Dragon Husband Chapter 341-350

Chapter 341

“Feliicity!” Wiliam, who had always been calm, saw Feliicity suddenly vomiting blood, making him nervous and sweating.

He never thought that Feliicity’s illness would be so serious.

He vomited blood!

He first held Feliicity’s body, then picked her up and put her on the sofa.

Feliicity closed her eyes tightly, and her body was twitching constantly, vomiting blood from time to time.

Wiliam looked at her like this and couldn’t help frowning.

This symptom is not like a cold toxin attack.

If there is a cold toxin, she should be pale and cold all over.

But now, Feliicity’s complexion is flushed, and even the sweat coming out is hot.

Thinking of this, he grabbed Feliicity’s wrist and signaled her pulse.

At this number, Wiliam’s face was even more ugly.

The blood circulation in Feliicity’s body is extremely fast, and it is in a state of disorder.

This is what caused her to vomit blood.

But Feliicity knew that she was sick, so she definitely wouldn’t eat something that would speed up blood circulation.

where is the problem?

Wiliam accidentally saw the water glass on the table.

He grabbed the water glass and saw a little unfinished water under the water glass.

He leaned forward and sniffed it carefully.

With this news, Wiliam’s face changed drastically!

The smell of sleeping pills!

And the dosage is huge!

Why does Feliicity take sleeping pills?

Is there someone who secretly put sleeping pills in her water glass?

Wiliam was anxious, but he had already found the cause of Feliicity’s accident. Wiliam immediately took out the silver needle and pierced Feliicity’s body.

The speed is unprecedented.

The silver needle was like lightning, sealing some key points on Feliicity’s body.

Wiliam used more than fifty silver needles to stop Feliicity’s body from shaking.

Later, he used a silver needle to induce vomiting.

Under the action of the silver needle, Feliicity vomited a dozen mouthfuls on the ground.

At the end of the vomiting, she was unconscious and vomited up with stomach acid.

Seeing that the Feliicity are so uncomfortable, Wiliam’s heart is suffering.

Wiliam has always loved her and loved her, how could he be willing to let her endure such pain!

Fortunately, I came back early today, if it is later!

The consequences are simply unimaginable!

Who on earth wants to kill the Feliicity!

At this moment, Wiliam had murderous intent in his heart!

Feliicity was still in a coma, and she barely opened her eyes until almost twelve o’clock.

She saw Wiliam with a frosty face.

Seeing her wake up, Wiliam hurried over to support Feliicity, and asked with concern: “Feliicity, how do you feel now?”

Feliicity was already weak, but after such vomiting and torment, she became more haggard.

She reluctantly asked, “Wiliam, what’s wrong with me?”

Wiliam said gently: “You were in a coma just now, fortunately I came back in time.”

Feliicity was puzzled, “I, why am I unconscious?”

Wiliam looked at the water cup at this time and asked, “Did someone come over when I left?”

Feliicity nodded, “Well, Sun Huiqin came over and asked me to check the list of people attending the birthday banquet. She was weird and right for a while, and then said that something was wrong, and then left.”

When Wiliam heard this, killing intent burst into his eyes, “Sun Huiqin! Bai family!”

“Wiliam, what’s going on?” Feliicity asked inexplicably.

Wiliam calmed down again and said, “Just now, Sun Huiqin put a lot of sleeping pills in your water glass. You have added cold toxin in your menstrual period these few days. Under the action of this large dose of sleeping pills, the circulation in your body is disturbed. Will vomit blood.”

After Feliicity listened to it, her face was lingering.

Could it be that I just walked through the ghost gate just now!

“But why did Sun Huiqin do this to me? I don’t offend her again?” Feliicity asked depressedly.

Wiliam took a deep breath, stroked everything over the past few days, and suddenly had a guess.

“It should be the Bai family! What Sun Huiqin can understand, it must be the Bai family who instructed her to do this. The purpose is to prevent you from attending Chen Shuyun’s birthday banquet.” Wiliam said in a deep voice.

“But it’s the Bai family who asked me to participate in the birthday banquet, why did they go back again?” Feliicity was still puzzled.

“Because you have no use value for the time being, you will only steal the limelight from the group of people in the past, so they will first stop you from passing.” Wiliam said.

When Feliicity heard this, she probably understood what was going on, and said bitterly: “They don’t want me to participate. I’m not going. Come and tell me that I have to go to participate, why bother! “

Rao is Feliicity’s kind-hearted and gentle personality.

“Baijia!” Wiliam stood up suddenly and spit out these two words viciously.

Before the Bai family had committed crimes repeatedly, Wiliam didn’t care about Feliicity’s face.

I didn’t think that the Bai family didn’t know how to be grateful, but now they are getting worse.

Dare to poison Feliicity!

This has completely touched Wiliam’s bottom line!

Bai family is dead!

This hatred is hard to dispel!

Thinking of this, Wiliam took out his cell phone and first called Ruoshuang, “Ruoshuang, where is it? Now come and help me take care of your sister, she is uncomfortable.”

Ruoshuang was already at the birthday banquet at the moment, but when he heard that Wiliam was so serious, he immediately agreed and said on the phone that he would come soon.

And Wiliam first carried Feliicity to the bathroom, and simply helped her clean up the filth on her lower body, and then placed her on the bed.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam at this moment, not knowing why, she was awed.

Wiliam at this moment was like a volcano about to erupt.

It is difficult to approach!

However, this volcano is only gentle with the Feliicity.

Seeing that Wiliam was about to leave, Feliicity suddenly grabbed Wiliam’s hand and asked nervously, “Wiliam, where are you going?”

Feliicity’s heart raised her throat.

She had only seen Wiliam like this once.

At that time, at Fernando’s house, Wiliam thought she was broken by Fernando and his son, so he looked like this at the time.

Now, again.

The Bai family, I’m afraid a catastrophe is imminent.

But what Feliicity cares about is not the life and death of the Bai family.

She cares about Wiliam. Wiliam can do anything crazy for her.

This time, there will be another big move.

Wiliam turned around, and at the moment he met Feliicity, his eyes softened. He carefully retracted Feliicity’s hand into the quilt, then touched Feliicity’s forehead and said softly, “Honey, wait at home. Now, I will go out to do something, soon.”

After Wiliam finished speaking, he walked outside.

Feliicity couldn’t help asking: “What are you going to do?”

Wiliam turned his back to the Feliicity, his eyes instantly crisscrossed!

“Chen Shuyun’s birthday, we still don’t prepare gifts.”

“I’m going to prepare three generous gifts for the rich white family!”

Chapter 342

Feliicity raised her throat when she heard Wiliam’s relentless words.

She hurriedly said: “Wiliam, there are a lot of people there today, don’t be impulsive, let alone coax out of life.”

Wiliam closed the door gently, and outside the door, he heard his indifferent voice, “Don’t worry, I have my own measures.”

Feliicity was in the room, and his heart was full of moving to Wiliam.

Piff was angry about this, and Q City ( Qena City ) was shaken.

And ten minutes ago, in the Fortune Hall of Yuehua Hotel.

A group of people from the Bai family stood at the door of the box, welcoming the distinguished guests.

Today, I have run a full fifty tables here. It can be said that Chen Shuyun’s birthday is the largest and highest in the past few decades.

A group of them, neatly dressed, all smiles on their faces.

Those business owners who have worked with the Bai family came earlier.

If it is normal, Chen Shuyun is also very committed to them, for fear of not serving them well.

But at this moment, Chen Shuyun’s mentality is completely different.

In Chen Shuyun’s heart, these people are waiting, what are they doing today?

In the future, what’s more important?

Those bosses are mostly richer than the Bai family.

Usually the Bai family begs them to do things.

But today, they discovered that the attitude of the Bai family was different.

Although the smiles greet each other, this smile is just a perfunctory and polite.

When they look at where they are arranged, they are even more dissatisfied.

They are also the big bosses of Q City ( Qena City ), but on the birthday of Chen Shuyun of the Bai family, it is fine if they don’t arrange to enter the main table.

Instead, they are arranged at the last few tables.

This made those bosses sigh in their hearts.

