Dragon Husband Chapter 301-310

Chapter 301

Tigger watched the villagers crawl out of the coffin, his eyes hazy with tears.

He is distressed!

Love Wiliam, regardless of life and death!

Distressed daughter, full of holes!

I feel sorry for the villagers in this Lantern Village.

If you die in such a humble manner, how can you meet people in your next life!

“Everyone, wake up!” Tigger suddenly shouted at them.

Because of too much force, the wound on his body broke directly, and blood came out.

Wiliam in front of him was already at risk.

There were thirty or forty enemies who fell in front of him!

The villagers looked at Wiliam who was fighting alone, and their eyes turned red.

Before that, they had never thought that there would be an outsider who would look at them from now on.

Give up their lives for them and burn them all!

How can they have such blessings to enjoy the protection of others.

They are fate.

However, there was such a person in front of him who, with his own power, forcibly continued his life for Lantern Village.

Everyone looked at the village chief with tears in their eyes.

The village chief labored to put the unconscious Sharon on the ground, looking at Wiliam, his eyes were stunned.

He walked back home slowly in the eyes of everyone’s expectations.

But after a while, he reappeared in front of everyone.

In his hand, there is a worn-out bowl.

The bowl was filled with a glass of coquettish immortal water.

Holding this bowl of blood, he walked tremblingly towards Tigger .

All the villagers saw the village chief like this, as if they understood something.

Suddenly they wiped away the tears from their eyes and returned home one by one.

After a while, everyone came out again.

In their hands, they all hold a bowl of eternal water that carries the glory and humiliation of Lantern Village for thousands of years.

The village chief took the lead and stood in front of Tigger ‘s Wiliam.

“What’s his name?” The village chief asked suddenly, his voice no longer weak, but a touch of firmness.

“Wiliam!” Tigger said in a deep voice.

The village chief nodded, “This bowl of immortal water, respect Luye from Lantern Village!”

After he finished speaking, he took the lead in drinking this bowl of blood!

” Wiliam!” The villagers suddenly uttered the biggest roar in their lives!

Drink the blood!

Throw the bowl into a song!

“Our people in Lantern Village have long been immune to the fragrance of blood, so let’s drink immortal water to arouse some bloodiness! Villagers! Copy guys! Give me this bunch of bastards and slash them! “The village chief suddenly shouted in grief!

“Roar!” Drinking more than two hundred bowls of blood, as if completely agitating the blood of this group of weak people!

For a moment, the old and the weak, women and children!

Drink blood and become soldiers!

Tigger ‘s tears flowed down.

He had the urge to kneel down at Wiliam!

It’s Wiliam!

Call blood with blood!

Awakened the first blood of the villagers in their lives!

It started when they climbed out of the coffin, and when they drank the bowl of immortal water!

They are no longer what they used to be!

Incense Lantern Village, Nirvana continues!

All of this is a new life Wiliam has awakened with his life!

Wiliam, be sure to hold on!

Not far away, Siirius saw this scene, his eyes cracked!


A group of rubbish, even know how to resist!


Then let you, taste the taste of blood!

Return me to the coffin and wait for death!

“Do you really think I brought these people over here! Ho ho, I have to deal with the Tiger of Q City ( Qena City )! How can I be so careless!” Siirius suddenly blew a loud whistle.

The ground not far away trembled suddenly.

Before the person arrives, the sound comes first!

A large number of people rushed out of that path!

There are a hundred people!

When Tigger saw this, his heart sank cruelly!

Sure enough, this Siirius has a second hand!

The reason why Siirius was able to compete with Tigger in Q City ( Qena City ) was not because of his resourcefulness or how strong he was.

It lies in his sinisterness!

play hard!

Now there are more than a hundred strong soldiers, what can we do!

Although the morale of the villagers in Lantern Village is high, they are really too weak.

It is not the opponent of those strong soldiers.

And Wiliam, who was in charge, had obviously reached the point of exhaustion.

With the new flames that Wiliam and Xiang Ye have finally ignited in Lantern Village by giving up their lives, are they going to be strangled under this bloody moon again today!

Thinking of this, Tigger ‘s eyes were cracked!

“Fight! Life is an incense lamp, death is a residual candle!” Tigger grabbed a big knife on the ground and roared like a tiger.

“Kill!” The villagers thoroughly agitated their blood with a bowl of blood, and all their eyes were red.

At this time, Wiliam in front of Tigger finally snorted and fell straight back.

Tigger held Wiliam in his hand.

But seeing Wiliam’s eyes slightly opened, looking at the sky and bright moon, he showed a regretful smile.

“Kill me this kid!” Siirius shouted from behind.

However, the people in Lantern Village had already protected Wiliam Tuantuan in the middle.

“Just now, Wiliam guarded us! Now, it’s our turn to guard Wiliam! Villagers, drain the last drop of blood, and don’t let these bastards hurt the benefactor!” the village chief roared.

“Roar!” the villagers all responded.

But at this time, Siirius suddenly showed a strange smile.

“Hoho, just rely on your trash? However, I really don’t bother to fight with you to lose-lose. I will still have a great world in the future, so you all die for me! Come on! Burst!” Siirius Suddenly shouted again.

His subordinates stepped back together.

Then, in the bewildered eyes of everyone, one by one took out the masks from the backpacks behind them, and quickly put them on their heads.

Lu Yeqiang endured the pain and stood up with Tigger ‘s support.

This mask is a gas mask!

What are they going to do!

Just as everyone was anxious, suddenly there was a sound of mechanical fan in the sky.

I saw more than a hundred drones, already hanging over the whole piece of Lantern Village!

There is a big bag hanging under each drone!

With Siirius’s order, all the bags under the drones exploded!

From the bag, a strong green gas gushes out!

Suddenly, the sky over the incense lantern village was filled with indestructible green gas, and even the moonlight was dyed green!

Wiliam cried secretly, “It’s poison gas! Run!”

At this moment, the villagers panic suddenly, and one by one turned around and ran into the village.

Wiliam frowned slightly while staring at the poisonous gas in the sky.

The smell of this poisonous gas is like…

The poison gas was slowly drifting down.

Siirius and the others wore masks and laughed one by one.

“Run! I see where else you can go! I want to bury the entire village today! Don’t leave one!” Siirius said viciously.

The poison gas slowly came down, and there were still more than ten meters away from them.

Chapter 302

Each of the villagers saw that they could no longer get out of the range of the poisonous gas, and stopped dumbfounded, their eyes stunned.

This is a look that has gone through despair and seen hope, now desperate again.

More sad than before.

Siirius was in it, his phone rang suddenly.

He immediately answered the phone, “Who? Bernard? Heard, what is it for me?”

Siirius listened to the call for a while, and suddenly laughed, “Let me kill someone named Wiliam? Hahaha!”

While he was speaking, he looked at Wiliam, who was covered in blood beside Tigger , “No problem, the money hit my account, I promise, from tomorrow, you will never hear anything about this kid. Ho Ho, Tigger Is it his accomplice? It’s a bit difficult? Then I’ll give you another small gift. Starting tomorrow, Wiliam and Tigger will completely disappear into this world!”

Bernard on the other end of the phone hung up tremblingly, a little bit unable to believe what he heard.

Bernard had long heard of Siirius’s viciousness.

He got Siirius’s call only through Yohan’s relationship.

Before the general meeting, Wiliam severely slapped Bernard together and ruined him. How could Bernard not report such a deep hatred.

Therefore, he decided to buy murder!

Now that Siirius promised to kill Tigger together, his whole body shuddered.

Q City ( Qena City ) Underground, is there a big shuffle?

However, Siirius’s words have incomparable self-confidence, after Bernard calmed down, he also showed cruel eyes!

If Siirius really did it, then the woman named Feliicity would have no support at all!

Can’t let her go!

Bernard thought about it and decided to wait another three days!

If Tigger died, it would definitely cause turmoil.

