Dragon Husband Chapter 371-380

Chapter 371

Feliicity had no pajamas when she heard this.

She cautiously looked at Wiliam who was still sleeping, got up quietly, and said to the phone: “You wait, I’ll go out and talk.”

Then she came to the study room and asked, “Hello, what’s the situation? I don’t know what the demolished households are?”

“Come and see for yourself! This matter is not resolved, we are not done!” The construction supervisor put a word, and hung up the phone rudely.

Feliicity’s heart twitched, thinking that she still hasn’t passed, what happened over there?

Sure enough, this is not a good thing!

Just when she went back to the room to get dressed, Wiliam woke up and asked casually, “Who is calling early in the morning?”

Feliicity’s face was panicked, and she quickly turned around and said, “What’s the matter, the work of the Drug Association, I’ll go out for a while, and you can deal with Ruoshuang for breakfast.”

When Wiliam heard it, his head started to grow up early in the morning.

This sentence is familiar to Haosheng.

Wouldn’t you have to deal with Xena’s little fairy?

That little fairy can deal with me directly.

But Feliicity didn’t say anything anymore, put on his clothes, simply washed it, and hurried out.

She drove the car directly to the construction site on the outskirts of the city.

At this time, a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes came over with a cigarette in his mouth and shouted to Feliicity: “Who are you? How come you enter anywhere? Did you see this is a construction site? Nothing. Hurry up.”

Feliicity quickly confirmed his identity, saying that he was the vice chairman of the Drug Association and the supervisor this time.

The middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes listened and looked at Feliicity in surprise.

He didn’t think that the supervisor who came this time was so young, he was still at the vice chairman level.

And the most important thing is to look beautiful and beautiful!

This is very rare on construction sites.

Sure enough, the workers on the construction site who were idly doing things saw the white Feliicity, all their eyes light up.

Most of them have no education, and the quality is evident.

Someone kept whistling to Feliicity, “Little beauty, come to find a husband? What? Do you like strong and strong? Is my taste like this?”

The people around suddenly burst into laughter.

Feliicity’s face was frosty when she heard this.

The construction supervisor cursed at the group of people: “Fuck me!”

Then he said to Feliicity, “Since you are a supervisor, then you can come with me!”

Faced with a beautiful woman like Feliicity, the construction supervisor can’t let it go no matter how ruthless it is.

As they walked, the construction supervisor introduced, “My name is Wang Tianming.”

Feliicity nodded, and the visitor immediately came to the center of the construction site.

At this look, Feliicity suddenly frowned.

I saw a mud-tile house standing on this empty and level land.

From a distance, there was a man sitting on the ground in front of his house, without saying a word.

Wang Tianming pointed to the house and said, “You can see it! When you signed the contract with us, you said it was handed over to us for construction. What is going on now? Not only are there demolition households, but also fierce! You! Give me an explanation.”

Feliicity was very depressed, and said to Wang Tianming: “Wait a moment, I’ll call and ask.”

She stepped aside and called Sun Dayu directly.

Sun Dayu was in his sleep when he suddenly saw Feliicity calling and smiled.

The show has begun.

“Secretary-General Sun, what’s going on at the construction site? How come there are demolition households?” Feliicity’s tone was not so kind.

She faintly felt that Sun Dayu was playing a ghost here.

But Sun Dayu replied righteously: “Relocated households? I don’t know? How could there be relocated households? There were no relocated households when I took the land.”

“Would you like to come and see by yourself?” Feliicity said.

But where is Sun Dayu going, he lazily replied: “President Bai, I think you are rare and weird? Even if there are demolition households on the construction site, as long as you use the name of our Drug Association to communicate, the other party Isn’t it too scared to be demolished overnight? Can you not handle such a small thing? All the vice presidents are watching.”

Feliicity felt bored in her heart.

It was Sun Dayu who was obviously doing the ghost, and now he is talking so grandly.

“Chairman Bai, everyone trusts you so much and asks you to be the supervisor. You will never let you sit there for a few months, right? If you encounter some small problems or something, you must come forward to solve it yourself Yes. I’ll just hang up if there’s nothing wrong. I’ll have a meeting later.” Sun Dayu said and hung up directly.

Feliicity was so angry that he almost threw out the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Sun Dayu couldn’t help humming a little tune.

Things seem to be going well.

This is just the beginning, so Xiao Nizi can’t stand it?

Contact that difficult nail house for a while?

Will you be beaten by the dead brain who doesn’t understand Lianxiangxiyu?

This picture is really beautiful.

After Feliicity hung up the phone, Wang Tianming walked over and asked, “What do you say?”

Feliicity didn’t know how to answer Wang Tianming for a while.

When Wang Tianming saw Feliicity’s expression, he immediately knew something, and his expression suddenly became cold.

“You are in breach of the contract, do you know! Well, since you don’t solve it, then wait to see you in court!” Wang Tianming said angrily.

Feliicity’s face became stiff, and she quickly said, “Wait, I’ll go to the house to see what’s going on.”

A joke flashed in Wang Tianming’s eyes and said, “Okay, if you are guilty, just go up and ask yourself, but I can say it first. If you are beaten later, don’t blame us for reminding you. “

Feliicity’s heart trembled, but looking at the current situation, the people from the Drug Association clearly wanted to make things difficult for her.

Now that she has accepted the task of supervision, she naturally has to try her best.

She bit her scalp and said: “Let me go and take a look first. I’ll talk to them, and they won’t hit me for no reason.”

After all, she went to the demolished household alone.

As she walked, she looked at the demolished household, and saw that the mud-tile house was in dilapidated condition. In fact, it was not an exaggeration to demolish.

And the person who had been sitting on the ground at the door of the house kept his eyes open all the time as Feliicity moved forward.

It’s like meditating.

Feliicity approached this person, only to realize that this person was not too old, about twenty years old, sitting there with the whole person, but he felt extremely tough.

Just as she was about to speak, her eyes flashed and she couldn’t help screaming.

The man suddenly grabbed a stone from his side and slammed it at Feliicity’s head!

Chapter 372

Fortunately, Feliicity was always paying attention to this person’s movements. When he picked up the stone, Feliicity hurriedly hid aside.

If so, the stone still searched, and passed her ear.

The sound of the breaking wind caused Feliicity’s heart to jump wildly.

What is going on with this man!

Really and mercilessly!

Don’t ask why I came here!

Feliicity’s heart suddenly became annoyed.

Quite unreasonable!

After throwing the stone, the man slowly opened his eyes and stared at Feliicity indifferently.

Seeing him open his eyes, Feliicity did not dare to step forward again.

He just stood on the spot and asked timidly: “Hello, I am the supervisor of this project of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association. I would like to ask you, do you have any difficulties? Has the previous demolition funds been negotiated?”

The man looked cold and said, “The stone just now was just a warning. If you dare to approach this house, die!”

There was a fierceness in the words.

Let Feliicity believe that he will do what he says!

Feliicity took the courage and said, “Can’t you speak well? I came here to discuss with you sincerely. Why do you refuse to demolish this house? There must be a reason, right?”

The man didn’t raise his eyelids and said, “The demolition money, right? Well, fifty million. As long as you put out fifty million, I will move away immediately. If you can’t get it out, get out of here!”

This sentence made Feliicity completely angry!

Fifty million!

With this small broken house, how dare the lion say 50 million!

Before Feliicity saw that he lived in a dilapidated house, he still felt a little sympathetic to him.

It now appears that this person is simply a rascal!

How can there be such a stubborn face that does not demolish the house, and asks for 50 million!

“Get off!” The man shouted when Feliicity stopped talking.

Feliicity stamped her foot and left in anger.

Standing not far away, Wang Tianming saw Feliicity come back with a feather on his face, with mockery on his face.

“We’ve talked to him a long time ago, and he insisted that it would cost 50 million yuan. You see, no one has done it well in the past. But this matter is finally a breach of contract by your Drug Association, and everything you say must be resolved. “Wang Tianming insisted on his position unwaveringly.

