Dragon Husband Chapter 331-340

Chapter 331

“Brother Xiaodao? Who is Brother Xiaodao? Why haven’t you heard of it before?” someone asked.

Wiliam could actually hear him completely, and he was also curious about where did this little knife come out of him.

Not disappointed, Zhang Ruolong immediately explained: “Let me put it this way, Brother Long Mao went to Brother Xiaodao, Brother Xiaodao is on top of Brother Dali, and above Brother Dali is Brother Tiger. We are separated from Brother Tiger. It’s been a few days, how can a big man like Brother Tiger look up to us, but after all, we will be considered Brother Tiger’s men.”

When everyone heard it, they were stunned, although there were several layers between them, it made Brother Tiger look even more unattainable.

But the more unattainable, the more they can feel their own insignificance.

Zhang Ruolong saw that they were a little bit low in morale, and encouraged them: “But don’t be discouraged. As long as you can enter this door, you will work harder in the future. I believe that in less than ten years, we will still have a chance to see Brother Tiger become Brother Tiger. Yours.”

The others nodded, and confidence returned.

At this moment, Zhang Ruolong stood up deliberately and looked at Wiliam, “You were eavesdropping just now?”

Wiliam looked at Zhang Ruolong amused, talking so loudly that the whole tea restaurant could hear him.

Zhang Ruolong said triumphantly: “Since you know what will happen next, you should know that your death date is approaching, pray.”

Wiliam smiled, “It seems that I will have to take care of you in the future.”

Zhang Ruolong laughed loudly, then his face quickly slammed, “Take care? Ho Ho, okay, then you wait!”

“Well, okay, I’m also waiting for a little brother of mine now, and you will take care of it together in a while.” Wiliam continued to say nothing while worrying.

“So I brought a helper? Ho Ho, I looked at you very highly, I really thought you were not afraid of you, but after today, I will not pay attention to anyone. You have a kind, just continue to wait here !” Zhang Ruolong said viciously.

The others were agitated and raised their middle fingers towards Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled, then stopped talking.

It’s totally meaningless to care about this kind of little guy.

But Zhang Ruolong didn’t even dare to say what Lu Yecao said, so he sat down with satisfaction.

This is just a new beginning, and the days are still long.

At this time, a middle-aged man with a beard walked into the tea restaurant.

Seeing this man, Zhang Ruolong seemed to be electrocuted, and suddenly jumped up, “Brother Changmao! I’m here!”

Wiliam turned around and saw this bearded man, thinking to himself that this man is a long-haired brother.

Brother Changmao nodded to Zhang Ruolong and walked over.

Zhang Ruolong quickly introduced the other brothers to Brother Changmao.

They were very acquainted one by one, and bowed to Brother Long Mao.

It’s just that Brother Long Mao’s brows frowned slightly.

He came to find Brother Xiaodao today, and he just wanted to accept Zhang Ruolong.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Ruolong had brought so many punks over.

What’s wrong, I grow hair here, it’s a garbage shelter.

But seeing that the time is approaching, Brother Changmao will hold this matter temporarily.

Zhang Ruolong felt that Brother Changmao had agreed, and suddenly shouted excitedly: “Waiter, serve wine! After drinking this glass of wine, we will be a family in the future.”

The clerk frowned, but seeing that they were making trouble, he helped them serve the wine.

After a few glasses of wine, the atmosphere suddenly became alive.

A few of them surrounded Brother Changmao, shouting affectionately.

At this time, a person quietly appeared in front of Wiliam.

Tigger !

Tigger naturally didn’t know these people. He watched Wiliam look at them funny, so he sat down and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Watching the show.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Tigger sat with his back to them, and he glanced back.

Zhang Ruolong was watching Wiliam’s situation all the time, and seeing the middle-aged Yixie turned around to look at them, Zhang Ruolong’s face was fierce, “What do you look at! Are you looking for death?”

Tigger was speechless for a while, shrugged, turned around and ignored them.

Zhang Ruolong felt that he was so domineering just now, and couldn’t help but laugh, “Brother Changmao’s reputation is good. Look at those two people, I yelled at them and screamed like dogs. They didn’t dare to return. One cry.”

Looking at Tigger ‘s back, Long Mao couldn’t help but sneered, “Everyone keep a low profile, Brother Xiaodao is coming soon.”

Everyone agreed, but did not change their arrogance.

After a while, a thin middle-aged man finally arrived late.

Brother Changmao quickly greeted him, almost completing his body ninety degrees, “Brother Xiaodao! You finally came.”

Zhang Ruolong also hurriedly led everyone to bend down and bow, shouting hello, Brother Xiaodao.

Brother Xiaodao frowned and looked at the mess of people, and he wrote on his face.

Long Mao knew that this scene was really ugly, so he quickly took out a bank card that he had prepared a long time ago, stuffed it into Brother Xiaodao silently, and whispered, “Brother Xiaodao, I will take care of you from now on, password Six six.”

As soon as this little Dao brother saw that Long Mao would be troublesome, he nodded slightly, “Okay, because you are very clever, I will accept you guys today, and will follow me in the future, and will not treat you badly. of.”

Long Mao nodded gratefully, then suddenly knelt directly on the ground, knocked three heads, “Brother Xiaodao, you are our reborn benefactor.”

Zhang Ruolong looked dumbfounded, but quickly led everyone to kneel down.

“Well, everyone will be brothers from now on, drink the bar.” Brother Xiaodao said with a smile.

Everyone immediately began to toast brother Xiaodao wine again.

Wiliam watched this scene and couldn’t help but smile and said to Tigger : “This is what you told me yesterday. Some small forces are going to defect to you?”

Although Tigger turned his back to them, he heard what they said.

His face has become very ugly!

Although Wiliam didn’t care about this, let him figure it out.

But now Wiliam is there!

This group of people is clearly a group of small gangsters, and they can’t make a big climate at all.

Tigger knew the knife. Although he was only a small boss, he still had some power.

Unexpectedly, he even collects this garbage?

It was also seen by Wiliam.

Although Wiliam was talking with a smile now, Tigger felt a deep shame!

Wiliam didn’t blame him, Tigger blamed himself!

He couldn’t help but look back at the group of people.

The group of people were already flushed with the drink, and one by one, they had completely integrated with Brother Xiaodao.

Zhang Ruolong saw the idiot opposite Wiliam and looked back. This time the anger came directly, and a glass of wine was directly thrown at Tigger , and he cursed fiercely: “How dare you look! I dug out your eyeballs! Brothers! We are all of Brother Xiaodao’s people. We will do a good show today to present Brother Xiaodao and let Brother Xiaodao see our courage!”

Chapter 332

Those little bastards can’t contain the excitement in their hearts at this moment.

They can’t wait to prove their strength and courage to Brother Long Mao.

Not to mention that Brother Xiaodao is more powerful than Brother Changmao.

If you are lucky enough to be favored by Brother Xiaodao, your days will be crooked.

They shouted “Fuck him” one by one, and tried to smash their chairs.

But at this time, they saw the wine glass flying towards Tigger and was suddenly held by Tigger with one hand.

Tigger ‘s face was cold.

His gaze passed through the enthusiastic crowd and looked at the knife.

Xiaodao originally thought that this was a little coax drama, but he didn’t care about it at all.

He was still drinking the wine leisurely, until a beam of eyes cast on him, making him suddenly feel a kind of creepy.

He couldn’t help raising his head and looking forward.

At this glance, the quilt in his hand slammed and fell to the ground.

His cold sweat burst out from his forehead instantly!

The owner of this beam of eyes is really Tiger Brother!

“Stop it!” The knife roared like crazy.

The group had surrounded Tigger and Wiliam Tuantuan.

The chairs in their hands were about to hit Tigger ‘s head.

The knife shouted loudly, instantly making everyone freeze.

He wanted to step forward and bow down to worship Tigger , but found that his feet were no longer obliged.

You can’t even stand still!

There are also long hairs who have fallen to the ground.

Long Mao has been mixed in Q City ( Qena City ) for more than ten years. Would he not know who Tigger is?

Just now, Tigger kept his back to him, so he didn’t recognize him.

Now, he is looking at Long Mao with a cold face, can he not recognize it now!

