Dragon Husband Chapter 401-410

Chapter 401

When Nelson heard this, his heart beeped.

Will it come down?

How could Nelson know what to do?

He had originally called a few Wudi casually, thinking that these people are usually old gangs, and it is not a matter of picking up a young guy who is just emerging.

Unexpectedly, it only took less than a minute to give Nelson a complete surprise.

Sure enough, anyone who can be friends with a monster like Li Nanfeng is also a monster!

Not a good thing!

When Nelson saw Wiliam approaching him step by step, her face paled in shock.

He was thinking of what excuse he would use to get out, when the phone rang.

He hurriedly said: “I will answer the call first, oh, President Qin’s secretary personally called, she must be coming, you quickly clean up the scene!”

After speaking, Nelson ran to the side.

Zhang Dafei wanted to see these two people embarrassing, but now his face is not good.

These two men are so capable of fighting!


In less than half a minute, Nelson came back.

Zhang Dafei hurriedly went up and flattered, “Director Chen, is the President coming over? Our scene has already been set up, and we will wait for her to come.”

However, Nelson said with an aggrieved look: “President Qin’s secretary just said that President Qin has a temporary problem, so the time for coming is uncertain. She asked us to start shooting first without waiting for her.”

Zhang Dafei was taken aback for a moment, “Damn! Then don’t you just prepare for nothing today?”

“White preparation? Ho ho, but there is no white preparation.” Nelson suddenly stared at Wiliam and Li Nanfeng not far away, and suddenly had an idea in his heart.

Wu Ti?

Do you want to enter Lunanica Company again?


Let’s trade your life.

Nelson confessed a few words to Zhang Dafei’s ear.

Zhang Dafei’s eyes dazzled, but immediately nodded, and solemnly said: “Okay, I’ll do it right away, but, should I call an ambulance? In case…”

“What’s it called? Since I chose to be a military substitute, it is natural to live and die.” Nelson dispatched Zhang Dafei casually.

Then, he came to the crowd and called them together and said: “President Qin’s time for coming here has been delayed. Let’s shoot first, and everyone will be in place.”

Finally, he said to Li Nanfeng: “Li Nanfeng, you should be clear about what to do at the scene. Take your friend and go to the backcourt to make preparations.”

Li Nanfeng nodded, then pulled Wiliam to the back court dressing room.

When he got here, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Wiliam, you were really too reckless to do this just now, in case something goes wrong…”

After saying this, he saw a trace of disappointment flash in Wiliam’s eyes.

Li Nanfeng wanted to continue speaking, but he shut up.

He was sad.

How could he not know what Wiliam’s eyes meant.

I am also a martial artist, for a bowl of rice, I went down to such a low voice…

If it wasn’t for my grandmother…

No, my work, my grandmother, are not an excuse for me to forbear to discard my integrity…

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng was a little afraid to look at Wiliam.

Ten minutes later, everything was set up on the scene.

Wiliam and Li Nanfeng also changed their clothes and came out.

“In this scene of you today, the two protagonists were chased by the enemy. When they were chased to the end of the third floor, the two jumped off the windowsill on the third floor.” Zhang Dafei said to Li Nanfeng with a grin.

Li Nanfeng nodded, Wu Di, is it just doing these jobs that ordinary people can’t do, or doing some dangerous things.

He looked up at this building.

On the third floor, ten to twenty meters high.

It would be very dangerous to jump from this height under the previous difficult conditions. Fortunately, there is now Avia, and security is still there.

Several staff members immediately put on Wia for Wiliam and Li Nanfeng.

Unbeknownst to him, Zhang Dafei winked at Nelson who was smoking a leisurely not far away, and signaled that everything was going according to plan.

The two followed everyone to the third floor, and Li Nanfeng looked down. Sure enough, this height was a bit dangerous for Li Nanfeng now.

As the director shouted and started, everyone was in position.

The two protagonists ran from the first floor to the third floor, were chased to the windowsill, looked at each other, and prepared to jump down.

The director immediately called to stop.

Next, it’s Wu Di’s time.

When they restarted, Wiliam and Li Nanfeng jumped off the windowsill together.

Originally, they were completely pressured and foolproof.

But when he was in mid-air, Li Nanfeng suddenly felt his heart chuckle!

Only a slight cracking sound was heard!

The Wia rope on his body was broken directly!

People are in the air, and this sudden incident caught Li Nanfeng a bit off guard.

He went straight down.

At this time, he suddenly saw that Wiliam beside him had broken the coercive rope!

At this look, Li Nanfeng’s eyes suddenly cracked!

His body moved abruptly in the air, but inevitably, he fell to the ground severely.

The body that fell on the ground was heavy, and it was obviously that he fell firmly.

But Li Nanfeng couldn’t take care of himself at all, he looked at Wiliam.

Don’t be wrong!

If Wiliam was seriously injured because of this incident, he would be blamed for all his deaths!

But only seeing Wiliam seemed to be prepared.

His body suddenly grabbed an overhanging eave, and the force of the fall was suddenly relieved by him.

Then he fell to the ground lightly, completely without incident.

The unknowing people around, suddenly became nervous and exclaimed!

How could Avia break!

And both of them are broken!

You know, things like Viagra are very prudent.

Before each filming, the staff will check the safety performance of AIA again and again!

Didn’t Li Nanfeng fall into trouble?

Li Nanfeng immediately got up from the ground and asked nervously, “Wiliam, are you okay?”

Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng and shook his head.

Li Nanfeng’s heart fell back. At this time, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his waist.

It turned out that I was too worried about Wiliam just now, and Li Nanfeng didn’t feel any pain in his body.

Just now, he fell firmly to the ground.

Almost broke his waist.

And Li Nanfeng immediately thought that if the two Vias were broken, someone must have moved their hands and feet.

He was going to find Zhang Dafei to settle the account, but saw Zhang Dafei running over with an angry expression.

Pointing at Li Nanfeng’s nose and cursing, “Li Nanfeng! Are you on the first day in the crew! You can’t even do a military substitute! Just be a dog! What did I tell you just now! You two How did you land! Get sick, guys!”

Chapter 402 I’ll Be Professional

This series of roars made Li Nanfeng unable to say a word.

He looked at Zhang Dafei sadly.

Obviously they moved their hands and feet and wanted to kill themselves and Wiliam!

Now that he and Lu Yezhen are dead, they are upside down and beaten up!

Someone around immediately came over and said, “Director Zhang, Wia was broken just now, are they doing anything?”

Zhang Dafei glared at Li Nanfeng and said, “There is something wrong! Don’t they all stand in front of everyone now? Some dangers in filming are unavoidable. Everyone knows this. If you are afraid, don’t film as soon as possible. Now, Li Nanfeng, let me ask you if you can make a good film!”

Wiliam kept standing aside, watching coldly.

Originally, according to Wiliam’s personality, he could not just ignore this kind of thing that almost harmed his friend.

But now, Wiliam decided to see the bottom.

He wants to see, Li Nanfeng, when will you bear it?

A dignified man of seven feet, he is full of blood, and he is brave enough to fight the four directions!

Rather than endure such humiliation for a job!

Wiliam was going to see how long it would take Li Nanfeng to resist.

This is also a test for Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng didn’t know Wiliam’s heart at all. After hesitating again and again, he whispered, “Come again.”

Zhang Dafei nodded with satisfaction, “I warn you, if you don’t follow the script, I will drive you out!”

After that, he went to explain to others again.

And Li Nanfeng looked at Wiliam who was indifferent, and apologized in a small voice: “Wiliam, I’m sorry, I almost hurt you. Are you okay?”

Wiliam nodded, without speaking.

But Li Nanfeng was even more apologetic.

At this time, a staff member ran over to Zhang Dafei and said, “Director Zhang, we have prepared these two Vias on site today. There are no extras. What can we do now?”