Feliicity said angrily: “This person is clearly blackmailing! Can’t you call the police for this kind of thing? Or let the official handle him?”

Wang Tianming smiled ho ho, and said more sarcastically: “Officially dealt with it? When you took the land, in order to be cheap, so you agreed with the official side that the price should be lower, and then your Drug Association is solely responsible for the demolition and compensation of the site. So the official will never take care of this matter, only your Drug Association will take care of it yourself. Who will let you boast about going to Haikou?”

Feliicity’s head hurts!

Land acquisition and demolition have been a big problem since ancient times!

In many cases, it is difficult for the government to advance.

The Drug Association is good. In order to covet a little bit of bargain, it actually took the most difficult thing back!

Now there is a problem, but I don’t care about them one by one, and just throw it to me, the supervisor!

Is this what people do!

Seeing Feliicity’s helplessness, Wang Tianming said forcefully: “I don’t care anyway. We will act according to the rules. We had agreed to start construction today. Our personnel and machines have all entered the field. Seeing that your attitude is still more sincere, I will give In your day’s time, within today, you must solve this matter for me, or I will sue you.”

Feliicity’s face was sad, and she hurriedly pleaded: “Brother Wang, we have something to discuss. It’s too much time for a day…”

After all, Wang Tianming saw that Feliicity was pitiful and helpless, so he said: “Two days, I can’t say any more. You know, our robots are all costs, and if there is no movement for two days, if the above asks, I can Can’t afford it. Do it yourself.”

After he finished speaking, he left directly.

Leaving Feliicity alone in place, she didn’t know what to do.

She wanted to ask that person again, but she was afraid, after all, she dared to go there again.

She came home alone, without a clue.

She was in the medical business before, so how could she have done such difficult things as dealing with relocation households?

However, after all, she kept an eye on her and asked the people from the Drug Association to help investigate the details of the person.

In the afternoon, the Drug Association gave her a reply.

But the message is too simple.

It was said over there that the person who refused to move was named Li Nanfeng, who seemed to have come to work in Q City ( Qena City ) six months ago.

He has no family or friends, and he has a strange temperament.

In addition, it seemed that I was unemployed some time ago, so my temperament became more irritable, and I hit people when I was a little unhappy, and it was difficult to get along with.

No, that’s all.

There is even no reason why he refused to move.

Feliicity’s head grew bigger all of a sudden. Is this guy named Li Nanfeng really doing blackmail?

But this extortion price is too lawless, right?

For that broken house, if he was compensated at the market price, he would be paid at most 100,000.

Fifty million……

Feliicity herself felt a bit weird.

Helpless, this man has no friends, like a stone, there is no way to start.

All day long, Feliicity locked herself in the room and racked her brains.

In the middle, Wiliam came over to ask her what was wrong, but Feliicity was willing to tell Wiliam about such embarrassing things.

Even a demolition household can’t figure it out by himself, so do you want to ask Wiliam?

Her stubborn character came up again, and she decided that she must put this matter to a close.

At night, Feliicity suddenly had a very bold idea.

Since that Li Nanfeng made it clear that it was the lion who spoke loudly, it means that he is a rascal.

Since it is a rascal, there is no need to sympathize with him.

Humans are humane, and demons have magical ways.

If you deal with rascals, normal methods are definitely going to cripple.

Then use violence to control violence?

Forcibly clear him out?

Then give him a sum of money?

When Feliicity thought of this, she was not only speechless, but also a little suspicious of life.

When did you become so violent?

Can even think of such an evil way?

Was it true that Wiliam had gone astray, thinking he could speak with a big fist?

She thought about it for a long time, and finally hardened her heart!

No matter what, take someone there first, and at any rate also deter the kid, let him know that he is not lawless in Q City ( Qena City ).

Thinking of this, Feliicity immediately took out her mobile phone, almost hesitant, so she called Tigger .

It’s fresh once and cooked again.

Anyway, he had a shame in Tigger ‘s place.

The call was answered almost in seconds, and Tigger ‘s anxious voice came from inside.

“What’s wrong with my sister-in-law? Did something happen to Wiliam again?”

Chapter 373

Feliicity sweated.

There was an accident with Lu Yezhen.

Something happened on my own side.

She was also very strange in her heart.

Obviously Tigger is older than her and can be his father.

But I still call myself my sister-in-law…

Don’t you think it’s weird?

What’s more, when I called you, Wiliam had an accident?

This made Feliicity couldn’t help but think of the joke of “Big Brother is not good, Master was taken away by the monster again”.

She calmed her mind and said weakly, “Brother Hu, something is wrong with Lu Yezhen, don’t worry.”

“Oh, that’s good, I still thought what happened to him? Isn’t something wrong with you calling me?” Tigger asked suspiciously.

Feliicity was a little embarrassed, and said, “Something happened on my side. I want to borrow some people from you…”

Tigger directly replied: “You have a problem? Even Wiliam can’t solve it? It’s another big problem. Why do your husband and wife always give me problems.”

Feliicity was even more embarrassed, and quickly said, “I dare not tell my husband about this. I don’t want him to know, so you can’t tell him either.”

“What are you talking about first?” Tigger also kept an eye on him. If he can’t solve it by himself, he must report it to Wiliam.

After all, if Feliicity had any problems, he would be killed by Wiliam himself.

Feliicity told Li Nanfeng’s affairs.

Tigger over there pondered, “Just to scare an unreasonable demolition household, isn’t it? I still think about why the big thing is, okay, I happened to be out of Q City ( Qena City ) in the past two days, I can explain, how many people do you want? “

Feliicity felt a little embarrassed when she heard it, and asked, “How many people do you think are suitable?”

“Uh…” Tigger couldn’t answer all of a sudden.

He couldn’t help thinking that the last time he took the number six or seven hundred with him, the result was to deal with the ridiculous embarrassment of two small chores.

It must never happen again.

So he replied: “Since it is one person, then I will ask ten people to help you cheer.”

Feliicity said weakly: “It is said that that person is very good at fighting. Will ten people be a bit less?”

“The twenty.” Tigger said immediately.

“Okay, thank you, Brother Tiger, you have to keep this matter secret for me.” Feliicity repeatedly confessed before hanging up the phone.

Early the next morning, Feliicity received another strange call.

On the other end of the phone, a person who called himself a knife said that he was under Brother Tiger, who was always waiting for dispatch.

Feliicity was overjoyed, and after agreeing on a time and place, she went to wash and hurried out.

Another sentence, “Breakfast, you and Ruoshuang deal with it.”

Wiliam looked speechless.

When eating breakfast, even Xena noticed the abnormality of Feliicity.

“Brother-in-law, don’t you think your sister has been sneaky these past few days?” Xena couldn’t help asking.

“Yeah.” Wiliam said while drinking gruel with pickles.

“Then don’t ask? You can rest assured!” Xena’s eyes suddenly widened.

“What can I ask?” Wiliam asked back.

“Don’t you worry about your wife cheating and giving you a cuckold? Your wife is a flower in Q City ( Qena City ), and there are too many pigs trying to get him.” Xena said angrily.

Wiliam knocked her head, “How do you speak? I believe her, she will tell me something.”

Xena ate another stomach of dog food, and said quietly: “It turns out that the sentence is really right. Behind every successful woman, there is a man who silently gives. Brother-in-law, you are so great.”

Wiliam frowned suddenly.

Xena was overjoyed, “Why? I finally realized that I was worried?”

Wiliam said nonchalantly, “This pickle is too unpalatable.”

Xena has a black line, should he say that this brother-in-law is short-minded or not?

“You help me calculate, how long do we have to be vegetarian?” Wiliam asked lazily.

“Oh? I count it. You started to be vegetarian when I came over last time. Tomorrow we can eat meat!” Xena broke his fingers and suddenly said cheerfully.

