Dragon Husband Chapter 351-360

Chapter 351

Xena’s crisp voice made Feliicity’s chopsticks in the room shake.

Wiliam’s head is even bigger.

The sisters of the Bai family are very godlike women.

There is no such thing as a second shot early in the morning.

Sister-in-law, you do something!

Wiliam didn’t have time to ask Xena, so Xena got in under Wiliam’s armpit and said confidently, “Brother-in-law, help me bring things in.”

Reluctantly, Wiliam moved the luggage in.

As soon as Xena entered the house, she saw Feliicity eating, she immediately beamed, “Wow, have breakfast, so wow, I still don’t eat yet.”

After finishing speaking, she went to sit on Wiliam’s chair very easily, picked up Wiliam’s bowl of porridge and drank it.

After drinking, she frowned when she saw the dried salted radish, “Are you crazy? Are you so vegetarian? Brother-in-law, did you pretend to be heroic and send me to the company yesterday?”

Lu Yeyou wanted to explain how weird your sister is, but when she thinks that this little sister-in-law is even more weird, she doesn’t want to talk anymore.

After Xena finished a bowl of porridge, Feliicity asked quietly: “Ruoshuang, you brought so much luggage here this early morning, are you going to travel?”

Xena’s face turned straight, “Why do you travel? Sister, you are clever and pretending to be confused. Of course I moved here to live with you.”

These words made Wiliam and Feliicity’s scalp numb.

Feliicity and Wiliam fought against the landlord, and finally took Rebeca out.

This beautiful and warm two-person world is still a few days away. Is this little fairy Xena moving in?

You know, Xena’s destructive power is many times stronger than Rebeca!

And the most important thing is that Feliicity Wiliam can ignore Rebeca’s words.

But this little fairy can’t do it.

Ignoring her, she could go straight into the bed of Wiliam Feliicity and roll around.

Wiliam and Feliicity looked at each other, and Qi Qi saw a determination in their eyes.

Never let this little fairy live here to be broken and clean.

Feliicity’s eyes were more determined.

This little fairy was always making the bad idea of ​​eating Wiliam.

“Ruoshuang, why did you suddenly want to live with us?” Feliicity asked hypocritically.

Xena seems to have known Feliicity’s mind a long time ago.

Her eyes were red, tears were about to be squeezed out, and she grievedly said: “It’s not brother-in-law who coaxed it. Yesterday I also coaxed the Bai family, and now I am homeless. This is caused by the brother-in-law. , Brother-in-law must be responsible to me.”

“Furthermore, now that the group of people in the Bai family are drifting outside like stray dogs, you can bear my heart and I will also drift away. I am a big girl, and it is easy for bad men to worry about it when I am alone.”

The more she said it, the more truthful she was. Recently, she burst into tears.

After all, Feliicity was softhearted. Hearing this, she felt guilty. She didn’t dare to look at Wiliam anymore. She just said to Xena, “Well, let’s live here for a few days and make plans later. “

Wiliam’s head bounced.

Can this little fairy be solved by living for a few days?

There is a feeling of sending away a Buddha and welcoming a fox.

When Xena heard it, her tears broke into a smile, and she hugged Feliicity and acted like a baby, “My sister is the best to me. I’ll clean up the room first.

After speaking, she jumped and pulled the luggage to the guest room.

Wiliam and Feliicity looked at each other, and Feliicity said weakly, “Why didn’t you talk just now?”

Wiliam was stunned, good fellow, and opened his mouth to talk nonsense.

Are you giving me a chance to speak?

“I blame you, I ignore you.” Feliicity said, and hurriedly returned to her room, seeming to run away.

In a short while, Xena came out of the room again, looking youthful and lively.

“Brother-in-law, let’s go shopping.” Xena said to Wiliam.

Lu Yezhen thought of Xena’s doing things so quickly.

He was a hundred unhappy.

And Xena immediately said pitifully: “I brought two sets of underwear, do you want me to wear this at home? It’s not impossible.”

“Didn’t you have a lot of luggage?” Wiliam couldn’t help asking because he was so tired.

“There are some gold and silver jewelry inside, you know I like these stuff the most.” Xena said straightforwardly.

Wiliam didn’t know what to say for a while.

“I went to file a complaint with my sister, saying that you bullied me and wanted to see me wear that…” Xena said and walked towards the Baifengxue room.

Wiliam stopped her on the spot, “Well, can I go?”

Wiliam believed that Xena could say something more ashamed.

Xena just smiled slyly, she didn’t do everything right, and went to ask if she should go together in the snow.

Feliicity recovered from his serious illness, so he didn’t want to go out and let Wiliam accompany Ruoshuang.

After Wiliam heard this, he secretly sighed that the Feliicity were simple.

You are sending your husband to the tiger’s mouth, you know?

Wiliam followed Xena all the way to the most prosperous and luxurious street in Q City ( Qena City ). Xena immediately entered the state, frantically fighting for it.

After a while, Wiliam had several bags in his hands.

“Now we go to my favorite shop. Their clothes look good. I couldn’t bear to buy them before.” Xena said to Wiliam excitedly.

Wiliam had a big head, and he dared to be taken advantage of.

The two walked into a brand store called “Tang Song Style”, Xena seemed to be free of money, grabbed the clothes and threw them on Wiliam, saving even trying on them.

Just as Wiliam was depressed, a gloomy voice suddenly heard behind him.

“Oh, isn’t this Wiliam? Isn’t it true that where in life does not meet?”

Wiliam and Xena turned to look.

I saw a man and a woman standing behind them.

The woman was dressed in an elegant little suit and uniform.

As for the man, it was Sun Meilin who Wiliam had seen before.

This Sun Meilin seemed to be the suitor of Tigger ‘s daughter Sharon before.

Later, Wiliam pierced his palm.

He is still wearing a bandage at the moment.

When Sun Meilin saw Wiliam, he was extremely jealous when his enemies met!

For countless days and nights, he was thinking of breaking this bastard to pieces!

Dare to pierce his palm!

He almost made him disabled for life!

I met today, but I have to regain my face!

The woman frowned and asked, “Merlin, is this your friend?”

The woman’s name was Chen Yingran, and she was a royal sister’s girlfriend whom Sun Meilin had just hooked up with recently.

Sun Meilin stared at Wiliam and said coldly: “Friend? Hoho, I can’t afford such a friend! My hand is given by him!”

Chen Yingran’s expression changed when she heard it. She called the clerk and asked, “These two came to our store to buy things?”

The clerk nodded without knowing it.

Chen Yingran looked at Wiliam and the bewildered Xena proudly, and said, “I count three times, put down my clothes, and get out of my shop.”

Chapter 352

Seeing that Chen Yingran was so rude, Xena’s temper came on the spot.

She was a stubborn person, this Chen Yingran wouldn’t let her buy it, she just wanted to buy it.

“This is your shop? Is it too loud? As far as I know, this is Harper Mr. Wang property! Do you know that Wiliam and Mr. Wang are…”

Chen Yingran arrogantly interrupted Xena’s words, “I am the manager of this store, and I have the final say. Little kid, dare to have friendship with Mr. Wang, who can you call him casually?”

Xena was stomped with anger, “Wiliam! Fuck her! Fuck her! I will give you benefits tonight!”

Wiliam was a little unhappy at first, but was almost amused by Xena’s words.

Sister-in-law, can we not be funny?

However, Wiliam promised that Feliicity would try his best not to cause trouble during the week. He thought for a while, took Xena and said, “Ruoshuang, forget it, let’s go to other stores to buy it.”

When Sun Meilin saw Wiliam admit it in public, he burst out laughing.

Sometimes, power does not need to be too great.

The key is to use the right way!

Although Chen Yingran was just a store manager, this Wiliam happened to appear in her store.

The bullying was just right.

But how could Xena endure such humiliation, pinching Wiliam hard with one hand, “You are fucking her, fuck her! Where’s the fierce strength you used to get me?”

The ambiguity in these words caused Wiliam’s back to feel cold.

But at this time, Chen Yingran suddenly asked: “This young lady, your last name is Bai? Xena?”

Xena was taken aback and couldn’t help nodding.

Chen Yingran and Sun Meilin glanced at each other and laughed together.

