Dragon Husband Chapter 311-320

Chapter 311 The Snow King Can’t Move

The loud kicking sound made Feliicity awaken on the spot.

She looked at the door in astonishment, the wooden door was already shattered!

She was scared in her heart and hurried to the door, shouting in horror: “Who? Who are you?”

There was no answer at the door, only a single kick at the door.

“Bang!” The wooden door finally shattered.

A crowd of people swarmed in!

Feliicity’s heart shuddered when she saw the person in charge!

It’s Bernard!

At this moment, Bernard’s eyes were full of joking, he walked in leisurely and stood in front of Feliicity.

The Falcon, holding a dagger, stretched out his tongue and licked it lightly.

His eyes stared closely at Feliicity.

Rao Shi Feliicity was very haggard at the moment, but from the eyes of Falcon and his men, he was still beautiful.

There was even a trace of Daiyu’s burial flower.

The flower of Q City ( Qena City ) really deserves its reputation.

“Bernard, what are you doing!” Feliicity bitterly shouted.

Bernard let out a sneer, “What are you doing? Ho Ho, of course I am here to take care of you for your dead husband.”

“What did you say!” Feliicity’s expression changed on the spot.

Bernard graciously placed a cigarette and said with a smile: “You don’t know, your husband has died in Sirius’ hands, right?”

Feliicity is struck by lightning!

Even though she was always suspicious, no one told her clearly that she still had a million unbelief in her heart.

Now, Bernard actually said it.

Could it be that Wiliam has really…

Thinking of this, her eyes suddenly turned red.

“Ouch, I’m going to cry, I really feel sorry for me.” Bernard smiled smugly.

“Three days ago, your husband and Tigger died in the hands of Sirius. I came here today and we have grievances and revenge.” Bernard’s expression suddenly became savage.

Seeing Feliicity, he thought of the scene where he was severely humiliated by Wiliam at the general meeting!

Can’t bear to look back!

“Bernard, such a little beauty, it would be a shame to kill all at once. It’s better to let us brothers and have a good time for a few days.” Falcon stared at Feliicity’s teary face and swallowed his saliva.

Where did Bernard dare to resist, he hurriedly said: “Today, you have the final say, Brother Ying, as long as you can make this little lady not as good as death, I will be content, no, I have to play with you.”

Feliicity paled when she heard the shameless words of these people.

However, her heart is like falling into an ice cellar.

She sat on the sofa in a daze, her whole body as if she had lost her soul, her eyes blank.

Did Wiliam really die in their hands?

If not, how dare Bernard come over with such a big fan…


Thinking of Wiliam, her tears couldn’t hold back anymore, and she fell on the spot.

“Hey, let the buddies be refreshed first.” A little brother couldn’t help seeing Feliicity’s rain, and rushed directly towards Feliicity.

His hand is about to hug Feliicity.

But at this time, an unexpected situation occurred.

Feliicity, who had been sluggish, suddenly grabbed a glass on the table.

She smashed the glass in one fell swoop, and then, with lightning speed, inserted the glass shards into that little brother’s chest!

“Wow!” The little brother didn’t think about it. Feliicity, who was still weak just now, seemed to be a different person.

How dare to commit murder in front of so many people!

Moreover, still in the case of few enemies!

Really look for death!

For a while, the scene was quiet, and only the little brother was holding his bleeding chest and screaming.

Everyone stared at Feliicity in a daze.

Feliicity, holding the shards of the bleeding glass, slowly stood up.

She suddenly looked at Bernard!

The eyes were so fierce for a while!

This looks like a woman’s eyes!

This is clearly the madness of a wild beast choosing people!

Feliicity is crazy!

“Feliicity, you dare to hurt Sirius’s men! You don’t want to live anymore!” Bernard roared.

“Live? Ho ho, if my husband dies, my heart will die too. What’s the point of being alive.” Feliicity laughed tragically, but she did not reduce it.

“You can figure it out clearly. I was only here today to ask you to save face. If you are submissive, I can spare you not to die!” Bernard looked at Feliicity’s death-seeking eyes, and for a while, he didn’t dare to act rashly. First comfort Feliicity.

However, Feliicity suddenly sneered.

“Wiliam’s life is pure and pure. If he died, he would definitely stand upright. As his wife, if I am greedy for life and fear of death, wouldn’t it be a joke!” Feliicity said, suddenly pressing the bloody glass shard against her neck. on!

For a moment, her eyes were lonely, but she felt courageous and unparalleled!

All the people in the audience were afraid to act rashly.

But at this time, a sneer sounded.

The Falcon stood up.

He looked up and down the white Feliicity, and the more he looked, the stronger the conquering *** in his eyes.

He slowly walked towards Feliicity.

But Feliicity did not retreat, and the fragments in his hands trembled faintly.

Seeing that Falcon was approaching her, she suddenly sighed.

Death came out in his eyes.

Wiliam, I’ll accompany you, don’t go too fast…

Feliicity thought, the fragments were raised high, and she was about to pierce her neck!

But this time, the Falcon’s body moved.

He actually grabbed Feliicity’s wrist between the electric light and flint!

Feliicity was shocked!

And Falcon, watching Feliicity jokingly, was actually holding her hand, but his tongue gently licked the blood on the shard of glass.

“Want to die? My falcon wants you to live, but you can’t die. Such a beauty, what a pity it is to die, let’s play with us first.” Falcon chuckled lightly, grabbing the fragments, and taking away the pieces. Feliicity fell on the sofa.

The two men rushed up immediately, holding on to Feliicity.

“Take her clothes off for me, let’s take a look.” Falcon grinned coldly.

Feliicity’s head burst!

I want to die, I can’t die.

Do you really want to be humiliated like this!

If Wiliam is there, you guys, dare to move me to try!

Thinking of this, she burst into tears.

Bite your tongue!

When she was about to bite her tongue, suddenly there was a noise at the door!

