Dragon Husband Chapter 461-470

Chapter 461

Xena saw this big sword dancing violently, and immediately shouted from below, “I rely on you, an old monster! Do you want your old face anymore! Wiliam doesn’t have weapons, you actually did. Weapon! Give it to me if you don’t want this old face! I’ll take it to feed the salted fish!”

Xena was indeed anxious.

Originally, Wiliam had a good chance of winning, but the current situation showed a major reversal with the appearance of a big knife.

How could Wiliam fight someone with a knife with his bare hands?

I have lived for most of my life, and now I don’t even need my old face!

It’s shameful!

The people at the scene also looked at each other, not expecting Frederick to come to this end in the end.

It looks like cheating.

However, Frederick said in a cold voice, “Ho ho, the old man wanted to learn from this kid, as long as he clicked. But this kid is pushing too much! Isn’t he crazy? Isn’t he going to make me go all out? Okay, I will let him see my strength. Besides, our gambling agreement does not state that we don’t bring weapons. He doesn’t bring them and can do with me?”

The righteous words of this remark instantly threw the black pot on Wiliam’s body.

Xena was so angry that she kept spitting down below to express her dissatisfaction.

The disciples at the Tianyi Martial Arts Hall at the scene are naturally the master who guards them.

“Yeah, who doesn’t know in Q City ( Qena City ) that my master is famous for being a big ring sword with a golden thread. Doesn’t he mean breaking his arm without a sword?”

“Who told this kid not to take the weapon? How can my master fail to do this? You didn’t bring pens for exams when you were in school?”

“It’s just that this kid is so arrogant and annoys my master. My master’s big ring knife has not been drinking blood for several years. See you today. You should feel lucky for Sansheng.”

Listening to these people plausible, Xena’s face flushed red, and she shouted to the stage: “Brother-in-law, come down, let’s not fight the rogue!”

But Frederick was cold-eyed at Wiliam, “Why? I was shocked when I saw my knife? You still have a chance to step down.”

Wiliam frowned slightly, he didn’t even deny Frederick’s sudden knife-hunting behavior.

But the matter has reached this point, Wiliam has no way out.

He first looked at the referee, after all, the referee is the biggest here.

And the referee is naturally Frederick’s person, he said in a deep voice: “Your betting agreement is clearly written, and there is no clear statement that you cannot bring weapons. The game begins!”

A trace of triumph flashed in Frederick’s eyes, holding the gold wire big ring knife and cutting off at Wiliam.

There was an exclamation on the scene.

This is going to be cut to death!

Looking at the gold wire big ring knife, it is shining with cold light under the light, and it must be extremely sharp.

If this is chopped down, there will be no difference in the body!

Lu Yexuan!

Sure enough, Wiliam confronted the gold wire big ring knife with his bare hands.

He was forced to dodge around the court.

This scene made Frederick feel very happy.

Anyway, he has lost face today.

Now, I can finally get a breath of bad breath in my heart.

He didn’t think about accepting Wiliam as his apprentice anymore.

This son was born stubborn and reluctant to give up. He is by no means good.

Still beheading him here today is even more powerful for myself.

As a result, Frederick’s gold wire big ring sword danced harder.

From the distance of the scene, the sound of the wind breaking with the big ring sword could be faintly heard.

Not to mention Wiliam at the center of the storm.

Huang Zhengyin on the side shook his head.

The admiration in his heart for his father is slowly dissipating with the appearance of the golden wire big ring knife.

Father’s disdainful behavior is simply a scum of the world!

How can one claim to be a warrior!

How dare a great master!

Huang Zhengyin suddenly felt that it was a deeper shame to be born in Tianyi Martial Arts Hall and to be the son of Frederick!

“Wiliam, be careful!” Huang Zhengyin saw that the situation was not good for Wiliam, and couldn’t help shouting when Wiliam was in crisis.

The shout made Frederick even more angry.

Having a son is also a traitor!

Good you Wiliam!

You broke my son!

Die to me!

“Drink!” Frederick danced his sword and stormed towards Wiliam again.

Wiliam didn’t dare to get close, so he could only keep traveling around him.

However, even Frederick couldn’t detect it, although Wiliam kept dodge.

But his footsteps are not at all flustered.

Otherwise, Frederick would have caught the flaw.

For a while, the scene was a bit stalemate.

Everyone’s hearts are mentioned to their throats.

It depends on when Wiliam was exhausted and his flaws were exposed.

Frederick was full of confidence, and the confidence came from Wiliam.

He knew that Wiliam had just rescued a few days ago, and his body had not fully recovered.

From just now, his face was pale and his footsteps were vacant. It was the first punch that was thunder and rain.

His physical strength has been seriously overdrawn, and now it is just the end of the force.

As long as he persisted, the physical strength of this kid would definitely collapse.

At that time, it was a good time for myself to be happy and enmity.

Sure enough, Frederick’s thoughts were not over yet, and he saw Wiliam’s footsteps trembled slightly.

The opportunity is here!

Frederick was overjoyed, seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, raised his sword towards Wiliam’s bottom plate!

“Wow!” The people at the scene actually stood up together.

Everyone could tell that Wiliam had lost his focus.

His body is slowly falling to the ground and is no longer under his control.

And Frederick’s ability to grasp the opportunity is extremely good, Wiliam fell, his sword arrived!

With this cut, Wiliam couldn’t hide it!

Seeing blood!

But at this moment, the confident Frederick suddenly stagnated and threw the knife in his hand directly, clutching his hands and howling in pain.

And Wiliam’s body finally escaped Frederick’s mortal blow at the moment of his death!

Wiliam fell to the ground with a dull ground sound.

And everyone’s eyes widened.

I can’t understand the situation at the scene at all.

Frederick is obviously going to win, why throw a knife at the last moment?

It’s like throwing away a hot potato.

And now, Frederick is still wailing in pain.

what’s the problem?

When everyone was puzzled, Frederick suddenly roared at Wiliam in anger, “You mean villain! You actually used a hidden weapon to hurt people!”