Everyone was taken aback.

There is no Via, how can I film this drama?

While everyone was anxious, Nelson walked over slowly.

He held the umbrella in his hand, looked at the third floor, and suddenly said leisurely: “This third floor doesn’t seem to be that high. They just jumped off and they were unscathed. Besides, they are all great masters. , The third floor is nothing for them. I believe that if there is Via, they can also jump off, right?”

This sentence caused the people around to take a breath.

This is the third floor.

Ordinary people have to break their arms and legs when they jump down.

Just now these two people were lucky, so there was no accident.

Now, Director Chen blatantly told them to jump down without adjusting Via.

Isn’t this forcing people to die!

Director Chen is so cruel.

And some smart people have already noticed that Director Chen is going to have trouble with these two people today.

They all guarded their lives wisely and did not dare to say a word of objection.

Anyway, something happened, and Director Chen stood up.

Li Nanfeng was so angry that he almost turned his face on the spot!

What do you mean!

We jumped down and nothing happened, or we should!

Even if nothing happens once or twice, then three or five times!

This is fighting for life!

“Is it okay? I think you guys were arrogant just now, why are you now? Don’t want to do it? Then let alone I have no chance to join Lunanica Company with you.” Nelson seemed to have grasped Li Nanfeng’s weakness. , Said slowly.

“Wait!” Li Nanfeng stopped Nelson at once.

The eyes are extremely complicated.

He looked at Wiliam, who just nodded and said, “You decide.”

Li Nanfeng bit his scalp and said: “Okay! Let’s shoot again! But you have to remember what you promised me!”

Nelson snorted, and left without answering.

Everyone returned to the third floor again.

Everyone mentioned their throats.

This is definitely the first time they have seen someone jump off a building in their lives!

What to do if the blood is shining later.

With the director’s order, Wiliam and Li Nanfeng jumped down again.

This time, they jumped down and rolled twice on the ground according to the story that the director had previously explained.

Perfect present.

Only when he jumped down, although Li Nanfeng had been prepared, the strength of the fall still made him tremble on the ground.

My feet feel like breaking.

The director yelled to stop.

Only then did Li Nanfeng get up from the ground with difficulty.


It’s finally over.

Just as Li Nanfeng felt that he was about to be relieved, Zhang Dafei suddenly shouted coldly from the side: “What are you doing! What about the look in the eyes! No! Let’s make another one!”

The director looked at Zhang Dafei in surprise.

What’s wrong with this guide?

They are just the two of them, wanting a hairy look?

Besides, the quality of the paragraph just now between these two people is ok.

It’s totally ok.

Why do you want another one?

The director wanted to ask Zhang Dafei, but Zhang Dafei gave him a wink and motioned to the director that this was what Nelson meant.

The director suddenly stopped talking.

And Li Nan was so angry that his teeth were shaking!

Pick the bones in the egg!

This big flight, obviously, will not let myself and Wiliam get better today!

“Zhang Dafei! Wiliam and I are not professional martial artists. It’s pretty good to be able to do this! What do you want to do!” Li Nanfeng said aggrieved.

However, Zhang Dafei raised his eyebrows and said lazily: “It’s not a professional martial artist, just a few more jumps will be professional.”

Li Nanfeng choked, he didn’t know what to say!


I want to see what other methods you have!

“Then come again!” Li Nanfeng’s stubborn temper came up.

Wiliam was aside, still speaking.

For Wiliam, the third floor is just a ceiling.

He didn’t suffer any harm.

However, his appreciation for Li Nanfeng is gradually fading.

Li Nanfeng, Li Nanfeng, don’t let me down completely.

Starting from the third time, two people landed. This time Li Nanfeng felt that his leg was about to break.

He quietly opened the trouser legs and found that the blue veins on both thighs burst, and there was faint blood leaking!

Not far away, Zhang Dafei picked another reason at random and asked them to start again.

The fourth time, the fifth time, the sixth time!

Zhang Dafei looked for different reasons time and time again.

The people at the scene were already too shocked to speak.

Are these two people still not able to tell that they were targeted?

As long as you apologize to Nelson in the past, you can get your life back.

Do you have to jump off the building again and again to find death!

Li Nanfeng’s legs were already shaking, and he couldn’t stand still.

On the seventh time, when he landed, Li Nanfeng couldn’t stand up a bit after he finished the action. It was Wiliam who helped him to stand still.

Zhang Dafei on the side quietly glanced at Nelson.

Nelson nodded slightly, and Zhang Dafei said quietly: “Forget it, let’s do it!”

Li Nanfeng breathed a sigh of relief, and with the support of Wiliam, walked towards Nelson who was basking in the sun.

It is time for him to fulfill his promise and he can join Lunanica Company.

“Director Chen, now, can you fulfill your promise? You promised me before.” Li Nanfeng said neither humble nor humble.

This was his life in exchange.

He deserves it!

However, Nelson raised his eyebrows and said in a puzzled way: “What promise? Oh? Wu Li’s wages? Da Fei, bring two hundred yuan to Li Nanfeng and his friends, one hundred per person.”

Chapter 403

When Li Nanfeng heard Nelson’s shameless words, his legs softened and he almost sat on the ground!

He looked at Nelson in disbelief, not expecting that he would turn back in public!

From the very beginning, Nelson promised him that he could join Lunanica Company as long as he succeeded in doing today’s replacement.

In this way, he has a stable income and can at least repay Wiliam a little favor.

Unexpectedly, Nelson would say so!

Not only did he not let him join the job, but also only gave him and Wiliam two hundred yuan!

For two hundred dollars, Li Nanfeng was born and died like this, jumping on the third floor seven times in a row!

Just when Li Nanfeng wanted to speak, Zhang Dafei ran over, took two hundred-yuan bills, and threw them directly on Li Nanfeng’s face, and said with charity, “Here, here you are, take it to eat.”

Two hundred yuan fell on the ground, in Li Nanfeng’s eyes, it was a shame!

Even Wiliam on the side frowned deeply.

He didn’t expect that there would be such assholes inside his Lunanica Company.

It seems that it is time to reorganize the Lunanica Company.

Seeing that Li Nanfeng had received two hundred yuan, Zhang Dafei sneered and yelled: “Why? Too little? Then, I will give you another fifty yuan privately. Is it enough? Just make up two hundred and five, hahaha !”

After all, he really took out another fifty yuan to throw it to Li Nanfeng.

This time, Li Nanfeng grabbed Zhang Dafei’s hand!

Zhang Dafei was taken aback, not thinking that Li Nanfeng would dare to resist.

He glared at Li Nanfeng, and said in a seductive voice, “What do you want to do? I tell you, if you dare not to promote, these two hundred and five are not good.”

Li Nanfeng just stared at Zhang Dafei, the anger in his eyes almost gushing out!

From the very beginning, Nelson and Zhang Dafei have insulted him in every possible way!

In order to take care of the overall situation, he has been stealing his life!

Now, these two people have completely offended Li Nanfeng!

This kind of scum!

What’s the use?


Still don’t fight!

His gaze couldn’t help but look at Wiliam.

He was afraid of hurting Wiliam!

However, Wiliam’s eyes were calm and he understood the meaning in his eyes, but he didn’t express his opinion.

Wiliam was waiting for Li Nanfeng’s attitude.

Li Nanfeng suddenly leaned slightly to Wiliam, and said in a deep voice, “Wiliam, I am sorry for you today! These two people, I want to fight! If it hurts you! I will bear the consequences!”

After that, when everyone was caught off guard, Li Nanfeng punched the face of Zhang Dafei who was still triumphant!

Li Nanfeng’s strength is not something a puffy person like Zhang Dafei can bear!

Seeing a punch, Zhang Dafei was beaten and flew backwards!

