Dragon Husband Chapter 321-330

This trash uncle is simply too ignorant to praise.

If this provokes Wiliam, he will not be able to get out of today’s box.

Fortunately, Wiliam had long been immune to this kind of trash talk. He shook Feliicity’s little hand underneath, indicating that there was something wrong, and he didn’t care about it.

And Zhang Ruolong was still talking about it, “This inverted son-in-law is equivalent to a married woman. Does it understand the three principles and four virtues? When is the Bai family so unruly? When he taught me before, he still used a set.”

The people at the scene were extremely embarrassed.

Especially those from the Bai family.

Chen Shuyun stared at Wiliam gloomily, with no words on the surface, and her heart was full of grief and anger.

It’s not that the Bai family doesn’t have rules, it’s that this bastard has no ability at all, but every time he is lucky.

He even became running dogs for those big bosses in Q City ( Qena City ).

Now the Bai family must be afraid of him by three points.

Now, Bai Jia has been scolded by another rubbish at his nose, and everyone can imagine the sourness in their hearts.

However, the white family secretly glanced at each other from anger, and they didn’t talk tacitly.

For this kind of dog biting scene, the hotter the dog, the better

In the end Feliicity couldn’t stand it anymore, she raised her voice a little angrily, “Uncle, don’t talk about it, okay?”

Zhang Ruolong glanced at Wiliam, as if he had spared his life, and murmured, “You can hide behind a woman and be a little boy.”

However, there was no mention of Wiliam, and the atmosphere at the scene seemed a bit awkward.

After all, Feliicity just broke with the Bai family hysterically, and now they are sitting together again, and they have no common topics at all.

Chen Shuyun winked at Zhang Ruolong.

Zhang Ruolong nodded, and then said to Feliicity: “Niece, I finally came to town, but I heard that you recently had a little conflict with your mother and your grandma?”

Feliicity knew their intentions for a long time, and she didn’t answer the conversation, with a grim expression on her face.

This makes everyone angry.

What a little bitch, now he’s getting shameless.

This shows that we are giving you a step down, and you actually don’t appreciate it.

Zhang Ruolong saw that Feliicity looked wrong, and continued: “Niece, I heard from my uncle that the golden nest and silver nest are not as important as my own kennel, and what is more important than my family. Uncle is here today to be a peacemaker. Everyone raises their glasses and touches them, and the past will be gone.”

Everyone looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity took a deep breath and said, “Uncle, this is my business with them, so just leave it alone.”

Zhang Ruolong’s face changed slightly, obviously not expecting Feliicity to be so determined.

He is accustomed to male chauvinism. If his wife dared to disobey him in this way, he would have to slap her and teach her the four virtues.

Zhang Ruolong’s tone also became a little unhappy, and said, “The niece has grown up and is disobedient. Hey, if your father saw you so unfilial, how sad it would be.”

Feliicity suddenly raised her eyebrows when she heard Zhang Ruolong mention her father.

The implication can’t be obvious anymore, this is using her father to suppress her.

Sure enough, Zhang Ruolong continued to say with sorrow: “If I had known that you would become such unfaithful and unfilial, I wouldn’t save your dad at first, and he would be heartbroken when he saw you later.”

Feliicity’s face suddenly became more ugly.

While Bai Jiaxiaxia watched Zhang Ruolong’s use of the questions, they were very proud of themselves.

Sure enough, the wicked still need the wicked to grind.

Watching Feliicity deflate, they feel refreshed.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam, Wiliam showed a faint smile, “It’s fine for you to make a decision, and I will support you.”

She nodded, and finally looked at Zhang Ruolong, “Uncle, today I will listen to you once, but my dad’s face is only this time! Only this time, not as an example.”

Zhang Ruolong was happy and crazy in his heart.

Give back your dad’s face.

You don’t know which corner of your father’s face is worth 200,000 yuan, and it is really gold on his face.

“Hahaha, take a look, my niece is still very knowledgeable, right? That’s right.” Zhang Ruolong smiled and his mouth crooked.

However, Feliicity suddenly looked at the Bai family members present, and her voice became cold, “I know what you are thinking. So I’m talking about the shame first, let’s make three chapters.”

Everyone was stunned, not expecting Feliicity to say this.

Feliicity continued: “It is okay to reconcile, one, I will not participate in any business and decision-making of the Bai family.”

Everyone’s faces stiffened, and they looked at Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun frowned, “You continue.”

Feliicity said in a deep voice: “Second, within the power of the vice president of our Drug Association, I will do business for you, and reward and punishment will be clear.

Dissatisfaction flashed clearly in everyone’s eyes.

“Three, don’t do things outside under my name.” Feliicity said at last.

When he said the last sentence, Bai Zhensheng couldn’t help it on the spot, and he shot the case, “Feliicity, you are inferior to a beast! Do you treat us Baijia as beggars!”

Chapter 322

As soon as Zhang Huangjin heard it, he drove the train while it was hot: “Yes, cousin, I think your car is also very good, and it fits my identity and temperament. We are walking in Q City ( Qena City ), so we can’t let us fight all the time. It’s face, and it’s embarrassing to say it out, isn’t it?”

Feliicity has a pretty face with frost.

These two people have not seen each other for a few years, and they are becoming more and more shameless!

What else suits your identity temperament?

Are you worthy?

call taxi?

Just like you, I guess the bus tickets will be too expensive!

It’s not clear that I have never touched a luxury car in my life, do you want to borrow it to splurge?

