Dragon Husband Chapter 391-400

Chapter 391

Wrong, Li Nanfeng is exactly the difficult martial arts instructor Janett said before.

Because her grandmother was seriously ill, Li Nanfeng was helplessly absent from work, so he was fired.

He couldn’t hold his face to ask the seniors of Lunanica Company, so he went to sit at the door of Lunanica Company at every turn.

Even now, when he called the director of the film and television department of Lunanica Company, he couldn’t say a word.

However, he needed too much money, so he had to make this phone call because of his face.

It was midnight now.

Li Nanfeng’s phone call woke up the supervisor Nelson. Nelson stopped calling when he heard it, and yelled at the phone: “Do you know what time it is! I tell you, you are from the company who fired you? I’m not the one who has the final say on the decision. If you want to find it, just talk to the people at the company, and it’s your attitude! The ghost will want to take you in!”

After Nelson finished speaking, he hung up the phone with a snap and turned it off.

Li Nanfeng smiled bitterly in the room, looked at the sleeping grandma on the bed, and shook his head, as if he had made a decision.

However, Wiliam and Feliicity rushed home, because the little fairy at home might have blown up the house.

But when they got home, they looked at Xena in the hall, and they were all stunned.

I saw a table full of fragrant seafood on the table.

And Xena was there for the gluttonous food, some of the dishes had been eaten in a mess by her.

What’s more weird is that Xena grabbed the big lobster in one hand, ate it, and then cried loudly.

The other hand kept wiping tears.

Eating while crying, the little fairy is really becoming a spirit.

Feliicity was a little bit afraid to go forward.

And Wiliam pulled Feliicity to Xena’s body, and asked softly: “Ruoshuang, are you okay?”

Xena glanced at the pair of dogs and men, despairing of them in his heart.

The two are going out on a date, just say a word.

As for the guerrilla warfare every time, one front foot and one back foot.

Think of me Xena as a fool?

“Then what? Are these dishes delicious?” Wiliam was also hungry for a day, looking at the table of dishes, couldn’t help swallowing.

Xena still ignored them and continued to eat the big lobster.

Wiliam didn’t care, anyway, this girl was always convulsing, and she would be better tomorrow.

So he also sat down and began to attack the seafood in front of him.

Xena cried more fiercely when she saw Wiliam grabbing food from her.

It doesn’t matter if you do things outside with yourself behind your back, and even grab food with yourself.

So one night, the whole hall flew around, and at the end, Feliicity couldn’t help it, and joined the ranks of grabbing food.

On the other side, Sun Dayu returned home unhappy and saw Sun Meilin waiting in the lobby at a glance.

Sun Meilin hurriedly asked: “Dad, what’s going on? Is there a bitter humiliation of Feliicity tonight? Tell me?”

Sun Dayu’s face was dejected just now, and now he doesn’t even want to say anything, why would he mention this matter again.

His headache now is how to hold that apology meeting tomorrow, and how to think of several reasons for the apology

However, Sun Meilin has been entangled there, Sun Dayu became angry all of a sudden, and shouted: “Soon! Very smooth! All right! There will be an apology meeting tomorrow!”

When Sun Meilin heard this, he was overjoyed, and as expected, everything was going on as his father thought.

He immediately said positively: “Before you asked me to help you know the people of the apologetic meeting, I have already notified you in place just now. What do you think I need to do?”

Sun Dayu gave Sun Meilin a depressed look. Why didn’t this turtle son know how to look at his face?

“No, don’t do anything.” Sun Dayu said lazily.

But Sun Meilin had figured out his father’s mind.

Dad is clearly testing his ability to do things.

By the way, didn’t the old man say that he wanted to deliberately stream the video at the apology meeting tomorrow, and then let Feliicity face someone in Q City ( Qena City )?

This matter has yet to be implemented.

Is this the place where Dad tested himself?

Thinking of this, Sun Meilin suddenly nodded meaningfully to his father, “Okay, father, you go to rest first.”

Then Sun Meilin returned to his room.

He called a good buddy who was in the Drug Association for the first time and said, “My buddy, your Drug Association will hold an apology meeting tomorrow, and someone will apologize in public at that time, I want you…”

He explained to the phone for a while, mainly to let this buddy send someone to secretly take a video of an apology.

That buddy is usually favored by Sun Meilin, so he immediately agreed.

Sun Meilin thought for a while, and then said: “You must not do this by yourself. If it is exposed, it may hurt you and me. You can find someone who is irrelevant outside to get in. Someone will be involved afterwards. After investigating it, we can say that someone got in.”

When the buddy heard this, he quickly said: “Brother Sun is still thinking for a long time. If I’m fine, I will find someone right away.”

Sun Meilin hung up the phone, thinking that this matter was still not stable enough.

If you want the whole city to build momentum, then simply build it bigger.

Who made that Wiliam treat himself that way!

So Sun Meilin used his own relationship again and called people to notify many new media companies that night, and waited for the video to come out tomorrow, and then built momentum on the entire network.

And all of this, Sun Meilin was hiding from Sun Dayu, trying to give Sun Dayu an unexpected surprise.

I also want Sun Dayu to know that his son has grown up, has inherited his father’s wisdom, and can be alone.

This night, Sun Dayu slept all night, thinking about how to minimize the loss tomorrow.

He got up early the next morning, and then hurriedly called the administration staff of the Drug Administration to make them calm at the meeting and not allowed to take pictures.

He didn’t worry about it, and slapped every vice president.

At first, the vice-chairmen were stunned when they heard that Sun Dayu was about to apologize to Feliicity.

But Sun Dayu casually explained that it was for the internal unity of the Drug Association that he made such a sacrifice.

The vice-chairpersons praised Sun Dayu for his outstanding performance and said that he would never publicize the apology today.

Some even swear directly to heaven.

After Sun Dayu made the call, he checked again and found that there were no omissions.

He even called middle-level cadres in person, which was enough to show his sincerity and deterrence.

Sun Dayu was relieved.

At the same time, I couldn’t help feeling proud. At the critical moment, my personal connections played an extremely important role.

If it weren’t for his own hands and eyes, how could he comfort everyone who was going to the scene in the morning and turn the loss into nothing, and at the same time use the excuse of unity to faintly improve his status.

It’s awesome!

Thinking of this, he graciously finished washing up and headed to the Drug Association triumphantly.

Chapter 392

At nine o’clock, the top floor meeting room of Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.

In the meeting room at the moment, everyone is sitting in distress.

Feliicity also sat there, feeling extremely happy.

Yesterday, Sun Dayu made things difficult for himself, and didn’t expect the present report to come so quickly.

Today I want to see how Sun Dayu apologizes.

However, while Feliicity felt happy, she was still a little bit disappointed.

When he went to bed last night, Wiliam asked Feliicity in detail about his supervisory duties.

Feliicity also told Wiliam in detail.

In the end, she said very depressed: “The group of people are snobbery. They look down on me. They feel that I don’t have my own personal career now, and I am idle outside, so they gave them an excuse to make things difficult for me.”

At that time, after Wiliam heard it, he just made a simple oh and didn’t speak.

Feliicity originally thought that Wiliam would comfort him, and let him raise his mind at home.

However, Wiliam didn’t have it.

On the contrary, the attitude seemed a little cold.

Feliicity has been a little bit brooding from last night to now.

This is not like Wiliam’s usual style.

Doesn’t he like himself…

The woman who is deeply in love is upset because of the troubles and losses.

Just as she was thinking, Sun Dayu came to the meeting room.

Sun Dayu first looked at the people at the meeting carefully, and then nodded in satisfaction.

They are all people he has confessed repeatedly.

It’s just like a fantasy.

Not bad.

Thinking of this, Sun Dayu cleared his throat and said, “Everyone is here, so let’s officially start. Today, I want to let her be the chairman because I didn’t consider President Bai’s personal factors before. I want to apologize to everyone for the position of supervisor.”

