Dragon Husband Chapter 361-370

Chapter 361: He Knows You So He Sins With You

Sun Meilin was shaking with fright.

There was only one thought in his mind.

Why did Tigger come here!

Isn’t he busy these days!

Busy to recover the underground of Q City ( Qena City ), he will come to this remote place when he is free.

Even with so many people!

And seeing Tigger coming, Sun Meilin finally understood some questions.

Who else is in Q City ( Qena City ) who can show such appeal and courage!

Hundreds of people gathered in an instant and attacked the building grandly!

There is only Tigger in Q City ( Qena City ) today!


However, what purpose does he come for!

Sun Meilin instinctively wanted to ask if he had come to rescue Wiliam.

But he changed his mind, it was impossible.

This Wiliam was just Tigger ‘s subordinate.

There are more than thousands of his men!

What’s more, Tigger ‘s identity is no longer the same as before.

How could he assemble so many hands to attack the building for one man!

Then Wiliam’s face is too big.


After Sun Meilin quickly rejected this idea, he couldn’t help but develop another kind of anger.

This Wiliam is lucky too!

You can meet Brother Tiger here!

It seems that today, I have no choice but to take this kid.

At this time, Tigger was already completely standing in the box. Behind him, Wu Yaya was an aggressive subordinate.

Seeing this scene, Xena suddenly felt a feeling of returning to the past.

When I went to the Lin family, Tigger was so fierce!

However, how could my sister know someone like Tigger and still be able to please him? It’s strange.

Even more strange is that the brother-in-law didn’t seem surprised at all, or even angry at all.

If in normal times, brother-in-law is a jealous man, he wouldn’t follow who dares to treat Feliicity a little bit better.

Now that my sister asks another man to help her for her brother-in-law, wouldn’t her brother-in-law feel uncomfortable?

Suddenly, Xena added a weird family ethics drama…

“Brother Tiger, what the wind has given you, I’ll please you.” Sun Meilin and Wu Xudong walked to Tigger tremblingly.

They didn’t dare to ask at all, why did Tigger act so aggressively?

Not asking is good, asking is wrong.

Tigger frowned when he saw Sun Meilin, “Ho ho, it’s you!”

This sentence made Sun Meilin’s heart chuckle!

He looked at Tigger ‘s eyes like a wolf and a tiger, and suddenly his heart shook!

That’s it!

Sun Meilin suddenly thought of something!

At the beginning, Tigger was conspired by Siirius, and he was in a coma. But he found someone to replace Wiliam by impersonation and almost killed Tigger .

Could it be that Tigger is here to avenge himself today!

Only this kind of hatred of life and death can make Tigger so aggressive.


I really have the face, so I bother Brother Hu coming over like this.

Thinking of this, Sun Meilin bit her scalp and said quickly: “Brother Tiger, did you do it for what I called someone to save you? I know it was wrong. I was also impatient for a while, but the person I invited…”

“Since I didn’t mention that matter again, it means I will not pursue it.” Tigger interrupted Sun Meilin directly.

Sun Meilin was overjoyed, haha, Brother Tiger didn’t even pursue this kind of revenge!

He was finally able to escape.

Thinking of this, Sun Meilin winked at Wu Xudong and signaled that there was something wrong with me here. You must have provoke Brother Tiger.

Wu Xudong laughed more ugly than crying!

With his status, how can he be as high as Brother Tiger!

Let alone provoke him.

Sun Meilin saw that Wu Xudong was afraid to speak, and he was afraid that Brother Tiger would take the initiative to pursue it, so he asked: “Brother Tiger, did my brother offend you in any way? Just say…”

Wu Xudong was too scared to lift his head.

But Tigger smiled faintly, “I don’t know him.”

When Sun Meilin heard this, he patted Wu Xudong on the shoulder and whispered: “Brother Tiger said that he didn’t know you. It seems that we are all in trouble today.”

“Since we are all in trouble, why did Brother Tiger come to my store?” Wu Xudong asked in a low voice.

Sun Meilin suddenly turned his gaze to Wiliam.

Haha, this kid has an arrogant personality, and at first glance he is the one who can cause trouble outside.

Is it because Brother Tiger came here today for this kid?

It must be this kid who provokes Brother Tiger and makes Brother Tiger chase him for thousands of miles!

Sun Meilin told Wu Xudong of his thoughts.

Wu Xudong nodded blankly.

When Tigger saw the two whispering to each other, he suddenly sneered, “I don’t know him, but he knows you, so he commits the same crime with you!”

This is for Sun Meilin.

When the two heard this, their goose bumps began to rise.

What do you mean!

Wu Xudong was even more scared.

Yeah, after all, Sun Meilin provokes Brother Tiger!

Now, I am going to become the same sin with him!


Sun Meilin asked without tears, “Brother Tiger, don’t you not pursue my previous affairs? You are a big man, and you should have your word.”

Tigger smiled indifferently, “I naturally believe in what I said. I will not pursue your previous affairs, but I will pursue your affairs today!”

“Today? What’s going on today?” Sun Meilin couldn’t react for a while.

At this time, Tigger walked in front of Wiliam.

He was about to bow to greet Wiliam.

But at this time, Wiliam gave him a glance, and signaled that Tigger had his subordinates behind him.

If his subordinates see Tigger being so respectful to a young man, it will inevitably make people’s hearts turbulent.

Now is the critical period when Tigger has just integrated Q City ( Qena City ). The reason why everyone turned to Tigger was because of Tigger ‘s prestige in Q City ( Qena City ) for decades.

If you let everyone know that there is someone else behind Tigger , this moment, I’m afraid it will lead to unnecessary disputes.

Tigger also thought about this in an instant, and nodded to Wiliam.

Since he served Wiliam as his master, he had made up his mind a long time ago to spread Wiliam’s reputation throughout Q City ( Qena City ) under a highly anticipated situation.

He was also looking forward to the scene of facing everyone, saluting Wiliam on one knee.

Only, not now.

It seems that we have to wait.

“Do you know why I came here?” Tigger asked lightly.

“I don’t know?” Sun Meilin and Wu Xudong said blankly.

Tigger suddenly looked ruthless, “Because you deserve to die! Even my family, you dare to offend!”


The two were even more puzzled.

Where is Tigger ‘s family at the scene?

But at this time, Tigger pointed at Xena to Sun Meilin!

To Wu Xudong!

He even said to the brothers behind him: “Bai Rushuang, the daughter I just recognized a while ago!”

“You two dogs! What do you want to do to my daughter!”

Chapter 362

Tigger ‘s words were like a thunderstorm, and everyone at the scene couldn’t breathe!

Sun Meilin and Wu Xudong glanced at each other, their eyes were full of fear!

Xena turned out to be Tigger ‘s goddaughter!

No wonder, Tigger is going to fight tonight and almost demolished the store!

That’s it!

The two of them thought that they had both thought of Xena just now, and their hearts were beating wildly.

Especially Sun Meilin, he just molested Xena more than once or twice.

He thought, although Wiliam dared not do anything.

But what is Tigger afraid of!

Not afraid of the sky!

And Sun Meilin knew that Tigger was a daughter slave through and through!

There was Sharon before, and he was hurt to his bones.

Now I recognize a goddaughter again!

From now on, this Q City ( Qena City ), who dares to provoke Xena!

What can I do now!

And Xena was also scorched by the explosion.

When did he become Tigger ‘s goddaughter!

I and him, but they can’t go together.

However, Tigger ‘s words were released like this.

In front of all his subordinates, he said nothing, it is difficult to chase the horse!

Xena looked at Wiliam helplessly, and asked in a low voice, “Brother-in-law, what is going on?”

Wiliam shook his head and gave a wry smile.

A good Tigger , he hinted that he didn’t need to have a relationship with himself, but he was better, he was directly related to Xena.

Really an old clever ghost.

