Dragon Husband Chapter 451-460

Chapter 451

The beautiful pear flower brings the rain, expressing affectionately.

This heartbreaking scene can make every man tempted.

Lu Yerao is uncomprehensible between men and women, and at such a moment, he also wants to melt into this tender feeling.

However, he suddenly showed a bitter smile.

The wry smile was fleeting, so fast that Xena could not even notice it.

Wiliam immediately smiled gently, and touched Xena’s head, “Yes.”


This affirmative answer was like a blast of thunder, making Xena completely stunned.

What is the answer!

In Xena’s heart, when she asked this question, she was completely impulsive.

She had also imagined countless times what would happen if Wiliam were to answer this question ten thousand times.

After thinking about it, I’m afraid it is nine thousand nine hundred no.

The only affirmation was heard at this moment.

And he heard clearly.

Her eyes seemed to be blooming, and her eyes were shining.

But the next moment, she suddenly realized that this answer was a kind of happiness for herself.

But what is it for sister and brother-in-law?

I am afraid it is torture and betrayal.

How can I do this myself?

She was about to ask Wiliam, but she heard Wiliam continue to say: “You are my favorite sister in this life, and I will not allow anyone to bully you and humiliate you! I love you like Feliicity.”

Xena was dull.

Ho ho, it really is.

Nine thousand nine hundred nos are not as good as this one, which is heartbreaking.

Sister, I’m just his sister.

Nothing was wrong, this was Wiliam’s correct answer.

I had extravagantly thought about it, this question shouldn’t be asked, it is wrong to ask.

“I’m sorry.” Feliicity said apologetically, and then rushed out hurriedly.

Wiliam quickly followed.

At this moment, Xena was extremely fragile in mind, and it was too easy for things to happen.

And Xena tearfully ran outside for a few minutes, and finally stopped.

She clutched her breathless heart, and suddenly laughed.

The laugh was extremely distressing.

“I want to walk alone, don’t follow me.” Xena said to Wiliam behind him.

Wiliam did not nod or shook his head, still following her closely.

This look made Xena angry.

Wiliam, Wiliam, you are just an elm bump!

You don’t understand a woman’s heart!

You don’t understand anything!

But it broke the hearts of countless women!

She stopped paying attention to Wiliam, and suddenly headed towards a bar.

When she arrived at the bar, she opened a deck directly and ordered a dozen bottles of wine.

She is going to buy a drunk, it is best to buy a drunk to relieve her worries.

Buy another one and wake up tomorrow, everything tonight will be like a flash of smoke, I can’t remember anything.

And Wiliam was sitting opposite her.

Don’t say a word.

Xena wanted to drink, so he prescribed it for her.

Xena wanted to raise his glass, so he drank it all in one gulp.

He knew what Xena needed now.

She doesn’t need perfunctory comfort, what she needs is a thorough vent.

After venting, I believe that tomorrow will be better.

So it’s useless to say more.

But Xena still ignored Wiliam, Wiliam gave her wine, and she drank it.

After all, this younger sister is stubborn and self-willed.

The two drank until more than 11 o’clock in the evening, during which Feliicity sent a message asking what was going on. Wiliam just casually said that Ruoshuang was in a bad mood and accompany her to have a meal outside.

The bottles on the wine table have been emptied for several rounds.

In the end, even Wiliam didn’t know how many bottles of wine he had drunk.

Because Xena didn’t drink very well, she couldn’t drink it later.

However, she stubbornly started drinking, and then held it to Wiliam.

Wiliam took it and drank it.

The noisy bar, as if only their table was left, was quiet and terrible.

No conversation, no expression.

Xena opened the last bottle of wine, and Wiliam drank it all.

She just staggered and stood up, got up and walked outside.

Wiliam also quickly stood up and followed.

Although he is not drunk in a thousand cups, his heart is still open, and a wave of blood is also stirring in his heart.

Xena was supported by Wiliam and walked on the desolate road.

When the cold wind blew, she suddenly threw away Wiliam and squatted directly on the ground, hugging her knees and burst into tears.

Wiliam squatted beside her and watched quietly.

Without talking all night, this girl is suffocated.

Now, I finally cried.

“Wiliam, you bastard! You can’t even say a word of comfort! What use do I want your brother-in-law! Take it to feed the salted fish!” Xena cried, and went to scratch Wiliam.

Several buttons of Wiliam’s clothes were torn off.

She cried for several minutes.

In the end, she was tired, so she lay directly in Wiliam’s arms, sobbing and sobbing.

Wiliam patted her back gently.

God knows what kind of grievance this girl endured.

At this time, Xena suddenly raised her small face and met Wiliam’s eyes.

Her voice became extremely clear, “Brother-in-law, do you know why I cry?”

Wiliam shook his head, saying that everything was wrong.

“Because, I suddenly regretted asking Zeng Dingyun for help…” Xena’s makeup was completely crying.

“I know that my love for you is wrong, and you will never accompany me wrong again and again. However, I can’t control myself! The appearance of Zeng Dingyun gave me an excuse to escape, I I want to use him to escape you! But what happened tonight, let me know completely, I was wrong, I can escape you, but I can’t escape my heart!”

“When I knew that you beat him, the first thing I felt was not to care about him, but to care about you. How I wanted you to tell me why you beat him, even if you explained it, I would I can feel the importance you attach to me. Unfortunately, you don’t have it.”

“I know you beat people, there must be a reason, and I can even faintly guess that Zeng Dingyun is not a good thing. But, what about it, you don’t pay attention to me anymore, ho ho…”

When Xena said this, she suddenly laughed again, “Brother-in-law, I’m sorry tonight, I will pay attention to my words and deeds in the future, and I won’t cause you any more trouble!”

“No, there is no future. I have already made an appointment with Zeng Dingyun. Three days later, if he wins Frederick, I will promise him to be his girlfriend and live with him in Huaan City…”

“In the future, I won’t bother you again and make you upset. So, don’t worry.” As he said, Xena suddenly laughed, and gently hooked Wiliam’s chin with one hand.

“This face, this expression, you can never tire of it. It’s a pity, I won’t see it in the future…”

She let go of Wiliam, stood up, and wanted to go forward.

But at this time, she only felt her body being pulled by a strong hand, and couldn’t help but turn around to look.

But I saw a pair of tiger-like eyes burning blazingly.

“From now on, you can see it. In this life, you can see it!”

Chapter 452

Xena was stunned for a while.

She couldn’t help but look down.

Wiliam was holding her hand and holding on tight.

Brother-in-law, this is…

“Brother-in-law, what do you mean?” Xena couldn’t help asking.

“I mean, you will not leave Q City ( Qena City ), let alone be with that Zeng Dingyun.” Wiliam said lightly.

Xena smiled bitterly, “You don’t know that Zeng Dingyun’s skill is very powerful. I thought a lot in the room today, and today Zeng Dingyun probably exaggerated that Frederick’s skill deliberately in front of me in order to win my favor. And sympathy. So in the life and death battle in three days, Zeng Dingyun is expected to win.”

Yes, she wanted to understand everything in the room today.

Who said she was silly and sweet.

It’s just that the response is a bit slow.

It’s just that sometimes it doesn’t mean it is broken.

She regretted the promise she made with Zeng Dingyun.

But now, what can be done…

“I said, he won’t beat Huanghexian.” Wiliam said in a deep voice, his eyes seemingly confident.

See Xena’s mind lost.

She lowered her head and said miserably: “This is just your side words. Besides, other people’s affairs, who knows the result, in case, what if Zeng Dingyun wins…”

“In case he wins, that’s okay!” Wiliam said, holding Xena’s hand closer, and his tone became generous and bold!

“He wins Frederick with one hand, and I conclude that Zeng Dingyun has two hands! He wins Frederick’s life, and I send Zeng Dingyun to netherworld! I don’t know the outcome of other people’s things, but my things are ego, I can!

With this remark, Xena’s eyes widened!

She looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and she didn’t think that he, who had been cold and bad at words, would actually say such domineering things!

Which girl won’t be moved after hearing this!

Xena’s heart seemed to be playing a drum, “Brother-in-law, you, are you trying to keep me?”

Wiliam nodded, “Yes!”

With this answer, Xena was fainted with happiness.

She knew that Wiliam’s answer was just brother-sister affection to her.

But the love between brother and sister was so strong that Xena was dazzled.

She seemed mad, plunged into Wiliam’s arms fiercely, and cried again.

Talking about love all night and drinking all night.

It’s not as good as this one pair of words, making people’s hearts sway!

At this moment, Bai Rushuang didn’t want to leave with Zeng Dingyun at all.

She just wanted to stay with her sister and brother-in-law, and she would deal with it all her life.

“Uh, uh, uh!” She said foolishly, with only this word, but nodded a thousand times.

After Wiliam said this, he felt the warmth in his arms and was blown by the cold wind, and he suddenly became sober.

He wanted to pull Feliicity out of his embrace, but at this time, Xena suddenly made a move that Wiliam would never forget.

She took the initiative to leave Wiliam’s embrace, but pulled out a tulle scarf from her bag.

She tied the scarf gently to Wiliam’s eyes.

“Ruoshuang, you…” Wiliam asked suspiciously.

But his mouth was covered by a finger of Xena.

Xena’s eyes were tearful, crying and laughing.

“Next, you can’t remember anything, don’t move! Otherwise, I will leave Q City ( Qena City ) tomorrow! You know, I will do what I say, after all, I’ve been self-willed since childhood.” Xena threatened Wiliam slyly.

Wiliam’s eyes were blindfolded, and she couldn’t think of what Xena would do next, so she nodded helplessly.

After all, losing such a cute, the Feliicity will kill him.

Just as he was thinking about it, he only felt his lips soft.

A pair of vermilion lips came up so gently.

Wiliam’s head bounced and he was about to push Ruoshuang away, but Ruoshuang held his hands tightly.

There was a faint voice, whispered in his ear: “Promise me not to move. Tonight, you and I are drunk, and you can’t see it. I don’t know who you are, you I don’t know who I am. Are we all visitors to each other? Just this time, not as an example. Let my little sister, let me be presumptuous one last time.”

After speaking, Wiliam only felt a tingling air blowing in his ears.

Then the soft and fragrant lips lit up again.

Even a fragrant tongue wanted to capture his lips and teeth.

Fortunately, even though Wiliam was in the mist at this moment, he still maintained his loyalty to the Feliicity, and he was tight-lipped.

Two full minutes.

Two minutes later, the scarf on Wiliam’s face was taken off.

Wiliam’s gaze gradually recovered, but he could see at a glance, his face full of resentment Xena.

“It’s meaningless, it’s not fun! Go home!” Xena said with a loud voice.

But in her heart, she was so shy that she wanted to go down the ground.

This bastard is just a thousand-year-old knot!

Is his mouth with iron teeth and bronze teeth!

I can’t pry it off!

Very boring!

Such a dull man, do you keep it to feed the salted fish!

It’s not fun at all, forget it, let it be to my sister, after all, my sister is also crying while guarding such a wooden bump.

Xena woke up from the wine, and walked forward hopping forward. No one knew whether her thoughts were true or not…

Wiliam looked at Xena, whose temperament suddenly changed, and couldn’t accept it for a while.

One second crying and crying, one second incarnation of a little goblin, the next second is like heart and lungs.

Is Lao Tzu being played with?

Thinking of this, he was a little speechless.

This little fairy, really can’t see through, is much more complicated than Feliicity.

Just as he was thinking about it, Xena in front of him suddenly stopped, turned his head, and said happily: “Why don’t you leave? If I’m late, my sister should be tortured to serve us both!”

She ran back again, suddenly holding Wiliam’s arm tightly with one hand, and shouting loudly, “Sister! Husband!”

With this sound, as if to prove his innocence and standpoint, Xena suddenly laughed after shouting, “It’s better to call your brother-in-law the best!”

With this shout, Wiliam laughed.

He knew that Xena’s knot was finally untied.

At least tonight, it is completely untied.

Yeah, my sister-in-law is pretty good too, isn’t it?

He smiled and said, “Go! Go home!”

The two smiled at each other, their eyes filled with understanding and tenderness.

When I got home, the lights at home were still on.

Wiliam was moved in his heart, but it was his wife who was still waiting for him.

He and Ruoshuang walked into the house side by side, and Feliicity hurriedly met them when they came back.

When Wiliam saw the Feliicity, he felt like he was left behind.

My wife is better than my own, look, my wife, how gentle, how happy, how evil, how…

Uh, my wife’s style is wrong!

He was about to ask Feliicity what’s wrong, Feliicity suddenly grabbed his ears and yelled fiercely: “Okay, you’re a bad guy! You have a little fairy lipstick on your face!”

Chapter 453

Wiliam’s head blew, and he faltered: “What, what lipstick! Why don’t I know?”

Feliicity flushed with anger, and took the mirror directly to Wiliam, “See it for yourself! You won’t explain it to me tonight! You’re done!”

Wiliam took a look in the mirror, and almost fainted!

I saw his face, just like a dog chewing, with an incomplete lipstick mark on this side and another on the other side.

He is going to explode.


Little fairies are doing things!

I knew she was upset and kind!

It turns out that the last one is going to kill me!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look at Xena.

But Xena showed a cunning look, and rolled back to the room.

The meaning seems to be, hum, make you puzzled by women’s hearts, retribution!

Wiliam was absolutely sure that this little fairy kissed him last, and was spoofing him.

He suddenly felt a deep sorrow, thinking about my fame as Wiliam I, I was actually killed by a little fairy.

Wiliam couldn’t help but said bitterly: “Feliicity, listen to my explanation!”

But Feliicity is getting angry, where will he listen to his explanation, “Huh! I won’t listen, I won’t listen! Don’t want to enter the room tonight!”

After speaking, she strode back to the room and locked the door with a loud bang.

Leaving Wiliam alone outside, he was going crazy.

Are women so magical animals!

The first sentence also said that the explanation is not clear and the matter is not over, but the latter sentence will not be listened to by me!

Are you listening or not?

Wiliam was angry, and knocked on Xena’s door.

“Ruo Shuang, come out for me! You explain to me clearly! Why am I sorry for you! You want to play with me like this!” Wiliam said angrily.

But inside came Xena Hu Meizi’s voice, “Brother-in-law, you don’t want to sleep in the middle of the night. It’s not appropriate to knock your sister-in-law’s boudoir? Isn’t the sister misunderstanding?”

Wiliam was speechless at once.

But how could she break it?

“But, if I open the door for you, would you dare to come in? If you dare, I’ll open with you now? Shall we be upset tonight?” Xena said quietly inside.

Wiliam stomped his foot fiercely. The woman didn’t have a good thing.

Because I was so good to Ruoshuang just now, I didn’t think that this little Nizi turned her face to her butt.

He was helpless, so he had to return to the study to study the “Impermanence Medical Classics”.

And Xena in the room smiled and rolled on the bed.

This hateful brother-in-law, don’t teach you a lesson, you still don’t know how many eyes and mouths Xena has.


Let you bully me again later!

Well, such an interesting life is not bad…

Hope, we can live together for a long time.

On Feliicity’s side, after closing the door, she was actually listening to the outside with her ears.

When she heard the conversation between Wiliam and Xena, she understood a little in her heart.

It should be this little sister-in-law who drank alcohol and made a prank.

Hey, this Xena is getting bigger and smaller.

When did you learn to drink indiscriminately and treat your brother-in-law like this…

I’m furious!

When do you want to beat and beat this little vixen!

Let her know that Wiliam belongs to my family!

Feliicity couldn’t help but laugh at this thought.

She suddenly remembered that Wiliam’s natural dumbfounded look when he looked in the mirror just now.

There is also the aggrieved man who has a thousand words but does not know how to say it.

so fun.