Surname Bai!

Then this matter is easier to handle!

Last night, the entire Q City ( Qena City ) was a sensation because of the surname Bai.

Li Muhe and Harper joined hands in Q City ( Qena City ) to release the words, and broke off diplomatic relations with the Bai family.

Although everyone didn’t know why these two elders dealt with the Bai family in such a way, the names of the few people in the Bai family had spread to the heads of all the stores in Q City ( Qena City ).

The two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ) gave an order and saw the Bai family expelled on the spot!

Chen Yingran was originally going to suppress Xena by relying on his identity as the store manager.

But now, there is no need to even use power for personal gain.

Honestly, bully you!

You dare not presume!

Because this is an order from the elder Wang himself!

Who dares to disobey!

Sun Meilin was so happy that his mouth crooked.

Before, he was afraid that Wiliam was Tigger ‘s subordinates and did not dare to be too presumptuous.

But now, there are two elders behind, enough to make Sun Meilin let go!

“Ho ho, since it’s Bai, it’s a coincidence. The Q City ( Qena City ) twins gave an order last night to see the Bai family and kill without mercy! You can’t take one piece of this dress today! The security guard, kick them out. Chen Yingran’s face sank and shouted loudly.

Suddenly, a few security guards rushed in and surrounded Wiliam and Xena.

Seeing so many people, Xena was immediately a little confused, and asked Wiliam aggrievedly: “It’s all about the boycott of Chen Shuyun, Mr. Li and the whole city. How come I have included me? I’ve long since been good.”

Wiliam looked at Xena amusedly, and said lightly: “It should be that they don’t know you are good.”

Xena kicked Wiliam’s calf immediately, “Brother-in-law, you are bad.”

Sun Meilin and the others were going to see Wiliam and the others panicked.

But I didn’t expect that these two people were flirting in front of them!

Sun Meilin’s nameless anger rushed up, “Shoot them out of our shop for me! Do it!”

The security guard glanced at Chen Yingran, waiting for her order.

If Chen Yingran had a sacred hand, he said triumphantly: “Hit me! Ho ho, I will bear the consequences! No, there are no consequences! On the contrary, because we have taught the Bai family, the upper one will be happy!”

When the security guards heard this, they rushed up immediately.

Wiliam shook his head, helpless.

Only then promised the Feliicity for more than an hour, and he would break the ring.

Can’t the Feliicity curse yourself in circles at night?

Just as he was about to fight back, Chen Yingran’s cell phone rang suddenly.

She looked at the phone number and suddenly stopped the security guard, “Wait! Let’s call from above, don’t make any noise.”

The reason why Chen Yingran is here today is mainly because today is Harper’s monthly asset inventory day.

Every month today, Harper will send his subordinates to various industries to check assets.

Chen Yingran whispered to the security guard: “Enclose them, don’t let them run away.”

While answering the phone, he said respectfully: “Brother Fei, are you coming soon? I have been waiting for you in the store for a long time.”

This Brother Fei, but Harper’s capable man, could not be a small store manager like Chen Yingran.

It’s a pity that although Chen Yingran is quite charming, she still can’t hook up with this brother Fei.

I didn’t know what was said on the other end of the phone, so I saw Chen Yingran nodding and bowing, “Okay, I’m waiting for you. By the way, I’ll report a great message to you. The Bai family appeared in my store. The security is blocked, would you like to come over and give instructions yourself?”

Brother Fei on the other end of the phone heard this and his tone became high, “Is it serious? You know that the Bai family has evaporated from the world since last night! You can actually catch them! That’s a great achievement! One piece! I will ask Mr. Wang for credit. Waiting, I will be on the street of light luxury.”

Chen Yingran’s mouth turned crooked after hanging up the phone.

Wan Wanrong thought that this luck came, and it could not be stopped.

These two dogs, men and women, there is a way to heaven, they don’t go, and there is no way to hell, they break in!

“Wiliam? What should I do!” Xena couldn’t help being a little scared seeing Chen Yingran smile so gloomily.

“What can I do? I can only make a call to Mr. Wang.” Wiliam said, and took out his mobile phone.

When Sun Meilin saw it, he laughed loudly, “Oh, pretend! Keep pretending to be for me! Are you going to call someone? Brother Tiger’s person? Haha, let me tell you, in front of the king, it’s not easy!”

Chen Yingran was even more arrogant, standing behind her, but one of the peaks of Q City ( Qena City ), would Tigger offend the elder for a subordinate?

It’s a bit naive.

And Wiliam said faintly to the phone: “Harper, what? Even Xena and I were blacklisted by you? You can change the store manager of “Tang Song Style”.”

After he finished speaking, he hung up.

Seeing Wiliam calling Harper’s name directly, Chen Yingran’s face became even more angry, “Ho ho, kid doesn’t know the sky! I won’t say anything to pretend to be, and dare to be rude to Harper! And remove me from my position. You really think that you are the king of heaven! I want to see, how do you fire me today!”

The situation was immediately deadlocked.

While waiting, Sun Meilin’s stomach suddenly churned. He touched his stomach and said to Chen Yingran: “I’ll go to the bathroom. There will be a good show later, remember to wait for me to come back.”

Chen Yingran smiled and nodded.

After a while, she saw a man walk into the store.

With a smile on her face, she greeted her and shouted: “Brother Fei! Here! I have surrounded them, just waiting for your word.”

Chapter 353

This Fei is tall and big, with a face and features squeezed into a ball, which is extremely ugly.

But when Chen Yingran saw him, both eyes lit up.

And Wiliam and Xena happened to have their backs to Brother Fei, and Brother Fei suddenly didn’t recognize them both.

Standing in front of Brother Fei, Chen Yingran pointed to the back of the two of them and said, “Brother Fei, what? A word?”

Fei Ge looked at Chen Yingran aloft, and said: “Since it was the order from the elder Wang himself, we naturally have to follow orders. Let’s arrest them first.”

As soon as the voice fell, his phone rang suddenly.

He picked it up, his face changed suddenly, and it was Harper who called him himself!

“Hello Wang, do you have any instructions?” Fei Ge asked respectfully.

On the phone, there was a roar from Harper, “Are you sick? I can forgive you for not knowing what happened when Xena was blacklisted! But even Wiliam dared to be on the list! You want to die! “

Brother Fei was stunned instantly!

He has followed Harper for several years, and Mr. Wang has always been a mature and respectful person in his heart.

Have you ever seen the prince so angry!

The words are full of anger!

Moreover, there is a hint of fear!

Brother Fei couldn’t help but replied: “There is no such thing, how dare I put him on the blacklist, I dare not give me 10,000 courage.”

“Where are you now? Go to’Tang Song Fengqing’ immediately! He is there now!” Harper roared.

“I’m in the store right now. They reported that they had caught two people from the Bai family. Could it be…” Fei Ge said this when he just saw Wiliam look back.

At this glance, Fei’s phone clicked and fell to the ground.

His face was instantly filled with horror!

It’s really Wiliam!

Brother Fei knows Wiliam!

It’s a coincidence that Brother Fei is the one who followed Harper to participate in Chen Shuyun’s 80th birthday yesterday.

Yesterday, he gave gifts to Harper, and it was him who took back birthday gifts for Harper!

He was at the scene and saw Lu Yehao’s overbearing voice!

He even saw that he was better than Harper and Li Muhe, and he was respectful and respectful to Wiliam!

Not to mention whether Wiliam can surpass the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City )!

But in Fei Ge’s heart, Wiliam can at least be on par with Q City ( Qena City ) Shuangxiong!

Moreover, he is so young!

In time, the entire Q City ( Qena City ) will be his!

Just because of this, Fei didn’t dare to fight Wiliam when he was killed!

Brother Fei looked at Chen Yingran instantly.

He has understood everything!

This Chen Yingran, who didn’t know what was good or bad, actually regarded Wiliam as the Bai family!

And asked so many security guards to surround him!

I don’t want to live anymore!

Fei had a decision in his heart.

If this matter is not handled properly to satisfy Mr. Wang, I am afraid that my position will be lost.

Thinking of this, he suddenly raised his hand and slapped Chen Yingran severely in public!