“Tiger, tiger…” Shao Mao’s voice was shaking.

And Zhang Ruolong is very courageous now because of a few bottles of wine.

He watched the knife stop their actions, and immediately said to the knife, “Brother Xiaodao, what are you afraid of? The little white face opposite you is my niece, who is very wasteful, and it is not enough to be afraid. And this middle-aged man, just now I heard that I’m still under my rubbish niece, so don’t be afraid.”

When Xiaodao heard this, his heart exploded with anger.

Tigger is a rubbish boy in your mouth?

You are afraid that you don’t know how crazy what you say!

“Don’t stop it! Kneel all for me!” The knife used all his strength, staggered a few steps, and finally walked in front of Tigger and knelt to the ground fiercely.

Close behind is Longhair.

He knelt on the ground, almost throwing himself on the ground, not daring to look up at people.

After all, this is Tigger .

There is Brother Xiaodao on Long Mao, and Brother Dali, and finally Brother Tiger!

Zhang Ruolong suddenly knelt down when he saw the knife and Long Mao, and suddenly his back became cold.

He couldn’t help looking at the middle-aged man with a grim face. Now, he faintly felt that something was wrong.

This middle-aged man, from the beginning to the present, is too calm.

The chairs in the hands of all of them hung over his forehead.

If it hadn’t been through life and death, how could he not change his face like this.

Could it be that this middle-aged man is not a big man.

It can make Brother Xiaodao and Brother Changmao all fear.

Thinking of this, he suddenly looked at Wiliam in grief!

It was put on by this little rubbish!

He must have deliberately said that the person who was coming was his little brother, and he was completely careless.

This little rubbish is going to kill me!

In a hurry, Zhang Ruolong also knelt down on one knee.

Others followed suit and knelt down.

There was silence at the scene.

Brother Xiaodao moved, but he couldn’t find a suitable explanation after all.

He was already trembling with fear.

The scene of collecting money must have been seen by Brother Hu.

After Zhang Ruolong knelt down, he couldn’t help asking Brother Changmao, “Brother Changmao, who is this middle-aged man? Why are you so afraid of him…”

Long Mao’s face was blue and his lips trembled.

Zhang Ruolong asked in a low voice, “Could it be Brother Xiaodao’s superior, Brother Dali? I rely on!”

Zhang Ruolong was shocked by his sudden thought!

Brother Dali!

This is a figure at the level of the gods.

He unexpectedly appeared here, it is simply that he saved the universe in his last life to have such a coincidence to meet such a big man.

However, Brother Changmao shook his head slightly, and sweat fell down his cheeks.

This has left Zhang Ruolong at a loss, isn’t it Big Brother Dali?

Since it’s not Dali, why is Xiaodao so scared?

“Is it another person who sits on an equal footing with Brother Dali?” Zhang Ruolong asked again.

This time, Long Mao’s mouth moved.

He almost spit out a few words with difficulty, “Brother Dali go up again…”

Brother Dali goes up?

Zhang Ruolong didn’t react at first.

After he smashed it a few times, suddenly the whole face turned pale!

Brother Dali goes up again, that is!

King of Q City ( Qena City ) Underground!

Tigger !


This middle-aged man turned out to be Tigger !

The ultimate tiger that they can hardly reach in their lives!

Just now, I wanted to beat Tigger !

Thinking of this, Zhang Ruolong only felt that the strength in his body was quickly drained, and his whole body collapsed to the ground.

Even when he convulsed, he was so scared that he peeed directly.

The scene was silent like this, no one dared to speak first.

Zhang Ruolong already felt that life and death were in an instant.

His head turned frantically, thinking that he would quickly find a way to get himself out of this dangerous situation.

Is there any way…

He suddenly looked at Wiliam with an indifferent expression.

Damn it!

All things were caused by this guy.

There should be this guy to bear the responsibility of life and death!

Otherwise, if Brother Changmao and Brother Xiaodao were to blame at that time, they would definitely not get along in Q City ( Qena City ).

He finally plucked up the courage and looked at Tigger .

The voice tremblingly said: “Tiger, hello, Brother Tiger, we know that we were wrong, but the fault is not with us, because someone told us a big lie in front of us, and it is a disrespectful lie to you. Talents deserve death, not us.”

Tigger asked with a cold face, “Oh, I want to know who it is and what lie to you?”

Seeing Tigger finally speaking, Zhang Ruolong suddenly felt that things had turned for the better.

Suddenly he stretched out his hand to Wiliam and said viciously: “It’s him! It’s him who lied!”

Although Zhang Ruolong wondered why Wiliam would sit with Tigger .

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, but just a little confidence is enough.

That is the tiger of Q City ( Qena City ), absolutely not inhabited by others.

What Wiliam said just now is absolutely worthy of death!

“Just now, this little bastard pretended to force us, saying that you are his little brother, and we can all testify. You said, this kind of undesirable lie, should we be guilty of guilt?” Zhang Ruolong said to Tigger quietly.

Chapter 333

After saying this, Zhang Ruolong fixed his eyes on Tigger .

But Brother Xiaodao and Brother Changmao didn’t dare to say anything from beginning to end.

Because they mix in Q City ( Qena City ) and know an unwritten rule.

That is in front of Brother Tiger, it is best not to talk too much.

If you speak more, you will lose.

Pleading guilty in front of Brother Tiger is the best choice.

After Zhang Ruolong said this, Brother Tiger looked at him in surprise, and then suddenly laughed.

This laugh made everyone in the room puzzled.

These words are indeed disrespectful.

After all, Tigger had just become the king of the underground of the Shangqing City in the past few days, and his prestige reached its peak in a moment.

And when someone said this at this time, wouldn’t it be that Tigger ‘s throne was not guaranteed?

Can Tigger bear this?

It’s a bit abnormal.

“Brother Tiger, what are you laughing at? Is there anything wrong with what you just said?” Zhang Ruolong asked bitterly.

Brother Hu suddenly stopped laughing and said coldly, “It’s wrong.”

Zhang Ruolong became excited immediately, “I’ll just say I was wrong, Brother Tiger, do you think so too?”

But Brother Hu suddenly stood up, looked at Zhang Ruolong, his expression became joking, “I’m not saying that what you said is wrong, I mean, what Wiliam said just now is wrong.”

These words went around several times, and everyone was in the cloud.

However, the people who came to me afterwards suddenly had their eyes widened and looked at Tigger in disbelief!

Tigger said what Wiliam said was wrong.

What Wiliam said was that Tigger is his little brother…

In other words–

“It’s wrong, Wiliam was wrong. I, Tigger , is his little brother. Why, do you have any comments?” Tigger didn’t think it was a shame to be Wiliam’s little brother.

Even, he was proud of it and looked forward to one day, under the eyes of everyone, public allegiance and loyalty.

And hearing Tigger ‘s rhetoric now, the people at the scene were completely dull.

They all felt that they had auditory hallucinations.

The Tiger of Q City ( Qena City ), the man who dominates the underground of Q City ( Qena City ) these days, is it a little young brother?

This is simply a fantasy!

Zhang Ruolong is even more unbelieving.

Does he still know who Wiliam is?

Q City ( Qena City )’s famous waste son-in-law.

How could a person who has been eating soft food for more than ten years be the boss of Tigger ?

Something must be wrong.

Otherwise, Tigger was lying in order to protect Wiliam’s face.

But when he said it, the people on the scene couldn’t help but resist.

Although Changmao and Xiaodao didn’t believe Tigger ‘s words, they suddenly became nervous.

Since Brother Tiger has made up his mind to protect the face of this young man, today, I am afraid that he cannot be kind.

This damn Zhang Ruolong!

I don’t know where it came out!

It’s fine to offend that young man. I offended Brother Tiger just now, and now it’s over.

Sure enough, after Tigger finished speaking, he handed a portfolio in his hand to Wiliam, and whispered: “Wiliam, I’m really sorry, I’m embarrassed, I will clean up the door immediately.”

As he said, he looked at the knife and said in a cold voice, “Knife, which hand was it that took other people’s money just now?”

The knife suddenly turned pale with fright, curled up into a ball, shrank to the ground, afraid to speak.