Feliicity looked at Wiliam who came out of the car and said, “This car belongs to Wiliam. I can’t be the master.”

As soon as he said this, Zhang Ruolong was stunned on the spot.

He looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

However, he didn’t think it was a car that Wiliam bought himself.

He subconsciously thought that this was the car Feliicity gave to Wiliam.

After all, Feliicity is now a celebrity in Q City ( Qena City ), with great power, and it is normal to afford luxury cars.

And Wiliam.

During the banquet just now, he probably knew what kind of job Wiliam did and was waiting for a job at home.

This is a good thing, and to say bad is to eat soft meals at home.

That’s right, it’s hard to tolerate that a man who eats soft food, who has lost the face of all men in the world, drives a luxury car every day!

It seems that I have to think of a way to cheat this car away, so that I don’t have to borrow money from Feliicity to buy the car in one step.

And Zhang Jinjin on the side showed an extremely jealous look at Wiliam!

He didn’t care about Wiliam from beginning to end.

Because he felt that Wiliam’s little white face was not worthy to talk to him.

But I didn’t expect this little white face to be so successful!

There is a pretty wife with a fairy appearance that can sing songs every night.

There is also a car that is so cool!

Feliicity is kind to him too!

What is so extraordinary about this man that makes Feliicity spend money like the earth!

Thinking of this, Zhang Huangjin said in a weird manner: “Cousin, you must have bought this car for him. Just lend it to me for two days. You wouldn’t be so unbelievable if you don’t want to be so passionate, right?”

Feliicity was about to fight him to the end, but was held back by Wiliam.

Wiliam had nothing to do with cars.

He just didn’t want Feliicity to get angry and hurt his body.

He smiled and said, “Okay, I will lend you two days.”

After that, he threw the car key to Zhang Jinjin.

But Zhang Jinjin was instantly excited!

Luxury car!

This is a luxury car!

Although Zhang Huangjin likes cars, the best car he has ever driven is a Mazda. He still cheeky borrowed from the neighbors next door.

This kind of Lamborghini, let alone open it, has never touched it!

Now, I can actually drive such a car, hahaha!

He even thought of making good use of this car in the past two days, maybe in a bar or a clubhouse, hanging down a few beauties who see money.

Isn’t it the case with most women in the city?

The blessing comes, and it can’t be stopped.

It’s also that trash sensible, dare not disobey me.

Otherwise, I will punch it and make your face bloom!

He got into the car in one step and started the car. The roaring engine sound, like a strong stimulus, made him feel ecstatic from body to soul.


However, he looked at the fuel gauge and said to Wiliam bluntly, “Why don’t you add fuel anymore, hey, give me five hundred yuan, I’ll add fuel.”

Feliicity was about to be blown up.

Never seen such a brazen person!

It’s fine to borrow Wiliam’s car, so stingy that he won’t even pay for gas!

But Wiliam smiled, threw her a few hundred dollars, and said to Feliicity: “Let’s go, let’s take a walk home. It’s been a long time to go shopping with you.”

Feliicity was depressed, and Zhang Ruolong behind him was almost laughing.

Really have a bit of backbone!

Why take a walk home?

This kid is probably the best person in the world who will give himself down.

Feliicity was blinded by marrying him.

When the Bai family saw Wiliam doing this, they all felt happy.

They thought that this car was bought by Feliicity before embezzling the company’s money for Wiliam.

Seeing someone humiliating Wiliam now, they are happy to see it happen.

On the road, Feliicity finally couldn’t help it, “Wiliam, why should you lend the car to that bastard.”

“That bastard seems to be your cousin, right? Alright, alright, I just don’t want to stalk them, do you think they will give up if you don’t borrow a car?” Wiliam smiled and touched white. Wind and snowy hair.

Feliicity was taken aback, as Wiliam said.

If you don’t borrow it, the wonderful father and son can grind your ears out, and maybe you will hear even more ruining things.

However, Feliicity is depressed after all.

She said “Ahhhhhh” to the sky three times, and then said angrily: “When the time comes, the car will be back. You have to wash it for me inside and out.”

Wiliam has a black line.

“It’s getting entangled with the group of neuroses again, so upset! It’s not it!” Feliicity suddenly swears to Wiliam.

Lu Yehun was about to frighten away, is this girl really broken by herself?

But I don’t use dirty words, usually.

After Feliicity finished cursing, he felt better, and took the initiative to pull Wiliam’s arm, “Go home to sleep.”

One way out of eight steps.

They both knew in their hearts that all this was a last resort tonight.

Feliicity’s father’s favor fell into the hands of people like Zhang Ruolong, so it’s better to pay it back early.

Feliicity went to bed after taking a shower, and went to find the friends of the Zufen squadron to vent their anger.

And Wiliam came to the study.

He opened the third chapter of “Impermanence Medical Classics”.

Two days ago, he was still very weak, so the study of Chapter 3 has been delayed until tonight.

He glanced through Chapter 3 once, and finally got an idea in his mind.

At the beginning of Chapter 3, it can be said that it is a new world.

This signifies that Wiliam is setting foot on the outside force and has a systematic exercise of moves.

A small part of this third chapter is still medicine, but most of it is “Impermanence Nine Forms.”

That is to say, martial arts routines of external training.

Wiliam thought to himself, his strength should be able to rise to the next level.

That night, Wiliam was completely immersed in this first practice.

He closed his eyes, as if he was asleep or awake, as if he had had a huge dream.

In the dream, there are constant dragons and horses.