However, Wiliam was not dissatisfied with Tigger ‘s remarks.

Xena now draws a clear line from the Bai family, and will not have herself by his side in the future, so she will not be aggrieved.

Now that Tigger ‘s words are released, it is equivalent to adding an amulet to Xena to walk in Q City ( Qena City ).

No one dared to bully her again.

“You just follow his words.” Wiliam also whispered to Xena.

Xena looked aggrieved, and had an extra dad out of thin air…

“Brother Tiger, I didn’t mean it. I was wrong. I didn’t know that she was your goddaughter before. I really didn’t do anything to her. I swear to God!” Sun Meilin was frightened and threw a plop. Kneeling on the ground, trembling.

Tigger snorted coldly, “Ho ho, if I hadn’t arrived in time, you dare to swear to the heavens that you would not do anything to hurt my daughter?”

“This…” Sun Meilin was startled instinctively, but confirmed to everyone his bad intentions.

“Ruoshuang, what do you think they are going to do? Just say it!” Tigger said to Xena.

Xena still feared Tigger .

A little unconsciously, she shrank behind Wiliam, and then had an idea, and said, “I will leave it to my brother-in-law to decide on this matter.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, this grinning little fairy can actually kick the ball.

Seeing that the right to speak actually fell on Wiliam, Sun Meilin immediately turned around and kept kowtow to Wiliam, “Big Brother Lu, I was wrong before. You let me go. I will give you back in the future. you!”

Wiliam didn’t plan to do anything with him, so he said, “You are also lucky, and you got into trouble while I was a vegetarian. Brother Tiger, let’s forget about this, just mention something.”

Tigger naturally obeyed his fate, saying: “Thank you soon!”

Sun Meilin quickly thanked him again and again.

“Let’s go down first, how many people did you call Brother Hu? This huge box can’t fit.” Wiliam looked at the crowds behind Tigger , his head was a bit big for a while.

Tigger looked back, his head was bigger than Wiliam, “Go outside first and talk about it.”

A group of people went back to the open space outside Chunyi Villa.

Wu Xudong and the others only then saw that the building outside this building had been smashed beyond recognition, and there were broken pieces of wood everywhere.

The whole building is really in jeopardy.

Just as Wu Xudong was distressed, Sun Meilin suddenly yelled out again.

After shouting, he quickly covered his mouth, but in his eyes, he was completely shocked!

Even Wiliam saw the scene in front of him, it was a black line!

Damn it, how many people did Tigger call.

Just now there were hundreds of people in the group going downstairs.

Unexpectedly, there are countless people standing outside.

There are at least six to seven hundred people!

This is going to expedition!

When Tigger took the Q City ( Qena City ) underground with great fanfare a while ago, there was no such big battle.

I came here today and moved all the way.

Sun Meilin and Wu Xudong, who were among the crowds, looked particularly lonely.

If this is really fought, oneself will have thousands or hundreds of lives that will not be enough for the opponent to cut!

Tigger is also a real daughter slave. Didn’t he just call Xena out, but what happened? He did so many people.

Scared can scare people to death!

Wiliam said helplessly to Tigger : “Brother Tiger, your battle is too big, right.”

Tigger was a little embarrassed for a while looking at the black people.

Isn’t the matter split?

Tigger received Feliicity’s call, thinking that Wiliam was really in danger.

Wiliam’s ability to encounter danger must be extremely tricky, so he called so many and wanted to stage a crowded strategy.

But I didn’t expect that when I arrived at the scene, there were only two miscellaneous.

Looking at it this way, it is indeed a little exciting.

But Tigger felt aggrieved in his heart.

Not Wiliam, your good wife.

She probably didn’t know anything about it. She only reported to Wiliam when she was in trouble. That’s why there was such a misunderstanding.

“Well, people are really a bit Doha, I’ll pay attention next time.” Tigger scratched his head a little embarrassedly.

Xena was completely shocked on the side.

Damn, sister, did you think of us as a dragon’s den.

This scene is too scary!

Just when everyone was speechless, a man with empty sleeves squeezed in and said loudly to Tigger , “Brother Tiger, what’s the matter? I’m afraid that there will not be enough people. So I drew more than two hundred people at home temporarily, and they are all coming. On the way!”

When Sun Meilin and Wu Xudong heard this, their legs softened and knelt directly on the ground.

It’s so amazing!

There is no end!

Let no one live.

Wiliam smiled when he saw this person clearly.

This person, isn’t it the knife given by Brother Hu to be punished by breaking his arm for offending himself.

it’s fate.

When Tigger heard what the knife said, he was even more embarrassed, and he waved his hand quickly, “Don’t scream, don’t scream, let them all disband and go back!”

When people came again, Q City ( Qena City ) thought that Tigger was about to rebel.

Xiaodao looked dumbfounded, “But Brother Tiger, don’t you say that the more people the better?”

“Well, the matter has been resolved.” Tigger was a little embarrassed facing his subordinates.

At this time, the knife suddenly saw Wiliam next to Tigger .

At this look, he was scared to take a step or two back!

Chapter 363: Lu Zuzong

Seeing Wiliam actually here, Xiaodao suddenly understood why Tigger would bring so many people over tonight, looking worried.

It turned out that it was the Great God Lu who was here!

At the scene, except for Tigger who knew Wiliam’s identity, he was the rest.

Xiaodao can still remember that Tigger admitted that Wiliam was his boss in front of those little gangsters that day!

On the knife is Vigorous, Tigger is on Vigorous and Wiliam is on Tigger .

There are several levels of status in it.

In Xiaodao’s heart, this is not Wiliam, this is Lu Zuzong!

Thinking of this, the knife suddenly knelt in front of Wiliam with a snapping sound, and bowed his head, “Hello, Lord Lu! I’m sorry for you.”

Everyone was dumbfounded by this kneeling!

Everyone looked at the knife with puzzled faces.

The knife came over, just bowing to Tigger !

But for this Wiliam, he knelt down!

Could it be that Wiliam’s identity is more terrifying than Tigger !

Otherwise, the knife is Tigger ‘s subordinate.

Kneeling down on others with your own hands, isn’t this slap Tigger in the face?

Tigger should be furious.

However, Tigger did not change his face, as if this scene was justified!

The mystery here is worth pondering!

Sun Meilin was even more terrified!

What is the situation!

Who is the king of this tonight!

How it seemed that Wiliam was more calm and relaxed than Tigger , and he looked like a king!

Wiliam looked helpless, coughed, and looked at Tigger .

Only then did Tigger pretend to be angry, and said: “Knife, don’t hurry up! It’s not ashamed to lose it! You can bet on kneeling in private.

Everyone suddenly realized that it was the knife who knew Wiliam and lost the bet to Wiliam, so he kneeled and called Grandpa?

The knife looked at Tigger ‘s serious look and got up with a dull expression.

Brother Hu, what’s wrong?

Could it be that I kneel on the wrong side?

While he was struggling, Brother Hu suddenly gave him an affirmative look, indicating that he was doing well.

This made the knife even more bewildered.

What happened just now?

When I came here a while late, I felt that the world had changed.

Wiliam just saw Tigger ‘s secretly rubbing eyes and sighed.

He didn’t know that Brother Tiger had worked so hard to indulge the knife on his knees.

This is to ask Q City ( Qena City ) for myself in the future, so I should make a foreshadowing first.

Sooner or later, I will stand on the top of Q City ( Qena City ) under the eyes of the public. This scene is just a preview.

“Brother Tiger, is this the object of our food tonight? How come there are two people? Is there an ambush?” The knife suddenly looked at the shivering Sun Meilin and Wu Xudong.

Brother Tiger didn’t have time to say anything, and the knife had already ordered, “Go around and inquire to see if there is any ambush?”

It looks like a boat that has sailed carefully for ten thousand years.

A group of people huffed and dispersed.