“Follow me back and be punished by a broken arm.” Tigger said, leaving his seat and walking forward.

The knife behind him shook violently, and his face was unlovable.

However, he respectfully said: “Thanks to Brother Xie Hu for not killing, I am willing to be punished.”

After Tigger walked heavily out of the tea restaurant, the knife got up from the ground and wanted to go with Tigger .

But at this time, the long hair on the ground almost cried to Brother Xiaodao: “Brother Xiaodao, what should I do…”

Brother Xiaodao’s face is very hideous!

Just now, this Shao Mao gave the money!

Seven percent of this crime is him!

“From now on, don’t let me see you in Q City ( Qena City ).” After saying this viciously, Brother Xiaodao strode outside.

Brother Long Mao was dumbfounded when he heard this.

It’s over, it’s over.

The glory and wealth of the second half of my life have completely turned into a cloud of smoke.

I thought I could hold Brother Xiaodao’s thigh, but now Brother Xiaodao couldn’t protect himself.

Damn, if it wasn’t for a moment to miss the friendship in his early years, how could he let this big idiot Zhang Ruolong come together!

Bringing him here today is definitely a big mistake!

I missed myself for life!

Thinking of this, Brother Long Mao suddenly slammed Zhang Ruolong’s face with a severe punch, and Zhang Ruolong suddenly screamed on the ground.

The injury he was beaten yesterday is not completely healed.

Brother Long Mao wanted to fuck him hard, but thinking that this site was another big boss’s site, he could only give up.

After he beat Zhang Ruolong hard, he stood up disheartenedly.

He looked at Wiliam.

The young man looked like an outsider from beginning to end.

At this moment, he was looking indifferently at the portfolio that Tigger had just given him.

This young man, how could he have never seen him show up before.

If it can make Brother Tiger worthy of it, he must be a famous figure in Q City ( Qena City ).

Who is he…

Brother Changmao couldn’t figure it out, so he could only walk outside disheartenedly.

At the scene, only Zhang Ruolong was left crying bitterly on the ground.

So far, he has nothing.

Even if I lose, I don’t know what else to lose.

There is no money, no power, no face.

I originally thought that a few days was going to be ruthless in front of my brothers.

Now, the long-haired brother will definitely cut ties with him.

Brother Hu’s line was also completely broken, and even whether he can stay in Q City ( Qena City ) in the future is a problem.

The brothers on the ground suddenly burst into tears, and kicked to Zhang Ruolong one by one, “You bastard! Didn’t you say that you can take us to the rest of our lives! Now, all our money just now has been pitted by you!”

“I offended such a big man, how can we live in the future!”

“I’m really blind. I’ll listen to your nonsense when I’m deaf, and come with you! Otherwise, I’m in the village now and I’m still covering the sky with one hand!”

Zhang Ruolong was also beaten out of blood, and suddenly yelled like crazy, “What are you doing! What are you doing! Am I begging you to come over! Don’t push me!”

With a roar, he suddenly stopped the scene.

To put it bluntly, this group of people are punks, they are simply bullying and fearing hardship.

At this time, the clerk in the shop said in a cold voice: “No matter how loud you are, don’t blame me for driving you all out! Don’t you know whose site is here?”

But the speaker was unintentional, and the listener was intentional. Looking at Wiliam who looked down at the file, Zhang Ruolong suddenly developed an extremely vicious strategy in his heart!

Kill with a knife!

Chapter 334 You Have No Other Way

Zhang Ruolong’s heart was already dead.

After all, in his opinion, Brother Changmao and Brother Xiaodao are already great figures.

But in front of Tigger , it was like an ant.

You don’t even have the qualifications to struggle.

He even understood why Tigger would let him go.

Because of his kind, he didn’t even have the qualifications to let Brother Tiger speak.

The status is really very different.

Punish yourself and lose the identity of Brother Tiger.

And he watched the long hair and the knife that he had always regarded as a celestial being taken care of easily, and his heart was ashamed.

However, when he saw Wiliam, he was unwilling again.


A waste who eats soft food can talk to Brother Tiger, and even let Brother Tiger surrender himself and lie to excuse him.

But he can only be beaten again and again.


Zhang Ruolong thought, anyway, he couldn’t get along at all in Q City ( Qena City ).

Even if he died, he couldn’t make this Wiliam feel better!

Big deal to die together!

Thinking of this, Zhang Ruolong suddenly grabbed a few wine bottles from the ground and threw them at Wiliam frantically!

He also yelled frantically: “It’s all you! You have made my reputation dissipated, I will kill you today!”

The wine bottle flew towards Wiliam in the air, Wiliam’s position was just against the wall, and he couldn’t retreat at all.

But at this time, Wiliam raised his head, but he kicked Erlang’s legs!

The big table of Hainan Huanghuali was suddenly kicked up by him.

The wine bottle ping pong pong all smashed on the table.

And the table banged to the ground.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Ruolong suddenly laughed grimly, and was hit!

This kid, now you are still alive!

Sure enough, the clerk saw another table being smashed, his face changed, and shouted outside: “Brother Biao, someone has smashed the place again! Come here!”

The people in black who had been guarding outside rushed over again and surrounded Zhang Ruolong.

Zhang Ruolong was not afraid at the moment.

He was not the one who smashed the table!

He pointed to Wiliam and said to the people in black, “Everyone has seen it, he kicked the table over!”

The man in black headed by Brother Biao looked at Wiliam and said fiercely: “You kid, knowingly committing a crime! I don’t know whose site this is!”

At this time, Wiliam had already stood up and put the files back into his portfolio.

These files are all assets of Tigger and Siirius in Q City ( Qena City ).

He glanced at it just now, and it was about six billion more than estimated.

Wiliam looked at Brother Biao and said calmly, “Lao Li’s site.”

“You know you dare to do this!” Brother Biao’s face sank, and he immediately felt that he couldn’t live up to his face.

“This table is worth 500,000 yuan.” The clerk said from the side.

Zhang Ruolong looked at it and burst into laughter.

“Five hundred thousand?” Wiliam smiled and suddenly grabbed a chair.

He just lifted the leg of the chair, dragged it to the ground, and walked slowly towards Zhang Ruolong.

Everyone’s heart raised their throats.

This kid is crazy too!

With so many people present, and Mr. Li’s prestige blessing here, he still wants to beat others?

Don’t want to live in Q City ( Qena City )?

However, everyone did not dare to breathe.

For some reason, they obviously watched Wiliam drag the chair leg.

But let them have a kind of illusion.

It seems that this guy is not dragging the legs of a chair, but a big knife.

On him, it seemed that he was born with such a majestic momentum.

The chair legs had been raised in front of Zhang Ruolong, Wiliam looked cold, as if it had nothing to do with life or death.

Zhang Ruolong didn’t believe that Wiliam dared to beat him at all, and grinned grimly: “You fight, anyway, I’m going to fight it out today, you’re going to fight hard!”

“If I die, you can’t live either!”

Wiliam looked at Zhang Ruolong, but his heart was extremely calm.

He doesn’t care about such bad people at all.

Just because of the Feliicity.

This bad guy actually hid such an important letter for nine years.

In these nine years, how many times Wiliam saw the Feliicity toss and turn late at night, crying because of missing his father.

How many times Wiliam saw Feliicity’s waiting heart die and burn, burn and die.

If this letter had long existed, why should Feliicity suffer such longing.

This bad guy still has no repentance.

Thinking of this, Wiliam pressed his hand and the solid wood chair slammed Zhang Ruolong’s body hard!

“You may not know that if my money is used for compensation, it will be enough to kill thousands of you!”

Accompanied by the sound of the broken chair, the people on the scene also clearly heard the sound of Zhang Ruolong’s rib fracture.

Zhang Ruolong was beaten with blood all over his face.

But not dead.

He continued to grimace, “Haha, you killed me! You continue to be presumptuous in Lao Li’s territory!”

He was watching the faces of Brother Biao and others.

The time should be coming soon.

Sure enough, this sentence made the faces of Biao brother and others suddenly unable to hang up, “You kid, I will warn you one last time! If you dare to do it, it is not as simple as losing money! You are the enemy of Li Lao!”

Wiliam didn’t even look at Brother Biao, just stared at Zhang Ruolong.

