Dragon Husband Chapter 381-390

Chapter 381

Hearing this familiar voice, Feliicity trembled and turned her head in disbelief.

I saw Wiliam standing behind him, looking at her gently.

Feliicity looked like a kid who did something wrong, and she lowered her head all at once, “Wiliam, why are you here?”

Sun Dayu, who was standing next to Feliicity, had a pleasant surprise, but he thought it was Lu Ge.

I didn’t think it was just Feliicity’s husband, Wiliam.

This was also the first time Sun Dayu saw Wiliam.

Before the General Assembly of the Drug Association and Chen Shuyun’s 80th birthday, Sun Dayu never came back because he was relaxing outside, and naturally he did not meet.

Seeing Wiliam doing this at the moment, he couldn’t help but sneer.

But so.

It was rumored that Wiliam had a very good relationship with Brother Hu, but now it seems that he is just a weak-literate young man.

I’m afraid the rumors are overstated.

This kid, I have heard that he is a spoiled wife.

Therefore, seeing Feliicity come out at this time, he must have followed by secretly.

After all, Feliicity has grown up all over the country, guarding such a wife, naturally, he will always worry about gains and losses.

Not to mention that an incompetent person guarding such a sweet wife must be more anxious.

Cut, thought it was Lu Ge here.

Sun Dayu thought with disdain, but Feliicity had already pulled Wiliam to a short distance to whisper.

Feliicity didn’t dare to look at Wiliam, because she also felt that Wiliam came with her secretly.

After all, his performance in the past few days is too abnormal, how could someone as smart as Wiliam find out.

“Wiliam, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t hide it from you…” Feliicity whispered.

Wiliam rubbed Feliicity’s hair, and said with a smile: “So you are here, let’s talk, what happened recently, you must keep it from me? We are husband and wife.”

Feliicity’s eyes suddenly turned red.

This Li Nanfeng has not been resolved, and Feliicity’s heart is almost sick.

Now she is completely desperate.

And Li Nanfeng is extremely powerful, this is what she has seen with her own eyes.

So Feliicity didn’t ask Wiliam to solve this problem.

At this moment, she just wanted to confide in Wiliam’s distress and grievance.

She told Wiliam all the causes and consequences of the matter.

Wiliam listened carefully, but it gradually became clear in his heart.

It turned out to be such a thing.

In other words, it was the fat Sun Dayu who called himself just now?

It’s no coincidence that a book cannot be made.

Wiliam looked at Sun Dayu, his eyes gradually became cold.

He asked: “This is Sun Dayu, who set up a set for you to jump down, took the mess, and then came to pretend to be a good person, and you want you to apologize to him in front of everyone tomorrow?”

Bai Fengxueqing nodded involuntarily.

That Sun Dayu is really disgusting.

Wiliam sneered and said, “I Wiliam’s woman, can this trash be bullied?”

Feliicity knew that Wiliam was angry when she heard this.

She hurriedly pulled Wiliam and said, “Wiliam, let’s not talk about this. We can’t solve that Li Nanfeng now. Otherwise, shall we go back?”

Wiliam thought that Feliicity had said so, so just find a time tomorrow to clean up Li Nanfeng.

But at this time, Sun Dayu came over and said without a smile: “President Bai, why? Don’t you introduce this to us?”

Feliicity had no choice but to introduce each other.

Huang Zhengyin who was beside nature also walked over.

Wiliam frowned when he heard that he was the prince of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall.

I really have a relationship with Tianyi Martial Arts Center.

It’s just that Huang Zhengyin looked at Wiliam with disdain in his eyes.

After all, a martial artist like him, how can he look upon the ordinary Wiliam.

Flowers stuck in the cow dung.

After the introduction, Sun Dayu smiled and stretched out his hand to Wiliam, “Hello, I have heard of the name for a long time, and I finally met today.”

Wiliam also stretched out his hand and shook it.

He wanted to let go, but found out that Sun Dayu was still holding his hand tightly.

Even the strength in his hands gradually increased.

Because in Sun Dayu’s view, this gentle and bookish boy is simply powerless.

This is the first time I meet, I have to leave some meeting salutes as a deterrent.

Wiliam smiled softly, “I’m sorry.”

Then the strength in his hands suddenly increased.

Sun Dayu was in the midst of complacency, and suddenly felt the force from his hand, as if being smashed by iron tongs!

It’s painful!

He wailed directly in pain, then quickly pulled his hand away and kept shaking it up.

Feliicity went inside and asked, “President Sun, what’s wrong with you?”

Sun Dayu wanted to say that this kid was yin him, but he thought that he wanted yin first.

I had to endure this nasty breath, “There is nothing wrong, I just got a cramp in my hand.”

“Then what should we do now? Let’s go back?” Feliicity asked.

Sun Dayu wanted to nod his head, but suddenly had a plan. He said to Feliicity: “Chairman Bai, I heard that your husband is very good at fighting. He is still a friend of Brother Tiger. People who can be with Brother Tiger are definitely not ordinary people. Huh? Otherwise, you ask your family Wiliam to come forward and meet that Li Nanfeng?”

Huang Zhengyin couldn’t help but sneered.

But he didn’t speak.

Instead, he watched the show jokingly.

Because he saw it, Sun Dayu wanted to ridicule this kid in public.

Huang Zhengyin naturally wouldn’t care about this personal grievance.

It’s just that he started to sympathize with this young man who suddenly appeared.

It’s really bad, I don’t know if I met an old fox like Sun Dayu when he was used as a gun.

Feliicity turned pale with fright for a while, and hurriedly waved his hands, “No way, no way. Although my family Wiliam can play a bit, it is impossible to beat that Li Nanfeng. Isn’t this intentional to let my family Wiliam go to death?”

In Feliicity’s impression, Wiliam made a shot in front of her once.

It was when Fernando wanted to yin them in the underground garage, but was beaten back by Wiliam.

At that time, although Wiliam had won, his life was almost lost.

And he was covered in blood.

And Li Nanfeng turned over twenty tigers in one breath, not even a master like Huang Zhengyin.

How could Wiliam be his opponent.

However, Sun Dayu refused to forgive him. He deliberately ignored Feliicity. Instead, he said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, what do you say? I guess you knew it just now. It was all caused by your wife. If she fails to solve it, it is estimated that the reputation of the vice president will plummet. As a man, shouldn’t you share a little bit for your wife? Or are you used to being a little white face behind a woman? “

Chapter 382 Meeting Lin Nanfeng

This is very vicious.

Feliicity’s pretty face blushed.


He said that Wiliam in front of him!

She was about to refute, but was pressed down by Wiliam.

Wiliam motioned to her with his eyes, and then just hand it to him.

Sun Dayu deliberately looked at Wiliam provocatively.

This vicious remark is wrong, but it is reasonable.

No one in Q City ( Qena City ) knows that Feliicity’s husband was a downright softie before.

It now seems worthy of the name.

Sun Dayu originally thought, by taunting Feliicity to express his son Sun Meilin’s breath.

However, it was impossible to justify that Wiliam would appear unexpectedly.

Li Nanfeng was really an assist, and he was about to beat Wiliam again.

Thinking of this, Sun Dayu felt very happy.

Wiliam said to Sun Dayu: “Okay, what do you want me to do?”

When Sun Dayu saw that Wiliam actually dared to agree, he was suddenly disrupted.

He slowed down for several seconds before reacting, and said, “Of course it is to clean up that Li Nanfeng!”

Feliicity stomped her feet in a hurry, but did not dare to speak.

Because Wiliam had hinted at her just now.

Wiliam smiled, “Okay, let’s go.”

But Sun Dayu said: “You promised that would be great, but let’s wait a moment, and there is an expert coming over, and we will go there together later.”

Sun Dayu can still remember that Li Nanfeng said that there were only three incidents.

He was afraid that there was no guarantee that Li Nanfeng would act on them directly.

That would be more than worthwhile.

After all, waiting for that Lu Ge to come over, and then go together, finally have a bottom in my heart.

“When will your Lu Ge come over!” Huang Zhengyin was a little impatient at this time.

He originally stayed to see how Sun Dayu taunted this Wiliam.

But they didn’t think they would pass again.

If it passes, it will naturally involve Huang Zhengyin’s fiasco just now.