Just as Wiliam wanted to say that it was not necessary, someone in front of him suddenly shouted: “Brother Xiaodao is a brilliant calculation, there is an ambush! I was caught by us!”

Everyone was stunned, and they showed their butcher swords to Sun Meilin and Wu Xudong!

Sun Meilin was so scared that he almost peeed his pants on the spot, and waved his hand quickly, “No! We really don’t call anyone to come over! I swear to God!”

“I swear to heaven too!” Wu Xudong quickly followed.

At this time, the person has been brought up.

There are only four people in total.

These four people have been hiding behind a tree just now, and they were shocked to see such a murderous group of people.

So I didn’t even have the strength to escape.

Seeing these four people, Wu Xudong’s head buzzed.

He really belongs to him!

Wu Xudong told Sun Meilin before that he had a back hand and called a few brothers over to support the scene.

Now, brothers are here.

It came as if a sheep entered the mouth of a tiger.

Also got caught upright.

The four people’s legs were weak, and they couldn’t even stand, and they collapsed directly with Sun Meilin and the others.

“Who are you! What are you doing here! To be honest! Otherwise, hum!” The knife said viciously to the four people.

The four people hurriedly knelt on the ground and said honestly: “We are Angkor’s men. He called and asked us to come over and set up a place for him. He said that he was going to teach a little bunny today, and that there were women playing, we knew That’s so much.”

With this sentence, like a thunderstorm, Wu Xudong’s face paled and he almost fainted.

These words touched Tigger ‘s inverse scales!

Who is this little bastard?

There are women playing, who are they playing?

Just now Wiliam and Xena were in Chunyi Villa, who else could be there?

Sure enough, Tigger was furious and kicked Wu Xudong fiercely, “How dare you call someone! Come here! Give me a big deal!”

Wu Xudong was so scared that he didn’t even have the courage to explain, and he had only one thought in his mind.

It’s over, it’s really over today.

If you know that it will be such a terrible end, you shouldn’t promise Sun Meilin to let him come over!

Do not!

It should be that from the beginning, you shouldn’t know a broom star like Sun Meilin!

So dead!

Even Tigger ‘s daughter dared to fight!

It kills me now!

At this moment, Xena suddenly said something unexpectedly, “Forget it, my brother-in-law hasn’t moved around for a while, so just teach them a lesson.”

Tigger was taken aback and looked at Wiliam.

And Wiliam nodded lightly, “Just follow Ruoshuang.”

Tigger looked at them, “Okay, the death penalty is forgiven, the living sin is inevitable! Hit me!”

A group of people rushed up immediately, punching and kicking these people.

After the fight was over, several people had to kneel, constantly kowtow to Xena, “Thank you for not killing, we will remember it forever!”

“What about now?” Tigger asked Wiliam again.

Wiliam smiled, looked at the people on the scene, and suddenly said: “You are fighting too hard, you are still alive, you should be kind to others and send them back.”

Tigger noticed the look in Wiliam’s eyes, but cast it on the countless people.

Knowing in his heart, he first said to his opponent: “Come on, take this Spring Villa apart for me!”

“Yes!” Hundreds of people responded together, their voices resounding across the sky!

Then these people moved together.

There was a burst of violent disassembly, and in an instant, the already precarious Chunyi Villa suddenly made an unpleasant crunch.

Everyone hurried to hide.

I saw that the first floor of the three-story Chunyi Villa was completely destroyed.

The whole building shook suddenly, and then collapsed in full view!

This scene made everyone stunned.

This is their first part-time demolition work.

Wu Xudong saw that his building was completely destroyed, and he was so distressed that he could hardly breathe.

At this moment, Tigger spoke again, “Then, more than 700 of us, personally escort these people home!”

“Be sure to let them go home safely and feel our warm and caring!”

Chapter 364

When those few people heard this, it seemed like a world away!

They looked at the murderous look of the crowd, and they only felt that they were going to faint.

If you really want these hundreds of people to escort them home together, it will definitely be a wonder in Q City ( Qena City )!

They don’t know whether it is warm or not, but it is true that it is unforgettable!

They will remember throughout their lives that hundreds of people will escort them home.

This is the peak of life!

Tigger ‘s move is too cruel!

On the bright side, it is a warm protection for them.

But who doesn’t know, this is a soul deterrent to them!

Let them make trouble in Q City ( Qena City ) in the future, first think about whether they will provoke people who shouldn’t be offended!

A group of people listened to the order and immediately said to Sun Meilin and the others: “Let’s go! Don’t you want us to help you?”

How dare they?

Rao is suffering from body pain, but at this moment, I can only stand up to the pain and get up and walk slowly.

As soon as the first few left, Tigger ‘s subordinates went over and said, “You are a tortoise slow, right? Hurry up! I have to go home and take my daughter homework!”

Wiliam Yihan looked at Tigger .

Tigger looked innocent, as if saying, how did I know that I would bring out a group of daughter slaves.

The few people surrounded by Tuan Tuan could only grit their teeth and move on, the sadness here, the sadness and the tears.

Sun Meilin was the last to leave.

And when he passed by Wiliam, he didn’t dare to look at Wiliam at all.

However, Wiliam pushed aside everyone and stood in front of Sun Meilin.

A trace of resentment flashed in Sun Meilin’s eyes, but he immediately hid it.

Wiliam looked at him funny, and suddenly asked, “I want to know, who asked you to call me over tonight?”

Sun Meilin was taken aback, and replied instinctively: “Huh? No?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “It’s the woman named Chen Yingran, right?”

“How do you know?” Sun Meilin’s eyes widened.

It was indeed Chen Yingran who used her beauty strategy to herself and promised to have a lively show tonight.

That’s why Sun Meilin was guilty of being guilty and wanted to cook Wiliam tonight.

But how did Wiliam know?

Lu Yezheng had an explanation, just patted Sun Meilin on the shoulder, “Go back and ask that woman, you will have unexpected gains.”

Sun Meilin was at a loss.

But he is a man of scheming. After listening to Wiliam’s words, although he didn’t understand, he immediately realized that there was a mystery in it!

Could it be that I was used as a gun by that woman!


When Sun Meilin thought of this, a heart flew far away.

However, his body was really in pain, and he was kicked and kicked out.

After the crowd left, Tigger stayed.

Wiliam knew that he had something to say to himself, so he said to Xena, “Ruoshuang, go and drive the car first.”

Xena looked at Wiliam with a mysterious look, mumbled, but said nothing, and went to drive.

“Let’s talk, what’s the matter?” Wiliam asked.

Tigger immediately said: “In a few days, I will leave Q City ( Qena City ) for three days.”

“Oh, go, ask me why?” Wiliam said casually.

Although Tigger is his subordinate.

But Wiliam didn’t even treat him as a servant.

But treat him as a friend.

He went to chant if he wanted to go out to do errands. It was too awkward to ask for instructions.

But Tigger said seriously: “I’m going to the provincial capital this time. Maybe you don’t know that our provincial capital will hold a Dragon Head Meeting every year, that is, the underground leaders of nine cities will gather for a meeting and agree on the next year. Vision of peace.”

Dragon Head Club?

Wiliam frowned upon hearing this strange name.

But according to what Tigger said, it is actually similar to a round table meeting.

It’s just that the participants have become underground bosses in every city.

“According to the established rules, each city has two places for participating in the conference. Because I have been arguing with Siirius in the past few years, so I have participated with him in the past few years. Do you want to go together this year?” Tigger Asked.

Wiliam got a big head when he heard it, and Tigger could do it himself.

I don’t want to be the king of the land for a lifetime.

“Just go, I don’t like meetings.” Wiliam said casually.

Tigger nodded, “That’s OK, I’ll tell you about the meeting when I come back.”

At this time, Xena’s car arrived, and she rolled down the window, “Come on.”

