Dragon Husband Chapter 441-450

Chapter 441

Wiliam’s face went black.

Xena, aren’t you a little fairy!

You still have the face to talk about others!

“Don’t coax! I’ll go out to do business.” Wiliam said to Xena.

Xena glared at Wiliam immediately, “You won’t let me follow, is there a ghost in his heart?”

Wiliam almost laughed angrily by this little fairy.

Isn’t she willing to be willing to fly the colorful flags outside?

Wiliam turned around and walked outside, ignoring Xena.

And Xena winked at Feliicity frantically.

When the ghost of Feliicity made a difference, he nodded slightly to Xena.

Xena seemed to have received a military order, he smiled, and quickly followed Wiliam’s ass.

“What are you doing?” Wiliam asked as he walked.

Xena glared beautifully, “I am supervising by order! There is a treasured sword, don’t want to leave me this time.”

Wiliam Yihan, couldn’t help thinking that he took this little fairy out last time, and it caused a lot of trouble.

This time I have to follow it again, God knows what she will do.

However, Wiliam looked at the time, and said helplessly: “Okay, don’t talk nonsense when you go, and go drive.”

As he said, he threw the key to Xena, after all, his body was still very weak.

Xena smiled, and quickly got into that Lamborghini.

Following Wiliam’s instructions, the two drove all the way to a Japanese tea restaurant.

At this moment, the Huang family and his son had already been waiting in a box.

Frederick stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, holding a cup of morning tea in his hand, tasting the tea while looking down.

Huang Zhengyin stood beside Frederick, waiting together.

Behind them, a sack was thrown at random, and even Huang Zhengyin didn’t know what was inside.

And after a while, a slick Lamborghini stopped at the door of the tea restaurant.

A man and a woman get off the car.

Huang Zhengyin looked at it and immediately said to Frederick, “Dad, that man is Wiliam.”

When he was talking, he looked at the woman, and he couldn’t help but let out, “Hey, this woman is not his wife.”

Wiliam’s wife is from Q City ( Qena City ) Zhimeibai Feliicity, Huang Zhengyin also met last time.

This time I brought a beautiful and charming woman here, this Wiliam, could it be that he was really a pretty girl.

And his doubts caused Frederick to sneer, “Aren’t people a vain boy? You saw it just now, who is driving.”

Huang Zhengyin recalled that it was the little beauty who was driving.

“Forget it, wait for him to come up.” Frederick finished speaking, and turned around, but he was not sitting at the dining table.

But sitting on a square chair.

After a while, Wiliam brought Xena to the box.

Xena looked at everything around him curiously.

This is a very quaint tea restaurant, but it is a bit quaint.

They entered the box and saw Frederick sitting on the square chair at a glance.

This was the first time Wiliam saw Frederick.

He slightly arched his hand towards Frederick.

When Frederick saw Wiliam coming in, he didn’t even stand up. He still sat on the square chair, only looking at Wiliam with his eyes.

This young man is really young as Zheng Yin said.

It’s just that, ho ho, pale face and vacant footsteps, only when he walked from the first floor to the third floor, there was a faint sweat on his forehead.

The body is so weak that Zhengyin actually lost to him for this kind of person?

Thinking of this, Frederick glanced at Huang Zhengyin intentionally or unintentionally.

Huang Zhengyin knew what his father was thinking, and he wanted to explain that Wiliam’s body was so physically exhausted yesterday.

But Frederick gave an explanation before, and he won’t allow him later, and Huang Zhengyin is not allowed to speak.

Therefore, Huang Zhengyin can only hide these explanations in his heart.

Frederick looked back at Wiliam again, and asked in a calm tone, “Are you Wiliam?”

At the moment, Frederick sat on a chair, not to mention, the chair was still placed on a small square platform.

This kind of questioning is a bit condescending.

Wiliam didn’t care, nodded, “Exactly.”

“Young man, yes, I heard that you are young and promising. Q City ( Qena City ) has such an ambitious youth, which is the blessing of Q City ( Qena City ).” Frederick said lightly.

Lu Yezhen answered, but looked at Frederick.

Frederick continued to ask: “What do your parents do?”

Wiliam’s eyelids twitched slightly, but there was no answer.

However, Huang Zhengyin saw that there was an awkward atmosphere at the scene, and hurriedly replied on behalf of Wiliam: “Dad, Wiliam is an orphan. He has lived in the Bai family since he was a child and is the son-in-law of the Bai family.”

Frederick sighed softly, his voice full of indifference.

He asked again: “I heard that you are good at martial arts, but I don’t know who taught you?”

“I taught myself.” Wiliam finally spoke, but his tone was colder than Frederick.

“Self-study?” Frederick couldn’t help but sneered, “It seems that you have a high talent for self-study to achieve this state.”

This praise is not painful or itchy, but there is actually a kind of sarcasm in it.

“I heard that you were very prestigious in our Tianyi Martial Arts Center yesterday?” Frederick sneered again.

Xena on the side couldn’t stand it anymore.

What’s the matter with this old man!

When you come over, you will ask questions.

Just forget to ask, still sitting there calmly and arrogantly, looking high above.

Who is my brother-in-law who cares about you!

Just like a teacher torturing students, what attitude do you have!

“Hey, old man, are you polite?” Xena said on the spot.

Frederick was interrupted in this way, and then he looked at Xena.

In Frederick’s heart, this woman is just one of Wiliam’s concubine.

Good-looking is good-looking, but a pity, ordinary people.

Wiliam pulled Xena and motioned to her to stop talking.

He had known for a long time that bringing Xena was equivalent to bringing an explosive package, which would burn at a single point.

Xena glared at Wiliam angrily before giving up.

At this time, Wiliam said to Frederick: “Frederick, you are older than me, I call you Huang Lao, you called me over today, what is the matter, you may wish to be straightforward, that kind of polite, we are not rare.”

Frederick looked at Wiliam in amazement, and didn’t think of this kid, he had no ability and a temper.

But this is fine, straight to the point.

He said to Huang Zhengyin: “Zhengyin, pour the contents of the bag in front of them.”

Huang Zhengyin took the order, lifted the bag and poured it out.

With this fall, Huang Zhengyin’s face changed directly!

It fell on the ground, and it turned out to be a stack of hundred yuan bills!

What is the father doing!

At this time, Frederick’s voice sounded at the right time, and his voice was full of pride and charity.

“Five hundred thousand, you can order it.”

Chapter 442

Huang Zhengyin hurriedly said to Frederick: “Dad! What are you doing! What’s the matter with you bringing the money here!”

“Shut up! Is there any place for you to speak here?” Frederick drank Huang Zhengyin with a disgusting expression.

Huang Zhengyin’s heart was almost blown up.

Father brought so much money to Wiliam?

Huang Zhengyin knew Wiliam’s temper too well.

Although there are a lot of these 500,000 yuan, to Wiliam, he is naturally noble, how could he ask for this money!

The money in front of him is a kind of humiliation to Wiliam!

Father, father!

When are you so inaccurate?

Is he that kind of person!

You must know that you came to Wiliam with this kind of thought. I said nothing would let you come over!

Suddenly, Huang Zhengyin’s heart was filled with regret.

And Bai Rushuang looked at the money, his face also became serious.

Although she didn’t know what happened between Wiliam and Tianyi Martial Arts Hall, she used money to buy Wiliam, I’m afraid this old man kicked the iron plate.

Leaving aside Wiliam’s character, he would rather be bent than bent.

Just talk about the money!

Ho ho, half a million, how can you send a beggar!

Do you know how much money my brother-in-law has!

I can buy your entire Tianyi Martial Arts Hall with people 11 million times!

Show off wealth in front of my brother-in-law, it’s almost death!

Xena was about to laugh at Frederick, but Wiliam grabbed her again.

Wiliam looked at the money in front of him, not only was angry, but smiled.

This smile makes people get goose bumps all over.

Wiliam asked, “Old Huang, what do you mean?”

Frederick sneered when he saw that Lu Yezhen refused on the spot.

