, the old man was murdered, and the old lady He was also caught in Yimu’s body. For the first time, his family fell in love.

After Mrs. Ho’s body failed, the five sons in the family were divided into five factions. Among them, Mrs. Ho’s own son, Li Nanfeng’s father, Li Banshan, and Li Banshan’s eldest and second brothers, belong to the same faction.

Li Banshan’s fourth and fifth younger brothers were born to another woman, and the two of them were in a different faction and were enemies of Li Banshan.

A few years ago, when the Li family was about to choose the next Patriarch, there was an infighting, and Li Banshan’s fourth and fifth brothers sent someone to attack him in the middle of the night.

It directly caused Li Nanfeng and Mrs. He to escape from the family and drift in the world. This was the second fall in the family.

Later, Li Banshan and his eldest brother ran away together in search of Mrs. He, and then there was no news again. This was the third fall in the family.

These three failures in the family’s family have already overwhelmed the Li family.

But later, something that made the Li family even worse was discovered.

The fourth and fifth sons of the Li family discovered that the “Hun Meng Thirty-Six Kuaizhu” enshrined in the ancestral hall, of which the first bead of blue heart and blood, and the last bead, the emerald pearl, were missing.

This is the treasure of the Li family!

Without these two beads, the Li family’s strongest martial arts moves have no root.

What is even more depressing is that Biluo’s heart and soul is still a token that has been passed down from generation to generation to represent the identity of the head of the family.

Family conflicts, martial arts weakened, and the master of the family became unknown.

A series of events led to the unbearable situation of the Li family in the south.
Wiliam had learned of these things from Li Nanfeng’s mouth before.

On the way, Wiliam called Li Nanfeng in the car and agreed to go to Li’s house in Nanban.

Soon, the two of them met Li Nanfeng who was waiting for them on the road.

Li Nanfeng carried Granny He on his back.

Mrs. He’s body has not been fully recovered yet, and she is inconvenient to walk and can only be carried by Li Nanfeng.

Cheng Suyi stood beside Li Nanfeng, guiding Li Nanfeng.

Old Lady He frowned when she saw Wiliam get out of the car, and then saw a slim woman behind him.

“Hello, let’s go.” Wiliam greeted casually.

But Old Lady He glanced at Mulan who was following Wiliam, and asked faintly: “Lu Xiaozi, who is this woman?”

Wiliam was taken aback and said, “Oh, I forgot to introduce her, her name is Mulan.”

Old lady He glanced at Mulan contemptuously, but didn’t speak any more.

Li Nanfeng has a better relationship with Wiliam, so he jokingly said: “Okay, Wiliam, tell us to do business for a few days. I didn’t think it was a private lover. Now that your wife is not by my side, I dare to take it up. The lover is out, there is a kind.”

Even Cheng Suyi looked at Wiliam silently.

In her impression, Wiliam didn’t seem to be such a person, right?

However, she had seen a lot of Yingyingyanyan beside Wiliam before, and it seemed that those women had unusual feelings for Wiliam.

For a time, Cheng Suyi didn’t know what to think.

When Mulan was said so, her brows frowned.

But Wiliam teased Mulan secretly, then smiled and said, “Don’t get me wrong, she is my maid.”

Mulan was so angry that she rolled her eyes!

It’s better to say it’s your lover!

The dog can’t spit out ivory!

But Li Nanfeng showed a look that all men understand and understand, “Well, maid, I am also your male servant, hahaha.”

This joking remark made Old Lady He frown even deeper.

A few people stopped talking, and walked to Li’s house in Nanban.

However, when he arrived at the door of Li’s house in Nanjin, Mrs. He suddenly stopped Li Nanfeng.

Everyone knew that Mrs. He had something to say.

She slowly said: “This time we return to the Nanjin Li family, the purpose is to help my grandson seize the position of the head of the Nanjin Li family. I think we can reach a consensus on this point?”

She also gave Wiliam a special look.

Wiliam shuddered on his shoulder, and said indifferently, “There is no problem.”