What he didn’t see was that the blood jade that the head of Lantern Village gave in his pocket was faintly glowing with his breathing.

There was something like scales on his exposed skin.

One night later, after Wiliam finished practicing, he only felt refreshed, and even the pain on his body was somewhat reduced.

He stretched his waist fiercely, and there was a sound of “cracking and cracking” bones.

But at this moment, Feliicity suddenly got a cold face and opened the door to enter.

“What’s wrong?” Wiliam asked curiously.

This morning, Feliicity was just like the aunt’s visit.

“Wiliam, we shouldn’t lend the car to that bastard! He hit someone last night! Now we are going to wipe the bastard’s ass!” Feliicity patted the desk with a small hand, and said angrily.

Chapter 323

Wiliam frowned. He had known Zhang Jinjin’s unachievable kid would definitely get into trouble.

But I didn’t expect this misfortune to come so soon.

Wiliam got up and said to Feliicity, “Let’s have a meal first, and then go over to see the situation.”

After breakfast, the two took a taxi to Chen Shuyun’s house.

At this moment, Chen Shuyun was sitting at home one by one, with an angry expression on his face.

They looked at the Zhang family father and son who were just like the people in front of them, and they stopped getting angry!

I drove people into the hospital, and now I am still in the mood to eat.

They really decided the Bai family, right?

A group of people finally waited for the arrival of Feliicity.

In normal times, Chen Shuyun would definitely curse them for being so slow.

But at this time, she did not speak.

Instead, Zhang Ruolong complained to Feliicity endlessly: “Niece, why are you so slow?”

Feliicity asked with a cold face, “What happened?”

Rebeca and Zhang Ruolong have a better relationship, and they said to the side: “After Gold finished refueling your car last night, you went out for a drag racing.”

“Then I didn’t know what happened, I met a group of people claiming to be a luxury car club. Seeing that the golden car was good, I invited him to drag racing.”

“Then the kid Jin Jin was also anxious. He drove a little faster and knocked over a car next to him. He was bleeding all over, and he is still in the hospital.”

Feliicity frowned and said, “What is the situation of that person in the hospital? Has he been rescued?”

Zhang Huangjin casually nibbled a piece of toast, and said: “I don’t know this. I think I ran into someone’s car, so I drove back first.”

Feliicity was so angry that she was speechless.

She took a lot of effort to calm herself down, and said in a cold voice, “You hit someone and drove away right away? Did you know that you are a hit and run! You are liable for legal responsibility!”

Zhang Jinjin said naturally: “Why would I not know? So I’m not looking for you early in the morning? Look and help me settle this matter.”

Even Chen Shuyun was ashamed of this shameless act of making a mistake and justly asking others to wipe their ass!

To describe it in one sentence is ignorance and fearlessness, a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers!

Feliicity wanted to leave on the spot, and didn’t want to care about their misdeeds, let them deserve it!

But Zhang Ruolong obviously wouldn’t let Feliicity go.

He stopped Feliicity’s path and said with a smile: “Oh, niece, why do you lose your temper so much? What a big deal? Didn’t you just run into someone and run away? Uncle still doesn’t know your power in Q City ( Qena City )? You? In Q City ( Qena City ), it is a high authority, and it is not easy for you to come forward and say something.”

Feliicity was almost crying with anger.

She replied on the spot: “I Feliicity now has a little power in Q City ( Qena City ), but I tell you that power is too great! Zhang Jinjin is against the law! I can’t help it.”

This sentence made Zhang Ruolong’s face sink directly.

He squinted his eyes and stared at Feliicity, “The current niece’s frame is really not so big, even the life and death of the uncle and his cousin are ignored, it is really ruthless.”

“How do I care! Killing pays for my life! Do you want me to go to jail for you!” Feliicity gritted his teeth.

But this sentence seemed to wake up Zhang Jinjin.

He patted his head and said, “Yes, cousin, if you don’t want to help me, there is another way to make sure that you can do it and not let you touch any human relations.”

Everyone looked at Zhang Jinjin.

Zhang Huangjin pointed to Wiliam, and said, “Can this kid go to jail instead of me?”

“What!” Feliicity could hardly believe what she had just heard.

Zhang Huangjin made a mistake. Not only did he have no repentance at all, but he wanted Wiliam to commit the crime for him?

How thick-skinned he is to say such shameless words!

Everyone looked at Wiliam, and the Bai family all showed gloating expressions.

A good piece of gold, is simply a qualified shit-chucking stick.

It’s just that, the shit you stirred up is a bit smelly.

The Bai family watched enthusiastically.

Wiliam, who was the person involved, showed a meaningful smile.

He didn’t speak right away, just looking at the jumping clown.

Zhang Ruolong also woke up like a dream, and said to Zhang Jinjin: “Yes! Gold, why are you so smart! A clever trick! This car was originally written in this kid’s name, and it is logical for him to surrender and surrender. , Everyone present is his own, and he is the only one outsider.”

How could the Bai family not know Wiliam’s methods.

One by one, they were watching Zhang’s father and son like they were watching a play.

Feliicity was so angry that she was speechless.

The more Zhang Ruolong thought about it, the more he felt that this was a good way. He immediately took out his phone and said, “This is the least expensive way, and it’s unlucky for this kid. But who made him eat soft rice for so many years? Don’t worry, that prisoner. I have stayed here. I don’t have to worry about three meals a day. Let this kid go in. In fact, he eats soft meals. He must be able to adapt. I will call the police for him.”