After three days, the message must have been confirmed.

At that time, it was time to go to the door personally and find revenge for that little bitch Feliicity!

Feliicity, three days later, be trampled by me!

But Siirius hung up the phone and looked at Wiliam and Tigger who were about to die, feeling extremely proud.

Unexpectedly, these two guys can still make a lot of money for themselves before they die.

Amidst the poisonous sky, Siirius laughed frantically!

Die! Die to me! Dead, I am the king!

He looked at the desperate villagers, spreading his hands, as if to embrace this coming new world!

There is nothing more suitable than to greet the underground king of Q City ( Qena City ) with a fierce burial of a hundred people!

The whole audience was dull, only Wiliam’s nose kept sniffing.

In the sky, a strong pungent smell came before poisonous gas.

Seeing Siirius laughed, everyone was desperate, and Wiliam’s heart fell!

Are you laughing!

I want to see you, how can I laugh in a while!

Wiliam took a sigh of relief, and suddenly broke free from Tigger ‘s support.

He rushed to the bonfire with sparks left!

In full view, he held a piece of unburnt wood with sparks in one hand.

“Wiliam! What are you doing!” Tigger shouted out loud.

The eyes of the whole audience were on Wiliam.

Wiliam held the wood in his hand as if he was crazy.

Actually chanted in public, ” night blooms flowers and trees! Even more blowing! Stars are like rain! Let you see how beautiful the stars are like rain!”

As he said, he threw the wood in his hand to the sky fiercely!

The wood with sparks pierced through the poisonous fog at once, and disappeared.

Siirius was about to laugh, when suddenly his eyes narrowed!

In the midair, there was a popping sound that could be heard!

this is!

Everyone looked up to the sky!

I saw bursts of explosions in the poisonous mist that disappeared from the wood.

Then, there is a faint spark!

Then, Mars got bigger and bigger!

The popping sound is getting louder and louder!


A deafening sound suddenly exploded in the sky!

The group of poisonous fog burst out with dazzling fire!

This firelight, like a dragon flying through the sea of ​​clouds, quickly spread to the place of poisonous fog!

“Boom boom boom!”

The whole sky seemed to be lit by Wiliam with one hand, and the sound of explosions was endless!

The sky is as bright as a white explosion, illuminating everyone’s horrified face!

What exactly is going on!

Why is the positive film sky burning!

Only Wiliam let out a hysterical laugh, “To die, everyone die together!”

Wiliam smelled a strong smell of sulfur since they released the poisonous mist.

The poisonous fog in the sky is mixed with a lot of sulfur.

Since the other party is wearing a protective mask, then, what if it is like sparks like rain!

See how you can protect yourself in this scorching hell!

In the blink of an eye, the explosion in the sky became more and more intense, and countless sparks, like meteorites, fell quickly!

On the ground, the houses in Lantern Village are all thatched.

Burn at one point!

All the houses were on fire in an instant, and Lantern Village really became a fiery hell!

Tigger watched this incredible scene blankly, completely dumbfounded.

He couldn’t believe that there was someone who lit the sky with his own power!

He couldn’t believe it. Dongfeng night sent flowers and thousands of trees, and the stars were like rain!

A line that should have been beautiful and moving, in Wiliam’s mouth, turned out to be so sad and heroic!

All houses are on fire, it’s not Huaqianshu!

The sky is raining on fire, isn’t it the stars like rain!

It’s cruel to the extreme!

However, if it is not so cruel, how can the hope and faith of life and death bloom together!

To die, die together!

Never let this Siirius get better!

As Siirius watched this scene, he was completely speechless in fright!

He originally thought that going up the mountain with poisonous fog and burying all the rubbish would be easy.

But I didn’t expect it!

This Wiliam who didn’t know where it came out!

There is such a counterattack!

The sky fire dragon is raging!

Purgatory on earth!

With the smoke rising everywhere, the scene was terrible!

“Run away!” Siirius couldn’t help shouting.

His subordinates immediately did the birds and beasts, and the ghosts cried and howled.

But can you run away!

The fire has engulfed the entire village, and the smoke has made people unable to open their eyes.

Where else can I escape!

I’m afraid I can only be burned here alive!

Even Siirius showed a hint of timidity at this moment!

All the villagers stared blankly at Wiliam, who was swaying but not falling, tears streaming down their faces.


Lantern Village can die.

But how to die?

It was this young man named Wiliam who made the choice for them at the last moment of their lives.

No one was killed in a humble manner.

Instead, they used an incense lamp to give them a dignified death!

They actually have the urge to kneel to this young man.

But at this time, Wiliam’s body trembled slightly and looked towards somewhere.

His eyes immediately turned to the villagers, and his voice was cold to his bones.

“I will give you another choice!”

“Did it burn to death, or…”

“Rise from the ashes!”

Chapter 303

Everyone was waiting for death, but when they heard Wiliam’s words, their eyes flashed with vitality!

Burning to death, or rebirth from the ashes?

Wiliam meant that he could once again turn the tide and save them in this fiery purgatory?

Everyone looked at the surrounding environment in disbelief.

The fire is raging, and the poisonous fog that has not been burned is spreading.

The dense smoke from the fire is even more of a ghost.

What else can he do in such a desperate environment?

It is impossible to live!

But at this time, Tigger suddenly knelt down on one knee in full view!

He looked at Wiliam with mixed feelings!

No one believes in Wiliam, but Tigger can’t help but believe it!

He knows the magic of Wiliam!

He knows that Wiliam’s wisdom is to reach the sky!

If it were today, he said that everyone could still live, it would definitely not be empty talk!

And if the incense can be continued in Lantern Village for a hundred years, Tigger will kneel on his own, and he deserves the world!

More worthy of conscience!

“Wiliam! Save Lantern Village!” Tigger shouted at Wiliam.

The villagers in Lantern Village are still in a daze.

Wiliam looked at these numb villagers coldly, suddenly stretched out his hand and said, “Eternal Life Pond! Go to that small hill!”

Everyone was taken aback, and went to the eternal life pool?

The village chief’s face suddenly showed a bitterness, and said: “The Immortal Pond is our holy land, and the immortal water in the pond is the holy water that we have guarded for generations. It is not allowed to be trampled or defiled…”

Tigger decisively interrupted the village chief’s words, and he also became cold, “If there is no such life, what is the meaning of immortal water! Everyone, take refuge on the hill!”

As he said, with a sigh of relief, he picked up Wiliam with difficulty and ran towards the hill.

All of you look at me, I look at you.

Finally, the village chief sighed and ran towards the other side.

Several people carried Sharon who was in a coma and quickly followed.

All of a sudden, the whole village moved.

The small hill was very close to them. It was completely covered by smoke just now, and it was impossible to see the situation here.

But on the hill, everyone was stunned.

This situation…

I saw that the periphery of the small hill was still covered by dense fog, and I couldn’t see the situation outside.

Inside the small hills, there is no smog, as if the small hills are a paradise, a world of its own.

In this world, there is the smell of fragrant blood that they are most familiar with, and the blood that is constantly transpiring is still constantly overflowing.

All of them knelt down together like a blessed soul, kowtow.

The village chief burst into tears, “It must be the Immortal Pond who chanted our piety, so he sent a miracle to save our villagers.”

How could Tigger believe in this theory of ghosts and gods?

He put Wiliam down, looked at this small world, and couldn’t help but ask Wiliam: “Wiliam, how do you know that you can take refuge here?”

Wiliam looked at the cowardly villagers and explained faintly: “There is geothermal heat under this immortal pond, so water vapor is always evaporating. The water vapor rises and escapes, like a mushroom cloud.”

“And the outside smoke will be impacted by the water vapor in this immortal pond, and it will not enter. The reason is that simple.”

Tigger looked around again and it was as Wiliam said.

The water vapor in the Immortal Pond continued to spill out, and when it encountered smoke at the edge of the hill, the two breaths were entangled together.