He was very unhappy.

Sun Dayu checked the time, it was almost twelve o’clock.

He hesitated and said to Huang Zhengyin to please: “Zhengyin, don’t worry, I will call Lu Ge right away, he should be there now, too.”

Huang Zhengyin nodded reluctantly.

Just as Sun Dayu was about to take out his mobile phone, a car rushed over not far away, making a beautiful flick in front of him.

Sun Dayu was happy, could it be that Lu Ge is here?

He hurried forward and opened the door respectfully.

However, the person who got out of the car was taken aback.

Not Lu Ge.

It was Chen Dongbai.

Chen Dongbai was also taken aback when he saw Sun Dayu.

Before, Chen Dongbai was drunk and dreaming of death, but after he asked Wiliam to take action, he was completely out of alcohol.

He thought about it, letting Wiliam go to the construction site alone, always feeling his inner strength anxious.

So he didn’t care about anything, and drove over.

When he got off the car, he saw Sun Dayu.

Then he looked into the distance, oh ho, Wiliam is here, and my sister-in-law is there.

He was about to come up to ask for peace, but was held back by Sun Dayu.

Sun Dayu said with a hypocritical expression: “Dongbai, why are you here? By the way, let me ask you something, is Lu Ge really good at fighting? If you can’t, we should go back first?”

He is now beginning to fear that Lu Ge’s reputation will be harmed instead.

When Chen Dongbai heard this, he suddenly became mad.

Lu Yeke is there!

What do Sun Dayu’s words mean!

He said unhappily: “My brother Lu is martial arts, how can a person like you know? Also, since you don’t believe me, Brother Lu, why don’t you let me call someone! I have taken so much courage! do you know?”

Sun Dayu felt unhappy when he heard it, but he was overjoyed.

Seeing what Chen Dongbai said so serious, then Lu Ge should really have two brushes!

Come over there later, but you have to treat yourself to it.

Maybe I will use it for myself in the future.

He was about to ask, but saw that Chen Dongbai had already walked towards Wiliam and the others.

He hurriedly chased behind him and shouted: “Dong Bai, where is the Lu Ge person you are talking about? I’ll come over in a while, and I will honor him.”

Chen Dongbai was already standing in front of Wiliam, listening to Sun Dayu’s words, his brow furrowed and he couldn’t help saying: “My brother Lu is here soon?”

“Here?” Sun Dayu was taken aback.

Feliicity and Huang Zhengyin are also at a loss.

When did you come?


Why don’t you see people?

Where did you hide?

Suddenly, Chen Dongbai leaned slightly toward Wiliam, then straightened up and said, “Isn’t he the Lu brother I was talking about?”

The three people at the scene seemed to have been struck by lightning!

They looked at Wiliam, and they couldn’t believe it for a moment.

Wiliam, is Lu Ge?

And Lu Ge, turned out to be Brother Lu?


What’s the matter!

This kid!

How could he be a master!

Sun Dayu’s face sank suddenly, he felt that he was being tricked!

Really, this kid is not a master no matter how he looks, how can he be worthy of such admiration from Chen Dongbai!

I’m so blind!

Such an important hope is pinned on this garbage!

What’s more, I didn’t know just now, but I was still in front of this kid and said to be filial!

I lost my face to grandma’s house!

“Dongbai? Are you kidding me? How could this kid be a master? Don’t coax me?” Sun Dayu held back for a long time before saying this.

After speaking, Chen Dongbai’s face turned immediately, “Sun Dayu, what do you mean by this? If you don’t believe my brother Lu, don’t let me invite him out at night! Do you know how busy my brother Lu is! Take care of you!”

Sun Dayu was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say.

Seeing Sun Dayu’s eyes still full of disdain, Chen Dongbai was extremely depressed.

He felt sorry for Wiliam.

It took a lot of courage to invite Wiliam to come, at least Sun Dayu would also confess Wiliam to speak up.

Unexpectedly, this guy said such ugly words in front of Wiliam.

Isn’t this hitting Chen Dongbai in the face?

Chen Dongbai said to Wiliam apologetically: “Brother Lu, I’m really sorry, I don’t know how things will be like this, since they don’t believe me, go, I will take you and my sister-in-law home.”

Feliicity is still in the clouds and mist, and the divine turning point in it makes her completely unresponsive.

She knew that Chen Dongbai had a good relationship with Wiliam, but she didn’t think that Chen Dongbai would respect Wiliam so much.

Is this still my husband?

However, she still understood that even if Wiliam was the person Chen Dongbai admired, he was still not Li Nanfeng’s opponent.

So she hurriedly followed Chen Dongbai’s words and said: “Okay, let’s go back.”

But Wiliam grabbed Feliicity and said to Chen Dongbai: “Xiao Chen, this is none of your business. I didn’t know that my wife was also involved. Since she participated, I don’t have any. The reason for leaving. Let’s go, we will meet that Li Nanfeng.”

Chapter 383

The atmosphere at the scene was extremely embarrassing.

First, everyone didn’t want Wiliam to beat Li Nanfeng, including Feliicity.

Secondly, everyone was stunned by this Wiliam’s courage.

He even dared to take the initiative to challenge Li Nanfeng.

It is a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers!

Huang Zhengyin laughed directly, “Ho ho, okay, I want to see, you kid, how many catties are there.”

Before, Huang Zhengyin wanted to clean up this fame-fishing man by himself, but now he has no hands-on ability, but he wants to use Li Nanfeng to give this kid some power.

Let him know that the world of martial arts is not just for fun.

Don’t think that you have been invincible after spending a few days and fighting with Brother Tiger.

This world is far bigger than you think.

A group of people walked inside thoughtfully, Feliicity tightly grasped Wiliam’s hand.

She wasn’t worried about Li Nan’s warnings, but instead worried about Wiliam.

This time, I’m afraid it will be more unfortunate.

Wiliam, Wiliam, why are you so pretentious.

Don’t ask me how good Li Nanfeng was just now.

On the way, Wiliam’s phone rang suddenly, and when he saw it, it was a little fairy.

Wiliam thought that it was the little fairy who was hungry and unconscious at home.

After all, they both had no idea how to eat today.

He picked it up casually, “Hey, Ruoshuang, what’s wrong?”

“Brother-in-law! Why aren’t you coming back! I’m starving to death! I ordered the meal!” Xena roared over the phone.

Even Feliicity heard Xena’s voice.

Her eyes suddenly became faint.

And Wiliam squeezed Feliicity’s hand, and then said, “Wait, I’ll ask.”

After he finished speaking, he asked Sun Dayu, who had a weird look behind him: “Hey, is the meal I ordered you ready? My sister-in-law is almost starving and fainting!”

The atmosphere at the scene was stagnant.

Sun Dayu beeped the dog all at once.

He was reminded by Wiliam that he suddenly realized that, yes, since Wiliam is Brother Lu, then the person who called him to order food before is him!

Wan Wanren thought that there is still a pit!

It’s because I was so flattering on the phone just now, I actually faced this kid!

That’s it!

I’m embarrassed!

Sun Dayu was unhappy, but he could only say in a whisper on his face: “It should be almost healed…”

“You call to remind you.” After Wiliam finished speaking, he continued to say to the phone, “You will be here soon.”

Feliicity suddenly grabbed the phone and said angrily: “Oh, Xena, what are you doing with your brother-in-law on your back! Didn’t I let you be a vegetarian? Good for you, the names of the dishes just now made me hungry!”

Xena heard Feliicity’s voice and was stunned for five seconds before realizing that it was Wiliam’s call.

She also exploded in an instant!

“Let me just say it! My sister just walked away with my brother-in-law’s back foot! I asked him and he still quibbleed that he wasn’t looking for you! Now I’m arrested right now! Sister, brother-in-law, you are not people! Leave me alone at home!”

She scolded so well that Wiliam didn’t know how to refute it.

It was a coincidence after all.

Feliicity had a grievance at first, but Xena was stunned and said: “Then, save some for me and your brother-in-law to eat later.”

Then quickly hung up.

The eyes of several people around changed.

What a big family ethics drama this is.

Huang Zhengyin’s face was full of mockery.

It turns out that this Wiliam is not only a layman who is greedy for food, but also for beauty, even the sister-in-law at home.