Falcon was taken aback, and the hand that was about to tear his clothes hung in the air.

Suddenly, a scream sounded at the door!

A figure flew in directly from the door, lying horizontally in front of everyone!

A sound of footsteps came from the door!

“Who!” Falcon frowned and shouted sharply.

” Q City ( Qena City ) Baifengxue, the king and I can’t move!” A cruel voice came in from the door.

Chapter 312

As this voice fell, a group of people appeared in front of everyone.

Falcon frowned deeply when he saw the person coming.

The person here is surprisingly the president of the Drug Association, Frandick!

Frandick looked at Bernard, and the anger in his eyes almost came out!

He has been calling people to monitor Bernard for a while, and when his subordinates reported to him that Bernard had taken a group of people to Feliicity’s house, Frandick was scared and pale on the spot.

In the past few days, it is rumored that Wiliam is dead, and Bernard takes someone to Feliicity’s house, what else could happen?

Wiliam’s great kindness to Frandick was naturally not forgotten by Frandick.

He immediately summoned the men and horses and went to Feliicity’s house.

Finally, at this critical moment, the Falcon’s bestial behavior was stopped.

“Bernard! You are looking for death!” Frandick shouted coldly.

However, Bernard laughed loudly.

“Finding death? Frandick, you too value yourself! I am no longer under yours, and I can tell you clearly, I am already a member of the Medical Association, if you dare to move me, you just take the initiative to provoke the two You can try to kill me!” Bernard said with a big smile.

Frandick’s face froze.

The current contradiction between the Drug Association and the Medical Association has reached the point where it is looming.

If the two families really coaxed because of today’s fuse, the stormy Q City ( Qena City ) would be even worse.

When Bernard saw Frandick’s face showing embarrassment, he became even more proud. He pointed to the sneerful Falcon beside him and said again: “And don’t look at me, who is this next to me? He is Sirius’ right-hand man, Falcon. ! Presumably you know about the underground affairs of Q City ( Qena City ) these days. Why, still want to challenge Sirius Brother?”

Frandick’s pupils shrank, and he actually took a step back!

This person turned out to be the falcon who has been covering the sky in Q City ( Qena City ) these days!

Yaoxie and Q City ( Qena City )’s underground had always kept the well water from the river, and now if Sirius was also involved, things would be complicated.

The forces of Sirius have swept the entire Q City ( Qena City ) underground in the past few days, no one knows, no one knows!

Now even the entire Drug Association must be afraid of Sirius by three points.


If Wiliam were there, would you dare to be so arrogant!

A group of dog minions who can only bully others with foxes and fake tigers!

Frandick thought for a while, and his heart was full!

Wiliam Daen, must report!

“I put Frandick’s words here! If you dare to touch Feliicity today, I will fight with you to the end with the help of the medicine cooperation!” Frandick said sternly.

The men behind him all smashed their sticks to the ground!

Suddenly, unparalleled momentum!

Falcon brought ten people, and Frandick brought more than twenty!

Frandick has an absolute advantage in number.

However, Falcon didn’t have the slightest fear, and said with a sneer: “Okay, Frandick, I remember your words. If you want to fight, then fight, the might of Sirius, Q City ( Qena City ) is the world! Come!”

With a roar, all the Falcons roared.

Swordsmanship, it’s about to happen!

The situation was suddenly deadlocked, and no one dared to move first.

Feliicity watched the scene before him, tears falling down.

Although Wiliam died, Yu Wei was still there.

At this time, an old but domineering voice came from the door again, “Hu Lao’er, you really are getting better and better. In my eyes, the Feliicity are killed.”

A rush of footsteps came in.

One by one, the tiger and wolf people were holding butcher knives, and they came in without saying anything, and rushed directly towards the Falconer!

The scene was instantly ignited!

The last person walked in slowly, his eyes full of domineering anger!

Q City ( Qena City ), Li Muhe!

Tigger is Li Muhe’s subordinate. Recently, it is rumored that Tigger is dead. Siirius’s subordinates devoured Tigger ‘s site with great fanfare. Falcon and others have long been targeted by Li Muhe.

Therefore, Li Muhe heard that Falcon and others were heading towards Feliicity’s house, and he brought people to kill immediately.

When Falcon saw Li Muhe, he felt a little bit in his heart!

In the early years, no one was afraid of Li Muhe!

It’s just that in the past few years, Li Muhe has grown old and his health is not good anymore.

His remaining prestige gradually subsided in Q City ( Qena City ).

Now, looking at Li Muhe’s piercing eyes, Falcon was actually a little bit afraid!

As if Li Muhe is back to his youth, the battlefield of war!

“Li Muhe! You really think I’m afraid you won’t succeed! You were prestigious in Q City ( Qena City ) before, but Tigger was in front of you! Now Tigger is dead, you are just an old man with his teeth pulled out! You really want to talk to Sirius Do it!” Falcon called a person in front of him to kick and sternly shouted to Li Muhe.

However, Li Muhe did not reply.

Even, his eyes are high!

There is no such thing as a Falcon in his eyes!

A joke, Li Muhe has fought bloody battles for decades. No hero has ever seen it!

Falcon is just a jumping clown.

Not to mention the Falcon, even if Sirius is standing in front of Li Muhe, Li Muhe is also bold!

This belongs to Li Muhe’s arrogance that he is not young!

The blood shot at the scene, Li Muhe watched it, and he felt a kind of eagerness in his heart.

Want to drink blood!

Fight for another hundred years!

And he has such a bone and courage, thanks to a young man!

If it weren’t for his magic needle to continue his life, how would his blood and light reappear?

In an instant, Falcon’s men had been slaughtered by Li Muhe’s men.

The house of Feliicity is half blood stained.

Where Feliicity had seen such a bloody scene, she trembled with fright.

Li Muhe seemed to know the fear in Feliicity’s heart. He walked up to Feliicity and said kindly: “Niece Feliicity, you are frightened.”