Chen Yingran originally wanted to claim credit with Brother Fei, but a sudden slap in the face made her feel silly.

What is going on with this Fei?

Hit his men in front of the Bai family?

what is this?

Chen Yingran covered her face and wept, “Brother Fei, what’s wrong with you? Did I do something wrong?”

Fei Ge’s face is extremely ugly, one face is even uglier than before, “Isn’t doing it right? Is this a problem of doing it incorrectly! This is a problem of losing your head! Who gives you the courage to surround them!”

Only then did Chen Yingran know that it was Wiliam and the others that Fei was concerned about!

Suddenly, there was a faint hunch in her heart.

She forced herself to say: “But, didn’t you personally order it? The whole city banned the Bai family! I just follow your orders?”

Brother Fei suddenly smiled, cruelly, “I’m telling the whole city to block the Bai family! But have I ever said that the whole city blocks Wiliam!”

Chen Yingran’s heart thumped!

Could it be that the problem lies with Wiliam?

Fei did not say that Wiliam was blocked before. In the blacklist he provided, only Xena, not Wiliam.

Chen Yingran was thinking just now, anyway, this kid is also from the Bai family, so he would rather kill the wrong person than let it go.

But I didn’t think about it, it was a catastrophe!

Chen Yingran was not angry, and said depressed: “Then I have misunderstood. Xena is on the banned list at last, right? I can always make up for it, right?”

Brother Fei is going to be pissed off by this idiot!


Your work is petty!

The misfortune you caused is a catastrophe!

Offending a Wiliam is more serious than you grabbing thousands of Bai family members!

“Pop!” Fei Ge slapped Chen Yingran again, symmetrical.

“Keep your eyes open! This is Wiliam! It’s the guest of Mr. Wang! Who gave the order for the entire city to block the Bai family? Mr. Wang? Hoho, I’m telling you now, no Mr. Wang! It’s him! Whose orders are we listening to! It is also him! You are tired of living!” Fei Ge almost shouted and cursed.

When Chen Yingran heard these words, it was as if he had been bombed by thunder, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

It was not Harper who issued the order for the whole city, but Wiliam!

In other words, Harper, this is working for Wiliam!

If you think about it this way, how terrifying is this kid’s identity!

And what did you just do?

Not only ridiculed him, but also asked the security guard to surround him.


Chen Yingran thought, and suddenly fought a cold war, with extremely desperate and regret in his eyes!

How could she think of it, this seemingly ordinary young boy has the ability to cover the sky!

Wanting to cure his sin is simply daunting!

It’s over now!

After Fei Ge finished beating Chen Yingran, he walked respectfully in front of Wiliam and bent his waist ninety degrees, “Mr. Lu, I am really sorry, I have no eyes, I am guilty, please punish me.”

In Chen Yingran’s eyes, Brother Fei was so tall and respectful to Wiliam, he took the initiative to plead guilty, even without self-defense.

What awe this is.

Wiliam glanced at Brother Fei, and said calmly, “Oh, it’s you. I saw it yesterday, my sister-in-law, you probably saw it yesterday, too?”

Brother Fei kept nodding, “Miss Bai is indeed negligent on our side. I immediately gave the order, Mr. Lu, I deserve to die.”

Wiliam nodded when seeing Brother Fei behave politely.

Harper’s subordinates still seem to be of some quality, not everyone is as unreasonable as Chen Yingran.

“Forget it, those who don’t know are not guilty. Today I accompanied my sister-in-law to buy clothes, so I don’t want to cause trouble.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Since Feliicity has agreed to eat vegetarian food for a week, he should also be Buddhist.

This Chen Yingran is just a clown.

Brother Fei nodded, and suddenly shouted to Chen Yingran: “Hurry up and ask Mr. Lu for the crime!”

Chapter 354

When Chen Yingran looked at Wiliam at this moment, he could no longer equal his first impression.

This is an inscrutable big man!

Where can a small store manager like myself be able to afford it.

Not to mention offending.

At this moment, she actually had infinite resentment towards Sun Meilin!

It’s all because of him!

Someone who doesn’t know how to live or die, actually has enemies with this kind of character!

He deserves to be almost scrapped with one hand!

Thanks to Mr. Lu’s magnanimity, Sun Meilin was able to live till now!

It’s just that Sun Meilin is still blind-eyed and pits herself into it!

He poured it out, went to the toilet happily, leaving me alone here is ugly!

Chen Yingran stood in front of Wiliam tremblingly, lowered her head and dared not look at them, “Mr. Lu, I am sorry, it is my dog ​​who looks down on people. Can you let me go? I promise there will be no next time .”

Wiliam waved his hand, “Forget it, open the door to do business, I am a guest anyway, I don’t beg you to treat each other blindly, but please treat me equally.”

Chen Yingran kept nodding, “Mr. Lu taught me that I must remember it in my heart.”

“Okay, I’m here to buy clothes today, so I should leave them all.” Wiliam waved his hand and said.

When Fei heard this, he immediately said: “Mr. Lu, take your time to choose. All the consumption today is credited to Chen Yingran’s account.”

Chen Yingran shook her body, her face uglier than crying.

She had seen the clothes that Xena took from a moment ago, all of which were extremely expensive.

If Xena harbors a grudge and deliberately buys all the clothes in the shop, he will be bankrupt and he can’t afford it!

And just as Chen Yingran was worried, Xena was a master who had revenge.

She gave Chen Yingran her hand with a sly smile, “Okay, then thank you, Manager Chen, for your expense.”

Chen Yingran felt worse than eating shit.

Xena immediately walked around, took a dozen pieces of clothes within a few minutes, and said, “That’s it, the others are not good-looking.”

Wiliam looked speechless.

I dare to love it because there is no one to look at. If there is, she can really empty the store.

Seeing that Xena stopped, Chen Yingran hurriedly sent the clothes to credit card as if he had taken medicine.

I’m afraid that Xena will go back.

Wiliam saw it, but he didn’t stop it.

This kind of villain should also take a lesson.

“Mr. Lu, Miss Bai, go slowly.” After Chen Yingran respectfully invited the two great gods away, he was greatly relieved.

The matter is finally over, the scene just now was too terrifying, it was a nightmare.

It’s also considered a disaster-free.

But at this time, Fei suddenly sneered and said: “Chen Yingran, pack up your things and get out.”

Chen Yingran was taken aback and looked at Fei in disbelief!

“Brother Fei! What did you say?”

“I’ll let you go! Don’t let me say it a third time!” Fei Ge said coldly.

“But, Mr. Lu didn’t let me go just now, I really know I was wrong…” Chen Yingran’s face turned pale.

Fei Ge sneered: “He doesn’t let you go. He has a large number of adults and doesn’t want to care about you like you. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you! Chen Yingran, do you know what a disaster you have caused! King! How furious was the old man just now! Because your dog looks down on people, Mr. Wang said today that he must not personally apologize to Mr. Lu. This kind of sin, I let you go, is already merciful.”

Chen Yingran looked at Brother Fei with horror.

Mr. Wang, personally apologize to Mr. Lu…

Just because I don’t know how to promote…

Can you bear such consequences?

However, Chen Yingran was unwilling to the extreme in his heart!

She worked so hard over the years, and finally got the position of store manager!

It was because of a momentary negligence that Mr. Lu was offended, and the status he had accumulated over the years was gone!

How to be willing!

“Brother Fei, give me another chance, okay…” Chen Yingran burst into tears.

But Brother Fei didn’t even look at her, turned around and left, leaving a sentence, “I don’t want to see you in the store tomorrow.”

Chen Yingran stared blankly at Fei Ge’s departure, completely lost consciousness.

In her heart, she suddenly remembered what Wiliam had said before.

He kept saying that he would fire himself.

Then, he was really fired.

That’s right, it must be the kid who instructed Fei just now, so Fei will fire himself!

This kid is a complete hypocrite!

Pretending to be a saint in front of everyone, but secretly, so unscrupulous!

To me, a weak woman, she was so cruel and merciless, she didn’t show any pity for Xiangyu!


Just as her heart was full of anger, a voice rang in her ear, “Yingran, what’s the matter? What about those two bastards, why did you let them go? Confused!”

Chen Yingran looked up and saw that it was Sun Meilin who had gone to the toilet just now.