Feliicity suddenly raised her hand and knocked Zhang Ruolong’s phone to the ground.

The phone slammed to the ground and the screen cracked.

The expression she looked at Zhang Ruolong finally became ruthless.

Ho ho, move Wiliam?

Try it!

God knows that Feliicity killed people for Wiliam!

I have never been afraid to punish me again!

“Feliicity! What are you doing! I just bought the mobile phone! You pay me!” Zhang Ruolong watched the mobile phone fall into the ground with cracks, distressed to death.

“For an outsider, are you as for! I wanted to talk about you a long time ago! You look so good-looking, how rich a man can’t be found? I have to find someone to eat soft rice! I did this, I just wanted to help you early Make a decision and get rid of this waste!” Zhang Ruolong said angrily.

These words almost made Chen Shuyun laugh out loud when watching the show.

The Bai family thought the same way back then, and wanted Feliicity to get rid of Wiliam’s waste by marrying Fernando.

and then……

Fernando’s ghost is still wandering in Q City ( Qena City ).

Poor Zhang family father and son, may God bless you.

“Wiliam, let’s go!” Feliicity pulled Wiliam’s hand and walked outside.

And Zhang Ruolong looked at the unfeeling Feliicity, as if something had been overturned in his heart.

He sneered on the spot.

“Go? Feliicity, you can leave! However, I can put the shame on here. If you leave today, I promise you will never know your dad’s message in your life!”

Chapter 324 I Have Money, Wiliam

Feliicity’s footsteps stopped on the spot.

She turned her head back in an instant and looked at Zhang Ruolong in disbelief!

Even Wiliam couldn’t believe it.

Does this Zhang Ruolong know the whereabouts of Feliicity’s father?

But Wiliam turned to think about it, this is indeed possible.

Feliicity’s father had a good relationship with Zhang Ruolong in his early years, and if Zhang Ruolong knew it, it was normal.

Rebeca’s heart jumped suddenly, and his face panicked, as if he had done something wrong and was exposed.

When Zhang Ruolong saw Feliicity stop instantly, he suddenly smiled.

This is Zhang Ruolong’s biggest bargaining chip!

However, this bargaining chip is too big, Zhang Ruolong always wanted to wait until a suitable time to kill Feliicity severely.

Now, it seems that there is no way to hide it.

If Feliicity were to leave, that piece of gold would be taken away by the uniformed person.

He is Zhang Ruolong’s only son, and he wants to inherit the incense.

He must not be sent to prison.

Feliicity rushed in front of Zhang Ruolong, almost roaring and asking: “You know my dad’s message! Tell me!”

In Feliicity’s heart, if there is any knot in her heart, it is her father.

He walked in a hurry back then, and he didn’t even have a word to explain.

Just let her wait at home.

How many years have been waiting.

The heart that waited for Feliicity was as miserable as broken ice in the snow.

She even sometimes wondered if her father was no longer in the world.

So I lied to myself.

However, Feliicity survived after all.

With a heart that has trusted his father since childhood, I have come all the way.

Now, I can finally know the message of Dad, how can Feliicity not be excited!

However, Zhang Ruolong would definitely not tell Feliicity her father’s message directly. He raised his face and said with a strutting look: “Aren’t you very good? Then you should ask yourself! You don’t even recognize my uncle Is it? Then you go.”

Feliicity was in a dilemma.

At this time, Zhang Huangjin’s phone rang suddenly, and the huge subwoofer looked particularly harsh in the quiet hall.

He answered the phone, and after hearing it for less than a minute, he suddenly broke out in cold sweat and sat on the ground.

Zhang Ruolong felt sorry for his son, and immediately went to support him, and asked with concern: “Golden, what’s wrong with you?”

Zhang Jinjin’s previous arrogant expression disappeared suddenly, and he said in fear: “Just now, this phone call came from the group of people I hit.”

“He said he is the head of the Q City ( Qena City ) Luxury Car Club. Today, he is going to avenge his brother who is in the hospital who is unsure about his life or death. Let me wash my neck at home.”

This sentence made the faces of people at the scene stiff.

This luxury car club, as soon as you hear its name, you know that there are rich people in it.

The rich are usually very skilled.

The father and son of this family are, to put it bluntly, typical peasant households. What qualifications do they have to fight these rich people?

I’m afraid it will be a life of nine deaths.

“How do they know your mobile phone number? Do they really have supernatural powers?” Zhang Ruolong asked depressedly.

Zhang Jinjin showed an annoyed look, and said, “I just met them last night. They saw my car was good, so they wanted to invite me to join this luxury car club to play cars, so I filled out an application form for membership. , Not only my phone number, but also my address…”

“Address? What address do you have in Q City ( Qena City )?” Zhang Ruolong frowned and asked, “You shouldn’t write down the address of our hometown? Are you not cheating?”

But Zhang Jinjin immediately said: “How is this possible? Am I so stupid? At that time, I thought that if our home address was written down, it would definitely be laughed at by those people as a countryman, so I wrote the address of this house.”

“Damn!” The Bai family had been watching the play enthusiastically, but when they heard this, they felt as if they were hit hard.

Chen Shuyun was about to vomit out a mouthful of old blood.

This gold is simply utterly conscience!

Do bad things outside, leaving the address of the Bai family here!

Isn’t this Keng Bai’s family?

After listening to Zhang Ruolong, he was obviously relieved, and patted Zhang Jinjin on the shoulder and said: “Fortunately, you are smart, otherwise our hometown will really be taken.”

Chen Shuyun wanted to hit someone after hearing this.