She originally thought it would be a blessing to move here, but as a result, every meal is vegetarian, and there is one meal without one meal, not to mention how miserable!

Wiliam frowned upon hearing: “I can’t wait for tomorrow, after 12: 00 tonight, let’s order takeaway? What do you think of the seafood platter!”

Xena clapped her hands, her eyes full of stars, “This is my good brother-in-law! Then at twelve o’clock in the evening!”

Wiliam smiled and nodded, then after eating, he went out to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

But Feliicity went out and made peace with the knife outside the construction site.

One hand of the knife was chopped off, and the sleeve was empty.

When he saw Feliicity, he suddenly felt shocked.

He has only seen Feliicity on the Internet or in the newspapers, but when he meets a real person, he feels amazing.

Wiliam is really blessed.

Guarding such a beautiful lady, it’s no wonder that she can be so angry that she can become a beauty. It’s totally worth it!

But Xiaodao was polite to Feliicity, after all, she was Wiliam’s wife.

He bowed down respectfully and bowed his head, “Hello Madam Bai, my name is Chen Xiaodao, and you can call me Xiao Chen or Xiaodao.”

This title made Feliicity dumbfounded.

Why Tigger ‘s men are all wizards.

“Then what, did Brother Tiger tell you everything?” Feliicity asked.

The knife nodded immediately, “Well, Brother Tiger has said it, you see, I have all cleaned up for you. These are the twenty most capable people under my team. They are capable of fighting each and every one of them. ugly.”

As soon as the voice fell, the men behind him all cast grievances at him.

The knife was agitated, and quickly changed his words, “And he looks fierce, very capable of bluffing, and it fully meets your requirements, the teacher.”

“Then thank you brothers first, let’s go.” Feliicity thanked him and led the way.

But the knife and they quickly followed.

Walking along this road gave Feliicity a weird feeling. What’s wrong with him like a bastard?

How do you feel like bullying men and women?

This feeling was weird, and what’s even more weird was that Feliicity actually enjoyed it.

But she comforted herself, this was to bluff people, and of course she had to pretend to be vicious.

So she took the courage and led people to kill the broken house.

Sure enough, the guy named Li Nanfeng was sitting on the floor at the door, as if he were exactly the same as yesterday, even the position was not moved.

Seeing Feliicity passing through again, Li Nanfeng slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing so many people, a strange color flashed in his eyes.

It seemed that she was deeply disappointed with Feliicity.

Feliicity pretended to be aggressive and said to Li Nanfeng: “Li Nanfeng, I will bring someone over to negotiate with you today. If you are familiar, let’s sit down and have a good chat…”

“What if you don’t know each other?” Li Nanfeng interrupted Feliicity’s words. For the first time, he stood up from the ground!

Chapter 374: Li Nanfeng

Feliicity was taken aback.

I didn’t even think that Li Nanfeng was afraid.

There are twenty people on his side, staring at him.

Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers?

And the knife behind Feliicity immediately stood up, and said fiercely: “Hey, boy, our eldest sister talks to you, how do you talk? Isn’t it a death!”

Li Nanfeng glanced at Chen Xiaodao indifferently, and said, “If you want to do it, just go straight and stop talking nonsense.”

These words made Chen Xiaodao and the others angry.

They are Tigger ‘s men!

Have you ever seen such an arrogant kid!

Especially in Q City ( Qena City ) this time, who else would dare to provoke Tigger !

This is obviously not giving Tigger face!

“Do you know who we are?” Chen Xiaodao asked again.

“I care who you are? If you dare to come up, I will fight one by one!” Li Nanfeng’s attitude was also very tough.

Chen Xiaodao and all of them were angry.

Can this provocation be tolerated?

Chen Xiaodao immediately looked at Feliicity, “Madam, look at this person, you don’t know how to live or die. It’s useless if you tell him well, otherwise, let’s send someone a try first? Let him suffer a bit. .”

Feliicity suddenly hesitated.

She had brought people over to support the scene.

I never thought about doing this.

But this Li Nanfeng is really too much, if he doesn’t give him a bit of pain, he won’t be able to pull back nine cows.

Thinking of this, Feliicity nodded and said, “It’s okay, but you should do it lightly, and don’t take it lightly.”

Chen Xiaodao nodded immediately, “Madam I know.”

After speaking, he looked behind him.

Suddenly, a sturdy guy with a big body came out, “I’m here to take the lead. I’ve long seen this kid not pleasing to my eyes.”

Chen Xiaodao nodded, “Okay, it’s you.”

This sturdy man walked towards Li Nanfeng.

Chen Xiaodao whispered to Feliicity: “This person is the most capable and fiercest one under my team. He must be the one who will be the one who will take the initiative…”

The voice still didn’t fall, and I heard a wailing like a pig!

Chen Xiaodao looked on the court and suddenly got goose bumps all over!

I saw the sturdy man who weighed two hundred catties unexpectedly flew back upside down and hit the ground fiercely!


Only a few seconds?

Didn’t you finish saying a word?

So what happened!

Chen Xiaodao asked behind him: “What happened just now?”

The people at the scene looked at the sturdy man who was wailing on the ground, and all of them showed terrified expressions on their faces.

What did they see?

“Just now, our people passed by and only punched that Li Nanfeng, our people…” Someone replied weakly.

At this moment, even Chen Xiaodao showed a solemn expression.

It turns out that Li Nanfeng is still a hard stubble.

No wonder dare to be so arrogant.

Feliicity’s expression changed when she saw such a fierce fight for the first time.

She hastened to get someone to help the big man up.

I saw that both fists of the sturdy big man were fractured and twisted!

And Li Nanfeng finished the punch and looked at everyone at the scene coldly, “Let’s go together, I don’t have time to mess around with you.”

These words aroused the anger of the people on the scene again.

As the saying goes, Buddha fights for a stick of incense, and people fight for a breath!

This kid, dare to ignore the twenty heroes on the scene!

What a shame!

Isn’t this slap everyone in the face!

“Brother Xiaodao, what should I do!” someone asked Chen Xiaodao.

For a while, Chen Xiaodao felt a little difficult.

They are Tigger ‘s men.

If this spreads, saying that twenty people beat one person, it would be shameful.

If Brother Hu knows, he will definitely be angry!

But if there is no helper to deal with this matter today, Brother Tiger will still be angry.

After thinking about it, Chen Xiaodao was heartbroken, “Go together! Give him a bitter lesson!”

Brother Hu is going to be angry anyway, Chen Xiaodao now considers whether Lu Yelu’s ancestor will be angry.

Therefore, the most urgent task is to help Master Niang solve this problem properly.

When his men heard the order, Qi Qi immediately rushed towards Li Nanfeng.

Feliicity’s face was miserable, and she was frightened for a while.

In order to protect Feliicity, Chen Xiaodao did not step forward.

He whispered: “Mother, let’s step back a little bit and don’t accidentally hurt you. Don’t worry, there are so many of us, can we still beat him?”

However, as he spoke, he found that Feliicity’s face was even more wrong.

The look in her eyes was indescribable fear.

Chen Xiaodao looked forward following Feliicity’s eyes, and suddenly yelled out.

I saw that his subordinates rushed towards Li Nanfeng, and no one could get close to him!

Everyone who was close to him was thrown up by him and fell to the ground severely.

In a blink of an eye, seven or eight people were already lying on the ground.

Chen Xiaodao sucked in air!

This Li Nanfeng’s skill is so amazing!

Is it impossible to be a practicing family?

Thinking of this, Chen Xiaodao had a big head.

They are in such a mess, not afraid of heaven and earth, only a kind of person.

That is martial arts practitioners.

However, according to the usual social rules, Lian Jiazi disdains the general knowledge of chaos and fights with each other.

But this kid seems to be a practicer, otherwise how could he easily beat all his men to the ground!

Things are a bit tricky!

After a while, all the dozen or so subordinates were lying on the ground and wailing, and none of them stood up.

