Dragon Husband Chapter 411-420


hapter 411

Feliicity came back to her senses after hearing this, and cursed at Xena: “Don’t talk nonsense! I’m loyal to my family Wiliam! I’m chatting in a group.”

Xena looked dumbfounded, “What group? I think you are talking to a wild man, otherwise you will be so happy and your face will be blushing.”

Feliicity handed the phone to Xena, “Look for yourself, we are a group, the ancestral grave squad, it’s interesting.”

When Wiliam heard it, his brain ached.

This group again!

Wife, wife, are you really stupid or fake?

That group is used to plan your husband’s ancestral grave, so what is it for you to cheer in it every day!

Sooner or later, I will blow up this group!

“Wow, hahaha, what kind of people are this group of people, it’s fun, they curse so badly, without half a dirty word, even better than me!” Xena only looked at the screen for a while, and smiled tremblingly. Up.

“It’s fun!” Feliicity said triumphantly.

Wiliam looked at the sisters, feeling bitter.


Your husband and brother-in-law, you are willing to be played to death!

“Hey hey, all of you names are so interesting, shovel shovel, shovel shovel, flip cover, cheer up. Sister, otherwise you will bring me in together, I will learn from them!” Xena said suddenly .

Wiliam was so frightened that he was about to start a meal. Fortunately, he reacted quickly so that the bowl did not fall to the ground!

Xena, you little fairy, don’t mess up, okay!

When you go in, this group will be led away by you instantly.

“Eat and eat! Don’t play with your phone.” Wiliam quickly interrupted their communication.

Feliicity reluctantly put away the phone and said to Xena: “This group is all a group of sisters. I don’t know the owner of the group, but I know one person. It would not be good to rush you in. I will ask them later. “

Xena curled his lips, “It’s mysterious.”

After the three of them had eaten, Feliicity returned to her room with her mobile phone in her arms.

There were laughter from time to time in the room, and Wiliam and Xena looked at each other.

“Brother-in-law, I swear my sister put a hat on you!” Xena said angrily.

Wiliam knocked her head, “Can’t you expect your sister to order?”

After all, Wiliam returned to the study to study Li Nanfeng’s grandmother’s illness.

Now Wiliam has a preliminary diagnosis and treatment idea, and I believe that after tonight, this diagnosis and treatment idea will take shape.

This is also the main reason why Wiliam dared to tell Li Nanfeng to subdue him within three days!

Wiliam knew that Li Nanfeng’s only concern now was his grandma’s condition.

As long as his grandmother has no choice but to conquer Li Nanfeng.

He was immersed in the study, and it was eleven o’clock in a flash.

He stood up and stretched, his mouth twitched.

That’s it.

He took a bath and returned to the room to find that Feliicity was still playing with his mobile phone.


At this moment, Janett on the other side was just about to drop her mobile phone to sleep.

She had a very fulfilling night.

In the Zoufen squad, I talked about the little king from the inside out.

What’s more interesting is that silly Feliicity waved the flag and cheered all night.

So funny.

At this time, her cell phone rang.

At first glance, it was Janett’s friend who asked to see a doctor during the day.

The friend said on the phone: “Yueyue, don’t say I really found a doctor for you! It fully meets your requirements, but the cost is a bit expensive.”

Janett was taken aback and asked: “The cost is not a problem, does it really meet my requirements?”

The friend said, “I also used a lot of relationships to find such a person. This person is not a doctor in Q City ( Qena City ), but he is famous. He just arrived in Q City ( Qena City ) just now. I asked someone to ask him for advice. , He agreed to give you two hours to see the doctor tomorrow, and promised to cure you so that you won’t relapse.”

This friend is Janett’s best friend, so she naturally knows that Janett is a bit unspeakable.

Janett frowned, “Really? A famous doctor? And promise to cure me?”

“I’m working, don’t you worry about it?”

“Well, can he come to see it for me tomorrow? I don’t want to go to the hospital or be known in the company.” Janett asked weakly.

The girlfriend laughed, “Yueyue, don’t worry. I knew you love face, so I directly asked the doctor to come for service. This is why I said the cost is more expensive, 100,000 yuan! Do you want to think about it?”

Janett frowned upon hearing this amount.

One hundred thousand.

It is indeed ridiculously expensive to treat her disease.

However, Janett has more money.

“Okay, then you can ask the doctor to come to my home at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.” Janett said.

“Good, good.”

“By the way, what’s the doctor’s name?” Janett asked suddenly.

She also knows many doctors, so she is afraid of meeting someone she knows.

“His name is Huang Daoming, he is an old genius doctor, don’t worry.” The girlfriend said with a grin.

Huang Daoming?

Janett remembered the name, and after hanging up the phone, she searched the Internet.

Janett was amazed at this search.

This is more than an old genius doctor, it is a living god.

It is said on the Internet that this old Chinese medical technique has been unique and has cured countless people.

Moreover, this man is a benevolent doctor, has a reputation for decades and has a reputation.

Janett also looked at these websites specially and found that some were reviews from authoritative websites, which relieved her heart.

Doctors with medical skills and character are too rare.

My luck is so good, it seems this disease is saved!


The first thing after he is cured is to find the little bastard, let him smell it with his dog’s nose, whether his body is fragrant or smelly!

Janett thought of this, and stubbed herself secretly. Why did she suddenly think of that guy, why did she compete with him!

Thinking of this, she said casually in the group, indicating that she had an appointment with a genius doctor to see a doctor, and she would go to bed early.

The group suddenly fryed the pan, and they made fun of Janett being ill.

The next morning, Wiliam got up and saw Feliicity still playing with her mobile phone.

“Why are you still talking? Is there so much to say!” Wiliam said to Feliicity with a depressed expression.

Feliicity said triumphantly: “The secret words between girls, a sister in our group had an appointment with a doctor to see a doctor today. She said she was a little nervous, and we were all comforting her.”

Wiliam was amused, not knowing which hapless thing was sick, Melissa, Lydia, or Li Chunfeng.

“What disease is worthy of comfort for your group of people, will it die?” Wiliam said casually.

Feliicity glared at Wiliam, “It’s the girl’s illness, you don’t understand! But these sisters are brave. They spent one hundred thousand yuan and asked an old genius doctor to see her. Local tyrant, envy. That old genius doctor He seems to be called Huang Daoming, have you heard of Wiliam?”

Wiliam’s originally gentle eyes suddenly became cold and stern, “Who are you talking about!”

“Huang Daoming? It seems to be this name? I see in the next group, it is wrong, it is this name, what’s the matter?” Feliicity looked at Wiliam with a puzzled look.

Wiliam frowned.

Huang Daoming, this is Huang Daoming again.

Wiliam had heard the name of this old genius doctor from Li Nanfeng’s mouth before.

But in Wiliam’s view, this man is a liar who swindles.

Because Li Nanfeng was worried about his grandma’s illness, the lion said something.

Now, Janett has something to do with this liar doctor?

Wiliam scolded herself secretly. When Feliicity said that it was a girl’s illness, she should have thought that Janett was looking for a doctor.

That girl with indifferent appearance and arrogant heart must have been pissed off by her own words yesterday, so she wanted to find a doctor to cure her illness.

But this is not just an ordinary gynecological disease, just go to the hospital.

That silly girl usually looks like a shrewd person. Why is there so much money in this matter?

If you spend this 100,000 yuan, it’s okay if the disease can be cured.

Wiliam was afraid that the disease would not be cured, and the liar would eat tofu again.

This is a door-to-door visit. Janett is the only one at home, asking every day to refuse and making the ground unsound.

Thinking of this, Wiliam said to Feliicity: “I’ll go out for a while, you should eat first.”

He was very worried and decided to go to Janett’s house to have a look.

After all, he was angry with Janett yesterday, and he was also a little responsible.