Speaking of this, he paused, and instead of putting on airs anymore, he bowed to Feliicity sincerely.

Anyway, the people at the scene were his people, and he didn’t need to say more polite words.

Moreover, the reason for apologizing is not necessary to fake it. After all, if Feliicity feels upset and goes home and tells Wiliam, then Wiliam is a ruthless character. If he stabbed Frandick, he would definitely not finish eating.

Therefore, Sun Dayu talked about how he worked with everyone to design Feliicity as a supervisor, as well as the fact that there were demolition households on the construction site, and he threatened Feliicity to apologize.

The people at the scene actually knew that they were all managed by Sun Dayu, so whenever Sun Dayu bowed to Feliicity and apologized, there was enthusiastic applause.

The applause is not for Feliicity’s grievance, but for Sun Dayu’s frankness.

This scene made Sun Dayu feel refreshed.

Feliicity, Wiliam, don’t you want to see me apologize?

Well I apologize now.

But so what?

This picture of apology can’t be circulated at all, and you can’t touch my hair at all.

On the contrary, Feliicity is not the protagonist at all on the field. It is me who is protected by applause!

Sun Dayu thought triumphantly, but he didn’t realize that in the corner of the door, a man was sneakily holding his mobile phone and filmed the scene where he apologized just now.

The entire apology scene lasted for half an hour.

After the apology was over, Sun Dayu sat down on the sofa and chair, and his whole body looked arrogant.

This makes Feliicity angry.

Obviously he apologized to himself, how did he make it so awesome.

This Sun Dayu will really take advantage of the loopholes!

And these vice-chairmen and Sun Dayu are almost the same!

To protect each other.

Seeing Feliicity’s depression, Sun Dayu felt even more proud and gave Feliicity a provocative look.

Feliicity was angry in her heart, but Sun Dayu had already said everything, and she had no choice but to use him.

After all, being fair and comfortable, how to judge and treat this matter is everyone’s personal matter.

I can’t influence the thoughts of these people.

Thinking of this, Feliicity became even more depressed.

Things have gone wrong recently.

As soon as the meeting was over, Sun Dayu returned to his office, soaked a pot of tea leisurely, and invited the vice-chairmen to have a cup of tea and laugh.

It looks like the whole world is rising and flat.

He doesn’t worry about his face at all now.

Because everyone’s performance today made Sun Dayu very satisfied.

While they were drinking tea and chatting, Sun Meilin, who was waiting at home, received a call from that buddy.

Because Sun Meilin had confessed, that buddy didn’t even dare to go to avoid suspicion.

After the person he invited sent him the secretly filmed video, he didn’t even watch it, and immediately called Sun Meilin.

“Brother, according to your instructions, the video is ready, I will call you as soon as possible, and I want to ask you, do you want to check it, or cut it down and edit it?” The buddy said flatly to Sun Meilin.

When Sun Meilin heard this, his mouth opened happily, “Keep a woolen thread! Edit a woolen thread! Do you know that time is the life of the new media! Of course it is the first time, and the original flavor is released, so that other talents will not It will feel that we are defrauding others, which is more convincing.”

When the guy heard it, he patted his head straight, “Brother Sun is amazing! Even new media knows it!”

Sun Meilin thought for a while and then said: “I’ll pay you another 100,000 yuan in the past. You will help me take care of it. Be sure to send it out as soon as possible, and then make a big publicity. Be sharp and sharp! Does the title party understand? How to do it cruelly!”

The buddy nodded and said yes.

After Sun Meilin hung up the phone, he transferred the money.

This time, in order to kill Feliicity and Wiliam, he even proved his ability in front of his father, but he had lost his money!

At this moment, he was already proudly imagining how happy he would be if his father were just about to manage the media promotion, but found that he had already done it first by himself?

Is it time for my pocket money to increase again?

On the other side, when Feliicity returned home, she saw Wiliam also at home.

Seeing that her face was bad, Wiliam asked what would happen to her apology in the morning.

Feliicity told Wiliam about the situation.

After Wiliam listened, he just nodded faintly, and said, “Those vice-chairmen, it seems that they are rotten to the bottom.”

Feliicity nodded in agreement, “Well, a nest of snakes and rats is indiscriminate.”

“Nothing, this kind of wicked person, who does a lot of evil, will naturally be cleaned up by God.” Wiliam casually comforted Feliicity.

Feliicity nodded helplessly. She wanted to make Sun Dayu embarrassed, but now she has nothing.

I don’t know if good people don’t live long, and the evil is left for thousands of years.

Forget it, let that guy be proud for a while.

She thought boredly, swiping her phone casually.

At this moment, her gaze flickered, and she jumped up from the sofa and shouted at Wiliam excitedly: “Wiliam, you are so amazing! Your mouth was open!”

Chapter 393

Wiliam looked at Feliicity in surprise.

Feliicity’s face flushed with excitement, and the hands holding the phone were shaking slightly.

What can excite her like this?

Wiliam leaned his head on Feliicity’s phone, and suddenly there was a black line.

I really responded to my own words, doing a lot of evil, I have God to accept it.

I saw Feliicity’s mobile phone staying on a news app, and the headline of the APP read “Beasts are worse! The secretary general of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association did such a thing to the beautiful Q City ( Qena City ) Feliicity!”

Then, as the title party entered, there was a long video in which it was Sun Dayu apologizing to Feliicity.

Moreover, from the video, you can clearly hear that Sun Dayu admitted his crimes one by one.

Later, there was a soft article with very intense words and very obvious crusade.

This soft article has criticized Sun Dayu for being shameless and indecent throughout.

Incidentally, it highlights the grievances Feliicity has endured.

Such a comparison makes people feel that Sun Dayu is really a scumbag.

Strong sense of substitution.

But Wiliam said depressed: “Who wrote this? I will find someone to settle the account.”

Feliicity said happily, “It’s all headline parties. Just look at it. The key is the content. Haha, I don’t know who secretly filmed this video and then sent it out.”

After that, Feliicity suddenly looked at Wiliam strangely, “Say, did you do it again?”

Feliicity thinks so because Wiliam has done too many unsung good deeds for her.

Wiliam waved his hand and said, “This time I can make it clear that I didn’t do it.”

Feliicity was stunned for a moment, and immediately relieved, “It seems that Sun Dayu has offended too many people. It must have been done by someone who hates him deeply. What a good job!”

Wiliam didn’t take it seriously. After all, it was just a little person’s snarling. For him, it was just a silly drama.

On the other side, Sun Meilin was reading the news happily, looking forward to the first moment when Feliicity’s evil deeds were announced to the world.

Swiping and swiping, suddenly a piece of news popped up, with the name of his father Sun Dayu written on it.

At first he didn’t care about it. After all, his father was a small celebrity in Q City ( Qena City ), and the last news was normal.

He was also cheap for a while and clicked in.

Entering this point, he was completely confused.

What’s the situation!

The video inside is a secret video of the scene of the apology meeting.

But it was not Feliicity who apologized to her father.

But his father apologized to Feliicity.

And the reasons for apologizing are one by one, the logic is very clear.

Deeply dissected his father’s crimes.

While he was sluggish, the news began to comment frantically.

“Sun Dayu? The name is familiar, but I heard that he has a good reputation. I didn’t expect him to be such an inferior person. I misunderstood him.”

“I knew that guy was not a good person, he looked like he had big ears. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg. I suggest you continue to dig deeper.”

“Hmph, the wicked pays off. Feliicity is so pitiful that he was bullied by this pig. I was the first to disagree and drive this pig out of Q City ( Qena City )!”

If it is normal, Sun Dayu’s interpersonal relationship in Q City ( Qena City ), there will definitely be someone commenting to him some good things.

But now, those new media brushes whom Sun Meilin paid for are working hard to leave a message against the rhythm.