Originally, Wiliam had thought about being the head of the Li family in the South.

But after a visit to the Jackdaw family just now, his thoughts changed.

The Jackdaw family is obviously stronger than the Southern Forbidden Li family.

And seeing Guo Yulin like that, it seems that he has a very good feeling for Mu Xiaolou.

Wiliam didn’t want to take advantage of this relationship.

It is that he intends to alliance.

Therefore, the position of the head of the Li family in the south is not necessary for him.

Wiliam only needed to go to North’s Lu Family for revenge, the South Forbidden Li Family unconditionally moved once.

This is the key purpose of the Biluo Heart Bead in his hand.

Seeing Wiliam nodding her head, Mrs. He smiled and continued: “In this case, it is estimated that Nan Feng has already told you about the situation in the Li family in Nanban. Next I want to say, I hope Lu Xiaozi, You can feel wronged.”

As she said, there was an unquestionable look in her eyes, and she said, “Since my grandson is going to seize the position of Patriarch, then his identity should be noble. Therefore, boy Lu, I hope you will step into this door. Be more eye-catching. You are not allowed to mention that Nanfeng is your servant. If necessary, you can even claim to be Nanfeng’s follower.”

Chapter 892

Mrs. He’s words made all the people on the scene dumbfounded!

He never mentioned that Li Nanfeng was Wiliam’s servant, and the people present could barely accept it.

After all, I have come to the territory of the Li family of Nanban. If the people of the Li family of Nanban knew that the heirs in the family were servants, what would they think of Li Nanfeng?

His prestige will directly fall to the bottom.

This is easier to understand.

But why let Wiliam be Li Nanfeng’s servant!

This isn’t an obvious way to make things difficult for Wiliam!

Mulan had done homework before she came, because she knew the master-servant relationship between Li Nanfeng and Wiliam.

Now in the mouth of this old woman, she is going to reverse right and wrong and let Wiliam become a slave!

This is simply a shame!

not to mention!

What kind of identity is Wiliam!

Lord of Kylin!

How can the lord of unicorns be slaves to others!

Mulan was always upset with the old woman.

The yin and yang are strange when they meet, and they look at themselves with contemptuous eyes.

Now, the dog can’t spit out ivory.

She exploded on the spot, “Fuck your mother’s shit! Let us Master Lu be your servants! You are worthy! Let’s not say that Master Lu is so kind to you, your grandson and your grandmother, that you don’t want to give it back. You have to ride on him against the guest! Look at you again! A blind man, a weak woman, and an old woman who can’t take care of herself! You open your mouth to seize the position of the head of the Nanjin Li family! I want to ask you, why are you ! If our Master Lu has come to help you, you would be a shit in front of Nanjin Li’s house!”

Mulan was really angry.

This old woman is simply a white-eyed wolf!

Wiliam saved the old woman’s life, and then it was Li Nanfeng’s recreating benefactor!

The combination of these two kindnesses has made them unable to repay them all their lives.

What’s more, Wiliam also brought a message from Li Banshan.

For the friendship between Li Banshan and Li Banshan, he went to help Li Nanfeng and the others.

This is another kind of kindness!

It doesn’t matter if the other party doesn’t recite grace, and he has to ride on Wiliam’s head!

It’s simply not human.

After these words, Mulan felt a little more comfortable.

However, Li Nanfeng and Cheng Suyi were flushed with scolding, and their heads fell to the ground.

But Mrs. He was furious and shouted at Wiliam: “Lu Xiaozi, take care of your woman! For your face, I will spare her a dog! Don’t dare to be presumptuous, believe it or not, I will pull her out of it. A bitch!”

On the contrary, it was Wiliam, with the most normal expression among them.

He just looked at Granny He more.

From the moment Wiliam told Li Nanfeng that he would come to Li’s house in the south, Wiliam discovered that Mrs. He had become different.

Wiliam vaguely felt that she was guarding herself.

Sure enough, as expected.

Mrs. He is very wary of herself.

And all of this, Wiliam knew what was going on.