Wiliam called Tigger into the car together, and Xena seemed hesitant to say something along the way.

Wiliam looked funny in the passenger seat, “Just say what you have to say, one is your brother-in-law and the other is your godfather, both of you are relatives.”

Xena’s steering wheel trembled and almost drove in the ditch.

She stabilized her mind and asked Tigger with a trembling voice, “Brother Hu, is what you said just now true?”

Naturally, she was referring to the recognition of her daughter.

Tigger laughed, “Don’t call me Brother Tiger.”

“Oh, Dad…” Xena’s mouth pursed, reluctantly.

Wiliam looked at it and suddenly laughed.

This little fairy is too interesting.

Brother Hu told her not to call him Brother Hu, which meant he couldn’t bear it.

What a misunderstanding was this little Nizi.

“What are you laughing at! I’ll open the field for you again!” Xena gave Wiliam a grimly white look, but blushed.

“Well, what Brother Tiger said just now was to support you so that you will not be bullied in Q City ( Qena City ) in the future. Whether you recognize it or not, Brother Tiger will have no objection.” Wiliam smiled. Said.

Brother Hu also nodded.

Xena’s small mouth shrank, “Brother-in-law, do you want me? Are you going to drive me away?”

Wiliam Yihan couldn’t reason with her.

Forget it, she loves to do it.

“Anyway, I only need my brother-in-law to protect me. If I want to bully, I will only let my brother-in-law bully me.” Xena said suddenly.

Tigger quickly coughed twice after hearing it, indicating that his ears were bad and the wind was so strong that he couldn’t hear clearly.

Wiliam knocked Ruoshuang on the head, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Xena is not talking nonsense now.

On the other side, hundreds of people escorted Sun Meilin home. After Sun Meilin went home, he didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

He was on the ground and slammed the floor!

Chen Yingran!

He had already figured it out just now on the road.

It must have been overcast by Chen Yingran!

He immediately called the “Tang Song Style” store to find out what happened in the store at that time.

The clerk over there told Sun Meilin about the original situation.

After hearing this, Sun Meilin almost vomited blood!

This little bitch is really going to kill me!

Do you want to hurt me?


Hurt each other!

He immediately took out his cell phone and called Chen Yingran.

Chen Yingran on the other end of the phone was waiting for Sun Meilin’s message, she immediately answered the phone, and the first sentence was: “Hani, how about it! There is nothing to teach that pound boy!”

Chapter 365

Chen Yingran was waiting anxiously at home.

That bastard named Wiliam caused the status he had accumulated over the years to dissipate, and this kind of hatred was not shared.

And that Sun Meilin is not a good thing either.

The two men fought, what was the result?

While she waited all the way, Sun Meilin’s call came.

Chen Yingran asked straightforwardly.

But Sun Meilin on the other end of the phone sneered.

Good bitch, you don’t care about me at all, just want to kill me, right?

At the time, Harper’s people were clearly supporting Wiliam and hit you.

You dare to lie to me, saying that Wiliam did it!

Deliberately conceal the relationship between Wiliam and Harper!

If I had known that Wiliam and Harper also had a relationship, how could I be so careless and be humiliated tonight!

“Ho ho, I beat him up and arrested him to my house. Don’t wait for you to come here. There are no people in my house.” Sun Meilin said to the phone.

When Chen Yingran heard this, he was overjoyed, “It’s true or false, I’ll be here soon!”

“Okay.” After Sun Meilin hung up the phone, he waited for the little bitch to throw himself into the net.

In less than ten minutes, Sun Meilin’s cell phone rang, and it turned out that Chen Yingran had arrived at his door.

Sun Meilin opened the door for her, and Chen Yingran was stunned when she saw Sun Meilin’s appearance.

I saw Sun Meilin at this moment with a blue nose and a swollen face. How can a face be related to handsome?

However, Chen Yingran thought that Sun Meilin had personally fought Wiliam personally, so he didn’t say anything, but eagerly asked, “Where is the man! I can’t wait to pump his muscles and slap him!”

When Sun Meilin saw that she was doing this, Chen Yingran didn’t even have any words of concern, and the resentment in her heart deepened.

He said, “In my room, go.”

When the two walked to the room, Chen Yingran saw no one in his room and was about to turn around and ask Sun Meilin.

At this time, the door of the room was locked with a bang.

When Chen Yingran saw Sun Meilin’s gloomy face, she knew that she had been cheated.

She immediately said dissatisfiedly: “Sun Meilin, you are teasing me! You lied just to trick me into your room and try to behave? Why are you like this? Didn’t I make an agreement with you before? You can clean up that kid, I am yours tonight.”

Sun Meilin just stared at her without speaking.

Chen Yingran showed an impatient look, “Forget it, I don’t bother to care about you, I’ll go first.”

“Go? Where are you going?” Sun Meilin suddenly stopped Chen Yingran and said sternly.

When Chen Yingran saw it, Sun Meilin’s face was full of fierceness, and she suddenly became a little embarrassed. She took two steps back, “You, what do you want? I tell you, don’t mess around, I will call the police.”

Sun Meilin suddenly raised his hand and slapped Chen Yingran’s face with a slap!

With this slap, Chen Yingran was suddenly dizzy.

“Sun Meilin! What are you doing! Do you want to use violence to get me! This is impossible!” Chen Yingran covered her face and shouted angrily.

However, Sun Meilin laughed, laughing wildly, “Got you? Ho Ho, what good thing do you think you are, I want you! I’m just playing with you! Today, I will teach you a lesson Meal! Smelly watch! Dare to lie to me! Let me die!”

Sun Meilin’s words made Chen Yingran’s heart tremble!

Does Sun Meilin know what?

She suddenly became a little bit weak, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand, do you? Then I’ll fight until you understand!” Sun Meilin said, kicking it over, there was no slightest pity for Xiangyu.

Chen Yingran was kicked to the ground immediately.

And this was not over yet, Sun Meilin seemed to completely vent the humiliation he received tonight, punching and kicking Chen Yingran on the ground, and continued to insult him!

At the end of the fight, Chen Yingran’s heart finally collapsed completely.

She knelt on the ground and started crying and begging for mercy, “Master Sun, I was wrong, I was wrong! I shouldn’t lie to you! Don’t beat me…”

Sun Meilin stopped, panting like a cow.

It’s just that his eyes are red, and he looks terrifying.

“That’s it! Let Lao Tzu go to die! I was so sincere to you before I lost it! You son of a bitch!” Sun Meilin began to insult Chen Yingran again.

“Shao Sun, I really know a lot. In order to make up for my fault, I will accompany you tonight, okay?” Chen Yingran started to save the country.

And Sun Meilin scolded fiercely: “This is what you said! Tonight, if I can’t kill you, I won’t have your surname Sun!”

A fright flashed in Chen Yingran’s eyes.

This kind of rich second generation is generally very good at playing.

I fell into his hands tonight, I don’t know what it will be like…

It’s just that if you don’t do this now, this devil will definitely not let him go.

Thinking of this, Chen Yingran suddenly felt infinite regret.

Why did you lie to Sun Meilin in the first place?

If you stop here after receiving the lesson, you won’t fall into this field.

It’s just that it’s too late now.

Because Sun Meilin was already like a wild beast, pounced and tore her clothes apart.

Two lines of humiliating and regretful tears fell down Chen Yingran’s cheeks.

On the other hand, after Wiliam sent Brother Hu home, he and Ruoshuang also went home.

As soon as he got home, Feliicity rushed out of the hall and saw Wiliam, his eyes beaming.

She rushed over and touched Wiliam, with a nervous look on her face and said: “Wiliam, are you okay? I’m almost scared to death! Why don’t you call me! I don’t care, you will go out in the future You have to take me! Why are you so messy!”

Facing Feliicity’s hands and feet together, and then his mouth was still like a machine gun, Lu Yegang’s normal head grew bigger again.