In fact, in Feliicity’s heart, she believed that Wiliam would not betray her.

After all, the relationship between the two of them has gone through several life and death experiences, and they are already more in love than Jin Jian.

It’s just that sometimes that piece of wood is too dull, it is necessary to be angry with him.

Otherwise, he really takes up the pit and doesn’t shit, hum!

A woman’s youth is very short, and he will be familiar with it before he starts.

When Feliicity thought of this, her face suddenly blushed.

Oh, what am I thinking, how can I have such a shameful thought.

Is spring here so soon…

The next day, Wiliam came out of the study with dark circles on his eyes.

There are two women in the family, and Wiliam used to think about happiness.

Now it is simply a torment.

Just like now, should be good to him, a cold look.

Shouldn’t be nice to him, looking at him with squinted eyes.

He looked terrified.

This tormented life lasted three full days.

In the three days, Wiliam couldn’t bear it countless times, and ran away from home directly to Genuine Care Medical Center and Lunanica Company.

But it was fine to go to the Genuine Care Medical Center. The Melissa and Lydia inside were still normal women. At most, it was only Wiliam who said something, and they looked like they were endlessly dying.

At Lunanica Company, Wiliam felt an emperor-like fear from a height.

After experiencing the incident of Fengyue who treated her at Janett’s last time, Janett’s new world seemed to be opened.

In front of outsiders, she still looks like a cold professional elite.

But when she was alone with Wiliam, she was just like changing her face.

Suddenly put on a smiley, gentle and virtuous lady next door.

“Well, Mr. Lu is good, Mr. Lu is wonderful, Mr. Lu is great!”

“Mr Lu is right, I like them all.”

“Mr. Lu, people still feel uncomfortable, do you want to look again…”

These few words sounded like magic sounds in his ears countless times.

Every time Janett said these words charmingly, Wiliam couldn’t help but think of her graceful figure in the bathroom that day.

Fortunately, Wiliam was full of concentration and he was able to hold it.

But I can hold it in my heart, and my face shows embarrassment or embarrassment from time to time.

Janett seemed to treat this as a game, and she giggled every time she saw Wiliam deflated.

Wiliam also knew that Janett was teasing him on purpose.


Since the appearance of a little brother in front of her last time, this elder sister has followed her like a demon and teased herself from time to time.

I really thought I was Liu Xiahui, Wiliam.

Be careful of wiping the gun and getting out of the fire, you will regret it when you get a stick.

Wiliam thought angrily, but could only run away again and again.

Every time Janett saw Wiliam run away, she seemed to smile like a flower.

She caught Wiliam’s weakness, just like a serf standing over and singing, playing every day, never getting tired.

On the evening of the third day, Wiliam had already suffocated a full stomach of depression, thinking that he must use today’s life and death battle to vent all the depression of these three days.

Otherwise it will be suffocated sooner or later.

Wiliam and Xena came to the gate of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall, Zeng Dingyun was already waiting there.

But when Zeng Dingyun saw Xena holding Wiliam’s arm affectionately, his brows instantly frowned.

Chapter 454

In his heart, Xena had long been regarded as his own woman.

Now seeing his woman holding another man’s hand, his heart suddenly became angry!

Because this man is a complete waste.

Her own woman actually let a trash get involved.

How could Zeng Dingyun endure this insult!

He didn’t look good, and Xena also saw it.

She seemed to be deliberately angry with Zeng Yun, and suddenly she pressed her bulging heart on Wiliam’s arm, and said to Wiliam coquettishly: “Brother-in-law, Brother Zeng is here, let’s go quickly.”

Wiliam has a black line.

In the past few days, he has been enduring Xena’s provocation.

A man’s heart is about to explode long ago.

I don’t know if it was an illusion. Since that night, after Xena let go with a kiss, he has become more intimate with Wiliam.

He didn’t even shy away from using his hands in front of Feliicity.

However, both Feliicity and Lu Yeming could clearly feel that Xena’s attachment to Wiliam is now a brother-sister relationship from the heart, without any affair with children.

Feliicity said a few words and then gave up, opening one eye and closing another.

After all, this little fairy, the more you compete with her, the more vigorous she will be.

Wiliam also had this kind of thought, letting Xena go away.

But now, there are outsiders.

This little fairy is going to do something again.

Sure enough, Zeng Dingyun frowned even more when he saw this intimate scene.

What he could not touch all the time is now next to a trash!


Zeng Dingyun’s head became hot.

However, Xena looked at Zeng Dingyun with a simple expression on his face, and asked suspiciously: “Brother Zeng, why is your complexion not pretty? Didn’t you rest well last night? Otherwise, you don’t want to play today, right?”

This sentence pierced Zeng Dingyun’s heart like a needle.

Not playing?


How to win Frederick without playing!

How to hold a beautiful woman!

Lao Tzu’s magical medicine is ready, you can’t tell Lao Tzu to play now!

Are you insinuating me?

Little vixen, I will let you know tonight, can I do it!

Thinking of this, Zeng Dingyun held back his anger, smiled, and said, “It’s not a problem, Ruoshuang, I will definitely give you a satisfactory result today.”

Xena suddenly showed admiration, “Brother Zeng, when you said this, you were so brave! You are really amazing, much better than my useless brother-in-law.”

This flattery made Zeng Dingyun burst into confidence again.

Sure enough, the old saying is wrong. Beauty loves heroes since ancient times.

What beautiful women like is always the kind of men who charge into battle and are invincible.

Rather than this waste that still needs someone else to come forward.

“Well! For you! I will win today!” Zeng Dingyun said magnificently.

Xena nodded, “Well, I have worked hard for you today.”

The three of them walked inside.

On the way, Xena gave Wiliam a sly smile.

How could Wiliam not know that she was deliberately angry with Zeng Dingyun.

But now he is not easy to pick and break.

So Xena went away.

However, in Wiliam’s eyes, Xena’s behavior was nonsense, and in Bai Rushuang’s own heart, this behavior was agitation.

Aroused Zeng Dingyun’s arrogance.

Although that night, what Wiliam said to her was irritating and made people burst into tears.

But just listen to the love words the man said, and don’t take it seriously afterwards.

Xena still didn’t believe that Wiliam could win Frederick, let alone Lu Yesheng Zeng Dingyun.

She believed that this was the best comfort Wiliam could do in that situation.

So it’s enough to be moved by yourself, and what to do afterwards.

Just like now, Xena knows that Zeng Dingyun likes herself, even uneasy and kind.

So she deliberately appeared intimacy with Wiliam, just to arouse Zeng Dingyun’s possessiveness.

Go! My Bikachu, fight hard!

For the happiness of me and my brother-in-law!

The three of them came to the martial arts stage in the Tianyi Martial Arts Hall, which was already full of people.

Wiliam roughly estimated that there were 70 or 80 people on the scene.

Most of them are disciples of Tianyi Wuguan.

As for Frederick, sitting high on the stage of an imperial teacher’s chair, closed his eyes, with a leisurely look.

Huang Zhengyin stood aside respectfully and waited.

Seeing Wiliam and the others coming, Huang Zhengyin handed Wiliam an apologetic look before saying to his father, “Dad, they are here.”

Because the two sides had already passed through the gap beforehand, Wiliam would be the first one to meet Frederick.

Frederick didn’t want to think about it and agreed, because in Frederick’s view, Wiliam’s move was just a shock.

I didn’t dare to play, so I found a helper. Isn’t this what it is?

On the battlefield, all you rely on is one effort.

It was a complete loss as soon as I tried.

Therefore, in Frederick’s view, Wiliam is determined to lose without a fight.

But this is what he expected.

As for who Wiliam invited, Frederick didn’t care at all.

Because it is such a big Q City ( Qena City ), Frederick really has no fear of anyone.

Seeing three people approaching now, one of them Kong Wu was powerful, and some people at the scene wondered: “Is that the helper Wiliam invited to help? I can’t see Err.