Originally Wiliam rescued the two of them, and Mrs. He was also grateful to Wiliam.

And the kind relationship between them, to put it bluntly, does not have other interests mixed in, it is very pure.

So Mrs. He can accept it.

But it’s different now.

Wiliam wants to come to Li’s house in South Ban.

Mrs. He again wants to assist her grandson in power.

There is interest linkage here.

She didn’t want everyone to know that the future Patriarch of Nanjin Li’s family turned out to be someone else’s servant.

Even if the other party is from North Lu family.

She embraced the great dream of restoring the Li family in the south forbidden, and even led the Li family in the south to return to the top, keeping pace with the Lu family in North!

So, what is it to make Wiliam feel wronged?

At this time, Li Nanfeng also said ashamed: “Grandma! I never agree with what you said! Since I am already Wiliam’s servant, I will say one is one and I will never repent! I will not even think about riding on Master Lu. Head! Don’t say that this kind of thing is true, even if it is pretended, I can’t do it!”

“You shut up! Here is where you are talking?” Mrs. He suddenly roared.

Strong temperament, unobstructed.

Li Nanfeng’s mouth opened, but Cheng Su was held back by the terrified Cheng Su.

Mrs. He looked at Wiliam at this time and said faintly: “Lu Xiaozi, what do you think? Nothing, let me say a few more words.”

“I always keep in mind your kindness to our grandson, and I will definitely repay it twice. But now, we have to take care of the overall situation, right? I don’t really want you to be my grandson’s servant, just a false name, I think you Don’t care?”

“An imaginary name? If you are magnanimous, you tell your family that Wiliam is the master of Li Nanfeng. This is just an imaginary name. What do you care about?” Mulan immediately replied.

Granny He’s face changed, her eyes flickering.

But after all, Mulan made sense.

Actually let her slap herself.

Mrs. He said again: “I didn’t mean that. Anyway, boy Lu, you should understand me. We come back this time, and we can only win and not lose. So we’d better talk about some things. If this time the south wind really takes The Patriarch of the Li family in Shangnan, we will never treat you badly.”

“I know that your experience is similar to that of the South Wind, and it was also upset with your family. Sooner or later, you will return to Lu’s house in North. I can promise you that I will help you with the whole family. , Is my promise and return to you!”

After Mrs. He finished speaking, she gave Wiliam a proud look.

Seeing through Wiliam’s identity, she thought she was holding Wiliam’s seven inches.

This kid, isolated and helpless, wanted to return to the Lu family in North, which was simply wishful thinking.

Therefore, if the Li family of Nanban can be his help, wouldn’t he have to be grateful!

Could such kindness be worse than life-saving grace?

But Wiliam smiled slightly at this.

Mrs. He, Mrs. He, you underestimated my Wiliam.

Let’s not say that I hold Biluo’s heart and soul, and the Li Family of Southern Forbidden City is already in me.

The unicorn power behind me, and the Jackdaw family that is about to form an alliance, will lose to you South Ban Li family?

A mere favor, want me to be grateful.

Mrs. He, your pattern is small after all.

It also disappointed me.

But Wiliam didn’t turn his face with Granny He.

Because Wiliam knew that Mrs. He had deep obsessions in her heart, and she was thinking about problems from her standpoint.

At this time, Li Nanfeng suddenly said with a brazen attitude: “Grandma! If you continue to persevere like this and want to humiliate Master Lu, then this is the door of the Southern Forbidden Li Family! I don’t need to step on it!”

With that, he was going back.

He was so angry that the old lady kept hammering him on his back, “Reverse! Reverse! Even you are reversed!”

Wiliam said faintly behind him: “There is no need to say who humiliated others, we are all equal, just say that I am a friend of Nanfeng.”

Wiliam was already dismissive of this and gave in.

But Mrs. He stared at Wiliam gloomily, without speaking.

At this time, the door of Nanban Li’s house was suddenly opened.

A familiar voice came from Wiliam.

“The cats and dogs from outside the door are yelling! I banned the Li family from the south, how can I allow insects to be presumptuous!”