His body slammed heavily on Nelson, who was leisurely watching the show!

Suddenly both of them wailed!

The people at the scene suddenly panicked and exclaimed!

Some people want to come up to discourage Li Nanfeng.

Some people want to come and help Nelson.

Some people stand stupidly in place, completely unaware of what to do.

One by one shouted at Li Nanfeng: “Li Nanfeng, are you crazy! You dare to fight even Director Chen! Do you want to be in the crew in the future?”

“Can you still not understand today’s situation? Director Chen just wants you to apologize, are you doing this?”

“Even if Director Chen deliberately made things difficult for you just now, it was to sharpen you. You should thank him. I didn’t think you were such a white-eyed wolf!”

With a blast of harsh criticism, Li Nanfeng’s anger was completely burned!

Ho ho, sharpen me!

I don’t need such tempering!

Okay, now, I will come to sharpen you bastards!

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng rushed towards Nelson and the others, punched and kicked, and hit them mercilessly!

The people around wanted to pull Li Nanfeng away, but they were all thrown away by Li Nanfeng!

How could they be Li Nanfeng’s opponent?

“Call the police! Call the police! This guy is completely crazy!” someone shouted.

However, they just took out their mobile phone and found that it was gone.

When they came back to their senses, they saw a mobile phone appearing in a person’s hand.


Wiliam threw these mobile phones on the ground with a smile, and said with a smile: “We Lunanica Company’s internal cleanup of the door does not need to call the police.

When those people were about to scold Wiliam angrily, when they saw Wiliam punch, they vomited blood from a Wu Di who wanted to come up!

This scene deeply shocked these people!

They forgot that the young guy in front of them is also a better character than Li Nanfeng!

Just now, he had knocked down all the fighters in one minute!

Now, Wiliam was like this, he actually scared them directly. They looked at me one by one, I looked at you, and they didn’t know what to do anymore.

Wiliam took a rope in his hand and shook it in his hand.

The rope fell to the ground.

He looked at this rope and said to everyone: “Who dares to step on this rope to try.”

The threat in words is self-evident.

Everyone dared not step forward seriously.

What can they do now.

There is only one thing.

Watching Zhang Dafei and Nelson being beaten with blood by the crazy Li Nanfeng!

When Li Nanfeng was beating them, he was actually observing the surrounding situation.

Seeing that Wiliam took action like this, guarding him alone.

Li Nanfeng felt more guilty.

It seemed that he owed Wiliam another favor.

After beating these two men by myself today, I would definitely not be able to stand in Q City ( Qena City ).

It’s just suffering Wiliam.

He will definitely be implicated by himself.

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng felt bitter in his heart.

And he vented this anger on these two people again.

At first they were beaten, and they were still very unconvinced.

Qi Qi spoke angrily at Li Nanfeng, greeting Li Nanfeng’s eighteenth generation ancestors.

Even threatening Li Nanfeng.

When they got to the back, they knew that Li Nanfeng was eating soft but not hard.

So now, they are being beaten and crying.

“Don’t fight, we know we were wrong, let us go, OK, I will compensate you immediately! Ten thousand yuan is enough!”

“By the way, I can also re-enter Lunanica Company. Isn’t that what you want? Let us go, I beg you.”

The two cried bitterly and pleaded, but now it is hard to get over.

Since Li Nanfeng had beaten them, he was ready to leave Q City ( Qena City ), so naturally he would no longer think about joining Lunanica Company.

He played for ten minutes before stopping. Nelson and Zhang Dafei on the ground were no longer human.

Zhang Dafei even pumped straight on the ground.

“Wiliam, let’s go.” Li Nanfeng walked to Wiliam and said to him.

This is not a place to talk.

Nelson, who had woke up, was about to call someone to stop them when his phone rang.

He looked at the phone and was stunned.

“Director Chen, President Qin has already arrived at the door of the crew, why didn’t you have any one to meet him?”

Chapter 404: President Qin Is Here

This is the phone number of President Qin’s secretary!

President Qin unexpectedly came at this time!

After a daze, Nelson suddenly came over in ecstasy!

Come early, it’s better to come by coincidence!

I am worried that I have a patron to avenge Li Nanfeng!

Unexpectedly, this patron came by such a coincidence!

President Qin is here!

Who is Janett? No one in Q City ( Qena City ) knows. She was once a close friend of Harper.

During this period of time, it was a mysterious boss who became the president of Lunanica Company.

Who else in Q City ( Qena City ) would dare not give Janett a face!

And as Janett’s subordinate, he was actually beaten in full view. This was just slapping Janett in the face.

Can President Qin not stand up for himself?

Thinking of this, Nelson hung up the phone and suddenly yelled frantically: “Everyone, half stopped the two stinky boys just now! The other half went out with me, and President Qin personally came over to preside over justice for me!

When everyone heard this, they were overjoyed!

Unexpectedly, President Qin came at this time.

Still vented to Nelson.

When did the relationship between Nelson and the president become so good?

It seems that I really want to flatter Nelson.

They didn’t care about anything after waiting for a while, so they rushed out the door together.

Wiliam and Li Nanfeng were going to leave, but they were immediately surrounded.

This time, they moved all the way, let alone more than 30 people surrounding them.

Li Nanfeng frowned suddenly, what exactly are these people doing!

Do you really want to make a bloody road today?

While he was hesitating, someone said to Li Nanfeng viciously: “Li Nanfeng, you are dead now! Our company’s President Qin personally visits the venue, even if it is a fairy, he can’t save you.”

President Qin?

Li Nanfeng was taken aback.

Then there was a burst of misery on his face.

President Qin actually came in person.

The previous few times, he had always wanted to see President Qin, but he couldn’t see him after all.

But now, I can see it, but I can no longer stand in Q City ( Qena City ).

Originally, he was just beating Nelson, but when President Qin came, his nature changed.

Who didn’t know that behind President Qin, Harper once stood, and now he is standing still thinking of a mysterious boss.

Suffering Wiliam.

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng suddenly made up his mind and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, President Qin is here, this is a big mess! You go quickly! I will kill you!”

Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng’s determined eyes, and had an urge to laugh.

How does Janett manage the company?

In everyone’s eyes, it is the image of a big devil.

Even Li Nanfeng was a little dazed by such a stunned youth.

However, he felt that Li Nanfeng did not want to implicate him.

This guy, who forbeared in all possible ways before, broke out completely later, this made Wiliam’s image a little different.

At last he was still a man of spine.

Now, whether Janett is here, the matter should be over.

Thinking of this, Wiliam grabbed Li Nanfeng who wanted to rush out, and said, “Let’s just wait here. Nothing, I am here.”

Li Nanfeng suddenly became anxious, “Do you know who this Qin always is, who is behind him! We can’t afford it!”

Wiliam asked amusedly: “Oh? Do you know who is behind President Qin?”

This rhetorical question made Li Nanfeng blindfolded, “I, I don’t know, I just heard…”

“Well, depending on the strength of the two of us, we can go anytime we want to go. We will meet Janett.” Wiliam said calmly.

Li Nanfeng’s face became stiff, and he quickly said, “President Qin! You want to call Mr. Qin! Don’t be so polite!”

Wiliam has a black line. When did Li Nanfeng be so polite?

On the other side, Nelson, whose face was bloody, ran out and wiped the blood from his face until he wiped his face even more terrible.

Janett just got out of the car and frowned when she saw Nelson rushing out.

Her secretary said immediately: “Mr. Qin, this is Director Chen of our film and television department. I don’t know why he behaves like this, I’ll ask.”

The little secretary immediately asked Nelson: “Director Chen, what is your situation?”

Director Chen didn’t care about three or seven and twenty one, and he knelt in front of Janett with a thump, crying into hysterics.

Zhang Dafei also rushed over, and everyone around him knelt down.

