Dragon Husband 896-900

Chapter 896 Jiuding!

Su Yuchun’s words changed the expressions of all the people present.

Everyone knows that Su Yuchun is planning to take this person to perform the operation to achieve the purpose of shocking and humiliating Granny He.

And Mrs. He suddenly looked at Wiliam and said with a majestic expression: “Boy, don’t go back soon!”

If she kept a balance with Wiliam in normal times, she wouldn’t yell at Wiliam like that.

But now it’s different. She is standing inside the door of Nanjin Li’s house and must maintain her majesty.

She also knew Wiliam’s temper too well.

This kid, I don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick, maybe he was so excited by Su Yuchun, he really agreed.

At that time, it was really overwhelming.

Listening to what the other party said just now, the great genius doctor resounded through one party.

How could this young man like Wiliam be comparable.

Although Wiliam had a little medical skill, he also treated Yimu Liuzheng on her body.

But compared with the long-famous great genius doctor, I am afraid there is a world of difference.

If you don’t agree to this innocent competition, Su Yuchun will laugh at him for a while.

But if you agree to this competition, and then lose in full view, it will be really embarrassing.

These people who banned the Li family in the south would definitely laugh at Mrs. He about the frog at the bottom of the well. They had never seen the world before and regarded a lowly man as a treasure.

This kind of humiliation is absolutely unbearable for Mrs. He.

And Wiliam, from beginning to end, looked at Su Yuchun so coldly.

Su Yuchun looked a little excited because she pressed Granny He for a while, flushing on her pale face.

At this time, Wiliam suddenly twitched the corner of his mouth and stretched out three fingers in full view, “Three.”

A word popped out of his mouth.

Everyone was taken aback.


What the hell?

What is this kid fooling around?

Even Mrs. He was sluggish for a while, with a bad premonition in her heart.

She was really afraid that this kid wouldn’t know good or bad, so she agreed on the spot.

Fortunately, Wiliam said a three-character, and stopped talking.

This made Mrs. He slightly relieved.

Only Mulan looked at Wiliam curiously.

Because she knew that Wiliam had his reason to do things.

She asked in a low voice, “What three?”

Wiliam also whispered: “Three minutes.”

“What three minutes?” Mulan asked shamelessly.

But Wiliam didn’t say anything further.

But Mulan was so angry.

By the way, half of the men have little chirps!

“Boy, your host regards you very highly, why? Don’t you want to win honor for the Lord? Maybe your host sees you as good, and will help you? This is a great opportunity?” Su Yuchun’s face is even greater. It was red, and said to Wiliam with a smile.

She is doing both to Lu Yeen.

But Wiliam smiled without saying a word and didn’t pick her up.

In the end, Su Yuchun was angry, “You kid! Are you looking for death! Believe it or not, I will now let someone throw you into the moat to feed the fish!”

At this time, Mulan couldn’t help it.

She stood up and said angrily: “You ban the Li family in the south, fight with your own people if you have the ability to fight! What’s the matter if you get him into the water! Are you banning the Li family in the south, only killing chickens and monkeys!”
After saying this, she was suddenly taken aback.

This seems a bit wrong.

Wiliam is a chicken?

But Lin Dandan on the side smiled grimly: “Mulan, is there a place for you to talk? Shut me up!”

Mulan looked angry.

But it was pulled down by Wiliam.

Wiliam said to her faintly, “Young man, don’t be so temperamental.”

Mulan glared at Wiliam with an angry look, suddenly wanted to push this girl out, and then shouted, “Fuck him!”

“Two.” Wiliam suddenly jumped out.

However, everyone has completely ignored this mysterious kid.

Su Yuchun looked at Wiliam with pity on her face, “Little guy, what are the gods talking about? It seems that you are persuaded, are you? That’s right, what am I doing with a lowly man? It seems that I am bullying. The servants, there are mothers and no fathers to support, that’s all, I’d better go to freshen up first, and welcome me the great doctor who came from afar.”

With that, she really walked towards the back hall.

However, no one noticed.

Wiliam’s expression changed slightly at this moment.

The anger rose slowly.

Wiliam always had a principle in his heart.