As he spoke, he let go of his right hand.

Everyone saw goose bumps all over!

I saw Frederick’s right wrist, a vermilion silver needle was inserted impressively!

The silver needle entered Frederick’s wrist directly, and the needle came out from the other end, shining with cold light!

And the vermilion at the other end is red when drinking blood, just like breathing, glowing red!

It really hurt people with a secret arrow!

The people on the scene, they flew up and down!

Chapter 462

You know, in the formal competition, the dark arrow is the most contemptible.

Because it violates the integrity of the warrior at all!

Now, Wiliam had a hidden weapon to hurt people!

It’s so blatant!

So many people watched the scene!

Those people were extremely angry and shouted loudly, “I rely on this kid to be despicable and shameless! If you lose, you lose. Can’t you afford to lose!”

“I hate this kind of dog thief who hides in the dark and hurts people the most. Get off the stage for me!”

“If Lao Tzu, I would rather have this neck cut off by Frederick than a hidden weapon! It’s shameless!”

There was a lot of scolding at the scene.

But Wiliam was cold-eyed.

Suddenly, he chuckled slightly.

The people at the scene were waiting for Wiliam to give them an explanation, when they suddenly heard Wiliam’s laughter, they all became quiet.

At this time, you can still laugh?

This is provoking public anger!

Even Frederick didn’t know why Wiliam could still laugh!

“Do you know why I am laughing?” Wiliam suddenly looked around.

The people around shook their heads, but the anger on their faces continued.

Wiliam suddenly looked at the referee, “Hey, since you said just now, the gambling agreement does not state that you can’t bring weapons or that you can’t bring hidden weapons?”



Eh eh eh! !

The people at the scene were told by Wiliam that they directly Spartan.

Even the referee originally had to impose sanctions on Wiliam, but he was sluggish when asked so.

This kid, the question is so profound!

The referee only said on the front foot that he said that he could bring a weapon without a weapon.

After all, he had guarded Frederick and condoned Frederick with weapons.

But now, gambling appointments say that there is no hidden weapon, which means that you can bring hidden weapons?

Such a comparison is so simple!

The referee won’t even refute it!

After all, this rebuttal would even be refuted with Frederick’s weapon.

He was at a loss.

He has hosted countless events in his life, and for the first time I met such a tricky player.

What can I do now…

Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded. They were still filled with righteous indignation. Frederick brought weapons and they all accepted helplessly. Wiliam used a hidden weapon on his back. Why couldn’t they accept it?

Can’t accept it, isn’t this slapped in the face?


The anger in everyone’s eyes burst out.

Watching a game, I feel so tired.

Both people on the court seem to be shameless!

The referee frantically asked Frederick for help.

Frederick’s right hand was oozing blood, and his eyes sharpened.

He signaled to the referee and severely suppressed me!

The referee got the order, and then hesitated and said: “What, the rules of the arena, using hidden weapons is not acceptable. This is the rules of the arena!”

After speaking, he was relieved, this question, perfect!

Because there are indeed such conventional rules.

But Wiliam smiled again, “It’s wrong that there are rules of the world, but I am not a member of the world.”



Eh eh eh!

The referee was dumbfounded again.

Not in the middle of the river?
What the hell?

After the huge twists and turns in their hearts just now, the people at the scene laughed all together after hearing what Wiliam said.

Putting aside the shamelessness of this kid, he is quite upright.

But he was right, this kid was not a member of the world at all, but just an unknown man.

Tell him what arena rules?

The referee was helpless again, “That, that, that…”

“That what? Do you want me to give you another reason?” Wiliam suddenly walked towards the referee.

The referee stepped back several steps, obviously the potential of life and death exploded, “You don’t want to come here, what do you want to do? Just say it if you have something.”

Lu Yehehe smiled, “I will treat myself as a member of the rivers and lakes, otherwise I would bully you too much. However, how come my silver needle is a hidden weapon?”

The referee was taken aback, “Why isn’t the silver needle so small a hidden weapon?”

Wiliam said lightly: “Small things are hidden weapons? Everyone may also know that I am a healer, and it is natural for me to use needles. Is it true that I am a healer, I want to learn from the old tricks. A big knife?”

Everyone was crying.

It makes sense.

Yes, I heard that this kid is a doctor, and he saved many people a few days ago.

It seemed so reasonable that he used needles as weapons.

It feels more reasonable than Frederick’s sudden appearance of a big ring sword with gold thread!

Reasonable brother!

Frederick was trembling with anger after hearing these words!

Despicable and shameless!

The use of hidden weapons is so grandiose!

Not a thing!

But at this moment, his right hand has been pierced by the silver needle, and he feels almost out of strength.

A feeling of failure suddenly appeared in his heart.

Never lose!

Frederick can be regarded as a figure calling for rain in Q City ( Qena City ) over the past few years, with peaches and plums all over the world.

If this is lost to Wiliam, a hairy boy, how can you still mess around in the future?

I am afraid I will be laughed at for thousands of years!

Thinking of this, he looked at the referee.

The referee was immediately stunned, and suddenly he couldn’t understand the meaning of Frederick’s eyes.

And Wiliam also looked at the referee, “Why? Don’t you call the start? If you don’t call the start for a while, it doesn’t count that you are responsible?”

This sentence made the people on the scene laugh again.

This girl’s mouth is too poisonous, and he slapped him a bit before.

This referee is too difficult.

The referee is really difficult, and it’s rare to blow up his head.

He couldn’t help but look at Frederick and hesitated, “Is this open or not starting…”

With this question, the people at the scene immediately knew what was going on?

It turned out to be a group of people, no wonder that Frederick was kidded in every possible way.

This is too unfair to Wiliam.

Xena took the lead and booed below.

The scene suddenly sounded full of boos.

To start, or not to start, this is a question in the minds of current referees.

Finally, he bit his head and shouted, “Go!”

After all, he is a professional referee and will depend on this for food in the future.

Can Frederick support him for a lifetime if he is unemployed?

With the start of the referee, Frederick scolded angrily, grabbed the knife in his left hand, and started dancing again.