Ho ho, food and sex, really a downright layman.

How capable is this kind of person?

Later, just wait to be ravaged by Li Nanfeng!

Feliicity hung up the phone and said to Wiliam bitterly, “What the hell is going on? Am I not letting you be a vegetarian?”

Wiliam quickly explained, “Isn’t it almost twelve o’clock? Didn’t you mean to be vegetarian for a week? Time is coming?”

Feliicity was taken aback, but was speechless.

Do you want to be so accurate in time?

It rained heavily after a week.

Too bad for me.

Seeing that his face was not good, Wiliam quickly squeezed her little hand and said, “Didn’t I say surprise you when I left, and you are included. I will go home and eat together later.”

Feliicity’s complexion improved a bit, and she gave Wiliam a fierce look.

Sun Dayu on the side felt aggrieved.

Going back to eat?

In a moment, let you go back to the Palace of Hades to eat!

A group of people returned to Li Nanfeng’s door with ghosts.

Seeing them coming back again, Li Nanfeng stood up instantly.

Feliicity and Sun Dayu took a step back together.

They felt that Li Nanfeng’s current aura was completely different from just now.

Li Nanfeng before, looked cold, as if he didn’t care about anything.

But now Li Nanfeng looked angry, as if he wanted to swallow the whole world together.

That’s right, a normal person who is disturbed by people coming to the door five times a day will make him angry.

“You dare to come again!” Li Nanfeng said sharply.

He took the initiative to walk towards Sun Dayu and the others.

Sun Dayu hurriedly hid in the back, but yelled: “Li Nanfeng, don’t be arrogant. We have found another expert to come over and fight with you. I tell you, this is a great expert. He said that he should step on you. Ramp up your feet!”

Feliicity flushed with anger.

This guy is clearly provoking Li Nanfeng’s anger!

Sure enough, Li Nanfeng was already angry.

“Don’t give you something ruthless, you don’t know how ruthless Li Nanfeng is! Come on!”

After all, he rushed towards everyone.

Sun Dayu hurriedly pushed Wiliam and said, “It’s him! You are coming to him!”

Wiliam stood up and saw Li Nanfeng coming, his expression suddenly became serious.

Masters make moves, see their moves and know their potential!

This Li Nanfeng is really skilled, and it seems that he is also a master of external power.

Although Wiliam had just entered the outside world not long ago, he was not afraid of a master at the same level.

After all, the “Medical Classic of Wuchang” is a sacred book that surpasses heaven and earth.

The martial arts recorded in it are not uncommon.

Although he has only practiced the first three forms in “Nine Forms of Impermanence”, he is confident to defeat this Li Nanfeng.

After thinking about it, Li Nanfeng’s fist wind had completely enveloped Wiliam.

Wiliam wanted to hide, but couldn’t avoid it!

Feliicity yelled anxiously.

Chen Dongbai’s face turned pale!

He didn’t even think that this Li Nanfeng was so good!

Sun Dayu and Huang Zhengyin looked at each other, mocking each other.

Just die like this!

Let you know how great the world is!

Make you think highly of yourself!

Regret now, it is too late!

Chapter 384

Under the crowd watching, Wiliam retreated several steps before stabilizing.

Li Nanfeng looked at Wiliam a little differently, his body no longer moved.

He had already seen that Wiliam’s skill should not be under him.

Although Wiliam had retreated just now, his steps were smooth and steady, and he did not panic.

As if deliberately testing the details.

This gave Li Nanfeng a twelve-point spirit.

“Wiliam, you have to be careful. If you don’t, don’t act aggressively. I will be sad if you are injured.” Feliicity couldn’t help but shouted.

I hope to use my worries for Wiliam’s sensibility.

Wiliam nodded, and this time rushed towards Li Nanfeng on his own initiative.

“Zhengyin, can this kid beat Li Nanfeng?” Sun Dayu, a layman, had to ask Huang Zhengyin.

Huang Zhengyin was not in the game, so naturally he didn’t know that Wiliam’s move was a test.

In addition, Wiliam was ordering food just now and he was entangled with the sister-in-law at home.

In Huang Zhengyin’s heart, he was already a complete prodigal son.

With a prodigal son who wants to defeat Li Nanfeng?

What a joke!

You know, Li Nanfeng can beat even a master like me.

Thinking of this, Huang Zhengyin said jokingly: “I bet this kid will not last for twenty seconds in Li Nanfeng’s hands.”

Sun Dayu was overjoyed when he heard it, hahaha, really!

Oh, let you cheat me to order!

Let you be arrogant in front of me!

See if you smile or not in a while!

But Chen Dongbai, who was extremely worried, suddenly became angry. He looked at Huang Zhengyin, “What do you mean by this! Are you looking down on my brother Lu?”

“I’m just talking about the facts. Even with this kind of rubbish, I want to fight Li Nanfeng? It’s fatal if I don’t die later.” Huang Zhengyin said triumphantly.

Chen Dongbai stomped his feet with anger, and suddenly said fiercely: “My brother Lu is definitely stronger than you think! If you don’t believe it, just watch it!”

Huang Zhengyin looked at Chen Dongbai with interest, as if watching a clown.

Suddenly he had an inspiration, and said to Chen Dongbai: “Okay, don’t you believe this kid? Would you dare to make a bet with me? If this kid can hold Li Nanfeng for twenty seconds without injury, I Kneel down and call you grandpa!”

Chen Dongbai rushed with blood, “Why, gamble, who is afraid of who! If you win, I will give you the Ferrari sports car outside of me!”

Huang Zhengyin felt comfortable when he heard it. Didn’t this make a car out of thin air, hahaha.

But Chen Dongbai suddenly went on and said, “But what if my brother Lu defeated Li Nanfeng? What do you say?”

Huang Zhengyin was taken aback.

The bet just now was just a bet on whether Wiliam could last for twenty seconds.

It’s really not clear whether to win or not.

But can this kid win?

Unless the sun comes out to the west!

“If he wins, I will see you call you grandpa once! But if he loses, you have to see me call me grandpa once!” Huang Zhengyin said confidently.

Chen Dongbai’s face became stiff, this little monkey is really cruel!

But he was already riding a tiger, so he had to bite the bullet and said: “Gamble! But we all swear to God! I’m afraid you will regret it afterwards!”

Huang Zhengyin sneered, “I’m a martial artist who values ​​rules more than anything else, so I will regret it? But that’s all, betting with a villain like you and just going to the countryside to do the same. How about swearing?”

After the two vowed, Huang Zhengyin continued to watch.

And Chen Dongbai was very depressed, and the blood was on his head just now.

Do you really want to call grandpa after the car is sent out?


It’s a big deal to see him once and avoid him once!

Thinking of this, Chen Dongbai started to look at the watch, and whispered the time while watching the battle.

“one two Three……”

Huang Zhengyin looked amused.

Secular people always do these unnecessary struggles.

The battle on the field seemed to be getting more and more intense.

But it is not evenly divided.

It’s one-sided.

Li Nanfeng kept pressing the landing leaf.

And Wiliam just kept hiding, and there was one head-on encounter.

This made the sidelines look frustrated.

But the two people in the field are like mirrors.

Li Nanfeng didn’t dare to despise Wiliam at all.

This kid is so confident that he is still only attacking and not defending, testing himself!

And even the least amount of damage was received!

This shows that his strength is very strong!

Suddenly, Li Nanfeng punched and hit again, and suddenly said to Wiliam: “You have enough temptation and temptation, right? I tell you clearly, I have these tricks.”

Wiliam was amused for a while, not thinking that Li Nanfeng was an upright person.

So he nodded, “Okay, let’s officially start.”

Hearing this, Li Nanfeng rushed over again, with a pair of big punches, the tiger descended from the mountain and slammed towards Wiliam!

This time, Wiliam did not evade!

He stood still, like a pine tree!

Then he threw out his fists and shouted, “Looking at the mountains!”

The first style of “Nine Forms of Impermanence”!

Huang Zhengyin laughed when he saw it, “What a bad name is this! Do you really think it is a martial arts skill? There are still names! Find death!”

Wiliam, Wiliam, if you keep running like a tortoise, you can barely drag it for twenty seconds.

However, you are so overwhelmed that you want to fight Li Nanfeng!

That pair of fists, I have just learned.

