Dragon Husband Chapter 421-430

Chapter 421 Melissa is blocking the door

Janett’s voice is like piercing clouds and breaking jade, turning people gracefully.

The voice lasted for twenty or thirty seconds, and then turned from high-pitched to low-pitched groan, and finally only the humming sound remained.

Her body arched backwards, bending into a very graceful angle.

And in these twenty to thirty seconds, her head seemed to be blown up by fireworks, completely blank, and a sense of incomparable clarity and refreshing electricity spread all over her body.

Wiliam looked at Janett in front of him with a black line, and even he did not think that Janett’s reaction was so great.

It seems that this Janett has been single for too long, just a little bit.

However, she finally got rid of some of the insidious poison she had accumulated on her body, and then only needed to recuperate for a period of time.

It’s just that the smell of the scene is not so good.

Wiliam’s brows wrinkled slightly.

The smell of blood is too strong.

Janett finally woke up, her forehead was full of sweat.

The first thing to wake up is to blush.

She finally remembered the shameful scene just now.


How can you raise your head in front of a man like this in the future!

She was about to sorrowfully accuse Wiliam of not saying anything in advance, but the words were still unspoken, she looked down.

At this look, she couldn’t help screaming again.

I saw a pool of water that was originally clear, but now it turned dark red.

A strong smell of blood is coming!

She was so scared that her scalp was numb, and she blurted out, “Wiliam, you bastard, did you bleed my back! This pool of blood, how much blood should I bleed!”

Janett’s mind was full of that kind of transparent feeling just now, how could he be thinking about looking at this pool of water.

Now it looks like a crippled man.

But Wiliam looked at Janett amused, and said lightly, “Are you sure, this is the blood from your back?”

Janett couldn’t help but said, “It’s not the blood from my back, what else is there!”

Wiliam’s eyes became weird, “What do you think?”

This rhetorical question directly confused Janett.

She thought about it seriously, and suddenly her blush turned into a big apple!


What a shame!

In front of him, there was a sudden blood collapse!

Janett was too ashamed to know what to say.

Fortunately, Wiliam said casually: “You don’t have to feel shy. The doctors are kind and don’t care about the difference between men and women. This is another reason why I let you sit in the pool for treatment. I’m afraid you will treat the whole family. It’s dyed red, tusk tusk, I can’t see that your bleeding is quite heavy, awesome.”

Janett was a bit comforting at first, but the more he listened, the more wrong it became.

What does it mean that I have a lot of bleeding?

How awesome is it?

This word is a pun?

It’s definitely a pun!

shameless bastard!

Janett wanted to stand up and fight Wiliam, but now with this bloody look, she would dare to stand up.

“I’ll go out first, you pack up and take a good rest.” Wiliam stood up and said to Janett.

Janett couldn’t wait for this kid to get out at the speed of light.

But she still couldn’t help asking: “Have you cured my disease?”

When asked, her heart was in a panic.

For one thing, she was afraid that Wiliam would operate as fiercely as a tiger, and the result was two hundred and five.

I got rid of blood and got sick.

Secondly, she was also afraid that Wiliam would give her several treatments. After all, acupuncture and moxibustion are not all about treatments.

Janett couldn’t stand being so comfortable every time, and finally called for blood.

Wiliam looked at Janett amused and said, “Don’t worry, the acupuncture just now is to help you detoxify. Then you only need to take some Chinese medicine for conditioning. This kind of gynecological disease is not a serious disease, just go to the hospital. Yes, you have to procrastinate.”

Janett was speechless.

If I want to go to the hospital, do I need you to perform various operations?

“Okay, okay, you go out soon.” Janett said to Wiliam kindly.

Wiliam nodded, ready to open the door and go out.

But at this time, there was a sudden rush of footsteps at the door, and then an urgent voice rang outside the door, “Yueyue! Are you inside? I seem to hear your voice?”

Wiliam originally held his hand on the door handle of the bathroom door, but he paused when he heard the sound.

This voice turned out to be Melissa’s!

Why is she here?

Lu Yexing was standing upright, about to open the door.

But Janett frantically hinted that Wiliam was not allowed to open the door like he had seen a ghost!

Open the door to all friends!

Janett also heard Melissa’s voice, and she seemed to have seen a ghost.

Her home will not have a few guests in half a year!

So dying, how could Melissa appear in her house today!

By the way, the door was broken by Wiliam just now, and Melissa was able to enter so directly.

Little bastard, you just do things!

It’s alright now, but Melissa is blocking the bathroom door.

How to explain to her?

He was covered in blood, still wet, the blush on his face was still alive, and there was a strong man in the bathroom.

If you go out like this, will Melissa believe that Wiliam will treat her illness?

Believe it!

Normal people would think that these two people have adultery!

Janett didn’t want the third person to know what happened today, because it was too ashamed.

So now, you can’t let Wiliam go out!

Let this matter pass!

Janett didn’t care about being ashamed, anyway, Wiliam had seen it all.

She eagerly got up from the bath, and with the temptation of bloody wet body, she hurriedly pulled Wiliam to prevent him from opening the door.

Good guy, this kid is fearless, he really wants to open the door!

Since ancient times, adulterers have never been so arrogant!

At the door, Melissa’s voice came again, “Yueyue, are you in there? I heard your footsteps, there is something wrong with you! You want to die me! I hit the door without speaking!”

Janett was so frightened that Huarong paled, and quickly said, “Yes! I’m taking a bath, why are you here?”

Then, she hurriedly opened the shower, and when it opened, the water spurted out, directly showering Janett and Wiliam!

Wiliam looked at Janett speechlessly, okay, now he can’t get out completely, the yellow mud fell off his crotch, not shit but shit.

Melissa’s voice came from outside the door, “I just received a call from Wiliam. He asked where your house is. That ferocious tone seemed to eat me! I’m thinking about it at home, I’m afraid you will have an accident. , I call you without answering, just come and have a look.”

After hearing this, Janett looked at Wiliam a little moved.

This little bastard is still a bit conscientious. For his own affairs, Melissa is fierce.

But now is not the time to think about this, Janett calmed his mind and said, “I have nothing to do, I have nothing to do, you go back first.”

But Melissa said, “What’s the matter! Your house has been knocked apart by people. What happened? Also, didn’t the little bastard say to come over? People?”

Chapter 422

Janett was so frightened that she fought a cold war. What about people, people are blocked by you and can’t get out, okay?

Please go quickly.

“Oh, he came to see me and didn’t have any trouble, so he left. It was the kid who broke my door, and I still don’t want him to settle the account.” Janett threw the pot on Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at Janett angrily, but Janett took it for granted.

Humph, just let you watch Chunguang for nothing, now you don’t remember this pot?

After eating dry and wiping it out, you want to leave after lifting your pants? No door!

“Oh oh oh, but didn’t you say that you hired a doctor to treat the illness, the doctor said that there seems to be something wrong…” Melissa chattered outside the door.

Janett felt that Melissa was such a mother-in-law for the first time.

“Oh, oh, the doctor, when I came over, I didn’t think he was a good thing, so I won’t let in directly.” Janett began to lie again.

“Well, if you have nothing to do, I will wait for you outside, and you will come out after washing.” Melissa said.

Janett almost stomped her feet.

What is going on waiting outside the door?

“I have nothing to do, are you busy?”

“I’m not busy, anyway, I work for that little bastard, and I can mix day by day.”

“Ho ho…”

Janett didn’t know what to say afterwards.

Wiliam also looked at the door silently.

Melissa, you, your words are getting more and more unreadable.

After a brief silence, Janett knew that Melissa must have been waiting in the hall.

No one can leave now at the door.

Janett turned off the shower, and then whispered to Wiliam: “You are not good at kung fu, I have a window sill, do you want to climb it?”

Wiliam looked at the window and shook his head decisively, “I’m not doing anything bad, why should I climb the window? That’s what the old king next door did.”

Janett was so angry that her face blushed, this girl kept talking, dare to say that she didn’t do bad things?

Who saw him just now?

Who was it just now, screaming at yourself?

This is not a bad thing, what is a bad thing?

“I don’t care, you have to think of a way to hide this from Melissa!” Janett threw the pot to Wiliam again.