“Ho ho, how many levels of skill can you have at such a young age? I think it’s another lunatic who doesn’t know what to do and wants to be a blockbuster.”

The people on the court immediately sneered at the three Wiliam.

And the three of Wiliam were standing in the audience at this time.

Frederick opened his eyes and looked up and down Zeng Dingyun, not knowing him.

“You are the helper invited by Wiliam? Little Wawa, because I have no grievances against you, I advise you to go home as soon as possible. You know, today I went with Wiliam, but life and death Fight. Maybe you will lose your life here.” Frederick said lightly.

But Zeng Dingyun laughed loudly.

He was laughing, the ignorance of this Huanghexian.

You don’t even know Zeng Dingyun’s name, what kind of master are you?

Sure enough, it is a wild road.

Speaking harshly as soon as he came up, it seemed to be a kind of quagmire.

However, is Zeng Dingyun afraid?

Since he was young, he has not known how many battles he has experienced on such a stage, and which one is not bloody? Didn’t you fight with the fear of life and death?

This threat made Zeng Dingyun look down on Frederick even more.

Everyone was wondering why this kid was laughing, but they heard Zeng Dingyun say domineeringly: “Ruoshuang, today, I want this old man to splash seven steps with blood, and he will die here! Heaven and earth as proof!”

After all, he turned over, turned up the stage of Wutai elegantly and beautifully, and said to Frederick: “Old man, before going to netherworld, I will let you know that my name is Zeng Dingyun!”

Chapter 455

Zeng Dingyun!

These three characters, like a thunder, exploded quickly on the court!

“Damn! Zeng Dingyun, is this name a bit familiar?”

“Yes, I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere!”

“I remembered, I remembered who he was! Wiping, it’s really a stubborn mistake!”

The faces of everyone changed.

Because the three words Zeng Dingyun have a general response in Q City ( Qena City ), but in Huaan City, they are absolutely thunderous.

Especially in the past few years, it has become hotter!

He is the champion of Huaan City Youth Fight!

And it is the youngest champion ever!

This name alone is already shocking.

What is even more shocking is that the legend has it that this Zeng Dingyun made a ruthless move, and the start is the most important thing!

Some people even gave in when they heard that they were going to fight Zeng Dingyun.

Defeating a soldier without fighting is the best evaluation of Zeng Dingyun in recent years.

Before, everyone didn’t recognize Zeng Dingyun because it was not Huaan City after all, and everyone just listened to his name but didn’t see him.

Now that the name came out, the scene also exploded.

Seeing a commotion at the scene, Zeng Dingyun was extremely satisfied.

My own name is worth every word!

Ordinary people are afraid that they would have been timid when they heard my name.

Sure enough, even Frederick couldn’t help widening his eyes, and confirmed to Huang Zhengyin beside him: “What did he say his name just now? Zeng Dingyun?”

Huang Zhengyin nodded helplessly, “Yes, my father, the champion of the Huaan City Youth Fight last year.”

Frederick couldn’t help nodding, with a look of appreciation.

But how could Xena think that the three words Zeng Dingyun would have such a miraculous effect.

It would shock the audience.

She suddenly began to worry.

It seems that Zeng Dingyun had set a smoke bomb on himself before, and he has the winning ticket in today’s game!


As expected, a man couldn’t believe a word!

Fortunately, I was so touched at the time, and even agreed to his request impulsively.

It’s good now, brother-in-law’s life is saved, and my mother’s happiness is about to feed the dog.

Wiliam seemed to know her pros and cons, and suddenly he gently held her little hand.

With this grip, there seemed to be a warm current flowing directly from Wiliam’s hand to Xena’s heart.

She felt full of power all over, and the anxiety in her heart gradually subsided.

“Look at it, the show has begun. These two people are not good things.” Wiliam said with a smile.

On the field, Frederick had already stood up.

He was admiring Zeng Dingyun, who was young and promising.

However, admiration is admiration. In his eyes, what about young and promising?

For ordinary people, a champion in a regular game may be famous.

But for Frederick, these formal games are all about fisting.

The real kung fu depends on the martial arts I have inherited for thousands of years!

The two had so different thoughts, and under the sign of a referee, they warmed up before the game.

Frederick didn’t warm up at all, but looked at Zeng Dingyun lightly.

As soon as Zeng Dingyun entered the game, he became serious as if he had changed.

It’s not that he admires Frederick, but the habit he cultivated in competition.

He started raising his legs and holding hands, warming up before the game on the right track.

Seeing Frederick just want to laugh, it’s really critical, but also give you a chance to warm up?


With the referee’s order, the two immediately entered a fighting state.

Frederick put on a grappling stance, while Zeng Dingyun was in a fighting stance.

A battle between ancient and modern, and China and foreign countries, just kicked off.

Looking at Frederick’s old manner, Zeng Dingyun decided to proceed according to plan.

Before Xena made a bitter trick, he was deliberately beaten by Frederick.

The harder the win, the more exciting the heart of the beauty.

So he shouted and rushed towards Frederick.

He secretly told himself not to use his hands, for fear that he would blow the old man across.

The fine water still needs a long flow.

When Frederick saw him coming, he paid some attention in his heart.

After all, the opponent is a champion anyway, and there are still some skills.

Therefore, Frederick paced and passed Zeng Dingyun’s punch, then changed his hand to hook, directly hooked Zeng Dingyun’s neck, and slammed.

Zeng Dingyun was thrown down directly in the air, and his eyes started to show stars.

When everyone saw the first round of the contest, the famous Zeng Dingyun was knocked down by one move, and the scene suddenly became deadly silent!

Anyhow, he is a champion!

Anyway, I have to support a few more tricks!

One hit kills, what a…

What a shame!

The scene suddenly sounded full of boos.

Frederick didn’t even think that he would knock him down when he fell casually, and he couldn’t help but laugh.

Are the worldly fists so weak?

Still called champion like this?

Isn’t that old man going to fight invincible hands all over the world?

Thinking of this, his defense just now came down.

The person in front of him is not worth mentioning.

Although Zeng Dingyun on the ground was smashed, he didn’t suffer any injuries.

Besides, he did it on purpose.

After he fell, he heard boos all over the room, and his first reaction was to see Xena.

Sure enough, Xena showed anxious eyes and shouted out of the court, “Come on! Come on, Brother Zeng! Get up!”

Zeng Dingyun was very proud, haha, this silly Baitian really started to get nervous.

Next, continue to let the old man beat, he still thinks the old man has too much energy.

However, if he knew the reason for Xena’s eagerness, he would definitely vomit blood and die.

Xena watched Zeng Dingyun being smashed in the audience, his first reaction was fucking!

Huanghexian is awesome!

Wouldn’t it be dangerous for my brother-in-law?

Brother Zeng, get up quickly and fight Frederick for somehow!

My brother-in-law can take advantage of it.

All she was thinking of was her brother-in-law, Zeng Dingyun was not dead, she didn’t care about a dime.

Next, Zeng Dingyun began his more heroic performance.

Get up again and again, rush over again and again.

Was thrown back again and again.

Everyone was shocked from the beginning to numb at the back.

What kind of champion is this?

Are you beating the champion?

What a shame, right?

So far, there is no room to fight back?

Just step down quickly.

And Zeng Dingyun was more and more excited by the beating.

Although he was slammed into the stars several times, he almost fainted.

But thinking that he would be able to beat the phoenix tonight, his fighting spirit was up again.

Therefore, after more than ten minutes of life, he was already covered with wounds and blood. When everyone saw his ghostly appearance, it was a bit unbearable.

This girl is still a man, so he won’t admit defeat after being beaten.

And when he saw Xena suddenly shed a tear at this time, he knew that the time was right!

So, Zeng Dingyun got up from the ground again and suddenly roared!

“Xena! Watch it! The real game! It’s only now! Frederick! I wanted to hide my strength and learn from you, but in exchange for your perfunctory, I showdown! Don’t pretend!”