Absolutely with the power of a tiger, how can a weak scholar like you be able to follow?

The winner is divided!

However, as soon as his voice fell, he heard an incredible exclamation from the scene!

I saw Li Nanfeng and Wiliam, fists against each other!

Wiliam’s body trembled and took a step back!

But Li Nanfeng, because his body was in the air, after a pair of punches, his body rubbed back five steps on the ground before he stood firm!

Huang Zhengyin’s eyes are about to fall off!

He roared out: “How is this possible!”

Totally impossible!

How could Li Nanfeng retreat so many steps!

From this look, it turned out that Wiliam had won this pair of punches!

You know, Wiliam is still.

And Li Nanfeng rushed over.

There is power in itself, plus a strong impact.

Wiliam took a step back, Li Nanfeng took five steps!


What’s wrong here!

Is Li Nanfeng tired after playing with himself for too long?

But just five minutes!

Obviously, Wiliam should be beaten with one punch!

However, Feliicity had closed her eyes and dared not look.

He opened his eyes only after hearing the exclamation, and he was relieved to see Wiliam intact.

Sun Dayu’s face changed.

This Wiliam is really capable!

Can take this punch!

This kid won’t win today, right?

That is terrible!

Huang Zhengyin was about to speak out and reprimand Wiliam for what he had moved. At this moment, a mocking voice suddenly came from beside him.

“Ho ho, twenty seconds have passed, kneel down and call me grandpa!”

Chapter 385

Huang Zhengyin turned his head to look.

But he saw Chen Dongbai’s surprised and triumphant face.

Chen Dongbai was naturally surprised.

Before, he had completely lost his heart.

Because Huang Zhengyin is too swearing.

However, it was unexpected that Wiliam had completely taken the blow, and instead beat the opponent five steps back.

Time has come for twenty seconds.

He won!

Huang Zhengyin looked angry and raised his fist, “Are you special!”

Chen Dongbai was frightened, hiding aside, and said fiercely, “Damn! You can’t say anything! You said that as long as my brother Lu can last for twenty seconds, he will be called grandpa. You swore just now, don’t you? I want your family to cut off children and grandchildren!”

Huang Zhengyin’s face suddenly became bitter.


People who practice martial arts like them have extremely strict family rules.

It’s more important than life to do what you say.

I thought Li Nanfeng could easily win.

Unexpectedly, I lost the bet.

Do you really want to call grandpa to this rascal boy?

He is Frederick’s son!

If this is spread out, how will it be mixed up after Q City ( Qena City )?

However, if you fail to fulfill your promise, you will violate martial arts.

He struggled there for a while, and finally bit his head, and first glared at Sun Dayu.

Sun Dayu was very acquainted and said quickly: “I can’t see anything, I can’t hear anything…”

Then, Huang Zhengyin knelt down to Chen Dongbai unwillingly and whispered, “Grandpa…”

Low voice like mosquitoes and flies.

However, Chen Dongbai was already content.

He couldn’t help laughing.

Huang Zhengyin stood up from the ground, his face was already very ugly, and said viciously to Chen Dongbai: “You wait for me!”

Chen Dongbai’s neck shrank, and he continued to look at the time.


“Another twenty seconds have passed, you still have to call Grandpa…” Chen Dongbai pointed to the watch, his voice weakened.

These words, like a thunderbolt on a blue sky, made Huang Zhengyin’s face flushed!


It’s not enough to call Grandpa once, you still want me to call!

“Don’t call it…” Chen Dongbai said slyly.

Because the previous agreement of their bet was a bit ambiguous, Chen Dongbai saw that Huang Zhengyin was about to eat people, so naturally he dared not say anything.

But he whispered in his heart, now let you cross.

If Wiliam can win later, you will call me grandpa in your life!

It’s beautiful to think about it.

However, Chen Dongbai thought so casually in his own heart.

After all, he heard from Sun Dayu just now that Li Nanfeng was extremely powerful.

And just now I saw that Wiliam was being hit by Li Nanfeng.

It’s hard to win, grandpa is enough.

Speaking back to the court.

After Wiliam knocked back Li Nanfeng, even Li Nanfeng looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

No one at the scene knew better than him, how sturdy Wiliam would go with this blow!

Near the mountains!

This is the name of Wiliam’s move just now.

It really made Li Nanfeng feel like a mountain pressing on top!

You know, what Li Nanfeng has trained himself is strength.

He has been in Q City ( Qena City ) for half a year, and he has never met a rival.

Not to mention Q City ( Qena City ), in the family where he stayed before, he was also the leader of the younger generation!

So Li Nanfeng has always been arrogant.

Even the self-proclaimed martial arts Huang Zhengyin just now seems to be nothing short of Li Nanfeng’s view, and he can take care of it in a few strokes.

I didn’t expect to encounter a master worthy of his all-out efforts here today!

When Li Nanfeng thought of this, he couldn’t help but burst into battle, and shouted, “Come again!”

The two scuffled together again.

It’s just that now it’s not as one-sided as before.

Evenly matched.

When Wiliam fisted Li Nanfeng, his blood burned.

After he stepped into the realm of external power, he had only really fought Siirius.

However, the situation was different at that time.

Now it can be regarded as the first time he is using external strength to compete.

Wiliam was extremely satisfied with the move just now.

I can’t help but sigh how powerful the “Nine Forms of Impermanence” is.

This Li Nanfeng should have entered the realm of external power for several years.

I didn’t think I had just stepped in, I could knock it back with a single blow.

Thinking of this, Wiliam was even more excited.

In the field, the two of them were entwined together like a violent wind and rain. For a while, it was difficult to distinguish the outcome.

This scene made Huang Zhengyin dumb again!

Unexpectedly, Wiliam could really fight Li Nanfeng for so long.

This has been several minutes.

The two people seemed to be tireless, swaying their strength wantonly.

No one will admit defeat!

However, Huang Zhengyin felt that this scene made him even more dull, so he said in a cold voice: “This is the case today. It seems that the two people are indifferent…”

Sun Dayu also nodded in shock, “Zhengyin is right.”

For people like him who have never seen master fights, today’s scene has reorganized his three views.

He completely subverted Wiliam’s strength and impression.

This person is definitely a super master!

At the same time, Sun Dayu was also embarrassed now.

Damn, I forced Feliicity to apologize in public tomorrow. If Wiliam knew about this, he took that fist to deal with him, would he still live?

Thinking of this, Sun Dayu was flustered, thinking that tomorrow’s affairs still had to be considered for a long time, and it was best that this kid didn’t know anything.

Huang Zhengyin was complimented by Sun Dayu and comforted a little bit. He couldn’t help but say: “I think that Wiliam is also stubbornly resisting in the negative corner. It will not take long…”

Before the words fell, there was another change in the field!

Wiliam found a loophole in Li Nanfeng’s offensive. After dodging, he rolled over and kicked Li Nanfeng out!

This scene almost made Huang Zhengyin’s tongue flash!


Do this!

I’ve spoken everything!

His face was hot, but he was constantly comforting himself in his heart. Fortunately, only half of the words were said, and not all of them were said.

But Chen Dongbai’s teasing voice came from the side, “It won’t take long what? Grandson?”

Huang Zhengyin was so angry that he was smoking!

This Wiliam simply has an enmity with himself!

Why is Li Nanfeng so useless!

Fuck him!

After Li Nanfeng was thrown out, he struck a carp on the ground and got up directly from the ground.

He was already breathing a little.

This high-speed fight has rarely been encountered by Li Nanfeng in the past two years.

However, he was still holding a breath in his heart.

How come I was kicked just now!

Not satisfied!

He rushed towards Wiliam again, with a violent roar, “Look at my legs!”

He was soaring in the air, hitting his leg whip, making a whirring sound, and slamming it towards Wiliam.

And Wiliam’s eyes dazzled, his leg to leg!

“Captain Water!”

Chapter 386

In the field, Li Nanfeng’s leg skills were extremely fierce, like a thunder from the sky!

On the ground, Wiliam also hit Li Nanfeng with his long legs!


The jaw-dropping scene appeared!

I saw that Wiliam’s leg skills were no longer as strong and domineering as Linshan before!

But at the moment when the two of them were communicating with each other, Wiliam’s legs were like a golden snake wrapped in silk, sticking to Li Nanfeng’s legs!