This made Janett furrow her brows deeper.

What is this?

Is the emperor enthroned?

“President Qin, you must be the master for us! We were working diligently to make a movie, but someone hit the scene and beat me! This is not giving us the face of Lunanica Company!” Nelson cried while crying. .

Then, he added fuel and jealousy, and said the incident that had just been coaxed.

In the middle, he naturally omitted things that made things difficult for Li Nanfeng.

After Janett listened, she felt a little angry.

However, she is a president after all, and she doesn’t bother to care about such trivial matters.

The secretary jumped with anger, “Damn! There are people who dare to ignore our Lunanica Company! Who is it!”

“It’s Li Nanfeng! I knew this kid was hiding evil intentions! Now it seems that he is retaliating against us for expelling him!” Nelson said loudly.

Janett frowned at this moment and looked at Nelson.

Li Nanfeng?

It turned out to be him?

Wiliam had explained to Janett before that if he saw Li Nanfeng, he would meet in person.

Unexpectedly, I actually met here today.

“Let’s say, did they bring dozens of people? You can’t beat a group of people?” The little secretary said angrily.

As soon as this was said, the atmosphere on the scene was embarrassing.

Chen Nian said weakly, “Just two, Li Nanfeng, and what is the name of the other. I suddenly forgot my name.”

In Nelson’s view, Wiliam was just a small person and couldn’t get into his eyes at all.

“Let’s go and take a look, I just want to see Li Nanfeng.” Janett said to the little secretary.

The little secretary hurriedly told Nelson, “You still lead the way?”

Nelson is overjoyed!

President Qin is going to teach Li Nanfeng for himself!


He said as he walked: “Don’t worry, Mr. Qin, I’ve made people surround them all in the crew. They can’t fly even if they’re wings!”

Janett has been in the mall for many years, how can he not know what Nelson’s old fried dough sticks are selling?

He must have had a holiday with Li Nanfeng, and he was beaten up. Now he moved out of the company’s name to let himself vent his anger?

Forget it, see Li Nanfeng first.

Janett was hesitating whether to call Wiliam now. At this time, Nelson had stopped in front of him, and moved away from the crowd. He pointed to the two people in the field and said to Janett: “Mr. Qin, These are these two people!”

After he finished speaking, he said to Li Nanfeng viciously: “Today, if you don’t take you alive, I won’t have my surname Chen!”

Chapter 405 The Boss Behind The Scenes Is Wiliam

When a group of people saw Janett coming, it was like seeing a savior and bowed their greetings to Janett.

And Li Nanfeng’s face suddenly became ugly.

Nelson guided Janett over, and hurriedly greeted his subordinates, “So insightful, why don’t you get a chair for President Qin!”

The staff immediately went to move chairs.

Nelson triumphantly yelled to Li Nanfeng: “Li Nanfeng, aren’t you very good! There is a kind of thing you can show me presumptuously in front of our President Qin!”

Janett nodded subconsciously when he saw Li Nanfeng.

She usually looks at people quite accurately.

I saw this Li Nanfeng with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He didn’t look like a gangster, and there was a sense of righteousness between his eyebrows.

It’s not as evil as Nelson said.

When she looked at the other person, her steps stopped instantly.


It turned out to be Wiliam!

How could Wiliam appear here!

Besides, how could he be with Li Nanfeng?

For a moment, Janett’s head was blank.

Nelson didn’t notice Janett’s abnormality, and shouted to Wiliam: “You two, don’t you come over and see us President Qin! Do you want to die! Do you know who we Qin always is!”

The footsteps of both of them were moving.

Wiliam looked at Janett’s dull face amused, but he thought it was funny.

Is there anything that can keep us from being surprised, President Qin is so cute, and it’s amazing.

At this time, one of his subordinates brought a chair and placed it among them.

Nelson hurriedly said to Janett: “Ms. Qin, you will be seated.”

In Janett’s eyes, Wiliam was the only one.

At this time, Wiliam’s footsteps moved.

Nelson laughed loudly, “Now I know that I came here to admit my mistake? What did you do just now?”

But in the next second, Nelson’s laughter stopped abruptly!

Everyone even let out a cry of exclamation!

I saw that Wiliam didn’t kneel down and apologize in the past!

He walked up to that chair and sat down on the chair!

Nelson was so scared that she got goose bumps all over her body.

This chair is for President Qin!

In the presence, who else is qualified to sit on this chair!

This kid who doesn’t know the height of the sky is getting more and more rampant!

He rushed to Wiliam in one step, and sternly shouted: “Your kid is looking for death! Why not get up!”

Li Nanfeng behind him also stood in front of Wiliam, and whispered: “Wiliam, it’s a bit too much. A man can bend and stretch. Now let’s not act rashly.”

Wiliam didn’t care, “Isn’t the chair just for sitting, Janett can sit, what can’t I sit on? Right?”

Janett finally recovered, her eyes came to Wiliam with extremely complicated eyes.

She can see some clues.

This group of ignorant guys, don’t you still know the identity of Wiliam?

What did they do to Wiliam before!

Especially that Nelson!

Nelson didn’t know it, and shouted: “Come on, catch this guy!”

But at this time, Janett sneered coldly, “Stop it all! Nelson, right! Are you convicted?”

This drink made Nelson stunned.

I am convicted?

What is my sin?

The guilty one is these two brats!

Nelson said in a respectful voice: “Mr. Qin, these two boys took the lead. They insulted our Lunanica Company. We should take care of them!”

Janett actually laughed and pointed to Wiliam and said, “You mean, he would insult our Lunanica Company?”

Nelson was taken aback, but hurriedly nodded, and said nonsense: “Yes, everyone has heard it. Just now this kid has been scolding our Lunanica Company for shamelessness! Everyone said, right?

Due to Nelson’s usual majesty, those people nodded with complicated expressions.

The corner of Janett’s mouth tickled, drawing a nice arc.

It turned out that Nelson was the one who was ghostly.

At this time, the little secretary really couldn’t stand it anymore, walked up and said to Nelson: “Nelson! You dare to lie! Do you know that everyone in the world can insult our Lunanica Company, but this person is the only one. He will not!”

Nelson stopped doing it immediately. So many people just proved that President Qin still refuses to believe it?

“Why do you say that? He insulted our company.”

“Then you know, who is he?” the little secretary suddenly asked.

Who is he?

Nelson was taken aback.

How does he know who Wiliam is?

Isn’t it Li Nanfeng’s friend?

The little secretary sneered, and suddenly looked around, remembering those who had perjured just now.

Then, she said in a deep voice, “You all listen to me. The one sitting in the chair in front of you is the largest shareholder and the person behind the scenes of our Lunanica Company! That is, our boss, President Qin! President Lu!”

This sentence continued, and the scene became silent!

Everyone’s looks are so beautiful!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief, as if they had misheard in their ears.

But at this time, Janett walked up to Wiliam and respectfully asked for instructions, “Mr. Lu, you don’t want to tell me when you come over, do you want to visit you privately?”

Seeing Janett’s respectful attitude, she is now shocked with thunder and hijab again!

Janett bowed to this kid for instructions.

In other words, this kid turned out to be the biggest boss behind Lunanica Company!

Everyone had heard before that there was a big boss behind Lunanica Company who was in control.

Janett is just the CEO.

Now, the big guy has appeared, right in front of them!

So young!

So powerful!

Just now, everyone treated him like a little guy!

Thinking of this, countless people fought a cold war together.

This shocking reversal scared everyone present to the floor!

how could this be!

Now, those who had just given false testimony, and those who slammed Wiliam fiercely, were all blue with regret!

But, who can imagine that the biggest boss of the company, who has been in the crew just now, is still so young and promising…

Nelson was even more so frightened that his already ugly face became savage!