Several bosses shook their faces on the spot and wanted to leave.

But at this time, Bai Zhensheng said proudly: “Don’t you go in a hurry. I’m sorry, but the space is limited today and everyone can’t be satisfied. I’m really sorry.”

There is no hint of sorry in the words.

Those people looked at the Bai family without a smile, and said: “Oh, the Bai family is so big now, even our group of people look down on it. It seems that in the future, we must carefully consider talking to you Bai family. It’s a matter of cooperation.”

Bai Zhensheng was not afraid at all, and said with a smile: “Easy to say, easy to say.”

At this moment, Chen Shuyun’s eyes lit up, she pushed aside everyone, and walked towards the elevator entrance.

Bend over and knees, looking flattering.

“Chairman Hu, you are here, it’s a great honor, a great honor!” Chen Shuyun saw Frandick walking over with a group of members of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.

Frandick felt dismissive of the Bai family at all, but due to Wiliam’s face, he also squeezed out a smile at this moment, and said, “Old lady Chen’s 80th birthday is the blessing of our Q City ( Qena City ). I will naturally take Q City ( Qena City ) with him. People from the Drug Association came to ask for a drink of shouji.”

“Chairman Hu was joking, please come in.” Chen Shuyun was so happy to see Frandick’s attitude so humble.

In normal times, how could the Bai family get his eyes on such a big man as Frandick.

Now, it really is different now.

And those bosses who were going to leave, saw Frandick unexpectedly come, all their eyes were straight.


Why did he come here?

But after another thought, they thought of Feliicity’s detached position in Q City ( Qena City ).

Frandick must have come here at the face of Feliicity.

It’s no wonder that the Bai family doesn’t even pay attention to them now. It turned out to be true, and Feliicity returned to the Bai family.

If Feliicity returned to Bai’s house, the status and status of the few of them would not be as good as Feliicity alone!

Bai Zhensheng watched these people’s faces change, and said arrogantly: “Several people, don’t you want to leave? I’ll re-confirm and adjust the seats temporarily?

Looking at Bai Zhensheng’s arrogant appearance, those people wanted to kill him.

But at this moment, they could only squeeze out a smile, and said with a jealous smile: “There is no such thing, just joking, Mrs. Chen’s 80th birthday, how can we leave casually, naturally we have to join in the grand event together. “

Bai Zhensheng nodded arrogantly, and said, “Well, please go inside. I’m really sorry, you guys have also seen it. There are too many big people who came to congratulate my grandma today, and I have wronged you.”

Everyone was taken aback, too many big shots?

Frandick counts as one.

Could it be that there are other big shots coming?

When they thought of this, their eyes towards Bai Zhensheng all changed.

They bowed their hands and silently returned to the last few tables.

After Chen Shuyun arranged Frandick and a group of people from the Drug Association, they returned to the door of the box again.

Seeing the bosses who were still shaking their faces just now returned to their seats obediently, she laughed like a guilty breath.

“Grandma, you are so fascinating. Look, when Feliicity doesn’t come, all the eyes of the audience are on you. You are the well-deserved protagonist today.” Bai Zhensheng complimented immediately.

“Hahaha, Zhensheng, think you can do things, after the birthday banquet, grandma will be rewarded.” Chen Shuyun smiled like an orange peel.

She was enjoying the gaze cast on her by the audience.

This kind of first-person feeling in the center of the universe, she hadn’t experienced it for a long time.

Today is a good start.

At this time, Tigger also brought people over.

A group of them, a dozen in total, each wearing a black suit, giving people a solemn temperament.

When Chen Shuyun saw them, his scalp became numb.

As if seeing a group of killing gods coming.

However, she could only bite the bullet and walk over, “Brother Tiger, hello, I finally brought you to look forward to.”

Tigger glanced at Chen Shuyun lightly, arching his hands: “Congratulations.”

With two simple words, Tigger refused to add a nonsense.

The atmosphere at the scene was stagnant.

But Chen Shuyun could only respectfully greet Tigger and enter the door.

When the people at the meeting saw Tigger actually coming, all his jaws fell off.

It is impossible for everyone to know Tigger ‘s big move recently.

Bai Jia is still able to get along with Tigger !

Is the Bai family going to show everyone their connections between black and white?

Thinking of this, everyone’s faces are not so pretty.

The Bai family is going to send a signal to Q City ( Qena City ) through today’s birthday banquet.

The Bai family lives high in Q City ( Qena City )!

After Tigger came in and took his seats, everyone thought that the Bai family would follow in, and then opened the table.

But what I didn’t expect was that the Bai family still stood at the door respectfully, as if waiting for something.

The more time passed, the more straightened the bodies of the Bai family.

It seems that something is coming soon.

Seeing this scene, everyone wondered: “What is the Bai family waiting for? Tigger and Frandick are all here, is there any big boss?”

While they were talking about it, Chen Shuyun’s exaggerated compliment came from the door.

“Lao Li! Lao Wang! It’s a great honor! Please come inside!”

Chapter 343

Old Li? Mr. Wang?

When everyone was stunned, they saw two old men walking towards the meeting place, surrounded by a group of Bai family.

With this look, the scene suddenly became noisy!

All of them were filled with excitement!

Li Muhe!


Although everyone present was the owner of a business, it was only small and medium-sized enterprises who could live with the Bai family.

How lucky they are to see the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City )?

Now, the two heroes are here!

If Q City ( Qena City ) can invite the two of them to play together, it is estimated that they can count with one hand.

Now, the Bai family can invite these two immortals to the scene!

The Bai family is so powerful!

The Bai family is so strong!

Is it because of Feliicity’s face again!

Everyone began to have enlightenment in their hearts.

For the Bai family, it is time to start the evaluation again.

Especially the several companies that have been talking about business with the Bai family in the past few days, one by one secretly made up their minds to come over this birthday banquet, no matter what, they must reach a cooperation agreement with the Bai family!

Even if you lose money, you will not hesitate!

Standing behind the Bai family, but Q City ( Qena City ) is the highest!

At the beginning, everyone’s eyes were on the four heavenly kings: Li Muhe, Harper, Frandick and Tigger .

But at the end, their eyes returned to Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun felt the crowded scene, and laughed in her heart.

Sure enough, it was not right to let Feliicity come.

Some people just asked how Feliicity came.

However, the Bai family only suggested that Feliicity was suffering from illness and that he would come here later.

In this way, the people at the scene could no longer say anything.

There are still five minutes before the birthday banquet begins.

A group of people from the Bai family stood together after setting up the bosses.

Their hearts are filled with incomparable excitement!

This is definitely the most luxurious birthday banquet since the creation of the Bai family!

The pinnacle forces in Q City ( Qena City ) are all coming together with only one medical association.

Chen Shuyun stood in front of the box window, overlooking the entire Q City ( Qena City ).

Q City ( Qena City ) is full of tall buildings and picturesque scenery.

Especially their place is very close to Chen Shuyun’s home, which can be seen from the window.

Chen Shuyun looked at her home and looked at the colorful world outside, and suddenly became proud.

She pointed to her home and said to the Bai family: “You see, that is our home. I promise that within one year, our home will become the focus of the city’s attention! The Bai family’s rich family will reappear glory. !”

The mood of everyone being said by Chen Shuyun was also agitated, and one by one seemed to have seen the beautiful scene of the Bai family leaping into a wealthy family in Q City ( Qena City ).

All this starts from gorgeous today!

time up.

The birthday feast begins.

The Bai family meticulously prepared today’s birthday banquet. In the first link, Chen Shuyun gave a speech of thanks.

Chen Shuyun held the microphone on the stage and spoke loudly and vigorously, with a somewhat childish feeling.

After she finished speaking, there was a warm applause from the audience.

Even Li Muhe and others did not hesitate to applaud.

Chen Shuyun’s mouth crooked with joy after stepping down.

And this second link is the most eye-catching link in the audience.

Children and grandchildren present birthday gifts.

Starting from the White Hall, they respectfully handed the birthday gifts prepared to Chen Shuyun one by one.

Let Chen Shuyun feel more entrusted to the throne.