He tugged fiercely!

He actually unloaded Li Nanfeng’s powerful leg whip.

Li Nanfeng was caught in midair and was caught off guard, staggering.

However, everyone’s exclamation is not over yet!

Wiliam’s legs are still stuck with Li Nanfeng!

Wiliam’s “Soldier Commander Water” is really like a torrential river!

At the beginning, it was Xiaoxi Xiaohe, with gentle strength, directly letting off Li Nanfeng’s strength.

Now, small streams and small rivers converge, and suddenly the big river is surging, giving birth to a surging force!

Wiliam flicked his leg!

Like a torrent, Li Nanfeng stomped on the ground!

Li Nanfeng squatted on the ground and suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood!

The jaws of the people at the scene all fell to the ground.

Great reversal!

No one could have imagined that Wiliam could unload Li Nanfeng’s strongest blow so easily, and then hit his head!

The sound of Li Nanfeng’s leg whip made all the people present frightened.

And Wiliam, not only won, but also unscathed!

Thousands of catties!

Wiliam stepped on Li Nanfeng, and his heart was agitated!

“Impermanence Nine Forms” Second Form!

Captain water!

If the mountain before it was a big opening, it was like a mountain rolling!

Then the commander of the army is pervasive, breaking power with skill!

These two tricks are enough to defeat a master like Li Nanfeng!

Li Nanfeng fell to the ground, as if he had completely lost his fighting spirit.

After he vomited a mouthful of blood, his eyes turned a little dull.

He was lying on the ground and looking at the sky.

At this moment, above the construction site, the sky is full of stars.

This scene is so nostalgic.

Once upon a time, someone just put his arms around him, touched his head, looked at the stars and told stories…

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng felt heartache and slowly closed his eyes.

“I lost……”

Yes, Li Nanfeng gave in.

He is a man of self-knowledge.

From just now to now, except for Wiliam who had the upper hand when he was probing at the beginning, Wiliam almost controlled the situation next.

He wanted to use his strength to break the skill, but after all he didn’t know that Wiliam’s skill could no longer be described in words.

Li Nanfeng has done his best, but Wiliam Weiran.

Seeing Wiliam’s blood and arrogance, Li Nanfeng knew that Wiliam’s strength didn’t stop there!

So, lost.

The loser is convinced.

After hearing this, Feliicity rushed over with excitement and hugged Wiliam tightly.

This was the first time she watched Wiliam fighting with someone so close.

Although the blood was surging, Feliicity’s heart was always hanging on her throat.

I was afraid that Wiliam would accidentally be injured.

Now, seeing Wiliam defeating Li Nanfeng with absolute strength, how not Feliicity excited!

This is my husband!

Before, what Wiliam showed in front of Feliicity was mostly wise.

Such an impression made Feliicity feel that Wiliam would not be able to beat others.

However, the hard facts now tell Feliicity that Lu Yewen can win the enemy!

Wu Neng deceives!

At this moment, Feliicity’s face is also slightly red.

She was feeling ashamed, feeling guilty.

I felt extremely sorry for despising Wiliam before doing it for myself.

I should believe him very much.

There is no need to wait until now, when Wiliam wins, he is ecstatic.

If you behave well enough, you should be pampered at this moment, because Wiliam’s victory is of course!

“Husband, you are amazing!” Feliicity couldn’t help but whispered to Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled slightly.

There is nothing more inspiring than the affirmation of beauty.

Huang Zhengyin on the side, his face is as ugly as it is!

He couldn’t think of killing him, Wiliam actually won!

Also win so beautiful!

He lost to Li Nanfeng, and Li Nanfeng lost to Wiliam.

In other words, he is also Wiliam’s defeat!


Thinking of this, Huang Zhengyin feels as uncomfortable as eating shit!

Before, how he despised Wiliam.

From the very beginning, when Wiliam acted as a fool, Huang Zhengyin hadn’t seen Wiliam rightly.

I only think that this person is a man of fame, and I don’t even bother to be with him.

He even said that he had to teach him on the spot and personally remove his mask of hypocrisy.

But now.

Wiliam Haosheng!

Can you teach him?

He was so embarrassed in front of everyone!

However, Chen Dongbai blushed with excitement. He didn’t care about anything anymore, and grabbed Huang Zhengyin’s arm with a bad face!

“Quick! Call grandpa! You will call me grandpa in your life! You call me once when you see me!”

Huang Zhengyin was depressed at first, but when he heard Chen Dongbai’s words, he felt his blood churning.

In addition, the previous injury was still not good, and now it is a wow that also spurts old blood!

He stared at Chen Dongbai angrily, wanting to tear the rogue to his hands!

Have you seen Lao Tzu being angry?

court death!

But who is Chen Dongbai?

Lord of the snake and stick!

Now, Wiliam is the most powerful person on the court, he is Wiliam’s person.

What is he afraid of!

Chen Dongbai immediately said: “Who is betting with me just now! If you don’t fulfill your promise, then I will spread the word tomorrow, who is afraid of whom?

“Damn!” Huang Zhengyin was so angry that his fists burst!


Before betting, the gods thought that Wiliam would win!

I guess you Chen Dongbai don’t have any confidence in yourself!

Now, if you win, you should keep a low profile!

Don’t you understand to stay on the sidelines!

Do you know who Lao Tzu is?

Chen Dongbai was reluctant to forgive him, “I don’t care, anyway, I just gave it up. This is what I deserve. It is also a lesson you deserve! Make you look down on my brother Lu! You deserve it now!”

Huang Zhengyin’s eyes suddenly became gloomy!

He stared at Chen Dongbai fiercely, “Okay! I, Huang Zhengyin, speak for words! I will see you once and call you grandpa once! Grandpa! Goodbye!”

After speaking, he left the construction site without looking back.

For fear that it will be later, Chen Dongbai, this rascal, will be regarded as the second side to him.

After Li Nanfeng on the ground surrendered, he saw that Wiliam hadn’t spoken for a long time, just enjoying the romance of the beauty in his arms.

He couldn’t help but frustrated and said: “I have lost, I want to kill, I will be able to listen to it.”

Then, he added in a low voice, “Or, let me leave here now, I also have no complaints…”

Feliicity was overjoyed when he heard it.

I don’t think Li Nanfeng is still a man!

After Wiliam heard this, he suddenly cast his eyes on Sun Dayu, who was trembling on the side!

Chapter 387

In Li Nanfeng’s view, the other party started to mobilize several waves of people, isn’t it just to get himself out of this construction site?

That’s why he said that.

However, Wiliam said to Li Nanfeng while looking at Sun Dayu: “You don’t want to leave in a hurry. No, I still want you to live.”

“Huh?” Li Nanfeng was taken aback, what did these words mean?

Let yourself live?

I am a demolition household.

If I live here, this project will never start.

Li Nanfeng also knew the loss in Xiezhong.

Wasn’t Wiliam sent by the other party to drive him away?

Why now he has given up his defeat and is leaving, so he actually said such things?

His curiosity couldn’t help rising.

I want to know what this extraordinary guy will do next.

Feliicity also hurriedly pulled Wiliam, and whispered, “Wiliam what are you doing? Didn’t we come here just for…”

But she didn’t finish speaking, and was stopped by Wiliam.

Wiliam walked towards Sun Dayu slowly.

Sun Dayu’s face was full of tension and anxiety at the moment.

Seeing Wiliam coming over, he couldn’t help but stepped back several steps, “You, what are you doing? I tell you, we are our own.”

Wiliam didn’t mean to do anything, but asked indifferently, “You set this set for my wife?”

Where did Sun Dayu admit it and wave his hand quickly, “Why did I set this up? It is clear that all the vice presidents of the Drug Association unanimously elected President Bai to be the supervisor. Facts have also proved that President Bai is indeed excellent, and we have no idea. Go away.”

Feliicity rolled her eyes when she heard it.

This guy is really an old fox, he’s steady when he sees the wind.

Lu Yezhen entangled with this question, and continued to ask: “So, do you plan to let my wife apologize to you in public tomorrow?”

Sun Dayu fought a cold war all over.


Whatever you worry about, come whatever!

Wiliam really knew about this.