With this dance, the people on the scene stayed again.


This Huang Crane Immortal is really capable!

You can shoot left or right!

The right hand is abandoned, and the left hand is still dancing so beautifully.

Even better than the right hand dance just now.

Wiliam was also slightly stunned, not thinking that Frederick was still hiding such a hand.

Huang Zhengyin in the audience sighed and said softly: “Wiliam, you really have the ability to force my dad’s last killer out.”

” Q City ( Qena City ) is afraid that no one knows. My dad used a left-handed knife when he walked the rivers and lakes in his early years…”

Chapter 463

Sure enough, the atmosphere on the scene solidified again with Frederick’s dancing.

The situation can change again.

Really breathtaking.

Frederick forcibly endured the pain in his right hand, with hatred in his heart.

This left-hand knife, Frederick has been useless for more than 20 years.

Because he lost his left hand knife in the hand of a person back then, and then swore to never use his left hand again.

Today, he was forced to break his vow by this kid.

If the big guy knew he broke the precept in public, he wouldn’t be able to make a comeback and take his own dog life.

All this kid!

Thinking of this, Frederick was furious.

He whispered and danced the crazy knife, and he felt a sense of impenetrability.

This left hand knife is both offensive and defensive.

The sword is like a windmill dancing wildly, capable of attacking and defending.

It was because of the airtight sword strength that Wiliam’s silver needle could not penetrate at all.

The people at the scene were all shocked when they saw this shocking scene.

Many people ask themselves if they can attack under this airtight wall of swords.

I’m afraid there is no such thing.

Wiliam was going to suffer.

However, Wiliam didn’t start to dodge like everyone thought this time.

Instead, he took the initiative to rush towards Frederick.

The scene was dazed.

Is this going to die?

This knife wall is like a meat grinder. If it rushes over, it will be directly mixed into meat!

Xena’s face turned pale with tension below, and her small fist was tightly clenched.

But Wiliam suddenly collapsed out of thin air at the moment of his death!

An invisible cold light radiated from Wiliam’s hand!

Frederick was full of confidence and planned to mince Wiliam into fleshy flesh, but at this time he wailed again!

When his sword was stagnant, he began to dance again.

But everyone saw that a red silver needle was inserted into Frederick’s leg.

The silver needle actually penetrated the knife wall!

how can that be!

Many people stood up from their chairs with shock on their faces!

How fast should this knife dance? People at the scene could only see a round of cold light.

It stands to reason that this silver needle cannot penetrate!

Where is the problem?

But Wiliam sneered after the needle, “Xiao Li’s flying knife will not only have one.”

As he said, his hands suddenly lit up.

I saw a cold light flashing between his fingers!

All are vermilion silver needles!

The people at the scene simply couldn’t complain!

Xiao Li’s flying knife indeed has more than one knife, but there are not thousands of them!

You are too shameless!

Imagine that if these needles are all pierced on a person’s body, they must be pierced into a hedgehog.

When Frederick saw these needles, his anger was even heavier.

Frederick couldn’t understand how the needle passed through the knife wall just now.

He can only blame the boy’s luck.

But then, it is absolutely impossible for him to pass another needle!

Frederick has confidence in his sword wall, after all, this is his ability to walk the rivers and lakes to save his life.

Sure enough, Wiliam’s silver needles shot out again and again.
Accompanied by a ding-ding sound, it was clear that the silver needles were blocked by Frederick’s knife wall.

A lot of silver needles were gradually piled on the ground.

There is no more close body.

Frederick saw it and laughed.

Sure enough, it was just a shit luck.

Now that you are exhausted, it’s the old man’s turn to take action!

But just when Frederick wanted to make a move, he saw Wiliam sneer.

Frederick instinctively took a step back.

This kid’s smile almost gave Frederick a shadow.

It’s too cripple.

Now he can’t take it for a long time, why can he still laugh!

He smiled a woolen thread!

People at the scene also saw Wiliam smile, and they were also confused.

But Wiliam showed a few silver needles again, and suddenly asked, “Do you know why the first needle hit you?”

Frederick was taken aback, “It’s not that you’re out of luck!”

Wiliam shook his head faintly, and said, “That’s because I can shoot if I want to shoot.”


The people at the scene were in an uproar!

This is too crazy!

I didn’t see the silver needles at the back all fell on the ground, so why would I find myself down!

If you can do it, you can shoot me now!

Frederick also said coldly: “Okay, then I will wait and see! Anyway, the old man’s physical strength is more!”

Wiliam, accompanied by the sky’s boos, suddenly pointed to Frederick’s right leg, and gently spit out two words, “Right leg.”

Then he shook his hand.

The people at the scene didn’t have time to react, and they heard Frederick’s low wailing.

Sure enough, a silver needle was inserted straight into his right leg!

The people at the scene are suffocating!


Is it a coincidence again!

This is so ghostly!

Couldn’t it be hit just now?

Now you can fight wherever you want?

Did you just ignore Frederick’s famous stunt?

Even Frederick couldn’t believe the two words that Wiliam just spit out!

It must be a coincidence again!

However, Wiliam’s silver needle suddenly shot out again.

On the mouth, faintly said a few parts, “Left knee, three centimetres between ribs, right shoulder, right arm bend.”

As his voice fell, Frederick suddenly heard a more painful scream.

Everyone was so scared that their souls would fly out!

There were really silver needles in those parts of Frederick!

This silver needle seemed to fly into the sky and escape from the ground. It was sent out from Wiliam’s hand, and then disappeared. When it appeared again, it appeared on Frederick’s body.

It’s weird!

It’s even more god!

This kid wasn’t looking for himself just now!

It really means where to fight!

This is so awesome than Xiao Li Feida!

“How is this possible! This is simply impossible! How did you do it!” Frederick roared at Wiliam angrily while dancing the gold wire big ring knife more frantically.

This is too evil.

How did these silver needles penetrate through my knife wall!

Could it be that this kid can’t be successful in the magical escape!

No, if there is this kind of thaumaturgy, how could he be his opponent!