What made Chen Shuyun even more excited was that Li Muhe also stood up after the relatives of the Bai family gave gifts.

However, he did not personally take the present to go up.

His subordinates sent a well-wrapped gift up and sang loudly: “Lao Li, give Songhe Yannian jade! I wish Mrs. Chen good luck and prolonged life!”

Chen Shuyun respectfully accepted the gift, her hands trembling.

This is a birthday gift given by Li Muhe himself when the whole city is paying attention!

Regardless of the value, the meaning it represents is even more self-evident!

Sure enough, there were bursts of warm applause and uproar!

How can Baijia He De, let someone like Li Muhe give gifts twice.

Once it was Feliicity, and once it was Chen Shuyun.

Which family in Q City ( Qena City ) has this honor!

Chen Shuyun accepted the gift and bowed directly in the direction of Li Muhe to thank him. His waist was all ninety degrees.

Li Muhe nodded slightly, then sat down.

Then, Harper stood up, and sang as his men walked: “Mr. Wang, send a pair of flowers and bracelets! I wish Mrs. Chen a blessing in the East China Sea and a longevity!”

Chen Shuyun almost couldn’t stand.

Surprise is definitely the biggest surprise today!

She thought that such a big man would be the greatest honor for the Bai family to come.

Unexpectedly, the two big brothers will prepare gifts personally!

Great grace!

As Harper sat down, Frandick’s men also came out, “Chairman Hu, give a golden wind jade carving, wish Mrs. Chen a long life!”

Tigger ‘s men came out, “Our brother Tiger gave a tortoise for a thousand years. I wish Mrs. Chen good luck and prosperity!”

With these four people presenting their gifts, the atmosphere of the scene reached a peak!

The people behind almost hurriedly offered birthday gifts to Chen Shuyun.

Suddenly, the pile of birthday gifts on the sidelines was several meters high!

These birthday gifts alone are worth millions!

Chen Shuyun smiled with joy, and said loudly: “Thank you for your love, Chen Shuyun is very grateful, and I will do my best in the future to repay you for your love! Let’s start!”

Following her order, the people at the scene burst into applause.

But at this time, Tigger suddenly received a call.


He answered the phone, and after listening for a minute, his face instantly turned pale!

He looked at the beaming Chen Shuyun on the stage, with a strong killing intent in his eyes!

However, he resisted the killing intent, immediately confessed to his subordinates, and went out to work!

And his subordinates left together, which made Chen Shuyun even more happy.

With these killing gods, Chen Shuyun hoped that the sooner they left, the better.

They are still very interesting, but why didn’t Tigger leave and stayed to support the scene?

She slowly took her seat and began to shout to the waiter, “Hurry up and serve, hurry up, I also want to offer you a glass of longevity.”

The waiters immediately went out to urge the food and drink.

However, after five minutes, Chen Shuyun suddenly realized that something was wrong.

The speed of serving dishes in this hotel is too slow.

So far, no one dish is served.

Let alone the food, there is no wine, not even drinks.

The people at the scene couldn’t help muttering, “What’s the matter with the Bai family? I’m a little overwhelmed, right? There are a few big figures here, and they don’t even have alcohol.”

Chen Shuyun felt anxious when he heard this!

It was smooth and profitable just now, but don’t make any mistakes in these details.

She immediately whispered to Bai Zhensheng, “You go out and have a look, what is going on?”

Bai Zhensheng nodded and walked quickly outside.

However, as soon as he opened the door, he saw the waiters outside bringing up the dishes one by one.

A waiter sang loudly: “The first dish of the ghost feast!”

“Jackdaw’s funeral film!”

Chapter 344

The waiter’s voice was so loud that everyone at the scene could hear it clearly!

Ghost feast!

Jackdaw’s funeral film?

Doubts appeared on everyone’s faces.

Then, waiters filed in.

Everyone turned their attention to the dishes in the hands of the waiter.

At this glance, everyone’s expressions changed.

What kind of dish is this!

The whole dish is black, cut into slices, and exudes a faint fragrance.

Everyone thought about the ghost feast that the waiter just said, and some people broke out in cold sweat!

Isn’t Chen Shuyun’s 80th birthday today?

On such a festive day, what kind of horrible feast is the food served!

Isn’t this cursing yourself!

No, even the people on the scene cursed together!

Chen Shuyun was so scared that her face paled, she stood up and asked the waiter: “What the hell is going on in your hotel! I’m here for the birthday banquet, what kind of dishes are you serving here! I’m going to tell you the hotel? !”

But the waiter said with an innocent look: “Well, we are following the menu.”

Everyone at the scene looked at the black dish full of frustration before them. Some people suddenly became furious and asked Chen Shuyun, “Mrs. Chen, we kindly come here to celebrate your birthday, and you invite us to a ghost feast! You! What do you mean!”

Even Harper and Li Muhe’s expressions became ugly.

Seeing their ugly faces, Chen Shuyun quickly explained in a low voice: “Old Li, Old Wang, there must be some misunderstanding here! The hotel must be mistaken. I’ll go and ask for it right away. Wait a minute.”

At this moment, the door of the box was pushed open again.

A grim person walked in slowly.

“No, these dishes are just arranged by me.” The man said lightly.

Seeing the incoming person, Chen Shuyun’s canthus was completely split!


It turned out to be Wiliam!

This waste, dare to arrange a ghost feast on my 80th birthday!

It’s too pretentious!

Chen Shuyun rushed to Wiliam’s face and asked in a deep voice, “You bastard! Do you want to curse me to death!”

Wiliam looked at Chen Shuyun, and the anger in his heart was burning!

For your broken banquet, dare to let my family Feliicity almost die in Jiuquan!

When Harper, Li Muhe and others saw Wiliam coming, their expressions changed again.

They all felt that Wiliam was exuding an anger that no strangers would enter.

How did the Bai family provoke Wiliam!

It seems that today Wiliam is going to come over and make a big deal, I am afraid that the Bai family can no longer be kind!

“What did you do to Feliicity, you know in your heart!” Wiliam said coldly.

Chen Shuyun’s face became stiff.

Several Bai family members behind him also rushed over.

When they heard Wiliam’s words, one by one suddenly bowed their heads.

No one dared to look at Wiliam.

But after Chen Shuyun calmed down, her face was cold, and she said fiercely: “Feliicity is dead again, just let her sleep for a while, what are you doing here! There are so many people here today, what do you want to do!”

Wiliam was even more angry after hearing what Chen Shuyun said!

What a white family!

Feliicity almost killed him.

Now there is no sense of repentance!

It’s no wonder me.

Wiliam walked slowly toward the stage, and suddenly smiled when he saw a large stack of gifts on the edge of the stage.

He looked around and said lightly: “Today is Chen Shuyun’s 80th birthday. How can the banquet start if I haven’t given a gift yet?”

The people at the scene were taken aback.

Chen Shuyun’s face was full of unbelief.

This kid will come over to give gifts?

It was weird.

But seeing Wiliam’s swearing appearance, Chen Shuyun was also a little unsure of what this kid was going to do.

At this time, the White Hall smiled darkly.

He whispered to Chen Shuyun: “It seems that this kid is quite interesting, knowing that there are so many big men present today, he dare not presumptuously, he should really come to give gifts.”

Chen Shuyun thought, that was right.

Today, the celebrities of Q City ( Qena City ) gathered together.

Forgive him for not daring to ruin it on the spot.

If you make the scene too ugly, you are hitting these big guys in the face.

This kid is not afraid of the Bai family, but he can’t help but fear the anger of the entire Q City ( Qena City ).

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun raised his head, walked onto the stage, and stood face to face with Wiliam.

Others hurriedly followed.

Chen Shuyun proudly said to Wiliam: “What gift do you want to give, hurry up! Do you see that everyone is still waiting for the table? When it’s over, get out of here.”

Wiliam looked at Chen Shuyun’s sour and mean appearance, and couldn’t help but shook his head.

He suddenly stretched out a finger and pointed out the window.

The Bai family was taken aback for a moment, this kid came empty-handed, not like a gift.

What are you doing outside your fingers now?

Many curious people also stood up and looked out the window.