However, at this moment, he was already overwhelmed, so he had to bite the bullet and said: “President Bai said some misunderstandings to me before, but those were minor misunderstandings. I don’t think there is any need to apologize in public. I will immediately notify tomorrow of the apology. Will be cancelled.”

When Wiliam heard this, a fierce look flashed in his eyes, and he asked, “Did you tell me to go out?”

“Huh?” Sun Dayu was taken aback, wishing to slap himself!

That is to say, in front of Wiliam, Sun Dayu was so nervous that he couldn’t be more nervous, and he would say something wrong uncharacteristically.

If in normal times, he was careful about how he would make such a mistake.

However, seeing Wiliam’s eyes cold, Sun Dayu dared not change his words.

“Um, I’m really sorry, I thought this was going to be unfair tonight, so I asked my son to notify me just now, and I asked him to cancel it immediately.”

Wiliam suddenly waved his hand, “Cancel, no need, the apology will be held normally.”

Sun Dayu’s face stiffened, “It’s normal?”

What does this mean?

Wiliam wouldn’t be still playing his own words.

Even Feliicity was dumbfounded.

My husband wants to make a fool of myself in public, right?

But I heard Wiliam say indifferently: “Well, the apology will be held normally. As for the subject, I will apologize to Feliicity my family instead of you.”

“Huh?” Sun Dayu was stunned. He was waiting here!

He is an extremely good-faced person, how could he apologize to Feliicity in public.

This apology, how could he get along in Q City ( Qena City )!

“Well, Wiliam, the previous things were all misunderstandings. Besides, I don’t want to do anything to apologize to Chairman Bai. Where do I start with this apology?” Sun Dayu quibbled.

Feliicity on the side was infinitely moved.

It turned out that Wiliam wanted to find face for himself.

I misunderstood him again.

How could he be willing to embarrass himself in public…

“Is there anything I’m sorry for the Feliicity? Okay, the apology will continue. If there is any, you can figure out what time to come. Five o’clock, no less than five o’clock.” Wiliam suddenly twitched.

And this statement was so overbearing that Sun Dayu couldn’t refute it at all!

Sun Dayu was beeping the dog!


Wiliam still doesn’t make sense!

I’m not doing anything I’m sorry for Feliicity, so do I have to make up a few things I’m sorry for to apologize in public!

It’s too cruel!

I just wanted to make things difficult for her, I didn’t do anything to hurt her.

You now let me apologize in public, not less than five o’clock!

Isn’t this difficult for a strong man!

Moreover, how could Sun Dayu, an old fox know the trap inside.

If this is made up of a few points, such as molesting Feliicity.

Such a fabricated reason can completely serve as an excuse for Wiliam to retaliate again.


How can you manipulate this fabricated fact?

Thinking of this, Sun Dayu’s head is big.

He also had eaten salt and oil for half his life, and it was the first time he met someone as unreasonable as Wiliam.

It’s so unreasonable!

Feliicity chuckles when she hears it.

Wiliam is great.

In order to save face for myself, it can be said that the black belly is extremely black.

The reason why the other party wanted to apologize.

However, such a domineering Wiliam is great!

Love him love him!

Seeing Sun Dayu’s speechless like a dumb eating huanglian, Wiliam suddenly smiled, “It does not matter if you don’t apologize. I will let Li Nanfeng continue to live here, and then personally explain the matter to your President Hu. When that happens, It’s up to President Hu to decide.”

These words are like a bolt from the blue sky, and it blows up Sun Dayu to the outside and the inside!

One move is more ruthless than one!

No wonder this kid didn’t let Li Nanfeng move away just now, it turned out to be a pit!

If Li Nanfeng continued to live, and Frandick knew about this, he would definitely pursue the inside story of signing the contract.

Then don’t say you are in the Drug Association, you can’t mix in the entire Q City ( Qena City ).

Sun Dayu’s head is big.

Feliicity asked curiously: “Why? Did he tell President Hu? I remember he told President Hu in public before? How did you know? You are too good fortune, husband?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, but did not answer.

How did he know?

The reason is simple.

Wiliam is Frandick’s lifesaver, Frandick’s life, and Frandick’s position as president, were given by Wiliam!

Give him a hundred courage to Frandick, he did not dare to make things difficult for Feliicity.

Not to mention letting Feliicity do the dirty work of supervision, and there are still iron nails like Li Nanfeng in this dirty work.

Therefore, Wiliam knew that this matter must be Sun Dayu taking advantage of Frandick’s business trip to make a proposition.

If it weren’t for Wiliam to appear just tonight and solve this trouble, maybe Sun Dayu would slander Feliicity behind the matter.

This kind of person is extremely dangerous and should not be polite with him.

“I’ll count three times and choose.” Wiliam said indifferently.

Chapter 388

Sun Dayu shook his heart. Seeing that Wiliam had really started the countdown, he said hurriedly: “Okay, I promise, I promised to apologize in public tomorrow, why not!”

Sun Dayu at this moment is completely helpless.

He never thought that Wiliam would be so cruel.

Even more so, I thought that I would shoot myself in the foot!

Have a Mao’s apology meeting!

Now it’s alright, the protagonist of the apology has been reversed, becoming himself.

However, Sun Dayu is also lucky.

Fortunately, the apology was only made within the Drug Association. If the confidentiality work is done well, it will not spread.

This way my face can finally be saved a little.

“I agreed, can this kid move out now, right?” Sun Dayu suddenly asked.

After all, Li Nanfeng is a nail. As long as he signs a contract in one day, the rebate will be exposed sooner or later.

“Well, I will resolve this matter.” Wiliam nodded and said.

“Then I’ll go first.” Sun Dayu was frustrated at the moment, and didn’t want to stay longer for a second.

When he finished speaking, he walked backwards dingy.

But at this time, he was stopped by Wiliam, “You wait.”

Sun Dayu endured it all night and finally exploded at this moment.

“What else do you want to do! I have promised to apologize, do you still have to be forgiving!” Sun Dayu’s voice grew louder.

But Wiliam just said indifferently, “Are you asking if the meal you ordered for me is delivered? Don’t make my sister-in-law hungry, I will still ask you to settle the bill.”

Sun Dayu only felt his head buzzed, and he was speechless.

What a man of God!

Still thinking about eating now!

Eat, eat, how can you not kill you!

However, he still said, “I will ask immediately.”

He made a quick call, and then said flatly, “I asked, your supper has almost arrived.”

“Okay, thanks for your hard work, nothing is wrong, you can go.” Wiliam waved his hand and said.

Sun Dayu felt that when he met Wiliam tonight, he had beeped countless dogs in his last life.

After he left, Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng who was on the ground looking at the sky in a daze.

He followed Li Nanfeng’s gaze and looked towards the sky.

At this moment, the sky is full of stars on the outskirts of the city, which is really beautiful.

Li Nanfeng’s warm eyes when he looked at the stars couldn’t help making Wiliam a little moved.

From the time he fought with Li Nanfeng, Wiliam felt that this guy had an upright character and was definitely not a heinous person.

Now I was even more dazed looking at the stars, there was the elegance of a tiger sniffing a rose.

It should be a man with a story.

Wiliam thought to himself, but he didn’t ask any more.

After all, it has nothing to do with him.

He just said to Li Nanfeng lightly: “Li Nanfeng, you can move out now.”

Li Nanfeng recovered, knowing that this order would arrive sooner or later.

He slowly got up from the ground and walked towards the house in despair, “I will pack my things right away.”

Seeing Li Nanfeng’s desolate appearance, Feliicity’s compassionate heart couldn’t help moving. She couldn’t help but ask: “Wiliam, this kid doesn’t look like a bad guy, but I don’t know why he has to blackmail us. The Drug Association, and it’s 50 million yuan…”

“Just leave it alone, we will know what we should know.” Wiliam said casually, but he also looked towards the sky.

In this day, the beauty is beautiful, but the beauty is splendid, passionate, cruel, and not too warm.

One look is just right, two eyes are redundant.

“We’re still here waiting for him to move away, otherwise it won’t be good if he repents,” Chen Dongbai said in a low voice.

Chen Dongbai’s worship of Wiliam at this moment has risen to a new level.

He thought that he liked women.

But I never imagined that I would worship a man in this life!

This Wiliam brought surprises and shocks to Chen Dongbai again and again.