Feliicity looked blank, and watched Wiliam go out without even washing himself, wearing a shorts and vest.

He immediately called Janett as soon as he left the house.

At this moment, Janett was in a state of anxiety.

She couldn’t sleep all night last night.

After thinking about it, she regretted it a little.

No matter how old he is, the old genius doctor is a man.

My own shameful disease must be cured by a man.

Thinking of this, Janett felt her face fever.

When she was mentally struggling, she saw Wiliam’s phone call and immediately answered, “Hey, President Lu.”

“Where are you now? Where is your home? Tell me, I’ll go over right away.” Wiliam asked eagerly.

Janett heard that it was not official.

I’m sorry then.

How could your little bastard touch my house.

You touched it, that’s it?

Early in the morning, hurriedly asked where they lived, and came over immediately.

What happened?

Last night, your lady hid with us all night, she didn’t care about you, so you couldn’t be satisfied?

So you came to me?


Want to be beautiful!

“Sorry, I have something to do this morning. Goodbye, President Lu.” Janett hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

After hanging up the phone, she could even think of Wiliam’s expression of being happily rejected by herself because she couldn’t be satisfied with her desire.

Too much relief.

Wiliam’s call came again.

Janett is now determined to die of hunger and thirst for you!

Go home and find your wife!

Sister, I am not a casual person!

She simply turned off the phone.

Wiliam was on the road and was so angry.

What is this silly lady doing?

I’m afraid I won’t have an accident?

He thought, and called Melissa again.

“Immediately tell me where Janett lives!” Wiliam said in an unquestionable tone.

Melissa was playing on his mobile phone. Hearing this, he asked suspiciously: “What’s the matter with you looking for a lady of Huanghua this morning?”

Wiliam’s tone couldn’t help becoming serious, “You one by one, what are you thinking about in your head! Don’t do business day by day! Do all nonsense in the group! Believe it or not, I bombed your group! Quickly tell me where Janett’s home lives! The doctor she was looking for has a problem! I am worried that Janett will be deceived.”

As soon as these words came out, Melissa got up from the bed with a grunt, “No way! Yueyue has always been very cautious, how could she…”

Wiliam didn’t know how to answer.

He also knew that Janett was very cautious.

But can he tell Melissa that Janett was molested because of her molesting and went to the doctor?

When Melissa saw that Lu Yezhen was speaking, he knew that there must be something strange, and without a second word, he directly told Wiliam the address of Janett.

When Wiliam heard this, he almost fainted!

Damn it, Janett, do you have money to live in the suburbs and dry wool!

There have been twenty minutes in the past!

Thinking of this, he immediately stopped the taxi and rushed towards Janett’s house.

At this moment, Janett’s doorbell rang.

She looked in the cat’s eyes, and she was indeed Huang Daoming’s old genius doctor.

This old genius doctor, with a white hair and beard, had a feeling of ecstasy.

And he looks kind and good-looking.

Janett hurriedly opened the door and said politely: “Hello genius doctor Huang, I am Janett, I’m really sorry, I can’t help you come here personally.

The moment Huang Daoming saw Janett’s face, he was a bit sluggish.

He had no idea that today’s customer would have such a beautiful appearance!

Because at home, Janett did not wear makeup today.

However, this is the case, her face can be broken with a bomb, and her lips have lipstick, which is still fresh and moving.

At home, she also dresses more casually, a white overalls vest, which tightens her already graceful figure, with a kind of visual impact that is ready to appear.

She also wore a pair of cotton hot pants on her lower body, exposing the two long, white legs to the air.

The one is straight and the one is slender.

It’s dazzling.

This Huang Daoming would naturally not be a real old genius doctor.

He also wandered to Q City ( Qena City ) this time. Originally, he hit a big deal.

A fool wanted to see his grandmother, Huang Daoming hit him hard.

Unexpectedly, this boy is a pauper, and these days have passed, but there is no news.

This made Huang Daoming very frustrated. He was about to leave Q City ( Qena City ) soon and go to other places.

But last night, I accidentally received an order saying that he would come to see a female customer.

When Huang Daoming heard that he was a female customer, his eyes flashed.

He has no other hobbies in his life, he likes to hang around flowers.

Over the years, he has used his identity to rarely do harm to some women.

But these women who had been humiliated by him either didn’t know it afterwards or didn’t dare to speak out.

This makes Huang Daoming more and more courageous.

Now there is a woman who lives alone and is brought here. Would he not go?

After he extorted a lot, he came to the door.

But at this door, Huang Daoming was very excited when he saw Janett’s figure!

So beautiful!

It’s so beautiful!

This is the most beautiful woman he has come into contact with since he cheated for more than 20 years!

Gee tut!

It’s still the kind of unspeakable woman’s disease, so don’t you take it for granted to do something to her!

God helps me too!

Thinking of this, Huang Daoming said calmly: “The old man is late, why, don’t you ask the old man to go in and sit?”

Chapter 413

Janett noticed Huang Daoming’s abnormality, so she quickly moved away and said, “Oh, please come in, I’m really sorry, there are very few people in the family, and I don’t know how to do it.”

When Huang Daoming heard this, he couldn’t help but twitched his mouth.

Few people from the family come.

Hahaha, wonderful!

So today, this great beauty is calling the earth not to work every day!

Thinking of this, Huang Daoming became hot all over.

Even if he is 70 years old this year, but in that respect, he pays great attention to maintenance.

If you get this great beauty today, there will be no regrets in this life.

Janett poured water on Huang Daoming, Huang Daoming admired her fiercely.

The more you look at it, the more you can’t hold it.

This big beauty looks deserted and arrogant outside.

But this figure, this face, and her delicate temperament that bloomed at her age were simply overwhelming.

Janett brought water to Huang Daoming’s body and found Huang Daoming looking at herself.

She immediately blushed, and said softly, “Um, I’m really sorry, I will change my clothes immediately, I am used to being at home by myself.”

Huang Daoming raised his face and said: “No, old time is still precious, so let’s do it.”

Janett nodded reluctantly.

Huang Daoming’s heart blossomed.

Now it’s this tights, which will make you happy in a while and feast your eyes on the old!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t wait.

He took a sip of water casually and said, “Let’s start, where do you think it is more convenient?”

Janett was taken aback and asked in a low voice, “You, how do you plan to treat it?”

Huang Daoming said solemnly: “The old man only heard some illnesses from your friend, but he didn’t check it carefully. Naturally, he has to check it first before he can be targeted.

This made Janett’s face even redder.

Sure enough, it is necessary to check.

This is too shameful.

Moreover, Janett is also a little aware now, although Huang Daoming is serious, but as long as he turns around, he will feel a hot gaze behind him.

I don’t know if it is an illusion.

“Why? There are doubts? Since there are doubts, why bother to find the old man to treat the disease? Please forgive the old man for the limited time. Let me leave first, and the money will naturally be refunded to you.” Huang Daoming pretended to be angry and said to Janett. Said.

When Janett heard this, the guilt in her heart came up.

What are you doing!

I beg others to come to see a doctor, and now I am still twitching.

This old genius doctor has lived for most of his life, and he has never seen any big winds and waves.

Besides, the minds of the parents of the doctors, in the eyes of the doctors, do not have gender distinctions.

Janett secretly scolded herself for being careful, and then quickly grabbed Huang Daoming and said, “I’m really sorry for the old genius doctor, I am narrow, or just stay here, how do you think I can cooperate with you?”

Huang Daoming looked at Janett’s delicate appearance, and his heart became more and more proud.

He has seen more women who want to refuse and welcome these years, and later, he will make you want to die.

He first walked to the door and locked the door.

Janett’s heart sighed!

“Holy doctor Huang, you are!”