However, his heart is warm.

After all, Feliicity is caring about himself.

Wiliam grabbed Feliicity’s hands and said, “Don’t worry, I have nothing to do, isn’t it good to stand in front of you?”

Feliicity still looked worried, “Did you provoke any enemies outside? Isn’t the matter over?”

Wiliam looked at Feliicity amusedly. At this moment, Feliicity was not like his wife, but like his mother.

Regardless of Feliicity’s constant concern, Wiliam suddenly used his hand to put Feliicity into his arms domineeringly.

Feliicity’s originally anxious heart suddenly calmed down in a hug by this domineering hug.

Her face was filled with indescribable happiness…

Nothing is fine, peace is fine…

The two of them were enjoying the happiness that was born of caring for each other, and suddenly felt a small body squeezing in between their bodies.

A grieved chirp sounded.

“I’m so wronged, I also want to hug.”

Chapter 366

Xena had returned home with mixed feelings.

She was waiting for her sister’s concern, but found out that Feliicity directly ignored her.

The eyes are full of Wiliam, and the mouth is long and short.

Even the last two shameless dog men and women hugged each other.

Xena’s heart was beeping.

She also squeezed in desperately and broke up the pair of fateful mandarin ducks alive.

After Feliicity and Wiliam separated, she looked at Xena with a speechless expression.

Xena was aggrieved, “Sister, do you want me? Don’t ask me whether it’s okay?”

Feliicity gave her an angry look, “I can tell at a glance if you are good or not! Besides, my family Wiliam only went out with you once, and caused such a big trouble for me. Don’t even want to take my home. Wiliam go out!”

An eager guardian.

Xena looked at Wiliam pitifully.

Wiliam shrugged and said with his eyes that I would not provoke a sister like you.

“Okay, we are all going to wash, ready to have dinner.” Feliicity said.

The two returned to their rooms one after another.

As soon as Wiliam returned to the room, Feliicity followed in.

Then, he plunged into Wiliam’s arms again.

Wiliam looked stunned, what happened to Feliicity today?

Ask for a hug regardless of occasion and time?

“Wiliam, I’m really worried about you.” Feliicity suddenly whispered in his arms.

Feliicity didn’t know why.

It seems that after returning from the life and death of Wiliam last time, his love for Wiliam has grown deeper.

She couldn’t bear to part with him for a moment, and didn’t want him to get hurt again.

Perhaps it was because he thought that Wiliam was dead at the time, and this feeling of coming back from death made Feliicity now cherish the person before him.

Wiliam lowered his head, just in time to see Feliicity’s beautiful eyes expressing affection.

Feeling the tender and sweet body in his arms, Wiliam’s mood rippled.

“Well, I will be fine, we will all be fine.” Wiliam touched Feliicity’s head and said softly.

His eyes were facing each other, and the sparks of love burst into his eyes.

Feliicity’s pretty face turned red suddenly, and she closed her eyes gently.

Her eyelashes were constantly trembling with tension.

Wiliam knew what Feliicity was waiting for.

He bowed his head, ready to give her an eternal kiss.

But at this time, a loud voice came from the door, “Brother-in-law, the clothes I bought are still thrown in your car…”

The sound stopped abruptly.

Wiliam and Feliicity opened their eyes at the same time, and quickly separated as if they had done something wrong.

Xena was already standing at the door at this moment, and his mouth was about to fall in surprise.

Are these two dog men and women really doing things?

Hugging downstairs to finish upstairs?

After the hug, I want to play kiss again!

This is so full of dog food!

Feliicity glared at Xena with a vengeful look, and then went out to prepare dinner.

Wiliam also looked at Xena angrily, “You are a terrible dog!”

Xena stood there, pointed at herself with her finger, and looked at the person in front of her in disbelief.

Dare to love to the end, or am I wrong?

At dinner, all three of them were not talking, as if they were holding a sigh of breath in their hearts.

Xena felt uncomfortable with two sharp gazes while eating.

She hastily took a few mouthfuls, pushed the bowl, and said dejectedly: “I’m back to the room. You want to hug, kiss, stubbornly, and go back to the room, but the sound is not allowed to be too loud, so don’t bother me. “

Wiliam and Feliicity looked at each other, this girl was taking gunpowder.

However, when the two of them were in the room at night, they wanted to continue their relationship, but found that they could no longer find the feeling of sympathy they had just felt.

Feliicity cursed dejectedly, “It’s all the girl who killed him. Sleeping.”

Wiliam Yihan went out to meditate in the study.

And that night, at Sun Meilin’s house.

Sun Meilin’s father, Sun Dayu, came home from a business trip, and saw his son with a blue nose and swollen face. He furious on the spot, “Meilin, what’s the matter with you! Who beat you like this?”

Sun Dayu worked in the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association. After years of hard work, he became the Secretary-General of the Drug Association.

In Q City ( Qena City ), he can be regarded as a person with a face and a face.

Although the position of Secretary General of the Drug Association seems to be lower than that of the President and Vice President, to be honest, the actual power is more than that of the Vice President.

Because Sun Dayu is in charge of the daily affairs of the Drug Association, especially when it comes to external liaison, Sun Dayu has the sole responsibility.

Therefore, his contacts in Q City ( Qena City ) are very wide, and he has a good relationship with several vice presidents.

He was on a business trip a few days ago. He just came back and found out that his son was being bullied.

When Sun Meilin saw his father come back, as if he had found a backer, he said pitifully, “It’s a young man named Wiliam! He’s too cruel! If I didn’t compromise, this life would not be guaranteed.”

“Wiliam?” Sun Dayu frowned slightly when he heard this.

Sun Meilin looked at it and asked, “Dad, is this person difficult to deal with? Did I get beaten by him for nothing!”

Sun Dayu shook his head and said, “What does this person say, I still can’t figure out his details. It seems that he and Tigger have been very close recently, and recently his wife Feliicity became the vice president of the Drug Association. …”

Sun Meilin slammed the table and said angrily: “Dad, you must give this breath for me!”

Sun Dayu is more than sixty years old this year, and he can be regarded as an old son. The whole family treats Sun Meilin as a baby bump.

Looking at the miserable look of his son, Sun Dayu couldn’t bear it.

“Huh! That kid, relying on someone to support him, actually bullied me, ho ho, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Sun Dayu’s eyes flashed fiercely.

“Dad, what are you going to do? We can’t afford that tiger brother either.” Sun Meilin asked eagerly.

Sun Dayu is an old fox. He pondered and said, “Tigger , we can’t afford it, but I know that Tigger will go to the provincial capital for meetings in the next few days. Not in Q City ( Qena City ), this is a good opportunity.”

“But his men…” Sun Meilin still had concerns.

Sun Dayu smiled and said, “Moving Wiliam directly is tantamount to breaking the ground on Tigger ‘s head. Of course we can’t be so stupid. You and I have learned you for nothing all these years!”

Sun Meilin is a idle master, how can he delve into people’s hearts like Sun Dayu.

He chuckled, “Then how do you make it up?”

Sun Dayu suddenly looked out of the field and smiled cruelly.

“If you can’t move Wiliam directly, then we’ll switch to another person, and we can still make that kid feel regretful!”

“You mean?” Sun Meilin trembled.

“Ho ho, I just recently saw that person is also very upset, it’s time to move his muscles and bones.” Sun Dayu said viciously.

“Feliicity is cowardly and inactive, what qualifications does he have to be the vice president? Then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Chapter 367

“Dad! You mean, you must do something to that Feliicity!” Sun Meilin’s eyes widened.

Sun Dayu nodded, “Well, just her.”

Sun Dayu is not familiar with Feliicity, but has only met twice in previous meetings.

However, he had a deep resentment towards Feliicity.

Sun Dayu has been working conscientiously for the Drug Association for a long time, and has been in this position of secretary-general for a full ten years!