But Li Nanfeng didn’t change his face and didn’t pant, and looked at Chen Xiaodao coldly: “Are you going to go?”

Chen Xiaodao would definitely not go.

It wasn’t because he was persuading him, but because he was the only one who could fight now. If he fell down, who else would protect the retreat!

“Let’s go first! We encountered hard stubble!” Chen Xiaodao said to Feliicity.

Feliicity was dumbfounded a long time ago.

I don’t think that in this world, someone really knows how to do it.


More than a dozen people were brought down by him within a few minutes!

She was awakened by Chen Xiaodao, and finally nodded, and said with lingering fear: “Let’s take the brothers back first, and discuss the long-term plan.”

Those subordinates, under Chen Xiaodao’s instructions, supported each other, and all felt that their faces were lost today.

Ashamed and thrown home, a dozen people besieged one, none of them had been beaten, but they were beaten so badly.

And Li Nanfeng didn’t seem to have the intention of pursuing, he stood there, watching Feliicity and his party leave.

Standing at the gate of the construction site, Chen Xiaodao was obviously shameless to see the white Feliicity, “Madam, I’m really sorry, we are ashamed of you. We can punish you any way you want, and we all admit it.”

Where would Feliicity punish them, “Don’t say such things, if I am the one who apologizes to you, I don’t know that Li Nanfeng is so powerful, if I know, I will definitely not let you over.”

A group of people sighed, their momentum was extremely weak.

At this moment, a calm voice came from not far away, “Do you need my help?”

Chapter 375

Everyone looked at it, but saw a fat-eared man standing behind them, with arrogance in his eyes.

This person is Sun Dayu.

Sun Dayu squatted on the construction site in the morning waiting for Feliicity.

He personally watched Feliicity lead a group of people away fiercely, but finally fled one by one.

This embarrassing scene made Sun Dayu feel refreshed.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but sigh, that Li Nanfeng really had two accidents.

Even Tigger ‘s men dared to fight, and they could win.

What can you do now, Feliicity?

Isn’t it necessary to obediently beg me to solve it.

Chen Xiaodao saw that this man was not a good thing, so he asked Feliicity in a low voice, “Madam, who is this person?”

Looking at Sun Dayu, Feliicity couldn’t help but feel resentful, and said to Chen Xiaodao: “This is the secretary general of our Drug Association.”

While talking, Sun Dayu had already walked over.

He didn’t dare to underestimate Chen Xiaodao and the others, so his words and deeds were fairly polite.

Feliicity said to Chen Xiaodao: “Otherwise, you should go back first. I have worked hard for you today. I am really sorry. I will pay for the medical expenses for you.”

Where would Chen Xiaodao ask for the medical expenses of his wife, he waved his hand quickly and said, “No, no. It’s okay, let’s go back and report to Brother Tiger, and then think about whether there are other ways.

After speaking, Chen Xiaodao took his brothers away dingy.

Feliicity looked back at Sun Dayu again, and said coldly: “Secretary-General Sun, I see, you have known that there is a demolition household here, so you deliberately set up a set to let me come over?”

But Sun Dayu said solemnly: “I don’t understand what Chairman Bai means by you? I answered your call yesterday, so hurry up and see what’s going on today? Don’t bite Lu Dongbin and don’t know the good people.”

Feliicity said unceremoniously: “Anyway, there is a demolisher who obstructs the construction of the construction party. If it can’t be resolved within today, our Drug Association will be sued.”

She thought that Sun Dayu would be nervous, but she did not expect that Sun Dayu said indifferently: “Oh, it seems that this matter is serious, President Bai, then you have to think of a way, or else, you The supervisor is seriously dereliction of duty.”

Feliicity flushed with anger.

This guy is really good at dumping the pot!

In one sentence, all the responsibilities were pushed onto oneself.

Just as she was about to plead, Sun Dayu continued: “You are in charge of this matter now. If you can’t handle it well, what would the vice-chairmen in our club think of you? I’ll say something to you, now There are indeed some vice-presidents in our Drug Association who see you upset. You may also know this.”

“You airborne, it can be said to have touched the cake of many people. If you do not perform well this time, your status in their hearts will definitely plummet. You don’t want to be a vice president and be in the Drug Association every day Is it crowded out?”

This sentence directly hit Feliicity’s weakness.

She really cherishes this hard-won position of vice president.

But it’s not because the vice president is powerful.

It was because of this position that Wiliam didn’t know how much it had cost him

He was very hardworking. Is he going to be rejected and spurned in the Drug Association because of his incompetence, letting him down?

This is a situation that Feliicity never wants to see.

At the same time, she didn’t want to be looked down upon by Wiliam, feeling like an Adou who couldn’t afford it.

When Sun Dayu saw that Feliicity did not speak, his face showed a triumphant expression.

In the end, Feliicity bit her lip and slightly compromised with Sun Dayu.

“Secretary-General Sun, what did you just say you could help? Come and listen?” Feliicity’s tone eased.

But Sun Dayu was holding the winning ticket, staring at Feliicity and said, “What? President Bai, is this attitude when you ask for help? I remember that you questioned me in every way before, and I was so sad.”

Feliicity’s anger came up at once.

What a great Sun Dayu, he has to make an inch!

He just feels that he can’t handle this matter, so he is threatening himself here?

Feliicity’s eyes changed several times, and finally she lowered her head reluctantly and said, “Secretary-General Sun, I was wrong when I said that to you before. Now I sincerely apologize to you. Is this all right?”

“Is that enough? You are slandering me in front of all the vice presidents. What’s the point of apologizing in private now? They don’t hear it again.” Sun Dayu said with a sneer.

Feliicity’s little face turned red!

This guy actually wanted to apologize to him in front of so many vice-chairmen!

I didn’t do anything wrong at all, and I didn’t even blame it!

Sun Dayu indeed moved his hands and feet inside, concealing the facts of the demolished households!

Unreasonable and arrogant!

Dezhi will be rampant!

Feliicity was so angry that she wanted to hit him.

However, Feliicity consciously also has part of the responsibility on her own body.

If you are not angry to take this job, if you use a softer method to convince Li Nanfeng.

Maybe things will be different.

Now it’s been hit, it’s hard to get over.

Feliicity’s small face was abnormally wronged, and suddenly there was an urge to call Wiliam for help.

However, she immediately held back this thought.

I shouldn’t have been living under Wiliam’s protection.

Even if you feel wronged a little, as long as you can do this well, everything will be fine.

Thinking of this, Feliicity said in a deep voice to Sun Dayu: “Okay, I promise you! However, you have to end this matter before you, and then I will apologize to you in public.”

Sun Dayu suddenly laughed.

He knew that this was Feliicity’s final bottom line.

Can’t push her too hard.

However, as long as she apologized in public, her prestige in the Pharmacy Association was gone.

When the time comes, it’s not going to be obediently at your mercy.

Feliicity, Feliicity, you are simply a wrong step.

Fight with me, you are still tender.

“All right.” Sun Dayu agreed.

“Then tell me quickly, what can you do to get that demolition household?” Feliicity asked eagerly.

Sun Dayu smiled confidently, “I guess you can see that Li Nanfeng is good at it. If you want to deal with him, you ask some cats and dogs to come here, don’t you want to insult yourself? Of course you are looking for one or two masters. “

“Do you know a master?” Feliicity frowned.

Sun Dayu was even more proud, “I am not talented in Xia, and I have been in Q City ( Qena City ) for decades. This interpersonal relationship is still there. When I was drinking with my old friend a few days ago, I happened to hear my old friend say that his son knows a big brother. He is not as good as a mortal, it seems to be called Lu Ge…”

Chapter 376

Lu Ge?

Feliicity looked blank after hearing this.

Have you ever heard of someone named Lu Ge in Q City ( Qena City )?

His husband’s surname is Lu, but not Lu Ge.

“Then ask him to come and help?” Feliicity asked.