Huang Daoming said solemnly: “Lao Xu will check and give you the injections for a while. Chinese medicine is extensive and profound, so I don’t need to repeat it. The acupuncture points of the human body are so different that they are too far away. In terms of life worry, decay is also for the sake of safety. If you ignore your life, just leave it on.”

Janett will be suspicious.

She quietly looked at Huang Daoming’s eyes, but found that his eyes were righteous at the moment, without any evil thoughts.

She hesitated and said, “Well, it’s up to you.”

Then Janett sat on the sofa under Huang Daoming’s instructions.

“Take off your shirt.” Huang Daoming looked at Janett’s shy look, and couldn’t help it more and more.

This is to take off the clothes, and Janett’s vigilance suddenly came up, “Um, my illness, it seems that I am not in the upper body, why do I have to take the clothes…”

“Huh, what do you know? The old man is looking for the source of the disease for you. Yesterday, I heard from your friend that you have been sick for several years. You don’t want to think about why it can’t be cured for several years? It means that the root of the disease is not what you think about. There, and for others, the old man received the money and naturally has the responsibility and obligation to help you eradicate the root of the disease and restore your health and safety.” Huang Daoming moved out the rhetoric that he had said thousands of times.

However, these words made Janett more vigilant.

Because Huang Daoming couldn’t think of one thing after killing him.

That is Janett has been troubled by this disease in recent years, but it is not because it can’t be cured.

But because she didn’t dare to go to the hospital, she was afraid of the hospital.

An old genius doctor like Huang Daoming just opened his mouth and said this. Isn’t it a bit sloppy and a bit misleading?

Just when Janett’s eyes were alert, Huang Daoming secretly screamed badly.

Originally, this rhetoric has been tried and tested, why is this little girl suddenly wary?

Did you say something wrong?

Thinking of this, Huang Daoming knew that Janett could no longer be suspicious, he was ready to give a strong medicine, “The old man also studied your condition last night, and there is an amazing discovery. I am afraid that you are suffering from it, not ordinary. Gynecological diseases, but palace troubles!”

Janett’s attention was really attracted to the past, “The palace is difficult? What is the palace?”

This word, she has never seen it before.

“The so-called uterine distress is a female disease caused by abnormalities in Sanqing points. Usually, the onset is similar to a gynecological disease. However, once this uterine distress is prolonged for too long, it will undoubtedly die. It is much more serious than a gynecological disease! , Do you often steal dreams, cold sweats, and weak hands and feet?” Huang Daoming said.

Janett nodded, and said with a strange expression: “How do you know?”

Huang Daoming smiled, how do I know? Doesn’t all gynecological diseases have this symptom?

He suddenly motioned to Janett to stretch out his wrist, and then grabbed Janett’s palm.

Janett cried out in pain as soon as his hand was hard.

“Is there a heart-wrenching pain?” Huang Daomen asked Senran.

Janett nodded in a cold sweat.

“Then it proves that the old man’s guess is correct. The pain of the heart is a symptom of the late stage of the uterine distress. Therefore, you must first give your Sanqing acupuncture needles, one needle down, one try. The old man dare to say, all over the world , Only I can manage the palace, others are helpless.” Huang Daoming said half threateningly and half boasting.

What kind of heartbreaking pain, he just pinched an acupuncture point on Janett’s wrist.

If you try harder, a normal person will feel the pain.

This frightened Janett.

She is in the Mood for Love, originally thought it was just a minor illness.

Unexpectedly, it would be so serious, and there would be life in danger.

She asked nervously: “Ms. Huang, you must save me, I will spend as much money! Also, where is this Sanqing acupoint?”

Huang Daoming got what he wanted, his eyes fixed on Janett’s heart that was constantly fluctuating because of the fright, “Here.”

Chapter 414 Janett’s Innocent Body

Janett followed Huang Daoming’s gaze and looked down. With this look, her body quickly shrank back.

“Wait! I’ll calm down!” Janett couldn’t bear the look in Huang Daoming’s eyes just now, and suddenly ran towards her room quickly.

Huang Daoming was taken aback for a moment, and his heart continued to curse.

This little girl is so vigilant.

She only noticed it by exposing her gaze a little.

Just so close!

This little Nizi believed it!


It’s about to start again.

Huang Daoming hurriedly yelled into the room: “You’d better think about it quickly. The time for aging is limited, and aging will give you five minutes, otherwise I will leave.”

Janett locked the door of the room, and then panted for a minute in the room, forcibly calming herself down.

After all, she is a sane person, and those performances just now were nothing but clouds and mists that were fooled by Huang Daoming, an old liar.

She analyzed the situation in front of her with shopping mall thinking, and suddenly saw some clues.

This Huang Daoming is not as noble as the ones on the Internet, right?

Those methods just now, if you look beyond the identity of the person involved, it is like slapping a date in the market!

If you are seriously ill, you are threatening yourself!

And to say that only he can cure the whole world is to let oneself completely rely on him!

With such a flicker, I can’t believe him with all my heart?

Thinking about it now, it’s ridiculous!

After Janett figured this out, she slapped herself with anger!

Living thirty years old, doing things so lightly for the first time!

I didn’t understand everything clearly, so I hired a doctor and came here!

Now that the door is locked, I can’t escape even if I want to!

She suddenly hated herself for not seeing the true face of the old liar sooner!

She felt a deep nausea when she recalled the old liar’s eyes.

It turns out that the old liar fooled himself into taking off his clothes.

What if he really didn’t calm down just now, and he saw it all, then what would it be?

Besides, is it satisfying to look at his appearance?

I’m sure I’ll take myself up and down in the name of checking my body…

Maybe he will be given to him in the end!

Janett suddenly felt a sense of lingering fear.

What should we do now?

She boldly looked towards the gap in the doorway.

At this look, she was stunned.

I saw that the hall in my home was empty, where there were people’s shadows.

Where did Huang Daoming go?

Did he already know that his treacherous trick was exposed, so he ran away?

Janett was relieved when she thought of this.

Fortunately, I left, or I would scare to death!

She really didn’t know how to deal with this kind of thing for the first time.

It’s good to go now.

With a face of relief, she planned to go back to the bed and take her mobile phone to call a friend.

But this time around, Janett screamed directly!

A pair of gloomy eyes, less than ten centimeters away from her!

At this moment, when Janett took off her guard, she suddenly saw such a pair of terrifying eyes, she was so scared that she would fly!

She retired directly to the door, and then saw clearly that the owner of those eyes was Huang Daoming!

It’s just that Huang Daoming at this moment, how can he still look like that just now!

With these eyes alone, people can see endless violence and evil!

He doesn’t leave!

But I don’t know when to come behind me!

Thinking of when an old monster like Huang Daoming was standing behind her, and being stared at by him, Janett felt goose bumps all over her body!

so horrible!

Huang Daoming sneered looking at Janett, who was pale in front of him.

Huang Daoming’s patience has been exhausted since Janett ran into the room.

With his rich experience, he naturally knew that Janett was suspicious.

Since I was suspicious, no matter how hard I tried, I guess it would have little effect.

It seems that the soft ones will not work, but the hard ones.

Don’t look at Huang Daoming’s old age, but he spent his early years in the world, learned a little bit of kung fu, and was fairly agile.

He quietly turned over the balcony and came to the French window of Janett’s room.

When he saw Janett looking outside through the crack of the door, he knew that he was completely exposed.

So, he simply stopped pretending.

He quietly appeared behind Janett, and Janett was taken aback.

Looking at the fluctuating heart, Huang Daoming smiled swiftly, “I just wanted to lie to you, make you obedient, let the old man push me, I didn’t think you were quite clever, I actually saw the old man’s ruin , But it’s good, well-behaved and obedient. The old man has played a lot. This fierce wild horse is so beautiful. The old man has a sense of tameness, and I think it’s a different feeling.”

Listening to these extremely revealing words, Janett was frightened, “You, who are you! What are you going to do to me!”