Smoke from outside can’t come in, nor can water vapor evaporate.

Temporarily formed this safe little world.

Tigger looked at Wiliam gratefully, “Wiliam, you saved everyone again. I really don’t know how to thank you?”

But Wiliam still had anxiety written on his face. He stared at the thick fog and said, “It’s too early to say thank you. When we ran away just now, Siirius kept staring at us. I believe it won’t be long, Qin. Sirius will also come.”

Everyone was stunned. Is the catastrophe still over?

As Wiliam said, a figure broke through the thick fog and walked in.

It is Siirius!

Siirius was taken aback when he saw this small world.

However, he immediately laughed and laughed, “Okay, it turns out there is such a magical place here, but is it useful for you to hide here? Hahaha, it’s a good place for me! “

Tigger heard his blood churning!

Just as Siirius said.

If Wiliam didn’t find this place, then people on both sides would burn alive outside today.

But finding this place now is equivalent to finding a refuge for Siirius.

People in the village will still be killed by them.


At this time, Siirius’s men also ran in.

It’s just that there are obviously fewer people than before.

Before they had more than 100 people, now there are only 70 or 80 people left.

Obviously 20 or 30 people were burned to death outside just now.

Wiliam watched them slowly walking towards him, and he felt aggrieved!

He was completely powerless.

He even felt that his body didn’t look like his own, and even the simple gesture of raising his hand was strenuous.

How to fight!

Do you really have to count on these villagers?

Can they count on it?

Wiliam hesitated when thinking about the last question.

If you can count on…

However, a scream awakened Wiliam’s thoughts.

Siirius had already arrived in front of a villager. He raised the sword and killed the weak villager with a single blow!

The blood stained the land.

At the scene, there was no sound!

The massacre has begun.

As if making the final decision, Tigger placed Wiliam next to the Immortal Pond and strode forward.

“Villagers! Wiliam has saved us twice! This time, let us stand in front of him!”

“I can’t let him keep underestimating the backbone of our Lantern Village!”

“I, Tigger , swear to the sky that Wiliam will die today after the extinction of our Lantern Village!”

The village chief glanced at the weak Wiliam and slowly stood beside Tigger , “Anyway, we are going to die, so let’s use our useless body as the last barrier! Wiliam and Yongshengshui are not tolerated. The enemy defiled!”

The villagers gradually gathered.

They only have sticks in their hands.

There is only sadness in their eyes.

They formed a dense human flesh barrier in front of Wiliam.

When Siirius saw this scene, he suddenly laughed, “Interesting, interesting! Okay, I’m a little interested, so I’ll play a game with you.”

“As long as you hand over Wiliam and Tigger , I can give you a happy one! Otherwise…”

His hand suddenly caught a little girl’s neck and lifted her up, “One by one, a thousand cuts!”

Chapter 304

Seeing the little girl being lifted up, everyone’s heart raised their throats.

This little girl is only seven or eight years old.

He was covered in skin and bones, as long as his eyes were shining a little more than those adults.

Two people started crying on the spot.

Those are the little girl’s parents!

“Let my baby go, can I kill you?” Her mother cried so badly!

However, Siirius’s hand was hard, and the little girl was suddenly stuck with bruises on her face.

“Little girl, beg me for mercy, I’ll give you a good time.” Siirius looked at the little girl in front of him jokingly.

However, an unexpected scene appeared.

The little girl spit on Siirius’s face!

Everyone is silly!

Even Siirius had never thought that a little girl who was dying to be struggling would make such a rebellious move!

He touched the mouth on his face with the other hand, but he showed a murderous intent!

“Ah!” the little girl screamed!

One arm was broken.

Blood gurgled out!

Those villagers, their eyes are cracked!

Her parents even cried directly and fainted.

“Give you another chance and beg me for mercy!” Siirius said to the little girl again.

However, the answer to him was still a simple saliva attack!

Siirius was so angry that he went straight down!

This time, the little girl didn’t even have time to cry, and was cut straight!

Siirius threw the dying little girl to the ground and looked at everyone.

The people at the scene had been frightened by Siirius’s vicious methods.

Everyone’s faces were filled with horror.

Siirius smiled fiercely and was about to lift his foot forward.

But at this time, he felt his foot as if being caught.

He looked down and was shocked to find that the little girl on the ground was not dead!

She closed her eyes, obviously already in pain.

However, one of her hands firmly grasped Siirius’s right foot.

“Pop, pee, pee…” The little girl was actually still spitting.

However, she has no strength to spit out water.

What she spat out is blood!

From her mouth, the weak blood could not spit out Siirius’s feet.

However, she was still vomiting, endlessly dying!

Siirius’s knife was raised high!

Everyone dared not look anymore!

One knife!

The little girl was completely cut off from life.

This shocking scene, like a heavy hammer, struck everyone’s heart!

Rao is Wiliam’s ruthless life, tears are also in his eyes when he sees the little girl’s stubborn dying!

This little girl is the backbone of this village!

He is the soul of Lantern Village!

“Ah!” Wiliam let out a sad roar!


But how!

What can I do now!

This vulnerable body!

This powerless faith!

Is this what I consider to be immortal!



what else can I do!

Are you planning to use this body to avenge your grandfather?

Own opponent is thousands of times more dangerous than Siirius in front of him!

I am terribly weak!

Before he knew it, Wiliam’s mind was completely unconscious.

He looked vaguely at the villagers standing in front of him, but was killed by Siirius’s butcher.

In my ears, there seemed to be a misty singing.

It is “The Third Kingdom of Jade Dragon”.

The singing voice is desolate and helpless, like two butterflies who have died in love, unable to die, suffering thousands of times in the fire.

Some villagers knelt down towards Yongshengshui, folded their hands together, and sang a desperate song.

His heart beat fiercely!

A puff of blood rushed towards his head!

The immortal water beside him was gurgling hot.

The coquettish red seemed a deadly temptation.

What should I do if I have no strength?

Since the villagers are not bloody, they can ask for immortality water.

what about me!

Is this damn immortal water still instigating these stupid villagers?

It’s me!

Destroy yourself!

Thinking of this, Wiliam tried his last bit of strength and stood up.

He looked sadly at the purgatory in front of him, and muttered to himself.

“Eagle die in the sky, Long Jue Dadi!”

“Tigger !”

Following Wiliam’s roar, Tigger turned his head and looked at Wiliam.

The look in Wiliam’s eyes at this moment was really terrifying.

The eyes are red, it seems to be bleeding!

He opened his mouth, and drops of blood flew from his mouth.

“I owed you a glass of wine before! Now, I will pay you back!”

“Do it first!”

After all, he suddenly jumped up in full view!


Jump into the pool of immortality!

“No!” Sad voices rang out at the scene!

All the villagers are not cherishing Wiliam!

But cherishing the eternal water!

The immortal water guarded by this generation has been defiled.

The significance of their existence for thousands of years, once dispersed!

“Do not!”

They roared together, their eyes red instantly.

As if being stung by Wiliam’s rude behavior, everyone was crazy at this moment!

Their hearts seemed to be completely broken.

They were invaded like wild beasts, and they went crazy in an instant.

“I’m fighting with you!” Everyone almost rushed towards Siirius and the others!

Siirius didn’t think that there would be such a change at all, and suddenly panicked, “What are you doing in a daze! Come over and kill!”

The villagers have lost their minds and are even more afraid of life and death.

They used their teeth as tools and hands as knives, and they immediately fought with Siirius’s people.

And Tigger looked at Wiliam who disappeared from the Immortal Pond, and his whole person was completely mad.

Only he knew why Wiliam made such a decision to die!

He was to completely destroy the shackles of the villagers!

Only by destroying the shackles that have been worn on them for thousands of years can they truly stand up.

Do not hesitate to use his life!

The temperature of the immortal water is very high. Wiliam must be dead if he jumps like this!