It’s okay to insult him, after all, people like him have not eaten anything.

As long as it doesn’t affect the overall situation, he really doesn’t bother to care about these people.


Only one but!

Don’t insult his family!

Su Yuchun, unintentional words, touched Wiliam Nilin!

“Stop!” Wiliam suddenly said lightly.

Su Yuchun stagnated, stopped, turned around and looked at Wiliam.

And Mrs. He seemed to have a bad premonition and yelled at Wiliam, “Boy! How can you be presumptuous here! Shut me up! Otherwise, I will palm your mouth!”

Is the threat of Mrs. He useful to Wiliam?

No fart!

Wiliam didn’t even look at Granny He, but stared at Su Yuchun.

Su Yuchun originally looked at Wiliam jokingly.

But watching, the playful look slowly froze.

She and Wiliam looked at each other.

Suddenly, I felt a strange dizziness.

As if seeing is not a pair of eyes!

But a pair of eyes from the wild beast!




Full of endless killing!

Su Yuchun is also a man who has experienced many battles, and his martial arts realm is also very high.

But at this moment, she actually had the icy feeling of being in a sea of ​​blood in the corpse mountain.

At the scene, the atmosphere fell silent for a while.

“That’s what you want to see, I’m going to compete with that master?” Wiliam suddenly sneered.

Su Yuchun was in a trance, nodded as if out of control, telling the truest psychological state.

At this time, Wiliam smiled.

The laugh was extremely cold.

He said indifferently: “Okay, then I, just as you wish! The test you just said, I officially accepted, Wiliam!”

“Boy! Palm mouth!” Old lady He was trembling with anger. She didn’t know where she was, she wanted to rush to Fan Luye’s mouth!

It’s too presumptuous, this is tantamount to making all the plans of Mrs. He fall short!

However, her body was held tightly by Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng knows Wiliam, if you don’t talk about it!

But as soon as Chrysostom is opened, it is as heavy as a tripod!

No one can stop him from being proud!

It’s even more inhuman and can suppress him!

“Ho ho ho, there is a kind! There is a kind! Now, I have a good show to watch, ha ha ha! Mrs. He, you can watch it slowly ha ha ha!” Su Yuchun who reacted, looked at Wiliam’s eyes again, But I felt that the scene of the sea of ​​blood in the dead mountain just now was like a dream bubble.

She thought it was just that she was seriously ill and had a temporary hallucination.

Now, when she saw that this reckless kid really dared to agree, she flushed with excitement.

Wiliam looked at the excited Su Yuchun and smiled coldly.

Leng Li said, but it is as cold as summer!

It makes people shudder!

“Mediocre, still laughing, have you ever thought, where is the Shura field for this competition?”

“It’s you, poor and ignorant life!”


Chapter 897

When everyone heard Wiliam’s words, Qi Qi was stunned.

The first half of his sentence makes sense!

Everyone ignored this for a while!

Just as Wiliam said!

This competition is taking the life of Su Yuchun!

Su Yuchun may be killed by Bi’s life at any time!

I really don’t know how she can laugh!

Just now everyone had mixed feelings and completely forgot such an important premise!

It’s as if there are two knives, trying to cut a piece of fat.

No matter how the comparison is made, this piece of meat will be cut to pieces!

Su Yuchun wanted to understand this, her face suddenly turned pale!

She is cold all over!

Forget about this!



My life is more expensive than gold, so why do I use my life to experiment with one breath!


She was even more saddened that this was actually spoken from a lowly person.

It feels like being laughed at by a subordinate.

Many emotions surged into Su Yuchun’s heart instantly!

Su Yuchun just felt that his head blew, as if something was about to fall apart in his heart!

At this time, Wiliam’s last word suddenly appeared.



It’s every second!


It’s life and death in one word!

Wiliam made a sound like a drum in the morning and evening!

Interpret the true meaning!

And falling with the sound of the landing leaf!

A shocking scene was suddenly discovered at the scene!

Su Yuchun’s face turned pale for an instant, she actually vomited a mouthful of blood mist from the sky, and then fell backward without warning.


Her body hit the ground heavily!