“Who am I? Am I not Huang Daoming Huang’s genius doctor?” Huang Daoming pressed step by step, his eyes hotter and hotter.

Janett opened the door of her room and tried to run out to call for help.

But where did she run Huang Daoming who was prepared.

Huang Daoming slapped her to the ground in the hall.

Then he took a quick walk and pressed Janett’s hands on the ground, unable to move.

Janett turned her face pale with fright.

Her hands were clamped, and her body could only twist frantically.

But this scene of resistance made Huang Daoming even more interested.

The Janett in front of him was a beautiful mermaid trying to survive.

The body is constantly twisting and shaking.

There is a different kind of cruel beauty.

“Ho ho, run? Where can you go? Fortunately, you told me that you don’t come to your house often, you live alone, ho ho, thank you for the old man. Next, please enjoy my feast for a while. , You will die happy.” Huang Daoming’s fiery eyes focused on Janett’s twisting body.

Janett’s eyes are red!

At this moment, she knew that she couldn’t break free.

I’m so stupid that I can tell this bastard so much information!

It’s all right now, it’s called every day, and the ground is not working!


Thinking of this, she couldn’t help sobbing, she didn’t expect to plead with this guy.

In her head, someone could not help but appear.


Just now, Wiliam Mingming called himself and he had a chance to tell him where his home is!

Certainly Wiliam knew about this and knew there was a mystery, so he wanted to save himself!

But for myself, even if I listened to him a few more reminders on the phone, I wouldn’t end up where I am now!

Janett’s heart was immediately filled with guilt.

I’m sorry, Wiliam, I shouldn’t distrust you.

But, after letting you down, can you still appear here?

You bastard, it’s all you, all you mad at me yesterday!

That’s why I am like this!

All you are all you!

For a while, Janett was full of resentment towards Wiliam.

When Huang Daoming laughed, he had already grasped the strap of Janett’s vest with one hand. As long as he pulled it, the strap would break.

At that time, the spring light was in sight…

Janett felt the strong tearing, and couldn’t help it anymore.

In the next second, I will be…

Own innocence.

Even if it’s for that little bastard, it’s better than for this old and ugly devil…


Not angry!

Xiaowangbayou, don’t you want to see a doctor and eat my tofu!

Then come on! How about coming now?

Don’t let me be defiled by this guy. At that time you want to see, I am not the most beautiful me…

Two lines of clear tears slid down her cheeks.

She almost used all her strength and shouted in despair: “Little bastard! I hate you!”

At this time, there was a loud noise!

The locked door shattered instantly!

A voice that made Janett cry and shed tears came in, “Who is it called Xiaoyueyue? Xiaoyueyue.”

Chapter 415

This voice, to Janett at this moment, was like a long drought in the rain.

She looked at her door in disbelief!

I saw that the wooden door was completely broken at this moment.

One person stands at the door.

Isn’t it Wiliam!

Janett burst into tears when she saw Wiliam.

He came, he really came.

Janett had actually been completely desperate just now, and even gave up resistance.

The first person in her head was Wiliam.

So I couldn’t help but shout out.

Unexpectedly, Wiliam appeared as if he heard her call!

A strong touch swept away the shame in her heart, and she cried even louder.

Huang Daoming saw that he was about to succeed, and suddenly Cheng Yaojin came out halfway.

He let go of Janett and looked at the young man who appeared at the door angrily, with a strong killing intent in his eyes, “Boy, want a hero to save the beauty? The old man urges you to cherish your life, and while the old man is still completely angry, get off! “

Wiliam looked at Huang Daoming in front of him.

The eyes are gloomy, which is not a good thing at first glance.

It seemed that his arrival was fairly timely, and one step later, Janett would lose her reputation.

Wiliam walked forward, Janett got up from the ground and hid behind Wiliam.

Wiliam in front of her gave Janett an incomparable sense of security, and her trembling body gradually calmed down.

Wiliam didn’t care about Huang Daoming’s provocation, but said to Janett behind him: “Xiao Yueyue, you just hung up on my phone, do you regret it?”

Janett couldn’t get up anymore and nodded, “Regret! Regret dead! I won’t dare anymore.”

The voice is cute and soft, where is the cold Janett before.

Wiliam smiled slightly after listening, “It’s good to know.”

When Huang Daoming saw this kid, his threats were not justified at all, and his heart was even more angry.

With a clatter, he rushed towards Wiliam.

Huang Daoming had practiced twice in his early years, and his body was considered old and strong. In normal days, no matter how strong and strong the young man is, he would not be his opponent.

He expected Wiliam to be an ordinary person, so he didn’t care about him.

“Looking for death!” He roared, then hit Wiliam.

Wiliam grabbed Janett in one hand and flashed to his side.

“Let’s watch it from the sidelines.” Wiliam finished speaking to Janett before looking at Huang Daoming again.

Huang Daoming has a hideous face, his hands are like eagle claws!

The eagle spreads its wings!

Being caught in this way by him is sure to be broken!

But this time, Lu Yezhen evaded again.

He could see from the trick just now, this Huang Daoming still has some skill.

But this skill, in the eyes of Wiliam now, is simply a trick.

Huang Daoming’s strength is at most similar to that of Tigger , and he is still a social gangster.

Lu Yexin grabbed it at Huang Daoming’s eagle claws!

Huang Daoming burst out laughing when he saw this scene!

“Boy! The frog at the bottom of the well! I will let you see the old…”

Before the words fell, palms and claws had already touched each other!

“Ah!” Huang Daoming’s eagle claws were directly caught by Wiliam!

His mind was shaking, and he didn’t think that this shameless kid in front of him could actually catch him for decades of hawking claw skills!

Is it a coincidence?

He was about to withdraw, but at this time he realized that he couldn’t move away at all!

He used all his strength, trying to break free of Wiliam’s restraint.

But at this time, there was a shock of force from his hand!

His eagle claw is almost crushed!

“Ah! Who are you!” Huang Daoming narrowed his eyes and immediately shouted at Wiliam.

At this moment, no matter how stupid he is, he can tell that Wiliam is also a martial artist!

In this society, there are so few people who practice martial arts, I didn’t expect to encounter one here!

Still so young!

This son is extraordinary!

“You don’t need to know who I am, but I want to know, who are you?” Wiliam squeezed Huang Daoming’s hand and asked lightly.

“I! I am naturally the famous Huang Daoming Huang genius doctor!” Huang Daoming’s face was flushed, and there was an illusion that his life was pinched in the palm of the hand of the person in front of him.

“Huang Daoming? Ho ho. If you don’t tell the truth, your life will not be guaranteed…” Wiliam smiled, and the strength in his hand increased!

Huang Daoming suddenly screamed like a pig!

“I said! I said! You let go first!” Huang Daoming shouted hysterically as he burst into cold sweat.

Wiliam’s hand loosened a little, Huang Daoming panted heavily as if relieved.

Then, he stared at Wiliam angrily and said, “My real name is Huang Daoqing.”

“Huang Daoqing? What is the relationship between you and Huang Daoming?” Wiliam frowned and continued to ask.

After Wiliam heard the name Huang Daoming for the first time from Li Nanfeng, he went to investigate.

I found that this old man was really a genius doctor, but he was out of town now, not in Q City ( Qena City ) at all.

What is the relationship between this person who claims to be Huang Daoqing and Huang Daoming?

Why does it look exactly the same?

Huang Daoming said grimly: “I am Huang Daoming’s twin brother, you will let me go soon, my brother is powerful and powerful, if I make any mistakes, he will never let you go! You should know him. Power, as long as you release a word, your little life is hard to protect!”

Wiliam was amused.

It turned out to be a pair of twins.

In this case, some things can be explained.