After finally getting through to the change of term, I originally wanted to say that if I had time for a position of vice chairman, I should be able to take the position smoothly.

But unexpectedly, a white Feliicity fell out of thin air!

If this Feliicity is qualified and capable, then Sun Dayu has nothing to say.

It’s just that Feliicity is young, and at first glance, he relies on people in the background.

This is tantamount to directly planning Sun Dayu’s position!

Sun Dayu has been holding back this tone.

After Bernard had an accident, he vacated a position of vice chairman.

Unexpectedly, Frandick directly granted Feliicity the power of the vice chairman.

This made Sun Dayu completely angry some time ago.

So he casually found an excuse, saying that when he went out on business, he was actually out to relax.

Sun Dayu thought that there was a Feliicity in front of him who was pampered and arrogant, and squeezed himself out of the vice chairman’s team out of thin air.

Now, her husband actually bullied his son again.

Hate adds to hate, but so!

And Sun Dayu also knows that more than half of the vice-chairmen of the Drug Association are quite critical of Feliicity.

Because Frandick really trusted her so much, he actually gave Feliicity the charge of both areas.

This is tantamount to telling everyone that Feliicity will be the first person below the president.

What does this make the other vice presidents who have been climbing for so long think?

Every husband is not guilty, and he is guilty of his crime.

It’s time to beat this white Feliicity.

“Dad, what are you going to do?” Sun Meilin asked curiously.

Sun Dayu shook his head, “Just leave it alone. You can heal at home first, and I will go out.”

Before Sun Dayu went out, he smiled and said, “A few days later, there should be good news.”

Sun Meilin was taken aback, and his mood suddenly improved.

Sun Meilin knew the ability of his father.

He is an old fox through and through, sinister.

Often kills without seeing blood!

It seems that Feliicity and Wiliam are guilty!

When Sun Dayu went out, he naturally went to find several vice-chairmen in the Drug Association.

Coincidentally, Frandick will also travel far away to discuss a business in three days.

In Sun Dayu’s view, this is a god-given opportunity for him to flex his muscles.

For the next two days, Wiliam spent the day in the Renxin Medical Hall, which flattered Lydia and Melissa, who had always been lax.

Although Melissa is beautiful, rich, and capable, he always feels a bit unable to lift his head in front of this little bastard.

She carried Wiliam and said to Lydia: “When this little bastard comes, how come I feel like a student in class, always trembling.”

Lin Linxin was afflicted and kept nodding, “Neither did I dare to be late and leave early, and I was afraid he would suddenly ask me questions. This is forcing us to be better.

Sure enough, when the two of them were whispering, Wiliam’s voice came from the side, “What do you think of the company’s future development?”

Melissa was taken aback.

What do you think?

I don’t think it will work!

Now the company is all yours. Even if I have the ability, I can’t find out your Wuzhishan, so I don’t look at it.

Wiliam stared at Melissa playfully.

Melissa was finally staring at nothing, and grabbed the orange peel in his hand and threw it into his cup.

Then an urban elite said: “Now our Genuine Care Medical Center is completely on the right track, and Janett over there also said that the company is developing on a positive basis recently because of the big star Li Chunfeng joining. , Coupled with the recovery of Gu Zhiling, a veteran star, Cangyue has recently gained momentum and the contract has been soft.”

Wiliam nodded, “You don’t have to say something about praising your virtues, just talk about problems.”

Melissa gave Wiliam a stern look. From which sentence did you hear me singing the praises?

I’m 10,000 disdain, okay?

Say the problem is!


You die!

“The problem is that you originally thought that eggs can’t be put in a basket, so you invested in Lunanica Company, but now it seems that one is the path of medicine, the other is the path of celebrities, and the two paths do not cross. ……” Melissa considered the sentence, trying to say it more tactfully.

Lydia on the side is not euphemistic at all, “It means that if the steps are too big, it is easy to get the eggs.”

Melissa’s face turned black, this dead girlfriend is too vulgar!

Wiliam didn’t take it seriously, smiled, and said, “Go on.”

“According to this momentum, the two roads are definitely going to continue, because the development is pretty good, but the problem of how to go, I am afraid that if this happens, two problems will arise in the future.” Melissa He took a sip of orange water and said.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Management, and quality.”

Lydia was stunned, wiped, and began to play dumb puzzles again.

Melissa gave Wiliam a fierce look, “Did you know it for a long time? This is a test for us!”

“What do you mean?” Lydia asked shamelessly.

Melissa said angrily to Lydia: “The two roads will not cross. One is that there will be management problems. The two sides will not interfere with each other, but they are both the property of this little bastard. What does it mean to him? The problem, but for the two companies, if there is no intersection, there will be no aggregation effect in the future. On the contrary, because they are independent and increase vicious competition, they all want to perform well in front of the little king and suppress the other.”

“On the other hand, there is the issue of professional quality. One is the pharmaceutical business, and the other is the entertainment industry. It is not easy to manage, and the professional quality is also tested.”

Wiliam nodded, “What about your suggestion?”

Melissa said depressedly: “Didn’t you think about it a long time ago? There are only two ways, one is to integrate, and the other is to stop as soon as you get better.

Wiliam threw a petal of orange into his mouth, slowly stood up, and walked outside.

But he left a sentence, “So, you will be busy next time.”

Melissa was so angry that he threw a pillow towards the door and went out, “Damn! I’m a shopkeeper again! No, no! I’m going to fight him in the group! This breath can’t tell me my menstrual irregularities!”

While Wiliam was walking on the way home, he suddenly received a call from Feliicity.

“Wiliam, Secretary-General Sun of the Drug Association has notified that an emergency meeting will be held temporarily. I will be there. You and Ruoshuang will deal with it for dinner. Remember to be vegetarian!”

Chapter 368 You Are The Same

Wiliam was going to go home for dinner, but when Feliicity said that, he was taken aback, “What is this urgent? Must have a meeting at night? And I remember Frandick just went on a business trip this morning?”

Feliicity said on the phone: “I don’t know, but that Secretary-General Sun said very seriously, and I must be there. I thought to myself that I was also named as a vice chairman. I was a bit embarrassed not to go. .”

“All right, then you go, be careful on the way.” Wiliam hung up after speaking.

Then he thought of going home and facing that grinning little fairy, his head hurts.

So he called Xena, “I’m busy outside at night, you can deal with dinner yourself.”

As soon as Xena heard this, she exploded on the phone, “Damn! I moved to live with you so hard to eat, what do you guys mean? One said that there was a meeting and the other said something happened. Hang me at home to drink northwest wind! I know, do you have an appointment to eat out without taking me, your conscience will not hurt? Will you come back tonight? Will you still love me when you come back? “

Wiliam hung up the phone casually, and it made sense to be overbearing when dealing with this little fairy.

He directly switched directions and went to Lunanica Company.

Janett is still in the company and looks very busy.

Seeing Wiliam coming, she greeted her and continued to work.

After waiting for more than ten minutes, she came out and asked Wiliam, “Oh, what brought you today? I thought you didn’t want this company.”

Wiliam could feel the feeling of resentment after a few meters.

Wiliam suddenly walked over, sniffed lightly on her, and shook his head, “You smell of blood.”

Janett was taken aback, “What is the smell of blood? What nonsense are you talking about? How can there be any smell of blood in my clean body?”

“Your aunt’s bloody collapse, right? I told you a long time ago that your irregular menstruation is cured, you still don’t believe it.” Wiliam said lightly.

Janett blushed, but looked at Wiliam in surprise.

This kid, the nose belongs to a dog, right?

Janett’s life is extremely irregular because of the company’s busy schedule.

And she has always had hidden gynecological diseases, and her lower abdomen has been painful these days.

Unexpectedly, this kid would know what’s wrong with him just by smelling it with his nose.