Feliicity looked at Li Muhe who was arrogant but kind to herself at this moment, she didn’t know what to say.

The relationship between Wiliam and Li Muhe is so good!

Li Muhe, who can make the golden basin wash his hands, draw his sword again!

Let Li Muhe not hesitate to offend Siirius!

Who is my husband?

His background, I am afraid it is a shocking secret!


Thinking of Wiliam’s death, Feliicity’s tears couldn’t hold back.

She suddenly said to Li Muhe in a deep voice: “Old Li! Thank you for your help. I have a request. I don’t know if it is convenient for you…”

Li Muhe was taken aback, and said, “Niece Feliicity, but you say it’s okay.”

Feliicity suddenly cast his gaze on Bernard, who was shivering aside, and the unwilling Falcon!

The voice was cold, icy!

“I want you to keep them alive!”

This sentence stunned the people at the scene.

Keep them alive?

What does Feliicity want to do!

And Bernard on the side heard that he wanted to save his life, and was just about to rejoice. At this time, Feliicity gritted his teeth again!

“I, Feliicity, cut off their heads personally!”

“Get revenge for your husband!”

Chapter 314

An old figure slowly appeared in Feliicity’s home.

With turbid tears in his eyes, his fists clenched!

Behind him, there were a dozen people in black with knives and sticks standing!

There was a dead silence at the scene!

They were not shocked by the arrival of Harper.

After all, with Li Muhe first and Harper’s arrival, they would not be shocked.

What really shocked them was what Harper said just now!

“My king Canghai serves as the king of Wiliam! For generations to come, loyal forever!”

Harper, what a noble status!

In Q City ( Qena City ) and Li Muhe as famous, known as the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City )!

For so many years, he is a man of great brilliance, proud of Q City ( Qena City )!

But what did they hear now!

Harper, actually named Wiliam as king!

And EMI allegiance!

What a shocking sentence!

Not to mention Falcon and others, even Li Muhe and Feliicity were shocked!

Feliicity looked at Harper in horror.

My husband is actually his master!

In other words, Wiliam had already covered the city!

Thinking of this, Feliicity couldn’t help but shiver!

This is Wiliam’s secret!

If not, how could Harper come forward to help himself again and again.

Everything, Wiliam silently supported him behind his back.

Feliicity’s eyes were red again.

Li Muhe also looked at Harper in horror. He still couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

Although Wiliam has great virtue and great ability, Harper is also arrogant, and he has never seen him subdued!

What method did Wiliam use to get Harper to worship him?

Li Muhe immediately rushed to Harper’s front, and when he was surprised, he even grabbed Harper’s clothes.

He asked eagerly: “You grandson tortoise, do you know what you are talking about! When did you become Wiliam’s doorman!”

Harper didn’t speak, as if he was remembering something.

Li Muhe was still not reconciled, and continued: “Although we bet at the General Assembly of the Drug Association a few days ago to see who fell into Wiliam’s palm first, but in just a few days, you fell?”

This time, Harper finally spoke.

He smiled bitterly and said to Li Muhe: “Sorry, I actually concealed something before. Wiliam had long been the lord of Harper. Lu Yesheng, I am his servant for generations. Wiliam died, but Harper is still not Change the original intention and wish to serve Feliicity with this survivor, in return for the young master.

Young Master…

This word made Li Muhe dumbfounded.

Wiliam, what else he doesn’t know…

He is the young master of a family who can make Harper so loyal.

At this time, Harper walked in front of Feliicity.

He looked at Feliicity, and suddenly his eyes were red again.

With a “plop”, he knelt straight in front of Feliicity.

Feliicity was awakened immediately, and she quickly stretched out her hand to help Harper up.

“Elder Wang, what are you doing? I can’t stand it.”

However, Harper still knelt upright, and said with tears: “Young lady, it is Harper who is not doing things well! I don’t have to protect the young master, let the young master die, please punished the young lady!”

In a word, Feliicity didn’t know how to answer.

Kazuo Kiyoshi, kneeled to her.

She couldn’t even think of this kind of picture!

However, now it really happened in front of her.

What a glory!

A glance at Q City ( Qena City ), who is the one who will rise and fall!

Wiliam brought it to her.

Unfortunately, Wiliam is no longer there.

What’s the use of this proud glory.

Feliicity stretched out her hand and held Harper silently, and said in a choked voice, “Wang, you get up first, I don’t blame you. I believe that Wiliam is under Jiuquan, and I won’t blame you, although I don’t know him. All of it, but I know his character. He is a man with no regrets.”

Harper stood up slowly, and said again: “Young lady, from now on, I, Harper, will take you as the mainstay. I will go through fire and water, and I will not hesitate!”

Feliicity gave a wry smile, but she couldn’t say a word.

Is there a future?

Today, I am afraid that it is my wish to kill my enemy, and I have long had the motivation to live.

At this time, Harper walked in front of Falcon with his eyes facing each other!

In Harper’s eyes, a strong killing intent burst out!

Falcon Rao has been committing crimes for ten years, but in front of an old man, he is actually timid!

One of his hearts was shaking violently!

He finally knew what devil he had provoked!

I thought that Wiliam was just a waste in Q City ( Qena City )!

Coming here today is just to make some pocket money casually.

But I didn’t think that here today, he encountered an iron plate that is unforgettable forever!

Wiliam, can you mess with me!

Frandick is fine.

With such an identity as Li Muhe, he personally led the troops to protect the white Feliicity!

Now, Harper has publicly announced that Wiliam is his master!

If this message is spread, the entire Q City ( Qena City ) will inevitably oscillate!

In the future, who would dare to underestimate Wiliam!

Unexpectedly, a dead person could cause such turmoil!

This Wiliam is absolutely terrifying!

Falcon slowly lowered his head towards Harper, and his voice became weak and weak.

“Elder Wang, I really didn’t participate in the killing of Wiliam. Everything was done by Brother Sirius. It has nothing to do with me. Will you spare my life? How much do you want? Just ask. “The Falcon didn’t dare to stand on Sirius’ side easily at this time.