Wiliam looked indifferent and was about to open the door.

Janett slapped Wiliam’s hand off.

Perhaps this slight noise was heard by Melissa.

Melissa’s voice came from outside again, “Yueyue, who are you talking to?”

“Ha? No! How could it be possible! This is the bathroom, I am taking a bath in it haha, how could someone else be in it?” Janett said quickly.

Melissa outside became more suspicious as he listened.

Since she was awakened by Wiliam’s phone call in the morning, her heart has not been loosened.

After arriving at Janett’s house and seeing that the door of her house was broken, Melissa felt that something must be happening inside.

Now, Janett’s voice was even more vibrato.

As if afraid of something.

Moreover, this is not Janett’s speaking style at all.

Janett is a Gao Lengyu sister, she usually speaks seriously, how can it be like now in the mist.

There must be something inside.

Is there really someone hidden in it?


Thinking of this, Melissa asked: “Yueyue, you open the door for me, and I also want to take a bath.”

Where is Janett willing to open, “I’m almost done washing, you can wait a moment.”

Melissa said more suspiciously: “It’s not that they have been washed together. Every time you come to my house, I wash it with you. You still like washing with me, and you are younger than me. The biggest, alright.”

Janett blushed and scolded Melissa a thousand times in her heart!

Don’t talk about this kind of girlfriends at this time, okay?

There is a bastard who is listening curiously!

Wiliam looked at Janett amusedly, and he thought to himself that Janett, who had a cold appearance, would like to take a bath with Melissa.

More than size.

This is too subverting the three views.

Janett blushed like a monkey ass when Wiliam saw him, and pinched Wiliam severely, and then said to the door: “I’m getting dressed, it’s all washed.”

Melissa outside became more and more puzzled, when she suddenly took out her mobile phone.

She made a call casually and said to Janett: “Yueyue, I suspect that you have hidden a man inside, taking a mandarin duck bath.”

Janett immediately started swearing at the sky and cursing the earth, “What do you say, Yueyue! Is that kind of person, Janett? You don’t want to think about any man who can get my eyes? If there is a man in it , I swear I shrink three CUPs and become A…”

As soon as the voice fell, the phone in Wiliam’s pocket suddenly rang.

A melodious ringtone wafted in the bathroom.

The most fearful, the air is suddenly quiet…

Melissa outside originally called Wiliam casually, and she didn’t believe that Wiliam would do something worse than a beast.

After all, the love story between him and Feliicity is a song and tear.

It was definitely not something like Janett could destroy.

But now, a familiar ringtone came from the bathroom.

Melissa almost fell to the ground with his chin!

That little bastard is really inside!

Forget it inside, Janett still covered him like this.

There is no adultery in this, who believes it!

Janett, who heard the ringtone, stared at Wiliam like a bolt from the blue sky!

My own operation was as fierce as a tiger, and Wiliam turned out to be two hundred and five!

Completely exposed!

It’s over now, Melissa must have misunderstood.

I don’t want to become ACUP!

Wiliam took out his mobile phone and saw the word Melissa written on the mobile phone, and he smiled, “This little Nizi is not stupid.”

Then, he naturally opened the bathroom door, and greeted Melissa, who was looking sluggish outside, quite easily, “Good morning, now you can go in and take a bath with her.”

Janett and Melissa were angry.

Melissa only reacted at this time, and the boy heard all the shameful words just now.

Take a quilt bath at this time!

Melissa looked at Wiliam who was wet, and then saw Janett who was wet and bloodied behind her, making her whole person even worse.

It’s a big game!

Play with blood!

Did they even blow up the bathroom just now?

What’s even more exaggerated is, what’s the matter with a face of righteousness when this little bastard came out?

He is cheating!

Is he worthy of Feliicity!

Are you worthy of your revolutionary ally who wakes up and greets the dark in the group every day, waving flags and cheering!

Melissa grabbed Wiliam by the collar, his eyes burst into flames, “You guys, what did you do in there!”

Wiliam said casually: “Oh, let Xiao Yueyue put some blood.”

Chapter 423

Some blood?

Then put a whole body of blood?

What are they doing!

Melissa was stunned.

Janett knew that the matter had been revealed, her whole body was like a puddle of mud, and she couldn’t even speak.

say what?

How passionate I lied just now, how vivid the face is now.

I don’t want to become ACUP!

“Things are not what you think, I am innocent with her, believe it or not.” Wiliam explained casually.

Melissa will be suspicious.

The facts before her were so bloody that she couldn’t help but believe it.

But at this moment, a loud voice came from the door.

“The people downstairs are ethical! Do things early in the morning so that the whole building can be heard! Have you considered the feelings of the children of every household!”

They follow the prestige.

I saw an aunt in an apron shouting at them.

When the aunt finished roaring, she saw a man and two women, she was also stunned, “This…the young people nowadays, the morality is degraded! The two women are serving one husband together, the world is really going down! You can accumulate some virtue!”

After speaking, the aunt hurried away.

These sudden words made Melissa even worse.

She didn’t mind the misunderstanding of this aunt, as long as she had a clear heart.

What she cares about is what the aunt said just now, doing things early in the morning…

Melissa flushed with anger, “You bastard! You did something like this to your subordinates! Are you worthy of Feliicity! Do you really like the unspoken rules of your subordinates! You! Did you also include me in the plan!”

With a scream of harshness, Wiliam was completely speechless.

Wiliam shook his head, his head a bit big.

I should have come out directly just now, there are still so many misunderstandings.

He casually said, “You two confront each other slowly. My wife is still waiting for me at home, so I’ll go back first.”

After all, he left without looking back.

Two stunned women are left behind.

At this time, I still think of my wife.

I don’t know if it is his fake infatuation or a real villain!

Melissa was so angry that he wanted to leave on the spot, but Janett saw that the situation was going up, so she quickly grabbed Melissa.

Now, I have to tell Melissa the fact.

Although this way I would lose face in front of Melissa, but it is better than being misunderstood like this.

After hearing this, Melissa’s eyes widened, “What! You said that the old genius doctor actually wanted to treat you…”

Janett nodded, “Yes, if Wiliam hadn’t rushed to kick the door in time, you wouldn’t see me now.”

“Then, did he treat you? Did he treat you bloody?” Melissa asked again.

Janett blushed, “Can you stop repeating this, it’s too easy to come out of the picture!”

Melissa seriously recollected the scene just now, only then reluctantly believed Janett’s words.

She mainly believed in the character of Janett and Wiliam.

Janett and her good girlfriends for many years know the bottom line. Melissa knows that Janett will not do things that corrupt human relations.

Although Melissa scolded Wiliam every day, he still believed in Wiliam very much.

This should be the truth of the matter.

“After that, how do you face him?” Melissa asked weakly at last.

Janett regained a trace of glamour and said, “I should scold or scold! That little bastard, if he doesn’t go to bed for a day, I’ll bah, I’m not going to bed, I’m going to go to bed!”

Melissa looked at Janett with a weird look. This young lady, being engaged by Wiliam like this, seemed to have grown bigger.

After the two met, Melissa went back.

However, Janett is now considering whether to move back to the city.

After all, this matter was heard by the neighbors next door today, and she already lives here with shame.

When Wiliam returned home, seeing that only Xena was at home and sighing, he asked, “Where is your sister?”

Xena looked angrily, “Are you treating me as a dead person? Are you unhappy to see me? It’s your sister and your sister! Your sister!”

Wiliam was speechless.

What’s going on with this woman today?

One by one, it was like taking gunpowder.

“What’s wrong with you?” Wiliam asked perfunctorily.

Xena said: “Recently, a brother-in-law has been chasing me, and I almost dare not go out. I am too embarrassed.”

Wiliam was taken aback, as if so.

Xena has been staying at home these days, it turned out that Taohua Jie has come.

“What kind of brother? Let your godfather stop you if you don’t like it.” Wiliam joked.

In Q City ( Qena City ), as long as Tigger ‘s name is moved out, who else would dare to make Xena’s idea.

Bai Rushuang glared at Wiliam, “Too lazy to care about you!”

After that, he twisted his waist and went back to the room to sulking.