However, Janett is a big girl, even if Wiliam blows up so much, how can she let Wiliam see such a shameful illness.

So Janett pretended to be calm, and said, “Thank you for your concern, or forgive it. Would you like to listen to the company’s recent events?”

She called you one bite at a time, and the blue veins on Wiliam’s head faintly appeared.

The grievance is greater than Melissa.

“No, I can rest assured that the company will take care of you. I came here to talk to you about one thing.” Wiliam said, repeating the topic discussed earlier with Melissa.

Then he made another cut, “Next, you and Melissa will be busy.”

Fortunately, although Janett’s resentment is greater than Melissa’s, but her quality is also higher than Melissa’s. She resisted her anger and did not explode on the spot.

However, she changed the conversation and said: “By the way, the company has recently, and there really is something, I think you need to know.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Wiliam asked, then rummaged in the refrigerator in Janett’s office.

Janett was about to say something, but seeing Wiliam like a starving ghost, she suddenly became depressed and said, “What are you looking for to tell me?”

“Are there any oranges in the office? You have to learn from Melissa at this point, and prepare a little later.” After Wiliam finished speaking, he continued to ask, “What did you just say?”

Janett glared at Wiliam before saying: “Because the company has recently expanded its business, it has recruited a group of professionals. Among them is a martial arts instructor. The professional ability is quite good, but absenteeism is not a problem. Go to work, and then his boss opened him.”

“But this kid said that he didn’t agree to terminate the contract at all, so he went to the company side to intercede in grievances for three days. This person was also strange. He just came over and sat on the floor at the gate of the company without speaking. Then. Let’s ask the security guard to chase him away. A dozen or so security guards were beaten by him. If they called the police, they were not guilty of the crime, so we had no choice but to use him.”

Janett felt even more depressed when she said this.

Wiliam became interested, “You mean, more than a dozen security guards have no way of using him?”

Janett nodded, “Well, he seems to be a practitioner. From a while ago, he was quite competent as a martial arts instructor, but I don’t know why he has been absent from work.”

“Well, if he comes again, you told me that I will make an appointment with him to meet this person.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Janett nodded in satisfaction, “If you still know that you are from the company, you can finally help the company.”

“Are you done? Have a meal together?” Wiliam said to Janett.

Janett thought for a while and nodded, “Also, you still need to know about the company while you are eating.”

Wiliam suddenly felt that the meal had become less delicious.

At this moment, the top floor of the Drug Association Building is brightly lit.

In the conference room, there are a dozen people sitting.

These people are all senior members of the Drug Association.

Feliicity was the last one to come. When she came, she said sorry first, and then took her seat.

Sun Dayu, who was sitting opposite Feliicity, flashed a light in his eyes, and then smiled at the other vice-chairmen.

This white Feliicity is beautiful.

Unfortunately, they are not on the same road.

Otherwise, there is a big beauty present during the meeting, let alone how seductive.

Sun Dayu cleared his throat and said, “Entrusted by our President Hu, I will convene everyone today for a temporary meeting, mainly to discuss the issue of the R&D building under preparation for our Drug Association Building.”

Feliicity nodded, she probably also knew about this.

The Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association took a piece of land on the outskirts of the city half a year ago to build a drug research and development building. Now the procedures are almost gone.

Sun Dayu continued: “We have taken all the formalities back two days ago and signed a contract with the construction company. The construction can start tomorrow. But the construction company, according to the contract, we have to send one In the past, the main responsibility of supervisors was to supervise their construction. President Hu attaches great importance to this matter, so we must do good things well and do things practically. Let’s discuss today, who is appropriate to send?”

Chapter 369 Supervision

Feliicity felt a little difference after hearing this.

It is a small matter to send a supervisor over.

The middle-level cadres of the Drug Association sent Xiu in the past and were competent enough.

Why should we specially convene these vice presidents to have a meeting to discuss.

It’s still a temporary meeting at night.

After listening to Sun Dayu’s words, everyone nodded in agreement.

“Yes, it is a big deal to build a house. The current construction companies are doing it. If we don’t pay attention, they cut corners.”

“At that time, if they cut corners and make our building a quality problem, wouldn’t we become a joke of Q City ( Qena City )?”

“Well, this matter is very serious and must be discussed carefully. I think the person sent over should be at least a vice-chairman. For one thing, it will give construction companies enough deterrence to make them feel that we attach great importance to building quality issues. Carry out our President Hu’s consistent principle, do nothing in detail, and do everything personally.”

Everyone was discussing it, but Feliicity couldn’t express anything for a while.

Sun Dayu was observing Feliicity’s expression all the time, seeing Feliicity hesitating to speak, and he was very happy.

Sending a supervisor over is indeed a trivial matter.

But Sun Dayu now wants to make small things big.

Last night, he had secretly discussed with the vice-chairmen, and today is just acting for this ignorant Feliicity.

Sun Dayu knocked the table with his hand, and said, “It’s rare that all the vice-chairpersons are so insightful and righteous. My Sun is inspired and there are still many places to learn from you. Then, let’s get to the topic. The presidents said, this supervisor should be sent from our vice president.”

Feliicity’s heart shuddered.

Although this supervisor is just a name, he also appears on the construction site from time to time and also participates in some internal meetings of the construction company.

More importantly, it takes ten and a half months to build the building, and it will take several months to say it.

It’s a bit embarrassing.

Sun Dayu continued: “Well, for the sake of fairness, how about we have a secret ballot? So that everyone has nothing to say. As for the selected person, first of all, our entire Drug Association must thank him for The Drug Association has made such a great contribution and sacrifice. Secondly, the selected vice president must take the responsibility of our Drug Association and take care of this matter. How about it?”

Everyone nodded, “Yes, just do it like this, let me take the lead to explain, although this matter is small, it is not possible to talk about suffering or anything. But it is time-consuming, I hope you don’t have any complaints in your heart.”

“Agree, let’s start.”

Sun Dayu almost didn’t wait for Feliicity to express his position, so he brought a ballot box and distributed a piece of paper to everyone.

Everyone buried their heads, brushed their names, and then handed them in the ballot box.

Feliicity’s head is a bit big. She just remembers the names of these vice-chairmen. Now let her vote. This is not completely random.

There was no way, she filled in one casually and handed it in.

Sun Dayu sorted the ballot box and said, “Now, I’m starting to vote.

“Lin Daochen, one vote.”

Sun Dayu took out a piece of paper and shouted.

The person being called frowned suddenly, and then looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity felt a little bit different.

This Lin Daochen indeed voted by himself.

But how did he know that he voted by himself?

Still cast your eyes on the first time?

Didn’t you say it’s anonymous?

And then, Feliicity was completely stunned.

“Feliicity, one vote.”

“Feliicity, two votes.”

“Feliicity, three votes.”


“Feliicity, 13 votes.”

“The votes are over. It seems that everyone’s opinions are very unified. They are the newly appointed President Bai who personally supervises the work.” Sun Dayu said with a smile.

Feliicity looked a little ugly at this time.

No matter how stupid she is, she should know what happened in it.

Why is everyone so unified?

If it was made temporarily on the spot, first, the opinions would not be so unified, and second, that Lin Daochen would not look at himself for the first time!

After thinking about it, there is only one reason!

These vice-chairmen had already fetched votes before the meeting!

They all agreed to vote for themselves, so the only time someone else’s name appears is that they made a mistake.

Feliicity felt a lot of dissatisfaction for a while, and immediately said, “Secretary-General Sun, I want to know what’s going on!”

Naturally, she was referring to the unification of opinions.

But Sun Dayu smiled and said: “This is your love for you. You just took office. Naturally, you have to familiarize yourself with the work of our Drug Association. From this, you should not be too embarrassed.”

“I mean, why the temporary vote, your opinions will be unanimous!” Feliicity said coldly.