As a result, public opinion is almost overwhelming.

What’s more, they made up some of Sun Dayu’s crimes out of thin air, and all of them were more true than the truth.

“Huh, I know this guy. Three years ago, he took my cousin who had just graduated to the hotel and told me to teach my cousin to talk about business. In the end, he talked about going to bed. My cousin committed suicide afterwards. , Put this matter down, and today I finally dared to say it happily! This kind of person is not a pity to die!”

“Yes, I also know one thing. The Drug Association had a project the year before that he had embezzled tens of millions of dollars and then blamed him on his subordinates. That subordinate’s family was bad at first, but now it’s a miserable life. Don’t ask me how I know, that poor subordinate is here!”

All the facts fabricated out of thin air pushed Sun Dayu to the edge of a boundless hell.

Sun Meilin saw the whole person dumbfounded.

By the time he reacted, it was too late.

Public opinion has quickly fermented within a few minutes, and this post is still being forwarded.

The forwarding volume broke 10,000 in a few minutes.

And not only that, Sun Meilin also saw such an apology video and message on Douyin and Kuaishou.

His hands are trembling, and the whole person is completely at a loss.

Why did things become like this?

Why didn’t Feliicity apologize to her father?

What went wrong?

Did your father know that something happened to him?

Moreover, the most crucial point is that now this rapidly spreading public opinion seems to have been created by oneself.

Originally, Sun Meilin intended to use this wave of public opinion to kill Feliicity, but he thought that now he has gotten his father!

If the father knew that he had an accident, and the culprit was his son, how would he clean up the door?

This one hundred thousand dollars is really costly!

Thinking of this, Sun Meilin was completely lost.

At this moment, his phone rang.

His heart touched his throat. Could it be that his father discovered the secret inside and then called to ask the crime?

It’s over!

He tremblingly picked up the phone, and realized that it was not his father, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

The call came from my buddy.

That buddy, I was very proud on the phone, “Brother Sun, I have done everything you asked me to do! Have you seen it online? The news is overwhelming, and it is still being forwarded and replies. You Let’s just say that the 100,000 yuan is worth it! In order to help you do this well, I personally took another 20,000 yuan into it, and the effect is great. Do you think the 20,000 yuan is for me… …”

“I’m paralyzed! You are a brain-dead, are you? You don’t even watch the news! Those news are so bad at my dad! Did you eat shit on your head! You also asked me for 20,000 yuan! I I can’t kill you!” Sun Meilin suddenly collapsed as he listened to the triumphant voice of that buddy.

The matter was already serious, so why don’t you pay for it yourself!

What a good intention to do bad things!

That buddy was yelled at by Sun Meilin, and he was stunned.

He feels that he is doing very neatly, and the effect is also very good, why is Sun Ge so angry?

The buddy asked weakly: “I know that the protagonist here is your father, but let me just ask, I asked you before, do you need to check it yourself, you say no, blame me Huh?”

Chapter 394

After saying this, Sun Meilin was so angry that he almost threw the phone out!

Suddenly he slapped himself severely and his face was swollen.

It’s so terrible.

Why didn’t I keep a close eye and take a look at the secret video.

Even if it takes a few minutes, things won’t be like this.

Hate it!

That’s it!

Sun Meilin suffered from this dumb loss, and for a while, he didn’t know what to say.

Seeing that Sun Meilin was silent, the buddy continued to say weakly on the other end of the phone: “Brother Sun, it was time for me to find out that it was your father, but I thought that you guys like you are not all happy to kill your father. Well, I thought you wanted to fix your father and then inherit the family property…”

This buddy’s words made Sun Meilin feel dumbfounded, “Is there a mine in my house to inherit! I still have the throne in my house! You have watched too much TV series! Why do you kill your father! Hurry up and get the news. Withdraw it for me! Remove all public opinion from me!”

The buddy was also silly all of a sudden, “Isn’t that the case? Misunderstanding in the middle?”

“Don’t worry about it, withdraw quickly!” Sun Meilin shouted into the phone.

The buddy also said sincerely and gloomily: “Brother, public opinion is erupting now. If you withdraw at this time, the intention will be too obvious. Everyone must know that your father has a guilty conscience. It is estimated that the crusade will be more severe.”

Sun Meilin’s eyes went black and almost fainted.

Shente New Media, there is such a saying?

I’m still too young!

“I don’t care! Withdraw!” Sun Meilin shouted again.

How public opinion rebounds is related to Sun Meilin.

He just wants to withdraw the original video of the post, so that his father can’t find him.

The buddy was suddenly embarrassed, thinking for a full minute, and finally summoned the courage to say: “Okay, brother, then you give me another 200,000 yuan, I will take care of it…”

Sun Meilin spit out his old blood, “I want money!”

“Of course, those new media are all human beings. They will be in the news and withdraw the news later. This is not a waste of their recommendation positions, and they will definitely sniff out something wrong and take the opportunity to blackmail them.”

Sun Meilin couldn’t even stand still.

One of his most proud hands, accidentally hit and hit, and wanted to kill his father!

What can I do now!

Spend money to eliminate disasters! Quit things!

Moreover, the money is actually spent, but the effect may not be guaranteed.

This made Sun Meilin more uncomfortable than eating shit.

“Where are you! Let’s talk about this in person!” Sun Meilin shouted.

“I’m outside with the friend who secretly photographed, I will send you the address.” The buddy replied tremblingly.

Sun Meilin hung up the phone and reluctantly transferred another 200,000 yuan to this buddy to make arrangements.

Then, he went out tremblingly, afraid to stay at home, fearing that his father would suddenly come back to Xingshi to ask the crime.

A few minutes ago, Sun Dayu was still in his office, chatting and laughing with the vice-chairmen.

He himself felt that today’s performance was really wonderful, too good.

The most exciting part is not that he firmly controls the audience and prevents these people from leaking the information.

The most exciting thing is that I sincerely apologized to Feliicity.

Feliicity could have an excuse to inform Wiliam if he had half a lie or was insincere.

You will leave a handle for dishonesty.

But I don’t have it, haha!

Instead, he threw himself away, honestly, so that Feliicity couldn’t find the slightest point of attack.

And the more honest it is, the more it can make Feliicity extremely depressed.

Sun Dayu felt very happy when he thought of Feliicity apologizing honestly before, and wanted to refute but was unable to refute it.

He thought very happily when someone suddenly yelled out with a mobile phone.

“Lao Li, what is it worth making such a fuss about? You are so old and uncomfortable, you should learn from me hahaha.” Sun Dayu patted the vice president on the shoulder , Said smugly.

The vice president pushed the phone into Sun Dayu’s hand and said with a strange expression: “Look at it for yourself, I hope you can say something like this later.”

Sun Dayu sneered in his heart. He has lived to this age, and he has never seen any big winds and waves.

Such a fuss, it’s a bit of a bitch.

While thinking, he picked up his phone and looked at it.

At this look, his whole person was dull at first, and his face became pale from the beaming light just now!

On the mobile phone, a headline suddenly appeared, “I am not respectful for the old! Do you dare to think about it!”

His heart shuddered, and he instinctively felt an ominous premonition.

He quickly clicked in to see.

But I saw the video at a glance.

As long as you see this video, even the copy below, and comments from netizens, Sun Dayu can ignore it.

This video is first-rate, and Sun Dayu knows that things are happening!

With a nervous heart, he read the copy again.

Only halfway through, Sun Dayu was so angry that he just threw the phone out of the window!

“It’s all nonsense! When did I molested a good family woman! He also said that I forced hundreds of women!” Sun Dayu was so angry that he could stand firm while holding the sofa with his hands.

His body is too fat, and the fat all over his body is shaking at this moment.

Even because he was so angry, he felt out of breath.