At this moment, it was broad daylight and the sun was shining brightly, and the whole Q City ( Qena City ) looked thriving.

“You kid, you’re kidding us! Looking for death!” Bailitang shouted at Wiliam angrily.

But at this time, everyone only heard a huge boom!

Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help looking out the window.

At this look, everyone exclaimed in disbelief.

I saw a place outside the window where a violent explosion was taking place!

The explosion sounded several times!

Then, the fire blazed into the sky, as if a red candle was lit in the middle of the land of Q City ( Qena City )!

After deafening, the Bai family looked at the burning place again.

At this time, Chen Shuyun’s head buzzed!

This place is!

The White Hall finally reacted.

This place on fire turned out to be Chen Shuyun’s home!

From the window of this hotel, you can see Chen Shuyun’s house.

Just now, when Chen Shuyun was still full of friends, she vowed to say to the rest of the Bai family that Bai Jiaguang will soon be covered, and her home will surely become the focus of the entire Q City ( Qena City ) in the next year!

How many minutes have passed!

The focus of this Q City ( Qena City )’s future turned to ashes in a flash!

What happened to this!

Chen Shuyun’s heart will be broken!

This is the home where she has lived for decades!

This is where she relied on becoming the focus of Q City ( Qena City )!

Now, the home is completely gone.

It was as if a knife was inserted in Chen Shuyun’s heart.

The soaring flames and smoke seemed to mock Chen Shuyun’s ignorance.

It seems to be telling her that if you want to be the focus of Q City ( Qena City ), you must first become the ruins of Q City ( Qena City )!

The scene became a mess, and everyone did not know why such a change happened suddenly.

Only three of them, Li Muhe, Harper, and Frandick, set their sights on Wiliam with a grim expression.

Sure enough, Wiliam retracted his finger pointing outside the window.

His indifferent voice caused chills to the people present!

“The first gift, Feliicity and I will give you…”

“Family is broken!”

Chapter 345

Home is broken!

Many people at the scene shivered together!

What a ruthless gift!

Under the world, there is such a ferocious birthday gift!

This is no longer a birthday gift!

This is a curse!

What kind of hatred does Wiliam have with the Bai family?

In the days of Chen Shuyun’s eighty birthday, he sent such a heinous birthday gift in public!

Only Li Muhe looked at Tigger with his eyes closed.

“Chenghu, is this your handwriting?” Li Muhe asked indifferently.

Tigger opened his eyes, and there seemed to be an angry burning in his eyes.

He nodded, “Well, I asked someone to do it.”

In the entire Q City ( Qena City ), I am afraid that only Tigger has such a courage, and in broad daylight, he will blow up a house to ashes!

Still so calm.

As for the entire Q City ( Qena City ), now only Wiliam can order Tigger .

“Lao Li, Lao Wang, Lao Hu, please watch.” Tigger said, suddenly stood up.

The body is as tall and tall as a benchmark!

And Chen Shuyun on the stage saw that his home was bombed, and he knew that Wiliam did it.

She looked towards Wiliam with endless resentment in her eyes.

She rushed over in a stride, trying to scratch Wiliam.

However, he was kicked to the ground by Wiliam.

There was another uproar at the scene.

Kick the birthday star in public, the grandson-in-law of the Bai family, too!

“You bastard! You dare to blow up my house! I want to call the police! I want you to stay in jail for a lifetime!” Chen Shuyun cursed loudly on the ground, her eyes red.

But Wiliam laughed out of nowhere.

His words seem to be an understatement, “Which eye did you see that I made the bomb? Ho Ho, it should be your own gas that is turned off.”

Under all eyes, they opened their eyes and said nonsense.

Everyone was speechless.

“What kind of hatred does our Bai family have with you! You want to treat me like this!” Chen Shuyun beat the floor frantically with one hand, as if he was going to be driven crazy by Wiliam.

Wiliam’s smile ceased abruptly, and suddenly his eyes burst into anger!

“What hate do you have? What hatred does your Bai family have with me, or that I am too lazy to care about you. But you are challenging my bottom line time and time again. Today, I will let you see and offend my Wiliam. What a sin and death!” Wiliam’s voice grew louder.

The anger in his heart was completely aroused.

“One for your family to be broken! Two for you!” Wiliam suddenly looked at Tigger !

“Stop off children and grandchildren!”

As Wiliam’s voice fell, Tigger ‘s benchmark-like body suddenly moved.

He slowly walked towards the stage.

The people at the scene were too scared to gasp!

Tigger is one of the people in Q City ( Qena City ) who dared not provoke.

Now, he is going to be on the stage too.

But why would Tigger obey Wiliam.

This is weird.

What is Wiliam’s ability to command Q City ( Qena City ) heroes like Tigger .

Tigger was already standing in front of the Bai family.

When the Bai family saw Tigger ‘s aggressive look, they were persuaded one by one.

“Brother Tiger, what are you doing? I know you have a little friendship with Wiliam, but today this is in full view, don’t mess around.” Bailitang said to Tigger in a deep voice.

But Tigger sneered, and suddenly kicked the White Auditorium upright.

His body moved again.

Towards the White Auditorium on the ground.

Where is the White Hall Tigger ‘s opponent?

He was picked up by Tigger pinching his neck.

Then, everyone watched, Tigger took off the pants of the White Hall in public!

What is this going to do!

The people at the scene were dull.

In the next scene, everyone was so scared that they screamed!

I saw Tigger stripped off the pants on the lower body of Bai Hall in an instant.

Bailitang was embarrassed and angry, and was about to scold Tigger for being indecent.

Tigger ‘s sleeve flicked, and a shimmering dagger appeared in his hand.

Hand up and down!

Blood stained the stage!

Cut a knife!

The White Hall was cut directly!

He clutched his lower body and roared like a pig!

And this is not over yet.

Tigger turned towards Bai Zhensheng in everyone’s shocked eyes.

Bai Zhensheng saw that his father was castrated in public, and his scalp was numb with fright.

Seeing Tigger coming, he already knew what Tigger was going to do.

He kept backing away, shaking his whole body.


I don’t want this!

“Brother Tiger, I know I was wrong. I don’t want to die. Will you spare my life?” Bai Zhen shouted tremblingly.

At this moment, there was a terrible regret in his heart!

Why did it fall to the point it is today!

Why fight against Wiliam!

Against him again and again.

He had spared himself several times before.

But myself, time and again thought that Wiliam didn’t dare to actually do it.

Challenge his bottom line time and time again.

It’s all right now, it’s completely overwhelmed.

There was a fierce stern on Tigger ‘s face, and he suddenly grabbed Bai Zhensheng’s neck and whispered: “I will spare you my life, have you ever thought of spare my sister-in-law Feliicity!”

Feliicity sister-in-law!

Bai Zhensheng was instinctively stunned when he heard Tigger ‘s weird address.

Then he woke up all at once.

Sister-in-law Feliicity, then Wiliam is Tigger ’s…


Tigger , He Qiwei and Zhuang, turned out to be Wiliam’s younger brother!


how can that be!

Just as he was shocked, Tigger followed the law and castrated Bai Zhensheng in public!

In the blink of an eye, the Bai family father and son fell to the ground together, howling in pain.

Within a minute, the White Hall had passed out in pain.

Bai Zhensheng was still suffering from the pain of castration. He looked at Wiliam on the ground, his heart was broken with regret.


You shouldn’t offend such a person!

Now that he has ended up like this, he can’t even become a man!

I should not regret it!


The people at the scene looked at the blood on the ground, and then at the Bai family father and son, they were so shocked that they couldn’t speak.

How hate this Wiliam!

It’s a good way to cut off children and grandchildren!

The only males in the Bai family are Bai Auditorium and Bai Zhensheng.

Now that these two men are castrated in public, it’s not just that they will cut off their children!

Chen Shuyun saw her son and grandson end up like this, and tears fell on the spot.

She rushed to the ground, holding the unconscious White Auditorium, crying hysterically.

“Wiliam! You bastard! You can’t die! You want us to be the queen of the Bai family! You are so cruel!” Chen Shuyun cursed Wiliam loudly on the ground.