This Huang Daoqing should be relied on that he looks exactly like his younger brother, and he has been circling all over the world over the years, bluffing and deceiving under the name of Huang Daoming Huang.

This is not the Qiu Qianzhang and Qiu Qianren in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”.

However, now that Wiliam was fooled into his own head, he could only blame him for not opening his eyes.

And Janett on the side heard that now, she also understood what was going on!

There was a burst of anger on her face!

It’s actually a fake!

I was really confused for a while, and I was almost given a reputation by a guy…

Fortunately, Wiliam rushed over, but the results would be unimaginable.

When Huang Daoqing spoke, he had been observing Wiliam’s expression.

He said these words with confidence. Seeing Wiliam frowning, he suddenly sighed in relief.

It seems that this kid is not without weakness.

This threat is also useful.

“If you are interested, please let me go! Otherwise, my brother will know, I want you to look good!” Huang Daoqing increased his tone.

But at this time, he suddenly saw the corners of Wiliam’s mouth curl up slightly, smiling very evilly.

“Just now, which one manually operated my Xiao Yueyue…” Wiliam’s hand suddenly squeezed, and there was a clear and audible bang!

Chapter 416

Huang Daoqing had just breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly his right hand was directly broken by Wiliam. The tremendous pain caused him to cry in an instant!

“Well you kid! I’m at odds with you!” Dou Da’s cold sweat came out along Huang Daoqing’s forehead.

And Lu Yezheng paid attention to Huang Daoqing, turned to look at Janett with a dull face, and said gently, “Xiao Yueyue, do you need me to kill him?”

This sentence instantly made Janett sober.

In her heart, Huang Daoqing, who was slanderous and deceitful, hated her!

However, when Wiliam suddenly heard about murder, she was so excited!

This is murder.

And when Wiliam said this, he was so calm and relaxed, as if he had only done a trivial thing!

Has he ever killed anyone?

How many people did he kill!

For an instant, Janett looked at Wiliam’s eyes, full of awe.

However, being watched by Wiliam, she resisted this fear, and said, “Stop it, I’m afraid the police will pursue it.”

Janett mainly didn’t want Wiliam to get in trouble.

Hearing what Huang Daoqing said just now, his younger brother seems to be quite amazing.

Wiliam smiled slightly and shook his head, “Big chest and no brains.”

After speaking, he looked at Huang Daoqing and spit out a cold sentence, “Get out! I order you to get out of Q City ( Qena City ) within today!”

Huang Daoqing held his already broken wrist, glanced at Wiliam viciously, and staggered away from Janett’s home.

Today, for him is simply the greatest shame in his life!

He was defeated by a kid, and his right hand, which he depended on for survival, was broken!

How can he pretend to be a genius doctor in the future!

Good boy, I will never let you go!

Huang Daoqing thought, spitting out severely.

After Huang Daoqing left, only Janett and Wiliam were left on the scene.

Janett looked at Wiliam, and suddenly her face blushed inexplicably.

She remembered what Wiliam said just now, what my Xiao Yueyue said.

Am I yours?

Don’t be stinky.

When are they still molesting the good women, not serious.

Just as she was thinking about it, she suddenly saw Wiliam looking at her.

And the eyes are very strange.

She followed Wiliam’s gaze, looked down, and suddenly exclaimed in a low voice, then put her hands on her heart and squatted down.

It turned out that it was her white overalls, which was a bit torn after being torn just now.

Spring is faintly.


I’ve been all seen by this kid!

Little bastard!

“Close your eyes for me!” Janett said to Wiliam with a sad expression on her face.

After saying this, she was depressed again.

Originally, in her heart, the first sentence should be to thank Wiliam for saving her life.

But now it has become like this.

It’s all to blame for Xiao Wang Ba Zi’s being too presumptuous, how can he stare at others like this…

Thinking of this, her pretty face flew two red clouds.

Wiliam turned around casually and said to her: “If you are shy, go and change your clothes before coming out.”

Seeing him turn around, Janett hurriedly slid into her room, cursing constantly in her heart, what is shyness.

A normal woman would be shy!

Isn’t the Feliicity in your family shy?

She found a loose T-shirt in her room and would change it.

At this time, she noticed that her shoulders and arms were all red.

It should have been left when I was struggling.

She was depressed for a while, and Meimei’s body was like this, and she would definitely make the guy joke again when she went out.

She finally changed into a long-sleeved T-shirt to cover up the bruise on her body.

Back in the living room, Wiliam was sitting naturally on the sofa, playing with his mobile phone.

She stood in front of Wiliam, staring at him.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward for a while.

Janett originally had a working relationship with Wiliam.

Now after this incident, she feels that the relationship between the two is quietly undergoing some changes.

At least on Janett’s side, she could no longer simply treat Wiliam as her boss.

Seeing Wiliam, she thought of her embarrassed appearance just now.

Shame to death.

However, I can’t blame him for showing up, so depressed.

“What do you think? His face flushed like a monkey’s ass.” Wiliam asked with a smile.

Janett’s face turned black, can this girl speak!

Can’t speak, shut up, okay!

She can finally feel the feeling that Melissa said before that she wanted to destroy the eighteenth generation of his ancestors, but she couldn’t bear it.

“Well, today’s matter…” Janett tidied up his thoughts and said haltingly.

“Don’t worry, since you have learned the lesson, I won’t take it seriously, forgive you.” Wiliam said lightly.

Janett’s face is even darker!

When does my sister need your forgiveness!

Are you very smart!

How to talk to a girl is like a pig!

No, pigs are stupid!

“I mean, can you stop telling me what happened today?” Janett finally said.

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, what is the problem.

This matter is related to a girl’s fame, how can I say it.

What is she worried about?

“I won’t tell you, don’t worry,” Wiliam said.

“Thank you, thank you for your life-saving grace.” Janett finally returned to the proper rhythm and thanked Wiliam.

“Well, you’re welcome, don’t just trust other people casually in the future. You are already 30 years old, how can you still be as good as a kid?” Wiliam said again.

These words made Janett’s face that had just calmed down again become ugly!

My mother is thirty years old and I want you to say it!

In the face of women, the age is a thousand dollars, you know!

For a while, Janett didn’t know what angle to spray this guy from.

“I know if it’s wrong!” Janett said the opposite, with a sad expression on his face.

Wiliam nodded naturally, and said straightforwardly: “Well, just know what’s wrong.”

Janett is dull, this guy is upright!

Can’t understand Haolai’s words?

How did Feliicity endure the straight male attributes of this guy over the years?

When Janett was sluggish, Wiliam suddenly stood up and said, “If there is nothing wrong, I will leave first.”

Seeing that he was leaving, Janett instinctively held him, “Hey, wait!”

Wiliam turned around and looked at Janett.

After Janett grabbed him, she realized that she didn’t have anything to say to him.

But in my heart, after experiencing this danger, I have lingering fears, and I want someone to accompany her to speak comforting words for a while.

But, isn’t it this straight and passionate man?

When she thought of this, she quickly let go of her hand, let’s go!

But at this time, Wiliam said unexpectedly: “Oh yes, are you asking me to treat you?”

Chapter 417

Janett made an instinctive cry as soon as he said this, and his face blushed again.

Why did you mention the treatment of diseases again?

Can’t we go over such a shameful thing?

However, when asked by Wiliam, Janett’s heart was bumped like a deer.

She thought of another thing.

When she was almost taken lightly by Huang Daoqing’s bastard, she had such a thought in her heart.

Instead of being taken care of by this old bastard, it’s better to be Wiliam…



How could I have such shameless thoughts just now.

Although this kid is younger and handsome, smarter and more capable, domineering and upright, it seems that there is nothing particularly outstanding.

What do you think?

“Hey, do you love to be in a daze today? If it is cured? If it is not cured, I will go.” Wiliam knocked Janett on the head.