And Wiliam returned to the room. He was going to prepare some items for the treatment of Li Nanfeng’s grandmother. He planned to go to Li Nanfeng tonight to finish the matter.

But at night, Wiliam called Li Nanfeng, but the call was not answered.

He felt faintly uneasy, so he asked Chen Dongbai and his hotel staff to take a look.

The staff replied that neither Li Nanfeng nor his grandma were in the room.

Wiliam secretly shouted badly.

It would be okay if Li Nanfeng went out alone, now his grandma is not there.

That only shows that Li Nanfeng took his grandma out.

Where will it go?

Li Nanfeng had a three-day gambling agreement with Wiliam. He would not be a breaker, and he would definitely not leave Q City ( Qena City ) at this time.

Then take his grandma out, there is only one answer, seek medical advice!

In Q City ( Qena City ), who else could he call for medical treatment!

Wiliam already had the answer in his heart, and his eyes showed a hint of coldness.

Just when Wiliam wanted to send someone to inquire about Li Nanfeng’s whereabouts, Li Nanfeng took the initiative to call Wiliam back.

“Where are you? Why did you even take your grandma out?” Wiliam asked straightforwardly.

Li Nanfeng said excitedly on the phone: “I’m sorry Wiliam, I didn’t hear you on the phone just now. I’m at the doctor Huang’s side! Just now, the doctor Huang called me on the initiative, saying that my grandma’s illness is related to his recent academic paper It was very helpful. He decided to take me only one million and heal my grandma. I just went to the pawn shop and pawned some precious jewelry from my grandma. My grandma is saved!”

Li Nanfeng and his grandmother came from famous families, and the jewellery on their bodies is naturally not ordinary.

If it hadn’t been for this moment, Li Nanfeng would not pawn his grandma’s things without authorization.

After all, Li Nanfeng felt that it was very worthwhile to trade some jewelry for grandma’s life.

He admired the Huang genius doctor even more in his heart. The doctors were kind. He used to be fifty million, but now it only costs one million. This is a deadly discount!

Maybe, the genius doctor Huang was merciful and didn’t expect his grandmother to be seriously ill, so he charged a symbolic fee.

Wiliam on the side of the phone showed a cold smile, “Where is it? Give me the address. I will pay my respects, the style of this genius doctor!”

Chapter 424 Tianyi Martial Arts Hall

“Are you coming too?” Li Nanfeng asked in surprise.

Wiliam on the other end of the phone smiled and said, “Yes, I used to take a look.”

Li Nanfeng hesitated, thinking that Wiliam was caring for his grandmother after all, and he helped himself several times, how embarrassed to refuse him now.

So Li Nanfeng said to the phone, “Well, I’m on the side of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall now.”

Tianyi Wuguan?

Wiliam was taken aback!

How did Li Nanfeng go to Tianyi Martial Arts Hall?

Or what does Huang Daoqing have to do with Tianyi Martial Arts Hall?

Frederick, Huang Zhengyin and Huang Daoqing are all named Huang…

“I’ll be there right away.” Wiliam hung up after finishing speaking.

At this moment, in Tianyi Martial Arts Hall.

Huang Zhengyin was standing in front of Huang Daoqing respectfully and asked suspiciously: “Mr. Huang, you have been living in our Tianyi Martial Arts Center these past few days. How did you practice medicine? Why did you suddenly remember to practice medicine tonight? Called so many people over at once?”

Huang Daoqing looked at Huang Zhengyin, wondering how this matter would let you know.

He quietly hid his abolished right hand behind him, and then proudly said: “The old man will leave Q City ( Qena City ) tomorrow. You have to spend some time in Q City ( Qena City ), but you have to work hard tonight in your martial arts brothers.”

Huang Zhengyin looked solemn, “Doctor Huang, what are you talking about? Your staying with us these few days has made us so splendid. My father has always wanted to ask you to see you and never see me. It’s an honor. My father has already rushed back by plane overnight, and he will probably be home tomorrow morning. Can’t you wait for him?”

Huang Daoqing’s surface is indifferent, but his heart is almost unreliable.

He was bluffing outside under the name of his younger brother Huang Daoming. Before, a kid had severely abolished his right hand, and he was threatened by the kid that he would have to leave Q City ( Qena City ).

This is his last day in Q City ( Qena City ). Why should he make a fortune before leaving?

Let’s talk about this Tianyi Martial Arts Hall.

Frederick, the master of the Tianyi Martial Arts Museum, has been suffering from internal injuries over the years, and has been asking Huang Daoming to show him many years ago.

But Huang Daoming was stubborn and looked down on Frederick, but he didn’t agree.

This time Huang Daoqing was able to live in the Tianyi Martial Arts Center, which borrowed Huang Daoming’s light.

Frederick is going to come back overnight, if he hits it, he won’t show up.

So Huang Daoqing said indifferently: “This civil suffering, how many patients are waiting for the old man to treat, how can you delay the time of the old man for your father? The old man can only say one thing, if the opportunity between your father and the old man has not come, if it is When the opportunity arrives, the old man will naturally look after the injury for him.”

These words flickered Huang Zhengyin into the cloud. He hurriedly bowed and said, “The genius doctor Huang is so benevolent and righteous, I’m too petty.”

Huang Daoqing nodded in satisfaction, “Okay, just go and work, just leave it to me here.”

Huang Zhengyin hesitated for a moment, and then suddenly asked again: “The genius doctor Huang, the kid named Li Nanfeng outside is having a feast with me. Can you give me a face and not treat his grandma?”

Huang Daoqing looked down and furious, “Huang Zhengyin! Seeing that you are a martial artist, the old man thought you were loyal to your liver and your courage. That’s why he condescended to visit you Tianyi Martial Arts Center. People! What matters in this world is so big! You actually pushed Li Nanfeng and his grandma into the boundless cliff for your own grievances? You really disappointed the old man!”

Huang Zhengyin was blushing with the harsh words of righteousness.

He was originally upset by Li Nanfeng. After all, he was defeated by Li Nanfeng a few days ago. Although this matter is still not spreading, if Li Nanfeng is showing off everywhere, where will the face of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall be put away!

Li Nanfeng is now a time bomb in Huang Daoqing’s heart.

Unexpectedly, the genius doctor Huang was so upright that he would not give any face.

Huang Zhengyin repeatedly apologized, and then left Tianyi Martial Arts Hall in a desperate manner.

He didn’t dare to offend the genius doctor Huang. As a result, the genius doctor Huang spread far and wide, and the Xingtan had a certain status, and he had treated many senior officials and distinguished persons for medical treatment.

Secondly, in fact, Huang Zhengyin couldn’t ask for what Huang Zhengyin wanted this time.

The location was chosen at Tianyi Martial Arts Hall. Isn’t this advertising for Tianyi Martial Arts Hall?

I believe that after tonight, the reputation of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall in Q City ( Qena City ) will rise to a higher level.

When my father comes back, he must be very happy to hear the reputation of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall.

Thinking of this, Huang Zhengyin hurried out, and the people in the Tianyi Martial Arts Hall began to propagate and promote, saying that tonight Huang Zhengyin was invited by Tianyi Martial Arts Hall.

After he left, Huang Daoqing suddenly showed a sneer.

Really, I have worked so hard to hire so many people as actors, not just to trap the big fish Li Nanfeng!

So I drove him away, and who would go?

This fool Huang Zhengyin.

Wrong, at the moment in the Tianyi Martial Arts Hall, the crowd was crowded, and Huang Zhengyin asked people to light up the sandalwood.

It is full of artistic conception.

It’s just that there are thirty or forty people crowded together in this room.

Including Li Nanfeng and his grandmother.

And the others, who seemed to come to seek medical treatment, were actually Huang Daoqing’s request.

Huang Daoqing has been cheating for many years and has extremely rich experience. He naturally knows the power of public opinion.

He invited so many people just to cheat Li Nanfeng’s money.

At this moment, Li Nanfeng stood in the room and watched people excitedly praise Huang’s excellent medical skills, feeling a little nervous for a while.

Why do so many people move after hearing the wind? It seems that this Huang doctor is really famous.

I hope he can cure grandma’s illness tonight.