This kid turned out to be the boss of the company…

Is his status higher than Janett?

Isn’t he just a fighter?

Moreover, since there is such a proud identity, why come to be a substitute!

Nelson was puzzled and couldn’t help but said to Janett: “Mr. Qin, this kid is just a martial artist and he is completely unrefined. Have you admitted the wrong person?”

But at this time, Janett suddenly sneered and looked at Nelson.

“Why? I mean I am dim-eyed and admit the wrong person? Then Nelson, tell me, do you want me to kneel to him in public to prove to you that he is the biggest boss of our company, Mr. Lu!”

Chapter 406: Deterrence

Nelson was so frightened that his legs weakened, he knelt directly in front of Janett.

His heart was shaking.

That said, it is true.

This young boy in front of me is really the biggest boss of Lunanica Company!

And he is still working for him!

But what did I do to him just now!

Thinking of this, Nelson turned around on the ground, kept kowtow to Wiliam, and said with a trembling mouth: “Mr. Lu, I just didn’t know Taishan. I was wrong. Will you spare my life? Be a cow and a horse for you!”

Zhang Dafei knelt down with a plop.

His shock was no less than Nelson.

He thought that this kid was the helper Li Nanfeng invited.

Unexpectedly, the identity of this helper is so terrifying!

Damn Li Nanfeng!

You obviously know the biggest boss of Lunanica Company, but you are begging to come back again and again in the company!

Are you making fun of us?

And today, you brought Mr. Lu here, and you have to endure our troubles!

You are a masochist!

Now you can kill us!

The two kept kowtow to Wiliam, and Wiliam remained unmoved.

Wiliam had just seen what these two people did.

It is a shame that the company has such scumbags!

He looked at Li Nanfeng who was sluggish aside.

Li Nanfeng really stayed completely.

He would never have thought that Lu Yehui was the biggest boss of Lunanica Company!

This didn’t correspond to that sentence. The crowd looked for him thousands of times, and suddenly looked back, but the person was in the dim light!

I was desperate to join the company, and today I almost lost my fame.

As a result, I didn’t think that the biggest boss was by my side.

But, who is this Wiliam!

It doesn’t matter if he is so skilled, he is still in charge of Cang Yue Company.

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng’s eyes when looking at Wiliam suddenly became awed.

At the same time, he felt like he was deceived by Wiliam.

Wiliam knew that he was going to join Lunanica Company.

However, he hadn’t expressed his opinion before, but followed himself and suffered a lot on the scene!

What is he doing!

Do you want to make a fool of yourself?

Li Nanfeng asked Wiliam depressedly: “Mr. Lu, since you are the big boss of the company, why don’t you tell me!”

However, Wiliam knew this kind of resentment in Li Nanfeng’s heart, and seriously explained: “Didn’t you call and ask me to help you as a friend?”

In a word, Li Nanfeng was stunned again.


This word is unfamiliar to him.

Unexpectedly, in Wiliam’s heart, the word friend is much more valuable than his identity as the president.

He thought he was a friend, so he didn’t want to reveal his identity.

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng’s heart was touched.

Janett on the side also quietly explained to Li Nanfeng: “You are Li Nanfeng, right? Wiliam and I didn’t know about you being fired from the company before. Later, after Wiliam heard about your deeds, although he didn’t know him You, but think that you are an interesting person, specially confessed to me. If you come to the company again, you will inform him as soon as possible.”

These words made Li Nanfeng more apologetic.

I misunderstood Wiliam’s intentions.

However, Li Nanfeng still couldn’t settle down at this moment.

After all, Wiliam’s identity is too high for him.

Before he saw Director Chen, it was very difficult to die.

Not to mention seeing Janett above Director Chen.

Now, Wiliam, who was one level higher than Janett, called himself a friend by his side.

Li Nanfeng always felt that there was an unreal feeling.

“I’ll talk about you later.” Wiliam said to Li Nanfeng, looking at the two people in front of him who were knocking their heads like garlic.

Li Nanfeng nodded quickly, not knowing what attitude to face Wiliam for a while.

And the two were still begging.

The annoyance in their hearts has completely erupted.

If they had known that Wiliam’s identity was so noble, how dare they dare to make things difficult for Wiliam and Li Nanfeng!

It’s too late to cheat!

It’s okay now. The ugliness just now has been completely seen by President Lu, and he may decide how Lu will retaliate.

Janett asked in a low voice, “What are you going to do with these two people? Do you want to get out of the company?”

After hearing this, Nelson’s face became stiff, and he knocked harder.

It took him more than ten years to finally climb into the position of supervisor.

If they are driven away, all these years of hard work will be wasted!

What worries him even more is that the friends who have been with him in the past only fancy his position in Lunanica Company.

Once I lose my job, can those people still look up to him!

You must not lose this job!

Zhang Dafei’s thoughts were exactly the same as Nelson, and he didn’t want to lose this hard-working job.

“Mr. Lu, do your best and let us have a way out? I will definitely change my mind and make good contributions to the company! As long as I can keep this job, I will do whatever you say! It’s your dog!” Nelson knelt on the ground and kept begging.

It’s just that the people around couldn’t help laughing.

To be a dog to a man, he said so rightly.

This person is really shameless.

Janett’s brow furrowed deeper.

Unexpectedly, this guy is already rotten to the bone.

She was about to decide to expel them for Wiliam, but suddenly she heard Wiliam say: “Well, since you two can make a difference, I will keep your jobs.”

The audience was stunned when he said this.

Before, how Nelson and Zhang Dafei treated Wiliam and Li Nanfeng, everyone was watching.

Li Nanfeng almost let them die!

Now they just begged for mercy casually, this President Lu, let them go?

This is too easy to talk!

Nelson and Zhang Afei on the ground secretly glanced at each other, their eyes were full of surprises and cries!

Hahaha, this fool, Mr. Lu!

But so!

Are you moved by begging casually?

Still too young and simple.

I want to fight against people like us who have been in the entertainment industry for a long time, hahaha, too tender.

Just as Nelson was extremely proud, Wiliam suddenly spoke again.

“But, if you want to keep your jobs, you have to contribute to the crew, right?”

The two were taken aback, but they couldn’t help but nod their heads, “Of course!”

Then, Wiliam stood up, condescendingly, and said jokingly: “In this case, I will promise you one condition. In the scene of jumping off the building just now, I think I and Li Nanfeng are still too young, so you and Zhang Da Fei has rich experience in this kind of old drama, otherwise, would you come and dance? Xiaoyueyue, didn’t you come down to supervise the work? Just to appreciate it together.

Chapter 407: Seven Times

Nelson and Zhang Dafei were taken aback, what they heard just now!

This President Lu actually wanted the two of them to jump off the building!


Sure enough, this kid won’t give up so easily!

It turned out to be waiting here!

What a sinister villain!

The movie just now was obviously finished!

On the side, Janett was called Xiaoyueyue in public by Wiliam, his face flushed slightly, and he gave Wiliam an angry look.

Can’t you call it privately!

Calling this in front of everyone, how can people establish majesty in the company in the future!

Fortunately, everyone’s focus is on Nelson and Zhang Dafei, and they have not noticed this detail.

Janett coughed lightly and said solemnly: “Alright, I am here as a supervisor this time, and I can’t come here in vain. What do you two say?”

Zhang Dafei and Nelson looked at each other, and there was a panic of fear in their hearts!

This President Lu!

I want them to die!

That’s the third floor!

Moreover, Nelson and Zhang Dafei are as fat as pigs!

Have you ever seen a pig flying!

Nelson laughed and explained weakly: “Um, our Via is broken, and now there is no extra Via, we can’t jump.”

Qin Jiang Yuefeng stared, “How could Wia break?”

This hoarse made Nelson’s neck suddenly shrink, and he dared not answer again.