The vice president who was thrown out of his cell phone looked out the window with a sad expression, trying to curse Sun Dayu a few words, but saw that Sun Dayu was about to explode, and swallowed the curse.

Sun Dayu was really angry.

Originally, everything was in his grasp.

He had explained to everyone seriously before and must not spread the apology event!

Those people dare not agree.

Now, the bloody video was in front of him.

This proves that someone betrayed him!

And this video was recorded from the beginning to the end.

It also shows that this is a long-planned conspiracy!

Who on earth can’t live with himself!

Sun Dayu is not only angry about this, but also another thing!

The thing he was most proud of before was to tell the matter one to five to ten. Feliicity wanted to be held accountable but had no reason.

Now, because of the outflow of this video, his most proud hand has turned into a mountain of five fingers!

He pressed him hard to the ground, completely unable to turn over!

He will live in Feliicity, but how can he treat all the netizens in Q City ( Qena City )!

How to stop these people’s mouths!

The most proud thing now happens to be the most unfavorable evidence for oneself!

What’s more straightforward than admitting the crime in person!

When Sun Dayu thought of this, he was so angry that he wanted to slap himself in the face!

“Check it out now! Who the hell is the secret video!” Sun Dayu suddenly shouted at the two men at the door!

Chapter 395

The two men were silent, nodded and said yes, and ran away.

Have they ever seen Secretary-General Sun so angry?

This time, Sun Dayu was really angry.

Even, I felt murderous in my heart!

Because this matter is now known to everyone in the city.

Everyone knows what kind of person Sun Dayu is.

In this way, all the interpersonal relationships that Sun Dayu has worked so hard to manage for many years will be ruined!

In the future, who would dare to stare at the pressure of public opinion and befriend Sun Dayu?

Even after Frandick knew about this, he would not only pursue the matter of making things difficult for Feliicity, but also strictly investigate the things that he had paid for the project signing!

Even turn the bottom of the book, turn out the old accounts!

Over the years, Sun Dayu himself knew that some things Frandick knew.

But Frandick kept keeping one eye closed. Firstly, because he took good care of his interpersonal relationship, Frandick didn’t dare to treat him.

Secondly, he is also greedy and has a degree, and has not touched Frandick’s bottom line.

But now, the situation is completely different.

I made the whole city know that the reputation of Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association would definitely be damaged by this.

At that time, the interpersonal relationship was weakened, and Frandick was angered again. Then could Frandick tolerate himself as secretary general?

He will definitely expel himself and give the whole city an explanation!

My future is completely ruined!

Thinking of this, Sun Dayu’s murderous intent appeared in his heart, and he must find the people behind him!

Seeing Sun Dayu’s face sinking like water, the vice-chairmen said in a low voice, “Secretary-General Sun, who did this?”

Sun Dayu gritted his teeth and said: “Huh! I don’t care who did it! This person has successfully angered me! No matter who it is, I will teach him a blood lesson!”

Even Sun Dayu looked around and said coldly: “I guess, a traitor has appeared among us!”

The vice-chairmen looked at each other and hurriedly waved their hands and said, “Secretary-General Sun, what do you mean by that! Isn’t our friendship worth trusting us for so many years? If you say that, I will be angry. .”

These vice presidents are also old foxes.

One by one now deliberately said this kind of joke, as if to draw a line with Sun Dayu.

This was for Sun Dayu’s downfall, and they laid the groundwork first to clear the relationship in time.

How could Sun Dayu not know the thoughts of these people.

The tree fell and scattered.

I am proud of the spring breeze, and I can naturally talk and laugh with these people.

But in case of his downfall, it would be good for these people to withdraw in time.

It’s good not to fall into trouble.

Sun Dayu looked at you and said, “I believe you weren’t doing it. Please forgive me that I have more important things to investigate now. I can’t accompany you to drink tea. I will leave first.”

After speaking, he walked towards the monitoring room angrily.

Although Sun Dayu was in anger at the moment, his years of experience still allowed him to analyze something.

From this candid video, that angle should be taken in a corner of the back door.

The conference room of the Drug Association is equipped with monitoring, as long as the monitoring is brought out, you can know who did it.

The staff in the surveillance room were so scared that they didn’t dare to gasp, obediently tuned out today’s surveillance video to Sun Dayu.

Soon, Sun Dayu discovered that there was indeed a person in the corner of the back door in the surveillance, sneaking with a mobile phone and taking pictures.

This person is also a chicken thief. He hides behind a card box, revealing a head, and then his mobile phone is deliberately blocked by another cover.

No wonder no one can see anyone taking photos at the scene!

Sun Dayu secretly scolded himself for being too smug at the time, and he didn’t even know that someone came in!

It’s just that this person, Sun Dayu, was so impressed and didn’t know him.

“Check it out for me now! I want all the information of this person!” Sun Dayu shouted to the staff.

The staff will do it right away.

The Drug Association is still influential in Q City ( Qena City ), but within ten minutes, someone replied, “President Sun, I seem to have seen this person. He is a paparazzi who specializes in sneak shots. He is very close to the middle-level cadres of the Drug Association. , We usually drank, and I kept his phone.”

When Sun Dayu heard this, he immediately asked: “You immediately call me and ask him where he is? But don’t say that I called you.”

The subordinate hurriedly followed suit. He called and said that there was a business to ask the paparazzi, and wanted to talk in person.

The paparazzi, wishing to make money every day, reported the address immediately.

Sun Dayu got the address with a strong murderous intent on his face.

He made a call, “You bring me a dozen thugs! I am going to kill the killer today!”

After speaking, he went straight out.

He was considered relevant in Q City ( Qena City ). Within five minutes, a group of people gathered at the gate of the Drug Association, waiting for Sun Dayu’s order.

“Follow me! Take a stick! Can’t you take a knife!” Sun Dayu scolded the group of people first, and got into a long-prepared minibus.

A group of people rushed to a cafe fiercely.

At this moment, in the cafe, Sun Meilin is discussing with her buddy and the paparazzi about how to eliminate the influence of public opinion as soon as possible.

However, things have intensified, and money can’t be settled at all.

More and more people came out and accused Sun Dayu of the crime.

These people are no longer the navy brushes that buddy invited.

It is a real netizen.

The so-called wall pushes everyone down.

When Sun Dayu was powerful and powerful before, naturally no one dared to say that Sun Dayu was not.

Now is a great opportunity. Whether it is people who have been bullied by Sun Dayu before, or those who have had a holiday with Sun Dayu, all of them have appeared.

“What can I do now!” Sun Meilin felt his head explode.

“Brother Sun, let’s spend money to settle it down first, it’s a little bit to get it done!” The buddy said tremblingly.

Sun Meilin nodded, “You call and ask them to take down the news first, and then another batch of brushes will wash out the image of my father for me.”

The buddy immediately called in front of Sun Meilin.

At this moment, a loud noise suddenly came from outside the cafe.

Everyone looked towards the door.

I saw a group of people rushed in aggressively. They had seen the photo of the paparazzi in the car long ago.

As soon as he entered, he stared at the paparazzi.

“There are three of them! Give me a shot!” An elder brother in front of them yelled at Sun Meilin and the three of them.

Sun Meilin was taken aback for a moment, and then saw another person slowly walk in.

Own father, Sun Dayu!

Sun Dayu didn’t even see Sun Meilin all of a sudden, and shouted sharply: “What do you want to beat me! You beat me to death!”

Chapter 396

When those thugs heard this, bloodthirsty killing intent appeared on their faces, and they rushed towards Sun Meilin in a hurry.

The sticks in their hands greeted them directly.

The paparazzi and the buddy do not know what happened.

When he reacted, he was beaten with blood.

They lay on the ground, wailing and begging for mercy.

Sun Meilin also didn’t even have a chance to defend, and he was thrown to the ground, and a group of people stormed his back game, and he almost cut off his descendants.