He was thinking, at this moment someone walked into the door, it was Wiliam.

Wiliam was also stunned looking at so many people in this room.

Li Nanfeng greeted Wiliam in, and Wiliam glanced at his grandma casually, and found that her condition was getting worse, frowning.

This Li Nanfeng is another person who has been rushing to the doctor.

And Huang Daoqing, Huang Daoqing, I originally wanted to spare you a dog’s life, but I didn’t expect you to live or die!

Wiliam almost laughed out of his heart after observing the people around him.

These people, each with their expressions excited and high-pitched, are clearly acting.

Only a straightforward person like Li Nanfeng could not see that this was a game set by Huang Daoqing.

At this time, a person stood up and said loudly, “Everyone, please be quiet! The doctor Huang is about to start seeing a doctor. Everyone will stop one by one according to the numbers drawn just now.

Everyone quickly quieted down.

Two people walked in again, but they were carrying a large screen, dividing the originally small room into two.

What is this for?

Everyone was at a loss.

A figure slowly appeared behind the screen.

Chapter 425

When everyone saw the figure, they kept talking, “Look, everyone, the doctor Huang is out!”

“The genius doctor Huang is the genius doctor Huang, and his way of appearance is unique. It seems that strange people have strange tempers.”

“As long as the genius doctor Huang can cure my chronic illness for many years today, I am bankrupt today and I must thank the genius doctor Huang!

Li Nanfeng frowned slightly when he saw this scene.

“Why does genius doctor Huang treat people behind the screen?” Li Nanfeng asked Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled slightly, why is it behind the scenes?

Because it’s shameless.

Huang Daoqing had already abolished his right hand by himself, so how dare to stand in front of everyone with a big fanfare at this time.

Cover it with a screen, this is his last fig leaf.

But Wiliam didn’t make it clear for the time being. Instead, he said, “It should be for the patient’s ***

Li Nanfeng slapped his forehead, “Why did I forget about this? The genius doctor Huang deserves to be a genius doctor. He has nothing to do with everything, and he considers the patient so thoroughly.”

At this time, the caller said: “Now, please sit on the chair in front.”

Everyone looked forward.

Sure enough, a chair was moved out and placed in front of the screen.

What is this again?

Everyone was confused again.

“Today, the genius doctor Huang decided to open your eyes and show his unique pulse diagnosis!” the man shouted.

“Xuansi pulse diagnosis! I rely on! So advanced! This is a story that is only available on TV. I didn’t expect that the doctor Huang would actually perform pulse diagnosis!”

“If you are not confident in your medical skills, how can you choose this method of pulse diagnosis! I still don’t see a doctor, I will take it first!”

“Quickly, quickly, go up quickly, let’s open our eyes.”

The people on the side talked a lot, even Li Nanfeng was excited.

Suspended wire for pulse diagnosis.

He has heard of this miraculous medical technique.

However, it was in his family that he heard this amazing medical skill.

Unexpectedly, Huang’s genius doctor is already perfect.

It seems that my grandma’s illness is saved today.

A person was sitting on a chair excitedly, and then a red thread was pulled by someone and was gently tied to that person’s left wrist.

I saw the red thread trembling slightly, tightening and tightening, it seemed that the doctor Huang was pulling the red thread.

Then in less than a minute, the old and majestic words of the doctor Huang came from behind the screen, “The cold is in the body, it will not heal for a long time, and the evil poison will attack the heart. You should not be charmed every night, and your left leg is completely bruised and swollen. The old man is right ?”

The man pretended to be stunned.

Others hurriedly stepped forward and asked: “Brother, you should answer the genius doctor Huang, is he right?”

The man jumped up directly from the chair, and said in shock, “God! Amazing!”

After all, he directly lifted the pants of his left leg, and everyone suddenly let out an exaggerated scream!

Li Nanfeng also looked over, and he was also shocked by this look!

I saw this guy’s left leg, already swollen, with bruises all over it, looking shocking.


The genius doctor Huang actually diagnosed the pulse through the hanging silk and was able to accurately judge the condition.

The name of the genius doctor is veritable!

Li Nanfeng is completely blessed!

At this time, the man knelt on the ground and pleaded with genius doctor Huang, “Genius doctor Huang, please help me cure this disease! I am grateful!”

Huang Daoqing said indifferently from behind: “This is natural. The old man’s inspiration appeared late at night the previous year, and he can cure your illness by creating and dispelling evil.”

The man immediately said, “Thank you, genius doctor Huang! Your consultation fee, I will give you both hands immediately!”

After speaking, he handed a box prepared long ago to Huang Daoqing’s men.

The subordinate immediately shouted: “The consultation fee is 500,000! Blessed!”

Li Nanfeng couldn’t help being speechless after hearing this!

This yellow genius doctor charges 500,000 yuan for a wind-evil disease.

He only received one million for his grandmother’s illness. It seems that the genius doctor Huang does vary from person to person, and he is a recreating benefactor to himself!

Next, this seems to have formed a rule.

Doctor Huang Xuansi diagnosed the pulse, and every one of them could accurately state the condition of the disease.

And everyone also used facts to confirm their condition.

Then respectfully offer the consultation fee and take the medicine on the spot after taking the medicine.

After only ten or twenty minutes after taking it, each of them glowed red, as if the medicine was cured.

This made Li Nanfeng excited!

Too enthusiastic, too unparalleled!

The consultation fees for these people ranged from 500,000 to several million. After a while, the doctor Huang made a full income of tens of millions.

Wiliam, who was on the side, was always watching with cold eyes.

These people are all trusts, so how can they be sick?

It’s just made up.

Huang Daoqing’s hand is quite amazing, using these supports to stir up the whole atmosphere.

Next, more and more people will come to see the doctor, and it is possible for him to earn more than 100 million overnight.

Really wolf ambition.

Sure enough, after half an hour, more and more people gathered outside.

They all came here admiringly.

Of course, Huang Zhengyin’s vigorous promotion is indispensable.

Huang Zhengyin looked at the crowded Tianyi Martial Arts Hall with great pride.

Has Tianyi Martial Arts Hall ever been so hot?

When these people were waiting, they talked a lot, and they praised Tianyi Martial Arts Hall for doing good deeds. They invited the genius doctor to come over, and they must thank Tianyi Martial Arts Hall.

The number has reached more than two hundred in the blink of an eye.

However, Huang Daoqing’s speed of seeing a doctor gradually slowed down.

He is deliberately controlling time.

There were only about forty trusts he invited.

And Li Nanfeng was on the 45th.

He is the highlight of Li Nanfeng tonight.

As for those who come here in particular, how many pits can there be.

He kept expelling Yifang Xiaoxie San, as if this prescription could cure all diseases.

And after taking it, all of those people turned red and looked very gratifying.

Finally, after nine o’clock in the evening, it was Li Nanfeng’s turn.

Li Nanfeng first put his grandmother gently on the chair, and then handed over the one million yuan he had prepared to Huang’s genius doctor.

Finally, he stood beside his grandmother, bowed respectfully, and said, “Doctor Huang, please see me!”

Huang Daoqing was excited when he saw this moment.

I invited these people and spent tens of thousands of dollars on him.

Now the first reward is coming!

As soon as this one opened, money was rolling in!

So, he pretended to hang the silk to check the pulse, but this time everyone saw the difference.

Previously, the genius doctor Huang Xuansi had a pulse diagnosis, and he was able to accurately state the condition within one minute.

But now I was seeing Li Nanfeng’s grandma, but it took five minutes to check the pulse!

Finally, the genius doctor Huang sighed slightly.

Li Nanfeng’s heart was mentioned in his throat!

“Doctor Huang, what’s wrong with my grandma? You are talking.” Li Nan was anxious.

I only saw Huang Daoqing’s figure swaying slightly, as if regretting, “Your grandma is dying of illness, and the medicine in the world is dead…”

Chapter 426

Li Nanfeng’s face turned pale when he heard this!

This sentence seems to have not sentenced his grandma to death, but sentenced him to death!

He hurriedly pleaded: “The genius doctor Huang! I beg you, you must have a way to save my grandma, right!”