If President Qin investigates it, this matter will definitely be revealed!

But at this time, Wiliam smiled and said, “This third floor doesn’t seem to be that high. We just jumped off and we were unscathed. Besides, they are all old dramas. The third floor is right. For you, it’s not an issue. I believe that if there is no Via, you can also jump off, right?”

These words made Nelson so angry that his nose crooked!

This is not what I said to Wiliam and Li Nanfeng before!

What a Wiliam!

It is silently remembered in my heart, and now I am back!


This third floor may be a trivial matter for people who practice martial arts like them.

No, it’s not a trivial matter.

Didn’t see a master like Li Nanfeng, his feet were shaking in the end!

Do you still have a life if you jump down?

His thoughts turned sharply, and he immediately said: “Otherwise, I will arrange for other fighters to perform this scene.”

Wiliam said quietly, “Where are there other military substitutes, everyone will perform their duties, I think, just you.”

In a word, Nelson who wanted to get away was blocked to death.

Zhang Dafei couldn’t help but pleaded: “Mr. Lu, we are not a professional martial artist after all. Are you embarrassing people?”

Wiliam replied faintly, “It’s not a professional Wudi, it’s not a problem, just a few more jumps will be professional.”

Zhang Dafei almost spit out old blood!


This was what he said to Wiliam and Li Nanfeng before.

Also beaten back by Tai Chi!

Zhang Dafei almost slapped himself!

Why was it so cheap just now!

If I don’t say this, maybe there is still room for maneuver now!

Li Nanfeng on the side had already seen it.

Wiliam’s behavior was trying to restore the face he was humiliated just now.

Otherwise, with Wiliam’s identity, a single word would be enough to prevent these two people from gaining a foothold in Q City ( Qena City ).

And Wiliam, seeing the two of them still chirping, his face became cold, “What? Didn’t you just say to contribute to the company? What? A little thing refused? Forget it, you pack your things and get out. Company.”

Zhang Dafei and Nelson shook violently, and there were only two roads before them.

Either get out of the company!

Either jump from the third floor, if you don’t die, you can continue to stay in the company!


Seeking wealth and insurance!


The two looked at each other, their eyes were determined!

“Good! Mr. Lu! This is what you promised us! Let’s jump!”

When Janett heard this, she was a little worried on the side, and couldn’t help but ask Wiliam in a low voice, “They don’t have a Diaoweiya, so there will be no trouble if they jump?”

Wiliam let out a cold sneer when they watched the two of them prepare!

“Just now, we also didn’t have Diaoweiya, and we jumped seven times!”

Seven times!

These words suddenly changed Janett’s expression!

Good you Nelson!

You almost killed Wiliam!

Damn it!

The anger in her heart burned completely!

You deserve it!

When everyone was ready, those people looked at Wiliam blankly, their eyes changed one by one.

They thought that Mr. Lu was good at bullying and cheating.

But just now, this trick was to use the other way to do it, but it made everyone feel the strong and domineering of the superior!

You must die!

The minister had to die!

Nelson and Zhang Dafei, please ask for your blessings!

These two men stood on the windowsill on the third floor and couldn’t help but look down.

At this look, the two of them took a breath!


Is the third floor so high!

They didn’t go up to the third floor just now, and they didn’t think it was high.

Now standing on it in person, both of their thighs are shaking.

They finally felt the danger of Wiliam and Li Nanfeng jumping off the building just now!

If you jump this way, you can’t die, but you will definitely hurt!

The two suddenly felt like they were shooting themselves in the foot!

If Li Nanfeng and Wiliam had passed this scene well before, how could there be such an awkward situation now!

Zhang Dafei cried out to Nelson, “Brother Chen, I was wrong. Can I go on now? I don’t want to work anymore. I want to save my life.”

However, Nelson was forced out of his blood instead. He slapped Zhang Dafei severely, and cursed: “You or him, you don’t think about it! That Wiliam, made it clear to deal with us! If we don’t today Jump, can you get out of this gate? Besides, you can’t die if you jump down! At most, stay in the hospital for a month or two before the company gives us paid vacation!”

Zhang Dafei had no momentum, clutching his flushed cheeks, and sighed.

At this time, there was a shout from outside, “Ms. Lu and Qin have been waiting for a long time, what are you doing!”

Nelson looked at Zhang Dafei, “You jump first.”

Zhang Dafei shrank his neck, “You jump first.”

Whoever jumps first is stupid!

Chen Nian was so angry that he kicked Zhang Dafei straight down!

Then his eyes closed and he jumped!



Two loud noises, the dust and smoke that hit the ground flew up.

The scene also rang out one after another screams!

Fortunately, the two of them were well prepared. The fall was only a flash of the waist, and the feet were good.

In each other’s eyes, the excitement and excitement of the rest of their lives!

There is no death!


Job saved!

I have to say, this jump is really exciting! It will be addictive!

Just when the two wanted to find Wiliam for credit, Li Nanfeng on the side said lightly: “Director, are these two people not going according to the script?”

Chapter 408 Two Hundred Five

Nelson and Zhang Dafei stalled and almost spurted blood!


Is this Li Nanfeng still a human!

Wish we jumped off the building and died on the spot?

We are already a victory if we can jump, okay!

Wiliam on the side also looked at the director jokingly.

“Um, according to the script, the two people should have landed together…” the director said weakly.

Nelson and Zhang Dafei blew their heads!

Zhang Dafei didn’t care about anything anymore, and shouted directly at Nelson: “What the hell did you kick me just now! Now it’s good, you want to jump again! You are responsible to me!”

Nelson also suffocated, and shouted, “If I hadn’t kicked you, you wouldn’t dare to come down on it now!”

People at the scene, you look at me, I look at you, but dare not speak.

The two had no choice but to be helped upstairs again.

Once, there will be a second time!

Instead, they all jumped once. If you give up now, don’t you just jump for nothing!

So, the two men mustered up their courage and jumped down again.

This time, the two landed together.

However, there was a clear bang!

The people who heard the scene got goosebumps!

There are people injured!

Nelson hugged her left leg and screamed on the ground.

You don’t need to look at it to know that this leg is broken!

And Zhang Dafei obviously didn’t get any better, he fell to the ground, supporting his waist, and he didn’t recover for a long time.

Li Nanfeng’s mouth opened, but after all, he couldn’t say anything.

He is not, does not mean that no one said.

Wiliam chuckled lightly and said, “What’s this? There are no scenes in his eyes, let’s do it again.”

His eyes gradually became extremely cold as the voice fell!

The people around him could obviously feel that a deep chill burst out of Wiliam!

Today’s matter is not over yet!

And Nelson’s head blew, he completely understood!

Wiliam is taking revenge!

Why did they treat Wiliam and Li Nanfeng just now, now Wiliam has doubled them back!

“Wiliam! What do you want! Just say it!” Nelson came up angrily and shouted at Wiliam.

Wiliam said coldly: “Continue to jump, you have two results, one, you fell to death. Second, I am satisfied, let you have a way out. But if you don’t jump, there is only one result, you choose yourself.”

In the words, there is an irresistible majesty!

The people at the scene took a step back subconsciously!

They looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

No one thought of this President Lu, who acted so harshly!

He has a city that does not match his age at all!

Suddenly an idea came to everyone’s heart.

Absolutely, you can’t mess with this President Lu!

Otherwise, the consequences are more terrible than I thought!

Janett suddenly understood the reaction of these people around him.

If it was normal, Wiliam would just kill these two people and it would be over.

He is not a dragger.

But why do you do this today.

One is to avenge Li Nanfeng.

However, the more important aspect is that you have to take these two people to open the knife in public to kill the chicken and the monkey!

It must be that he saw that the crew was rotten to the bone, and everyone was so angry!

Just imagine, if today’s events are spread within the company, who would dare to be arrogant and domineering on the crew in the future!