Chapter 893

Everyone looked at the door together.

The door of Li’s house in the south was opened slowly.

A woman with her hands in bandages walked out angrily, still shouting.

However, the moment she saw Wiliam and Mulan, the face of this woman instantly turned hideous!

When Wiliam and Mulan saw this woman, they were slightly stunned.

This woman is surprisingly Lin Dandan who was severely suppressed by Wiliam and Mulan in Yuncheng two days ago!

Lin Dandan was originally Mulan’s subordinate, as the deputy master of the Eastern Qilin Gate.

However, Wiliam first abolished his hands, and was instructed by Mulan to abolish his whole body cultivation and drive out of the Qilin Gate in the East.

Unexpectedly, I would meet here again, this world is really small.

After Wiliam was stunned, he also reacted.

Wiliam had heard that Lin Dandan had a backstage in the city of martial arts.

And Lin Dandan also said a word when he was kicked out of the venue.

“You better not go to that world! Otherwise I want you! Can’t survive! Can’t die!”

It didn’t happen that Lin Dandan’s so-called power behind it turned out to be the Li Family of Southern Forbidden City.

“Ho ho ho, okay! I’m not going to trouble you, I didn’t expect you to come here! It’s really a mountain and river meeting!” Lin lightly looked at Wiliam and Mulan, his eyes burst into flames!

She still can’t forget the shame of that day!

Originally thinking of raising his body, he brought people back to Yuncheng and brutally killed these two people.

It’s better now, there is no need to look for them.

Cast yourself into the net!

And when Lin Dandan was kicked out of the venue, Wiliam didn’t even indicate that he was the master of the unicorn.

So Lin Dandan didn’t know this secret.

When she saw Mulan and Wiliam together, she just thought that when she deprived her of identity and drove out of the Qilin Gate in the East, it was a conspiracy planned by Mulan!

Wiliam is just a pawn of Mulan!

The little bitch who crossed the river for demolition!

When Mulan saw Lin speak lightly, she just said coldly: “I don’t even think of a coincidence.”

Lin Dandan walked towards Wiliam, circled around the two of them, and smiled as if watching a good show: “So you are in the same group, Mulan and Mulan, you can do it, I will take me after you use it. Drive out, you really are my best friend!”

Mulan and Wiliam were too lazy to explain.

Old lady He, Li Nanfeng and others on the side also saw some clues at this time.

It seemed that this woman had a deep hatred with Wiliam.

Li Nanfeng still didn’t feel anything, but Mrs. He frowned even deeper.

When they came this time, their early strength was still weak, so naturally they had to endure the humiliation and beg to compromise.

He didn’t think that this plan was still being implemented, and it was ruined by the kid Wiliam.

This guy, really don’t know where the broom star came from!

It caused the disaster to Nanjin Li’s family!

The situation turned against them in an instant.

Mrs. He looked at Wiliam and asked, “Lu Xiaozi, what hate do you have with this woman? Can’t you resolve it yourself?”

As he said, he cast a threatening look at Wiliam.

It seemed that if Wiliam didn’t solve this matter, Mrs. He would be scornful to him.
But Wiliam, how did he take Mrs. He in his eyes.

Since just now knowing that Mrs. He is obsessed with revenge, Wiliam treats her as a short-term ally.

Both sides have equal status.

Wiliam still didn’t speak, and several people walked out of the door of Li’s house in the south.

One of the men said loudly, “Fan, what makes you so angry? The most important thing is for you to raise your body now.”

Lin Dandan looked at this man with joy, and his tone became a little bit shy.

She groaned: “Brother-in-law, you came just right! Didn’t I tell you how my cultivation base is not good? Now, the enemy has come here by himself.”

The man got angry and strode over.

The man was about forty years old, with a sturdy back and two points similar to Li Banshan.

It is also very tall.

At this time, Mrs. He said lightly: “Li Chengfeng, it’s been a long time since I saw you.”

There was a hint of joy in his tone that he hadn’t seen for a long time.

And this man named Li Chengfeng hadn’t noticed Granny He just now, his face changed a lot!