Everyone was quiet, seeming to be pitying Li Nanfeng and his grandmother.

Huang Daoqing inside said softly: “The old man saw your grandma once. At that time, your grandma was not very ill, and there was still medicine to be cured. It’s a pity that you dragged your grandma’s condition for several days. Nothing, who can blame this?”

Li Nanfeng showed a miserable face.

Had it not been for Wiliam’s support, he would have sat on the ground.

At this moment, Li Nanfeng felt an incomparable guilt in his heart.

After all, it turned out that I killed my grandma!

If she had treated her grandma earlier, she would have recovered.

I blame myself for being bad!

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng slapped himself severely.

The people around were also rushing: “This kid seems to be quite filial, but why don’t you see his grandmother early?”

“Maybe it is false filial piety. If my grandmother is seriously ill, and I bankrupt my family and ask the genius doctor Huang to see a doctor, how could this disease be delayed?”

“Yeah, young man, please ask the genius doctor Huang, he must have a way.

Wiliam looked at the words of these people around him, just wanting to laugh.

All this is Huang Daoqing’s arrangement again.

Deliberately stated that Grandma Li Nanfeng’s illness was very serious, and put all the blame on Li Nanfeng.

What will happen next?

I’m afraid Li Nanfeng will be squeezed again, right?

Sure enough, Huang Daoqing continued inside at this time: “Li Nanfeng, do you really want to save your grandma?”

When Li Nanfeng heard this, he nodded quickly, “I beg you, genius doctor Huang, as long as you speak, I will promise you everything!”

Huang Daoqing sighed and said, “Well, whoever told the old man to see you and your grandma farewell in this life, the old man had to take out the treasures that he had collected for decades. Thirty years ago, the old man walked among the snow-capped mountains. You get a thousand-year-old snow ginseng. If you take this thousand-year snow ginseng, maybe your grandma will live for another ten years.”

Li Nanfeng said with gratitude, “Thank you, genius doctor Huang, for your completion!”

But Huang Daoqing turned around and said, “You don’t have to say thank you first. The old man has to put the ugly words first. The old man promised to give this thousand-year-old snow ginseng to an old friend, but he bid three million to buy it. For you, the old man can’t explain to my old friend, how can this be good.”

Li Nanfeng was taken aback for a moment, but he couldn’t hear the overtones.

But the people around immediately yelled, “Young man, thank you doctor Huang! Hurry up and raise three million. This is a life!”

“Three million for a life is worth it! Hey, last year my grandmother was seriously ill. If I can meet the genius doctor Huang, there may be a rescue. What a pity, what if I have spare money now! What a pity!”

“The genius doctor Huang is really benevolent and righteous! I will definitely give him a good publicity!”

There was noisy surroundings, and Li Nanfeng finally knew what the genius doctor Huang meant.

However, his face showed endless bitterness.

Before 1 million, he had pawned most of his grandma’s jewelry.

Now come another three million, how can he have this money!

Just as he hesitated, Huang Daoqing sighed again and said, “It seems that you and your grandma are dead. No matter how old, sick, and dead, life is impermanent, the old man can’t blame you. Next one.”

When everyone heard it, they all showed disgust towards Li Nanfeng.

“What’s the matter with this guy? It seems that he is really filial.”

“Ho ho, I have long seen that this kid is not a good thing. If he is really filial, he should be treated with his grandmother before, and he won’t be delayed until now to ask for help from the doctor Huang.

“The genius doctor Huang has given a way out, he is still hesitating, beasts, he killed his grandma by himself!”

Li Nanfeng was desperate.

There was only one sentence in his head.

He killed his grandma with his own hands.

Just as he was sluggish, someone came up again, obviously trying to drive Li Nanfeng away.

“Wait a minute! Doctor Huang, give me a few minutes!” Li Nanfeng didn’t know where his courage came from, suddenly said loudly.

And Huang Daoqing, who was waiting inside, showed a satisfied smile.

Got the bait.

Huang Daoqing has rich experience in deception. He can tell who has money and who has money.

He had long seen that Li Nanfeng had an extraordinary temperament, and he must have come from a famous family.

Such people must be rich.

This is also the main reason why he asked Li Nanfeng for 50 million from the beginning.

Now that Li Nanfeng is only squeezed out of one million, how could Huang Daoqing be willing?

It was the last night, of course, it was necessary to squeeze out all the value of Li Nanfeng.

It’s fine now, this kid is still hiding.

The scene was quiet and everyone looked at Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng bit his scalp, took out a round bead from his body, and said helplessly: “The genius doctor Huang, I have an ancestral jade pearl, which is of inestimable value and more useful. This jade pearl is my ancestor. The relic, now I have to take it out, please help my grandma!”

Everyone was stunned when they saw the jade pearl.

That jewel does not seem to be anything.

Everyone has seen too much jade.

But once this piece of jade was taken out, people couldn’t look away.

This bead has a faint fragrance.

Just staring at this jade pearl makes people feel relaxed and happy.

With Li Nanfeng’s side, Wiliam knew the value of this jade pearl even more.

Li Nanfeng was wrong, this is indeed not an ordinary jade pearl.

Wiliam could feel a faint air from above.

From this point of view, this pearl has the same effect as the blood jade from Lantern Village on his body.

He didn’t care about the blood jade on Wiliam at first.

But after studying “Nine Forms of Impermanence” during this period, Wiliam discovered that his blood jade was extraordinary.

The blood jade can arouse the blood qi in Wiliam’s body and follow his moves like a shadow.

It was actually able to assist myself in practicing.

Wiliam had also wondered about Li Nanfeng’s young age, but his martial arts skills were high.

Now I understand, it should be the credit of this jade pearl.

In Wiliam’s view, this jade pearl is really a priceless treasure, and it cannot be measured by money at all.

It is an insult to this jewel to randomly bid out billions and tens of billions!

However, after one of his subordinates handed over the pearl to Huang Daoqing, Huang Daoqing sighed inside and said, “Li Nanfeng, you are probably deceived. This is an ordinary glass bead, but it’s up to you. With filial piety, the old husband’s right is worth 500,000 yuan. The old husband will give you half an hour. Go and raise money.”

Chapter 427

Li Nanfeng’s head was dumbfounded, and he cried out: “How can my pearl be fake! I have worn it since I was a child!”

But the people around immediately looked at Li Nanfeng angrily and scolded them: “What’s the matter with you, young man! The genius doctor Huang has been heartbroken with you, you dare to cheat him!”

“Hoho, a glass bead, really shows the kindness of Huang’s genius doctor. He doesn’t need to be angry. Instead, he thinks of this kid’s filial piety. He actually pledged 500,000 yuan. Boy, you owe Huang’s genius doctor all your life!

People around were talking, but Li Nanfeng couldn’t hear it anymore.

He was going crazy.

He knew that Mingzhu was real.

But why did the genius doctor Huang say that?

Could it be that genius doctor Huang couldn’t see the role of this pearl?

Also, people who are not martial arts practitioners do not know the value of this pearl.

Now, where can I go to raise money?

Only half an hour.

“Li Nanfeng, get back the pearl.” Wiliam suddenly said coldly from the side.

Wiliam’s eyes were cold at this moment.

This Huang Daoqing has completely made Wiliam angry.

Before, Wiliam just thought that this guy was a liar.

Now it seems that Huang Daoqing is eating people without spitting out bones!

It’s all about Li Nanfeng’s money.

Mingzhu has also been taken away now.

Not satisfied yet!

Still thinking about continuing to squeeze Li Nanfeng!

This is to force Li Nanfeng to death!

But Wiliam’s words caused public outrage.

Even the people outside looked at Wiliam and cursed, “Where did this guy come from? It’s so rude to ignore the kindness of Doctor Huang!”

“A broken bead, the genius doctor Huang has spoken for half a million, and he has to take it back. It seems that he is trying to force the young man’s grandma to death.”

Li Nanfeng looked at Wiliam in a daze.

This is the first time he has spoken since.

However, Li Nanfeng has no intention of caring about his pearl.

There was only one thought in his mind.

Save your grandma at all costs!

Thinking of this, he suddenly plopped and knelt down to Wiliam.

This scene really shocked everyone around.