Zhang Ruolong was laughing wildly, and Wiliam was smiling.

With a small smile, Wiliam grabbed another chair.

Brother Biao finally couldn’t help it, and stood directly in front of Wiliam, swinging the stick in his hand, “You can try it again!”

Wiliam finally looked at Brother Biao. He smiled and said, “I know that you have a responsibility. I will give you two choices. First, resign and leave. This matter has nothing to do with you, and I will bear the blame.”

Hearing what Wiliam said at the scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

What is this nonsense?

Can this kid not see the current situation?

Not to mention that Brother Biao has many people, Wiliam is alone.

Just say that this site belongs to Mr. Li!

Someone dared to run wild on Lao Li’s site, and now they are still ranting, asking Brother Biao to resign and leave?

Isn’t it okay to forget the past?

Really use yourself as an onion?

Zhang Ruolong laughed even more.

It’s done!

This idiot actually slammed into the muzzle of his gun, so he didn’t need to do any more tricks.

He has successfully angered Mr. Li’s people.

And Brother Biao laughed so angry.

For the first time in my life, I saw such a arrogant young man who didn’t know what to do!

He got interested and asked jokingly: “Then I choose the second one. What is the second one?”

He chose second without thinking, which is enough to show his attitude.

Zhang Ruolong laughed again, and he even saw that the sticks in the hands of Brother Biao and the others were already tightly gripped, and he could beat this unknowing boy in front of him at any time.

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly took out a black delicate card from his mouth and lightly tapped it on Brother Biao’s forehead.

Wiliam’s voice is like a royal decree!

“The second option, I buy this store, you will be my slave and murder for me.”

“You have no other way.”

Chapter 335

Everyone was stunned by Wiliam’s sudden hand.

They looked at the card Lu Yedian placed on Brother Biao’s forehead, and suddenly they didn’t know what this kid was going to do?

The death is approaching, dare to provoke Brother Biao like this?

But Brother Biao suddenly burst into laughter when he was caught by Wiliam.

Laugh at this person crazy!

Laugh at this fool!

This is an industry owned by Li Muhe in Q City ( Qena City ).

This kid even dared to say arrogantly that he wanted to buy this store.

Will Li Muhe agree?

Li Muhe’s property has never been coveted in Q City ( Qena City ).

“Boy, you have successfully angered me.” Brother Biao grabbed the card on his forehead with one hand and said viciously, “Even if you have more money in this bank card, what about? In fact, it is difficult for daughters to buy their property!”

Brother Biao said, his eyes turned to the card held by him.

But at this sight, he was stunned.

What he saw was the back, and the back was pitch black.

I thought that this card would be a bank card.

But it is not?

Even if you don’t even have a bank card, you still expect to come to the store?

Zhang Ruolong and the others saw the card clearly, and suddenly laughed in unison.

This kid, shouldn’t it be that he wanted to buy Li Muhe’s store with a recharge card?

When everyone laughed, the clerk wanted to laugh at this kid’s ignorance.

However, after he saw the card, he suddenly seemed to be blown up by a thunder!

There are only four words on the card!

Peach and plum world!

As a clerk in a store under Li Muhe, how could he not recognize this card?

Or in other words, who else in Q City ( Qena City ) would dare not recognize this card!

This turned out to be the Li Family’s Tao Li Tianxia Card!

It’s no wonder that this kid has been confident since just now!

With a card in hand, Q City ( Qena City ) walks across!

This kid keeps saying that he wants to buy this store, now it seems that it is not nonsense at all!

Thinking of this, the clerk’s eyes looked at Wiliam completely changed!

Once the situation turned into a dragon!

He is a dragon!

But Brother Biao suddenly signaled his subordinates severely, “Beat me! I will be responsible for the consequences!”

His staff raised their clubs, but suddenly someone shot out!

The clerk rushed out almost subconsciously, grabbed the stick in Brother Biao’s hand, and shouted sharply: “Brother Biao! You can’t move this person! You can’t be responsible for the consequences!”

Brother Biao looked ruthless, “Can’t move? In this Q City ( Qena City ), I can’t move except for Mr. Li. Who else can’t move me?”

The clerk saw that Brother Biao couldn’t see the situation clearly, so he grabbed the card and pointed it at the front. His voice trembled, “Brother Biao, look carefully! What is this!”

Brother Biao was full of disdain, and said carelessly: “This one is not even a bank card, it can still…”

That’s it!

The pupils shrank wildly!

He finally saw the four words above.

These four words, like four sharp swords, were fiercely inserted into Brother Biao’s heart!

The world of peaches and plums, like Li’s presence!

“Pump!” Under the eyes of everyone, Brother Biao actually knelt straight in front of Wiliam.

The previous arrogance is gone.

He looked at the young man in front of him, his heart was beyond fear!

Who is he!

At such an age, he can be favored by Li Muhe!

He doesn’t talk about it, but he will do what he says!

“Yes, I’m sorry…” Brother Biao’s voice was shaking.

But Zhang Ruolong and others’ expressions changed in an instant.

What’s the matter!

Seeing that this kid was about to be beaten, why did Brother Biao kneel?

Where did all the previous momentum go?

Wiliam is just a soft food. Will Brother Biao be afraid of him?

Zhang Ruolong couldn’t believe the scene before him.

The clerk held the Tao Li Tianxia Card in both hands with trembling, and handed it back to Wiliam, “My lord, your card…”

Wiliam took the card casually and looked at Brother Biao condescendingly.

“I said, you have no choice.” Wiliam’s voice blasted in Brother Biao’s ears like a magic sound.

No choice?

Brother Biao was in a daze, and suddenly remembered what Wiliam had just said.

“You are my slave and murder for me.”


Brother Biao stood up with his hairs all over.

This is a crime.

However, his eyes met Wiliam.

But I only felt that what the young man in front of him said was true, and he couldn’t tolerate half discussion.

This young man feels like this.

Do you really want to listen to him?

Brother Biao’s heart was tangled frantically.

Listen to him, make a big mistake, it’s hard to turn around in this life.

However, this is also an atonement for the fact that he has eyes but a dog looks down upon others.

What if you don’t listen to him?

This is Li Muhe’s personal card.

Since then, Li Muhe will not tolerate him, and Q City ( Qena City ) will not tolerate him.

Given time, will the world not tolerate him!

Thinking of this, his heart was cruel!

He stood up from the ground, suddenly turned the direction of the stick in his hand, and pointed to Zhang Ruolong!

Brother Biao’s eyes were completely red.

He couldn’t help himself, but there was really no way to go.

Zhang Ruolong was so scared that his face was pale when he was pointed at by Brother Biao, “Brother Biao, what are you doing? I am innocent. What do you listen to this bastard?

Brother Biao looked at Zhang Ruolong, who was trembling in front of him, and suddenly felt a deep sympathy.

Really ignorant and fearless.

Wiliam patted Brother Biao on the shoulder, and then slowly left the tea restaurant.

Brother Biao already knew what Wiliam meant.

He pointed to Zhang Ruolong and gave an order, “Catch this person away, everyone else, get out!”

Zhang Ruolong was immediately erected and walked towards an underground warehouse of the tea restaurant.

Brother Biao hesitated, and finally took out his cell phone and called Li Xiaotian.

The phone was only connected for a minute, but he felt like a century.

After he hung up the phone, he couldn’t believe what he heard.

Li Xiaotian, the second generation ancestor of Q City ( Qena City ).

He would say such humble words.

“What am I to be in front of Wiliam? In a few years, what is my grandfather in front of Wiliam…”

This is Li Xiaotian’s original words, which are full of endless bitterness.

Brother Biao smoked a cigarette alone.

At the end of the smoke, he took a sharp breath, and then slammed the smoke out on the ground.

He already had a decision in his heart.

He pushed open the warehouse door and heard Zhang Ruolong yelling frantically, “What are you doing! I want to call the police!”

Brother Biao walked over and suddenly motioned the people around to release Zhang Ruolong.

Zhang Ruolong panted like a pardon.

Brother Biao looked at him like this, thought about it, took out a cigarette, and handed him one.

Zhang Ruolong was taken aback, not expecting Brother Biao to be so polite.