“Don’t fight! Don’t fight! That person is my dad! Don’t hit me!” Sun Meilin lay on the ground, constantly shouting.

Those thugs smiled sorrowfully, “Your dad! You can’t even call grandpa now!”

They thought Sun Meilin was begging for mercy and calling him father.

How did you think that Sun Dayu would really be Sun Meilin’s father.

A group of people were beaten without mercy, and Sun Meilin had only one breath left before they stopped.

They are also afraid of killing people.

So the big brother in front looked at Sun Dayu, “Boss, are you still fighting now? You’ll die if you fight again.”

In the cafe at the moment, people have already run away.

Sun Dayu heard the words and walked over, wanting to see if it was those bastards who harmed him so much!

He even wanted to ask why he was hurting himself!

Sun Dayu came over, and the group of people took the initiative to give up a position to Sun Dayu.

The three people on the ground had completely fallen into a pool of blood, and the paparazzi and buddies passed out directly.

Only Sun Meilin was beaten beyond recognition, convulsing constantly on the ground.

Sun Dayu couldn’t recognize it at all. The blood-stained man on the ground would be his son.

He looked at this blood man and couldn’t help but come up again. He kicked it down and stepped heavily on Sun Meilin’s lifeblood!

Sun Meilin was so painful that even her voice was distorted, “Oh! Stop it! Stop it!”

“Ho ho, now I know it hurts! Tell me honestly, why do you harm me!” Sun Dayu shouted sharply.

Sun Meilin was on the ground with a trace of consciousness.

Since he knew that his father had brought people over, he knew that things had been revealed.

But he didn’t think that his father should be so cruel that he would beat people to death!

He is the only blood of his father!

If I was really going to beat me to death, Sun Dayu would cut off his sons and grandchildren!

And Sun Meilin was also very sad and indignant.

Because Sun Dayu had a son in his old age, he loved Sun Meilin.

Unexpectedly, this face turned over and turned into a butt.

“I’m not harmful to you, Dad! Dad!” Sun Meilin screamed on the ground.

Sun Dayu was taken aback, and then smiled sly, “It’s useless to call Dad! I only have one son! Much better than your rubbish!”

“Dad! It’s me! Sun Meilin!” Sun Meilin sighed loudly and shouted.

Sun Meilin?

Sun Dayu’s pupils shrank, and he quickly looked at the blood man.

But it is hard to see clearly in this way.

Sun Dayu knelt down and wiped the blood from Sun Meilin’s face.

With this rub, Sun Dayu almost collapsed on the spot!

This man who was nearly killed by himself was really his only son!

Sun Meilin!

Think about how much I love him, he is hurt and touched, and he has to be cold and warm for a long time.

Now, he was beaten to a single breath!

Even the kick just now directly killed him!


Isn’t it that I personally made our Sun family a queen!

Sun Dayu hurriedly helped his son up, and asked anxiously, “Son, why are you here!”

After speaking, he scolded the thugs, “You guys can’t see clearly when you come in! You don’t see this is my son!”

The few people looked at each other, their faces were speechless.

Just now, this kid kept calling his father, unexpectedly, it was really a father-son relationship…

What can I do now, people are about to be killed.

Sun Meilin still hung up, crying and said, “Dad, take me to the hospital, I don’t want to die yet.”

Sun Dayu immediately sent someone to take Sun Meilin to the car and galloped all the way to the hospital.

However, while on the road, Sun Dayu couldn’t help asking: “Son, why did you show up in the cafe and stay with those two people?”

Sun Meilin didn’t know what to say for a while, deliberately rolled his eyes and passed out.

Sun Dayu was so frustrated that he was about to collapse.

What bad luck is this today!

First, he was made notorious by a bitch, but now he missed his son!

On this day, my own career and family are almost ruined!

Really, I must find the culprit behind the paparazzi. If he is not killed personally, Lao Tzu will not be named Sun!

Sun Dayu swears silently in his heart!

Today, Q City ( Qena City ) seems to be particularly unstable.

At noon, when Li Nanfeng in the hotel saw his grandma fall asleep again, he felt entangled for a moment.

Then he strode out.

He didn’t want to owe Wiliam any more.

He must make money!

Therefore, Li Nanfeng planned to go to Lunanica Company again to ask Nelson for pleading.

This time, even if he was asked to say please, Li Nanfeng would admit it!

Through a colleague before, he knew that Nelson would appear in Huanxi Studios today.

Recently, Lunanica Company produced a movie, and almost everyone was in the studio.

So Li Nanfeng planned to kill him directly and intercede in person.

However, when he arrived at Huanxi Film and Television City, Li Nanfeng found that he had been isolated by the film crew.

Nelson stood not far away without even looking at him.

“Director Chen, can you come out, I have something to tell you!” Li Nanfeng shouted.

Nelson frowned.

This kid has found this place!


Today, President Qin will personally come over to supervise the work, and a group of them are all waiting!

This kid must have heard that the pro-president will appear, so he intends to come to the imperial court?

However, keeping him here is no way.

Thinking of this, Nelson bit the bullet and walked towards Li Nanfeng.

This time, he sternly explained to the two people who guarded the door of the film and television group, “You have kept the door for me! If you let me know that you will let in, I will fire you directly!”

The two men nodded and said yes.

Nelson stood in front of Li Nanfeng, looking at Li Nanfeng a little condescendingly.

This Li Nanfeng, although he has some strength, is a donkey temper.

This made Nelson very upset.

Everyone in the crew was trying to fawn on Nelson, but this Li Nanfeng, who looked like a wood, didn’t say a word.

Even a while ago, because Nelson was reimbursed for exceeding the specifications, and then spread the bill to everyone, Li Nanfeng had a big fight with Nelson because of this.

From then on, Nelson decided to get rid of the thorny thorn in his ignorance.

The expulsion of Li Nanfeng was also proposed by Nelson, and this was naturally a public revenge.

Now that this kid is extremely desolate, Nelson is extremely proud.

At first I didn’t know how to promote, but now I’m suffering, and I don’t want to beg me!

Just as Li Nanfeng was about to speak, Nelson suddenly raised his hand and stopped his words.

Instead, he said arrogantly: “I am a man of grudges, you want to say a few words to me, right? It’s okay, kneel and say, I’ll listen carefully.”

Chapter 397

Li Nanfeng had come here with full sincerity and wanted to ask Nelson.

However, hearing Nelson’s insulting words, his face suddenly froze.

Want me to kneel!

What a humiliation this is!

The man has gold under his knees, kneels to the heavens and knees to his parents!

But how can you kneel to a villain!

When Nelson saw Li Nanfeng’s expression uncomfortable, he said jokingly: “Why? I feel embarrassed? That’s okay. I don’t want to force you to go. Don’t let me see you again in the future!”

After that, Nelson turned to leave.

And Li Nanfeng pulled Nelson all at once.

There was an extremely tangled expression on his face.

He is a martial artist.

Those who practice martial arts rely on integrity and integrity!

If you kneel down, your integrity will be destroyed!

But if he didn’t kneel, Nelson clearly didn’t give a chance.

Thinking of the seriously ill grandma at home, and of Wiliam’s unpaid favor, Li Nanfeng felt for the first time that it was so difficult to make a choice.

Nelson slapped Li Nanfeng’s hand off.

In fact, he had long known that a person like Li Nanfeng would never kneel to him.

He just wanted to show his tongue and ridicule this kid.

In the end, Li Nanfeng was still unable to make up his mind to kneel down. He was discouraged and walked slowly outside.

At this moment, Nelson’s phone rang suddenly.

He saw that it was a call from the scene, and quickly picked it up.

An anxious voice suddenly came from the phone, “Director Chen, something is not good! When we were rehearsing just now, a part of the tall building collapsed and two Wudi fell directly down!”

When Chen Nian heard this, his face changed drastically!

People fell from high buildings!

“There’s nothing wrong with everyone!” Nelson asked quickly.