Sun Dayu suddenly frowned and replied loudly: “President Bai! What do you mean! Are you suspecting that I am cheating for personal gains! Or are you suspecting that the vice-chairmen present will make a vote? A bad act of misconduct!”

These words changed the expressions of the people present.

They looked at Feliicity dissatisfiedly.

Feliicity felt bitter in her heart.

Knowing that they were scammed by these people, but they were so many and powerful, and if they argued forcibly at this time, they would only arouse greater anger.

However, this tone is hard to dispel!

Sun Dayu continued: “Chairman Bai, you just took office. You should regard this as your colleague’s care for you. Also, don’t you want to know why everyone voted for you? I can give you a reasonable explanation.”

Feliicity looked up at Sun Dayu.

Sun Dayu looked around and said: “As we all know, in the management of our Drug Association, the president and secretary-general are full-time and work in the Drug Association. There are 13 vice presidents, and ten of them are part-time vice presidents. They have their own industries and companies, and the focus of their work is basically their own business, taking into account the Drug Association.”

“So, they take care of everything every day, so there is no time to be a supervisor.”

“There are also three vice presidents, although they are full-time, but they are old enough to run around for several months, how can our Drug Association do such a thing that destroys conscience?”

“Therefore, everyone must have taken full consideration. First, President Bai, you just took office and need a platform to familiarize yourself with the job. Second, you are still young and running for several months is just a trivial matter. Come three, as far as I know, you In Q City ( Qena City ), I don’t have a small amount of industry. I say you are a part-time vice chairman, but you have more time than everyone else.”

“So, President Bai, are you satisfied with my reason? Are you convinced? Do you have any comments!”

Chapter 370

When Sun Dayu spoke at the end, his voice grew louder and louder, and he was staring at Feliicity!

Three consecutive questions are even more aggressive!

Feliicity’s grievances are overwhelming!

Okay, this is turning the corner and scolding me for not having a job, not doing my job properly, and having a lot of free time?

Even if I have a lot of free time, what matters to you!

However, waiting for Feliicity to refute, everyone already nodded.

“Well, what Secretary-General Sun said is our consideration.”

“Chairman Bai, we had something to say beforehand. You should be honored to get everyone’s unanimous recommendation.”

“Yeah, President Bai, you can be considered a person of status now, will you not go back? It would be too naive to be like this.”

He opened his mouth and directly blocked what Feliicity had to say.

Feliicity flushed with anger.

She knew why this group of people was like this.


He was so young that he suddenly landed in the air, and he was still the one with the most authority among the crowd!

Can this not attract jealousy?

Before, Frandick was there.

Because of Wiliam’s relationship, Frandick had him protecting Feliicity, so no one dared to show it on the spot.

Now, as soon as Frandick is on a business trip, they come to the door.

No wonder it’s such a coincidence that just after the front foot is gone, the back foot is in a meeting.

“Does President Hu know about this?” Feliicity forced her anger and asked.

But this problem made the scene even more unpleasant.

“President Bai! What do you mean! Are you going to give a small report to the president?”

“Do you have any opinion on us, or on the vote just now, just say it, why bother to say this to others!”

“Don’t you have President Hu, so you can’t take care of your own life and work?”

Everyone was furious, and Sun Dayu beside him couldn’t mention how happy he was.

This is an unexpected situation for him.

I didn’t expect that everyone was so jealous of Feliicity that they would vent their emotions through this vote today.

It should have been Feliicity’s unlucky, without saying anything, he moved out of Frandick.

This is totally irritating everyone!

“Okay! Be quiet, everyone! The discussion on supervision was entrusted to me by President Hu. I will naturally report the result to President Hu. In this case, President Bai, do you have any comments?” Sun Dayu Said.

Everyone looked at Feliicity, as if she dared to say nothing, she could swallow her alive.

Feliicity hesitated for a while.

Knowing it is a pit, do you want to jump inside?

Seeing her delay in expressing her position, Sun Dayu suddenly said in a strange way: “Chairman Bai, or if you have any difficulties, you can talk about it. Let’s discuss it together.”

Someone immediately followed the trend and said: “Is the ability incapable? If it doesn’t work, I can’t say that I will leave the company to my subordinates in the past few months. I will do this supervision and give you a sample!”

“I think it’s a bad attitude, right? Since I became the vice president of the Drug Association, I don’t want to do anything? Could it be that you are here for gilding? Our small temple, I am afraid that your big Buddha cannot be accommodated.”

Everyone’s words, the more they say it, the more ugly, like a sharp blade, straight into the heart of Feliicity!

Feliicity’s stubbornness arose, “Don’t make a noise! ​​Go and go! Let’s do it! If there is nothing wrong, I will go first!”

After speaking, she strode outside.

The people in the court suddenly burst into laughter after she was completely gone.

Too tender, right?

Can’t stand such a simple and rude radical method?

With this ability, you deserve to be a vice president? Also worthy to fight us?

Go to the construction site!

And Sun Dayu smiled viciously.

If this is as simple as going to the construction site, it would at best be tortured some white Feliicity, and made her suffer.

But the water inside can be deep.

Because Sun Dayu was running in the preliminary work, only Sun Dayu knew some inside information in the field.

The site of this research and development building is in a residential area on the outskirts of the city.

Officially, it is said that the demolition and relocation there is almost complete, and construction can start.

But in fact it is not, there are nail households inside.

This nail household is particularly powerful.

It’s not something ordinary people can manage.

When Sun Dayu signed the contract with the construction company a few days ago, because he was greedy for a little rebate, the contract stated that the Drug Association would hand over the clean land to the construction company for construction.

This incident made him a little scared.

But I didn’t expect it to be solved so easily now.

Not only solved, but also killed three birds with one stone.

Tomorrow when construction companies enter the site for construction, they will find that this piece of land is not clean, and there are houses that have not been demolished. They will definitely be overthrown.

In this way, Feliicity is not caught in the middle, on the one hand, he has to bear the pressure of the construction company’s breach of contract, on the other hand, he has to face the nail household directly.

As for herself, she was able to transfer all the responsibility to Feliicity. She was responsible for what happened. After all, she was the supervisor sent by the Drug Association.

Thinking of the scene of Feliicity’s burnt head, Sun Dayu couldn’t mention how happy he was.

But after Feliicity walked out of the Drug Association Building, he took a breath of fresh air, and his head gradually calmed down.

With this calmness, she suddenly became extremely miserable.

How could things become like this!

I knew I couldn’t agree, but in the end I still agreed.

If this is to let Wiliam know, isn’t it to make him fail to make a joke?

No, my husband has achieved fame now and has a faint appearance.

Am I going to be his life drag oil bottle and stumbling block?

Somehow you can do something, right?

Feliicity thought about it, and decided to hide this matter in her heart first, and then slowly talk to Wiliam in the future.

Sure enough, when Feliicity returned home, Wiliam asked what would be the meeting?

Feliicity’s eyes suddenly panicked.

Almost never lied to Wiliam in this life.

She hurriedly staggered her eyes and said: “What is the daily affairs of the Drug Association, you don’t understand it after telling you.”

A strange color flashed in Wiliam’s eyes, but he didn’t continue to ask, just saying: “Okay, you just recovered, don’t be too tired.”

“Well, I know.” Seeing that Wiliam was so reasonable, Feliicity felt like a kid who made mistakes for a while, not to mention how guilty it was.

When Feliicity was still asleep the next day, she suddenly received an unfamiliar call.

She answered the phone, and suddenly a grumpy voice came from inside.

“Chairman Bai, is it? I am the construction supervisor of Universal Construction Company. What is the situation with you! We all entered the site early in the morning and found that there were demolition households inside! Not only that, as soon as we entered the site, the demolition households He injured a few of our people! Let’s play with us! I’m going to sue you! If you don’t give us a satisfactory explanation on this matter, we will definitely be over!”


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