After all, if the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ) joined forces, Sirius would be afraid of three points.

What’s more, the angry Harper in front of him seemed to be completely immortal with Sirius.

“I know it has nothing to do with you, but the fault lies in the fact that you are from Sirius. People from Sirius have the same crime as Sirius!” Harper said domineeringly.

Falcon looked at Harper in disbelief, “Mr. Wang! Do you really want to provoke Q City ( Qena City )’s internal fighting!”

“Ho ho, little master goes to immortality, I have no meaning to live, what about internal fighting? Come!” Harper ordered!

The subordinates personally presented the butcher knife!

Harper looked at the knife in his hand, as if sighed.

However, he still sought Feliicity’s opinion, “Young lady, killing this guy will dirty your hands. Look, does the old slave clean it up?”

Feliicity was filled with sorrow at this moment, so how could there be any comments?

But when everyone was paying attention to Feliicity, the falcon on the ground suddenly looked wide!

He burst the strength of his whole body and broke free of the shackles of the two!

Then grabbed a knife from the ground and rushed directly towards Feliicity!

“I’m fighting with you! Even if I die, I will be buried with you!”

Exclamations rang out from the scene!

Just when everyone was caught off guard, a violent sound of breaking the wind came from the door!

“Ding!” The knife in Falcon’s hand was knocked to the ground.

And everyone looked intently, and it was a strange silver needle that fell to the ground with the knife of the falcon!

Chapter 315

Harper’s heart was extremely upset!


How can you be so lucky if the enemy is not dead!

Fortunately, someone tried to save him just now. Otherwise, if the young lady died in the hands of this dog thief again today, it would be hard to atone for his life if he killed himself a thousand times!

“Get this guy up for me!” Harper shouted violently.

Several people rushed up immediately and pressed the Falcon to the ground.

The scene was strangely silent.

Harper looked at Feliicity, but Feliicity’s eyes were dull, looking at the ground as if in a daze.

Harper thought that Feliicity had been confused by the scene just now, and was about to apologize.

At this time, Li Muhe suddenly yelled out of silence!

“This silver needle! This silver needle! This!”

He was so excited that he couldn’t even speak!

And Feliicity, her big tears, suddenly fell down!

She ran to the door like crazy!

Harper finally looked at the ground intently at this time.

At this look, the whole person fought a fierce cold war!

A section of vermilion, long live safflower!

Isn’t this the long live safflower that the old man left to the young master!

Needles of Ruby Flower, can the young master be far away!

The young master is dead!

Thinking of this, Harper burst into tears and knelt straight to the door!

The young master is dead, so there is finally something to be redeemed for his sins.

A familiar but indifferent voice came from the door.

“Oh, when is my house so hot? Hey, it hurts…”

Feliicity ran to the door, only to see a man with sunglasses and a mask walking in strenuously.

After guarding for ten years, Wiliam turned into ashes, Feliicity recognized it!

Her heart seemed to explode completely, and for a while, she couldn’t find any words to describe herself.

She walked directly at the person!

She woke up when she heard Wiliam yelling for pain, let go of Wiliam, and looked at him distressedly.

At this time, Wiliam finally took off his sunglasses and mask, but the scars on his face were exposed.

Feliicity’s tears fell down, she reached out distressedly to touch the scar on Wiliam’s face.

After being missing for three days, I really don’t know how wronged Wiliam was outside.

But just come back, just come back…

Wiliam gently grasped Feliicity’s hand on his face, feeling a warm current from the palm of his hand into his heart.

“Wiliam, you got a thousand swordsmanship, why don’t you really die…” Feliicity was moved for a moment and cried loudly.

Wiliam gently touched her hair, “Go in first, I will talk about my affairs later, you can’t let the guests wait too long.”

This gentle and familiar touch to kill again made Feliicity burst into tears.

At this time, what image is needed.

She nodded obediently, but held Wiliam in a hand, and the two slowly walked towards the hall together.

Wiliam appeared in the hall, shocking the audience again!

Seeing his face is full of wounds, like crawling out of hell!

The Falcon was so scared that his soul was about to fly!

Isn’t Wiliam dead?

Who is standing here now!

How can the dead come back to life!

What happened here!

When Li Muhe saw Wiliam, his eyes were full of tears!

Just die!

Just die!

It’s dead, Q City ( Qena City ) doesn’t mean anything!

When he is dead, the old man has no fun!

This guy really has nine lives, and it should be his nine lives!

However, if Lu Yezhen died, then…

“Wiliam, become a tiger?” Li Muhe couldn’t help asking.

When he asked, his heart was still shaking.

Tigger is his most loyal right-hand man, and Li Muhe can’t let him go.

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “I’m holding something.”

Wiliam drove to the door with Tigger just now, only to find that there were densely packed cars parked outside the door, and suddenly found that the situation at home was not right.

So he got out of the car in a hurry, and only then saved Feliicity at the very moment.

And he said, Li Muhe tears!


Also dead!

The Falcon seemed to be struck by lightning, and the whole person was stupid.

Are both of them dead!

Did he escape from the dead by the means of Sirius?


It’s really a scourge for thousands of years!

However, Brother Sirius, since they appeared, it means that Brother Sirius will also chase him down.

As long as he can survive the appearance of Sirius, he will survive.

As soon as Wiliam entered the door, he saw a man kneeling straight in front of him.

After seeing that it was Harper, Wiliam quickly helped him up.

“Young Master, I don’t have to protect you, I don’t feel sorry for my death!” Harper said in a deep voice on the ground.

When Wiliam heard him call himself the young master in public, he seemed to understand something.

He smiled and helped him up, “Am I not dead? Don’t blame you, get up first and talk about it later.”

Harper just stood up.

Wiliam arched his hands at Li Muhe and Frandick, “Thank you for your help. I thank you for my wife.”