“It’s okay for people, there is no life-threatening. I have already called the emergency number, and the ambulance is on the way over. Right now, two soldiers are missing…” the person on the phone said helplessly.

Nelson’s head grew bigger all at once.

Today, President Qin came to supervise the work in person!

Nelson is just a small supervisor in the company’s film and television department.

He usually has no chance to meet such a high-level leader.

Therefore, President Qin was able to come, Nelson had already used all his best to perform well in front of President Qin, hoping to gain some appreciation.

According to the rehearsal, everything will go smoothly.

Now there is a temporary change, and there are two shortfalls!

Lunanica Company has recently experienced rapid expansion of its business, especially in the area of ​​film and television employees, and the staff is extremely tight.

Everyone is a carrot and a pit, so busy.

Now, where are you going to mobilize other soldiers!

It won’t help to find two people with good skills.

Because there are no people with relevant experience in film and television, and they don’t know how to make a movie.

Is it because of the temporary lack of two military substitutes today that President Qin, who came to supervise the work in his busy schedule, will see his jokes?

Thinking of this, Nelson was completely unwilling to do so, and was so unwilling to lose this heaven-sent opportunity.

Just as he was anxious, he suddenly saw Li Nanfeng who was slowly leaving not far away.

With a thought, he quickly shouted: “Hey! Wait!”

Li Nanfeng was initially discouraged and didn’t expect Nelson to stop him.

He quickly turned around, Nelson beckoned to him impatiently.

Li Nanfeng walked back quickly and asked, “Director Chen, do you have any instructions?”

Nelson looked at Li Nanfeng in front of him, feeling a hundred unhappy in his heart.

This kid has been a martial arts instructor in the film and television department before, but he has two skills.

And he also knows how to perform and be a qualified fighter.

If it weren’t for the temporary lack of someone to find, Nelson would never deal with Li Nanfeng again.

“Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. I will give you a chance now. Just now, two of our fighters were injured and we need someone to top it right away. You count one, I can promise you, as long as you play this play. Okay, I will continue to let you stay in the film and television department as a substitute.” Nelson said impatiently.

Li Nanfeng’s face became stiff.

Wu Di…

His previous position was martial arts instructor.

This status is a lot higher than the competition.

Wu Di said it plainly, what is the difference from those who are outdated.

It’s even worse than the one who is outrageous.

After all, there are still one or two faceless shots.

Wu Ti didn’t even have the chance to show his face.

It can be said to be the most humble person and the lowest paid person in the entire crew.

This huge identity gap made it difficult for Li Nanfeng to accept.

Nelson took a look and immediately cursed, “You are not satisfied! If there is a temporary problem, I will let you come back? Will give you a chance to start again? Don’t be too dissatisfied! Words! No way, just get out of here!”

Li Nanfeng hesitated and nodded, “Okay, I promise you. But you have to let me stay.”

Nelson said boredly, “I see, stop talking nonsense. By the way, you have no friends who know martial arts, so call one over right away.”

Li Nanfeng’s heart stunned.

He is withdrawn and has no friends in Q City ( Qena City ).

Not to mention friends who can fight martial arts.

This is not difficult for a strong man.

Nelson immediately said displeasedly: “This scene requires two substitutes to play, and you are the only one, so you can’t make it. That’s it, you have a choice, or you can find someone to help you, and you can stay on the crew later , If your friend performs well enough, I will stay. Or, get out of it right away and never let me see you again. Also, I can put the words here, as long as I stay in the company for a day, you will never think about it. Come in again!”

Li Nanfeng’s heart suddenly became angry.

He knew that Nelson was a shameless person.

But I didn’t expect Nelson to be so shameless!

Obviously, Nelson had no way to find another fighter at once, so he just dumped the mess on himself.

This is not what the threat is!

However, Li Nanfeng did not dare to go wild on the spot.

After all, this was the only way he could stay in Lunanica Company.

Li Nanfeng pondered for a while, and then suddenly said: “Okay, I will find someone right away, but my friend has an arrogant personality. I don’t know if he will come over, let me try.”

Nelson almost laughed.

Li Nanfeng still has friends?

Moreover, even if it is Li Nanfeng’s friend, it is also a group of people gathered by kind.

What good stuff can that friend be?

He must be just as useless as Li Nanfeng, and he is very arrogant!

Come over, I’ll teach you not to die!

At this time, Li Nanfeng took out his cell phone and made a call.

“That, Wiliam…”

“You are free now, can you come and do me a favor…”

Chapter 398

Nelson asked Wu Di to have a certain skill. The person Li Nanfeng could think of was Wiliam.

After all, he and Wiliam didn’t know each other, and he lost to Wiliam.

More importantly, he could see that Wiliam had a kind character.

In Li Nanfeng’s mind, he admitted that Wiliam is a friend worth making.

With the mentality of giving it a try, he bit the bullet and called Wiliam.

And at the moment, Wiliam was at home, listening to Feliicity vividly reading the comments on Sun Dayu in his cell phone.

Wiliam was very puzzled when he received a call from Li Nanfeng.

This kid should be a dull gourd, how could he take the initiative to call himself?

He picked it up casually, and heard Li Nanfeng wanting to help himself.

Wiliam read the embarrassment and politeness from Li Nanfeng’s voice.

He asked amusedly: “What’s up? Is it about your grandma’s condition? I’m already a little bit eye-catching.”

However, Li Nanfeng immediately said: “It’s not about my grandma. I have something temporarily and I need you to come over and help support the scene.”

In Li Nanfeng’s heart, he still didn’t believe that Wiliam could cure his grandmother’s disease.

So he quickly explained the matter of asking Wiliam to become a substitute.

And when Wiliam heard that it was the play of Lunanica Company, he was happy.

Is there such a coincidence?

My own dignified Lunanica Company is too emperor behind the scenes, should I personally go down to the grassroots as a military substitute today?

This thing is fun and fun, but it’s a bit out of style after all.

But when Wiliam was about to refuse, he suddenly heard Li Nanfeng say something in a low voice.

“Wiliam, when I was in Q City ( Qena City ), I only recognized you as a friend. I don’t know if you treat me as a friend. You don’t have to be embarrassed about this matter today. Thank you still.”

These words touched Wiliam’s heartstrings.

He was raised in Lu’s family since he was a child. Because he was too good, he was excluded by his peers and even those of his tribe.

Can be the same as the speaker.

He understood this feeling of loneliness without friends.

Hearing what Li Nanfeng said, Wiliam began to sympathize with Li Nanfeng.

Regardless, just treat it as a favor for friends.

As Li Nanfeng’s friend, not as the person behind Lunanica Company.

“Send me your location, and I’ll go right there.” Wiliam agreed.

Since he decided to use Li Nanfeng’s friend status, he didn’t want to tell Li Nanfeng that he was behind the Lunanica Company.

Because in Wiliam’s view, the identity of a friend is more worth cherishing than the identity of the person behind the scenes.

Li Nanfeng thought that Wiliam would agree, but for a while, he didn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, Wiliam also knew his character, and said casually: “Well, I will go out after packing up. It will take about ten minutes to Huanxi Studios.”

After speaking, Wiliam hung up on his own initiative.

Li Nan Fengzhu stayed on the spot for a long time.

A long-lost warmth suddenly appeared in his heart.

The feeling of being valued and cared for.

However, this feeling was immediately broken by Nelson.

Nelson said impatiently: “It’s hard to make a phone call, what kind of friend are you! Just forget it!”

Li Nanfeng said quickly: “He will come, right away, in ten minutes.”

“Your friend, what’s your identity?” Nelson asked proudly.

Li Nanfeng was taken aback.

What status?

How does he know.

When Li Nanfeng makes friends, it is not his identity.

It’s whether the interests are similar.