“Wiliam! I beg you, can you lend me some money, I really don’t have a way.” Li Nanfeng’s voice was choked.

He is really desperate.

He now has only one choice left.

Speak to Wiliam for help.

Li Nanfeng actually thought about borrowing money from Wiliam from the beginning.

But he has an arrogant personality, and he also remembers the three-day appointment with Wiliam.

Therefore, he would rather pawn grandma’s jewelry, or even take out his jade pearl, than bow his head to Wiliam.

Now, he is desperate.

This kneeling, he knew what it meant.

It means surrendering to Wiliam.

It means I lost.

Could this be the reason why Wiliam insisted on coming over?

He wanted to see himself in desperate situation and asked him for help.

No wonder Wiliam was so confident before, saying that he could surrender in three days.

It turned out to be threatening myself with my grandma’s illness.

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng’s heart suddenly felt unhappy.

He didn’t want to believe that Wiliam was such a villain.

But what can be done.

He is a villain and a gentleman, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Li Nanfeng felt miserable.

And his extremely complex eyes were all in Wiliam’s eyes.

Wiliam suddenly sneered.

Li Nanfeng proud!

I, Wiliam, can only be more proud than you!

Who do you think you are!

Want me, Wiliam, to use that kind of abuse?

To be honest, you are not worthy now!

“No.” Wiliam spit out two words coldly.

These two words, like thunder, exploded Li Nanfeng completely lost.

Li Nanfeng was mentally prepared.

Just waiting for Wiliam to agree to borrow money, even if he was unwilling in his heart, he would bow his loyalty to him.

but why!

He didn’t even borrow!

Li Nanfeng asked incredulously, “Wiliam! Why not borrow it! You didn’t want me to…”

Wiliam interrupted Li Nanfeng coldly, “Before I wanted to take you as a right-hand man, but now it seems that you are not worthy of virtue! I said in the previous sentence that if you go against your intentions, what do you want, so this bet, I surrender!”

When Wiliam said these words, he was very proud.

This is the first time he has given up!

But it was a frank loss! Convinced!

I only blame myself for seeing the wrong person!

Li Nanfeng looked at Wiliam’s ruthless eyes, and suddenly his body trembled.

He began to understand what Wiliam meant.

With this look, Wiliam began to look down on himself completely…

But what is wrong with me!

Li Nanfeng felt aggrieved for a while!

I just want to save my grandma!

am I wrong!

The world is so big that only the genius doctor Huang in front of me can save my grandmother. I’ll beg him, am I wrong!

No matter how good you Wiliam are, do you still have medical skills? Can you save my grandma!

You can’t save, so why are you accusing me here!

You don’t even know the pain of losing a loved one!

What are you pretending to be cold and ruthless!

Li Nanfeng looked at Wiliam, his eyes gradually became cold.

And Huang Daoqing in it was a bit nervous at the moment.

He couldn’t see the situation outside, only heard Li Nanfeng arguing with one person.

He vaguely felt that the voice of the person arguing with Li Nanfeng was a bit familiar, but he couldn’t remember it for a while.

At this moment, he was even more worried that Li Nanfeng could not afford to pay.

Did you miscalculate yourself? Li Nanfeng is really exhausted?

He was hesitating how to give Li Nanfeng a step down, and suddenly remembered a past event.

He said in a deep voice to Li Nanfeng outside: “Li Nanfeng, the old man will not force you. I will give you a prescription for the 1.5 million share you have given, but after all, it will cure the symptoms and not the root cause. I really want to save your grandma’s disease, I know another genius doctor.”

Li Nanfeng was taken aback, “There is still a genius doctor?”

Huang Dao said indifferently: “This genius doctor is more than ten million times better than mine. He holds a vermilion silver needle, but this genius doctor, the dragon sees the head and ends, and the old man was fortunate enough to meet him once many years ago. Go find your chance.”

Vermillion Silver Needle?

Li Nanfeng wondered, how could there be such a strange silver needle?

The reason Huang Daoqing said this is that he planned.

Today I finally got a sum of money from Li Nanfeng, and now I have to give Li Nanfeng another ethereal hope.

At that time, Li Nanfeng took his grandmother to look for the so-called genius doctor of vermilion silver needle, naturally, Huang Daoqing would not be blamed.

As for this vermilion silver needle, Huang Daoqing had heard of it from Huang Daoming.

In the early years, Huang Daoming worshipped the old genius doctor and became an outside disciple.

But an outer disciple is enough to be famous.

It can be seen how good this old genius doctor is!

Go look for it, look for this unrealistic hope, the old man will retreat tonight hahaha!

Huang Daoqing was moved by his wit.

When Wiliam heard this, his pupils shrank!

Vermillion Silver Needle!

Long live safflower!


Chapter 428

This Huang Daoqing would actually know about his grandfather!

Who is he!

No, Huang Daoqing is just a liar.

In other words, the real Huang Daoming should know his grandfather.

Still a disciple of his grandfather!

Since the death of Wiliam’s grandfather, Wiliam has rarely heard of any rumors about his grandfather. The last time he heard it from He Jifeng.

Now that I heard it again, it made Wiliam very moved.

But Li Nanfeng on the side was suddenly at a loss.

The world is so big, where would he go to find the old genius doctor with the scarlet silver needle…

“Well, you go get a prescription, the next one.” Huang Dao said lightly.

He plans to take a look at those who seek medical advice next.

After all, he is a fake, and it is easy to wear it if he sees more.

But at this moment, a shocking change occurred on the court.

Someone suddenly turned pale, opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood!

Then the whole person fell straight down, convulsing all over!

There was a cry of exclamation at the scene.

This incident has not been rehearsed!

Someone really vomited blood!

Huang Daoqing was dumbfounded when he heard that someone vomited blood inside.

How could this happen!

What can I do now!

At this time, everyone discovered that the person who vomited blood was the first person to see a doctor.

What about the one who possessed the body by the cold!

At this moment, his eyebrows were tight, his whole body twitched, and he vomited a mouthful of blood from time to time, which made the eyes of everyone on the scene go wide.

Just when everyone asked the genius doctor Huang to come out to have a look, another person vomited blood and twitched on the ground!

This vomiting blood seemed to be contagious. One person, one after another, began to fall to the ground and convulse.

At this time, even Huang Zhengyin, who was standing not far away, was panicking.

This is on the site of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall!

If so many people vomit blood collectively, people would think that Tianyi Martial Arts Hall was poisoning people!

He quickly squeezed in and shouted: “Don’t panic, everyone! The genius doctor Huang is here, it’s nothing! It must be something that these people shouldn’t eat!”

His words stirred up waves with one stone!

What should not be eaten?

Do these people eat the same things?

how can that be!

Are they not patients from all over the world?

How is it possible to eat the same thing?

But at this time, someone suddenly reacted and shouted: “By the way, didn’t they all take the medicine prescribed by the doctor Huang just now? Could it be…”

This sentence, like a thunderstorm, blew up Huang Zhengyin!

The medicine prescribed by Doctor Huang?

Will vomit blood after eating?

how can that be!

Doctor Huang is a famous and famous person. How can he treat the wrong person after so many years of reputation?

There must be something wrong!

However, more and more people were vomiting blood, and more and more people fell to the ground.

Each of these people looked like golden paper, and the scene was like a purgatory on earth, frightening people who were going to see a doctor!

Even Huang Zhengyin couldn’t control the scene.

Many people squeezed over, removed the screen, and shouted: “Doctor Huang, you are saying something! Come out and have a look!”

While maintaining order, Huang Zhengyin said to Huang Daoqing: “Mr. Huang, you should act quickly. This is the site of our Tianyi Martial Arts Center. My dad will definitely blame me if something happens.

If tomorrow news broke that dozens of people in Tianyi Martial Arts Hall vomited blood, this would be a fatal blow to Tianyi Martial Arts Hall!

And the much-anticipated Huang Daoqing is stunned.

He still has the slightest charm of a genius at the moment.

He looked at the people on the ground, and he was dumbfounded.

How could this be?

The people who fell on the ground were all the ones he had invited over as a trustee.

In other words, they did take their own prescriptions.

But it shouldn’t be!