Seeing Sun Meilin, Chen Yingran felt even more angry!

The fuse of all this is because of Sun Meilin!

This kid offended Wiliam and didn’t say anything. He slipped away and ruined me!

Come here now, I haven’t noticed that my face has been swollen from the beating, and I only care about the two people’s departure!

Ho ho!

Neither side is good!

Damn it!

Thinking of this, Chen Yingran’s face showed a trace of hideousness, but it was fleeting.

She suddenly wowed, plunged into Sun Meilin’s arms, and cried: “Why did you come back!”

Sun Meilin and Chen Yingran have only been together for less than a month, and the relationship between the two has never been so strong.

Seeing Chen Yingran actually throwing in his arms, I felt happy.

But he still pretended to ask: “What’s wrong? What happened just now? You said, I’ll give you the shot!”

Chen Yingran was waiting for Sun Meilin’s words, her eyes were shining, she looked at the surrounding environment, and said, “Let’s talk outside.”

When the two of them walked outside, Chen Yingran immediately sold it unscrupulously, “Sun Shao, after you left just now, the bastard came up and slapped me twice before we were not paying attention, and he ran away. I His face is so painful.”

When Sun Meilin heard this, he became angry. This is her own woman being beaten!

“That damn Wiliam! I’ve already bypassed him once! I didn’t even dare to do anything to my woman even thinking of him getting worse! I don’t want to live anymore!”

But this sentence is far from reaching Chen Yingran’s psychological expectations. She coquettishly crying even harder, “Sun Shao, I am your woman. He hit me in the face, he is hitting you in the face! This hatred you must be today. Report it for me!”

“Huh?” Sun Meilin hesitated instinctively, Chen Yingran could see all this clearly.

Humph, another coward!

What played with me just now!

Chen Yingran was heartbroken and determined to let them bite the dog.

Suddenly she became eager and affectionate, her cheeks were reddish, her fingers circled on Sun Meilin’s chest…

“Master Sun, as long as you can help me avenge this revenge today, I will listen to you tonight…”

Chapter 355

When Sun Meilin heard it, her body became excited.

He looked at Chen Yingran’s body and his eyes suddenly became hot.

This is a beautiful beauty.

A fairy face, filled with pure. want.

A body that is protruding forward and backward is even more imaginative.

In the past month, Sun Meilin tried to get her countless times.

But Chen Yingran was accustomed to seeing Young Master’s methods, so she didn’t want to take him.

Unexpectedly, she actually had an anger with Wiliam, but she had fulfilled herself.


Wiliam, Wiliam, Wan Wanren thought that you did me a great favor!

“Little beauty, that’s what you said.” Sun Meilin squeezed Chen Yingran’s graceful waist jokingly.

Chen Yingran pretended to be shy, “But only for today.”

“I understand, I understand!” Sun Meilin kept nodding.

Even if Chen Yingran didn’t say it, Sun Meilin knew that this matter should be done sooner rather than later.

Maybe Chen Yingran wouldn’t stop her breath the next day.

But after agreeing, Sun Meilin was also concerned.

Sun Meilin had met Wiliam first at Brother Hu before, and he thought that Wiliam should be under Brother Hu.

Brother Hu’s momentum in Q City ( Qena City ) is gaining momentum recently. Isn’t it just slapped Hu in the face to hit Wiliam?

Although his father has a little power, he can’t spend it on this little thing.

See where you can find some desperadoes, or some punks.

The kind that doesn’t know Brother Tiger, and the newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.

Sun Meilin hugged Chen Yingran, while thinking of a way, he called his subordinates and asked them to come over and watch Wiliam’s whereabouts.

While Wiliam and Xena continued to stroll around, Xena’s eyes were bright when she saw Wiliam.

“Brother-in-law, you just pretended to be real and handsome!” Xena gave Wiliam a punch, and almost smashed Wiliam’s bag.

“I said, where did I pretend to be forced just now, I obviously don’t want to cause trouble, okay?” Wiliam said helplessly.

Xena’s face blushed slightly, “I like the most deadly temperament of brother-in-law, who is so handsome.”

Seeing this little fairy started to post again. Love, Wiliam stopped talking immediately.

Going on, she is going to get started.

The two of them spent the whole day in this street, and Wiliam experienced the shopping frenzy of girls for the first time in his life.

Wiliam carried the bag to the car twice during the period, and his legs were soft, but Xena became more and more energetic just like a chicken blood.

Wiliam looked at Long Jinghu’s fierce Xena, and couldn’t help sighing. Sure enough, there was no difference between this and that. There were no bad farming fields, only exhausted cattle.

In the afternoon, Sun Meilin, who was looking for people everywhere, finally found a few punks who fully met his requirements.

These little bastards, all dressed up as sullenly, but one by one poorly whoosh, heard Qian’s eyes glowing green.

At first glance, it was the stuff who didn’t know anything when they first arrived in Q City ( Qena City ).

This is just right, Sun Meilin intends to let these few be dead ghosts.

He didn’t tell them that he wanted them to beat Brother Hu’s men, but he only gave them a generous reward, saying that he would teach him a pissed boy.

As soon as the few people got the money, their mouths grinned.
If Wiliam was there, he would definitely recognize these people.

These people are indeed small gangsters, and indeed they have just arrived in Q City ( Qena City ) not long ago.

It’s hard to die, these few people are the group of Zhang Ruolong’s fellow villagers.

Since they failed to defect to Zhang Ruolong, they dare not go back.

Because in their opinion, the most important thing about Hunjianghu is this face.

At the beginning, they said they wanted to go out to join Zhang Ruolong, but they have been promoting it in the village for a long time.

Overnight, the whole village knew that they were going to go out and wander around, and they were going to eat and drink spicy food.

If you go back dingy now, you will surely be laughed out of your teeth, and how will you continue to dominate the village in the future.

Therefore, they took a sigh of relief and planned to stay in Q City ( Qena City ) for a while, waiting for the hot discussion among the villagers to go back.

Now, each of them was holding 10,000 yuan, and everyone was laughing.

Sure enough, what Zhang Ruolong said was wrong. The big cities are full of gold.

As long as you stay, there is a chance.

It’s just a pity that Zhang Ruolong is so immortal that he offends a big man who looks shameless but has a lot of skills.

While regretting Zhang Ruolong, they couldn’t help but feel frightened when thinking of the indifferent figure.

After this incident tonight, it seems that he can gain a foothold in Q City ( Qena City ).

If you see that kid in the future, you must walk around.

After Sun Meilin briefly confessed a few words to these little gangsters, he let them stay first.

He first went to find out Wiliam’s whereabouts.

And his subordinates reported that Wiliam was still in the street in the light of luxury at the moment.

Sun Meilin secretly applauded.

God helps me too!

When he inquired about Wiliam’s phone number, he immediately called.

When Wiliam heard that it was Sun Meilin, he wanted to die, but Sun Meilin came prepared, “Wiliam, I just want to ask you to have a meal and apologize. You won’t give me this face, right? I’m. The ugly words come before me, Sun Meilin, who eats soft but not hard, I bowed my head like this. If you return it to me, then don’t blame it. I will let you and your sister-in-law be a bitch in the future. jump.”

This kind of threat is nothing short of pediatrics for Wiliam.

But Wiliam frowned.

Sun Meilin looked like a sinister person, but he was nothing.

If Shuang is targeted in the future, there may be accidents.

“Time, place.” Wiliam said lightly.

It doesn’t matter, let Sun Meilin be mentioned in the past, so that in the future, he will shrink his tail to be a man.

Sun Meilin reported immediately, “At six o’clock tonight, Spring Villa.”

Wiliam was taken aback, Chunyi Villa, but in the suburbs, it was a bit off.

Ho ho, it seems that this meal is not a good meal.

This feast is a Hongmen feast.

“Okay, I’ll be over right away.” Wiliam said after checking the time.

Xena, who was on the side, kept his ears up and listened. He suddenly exploded when he heard that Wiliam had agreed to Sun Meilin’s invitation.

“Brother-in-law, are you stupid? That kid is not a good thing at first sight! He called you to such a biased place, just wanting to shame you! You still promised them!”