I thought how noble he was, but he didn’t see the money open.

Now that it’s all about this, let’s make it clear.

“This is half a million, are you sure you don’t point it?” Frederick reiterated again.

Wiliam shook his head, “No need.”

Five hundred thousand, in Wiliam’s view, even pocket money was not enough.

Do I need to count my pocket money?


“Since ancient times, money and goods have been mixed, I don’t know what you plan to buy me with the 500,000?” Wiliam asked again.

Frederick couldn’t help smiling.

This kid is a man who knows the current affairs as a brilliant man.

Knowing that the money is not for nothing, so it’s easy to talk.

“Mr. Lu is really quick to talk, and I won’t be sloppy with you. The 500,000 yuan is intended to buy the money you didn’t have to visit our Tianyi Martial Arts Stadium yesterday.” Frederick said lightly.

Wiliam smiled even more.

Sure enough.

Huang Zhengyin on the side changed his expression a lot!

I haven’t been to Tianyi Martial Arts Hall yesterday!

This is a few meanings!

This is to make Wiliam…

“Mr. Lu, I don’t need to say anything about the holidays between us. You killed my disciple. I had to avenge my original grudge. It’s just that you guy, with good luck, happened to meet me in a foreign country. It just so happened that I showed up at our Tianyi Martial Arts Hall yesterday. Therefore, accepting the money will wipe out our grievances.” Frederick said high above, with a kind of charity to Wiliam.

“Then I don’t know what will you do next?” Wiliam continued to ask.

“I will hold a news release in the afternoon to explain to the entire Q City ( Qena City ) what happened in our Tianyi Martial Arts Hall yesterday.” Frederick had already thought about it and said methodically at this moment.

“You continue talking.” Lu Yesi said slowly.

“At that time, I will explain to the reporters that I rushed back to the Tianyi Martial Arts Center in time last night. Not only did I cure the person who pretended to be a yellow genius doctor, but I also used the magic medicine brought from outside to save the forty Several people.” Frederick said with a smile.

Huang Zhengyin’s expression changed completely!

Speaking of which, can he still not understand what his father means!

This is a trickery!

Yesterday, however, Wiliam exposed the scam of the genius doctor Huang, and even desperately saved his life, saving the forty patients in seven minutes!

His father, even in a few words, plus the five hundred thousand, he must count all the credit on his own!

Suddenly, Huang Zhengyin looked at his father in amazement, feeling that he was so strange at this moment!

“You old bastard! You have to be shameless!” Xena heard it in the mist, but vaguely understood that it seemed that Wiliam saved a lot of people in Tianyi Martial Arts Hall yesterday.

Now this old bastard is going to take away this kind of merit to save the common people with one mouth, which is tolerable or unbearable!

Frederick was scolded by Xena, and his face also became solemn, “Mr. Lu, if your concubine talks nonsense, I will take care of her myself.”

Wiliam stopped Xena and looked at Frederick without speaking.

“Dad! How could you do this? Those people were rescued by Wiliam, but more than a hundred people were watching! Are you talking nonsense with your eyes open? Can you stop the world? Besides, like this Is it fair to Wiliam? Moreover, this is simply against martial arts, isn’t this what you taught me!” Huang Zhengyin couldn’t stand it anymore.

He dare not look at Wiliam anymore.

Since yesterday, he has vowed to let his father come to thank him personally.

But today, not only did he not come to thank him, but he called out people and planned to buy him with money!

Take away all the credit!

All these moves are despicable to the extreme!

“Shut up for me!” Frederick suddenly raised his hand and gave Huang Zhengyin a slap in the face, “What do you know! Fair? This half a million is fair!”

Huang Zhengyin was holding his flushed face, and he was going crazy.

Five hundred thousand, fair!

Use money to buy fairness!

Is this his father?

How could the father who taught him martial arts since childhood to be chivalrous?

Frederick looked at the angry Huang Zhengyin and suddenly sighed.

Don’t think that my son is in his thirties this year, but his mind is extremely simple.

Can’t understand the doorway inside?

Why should I do this?

Boy, you shouldn’t carry me on your back at the beginning, and invite that fake genius doctor to our Tianyi martial arts gym to sit and treat.

There was a problem yesterday, although those patients were saved by Wiliam.

But do you simply think that Tianyi Martial Arts Hall will be kept?

Does Wiliam who rescued have anything to do with our Tianyi Martial Arts Center?

The fuse of the matter was our Tianyi Martial Arts Hall!

If we really want to investigate it, our Tianyi Martial Arts Center has been to blame from the beginning!

I told you so much in the morning, don’t you know what it means?

This means that at the key point where our Tianyi Martial Arts Hall is about to soar into the sky!

Anything or anyone who wants to stop the Tianyi Martial Arts Center, Frederick will never show mercy!

Chapter 443

If the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa came to inspect our Tianyi Martial Arts Hall, and then broke out that Tianyi Martial Arts Hall was deceived by a fake doctor, nearly forty people died in the end.

And still rely on an outsider to save the situation.

What does that make the deputy owner think?

I would definitely think that our Tianyi martial arts hall are all wine and rice bags!

Therefore, the only way to eliminate the negative impact of this whole thing is to firmly hold the merits of the whole thing in the hands of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall.

Wiliam’s name must not appear in the eyes of the public.

As for this Wiliam, ho ho, he looks like a playboy.

These years, relying on my own abilities, I am arguing everywhere, like women, and make myself vain. At first sight, I am not a good martial artist.

This kind of person, just buying and buying, maybe he still needs to be grateful to himself.

Huang Zhengyin, Huang Zhengyin, I have already seen your face, and I’m not cruel to this Wiliam, don’t you understand?

On the side, Wiliam had already seen through Frederick’s thoughts. He smiled slightly and said, “I don’t know how you want to cover up the fact that I appeared in Tianyi Martial Arts Stadium yesterday?”

Frederick confidently said: “The people who entered my Tianyi martial arts gym yesterday, according to the rules of our martial arts gym, should have registered. Therefore, I will order these people to take care of them. As for you, I think these days, Don’t show up in everyone’s sight.”

Wiliam smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

This agreement shocked Xena and Huang Zhengyin.

Xena and Wiliam were born to death!

She would not know Wiliam’s character!

Wiliam hadn’t been furious until now, and Bai Rushuang thought it was a miraculous thing.

But now, Wiliam actually endured this humiliation!

Taking the money, Xena would look down on Wiliam!

She pinched Wiliam’s waist behind her back, as if she was saying, “You take back what I said just now, you are still my good brother-in-law!”

Wiliam was in pain, but his face remained unchanged.

Huang Zhengyin asked silently, “Wiliam! How can you agree…”

As soon as the voice fell, he knew immediately that it was bad.

He should have been on his father’s side.

However, in Huang Zhengyin’s heart, his father’s practice was really against martial arts, and Huang Zhengyin unconsciously stood in Wiliam’s position and thought about it.

But Wiliam smiled and said to Huang Zhengyin: “If you have money, why not do it?”

In a word, Huang Zhengyin is very upset!

Unexpectedly, Wiliam turned out to be such a person!

Is it because I misunderstood the person!

Huang Zhengyin didn’t see anyone wrong, but he never looked at Wiliam right.

From the beginning, Wiliam didn’t want to expose what happened yesterday. After all, the medical skills he used to save people yesterday were the unique tricks in the “Impermanence Medical Classic”.

Although there was no one recognized at the scene, what if?

If this matter spreads, as long as there is someone who knows the goods, Wiliam’s identity may be exposed.

He was still thinking about how to get rid of this matter, but he didn’t expect that Frederick came just right when he encountered a pillow when he fell asleep.
When Frederick heard Wiliam agree, he couldn’t help laughing.

He already knew that Wiliam would agree.

He can’t be wrong in seeing people.

This kid should be the disused son-in-law of Q City ( Qena City ).

When my wife feels frustrated at home, she will definitely find other women to comfort her outside.

It was the woman driving the car just now, that is to say, the car belonged to this woman, and it was Lu Yebang who got on the car.