Janett was in pain, whispered, and then looked at Wiliam with a complicated expression.

Wiliam told her more than once before that he wanted to treat her illness.

But Janett didn’t care about it once.

This time, she took it to heart.

She hesitated for a while, and asked weakly: “You can really cure the disease?”

Wiliam took it for granted, “That’s not nonsense? Is Laozi’s medical skills unparalleled in the world?”

This was the truth, but Janett heard a black line.

Blow, keep blowing!

I don’t even know you can go to heaven without blowing it!

However, Wiliam could accurately tell Janett’s illness every time before, which made Janett a little bit suspicious.

Half-hearted doctor?

Do you want him to see?

Are you not shy?

Janett started to think again.

In her heart, she instinctively resisted men to see her doctor, especially a man like Wiliam who had a relationship with her.

From this point of view, how will you continue to do the next level?

The relationship is not pure.

However, if you don’t look at it, your own illness, in case you’re deceived again later…

so annoying!

Wiliam looked at her tangled, turned and left.

Janett was stunned, that such a private matter as Ma Dan does not allow me to have the slightest ideological struggle?

What to go!

Come back round round!

“Wait! Good! Just watch!” Janett blurted out.

She blushed even more when she said this, but she felt relieved in her heart.

Finally it came out.

Well, that’s it!

If this kid is really capable, he is optimistic about his disease, and there will be less pain and entanglement in the future. Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain.

However, if this kid has the abilities, he is just sloppy and can’t cure his own disease.

Don’t you just show it to him for nothing?

Janett thought secretly, forget it, he is also his savior anyway, and this kid molested herself more than once…

Men, there is no ugly.

Just treat yourself as an ancient girl and let him take advantage of it…

However, only this time, and this matter, could not let Feliicity know.

Otherwise, he would become a junior.

Janett thought secretly, Wiliam had turned back and returned to the hall.

Standing in the hall, Janett felt like going back in time.

However, the subject changed from Huang Daoqing to Wiliam.

She asked weakly, “What do you think?”

Wiliam thought for a while, and said to her, “Does your house have a bath?”

Janett was taken aback and nodded, “Well, yes.”

“Okay, then you go and let the water go. Remember that the water should not be too hot or too cold.” Wiliam ordered casually.

But when these words came out, Qin Jiang’s Yuetou was almost buried on the ground!



This little bastard seems to really intend to eat his own tofu!

This special mandarin duck bath is out!

Have a good time!

Janett was so embarrassed that she couldn’t lift her head, and said like a mosquito, “Can you not…”

Wiliam interrupted her, saying, “What not? You are a patient and I am a doctor. Do what I said.”

Janett almost cried in embarrassment, so he still played a role?

It’s over. It seems that I am sending away a tiger and welcoming a wolf today.

It was all caused by the shameful thoughts before!

Now that the retribution is coming, I really want to be given by this kid…

“Why are you still stunned! Go ahead,” Wiliam said.

Janett raised her head, stared at Wiliam shamefully, and then said, “Only this time! Let’s not take it as an example!”

After that, she covered her feverish face and ran all the way, hiding in the bathroom embarrassedly.

Wiliam looked at Janett blankly. Medicine?

Waves all day?

Can you be sober?

Lao Tzu is the man you can easily get?

Want to be beautiful.

Seeing a sickness, as far as doing it is like being brave.

But Janett put water on the side of the bath, and while listening to the sound of water, she was extremely entangled.

Do you want to call the police?

Uh, the police arrested him, crazy.

However, I didn’t even have it the first time…


It’s a mandarin duck playing in the water…

Steps are too large, the scale is too loose, how will I see people in the future…

What should I do……

She thought about it, ten minutes passed.

Standing outside the bathroom, Wiliam shouted inwardly, “Xiaoyueyue, are you drowning? It’s okay to put in water for so long?”

Janett suddenly woke up inside, “Huh? Huh? Almost healed, almost healed.”

After that, her eyes were stunned!

It’s so bad, this little bastard!

It’s not easy for people to spend more time on mental development the first time they have opened such a large scale?

Monkey anxious monkey anxious!

Can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry, know?

“Hurry up, I’m in a hurry.” Wiliam said again.

He hurried back to eat his wife’s loving breakfast.

Janett directly scolded his mother inside!

Hurry up!

Quick wool!

Men like fast, will you show me soon?

Thinking of this, she felt sad again.

It seems that the Peach Blossom Tribulation is inevitable today, and I will be poisoned by the little king.

It doesn’t matter if you promise each other with your body, it’s okay not to owe each other in the future.

Is it better for him to go faster or slower for a while?

It’s a loss of experience.

Janett put the water in a mess, and then went out to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, Wiliam stood in front of her.

With her head buried, she weakly returned to the bathroom, standing on the edge of the bath.

Her eyes were closed, she had already thought about it.

For a while, I will not take the initiative or resist and will not be responsible.

Be a good young man.

Just be a dog. Day.

Wiliam walked to the bath, first tested the water temperature, and then said with satisfaction, “The water temperature is OK, it’s doing well.”

Qin Jiang’s belly slander, of course, it will be better later.

It’s just a big mistake for a while and it’s good, I don’t care!

At this time, Wiliam suddenly said to her: “If this is the case, let’s go in, what are you waiting for?”

Chapter 418

Janett’s heart sighed!


Going to play in the water…

Although she has done enough ideological work, she still has some expectations.

Because she turned her back to Wiliam, Lu Yezhen saw her expression.

He thought for a while and said, “You go in, I’ll find something outside.”

Janett’s face suddenly turned red!

Find something outside!

What are you looking for?

Buy some Dudu at the pharmacy?


What a shame!

But when she was thinking about it, Wiliam had already walked out.

Janett was so angry that she didn’t know what to say.

Should I praise this little bastard for not coaxing a life?



forget about it!

Suddenly she quickly took off her clothes and went straight into the bath.

Then closed his eyes and waited for the devil’s club to sanction.

However, Janett heard footsteps every minute.

She was taken aback and opened her eyes.

So fast?

Bought it back?

Is the natural attribute of this little babe a fast word?

Fast shooter?

She turned around and looked at the door of the bathroom.

Isn’t it Wiliam who stood at the door?

Wiliam held a few silver needles in his hand.

Janett came out of the water, and Wiliam didn’t notice anything.

But when he approached Janett, he took a closer look.

Wiliam’s head blew, and his nosebleeds almost shot out!


What is Xiaoyueyue doing!

I saw Janett at this moment, with no strands on his body, the infinite beauty, under the ripples of the water, seemed more holy.

Wiliam’s eyes will be blinded by Janett’s beauty!

Actually, it is more majestic than his wife’s.

His calm face turned red all at once.

When Wiliam came, he was too rushed, so he didn’t bring Needles of Ruby Flower.

He thought of Huang Daoqing leaving his medicine box in Janett’s hall just now, so he told Janett to go out and find something.

What he was looking for was a silver needle.

However, this time, the whole world seems to have changed suddenly.

Janett, who has always been cold and icy, now looks like a smooth mermaid.

That rippling, that swaying.

Wiliam looked at Janett, and Janett was looking at Wiliam.

Seeing Wiliam staring straight at her, her blush was dripping with water.

She had expected this result a long time ago.

Her figure, she has absolute self-confidence.

Although it usually hides like a volcano, once it erupts, it will shock the world.

Seeing Wiliam was also shocked, Janett’s first thought was shyness.

But the second thought made her a little confused.

Actually satisfied.

As if seeing Wiliam’s shocking eyes, he was satisfied?

Scared him?

The two stood in a stalemate for half a minute.

In the end, Janett was really stared at by Wiliam, covering her body tightly with her hands, and said in a mosquito voice: “You, don’t watch it, come in quickly..

She only hates that it is broad daylight and cannot turn off the lights.