How much is the broken house in your hometown worth?

My old lady is the innocent disaster, okay!

Damn it!

Do we want our Bai family to settle this matter for their bastard father and son?

The situation froze suddenly.

At this time, an indifferent voice suddenly said: “We will help you settle this matter. You tell Feliicity her father’s message. How about this business?”

It was Wiliam who had been silent.

Feliicity was taken aback and asked in a low voice: “Wiliam, what kind of luxury car club do you know?”

Wiliam smiled slightly and said in a low voice, “In Q City ( Qena City ), there is no need to know him.”

A word made Feliicity feel like a deer.

What a crazy husband!

Zhang Jinjin suddenly looked at his father expectantly, “Dad, you quickly agree, I don’t want to die yet.”

Zhang Ruolong kept a cold face, weighing in his heart.

He didn’t want to kill such an important bargaining chip so easily.

But if he doesn’t agree now, his son will definitely be in a bloody disaster.

He thought for a while, and deliberately said ambiguously, “Okay, as long as you are satisfied with this matter for me, I will tell you.”

After speaking, he admired himself in his heart.

Satisfied with the office, this final evaluation is not my final say.

When the time comes, just say that you are not satisfied, and then take the opportunity to blackmail them again.

The money is rolling in.

That’s it.

Wiliam looked at Zhang Ruolong’s changing face, as if he could see people’s hearts, and laughed.

“Alright, Zhang Jinjin hit someone. The other party did not call the police but chose to seek revenge, indicating that the other party does not intend to call the police according to law, so he will definitely not go to jail. You can rest assured now.” Wiliam Said this sentence.

Everyone woke up one after another, shit!

That’s right.

This kid is really active sometimes, and suddenly thinks of something that everyone has overlooked.

This is also the key point that the Zhang family and his son were most worried about.

“So what? If my son is killed, I might as well send him to jail!” Zhang Ruolong’s heart stunned, but deliberately pretended not to eat this comforting look.

Wiliam smiled confidently at this time, “Extraordinary law is nothing more than reasonableness. Your hit-and-run escape has been unreasonable first, so there is only one love word left. Love is easy to handle. I believe in the mediocrity of the world, and I don’t have any money. Injustice. Zhang Jinjin, you go to those people to negotiate, how much money do you want to lose…”

“My Wiliam has money!”

Chapter 326

Chen Dongbai has always been the leader of the Q City ( Qena City ) Luxury Car Club, leading a group of rich second generations to eat and drink every day, living a very leisurely life.

He did not participate in the drag racing event with Zhang Huangjin that night.

But when he heard that his brother had been hit by someone and the other party had run away, his fire burst out.

If this spreads out, what prestige will this club have in the future?

So he decided to use this opportunity to kill the chickens and to let everyone know that the luxury car club is not easy to mess with.

This was also the first time he saw Zhang’s father and son.

He looked at the two cringed and braving people opposite, and couldn’t help laughing.

Are they really two buns, this kind of person can afford a Lamborghini?

“Sit down, what to drink?” Chen Dongbai asked, sitting opposite them gracefully.

“That, the juice is just fine.” Zhang Ruolong said tremblingly.

Chen Dongbai snorted, and his opponent said, “Give them juice.”

And Chen Dongbai looked at these two people with interest, but the juice was in front of him but he dared not move.

Such a person dare to escape? It’s really weird.

“Let’s talk about it, how do you plan to compensate for this matter?” Chen Dongbai asked, breaking the silence.

Zhang Ruolong swallowed and said, “We are willing to compensate, how much do you think is appropriate?”

Naturally, Chen Dongbai would not open the price first, leaving the problem to the other party, “How much can you pay?”

Zhang Ruolong thought for a while and gave a price that he felt was very high, “How about one million?”

However, Chen Dongbai laughed in exchange.

Zhang Ruolong’s face stiffened by the smile.

This is a million!

For Zhang Ruolong and his son, one million is already a sky-high price.


“One million, can you send a beggar? My brother has a wealth of tens of millions, and he is the only son in the family. You hit him and he is still alive and dead, so you took out one million. Do you look down on my brother? Look down on me?” Chen Dongbai said at the end and patted the table fiercely.

Zhang Ruolong was so excited that he almost sat on the ground.

They and these rich second generations are not at the same level at all. One million is a sky-high price for them, but for the rich second generation, it is not even enough to cram their teeth.

“Then how much do you say?” Zhang Ruolong asked tremblingly.

“Three million, you don’t even want to get out of this cafe today.” Chen Dongbai said.

Zhang Ruolong’s head blew!

So expensive!

However, he looked at the menacing people around him and courageously agreed.

Anyway, the idiot said that he would bear the amount of money.

Chen Dongbai didn’t think that these two soil buns would agree to it all at once, which made him more interested in Zhang family father and son.

“All right, leave after paying the money.” Chen Dongbai took a sip of his cigar and exhaled thick white smoke.

How can Zhang Ruolong have money? He immediately said, “Well, we don’t have money for the time being, but my niece and niece promised to pay us back. My niece is Q City ( Qena City )…”

“I care who your niece is! How can you fool me?” Chen Dongbai’s expression was suddenly filled with impatience.

His hand slapped Zhang Ruolong’s face directly, and half of his face was swollen.

Zhang Ruolong didn’t dare to resist, and quickly explained: “Brother, my niece is very rich. I can take you to take the money and go to her house, so that you can always believe it? If you can run away, the monk can’t run away from the temple.”