It must be this kid who cheated!

The appetites of the people at the scene were also stunned by Wiliam.

They couldn’t wait to know how Wiliam did it just now.

Now, Frederick’s sword dance is even faster, as if he was about to care about it with Wiliam.

Looking at the crazy wall of knives, everyone swallowed. What kind of speed is this?

However, seeing Frederick frantically dancing his sword, Wiliam’s smile made him even more mocking.

He suddenly asked: “Frederick. Xiao Li Fei’s knife will not only have one. But how many do you have?”

After speaking, he suddenly raised his hand, and a silver needle flew out again!

As the silver needle flew out, Wiliam spit out two words again.

These two words, like a huge thunder in the sky, made the people at the scene completely lost!


Chapter 464

As Wiliam uttered these two words, a crack suddenly appeared in the sword wall of Frederick.

The cracks grew bigger and bigger, and in the end, there was a bang.

The knife wall completely shattered!

Everyone looked at Frederick’s hands. At this look, Qi Qi exclaimed!

I saw Frederick’s golden silk big ring knife that was famous for, it was completely broken at this moment!

Countless fragments flew around, like a beautiful white snow.

And in his hand, he only held a knife handle.

His eyes are completely straight!

He stared at the handle of the knife and muttered to himself, “How could this happen! How could this happen! How could this be possible!”

This is his gold wire big ring knife, after decades of use, it still cuts iron like mud!

But why is it today!

It happened at the moment when this kid said the knife was broken!

Could it be that his own knife would obey this kid!

This is even more impossible!

“You, what did you do!” Frederick’s face became savage!

Since ancient times, the knife is like a man!

This big ring sword with golden thread is just the face of Frederick!

Now, in front of so many people, his knife broke to the ground.

This does not mean that his Frederick’s face is completely gone at this moment!

The people at the scene were also stunned by this scene, and there was a lot of discussion!

“What the hell did this kid do just now, can anyone see it clearly?”

“The gold wire big ring knife is broken, this is an eternal anecdote!”

“We seem to underestimate this kid! Although this guy is crazy, he really has the ability to be crazy!”

“Yeah, think about it, where did he really mean to fight just now! This move alone is beyond your reach!”

The eyes that everyone looked at Wiliam suddenly changed.

From the previous disdain, became extremely respectful!

The strong are respected, and the strong can naturally get their respect from the heart!

“You answer me! How did you do it! What dirty tricks did you use!” Frederick roared towards Wiliam like a mad beast.

This question is also a question in the hearts of many people.

Everyone fell silent for an instant, and wanted to wait for Wiliam’s explanation.

Wiliam pointed at the blade on the ground and said, “The answer is on the ground.”

When he said that, Frederick immediately looked up at the ground.

At this glance, he actually took two or three steps directly back, his face instantly pale and pale!

There were dense pinholes on a blade left on the ground!

Frederick understood in an instant.

It’s Wiliam’s silver needle!

This kid’s silver needle can actually pierce his most proud gold wire big ring knife one by one!

This is simply a fantasy!

My own knife is made of very good material, why would it be shot through by Wiliam’s needle!

What is this silver needle!

Everyone was shocked.

It turns out that this is the answer!

This Wiliam used a silver needle to pierce Frederick’s knife into a hole!

And some people can’t bear their curiosity, and ran to pick up other pieces.

From this look, the scene was even more exclaimed!
Some people suddenly slapped their heads and exclaimed, “I understand! I understand all of this kid’s tricks! Look, the holes in this blade are not disordered! They are formed as a whole. Regular straight lines! This arrangement of straight holes caused Frederick’s knife to break!”

Everyone was shocked again by this shocking discovery!

Originally, it seemed difficult for everyone to make holes with a needle.

This kid can still control the needle!

In other words, what he said just now turned out to be true!

If he wants to shoot, he can shoot!

Otherwise, why could he hit Frederick’s body with the first shot!

Otherwise, why can he fly orderly on Frederick’s needle!

Otherwise, how would he know that the knife is about to break!

Everything is under the control of this kid!


Strong enough to be frightening!

Frederick was also shocked by the god Wiliam, his scalp was numb!

There are people in this world who can do this!

Simply amazing!

Had it not been for Wiliam and him to have an antagonism, Frederick would surely scream on the spot!

But at this time, someone suddenly called out, “Damn! I thought of another guess! It’s terrifying!”

The appetites of the people around were instantly lifted, and now they were all excited about Wiliam.

The man said in astonishment: “This kid, at first shot Frederick, then deliberately shot the knife with a silver needle, and then screamed at Frederick, completely annoying Frederick! Then Frederick took the knife to fight for this breath. Dancing more violently, didn’t this directly aggravate the collapse of the knife! This kid is not only strong, but this psychological warfare is also unmatched! Frederick was completely beaten by others in terms of IQ and strength! This is a complete and complete battle. The victory!”

Everyone’s eyes have changed again!


Is this young man in front of him really human?

The strength is enough to defeat Frederick, and he also beat the opponent in strategy!

Don’t be too hearty with such a victory!

Now, there is no one who dare to say that Lu Yesheng is not martial arts!

There was even no one who dare to say that Wiliam was despicable.

He wins with reason and evidence, heartily!

Frederick’s body was shaking after hearing this comment.

He roared to Wiliam: “Do you dare to fool me!”

Wiliam didn’t even look at Frederick.

The defeated general is brave enough.

If this Frederick fisted with Wiliam in the first place.

Wiliam must pay a price if he wants to win Huanghexian.

But by the way, this old immortal plays yin with him.

Get a weapon.

Playing weapons with Wiliam, ho ho…

Isn’t this dozing off and encountering a pillow?

Wiliam had absolute confidence, his long live safflower material was far better than the ordinary gold wire big ring knife.

So the knife crack is only reasonable.

This old man, playing with yin, ended up shooting himself in the foot with a rock. Who else can be blamed on the head?

Wiliam suddenly looked at the referee and asked with a smile: “I wonder if the game just now counts? Do I need to start again? If I start again, I’m afraid Frederick’s knife is not enough.”