Could it be that the scene just now pretended to be shown to Wiliam?

Zhang Ruolong suddenly felt that it was possible to leave safely. He smoked a cigarette, and the whole person was ecstatic.

When he threw the cigarette butt down, he saw Brother Biao’s more polite smile.

“Let you understand before you die, that Wiliam is really Tigger ‘s boss, and even Li Muhe must respect him three points.”

Chapter 336 Birthday Banquet

“You, what did you say…” Zhang Ruolong’s legs trembled with fright at this sudden sentence.

There are millions of shocks in his heart!

There are millions of regrets!

Millions more unwilling!

However, all these thoughts are too late to study carefully.

Bringing Wiliam is an extremely shocking truth like the boss of Tigger , and his heart hurts.

A knife had already been inserted into his heart.

“In the next life, remember to wipe your eyes with bright spots.” After Biao Ge said this faintly, he dropped Zhang Ruolong, who was dying, and closed the warehouse door in despair.

And Wiliam left the tea restaurant as if he had never seen Zhang Ruolong.

He first went to the Genuine Care Medical Center to find Melissa, and gave some of the working capital of Brother Tiger to Melissa to let her take care of it.

When Melissa saw these funds from Brother Tiger, his eyes were about to fall, “Wiliam, have you robbed the sky these days? Why are Brother Tiger’s money in your hands?”

“Oh, Brother Tiger has served me.” Wiliam said lightly.

Melissa’s heart sighed.


These days, Brother Tiger has devoured Q City ( Qena City )’s underground forces like crazy. It turns out that there is Wiliam behind him.

In other words, Wiliam is the Supreme Emperor of Q City ( Qena City ) Underground.

This little bastard is getting more and more against the sky.

Even people like Brother Tiger can subdue him, and even make Li Muhe give up willingly.

Thoroughly convinced him!

Wiliam looked at Melissa’s sluggish eyes and couldn’t help but joking: “It seems that I have found a quick way to collect money, which is to take in the younger brother.”

Melissa sneered at Wiliam’s joke, but raised his hands and feet and could no longer agree.

Wiliam confessed something to her and went to Lunanica Company to find Janett.

Similarly, he handed over all Siirius’s assets to Janett.

Many assets of Siirius are not visible, and Janett is a real professional manager, and naturally knows how to operate these assets, turning black into white.

Janett hated the shopkeeper Wiliam, “I am a professional manager and it is wrong, so don’t always put pressure on me and make me work overtime!”

Lu Yehehe smiled, “Your aunt’s old problem of non-adjustment seems to be getting more and more serious. Come to me when you have time.”

“Come on, you!” Janett had the urge to scan and curse in the Zufen squad.

Wiliam returned home, but found that Feliicity was not in the living room.

He walked into the room and saw Feliicity lying on the bed, frowning tightly.

He shook his heart, hurried over, and asked with concern: “Feliicity, what’s wrong with you?”

Feliicity reluctantly opened her eyes and saw that it was Wiliam. She smiled and shook her head, “Nothing, my aunt is here, it hurts.”

Wiliam touched her hand and found that her hand was extremely cold.

He cursed himself inwardly, and actually forgot these few days.

These days, the blizzard menstrual period has come, and at the end of the month, the cold toxin on her body will come again.

So this pain must be extremely uncomfortable.

“Wait, I’ll boil some brown sugar water for you.” Wiliam tidied the quilt on Feliicity’s body and hurried out.

Boiled brown sugar water, he will naturally match some herbs to make Feliicity feel better.

Only these few days, it seems that she is going to suffer.

Wiliam shook his head, there is still half a year.

The Feliicity, in half a year, the cold poison from your body should be completely removed.

At the moment, at Chen Shuyun’s house.

Everyone was sitting at the round table, discussing what to do with Chen Shuyun’s 80th birthday.

Bailitang said with a filial look: “Mom, this is your eightieth birthday. You must be successful, so that the whole city can participate in the grand event.”

Others also nodded one after another: “Yes, this is a major event for our Bai family, absolutely not to be careless.”

Chen Shuyun nodded with satisfaction when seeing everyone’s filial piety, “Well, I know your wishes, but our main purpose for this birthday banquet is to let everyone in the city know that Feliicity has returned to our Feliicity. Home, our Bai family wants to shine on the lintel in Q City ( Qena City ).”

Bai Zhensheng took the initiative to ask: “Grandma, let me take care of all your birthday banquets. It will definitely be done with great momentum and make you look better.”

But Chen Shuyun just glanced at Bai Zhensheng lazily, and said: “You still have injuries on your body. I won’t trouble you to give me this old and immortal birthday party. I’m afraid of losing my life.”

Everyone’s faces became stiff.

For a while, Bai Zhensheng has suffered in front of Chen Shuyun.

“Otherwise, let Ruoshuang do it?” someone suggested.

Xena curled his lips on the side, a hundred unhappy in his heart.

But she had no idea, she knew it would definitely fall to her own head.

I can’t let my parents handle these things.

However, Chen Shuyun unexpectedly said: “Don’t use Ruoshuang, I have already thought about it, this matter, let Feliicity take care of it.”

Everyone was startled and couldn’t help asking, “Let Feliicity do it? With her domineering appearance, it is one thing whether she can agree or not. Even if she agrees, she will definitely not care.”

Chen Shuyun said with a sneer: “Why do we want Feliicity to return to the Bai family? Don’t you just want everyone to know that Feliicity will ultimately rely on our Bai family? Let her be in charge of my birthday banquet, everyone can’t watch it. In my eyes, do you think Feliicity is inseparable from the Bai family? Moreover, she is powerful and powerful. If she is notified, those high-ranking officials will definitely give her face. Then, our Bai family’s grand meeting will be A rich feast for the whole city.”

When everyone heard it, they clapped their hands and praised it!

Letting Feliicity take charge of this matter can not only use her status, but also release a signal that Feliicity is still doing her best for the Bai family, which is beneficial to the Bai family without harm.

“Ruoyun, tell Feliicity about this matter. Of course, your attitude should be better. It’s okay to beg her. Also, think about a few things for us, saying that we are all empty-handed and let her be helpless. I did it.” Chen Shuyun said to Rebeca again.

Rebeca nodded.

Chen Shuyun said again: “Don’t worry, after this incident, our Bai family will definitely usher in new hopes for development. When the relationship with Feliicity eases, I just told her to let you move back to live. Your benefits are indispensable.”

Rebeca was overjoyed and immediately agreed.

She returned to Feliicity excitedly and saw Feliicity drinking brown sugar water in the hall.

She frowned and cursed secretly in her heart. This little Nizi pretended to be weak and delicate again. Why didn’t she die?

Chapter 337

Feliicity’s face was pale, but for Rebeca, she had been numb after watching it for more than ten years.

Big things matter now.

So she said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, I just came back from my grandmother just now, and my grandmother’s birthday banquet is coming in a few days, but it’s also difficult for the family to develop at this time, because it’s not in harmony with you. We are not cooperating with the Bai family anymore. So our Bai Group’s capital chain has been broken a lot, and the company is in danger. Everyone is busy looking for money everywhere and organizing birthday banquets. It’s really too much and not enough… “

When Feliicity heard this, she already faintly understood what Rebeca was going to say.

A good Rebeca, after a few words, he attributed the precarious situation of the Bai family to me?

Who asked me to coax the break?

Now he’s dying and slapped his face and come back and beat him up?

Or is it mine wrong?

Feliicity said indifferently, “Just say what you have.”

Rebeca said straightforwardly: “Everyone has no plans to organize the birthday banquet, so grandma asked me to ask you if you can help organize her birthday banquet. After all, you can do things reliably, so she can rest assured. And since you agreed Reconciling with the Bai family, you can see your uncle’s face, can you help this time? Grandma agreed, and I will never trouble you anything again.

Feliicity’s face suddenly became distressed.

She honestly didn’t want to mix things with the Bai family.

The three chapters of the covenant have been clearly stated before.

Unexpectedly, Chen Shuyun grabbed the BUG of agreeing to participate in her birthday banquet, and let herself manage her birthday banquet.

What idea does Chen Shuyun make, does Feliicity not know?