The meaning of respect in Chen Dongbai’s heart was written again and again, and Chen Dongbai’s upper limit of respect was reorganized again and again.

But Wiliam said: “This man is a man, he said he wants to move, then he will definitely move.”

After speaking, Wiliam wanted to get up and leave.

After all, there is a sister-in-law who is unpredictable and resentful.

If I go back later, maybe that girl will do something hurtful.

But at this time, the door of the broken house opened with a creak.

I saw Li Nanfeng slowly walk out from inside.

His left hand, carrying a very simple package, does not look heavy.

It should be clothes.

And everyone who saw him, including Wiliam, was stunned.

Because Li Nanfeng did not come out alone.

On Li Nanfeng’s back, there was a woman with silver hair on her back.

This woman seemed to be asleep, lying quietly on Li Nanfeng’s back.

Li Nanfeng seemed to be afraid that she would catch a cold, so he put a thick coat on her.

He held the woman in his right hand with one hand, carrying the luggage in his left hand, and slowly walked towards Wiliam and the others.

When he was close, Chen Dongbai suddenly covered his nose and couldn’t help but said: “Fuck, what, it smells.”

Hearing this, Li Nanfeng’s brow furrowed, and there was a touch of anger in his eyes.

However, when he saw Wiliam, this anger turned into helplessness.

Without saying a word, he passed by Wiliam and them quietly, leaving the construction site.

At this time, Feliicity finally couldn’t help it, and stopped Li Nanfeng, “Hey, wait.”

Li Nanfeng’s footsteps stagnated, but he continued to walk forward.

It doesn’t seem to seem to take care of them at all.

Feliicity stomped her feet with anger, and then hurried to catch up.

Wiliam also followed.

This time, Wiliam saw the woman behind Li Nanfeng clearly.

This woman was very old, with silver hair gleaming in the moonlight.

However, her face was sallow and sallow, and she looked very crippled.

He was also like wood, lying on his stomach stiffly.

Her eyes were closed tightly, her eyelashes were constantly trembling, as if she was suffering from something.

The stench Chen Dongbai said just now came from the body of this old woman.

And Wiliam smelled the stench carefully, and then looked at the old woman’s face, suddenly wrinkled.

But he didn’t say anything.

Feliicity stopped Li Nanfeng and said guiltily: “Li Nanfeng, I’m sorry, I didn’t know there was another person in your house…”

Li Nanfeng seems to have been used to this kind of meaningless pity, he said indifferently: “This is my grandma, what else is there?”

Feliicity couldn’t help but said, “It’s so late, where else can you go? Or else you will stay another night? Or, I can help you find a hotel?”

Feliicity can’t bear Li Nanfeng’s grandma leaving the street.

Feliicity was also impressed by Li Nanfeng’s grandmother.

This kind of filial piety is commendable in this society.

Li Nanfeng didn’t appreciate it at all, and planned to continue walking forward.

At this moment, Wiliam suddenly slapped Grandma Li Nanfeng’s back with a severe palm!

Chapter 389

Li Nanfeng had no idea that Wiliam would suddenly cast a cold arrow at this time!

He didn’t even think that Wiliam would be such a person.

When he fought with Wiliam before, he thought that Wiliam was also a lover of personality.

Unexpectedly, he was so vicious!

Not even an old man!

He suddenly shouted sadly: “No!”

At this time, Wiliam’s palm had already photographed Li Nanfeng’s grandma’s back!

Grandma Li Nanfeng seemed to wake up from her sleep, wow, a mouthful of blood came out.

The blood turned out to be a faint yellowish brown!

This made Feliicity and the others dumbfounded!

Li Nanfeng hurriedly put down his grandmother, and then, ignoring Wiliam’s revenge, began to examine his grandmother.

When Wiliam saw this scene, he admired this kid very much.

To be able to disregard revenge at this time, but care about grandma for the first time, this kid seems to be pure and honest.

Li Nanfeng’s heart was unspeakably nervous at this moment.

Li Nanfeng’s parents died since he was a child, and his grandmother has been pulling him up.

In that family, because his parents died, Li Nanfeng was bullied by other people since he was a child.

Only grandma, alone guarded him silently.

Now that grandma is seriously ill, it is Li Nanfeng’s turn to guard her every step of the way.

If grandma had something to miss tonight, Li Nanfeng would never forgive herself.

He looked at his grandmother carefully, but was surprised to find that the sallow on her face faded slightly after she vomited a mouthful of blood.

But she continued to close her eyes tightly, but her breathing was a little longer than before.

This strange phenomenon immediately made Li Nanfeng a little at a loss.

what’s the problem?

Why was my grandmother getting a slap in the face, not necessarily her life was dying, but her condition improved?

It should be this Wiliam who accidentally hit and knocked out grandma’s bruise, right?

Fortunately grandma has nothing to do!

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng immediately looked at Wiliam angrily!

The eyes are full of anger!

Feliicity and Chen Dongbai stood by, so nervous that they even felt wrong to breathe.

Chen Dongbai couldn’t help complaining about Wiliam in his heart. People are going to leave. You still beat their grandma. What a thing.

“What did you do to my grandma!” Li Nanfeng asked sadly.

Wiliam stared at Li Nanfeng’s grandma, without answer.

He had just made a preliminary inference from the smell of Grandma Li Nanfeng and her illness.

However, this inference is really terrifying.

Even Wiliam couldn’t believe that Grandma Li Nanfeng had such a thing.

With that palm just now, Wiliam was about to slap Grandma Li Nanfeng’s blood, to see what happened.

Now, Wiliam had the answer in his heart.

Sure enough.

Otsuki Ryugo!

In this world, there is a kind of injury. It is said that injury is not injury, disease is not disease, and poison is not poison.

That is sorrow!

Before Gu Zhiling was framed by others, it was also Shang, just a kind of superficial green snake flow.

And now the death on Li Nanfeng’s grandmother is ten million times more vicious than the green snake!

Otsuki Ryugo!

The green snake will not kill people, it will only make people miserable.
And this kind of Otomu Liuqi is extremely vicious.

This kind of sorrow can make a person’s body gradually wooded.

First, the outer trunk became lignified, and gradually became stiff as wood, and his complexion became woody yellow.

Then the internal organs are slowly wooded.

In this process of change, the patient cannot live or die, or die.

However, the process of woodification is extremely long, just like a tree sapling needs a long time to grow into a towering tree.

I really don’t know how many years Li Nanfeng’s grandmother has been in this kind of sorrow, and her body is almost wooded.

The heart, liver, spleen and lungs seemed to have been lignin for a while, but fortunately, the blood didn’t look sticky just now.

There is help.

“Talk!” Li Nanfeng saw that Wiliam didn’t answer for a long time, and grabbed Wiliam by the collar!

Wiliam patted his hand off, and then asked faintly, “How long has your grandma been suffering from this disease?”

He didn’t say it was sorrow, after all, not many people in this world understand.

Li Nanfeng was taken aback, not knowing what Wiliam meant.

Wiliam said casually: “I have no bad intentions towards you and your grandma. The palm just hit her acupuncture point just now to make her spit a mouthful of blood to make her feel better. Tell me, how long has your grandma been suffering from this disease? “

Seeing Wiliam’s eyes clear, Li Nanfeng felt so caring about what he said, and suddenly felt helpless.

People like him are used to lone rangers, and they don’t care about him, and he doesn’t bother others.

Because his childhood experience tells him that no one cares about him out of sincerity.

All have plans.

It was just this Wiliam’s concern that caught him off guard.

Because Li Nanfeng felt that he was completely worthless.

And Feliicity said sincerely: “Li Nanfeng, don’t look at the sky. It’s so late and it’s cold at night. If you are really worried about your grandma, I advise you to listen to us and we will help you arrange it. A hotel, you live in first, so it’s good for your grandma’s condition.”

These words moved Li Nanfeng again. He glanced at his grandmother, his eyes softened suddenly.

He has no relatives in the incident, only this grandma.

Seeing his eyes loosen, Wiliam said to Chen Dongbai: “Dongbai, go drive and arrange a hotel for them to stay in.”

Chen Dongbai nodded quickly, and strode to drive.

And Li Nanfeng’s mouth moved, and finally he asked, “You guys, why are you doing this to me? What are you trying to do?”