If you want to be arrogant and domineering, you must be prepared to be slowly tortured to death!

Seeing that the faces of the surrounding group changed, Janett knew that Wiliam’s goal had been achieved.

Thinking of this, Janett even owed Wiliam in her heart.

She had long felt that the people in the film and television department were not righteous, so she wanted to come down to supervise the work.

Originally, these things should be done by Janett.

But now it is Wiliam who is the villain.

“I’m sorry.” Janett whispered to Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded slightly and continued to look at Nelson and Zhang Dafei.

Nelson’s blood came up completely.

The choice Wiliam gave just now, does he still have to choose!

A person who does things so fiercely, I believe he can tell, he can do it!

In this case, there is only one way, keep jumping!

“Come on, help me up! As long as I don’t die, I’ll be on fire with you!” Chen Nian shouted fiercely with joy and evil.

Wiliam nodded, “Help up! Kick down!”

These words made the people on the scene hold their breath again!

Yeah, kick it down!

This is really murder!

President Lu is so terrible!

In the future, in the company, it seems that you must follow the rules in everything you do, and don’t let Mr. Lu catch the handle.

As the two of them were helped up again, they were kicked down directly.

This time, the two fell to the ground and couldn’t get up.

Both of Zhang Dafei’s feet were broken, and the deformed appearance made everyone’s hair horrified!

Do you want to keep jumping?

They looked at Wiliam in awe, and waited for Wiliam to give orders again.

At this time, Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng thought that Wiliam would treat him better.

But I didn’t expect that Wiliam’s eyes looked colder than those two people!

Even Li Nanfeng felt that he was being spotted by a wild beast!

Just when he wanted to ask Wiliam why he looked at him this way, his head was taken aback.

There is a feeling of blessing to the soul.

Wiliam did this just now, not just for revenge.

Still do it for yourself!

Li Nanfeng felt like falling into an ice cellar.

Before, I had to bear the humiliation for a job and discarded his integrity.

Certainly Wiliam was disappointed in himself.

But Lu Yezhen said.

But tell yourself with practical actions.

A masculine man, walking in the world, killing and decisive!

The benevolence of a woman, who is worthy of being called a man!

With this thought, Li Nanfeng’s heart suddenly filled with monstrous regret!

As if to make Wiliam look down on, it was the greatest sorrow in his life!

This kind of regret makes Li Nanfeng a little strange.

However, his conscience was telling him that it was so.

Li Nanfeng’s fist suddenly clenched!

What should I do in the future, what way to go!

Thank you Wiliam, I see.

He gave Wiliam a complicated look, his body bent slightly, “Thank you.”

Everyone only thought that this thank you was Xie Luye’s revenge for him.

But everyone was amazed.

This is the first time they have heard Li Nanfeng say thank you since they have known Li Nanfeng for so long.

Wiliam seemed to have waited for Li Nanfeng’s attitude before he nodded in satisfaction, “Come on.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

At this moment, Nelson, who was on the ground, suddenly knelt on the ground and kept kowtow to Wiliam, “Thank you, Mr. Lu for not killing, and Mr. Lu, since we have all passed, then you promised us before…”

Wiliam left without looking back, but dropped a sentence, “Will you pay for it? Xiao Yueyue, give them two hundred and five.”

Chapter 409

Nelson and Zhang Dafei knelt on the ground as if they had been struck by lightning!

What did they hear?

Wu Di’s wages, two hundred and five?

This is so familiar!

Isn’t this what Nelson said to Li Nanfeng before?

Fortunately now, this President Lu has paid back the humiliation that Nelson had imposed on Li Nanfeng one by one!

Zhang Dafei, who had been suffocated for a long time, suddenly ignored the broken leg and directly pressed Nelson to the ground and punched him in the face!

“It’s you and him just teasing Li Nanfeng! Otherwise, we will be like this!”

Zhang Dafei was very frustrated, and now he can see clearly, this President Lu has been teasing them to avenge Li Nanfeng.

They can stay without even thinking about it!

If this is the case, then he doesn’t need to be afraid of Nelson anymore.

Yeah, I’ve been flattering him all these years, now I want to get it back together!

Wiliam was so boring to watch this drama, and the matter was over.

He dropped a sentence, “Don’t let me see you in Q City ( Qena City ) in the future.”

Then he left.

Li Nanfeng and Janett quickly followed out.

Janett was naturally going to report to Mr. Lu, and Li Nanfeng, without knowing why, followed.

Standing outside, the three of them looked at each other.

Li Nanfeng looked at Wiliam in front of him, still feeling like a dream.

Everything is too unreal.

I met a friend casually, but he turned out to be the big boss of his previous company.

How coincidental is this?

I finally met a rich and powerful person?

“Li Nanfeng, do you have anything to say?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

Li Nanfeng opened his mouth and found that he couldn’t say a word.

His guilt for Wiliam was too deep.

And Wiliam said again: “Never mind, I also give you two choices. First, you stay at Lunanica Company and take over the position of Nelson as the director of the film and television department. I will not treat you badly on salary or anything. I said, letting you replace it is not an empty word.”

Li Nanfeng was stunned, not expecting happiness to come so quickly.

Originally, he had thought about it. As long as he could have a job, he would recognize it even as a substitute.

Now, because he met Wiliam, he flew directly to the branch and became a phoenix.

Wiliam had said that he would replace it before, but Li Nanfeng at that time only thought that Wiliam was also an ordinary person, and he was talking about it, how could he take it seriously.

But it didn’t come true. Wiliam’s words didn’t contain a half-truth.

He held back the ecstasy in his heart and continued to ask: “What about the second choice?”

Wiliam glanced at Li Nanfeng in surprise, this kid is very capable of holding back his thoughts.

Wiliam said lightly: “The second option is to follow me in the future.

Li Nanfeng frowned.

This is to make yourself his subordinate?

Moreover, it is still precarious?

Of these two choices, a normal person would choose the first one.

Why would Wiliam say such a thing?

However, Wiliam’s expression was extremely calm, as if this second choice was a gift.

Li Nanfeng was silent for three full minutes.

Then, he looked at Wiliam who was indifferent, and suddenly smiled.

He had already seen that this Wiliam was definitely not a fish in the pond.

One day, it will become a dragon!

But so what!

You Wiliam is a dragon!

My Li Nanfeng has never been willing to be a bug!

You are a dragon, and I am a tiger at the lowest!

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng suddenly smiled, “I will choose neither of them.”

These words made Wiliam slightly surprised.

Because in his opinion, Li Nanfeng is a smart person, who will see through the mystery behind this second choice.

As long as you follow yourself, although the sea of ​​swords and blazes will not last, one day, the slashes and blazes will be able to completely quench the chain of this kid, and Nirvana will climb to a new peak.

Unexpectedly, he refused.

Li Nanfeng looked at Wiliam and smiled and said, “Wiliam, when you are a friend, I will tell you the truth. I come from a very powerful family. I have seen through those disputes a long time ago. And more importantly, Just because you, Wiliam, want to subdue me? I’m afraid I can’t convince myself. Wiliam, let’s make a bet! I will stay in Q City ( Qena City ) for another six months. Within six months, you have the ability to subdue me, and I will only treat you in the future. Fate is not a half sentence! And if you can’t convince me, I will never be yours.”

Wiliam suddenly laughed when he heard this.

This is like Li Nanfeng’s character.

Don’t accept defeat, and don’t accept it.

It’s just that, Li Nanfeng, you are still too young.

Wiliam shook his head and stretched out three fingers, “It doesn’t take half a year.”

Looking at these three fingers, Li Nanfeng couldn’t help but said, “Three months? Wiliam, are you too arrogant?”

Wiliam smiled confidently, “Three months? No, three days!”

Three days!