After Tigger finished this, he returned to Li Muhe and the others, looking at everything in front of him indifferently.

Chapter 346

Wiliam still looked indifferent, seeming to dismiss the life and death in front of him.

Everyone looked at Wiliam and couldn’t help backing several steps.

First, the Bai family’s house was blown up, and now the Bai family was severed!

This is to make the entire Bai family disappear completely in Q City ( Qena City )!

This man is simply a devil!

Never do bad things!

And not afraid of etiquette!

Chen Shuyun on the ground, crying almost fainted, she cursed weakly: “All this was done by Bai Zhensheng. You can punish him alone. My son is not guilty at all. Why do you want to do it for innocent people? Ruthless! You are going to hell!”

Wiliam sneered, “Not guilty? Is it? Then I tell you, being in the Bai family is his original sin!”

Everyone was terrified again.

What an unreasonable and domineering rhetoric!

Obviously, the words are irrational, but they dare not refute it!

Anyway, on today’s stage, Wiliam is the day and the king!

With one word, the verdict of life and death!

Chen Shuyun was already crying so hard to speak, but the resentment in her eyes remained unchanged.

Wiliam looked at her, and suddenly said again: “I have been crying enough, no, my last gift, but I have been waiting for a long time.”

Everyone’s hearts were stunned.

The family is broken, the children will be cut off!

God hates ghosts already.

This Wiliam still has gifts to give away!

This gift is the last one!

Well, it should be more terrifying than the previous two gifts!

Chen Shuyun suddenly raised her head and looked at Wiliam with a little pleading.

She can see it thoroughly now.

This Wiliam came here today to kill the Bai Family!

Why didn’t anyone dare to capture Wiliam on the spot?

Because those big gods didn’t speak, they were all watching the fire from the other side.

Even if they are so helpless, the Bai family, in front of this kid, can there be a way out!

In her heart, for the first time in her life, a soft mind to this Wiliam emerged.

Damn it!

This kid is clearly just a dog in the Bai family that has been raised for ten years.

But why, now he can ride on the head of the Bai family and decide the life and death of everyone in the Bai family!

What is his ability!

If there is a magical method, let us see it clearly, and if we lose, we are convinced!

Why do you treat our Bai family like this!

The ecstasy that was about to rise from Q City ( Qena City ) before now turned into despair that the Bai family was about to die.

She suddenly lowered her head and slowly knelt down towards Wiliam.

The people at the scene were shocked again when they saw Chen Shuyun, who had always been dissatisfied, kneeled to his grandson-in-law.

This is the wonder of Q City ( Qena City )!

“Wiliam, I know it was wrong. Will you let our Bai family survive?” Chen Shuyun was on the ground, her voice very soft.

But in the silent scene, everyone heard clearly.

In the face of Chen Shuyun’s unprecedented kneeling and softness, Wiliam was not emotional.

The extra heart is soft and has been squandered long ago.

Up to now, this Bai family is responsible for it!

Seeing that Wiliam refused to speak, Chen Shuyun raised her head and said in a choked voice: “Wiliam, I knelt to you, are you still unwilling to stop? What do you want me to do!”

“What do you want? I want you to die.” Wiliam was unmoved, and suddenly looked at the closed box door.

“Come in.” He said flatly.

The door was opened.

A group of people filed in, walking towards the stage.

Chen Shuyun’s face turned pale instantly when he saw the person walking by.

Although the visitor is not a big man in Q City ( Qena City ).

However, it was the one who strangled the Bai Group’s throat!

Chen Dongbai!

Behind Chen Dongbai were seven or eight men in suits and leather shoes.

Everyone also recognized these people.

“Hey, aren’t these the spokespersons of our Q City ( Qena City ) funds? Why are they here?”

Chen Dongbai came to Wiliam in front of everyone.

He nodded towards Wiliam.

The people behind him also nodded towards Wiliam and bent over.

Seeing this scene, everyone took a breath again!

This Wiliam, from just now, showed an unprecedented monstrous power.

Order Tigger to commit murder, he should have his name underground!

Now, even Chen Dongbai and the others are so respectful to Wiliam!

Between the black and white, they are all killed!

How come I have never heard before that this Wiliam has such power!

When everyone was shocked, Wiliam spoke again.

“This last gift, I’ll give you…”

“House bankrupt!”

People at the scene are breathing stagnant!



What is this going to do!

At this time, Chen Dongbai spoke.

He walked towards Chen Shuyun and said lightly: “Chen Shuyun, the 10 million time you borrowed from our company has come, please repay within two days.”

The people behind him also said to Chen Shuyun: “Chen Shuyun, you owe our company five million.”

Everyone asked Chen Shuyun to repay the loan within two days, and the scene exploded again.

It turned out that the Bai family owed so much money outside!

And Chen Shuyun seemed to have understood Wiliam’s last move, and she collapsed to the ground completely.

The Bai family is indeed in danger.

The Bai family has been pulling funds for a while, just to demolish the east wall and make up for the west wall.

However, the East Wall did not receive any money, but now the West Wall is pressing down against the Bai family!

The Bai family was completely out of breath!

In the current situation of the Bai family, it is impossible to borrow money from the bank, so they borrow from the fund.

Chen Dongbai lent a sum of money to the Bai family because of Wiliam’s face before. Now, it’s time to get it back.

These funds add up to more than 30 million!

Chen Shuyun is on the ground, like a falling ice cellar.

More than 30 million in two days.

Where is the Bai family going to raise money!

A surge of despair suddenly grew from Chen Shuyun’s heart.

She looked at Wiliam hard and fully understood Wiliam’s intentions.

First deal with the Bai family, let the Bai family be ruined!

Now, to deal with the Baishi Group!

This is to cut off all the back roads of the Bai family!

There are really people in the world who do things so freely!

She instinctively wanted to beg Chen Dongbai and others.

However, seeing them standing behind Wiliam one by one, her words reached her lips and she shrank back.

They can’t leave themselves behind.

All the roads were held in Wiliam’s hand.

Right now, I can only ask Wiliam again.

“Wiliam, what are you going to do? Our Bai family has nothing, are you satisfied? I only beg you, give us the Bai family, save face, let us leave decently…” Chen Shuyun said miserably .

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly burst into laughter, an indescribable mockery.

“Save face! Do you have the face of the Bai family’s wealthy family! I will say something in front of the entire Q City ( Qena City ) today!”

“Go to your family dream!”

“Lao Tzu wants you to be like mourning dogs in Q City ( Qena City ) from now on! Rats crossing the street! Everyone spurned!”

When Wiliam said this, he stared at Li Muhe suddenly!

Sudden madness!

“Harper! Li Muhe! Frandick! Do you have any opinions!”

Chapter 347 Who is the man?

Everyone’s eyes turned to the three big men named by Wiliam.

How courageous this Wiliam is!

How dare you call these three elders directly in front of so many people!

It’s so rude.

But the three of Li Muhe looked at the Bai family with stern expressions, and they didn’t mean to blame Wiliam for being rude.

At this time, Harper moved.

He made a look at his men.

The subordinate understood it, and immediately walked out.

He is walking towards the pile of birthday gifts.

He held up the birthday gift previously given to Chen Shuyun in the air and shouted loudly: “President of Q City ( Qena City ), take back the gift! Break diplomatic ties with the Bai family forever!”

“Wow!” Hearing these words at the scene, there was an uproar!

I have only heard of giving gifts, but never heard of taking back birthday gifts!

And when you take it back, you take it back, and you even talked in front of so many people, and broke off your friendship with the Bai family forever!

What kind of person has this white family provoked!

Li Muhe and Frandick glanced at each other and nodded.

Their subordinates also withdrew their congratulations together, let out a word on the spot, and broke off diplomatic ties with the Bai family forever.

Everyone at the scene looked frosty.

Although these three big bosses did not answer Wiliam’s questions positively, they used practical actions to support Wiliam!

If it were said that the three shocking gifts Wiliam gave before, they only cut off the foundation of the Bai family in Q City ( Qena City ).

The words of these three bigwigs were to completely isolate the Bai family from Q City ( Qena City )!