A rich woman is nothing more than asking for money.

Therefore, the 500,000 yuan is a temptation that is impossible for this kid to refuse.

The matter was finally resolved satisfactorily.

In this case, I’ll take care of the family members of the patients and those who showed up yesterday.

These people of Q City ( Qena City ), on the ground of Q City ( Qena City ), who would dare not look at the face of Tianyi Wuguan and my Huanghexian?

It is not a trivial matter to settle them.

There will be another release meeting in the afternoon, and then it will be said that Huang Zhengyin has misheard the rumors, and only then will he follow the way of the fake genius.

Fortunately, I rushed back in time and saved these people’s lives.

In this way, if it is spread out, the reputation of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall is truly preserved.

Xena on the side was so angry that his beard would grow out.

She really didn’t understand that Wiliam has always been strong and domineering, why people are bullying him now, and he actually accepts it, accepting money from others, and giving them a smile!

Is this still the brother-in-law I know!


If I knew it, I wouldn’t come here!

“Ruoshuang, collect the money and leave.” Wiliam said to Xena with a smile.

Xena was angry and cursed directly, “Take your sister!”

Wiliam’s face was stern, “My sister, I dare not accept it, I’m afraid your sister will hit me.”

This joke made Xena even more angry.

You can still make a joke at this time, how big is your heart?

And Frederick on the side was watching Wiliam’s actions proudly, and his disdain was even worse.

However, looking at it, he couldn’t help feeling a little uncomfortable.

This kid, he himself gave him a huge sum of 500,000!

It stands to reason that he should be grateful to himself.

But now.

This kid is obviously very calm, and smiles when he smiles, but he feels that he is laughing at his ignorance anyway!

In this way, Frederick felt a little uncomfortable.

Seeing that Wiliam was about to leave, Frederick suddenly had a flash of inspiration and thought of another way to raise himself better.

Didn’t you just think, this kid has nothing to do with Tianyi Wuguan?

Ho Ho, I’ll take care of those people later. Well, one or two people who don’t have long eyes will get the truth out.

Secondly, so many people, in case one or two are missed.

Why don’t you have a more thorough trick to make yesterday’s rescue effort impeccable!

Thinking of this, Frederick suddenly called Wiliam, “Stop.”

Wiliam carried the sack and turned around to look.

Frederick put on a condescending appearance again, and asked, “Mr. Lu, I don’t know who you learned this medical skill from?”

Wiliam frowned.

He learned medical skills from his most beloved grandpa.

Lie to thousands of people, Wiliam will not cheat on this matter!

So he said lightly: “I learned it from my grandfather.”

Frederick asked again, “Aren’t you an orphan? Presumably your grandfather died long ago?”

This rude remark made Wiliam’s eyes flashed.

Frederick was not aware of it at all, and was still immersed in his own momentary excitement.

He said arrogantly: “If this is the case, then from now on, your medical skills will no longer be taught by your grandfather. No, it should be from the past to the present, and even in the future, your medical skills are not taught by your grandpa, but I!”

“The Yellow Crane Immortal teaches!”

Chapter 444 Burning Some Paper Money

After hearing this, Huang Zhengyin called out in disbelief, “Dad, do you know what you are talking about!”

Earlier, Frederick blatantly robbed Wiliam of his feat in saving people. Huang Zhengyin already felt extremely ashamed of Wiliam.

But now, his father, not only didn’t know how to be grateful, but he became even stronger!

Even Wiliam wanted to take the credit for his kung fu and medical skills!

What is he going to do!

Frederick didn’t understand Huang Zhengyin’s cry. Instead, he looked at Wiliam and said confidently: “I see that you have a good roots and are a martial artist, so I decided to accept you as an apprentice. You also know that Frederick’s kung fu It is also very famous in Q City ( Qena City ). In the past few years, I have not accepted many disciples. Today, I will make an exception. As long as you agree, I will accept you as an apprentice if you say that I teach you medical skills and martial arts. From now on, you will walk in Q City ( Qena City ) and report me the name of Frederick, without hindrance.”

In Frederick’s view, this was a great opportunity for Wiliam to be alms.

As long as Wiliam walks in Q City ( Qena City ) with the reputation of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall in the future, no one will dare to bully him again.

With such kindness, I don’t believe that this kid will not be moved.

Frederick suddenly thought of accepting him as an apprentice.

There was a loophole in his plan just now, that is, someone will spread out to save people.

But as long as Wiliam is accepted as an apprentice, this loophole will be filled seamlessly.

Just imagine, even if those people say that they were rescued by Wiliam, as long as Wiliam is a member of Tianyi Martial Arts Center, the credit will be counted on Tianyi Martial Arts Center.

And Wiliam’s martial arts and medical skills came from himself, which will add a glorious resume when the deputy village owner comes to investigate in a few days.

Many birds with one stone, wonderful!

Seeing Lu Yezhen’s answer, Frederick couldn’t help frowning, “Why? Unwilling to agree? What are you hesitating, but it doesn’t matter! Is it because the money is not enough, or the name is not enough?”

He hadn’t noticed it at all. At this moment, Wiliam’s eyes were full of frost.

Before, Frederick wanted to take away Wiliam’s credit for saving people. Wiliam didn’t care about this, so he left it to him.

But now, ho ho, my own medical skills are taught by grandpa himself.

This guy, dare to hit me with a medical idea?

Wiliam sneered, Frederick had already touched his inverse scales.

“Old Huang, are you trying to eat me with Tianyi Martial Arts Hall?” Wiliam asked indifferently.

Frederick was taken aback, but still nodded, “How is it? Since ancient times, it has been the rule of the world that the weak eat the strong.”

Wiliam snorted, and suddenly said, “Then you are not afraid, because the heart is not enough to swallow the elephant. I will turn around and eat the entire Tianyi Martial Arts Hall?”

Frederick laughed loudly upon hearing this.

What is this nonsense? It’s ridiculous!

My Tianyi Martial Arts Center was established for more than 30 years, which is older than your boy.

After so many years of hard work, there are many masters in the museum. Besides, there is also my mid-term super master of foreign power. Do you want to eat our Tianyi Martial Arts Hall?

Don’t take pictures of yourself with soaking urine?

who are you?

But nothing more than a mere grief.

I really thought that you saved those people by accidentally hitting and accidentally hitting them, so you can put your score in front of me?

Are you qualified?

“So, don’t you agree?” Frederick’s tone suddenly became cold.

It seems that this kind of ignorant thing is to give him something to mention.

“I want to ask you, what qualifications do you have to accept me as a disciple?” Wiliam asked back.

Huang Zhengyin was aside, he had already noticed that Wiliam’s expression had changed.

He knew that Wiliam was definitely a ruthless person.

Now, the situation on the scene has become very stalemate.

He couldn’t help but said: “Wiliam, don’t be angry, I will try to persuade my dad. Dad, what are you doing? Outsiders know that you know how to martial arts, but a few people know you Know how to heal? You are lying, isn’t it full of loopholes?”

But Frederick smiled and said: “Just because no one knows that I know how to heal, it can show that I am an honest gentleman who does not admire vanity. Only in critical moments, I will extend a helping hand to turn the tide, is this reason enough?

Huang Zhengyin stomped his feet with anger, so strong!

“You ask me, what qualifications do I have to accept you as a disciple? I want to ask you, what do you want?” Frederick asked Wiliam back.

The coldness in Wiliam’s eyes was even worse, and he suddenly laughed and said, “On medical skills, I have studied medicine for 20 years, and I dare not forget the day. What are you? Even people who have not touched the threshold of medicine, also Dare to speak wild words to accept me as a disciple, and teach me a medical skill? On martial arts, you are no more than the mid-level of strength outside the area, you don’t put me in your eyes, why did Lao Tzu put you in your heart! I will tell the truth, today I Coming here, I want to do more than less, not because Wiliam is afraid of you. You want to accept me as a disciple, are you qualified?”

Some righteous words made the scene dull.