Chapter 456

At this moment, Zeng Dingyun looked embarrassed and embarrassed.

The whole face was covered with blood, and the clothes on his body were in tatters.

However, he even said such a thing.

The people at the scene were all dumbfounded.

This kid was stupid by Frederick, right?

What’s more, the game has just started now and it’s about to end.

It’s still a showdown, don’t play anymore?

What are you pretending?

Even Frederick was puzzled when he heard this sentence.

Could it be that this kid has been hiding just now?

Shouldn’t it?

Usually, people who practice martial arts know that they are there or not when they shoot.

Judging from his ability just now, Zeng Dingyun was just a little bit more powerful than ordinary people.

Basically not a big table.

Not to mention one Zeng Dingyun, ten Zeng Dingyun playing together, Frederick is confident to level them one by one.

Did you miss it?

For a while, Frederick’s expression also became serious.

After Zeng Dingyun said these words, he immediately looked at Xena.

Sure enough, he saw Xena’s mouth widened, and he looked very surprised.

This is the effect Zeng Dingyun wants.

Give her a glimmer of hope in despair, and she will naturally hold it firmly.

Ho ho, chick, let’s have fun tonight.

But from the beginning, Xena was not the psychology Zeng Dingyun saw.

She was really worried about Zeng Dingyun being beaten so badly.

But they were worried about Wiliam.

She felt uncomfortable thinking that Wiliam would be on the court for a while.

Especially seeing Zeng Dingyun’s face covered with blood at the end, Xena seemed to see another Wiliam about to be humiliated.

Therefore, she couldn’t help but shed a tear.

And when he heard Zeng Dingyun’s bold words again, Xena was indeed surprised.

Does this guy still have the strength to fight?

What are you waiting for?

Hurry up!

A few drops of blood from this old monster should be rubbed off.

Zeng Dingyun moved his muscles and bones while observing Frederick’s expression.

Although he was beaten badly just now, he was still within his tolerance.

As long as he goes all out, this Huanghexian is definitely not his opponent.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sneered, “Frederick, I just played enough with you just now, now let’s officially start! Let me say a word, the next battle, life and death are the same!”

After speaking, he immediately rushed towards Frederick!

At this rush, everyone suddenly screamed.


The speed of Zeng Dingyun turned out to be much faster than before!

Sure enough, he is retaining his strength!

While Zeng Dingyun was rushing, he was still thinking about it.

The next game is bound to humiliate this old man.

Otherwise, I would have been beaten in vain for all the pains I had suffered just now.

Half the strength first.

With this half of the strength, there should be no problems in winning Frederick.

So, Zeng Dingyun roared, and the casserole fist slammed towards Huanghexian.

However, Frederick’s eyes drenched, only knowing that the opponent had used all his strength to fight.

He didn’t dare to be careless, and immediately stood firm with an authentic iron bridge, and his fists were blasted out!

As he punched out, Frederick’s heart was also stunned.

This time, it is estimated that you will fight half a cat.

After all, looking at Zeng Dingyun’s vows, if he had a bit of strength, he would definitely not rush over so arrogantly.

Frederick was ready for the two to take a few steps back, and only heard a dull fist bang!


Then, a scene that made everyone stunned appeared.

Frederick was still standing there steadily, motionless!

Instead, it was Zeng Dingyun who rushed over, like a kite with a broken line, flying backwards!

If it wasn’t for the ropes on the martial arts stage to block him, he would probably be bombed directly down the stage!

The result of this punch made the scene rang out!

Everyone’s eyes widened!

Yeah, what happened to Zeng Dingyun?

Wasn’t it that awesome just now?

Didn’t you just say that you are hiding?

Don’t you want to hold your own strength?

What’s the matter, this is all your strength?

There seems to be no difference from the previous Tibetan clumsy?

Are we disconnected, or do you think too much of yourself?

Even Frederick cursed inwardly!

Scared to death!

Frederick was ready to lose both sides. What happened?

Zeng Dingyun is just like a rag, he will fall in one blow?

Your hidden strength is the same as when you were hidden. How did you do it?

When Xena saw this scene, the whole person was stunned, and couldn’t help asking Wiliam: “Brother-in-law, isn’t Zeng Dingyun hiding his strength? How come he looks like a fool?”

Wiliam smiled casually, and said faintly: “In front of a master like Frederick, Zeng Dingyun used 10,000% of his strength, and he is not his opponent.”

Xena was so speechless!

Is this Huanghexian really so powerful?

No, no!

As soon as Zeng Dingyun loses, we will directly admit defeat.

Definitely can’t let Wiliam come to power!

Everyone looked at Zeng Dingyun, who was lying on the side of Yanwu Stage.

Want to know if he is dead?

Zeng Dingyun was on the ground, vomiting a mouthful of blood!

This punch, because Frederick looked at Zeng Dingyun highly, he used 100% of his strength.

How can Zeng Dingyun not hurt?

Zeng Dingyun’s internal organs at the moment seemed to be tossed again, and the whole person was so uncomfortable that he just wanted to vomit a few times!

His whole face also changed.


I really underestimated this Huanghexian!

Using half of his strength, he was not even his opponent.

It seems that this is to force yourself to use all your strength in front of everyone!

Frederick, Frederick, I have given you a chance several times, but you don’t want it!

Now, look at me!

Thinking of this, Zeng Dingyun suddenly laughed frantically.

He slowly got up from the ground, the whole person looked terrifying!

Everyone was dull again by his laugh.

This girl is really crazy.

It is estimated that the brain was injured just now.

It’s so pitiful, a good young man, but couldn’t think of looking for Frederick to fight.

Isn’t this seeking a dead end?

I’m all right now and I’m directly beaten as a child with cerebral palsy.

“What are you laughing at!” Frederick asked coldly.

Zeng Dingyun suddenly spit out blood foam, then wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his hand.

His eyes became fierce, “Frederick! Don’t say I don’t give you a chance! I really underestimate you. Now, I can say to everyone, you are worthy of being my opponent of Zeng Dingyun. However, Only this time, you have no chance to be my opponent again. Because, I want to use 100% of my strength!”

“Come on! Huang Laoer! Ahem!”

Having said that, Zeng Dingyun coughed violently, and then rushed over, like a goshawk fighting a rabbit, imposing power!

Chapter 457

The people on the scene, neatly came again!

What happened to Zeng Dingyun!

No matter how you look at it, it’s cockroach who can’t die!

And the kind of extremely shameless cockroach!

Du Te was beaten and bleeding came, and he was still talking over there?

Actually said that you still didn’t try your best?

Where is his full power?

Would you take it out for everyone to see?

Only bragging here, this champion is simply ashamed.

And Xena is even more headache.

The more she looked, the more she felt that the man in front of her was a fool.

She suddenly felt a deep annoyance.

Was he blind?

Actually treat him as another brother-in-law.

Will my brother-in-law be like this?

I’m so lost.

And Frederick couldn’t help laughing when he saw him uttering wild words again.

After experiencing the false alarm just now, Frederick finally saw that something was coming.

This Zeng Dingyun, even though he was a youth fighting champion, didn’t even enter the threshold of martial arts.

And he probably doesn’t know how terrible traditional martial arts is, right?

Really think you are invincible in the world?

You just hid your strength, so why do you want to sneak me to play?

Thinking of this, Frederick’s heart was not happy anymore.

Really, I was so scared by a little boy that I was almost embarrassed just now.

Now, if you can’t, you have to teach him how to be a man.

Didn’t you keep talking about hiding power?

The old man teaches you how to hide strength!

How to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger to have fun!

Therefore, Frederick flicked aside deliberately at Zeng Dingyun’s goshawk fighting the rabbit.

Zeng Dingyun didn’t work with a single blow, but he was very happy.


I can’t control myself with all my strength!

Finally know that you are hiding?


As a result, Zeng Dingyun fought more and more fiercely, and his two iron fists danced like a tiger.

And Frederick kept dodges.

The people at the scene looked dumb.

what happened?