Li Muhe and Frandick hurriedly responded, indicating that they don’t have to take it to heart.

Then, Wiliam looked at Bernard, who was already dead on the ground, and then at the Falcon who was being held down to death, “Is he just trying to kill my wife?”

Frandick knew the situation best, and he hurried over to explain the cause and effect.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Oh? I thought I was dead, so I came to trouble my wife?”

Falcon and Wiliam face each other.

Wiliam gave Falcon a very strange feeling.

Obviously this guy’s temperament is ordinary, even now his face is hurt, showing a very weak look.

But what’s the matter with those eyes!

It’s like a dragon like a phoenix, so proud!

With this look, Falcon lowered his head unconsciously.

“Your name is Falcon? Any last words?” Wiliam asked.

Falcon looked up and said, “Wiliam, don’t be arrogant here! Who do you think you are! It’s not that we were beaten up by our Sirius brother, although I don’t know how you escaped to heaven, But as long as there is my Sirius brother in one day, you will definitely not have a good life in Q City ( Qena City )! If a falcon dies, there are thousands of falcons coming to you for revenge!”

When Wiliam heard this, he clapped his hands and applauded, “It’s really heart-warming. You have swallowed Brother Tiger’s territory these days, haven’t you?”

“That is! Sir Sirius is now the dominant family, who dares to provoke him!” Falcon said in a grimace.

“How am I to provoke?” a domineering voice sounded at the door.

Everyone looked up, and it was Tigger who came in!

In his hand, he carried a cloth bag exuding a stench.

When Wiliam saw Tigger coming over, he smiled, and said to Falcon: “Then I will give you a reward for what you said just now, Brother Hu…”

Tigger threw the bag in his hand to Falcon.

However, Wiliam gently blindfolded Feliicity’s curious eyes with one hand.

“Baby, baby, let’s not look at ugly things.”

Chapter 316

Feliicity pretty blushed.

Although curious, when Wiliam said so softly, she obediently closed her eyes.

And the cloth bag spread out in the air, and a round object, grunting, rolled in front of the Falcon.

When everyone saw that thing clearly, they all exclaimed!


That thing was suddenly the head of Siirius’s angry eyes!

The Falcon’s head had been pushed down to the ground, and the first stage rolled to a place less than one centimeter away from him.

Facing each other!

The fishy smell and the strong visual impact made Falcon, a cruel person, so scared that he was so frightened on the spot!


He screamed like a pig!

He looked at the head of Sirius Brother in disbelief, and his heart fell to the bottom.

“How is it possible! How could you take Sirius… he has brought nearly two hundred people!” Falcon roared out loud.

Wiliam didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him, and said, “Take it, Brother Tiger, take a day off today, and start tomorrow. I want you to clean up the remnants with two first-level stars within three days! Be the best!”

The last six words of Wiliam calmed the scene again!

Clean the remnants!

Be the best!

So domineering!

It is actually to unify the underground of Q City ( Qena City ) again!

However, if there are Sirius and Falcon heads in hand, the enemy is afraid that they will be scared and unable to resist!

Tigger agreed in a deep voice, with a strong killing intent in his eyes!

In the battle of Lantern Village, Tigger was suffocated!

If you don’t want to repay, you will report to Wiliam with the Q City ( Qena City ) Underground Supreme Emperor!

When Li Muhe heard these two people say and answer, there was a strange light in his eyes.

No matter how unwilling the Falcon was, he could only be led down in despair.

Waiting for his end, the people at the scene were clear.

Wiliam first thanked Frandick again for his salvation, and said, “I will come here to thank you for another day!”

Frandick received too much stimulation today.

He looked at Wiliam complicatedly, not knowing what to say.

I thought Wiliam was just a person in charge of Lunanica Company.

It seems that Wiliam’s identity has long been detached from him!

He silently arched his hands and quietly left the Bai family with someone.

“Lao Li, I know you also have questions in your heart. You and Brother Tiger will wait here for a while. I will have a few words with Mr. Wang and my wife.” Wiliam said, bringing Feliicity and Harper into the room. room.

In the room, the three of them were silent.

Wiliam broke the silence and said to Feliicity, “Feliicity, now you also know that Wang is always mine.”

Feliicity’s eyes suddenly became faint, “Wiliam, how many secrets are there on you? Why did Mr. Wang call you the young master? What is your identity?”

Wiliam smiled bitterly, thought for a while, and said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, my identity is not suitable for telling you now. The more you know, the more dangerous it is for you. But there are two things I can tell you, one , I have blood and blood, I can’t report it.”

“Second, I love you, love is stronger than gold.”

Feliicity stared directly at Wiliam and suddenly asked, “Wiliam, did something happen on the day we were divorced a few months ago?”

Wiliam was taken aback, and said bitterly: “That day, my grandfather passed away, the old man told me.”

Feliicity is also a smart person, and immediately figured out the key point in the middle.

The Rolls-Royce that came to pick up Wiliam that day belonged to Harper.

From that day on, Wiliam’s temperament changed drastically.

What kind of suffering, let him endure for ten years!

What kind of hatred was it that made him bloody and tearful from now on hunting for a knife!

However, since Wiliam said that the time was not yet up, Feliicity would not ask too much.

When the time came, Wiliam would naturally tell her.

This is a small tacit understanding between the two.

“Feliicity, I’m hungry, I miss your breakfast.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Feliicity’s face blushed, Wiliam gave Wiliam a glance, and she went to prepare breakfast.

She walked out of the room and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

The heavy burden is unloaded here.

The sun is rising outside and everything is alive.

Wiliam explained a few things to Harper, and let Harper leave first.

At the same time, in the hall, Tigger suddenly knelt towards Li Muhe.

Kneeling, Li Muhe seemed to understand something, and he sighed, “Hey, you are Wiliam’s person after all, but I don’t blame you, Wiliam, who has an emperor’s appearance, treat these few Tell me about the heavens.”