This sentence made the people on the scene burst into laughter.

Xena laughed out of breath.

Brother-in-law, please be yourself!

I sympathize with this old monster

If you win, you win. Is your mouth so hairy or so bad?

If you grab someone’s pain point, you will kill you?

Will your conscience hurt?

The referee was even more embarrassed and at a loss what to do. Finally, he sighed and said: “I declare that the winner of this game is…”

“The winner is for me! The winner can only be for me!” A hysterical voice roared from the side!

Chapter 465

Frederick never saw the old man who was before him again. At this moment, his beard and hair were all flared, and the whole person seemed to be crazy.

He can’t accept this fact!

Can’t accept such a fiasco!

In this game, he thought he had a chance to win, and even thought of pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!

But now, I am pretending to be a pig, but the other party is really a tiger!

Disastrous defeat!

Frederick didn’t mind Wiliam’s refusal to be his apprentice!

That’s it, he worries too much!

First of all, this battle will definitely spread.

This spread, how could he get along in Q City ( Qena City )!

More importantly, this time point is too important!

The deputy owner of Lingyue Villa is coming to Q City ( Qena City ) to inspect him these days.

Originally, this was just a cutscene.

However, he used a humiliating defeat to explain to him!

How can the deputy owner still value himself!

My future is completely ruined!

Therefore, in today’s battle, we can only win, not lose!

Thinking of this, Frederick’s heart was still embarrassed!

Before, he kept telling his son Huang Zhengyin that he would win.

After all, the other party’s serious injury has not fully recovered.

However, he was defeated by a wounded man.

So how strong is Wiliam in perfect condition!

Suddenly, Frederick was intent on killing.

This kid can’t stay!

When the people on the scene heard Frederick’s crazy words, they suddenly made booing noises regardless of his identity.

Frederick can’t afford to lose?

Do you want this old face?

If you don’t want it, you can give it to her to feed the salted fish as the little beauty said.

Wiliam looked at Frederick amusedly, and asked, “Oh? I don’t know what Huang Lao you have?”

Frederick looked at Wiliam fiercely, and said, “Since you had a helper just now, I can do it naturally!”

Wiliam was taken aback and smiled: “It’s true, then I don’t know who Huang will invite to come on stage?”

Except for Frederick, the others Wiliam didn’t even bother.

Huang Zhengyin’s face turned red when he looked down.

My father just lost the game.

If he admits defeat frankly, the consequences may not be as terrible as he thought.

After all, victory or defeat is commonplace in military strategists.

However, now his father has not only lost, but also lost!

Did he stalker like this!

Huang Zhengyin couldn’t help it anymore and went on stage and shouted: “Dad! Let’s give up! Stop talking!”

Frederick was completely mad at this moment. Where could he hear Huang Zhengyin’s words, he sneered: “Give up? My Tianyi Martial Arts Hall is well-known in Q City ( Qena City ), and my apprentice is full of peaches and plums. How can I lose to a hairy boy!”

Seeing that his father couldn’t listen to her words, Huang Zhengyin apologized and looked at Wiliam, “Wiliam, I’m really sorry, we admit…”

But he couldn’t say anything when he lost a word, and suddenly Frederick punched Huang Zhengyin’s heart viciously!

Huang Zhengyin was completely unprepared and was beaten directly out of the field.

He spit out a mouthful of blood foam and looked at the stage in disbelief, “Dad! What are you doing!
“You are simply a traitor to our Tianyi Martial Arts Center! This is a warning to you! If you dare to turn your elbow away! Believe it or not, I killed you on the spot!” Frederick cursed fiercely.

Wiliam couldn’t stand it anymore, and said coldly: “Frederick, what do you have to do, who else is there, just use it.”

Frederick also sneered, “Okay, that’s what you said! You asked for it! I don’t have to force you! The entry-level disciple of Tianyi Martial Arts Academy listens to orders!”

“All out for a while, this kid!”

As soon as these words came out, the scene was directly fried!

This old man Huang is actually shameless to this state!

It’s what you said, there is no forcing you!

What a high-sounding language!

But what is the next sentence!

All the beginner disciples of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall are dispatched!

This is for 30 or 40 people to besiege Wiliam alone!

This kind of thing actually came from the mouth of a respected martial arts master!

The eyes of everyone looking at Frederick changed one after another.

The little respect left was completely dissipated.

Some people even yelled out in anger on the spot, “I am so blind that I will enter Tianyi Martial Arts Hall to study! I will quit Tianyi Martial Arts Hall now!”

This call was approved by many people.

Suddenly, many people in the stands expressed their immediate withdrawal from the Tianyi Martial Arts Hall!

However, Frederick didn’t care about it at all.

These people in the stands are just ordinary people.

They can only be regarded as outer disciples when they enter the Tianyi Martial Arts Hall, and some are not even regarded as outer disciples.

According to secular terms, they can only be called students.

These people are not the backbone of the Tianyi Martial Arts Hall at all. Losing them, but losing some tuition fees.

Not surprising.

The backbone of Tianyi Martial Arts Hall, but the more than 30 beginner disciples he taught by deeds!

There are also eight of his direct disciples!

Originally Frederick had ten disciples, so he made a perfect one.

But Siirius was dead, and Huang Zhengyin couldn’t count on it.

Only these eight remain.

In Frederick’s view, these eight were more than enough to deal with Wiliam.

Although they are not as good as Huang Zhengyin, they have stepped into the realm of external power anyway.

If there are too many ants, it can kill an elephant!

Those beginner disciples have always followed Frederick.

Although they did not dislike this siege, they still came to power one after another.

Suddenly more than 30 menacing Tianyi martial arts disciples stood in front of Wiliam.

Xena’s eyes were cracked from below.

Frederick could be even more despicable!

There is no lower limit!

Fortunately, he is also called the Grand Master!

Master shit!

A salted fish is better than him!

She wanted to swear, but she hesitated at this moment.

She saw that the situation was on the verge of breaking out, and did not want to make Frederick even more angry at this time because of her family’s words.