Huang Zhengyin would never have thought that when Huang Zhengyin was killed, Wiliam would say such a tit for tat!

He knew that Wiliam was angry, but he didn’t know how upright it would be!

With these words, it’s not enough to be straightforward, and he stomped his father severely!

In the mid-level of his father’s Waijin, there are only a handful of people who can rival in Q City ( Qena City ).

Huang Zhengyin had seen Wiliam’s skill, and he had just stepped into the early stage of Wai Jin.

A person in the middle stage of the external power, there is no way to regard his father, such a peerless master, in his eyes.

Should this Wiliam be said to be crazy, or is he completely stupid?

Huang Zhengyin also knows his father’s temper and admires vanity extremely.

There was still hope for mediation, but now that these remarks are overwhelming.

Frederick laughed instead.

These words really angered him.

However, there is another emotion that is more than angry.

That is ridiculous!

It’s ridiculous that the mayfly shakes the tree!

If you don’t want to be your own apprentice, you just say it is.

Actually said you don’t put your martial arts in your eyes?

Where is his courage?

Where is his confidence?

Where does his strength come from!

Just looking for death!

“Wiliam, Wiliam, I’ll give you one last chance. You take back what you just said, then knelt down and confessed to me, and I will forgive you for being rude.” Frederick’s words gradually became cold.

But at this time, Wiliam threw the sack in his hand between the two again, and said proudly: “Knock your head and admit your mistakes, you don’t have to. Burning some paper money is harmless. Ruoshuang, give me the lighter. “

Wiliam pointed to a lighter on the dining table.

Xena passed the lighter with a dull face.

Wiliam gave his hand a little, he actually lit all the 500,000 banknotes in front of him!

Chapter 445

Looking at the flames that suddenly rose in front of him, Huang Zhengyin’s hands and feet were completely cold.

This is the real overwhelming difficulty!

Wiliam, Wiliam, how arrogant are you!

You know the reputation of my father!

You know the prestige of my Tianyi Martial Arts Hall!

You are not challenging the anger of my father anymore, you are challenging the anger of everyone in Tianyi Martial Arts Hall!

Sure enough, Frederick stared at the flame, and the fire in his heart was completely ignited.

He stood up from the square chair for the first time, and slapped it fiercely. The solid wood square chair suddenly fell apart!

What a pretentious mad boy!

It was really serious and burned the money I gave him!

Burning paper money in the name!

court death!

Xena, who had been trapped on the side, was suddenly roasted by the temperature of the flame, and the whole person took a step back before waking up like a dream.

She couldn’t believe what Wiliam did just now!

At first, she was extremely angry with Wiliam.

Blame him for being spineless, blame him for being too flattering!

But now, first there was a righteous verbal counterattack, which was very pleasant.

Now, I personally burned all the humiliating 500,000 yuan, so don’t be too angry!

This is the posture and backbone that a real man should have!

She stared at Wiliam who stood upright at this moment, and the stars in her eyes appeared again.

Even her cheeks flushed with excitement.

She couldn’t help it anymore, leaning forward, and snorting at Wiliam’s face, “You are great! I love you to death!”

Wiliam was suddenly attacked by the little fairy, but looked at Xena funny.

This girl’s attitude changed too quickly.

A second ago, I could not wait to cramp myself, but now I actively offer a kiss, which is unexpected.

And at this time, a cold snort came over, “Okay! It seems that today we are not only talking about, but we have to forget the old and the new hatred together! Wiliam, you didn’t mean to swallow our Tianyiwu Is it a museum? All right, I will give you a chance as you wish, depending on whether you dare to ask for it?”

There was a flame between the two, their eyes facing each other.

One ice and one fire, it seems to be slowly entangled in the flame.

“Since you are so confident in your martial arts that you don’t even put me in your eyes, well, I will now write to you! Three days later, in our Tianyi Martial Arts Center, how about we fight to the death! You won! , Why don’t I give you all the property of my entire Tianyi Martial Arts Hall! But if you lose, you will live forever and be a servant! Dare you!” Frederick said sharply.

But before Wiliam spoke, Huang Zhengyin shouted out: “No! Dad, no! Calm down!”

In Huang Zhengyin’s opinion, the two people in front of him were angry, and they were extremely uncomfortable when they said them.

In his heart, he was even more worried about Wiliam.

His father has been famous for many years, and he is highly respected in Q City ( Qena City ), how can he surrender his status and write a letter to the young man Wiliam.

This in itself is a big unfair!

What’s even more unfair is that if Wiliam was injured, it would be fine, maybe he still has a chance to escape.

Now he is seriously injured.

And it is the most difficult wound to heal.

Fighting against his father in this posture was a dead end.

“Dad! You may not know that Wiliam is still injured. This is not fair to him.” Huang Zhengyin said truthfully.

But Frederick sneered, “Seriously wounded? In that case, you don’t dare to fight me, right?”

When he spoke, his eyes were fixed on Wiliam.

And Xena hurriedly pulled Wiliam’s hand and shook his head frantically, beckoning Wiliam not to agree.

Xena is indeed a little messy and entangled in his usual activities, but it is all about his youngest daughter’s family spirit.

She was really sober in front of the big things.

Otherwise, one person would not be in charge of an enterprise of the Bai family.

She had already seen from the words just now and Frederick’s palm slapped on the thick square chair, that Frederick was definitely a hard stubble.

And Wiliam’s body was so weak that he agreed to hit the stone with a pebble!

Seeing Xena’s crazy hint, Frederick couldn’t help but sneered, “What? Where did the momentum go? Didn’t you put your head in front of me? Didn’t you have a high self-esteem? Don’t you have to follow a man’s decision? Woman? Forget it, didn’t you say that you have injuries? Okay, three days later, at five o’clock in the afternoon, I am at our Tianyi Martial Arts Center. How about waiting?”

At this time, Wiliam finally smiled.

He is not afraid.

Not hesitating.

He was just thinking, how much is the entire Tianyi Martial Arts Hall worth?

It should be hundreds of millions that can’t run.

The land in the city center alone is worth a lot of money.

Is there a gift that is unacceptable?

“Okay, I promised you that, three days later, see you at Tianyi Martial Arts Hall.” Wiliam said with a smile.

“Okay, it’s kind of like a man. Three days later, you will be ready to be a slave and a maid.” Frederick sneered and walked away.

Huang Zhengyin watched his father go, and looked at Wiliam with a gloomy expression, “Wiliam, you are so impulsive! You don’t know how powerful my father is! Besides your body, hey, I don’t know how to persuade you. That’s great!”

Wiliam smiled at him, “If that’s the case, then do me a favor.”

Huang Zhengyin was taken aback, and said angrily: “You kid, you have promised to regret it now! Okay, I promise you, I will immediately intercede with my father and beg him to take back this battle book. Even if I save my life, I have to Persuade my father.”

But at this time, Wiliam shook his head and said, “I’m not talking about taking back the death.”

As he said, he took Xena and walked outside, only to leave a word.

“In these three days, I will trouble you, take a good inventory of your Tianyi Martial Arts Hall’s assets.”

Huang Zhengyin was dumbfounded on the spot.


How confident this kid can beat my father!

It is too arrogant and ignorant!

After leaving the house, Xena was breathing the air outside, making her heart lingering.

After she got in the car, she couldn’t help but said worriedly: “Wiliam, although I like to see you as a hero, you don’t have to put on pretense for me and make an appointment with the old man…”

Lu Yezheng said angrily, “Which one of your eyes can tell that I agreed to this battle for you?”

Little fairies are shameless sometimes.

But Xena said frankly, “Hmph, I just understand.”

After that, she became depressed again, “Brother-in-law, if you say I will go out with you, it will cause you some big troubles. How can I explain to my sister after I get home? After thinking about it, I definitely can’t let my sister Know that you are fighting to the death, right?”

Wiliam nodded, “Of course.”

After all, Feliicity was still admonishing a thousand warnings this morning.