Everyone, there is no time to react!

Even when everyone saw this scene, they turned their eyes to Wiliam.



Countless complicated eyes are looking at Wiliam!

This kid, at this moment, is like a life-defying Hades!

With a cry, life and soul are lost!

Is there such a strange person in the world!

Can seduce you with words!

At this time, someone yelled, “Help me!”

Su Yuchun on the ground was still in a coma.

Her eyes were bigger than copper bells, and she obviously couldn’t figure out why her body suddenly fell ill!

Even more can’t figure out why a lowly man would be a speech judge!

“You kid! Looking for death! You just saw Mama Su’s serious illness, and deliberately used words to stimulate her, causing her to get sick! You are so hateful! I want to kill you!” Lin Dandan rushed towards Wiliam first.

And some of her inadvertent words made everyone in the audience understand.


There is no life-killing Hades in the world!

It’s just that this kid was making mystery from the beginning, counting one, two, three in his mouth.

Created a weird atmosphere for everyone.

Then he used words to stimulate Su Yuchun, who was seriously ill, and made her feel anxious, and then suddenly something happened.

That being said, this kid is so unpredictable, he deserves death!

But Li Chengfeng immediately said: “What are you going to do! It’s important to save my mother! Sooner or later I will take care of them myself!”

A group of people couldn’t take care of Wiliam anymore, and gathered in front of Su Yuchun.

Mrs. He glanced at Wiliam deeply, her eyes full of jealousy.

This kid, relying on a little cleverness, is going wild.

Now Su Yuchun was so angry that he vomited blood on the spot.

Although this scene seemed very pleasant, it was also the scene that Old Lady He wanted to see from the beginning.

But when it really happened, Mrs. He became uneasy.

This beam is getting bigger and bigger.

In the future, they will ban the Li family in the south, and they will be unable to make any progress!


Mrs. He actually didn’t know why she thought so.

It’s because of jealousy.

Jealous that this kid has such a city, he can’t deal with Su Yuchun without blood.

This kid is too sharp, not a good thing.

Only Mulan saw this scene and laughed happily.

She couldn’t help but stabbed Wiliam, and whispered: “Good guy, awesome, this trick is a scheming trick, sister will give you a thumbs up!”

Wiliam responded with a smile.

Is it really scheming?

A group of ignorant people.

Although Wiliam had no direct diagnosis of Su Yuchun.

But after learning that Su Yuchun and Guo Yulin were the same mind-attack poison, Wiliam already had a balance in his heart.

Wiliam knew how deep Guo Yulin was poisoned.

Backward, it is not difficult to know how deeply Su Yuchun was poisoned.

Comparing Su Yuchun’s face, he vaguely knew that it was not a good thing for the old woman to hold on.

What’s more, she was attacking the poison of her heart, and she dared to surge in her heart. It was even more wrong.

That’s why Wiliam would estimate the time when her heart poison occurred.

It’s just that there was no one who was a healer at the scene. Naturally, he couldn’t see the magic of Wiliam’s judgment without diagnosis.

They thought that Wiliam was angering Su Yuchun and making Su Yuchun sick.

After all, Su Yuchun was angering Wiliam just now.

It is normal for Wiliam to oppose his body in his own way.

At this time, Li Chengfeng stood up suddenly and stared at Wiliam!

“You kid! Don’t you know how to heal! Why don’t you come over and help my mother! If there is something wrong with my mother! I will unscrew your head on the spot!” Li Chengfeng said fiercely.

Everyone looked at Wiliam together.

Reluctantly, everyone discovered such a fact.

This scene just happened too suddenly.

Among the people at the scene, only this kid sounded like a healer.

I can only let this kid come to help.

But Wiliam smiled coldly, “Didn’t I promise her to compete with the master of the museum? So, before the master of the museum came, why should I take action? Yaxing who defeated the old lady, I cannot bear the charge. .”


When everyone was sluggish, Mulan laughed directly.

While smiling, she gave Wiliam a thumbs up.

Sister likes it!

Mulan knew before that Wiliam was cheating!

When he was stunned, he would vomit blood if he died.