At that time, I counted myself as pushing my brother-in-law to the edge of the cliff.

Although he didn’t curse, Xena had already cursed Frederick to die in circles in his heart.

“Huh! Let me go together! If you don’t kill this kid, it will be hard to dispel my hatred!” Frederick gave an order, and the disciples rushed towards Wiliam.

But at this moment, at the entrance of the martial arts field, suddenly something flew toward the field with lightning speed!

That thing stopped the pace of these disciples one after another, and then they stood directly between Wiliam and those people!

Everyone looked intently and was immediately stunned.

It turned out to be a crutches!

And a faint voice came from the entrance.

“Since ancient times, the soldier will be the commander and will die for the king…”

“Even a dog has the heart to protect the lord.”

Chapter 466

Does this explain what God is talking about?

Everyone was at a loss.

But when everyone looked towards the entrance, everyone was even more at a loss.

Two people walked in.

One man and one woman.

That woman, on the contrary, looks delicate and beautiful with a small Jiabiyu appearance.

She has long hair and a shawl and is wearing a plain dress.

But even so, she couldn’t hide her pure and elegant face.

But this woman supported a man.

This man is the cause of everyone’s doubts.

The man’s eyes were covered with a black cloth, and he walked step by step following the lead of this woman.

Is this man blind?

The corners of Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly.

He doesn’t need to look, he knows who is coming.

Li Nanfeng who lost his eyes but was reborn from the ashes.

Under the lead of that girl, Li Nanfeng came to the stage step by step.

Seeing so many fierce people on the stage, the girl was obviously a little scared.

Her first action was to seize the door and flee, but her second reaction made Wiliam applaud slightly.

Her footsteps took only half a step, but suddenly stopped.

Then he helped Li Nanfeng again and said with a look of fear: “Stupid blind man, there are so many people here, they are so fierce, have we come to the wrong place? Can I take you away?”

Stupid blind man?

Wiliam almost laughed.

But Li Nanfeng said faintly: “That should be the wrong place, thank you, you go back first.”

The girl suddenly became nervous, “Well, then! I brought you here. These people are terrible. If something happens to you as a blind man, you will blame me at that time. What should I do if I am responsible? I am very poor. Can’t support you.”

Wiliam couldn’t help it anymore and let out a chuckle.

At the scene, only Wiliam dared to laugh, and he could laugh.

Seeing Lu Yexiao, the girl gave Wiliam a fierce look, and said fiercely, “What a smile! I will tear your mouth with another laugh! Let you accompany the stupid blind man!”

This fierce look made Wiliam smile happier.

Wiliam couldn’t help asking, “Li Nanfeng, who is this woman?”

Li Nanfeng heard Wiliam’s voice and leaned slightly towards him, and said, “I don’t know either. I met a wicked lady on the road.”

When the woman heard this, her eyebrows were upside down and her waist was inserted. She actually ignored so many fierce people at the scene. She pointed at Li Nanfeng’s nose and cursed, “Who did you say is fierce! Which eye did you see that I was fierce? By the way, you can’t see it with your eyes! My name is Cheng Suyi, not a fierce woman!”

“Oh, then I’m not called a stupid blind man.” Li Nanfeng replied steadily.

Cheng Su stomped his feet in anger.

She whispered inwardly at the disadvantage of passing years.

She was going out to work today, but when she saw this stupid blind man with a cane on the way, she was very confused.

Feeling softened for a while, she went up and asked the blind man where he was going.

Then she didn’t know what happened, and she led the blind man to this place in a daze.

It’s alright now, he doesn’t want to thank himself, and he says he is a wicked woman!

Didn’t he just say a few words on the road, don’t run around, be careful to get hit by a car, what a careful man!
I owed him almost all my life!

“Cheng Suyi, right? Okay, you can go back now, or you can stay, but it’s a bit dangerous to stay.” Wiliam said to Cheng Suyi.

Cheng Suyi’s first reaction was to leave quickly.

However, she felt sorry for the blind man, so she said weakly, “Can I hide from a distance? I’m afraid this stupid blind man will be injured and ruin me. I really don’t have money. There is still a mother at home to support… “

Wiliam simply knelt to Cheng Su who had come out of thin air.

He amusedly said to Xena in the audience: “Ruoshuang, take her to stand further.”

Xena looked dazed, and took the stage to lead the even more dazed Cheng Suyi.

Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng again and asked, “Can you do it?”

Wiliam refers to his eyes.

But Li Nanfeng smiled confidently, “My eyes are blind, but the sky is not worthy of me. My ears seem to be more luminous than before. Ho ho, there are probably 30 or 40 people in front of us, right?”

When Wiliam heard this, he looked at Li Nanfeng in surprise.

This kid really answered that sentence.

There is always a way out.

In just a few days, I learned to listen to the voice to distinguish my position.

Just by whispering to each other, you can guess the number of each other.

Li Nanfeng whispered to Wiliam, “If it weren’t for too noisy at the scene, I could know the other party’s location based on the other party’s breathing.”

Wiliam’s eyes lit up when she heard it, and she was fascinated by this kid.

A blessing in disguise!

But there are such people.

People who are blind in the world generally have better ears than ordinary people.

After all, the ears have since become their other pair of eyes.

At this time, Frederick on the opposite side shouted: “You have enough coaxing! Hey, call a blind man to make up the count, Wiliam, you can do it!”

“Blind are not blind, you have to try before you know.” Wiliam looked at Frederick indifferently.

Frederick couldn’t help it anymore and waved his hand.

Those people rushed up together.

Wiliam and Li Nanfeng suddenly turned their backs to their backs and rushed towards each other.

In fact, Wiliam didn’t care about these people.

But if there are more people, it will cost more of the world to always balance them.

But Li Nanfeng, who Wiliam is now worried about.

After all, his blind roar played for the first time, and if he was careless, he would kill him.

But after only watching for a minute, Wiliam’s worries disappeared.

I saw that Li Nanfeng seemed to be covered with eyes all over his body, and he even noticed the people who attacked behind him one by one!