Tears fell from the corner of Tigger ‘s eyes.

His head was still echoing Wiliam’s last sentence.

“Do it first!”

Don’t you owe yourself a glass of wine?

He was so mad to take this eternal life pool as a cup!

He is so crazy that he uses this eternal water as wine!

I toasted myself a glass of bitter wine that was hard to repay for thousands of years!

“Ah!” Tigger roared at the sky, completely mad.

He grabbed a knife on the ground and rushed out like crazy.

“Siirius! Take his life!”

Siirius’s seventy or eighty people were armed with weapons in their hands, and they were originally full of momentum.

But under the siege of these madmen, the momentum suddenly weakened.

Siirius suddenly killed a subordinate who wanted to escape with one hand.

The suppression by military force once again stirred up the blood of his men.

The scene really became a Shura field.

And no one has noticed that there is a shocking rebirth happening in the Immortal Pool in the Shura Field..

Chapter 305 Long Live Hell

Wiliam was indeed crazy when he joined the Immortal Pool.

He couldn’t understand these villagers!

Can’t get used to them being humbled!

Can’t understand their confusion and superstition!

I can’t help them to ignore life!

All kinds of uncomfortable!

Therefore, he feeds the pool with his body, it is entirely a moment of passion, and wants to use his last life to awaken their will to survive.

His body fell into the blood pool fiercely.


This is his first feeling.

As if burned by a fire, his body was almost torn apart in such high temperature blood water.

However, a strange warmth surged from my heart.

It seems that such quintessential blood water is exactly what he wants in his life.


In the water, he couldn’t breathe for a while, and he opened his mouth, and blood poured into his nose and mouth.

And this one is out of control.

He was in the water, swallowing blood.

His mind is completely unconscious.

Only by instinct.

As he swallowed blood, his body seemed to be eaten by thousands of ants, and it was unbearable.

In my heart, it seemed that something was about to move, trying to break the shackles.

He couldn’t help but feel refreshed.

this is……

Wiliam has been stuck in the second chapter of the “Impermanent Medical Classics” for this period of time, and couldn’t break through.

However, there is a feeling of breakthrough now.

It was like a thick city wall, in the blood soaked, gradually a trace of cracks appeared.

The cracks are getting bigger and bigger.

Are you going to break through?

Wiliam thought to himself.

He closed his eyes and gave the world to the unknown.

There were more and more cracks, but unfortunately, the city wall couldn’t collapse.

Almost a little bit of strength.

At this time, if you have a little bit of strength, you can push this precarious city wall, right?

Wiliam’s heart gradually became anxious as he was about to break through and could not break through the realm.

How to do?

Where is the strength?

When Wiliam was anxious, there was a strange warm current in his hands.

He was in the blood and couldn’t see anything at all.

However, he could clearly perceive the warm current.


Long live safflower!

The long live safflower that Wiliam had always inserted in his hands before!

There are others in the pocket!

Ever since Wiliam got the Needles of Red Flower from his grandpa, he has always felt that the Needles of Red Flower is extraordinary!

When using Needles of Red Flower to kill people before, the upper half of the silver needle would become extremely strange.

Shows a faint sense of bloodthirsty.

Now, there is blood all around me!

Drinking blood and king!

Do you want to drink!

Long live safflower, let you drink enough!

Don’t let me down!

Thinking of this, Wiliam gathered all the Needles of Red Flower in his hands and spread them out.

Suddenly, this warm current became stronger.

Even Wiliam could faintly feel the breathing sensation from the silver needle in his hand.

They are full!

They are swigging!

They are excited!

Originally, Wiliam could not see anything in the blood.

But at this moment, I was stunned to see a bunch of colors that were more fascinating than blood, in my own hands!

Not knowing if it was an illusion, Wiliam suddenly felt that the blood around him had a fading feeling.

The blood is no longer thick and cannot be melted.

That’s it, have a good drink…

On the ground, Tigger was completely mad.

Holding a butcher knife, he desperately headed towards Siirius.

However, Siirius retreated quickly and let his men push up.

He grinned grimly behind him, “Finally, there is still a bit of an alluring style, but it’s a pity, the end is dead, it’s just a stubborn resistance.”

Seeing Siirius’s retreating pace, Tigger ‘s heart shook.

This pace…

Could it be that Siirius has been hiding himself all these years?

What the world calls Siirius has always been a vicious guy who is good at conspiracy and tricks.

But no one has ever seen Siirius’s skill.

Therefore, people say that Siirius has no power to bind a chicken.

But looking at this pace, it doesn’t seem to be what people have said…

Tigger was thinking, the enemy had already rushed over.

He was full of blood!

Regardless of him, Siirius is a man or a ghost!

Today is to burn the jade!

Why do you miss him!

His footsteps moved again, and he quickly killed.

The scene was bloody.

It just so happens that the topography of the small hill is low in the middle and high all around.

The blood flowed down the gully into the blood pool.

The villagers had already fainted.

In this life, he has only promised. Have you ever seen such a sea of ​​corpses?

However, each of their eyes were red, and they seemed unspeakably happy!

It seems to vent all these thousands of years of frustration today.

Such pleasure is also very good!

More than a dozen of Siirius’s men fell.

As for the villagers, more than fifty have fallen.

They are not afraid of death at all, they catch a person and a bunch of people will swarm up!

As if to divide the enemy into pieces.

Killing is slow.

But the enemy died terribly!

He was killed alive!

This scene also made Siirius frightened!

He suddenly regretted it.

I knew that this group of people would go crazy, and I shouldn’t have played that game just now.

Now it’s alright. The enemy is just like an ant. Although they have little combat effectiveness, they are better than people.

“Kill me! Those who go back alive will each have a reward of 100,000!” Siirius shouted again.

Those men refreshed, and rushed up again.

The battle is still continuing and fermenting.

The roar even reached Wiliam’s unconscious ears.

Wiliam had one ear, and he felt anxious again as he listened to the violent roar on the ground.

However, this long live safflower, like a thousand years of hunger and thirst, still does not seem to stop sucking blood.

The invisible wall in his heart collapsed with the last trace of strength.



Wiliam couldn’t help roaring in his heart!

And just as Wiliam roared, Needles of Ruby Flower seemed to know Wiliam’s mind. At this moment, all the magical red lights bloomed!

The wall in his heart finally collapsed with a big bang!

A force raged in Wiliam’s body instantly!


He was about to be excited, but his eyes suddenly opened!

The whole person’s face has become hideous!

not good!

Is it that I am eager to achieve success, to be torn apart by the power of this breakthrough!

No way!

Must vent out immediately!

Thinking of this, Wiliam’s foot suddenly stepped in the blood!

The whole person rushed up directly from the pool like a cannonball!

Everyone heard the abnormal noise and looked at the Immortal Pond together.

At this look, everyone’s goose bumps are about to fall off!

I saw a person who was covered with blood and could not see his face rushed out!

The whole person is like a sea of ​​blood monsters, terrifying!

What makes people feel more disheartened!

In front of him, there was a handful of silver needles that flashed red!

this is!

The blood god is born!

“I have a hundred red flowers!”

“I’ll grant you a ten-thousand-year-old hell!”

Chapter 306: Return of the King

This thing is a man or a ghost!

what exactly is it!

Everyone’s mouths are wide open!

However, Tigger ‘s tears suddenly fell!

Who else can rush out of the pool of immortality!

Who else can make a strong debut in isolation?

Not the blood god descended!

It’s the return of the king!


“It’s Wiliam! It’s Wiliam!” Tigger roared like crazy.

As if to shout out all the guilt in my heart just now.

When Siirius heard Wiliam’s name, his pupils shrank!

The whole person shuddered!

Damn it!

How could this guy be like cockroach who can’t be Kill!

This is all dead!

Instead, now, what is going on looking magnificent!

What happened to him during this time in the pool!