Mulan was stunned by Wiliam when she was in Yuncheng. At that time, she was very angry and hurt.

Now, looking at Wiliam bashing other people, it’s cool not to want them.

Sure enough, as long as you don’t quarrel with this kid, it’s a great pleasure in life to watch him beat others.

“You! You! Remember it!” Li Chengfeng said angrily, but as if he was awakened by Wiliam, he quickly took out his mobile phone.

After Mulan finished laughing, she asked with lingering fear: “You are not afraid that the old woman is really angry with you? Look, she seems to have heard you, and she started to pump with anger.”

Wiliam smiled faintly, “She can’t die, after all, I want to keep her rare Yaxing, and then…”

“Furious again.”

After listening to Mulan, there was a black line!

This kid!

That’s it!

No bottom line!

Loss of integrity!

At this time, Li Chengfeng suddenly looked over in surprise, hung up the phone, and shouted: “The master of the hall is at the door! It is raining in time! I will go to welcome him immediately!”

He ran out in a hurry, but turned around halfway, giving Wiliam a fierce look.

“You kid, when the master of the museum wakes up my mother, it will be the moment your life died!”

Chapter 898

Originally, the members of the Li family in Nanban prepared a very grand welcome ceremony for the arrival of the main hall.

But now the scene has changed suddenly, and the scene is in a mess.

No one has to worry about etiquette anymore.

Even a bunch of people roared and squeezed Wiliam and the others into the corner.

Granny He is naturally not angry, but now she knows that Su Yuchun’s destiny is day and night.

She also didn’t want Su Yuchun to die now.

Otherwise, Li Chengfeng became angry, and today is when Mrs. He gets out of Li’s house in Nanban.

Thinking of this, she glared at Wiliam again and scolded: “You kid, dare not to listen to me! Really think that this is your North Lu family! Humph! Even if you are in North Lu family, you too It’s just a dog abandoned by the North Lu family!”

She scolded Wiliam, as if the more she scolded, the smoother she spoke.

I thought that Wiliam would be as indifferent and bear the burden of humiliation as before.

But to the surprise of Granny He, Wiliam’s eyes instantly became cold!

He stared at Mrs. He and suddenly raised his hand!


A loud slap, suddenly sounded!

All of them were dull!

However, the scene is noisy, no one has noticed this small change in the corner.

Mrs. He was suddenly slapped and looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

This kid!

Did you take the wrong medicine?

Such a bad temper!

Even I dare to fight!

“You!” He shouted angrily.

Wiliam interrupted Granny He unceremoniously.

“Lady He, I put ugly words first. You and I are equal, and even I have a life-saving grace between you and Li Nanfeng. If you are aggressive, don’t blame me Wiliam for being cruel! After all! I can save your life. , You can!” Wiliam said word by word, and at the end, his tone was cold!

“Take your life!”

Several people fell into a weird dullness.

They couldn’t imagine that Wiliam was so arrogant!

Say this to Mrs. He!

Even Mrs. He was dumbfounded.

The last words of Wiliam sounded like thunder, which exploded in her mind!

Can save a life, can also take a life!

In the words, there is no threat, but a fact!

But this fact made Mrs. He shudder!

She wanted to move, but found that she could still move a bit, and now under Wiliam’s gaze, it was like a broken bridge with dead wood, without life!

Otsuki Ryugo!

She suddenly thought that the Yimu Liuqi on her body had been cured by Wiliam.

But only a little bit of sorrow remains, it is entirely possible to relapse again!

My life is really pinched by this kid!

For a moment, Mrs. He looked at Wiliam spitefully!


A mere kid, dare to threaten me!

“Li Nanfeng!” He said grimly.

She seemed to be fighting for this life, and she wanted to find the place back.

But Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng without waiting for Li Nanfeng to speak.

“I will remember this slap for you. When you have a seed, come to me to get it.” Wiliam said indifferently. This chapter is not finished,
Li Nanfeng could not see Wiliam’s face, but could already feel the chill radiating from Wiliam.

His heart is like falling ice cellar.

He sighed and shook his head slowly.

There is only one thing he can do.

Why does my grandmother seem to be a different person on the way to Nanban Li’s house?