Otherwise, the light will be off and everything will be fine.

And come in quickly, these three words make Janett feel that she is driving no matter how she thinks.

Still the kind of speed of life and death.

Wiliam was finally broken by Janett’s words.

He looked at Janett with a sad expression on his face, and said silently, “Xiao Yueyue, who said I’m coming in?”

Janett was in infinite bashfulness, she was taken aback when she heard this, “Huh? What?”

Do not wash together?

Are you afraid of getting dirty?

And Wiliam finally calmed down and continued to ask: “Also, did I tell you to undress?”

“Huh?” Janett was completely stunned.

She had an ominous premonition in her heart.

It seems that things are different from what you think?

What is this little bastard doing?

When she thought of this, she suddenly put down her covered hand, then twisted Wiliam’s ear with her right hand, and asked weirdly: “You can tell me clearly what’s going on!”

When she let go, the whole bathroom was radiant.

Wiliam swallowed fiercely.

Janett looked down, yelled directly this time, and drew back into the water.

She can be 100% sure now that things seem to be different from what she thought.

This kid is not here to play with his own mandarin ducks!

“You bastard! Tell me clearly what’s going on! Didn’t you let me release the water! Did you let me in!” Janett was in the water, almost crying with anger.

Wiliam finally knew what happened to Janett’s just now.

What an unmanned elder sister, how wicked his behavior is as his thinking is slippery.

It turned out that she thought she was going to curse her by saving her life.

It’s hard for her, and even acquiesced.

Is this really going to be promised?

Wiliam also understood what happened to Janett’s Qiqi Ai Ai and the inexplicable shyness just now.

However, at this moment, Wiliam felt that Janett was really funny.

If I didn’t click on it just now, but pushed it halfway, can this little girl fly out of her palm today?

Wiliam thought, suddenly despised himself, he was already a person with a wife, don’t pick wild flowers on the side of the road.

He straightened his mind, and then deliberately looked up and down Janett’s beautiful body with a joking look, and deliberately exclaimed, “It’s amazing! This body is amazing!”

Janett couldn’t see the joking in Wiliam’s words. She suddenly understood that she had misunderstood and had split her mind!

She immediately burst into tears!

This bastard!

I can’t say anything!

Let people guess!

Is it your repeater?

Where can I know the little nine in your bastard heart!

Okay now, misunderstanding!

I showed it to him in vain, and he knew the meaning of dedication!

How will you see people in the future!

He must feel that she is an unscrupulous woman who can talk to other men casually…

Thinking of this, Janett was even more aggrieved and burst into tears with a wow.

Wiliam originally wanted to tease Janett, but now that Janett has been assaulted by himself a hundred times, he immediately disrupted his rhythm.

He hurriedly handed Janett’s clothes and pants folded on the side to her, expecting Ai Ai said: “Hey, misunderstanding! Everything is a misunderstanding! You put on the clothes quickly, can’t I make a mistake? I blame me for talking. clear.”

Janett was full of grievances. Seeing that Wiliam, who had always been calm, had become so helpless, she suddenly snorted and laughed directly.

With this smile, the body trembled slightly, making it even more beautiful.

Wiliam’s face was full of embarrassment.

Want to comfort, but don’t know how to comfort.

Janett suddenly had a revenge mentality. It turned out that this kid was still a pure love.

At a loss for women?

Okay, let you know how terrible women are!

Let you tease me!

Thinking of this, Janett suddenly Shi Shiran stood up directly from the water and faced Wiliam directly!

Chapter 419

Wiliam’s head burst!

He had no idea that Janett would be so bold!

And he was puzzled!

In the last second, I was aggrieved and wanted to live or die, but in the next second, I was so bold and open?

They all dared to stand up and face each other.

Wiliam quickly backed away a few steps, turning his face away, not daring to look at Janett again.

Wiliam also knew that he was good in everything, except for one weakness.

That is a woman.

He does not coax women.

Since he was young, he has only deeply touched a woman Feliicity.

But Feliicity was too well-behaved, and knew the roots with Wiliam, so he couldn’t make Wiliam coax her to comfort her.

So Wiliam had a problem with other women, and he didn’t know how to comfort him.

Just like now, he saw Janett uncharacteristically, Wiliam’s rhythm was completely chaotic, his head was blank, and he didn’t know how to think.

He was like wood, bumping and saying: “You, what do you want to do!”

Janett suddenly felt more assured when he saw him in such a shock.

Hey, I thought your kid was perfect, I didn’t expect to find a weakness.

This is the Achilles’ heel!

Little bastard, take your life!

Janett stood up and scolded herself for being bold and shameless.

But now, she has no fear.

Anyway, what I should have watched just now or not, this little bitch has watched.

Now let her look at it a few more times and there will be no less meat.


Who to see?

Janett deliberately pretended to be aggrieved and said to Wiliam, who turned his face away: “Aren’t you going to give me clothes? Why? You want to take my clothes and not let me wear them?”

Wiliam was stunned, a little dilemma.

One step forward is the abyss, one step backward is hell.

He hesitated, took a few steps, and handed Janett the clothes in his hand.

Janett looked at Wiliam amusedly, and then said aggrieved: “You dropped another piece of other clothing on the floor.”

Wiliam was taken aback, fell to the ground?

He looked down, and suddenly the blood came up.

I was shocked by Janett’s boldness just now. When she stepped back, she indeed dropped a piece of clothing on the floor.

But this dress…

Pink, or lace.

Wiliam beeped the dog in his heart and didn’t know whether to pick it up or not.

He was so embarrassed there, Janett finally couldn’t stretch herself, and let out a series of hilarious laughs.

so fun!

So interesting!

This kid, seeing a woman is worse than a dog!

My old lady is like this, you are a man, you are on it!

Don’t worry, just do it!

Wiliam was so smiled by Janett, and looked up at Janett in surprise.

At this moment, Janett had already hidden her body again, exposing her head on the bath.

When Wiliam saw Janett’s playful eyes, he immediately understood.


The wild goose has been pecked by the wild goose now!

I was fooled by this girl!

One for one.

However, Wiliam was very angry, but after all he dared not retaliate.

He really has no way of taking women.

Don’t look at Wiliam’s usual cool and calm appearance, but in fact, sometimes he also pretends.

At least Wiliam had nothing to do with Janett now.

If Janett was really animalistic, then Wiliam had only one way to escape.

Janett poked her head to see Wiliam’s complex expression, and laughed again.

Wiliam looked at Janett gloomily. This time he simply picked up the little clothes on the ground and handed them to Janett. “Get dressed first. I’ll come back in five minutes. Don’t coax me, just count me wrong. Don’t make things clear.”

After speaking, Wiliam walked out of the bathroom.

Janett looked at Wiliam a little bit ashamed and ran away, and she was extremely proud.

Brat, fight with me!

My mother has eaten more rice for a few years than you!

She suddenly saw herself in the mirror and was stunned.

The self in the mirror is infinitely graceful, with a smile on his face.

This kind of smile is something Janett has never seen in her life. It is extremely happy and cunning, like a little woman falling into the tomb of love.

When did you laugh so happy?

She looked stupidly at herself in the mirror and started to daze.

What’s going on here?

However, seeing that five minutes were about to arrive, she managed to calm down this time and put on her clothes.

Five minutes later, Wiliam walked in.

He was relieved to see Janett dressed neatly.

But Janett had a little blush on her face, watching Wiliam come over.

Wiliam hesitated for a while, and suddenly said, “Um, what happened just now, God knows and earth, you know me.”

Seeing that Wiliam was so embarrassed, Janett broke through again and laughed again.

Just now, I begged this kid not to talk about today’s affairs. He was like Lao Tzu’s No. 1 bird in the world, and he didn’t expect the retribution to come so quickly.

Janett pretended to think: “It depends on how you perform.”