Why did Frederick start hiding?

Shouldn’t it be positive!

However, Wiliam couldn’t help but laugh.

Xena asked curiously: “Brother-in-law, what’s going on? Is it true that Zeng Dingyun really has some skill, and now Frederick is starting to be afraid?”

Wiliam shook his head slightly, and said, “Can you see it? Although Frederick has been dodging, but his steps are not fast, he always avoids Zeng Dingyun’s attacks within a few minutes. He is full of confidence. He is teasing. Zeng Dingyun is playing like a cat catching a mouse.”

Xena looked at the stage after Wiliam reminded him.

Sure enough, Frederick’s entire popularity was calm and relaxed, even with both hands behind his back, but his footsteps were constantly moving, and Zeng Dingyun could not even touch the corners of his clothes.

However, Zeng Dingyun became more excited.

He kept hinting at himself in his heart, only almost!

Only a little bit, this old immortal can be killed.

Yeah, wasn’t it arrogant just now?

Now you are working against me head-on!

Are you afraid?


Don’t let Lao Tzu catch you!

He became more and more excited as he fought, and in the end he stood up to the sky and screamed. The whole picture looked as if he had won the game and was celebrating his success.

And many people gradually realized the clues.

They saw that Zeng Dingyun was actually exhilarating now, with weird smiles on all his faces.

Where did this idiot come from?

Until now, I still don’t know that I was sneaked by others?

With this ability, dare to brag in front of everyone?

Is this all your strength?

It is estimated that Frederick can easily defeat any beginner disciple!

Frederick hid on the court for five minutes without changing his face and breathing.

However, Zeng Dingyun was beginning to pant like a cow.

Can you not breathe?

Zeng Dingyun was beaten so fast that he could not take care of himself.

Now I am self-heeling again, using every move with all his strength, thinking that he can knock down Huanghexian.

Therefore, his physical strength was able to hold up to now, and everyone was amazed.

On the contrary, Frederick dodged effortlessly, the whole person relaxed.

In the end, Zeng Dingyun really had no idea. He drew a distance from Frederick, panting with his waist, and yelling: “Old Huang, you hit me head-on! Don’t you dare? Give up if you dare, don’t be here. Dodgy, don’t be ashamed!”

This irritating question caused laughter at the scene.

Everyone was laughing at Zeng Dingyun’s ignorance.

But Zeng Dingyun didn’t think so.

He heard the laughter all over the room, and immediately became even more proud, and said loudly: “Did you hear it? There are boos all over the room! If you have a seed, you will fight me head-on! Although I used my full strength, but I believe that you can still hold ten moves under my hands!”

However, this time Frederick spoke.

Frederick looked at Zeng Dingyun jokingly, and said with a smile: “You don’t need ten tricks, one trick.”

Zeng Dingyun was taken aback, a move?

“Hahaha! You are self-aware, knowing that you are facing a confrontation with me, and you can’t even survive a single move. Okay, I admit that I was deceiving you by saying ten tricks just now! Now, if you are afraid, just Give up.”

Frederick sighed, the person in front of him was a clown.

Sure enough, the people who were with Wiliam were all top grades of waste.

Things gather together, and from this Zeng Dingyun, it can be seen that Wiliam is nothing but errands.

End it.

It’s embarrassing to have coaxed with a little boy for so long, and it doesn’t sound good to spread it out.

Therefore, this time Frederick took the initiative to rush towards Zeng Dingyun.

Zeng Dingyun looked overjoyed and roared: “Haha! It’s just right! I’ll let you taste it! My Huaan City Fighting Champion’s nirvana! Vigorously lock the throat!”

After shouting, he also rushed towards Frederick!

“Bang!” The bodies of the two slammed together!

This time, Frederick refused to give up, and really did it directly!

But this also means that the game is over.

Frederick’s punch hit Zeng Dingyun’s stomach fiercely!

Zeng Dingyun was beaten so that his body was bowed ninety degrees!

Then, Frederick tried hard!

Zeng Dingyun flew out like a tattered jar!

With this punch, Frederick’s momentum is drastically sinking!

Even the ropes that had blocked Zeng Dingyun broke all at this moment.

Zeng Dingyun fell directly off the court. He propped up his body with his hands. Just about to speak, his throat suddenly hurt!

“Wow!” A big mouthful of blood spouted from his mouth!

Some broken internal organs are even visible to the naked eye!

If it were not for Zeng Dingyun who was a little tougher than ordinary people, this punch would be enough to kill him!

Deafening cheers came from the scene!


It really only took a punch!

Frederick directly defeated Zeng Dingyun, who had been defeated by this golden jade!

Really a master of Q City ( Qena City )!

After Zeng Dingyun spit out a mouthful of blood, his whole face turned pale.

He looked at the stage in disbelief, and shouted ferociously: “Impossible! How could this be possible! Huang Laoer, you didn’t take some powerful pills! Or you played supernormally! Otherwise, how could you defeat me who did my best? !”

Chapter 458

The people at the scene, including Frederick, were directly speechless.

Where did this idiot come from!

Can’t you see the situation up to now?

I’m a thousand times stronger than you!

Are you still doing your best?

You used 10,000% of your strength to fight me, and I still beat you.

I really don’t know where you have such confidence?

But Frederick wouldn’t say these words, after all, it was a bit of an affair to care about such a fool.

However, Frederick was still satisfied.

He had teased this idiot just now, and he could imagine it, and it would be okay for Wiliam to give up immediately.

If he really dared to take the stage, the ending would be exactly the same as this idiot.

Little idiot, see clearly, right?

This is called the real pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger!

This is a great skill and no work, great wisdom is foolish.

Study hard!

Frederick did not answer, but the people at the scene helped him answer.

Boos all over the room came toward Zeng Dingyun.

“Cut, I thought Zeng Dingyun was so great, it turned out to be a big silly hat, even if he didn’t have the ability, he was so defiant.”

“I’m embarrassed, I have completely lost the face of Huaan City.”

“Go back to Hua’an City and practice hard. No, just like you, if you practice for thousands of years, you won’t be Frederick’s opponent.”

Zeng Dingyun’s face turned pale.

He thought about it before he fights.

But the body has been severely traumatized.

He finally realized feebly that he had lost.

How can I lose!

This Frederick is so strong!

Doesn’t he only know how to embroider his legs?

Isn’t this Huanghexian different from those wild roads?

Thinking of this, Zeng Dingyun was very angry!

He originally wanted to use this life-and-death struggle to achieve his goal of standing up.

Unexpectedly, I lost!

That Xena over there…

Thinking of this, he immediately looked at Xena.

Xena’s eyes were full of unwillingness.

Zeng Dingyun was overjoyed, there is still drama!

This is silly and sweet, I feel sorry for myself!

In this case…

Zeng Dingyun immediately used all his strength to get up from the ground and stumbled towards Xena.

He pretended to have more than enough energy, and said sadly: “Ruoshuang, I’m sorry, I failed you, and I came to see you with no face.”

“It’s good to know.” Xena’s mouth was quick, and he said what was in his heart.

Zeng Dingyun was taken aback, “What did you say?”

Xena quickly changed his face, revealing a sad look, and said, “Brother Zeng, I don’t blame you. I am also very distressed to see you like this. You should take a good rest first.”

Zeng Dingyun immediately became excited, and regardless of his injuries, he said: “Ruoshuang, I swear to God, when I recover from the injury, I will definitely find this face for you.”

“Hmm.” Xena nodded pretendingly.

Suddenly, Zeng Dingyun had a plan, and said bitterly to Xena, “Ruoshuang, I will go back to the hotel now. Can you come to me at night? I have something very important for you.

Although his body was wounded, his lust did not die.

But he asked someone to buy a good thing in his pocket, no need to be a pity.

I believe that under the influence of this little Shenshui, I can fight for 300 rounds on another battlefield, just calling this little beauty sore.