Seeing Feliicity’s delay in agreeing, Rebeca was scolded to death.

Damn little bitch, now his bones are really hard.

There is no way.

Suddenly Rebeca knelt in front of Feliicity with a plop, and said with tears: “Blizzard, if you think about our mother and daughter, will you help me? I have already issued a military order in front of my grandmother. If you refuse to agree, I will be scolded to death by your grandma. You are now powerful and powerful, and you are not afraid of the Bai family, but your mother is different. Mom has nothing to do and can only rely on the Bai family.”

“You don’t want me to be fucked out by the Bai family and live on the street?”

Although Feliicity knew Rebeca was acting, her mother was kneeling her daughter. This scene made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Wiliam, who had been silent on the side, saw Feliicity embarrassed and knew what she was thinking.

He said instead of Feliicity: “Alright, I will be responsible for this matter.”

Feliicity’s heart eased, and she looked at Wiliam gratefully.

But Rebeca looked at Wiliam with a look of disgust, and whispered: “What are you? This is our Bai family’s grand event in the past ten years. How can we leave it to someone with a foreign surname? s face.”

Seeing that Rebeca’s attitude towards Wiliam was still so bad, Feliicity couldn’t help saying, “Mom! I warn you, if you dare to say that to Wiliam, you will get out of here!”

Rebeca felt uncomfortable seeing Feliicity defending Wiliam in this way, but he didn’t dare to say any more.

“I’ll take care of this. If there is anything wrong, you can go.” Feliicity said coldly.

Seeing that the goal was achieved, Rebeca was happy, and immediately stood up from the ground and said against his will: “Feliicity, I really thank you so much. I really don’t know what should I do without you? By the way, I You look bad, is it uncomfortable?”

Feliicity forcibly endured his discomfort and said, “You go, I will explain to Chen Shuyun after I finish it.”

When Rebeca saw that Feliicity didn’t even call her grandma now, and called her by name, Rebeca felt even more disgusted.

The wings are hard, and even the elders are not filial.

If it weren’t for we still begging you, which green onion are you?

She patted her butt and left Feliicity’s home.

After she left, Wiliam looked at Feliicity and said, “Feliicity, you are not feeling well these days, let me take care of it.”

Feliicity hesitated for a moment, then nodded, and said, “Well, there is nothing to do anyway. Book a hotel and arrange people to attend the birthday banquet. It will be almost the same if you notify me later. I will list a copy later. List, you can do it for me first, and I will do it for you when I get better.”

As Feliicity said, she quickly drank the brown sugar water.

When she recovered a little warmth, she turned on the computer and made a list of people who invited to the birthday banquet.

Wiliam ordered the hotel box according to Feliicity’s meaning.

Two days later, Feliicity suddenly received a call from Chen Shuyun, asking her to visit her house free, saying that she wanted to know the latest development of the birthday banquet.

Feliicity was still in her menstrual period, and she didn’t want to pass, so she explained directly on the phone.

But I heard Chen Shuyun choked and said: “Blizzard, you are really the pillar of our Bai family. You have been working hard these days. Oh, grandma is also uncomfortable these days, and she can’t move her legs or feet. Otherwise, I will personally It’s yours in the past. Hey, grandma is wondering if my time limit is approaching. I am afraid this is grandma’s last birthday.”

The words are full of bitterness and sadness.

Feliicity felt soft, and said, “Well, wait for us for a while, and we will go over immediately.”

Wiliam frowned slightly at the side, this one is not dead.

Usually acrimonious, that strength looks like he can live a hundred years old.

Now pretending to be old, sick and dead in front of Feliicity?

Sure enough, the country is easy to change, but the nature is hard to change!

When the two arrived at Chen Shuyun’s house, Xena could see that Feliicity’s face was pale at a glance. She hurried over to help Feliicity and asked with concern: “Sister, have you committed another old problem?”

Feliicity smiled and nodded, “Well, but Wiliam is here, it’s nothing.”

Xena looked at Wiliam on the side, and suddenly winked at Wiliam.

She seems to be saying that she can’t help me with this, so I’m really sorry.

Wiliam didn’t care, Xena was weak in power after all, and sometimes he couldn’t help himself.

Several people were sitting around the round table. Chen Shuyun pretended to be out of breath. First, he thanked Feliicity for personally organizing the birthday banquet, and then asked, “Feliicity, how far is my birthday banquet? “

Feliicity took out a stack of paper, handed it to Chen Shuyun, and then said, “It’s almost the same. First of all, the hotel. I decided to stay in the Fugui Hall on the eighth floor of the Yuehua Hotel. That hall is big enough to hold thirty-four tables. Question. I have arranged all the dishes.”

However, this was a reasonable and reasonable arrangement, but Chen Shuyun frowned instantly!

Everyone at the scene looked at Feliicity without daring to breathe.

“What’s the matter?” Feliicity asked coldly.

It was Bai Zhen who understood Chen Shuyun’s thoughts, and he immediately said unhappily: “We are the Bai family of the Q City ( Qena City ) family! This is the grandma’s 80th birthday! Not to mention the arrangement of the most luxurious Lawrence Hotel in the city, the Shi Maofang at that time. We won’t say anything about the Hua Hotel, what did you arrange? An ordinary hotel, this eighth floor is not the only box, Feliicity, you just look down on our Bai family, right?”

Chapter 338

As Bai Zhensheng’s voice fell, the scene was silent, and there was no panting.

Chen Shuyun deliberately did not speak, but it made the atmosphere more solemn.

Bai Zhensheng was wrong, but Yuehua Hotel is just a relatively ordinary three-star hotel in Q City ( Qena City ).

It is far incomparable with the five-star hotels in Lawrence and the Shimao Fanghua Hotel.

On the eighth floor of the Yuehua Hotel, there are two big boxes, one of which they ordered.

According to the Bai family’s thinking, Chen Shuyun’s 80th birthday, how to say, should cover the whole floor to show the status of the Bai family.

Feliicity’s arrangement in this way, in everyone’s eyes, is simply not paying attention to Chen Shuyun’s 80th birthday.

But Feliicity sneered, “Didn’t you keep saying that the company’s recent funding difficulties are even precarious? I decided to stay at the Yuehua Hotel after considering your budget.”

Everyone paled.

It is true that the Bai family’s capital chain has been severely strained recently, and even a million of spare money is a bit unable to come out.

Bai Zhensheng said immediately: “Our Bai family has no money for the time being, but this is grandma’s 80th birthday. How could it be so sloppy! I don’t agree with anything about this hotel!”

“Don’t agree? Yes, give me the money, and I will help you book the Lawrence Hotel?” Feliicity said confidently.

Everyone was quiet again.

At this time, Chen Shuyun came out to make a round. She pretended to be kind and said: “Okay, okay, what are you arguing about? I’m just an ordinary old woman, and it’s my blessing to be able to host a birthday banquet. It is also the filial piety of my children and grandchildren. I don’t expect anything. The Yuehua Hotel is quite good. I have no opinion.”

Bai Zhensheng’s lips moved, and finally there was nothing to say.

Wiliam just wanted to laugh when he looked at him.

This group of people, they don’t have any money, and they want to put on a show of luxury.

It is really necessary to be a watch, but also to establish a chastity memorial.

Then everyone looked at the list provided by Feliicity.

It was a five-page list and nearly a hundred people were invited.

However, after reading the list, everyone’s complexion began to become unsightly again.

Chen Shuyun had always wanted to forbear his anger and pretend to be kind, but at the moment his face was ashen.

Everyone could see that she was very angry.

Bai Zhensheng spoke again, throwing the five pieces of paper on the table, “What’s wrong with this list? It’s all cats and dogs? Feliicity, can you explain?”

Feliicity looked at the list and said faintly: “This list is based on the companies that have done business with our Bai family in recent years. I even invited business owners who have only cooperated once. What? Do you have any comments?”

opinion? Great opinions!

Chen Shuyun stood up right now, and took the list to ponder.

She asked suspiciously, “Feliicity, this list seems to be quite complete, but I still feel that some are missing.”

“Which ones?” Feliicity asked.

Chen Shuyun tapped his hand on the table and said, “For example, President Frandick of the Drug Association.”