Become so utilitarian, even deliberate!

Is this still my grandma!

What Wiliam said just now sounds nice.

If there is a kind, come and fetch it.

Li Nanfeng now asks himself a kind.

But it is unreasonable!

This slap, I’m afraid I will never get it back.

“Grandma, don’t embarrass Wiliam anymore, he’s here to help us! Do you want to break your wrist!” Li Nanfeng said slowly at last.

“Okay! Okay! I remembered!” He was stunned for a long time, as if reexamining her grandson, and finally, slowly spit out a few words.

But the resentment is soaring and it’s creepy.

At this time, there was a loud shout from the door, “Come! The owner of the hall is here! Give way to the owner!”

It’s Li Chengfeng.

Everyone looked at him, and sure enough, behind Li Chengfeng was an old man with white beard and hair and super long eyebrows.

It is the main hall owner.

Everyone hurriedly left the ground with a clatter and made way for the main hall owner.

Then they gathered around, completely blocking Wiliam in the corner.

After all, the owner of the main hall was very kind, and although he couldn’t understand Li Chengfeng’s bluffing, he still squatted down immediately to diagnose Su Yuchun’s pulse.

After a while, the main hall owner breathed a sigh of relief and slowly said, “Fortunately, it came in time, it came in time!”

When the main hall master said this, he felt like a world away.

He didn’t want to come here at first.

Only after being entrusted by the Jackdaw family, did he reluctantly agree.

When he was in the Jackdaw family just now, he didn’t want to come over.

He was completely immersed in the mystery of that kid Qixingzhen, and there was a faint feeling of enlightenment in his head.

This visible, but Ruo Ruo Wu feeling made him scratch his heart.

In the end, he sighed and wanted to understand why he couldn’t catch this kind of epiphany.

It’s because he has something on his mind.

He was also entrusted by another company and could not give up halfway.

If it is abandoned halfway, the medical ethics will be lost, not to mention it will be taken to the next level, that is, the medical path will stop, which is normal.

Therefore, he hurried over.

Originally, the owner of the museum thought that after reading this one, he must find a way to find the magical kid and make a medical argument.

No, it’s not called medical disputes.

More precisely, it is called listening to the teachings.

In this way he can make progress.

Looking at the old woman on the ground now convulsing all over, the main hall owner was also worried. If she was obsessed with medical practice and delayed her trip, causing her to worry about her life, then her medical practice would be completely ruined.

Fortunately, this old woman can’t die temporarily.

Thinking of this, he quickly took out the silver needle and helped Su Yuchun with acupuncture.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, Su Yuchun stopped twitching all over, and then slowly opened his eyes.

She first thanked her with gratitude, and then her eyes quickly became bitter!

She walked before the ghost gate closed!

And who has given all this to you!

Fortunately, even if the owner of the main hall appeared, he was killed!

However, Su Yuchun felt as if another door was opened in her heart at this moment!

Step into the ghost gate with one foot, and never fear life and death!


There is a kind!

Come and kill me again!

Said it!

It’s you!

“Smelly boy!” Su Yuchun’s eyes suddenly burst out, and she shouted!

“Didn’t you say that you want to compete with the master of the museum? Isn’t it necessary to complete my yaxing! Come on! I bet on my life! Something is taken from the master of the master!”

“I am willing to bet and lose!”

Chapter 899

The people at the scene looked at Su Yuchun in disbelief!

This woman, the first thing she woke up, was to find that kid to compete!

Also bet on her life!

Although there is now the main hall owner, her fate has been saved.

But everyone was shocked that a mere kid, He De, how Neng, let the elders of the Li family in Nanjin personally challenge him!

Isn’t this a sledgehammer?

Everyone turned their heads and looked at Wiliam in the corner.

Wiliam’s eyebrows were cold and did not speak.

However, unexpectedly, the master of the hall actually spoke.

The owner of the big hall does not look up at people.

He just frowned instinctively after hearing Su Yuchun’s words.

According to the character of the main hall owner, he is indifferent to fame and fortune, and he also acts low-key.