I am afraid that after today, no one in Q City ( Qena City ) dares to make friends with the Bai family!

Those guests, after a brief loss of mind, ran to the pile of gifts and took back all the gifts they had given before.

Although they didn’t talk directly like the three big bosses, this actual action also proved their determination.

In the blink of an eye, the birthday gifts that were still piled up just now were collected cleanly.

Chen Shuyun saw this scene and sat down on the ground.

Who else in this world who can do bad things like Wiliam will never leave room!

It was him who personally killed the Bai family’s dream of a century-old family!

In the past, Chen Dongbai and other fund people were forcing debts.

Later, the entire Q City ( Qena City ) watched the fire from across the bank.

The Bai family was really pushed to the point of being exhausted.

Chen Dongbai questioned again, asking the Bai family to pay back the money.

Chen Shuyun said miserably: “The Bai family, how can I still pay you back?”

At this moment, she became old, and a sense of hopelessness permeated her heart.

But Chen Dongbai showed a weird smile at this time, “If you don’t have money, then use your company to repay the debt.”

Chen Shuyun was shocked as soon as he said this.

It turned out that all the tricks ended up here.

They wanted to eat all the properties of the Bai family and not leave the Bai family a little bit of reignited flames.

No, not them.


Chen Shuyun looked at Wiliam!

It’s him!

Everything is planned by him!

But what is the use of thinking about this now?

From the time the Bai family dealt with Feliicity in this way, it was doomed to such a defeated ending.

Chen Dongbai had already prepared and threw down several company transfer agreements to Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun glanced at Wiliam with very bitter eyes, and finally signed the word fiercely.

So far, the Bai family in Q City ( Qena City ) had neither a home nor an estate.

There is no possibility of continuing the incense of the Bai family.

Chen Shuyun thought of this, and sorrow came from it. She tremblingly changed from sitting to kneeling, and she knocked her head heavily in front of everyone.

Seeing an old man kowtow to everyone, his head was broken at the end of the kowtow, and everyone’s hearts were severely grabbed.

Chen Shuyun just kowped his head and said nothing.

No one can see her, bowing her head, her eyes are bitter and hatred.

Someone really couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help but say: “Mrs. Chen, don’t kowtow. If you kowtow again, your life will be lost.”

Chen Shuyun ignored it, and kowtowed his head repeatedly, as if to kowtow the pity in everyone’s hearts.

Even more, we must knock out the injustice in everyone’s hearts.

Sure enough, someone began to look at Wiliam, his eyes became dissatisfied.

What Wiliam did today is utterly conscienceless.

Seeing that his background is not an ordinary strong, everyone was afraid to speak.

But watching an old man who was supposed to enjoy his 80th birthday, knocked his head silently on the ground, his head was bloodied, and a conscience could not stand it.

“Wiliam, these tricks of yours are too cruel, after all, the Bai family is your home, and tiger poison still doesn’t eat its seeds!”

“Look at your grandma, even if she does something wrong, you don’t have to push her to death, it’s a bit too much.”

“I know you have a strong background, but what you do is simply bullying the small, and the methods are harsh. I really can’t flatter your character.”

Everyone talked with you, and with my mouth, they started accusing Lu Yelai in unison.

When Chen Shuyun heard these words, there was a burst of happiness in her heart.

She is already exhausted at the moment, and some of her life is dead.

Then use your old life to burn with your white-eyed wolf and jade!

And Wiliam remained unmoved in the face of everyone’s verbal criticism.

In his mind, what do these people do?

All the moral saints are sages.

Let alone what they said.

When everyone saw that Wiliam was not afraid of boiling water, his expressions became more and more angry.

But at this time, a cold voice came from the door.

“You all, do you know what happened before this? I don’t know the truth, but I’m pretending to be someone here. I see you, but that’s the case.

Everyone followed the prestige.

I saw a woman walking in angrily.

The person here is Xena.

Xena stood directly in front of Wiliam, as if trying to block all the rumors for him.

In her heart, she was truly disappointed with the Bai family.

The Bai family used to be rude and brutal to make things difficult for sister and brother-in-law, but now it is getting more and more excessive!

Dare to send my sister to death by himself!


Xena glanced at Chen Shuyun who was kowtow on the ground with disgust, and no longer had any illusions about her.

But everyone was filled with righteous indignation: “Xena, right? You are also from the Bai family anyway, why? Are you planning to turn your elbows out to favor this evil demon?”

“I think Xiao Nizi must have a leg with this Wiliam. You see, Feliicity didn’t even come out to speak for him. She came out to speak, there must be something tricky in it.”

“Yes, what about Feliicity? The Bai family has been destroyed. Why has Feliicity not appeared until now?”

Xena let out a sneer and said loudly: “Look for my sister? My sister just walked back in front of the ghost gate. You said my brother-in-law is a devil who can do bad things? All right, then I will let you see, the scene, Who is the man! Who is the devil!”

Chapter 348

Everyone was completely confused by what Xena said.

They looked at Wiliam as if he had done bad things and didn’t know how to repent. It didn’t seem to be false.

Looking at Chen Shuyun again, she looked very pitiful, and she didn’t just pretend it.

What’s the secret inside?

At this time, Xena said, “Many of you present are also people in the pharmaceutical industry. Then I ask you, if a woman takes a lot of sleeping pills during her menstrual period, what will happen?”

Everyone’s heart froze, and their brows frowned.

An old man stood up and said in a deep voice: “Many ingredients in this sleeping pill are to promote blood circulation in the brain. If sleeping pill is taken during the menstrual period, it will cause metabolic disorders in the body, not to mention taking a lot of sleeping pill. The milder vomits blood and bleeds, and the severer is on the spot. Death is possible!”

With this, the faces of those laymen have also changed.

Sun Huiqin on the side was so frightened that her whole body became soft.

Xena looked at Sun Huiqin, “Do you know why my sister didn’t come? It’s because the Bai family put a lot of sleeping pills in the water my sister drank, and my sister almost died! If my brother-in-law came back in time, my sister is afraid now. Long gone.”

These words shocked the people on the scene!

How ruthless!

Just now everyone was still saying that the land leaf tiger is poisonous but does not eat seeds. Now it seems that who is the tiger poison does not eat seeds!

Xena continued: “Maybe many people know that my sister’s body has always been weak, and these days are in her menstrual period. What is the conscience of the Bai family who did this!”

Everyone turned their eyes to the Bai family.

Chen Shuyun seemed to be numb, and continued to kowtow on the ground.

She wants to make this unreasonable and make it reasonable!

Xena was angry when she saw her pretending to be.

She said again, “Even if my sister has been uncomfortable for a while, do you know? This entire birthday banquet was organized by my sister herself. Anyone of you who came here has received Feliicity personally. Invitation? Just making these calls is enough to show that my sister is doing her best to help the Bai family organize this birthday banquet.”

After listening, everyone at the scene showed a look of shame.

Especially the person who accused Wiliam just now was so ashamed that he couldn’t lift his head.

Xena is telling the truth.

Apart from Harper, Li Muhe, Frandick and Tigger , four people were invited by Wiliam.

But Feliicity called one by one to invite.

Bai Fengxuegui is the vice chairman of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association. He was able to call these little bosses personally. When they received the call, who was not flattered!

And if it wasn’t for Feliicity’s face, would so many people come to support the Bai family today?

“Ho ho, Bai family, my sister has worked so hard, and you don’t want to thank her. You privately thought that my sister’s presence here today would take away your Bai family’s attention, so, for this It’s not worth mentioning vanity, you dare to drug my sister’s water! Are you still human!” Xena said at the end, his eyes were red.

At Feliicity’s house, she saw the pool of blood that had yet to be cleaned.

Seeing that Feliicity’s face was pale, she was nothing like a human.

A beautiful flower in Q City ( Qena City ), almost died in the vanity of the Bai family!

En will revenge! They are the real white-eyed wolves!

Chen Shuyun is still kowtow, but the people at the scene already have no sympathy for her.

“Deserve it! I didn’t even think about it when I was killed, that the Bai family was so vicious!”