Feliicity’s face became cold, and she heard Chen Shuyun continue to say: “After all, we were invited to the President Hu’s general meeting before, and President Hu was polite to us at the meeting. We finally met. Now my birthday is not invited. He, doesn’t this mean that our Bai family doesn’t understand etiquette? The so-called “coming and not going indecently”, I feel, we should invite President Hu.”

Everyone at the scene nodded quickly.

According to Feliicity’s list, all the business owners from the Bai family were invited to do business, and there was no such thing as a big table in Q City ( Qena City ).

What kind of waves can such a birthday banquet in Q City ( Qena City ) stir up?

It’s totally different from ordinary dinners.

How can it demonstrate the unique position of the Bai family in Q City ( Qena City )?

But Feliicity almost laughed out of anger.

Frandick invited you to the Bai family before?

The invitation letter was clearly for Wiliam, and it was taken by you.

You still have a face to say you know each other now?

It’s just ridiculous!

Feliicity was about to refute, but was held down by Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at the Bai family faintly, and said casually: “Okay, let’s add it, is there any more?”

The main reason why Wiliam agreed to these wonderful requests from the Bai family was mainly because of Feliicity.

Feliicity hasn’t been getting better these days, he really doesn’t want Feliicity to quarrel with the Bai family again because of these trivial matters.

Besides, inviting Frandick is not something that he can solve in a word.

If you want a face from the Bai family, I will give you a face from Wiliam.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam in surprise, obviously feeling very upset.

Wiliam followed her back and said in a low voice: “You are still healthy, don’t get angry, then leave it to me.”

Feliicity finally realized Wiliam’s hard work, looked at Wiliam moved, and nodded gently.

When the Bai family heard Wiliam’s representative Feliicity’s agreement, all of them showed arrogant expressions.

That’s right.

Chen Shuyun looked at Wiliam with satisfaction and continued to ponder for a while, and said, “Li Muhe, I feel like I want to invite too. After all, he came to congratulate on Feliicity’s birthday, and gave a generous gift. Finally, he had a little friendship with our Bai family. .”

Xena on the side has a very beautiful face.

She looked at Chen Shuyun in disbelief.

This old woman rearranged her lower limit of personality time and time again.

Who came from Li Muhe, Bai family, do you have any points in your heart?

Can you climb friendships like this?

But Wiliam nodded, “Okay, yes, does Harper need to call together? Didn’t he also give Feliicity’s birthday a generous gift?”

His sudden offer to ask, made the Bai family stunned.

When did this guy become so kind?

They looked at Wiliam in surprise, but they couldn’t see anything wrong with his indifferent face.

Chen Shuyun nodded in the end, “This is the best thing. We have to give it back to others.”

“Would you like to call Tigger , who has been so hot recently?” Wiliam asked again.

Chen Shuyun has a big head.

Damn, what’s the matter with this kid!

This is my birthday banquet, and it’s not a meeting of the underground boss. Why do you call Tigger ?

Only to hear Wiliam continue to explain: “I finally know Tigger , and I have some intersection with the Bai family. You invited everyone else but Tigger was left out. In case he is in a bad mood…”

Chen Shuyun was getting goose bumps all over, “Please! Please please please!”

“Then all the leading cadres of the Drug Association have been invited? By the way, and those capable officers of Tigger .” Wiliam said again.

Chen Shuyun’s head suddenly grew.


The scope of the request is beyond her imagination!

Chapter 339

“There are too many people?” Chen Shuyun couldn’t help but said.

Her head hurts.

Yes, please invite Tigger , which has already changed her birthday banquet.

Call in Tigger ‘s men again?

This really became an underground gathering of heroes.

Can you eat this meal?

Compared with these underground heroes, the other personnel of the Drug Association have really become a trivial matter.

But Wiliam said solemnly: “You may not know that Tigger is a man. He has a big arrogance. He usually goes out for five and six. If you only invite him, he must think that you are not brave enough and will look down on you in his heart. .”

Chen Shuyun’s face turned pale. After thinking for a long time, she hesitated and said, “But our Bai family has so much money. How about hundreds of thousands?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “How can you let you pay for your birthday banquet? Since Feliicity agreed to handle it, the money will naturally be paid out.”

With that said, Chen Shuyun’s expression eased slightly, and she said awkwardly, “Well then.”

Xena on the side, he heard stars appearing in his eyes.

This Chen Shuyun’s 80th birthday banquet, I am afraid it will be the Wiliam group of heroes.

I can only blame you, Chen Shuyun, who doesn’t know how to promote and wants to make things difficult for my sister.

Deserve it!

“Alright, that’s all, is there any more?” Wiliam asked again.

Chen Shuyun didn’t dare to talk about anyone, these people were enough for the Bai family to make a sensation in Q City ( Qena City ).

From the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ) to the king of the underground, people from all walks of life came together.

Is there anything more bluffing than this?

I’m afraid there is no such thing.

“There’s no more, let’s just do this first.” Chen Shuyun said quickly.

Wiliam nodded and pulled Feliicity up, “Then let’s go and handle it first.”

When the two walked out of Chen Shuyun’s house, Feliicity smacked his tongue outside, “Wiliam, are you too arrogant?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Doesn’t her old woman want face? I will give her enough face.”

Feliicity has lingering fears, “But in this posture, I am afraid that her mental capacity is limited and she will be shocked.”

A coldness flashed in Wiliam’s eyes, “How bold people are and how productive the land is, since she wants to make a sensation in Q City ( Qena City ), she must be mentally prepared enough and let’s go.”

Feliicity nodded ignorantly, and went home with Wiliam.

After Wiliam got home, he called Li Muhe, Harper, Frandick and Tigger .

Wiliam’s face, who would not give it to them.

Although they had doubts in their hearts, the relationship between Wiliam and Chen Shuyun of the Bai family was not very good.

But since Wiliam said it, they naturally patted their chests one by one and agreed to join in, and they said they would prepare a good gift.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

Today is the day of Chen Shuyun’s birthday banquet, which is scheduled to start at 12 noon.

But at nine o’clock in the morning, Chen Shuyun held a family meeting again.

This time, she did not call Feliicity and Wiliam to participate.

Even Xena had no notice to come.

She was at the table with a serious face.

Rebeca asked in a low voice: “Mom, today is your birthday, why do you still look sullen?”

Chen Shuyun sighed and said, “I always feel that Feliicity and Wiliam have been playing tricks! I feel uneasy. Think about it, all the big guys who are inviting the past are just to save me face. It’s here. But what will it be like in the venue?”

Bai Zhensheng’s thinking was more active, and he immediately understood Chen Shuyun’s concerns. He said: “I’m afraid that when the time comes, everyone will go to Feliicity. By then, everyone will have friendship with Feliicity, and grandma will definitely be ignored. “

Everyone’s faces became stiff!


If everyone went to Feliicity, then Chen Shuyun must have lost face on the spot!

And this is her birthday, everyone is not rushing to her, but to Feliicity.

This kind of humiliation is simply worse!

No wonder Chen Shuyun will be suffocated like this.

Bailitang patted the table and said angrily: “I’ll just say, how can those two people be so kind to invite those big men over for us! So they are waiting here! They still look down on our Bai family from the bottom of their hearts and want to be in public To humiliate our Bai family again, it’s nothing like a beast!”

Chen Shuyun’s face was pale, and said, “Why didn’t we think that these two people were hiding evil intentions two days ago! Hey!”

“Mom, let those people not come here temporarily now.” Bailitang said in a deep voice.

But Chen Shuyun’s face was stern, “Hu Hong! We have already notified you to go out at noon and let them not come here temporarily? That is Tigger , Harper, Li Muhe and Frandick, any of them, our Bai family can offend us. Affordable? This is a foregone conclusion!”

Everyone fell into silence for a while.

Everyone can already expect the picture of the noon birthday banquet.

However, everyone couldn’t think of a better way to stop the humiliation in front of them.

In desperation, Chen Shuyun suddenly looked at Bai Zhensheng, “Bai Zhensheng, what can you do?”

Bai Zhensheng still has wisdom in Chen Shuyun’s heart.

It’s just too ambitious to be reused.

But now that the eyebrows are burning, she doesn’t care about suppressing Bai Zhensheng.