Xena looked guilty and said, “Brother Zeng, don’t worry, you are injured on the court for us. It is reasonable and reasonable. I will go over to see you tonight.”

Zeng Dingyun is happier, hahaha, this little fool is really cheating.

He could not see that Wiliam on the side suddenly moved his nose slightly, and then he showed an inscrutable smile.

“Then I will send you the address in a while, you must come.” Zeng Dingyun said deeply.

“Hmm! Don’t worry! I will do what I say.” Xena also responded affectionately.

Seeing her reassuring, Zeng Dingyun walked toward the outside of the martial arts gym with satisfaction.

Although the game was lost, Zeng Dingyun was extremely excited at the moment.

The mulberry and elm that the East has lost.

Unexpectedly, there is this unexpected Yanfu.


At this moment, he can’t wait for the time to come to night immediately.

After he left, Xena rolled his eyes and muttered to Wiliam: “This big silly guy, he wants to lie to me to go to the hotel. The ghosts can see that he covets his sister’s beauty! Don’t go!”

Wiliam smiled and nodded, “Well, I really can’t go. His methods are a bit dirty.”

“Dirty?” Xena frowned.

Wiliam suddenly attached to her ear and said softly: “Just now, I smelled a potion on him.”

“Potion? What kind of potion?” Xena asked quietly.

Wiliam has a black line. You are very smart, why suddenly become stupid.

He really didn’t know how to explain to this little girl for a while, so he could only say vaguely: “It’s just a little potion that can make people happy and irritating, not a good thing. I didn’t smell it before, probably The bottle is intact. After the fight, the bottle is probably damaged, so the smell comes out.”

Xena just didn’t react, but now he heard Wiliam say that, his face turned red.

Can she still guess what this thing is?

She looked at where Zeng Dingyun had left, and suddenly a fierce look appeared in her eyes!

Good you Zeng Dingyun!

You are a hypocrite, but you are still a complete bastard!

Want to use this dirty method to get my old lady!


Don’t you want me to pass tonight!

I am as you wish!

Xena already had a plan of revenge in his heart!

And Frederick saw that Wiliam was still in the mood to flirt with the little beauty in the audience, his face suddenly became cold, “Wiliam, your people have already lost, what do you say?”

Wiliam raised his head and looked at Frederick.

And Xena on the side, waking up from a dream, quickly shouted: “We give up, we give up!”

In her opinion, Frederick’s performance just now was superb.

Even Zeng Dingyun was not Frederick’s opponent, and now the sickly Wiliam was no longer an opponent.

Going up is to die.

Now admit defeat, although a little bit of counsel, but at any rate can save his life.

For the present plan, we can only ask for perfection.

“Brother-in-law, stay with the green hills, not afraid of firewood.” Xena quickly whispered to Wiliam for fear of Wiliam’s impulse.

Around, there was once again boos from the sky.

And Frederick shook his head disappointedly when he saw Lu Yewan’s answer.

Ho ho, I’m still scared.

It seemed that the skill he showed just now was too much, and it scared this little baby.

For a while, Frederick regretted a bit, and just now he should have completely hidden himself.

“Never mind, since you admit defeat, then you will fulfill our previous gambling agreement, be a slave and a maid, and live forever…”

Before he finished speaking, his eyes suddenly narrowed!

Wiliam, lift your foot!

Came up slowly.

“Stupid Ruoshuang, have you ever heard a word? The green hills are still there, hanging the sunset red…”

Chapter 459

The eyes of the people at the scene are about to drop!


Zeng Dingyun, a idiot who has gone, now has a big idiot again?

When I came up, I uttered cynicism!

He was even mader than Zeng Dingyun just now!

What green hills are still there, hanging the sunset red?

Who is Qingshan? Is it himself?

Who is sunset red?

Could it be Frederick?

Simply bold!

Numerous boos suddenly sounded at the scene.

But Xena’s face turned pale.

She rushed up, grabbed Wiliam, and said fiercely: “Brother-in-law, are you crazy! You don’t see how good this old man is just now! With your body, don’t you go up and die? Goodbye, let’s give up. , I will comfort you when I go home, OK?”

Wiliam was dragged by Bai Rushuang and had no choice but to say: “Ruoshuang, let go, so many people are watching, you are not ashamed.”

Bai Rushuang glanced at everyone on the court, but said stubbornly: “I don’t care! You are not allowed to go up! You go up and I will die for you!”

Wiliam advised, Xena, the people at the scene were just watching a romantic drama.

Frederick was even more angry from it, “Hu Hong! Wiliam, what do you think this is! Is it the amusement park for your children!”

Wiliam glanced at Frederick, and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, give me five minutes, the harem, I bah, the backyard is on fire, I will put out the fire.”

Xena was blushed by Wiliam’s mistake.

Bah, shameless brother-in-law!

Who is your harem!

It’s not enough for a sister, and you want all the sisters to spend?

Want to be beautiful!

“Ruoshuang, don’t rush, go down quickly.” Wiliam said to Xena politely.

But Xena was in a hurry. Suddenly he knelt down and hugged Wiliam’s thighs, and said grievously: “I don’t! I won’t! You go up here because you want us, I pooh! Let my sister widowed to marry again Right!”

Wiliam looked at Xena’s little daughter, who was sloppy, rubbing her head and said, “Are you so confident in your brother-in-law?”

Xena suddenly looked at Wiliam in surprise.

Touch the head to kill?

This is what my brother-in-law only used to kill my sister!

Now you use it to yourself?

A little joy suddenly welled out of her heart, and she immediately pucked again, thinking about it!

This girl really wants the sisters to fly with each other.

Go ahead.

“You are not the opponent of that old monster.” Xena calmly said to himself.

“I’m pooh! Look at Brother-in-law Bian again. Brother-in-law really ignores you. The old man on the other side, brother-in-law beat him and the whole family for nothing.” Wiliam said gently to Xena.

Although one of these two is pulling, the other is persuading.

But one bite of old monsters, one bite of old immortality.

The whole face of Frederick who was standing next to him was black!

Is there something wrong with you two!

The discussion belongs to the negotiation!

The old man has provoke you!

Lying on the ground was hit by an atomic bomb, which made Frederick’s whole body angry.

He suddenly rushed over, Xena had been paying attention to Frederick, and suddenly screamed, “Yeah! This old monster is here! I know he is a shameless old monster, and he is a sneak attack!”
Wiliam suddenly used force and directly hugged Xena.

He embraced Xena’s slender and graceful water snake waist, and when he retreated, he placed Xena off the court.

Then, when Xena reacted, he rushed to the martial arts stage again.

Although Frederick was in front of him, Wiliam’s heart was still on Xena.

He turned to Xena and said, “Don’t worry if Ruoshuang, brother-in-law promises you that nothing will happen. If I get injured, you can do whatever you want tonight.”

Xena blushed.

I bah bah bah!

Brother-in-law is getting shameless.

What is it? Whatever I do tonight!

What else can I do with you!

What do you want me to do with you?

But after Wiliam’s gagging, Xena could only accept the reality that Wiliam came to power.

Because there is an obsession in her heart.

Brother-in-law can do it if he can say it.

That night, did the brother-in-law also said bold words?

Although it seems to be an impossible miracle, if it is on the brother-in-law, it may be nothing.

After all, brother-in-law is the embodiment of miracles.

With this mind in mind, Xena began to keep hinting to himself that her brother-in-law will win!

And Frederick on the field has a crooked nose!

This Wiliam is even thicker than Zeng Dingyun just now!

Hang my whole family?

Still not hurt?

Zeng Dingyun just now is your fate!

Thinking of this, Frederick suddenly calmed down.

Yes, this kid is already on stage.

That shows that everything is still going at its own pace.

Next thing.

Then you can make fun of this kid.

Let the audience see what it would be like to offend Frederick!

Be sure, it is a thousand times more miserable than Zeng Dingyun just now!

Moreover, this kind of bitterness, I want you to taste it slowly!

One punch and one kick can’t solve the problem, of course, it takes hundreds of punches to vent your anger!