“You go back first, but don’t tell your sister.” Wiliam felt a little frustrated thinking about Feng Xuexin.

Today at noon, Wiliam is still a vegetarian, and a bird has faded from his mouth.

“No! If you don’t let me follow, I’ll call and tell my sister right away!” Xena’s unreasonable spirit came into play again.

“Why are you going? Isn’t this messing up?” Wiliam said helplessly.

Xena grabbed Wiliam’s hand and said angrily, “I want to live and die with you! If you don’t agree, I will immediately shout out to my brother-in-law not to do this! I am your sister-in-law!”

Wiliam saw the people coming and going, and the goose bumps were all up.

When these words were shouted out, the matter became louder.

“It’s all right! Don’t coax, go!” Wiliam almost knelt to this sister-in-law.

Xena suddenly came to the spirit, and he was vaguely yearning.

At the beginning, she also followed her brother-in-law and went to Lin’s house with a sword!

Is it going to reappear tonight?

“Then how are we going?” Xena asked excitedly.

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched, his eyes slowly getting cold.

“Run over.”

Chapter 356

Xena frowned!

This is the momentum!

Seeing Wiliam’s indifferent eyes but with supreme dominance, Xena’s eyes became star eyes again.

Brother-in-law is mighty and domineering!

The two drove to Chunyi Villa.

But Xena still kept an eye on it.

After all, Wiliam was going to the banquet all by himself, so he couldn’t help it, it was his burden.

And that Sun Meilin was not a good thing at first glance, maybe there is something more damaging trick waiting for her brother-in-law.

Xena was cautious that Wiliam’s weak strength would suffer, so she took out her mobile phone from the passenger seat and secretly sent Feliicity a message.

“Sister, we are in danger outside. In Spring Villa, you can call someone to help us.”

Xena gave Wiliam a sneaky glance after sending out the information.

At this time, her cell phone rang immediately.

It was Feliicity who came here for the first time.

She was about to answer, but the phone made two beeps, and the power was turned off.

She sweated, and after a day of shopping outside today, the phone is so deadly that there is no electricity at this time.

She wanted to borrow Wiliam’s cell phone, but then she thought about it. No, she was just making a small report. How could she let Wiliam find out.

Sister, elder sister, just do what I said, don’t call again.

Xena thought a little nervously.

And Xena didn’t know how much worried Feliicity was caused by his own mindless information!

When Feliicity saw this information, she called Ruoshuang, and her phone turned off again.

She wanted to call Wiliam too, but she was worried that Wiliam was facing danger and it was inconvenient to answer the phone.

At this moment, she was very anxious, and she was a little bit resentful.

A good brother-in-law can make things happen in less than a day!

It’s a natural troublemaker!

She could still remember that Wiliam had promised her that she would eat fast and reciting the Buddha this week.

If Wiliam promised her, he would definitely do it.

Wouldn’t he be very passive if he encountered danger like this!

Thinking of this, she fidgeted, thinking about whom to call for help.

At this time, a person came to her mind.

Brother Tiger!

Brother Hu is the king of the Q City ( Qena City ) underground. If he comes forward, what else is wrong?

Fortunately, Wiliam had previously reserved a phone number from Brother Hu for Feliicity because he was worried about the Feliicity.

Feliicity immediately called Brother Tiger.

“Brother Hu! I’m Feliicity, Wiliam is in danger, please help him, I beg you.” Feliicity said anxiously after the call was connected.

At the moment, Tigger was eating at home. He suddenly heard Feliicity’s call. He couldn’t hold his chopsticks. He asked in shock, “Wiliam is in danger? Where! Who is the other party! How many people are there?”

Facing this series of problems, Feliicity felt his face blush.

She said weakly: “I don’t know who the other party is or how many people there are. I only know that they are in Chunyi Villa now.”

Tigger groaned and said to Feliicity: “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I will take someone there right away, and you can wait at home with peace of mind. I will report to you in time if I have anything.”
At this moment, Feliicity could only nod her head, and said chokedly, “Brother Tiger, thank you, you must rescue Wiliam.”

Tigger frowned after he hung up the phone.

Things are a bit tricky.

He knew Wiliam’s abilities well.

If it were some cats and puppies, how could Wiliam care about it.

Feliicity said so seriously, it must be that Lu Yezhen has encountered something that cannot be solved and needs to be rescued by himself.

From this point of view, the opponent is either very strong or has a lot of people.

Wiliam couldn’t deal with it too much.

Thinking of this, he immediately called his subordinates, “Take someone right away and go to Chunyi Villa with me immediately.”

The next man was stunned and asked: “How many? Is fifty enough?”

Tigger was so angry that he cursed, “Fifty is enough! At least two to three hundred people!”

Are you kidding me, fifty?

With fifty people, Wiliam could handle it alone, with at least hundreds of people on the other side.

Tigger thought for a while and continued: “Call me as many as there are at home! Four or five hundred is not too much! Immediately!”

If Wiliam encounters danger in Q City ( Qena City ), what will happen to him, for Tigger , it will be a complete shame!

Not only because Wiliam is now Tigger ‘s boss.

It’s even more because Tigger is now the king of Q City ( Qena City ) underground, and there are people who can touch Wiliam. This is just slap Tigger in the face!

No matter what the price is paid today, Wiliam must be rescued safely!

What Tigger is even more puzzled is that in Q City ( Qena City ) now, who else would dare to do something to Wiliam?

When Tigger assembled his troops, Wiliam and Xena had already arrived at Chunyi Villa.

Chunyi Villa is said to be a villa, but it is actually a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city.

The villa is a house built of wood, but it is antique and has a rustic charm.

The reason why Sun Meilin decided to stay at Chunyi Villa was because the place was relatively biased and easy to handle.

On the other hand, Wu Xudong, the owner of Chunyi Villa, is Sun Meilin’s friend and friend. With him taking care of him, everything is easy to say.

Wu Xudong is about the same age as Sun Meilin. At this moment, he is hooking Sun Meilin’s shoulders and saying triumphantly: “Brother Sun, don’t worry. In my place, let alone hide a few people, there is still a problem. There are none of them. Just in case, I also called some helpers to help you. It’s on the way.”

As Wu Xudong said, he ordered the little gangsters to hide in a compartment of the largest box on the third floor. Then they would come out and scare Wiliam into a piss.

Sun Meilin smiled and thanked Wu Xudong, “Xudong, this is done, we will have a drink later.”

“Easy to say, easy to say!” Wu Xudong arched his hands at Sun Meilin.

At this time, Sun Meilin found a car parked at the entrance of the villa, and he refreshed, “Come!”

The two walked towards the door in unison.

It was Wiliam and Xena who got off the car.

Seeing Xena’s pretty and beautiful appearance, Wu Xudong, who has always been a good girl, swallowed directly, “Exquisite! This kid doesn’t think that Yanfu is not shallow!”

Sun Meilin didn’t know Wu Xudong’s thoughts. He patted Wu Xudong on the shoulder and said with a small smile: “Then, this Yanfu belongs to you later.”

Wu Xudong’s mouth was full of grin.

After Wiliam got off the car, he saw Sun Meilin without any surprises.

Sun Meilin looked hospitable, and said to Wiliam: “I didn’t think that you really looked good, please come in quickly.”

Xena followed Wiliam and looked at Sun Meilin dissatisfied.

Wiliam followed Sun Meilin to the third floor in a calm manner.

Wu Xudong did not follow into the box. He returned to the lobby on the first floor and suddenly ordered: “Quick! Close the door. Today, I want these two people, it’s hard to fly!”

Chapter 357: Nightmare

The clerk at the villa immediately closed the wooden door.

Wu Xudong was sitting downstairs, tasting the wine and watching the time from time to time.

In a while, I will be able to kiss Kasawa by myself, so beautiful! Beautiful!

After Sun Meilin led Wiliam into the box, he also closed the box door.

He looked at Wiliam and Feliicity with excitement.

I really don’t know if this Wiliam is really stupid or pretending to be stupid.

Knowing that I wouldn’t look good to him when I came here, I didn’t expect him to come here alone.

Even brought this little beauty.


Some played.