Chen Dongbai frowned, he believed Zhang Ruolong would not dare to lie in front of him.

“Okay, we’ll go with you. If you don’t get the money, you’ll just wait to die!” Chen Dongbai said and got up, ready to go with Zhang Ruolong.

But at this time, Zhang Ruolong’s cautious thinking came up. He quickly grabbed Chen Dongbai and said with a hippie smile: “Brother, before going, can I discuss something with you?”

Chen Dongbai slapped his hand in disgust, and kicked it over, “If you have something to say, let it go!”

Zhang Ruolong said immediately: “Brother, my nephew has a lot of money, and when he arrives at her house later, can you say that I have to pay you four million in compensation?”

Chen Dongbai raised his eyebrows, he looked at Zhang Ruolong with a treacherous look, and suddenly laughed.

Chen Dongbai was originally a villain, and he instantly understood what Zhang Ruolong meant.

“Why, want to cheat your niece? Hehe, I really don’t know how you are your uncle, and if someone pays you back, you have to cheat her? Are you still a human?” Chen Dongbai said jokingly.

Zhang Ruolong saw that Chen Dongbai was clear, so he picked it up, “Hey, brother, my niece and niece are two big idiots. They don’t get rid of them. Of course, I won’t let your brother run in vain. By that time 4 million , You can take 3.5 million and leave some pocket money for us.”

Chen Dongbai is a businessman. Such a good thing is naturally not profitable, but he is quite unhappy with the villain in front of him.

He smiled and said, “Okay, but you have to give a deposit first, right?”

Zhang Ruolong nodded immediately, “I understand the rules. In this way, I just have a sum of 200,000 yuan in my hand. I can give it to you first. Give me one of your account and I will transfer it to you immediately.”

The 200,000 yuan came from Chen Shuyun’s pit just now.

With a look from Chen Dongbai, his subordinates immediately reported a series of card numbers to Zhang Ruolong.

Zhang Huangjin hesitated aside, and took Zhang Ruolong’s hand and whispered: “Dad, you really want to give him 200,000 first? If this thing doesn’t happen, we won’t even have 200,000. “

Zhang Ruolong said unhappily to Zhang Jinjin: “Forget all the things that I taught you before? Seeking wealth and danger! These are all sons of the son, and they are fancy. I first transfer it to him to protect their face. They are happy. Things will go smoothly.”

After speaking, he immediately started to operate and called two hundred thousand to Chen Dongbai.

Chen Dongbai nodded, and went out to drive. A group of people went to Wiliam’s house under the guidance of Zhang Ruolong.

Chen Dongbai had never been to Wiliam’s house, so naturally he didn’t know it was his elder brother’s house.

When Chen Dongbai and his group were parking, Zhang’s father and son got out of the car and knocked on the door.

“Niece, open the door! It’s me, I brought the people from the luxury car club here, ready for the money.” Zhang Ruolong shouted while knocking hard on the door.

The door opened. Wiliam opened the door. He was wearing an apron and was preparing lunch.

When Zhang Ruolong saw Wiliam like this, he couldn’t help but sneered. He said to Zhang Jinjin beside him: “Son, I’ll teach you one more thing. Cooking, it’s kind of a man, okay?”

Zhang Jinjin nodded immediately.

At this time, Chen Dongbai and others came up from behind.

He saw that the person in front of him turned out to be Wiliam, his eyes lit up, and the whole person was excited!

Chapter 327

Chen Dongbai never dreamed that he would see Wiliam here!

This is God Lu!

Since Chen Dongbai helped Wiliam at the Lunanica Company’s shareholders meeting last time, they have never met again.

Chen Dongbai also kept watching the major events that Wiliam did in Q City ( Qena City ).

He has been thinking recently about any chance of getting close to Wiliam again.

Unexpectedly, the opportunity came unexpectedly.

But he suddenly changed his mind, why did Wiliam appear here?

He thought, his head flashed!

No way!

Wiliam and Feliicity turned out to be the niece and niece of the father and son in front of them!

In other words, what Zhang family father and son wanted to pit was Wiliam!

Still pull yourself over to pit?

Ho ho, people are stupid and have a lot of money?

Zhang family father and son, you are afraid that your life is too long!

Chen Dongbai was about to get angry with Zhang’s father and son in public, when Wiliam unexpectedly stepped forward, stretched out his hand, and said calmly, “Hello, you are the head of the luxury car club, right? I am Wiliam.”

The first time Wiliam saw Chen Dongbai, he also wanted to understand.

What a coincidence, the other party is actually Chen Dongbai.

That matter is easy to handle.

Chen Dongbai was confused by Wiliam’s strange greeting.

Seeing that Wiliam was so courageous, Zhang Ruolong wanted to shake hands. He slapped Wiliam’s hand fiercely and shouted: “What kind of identity are you! I want to shake hands with my brother! Get out! Call my niece.” come out!”

Wiliam almost laughed.

Zhang Ruolong’s age is enough to be Chen Dongbai’s father, but he still calls Chen Dongbai his brother?

It’s also a realm of flattery.

When Chen Dongbai saw this scene, he was so angry!

Who is bold!

Who is rude!

you wanna die!

He slapped the slap, and Zhang Ruolong couldn’t find Bei directly. “You have something special! I need you to talk!”

Zhang Ruolong covered his face and quickly explained: “Brother, this person is so lowly, how good is it to shake hands with a noble person like you…”

Chen Dongbai was so angry that he couldn’t help but kicked over again, “You need to control his identity!”