But at this time, Sun Dayu said arrogantly: “Do you think this kind of master of the great god level can be called casually? He is the last amulet of our action, and it is easy to use it!”

When Sun Dayu said this, he even had a little respect in his heart.

Sun Dayu has an old friend named Chen Xilin. When he was drinking a while ago, Chen Xilin’s son Chen Dongbai was also there.

When the wine was hot, this Chen Dongbai was bragging, saying that he knew a man named Lu Ge, who was not only unparalleled in strategy, but also exceptionally skilled.

At that time, Sun Dayu left an eye on it.

He is an old fox, and he naturally knows what Chen Dongbai is.

Although Chen Dongbai is a rich second generation, he is smart about what he does.

To make Chen Dongbai such a respected person with eyes higher than the sky, then this Lu Ge must be a master hidden in the folks.

When Chen Dongbai talked about him, his eyes flashed with worship.

That’s why Sun Dayu thought that if this skilled Lu Ge was invited over this time, he would definitely be able to deal with this Li Nanfeng easily.

But Sun Dayu would not use this relationship easily. Firstly, because he and Lu Ge did not know each other, the relationship between two hands must be transferred to the Great God.

Favor is really not worth it.

Secondly, because they don’t know each other, it’s another matter that people don’t come out to help.

It would be a shame if people agreed to it now and they were unwilling to come out to help.

Therefore, Sun Dayu has one more person.

“Secretary-General Sun, what do you mean by this? Since you are a master, you can’t ask for it. If you say it, you are not saying it!” Feliicity suddenly became a little unhappy.

But Sun Dayu immediately said: “Listen to me, am I the kind of person who does things with no good? This great god, we will keep it for the end, and will not ask him if we have to. , As soon as I’m out of the throat! In addition to this Lu Ge, I also know a master, this person is familiar with me, please move him, I will say something.”

“Who?” Feliicity asked again.

“Have you heard of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall?” Sun Dayu asked Feliicity back.

Feliicity nodded suspiciously, “I have heard that in our famous martial arts gym in Q City ( Qena City ).”

“The person I invited is called Huang Zhengyin. He is the son of Frederick in Tianyi Martial Arts Center. He is a pure practitioner and has a good relationship with me.” Sun Dayu explained.

Feliicity seemed to understand, no matter how stupid she was, she could see that this old thing was showing off his most proud interpersonal relationship.

“I called him immediately and asked him to help.” Sun Dayu said.

Then he called Huang Zhengyin in front of Feliicity.

In less than a minute, Sun Dayu smiled and said, “It’s done, but Huang Zhengyin is out of town now, and he won’t be able to get to Q City ( Qena City ) until night. He has given me a face and promised to rush over to help as soon as I got off the plane.

Feliicity nodded, “I hope he can settle Li Nanfeng.”

Sun Dayu stared at Feliicity jokingly, and said, “President Bai, you can go home and wait now. I will call you at night. But if you really don’t do anything at home, you can write an apology first. , Or I’m afraid that you will apologize in public tomorrow, and you will bump into your words, that would be too shameful.”

Feliicity was so angry that Sun Dayu had eaten herself completely.

But she just couldn’t get angry with Sun Dayu at this time.

She had no choice but to endure the bad breath and turned her head and left.

Behind him came Sun Dayu’s presumptuous laugh.

Things are proceeding smoothly step by step according to his plan.

When Sun Dayu returned home, Sun Meilin immediately asked, “Dad, what’s going on? What’s going on with Feliicity?”

Sun Dayu told Sun Meilin about the deflation of Feliicity today, and he heard that he was also outraged, “It deserves it! This is called husband and wife compensation! Tomorrow she will apologize in public, which is even better.”

Sun Dayu glared at Sun Meilin, “You’re so promising? You won’t think about it in the long run. If the picture of her public apology spreads tomorrow, ho ho, I don’t know how the major media websites will evaluate this matter. .”

Sun Meilin was taken aback, and immediately clapped his hands in applause!

My father is ruthless!

I thought that letting Feliicity in public was enough to shame her.

Unexpectedly, Dad would still make her reputation stinky throughout Q City ( Qena City )!

When the time comes, arbitrarily arrange a spreader who said it is a video for the dead ghost, and then no responsibility will be placed on his father.


It really is an old fox!


Really look forward to it.

Sun Meilin smiled viciously, and couldn’t wait to wait for the arrival of tomorrow.

Feliicity had no idea that a bigger conspiracy had begun to attack her.

She only cared about Li Nanfeng’s affairs before her, and was so sad that she couldn’t even eat.

Wiliam and Xena were also unable to eat.

However, the two of them were conceived in their hearts, and they deliberately frowned when they were eating, and they had no appetite.

However, the eyes of this brother-in-law and sister-in-law are full of information.

I was very hungry during the day!

After twelve o’clock in the evening, big fish, meat and seafood started!

But Wiliam worried that Feliicity was real.

He asked twice what happened to Feliicity today, but Feliicity refused to say anything.

She had already sacrificed and decided not to sacrifice in vain.

Besides, that Li Nanfeng is really powerful, and Wiliam is that guy’s opponent.

She was afraid that as soon as she said it, Wiliam would definitely go to Li Nanfeng, and she would hurt Wiliam by then.

As the saying goes, a fellow Daoist does not die a poor Dao, and someone else does not die my husband.

Feliicity has been waiting in the room, waiting from left to right, until it gets dark, but there is always no call to Sun Dayu.

Just as her patience was completely exhausted, Sun Dayu’s call came late, “Chairman Bai, Huang Zhengyin has arrived in Q City ( Qena City ). You can set off now. We will meet at the gate of the construction site.”

At this time, the time has come to eleven o’clock in the evening.

When Feliicity heard it, she immediately said, “Okay, I’ll go over immediately.”

After speaking, she rushed out of the room, ready to go out.

When she passed the hall, she was stunned.

Wiliam and Xena were sitting in the lobby watching TV together.

This is not like their style, usually they go back to their rooms after eating.

Especially Wiliam, avoiding this sister-in-law.

Why is it a bit too neat today?

Brother-in-law and sister-in-law have adultery?

Chapter 377

She was thinking about it, and Xena suddenly asked: “Sister, it’s so late, you dress so neatly, are you going out?”

Feliicity’s eyes panicked, nodded and said, “Well, go out and do something.”

Do things so late?

Wiliam and Xena had doubts in their eyes.

But what Lu Yezhen said, just asked: “How long will it take? We are waiting for you.”

“It’s about an hour.” Feliicity said vaguely after calculating the time.

It happened to be just after twelve o’clock in an hour or so.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Okay, go ahead and we will surprise you when you come back.”

This surprise, of course, is a bit of a slap in the face.

Feliicity smiled slightly, but smiled reluctantly.

At this time, what other surprises are worthy of my heart?

I guess what’s wrong.

She left home as if she had fled.

After she left, Xena couldn’t help asking Wiliam, “Brother-in-law, what else did the elder sister say to go out so late? You are not worried at all?”

Wiliam smiled, “If there is any doubt, I believe her.”

Xena curled his lips and dared not ask any more.

Just ask for dog food.

Feliicity drove the car to the gate of the construction site, but because of construction, everything was set up with the lights.

Under the light, Feliicity saw two people standing at the gate.

One is Sun Dayu.

And the other one is a very lean middle-aged man.

This person is probably in his thirties. He is very short, more than one meter six, and he has no flesh on his body.

Looking at him from a distance, it is easy to think of him as a monkey if he is not careful.

Feliicity walked in front of them.

When the middle-aged man saw Xena, his eyes flickered.

Feliicity’s face, even if she has seen goodbye, will feel amazing.

What’s more, people who have only seen photos but not real people saw her.

Looking at Feliicity, Huang Zhengyin couldn’t help sighing, what a peerless beauty.

It’s a pity that the beauty of this world is never worthy of a hero.

The beauties have always been dominated by pigs.