Everyone stared at Wiliam who sprang out, and even forgot to fight.

And this is just two seconds.

After Wiliam sprang out, he actually saw his Needles of Red Flower sprang out as well.

And now hanging in front of him.

Wiliam felt weird for the first time.

It seems that I have experienced the breakthrough just now, and I am connected with Needles of Ruby Flower.

It’s strange, it’s a kind of lifeless silver needle, but it just gives people the feeling of being connected.

He was about to study carefully, but his eyes saw the ground.

At this look, his eyes are red!

Blood flows into a river!

Hell is nothing but that!

The villagers who could not fight back looked so helpless and pitiful under Siirius’s butcher knife!

Wiliam’s eyes looked at Siirius!

With the turbulent blood in his body, his nameless anger suddenly reached a peak at this moment!

He suddenly opened his hands and stared!

Like the blood demon of a thousand generations, the sound made has become hoarse and ghostly!

“I have a hundred red flowers!”

“Long live the hell for you!”

The Needles of Red Flower in front of him seemed to understand Wiliam’s heart.

With Wiliam waved his hand!

Needles of Ruby Flower, like the phantom of the cold night, flew towards the people of Siirius like lightning!

This scene once again looked silly everyone!

Even the people of Siirius couldn’t even hide in time!

On their bodies, small blood-colored flowers bloomed immediately.

There was no hum.

Siirius’s men all fell down together.

Siirius was beyond everyone’s expectations!

He actually grabbed one of his men like lightning and blocked him.

Escaped the kill!

The scene was speechless!

They looked at Wiliam who fell to the ground, completely speechless.

Just now, Wiliam’s hand that the goddess scattered flowers, suddenly killed half of Siirius’s men!

Wiliam fell to the ground and couldn’t help staggering for several steps.

It seems that this move just consumed all his physical strength.

He tried to influence Needles of Ruby Flower again, but found that the feeling of connecting with Needles of Ruby Flower before disappeared without a trace like a flash in the pan.

Is it an illusion?

Wiliam thought silently.

Tigger rushed to Wiliam’s side and asked anxiously: “Wiliam, are you having trouble?”

Wiliam shook his body and gave a strong laugh, “I have nothing to do.”

Tigger looked at Wiliam suspiciously.

When Wiliam fell into the Immortal Pond before, he was already at the end of the violent crossbow, and there was little vitality.

But now, he can still stand.

Even his body is more vigorous than before.

It’s really weird.

“What did you do just now…” Tigger planned to continue asking.

But it was severely interrupted by Siirius’s voice.

“Wiliam! You are looking for death!”

Siirius looked at his subordinates, and he was killed by Wiliam for more than 30, and his eyes turned red.

lost heavily!

Here today, he has lost more than a hundred people!

What a shame!

If this is known by his master, he still won’t chop off his head!

You must kill Wiliam!

But Wiliam grabbed the knife in Tigger ‘s hand and staggered towards Siirius under the eyes of everyone.

“He left it to me, you are free to do the rest.” Wiliam looked at Siirius with endless killing intent in his eyes!

This kind of killing intent is just the killing intent of Needles of Ruby Flower just now!

It was a real monologue that seemed to hide in his heart for thousands of years!




Kill these bastards in front of you!

Siirius is inferior to this beast!

Every step he takes, he gives people a strange sense of depression.

It seems that there is a kind of momentum gradually rising in him.

Obviously walking is shaking, but the look in his eyes makes everyone scared!

And Siirius watched Wiliam come, this time, he finally stopped hiding behind.

He also took the knife and stood up, “Leave this guy to me, and you will kill the others!”

The two sides fought again.

Wiliam’s eyes were only Siirius.

He kicked his feet on the ground and jumped out.

One knife!

With this knife, Wiliam slashed at Siirius’s neck fiercely!

Leave no effort!

It was about to hit, but an unexpected scene appeared.

Siirius’s footsteps spun on the ground unexpectedly, and mysteriously avoided Wiliam’s knife.

On the contrary, he hit Wiliam on the back with a single knife!

This scene broke everyone’s glasses!

Siirius is so powerful!

Tigger was even more disturbed!


Siirius has been hiding himself!

He is extraordinary!

Wiliam is in danger!

Wiliam received a knife in the back, blood flowed like hell!

However, he had no control over his back, but he stared at Siirius closely.

He also saw Siirius’s skill, far above Tigger !

Siirius played a trick on the spot, and said grimly: “So you are also a master of foreign power. I underestimated you before. Then, let me introduce myself formally. My name is Siirius and I learned from Frederick. Heaven Martial Club.”

“What!” Tigger behind him heard these words, his face suddenly became extremely ugly!

“Wiliam! Huang He was first our famous Frederick master in Q City ( Qena City ). Don’t underestimate it!” Tigger shouted at Wiliam.

At this time, Tigger felt a trace of regret in his heart!

He never thought that Siirius still has this heavy identity!

Turned out to be Frederick’s apprentice!

Frederick is a real practitioner!

Far from being comparable to their kind .

Tigger prides himself on being able to fight, but only because of his rich experience against the enemy, he has no skills at all.

But martial arts practitioners is different. Their path is not comparable to Tigger and the others.

It is said that in his early years, Frederick could do fifty gangsters by himself, and he became famous at that time!

However, this kind of practicing family has always been very proud and will not participate in underground disputes.

Siirius broke this rule unexpectedly.

Tigger was worried about Wiliam’s life, but saw Wiliam walk slowly.

Knife hung on the ground, clanging!

“I have this last bit of strength, and I will dedicate it to this hell tonight.”

Nine deaths without regrets!

Chapter 307

Wiliam’s words moved the audience!

The villagers of Lantern Village have tears in their eyes!

There is a person who is like this, lay down his life for them instead of wanting!

What else can they do!

In order to live up to Wiliam’s high hopes!

For the incense lamp incense lasting!

Only pick up the butcher knife!


These people, with tears in their eyes, rushed out again!

However, Siirius saw Wiliam slowly walking, his eyes flashed with cold light.

Suddenly he ran quickly.

Wiliam’s heart shrank.

Siirius hadn’t done anything since just now.

He can be regarded as full.

But myself, he has already died once.

Only this remnant.

Siirius is extremely vicious, this is planning to drag himself down with speed.

Sure enough, as Wiliam expected, Siirius ran quickly, and Wiliam rushed over as soon as Wiliam didn’t pay attention.

The knife took Wiliam’s neck!

Wiliam was like a flat boat in a violent storm, at any time in danger of being killed by Siirius.

Tigger ‘s eyes were cracked at the scene!

He wanted to intervene, but found that he couldn’t get in at all.

And he didn’t dare to intervene.

He knew Wiliam’s pride.

This was a break between Wiliam and Siirius.

It can only be him, personally end it!

“Wiliam! Let’s drink together when you triumphantly!” Tigger roared tearfully, venting his anger on Siirius’s hands.

Siirius looked at Wiliam obviously not knowing, and while running, he smiled jokingly: “What? Can’t keep up with me?”

“I’m afraid you just stepped into the outside world just now, hahaha.”

“I really look at you too highly, how can a wild road like you be comparable to me.”

“It’s a pity that I have hidden my skills for ten years, and I was forced out by you today. I was thinking of giving Tigger a surprise.”

Wiliam didn’t understand Siirius’s words at all, and he forced himself to concentrate.

However, he lost too much blood.

It is simply not enough for him to gather his spirit.

In a short while, Siirius had already made a knife mark on Wiliam’s body.

“Hahaha, I’m stubbornly resisting, I advise you to surrender early, I will give you a chance to self-decision, otherwise it will be so easy to wait for you to fall down and want to die.” Siirius laughed.

At this time, he noticed that Wiliam’s figure trembled.

Finally can’t hold it!

How could Siirius let go of such a great opportunity!

He immediately rushed to Wiliam’s back!

But at this time, his pupils shrank!