“He, He Niang.” He actually called out in a daze.

Lin Dandan was also stunned by this shout.

He Niang?

Why would my brother-in-law call an old woman why a mother?

Could it be that this old woman is!

Lin Dandan knew that the old man of the He family had two wives.

One is the eldest wife, whose surname is He, who gave birth to the eldest and second and third.

The other is a little wife, surnamed Su, who gave birth to four and five.

The two women were in conflict in the Li family in the South. It is said that in the early years, they fought hard for favor.

It’s just that in the past few years, I heard that the older one escaped from the Li family.

Unexpectedly, I am back now!

In an instant, Lin Dandan also understood one thing.

No wonder Wiliam and Mulan dared to go to Lingcheng, even to the door of Li’s house in the south.

It turned out to be on the thigh.

Ho ho!

Unfortunately, I will disappoint you this time!

The thighs in your eyes have long lost power in the Li family in Nanban!

Now, stealing chickens won’t lose your rice, and I want you to get out of Li’s house!

“Ho ho, it’s hard for you to remember my old lady, that little bitch? Is there any death?” He said lightly.

Li Chengfeng’s face changed, and a bit of murderous intent appeared in his eyes.

Who else is the little bitch in Mrs. He’s mouth?

It is Li Chengfeng’s biological mother!

Li Chengfeng is the fifth in the family.

“He Niang has been suffering outside these years. I don’t know what is going on when I come back this time?” Li Chengfeng asked strangely.

Mrs. He looked at Li Chengfeng contemptuously, as if she was feeling emotional, and said: “I’m tired from wandering outside, so I want to go home and have a look at this Nanban Li family. Isn’t it a success?”

This sentence made Li Chengfeng even more ugly.

It’s not difficult to hear the extravagance of Mrs. He from the words.

It was mocking the fragility of the Li family in South Korea.

“He Niang joked. Our Li family has been going smoothly in recent years. I’m afraid you will be disappointed when you come back this time.” Li Chengfeng also retorted.

As he spoke, he glanced at Li Nanfeng, “It’s you, Niang, your body is not as good as the day. I think it’s better to stay quiet for the rest of the year. Also, isn’t this my nephew Nanfeng? Ouch, this What’s wrong with the eyes? Aren’t they blind? It’s so pathetic.”

The irony in the words is also full.

“You!” Old lady He looked angry!

She found that a junior dare to talk back to her!

And she was speechless!

“Hahaha, kidding, kidding, He Niang, since you are back, come in.” Li Chengfeng laughed and walked toward the door.

However, Lin’s faint voice rang again at this time.

“People from the Li family can come in naturally, but the wild cats and dogs from outside are also worthy of entering the door of my Li family?”

Chapter 894

When Lin Dandan said this, there was indescribable sarcasm on his face.

She looked down at Wiliam and Mulan.

Now, this is Li’s house in the south.

It’s her place!

These two little ants, it’s not that she is allowed to choose!

Li Chengfeng turned his head and glanced at Wiliam and Mulan indifferently, he didn’t even put these two young people in his eyes.

He said coldly, “He Niang, what do you say?”

Mrs. He also held up the air, she didn’t put Wiliam in her eyes.

She said: “Lu boy, I don’t care what you had with this little girl before, now you immediately apologize to the little girl!”

What Lu Yezhen said, it was Li Nanfeng who said righteously: “Grandma! Wiliam’s temper, I know, if he doesn’t do anything wrong, he won’t apologize. Besides, I listened to this woman’s yin and yang. It doesn’t look like a good person.”

This sentence immediately annoyed Lin Dandan.

Lin Dan said angrily: “Your name is Li Nanfeng, right? Hoho, speaking of it, I am still your aunt! Did you talk to your auntie like this! How about your upbringing!”

Li Nanfeng sneered and said, “Auntie? Ridiculous! With me, Li Nanfeng, are you not a wild cat and wild dog outside Li’s house in Nanjin!”

Although Li Nanfeng’s eyes are blind, his heart is arrogant.