This directly made Li Nanfeng dumbfounded!

This kid, where’s the confidence!

In three days, I wanted to convince me!

Thinking a little too much!

Since then, Li Nanfeng has actually seen Wiliam’s strength.

Rich and powerful, you can be young and promising!

But that’s it.

Li Nanfeng had a steelyard in his heart, and Wiliam’s bargaining chips were already too low.

Where is his confidence!

Janett, who was originally interested in listening to their conversation, was also dumbfounded.

This little bastard is crazy enough!

This Li Nanfeng has given up the opportunity to return to Lunanica Company.

In other words, there is no longer anything to contain Li Nanfeng.

Don’t be too arrogant.

At this time, Li Nanfeng said, “Okay! Since you are so confident, the three days will be three days. When the time comes, I will tell you clearly. After today, I will not do anything against my intentions. Things! Even you!”

Wiliam smiled and said, “If you go against your will, what use do I want you to do!”

Two madmen, smile at each other!

Li Nanfeng bowed his hand to Wiliam and left first.

Today’s events finally made Li Nanfeng understand one thing. Sometimes, dignity is more important than a job.

He has hands and feet, and his hands and feet are stronger than ordinary people.

He Chou couldn’t find a job enough to make ends meet in Q City ( Qena City ).

In three days, I will see what means you will use to convince me in three days!

The more Li Nanfeng bet, the more stubborn he felt. He felt that Wiliam was defeated.

After he left, Janett said afterwardly: “This guy is also a freak.”

“Also?” Wiliam asked back.

Janett’s eyes rolled out of the sky, can you understand the subtext by yourself!

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly approached Janett, took a deep breath in front of her, and the expression in her eyes instantly became weird.

Chapter 410

Janett was suddenly attacked by Wiliam, and her face was all red.

She took a step back, and stared at Wiliam with a splendid stare!

What’s wrong with Wiliam!

In broad daylight, you dare to eat my tofu?

He is a married man!

Want unspoken rules for me?

Believe it or not, I’m making a small report in the Zufen team?

“What are you doing!” Janett said to Wiliam angrily, and then looked around because of a guilty conscience.

Seeing the people around her, her heart was relieved.

But she changed her mind and loosened her wool!

No one can do it!

Wiliam looked at her jokingly, “What am I doing? Why? Have a ghost in your heart beating me?”

Today he was in a good mood and couldn’t help but joked with Janett.

This Janett looks good is good-looking.

But the whole person’s business atmosphere is too strong, and he has a straight face all day long, with four big characters written on his face.

They all seemed very dull.

Now I will blush and be angry, much more cute.

But Janett was stomped with anger by Wiliam’s words, “What the hell do you want to do! Don’t talk nonsense!”

Only then did Wiliam put away his smile, and said solemnly: “I just smelled you…”

“What kiss me! Don’t even think about it!” Janett interrupted Wiliam directly, his face turned redder.

When Wiliam heard this, he almost laughed outright.

This royal sister, also said that there is a ghost in her heart?

What to kiss or not?

“I mean, I just smelled the smell of you…” Wiliam said lightly.

After Janett listened, her face became even more red.

She stared at Wiliam in embarrassment, trying to scold him, but she couldn’t say anything!


It’s all this little bastard who made such ambiguous movements before that made him want to crooked.

It’s fine if you want to be crooked, this little bastard has also made his own rhythm crooked, and actually said such shameful things.

Now the misunderstanding is big and embarrassing!

Seeing that Janett was so embarrassed that he wanted to throw himself into the river, Wiliam put aside his smile and said, “I just smelled the smell of your body. The smell of blood on your body is getting stronger and stronger, and it gradually becomes smelly. Your gynecological disease is getting more and more serious. You really need to be cured. I will treat it for you? No money.”

Janett was taken aback, and suddenly looked at Wiliam strangely.

Such a shameful person, he can say it!

This kind of disease can be seen by a young man of his blood!

What does he want to do!

Frivolous me?

Are you kidding me?

When Janett was angry, she completely ignored how Wiliam could smell her body and then knew her illness.

Angrily, Janett couldn’t help but said: “You need to take care of it! I have already found a good doctor, and I will see it tomorrow! Okay! I’m really sorry for making you smell bad!”

After speaking, she twisted her waist and got into the car with high heels.

Even the reporting work is ignored.

Wiliam looked at Janett’s pretty appearance and shook his head.

Woman, what’s the matter with taboo?

Healer’s parents, in my eyes, you are just a patient. Why are you angry?

It took a while for Janett, who was sitting in the car, to calm down.

I don’t know why, she is really easy to get angry during this time.

This is also a major reason for the company to keep her away.

It was not like this before.

Is it because he really hates this little bastard and makes people angry?

Or do you mean that your illness is really getting worse?

Thinking of this, Janett couldn’t help but bury her head, smelling the smell of her body.

Naturally, she couldn’t smell it, and even felt that the perfume in the morning was used well, and it smelled like a beautiful girl.

Where is it stinky!

That little bastard, opened his mouth and thought that he was stinking, it was too disgusting!

Janett was a little fascinated when she thought about it.

She also knew in her heart that she had always had gynecological diseases.

However, due to work reasons, she can hardly spare time to visit the hospital.

And more importantly, she resisted going to the hospital from the heart, which was related to her nightmare when she was a child.

However, is it really getting worse now? Causes oneself to be irritable and dreamy, flammable and explosive.

Do you really need to see a doctor?

Janett thought, when the ghosts were messing up, she suddenly called and asked her friends if she knew a doctor who was not Q City ( Qena City ).

She didn’t want the doctors in Q City ( Qena City ) to see this kind of shameful disease. After all, she is now a famous name in Q City ( Qena City ). If a doctor recognizes her, and then she says something like that, where will she put her face.

Her friend said to find out, Janett didn’t care about it, anyway, it didn’t matter if he was anxious.

In the crew, everyone was separated, only Zhang Dafei and Nelson were still fighting on the ground.

When they both had no strength, they lay on the ground panting.

Zhang Dafei suddenly cried out with a wow, “God, I was wrong! I really shouldn’t offend Mr. Lu! I will definitely be a good man in the future and give me another chance, OK!”

He was deeply regretful.

He finally climbed to the position of martial arts instructor, and he only stayed for less than a month, and now he’s fighting with him, nothing is left.

And this is all because of a word from President Lu!

He slapped himself a few times!

Why should I offend that President Lu!

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with him!

In other words, this is self-inflicted!

Damn it!

Nelson on the side also darkened her eyes.

He didn’t say a word, but he knew that now it didn’t work.

Regret should not have been.

It doesn’t help.

The words that President Lu said when he left, don’t see them in Q City ( Qena City ).

This sentence simply sentenced them to death!

You know, their foundation lies in Q City ( Qena City ).

If you just leave, relying on Nelson’s previous relationship, you can still eat.

But now, to leave Q City ( Qena City ) is equivalent to cutting off all his connections for decades.

In the field, who wants a cripple with a broken leg…

And he believes even more that with Mr. Lu’s strong strength, he can do it if he can say that!

Violating his fate will only be more cruel than leaving Q City ( Qena City )!

Think about it, Nelson’s eyes are also red.

At this moment, he doesn’t even blame Mr. Lu for speaking and doing things too harshly!

He is also blaming himself.

Forgive others and forgive others, the ancients sincerely did not deceive me.

For the rest of your life, be yourself!

When Wiliam returned home, Xena was preparing tableware for dinner.

Feliicity was sitting at the dinner table, playing with her mobile phone, and chuckled constantly.

Even Wiliam didn’t notice it when he came back.

Xena saw Wiliam at a glance, and then rushed over, pointing at Feliicity and said, “Brother-in-law, sister must have given you a cuckold! From just now, she has been chatting with other people. The chat is trembling.”


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