If I could kiss Xiangze, it would be…

“Zhengyin? Zhengyin? What do you think?” Sun Dayu gently shook Huang Zhengyin, who was in a dream.

Huang Zhengyin was agitated, and immediately pretended to be polite and did not speak.

Master, never need to take the initiative to speak.

Knowing Huang Zhengyin’s arrogant personality, Sun Dayu introduced it on the side: “Chairman Bai, this is the Master Huang Zhengyin I mentioned to you during the day.”

After listening, Huang Zhengyin nodded slightly, saying hello.

Feliicity had been paying attention to Huang Zhengyin’s expression from just now.

How could he not know the brilliant white Feliicity in his eyes.

She is so familiar.

So Feliicity felt a trace of disgust in her heart.

It’s another stinky man with a sensation.

But now that he is asking for help, Feliicity can only say politely: “Hello, Master Huang, thank you for your hard work tonight.”

Huang Zhengyin pretended not to squint, and said calmly: “I came here to give Daewoo a face, you don’t have to thank me.”

This made Sun Dayu feel comfortable.

What he is most proud of in his life is his connections to the sky.

“Let’s go, let’s go in.” Sun Dayu led the way.

And Feliicity looked at this Huang Zhengyin, and the more he looked at it, the more unpleasant he felt.

This girl is so brittle, can it be Li Nanfeng’s opponent?

A gust of wind can blow him away, right?

If it fails again, the people from Universal Construction Company should go directly to sue tomorrow.

Thinking of this, Feliicity couldn’t help taking two steps to catch up with Sun Dayu.

Then he asked in a low voice, “Secretary-General Sun, if Master Huang is so thin, will he be Li Nanfeng’s opponent? Should we ask the Lu Ge you mentioned earlier to be more secure?”

The speaker was unintentional and the listener intentionally, Huang Zhengyin behind his ears was also pointed, and immediately stopped.

When Sun Dayu saw it, he secretly shouted badly!

What happened to Feliicity!

This Huang Zhengyin is a serious martial artist, and martial arts practitioners have very strange tempers and are very arrogant.

Tonight, Sun Dayu asked him to help with his punches. How dare you tell him that there is another Lu Ge as the last amulet.

Now that Huang Zhengyin heard it, what would he think?

He must have thought that he was just a little ant who came to try.

Sure enough, Huang Zhengyin said coldly: “Sun Dayu, what do you mean? Did you invite other masters to come over? If so, why should you invite me? Forgive me not to accompany you.”

After all, he turned around and left.

Sun Dayu was so anxious that there was no way to deal with Feliicity, and he hurried to chase Huang Zhengyin, “Jongyin, listen to me, I also heard that Lu brother, and a friend of mine praised him so much, and so am I. I would rather believe it if you have it or not, but I still believe in your strength very much, so this invites you.”

Huang Zhengyin stopped and couldn’t help but sneered, “I heard it was said? Amazing? In this Q City ( Qena City ), is there anyone better than our Tianyi Martial Art Hall? Is there someone better than my dad Frederick? Sun Dayu, Sun Dayu, you’re getting better and better!”

Sun Dayu nodded hurriedly, “Yes, yes, you are right, Zhengyin, I shouldn’t believe this hearsay. I still ask you to help me tonight. I am grateful and grateful.”

When he said this, he hated Feliicity.

I don’t even have any insight!

To mention other masters in front of Huang Zhengyin, it is almost death!

Especially, I owed Huang Zhengyin a favor!

When you apologize in public tomorrow, see if I will ridicule you!

Huang Zhengyin sneered: “Sun Dayu, I give you face, and I hope you can do it yourself! The consequences of provoking the dignity of our warriors are very serious. What you said, Brother Lu, I have never heard of in Q City ( Qena City ). If it is true as you said. It’s so powerful, it should have been famous long ago.”

“Yes, yes, that Lu Ge must be a vain person, not to mention it!” Sun Dayu kept saying.

However, he had another consideration in his mind.

When Chen Dongbai boasted, it didn’t seem to be false.

Moreover, Chen Dongbai said that Lu Ge broke his fingers directly, very fast.

So Sun Dayu believed that this Lu Ge was powerful, but due to Huang Zhengyin’s presence in front of him, he could only coax Huang Zhengyin against his will.

“Okay, let’s go.” Huang Zhengyin strode forward, but with disdain on his face, then dropped a word.

“Sun Dayu, you call now and call that guy named Lu Ge together, I want to see if this guy dares to stand up to the name of a master in Q City ( Qena City ), can he be worthy of my punch !”

“Lu Ge! Li Nanfeng! I will pack it together!”

Chapter 378

When Sun Dayu heard it, his heart became tangled.

“Zhengyin, isn’t that great?”

But Huang Zhengyin stopped and resolutely said: “We who are practicing martial arts have the responsibility to punish evil and promote good! That Lu Ge is clearly bluffing and deceiving in the name of a master. This kind of person is simply ruining us. The glory of the warrior, I naturally clean up the garbage! If you don’t call him, then I will leave.”

“Hey, wait, okay, I will call now.” Sun Dayu hurriedly agreed when Huang Zhengyin was really leaving.

However, he was almost depressed.

Things are getting bigger and bigger now.

If that Lu Ge is a fan of vain, then Huang Zhengyin is a good face.

He was about to offend the Chen family and his son.

After all, I asked them to invite people.

And if this Lu Ge really has some abilities, in case Huang Zhengyin is injured, then Huang Zhengyin is completely offended.

No matter how you look at it now, he is about to offend one of the people.


Thinking of this, he stared at Feliicity fiercely again.

It’s all caused by this girl!

I swear, tomorrow I will get harder to come back!

Up to now, I can only resign.

So Sun Dayu took out his cell phone, walked aside and called Chen Xilin.

On the phone, he tried his best, and the favor was greatly sold.

After hearing this, Chen Xilin also called his son Chen Dongbai.

Chen Dongbai does not usually live with Chen Xilin. At the moment, the lights are all around, and he is drunk outside.

After receiving a call from Chen Xilin, when he learned that Chen Dongbai was asked to ask Lu Ge for a favor, Chen Dongbai was so excited that he immediately went there.

That’s the Great God Lu, Brother Lu!

After dealing with Wiliam several times, Chen Dongbai was completely convinced by Wiliam’s methods.

In his heart, Wiliam is not only unparalleled in wisdom, but also in iron fist and morality. He deserves to be called his brother!

Chen Dongbai respected and feared Wiliam.

As long as I was thinking of seeing Wiliam all the time, he was infinitely useful for him to mention something.

But there is also a sense of tingling like a tiger.

Wiliam always came to him when something happened, so how dare he trouble Wiliam.

However, Chen Xilin also exhausted his words on the phone and moved out the relationship between father and son.

In the end, Chen Dongbai could only bite the bullet and said: “Okay, I’ll give a call and try, but if my brother Lu refuses to help, I have no way of doing it. You can’t force me anymore.”

After speaking, he called Wiliam tremblingly.

And at this moment, Wiliam was staring at the time on the TV with Xena eagerly at home.

At half past eleven.

After a while, you will be able to feast on and get a good understanding of this week’s vegetarian career.

At this time, the phone rang, and he answered it casually, “Chen Dongbai, what is it so late?”

Chen Dongbai tremblingly uttered his father’s request, and then added, “Brother Lu, if you find it inconvenient, I will push it for you immediately. It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Chen Dongbai’s words have been spoken very lowly.

Wiliam was pondering.

This Chen Dongbai, he is very shrewd in handling things, and he has troubled him several times before.

One time, the Beifeng Fund drew salaries from the bottom, causing Bai Zhensheng’s loan building to collapse.

Once, Beifeng Fund unearthed the villain Huang Tianming at a shareholder meeting of Lunanica Company.

The last time was at Chen Shuyun’s 80th birthday to unite with the whole city fund to cut off all the back of the Bai family.

It’s all about favors.

Now he is asking for himself, saying that he must not give him face.