When Xena heard this, he suddenly had an idea, “Then I know, compared with life and death battles, I’d better go back and report that you are really going to see a little fox! My sister probably won’t be so worried.”

Chapter 446

Wiliam’s face turned dark, “I warn you, don’t mess with me.”

Ah, if I said that this time, I would die in the hands of his wife first if I didn’t die in the hands of Frederick.

Xena put out her tongue playfully, and said, “A man who is not useful is so afraid of his wife. If I were your wife, I would definitely not care about you.”

Wiliam became even more speechless, “If you have this, please! Sister-in-law, please take care of yourself!”

“Okay, okay, don’t care about you, put me down in front of you, I’ll go shopping, and you can explain it yourself.” Xena gave Wiliam a white look.

Wiliam nodded, then pulled over and stopped, and threw her down.

And along the way, Wiliam was thinking about this in his heart.

Wiliam has never been a willful person. The reason why he agreed to Frederick’s death fight is also confident in his heart.

The confidence lies in the “Nine Forms of Impermanence”, and even more in his breakthrough yesterday.

He is now considered to be in the middle stage of Foreign Power, and against Frederick, he himself has the power to fight.

What’s more, “Nine Forms of Impermanence” is even more of a fortune. Wiliam noticed this when he was fighting Li Nanfeng before.

Therefore, he is not afraid of a battle at all.

As for Huang Zhengyin’s physical problems he is worried about.

Wiliam couldn’t help laughing when he thought of this.

In the eyes of outsiders, my physical overdraft was very serious yesterday, and it will take less than ten and a half months to recover.

But outsiders don’t know their secrets.

First of all, I don’t know when my body is different from an ordinary person, and the speed of recovery is many times that of an ordinary person.

Then, outsiders didn’t know that he had a blood jade bodyguard yesterday, which seemed to be a serious overdraft, but it was not.

Even now, although Wiliam’s face was still pale, the injuries inside his body had recovered seven or eight.

After three days, recovery was not a problem at all.

What’s more, Wiliam has the most important reason.

That’s because he already knew that he needed to go through constant tempering of life and death to achieve his realm.

Above Q City ( Qena City ), Frederick is the most suitable opponent Wiliam has seen so far.

There is no reason not to fight.

In these three days, take care of your body.

On the other side, Huang Zhengyin caught up with his father and was speechless.

When he went home, Huang Zhengyin couldn’t help but said irritably, “Dad, what you did to Wiliam is really a bit too much today. You are respected, why bother with a kid.”

Frederick couldn’t help cursing: “I’m doing this, I’m not wiping your ass! You are in a mess. Seeing that the boss is coming, if this matter is not handled properly, it will be one of our Tianyi Martial Arts Center. Do you know the stain!”

Huang Zhengyin was taken aback for a moment, his character was straightforward, and he did not expect so much.

Huang Zhengyin is Frederick’s own son after all. Frederick cursed a few words, and finally sighed and said, “I have plans for this matter. Don’t worry, I don’t really want that Wiliam to die. He will not die. , Is more valuable than death.”

Huang Zhengyin’s expression shocked, “Dad, what do you mean by that? Are you planning to release the water?”

Frederick nodded and said arrogantly, “Otherwise? Only that kid can use it for me, and the negative impact of this matter can be eliminated to the minimum. Therefore, I plan to not try my best at that time, and only use one-third of my strength. His ability to fight him is more than enough. I want to fight him. This way, he saves face and wins the game. In the end, he will be willing to thank Dade for my use, understand? This is called Go to war!”

Huang Zhengyin heard the clouds and mists, but vaguely understood that his father wanted to control his power to subdue Wiliam by narrowly winning this situation.

After all, Wiliam has an arrogant personality. If he beat him too ugly, he might be burned.

A narrow victory can really give him some face.

However, Huang Zhengyin was still a little worried and said, “Dad, I’m afraid your strength is not well controlled. I mean in case, in case you are negligent and lose to him, then our entire Tianyi Martial Arts Center…”

After hearing this, Frederick laughed loudly, “Zhengyin, Zhengyin, you are simply worrying. What kind of skill I am, don’t you know? I’m a mid-level master of outlaws, will lose to a child? Don’t you think it is funny? ? I dare to issue a battle book, which shows that I have an absolute certainty of victory. Besides, am I the kind of person who underestimates the enemy? Since I want to fight, I will naturally have the spirit of twelve points. After all, I am afraid of giving him Killed, ho ho.”

After listening to Frederick’s words, a stone finally fell in Huang Zhengyin’s heart.

Fortunately, as long as Wiliam can save his life, I will talk about it later.

“Now, hurry up and take care of the purchase of the patient’s family members. A news release meeting will be held at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.” Frederick explained to Huang Zhengyin.

Huang Zhengyin hesitated, but still agreed.

After all, this incident was caused by him in the beginning. Although I am sorry for Wiliam, it is still one of the methods.

After Frederick returned, the entire Tianyi Martial Arts Hall began to operate in an orderly manner.

At this moment, Xena, who was supposed to be shopping, suddenly turned serious after leaving Wiliam.

She stood in the square, pulling her hair constantly, as if she was about to pull it all off.

She was worried about Wiliam.

It is an unprecedented worry.

After she saw Frederick’s skill clearly, she began to worry about Wiliam’s safety, but she didn’t want Wiliam to discover it just now.

And she really thought that when Wiliam agreed to this death fight, she was so angry that she became a beauty.

After all, she had directly despised Wiliam’s incompetence before. If a man made a woman despise incompetence, she must have the desire to die.

That’s why Wiliam would bravely agree to a death fight.

Okay, I can figure it out in one breath, but what can Wiliam do now.

No, you must find someone to solve this problem, otherwise Wiliam would be too dangerous.

In Xena’s head, Wiliam’s handsome but pale face could not help but appear.

With such a sickly appearance, it is estimated that she can only beat her sister on the bed, and she may not be able to beat her.

Hit Huanghexian, no door.

After thinking about it, she suddenly thought of someone.

She hesitated, but bit the bullet and called the man.

The call was quickly connected.

Xena’s face suddenly showed a strong smile, and her voice became a little stiff.

She called Zeng Dingyun, a man who had been pursuing her recently.

“Brother Zeng, where are you now? Did you say before that you are the Huaan City Youth Fighting Champion? I have something now, can you help me?”

Chapter 447

On the other end of the phone, there was a flattering voice immediately, “Ruoshuang, you are finally willing to pay attention to me, I thought, you don’t want to pay attention to me anymore.”

At this moment, a man was in a box, surrounded by beauty, he motioned to the women around him not to talk.

This person is handsome and handsome, with a strong body, and he has been trained specially.

He is Zeng Dingyun.

He is not from Q City ( Qena City ), but from Hua’an City next door.

Young and promising, he is only twenty-six this year, and he has already won the Huaan City Youth Fighting Championship.

This resounding fame brought him countless fame and fortune.

He only arrived in Q City ( Qena City ) recently. He originally came to find friends to play, but he met Xena at a reception. From the first time he saw Xena, he swore that he would take this woman down.

Xena looked much better than the women he had done before.

Especially that figure, when Zeng Dingyun was on the phone, Xena’s graceful figure was in his mind.

Wearing clothes is so attractive, but if you take it off…

Excited thinking about it.

Although Xena treats Wiliam a lot at home, she always likes to tease Wiliam and make nasty jokes with him.

But outside, she is the recognized goddess of coldness.

So after Zeng Dingyun ate several times behind closed doors, he had already given up his heart.

But now, Xena took the initiative to call him and said that he wanted to ask him.

Zeng Dingyun immediately smelled a hint.

Hey, there is a show!

I’m not afraid of how strong this girl is, but I’m afraid that this girl won’t be flooded.

At this moment, Xena was also very helpless.

Wiliam encountered such a big trouble because of himself, according to his arrogant personality, he would definitely not take the initiative to seek help.

Then you can only rely on her.

After thinking about it, she felt that Frederick’s previous hand was terrible.

If it hits someone, it will definitely break the bones and skin.

You must find a master.