“From this point of view, Wiliam’s doing this is completely righteous to avenge his wife! He deserves to be a real man! His own woman was almost killed. If he still doesn’t care, he dares not speak out. Good job!”

“It seems that it was right that we broke off with the Bai family just now! This kind of people who are so vicious to their family members, let alone any insidious tricks against our cooperative companies!”

“Chen Shuyun! Stop acting there! We look sick!”

Chen Shuyun slowly stopped kowtow.

She slowly raised her head, her face extremely hideous.

She seemed crazy, and yelled hysterically: “What the hell did my Bai family do wrong! That little bitch has been stealing our Bai family’s limelight, I’ve had enough of her! She has a bit of filial filial sons and grandchildren. Look! I just let her sleep for a few hours, what’s wrong!”

“She is in the Bai family, so she should have the consciousness to sacrifice her life for the Bai family!”

“Not to mention that she is dead now! What are you talking about! On the contrary, it is our Bai family, who is completely dead!”

Speaking of this, Chen Shuyun’s tears fell again.

When everyone saw her at this time, they even had no regrets at all, and everyone couldn’t help shaking their heads.

What a terrible old woman!

The psychological distortion is unimaginable!

Li Muhe also shook his head, seeing Chen Shuyun so terrible for the first time.

Harper was so angry that his face was shaking!

This is the real face of the Bai family!

It’s a nest of poisonous snakes!

The young master has lived in such a family for ten years!

In the past ten years, if the young master was harmed by the Bai family, he would die a thousand times, and he would be to blame!

Thinking of this, Harper said coldly: “The Bai family! I, Harper, swear that you will never have a foothold in Q City ( Qena City )! And everyone here, you see this scene today, and I hope you are rotten in your heart! Otherwise! , Don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

After all, Harper arched his hand to Wiliam and walked away in public.

Everyone shook their hearts and looked at Wiliam in awe.

In time, this son will surely make her mark in Q City ( Qena City )!

However, what happened today seems to be completely buried in my heart.

Seeing Harper’s departure, Li Muhe quickly followed.

Everyone saw that the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ) were gone, and they all left.

Chen Dongbai left it to the end, and in front of Chen Shuyun, handed the company’s transfer agreements to Wiliam.

The meaning is self-evident.

So far, the Bai family no longer has a surname, but Lu!

Xena had already thought of severing ties with the Bai family, and left the scene with Wiliam in strides.

While on the road, Wiliam couldn’t help laughing while looking at Xena who was still pouting.

“Ruoshuang, I’m so angry, why are you so angry? Besides, isn’t your sister doing well right now.”

Xena pursed his mouth and said angrily: “Hmph, I still think your brother-in-law is not ruthless enough! Just like at the Lin family, you should kill him in a dark place!”

Wiliam had a black line, when did this girl become so violent.

“Well, I’m sorry, let me see if I can compensate you for something?” Wiliam thought for a while, and showed the few transfer agreements.

“Three companies, how many do you want? Brother-in-law will give you free.”

Chapter 349 I’m Here

Xena’s chin was scared to the ground.

The three companies are worth 30 million.

My brother-in-law didn’t blink his eyes when he said this!

To be rich is a bit too much.

Isn’t it the brother-in-law playing by himself?

But seeing Wiliam’s eyes clear, he didn’t seem to be joking, Xena only believed it, he was serious.

Suddenly, Xena frowned.

These are three companies. If you want to come all by yourself, your brother-in-law will definitely agree.

But do you need it?

A company can collapse Xena, let alone three.

Thinking of this, Xena’s eyes suddenly became faint, “Brother-in-law, don’t you love me?”

Wiliam sweats again, this little sister-in-law, speaks completely without meaning.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Wiliam knocked her head.

Xena clutched his head and said aggrievedly: “You must be using three companies to trip me up so that I don’t have time to get close to you.”

Wiliam looked helpless, “Why are you not close to me? If you are your age, you should find a boyfriend to fall in love and get married, right?”

Xena blushed, and angrily stuck out his tongue at Wiliam, “I don’t want it, I don’t want it! Humph! Brother-in-law bullies me! I tell my sister to go!”

Wiliam was speechless.

This Xena is cute and cute, but he is more unreasonable than the Bai family.

The two returned home and went straight to Feliicity’s room.

As soon as the door opened, Feliicity was half lying on the bed and asked nervously, “Why are you back so soon? What did you do to them?”

Xena still looked angry.

But Wiliam walked over, took the Feliicity into his arms, and said softly: “Baby, it’s over, everything is over.”

“End?” Feliicity’s face froze, “What does the end mean? You should give them all…”

Feliicity knew Wiliam’s methods too well.

But Wiliam smiled and said, “Didn’t I promise you before I went out? Don’t worry, all of them are dead, but…”

“It’s just what?” Feliicity knocked on Wiliam, making him gasp.

“It’s just that, in the future Q City ( Qena City ), there will be one and only one Bai, called Feliicity.” Wiliam couldn’t help but arouse his pride in his words.

It’s like this, it’s like this, it’s hard to change!

Feliicity blushed when she heard this, and buried her in Wiliam’s arms, whispering: “Thank you, it’s nice to have you by my side.”

Xena on the side received a critical hit of 10 million points.

Damn it, don’t I just come back to care about my sister?

Being caught off guard is another ton of dog food!


Xena closed the door angrily, “You will get tired of it! But I tell you brother-in-law, sister is still very weak, you can’t do bad things to her.”

Feliicity and Wiliam looked at the closed door and couldn’t help smiling.

On the other side, after everyone left, Rebeca quickly asked the hotel staff to call an ambulance and sent Chen Shuyun, Bailitang and Bai Zhensheng to the hospital.

The doctors in the hospital performed an emergency operation on the Bai family father and son, and finally saved their father and son’s life.

Although Chen Shuyun kowtows with blood, he just bandaged it a little, and it didn’t hurt.

However, her heart, as if being stabbed ten thousand times by a sharp sword, her whole body was lost.

The dream of the Bai family’s wealthy family was completely ruined on the occasion of her 80th birthday.

Not to mention the wealthy, now, the Bai family is not as good as an ordinary family.

Thinking of this, her heart became angry.

Damn Wiliam, damn Feliicity!

Several members of the Bai family waited in the hospital until more than ten o’clock in the evening before the Bai family father and son came back to life.

They all fainted later, knowing nothing about the rest.

When they knew that the Bai family really had nothing now, their faces suddenly looked like concubines.

Chen Shuyun comforted them in a low voice, and walked out with Rebeca and the others.

At the moment the night is dark and should have gone home.

However, the Bai family has no home anymore.

They all lived with Chen Shuyun in Bailitang before, and Rebeca has stayed in Chen Shuyun’s home ever since he was driven out by Wiliam and the others.

They are now homeless.

Rebeca couldn’t help asking: “Mom, where are we going now?”

Chen Shuyun looked at the sky full of stars and sighed, where else could he go.

At this time, Sun Huiqin said: “Mom is also very weak now, and she can’t stand the bumps at all. And although the Bai family does not exist, Mom will always be the noble head of the Bai family in our hearts, and we must not neglect.”

Chen Shuyun felt a little comforted after hearing this.

“Mom is the body of ten thousand gold, so naturally I can’t just deal with it all night outside. Let’s go and find a five-star hotel, open a room for Mom, let her rest for a good night, and discuss things tomorrow.” Sun Huiqin said .

When Chen Shuyun looked at Sun Huiqin, she was moved for a while.

Chen Shuyun usually despised Sun Huiqin. After all, Sun Huiqin was short-sighted and a typical housewife.

But in times of crisis, it was Sun Huiqin who cared most about Chen Shuyun.

With red eyes, Chen Shuyun said in a choked voice: “Hui Qin, I used to treat you that way. Not only do you not blame Mom, you also…”

Sun Huiqin said sincerely, “Mom, I also know that I am a little ignorant, but I am completely different from the little bitches like Feliicity. I am loyal and filial. I am loyal to Bai Jiazhong and filial to your old man. I dare not forget.”