What made Wiliam even more delighted was that Li Nanfeng’s skill seemed to have reached a higher level!

This should be another benefit to him because of his change of mood.

Lu Yekan’s rise was also no longer anxious, and he gave a long scream and used his full strength.

As soon as he went all out, the scene suddenly turned to one side.

After all, these people are a level short of Wiliam, and Li Nanfeng at this time is enough for them to drink a pot.

Not to mention that Wiliam personally went into battle.

In less than five minutes, these 30 or so people were knocked to the ground by Wiliam and Li Nanfeng, and could no longer get up.

The eyes of the people at the scene are falling to the ground.


Are these two people really human?

More than two dozen thirty, and stable voltage regulation!

How strong should this be!

Also, who is this person who emerged out of thin air!

Do the current masters walk all over the floor?

Are the opponents too weak, or are they too strong?

Suddenly everyone swept their eyes to Frederick who was panicked.

At this moment, there was no one beside him, and there was no help anymore.

Frederick saw all his apprentices fall and his eyes were cracked. He yelled at the referee frantically: “Referee! Are you blind for cheating! This kid has hired foreign aid! You are not quick to announce who wins and who loses? !”

Chapter 467: Give Me a Face

When the people on the scene heard this, they almost ran away with anger.

I have seen shameless people, I have never seen such shameless people!

Without a word, he suddenly called out more than 30 people to besiege Wiliam, why didn’t he say that he was cheating?

What’s even more embarrassing is that more than 30 people still couldn’t get Wiliam, but were beaten up.

Now on Wiliam’s side, only someone came up to help, he was beaten by the Frederick and said he was cheating.

This double standard is a bit too serious!

“Tianyi Martial Arts Hall is embarrassing! Just close it early!”

“I have lived for most of my life, I have never seen such a shameless person! Today is finally an eye-opener!”

“I’ve seen this old man upset from the beginning! You’re a bit of a fart, and he’s still pretending to be there. Now that he loses, his original face is exposed. It’s really disgusting!”

The people on the stage scolded.

The referee also frowned deeply.

He was only thankful for Frederick’s care, but what did Frederick do today?

Time and time again, let him bet on the conscience of the referee to pronounce the game.

Come on!

Be the referee!

The referee immediately waved his hand and said loudly: “I have no face to be a referee today. I will confess my guilt to the Q City ( Qena City ) Referee Association for my mistakes. Today’s game is easy to win. Please forgive me to retire first.”

After speaking, he strode away from the Tianyi Martial Arts Hall, showing no nostalgia.

Frederick blushed with anger and his neck was thick, and pointed at the door and cursed: “What do you mean! What does it mean to be easy to win! Obviously my Tianyi Martial Arts Center won!”

“Cut!” Hiss sounded at the scene.

But at this time, Wiliam slightly raised his hand to signal the people at the scene to calm down.

Everyone suddenly became quiet and wanted to hear what Wiliam would say at this time.

Wiliam looked at Frederick amusedly at the moment, but his words were astonishing.

“Okay, count me as losing, okay.”

There was a bang on the spot.

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

Wasn’t this guy crazy before?

Why are you afraid now?

Is it true that the madness before is disguised?

Frederick showed a satisfied look, and said, “You are still acquainted! It was you who fouled first.”

But at this time, Wiliam shook his head, and faintly spit out the second half of the sentence that had not been said.

“But I think you are upset and want to kill you.”

Frederick’s triumphant expression froze instantly.

He looked at Wiliam with a look of astonishment, he didn’t expect Wiliam to say such a rebellious thing!

Kill me?

Here, but so many people are watching!

Does this kid dare!

However, after three seconds of silence, the people on the scene suddenly uttered deafening cheers!

Just now everyone thought that this guy’s speech was suddenly abnormal, and I didn’t think that the second half of the sentence was the point!

Give up, this kid can give up, but wants to kill Frederick.

Hahaha, this sentence, thinking about it, is actually a shocking mockery!

A person who won the match of life and death was beaten to death by the loser on the stage.

It doesn’t look like a winner at all, hahaha.

Everyone applauded desperately, as if saying that this is Wiliam’s nature!

The language is not amazing and endless!

It’s so violent, it’s so crazy!

Frederick saw Wiliam slowly take a step towards him amidst the cheers in the sky.

As if stepping on shit, he stepped back several steps, and shouted in a panic: “You, what are you doing! I tell you, so many people here are watching!”

Everyone looked at the current Frederick, there was no way to look like a grand master, it was clearly a dog in the water.

No, not even a drowning dog, after all, a drowning dog would not be as shameless as him.

Wiliam was gearing up his hands and said faintly, “Oh, what are you doing? I’m upset because I lost the game to you. Can I go out with you?”

Frederick was beeping a dog in his heart!

This is really human words?

If you lose, you lose, take me out on the spot?

Do I win or lose?

Xena was amused by Wiliam’s poisonous tongue and laughed in the audience.

By now, the defenses in her heart were finally removed.

After first knowing the fear of life and death.

And the kiss with Wiliam that night was relieved.

Then there were too many turning points on the scene today.

Xena felt the vicissitudes of life for a while.

But at last the brother-in-law was safe and still able to play tricks on stage.

Everyone is also watching the show now, watching a good show that beats the dog in the water.

Frederick was angry with Wiliam’s words, but Wiliam still walked towards him step by step.

If it was normal, he would have been angry.

However, one of his hands had been pierced by Wiliam, and the weapon that he was famous for was also broken in this kid’s hand.

More importantly, his disciples and grandchildren are still wailing on the ground.

The current Frederick feels that he can’t do anything.

“Don’t come here! You really don’t come here! Wiliam, let’s say something well, otherwise we will be tied today? We are all happy?” Frederick said to Wiliam with a pale face.

Wiliam shook his head slightly, “What are you talking about? A tie? Wouldn’t you lose the face of Old Huang! I must lose! And I gave up, what are you worried about?”

Frederick felt like it!

worry about what!

I’m worried about you coming here!