But where did she know any master, she even thought of Tigger , an unfair godfather.

But she felt that Tigger was not Frederick’s opponent either.

So, in desperation, she could only find this Zeng Dingyun.

Although Zeng Dingyun is a playboy, with a romantic nature, he still has some skills in his hands.

Otherwise, he won’t win the youth combat competition at this age.

She bit her head and said, “Are you still in Q City ( Qena City )?”

“Yes, where are you, I will find you right away.” Zeng Dingyun said immediately.

Xena reported the name of a cafe and drove to the cafe.

After Zeng Dingyun hung up the phone, he said goodbye to his friends and hurried over immediately.

As soon as he passed by, he saw Xena’s beautiful face.

The more I look at it, the more I feel cold-eyed and inviolable.

And seeing Xena’s ready-to-play figure again made people rise again with the urge to play hard.

He held down this kind of sex, walked over, said with a smile: “Ruoshuang, sorry, there is a traffic jam on the road.”

Xena asked for someone, and smiled, and said, “Nothing, come and sit down.”
The two were sitting opposite each other, Xena was a little embarrassed by Zeng Dingyun’s straight eyes, and couldn’t help saying: “Brother Zeng, I came here to ask you for something. I have a favor. I wonder if you can help?”

“Ruoshuang, what’s the relationship between us? Don’t hesitate to say, if you can help me, I will definitely help.” Zeng Dingyun said with a heartbeat.

Xena nodded, and then briefly talked about the battle between Wiliam and Frederick.

Finally, she said: “My brother-in-law has a very stubborn temper. He is so weak now. Where is Frederick’s opponent? I am afraid that there will be no return. So I thought of you. You are not good at fighting and fighting. Can you help me so much and come with us in three days to replace Wiliam against Huanghexian?”

But as soon as she finished speaking, she saw Zeng Dingyun’s face changed drastically, showing a very embarrassed look.

Xena’s heart was overwhelmed by this scene.

She stared at Zeng Dingyun and couldn’t help asking: “What? It’s a bit difficult, isn’t it?”

Zeng Dingyun nodded immediately, and said with a serious face: “It’s not a bit difficult, it’s too difficult! What kind of brother-in-law of yours is just looking for death!”

Xena’s face became stiff, “Isn’t it even you?”

Zeng Dingyun sighed and frowned and said to Xena: “Ruoshuang, we are friends, so I have nothing to say. That Huanghexian, not only in Q City ( Qena City ), even in our Huaan City, is also a famous martial arts school. Grandmaster! And he has been famous for a long time and is highly respected. And what the hell is your brother-in-law? How dare to challenge Frederick, who committed suicide at such a young age, I don’t know what to say.”

Xena’s face turned pale all at once.

She originally thought that Zeng Dingyun was not a champion, he must have the power to fight.

Now that she heard these words, she suddenly felt a sense of despair.

But Zeng Dingyun looked at Xena’s face, just wanting to laugh.

Wrong, the current appearance of his enemy just now was completely pretended to show Xena.

Who is he? People who have received formal combat training since childhood!

Since childhood, he has been the best, and the honor is soft.

And what he despised most was the gangsters who claimed to be masters.

He had indeed heard the name of Frederick.

But it’s not as unstoppable as he just said.

On the contrary, in Zeng Dingyun’s heart, he even looked down on people like Frederick.

Relying on his old age, he talked about martial arts masters.

Please, what age is this?

Thought you lived in ancient times?

Those real kungfu have long been lost, okay?

What remained was nothing more than a few flowers embroidered with legs.

Some time ago, it was not that there was news. There was a man who claimed to be the master of Tai Chi, who was also highly respected.

As a result, he was beaten by a Sanda player so he didn’t even know his mother.

This is the difference between a regular boxer and a wild road.

Therefore, Zeng Dingyun was not afraid of this Frederick at all. In his heart, Frederick was also a wild road.

But the reason why he pretended to be so embarrassed was because of Xena.

In order to attack Xena in one fell swoop.

Xena finally has something to ask him, how can he not make a big fuss about this matter?

Therefore, he wanted to exaggerate the seriousness of this matter infinitely, making Xena desperate.

Finally, in despair, he will lend a helping hand.

In this case, wouldn’t Xena be grateful to him?

This is his usual trick, but it’s a pity that Xena is still too simple.

However, the simpler, the more enjoyable in bed.

Thinking about it, Zeng Dingyun suddenly pretended to look at death and said: “Ruoshuang, is this brother-in-law important to you?”

Chapter 448

Xena was initially discouraged and didn’t want to speak, but when asked by Zeng Dingyun, she was stunned.

She blushed a little unconsciously.

Is it important?


More important than the sky, more important than the earth!


Is it important because of my brother-in-law?

Xena shook his head quickly, trying to drive these messy thoughts out of his mind.

However, when Zeng Dingyun saw Xena shaking his head, he couldn’t help feeling proud.

Also, Xena is destined to become his own woman, and besides, that stupid brother-in-law will only cause trouble for her, important wool.

However, Zeng Dingyun will not let go of this opportunity, he immediately said: “After all, you are a family, I think about it, otherwise, let me go.”

“Ah?” Xena was dumbfounded on the spot, “Didn’t you say that Huanghexian is too powerful?”

Zeng Dingyun nodded solemnly, “Well, it’s so powerful that I don’t have any confidence at all. But for you, I’m willing to give it a try!”

As he spoke, the righteousness from him was about to gush out.

Xena looked stunned, “Why are you? Nothing, since you can’t help this matter, I will think of a way, there is always a way.”

But Zeng Dingyun persistently said: “Ruo Shuang! Since you have spoken to me, if I retreat, am I right? Besides, I have also been named a champion anyway, and I am better than your brother-in-law. Right?”

Xena looked at the plausible Zeng Dingyun, and his heart was moved…

Could it be that I was wrong about this Zeng Dingyun.

Under his bohemian appearance, is a chivalrous heart?

Seeing Xena’s emotions, Zeng Dingyun quickly increased the fire and said: “Don’t worry! I’ll help you with this favor, even if I pay my life!”

Xena looked at him with complicated eyes, and suddenly asked: “Why are you doing this? Is it worth it?”

Zeng Dingyun suddenly looked at Xena with deep affection and said: “Ruoshuang, I am not afraid of you laughing. Since the first time I saw you, I have fallen in love with you. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. For you, I will go up to the sword and down to the sea of ​​flames!”

Listening to Zeng Dingyun’s confession of Chi Guoguo, Xena’s face turned red again.

She asked herself, since she was little, she has been confessed countless times.

But this time, she felt her heart ramming like a deer.

And she didn’t even know that this heartbeat was still in Wiliam’s body.

Ever since she developed feelings for Wiliam that she shouldn’t have, she has always wanted to cut off this feeling in her subconscious mind.

However, the love silk thing is still chaotic after cutting.

The more I want to cut off, the more I get involved.

By now, she felt that she was about to fall completely.

But what Zeng Dingyun said at the moment caused an illusion in Xena’s eyes.

It seems that Zeng Dingyun has become another Wiliam at this moment.

The same righteousness, the same lonely hero.

The only difference is that the person in front of him will not be condemned by secular ethics if he devoted himself wholeheartedly.

For a while, Xena’s heart was actually silly.

Did God arrange this meeting in the midst of the sky, let yourself cut off the thread of love you shouldn’t have, and start a new life.

“Ruoshuang, what are you thinking? It’s okay. I know that you are naturally kind. You will consider it slowly. However, in the life and death struggle three days later, I will definitely go over and help you. Not for the love of men and women, only for men and women. Righteousness!” Zeng Dingyun said again.

Xena finally nodded, her eyes were a little red, “Thank you, Brother Zeng.”

Zeng Dingyun is a veteran of love, how could he not know the look in Xena’s eyes.

Hahaha, it seems that this chick is really silly and sweet.

It’s so easy to get the bait.

Frederick, Frederick, although I have always looked down on you, but I still want to thank you, it has become my stepping stone.