Tigger nodded, and told Li Muhe about the incident in Lantern Village.

Speaking of Wiliam giving up life and saving lives several times, and finally escaping from the Immortal Pond, he let out a loud roar, Li Muhe, a man who has been on the battlefield, even clapped the table with one hand and shouted!

His eyes are red and his temperament is agitated!

What a single-handed meeting! Happy!

A good sacrifice to save the people, immortal!

After a good roar, Wang Xing looked at He Xiongzai!

Between the world and the earth, Wiliam was so strange!

Fortunately! Fortunately for Shengmin! Fortunately!

Li Muhe was full of regrets in his heart!

I missed this battle!

Can’t experience it personally, let alone witness it!

Regret in this life!

However, he also thoroughly understood why Wiliam was able to convince Tigger .

Not only has the emperor’s appearance, but also has a war spirit!

It took several minutes for Li Muhe to calm down and joked, “Remember when we first discussed Wiliam?”

Tigger was taken aback, his thoughts seemed to have returned to a few months ago.

At that time, Tigger had just helped Wiliam carry the knife to the Lin family, and the killing was also loud!

Afterwards, Li Muhe asked Tigger what he thought of Wiliam. Tigger said that he was killing Gao Ge with true blood, and he should be a hero!

He even said that if you don’t go to Li Muhe in this life, you will go to Wiliam!

Now, it’s a proverb!

He really submitted to Wiliam.

It seems that time is also fate!

And Li Muhe also smiled bitterly.

He thought of Harper’s bet before, and now Harper has also returned to Wiliam.

Thinking of what Tigger said, Tigger also worshipped Wiliam as king.

He even thought that at the end of the conversation with Tigger , he said a word.

“Let me tell you the truth, I am afraid that the best effort I will do for the rest of my life is to maintain a proud heart and not be subordinated by him! This person is definitely an emperor! Wen can plan for peace in the world, and martial arts dominate. Shengshi! If you are not careful, you will be easily impressed by him.”

The world is like a chess, and it seems that even one can’t decide what will happen to him.

“Lao Li, don’t worry, although I have returned to Wiliam, if you have any explanation, I will go through the fire and water, I believe Wiliam will not have any opinions.” Tigger finally said in a deep voice.

But at this time, Li Muhe suddenly asked strangely: “Then what if I and Wiliam are enemies!”

Chapter 318: Zhang Ruolong

This sentence made the atmosphere of the scene even more weird.

Everyone bowed their heads, and no one looked at anyone.

Xena looked funny.

This proposal is actually well known to everyone.

Everyone thought so in their hearts, but nobody dared to say it.

Because this is the best way.

But, who made you Bai family be too proud and face each other.

When Xena said this, she wanted to disgust them.

“Ruoshuang, what do you mean!” Chen Shuyun looked at Xena with an ugly expression.

Xena said indifferently: “Everyone knows that because my sister is so powerful now, of course she has made peace with her. After all, we are no longer qualified to be enemies with her.”

In a word, everyone who spoke was ashamed again.

Now, they didn’t even have the qualifications to stand in front of Feliicity.

But, do you really want to ask Feliicity to come back?

Thinking of this, everyone felt as uncomfortable as eating shit.

After all, I have asked for it once before, and now I want to repeat the trick?

Feliicity now is completely different from before.

Is she so foolish?

“In addition to convincing her, is there any way for everyone to let her return to our Bai family?” Chen Shuyun asked.

These words made Xena almost laughed.

Ouch, I want to be a watch, and I want to set up a memorial arch, it is really Bai family style.

“I can only see if I can find an intermediary to intercede.” Rebeca muttered below.

“But, who are you looking for?” Chen Shuyun frowned, trying to break his head.

At this time, Bai Zhensheng suddenly raised his head and said, “Grandma, I suddenly thought of someone.”

Chen Shuyun looked at Bai Zhensheng with a look of disgust.

Before, Bai Zhensheng scolded Chen Shuyun as being old and immortal in front of everyone, which completely shattered Chen Shuyun’s impression of him.

Now, Bai Zhensheng is in Bai’s house and can only be a human being with his tail sandwiched between them, and is not reused by Chen Shuyun at all.

But Chen Shuyun had no idea at this moment, and asked, “Who?”

“Feliicity’s uncle, Zhang Ruolong.” Bai Zhensheng said.

Hearing Zhang Ruolong’s name, the faces of the people on the scene became stiff.

Rebeca couldn’t even lift his head.

And Chen Shuyun scolded: “Don’t mention to me that poor relative who can only brag about nothing, we don’t have such relatives in the Bai family!”

Rebeca is indeed Rebeca’s brother as Chen Shuyun said.

He is fifty years old. He lives in the countryside and does nothing. He wanders around the village every day, playing cards and mahjong everywhere.

In his early years, he had been mixed up and spent two years in prison before coming out.

A few years ago, he asked Rebeca to borrow money as soon as he had no money. The borrowed money was borrowed but not repaid. Chen Shuyun was angry and asked Rebeca to sever contact with him.

In the eyes of everyone, such a poor relative can be of great use.

But Bai Zhensheng whispered: “You should know what Feliicity’s biggest concern for Bai’s family is? It’s her father. Zhang Ruolong and her father had a very good relationship in the early years. It happened when the two went out together. In the traffic accident, Zhang Ruolong saved her father’s life.

“Feliicity always remembers this life-saving grace, and Feliicity had a very good relationship with Zhang Ruolong when she was young…”

As Bai Zhensheng spoke, the people at the scene became silent.

Bai Zhensheng made sense.

They forgot this most critical place for a while.

Zhang Ruolong has a good relationship with Feliicity’s father, and he has a life-saving grace.

Feliicity dare not repay such kindness.

It’s just that everyone’s head is very big when they think of facing Zhang Ruolong who can only brag.

Finally, Chen Shuyun thought that if this continues, the reputation of the Bai family will disappear, and now is not the time to stick to the small section.