Wiliam Yihan, women are really tigers!

Just now, I should rectify her on the spot and let her know how high the mountain is and how deep the water is.


Think about it, just think about it!

Wiliam was shocked again.

“All right, let’s get down to business.” Wiliam quickly changed the subject, looking at Janett, who was like a lotus flower in the water, and said, “I asked you to put a pool of water to keep you immersed in the water. A suitable temperature is more conducive to my detoxification for a while. And I don’t even ask you to undress. Just go in directly with your clothes on. What are you doing?”

Janett blushed and groaned, “Who told you not to make it clear.”

Wiliam said dejectedly: “Even if I don’t say it clearly, you shouldn’t do this. What do you want to do? Let me show my attitude first, I am loyal and unyielding to my wife.”

Janett looked at Wiliam amusedly, and suddenly put his face close to Wiliam’s ears, and faintly blew a sigh on Wiliam’s ears, and said charmingly, “Oh? Really? But just now, you see. My eyes don’t seem to be so steadfast and unyielding?”

Wiliam stepped back and looked at Janett with a black line, “Don’t coax, okay? Let’s talk about business!”

Wiliam knew that this matter seemed to be over, and he might not know when it would become a time bomb.

But this is not his fault either.

He calmed his mind and said to Janett: “You can go in with clothes. I will administer injections for you to detoxify, and then I will prescribe you a prescription. You can take Chinese medicine for a month according to the prescription, and then pay attention to your diet and rest. , It should improve a lot.”

Janett looked at Wiliam with a serious face, but was puzzled, “You won’t really be able to cure the disease, right?”

Wiliam’s face was stern, “Why don’t you believe that I can cure the disease? Then you just… Damn it! You just made up your mind to eat me, right?

Chapter 420

Janett smiled faintly, this time without an answer, and dived into the water neatly.

She didn’t dare to answer, it was too shameful.

Wiliam asked her to sit cross-legged in the water, then hesitated, and said to Janett: “Well, if you can’t stand it for a while, don’t hold it back, you can call it out.”

Janett was taken aback, “Call it out? What do you mean?”

Wiliam wanted to explain, but after thinking about it, let’s forget it.

Experience it for yourself.

In fact, when Wiliam asked her to sit in the water, there was a more cryptic meaning, so let’s understand it later.

Seeing that Wiliam didn’t answer, Janett closed her eyes.

Wiliam touched her back on her back and compared it.

He is determining acupuncture points.

Janett felt her hands move around on her body, and she immediately itchy, and she couldn’t help twisting her body.

“Don’t move, you will make a mistake for a while, I don’t care.” Wiliam said solemnly.

Janett looked back at Wiliam in surprise.

But when he saw Wiliam’s eyes, he no longer wanted to be evasive as before, but became open and upright.

The kindness of a doctor.

In the current atmosphere, Janett seemed to have changed.

It seemed that in just that moment, in Wiliam’s eyes, he became a complete patient.

Janett lost his cause for a while, and then stopped talking and let Wiliam set his acupoint.

If it’s other patients in normal times, Wiliam can have someone take off his coat directly.

But now it is Janett, and after experiencing the breathtaking moment just now, Wiliam has no taste and desires for this fickle royal sister.

After setting the acupuncture point, the silver needle in his hand was inserted into Janett’s back and spine like electricity.

Janett only felt her body numb, thinking that this kid is really capable.

But what’s the matter with this, this kind of pain, I can’t stand it and scream out?

Janett is such a person who can’t bear hardship?

Thinking of this, she despised Wiliam a bit.

But as soon as she thought about it, she suddenly felt a strong itch in her body, and she couldn’t help but hum.

This hum, hum, made Janett dumbfounded.

How could I make such a charming voice!


what’s the situation!

What did this kid do to himself!

She couldn’t help looking back, staring at Wiliam!

And Wiliam was also forced by Janett’s sudden hum.

“What are you doing!” Janett said to Wiliam viciously, concealing his embarrassment.

The voice was too crisp and flattering, as if it was something.

Wiliam was even more depressed, and asked, “What are you doing!”

The two of them stared at them for a while.

Wiliam said dejectedly: “This is just the beginning! Just call out? Then what do you do next? Can the whole Q City ( Qena City ) be heard?”

Janett became even more dazed, “You mean, the numb feeling just now just started?”

Wiliam nodded, “That’s not nonsense? There will be more fierceness later.”

Janett was drunk, and the whole person was not good.


Just the beginning!

What’s going on with your body?

Is this hunger and thirst?

What a shame!

What to do later?

Janett suddenly became a little worried. She pretended to be calm and asked, “Why is this happening?”

“I explain, do you understand? I used silver needles to prick acupuncture points, set acupuncture points on Huifeng, Ziwei and other points on your body, and then stimulated the acupoints by rubbing, twisting, and picking needles to invigorate blood and relax menstruation. The bad things in your body are expelled faster.” Wiliam said.

Janett heard it in the mist, “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“Then I continue?” Wiliam asked for comments.

This time Janett hesitated.


What should I do if I can’t stand it later?

Are you really going to yell in front of him?

This is more ashamed than being forced by him directly!

She thought for a while and said to Wiliam: “Well, wait, you go out and look for two balls of cotton in the drawer of my room, plug your ears, and then find a piece of my clothes to let me bite.”

Janett had no choice but to block Wiliam’s ears to prevent him from listening, and to block her mouth to prevent herself from screaming.

Two-pronged approach.

Wiliam nodded, “It’s good, so that the neighbor thought I did something inferior to you.”

Janett was about to respond, but Wiliam went out to find something.

After a while, Wiliam reappeared with cotton in his ears, and then handed Janett a clean dress.

Janett bit it like a dog meets a meaty bone.

Wiliam’s ears were stuffed with cotton, only feeling funny, what sound can this cotton block?

The psychological effect is nothing.

Janett was full of letters, but then she completely broke down.

She felt bitten by thousands of ants on her body.

It was uncomfortable and comfortable.

She broke out in cold sweat.

The clothes in the mouth will be crushed by her!


how so!

Is this really a cure?

I can’t see it!

“Ah!” Janett suddenly felt a powerful tingling on her body when she was thinking about it. With a bang on her head, the clothes in her mouth were directly thrown out, and she raised her head and screamed.

Wiliam was speechless when he saw this scene.

As for?

If it were ordinary people, it would definitely not be like this.

I didn’t think that Janett was so agile. Sense, it’s a great product.

However, Wiliam needle traveled halfway and couldn’t stop.

He allowed Janett to scream horribly for a while and then scream gracefully, his head seemed to be empty, focusing on the needle in front of him.

Janett thought that the most embarrassing thing was here!

Really the whole Q City ( Qena City ) must hear his own voice.

It’s too miserable, it’s too cool.

She had never seen such a magical acupuncture technique in her life.

Janett had a distinct feeling under Wiliam’s silver needle.

The body seems to be getting lighter!

She had always felt cumbersome before, because of the accumulation of toxins in the body for too long.

Now, this obvious sense of relief made her look at Wiliam’s medical skills directly!

This is really capable!

It turned out that when he said to treat himself, he was really treating the disease, and he was not at all false.

If you knew this was the case, let him treat it in the first place, and there won’t be so many things today!

Dog eyes look down on people!

However, Janett is a woman after all. She screamed so heartbreaking in front of a man that she had all the desire to die.

But this kind of wanting to die only lasted less than five minutes, and she felt that being alive was so good and infinitely beautiful.

In five minutes, she will be born and die in a while, she is almost dying.

After a full half an hour, as Wiliam pressed the last needle and pulled it out quickly, Janett only felt his head bang, and a strong sensation ran straight into his forehead from an angle!

“Ah!” She made the biggest voice in history, and then felt that she could no longer control her body.

She was in the water, and her blood collapsed.


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