However, the identity of a friend has already been said, and Li Nanfeng felt that if he didn’t know the identity of a friend, he would be ashamed of Wiliam.

He casually said: “My friend’s surname is Lu and lives in Q City ( Qena City ) like me.”

This ambiguity made Nelson nod in satisfaction.

Sure enough, it was another rubbish like Li Nanfeng.

“You go in with me first, I will let the scene work to tell you, you only have a short time, you must remember it for me.” Nelson explained.

Li Nanfeng nodded and immediately followed Nelson back to the crew.

It was just when passing by the gatekeeper, Nelson confessed again, “You must show this to me today. President Qin is coming later, and there should be no fans coming in!”

The two quickly nodded and said yes.

The arrival of Li Nanfeng surprised many people.

Because this is a martial arts show, Li Nanfeng was a martial arts instructor before.

Moreover, his withdrawn character has long offended many people in the crew.

It’s just that he doesn’t know it.

Before, everyone thought he was a martial arts instructor.

Seeing him come back now, everyone was stunned.

Nelson said casually: “You all know Li Nanfeng, come over and help today.”

Everyone looked at each other, wondering what the help meant.

“It’s Wu Di.” Nelson saw that everyone was puzzled, and suddenly added meaningfully.

This sentence made many people at the scene show weird smiles.

It turned out that it was not a martial arts instructor, it was just a martial arts substitute.

Ho ho, then there is a chance for revenge and resentment, then it’s not here.

There was a middle-aged fat man named Zhang Dafei who walked over with his big belly and patted Li Nanfeng’s shoulder carelessly, with an air of arrogance, “Oh, this is not instructor Li, oh, no, I should It’s called Li Wudi. It’s been a long time since I saw him.”

Li Nanfeng frowned slightly.

This person was the assistant martial arts instructor before.

But this title, he got it because of his relationship, just his figure, there is no martial arts temperament.

Zhang Dafei usually has trouble in the film and television department, but he comforts Nelson.

He is Nelson’s most loyal dogleg.

Before, Li Nanfeng rarely criticized Zhang Dafei for business matters.

Now, Li Nanfeng also knew that Zhang Dafei was avenging his revenge.

“Deputy Director Zhang, hello.” Li Nanfeng said lightly.

However, Zhang Dafei’s face changed instantly, “Li Nanfeng, what do you mean! I am now a martial arts instructor, don’t you know! Open your dog’s eyes and see! The dog can’t spit out ivory!”

A scolding scolding, and in front of all the crew.

It was Li Nanfeng who wanted to forbear, his face flushed at this moment.

Zhang Dafei knew that Li Nanfeng wanted to come back several times, and he wanted to ask Nelson, now he feels confident.

He looked at Li Nanfeng’s forbearance and said exaggeratedly: “Oh, you are angry? Want to hit me? Come hit me? You try to hit me?”

The people around stared at Li Nanfeng one by one, showing a mocking look.

Who dares to help Li Nanfeng speak?

This is Nelson’s site.

Zhang Dafei was even more proud of seeing Li Nanfeng really afraid to do it. He suddenly raised his hand and slapped Li Nanfeng hard on the face!

“You don’t do it? Then I do it? Doesn’t it hurt? Come and beat me up!”

Chapter 399

Looking at Zhang Dafei triumphantly, the blue veins on Li Nanfeng’s face burst!

Suddenly his fists were raised, and he was about to beat Zhang Dafei!

This scene immediately shocked Zhang Dafei, and he couldn’t help taking two steps back.

However, Li Nanfeng glanced at Nelson, only to see him mocking.

As if waiting for this punch.

Li Nanfeng hates it!

Longyou Shoal suffered a shrimp scene!

Tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by a dog!

If it was before, who would dare to treat himself like this!

And if it weren’t for asking for others, how could he put a little Zhang Dafei in his eyes!

At this moment, this kind of humiliation made Li Nanfeng gritted his teeth!

He put down his fists angrily, walked to the side and sat down, not paying attention to the group of people.

Seeing that he really didn’t dare to fight, Zhang Dafei burst into laughter, “Oh, I really thought you dare to fight and didn’t see who was covering here? If you want to mix here in the future, you have to practice kneeling. The ability to kowtow.”

At this moment, everyone heard a noise coming from the door.

Someone seems to be yelling loudly.

Nelson frowned.

President Qin is about to arrive, and there is noisy outside, in what manner.

He said to Zhang Dafei, “You go out and have a look.”

Zhang Dafei nodded and said yes, and hurriedly took two people to walk outside.

At this moment, Wiliam, who was standing at the door, looked at the two guards and said, “I said, it’s Li Nanfeng who has invited me over.”

Those two people are new here, what Li Nanfeng, how do they know.

They only knew that Nelson, Director Chen, repeatedly confessed that they were not allowed to enter the crew.

And the person in front of him, dressed in plain clothes, looked like a fan.

So they directly blocked Wiliam at the door and refused to let in.

Wiliam looked at these two people amusedly, thinking that one day he would be stopped by his company’s subordinates from entering.

“Boy, I heard that there is nothing! I’ll let you go! Otherwise, Director Chen will be angry, and you will never finish eating!” A person said to Wiliam viciously.

“Director Chen? Which Chief Chen?” Wiliam naturally didn’t know people of this level.

But the faces of the two people suddenly showed mocking expressions, “Damn, you don’t even know Director Chen, and you dare to come here? Walk around!”

One said that he was going to push Wiliam up.

At this moment, Zhang Dafei walked over and asked majesticly: “What’s the matter?”

One of them hurriedly said in a good voice: “Director Zhang, this kid wants to join our crew, we won’t let it in.”

Zhang Dafei looked at Wiliam.

He didn’t know Wiliam either.

“Who is your boy? What are you doing here?”

Wiliam said his future intentions.

But when Zhang Dafei heard that this kid was actually another Wu Li invited by Li Nanfeng, the disdain in his eyes suddenly revealed.

However, he knew that Wiliam should be allowed in, so he said to the doorman: “I’ll take him in, you continue to watch the door.”

The two people were stunned, looked at Wiliam, and asked Zhang Dafei, “Director Zhang, who is this person? Would you like to bring it in yourself? Are you really big people?”

But Zhang Dafei glanced at Wiliam lazily, and said, “What kind of shit, come here to make money for lunch.”

After the two listened, they breathed a sigh of relief, and said to Wiliam grinningly: “Boy, just go in, I can tell you, no loud noises, let alone running around, there are many places here, no A lowly person like you can walk around at will.”

Wiliam didn’t bother to pay attention to these two snobs, and followed Zhang Dafei in.

After he entered, he saw Li Nanfeng sitting alone in the corner.

When he walked over, Li Nanfeng was still stunned.

However, the wounded expression made Wiliam feel sympathetic.

This kid, have these people been bullied?

Shouldn’t it, Li Nanfeng has such a great skill, how could these bastards be his opponent?

“Li Nanfeng, I am here.” Wiliam said casually to Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng woke up immediately and saw Wiliam with a reluctant smile.

He found that everyone around him was watching Wiliam, so he quickly pulled Wiliam to the corner.

Wiliam was fooled by him, why this work was so sneaky.

Li Nanfeng explained embarrassingly: “These people are not good things. I’m afraid you will be mocked by them too. We are still here. Keep a low profile.”

Wiliam immediately became curious about who and what could make a tiger like Li Nanfeng turn into a bear.

Li Nanfeng knew that he had invited Wiliam over, so why he had to explain the inflections to Wiliam.

He simply told Wiliam about his previous work at Lunanica Company.

Then by the way, he also talked about his grudges with Nelson and Zhang Dafei.

When Wiliam heard this, he suddenly showed a weird smile.

He guessed it.

It turns out that something more coincidental is here.

Janett reported to him a few days ago that a person was fired, but he has been reluctant to give up and come to the company every other day.