She looked at Rebeca and said, “Ruoyun, you immediately call that bastard and try it out first.”

Rebeca looked at the faces of these people in the Bai family, sighed, and took out his cell phone to call Zhang Ruolong.

Zhang Ruolong is Rebeca’s biological elder brother no matter what, and the blood relationship between the two is constantly cut.

After Zhang Ruolong was severed by the Bai family, Rebeca had a grudge against Chen Shuyun for a while.

Now that the Bai family was in trouble, they thought of their own brother.

The phone was connected quickly, and an exaggerated voice came from inside, “Oh, isn’t this my sister? Sister, why did you call your brother suddenly when you have time?”

This exaggerated voice made everyone nauseous.

Rebeca looked at the people carefully, and then said: “Brother, have you been to the city recently? I want to treat you to a meal.”

“Invite me to eat? Oh, you know, I’m very busy, and I have to take care of a lot of business, so how can I be free.” Zhang Ruolong said.

But everyone knows that Zhang Ruolong’s business is gambling.

“Brother, my mom wants to see you too.” Rebeca glanced at Chen Shuyun, and then said.

“Oh, who is the old one, I think she is very upset, can you greet her eighteenth generation of ancestors for me?” Zhang Ruolong said carelessly.

Chen Shuyun’s face turned blue when she heard it, but because of asking others, she didn’t get angry on the spot.

“Brother, just come here, we have important things to look for you, and you can’t help it without you.” Rebeca said without authorization.

I heard the word “good” over there, like a dog smelling shit, and immediately said: “That’s it, it’s okay, just now I was going to the city to find a brother who was very good at development, so I just dropped in. Let’s take a trip for you, but if you say yes, if you have to drive me out then, I will not accept your love at all.”

Rebeca was embarrassed when he heard it, and this elder brother started bragging again.

What a very powerful brother, if he had this kind of relationship, he would still be spurned everywhere in the countryside like a dead dog.

After an appointment was made, he hung up, and there was silence for a while.

“Okay, I’ll talk about it tomorrow when I meet.” Chen Shuyun cast a shadow on her face and left after saying this.

Everyone can tell that she is in a bad mood.

And early the next morning, Chen Shuyun and others waited at home for Zhang Ruolong’s arrival.

Nine o’clock passed and ten o’clock passed.

Everyone waited until twelve o’clock before Zhang Ruolong arrived late.

Chen Shuyun was so angry that he almost drove people away on the spot.

When seeing Zhang Ruolong, everyone was taken aback.

He did not come alone, but two people.

The other is his son Zhang Jinjin, who is also notorious for doing nothing.

Both of them were dressed in flowery shirts, and looked like a country bun.

“Brother, Jin, you are finally here, come in and come in and talk.” Rebeca saw that everyone looked bad, and hurriedly greeted them and entered the house.

But Zhang Ruolong patted his stomach and said, “It’s big noon now. Are you not going to eat? I booked your hotel box in the city. Let’s go there for a simple meal. Of course you have to pay the bill haha .”

Chapter 319: Greasy Uncle

Chen Shuyun is about to be blown up!

This Zhang Ruolong is shameless to the extreme!

It was obviously arranged to meet at home at nine.

This guy, stubbornly, did not come over until twelve o’clock.

Dare to love to eat a meal at their Bai family!

Just this pattern!

That’s it!

To say that it is the relatives of the Bai family is simply a laugh!

However, Chen Shuyun is not rushing now, but she said with a smile: “Ruolong still knows our hotel in Q City ( Qena City ), it’s rare, it’s okay, you are rare to come from the country, today we will go out to eat.”

“Ho ho, I’ve passed the award. In fact, I am a person who eats hotels very often. If there are more brothers, it will be annoying. There are constant meals. By the way, I have a dead brother who is also a resounding character in Q City ( Qena City ). I am in the mood. It’s good to introduce you guys to each other.” Zhang Ruolong spoke while lifting his clothes and patted his belly.

The white and greasy beer belly made everyone nauseous.

When everyone arrived at the hotel, Chen Shuyun gritted his teeth again with anger.

This shameless Zhang Ruolong, who knew the most famous hotel in Q City ( Qena City ), directly ordered a box and ordered a table of dishes in advance.

This clearly means to eat the blank family.

Everyone was seated, and Zhang’s father and son began to attack the food in front of them without saying a word.

Like a starving ghost, the two of them ate the dishes on the table in a mess.

Zhang Ruolong, in particular, kicked off the slippers with one foot and was barefoot on the chair. He was playing with his mobile phone while holding a vegetable in one hand, eating happily.

In the end, he burped fiercely, opened his clothes again to reveal a bulging white belly, and said while patting: “Okay, I have eaten the rice. Just say what you have. I don’t believe you. We will be invited to dinner, everyone is sensible.”

Chen Shuyun was taken aback, and sure enough, although this guy seemed to have done nothing, he still had some insight into the long-term social intercourse.

Knowing that the Bai family wanted him, he dared to directly book the hotel box.

Chen Shuyun swallowed finally and said, “Ruolong, we had a bad attitude towards you before, so don’t take it to heart.”

Zhang Ruolong patted his stomach and said with a smile: “Easy to say, easy to say.”

“Actually, there is really something that needs your help to intercede.” Chen Shuyun said, “Recently, we had a bit of misunderstanding with Feliicity. Haven’t you been in a good relationship with Feliicity? Just wondering if you can. Help us talk to Feliicity and let her calm down.”

Zhang Ruolong looked around and said with a smile: “I was surprised just now. Why is my beautiful and lovely Snow Wind niece not here? It turned out to be a contradiction with you. However, isn’t your old woman at home, my niece. How dare you disobey you.”

This guy spoke to the old lady, so angry that blue veins appeared on Chen Shuyun’s face.

She was about to explain, when she saw Zhang Ruolong’s weird smile.