Wiliam, who was about to fall, turned around like a god!

“Damn!” Siirius knew immediately that he was hit!

This damn Wiliam is showing his enemy’s weakness!

I’m careless!

Siirius rushed to the side immediately, but it was too late!

Wiliam’s knife wiped Siirius’s neck severely.

But at this critical moment, Siirius smiled sorrowfully again.

“You are showing weakness to lure the enemy, why am I not trying to do it?” Siirius laughed, and suddenly and dangerously avoided the deadly knife.

Then, his knife pierced Wiliam’s body fiercely!

“Puff!” Sword into the body!

Wiliam’s shoulder was pierced with a knife!

Siirius used all his strength with this sword, and the blade directly penetrated Wiliam’s shoulder.

Seeing that Wiliam was finally knocked down by himself, Siirius couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “Hahaha! Now it’s up to you to die!”

But his laughter suddenly stopped!

He actually saw that Wiliam, who should have fallen, suddenly grabbed his blade with one hand!

Wiliam’s hand was instantly bloodied by a knife!

And Wiliam finally showed a smile on his stern face.

“You are trying to calculate, but you know that I am trying to calculate?” Wiliam said indifferently.

Siirius’s heart was chilled, and he looked at the cold and ruthless Wiliam at this moment in disbelief!


This is a complete lunatic!

No one is like this!

He wanted to draw a knife to escape, but Wiliam’s hand gripped the blade tightly to prevent Siirius from pulling away!

With this move, Wiliam actually stopped Siirius’s offensive at the cost of being penetrated through his shoulders!

Originally, Siirius’s biggest advantage was speed.

If this continues, Siirius can easily consume Wiliam.

Now, his knife was caught by Wiliam.

What is left to them is a head-on confrontation!

The speed advantage was instantly disintegrated by Wiliam!

Siirius is worthy of being a ruthless man, he must abandon his sword and leave immediately!

But this was an opportunity that Wiliam finally created, how could he let Siirius succeed!

Wiliam’s other hand that had originally dropped the knife, took advantage of it!

Siirius’s legs were suddenly wiped, bloodshot shot!

Siirius roared bitterly, and finally got a chance and stepped back.

Wiliam looked at Siirius who had retired, feeling unwilling!

Sure enough, can this only be done?

Wiliam’s knife was originally hanging down on the ground. If he wanted to lift his neck, Siirius must have found a chance to get away.

So I can only take the second place and give him a knife in both legs.

However, this knife was enough to stop Siirius’s speed.

Siirius also instantly understood Wiliam’s strategy, and his face suddenly became savage!

damn thing!

He was forced to this place by a dying person!

He grabbed a knife from the ground and cut it at Wiliam like crazy.

At this time, the two of them were completely shopping.

“Wiliam, you can’t kill me! I have the power of Siirius! Wealth is in sight! This fate is destined to be extremely beautiful! You will die for me!” Siirius was also beaten out of blood, slashing frantically.

Wiliam felt that the power in his body was gradually fading.

His eyes were red again.

Is the kingship in hand, is wealth in sight?

What the laity asks, but so!

Do you want kingship?

Do you want to be rich?

Go to Yan Wang Laozi and ask for it!

Wiliam exchanged his life again, and Siirius was cut into the chest by Siirius!

And Wiliam, as if completely bursting into blood, wow, sprayed blood on Siirius’s face!

He slashed at Siirius!

Siirius stopped with a knife!

However, Wiliam seemed to be about to completely crush Siirius with the power of Mount Tai.

“Rich and rich!”

“I cut your kingship!”

“Cut your wealth!”




With the last cut, everyone only heard a crackle of gold and iron cracking.

Siirius’s knife was cut directly by Wiliam’s dying force!

Everyone was about to rejoice, but saw it in amazement!

In an instant, Siirius grabbed the broken blade and stabbed Wiliam into the stomach!

Through the body!

Blood is flowing like a shot!

Wiliam didn’t dodge or dodge, but grabbed Siirius and fell into the Eternal Life Pool again amidst the screams of everyone!

“On netherworld Road, Lao Tzu will take you too!”

“Bone bones and ashes!”

Chapter 308

The people at the scene, tears streaming down.

They just saw that Wiliam was stabbed really hard.

If you fall into the pool of eternal life like this, can you still live?

Siirius’s subordinates had been wiped out since just now.

Everyone gathered around the edge of the Immortal Pond, watching the two people disappeared, and someone cried on the spot.

The cry was contagious.

Tigger looked at the blood flowing around the corpses and thought about what happened tonight.

Thinking of Wiliam saving the village overnight.

Now, even more of a life is spared, and Siirius will die together, and keep peace forever.

A deep sadness bred from Tigger ‘s heart. He, a seven-foot man, even learned from the villagers, and started to cry.

He knelt upright on the edge of the Immortal Pond, crying too hard to himself!

“Wiliam! Wiliam!” Tigger yelled towards the Immortal Pond frantically.

The villagers behind also roared together.

Suddenly, Wiliam’s shout shocked Yunxiao!

They shouted helplessly, hoping for a miracle.

With tears in his eyes, Tigger beat the ground desperately with one hand.

“Wiliam! Come out! Are you not good at turning the tide! Are you good at creating miracles!”

“Then come out!”

A cry of sorrow, I don’t know how long it lasted.

The smoke that shouted outside gradually dissipated.

Shout until the fire gradually dissipated.

Shout until the entire incense lantern village is turned into ashes.

But he couldn’t call out the return of a heaven and earth hero.

Tigger ‘s heart gradually cooled. He sat down on the ground and looked at the villagers in front of him. He suddenly loved and hated.

There are only two hundred people left in the village of three hundred people.

In the previous battle, more than a hundred people died.

It was such a tragic battle that continued the life of Lantern Village.

“Chenghu, let’s go.” The village head tremblingly helped Tigger up.

Tigger wiped his tears and stood up slowly.

Everyone had no hope of Wiliam’s return.

“Lantern Village has his name in history. We will set up a tombstone of Wiliam here to live forever and enshrine him.” The village chief choked out again.

The others nodded together.

Lu Yezhi’s favor is nothing in return.

Just when Tigger and others were discouraged and wanted to leave, the Immortal Pond, which had been calm, suddenly felt a wave of waves.

Tigger glared at him, broke free of the village chief’s support, and looked towards the Immortal Pond in disbelief!

The waves are getting bigger and bigger!

As if there is something to rush out!

Tigger ‘s heart was completely desperate, beating fiercely at this moment!

“Wiliam!” he shouted!

All the villagers gathered together again, watching the growing waves, their eyes showed incredible joy and shock!

Wiliam, are you really alive!

After suffering such a serious injury, if you can live, it is really blessed by God!

“Wow!” A clear and audible sound of breaking water!

A human head suddenly appeared on the eternal life water!

Tigger was about to call Wiliam, but he was shocked to find that the head out of the water was not Wiliam!

But Siirius!

Siirius’s head was barely exposed to the surface of the water, his eyes widened with anger!

This scene scared many people away.

Tigger ‘s tears came out again.

If it was Siirius, it meant that Wiliam was really buried in this pond of immortality.

He was about to look for Siirius desperately in grief and angrily, suddenly a hand stretched out the water!

When everyone saw this scene, they couldn’t help screaming!

This hand seems to be about to capture the world!

This hand is surprisingly holding Siirius’s head!

With his hand completely out of the water, Siirius’s deadly head was also completely exposed to everyone’s eyes!

Then, there was another “Wow!”

A figure rushed out of the water!

“It’s Wiliam! It’s really Wiliam!” At this moment, Tigger couldn’t restrain his emotions anymore, and shouted frantically!

Wasn’t it Wiliam who came out!

At this time, Wiliam was covered in blood, and his entire face was extremely hideous!

He fell on the ground, and the scars on his body were vivid!

He suddenly threw Siirius’s head on the ground and stepped on it!