Before he competed with the magic boy named Lin Jiang in medical skills, it was just a mentality of discussing and asking for advice, and there was no interest in it at all.

And now?

The master of the pavilion didn’t speak himself, but this Su Yuchun was in charge of him?

Where does this old lady have the confidence?

For a while, the master of the hall was very unhappy, and said directly, “South forbidden Li’s house, are you using me to behave badly?”

Everyone can hear that the main hall owner’s words are already very bad.

Su Yuchun also shook his heart, thinking that he was completely forgotten by that kid.

I forgot to discuss such an important matter with the main hall owner.

The owner of the main hall is highly respected, how could he try to compete with a little hairy boy?

But now that Su Yuchun is riding a tiger, she can only bite the bullet and say: “Master, don’t get me wrong, we don’t mean to kill someone with a knife, and we respect you very much.”

The master of the Daguan snorted coldly, “Really? I can’t tell when you can tell me to fight against others? The master of the Daguan practises medicine to save people, in order to stick to the original intention of medicine. What is it for! You are greedy for one gold and two silver from the Li family, or do you want to serve as an official in the Li family?”

The main hall’s words were loud and loud, and the people at the scene instantly became quiet.

Everyone looked at Su Yuchun awkwardly.

Su Yuchun even broke out in a cold sweat.

She heard it completely, and the main hall owner was angry.

Ban Li’s money in the south? The right to ban the Li family in the south?

What are these things in the eyes of the main hall?

Now the identity of the main hall owner, asking for money and power, is at your fingertips!

Far from being worshipped by a Southern Forbidden Li family.

When Wiliam in the corner heard these words, he nodded slightly.

The main character of this large hall is good, and he is a respectable healer.

You can communicate with him in the future.

At this time, Su Yuchun’s eyes flashed with insidiousness.

She suddenly said plausibly, “Master of the museum, listen to my explanation! Things are not what you think. It was not that I asked you to fight with a kid, but the kid offered to fight with you. And you said just now. , It’s the kid who is trying to be fierce. He has bad conduct, and he has a bit of medical skills to kill people. Why I vomited blood just now is because he got his hands and feet! This kind of person is worthy of being a doctor! I want you to do it yourself. Face, clean up the scourge.”
After Su Yuchun finished these words in one breath, she felt a little relief in her heart.

Since I can’t please the owner of the big hall, why can’t I make trouble and let the kid take the blame?

A mere subordinate, what he says is what he dares to argue about?

Sure enough, after hearing these words, the main hall owner’s face became even more ugly.

He adheres to the heart of medicine, is kind, and takes the life of the world.

Naturally, there is no room for half a grain of sand in the eyes of nature, and it will not let some people who have earned their reputations ruin the reputation of medical science.

He snorted coldly: “There is such a young man who dares to kill people!”

“Yeah, yeah! I’m really angry too, you see, I didn’t pretend that I was sick just now, right? Everyone said that?” Su Yuchun was excited when he saw the main hall’s words, and quickly followed his words.

The people around were from the Li family in the south, so they naturally obeyed and nodded.

The master of the pavilion saw this scene, his heart moved slightly, and he thought: “These people, they all seem to be from the Li family of your southern ban. Can I listen to you?

Su Yuchun’s face became stiff, and she wanted to scold this old man who was incapable of transcending the past.

Yeah, why don’t you have oil and salt, but you can still think of partial belief and darkness?

Just when Su Yuchun couldn’t turn his head, a person suddenly said in a deep voice: “Naturally, I can’t believe the words of the Li family in Nanjin.”

Everyone looked at the speaker.

Surprisingly it is Mrs. He.

Mrs. He didn’t know when, she was already on Cheng Suyi’s back.

Cheng Suyi naturally didn’t dare to disobey Granny He’s order and squeezed in behind his back.

Seeing Mrs. He appeared, Su Yuchun’s face was not so good.

She and Mrs. He have never dealt with him. Isn’t Mrs. He trying to protect that kid at this time?

Everyone’s hearts also mentioned their throats.

If at this point, Mrs. He would expose the lie.

The prestige of the Nanjin Li Family in the heart of the main hall was gone.

The main hall will continue to treat Su Yuchun?