Wiliam’s family experience since childhood was actually similar to Li Nanfeng’s. How could he not understand the development of Li Nanfeng’s arrogant character? He smiled and casually found an excuse, “My wife is the best person in the world, who would let me marry? If she wants to be bad, it won’t be bad.”

Feliicity gave Wiliam a blank look.

When the car arrived, several people placed Li Nanfeng’s grandmother in the back seat, then squeezed a car to a convenient hotel opened by Chen Dongbai’s house.

Li Nanfeng would be uncomfortable when staying in a high-class hotel.

Wiliam couldn’t help but nodded to Chen Dongbai. This kid became more and more able to do things.

After a few people settled his grandmother, Chen Dongbai went out to explain to the manager and let Li Nanfeng and his grandmother eat and live for free without any time limit.

And Wiliam and Feliicity were in Li Nanfeng’s room, watching Li Nanfeng want to pour water for them, and then he wanted to cut the apples in the hotel room and share them with them.

As a result, because of clumsy hands, nothing can be done.

Feliicity suddenly laughed out loud, this kid is quite cute.

It was just this laughter that made Li Nanfeng even more at a loss.

Wiliam stood up, patted Li Nanfeng on the shoulder, and made a round.

“Li Nanfeng, I can cure your grandma’s disease.”

Chapter 390

Li Nanfeng’s eyes were about to fall.

He knew that Wiliam wanted to ease his embarrassment.

But this round is too big!

How could Li Nanfeng believe it.

After all, his grandma’s illness has been around for ten years.

After he betrayed from his family in the past ten years, he has been traveling around the country with his grandma.

The purpose is to find a genius doctor for grandma to treat her disease.

However, the ups and downs of the past ten years have not only consumed all his savings, but also gradually cooled his eagerness to seek medical treatment.

How many people who claim to be famous doctors are helpless after seeing his grandma’s illness.

After seeing his grandma, how many arrogant eyes became dumbfounded.

Now, an unknown person suddenly said that he could cure his grandmother.

How did this make Li Nanfeng believe.

Sure enough, it was just rounding off.

Li Nanfeng accepted Wiliam’s kindness, and said with a smile: “Well, I don’t know how to entertain people, so please do it yourself.”

Wiliam knew that he didn’t believe in himself, so he changed the subject.

Feliicity went inside without knowing it, and suddenly asked curiously: “Li Nanfeng, I have been curious about something, can I ask you?”

Li Nanfeng replied: “Just tell me.”

“You and your grandma live in such a dilapidated house. Logically speaking, if we demolish and move to you, you can also receive a compensation fee of more than 100,000 yuan. This is enough for you and your grandma to relieve a period of hardship. , But why did you ask for fifty million when you opened your mouth? Do you know how much fifty million is?” Feliicity finally asked her doubts.

Because she now knows that Li Nanfeng is not a blackmailer, there must be hidden secrets in it.

After Li Nanfeng heard this, he became a little cramped and uneasy.

He looked at Feliicity apologetically, but he didn’t know how to apologize.

In this life, Li Nanfeng did not know how to say thank you and sorry.

In the end, he replied: “I met a very famous genius doctor in Q City ( Qena City ) a while ago. I found him and wanted him to see my grandma. In the end, he saw it too, but he didn’t give him any treatment.”

“Why!” Feliicity couldn’t help her voice louder.

Li Nanfeng smiled bitterly, “Because I don’t have money.”

When Li Nanfeng said this, his face flushed slightly.

He originally worked in a company and his income was not bad.

But a while ago grandma was seriously ill, which made Li Nanfeng had to run around home and company.

Sometimes grandma is really uncomfortable, and Li Nanfeng doesn’t go to work.

The company saw him often absent from work and expelled him.

Li Nanfeng had also thought of going to the company to intercede, and said sorry.

But when he arrived at the company, his dull character came out again, and he couldn’t say anything to apologize, and he couldn’t hold back his face.

In the end, the company couldn’t stand it anymore, and sent security guards to blast him away.

So these days, Li Nanfeng dare not go to the company to intercede.

This also completely cut off Li Nanfeng’s income.

“Isn’t the demolition money money?” Feliicity asked again.

Li Nanfeng shook his head and said, “Do you know that the genius doctor promised to treat my grandma, what are the conditions?”

Feliicity looked confused, what is this and what.

But Wiliam suddenly said, “50 million consultation fee.”

Li Nanfeng immediately looked at Wiliam in horror, “How do you know!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, isn’t it obvious yet?

It costs 50 million to occupy the old house. This 50 million is not a figure out of thin air.

If Li Nanfeng was not forced, how could he be like this…

Seeing Wiliam smiling and not saying anything, Li Nanfeng shook his head and said with a strong smile: “Yes, it’s wrong, it’s 50 million. To me, it’s a huge sum of money. Even if I lost my job before, it is There is no money. So, I was forced to have no other way, so I had to occupy the old house and open up 50 million to the Drug Association, which caused you trouble…”

When Li Nanfeng came to Q City ( Qena City ) half a year ago, he bought the ruined house at a very low price and used it as a place to stay.

He also didn’t expect to be demolished.

Feliicity immediately understood that a penny has stumped heroes since ancient times.

Not to mention fifty million, what can make Li Nanfeng difficult.

If he thinks this way, he speaks fifty million, but he is filial.

“Who is that genius doctor?” Wiliam suddenly asked again.

Because in his opinion, most of the genius doctors in this world are in vain.

There are not many people who can see Otsuki Liuzhao.


The genius doctor came from the Lu family.

Thinking of this, Wiliam’s heart slightly lifted.

Li Nanfeng immediately said: “It is an old genius doctor named Wu Daoming. I have inquired about him. Many people say that he is very good at medicine. Recently, he has just visited Q City ( Qena City ).”

Wu Daoming?

Wiliam frowned slightly, he didn’t even hear the name.

However, the matter of Youyi is pretty clear and precise.

Because some of the genius doctors with personality, most of them travel around freely.

Call it a travel medicine.

He Jifeng, who was previously accepted by Wiliam to work in Genuine Care Medical Center, came to Q City ( Qena City ) as a traveler.

“It’s just that he will leave Q City ( Qena City ) at the end of the month. She took the initiative to call me a few days ago and said that she should raise money quickly for medical treatment, so I became anxious.” Li Nanfeng finally weakened. Said.

When Wiliam heard this, he smiled directly.

Originally, Wiliam could not determine who Wu Daoming was sacred.

But these words were exposed.

This Wu Daoming was clearly trying to blackmail Li Nanfeng, otherwise how could he take the initiative to call him.

When the time comes, I collect the money and prescribe some medicine at random, and people will disappear from the world.

Where else can Li Nanfeng go to seek revenge?

Not to mention that there is no benefit to Grandma Li Nanfeng’s illness. If he is more unlearned and prescribes medicine indiscriminately, Li Nanfeng will be harmed.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Don’t worry about this. I’ll go back and study it. I’ll give you a reply these days. You can live here with peace of mind.”

Wiliam was not a nosy person at first, but he really thought about this Li Nanfeng at the moment.

This person has an upright character, filial piety, and good martial arts.

What moved Wiliam even more was that he had a similar experience to Wiliam.

Wiliam couldn’t help wondering, if he stayed with his grandfather, would he also bring his elderly grandfather with him, and would never leave him.

Therefore, Wiliam intends to use the favor of saving his grandmother’s illness to subdue Li Nanfeng, a tiger general!

But Yimu Liuzhan was a vicious wound after all, and his grandmother was very old and Zhongshang had been for many years, so Wiliam couldn’t talk too much.

But giving him a few days to study is enough.

But Li Nanfeng didn’t know that Wiliam’s medical skills were unparalleled. He only thought that Wiliam was comforting him, so he thanked him and sent away Wiliam and Feliicity.

Seeing grandma lying on the bed, Li Nanfeng’s heart felt like acupuncture.

And staying in the hotel for free made Li Nanfeng feel uncomfortable.

However, he already has no source of income.

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng couldn’t help taking out his mobile phone and calling the previous company leader in the middle of the night.

“Hello leader, I am Li Nanfeng. I will return to Lunanica Company as a martial arts instructor. Can you help me intercede?”


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