“You!” Lin Dan was flushed with anger.

“Okay! What’s the noise? Let the outsiders see it, how decent it is! Since they are all here, they are the guests. We ban Li’s house in the south and open the door to welcome the guests. Faintly, go in and talk to others.” Li Chengfeng said flatly to Lin.

When he said this, he glanced at Mrs. He intentionally or unintentionally.

It’s a pun again.

Li Chengfeng just wanted to tell Mrs. He.

Now, when Mrs. He comes, she can only be the guest, not the host!

Granny He naturally knew the meaning of this sentence, a stern flash in her eyes, but she immediately concealed it.

“Then go in.” Mrs. He said.

And when Lin Dandan passed by Li Chengfeng, Li Chengfeng whispered: “Don’t be angry, your hatred, I will repay you sooner or later, don’t forget, you are in your own home, and you can make outsiders bully. ?”

Lin Dandan turned anger into joy, and said with a smile, “Thank you brother-in-law, then.”

She turned her head and gave Wiliam a fierce look.

Those eyes seemed to say, I’ll let you go for a while!

I want to keep you, to ravage you, and let you die slowly!

A group of people came to the lobby of Li’s house.

The Li family is also a wealthy family anyhow, with a large chamber.

There are more than twenty chairs in it.

But it is very particular.

The other chairs are swayed in opposition.

There is only a grand teacher’s chair, high above.

The meaning is obvious.

That is the position of the head of the Li family in Nanban!

“Stun, lead the way, I’m tired, put me in that chair to sit down.” He said unceremoniously.

However, Cheng Su didn’t even take a step, and was stopped by Li Chengfeng.

He said indifferently: “Excuse me, Niang, no one can sit on this chair now. According to the ancestral instruction, this chair can only be used by the head of the Li family in Nanban, that is, the person with the spirit of blue and blood can sit on this chair. , Do you want to sit down, okay, show me Biluo’s blood?”
“You!” Old lady He looked angry.

“If there is any, I will forgive Chengfeng for being rude, and come and show him a seat.” Li Chengfeng shouted.

A servant immediately pulled a chair and asked Mrs. He to sit down.

That chair was extremely embarrassing to everyone.

The position is not high enough, like the identity of Mrs. He now.

“Grandma, a chair, whatever.” Li Nanfeng looked at this thing very lightly, and under the leadership of Cheng Suyi went directly to the chair, and then put the old lady He down.

Old lady He was full of anger and cursed in a low voice: “Useless things! You need to know who you are! If you don’t know who you are, you can remember who I am!”

Li Nanfeng choked for a while, but did not speak.

And Wiliam and others just sat down casually.

After a while, a group of people walked out of the back hall.

But seeing this group of people made Mrs. He even more angry.

These people are all collaterals of the Li family!

No one is a direct line!

What does this mean!

She is the most respected elder in the Li family anyway!

What’s going on now!

It’s been a long time since we left to go home, but there is not even a direct line to welcome you!

This obviously doesn’t put her in the eye!

“Huh! Li Chengfeng, do you want to die?” He said angrily.

But Li Chengfeng smiled jokingly: “He Niang, what are you angry with. Just listen to my explanation. Your son’s eldest brother didn’t come back after going out to do errands, and the second and third brothers have been missing for several years. My fourth brother is in retreat recently, I want to hear, who do you want to come out to meet you.”

Mrs. He was slightly startled.

I thought that when she came back this time, at least her son and the largest of the five heirs would come out to meet her.

I didn’t expect to go out to work.

However, Mrs. He also knew that her own son was a cowardly character and a good old man, and he probably couldn’t say much when he came back.

According to Li Chengfeng, isn’t he in power now that the Li family is forbidden to the south?


Mrs. He suddenly asked: “Where is that little bitch! Is it because I’m afraid that I won’t succeed! I dare not come out to see me!”

When Li Chengfeng heard this, a trace of sinister and sadness flashed in his eyes.

He endured his anger and said, “He Niang, you have been out and happy all these years. This family is all supported by my mother! A year ago, she was poisoned by an adulterer, and now she can only stay in bed. Ask her face!”

a year ago?