Xena was always paying attention to Sun Meilin’s eyes. Seeing Sun Meilin’s arrogant expression, she couldn’t help but grab Wiliam’s clothes and asked Wiliam with her eyes why there is only one person.

Wiliam patted Xena’s hand, motioned not to speak, just let him come.

Sun Meilin sat on the chair peacefully, and in the box at the moment, neither food nor wine was served.

Wiliam asked faintly: “Sun Meilin, I’m still rushing back. What’s the trick? Just use it.”

When Sun Meilin heard it, he glanced at Wiliam in surprise.

Could it be that this kid also has an ambush?

But the door downstairs was closed, and his ambush should not come in.

Thinking of this, Sun Meilin smiled triumphantly, “I asked you to be here today, as long as I want to end our grievances.”

“Wiliam, you almost slapped my hand before, and you slapped my girlfriend twice today. We have to settle this account!”

When Wiliam heard this, he couldn’t help laughing.

Slapped his girlfriend twice?

It seems that Chen Yingran’s woman lied to Sun Meilin because she deliberately wanted Sun Meilin to find fault with herself.

It’s just a pity that she has a little pediatrics because of this trick.

Worried about playing with fire**.

“Okay, you said this account, how do we calculate it?” Wiliam asked indifferently without exposing Chen Yingran’s lies.

“How to calculate? Ho ho, of course there is revenge, revenge, grievance and grievance! Today you kowtow to me and call grandpa, let me stab me, and then let your little beauty stay with us for one night. This account, we Even if the two are cleared up.” Sun Meilin said the rhetoric he had prepared.

The straightforward Xena exploded directly, “Fuck your mother’s shit! I want to find your mother to accompany you! Dog stuff!”

Sun Meilin was scolded, but he was not angry at all. Instead, he looked at Xena with interest, “Oh, it turns out that I am a little wild horse. I like to tame little wild horses by nature. How about? Follow me, I promise you From now on, flavourful and spicy ones.”

Xena flushed with anger, and was about to curse back, but was held back by Wiliam.

What’s the point of slapping someone like this?

“What if I say no?” Wiliam asked.

“Ho ho, then I can only tell you that you have no choice. Come here!” Sun Meilin suddenly shouted.

The door of that cubicle was knocked open with a bang.

Seven or eight people swarmed out of it!

These little gangsters had already followed Sun Meilin’s request before, in order to show their fierceness, one by one was naked and painted dragons and tigers.

They are not holding sticks, but long knives!

A pair of long knives, under the shining of the light, shone with wisps of cold light.

This scene really bluffed Xena.

She was a little woman after all. Seeing so many brawny men coming out and being so ferocious, she was immediately scared to hide behind Wiliam.

Her body was trembling, and she couldn’t help but wonder why her sister didn’t send someone to rescue us, the other party was too cruel.

When these people came out, they still yelled, “Dare not listen to our grandson, today we will cut you off! Let you know, you guys are awesome!”

They yelled loudly one by one, and their faces were full of confidence.

After all, this was their first purchase in a big city, and the momentum should be enough.

Just as they were triumphantly affirming each other, they suddenly saw the man’s face on each other.

At this sight, seven or eight people were dumbfounded on the spot.

This man!

Isn’t it their nightmare in this life!


Damn it!

How could he appear here!

Could it be that the little trash fish Sun Meilin wants us to deal with is this Wiliam!


What a little trash fish! This is simply the devil!

The few people glanced at each other, and there was awe and despair in their eyes.

And because of the dressing of these people, Wiliam didn’t recognize them all at once.

But after a closer look, he almost laughed.

It turned out to be them.

Q City ( Qena City ) doesn’t look big.

I thought they had gone back to the country in a desperate way, but didn’t expect them to stay in Q City ( Qena City ).

Now I stand in front of myself for the second time.

It’s ridiculous, I thought that Sun Meilin invited God Helu, but he was just a group of ignorant people.

As for Sun Meilin, who was standing in front of those few people, how could he have noticed that drastic changes had taken place behind him.

He thought that the aura of these people completely bluffed Wiliam.

He smiled with satisfaction: “How about? Today’s banquet, you are not in vain. I now give you two choices, one, according to what I just said, kowtow to me, let me stab, and then let this The little beauty will accompany our brother. I promise not to embarrass you in Q City ( Qena City ) in the future. The second choice, ho ho, if you disagree, then ask my brother’s knife first!”

Xena heard goose bumps all over, and couldn’t help but press close to Wiliam.

At this moment she finally regretted it.

I really should listen to my brother-in-law, don’t come.

I’m all right now, I am now lying down in order to watch the heat for a while.

If these wicked people are really worried today, can they still live in this life?

Thinking of this, Xena’s eyes suddenly turned red.

“Brother-in-law, I’m sorry, I caused you trouble.” Xena said choked up.

Wiliam looked at Xuan Ran’s crying Xena amused. This little fairy could scare her. Otherwise, I always look like I have a brother-in-law who is not afraid of it, and I can’t guarantee that something will happen in the future.

So Wiliam pretended to be helpless and asked Xena, “Ruoshuang, which one do you think I should choose?”

Xena’s tears fell off as soon as she heard it, and she pointed to Wiliam’s neck and cried, “Brother-in-law, you are a white-eyed wolf, do you still need to think about it? Do you really want to hand me over?”

Sun Meilin on the side laughed loudly and it was done!

This kid hesitated, it means that this is done.

Isn’t it awesome?

Don’t you like to pretend?

What’s wrong now?

It turns out that you are also afraid of death, so you will destroy your conscience for life?


When he was laughing, he didn’t notice the slightest bit of it, and the faces of the little gangsters behind him became more and more ugly.

Chapter 358

Sun Meilin wanted to kill Wiliam? Still want to possess his woman?

Does he know how many strokes there are?

They wanted to speak and put this matter out clearly.

But when they look at me and I look at you, there is no one who dares to stand up and speak first.

After all, the pressure Wiliam had put on them before was too great.

Zhang Ruolong’s life is alive. Under his words, it would be no more if he said no.

Who dares to come forward!

After all, they are just pranksters, and they are completely shocked at the moment.

But Xena was even more aggrieved by Sun Meilin’s smile, and tears couldn’t stop falling.

Originally, Wiliam just wanted to make Ruoshuang jokes, but thought she was really scared, so Wiliam hurriedly comforted: “Okay, okay, don’t cry, you just made a joke, why is my brother-in-law willing to hand you over? Don’t cry, or your sister should clean up me when I go back.”

Bai Rushuang was taken aback and looked at Wiliam dubiously, “Are you really kidding? You won’t hand me over? Is it because you can’t bear me?”

Wiliam Yihan.

This little fairy, what a brain circuit.

Why did you catch these three words?

But Wiliam still nodded.

With joy, Bai Rushuang burst into laughter, “I know that brother-in-law is the best to me.”

After that, she actually ignored the presence of everyone, gave Wiliam a kiss on the face, and then quickly hid behind Wiliam.

Feeling the remaining warmth on his face, Wiliam looked helpless. Feliicity must never know about this.

Otherwise, she will go violently.

But when Sun Meilin saw that the two men were in disaster, he even dared to flirt and curse, and the whole person was angry.

“It seems that you are toasting and not eating and punishing wine! It’s okay! I will tie this kid up and let him appreciate and appreciate the grandeur of this little beauty with us!” Sun Meilin said, and shouted, ” Brothers, do it! Let’s scrap this kid’s limbs first!”

However, the scene was deadly silent.

Sun Meilin stared at Wiliam fiercely, and shouted again, “Hurry up! Don’t be kind!”

The scene was unmoved again.

Even Xena was at a loss.

Just now, these people were obviously fierce and evil, and regarded being the dogleg of Sun Meilin as the glory of this life.

Why didn’t they listen to Sun Meilin at this moment?

Is it going to be upside down?

Sun Meilin was so angry that he was really a hillbilly! Do you not understand Lao Tzu’s order!

He turned around and looked behind him, and the few people were stared at by Sun Meilin’s menacing look and took two steps back.

Sun Meilin stepped forward and cursed in a low voice: “What’s wrong with you! I won’t do anything if I take my money! I’m embarrassed by Lao Tzu, and I promise you won’t hang around in the morning!”

The few people looked at each other.