My own prescription is just some tonics mixed together and ground into powder. Although the names of the prescriptions that those people called out just now are different, they are actually the same powder.

He has used this powder for many years, and no one has vomited blood.

Where is the problem!

He was thinking, and was suddenly pushed by Huang Zhengyin.

Huang Zhengyin couldn’t help it anymore, why the genius doctor Huang was as stupid as he was, and said nothing.

This scene cannot be suppressed anymore.

“Doctor Huang! Save people! What are you waiting for!” Huang Zhengyin pulled Huang Daoqing’s hand vigorously.

But at this time, Huang Daoqing screamed like a pig.

Everyone was taken aback for a moment, and they were all quiet.

At this time, Huang Zhengyin noticed that Huang Daoqing’s right hand was wrapped in a thick bandage!

At this scene, everyone saw their scalp numb.

What happened to Huang’s right hand?


But it’s impossible. The genius doctor Huang gave people a pulse diagnosis just now!

You know, Huang Daoming has been famous in the arena for a long time, especially his acupuncture.

Jianghu gave him an elegant name, called the right-hand Buddha!

His right hand acupuncture is unparalleled in the world, what is the situation now?

This scene put a big question mark in everyone’s hearts.

After Huang Daoqing screamed and saw the eyes of everyone, he knew that the big event was not good and was about to be exposed.

He immediately said: “Nothing. I accidentally injured my right hand today, but it doesn’t affect my pulse diagnosis. I will save people immediately.”

After speaking, he hurriedly walked towards those who fell to the ground.

What kind of illness will he see?

Of course it was pretending to be, and later I said that there are too many people, and I can’t save them all at once. I rush to the hospital and everything will be fine.

And Wiliam in the corner frowned when he saw this scene.

He also didn’t expect such a change to happen.

And for the first time, he also suspected that Huang Daoqing had previously expelled a problem with the medicine.

Wiliam quietly walked to the place where Huang Daoqing was sitting before, and she found a few packets of powdered medicine.

He picked it up and smelled it deeply.

Then the eyebrows gradually unfolded.

it is as expected.

Huang Daoqing, Huang Daoqing, you really don’t know how to kill you!

Now, see how you end up!

Everyone is looking at Huang Daoqing.

Huang Daoqing pretended to place his hand on the pulse of those people, and then said to everyone, “Be quiet, everyone! The old man is checking the pulse!”

Everyone was quiet like a chill.

After a while, Huang Daoqing said with a serious face: “The old man already knows that these people are all poisoned.”

“Poisoning!” The scene suddenly panic again!

Many people began to look at Huang Zhengyin and asked angrily: “Master Huang Shaoguan! So many people have been poisoned in your martial arts gym! You have to give us an explanation!”

Huang Zhengyin suddenly panicked and looked at Huang Daoqing, “Doctor Huang, please help me explain!”

Huang Daoqing will explain a fart, and he is also thinking about making excuses.

With a glance in his eyes at this time, he suddenly saw Li Nanfeng in the corner.

He was cruel, Li Nanfeng, Li Nanfeng!

I blame you for your bad luck.

Don’t you really want to be with your grandma?

Okay, go with me in hell, I’m considered a good deed.

Thinking of this, he stretched out his hand and pointed at Li Nanfeng, and said: “The old man also knows, who is the poisoner! It is him! Li Nanfeng!”

Chapter 429

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned towards Li Nanfeng!

And Li Nanfeng was stunned.

How can I poison myself!

It’s just nonsense!

What is going on with this Huang genius doctor!

It turned out to be bloody!

Is this still the Huang genius doctor who was benevolent before?

Suddenly, Li Nanfeng thought a thousand times, but he didn’t know how to rebut.

When everyone saw Li Nanfeng’s horrified expression, they thought that Li Nanfeng’s affairs had fallen, and now they were scared.

They shouted and surrounded Li Nanfeng, “Everyone caught him! I knew this guy was not a good thing!”

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with what the doctor Huang said! At first, this guy pretended to be benevolent and pretended to be filial, but now he actually poisoned so many people at once. It is a crime!”

“Call the police! Get him!”

Li Nanfeng suddenly became the target of public criticism. Only then did he wake up and shouted: “I am not poisoned, how can I be poisoned!”

Some people want to catch Li Nanfeng, but where is his opponent.

In an instant, several people were thrown out by Li Nanfeng.

This scene further aroused public anger.

Li Nanfeng looked at Huang Daoqing and asked loudly, “Mr. Huang, why have you wronged me!”

Since Huang Daoqing decided to plant the blame, he had already thought about it.

Ho ho, it’s still a perfect rhetoric.

Huang Daoqing took out the jade pearl that Li Nanfeng had given before, and suddenly asked, “Do you still remember this bead?”

Everyone nodded.

“So, did everyone smell the faint scent on the beads? This scent is poisonous! The old man just couldn’t bear this kid’s sin, so he decided to take the bead at a high price to avoid risk. He will use beads to harm others.” Huang Daoqing said righteously.

This remark not only explained the reason, but also elevated himself again, which was nothing short of a stone.

Everyone was in a cloud of mist. They did smell the scent just now, and some even smelled it a few more times, joking that this bead would be good to wear as a perfume.

Unexpectedly, this fragrance is actually poisonous!

Still strange!

Thinking of this, these people covered their noses one after another, and stepped back several steps.

And Li Nanfeng was about to be so angry.

The jade pearl does have a fragrance.

But this kind of scent is contemplative.

Where is the poison gas!

The genius doctor Huang is spitting blood!

I even called him a genius doctor because he didn’t deserve his name!

“Doctor Huang! Don’t slander me!” Li Nanfeng wanted to explain, but he couldn’t speak clearly.

In a few words, everyone’s spearhead was directed at Li Nanfeng.

Seeing that Li Nanfeng was about to be besieged, Huang Daoqing was extremely proud!

Turn decay into magic!

I’m so amazing!

It seems that today’s catastrophe can be completely avoided.

Hahaha, wonderful!

I was still worried about finding an excuse to end the medical treatment. This catastrophe just happened!

Solved my urgent need!

I go too!

Huang Daoqing was about to say that there were too many people and could not be cured, so he rushed to hospital.

At this time, a sneer suddenly rang out of thin air.

Strange to say, this sneer seemed so insignificant in the chaotic scene.

But I was dumbfounded by everyone.

The crowd followed the sound to find the sneer.

At this time, they found someone.

Standing not far away, holding a few packets of powder.


Several people at the scene knew Wiliam, except Huang Daoqing, Li Nanfeng and Huang Zhengyin.

When the three of them saw Wiliam, their expressions all changed.

Huang Zhengyin actually knew that Wiliam was at the scene just now, and seeing Wiliam appear again at the scene directly hurt his mind.

He was defeated by Li Nanfeng, and Li Nanfeng was defeated by Wiliam.

Looking at it this way, he was also Wiliam’s defeat.

This kid, what do you stand up again!

Li Nanfeng’s face was somewhat embarrassed.

He knew that Wiliam probably had to relieve himself again.

The same was true when I was on the crew last time.

However, Li Nanfeng was angry with Wiliam now.

It suddenly occurred to him that the last time Wiliam was rescued by the crew, he was actually thinking of subduing him.

This time I actively asked to come here, too.

So just now hypocritically refusing to borrow money, is it lust and indulgence?

It’s all right now, it’s time to play again.

Sure enough, this kid’s city is extremely deep!

Don’t underestimate yourself!

At this time, Li Nanfeng suddenly thought of a terrible conjecture.

He was forced into a desperate situation, and ten thousand people scolded him, and then he came out.

Could it be that he was responsible for this?

He poisoned it?

Or maybe, he and Huang Zhengyin Huang are accomplices!

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng fought a cold war, the more he thought about it, the more likely it was!

Imagine, the last time I was on the crew, it was obviously his company, and he had to bear the humiliation and refused to reveal his identity, also in order to subdue himself!


Was cheated by him!

Thinking of this, Li Nanfeng’s face suddenly became ugly, and he sternly shouted: “My business, you don’t need to worry about it! Don’t let me look down on you again!”

These words pierced Wiliam’s heart like a needle.