Mrs. He was stunned.

Only Wiliam and Mulan suddenly thought and glanced at each other.

Wouldn’t it be so coincidental?

Could it be that the Li family also participated in that shocking siege a year ago, and was then poisoned by others?

When Mrs. He heard this, she suddenly laughed.

God helps me too!

I don’t think that little bitch is also bedridden now, even me!



“Hahaha, she has such a day too! I am in a good mood for an old woman today, so why not, let me be the master!” He said with a smile.

“What Lord?” Li Chengfeng’s face was already very ugly.

“My servant has some medical skills. Why not let him show that little bitch, maybe he can save her.” He said to Wiliam.

And Li Nanfeng’s face suddenly froze.

Didn’t you say that before!

Equal relationship!

Why does grandma keep making things difficult for Master Lu!

Mulan’s anger had already ignited, but Wiliam held it down.

Wiliam motioned her to watch the changes.

But Li Chengfeng also laughed at this time, “I don’t think it is necessary! I invited a master doctor to come over to see my mother today, and he will be there soon.”

Chapter 895: Su Yuchun

The great genius doctor?

Everyone was stunned.

But Li Chengfeng showed an arrogant look and said lightly: “Well, an old genius doctor who has recently made a name for himself in the medical and martial arts circles across the country. It is an honor for us to invite him to the Li family in Nanban. As for you, who are you? Well, ho ho.”

As he said, he also glanced at Wiliam, clearly showing disdain.

Li Chengfeng was extremely proud.

He thought that Mrs. He was going to use a servant to treat his mother to humiliate the entire Nanjin Li family.

But Mrs. He, have you ever thought that when we banned the Li family in the south, there was already a great doctor to treat him.

This hand-slapped face, I’m sorry, let you fail.

Speaking of this great genius doctor, Li Chengfeng actually got lucky in his heart.

He was full of words, but he knew that it was really lucky to be able to invite the great genius doctor this time.

In the beginning, the great genius doctor ignored the Nanjin Li family at all.

The number of gifts given by the Li family in the south is still unmoved.

Fortunately, I heard that the great genius doctor was going to the Jackdaw family.

And the Jackdaw family happened to be in the same city as the Nanjin Li family.

So Li Chengfeng went out in person, begging grandpa to tell her grandmother to Wu Bili from the Jackdaw family, so that Wu Bili came forward to show face to the great genius doctor.

Only in this way was the promise of the great genius doctor to come here for about half an hour today.

Therefore, for this half an hour, the Li family in Nanjin has prepared for a grand reception.

It just so happened that when Lin Dandan was preparing, he heard someone yelling outside, fearing that it would affect the reception of the great doctor, so he came out to take a look.

When Wiliam heard these words, he glanced at Mulan again.

His eyes were full of embarrassment.

The great genius doctor in their mouth is not the great pavilion master whom they have just met in the Jackdaw family?

Could it be that the Jackdaw family’s affairs have to be repeated here again?

Mulan naturally didn’t know that Wiliam had such a detached position in the heart of the main hall owner at this moment.

When she heard that the master of the pavilion was coming over, she suddenly raised her heart.

I just hope that the master of the pavilion will come over at that time and don’t make things difficult for Wiliam.

Otherwise, it would be really difficult to move in Lingcheng.

“Ho ho ho, he’s still a great genius doctor, I want to see how amazing this great genius doctor is? That little bitch won’t come out to greet me, so I’ll go and see her in person.” He said. There was a trace of hideousness, and he said lightly.

“This…” Li Chengfeng was suddenly embarrassed.

But at this time, a soft voice suddenly came from the back hall, “Don’t bother the eldest sister. The younger sister is still so sick that she can’t even get out of bed, which somewhat disappoints you.”

Accompanied by this voice, a figure slowly appeared in front of everyone.

An old lady with silver hair and a little shrunken body stood in front of Mrs. He mockingly.

This person is surprisingly Su Yuchun, the mother of Li Chengfeng, Li’s family in the southern ban.