It’s a weak threat if you can’t go down in Q City ( Qena City ).

Offended you, we just can’t hang around in Q City ( Qena City ).

And if we offend the big devil on the opposite side, we can’t mix in the world.

“Take it to me!” Sun Meilin couldn’t help but shoved the person in front.

Not only did that person resist, but he shrank to the back.

Seeing this scene, Xena was speechless. She asked Wiliam in a low voice, “Brother-in-law, they were so vicious just now, why are they all confused now?”

Lu Yezhen answered directly, but smiled and said, “Just watch the show.”

Bai Rushuang looked at Wiliam blankly and thought to himself, is there any story in it that is impossible?

But in the end, one of them mustered up the courage to say to Sun Meilin: “Brother Sun, when you asked us to beat people, you just said a little Luo, but it was not Wiliam.”

Suddenly, Sun Meilin didn’t realize there was something wrong, and said angrily: “Nonsense! Isn’t this kid just a little Luo!”

The few gangsters were dumbfounded when they heard this.

Especially, above the Q City ( Qena City ), Tigger is in awe of the three-pointer, in Sun Meilin’s eyes it is just Xiao Luo?

Sun Meilin is so stupid after all! Or are we a little bit confused about the situation?

Sun Meilin reacted and asked again: “Do you know this kid? He is your friend?”

The few people shook their heads together.

Someone said: “Where are we his friends.”

“The enemy?” Sun Meilin asked again.

A few of them didn’t know how to answer for a while, and said: “There are some holidays…”

When Sun Meilin heard it, his voice became louder, “Isn’t that right! There is revenge and resentment! You also want to thank me for giving you a chance for revenge!”

“Do you want revenge anymore? If we don’t take revenge, we will leave first.” Wiliam shook his head and asked.

Sun Meilin was so angry that his face turned pale, yeah, this kid dared to be arrogant before him!

Go, can you go!

But after hearing Wiliam’s words, those few people trembled together and waved their hands quickly, “No revenge, no revenge.”

“Damn!” Sun Meilin was so depressed that he wanted to hit someone.

Got it to the bones!

“I’ll add another ten thousand! This is the head office!” Sun Meilin finally said viciously.

According to his observations, when they were given 10,000 yuan each, they were already so excited.

Now add 10,000 more, enough to make them desperadoes.

However, unexpectedly, the few people waved their hands again and again, “No need, no need, Brother Sun, let me tell you the truth, you just give us 10 million each, we won’t want it.”

“Why! You don’t have the backbone of a man!” Sun Meilin grabbed a person’s neck directly.

The man trembled and said, “Because we are afraid that we will have money and we will die!”

Then several other people hulled and stood in front of Wiliam, and kneeled one by one to Wiliam.

In this scene, Xena was silly, and Sun Meilin was stunned.

“Brother Lu, I’m really sorry. We didn’t know that the person here today was you. I offended you. You have a large number of adults. Can you spare one of our dogs? We promise that we will leave for the countryside immediately. Don’t set foot in Q City ( Qena City ), do you think it’s okay?” The few people kept kowtow to Wiliam.

“Damn! What the hell is going on!” Xena couldn’t suppress the curiosity in his heart. Seeing that there was no danger at the moment, he couldn’t help asking.

Wiliam smiled and said, “I had a relationship with them before, oh, they are Zhang Ruolong’s friends.”

Bai Rushuang heard, “Uncle Cousin? Yes, how about uncle Cousin, why are there no noise these days? Did you go back to the country?”

When the few people heard this, their bodies trembled.

Is it so easy to go back to the country?

It’s back to netherworld!

“Since you know that you are wrong, I don’t want to worry about it with you, go away.” Wiliam said lightly.

Those few people are like a pardon, and they knocked their heads like garlic, “Thank you, Brother Lu, for your great kindness, we will never forget it in this life! After we return to the country, we will offer you up and enjoy the fragrance every day!”

After speaking, these people stood up, turned and went downstairs.

But halfway down, they stopped again, looked at Sun Meilin who was speechless with anger, and asked Wiliam.

“Wiliam, Sun Meilin, do you need us to do it? Just a word!”

Chapter 359

Sun Meilin on the side jumped with anger when he saw the few people confessing to Wiliam.

What is this Wiliam capable of!

He was able to bluff these little gangsters so much that he didn’t even dare to do it, so he knelt down and admitted.

This time was not good. I was expecting these people to teach Wiliam severely, but now I am embarrassed again in front of Wiliam.

But fortunately, Wu Xudong still left a hand, his people are coming soon.

At this time, Sun Meilin, who was depressed, heard what those little gangsters came back to say to Wiliam, and almost had a brain hemorrhage!

Who are these people!

Lao Tzu spent money to hire them, so if they don’t help.

Now I want to beat Laozi!

“You dare!” Sun Meilin scolded viciously.

But those few people didn’t even understand Sun Meilin’s words, but looked at Wiliam with expectation.

These words, this busy, they want to redeem their sins.

When Xena heard it, her brain buzzed.

The reversal here is simply unfathomable.

What exactly did Wiliam do to them to make them turn to each other regardless of their loyalty?

However, the brother-in-law is really amazing. He doesn’t even need to use his hands, and the tiger’s body is shocked, and these people just get down.

“Brother-in-law, fucking him.” Xena didn’t think it was a big deal, urging Wiliam.

After all, this Sun Meilin just said something disgusting to Xena, and even cried her angrily.

Xena will not fail to report this grudge.

The people at the scene suddenly looked at Wiliam.

Sun Meilin groaned, and suddenly had an unknown premonition.

Didn’t you really invite someone to beat yourself?

In this case, it’s really too frustrated!

This Wiliam should not dare, after all, this is in Wu Xudong’s territory, and he is weak.

He was thinking about it when he heard Wiliam smile.

Wiliam saw the embarrassing look of Sun Meilin all over his eyes. He smiled slightly and said to Xena, “Forget it, I promise your sister to be vegetarian this week and not be bloody.”

When Xena heard it, his head was big, what a fairy sister and brother-in-law.

The enemy is currently doing it to death, of course!

Eat a hairy vegetarian!

Can vegetarianism help you give birth to babies?

“Brother-in-law!” Xena couldn’t help but coquettishly said, “You just heard how much this guy said to me! You didn’t help me.”

Wiliam shook his head, “Forget it, this week, I have to be forgiving and forgiving.”

In Wiliam’s heart, a guy like Sun Meilin who couldn’t stand up to the table didn’t even have the qualifications to be his opponent.

Don’t mention it made Wiliam get angry.

He is not worthy.

Hearing what Wiliam said, the little gangsters looked at each other.

Damn, does the current demon king have time to be vegetarian?

This is too particular!

Fortunately, fortunately, he is a vegetarian this week. Otherwise, maybe he will inevitably be attacked by him again.

The gangsters hurriedly said to Wiliam, “Since Wiliam said so, let’s go first.”

After all, a few people ran downstairs like a mourning dog.

Wu Xudong, who was squatting downstairs, couldn’t help frowning when he saw these people coming down, “Why did you come down so quickly? The upstairs is finished?”

The gangsters looked at each other and nodded firmly, “Well, we are done.”

Wu Xudong was overjoyed, wondering that Wiliam was so weak?

Was it cooked in just a few minutes?

It seems, now upstairs, brother grandson is doing that little beauty.

Wu Xudong is a very particular person. This little beauty was the one whom Sun Meilin asked over. Naturally, he wanted to let Sun Ge first try.

He looked at the time and decided to wait ten to twenty minutes to go up, to allow grandson enough time to play with.

He asked someone to open the door, and after sending these little gangsters out, he locked the door again, and even asked the clerk to go straight back from get off work.

After all, this Spring Villa is really full of spring tonight.

Thinking of this, Wu Xudong’s heart was itchy and impatient.

That little beauty is so exciting.

Upstairs, Sun Meilin was finally relieved to see that Wiliam really didn’t dare to hit him.

He looked at Wiliam viciously, “Okay, I didn’t think you still have this hand, but today’s things won’t be over.”

“What else do you want to do! Believe it or not, I’ll beat you!” Xena, with Wiliam’s backing, now has a lot of confidence, and fiercely beat Sun Meilin with his fists.