Bai Zhensheng was overjoyed when Chen Shuyun finally came to ask himself.

Maybe I can take this opportunity to regain the trust of this old and immortal.

He pondered for a while, and suddenly he slapped his head, jumping from the table with excitement, “I thought about it, I thought of a wonderful strategy!”

“Say it!” Chen Shuyun smiled, and sure enough, in adversity, I still have to watch Bai Zhensheng!

Suddenly, Bai Zhensheng said in a dark tone: “Think about it, everyone, isn’t we worried that everyone will go to Feliicity after the birthday banquet begins? Since we can no longer prevent the big guys from coming to the scene, let us change our thinking Isn’t it enough to prevent Feliicity from being present?”

Everyone was quiet for two seconds, and suddenly their eyes glowed together!

“Okay! Bai Zhensheng! Good! This kind of conspiracy thinking has been thought of by you! Our heads are too rigid! Wonderful! Wonderful!” Chen Shuyun no longer stingy with Bai Zhensheng’s appreciation.

Everyone complimented Bai Zhensheng once again with a sense of glory back to the top.

After a few minutes, everyone calmed down and Chen Shuyun asked again: “But this birthday banquet was organized by Feliicity and she was invited by her. What reason can we prevent her from going to the scene?”

Everyone nodded, “Yes, and our previous purpose was to let Feliicity participate in this birthday banquet? Now that she is suddenly asked not to go, she will definitely be unhappy in her heart, and we still can’t afford to offend her for the time being.”

A vicious flash flashed in Bai Zhensheng’s eyes, and said, “Of course the bright ones won’t work, but what about the dark ones? Hehehe.”

Chapter 340

“Dark?” Everyone’s heart shuddered, and a feeling of anxiety suddenly appeared.

Everyone looked at Bai Zhensheng.

Bai Zhensheng didn’t directly say anything, but first explained: “Think about it, everyone, why did we let Feliicity come to this birthday? Isn’t it just to tell Q City ( Qena City ) that Feliicity will return to our Bai family? But now, our goal has been achieved ahead of schedule.”

Everyone was stunned, look at you, I look at you.

Chen Shuyun clapped his hands and said excitedly: “Yes, we have achieved this goal! When Feliicity notified the group of big men to come to the meeting, Q City ( Qena City ) already knew that Feliicity returned to our Bai family, so she came out If it does not appear, it will not affect the overall situation at all.”

Bai Zhensheng refuted Chen Shuyun’s words for the first time, “No, the situation has changed now. Only when she appears will affect the overall situation. Her absence is the greatest filial piety to grandma’s birthday banquet. There must be and only one focus of the audience today. , That’s grandma! Grandma must capture everyone’s attention.”

Chen Shuyun was refuted by him. Not only was he angry, but he nodded appreciatively, “Well said, then you can talk about it, how did you secret it?”

Bai Zhensheng first looked around, and cautiously said: “This matter must be kept secret. Everyone is our own, we must first promise, and no one can say it! After all, if outsiders know about it, our Bai family’s reputation will be damaged. of.”

Everyone raised their hands and swore that they would not leak out.

Then Bai Zhensheng said, “It is not easy to prevent Feliicity from attending the birthday banquet, just let her sleep all day.”

“Sleep all day? You mean…” Chen Shuyun’s heart shook!

“Let’s find someone to go to her house, pretend to confirm the list of personnel, and then put some sleeping pills in the water she drinks.” Bai Zhensheng said coldly.

Everyone hesitated.

Prescribe medicine.

This method is too despicable.

Seeing everyone hesitate, Bai Zhensheng sighed and said, “So, if you do or don’t do this, you can’t leak it out. I’m only responsible for making an idea. If you want to do this, grandma, you have an idea.”

Everyone looked at Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun’s heart was extremely tangled.

This method, if done, will indeed be criticized.

But don’t do it, Feliicity is determined to humiliate her today.


If you do, you will be prosperous and wealthy in the future, and even the entire Bai family.

And Feliicity doesn’t necessarily know that it is their Bai family’s actions.

Anyway, she has been in poor health these days, and it is normal to sleep longer.

“Okay! Just do it! If you don’t go to her house, that Wiliam will be shrewd, I’m afraid it won’t work!” Chen Shuyun said.

“Don’t worry about this, the kid has a pattern. Every day at 10 o’clock in the morning, he will go out to buy some vegetables and come back. We can avoid that kid as long as we make a time difference.” Bai Zhensheng is indeed sinister to his bones, even Wiliam’s. The rules of life are clear.

“Very good! Zhensheng, who do you think is more appropriate?” Chen Shuyun slapped the table and said fiercely.

Bai Zhensheng looked around, everyone lowered their heads.

No one dared to touch Feliicity’s mold.

In the end, Bai Zhensheng said: “We Feliicity will definitely be wary of it, Mom, this matter, it seems that I will make you a mistake.”

Bai Zhensheng’s mother, Sun Huiqin, suddenly raised her head with a nervous expression, “I can’t do it, I’m timid.”

Chen Shuyun looked at the unlearned Sun Huiqin and patted the table, “Okay, that’s it, Zhensheng, you go to prepare the medicine, Huiqin, you go to Feliicity’s house immediately, at this point in time, the pill boy should It’s time to go out. We all pack up and prepare to go to the birthday banquet.”

Sun Huiqin was crying without tears, but due to Chen Shuyun’s majesty, she had to go.

When Sun Huiqin went there, he happened to see Wiliam going out, the time difference was just right.

Feliicity didn’t think that Sun Huiqin would come to the house in person, but she had no big opinions on Sun Huiqin.

After all, in Feliicity’s eyes, she was just a housewife, who didn’t understand anything, she was a typical middle-aged woman.

Although Feliicity was still uncomfortable, she got up and poured two cups of hot water for herself and Sun Huiqin.

Sun Huiqin pretended to ask Feliicity to help confirm the list of people attending the banquet again, and walked Feliicity to get the materials.

Then she quickly took out the prepared sleeping pills and poured them into Feliicity’s cup.

But then she was stunned.

She suddenly discovered that she had forgotten to ask Bai Zhensheng how many to play.

She also doesn’t have the slightest pharmacological knowledge, and she has no way to analyze it.

But she thought carelessly, it was sleeping pills anyway, according to Chen Shuyun, it was to let her sleep all day.

In this case, just put a few more.

So she pours all seven or eight sleeping pills into Feliicity’s hot water cup.

Then use the spoon in the cup to stir quickly until all the white sleeping pills are melted.

At this time, Feliicity just came out of the room with the materials, which made Sun Huiqin startled in a cold sweat.

so close.

Sun Huiqin pretended to be against the famous single, and then watched Feliicity drinking from the hot water cup.

It wasn’t until Feliicity drank only a little of the water in the cup that Sun Huiqin pretended that the check was completed, said thank you to Feliicity, and quickly left Feliicity’s home.

Feliicity had never been wary of Sun Huiqin at all.

Because Sun Huiqin had no scheming at the first glance, and he had a guts.

Until Sun Huiqin left, Feliicity wanted to get up and return to the room to rest.

But at this time, she felt a burst of exhaustion and sleepiness.

She tried to hold on to the sofa, but found that her hands and feet were weak.

With a “plop”, Feliicity was unsupported and fell directly to the ground, unconscious.

At ten thirty, when Wiliam returned from buying vegetables, he saw the white Feliicity falling on the ground at a glance.

His heart trembled, and he rushed over with a vigorous step, helped Feliicity up, and asked nervously: “Feliicity, Feliicity, what’s wrong with you!”

Wiliam’s heart trembled wildly!

In the past few days, Feliicity was very weak because of his menstrual period and cold toxin, and now he went into a coma directly!

Could it be that the cold and poisonous tug-of-war and counterattack have begun again these days?

Calculating the time, there is still half a year, and this time the counterattack of Cold Toxin will be very powerful.

He was about to help Feliicity back to the room to take a good rest.

But at this time, Feliicity’s face suddenly became flushed, and a big cold sweat came out.

When she was unconscious, Feliicity suddenly opened her mouth, which turned out to be a wow, spitting out blood on the ground!

Then, her body twitched frantically!


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