Su Yuchun and Mrs. He have been enemies for many years.

Although she can walk, she is still a little trembling.

It was Li Chengfeng who held her back before she stood still.

It’s just that, when she looked at Mrs. He who looked like a man and a ghost, she suddenly laughed, “Hahaha, eldest sister, eldest sister, you are still laughing at me, what’s the matter with your body? ?”
Mrs. He’s face was angry, but she just snorted severely.

Obviously, I feel disappointed that Su Yuchun can still walk.

“Today is really a good day for us to ban the Li family in the south. The eldest sister took her grandson home, and the main hall of the main hall came over. I really don’t know which one to meet first.” Su Yuchun smiled. Said.

Wiliam on the side looked at Su Yuchun, without knowing her pulse, this woman’s condition was lighter than Guo Yulin.

But it is only lighter.

In this state, it is best not to move.

It is obviously the most irrational for Su Yuchun to move around in order to be strong and suppress Granny He.

It will seriously aggravate the spread of the heart attacking poison in her body.

Seeing that Mrs. He was silent, Su Yuchun smiled triumphantly, and turned to look at the people next to Mrs. He.

For Mrs. He, Su Yuchun couldn’t clearly suppress it, but what about others.

Ho ho…

It is still necessary to knock the mountain and shake the tiger.

First, she looked at Li Nanfeng, took a sigh of relief, and smiled slowly, “This turned out to be Nanfeng? What’s wrong with these eyes? What a pity, a good young man, it’s so useless.”

Li Nanfeng was indifferent.

Don’t give Su Yuchun the slightest handle at all.

Su Yuchun looked at Wiliam again.

A look of jokes.

She smiled and said, “Big sister, you just said that you want this kid to see a doctor?”

Mrs. He nodded, “Exactly, he has some ability.”

Who knows, Su Yuchun laughed directly, “Hahaha, the eldest sister is really kind, let a young man, or a subordinate to see a doctor? Tell me, I don’t know if I am careful not to show him, or you are careful. Scheming with me?”

Su Yuchun’s words caused several Li family members present to laugh.

They all regard Wiliam as a victim.

Victims of the struggle between Su Yuchun and Mrs. He.

As for who wins and who loses, this kid will inevitably pay a price in the middle.

As for the price, no one cares.

Just one next person.

“I didn’t think about it well.” Mrs. He said suddenly.

Everyone was taken aback.

This is the first time that Mrs. He has been here for so long and has been softened in public!

It’s so strange!

Mrs. He had a calm face, and she had cares in her heart.

She just said casually to let Wiliam treat the illness, not thinking that the other party had already called a famous doctor.

Then Wiliam continued to appear in the topic, and he would definitely become the opponent’s handle to attack him.

Mrs. He knew that she was not strong enough now, and it was not the time to confront this group of people head-on.

So she was helpless and could only temporarily surrender, ready to bear the humiliation.

She was unwilling to even say this.

She thought, it would be great if there was no such kid on the scene at this time.

Humph, stir shit stick, broom star.

Wherever you go, whether it causes trouble or not, standing is a mistake.

“Oh, eldest sister, don’t you, you are going to smash the younger sister, the younger sister was careful just now. How could I live up to the eldest sister’s painstaking efforts to me? Maybe, your young fellow, really He has excellent medical skills, even better than the great genius doctor we hired!” Su Yuchun suddenly said with an exaggeration.

She already knew the mind of Mrs. He and wanted to avoid her.

But Su Yuchun is not!

Kill you while you are sick!

But you throw a servant yourself as cannon fodder.

It’s no wonder that I was holding a chicken feather as an arrow.

As for cannon fodder, I can only be sorry.

Who made you exist is a mistake?

Su Yuchun looked at Wiliam with an expression of exaggerated expectation. She clung to Wiliam’s hand as if she was grateful, “Then, little brother, you will compete with the host I invited in a while. , Let’s see who can cure my illness? Maybe, you are really a little genius doctor. I’m looking forward to it.”


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