Rebeca said hesitantly on the side: “But, I don’t have any money, this five-star hotel…”

Sun Huiqin suddenly showed a sly smile, and said, “Hey, don’t look at me stupid, but I’m good at money. The couple in my family usually give me pocket money for new year’s money and so on. I save up. I have more than 300,000 in my card. .”

These words made Chen Shuyun happy, “Huiqin, you are really smart! I thought that our Bai family was completely gone! Unexpectedly, you kept the last glimmer of hope of the Bai family! With this money, I If you don’t believe that the Bai family can’t rise again!”

Sun Huiqin knew nothing about these companies and family affairs, and said straightforwardly: “Go, Mom, let’s go to the hotel first and deal with it all night.”

Because of Sun Huiqin’s money, the three people rekindled their hopes, drove a car, and found the nearest five-star hotel.

At the front desk, the waiter politely said to the three of them: “Hello, how can I help you?”

“Bring me three rooms, one executive suite, let my mother have a good rest, two standard rooms.” Sun Huiqin said.

“Please show your ID card and I will check in for you right away.” The waiter said with a smile.

The three Chen Shuyun took out their ID cards and handed them to the waiter.

Chen Shuyun looked at this magnificent hotel and smiled for the first time tonight, “It’s better to have money. Money can make ghosts go around. Then Wiliam wants us to get out of Q City ( Qena City ), ho ho, he thought he was What! A big Q City ( Qena City ), as long as there is money, where is my Bai family…”

But her words were suddenly interrupted by the waiter.

The waiter looked at the identity information in the computer, and his face suddenly became extremely ugly.

The respectful attitude before, instantly became rude.

“Sorry! Our hotel does not welcome the three of you, the security guard, chase them out!”

Chapter 350

Chen Shuyun’s originally cheerful expression froze there instantly.

Rebeca was even more angry, and shouted: “Did you guys talk like this! Why? We don’t have any money! Do you know who we are! A little waiter dared to talk to us like this and call your boss out !”

But the waiter sneered and said indifferently: “I’m sorry, you are on the blacklist of our hotel, we are not welcome!”

Sun Huiqin’s voice was already relatively loud, she yelled: “Open the door to do business, you dare to do this! Believe it or not, I will complain to your hotel!”

Her voice attracted the attention of many people around.

Sun Huiqin consciously put a lot of pressure on the other party, and looked at the waiter proudly.

But the waiter’s face remained unchanged, and he turned his head directly, and didn’t bother to pay attention to them.

At this time, the security came over and couldn’t help but chase the three of Chen Shuyun out!

Chen Shuyun was staggered and almost fell to the ground. She stood in front of the hotel and yelled.

However, the hotel staff remained unmoved.

Chen Shuyun’s cursing mouth was dry, and Rebeca quickly helped her to rest for a while.

When Chen Shuyun calmed down, Rebeca said: “Mom, this hotel seems to be just a vain name, and the service attitude is so bad. Let’s just lose the face of our Bai family when we live in. Let’s go, let’s change one.”

Chen Shuyun nodded angrily.

The three came to a hotel again, and the result was exactly the same as before.

The waiter changed their face instantly after swiping their identity information, and forced them out again.

However, when they were kicked out this time, they heard a word.

The waiter said indifferently: “There is an explanation from above. People of the Bai family will not be accepted. Don’t mention it in our hotel. As long as you can find a place to stay in Q City ( Qena City ), you can find a place to live. Knocking your head will do.”

This sentence, like a shocking thunder, made these three people not recover for a long time.

A trace of misery appeared on the faces of the three of them.

In Chen Shuyun’s mind, he couldn’t help thinking of what Wiliam said before.

Lao Tzu wants you to be like mourning dogs in Q City ( Qena City ) from now on! Rat crossing the street! Everyone spurned!

Chen Shuyun thought that Wiliam was speaking harshly.

Because this is a big Q City ( Qena City ).

No matter how extensive your Wiliam network is, how can you cover the sky with one hand.

However, reality gave Chen Shuyun a slap in the face!

It seems to be saying that Wiliam’s contacts are so wide!

Covering the city with one hand is more than enough!

Could it be that the size of Q City ( Qena City ) really no longer has a place for the Bai family?

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun’s eyes suddenly turned red.

The road to Bai’s rejuvenation was more bumpy than she had imagined.

On the side, Rebeca cursed with open mouth, “It must be the bastard who relied on the support of Mr. Li and the others to leak our identity information. Mr. Li was originally the leader in catering and accommodation and wanted to take us It’s not impossible to kill them all.”

Chen Shuyun nodded, but couldn’t even say a word.

Sun Huiqin deliberately said that he would not try to change a few more stores, but when the words came to his lips, she swallowed again.

Their only way tonight is probably to find those black hotels to deal with them overnight.

But with Chen Shuyun’s arrogance, how could she live in such a dirty place, completely losing her identity.

“Otherwise, let’s go back to the hospital first. When that happens, we will say that we care about our family and we will deal with it for one night in the hospital.” Rebeca finally asked for instructions in a low voice.

Chen Shuyun thought for a while, and that was the only way to go.

The three returned to the hospital in the dark, but at a corner, a person suddenly walked out and stood in front of them.

Seeing this man, the expressions of the three of them changed on the spot, “You, you…”

The man looked at these three people from above, and said indifferently, “Do you want to stay in Q City ( Qena City )? Do you want to avenge Wiliam? Do you want to recover the Bai family?”

Chen Shuyun and the others were asked stupidly.

Which of these three questions is not Chen Shuyun’s long-cherished wish!

One is more urgent than the other!

The man sneered, “If you think about it, be loyal to me, and I will give you the glory and wealth you want.”

Chen Shuyun was dull for a while, and finally, the hatred and obsession in her heart made her nod.

“Although I don’t know what you want to do! But, I do!”

After listening, the man took out a key and threw it to Chen Shuyun, “You can live in my place first. I will tell you if I have something to do.”

After all, this person disappeared directly into the vast night.

As Chen Shuyun watched this person leave, she suddenly felt an excitement that she couldn’t wait to get revenge!

“Wiliam! Don’t cramp you! I, Chen Shuyun, swear not to be a man! Go!”

Rebeca’s mouth opened, but in the end he was still unable to speak.

How could this person appear here!

And early the next morning, Wiliam was sitting in meditation, and he heard a whisper around him.

He opened his eyes and saw that it was Feliicity who woke up and was getting dressed.

In the Feliicity at this moment, his face finally recovered a bit of rosy, looking like a pink peach, and his skin could be broken.

Wiliam asked gently, “Is your health better?”

Seeing Wiliam wake up, Feliicity stretched out his tongue playfully, “Hmm, it’s much better. I felt very relaxed when I was in bed today, as if I had thrown away Wuzhishan.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, this difficulty finally passed.

“I’m going to cook, you can rest for a while.” Feliicity first asked Ying to cook.

Wiliam nodded, but also got up to wash.

When Feliicity finished cooking, Wiliam was completely confused when he saw the dishes.

Boiled cabbage, dried salted radish, two bowls of gruel.

“Feliicity, are you planning to starve me to death?” Wiliam couldn’t help but said.

Feliicity is serious, “Bah, baah, don’t talk nonsense. I won’t die this time, and I must be blessed by the Bodhisattva. I decided to be vegetarian for this month, thank the Bodhisattva.”

Wiliam had a black thread, “I was the one who saved you, right?”

Feliicity flipped her eyes, “So, you only need to eat vegetarian food for a week.”

Wiliam’s heart suddenly became pale.

The sister-in-law is unreasonable, and now it seems that Feliicity is not too much.

Is unreasonableness a fine tradition of the Bai family?

“Also, you have been a vegetarian for the past week, but you have to stay on your own, and you can’t fight and kill at every turn, you know?” Feliicity murmured again.

Wiliam smiled reluctantly, “All right.”

When Feliicity saw Wiliam agree, he said, “Let’s eat.”

Wiliam was about to move his chopsticks when the doorbell rang.

He got up to open the door.

However, the scene outside the door caused Wiliam to get goose bumps all over his body.

Xena stood in front of him lively, with a lot of luggage behind him.

“Brother-in-law, I’m here to live with you, please support me.”


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