Right now Zhang Ruolong was stunned, but he was suffocated to death!

A lowly status person, he was beaten twice for no reason!

Lost my face!

Wiliam gave Chen Dongbai a wink and invited them all in.

Chen Dongbai didn’t know what Wiliam’s eyes meant, so he walked in tremblingly.

Zhang’s father and son were one step behind, and Zhang Jinjin asked tremblingly: “Dad, what exactly does Brother Chen mean! Why is it like he has changed himself? This is gunpowder?”

Zhang Ruolong clutched his swollen mouth, thought for a while, and said, “I guess this Brother Chen is using me to win over the two of them. Such a big man will definitely frighten the other person when he comes out. It’s just me. It’s rather unlucky. I happened to show up in front of Brother Chen. Let’s go first.

Zhang Jinjin suddenly realized that it made sense.

After entering, Feliicity saw Chen Dongbai and was stunned, “Eh, this is not..

“Feliicity, this is the leader of the luxury car club.” Wiliam interrupted Feliicity.

Feliicity is at a loss, what’s the situation?

Is it the same as not knowing?

Isn’t this person Wiliam’s friend?

“How much do you want to compensate?” Wiliam asked Chen Dongbai.

How dare Chen Dongbai accept Wiliam’s money?

However, Zhang Ruolong covered his face and said triumphantly: “Four million, Brother Chen is also a reasonable person. As long as you put out four million, that’s all.

Wiliam smiled meaningfully when he heard the number.

He looked at Chen Dongbai.

Chen Dongbai is also a clever person at ordinary times. After thinking about it just now, he seems to understand what Wiliam meant.

Great God Lu wanted me to come forward and teach him the Zhang family father and son who didn’t know good or bad.

Thinking of this, Chen Dongbai suddenly slapped Zhang Ruolong’s swollen face directly, and cursed fiercely: “Come out with me!”

With a look in his eyes, his subordinates directly framed Zhang’s father and son to the door.

Feliicity raised her heart, grabbed Wiliam’s hand, and asked nervously, “Wiliam, isn’t this something?”

Wiliam smiled, “Let Chen Dongbai teach them how to behave.”

Feliicity looked at the black-bellied Wiliam and didn’t know what to say for a while.

And Zhang Ruolong was framed outside with a dazed expression, “Brother Chen, what do you mean?”

Chen Dongbai didn’t even bother to speak, and motioned to his subordinates with his eyes.

The few people suddenly realized that holding the Zhang family father and son was just a punch and kick.

The screams of the two people came in, and Feliicity was frightened. “You won’t kill people, will you?”

“That shouldn’t happen.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Feliicity said, “That works.”

Zhang Ruolong was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face.

But what he was even more aggrieved was why Chen Dongbai turned back and changed his mind temporarily?

Where is the problem?

He tried to break his head and couldn’t think of a reasonable explanation.

After a few minutes of beating, Chen Dongbai motioned to his men to stop.

“Brother Chen, why did you beat us! We are ready to pay you the money…” Zhang Ruolong said weakly.

Chen Dongbai snorted coldly at this time, “Okay, then you can pay it! I don’t want anyone’s money today, and I want your own money. Can’t you afford a Lamborghini? You should have money.”

Zhang Ruolong’s face stiffened, and he gave Zhang Jinjin a vicious look before saying innocently: “Brother Chen, my son and I really don’t have any money. Let’s be honest with you Lamborghini, it was my son who borrowed it from the two people inside. They rich.”

“Ho ho, do you know who owns that Lamborghini?” Chen Dongbai suddenly asked gloomily.

Zhang Ruolong looked puzzled, “Isn’t it my niece?”

“I’m telling you, I gave them the Lamborghini! The one who hit my car with my car, and asked Feliicity to take the blame for you, you are brave enough! Give me another shot! “Chen Dongbai shouted again.

The fists fell on Zhang’s father and son again like a storm.

Zhang Ruolong was directly numb.

There was only one thought circling in his head.

This Lamborghini is Chen Dongbai’s?


What is the relationship between Chen Dongbai and Feliicity!

No wonder he was beaten so badly.

It seems that Chen Dongbai is trying to help Feliicity find face.

Yeah, I deserved it, and I didn’t even know that there was still this relationship.

Didn’t this hit someone’s gun directly?

“Don’t fight, don’t fight, niece, help! I know it’s wrong, I know it’s wrong.” Zhang Ruolong shouted desperately outside.

At this time, a faint voice came from inside, “I know it’s wrong? Okay, then let’s officially start and talk about how to compensate.”

Wiliam walked out.

Chapter 330: A Group of Ignorance and Fearless People

Seeing Wiliam, Zhang Ruolong’s suffocation suddenly appeared!

Yesterday, he suffered a humiliation that was unbearable in his life!

All of this is the result of a mess in front of me.

Okay, he’s just like someone who doesn’t.

I actually spent my niece’s money to drink morning tea at this expensive place!

What a shame among men!

Zhang Ruolong made a gesture to the group of gangsters, motioning them to follow him.

He took the lead and stood in front of Wiliam.

“Hoho, Wiliam, it’s really you. Seeing you, I don’t know if this is where we don’t meet in life, or if we are on a narrow road?” Zhang Ruolong sneered.

Wiliam drank morning tea and glanced up.

Seeing Zhang Ruolong, he also laughed, “It should be the ghost.”

People behind asked one after another: “Brother Long, who is this stupid? How did you talk to you?”