Wiliam was already disappointed in him, and he didn’t expect him to be more rude!

Who looks down on whom?

Who is your Li Nanfeng?

Wiliam ignored Li Nanfeng directly, but walked towards Huang Daoqing.

Li Nanfeng was still uneasy, rushed up and said loudly: “You will die of this heart! I won’t obey you in this life! You give me…”



Wiliam punched Li Nanfeng suddenly and violently!

Li Nanfeng was like a kite with a broken wire. He rose into the air and hit the ground fiercely!

This punch was shocking!

Everyone’s jaws are falling to the ground!

Huang Zhengyin on the side saw his eyes cracked!

Who knows the power of this punch better than him!

It was actually even more fierce than when he was fighting Li Nanfeng last time!

Is this Wiliam’s true strength!

Can you take this punch when you are fully prepared?

Huang Zhengyin became more amazed the more he thought about it.

The answer is no!

If you resist, I’m afraid you will even be smashed through!

What a terrible young man, unfathomable!

Li Nanfeng was smashed to the ground by this fist, and he was temporarily unconscious.

When he was awake, the stormy sea was almost upset in his heart!

What a terrible punch!

This punch entrains anger! Entrained aloof!

As if there are a thousand emotions, venting towards oneself!


He suddenly didn’t dare to question Wiliam’s hypocrisy.

And Wiliam, standing in front of Huang Daoqing, who was full of horror, showed a sharp smile.

“Huang Daoqing, do you remember me?”

“Hammer wants you to die three more…”

“Who dares to keep you until the fifth watch!”

Chapter 430

Huang Daoqing is definitely the person who is most afraid of seeing Wiliam!

When he saw Wiliam, his entire face instantly turned pale!

He still deeply remembered that his hand was directly broken by this devil-like man!

It was him who ruined his deception career!

Now, he unexpectedly appeared here!

In other words, all the lies I just pulled out will be exposed!

Huang Daoqing looked at Wiliam in amazement, regretful in his heart!

No wonder I just felt that there was a faintly familiar voice outside, and I didn’t even have serious memories of it!

This voice should make me unforgettable!

If it were the owner who could discern the voice seriously, maybe he would have escaped long ago.

Now, the world is so big, where do you want to escape!

Hades wants you to die for the third watch, who dares to keep you until the fifth watch!

This sentence is almost like a reminder, making Huang Daoqing completely afraid to move.

Because Wiliam once gave him an order that he must leave Q City ( Qena City ) before tomorrow.

Wiliam had already opened the Internet, and he was thinking about the last bit of time to search for some money.

Finished, now completely finished!

When the people on the scene saw a young man suddenly turning his eyebrows to Huang Daoqing, they were all stunned.

Don’t know what is going on here?

Huang Daoqing’s lips trembled, he wanted to speak, but couldn’t speak.

Wiliam grabbed Huang Daoqing’s undamaged left hand, and suddenly squeezed it in full view!

Screaming like a pig, shouted into Huang Daoqing’s mouth again.

The people at the scene couldn’t help but fought a cold war.

Who is this person!

So courageous!

Dare to squeeze off the hand of the genius doctor Huang in front of everyone!

Huang Zhengyin was so angry that his face became grim!

Originally, he was counting on the genius doctor Huang to rescue these people.

Otherwise, the reputation of his Tianyi Martial Arts Center would definitely be stinking.

It’s over now, and the doctor Huang’s hands are all useless.

Who else, come to save these people?

If his father came back tomorrow and heard this bad news, he would definitely hang himself up.

“Wiliam! Do you dare to take action against the genius doctor Huang! Do you want to be an enemy of my Tianyi Martial Arts Hall!” Huang Zhengyin said angrily to Wiliam.

But Wiliam sneered, “Tianyi Martial Arts Center, I have been an enemy of you a long time ago, and that’s not bad.”

Huang Zhengyin was taken aback.

Has long been an enemy of Tianyi Wuguan, what does this mean?

It turned out that Huang Zhengyin had just returned from another place. Because of the time difference, he still didn’t know the news that Wiliam killed his junior brother Siirius.

Seeing Huang Zhengyin come forward, Huang Daoqing shouted, “Huang Zhengyin, help me! If he kills me, these people will die today! Only I can save them! So you must save Save me! This man is a devil!”

When Huang Zhengyin heard this, he had already plucked up his courage. In front of so many people, this man had committed a crime in Tianyi Martial Arts Hall and had already committed the taboo of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall. No matter how he could not take this kid lightly.

But at this time, Wiliam smiled and said, “Huang Daoqing, Huang Daoqing, do you really consider yourself a genius doctor?”

The people at the scene were taken aback, and even Huang Zhengyin stopped.

Huang Daoqing?

How did you ever hear this name?

Shouldn’t the doctor Huang be called Huang Daoming?

However, Huang Daoqing is desperate now, and he sternly said to Wiliam: “You kid, don’t even want to slander the old man! Now, the old man’s hands have been broken, and these people can no longer be saved. You can naturally talk about me. Not the yellow doctor!”

Everyone at the scene heard a cloud of mist.

What the doctor Huang said makes sense.

Now the genius doctor Huang has lost his hands and can’t save people anymore. This kid can say whatever he wants.

Seeing the envy and hatred on everyone’s face, the genius doctor Huang suddenly gave birth to a fluke.

Fortunately, I am quick to be wise!

This sentence can be regarded as a relief for himself.

Now that he has broken his hands, even if everyone wants to treat the illness by himself, he is powerless.

Hahaha, this kid, don’t think of it!

Think you can expose me by breaking my hands?

You are helping me, and I also want to thank you!

“Boy, don’t you want to catch me quickly! I’m afraid that you don’t know anything about the power of my Tianyi Martial Arts Center! Let go of the genius doctor Huang!” Huang Zhengyin shouted to Wiliam again.

Wiliam snorted and said, “Do you really think he is a genius doctor? It’s just a fake.”

Sure enough, everyone’s thoughts were the same as Huang Daoqing’s. They said one after another: “You interrupted people’s hands. Even if they want to prove that they are a genius doctor, they have no way to do it.

Huang Zhengyin was extremely proud, but his face was filled with indignation.

But at this time, Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “It’s not easy to prove that he is the genius doctor Huang. The name of the genius doctor cannot rely on his hands. Since you are the genius doctor Huang, you must be proficient in pharmacology, right?”

Huang Daoqing was taken aback for a moment, secretly shouting bad!

Oh, this kid is so active in thinking!

Everyone’s attention is on their broken hands, but this kid wants to prove himself proficient in pharmacology!


As long as my mind is not bad, I will definitely show my stuff!

Sure enough, the people at the scene were also stunned. “The genius doctor Huang is naturally very proficient in pharmacology. He also prescribed prescriptions for these patients just now. Everyone will benefit a lot after taking them.”

Wiliam suddenly took out those prescriptions and smiled: “Are you talking about this?”

Everyone nodded, “Exactly, if you weren’t proficient in pharmacology, how could the genius doctor Huang write such a good prescription? After everyone took the medicine, the disease was cured.”

Wiliam looked at Huang Daoqing with a wicked smile.

“Originally, this matter had nothing to do with me, but let me prove one more thing. Just now everyone said that the bead is poisonous, right?” Wiliam said coldly.

Everyone nodded.

Wiliam suddenly took out the bead from Huang Daoqing’s pocket.

When everyone saw this, they immediately retreated.

This is poisonous, and anyone who smells it will vomit blood!

But just under the eyes of everyone, Wiliam suddenly sniffed the emerald pearl deeply, and smiled: “It’s really refreshing!”

The scene suddenly went into chaos, “Boy, you’re looking for death! It’s too late for everyone to hide, why are you smelling it! I don’t want to live anymore!”

“That’s right! For the safety of everyone’s lives, the genius doctor Huang sacrificed his life and took the beads on his body. Now you take them out. You are ignoring so many lives at the scene! He was arrested!”

Wiliam looked at these people jokingly, “It’s even a risk if you take it with you? I’m ignorant! What do you think when I do this?”

After all, Wiliam actually swallowed this jade pearl the size of a quail egg in front of everyone!


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