The day when things come to fruition seems to be the time when I and this silly white sweet Wushan have sex.

Zeng Dingyun thought for a while, and suddenly stood up, pretending to be generous to death, and without saying goodbye, strode outside.

Xena’s heart trembled, wondering if his non-response hurt Zeng Dingyun’s heart.

She was about to call Zeng Dingyun, but suddenly saw Zeng Dingyun’s footsteps stop at the door.

He turned his head and looked at Xena with a very affectionate look, and then he sighed, “I wanted to leave, but didn’t want to. After all, I couldn’t deceive my heart. Even if I look back at you again, I feel that I have no regrets in this life. .”

Xena’s heart began to tremble again when Xena was picked up by this sudden love story.

The illusion is still there.

It seemed that Wiliam was confessing affectionately to her.

She couldn’t help but stood up and walked towards Zeng Dingyun.

Zeng Dingyun looked at the approaching Xena, feeling extremely proud.

This trick is trying to catch up and use it just right!

“Ruoshuang, this life-and-death battle, if I protect your brother-in-law from death, if I come back, I want you to be my woman! Give me a reason to survive, okay?” Zeng Dingyun grabbed Xena’s shoulder, suddenly heavy To say.

In his eyes, there was a determination to go to death, and a trace of desire to survive.

Xena’s heart was completely messed up.

After Zeng Dingyun left, she didn’t know how she responded to him just now.

Is he nodding his head to agree, or shaking his head to refuse.

Her head is blank, she can’t remember it at all.

I only remember a sentence left by Zeng Dingyun, “Tonight, take your brother-in-law to have a meal. I still have to ask for some details. If you want to fight, you must fight with confidence.”

She returned home in despair and shut herself in the room.

She thought about it for a long time, and finally remembered that she seemed to nod her head slightly.

When she calmed down, she suddenly felt regret.

She had no idea why it was regrettable.

Obviously Zeng Dingyun is good enough to match her with a talented girl.

But why do you regret…

For brother-in-law?

Thinking of this, Xena is like an angry child, thinking angrily, I don’t believe it, if I have a brother-in-law, I don’t have my own life!

If you agree, you agree!

Brother Zeng spared his life to help him a lot, and gave him a chance to pursue it, so why not!

It should be justified!

That’s fine, just take advantage of this inconsistent nod and cut off love with your brother-in-law!

Thinking about it, her tears burst out suddenly.

I don’t know if it is reluctant or expecting.

When Zeng Dingyun returned to the hotel, there was a gorgeous woman lying on the bed.

He was very happy in his heart, hehe, the fish was hooked.

She actually nodded and promised her own woman, which was unexpected by Zeng Dingyun.

I thought she was so fierce, I didn’t think she would be so easy to get involved.

Three days later, it was unavoidable that there was a lot of trouble.

Thinking of this, he took out his cell phone and called a buddy, “Xiao Chen, is there any other medicine you gave me last time? Get some more for my brother. Three days later, I will be riding a horse. !”

Chapter 449

Zeng Dingyun was full of confidence at the moment, and he was completely satisfied with Xena.

In his opinion, Xena is a silly white sweet, and he has not allowed himself to do whatever he wants.

Once she nodded, she must be half pushing.

My love veteran, still can’t hold her in bed?

Isn’t this a joke?

Besides, Zeng Dingyun is more confident about the life and death struggle three days later.

He didn’t even like Frederick, but in order to perform a good show in front of Xena, he decided to secretly release the water at the beginning.

Let that Frederick take a good beating, and then he will look brave enough to be beaten to death.

Finally, when Xena was extremely worried for herself, she made another shocking counterattack.

With the tragic victory as the ending, go to Xena again.

She wasn’t going to feel sorry for herself at that time.

That night, it was a good time to cook mature rice directly with raw rice.

It’s not just uncooked rice to cook mature rice, hehe, it just makes popcorn.

He had used that kind of medicine with a good buddy before, and it worked very well. The woman he had been stunned by, who didn’t roll his eyes and followed him relentlessly.

Frederick, fortune telling you, I will keep my strength then.

The reason why Zeng Dingyun proposed to meet Xena’s brother-in-law was to do a trick.

As for who this brother-in-law is, how can Zeng Dingyun care?

In the evening, Xena received information from Zeng Dingyun and made an appointment to eat at a hotel.

When Xena went out, she saw that Feliicity had already prepared a table of food.

Wiliam was about to prepare to eat, Xena walked up to him and grabbed his arm, “You go out with me.”

Feliicity was cooking, when she saw that Xena was going to take Wiliam out, a black line suddenly appeared, “Why are you taking my family Wiliam out for this meal?”

Feliicity was gloomy all day today. Seeing that her sister was so worried about her brother-in-law, that kind of family spirit of the little daughter reappeared, “Isn’t it okay to borrow your husband for nothing!”

After all, she actually left Wiliam after she was born.

On the way, she suddenly felt a kind of joy.

Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, for you, I even took advantage of my own happiness.

Shouldn’t you go out with me?

Wiliam had already seen that Xena had a problem.

She is usually lively and shut herself up for a whole day today.

At first, Wiliam thought she was worried about her life and death fight with Frederick.

But now, it seems not that simple.

“Where are you taking me?” Wiliam asked while driving.

Xena looked at Wiliam next to him, an uncontrollable affection came up again.

She quickly turned her face away and said, “You can’t go to the life-and-death fight in three days. Don’t worry, I have found a helper for you, and he will go up for you at that time. I will take you to see him.”

Wiliam was taken aback, “Did you find a helper for me?”

Xena sighed and said, “You are not allowed to have any opinions on this matter! Do you know how much I sacrificed for you! So you are not allowed to talk back to me from now on! Otherwise, I will really be angry! The angry one!”

While speaking, Xena only felt more and more aggrieved, his eyes were actually red.

Wiliam has never seen such a Xena.

She usually listens to Wiliam’s words, although she is stubborn and willful.

But at this moment, she showed a domineering look at Wiliam for the first time.

And Wiliam could clearly see the extremely aggrieved and saddened in her eyes.

Thinking about what she said just now, Wiliam couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

What did this silly girl give for herself?

Does she just don’t believe me?

Give me a helper?

He wanted to ask, but Xena’s tears were in his eyes, which made Wiliam hold back.

Find some time to have a good talk with this little girl.

When the two arrived in the hotel’s underground garage, Wiliam was about to get out of the car when he was suddenly stopped by Xena.

She said weakly: “Wait, you accompany me first, and then sit for a while.”

After speaking, she was in the car and closed her eyes.

She lay on the co-pilot, taking deep breaths constantly, as if she was doing mental building.

Xena’s heart at this moment is really extremely complicated.

Although she tried to persuade herself, Zeng Dingyun was her good match.

And she had already agreed to Zeng Dingyun’s agreement three days later.

However, the moment she saw Wiliam, all her persistence turned into smoke.

Even now, she didn’t dare and didn’t want to go up to see Zeng Dingyun.

Xena even wondered if she was a scum.

There is no resoluteness at all.

Wiliam stayed with her quietly without saying a word.

After five minutes, Xena suddenly opened his eyes, with a pretentious coldness in his eyes, “Let’s go.”

The two went directly to the box. In the box, Zeng Dingyun was waiting there.

Seeing Wiliam, Zeng Dingyun couldn’t help but look up and down.

The so-called brother-in-law in front of him has indifferent eyes and pale face.

Ho ho, this kind of look is pretty good if you go out without being beaten to death.

It just so happens to cause trouble everywhere.

Useless man.

In his heart, Xena would never look down upon such a man.

“Ruoshuang, sit down, what are you going to eat?” Zeng Dingyun stopped paying attention to Wiliam because he felt that Wiliam was not threatening.

Therefore, he didn’t even say hello to Wiliam or introduce himself.

In the end, Xena gave a reluctant smile and introduced both parties.

Zeng Dingyun just nodded slightly to Wiliam, and greeted Xena again enthusiastically.

And Wiliam stood by, finally seeing the situation clearly.