Zhang Ruolong sneered, staring at Wiliam with a strong hatred in his eyes. He almost gritted his teeth and said: “This idiot, is my unshakable enemy!”

“Damn! I dare to offend our Long brother! Long brother, let’s help you cut him!” The group of bullies suddenly yelled, causing people around them to look at this side.

But Zhang Ruolong stopped the clamor of this group of people. He said: “Don’t worry, don’t forget that we are here today to plot something big, and we can’t lose big because of small things. Well, this kid, when our big things happen, I will I won’t let him go!”

The group of people nodded one after another, “Brother Long is still foresight. Well, this grudge, we will help you remember it, and let him look good in a while, kid, pray, and run away if you know.”

In order to show his cruelty, one person grabbed a chair and slammed it on the table next door.

The mahogany table was suddenly cracked with a deep crack.

The clerk’s face changed a lot, so he grabbed the phone and called.

And the others didn’t know that the disaster was approaching, and they laughed arrogantly: “Haha, run? Where can we go? After today, we can all walk sideways in Q City ( Qena City ). He can escape the monk and can’t escape the temple!”

Wiliam looked at these hillbillies amused, and shook his head.

Really a group of ignorant and fearless people.

Don’t know what this tea restaurant is called?

At this time, a group of people in black rushed in with sticks in their hands.

The clerk led them, hurriedly walked over, and said to the one in front: “Brother, they smashed our table and chairs.”

This group of people in black immediately surrounded this group of punks.

Zhang Ruolong’s heart trembled, looking at these menacing groups of men, he said with a bit of color, “What are you doing?”

“Why! Don’t you know who opened this tea restaurant? You dare to run wild on Lao Li’s site, you don’t want to live anymore!” The man in black kicked it viciously.

He kicked the person who hit the table just now.

The group of people stopped doing it immediately, and they yelled one by one, “Damn! You dare to do it! Don’t you know who we are! I care about you, Mr. Li! In my eyes, it’s all shit!” ,

But Zhang Ruolong’s face suddenly changed.

Old Li!

Q City ( Qena City ), who else would dare to call Lao Li?

I’m afraid there is only one…

Li Muhe!

peaches and plums……


This tea restaurant is Li Muhe’s asset!

It! This is a big trouble!

Zhang Ruolong was about to be pissed off by this little bastard, and he dared to smash Lao Li’s shop.

Seeing them still ignorant and fearless, Zhang Ruolong broke out in cold sweat, and he quickly stood up to stop their clamor.

Then he said to the man with a smile on his face: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was too impulsive, we didn’t mean it, we paid, how much is the table chair?”

The clerk saw Zhang Ruolong’s confession, and said in a deep voice, “The tables and chairs in our store are all made from Hainan Huanghuali. This table and a chair add up to 100,000, WeChat or Alipay?”

“Damn!” Rao was Zhang Ruolong, he was stunned by the price.

So expensive!

However, looking at the menacing crowd, it was obvious that he would not let it go. He could only say helplessly: “Okay, we will pay, we will pay.”

As he said, he whispered to the few people: “Hurry up and get all the money out. You want to die but I don’t want to die.”

“Brother Long, what are you afraid of? Just do it with them.” the group of people shouted.

“Fuck you paralyzed! Take the money! Explain to you in a moment!” Zhang Ruolong slapped the guy’s head severely.

When several people saw Zhang Ruolong’s face in the abyss, they also began to understand that things were not so simple.

Several people detained and searched, bowed their heads for a good meal, and it was really only a little over 100,000.

Just for compensation.

“Brother Long, this is all our possessions.” The group of people said weepingly.

“Damn! Who will let you not have eyes? Anyone dare to smash the table! Pay the money first. Later, if you follow Changmao, the money will be earned back sooner or later.” Zhang Ruolong said.

Only then did a few people hand in the money.

The clerk snorted coldly, “You come here to be customers. We welcome your visit, but we won’t be soft when you come to make trouble.”

“Yes, yes! We won’t make trouble anymore.” Zhang Ruolong laughed with him.

The group of people in black glared at Zhang Ruolong before turning and leaving.

Zhang Ruolong didn’t care about Wiliam anymore. He found a big table beside Wiliam and sat around him.

Zhang Ruolong said Li Muhe’s identity again, everyone’s eyes widened, and there was lingering fear.

“In the future in Q City ( Qena City ), my eyes will shine bright spots! Don’t make trouble for me.” Zhang Ruolong explained again.

The group nodded one after another, saying they would never dare anymore.

That’s how it went, and then they started chatting dimly, and the topic naturally got to Brother Long Mao.

“Brother Long, why isn’t Brother Changmao coming?” someone asked.

And Zhang Ruolong glanced at Wiliam seemingly, as if deliberately, and said loudly: “What’s the identity of Brother Changmao? The big guy will naturally be the last one! I tell you, today Brother Changmao is going to join us in Q City ( Qena City ) The forces of the People’s Republic of China, we will be the best group of people in Q City ( Qena City ). Who wouldn’t dare to provoke us?”

Others heard their faces excited, “Really? Then we can walk sideways?”

Someone asked curiously: “The biggest force in Q City ( Qena City )? Could it be Brother Tiger?”

But Zhang Ruolong directly dumped the man’s head and cursed: “Speak to me quietly! Brother Tiger’s name, you can scream? Going to Brother Tiger, you want to be pretty. Brother Tiger is underground in Q City ( Qena City ), It is supreme. I heard Brother Changmao say that it is Brother Xiaodao that we are going to leave this time.”


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