Sun Meilin stared at Wiliam and said, “Don’t think that I just called these incompetent guys, ho ho, my man, who is still behind, don’t leave if there is something!”

Xena pulled the landing leaf and walked down, “Huh, who cares about you, idiot.”

But Wiliam didn’t move, and instead said to Sun Meilin: “I’m here today. I didn’t mean to trouble you. I just want to tell you that in Q City ( Qena City ), it’s better to keep a low profile, whether it’s my wife. It’s my sister-in-law, none of whom can be worried about. I hope you will carve this sentence into your bones.”

Wiliam came here just to warn Sun Meilin.

But Sun Meilin laughed loudly after hearing this, “Joke! Who am I afraid of in Q City ( Qena City )! Are you threatening me?”

Wiliam nodded, “I think so.”

“What if I don’t listen?” Sun Meilin asked jokingly.

“If you don’t listen, then ask for more blessings.” Wiliam walked downstairs after speaking.

But Sun Meilin stopped in front of Wiliam with a grim expression: “Want to go! It’s not that easy! Don’t say you threaten me. Today, you can get out of this door. Write my last name backwards!”

As soon as the voice fell, I heard a noise outside the door downstairs.

When Sun Meilin heard this, he was overjoyed!

It must be the person Wu Xudong called here.

How could Wu Xudong’s subordinates compare to those little gangsters just now.

They are really messing around.

And only listen to Wu Xudong alone.

Now, look at this kid, are you afraid?

“Hahaha, my brother’s people are here, kid, just wait to find death!” Wu Xudong roared ferociously.

Outside the door downstairs, there was a clap, “Open the door!”

“I heard you! They are coming up soon! I’ll give you another chance to admit your mistakes! If you missed it, you can regret it in this life!” Sun Meilin laughed.

The voice downstairs became louder and louder, and the sound of slamming the door became louder.

Xena’s heart raised again.

Listen to this voice downstairs, let alone dozens of people!



Sun Meilin, this kid, really did everything!

But Wiliam didn’t change his face, and shook his head, “boring people, always short-sighted.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was an overbearing voice outside the door downstairs!

“Take me down the shop!”

Chapter 360

Hearing this overbearing voice, Xena couldn’t react at once, only feeling that his heart was beating!

Where did the helper Sun Meilin called, so fierce!

If you don’t agree, you will demolish your store!

This trick is ruthless!

And Sun Meilin was also stunned.

What’s going on downstairs?

Didn’t Wu Xudong’s come here?

Isn’t this kid Wu Xudong not downstairs, and his men can’t get in?

Do you want to go down and open the door?

Just as he hesitated, he saw Wiliam’s mouth twitched, revealing a cruel smile.

This overbearing voice cannot be heard by others.

Can Wiliam not hear it?

Although I don’t know why, it is true that Brother Tiger came in person.

Thinking of this, Wiliam glanced at Xena who looked aside.

At this time, there was a crackling sound from downstairs!

Even the whole wooden building trembles slightly!

There seemed to be thousands of troops downstairs, surrounding the whole building.

Attack the building from all directions.

Sun Meilin’s scalp felt a little numb.

Damn, how many people did Wu Xudong call to help me?

Why did you demolish the building if you didn’t agree?

As he was thinking, he heard a hurried footstep coming from downstairs.

After a while, Wu Xudong appeared in front of Sun Meilin.

Wu Xudong’s face was ugly at the moment!

He was itching downstairs and was dreaming about the next beautiful scene, when he heard the sound outside the door.

Then before he had time to react, the people outside began to chop with knives and axes, and they really wanted to demolish the entire wooden building.

Listening to this situation, there are hundreds of people at the door, let alone!

Wu Xudong is just the second generation of a rich and small, and he usually only relies on his father’s reputation to provoke flowers and provoke grass. How can I ever see such a shocking scene?

And he also determined that although he was idle, he definitely didn’t cause any great troubles that would make people come directly to demolish buildings.

Wu Xudong thought for a while, could it be that Sun Meilin caused some serious trouble, that’s why this happened?

He didn’t dare to open the door at all, so he hurried upstairs to find Sun Meilin.

But seeing Wiliam and Xena standing upright in front of Sun Meilin, Wu Xudong was stunned on the spot.

How are these two good?

Are men beaten, and women humiliated?

What’s the situation?

“Brother Sun, what are they doing?” Wu Xudong asked with a dazed expression.

Sun Meilin was more confused than Wu Xudong, and asked, “Xudong, where did you call your helper and how did you smash your own shop?”

As soon as Wu Xudong heard it, he woke up on the spot, and his face was crying without tears.

He aggrievedly said to Sun Meilin: “Brother Sun! On earth did you provoke a big man outside, and now they are here!”

When Sun Meilin heard this, his face paled, “What! You said that the crowd outside is not yours!”

Wu Xudong nodded quickly, “That’s not nonsense! I called three or four people. They called me just now and said that the road was blocked by a big tree and the car could not get in. They were walking in. A few minutes.”

“According to what you said, who are these people outside?” Sun Meilin had an ominous premonition in his heart.

“Then I have to ask you! Brother Sun! I only have this store, and I am counting on this store to provide for the elderly. If this breaks up my store, what shall I do in the future!” Wu Xudong said, almost crying Woke up.

Sun Meilin hurried to the window, stretching his head down.

At this look, he leaned on the spot and retracted his head!

The whole face became extremely pale!

“Brother Sun, what’s the matter with you?” Wu Xudong asked with concern.

Sun Meilin was so scared that he couldn’t say a word.

Wu Xudong saw it and walked to the window by himself.

Look at it this way, so I rely on it!

Then the two of them squatted down in fright and shrank into a ball.

What did they see just now?

When they saw downstairs, there seemed to be thousands of troops and horses trampled by iron hoofs!

Surrounded downstairs, full of people!

I just guessed that one or two hundred people are missing!

There are four to five hundred people!

They encircled the Spring Villa, and the surroundings were too tight!

In their hands, take a knife and a stick!

The knife is shining coldly!


They just smashed the building like this, and after a while, the whole building trembled violently.

It seems precarious.

There seems to be a danger of collapse at any time.

“Brother Sun! You have caused trouble! Think about it, have you offended someone who can’t be offended recently?” Wu Xudong felt sorry for his shop and suddenly regretted befriending Sun Meilin.

Seeing that the group of people downstairs is endlessly dying, if you are implicated in it, you will lose out.

Sun Meilin looked uglier than crying, “I don’t know who I provoke! If there is a big person who can’t provoke, will I still not know? Besides, I don’t even know the group of people downstairs, and I hate them at all. There is no such thing!”

Seeing these two men trembling, Xena asked Wiliam with lingering fear: “Brother-in-law, what’s going on downstairs! Did these two really provoke someone who shouldn’t be offended? We won’t be disturbed, right? Shall we run first?”

Wiliam looked at Xena with a nervous look, and suddenly asked in a low voice, “Human, didn’t you call it? What run?”

Xena’s eyes were blank, “What’s my name? Brother-in-law, what are you talking about? Are we talking about the same thing?”

Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

Xena was a little creepy when he was laughed, and suddenly he slapped his head and couldn’t help shouting, “Could it be!”

She thought of it. On the way here before, she informed her sister Feliicity and asked her to move the soldiers.

Could it be that Feliicity called for the help of those wicked people downstairs?

But it shouldn’t be. My sister is pure by nature and her communication is very simple. How could she know such a group of tiger and wolf teachers!

“Who are they?” Xena couldn’t help but asked curiously.

Wiliam looked at the two shivering people and said with a smile: “When you come in, you’ll know.”

At this time, there was a loud noise downstairs!

That thick wooden door collapsed!

Sun Meilin and Wu Xudong trembled, their faces as earthy!

The people below are coming up!

“Boom, boom, boom!” The wooden stairs sounded with rhythmic footsteps.

The sound was like stepping on the hearts of the two people, who stared at the direction of the stairs with chills.

Who will come here!

A person slowly appeared on the stairs!

Getting clearer!

After seeing this person’s face, Sun Meilin and Wu Xudong buzzed their heads and sat on the ground together!

Q City ( Qena City ) Underground King, Tigger !

Come in person!


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