When everyone was feeling anxious, Mrs. He suddenly glanced at Su Yuchun strangely, and then said to the main hall owner: “Is the main hall owner? What you said makes sense, then, how about a proof?”

When she said this, her voice increased, and she said plausibly: “The kid they said just now is my servant. If I prove that the kid is uneasy and discouraged and corrupts the reputation of the doctor, would you believe it? ?”

The eyes of the people on the scene went wide.

No one thought of it!

The old lady He, who was originally with Wiliam, turned back at this moment?

Blame your subordinates?

Isn’t she a hostile relationship with Su Yuchun!

What kind of medicine is sold in the gourd again?

Even Su Yuchun was stunned and looked at Granny He blankly.

Mrs. He motioned to Cheng Su to walk in front of Su Yuchun, and then said to Su Yuchun faintly: “Sister, we have been coaxing for decades, but we are getting old, and we will finally let go of our grudges and ban us south. Isn’t the Li family flourishing?”

This is to show good wishes to Su Yuchun.

Su Yuchun also understood it instantly, with a smug smile on her face.

It just happened!

At this moment, Su Yuchun was really moved by what Granny He said.

She also nodded, and said, “Sister, you have finally lost your way and know your way back. We, the Li family, will always welcome you home!”

This scene at the scene is so touching.

But to Mulan in the corner, how disgusting!

After listening to Mrs. He’s words, the main hall shook his head, and said, “As everyone speaks, it seems that the little guy is really not a good healer. What’s more, since I’m here, I won’t indulge the traitor to ruin the right path of medicine. That kid, where is the person! I want to see it in person!”

Chapter 900: Three Birds

Mrs. He was also proud of hearing the words of the master of the museum!

She also temporarily thought of this trick together!

That kid just now dared to slap in front of everyone!

This shame is engraved in the heart!

How could Mrs. He easily let Wiliam go!

And she knew in her heart that she had completely torn her face with Wiliam!

Originally, Old Lady He was afraid of Wiliam’s last threat, and her life was in Wiliam’s hands.

But seeing the owner of the big hall, Mrs. He suddenly became bright and cheerful!

There is a big pavilion owner, so you need to be afraid of that kid?

The owner of the large hall would not understand the Otsumu flow in his body?

What an international joke!

This is a well-known healer in the city of martial arts, is it comparable to those healers in the earthly world?

Thinking of this, Old Lady He suddenly had a plan in her heart.

She jumped out when everyone was stunned, and publicly accused Wiliam of being wrong.

After this trick was used up, Mrs. He was very proud of seeing the master’s trick.

This trick kills three birds with one stone.

For the first time, I can please the owner of the hall and pave the way for the next step to ask the owner of the hall to save people.

Secondly, the relationship with Su Yuchun was greatly eased, and the situation that the boy was savagely entangled in the past has caused both sides to become a fire.

Come on three, you can use the master’s hand to give that kid a lesson!

Let him know that there is sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the world!

How could the fate of my old lady be something you can master!

Su Yuchun glanced at Mrs. He gratefully, then stretched out her hand and said grimly: “That kid, just hide in the corner and dare not see anyone!”

Following Su Yuchun’s fingers, everyone gave way to a passage.

This passage eventually points to a few people.

A person sat in a chair helplessly and said nothing.

A person’s face is already very hard to see while standing.

The last person sat in a chair calmly, without the slightest tension and anxiety that was about to come.

The last person is not who Wiliam is!

Su Yuchun finished pointing and saw that everyone was aiming at Wiliam. Only then did he break the gap and said to Granny He, “Thank you again today. We will write off the old grudges and grievances, how about?”

This kindness is not just as simple as perjurying Su Yuchun.

It also involves Su Yuchun’s next life-saving operation.

Mrs. He smiled and nodded, and said with emotion, “Ho ho, I didn’t think that our hatred for decades was relieved by a kid today. We really want to thank that kid.”

Su Yuchun was also sluggish for a while, showing a slight smile, “Hoho, a servant, unexpectedly alarmed us to join hands, it is his blessing, he died unjustly.”