Xena had told him before that a brother-in-law was pestering her recently, and it seemed that this was the one in front of her.

It seems that Kong Wu is powerful, it should be the kind of punch on the ground.

During the dinner, Zeng Dingyun kept adding vegetables to Xena, looking like a good man.

But Wiliam could see a thick camouflage and *** in his eyes.

Xena reluctantly laughed, making Wiliam feel sad.

This silly girl, could it be said that she was with this guy in order to help herself tide over the difficulties?

Wiliam felt very uncomfortable when he thought of this!

It wasn’t because he was possessive of Xena, but the man in front of him was obviously not a good thing.

Wiliam and Xena also grew up together, and they saw her as if they were their own sisters. How could they allow their sisters to fall into their mouths?

Her eyes suddenly became cold.

But Xena finally couldn’t bear Zeng Dingyun’s enthusiasm, and left the table first when he said that he wanted to go to the bathroom.

On the court, only Wiliam and Zeng Dingyun were left.

Zeng Dingyun finally looked at Wiliam seriously, pretending to be righteous, and said, “Wiliam, right? I’m sorry, I just neglected you. Don’t worry, in Ruoshuang’s face, your business…”

Wiliam interrupted him faintly, “Now we are the two of us, stop acting.”

Zeng Dingyun was stunned at first, and then sneered, “Unexpectedly, you are quite smart. In that case, I won’t be polite to you. After all, I would also like to thank you. If you weren’t good for nothing, I would provoke trouble everywhere. Not broken, this silly white sweet, tut, this figure, this face…”

Chapter 450

At this moment, Zeng Dingyun is full of longing for Xena.

How can there be the kind of polite look just now.

Wiliam couldn’t help laughing when he saw him look so real.

There was still no one who dared to show such a fascinating look in front of him.

Not for Feliicity, nor for Xena.

“Want to get my sister? Have you thought about the consequences?” Wiliam asked coldly.

Zeng Dingyun suddenly laughed, “The consequences? You are just a trash, and you still mention the consequences to me? What is it, you are going to teach me nothing? I’m so afraid!”

In Zeng Dingyun’s heart, this Wiliam was just a brother-in-law who caused trouble for Xena.

It’s useless, and it’s a shame for a man to treat it like this.

He is still playing the music here now, does he have such confidence?

“I’ll give you one last warning, stay away from Ruoshuang.” After Wiliam said this, he said nothing.

And where did Zeng Dingyun take such words into his heart, he even said, “Oh? You still have this kind of possessiveness towards your sister-in-law? Why, you want her to fail? Also, who made this little girl look so good? Huarong, Yueyue, with such an attractive figure, a man can’t bear to want her, not to mention you get along with her day and night, tut tut, brother, tell me the truth, you fucked? How did it taste…”

Before he finished speaking, Wiliam punched him directly on his face.

With this punch, Wiliam did not use his full strength.

However, Zeng Dingyun suddenly wailed exaggeratedly as if he had expected Wiliam to do his hands.

He covered his face and his eyes were full of jokes.

The door of the box was suddenly pushed open.

It is Xena.

Xena went to the bathroom, and when he was about to return, he heard the wailing inside, and hurried in to take a look.

I saw Zeng Dingyun covering his face with a look of pain.

Xena’s face became stiff, and she asked, “What’s wrong? Why did you start your hands? What happened?”

Wiliam looked at Zeng Dingyun coldly.

Since this kid is thinking about touching porcelain, there must be some rhetoric.

Sure enough, Zeng Dingyun covered his face and said to Xena in pain: “Ruoshuang, it’s nothing. I just had a misunderstanding with your brother-in-law. Your brother-in-law was also impulsive. Don’t blame him.”

Xena looked at Wiliam in surprise.

However, Wiliam looked cold for a thousand years.

“Brother-in-law, what’s the matter with you? I only went out for a few minutes…” Xena asked when looking at Wiliam.

But Wiliam kept silent, looking at Xena’s heart.

Why not speak…

“Brother-in-law, did you really fight him?” When Xena asked this sentence, there was a sudden expectation in his heart.

Looking forward to a negative answer.

However, Wiliam nodded slightly this time.

He did it, so why dare not to recognize it.

Seeing Wiliam confessed, there was a rustle in Zeng Dingyun’s eyes.

Ho ho, he is still a man, dare to act.

It’s just that, you admit now that you don’t know what your sister-in-law would think in my heart, ho ho…

Seeing Wiliam’s admission, Xena’s face instantly turned pale.

Zeng Dingyun personally invited him to help the boxing. For this, he even paid that price…

But, brother-in-law, brother-in-law!

Do you know what are you doing!

You are shooting your benefactor!

“Brother-in-law! Even if you two have a misunderstanding, for the sake of my face, can’t you not do it? He gave his life to help you, how can you treat him like this!” Xena was upright and finally Can’t help but ask Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at Xena like this, still thinking of explaining something in his heart, but he shook his head, not to mention it.

The words are not speculative.

Xena’s eyes looked at Wiliam getting colder.

Even her heart is getting colder and colder.

That’s fine too.

She turned to look at Zeng Dingyun, who was still in pain, and asked with concern: “Brother Zeng, are you having trouble? My brother-in-law acted impulsively. I apologize to you on his behalf, okay?”

Zeng Dingyun immediately showed a reluctant smile, and shook his head, “It’s okay, Ruoshuang, I won’t take it to heart. Maybe what I said hit his self-esteem, you know, men have a lot of self-esteem. Strong…”

These ambiguities made Xena immediately understand.

It must be Wiliam’s stubborn character and didn’t want Zeng Dingyun’s help, and then hit Zeng Dingyun.

Brother-in-law, brother-in-law!

Do you know who Zeng Dingyun is!

He is the youth fighting champion of Huaan City!

If he hadn’t let you, how could he be hit by you!

Your arrogant look is sometimes majestic, but sometimes it is too annoying!

In the end, Xena saw that Wiliam didn’t say a word, and said to Zeng Dingyun disappointedly: “Brother Zeng, I’m sorry today, otherwise, you should go back first, and I will apologize to you another day.”

A strange color flashed in Zeng Dingyun’s eyes, and he quickly said, “Well, I understand. Three days later, I will still be there to help, and I won’t be half tired because of this misunderstanding.”

These words hit Xena’s heart.

She was afraid that this misunderstanding would make Zeng Dingyun feel uncomfortable and refused to help.

Unexpectedly, Zeng Dingyun made this promise as if he knew everything in his mind.

Xena couldn’t help being moved, she nodded, “Thank you, I really don’t know how to thank you.”

Zeng Dingyun then slowly left the box.

However, when he passed Wiliam, he gave Wiliam a look.

This look is very triumphant, as if to say, boy, you play with me, have you ever played?

I have played with more women than you have ever seen!

This trick of mine is called bitterness. Did you taste the bitterness today?

If you can’t taste it again, three days later, I will try my old trick again. Just wait and see. Your beautiful and beautiful little girl, I will accept it in three days.

Wiliam knew his eyes and his methods.

However, in Wiliam’s mind, Zeng Dingyun was just a clown.

Even let Wiliam say a few more words to explain clearly.

What’s more, acting on her own with a clear conscience, if Shuang doesn’t understand herself, it is her problem.

After Xena sent away Zeng Dingyun, he looked at Wiliam again.

This look is extremely complicated.

In the eyes, both affectionate and angry.

More, it is a kind of resentment, a kind of idiot.

At the end of her sight, Wiliam’s face was always cold, her eyes flushed, and tears fell straight down.

She understands, she does not understand!

The man in front of him, all his tenderness and romance, bloomed only for a woman.

It’s just that this woman is not called Ruoshuang.

If the Feliicity are here, he must have exhausted his words, he will have to explain.

Good luck, who made me called Xena, not Feliicity…

Thinking of this, Xena’s heart was lonely and miserable.

She suddenly asked Wiliam a question that had been hidden in her heart for more than ten years.

“Brother-in-law, do you have feelings for me?”


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