Clenching fists with both hands, a face suddenly raised to look at the sky!

“Roar!” A violent and arrogant roar came from his throat!

This roar is like a behemoth from ancient times!

The voice was full of sorrow, and it was the hysterical pride of the strong!

When everyone saw this scene, they were completely dumbfounded.

It is as if the God of War came from the sky, killing the Quartet tonight and quelling the catastrophe of Lantern Village!

Finally, step on the head!

Make fists with both hands!

Scream up to the sky!

This scene is deeply engraved in everyone’s heart!

Tigger ‘s legs knelt down unconsciously!

The villagers around also knelt down in front of Wiliam like this!

Eternal life is gone!

King Wiliam!

A king enthroned!

Worship forever!

This shocking moment has also become the moment in Tigger ‘s heart that King Wiliam ascended the throne!

The king is awake!

After Wiliam uttered this angry roar, he completely fainted to the ground.

“Quick! Save Wiliam!” Tigger hugged Wiliam and shouted.

Fortunately, there was a village doctor in the village, and Lu Yekancan saved his life.

But he was in a coma for three full days.

During this time, Sharon woke up.

At a glance, she saw the messy village and the remaining villagers.

When she saw these people, her tears fell on the spot.

Seeing them, it means that the entire Lantern Village has been saved.

And when she knew that it was Wiliam who rescued Lantern Village by herself, she was moved to tears.

She took the initiative to ask Ying to take care of Wiliam for these three days.

During these three days, the villagers began to rebuild their homes.

The homeland rebuilt on a ruin will be more indestructible this time!

Because here, the souls of a hundred villagers are buried!

They will guard the incense lantern village for generations.

On this day, Sharon was replacing Wiliam’s gauze again, but as soon as he untied the gauze on Wiliam’s body, Sharon couldn’t help but exclaimed!

“Dad! Come and see!” Sharon rushed out the door and pulled Tigger in.

When Tigger saw Wiliam’s body, he suddenly exclaimed.

Originally, Wiliam’s body was full of scars, and some of the wounds were deeply visible.

Especially the abdomen was stabbed directly.

Such a serious injury will take at least several months to recover!

But now, what did Tigger see!

Some of Wiliam’s injuries started to scab!

It’s hard to be confident!

In the world, there are people who recover so quickly!

Tigger thought about it, but in the end he could only blame it on Wiliam, a good man who had good rewards, and God blessed him!

What they didn’t know was that in the three days of Q City ( Qena City ), there was a shocking turbulence!

The Feliicity are even more catastrophic!

Chapter 309 Nirvana

When Wiliam Tigger and their phones were fighting before, they were all damaged and there was no signal in the village.

They completely disconnected from the outside world.

And Siirius, who was full of confidence before, had already made arrangements before conquering Lantern Village.

After that night, Q City ( Qena City ) spread the news that Tigger was dead.

When Tigger ‘s men heard this message, one by one was discouraged and unwilling to fight for hegemony.

Although Siirius’s subordinates couldn’t get in touch with Siirius, they still acted according to the plan and collected the entire Q City ( Qena City ) underground.

On Bernard’s side, when he heard the news of Tigger ‘s death, the whole person became excited!

It turned out that what Siirius said was true!

In other words, Wiliam is also dead!


The opportunity to get ahead is finally here!

The next step is to find the little bitch Feliicity afterwards!

He hurried to find Siirius’s men, spent a lot of money, invited them to move, and agreed to kill them at Feliicity’s house early the next morning.

Trample Feliicity!

In Lantern Village, Wiliam finally woke up after ten o’clock in the evening.

Sharon was overjoyed when he saw Wiliam open his eyes, “Wiliam! You finally woke up! I am about to die of worry.”

Wiliam glanced at Sharon.

At this moment, Sharon is so haggard that he has no longer seen the arrogance before.

Her dark circles are heavy, but now her eyes are very bright.

“How long have I been in a coma?” Wiliam asked weakly.

“Three days, three full days!” Sharon’s eyes turned red.

Wiliam’s heart shivered for three days, so long!

If the Feliicity didn’t contact me for three days, I don’t know how to worry.

“Call your dad over.” Wiliam said to Sharon.

Sharon nodded and quickly walked outside.

Wiliam scanned the surroundings.

The place where he was at the moment was obviously a newly built hut.

He also checked his body carefully, but he didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad.

He can clearly feel that the toughness of his body has greatly improved and made breakthroughs compared to before.

This should be the effect brought about by breaking through to Chapter 3 of the “Medical Classic of Wuchang”.

In other words, oneself is the threshold to enter the external force.

External power, in the eyes of the world, should be the realm of some Frederick masters.

The bones and muscles are extremely strong.

And he was shocked to discover that his blood seemed to be different from before.

When he calmed down completely, he could hear the sound of blood flowing in his body.

Like big rivers, rushing endlessly!

A very strange feeling.

Wiliam thought about it and didn’t know why. In the end, he could only want to say if it was because he drank blood in the pond of eternal life.

Changed blood?

There is a feeling in his mind that in his life, he has been indissoluble with blood.

Thinking of blood, he thought of his long live safflower.

At this thought, he immediately became anxious.

He remembered that at the last moment, he shot out Needles of Ruby Flower.

That’s a relic left by my grandfather!

But he immediately saw that the Needles of Red Flower were placed beside his pillow.

The vermilion above, faintly shining with cold light.

It should be Tigger who knows the importance of this long live safflower to him, so he specifically explained to the villagers to collect them all…

Wiliam was overjoyed and grasped Needles of Red Flower.

Needles of Ruby Flower in his hand, with a warm feeling.

Wiliam couldn’t help but recall the feeling of the connection with Needles of Ruby Flower before. I don’t know when this connection will appear again.

However, as long as you keep practicing, sooner or later, you will be able to merge with Needles of Red Flower.

“Wiliam! You are awake!” A voice interrupted Wiliam’s thoughts.

Tigger ran in eagerly.

Wiliam nodded, “Well, get ready, I want to go down the mountain immediately.”

Tigger was taken aback, “But your body…”

“It’s awkward, I should be able to walk,” Wiliam said.

Tigger finally nodded, “Alright, we have been in contact with the outside world for three days, and your family must be very worried about you. It is estimated that Q City ( Qena City ) has become a mess now, and it is time to go back.”

Wiliam nodded.

At this time, Tigger suddenly knelt in front of Wiliam, and said in a deep voice, “Wiliam! Your great kindness, I, Tigger , will not repay me. For the next half of my life, my life will be yours. , Daoshanhuohai, you can send it anywhere!”

Serving Wiliam, this was Tigger ‘s mind when Wiliam appeared alone with a lantern.

Later on, Wiliam gave up his life, why did Tigger have any reason not to go through fire and water for Wiliam!

Wiliam looked at Tigger ‘s firm eyes, and was not polite to him.

After all, it was Wiliam’s plan to subdue Tigger .

Seeing Wiliam’s promise, Tigger felt less guilty on his face, so he helped Wiliam up.

Wiliam was still in bandages. With the help of Tigger , he put on his clothes and tried to walk two steps.

Fortunately, walking is not a problem, but the body is sore.

It should be an injury, plus the consequences of a severe physical overdraft.

He walked outside, but was stunned.

At this moment, in the incense lantern village, pieces of burnt areas still exist.

However, on the ruins, many thatched houses were rebuilt.

The new home is here.

On the square, a huge bonfire was lit.

The Lantern Village was dark.

Many people saw Wiliam come out, and stood at their door, bowing to Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at their eyes and felt a little relief in his heart.

In the darkness, they can still see the light in their eyes.

Their eyes are very different from before, it is a new look.

It is a look full of hope for the future.

As long as there is such a look in the eyes, there should be no fear of any disaster.

“The immortal pond, we filled it. Since then, there will be no immortal pond in Lantern Village. We only live for ourselves!” Tigger whispered to Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded, that’s good.