Ho ho, what I am hesitating now is, how much strength should I use for this kid?

Five points?

Look at him high.

Three points?

Roughly the same.

Therefore, Frederick was teasing again and said to Wiliam: “Boy, are you ready?”

Wiliam carried his hands on his back and said lazily, “For you, there is no need to prepare.”

Frederick had stabilized his mind, but was almost collapsed by this sentence.

This guy has a black belly to the extreme!


Come on then!

My prestige is enough to deter you!

He rushed towards Wiliam, weighing his strength in his heart, for fear that he would be beaten to death with a punch.

However, Wiliam’s eyes flashed a strange color.

He is now in the same realm as Frederick, and he is also a warrior in the middle stage of Wai Jin.

As soon as Frederick made his move, Wiliam only heard the inaudible sound of breaking the wind, and knew that he, the old immortal, was actually learning from just Zeng Dingyun, pretending to be a pig and a tiger.

Ho ho, Zeng Dingyun just now was not a tiger, but a pig.

But, where is Wiliam?

Frederick’s punch was already near, and Wiliam didn’t even bother to hide.

He raised his hand and suddenly his fist burst!

With blood!

He seems to be able to hear the blood rushing in his body!

“Looking at the mountains!” Wiliam shouted, with a fist like a mountain collapse!

Frederick’s three levels of skill, where is Wiliam’s opponent in this attack.

Seeing a punch, Frederick flew directly out of the field with lightning speed!

“You lost.” Wiliam said lightly.

There was a dead silence at the scene!

Who dares to think of it!

Who can think of it!

It will end like this!

With one punch, a super expert like Frederick was hit directly!


Many people rubbed their eyes and found that Frederick was lying on the ground off the court. They were shocked to discover that it was reality, not a dream!

And Frederick, the whole person is almost a dog!

He jumped up from the ground and shouted loudly: “It didn’t count just now! The referee hasn’t started shouting yet! Let’s start over!”

Chapter 460

The people at the scene were immediately speechless.

No one thought that Frederick, who had always been respected and respected, would actually say such things in front of everyone.

The referee still shouts to start?

Whatever he said, it seemed like Zeng Dingyun was playing a rogue just now.

How could it appear on Frederick’s body?

Besides, who did it first?

Frederick made the move first.

However, due to Frederick’s majesty, everyone was afraid to speak.

Everyone at the scene cast shocked eyes at Wiliam.

This kid was so arrogant that everyone thought that this was another Zeng Dingyun.

But who knows that this guy really has two brushes, and he punched a master like Frederick out of the field.

Is Frederick taking it lightly, or is everything just a coincidence?

With such doubts, everyone suddenly looked forward to the next plot.

Frederick got on the stage neatly and stood in front of Wiliam again.

Before he took the stage, he actually checked his body.

Found that there is no major problem.

Wiliam’s punch just now seemed like the thunder was loud, but in fact it was raining little.

I must have been too careless.

Who can think of it, this kid actually has two brushes.

No wonder Zheng Yin would be defeated in his hands. This kid had too many insidious tricks, and he was not even wary of himself.

Yeah, it made me lose such a big face in front of so many people, Wiliam, you are looking for death!

I will use five levels of skill to drive you into a place where no one can recover!

And Wiliam looked at Frederick’s furious look with a joking expression.

With that punch just now, Wiliam was just trying.

Even he didn’t think that Frederick was knocked into the air directly by himself.

But, after that punch just now, Wiliam also knew in his heart.

Even if Frederick used all his strength, he might not be his opponent.

He is in the same realm as him, but with “Nine Types of Impermanence”, which Frederick can’t keep up with.

It is obvious that Frederick’s martial arts is not as good as his own.

Wiliam smiled and asked the referee who was in a daze, “Doesn’t it count?”

The referee was agitated and looked at Frederick instinctively.

Seeing Frederick’s face, how dare the referee say anything, he said hurriedly: “Naturally, it doesn’t count. My referee still doesn’t start shouting, you’re just silly! If you do this again, I will just call you out! “

The referee’s words caused the people at the scene to be speechless again.

It’s a pity that most of them are the clerks of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall, and they dare not say anything.

“Now, can I start calling? I’m afraid Frederick can’t wait to rush over, and then fly out again. Flying around like this is no way.” Wiliam said lightly.

Xena, who was already extremely nervous in the audience, was amused by the black-bellied Wiliam and laughed.

This brother-in-law is too bad!

Every sentence punishes the heart.

Is Frederick shameless? Fly around, your description is great!

At this moment, her nervous heart suddenly relaxed.

Not only because of Wiliam’s punch just now, it was self-proving, but also because of Wiliam’s attitude.

From the very beginning, Wiliam didn’t have the Yellow Crane Immortal in his eyes.

Brother-in-law is not the kind of person who speaks wild words.

What he said, now it seems that he can do it.

Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, you are amazing.

How long has it been before going to the Lin family?

At that time, you faced those bastards, even though they were not good at it, they were able to sweat you out anyway.

Now, standing opposite, but Frederick this old monster.

He played fifty punks one at a time, it must not be a problem at all.

But the brother-in-law actually flew Frederick with one punch.

This progress is too fast!

I worry about you for nothing!


Fortunately, I sacrificed Hue to want Zeng Dingyun that fool to help.

In the end, it turned out that I was the one who was passionate and troubled.

If it weren’t for the brother-in-law reminding him in the middle, maybe he would be successful by that girl tonight.

I should have let the idiot stay here just now to see how powerful my brother-in-law is.

For a while, Xena’s eyes were filled with stars again.

But the scene was silent, and Xena’s smile immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

Frederick stared at Xena, his eyes bursting with fire.

One by one, I want to die, right?

The referee shouted at Frederick’s sign to start, and Frederick rushed over again.

It’s just that he didn’t have any intentions this time. Although he only used five levels of skill, in the eyes of everyone, he was as powerful as a tiger!

Wiliam hit the head, fists and fists.

Frederick’s body retreated several steps.

Although he was not as embarrassed as he flew out just now, Frederick’s face was still full of incredible!

He couldn’t help but exclaimed: “How is it possible! You can take my punch!”

Everyone at the scene was speechless.

Now it’s Frederick’s turn to see the situation?

Obviously Wiliam directly repelled Frederick.

The weaker one is Frederick.

He could still say the embarrassment that Wiliam took his punch.

Wiliam looked at Frederick amusedly, and said, “You don’t have to keep your strength anymore? Have you forgotten the end of Zeng Dingyun?”

Frederick was so angry that his nose was crooked.

Actually compare the old man with that overweight kid!

In your eyes, the old man is not as good as that Zeng Dingyun!

Since you are looking for death!

Come on then!

“Okay! You deserve to be a hero! You deserve my all-out attack! However, once I do my best, I won’t blame the heavens and others when I am really dead!” Frederick said grimly.

The scene continued to be silent, and everyone seemed like a world away.

There is really a feeling of reappearance of the scene.

Frederick retained his strength and his current rebellious appearance was the same as Zeng Dingyun just now.

And Frederick didn’t understand the eyes of everyone, and suddenly roared, and there was a faint momentum circulating on his body!

Step by step, he slowly walked towards Wiliam!

It seemed that he wanted to make Wiliam not stand by this invisible pressure!

And Wiliam showed a serious look for the first time.

Although he took advantage of words, he did not dare to neglect the slightest in the real battle.

After all, the winner is the last one.

Xena became nervous again.

She felt that the real game was only beginning now.

Just now it was just a little coax.

“The knife is coming!” Frederick suddenly shouted while walking!

Everyone was stunned, but immediately there was a disciple who threw a large gold wire knife at Frederick!


There are also weapons!

Everyone didn’t know how to complain about Frederick for a while.

But Frederick danced at will for a while, and the gold-wired big ring knives screamed!

He pointed at Wiliam horizontally!

“This is the strongest state of the old man! Take it to death! Ignorant child!”


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