So Wiliam said, “All right, you ask someone to contact me directly, and I’ll go and help.”

When Chen Dongbai heard this, he was overjoyed and bowed repeatedly on the other end of the phone, “Okay, good, thank you very much, Brother Lu!”

In Chen Dongbai’s heart, as long as Wiliam came out, regardless of whether his opponent was a man or a god, crush him!

Now, it is a great honor for Lu Yeken to take action.

After he hung up the phone, he directly contacted Sun Dayu and asked Sun Dayu to call Wiliam.

When Sun Dayu heard this, he was also trembling.

This is a great god-level figure, and I am fortunate to call and invite him.

He immediately called Wiliam, “Hello Lu Ge! I’m Chen Dongbai’s friend Xiaosun, I am sorry it’s so late, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Before Sun Dayu heard Chen Dongbai always call Lu Ge, he thought that this person was Lu Ge.

Wiliam and Sun Dayu had no friendship, they were completely strangers.

He became less polite, “Time, place.”

“Now, there is a construction site on the Huangling plot in the west of the city. It should be easy to find.” Sun Dayu said tremblingly.

“Okay.” Wiliam said briefly and hung up.

Then Xena rushed over, looking like she wanted to cry, “Oh, you have a conscientious brother-in-law! You also said that you are colluding with your sister! If she goes out, you go out too! No wonder she is so relieved when she goes out so late. , It turns out that you have made an appointment to go out again, and then you still don’t take me! Leave me alone! How about being a man!”

Wiliam’s head suddenly got bigger. This grinning little fairy said, “It’s really not your sister who called. If you don’t believe me, I will call you to see.”

Wiliam showed Xena the phone as he spoke.

When Xena saw that strange number, she believed it.

However, she was wronged again in a blink of an eye, “But, didn’t we make an appointment for a big meal at twelve? You let me dove!”

Wiliam Yihan was right.

It’s hard to justify now.

Go on your own, let’s say less for more than half an hour.

Then I order and deliver food, and I won’t be able to eat until one or two.

It was true that Xena was wronged, because she baba stayed with herself in the hall all night.

Wiliam thought for a while, and directly dialed the number just now, “Hey, it’s me. In this way, I can help, you can also do me a favor, and help me go to the Tiansheng restaurant to order a few supper to my house. I will send you a location in a moment.”

Sun Dayu on one side was reporting to Huang Zhengyin. When he received this call, he was at a loss.

Order a meal?


Have you become a takeaway boy?

But before he could reply, the phone said: “What do you want to eat? You say.”

Then, the voice of a pretty young woman came over, “Boiled fish, crayfish, eight-treasure crab, abalone guinea fowl, steamed white jade scallops, Arctic sashimi, fried oysters with ginger and green onion…”

The woman snapped and reported the names of more than a dozen dishes in one breath, her lips were as neat as a cross talk.

Huang Zhengyin asked displeasedly: “What is this for?”

Huang Zhengyin suspiciously replied: “It seems that he is ordering food with me…”

Then weakly said to the phone: “Lu Ge, or you say it again? I take a note?”

Chapter 379

Xena was patient and reported to Sun Dayu one dish after another on the phone.

Wiliam listened to the side and his saliva flowed down.

This little fairy is so good at ordering food, every way is fatal.

After being hungry and thirsty for several days, I was finally able to feast on it.

While at the construction site, Sun Dayu squatted on the ground with a fat body, holding a phone in one hand and a pen in the other, writing slowly on the paper on his leg.

I’m slow to write, and I have to be urged by the woman on the phone, this looks really sad.

He finally wrote it down, only to find that a piece of paper was full.

Khan, how many people is this? I ordered so many!

As soon as he stood up, there was a sneer from the side, “Huh, this Lu Ge, it seems that he is a man of fame, and he is also pursuing worldly grains!”

It was Huang Zhengyin who said this, of course.

Huang Zhengyin originally believed Sun Dayu a little bit, after all, this guy is unprofitable and cannot afford to be early.

To spend a lot of effort to curry favor with that Lu Ge, that guy must have two brushes.

But I didn’t expect to see this picture.

His heart suddenly relaxed.

This Sun Dayu, it should be that the wild goose was pecked by the geese all day long, and it was a mistake.

Sun Dayu took the menu and said to Huang Zhengyin in a low voice: “Zhengyin, otherwise we will order while we go? Are you hungry, do you want me to order a table for you?”

Huang Zhengyin sneered, “I won’t. I’ll see how this Lu Ge is three-headed and six-armed, and can flatter you to such an extent.”

Sun Dayu chuckled twice, but there was no answer.

But in his heart, he was even more surprised.

This Lu Ge is such a wonderful work.

However, masters, always have a weird temper.

If this Lu Ge agreed normally, he might have doubts about it.

The three people slowly came to the front of Li Nanfeng’s house.

As expected, Li Nanfeng was still sitting on the ground at the door meditating.

Seeing the three people coming, Li Nanfeng slowly opened his eyes, but looked at Feliicity.

“This is the third time you have come. It’s nothing more than three things. Next time you dare to come over, I’ll fight with you!”

Feliicity was frightened and dared not to go any further.

Sun Dayu, however, had Huang Zhengyin behind him, stepped forward with a carefree step, and said condescendingly: “Li Nanfeng, do you know who you are talking to? The one in front of you, but…”

“If you want to go up, there is so much nonsense? I said earlier, whoever comes, I will fight.” Li Nanfeng was as arrogant as ever.

These words caused Huang Zhengyin to laugh, “What a mad tone! I, Huang Zhengyin, have been walking in the rivers and lakes for decades, and I have never met someone like you who doesn’t know good or bad, no matter what, today I will take care of you. Let you know that there are people outside the world, and there are heaven outside the world!”

He walked up and stood in front of Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng also stood up and confronted Huang Zhengyin.

The touch of his eyes made Li Nanfeng’s heart chuckle.

This skinny monkey-like man has some real abilities.

The aura on him is completely different from those of the little gangsters before.

Li Nanfeng could feel the aura of a warrior from him.

This person should also be a martial artist.

But Huang Zhengyin didn’t have any vigilance at all, and was still aloof, “I will give you the last chance to beg for mercy. If you miss it, you will have to crawl out of this construction site later.”

Li Nanfeng didn’t say a word, he just stepped forward with a punch.

Huang Zhengyin hid in a hurry, but sneered in his heart.

This guy, although he has a little skill, but he doesn’t talk about the rules of the world.

Simply lost the face of the warrior.

What kind of heroes do you use to cast Lengjian?

After Huang Zhengyin escaped, a leg whip swept over.

“Bang!” With a fist and a leg, the two took a step back together.

Feliicity’s eyes lit up.

This was the first time she saw someone who could have done a trick in Li Nanfeng’s hands.

The little brothers with the knife before, couldn’t hold on to a single move, and were thrown into the air.

It seems that Huang Zhengyin has some real skills, and there is a show tonight.

In the blink of an eye, the two people in the field had been fighting for several rounds, and for a while, they were evenly matched.

This made Huang Zhengyin a little surprised at the strength of Li Nanfeng.

You know, Huang Zhengyin has been practicing martial arts with Frederick since he was a child, and he has practiced for more than 30 years before he has achieved what he is today.

And this Li Nanfeng is only in his twenties.

It’s incredible to be able to match him.

After a long period of time, Huang Zhengyin felt that his face couldn’t be saved.

After all, with the prestigious halo of Frederick on his head, there are already a few warriors in Q City ( Qena City ) who dare to be disrespectful to him.

Now, there are outsiders watching.

If you didn’t take this kid down today, maybe Sun Dayu’s big mouth would be all over the world.

It would be really shameful then.

So, he lifted a sigh, and the speed of his fists and feet was a little faster.

Sure enough, it received a miraculous effect.

Li Nanfeng was a little breathless for a while by the dense fists and feet, and backed away.