“Let’s go, let’s go over and watch a good show together!” Old lady He succeeded in trickery and said with a smile.

Because she saw that the main hall owner had slowly walked towards Wiliam.

Because Wiliam was in the corner, against the light, the master of the hall didn’t recognize Wiliam for a while.

On the contrary, Su Yuchun had the strength now, so he rushed forward, stood in front of Wiliam, grinned grimly: “Boy, wasn’t it crazy just now? Now the master of the pavilion has appeared, and now, you still have something, Have a try with the master?”

When she said this, she felt very angry!

It seems to have seen the next scene where the boy was frightened and his legs were soft.

However, Wiliam didn’t even look at Su Yuchun at all.

His eyes fell on the master of the museum who was slowly approaching.

He also took a step forward.

An indifferent face slowly appeared in front of the main hall owner.

Wiliam watched the main hall approaching and asked three questions faintly.

“You want to compare medical skills with me?”

“You, want to sweep me out of the medical path?”

“Do you have this ability?”

The three questions sounded like thunder to everyone.

Everyone did not believe that the main hall owner was about to come to him, and he dared to be so presumptuous!

This is no longer presumptuous, but actively clamoring for the master of the museum!

Su Yuchun suddenly laughed after hearing this.

God helps me too!

This kid’s three questions do not show that he is actively provoking the main hall owner!

This coincides with what she said before!

Now the owner of the big hall will no longer suspect that he was arrogant and arrogant before!

She smiled and said: “Funny! The frog at the bottom of the well, don’t you know what a noble healer is standing in front of you! You are looking for death!”

However, everyone’s attention was on Wiliam.

No one noticed.

When the main hall master saw Lu Yezhen’s first glance, his pupils suddenly shrank!

He couldn’t forget it even if he was killed, Wiliam’s handsome and indifferent face!

He even killed him and didn’t believe that he could ban Li’s family here and meet this kid again!

The main hall owner had originally held the idea of ​​looking for this kid after the matter was over.

He was still thinking about asking Wiliam Medical Dao for advice, hoping to break through.

After all, Wiliam had previously demonstrated his unprecedented medical skills in the Jackdaw family, opening another door of medical avenues for him.

He was vaguely enlightened, but never caught it.

So he is confident, as long as he consults Wiliam, his medical skills will definitely improve again!

Unexpectedly, I met Wiliam here!

He was thinking about approaching Wiliam immediately for advice.

But suddenly, a thought came to his mind.

Suddenly, the main hall was furious!

Just now, it seemed that this group of people said that Wiliam’s medical ethics corrupted his character?

Ho ho, ridiculous!


A person with extraordinary medical skills and sanctification, where can his character and medical quality be corrupted!

How could it be possible to reach this state if the medicine is corrupted!

It’s just nonsense!

not to mention!

The owner of the hall had met Wiliam.

Although there is only one side.

But Wiliam didn’t hesitate to enlighten him, and hit his shoulder seven times!

This is realizing yourself!

Meeting by the water, but willing to give medical skills, it is enough to prove that Wiliam has a broad and upright heart!

You know, the dispute between medical treatment and Taoism has existed since ancient times.

Who is a famous doctor who is not cherishing himself, for fear of teaching bad students to starve Master to death?

Wiliam is not.

Meeting to raise some points, or to prove that Wiliam has a great medical approach and imparts selflessly.

Either it proves that Wiliam’s medical skills are extraordinary and he is not afraid of being surpassed.

But no matter what the reason, it proved that Wiliam’s medicine and character are the best choices.

How could it be a morally corrupt person in this group of people!

If you think about it this way, there is only one explanation.

These people are slandering Wiliam!

Then, now is the real murder.

I was used by them!

Moreover, Wiliam’s last three questions were extremely proud and confident.

Can you compare medical skills with him?

Own, is qualified to sweep him out of medicine?

In front of Wiliam, it’s not an exaggeration to be a lost doctor boy!

Thinking of this, the main hall owner suddenly sneered, turned around and looked at Su Yuchun.

“Pop!” He slapped him hard on the face of Su Yuchun, who was still waiting to see the show and looked mocking!

Shocked all around!


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