With Tigger ‘s support, he walked forward slowly.

At this time, Wiliam noticed that Tigger was hesitant to speak.

“Brother Tiger, what’s the matter?” Wiliam asked.

Tigger snorted his head, showing an embarrassed expression, “Well, in the past three days, the villagers made a decision, and without your consent, I am embarrassed to say.”

Wiliam looked at Tigger amusedly, “If you are embarrassed to say anything, I and everyone are in a tribulation. If you count as family, just say it directly.”

Hearing what Wiliam said, Tigger ‘s eyes lit up, “Do you really think everyone is a family?”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, I used to hate them a bit, but now I want to come, I am just like them, isn’t it a Nirvana rebirth?”

Tigger patted his hands, “That would be great! Let’s go down the mountain!”

Wiliam glanced at Tigger inexplicably, and the two of them continued to walk forward.

The place where they were originally located was the home of the original village chief, in the innermost part of the village.

This time down the mountain, you must pass the door of all the villagers.

When Wiliam stepped on the door of the first house, a burst of red light suddenly appeared from this house.

A small fragrant blood hundred years lamp was brought out by the family and inserted at the door of the house.

Wiliam was stunned when he saw this red light.

On the Fragrant Blood Centennial Lamp, write a Lu character!

Chapter 310

Wiliam looked puzzled when he saw the lantern.

There is a word written on this lantern, but it is very particular.

Generally, the surname is written on the lantern.

When Wiliam came before, the villagers did not have surnames for their lanterns.

Tigger also specifically explained that he was a craftsman slave from Lantern Village for generations and felt that he did not deserve a surname.

Now, write a letter to Lu…

Wiliam thought of this and glanced at Tigger .

A deep pride appeared in Tigger ‘s eyes.

“The villagers of Lantern Village have a surname!”

Wiliam’s heart shuddered, as if he had understood something, and for a while, he felt sad.

They continued to walk forward.

Every time a family passes by the door, the family will raise a lantern and place it at the door.

Without exception, the word “Lu” is written on it!

Rows of red lanterns resemble fire dragons, extending continuously with Wiliam’s footsteps.

One by one, Lu surnames seemed to be slowly born with Wiliam’s footsteps.

Where Wiliam went, it was like giving a surname.

In a blink of an eye, Wiliam had passed all the doorsteps of his house and came to the bonfire in the square.

He couldn’t help turning his head back to see the red light road.

He looked at the word Lu on it, and the corners of his eyes were wet for a while.

How many years have it been.

I haven’t seen this surname for many years.

Wiliam did not have a family, but could not return home.

Suddenly seeing so many Lujia lanterns now, in his heart, it was like returning to his hometown.

Kind and warm.

This was the warmest gift the villagers gave to Wiliam.

The village chief was standing in front of the bonfire, and all the villagers gradually gathered here.

They knew that Wiliam was leaving.

After all these years, I don’t know when to see you again.

The village chief came to Wiliam with something in his hand.

Seeing Wiliam still looking at the lantern, the village chief laughed and said, “Wiliam, I know you hate us for being self-sufficient. I’m sorry. In the three days you were in a coma, we once again collectively sacrificed blood. But I swear, this is the last time!”

“They used their own blood to make the last Lujia lantern in this Lantern Village. The remaining blood, I use our skills passed down from generation to generation, condensed in this jade pendant, you are the eternal life of our Lantern Village. Benefactor, be careful, not respectful.”

As the village chief said, he handed a small jade pendant to Wiliam.

Wiliam took the jade pendant, and immediately felt a warmth in his palm.

The jade pendant is emerald green, but in the middle, a few fascinating blood flows!

These traces of blood, even under the light of the fire, gleamed.

Wiliam was surprised that these craftsmen really have unique skills, and they can condense the blood of so many people into these few threads!

That shows how pure these traces of blood should be.

“This jade pendant should have some magical effects, and you will naturally know about it in the future.” The village chief said sincerely.

Wiliam nodded, said thank you, and put away the jade pendant.

At this time, the village chief motioned to others to bring a bowl of water.

The others seemed to be ready long ago, all holding up their new wooden bowls.

“Respect your benefactor! Incense for generations! Open branches and leaves! Hundreds of thousands of families!” After the village chief said, he drank the water.

Others also shouted loudly, “Respect the benefactor! Incense for generations! Open branches and leaves! Hundreds of thousands of families!”

Wiliam was moved in his heart. He looked at this Lantern Village rebuilt on the ruins, and he was full of pride for a while!

He held up the wooden bowl and said piously: “Respect the incense lamp! The fragrant celebrities are fragrant! The five grains are abundant! The peace for generations to come!”

Water does not smell like wine, but it is stronger than wine.

After Wiliam drank the bowl of water, he went home with Tigger .

Behind him, the villagers sang “The Third Kingdom of the Jade Dragon” again.

“Ah mile… Ah mile…”

“Holding your hand in the breeze, kissing your face in the drizzle…”

“Here is the bridge and the flowing water filled with flowers and snow…”

“In the legend, you and I will never be separated, in the singing, you and I love to death…”

“The Jade Dragon, the Third Kingdom, flying in the wind and strolling in the sea of ​​clouds…”

“Oh… I love you until the jade dragon flies to the sky…”

“Oh… I love me, it stops flowing when I love Lishui…”

“Trust me, follow me, I will let the snow lotus on the mountain drive for you…”

“Let’s fly, let’s float, we are in the third country of Yulong…”

This song runs through the life of Lantern Village.

When Wiliam heard it for the first time, the song was mournful, and he had no desire for death and no concern.

The second time I heard it, the singing was stern, like a tormented butterfly in the fire.

Now I hear it again, but I feel the singing is cheerful, and I have endless yearning for life.

This should be the eternal life belonging to Lantern Village.

Because Sharon’s hand was injured, Tigger , who was the least injured, drove the car. The night was heavy and silent.

“Wiliam, take a break, we should arrive in Q City ( Qena City ) early tomorrow morning.” Tigger said.

“Yeah.” Wiliam said, but his eyes floated to the trunk, where there was a strong smell of blood.

Tigger seemed to know Wiliam’s doubts, and said, “That’s the head of the bastard Siirius! This time I return to Q City ( Qena City ), I will uproot his remnant party!”

Wiliam nodded and closed his eyes.

Early the next morning, Bernard waited at the door.

After waiting for a while, finally a group of people came over menacingly.

This group of people is Siirius’s subordinates.

The head is a middle-aged man named Falcon.

He’s been living very well these days.

Under his vigorous and resolute means, Tigger ‘s territory was quickly taken away.

In the days when Siirius was away, he faintly became the leader of Q City ( Qena City ).

But Bernard paid a big price to invite him to sit here.

Bernard hurriedly nodded and bowed, so that he could wait for the Falcon to eat breakfast, and then a group of people drove to Feliicity’s house.

In Feliicity’s house, Feliicity described it as haggard, as if she had completely lost the glory of the flower of the allure.

Her eyes were flushing, she curled up on the sofa blankly, staring at the phone on the table.

It’s been three days, and Wiliam has been missing for three full days. There is no news!

This is something that has never happened before!

In the past three days, Feliicity frantically called Wiliam’s number, and also mobilized people to inquire about Wiliam’s messages.

However, there is no news.

Later, she found out that Wiliam finally left with Tigger , and was about to inquire about Tigger ‘s message.

But there was bad news that Tigger was dead.

This bad news, like a shocking thunder, made Feliicity unable to recover for a long time.

Wiliam went with Tigger . If Tigger died, then Wiliam…

Thinking of this, Feliicity’s tears came out again.

She suddenly discovered how fragile and helpless she was without Wiliam by her side…

“Wiliam, where are you? I miss you so much, will you come back? I can’t live without you…” Feliicity muttered bitterly.

At this time, there was a huge kick at the door!


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