“Haha, know that Huang Zhengyin is amazing!” Huang Zhengyin swept Li Nanfeng to the ground with one blow, and then stood there and laughed.

He didn’t take advantage of the fire and robbed himself of his identity.

Sun Dayu hurriedly complimented him loudly behind him: “Zhengyin is indeed well-deserved. The first time I saw you making a shot, I was convinced by you! Just ask Q City ( Qena City ), besides your father, who else is your opponent!”

Huang Zhengyin was excited to hear it!

What he wants is this kind of glory under one person and above ten thousand people.

And just when Huang Zhengyin wanted to step forward and force Li Nanfeng to catch him, Li Nanfeng’s body suddenly moved back quickly.

“Haha, know you’re scared? Want to run away?” Huang Zhengyin laughed again.

But at this time, Li Nanfeng lifted his trouser legs silently.

In this scene, even Feliicity was covering her mouth.

I saw Li Nanfeng’s legs with two bags tied.

Li Nanfeng untied the two bags and threw them aside.

These two bags look very heavy!

Like iron sand bags!

Had he been fighting with these two heavy iron sandbags before?

These two iron sand bags add up to 30 catties!

Huang Zhengyin’s brows also frowned.

This kid has been hiding himself just now?


My Huang Zhengyin shot, you didn’t go all out!

court death!

Just as he was aggrieved, Li Nanfeng had already rushed over!

After this, Huang Zhengyin’s pupils shrank!

So fast!

It is more than twice as fast as before!

And Li Nanfeng kicked his feet on the ground, like a white crane spreading its wings, and leaped towards Huang Zhengyin!

Chapter 380

Huang Zhengyin suddenly didn’t dare to look down upon this Li Nanfeng again, and the two were fighting together again!

It’s just that Huang Zhengyin defeated Li Nanfeng with a strong breath just now.

Now that Li Nanfeng’s body is all untied, there is a sense of comfort like a fish in the ocean for a while!

He was almost hitting Huang Zhengyin.

After a while, only a muffled hum!

Huang Zhengyin was like a little gangster before, was severely thrown out by Li Nanfeng, spitting out a mouthful of blood on the ground.

This scene made Sun Dayu’s mouth wide open!

This Li Nanfeng is so amazing!

This is Huang Zhengyin!

Even Huang Zhengyin is not his opponent!

Then who else can equalize him!

After Huang Zhengyin vomited a mouthful of blood on the ground, his entire expression became squalid!

a shame!

He is also a well-known martial artist in Q City ( Qena City ).

But I didn’t expect to be defeated by an unknown person tonight.

How can he bear this kind of shame!

He seemed mad, and rushed towards Li Nanfeng again, trying to win back face.

However, Huang Zhengyin’s breath was completely messed up at this moment.

The breath was messed up, and the constitution of his hands and feet was naturally messed up.

Li Nanfeng threw Huang Zhengyin out again almost effortlessly.

And there is more!

Li Nanfeng kept his body in shape while throwing out Huang Zhengyin.

Following Huang Zhengyin’s body, he was in mid-air, and once again fiercely made a knee attack!

Huang Zhengyin’s waist was stabbed severely, and his body was bent in the air!

After falling to the ground, Li Nanfeng clapped his hands, seeming to announce that the battle is over.

The outcome has been divided.

After doing this, he returned to his house again and sat down quietly.

This scene even provokes Huang Zhengyin to beat the ground hard!


No one is arrogant!

After the fight is over, leave without a second word!

It seems to be saying that what he is cooking is just a little guy, not enough!

Sun Dayu hurried forward and helped Huang Zhengyin up.

Feliicity also followed and asked nervously, “Secretary-General Sun, what can I do now? Even Master Huang is not Li Nanfeng’s opponent.”

These words stung Huang Zhengyin’s heart again!


Even a woman despises herself!

Sun Dayu helped Huang Zhengyin again not far away before putting him down.

Huang Zhengyin’s waist was severely damaged, and it was obvious that he could no longer fight.

His eyes were full of resentment.

This Li Nanfeng is really serious about his fist.

I don’t know where I learned from.

“Zhengyin? Or let’s go first today. This Li Nanfeng looks too powerful, and there are some crooked ways in his hands and feet. At first sight, he is not a good person.” Sun Dayu found Huang Zhengyin a step down.

Huang Zhengyin naturally knew, and said along the way: “Alright, this kid is very wild, and I accidentally got his way. I will definitely find this place in the future.”

“How powerful is Li Nanfeng?” Feliicity couldn’t understand the doorway inside, and couldn’t help asking.

Huang Zhengyin glanced at Feliicity contemptuously, and said, “How powerful? Let me tell you this. This kid is a trick. In the entire Q City ( Qena City ), I think, except for my father who can suppress him, there are no people. It could be his opponent!”

Hearing this, Sun Dayu took a breath.

Li Nanfeng is so good?

Why is such a powerful person who was unknown before and even lived in such a dilapidated house?

If he is willing to go out and help people, those rich people are welcome.

It’s not good now, Sun Dayu thought it was a problem for Feliicity.

Now, it seems to be a problem for the entire Drug Association.

When Frandick came back, he saw that the matter was still closed, and then went to investigate the truth, and he would definitely find out all his dirty corruption.

No, this matter seems to be resolved.

Sun Dayu was a little scared at this moment.

But Huang Zhengyin has already said everything to this point. Although it is a bit exaggerated, it is not far away.

“Are you going to invite your father to play?” Feliicity couldn’t help asking again.

“Hoho, how can my father be called by anyone? Don’t think about this. If you believe me, when I get the treatment, I will naturally find this kid to find a place someday. “Huang Zhengyin said fiercely.

But in Feliicity’s heart, this Huang Zhengyin was just talking about the scene.

It’s over, now who else will take care of this Li Nanfeng.

At this time, Feliicity suddenly thought of someone.

She hurriedly asked Sun Dayu, “Secretary-General Sun, didn’t you just call that Lu Ge over? What about people?”

Sun Dayu was also refreshed.

Yes, there is one last way!

Lu Ge!

This great god with a weird temper.

Why is he still here?

But Huang Zhengyin on the side sneered, “Even I am not that kid’s opponent. Do you really expect a liar who can only eat, drink and play to solve Li Nanfeng? You are too ridiculous.”

This made Sun Dayu a little blushing.

But things have reached this point, and there is no way to go back.

Lu Ge is the last straw of their Drug Association.

“I’ll ask him if he is here.” Sun Dayu smirked and turned to call.

Huang Zhengyin laughed even louder.

In his mind, Li Nanfeng is definitely a hard time now.

If his father didn’t come out, there really wouldn’t be anyone above Q City ( Qena City ) who could manage Li Nanfeng.

As for that Lu Ge, he was here to find death.

It doesn’t matter, I’m pretty depressed today, and someone will come over later and be beaten up by Li Nanfeng.

It not only solved this embarrassment for myself, but also made myself look better.

Sun Dayu turned his head back with a gloomy look and said, “Why doesn’t this Lu Ge answer the phone?”

Feliicity’s heart shuddered. Isn’t this Lu Ge really a liar?

And Huang Zhengyin laughed, “I told you a long time ago that this man is a liar, don’t you believe it? Now you see, you can’t even answer the phone. I advise you to go back soon and consider the long-term plan.”

Sun Dayu sighed and felt even more aggrieved.

What kind of ghost did the Chen family and son introduce themselves to?

A master who flees?

Sick everyone!

I also pitted myself thousands of dollars in vegetable money!

Be sure to find this kid and beat him up!

Sun Dayu sighed and said to Feliicity: “President Bai, or we’d better go back and talk about it tomorrow.”

Feliicity was also desperate to the extreme.

Tomorrow, it is already late.

Universal Construction Company will definitely sue the Drug Association.

However, he is completely powerless.

Just as she was frustrated and wanted to agree, a familiar voice suddenly came from behind, “Wife, why are you here?”


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