At that time, Wiliam felt that this person had a bit of personality, and even specifically confessed that Janett would come, and he would meet him personally.

Unexpectedly, this person turned out to be Li Nanfeng.

That’s right, Li Nanfeng has been guarding the broken house these days, and he has no time to show up at Lunanica Company.

Thinking of this, Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng, his eyes more satisfied.

A man who can bend and stretch, who could have imagined that Li Nanfeng, who had been rampant before, would be made things difficult by the villain.

It is also rare in the world.

It can be said that a penny is difficult for a hero.

At this time, an arrogant voice sounded before them.

“Li Nanfeng, this person is the other Wudi you found? In my opinion, it’s not surprising.”

Li Nanfeng and Wiliam looked up, and it was Nelson.

Nelson looked at Wiliam and said arrogantly: “With this small body, can you be a military substitute? Is it okay?”

Wiliam was about to speak, but was stopped by Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng knew that Wiliam was also an arrogant person, and these words definitely made Wiliam feel uncomfortable.

However, now that Nelson is in power, Li Nanfeng doesn’t want to make trouble at this moment.

He said to Nelson: “Don’t worry, my friend is also very skilled.”

“I don’t think it is necessary. I think I should find a few people to try him. Otherwise, if something goes wrong after a while, President Qin is dissatisfied.

Several muscular men appeared behind him.

Wiliam smiled slightly, he knew that this was Nelson’s plan to suppress Li Nanfeng by humiliating himself.

It’s just that Nelson is a mere mere person, he deserves?

Lu Yezhen paid attention to Nelson, but suddenly said to Li Nanfeng, “Li Nanfeng, do you want to replace him with his position? Tell me.”

Chapter 400

Wiliam’s words were shocking!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and they didn’t think that this kid would actually say such a rebellious thing!

And in front of Nelson!

Also replace it!

You know, even if Li Nanfeng has not been expelled, he is just a martial arts instructor.

The position of martial arts instructor and director of the film and television department is one underground and one heaven.

Even if Shun Shunli climbed to the position of supervisor, he would have to struggle for ten years.

Now, this kid who didn’t know where came out, even uttered wild words, asking Li Nanfeng if he wanted to replace him?

It’s almost reckless.

Li Nanfeng’s expression froze.

He knew Wiliam was crazy, but he didn’t know that Wiliam would be like this.

However, after all, Wiliam was the friend Li Nanfeng had invited over cheeky, and he also knew Wiliam’s character.

He quickly grabbed Wiliam and motioned to Wiliam to stop talking.

However, it was too late.

Nelson suddenly let out a desperate sneer.

The people around also laughed loudly.

They looked at Wiliam mockingly one by one.

It seems to be saying, boy, you are now kicked on the iron plate.

Director Chen is already angry.

Sure enough, Nelson stared at Wiliam, yin and yang said weirdly: “Ho ho, ambitious, want to replace me?”

Wiliam smiled again, “What ambitious ambition, but it’s just a matter of effort.”

In Wiliam’s view, changing a supervisor is naturally a matter of one sentence.

However, this is a matter of course, in the eyes of everyone, it is a kind of ambition. It has to be said that Wiliam is still different in realm from everyone.

Nelson’s expression turned sullen, “Okay, shouldn’t it be replaced? I will let my men meet you first!”

Li Nanfeng hurriedly stood up and said roundly: “Director Chen, my friend’s speech is obstructive, don’t take it to heart, I will take him away.”

Li Nanfeng had already made a decision in his heart.

Even if you don’t do this military replacement now and continue to do it without Lunanica Company, you still have to take Wiliam away.

Otherwise, Director Chen is insidious, Wiliam Zaiming, who is in the dark, is definitely not Director Chen’s opponent.

But those few Kongwu powerful people surrounded them both at once.

Nelson stood in the middle, carrying his hands on his back, and sneered: “Go? Where are you going? You are the martial artist I have found. I am not avenging my personal revenge. Then, let’s treat it as a test. Just this The kid has tested it, Li Nanfeng, I will leave you at our Lunanica Company.”

After speaking, he saw that Li Nanfeng was determined, and he suddenly said to Wiliam, “Hey, you kid, dare you? Since you are a friend of Li Nanfeng, you should know that Li Nanfeng is eager to get this job now. If you do it for your friends , You shouldn’t hinder your friends.”

Li Nanfeng’s face became even more ugly.

It didn’t happen that Nelson, an old thief, used his humble begging as a bargaining chip to blackmail Wiliam.

Sure enough, Wiliam smiled and said, “Okay, anyway, I came here this time to send Li Nanfeng into Lunanica Company.”

Li Nanfeng pulled Wiliam, but Wiliam ignored him.

He sighed and looked at Wiliam complicatedly.

I don’t know if it was right or wrong to invite him over today.

“Okay, your kid is quite kind, come here, clear the field, let me go!” Nelson took a few steps back.

Those few people immediately surrounded Wiliam.

“Who will go first?” Several of them were discussing.

But the eyes were on Wiliam’s body.

They saw that Wiliam’s body was thin, and he didn’t look like a martial arts person at all, so they didn’t care about him at all.

They are now taking credit for it.

As long as the first one can knock Wiliam to the ground, he has done a good job in front of Nelson.

They quarreled one by one, as if treating Wiliam as a salty fish trash that could be handled casually.

Nelson was delighted to see.

Just as he was about to appoint someone personally, Wiliam suddenly said lazily: “What are you fighting for? It’s okay if you don’t get on together. A minute or two is a waste of time.”

Everyone was taken aback.

Especially those few people, their eyes looking at Wiliam were breathing fire.

Oh, this kid, dare to be more mad!

Originally one-on-one, they all felt that Wiliam was not an opponent.

Now, is it too long?

However, several Wu Di usually regarded themselves very high, and now let them besiege one person, they are a bit unable to hold back this face.

And Nelson had no such humility at all.

He deliberately looked at the time and said, “President Qin will be here to see the time. It’s okay, in order to get time to end early, let’s go together.”

He gave an order, and those Wudi were in trouble, so they had to bite the bullet and rush towards Wiliam.

Almost everyone around was afraid to look down.

This kid who doesn’t know where he came from is really arrogant.

Now it’s alright, the retribution is coming.

I don’t know what it will be like later.

At the scene, there was a scream.

Those who closed their eyes were startled.


This kid was beaten!

Scream so badly.

Then, a series of screams rang out.

These people with closed eyes didn’t react at first.

When he reacted, he almost opened his eyes!

How could there be different screams!

That explains!

When they opened their eyes, they saw with amazement that several fighters who had been arrogant and domineering before had fallen to the ground one by one, wailing!

This scene scared those people to the ground with their jaws dropping!

how could this be!

What about that kid!

Looking at the kid again, he clapped his hands and his body was completely clean.

As if it wasn’t his shot.

Thinking of this, the few people hurriedly asked the same dumbfounded people around them, “What happened just now? Did this kid do it? Did Li Nanfeng do it?”

Because these people have seen Li Nanfeng’s skills.

If Li Nanfeng made a move, he would definitely be able to solve these armed forces within a minute.

However, those who watched the audience almost said in despair: “We didn’t see it very clearly, but we dare to swear that this kid definitely made the shot.”

They just saw that the few Wus were swarming around.

Then, they flew out one by one.

Wiliam, who was surrounded in the middle, fists almost so fast that they could not see clearly.

When they didn’t react at all, those people had already fallen to the ground.

Those Wu Li was on the ground, even more shocked.

What did they feel just now?

They feel an extremely oppressive feeling!

This kind of pressure almost made them even lack the courage to punch.

Then, there will never be a chance to punch.

Who is this person!

It was even more terrifying than Li Nanfeng!

Nelson’s face has turned into pig liver color.

He was about to get people on the ground to get up and fight again, but he heard Wiliam smile and ask, “Nelson, right? Would you like to come down and meet in person?”


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