Could this guy…

Sure enough, Zhang Ruolong smiled and said: “Just now, I saw that my lovely niece was not there, so I searched it with my mobile phone. I didn’t expect that my niece seemed to be very beautiful recently. You actually broke with her.”

Everyone’s expressions changed as soon as this was said.

Don’t look at him shamelessly, Zhang Ruolong is really full of scheming!

When Feliicity was not there, he could immediately search for information about Feliicity.

Now, the initiative is completely in his hands!

“So, you are planning to let me persuade Feliicity to return to the Bai family so that she can be your puppet, right?” Zhang Ruolong said again.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Rebeca quickly said: “Brother, everyone is a family. What are you talking about, you should help me, otherwise, I will be homeless.”

Zhang Ruolong was picking his teeth at this time and said: “Okay, it’s not impossible to help you. Anyway, I have not seen Feliicity’s niece for several years, so it doesn’t hurt to meet. But well…”

“But what?” Everyone thought, knowing that Zhang Ruolong would definitely want the lion to speak.

“But I’m going to buy a house for my son recently. He is already 30 years old, and he still doesn’t buy a house. Many of the previous blind dates are all yellow…” Zhang Ruolong said.

Chen Shuyun’s face was pale, “Just say it.”

“There’s nothing, it just happened to be almost money, see if you can borrow three to five million yuan.” Zhang Ruolong said with a smile.

Chen Shuyun was so angry that she didn’t know what to say.

In the end, Rebeca had a bargain and said the price was 200,000.

Everyone knows in their hearts that the money is said to be borrowed, but whether it is borrowed or not is true.

After the price was negotiated, Chen Shuyun said with a gloomy face: “For borrowing money, you can go to your niece. She has money.”

Who knows Zhang Ruolong said with a smile: “That’s natural. I will keep her and buy another car for my son. My son is very interested in luxury cars recently.”

Everyone was shocked by Zhang Ruolong’s shamelessness.

“Okay, I have eaten food, and things have been discussed. I am a little sleepy. You help me and my son open two rooms here. We will sleep here these two days.” Zhang Ruolong said again.

Chen Shuyun wanted to lift the table on the spot!

Dog things, give him a face, he doesn’t want it!

In the end, Rebeca grabbed Chen Shuyun’s hand and whispered: “Mom, the overall situation is important.”

“Zhang Ruolong, you’d better get this done! Otherwise, I won’t finish with you!” Chen Shuyun finally said angrily.

Zhang Ruolong leisurely picked up his flip-flops and said: “Don’t worry about the old lady, take people money to help people get rid of disasters. I understand the rules of the rivers and lakes better than you. Besides, I have a great brother in this city, I can’t say anything, I just ask my brother for help, Feliicity’s niece is still very obedient to me.”

Chen Shuyun glared at Zhang Ruolong, then walked away.

In the evening, Feliicity suddenly received a call from Zhang Ruolong, saying that he had come to the city, and he had booked a banquet at the hotel tonight and asked her to come and eat together.

Feliicity suddenly became suspicious in her heart.

This uncle, Feliicity was quite speechless to him, but could not say anything because of his affection.

I haven’t seen him for a few years, but he would take the initiative to invite himself to dinner?

Asking him to pay is more uncomfortable than killing him.

What’s the name here?

Wiliam on the side smiled and said, “Don’t you understand? The people from the Bai family are behind.”

When Feliicity was reminded like this, she suddenly understood that she wanted to refuse, but she heard Wiliam say: “I’ll go with you. Father’s debt is paid, and some favors should be paid.”

Knowing what Wiliam was talking about, Feliicity nodded gratefully.

When the two arrived in the hotel box, they pushed the door, and as expected, as Wiliam said, the Bai family sat neatly, smiling barely.

And a greasy fat middle-aged man spread his hands and hug Feliicity, “My dear niece, I haven’t seen you for several years, you are getting more and more beautiful. Come on, uncle hug!”

Chapter 320: Treat the Bai Family as a Beggar

Seeing Zhang Ruolong stretched out his hand, Feliicity rushed towards her, frowned slightly, and took a light step to hide behind Wiliam, and then politely greeted: “Hello, uncle, it’s really been a few years.”

Feliicity was very speechless to this uncle.

In Feliicity’s eyes, he was not even a man.

There is no man’s responsibility at all.

But he took all the bad things of men.

Eating, drinking, gambling, delicious, lazy, everything is wrong.

But Feliicity couldn’t ignore him.

After all, he had a very good relationship with his father back then and had a life-long friendship.

When Zhang Jinjin saw Feliicity on the side, his eyes clearly brightened.

The last time he saw Feliicity, it was five or six years ago.

Although Feliicity at that time was also very beautiful, it was a bit green after all.

And the beauty in front of her now has faded away from the youthfulness of the year, and has added a woman’s unique style.

No wonder a man can fascinate a city.

Zhang Ruolong pounced, but he didn’t have any embarrassment at all. He laughed, “The niece is still so shy, why be polite to uncle?”

When he turned his gaze to Wiliam, the smile disappeared instantly.

Zhang Ruolong is not only idle, he is also a full of macho.

From the bottom of his heart, he looked down on a son-in-law like Wiliam.

He stared at Wiliam, yin and yang said strangely: “Why are you here? Oh, are you beaten? Hahaha.”

Wiliam still has wounds on his face.

When the Bai family saw that Wiliam was injured, their mood suddenly became clear.

This demon will be beaten by others, so why not beat him to death!

When you come out, you will have to pay it back sooner or later.

Lu Yezheng answered Zhang Ruolong’s words, but Feliicity’s expression changed slightly, and she pulled him and said, “Let’s take a seat first.”

Zhang Ruolong said with a sneer: “Are your big cities so enlightened? If this is ours, the son-in-law is not qualified to eat at the table.”

Feliicity’s heart trembled slightly when Zhang Ruolong didn’t let Wiliam go.

She now knew Wiliam’s methods.

Kill the fruit!


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