You are walking in the steps of the devil step by step, you will be afraid of everyone!

Seeing Wiliam get closer and closer, Frederick was heartbroken and said to Wiliam: “You stop! You have said that there is something to discuss! Let’s say it privately? I will give you a satisfactory answer, and will not make you work in vain. of.”

When he said this, he kept looking at Lu Yebi, as if it meant something.

And where could Wiliam know what Frederick was talking about?

Isn’t it just to use money to settle this evening’s victory?

Ho ho, sure enough, the outcome was Vanity Fair.

But, before I pay for it?

You are a Huanghexian, I am afraid that the weight is far from enough.

Seeing that Wiliam hadn’t stopped at all, Frederick was about to collapse!

He has lost his face, and now if Wiliam really teaches him how to be a man, he will not be able to hang on in Q City ( Qena City ).

This kid, didn’t he love money before!

Why doesn’t oil and salt get in now! It was weird.

Just as Frederick was in grief and indignation, Wiliam had already arrived in front of him.

Wiliam’s palm raised high!

A loud slap is about to be produced in front of everyone.

But at this moment, an indifferent and dignified voice suddenly came from the door, “This little brother, please be forgiving and forgiving. Give me a face in Lingyue Villa and let Huanghexian go.”

A man in a suit with a unicorn mask on his face did not know when he had already arrived on the court.

Chapter 468

As soon as the man appeared, there were bursts of exclamation.

No one knows when this man came over.

Even when he was on stage, everyone didn’t even notice.

It seems to you at the moment that this man’s dress is clearly very eye-catching.

Did everyone ignore it just now?

Even Wiliam frowned when he saw this man who appeared out of nowhere.

He faintly smelled a faintly dangerous breath from this person.

But it is nothing more than danger, if the danger of life is said to be that serious.

But, who is this man?

What exactly is Lingyue Villa?

Several questions circulated in Wiliam’s heart.

The man looked at Wiliam’s face, and he smiled suddenly, “Little guy, you look a bit like a relative of mine. I don’t think that there are talented people from generation to generation. You have this skill at a young age. It’s precious, how about it, if you are interested, come to our Lingyue Villa?”

When Wiliam listened to this man’s voice, he also felt a little familiar.

However, he shook his head indifferently, “Not interested.”

He only cares about making money and improving himself now, he is not interested in wherever he goes.

When Frederick saw this man appear, he could almost describe it as a long drought and rain.

It’s so exciting!

The deputy owner of Lingyue Villa came to Tianyi Martial Arts Hall in person!

And looking at the vice-owner’s appearance, it doesn’t seem that he will be held accountable for his fault.

Otherwise, the deputy owner would not stop Wiliam from committing the crime.

It’s just that Frederick was a little unhappy with the words of the deputy owner.

This kid, He Dehe Neng, could let a deputy owner personally invite him to join Lingyue Villa!

A trace of jealousy grew in his heart.

However, Wiliam’s answer made Frederick feel extremely happy.

Hahaha, let’s eat it!

This kid is like Laozi’s number one in the world, and it’s not easy for anyone to come here!

Deputy owner, frustrate him!

Fuck him!

However, Frederick’s envisioned work was not realized.

The vice-owner seemed to be a very well-trained person. He smiled and said, “Little guy, do you know where Lingyue Villa is?”

Wiliam shook his head and said proudly, “I don’t need to know where it is.”

These words stunned the scene.

Everyone can tell that this man with a unicorn mask is a master.

After all, he could make Frederick, a man who tried so hard and didn’t want to admit defeat, bow his head directly as soon as he appeared.

However, Wiliam remained motionless.

Whatever you say, it will continue to be irresistible!


The man laughed and laughed, “Hahaha, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. You don’t know, you missed a great opportunity. Not to mention, people have their own ambitions, some choose eagles to strike the sky, some choose to plough the fields, I Don’t force you. But what do you say in this situation?”

Wiliam sighed slightly.

According to his current strength, if he fights with this man, the outcome is three to seven.

But this is not why Wiliam sighed.
Because Wiliam heard the man’s voice, the more he heard it, the more familiar it became.

There is an illusion of traveling through time and space.

He knows that today’s life and death fight can only be done like this.

But well.

Wiliam looked at Frederick and said coldly, “Who won the game today?”

Frederick wanted to be stubborn, but the deputy owner in front of him actively said, “You won.”

Frederick reluctantly said yes.

Wiliam smiled and walked towards the stage.

Just as he passed by Huang Zhengyin’s side, Wiliam suddenly patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile: “I asked you to check the assets of your Tianyi Martial Arts Hall. I’m afraid you still haven’t finished checking them?”

He didn’t wait for Huang Zhengyin’s answer, so he walked over.

As for Huang Zhengyin, the whole person was directly dull.

Take inventory of assets.

Yes, Wiliam had asked him to help check the assets of Xiatianyiwuguan in the past few days.

After all, their bet was that if Wiliam wins, the assets of the entire Tianyi Martial Arts Hall will belong to Wiliam.

But Huang Zhengyin completely regarded Wiliam’s remarks as a joke.

Just kidding, before today, who would think that Wiliam might win Huanghexian?

I’m afraid it’s the king of heaven that I dare not think so, right?

So Huang Zhengyin didn’t want to take stock of assets at all. Besides, his father had to agree.

Now that he suddenly heard Wiliam kill him back with a carbine, he really felt ashamed to face Wiliam.

Fortunately, Wiliam didn’t want his answer, which made Huang Zhengyin a little relieved.

But then, I really need to take stock of assets immediately.

Thinking of this, Huang Zhengyin couldn’t help laughing wryly.

And Frederick obviously heard Wiliam’s words, and his heart was totally unwilling.

This day, a martial arts gym is his life’s hard work!

If you just hand over people like this, you will cut a few pieces of meat on the yellow and black lines!

It hurts to death!

However, it was the deputy village owner who personally named Wiliam Victory today, and Frederick did not dare to behave too abnormally right away.

He could only think that when Wiliam came to collect the assets two days later, he would find a way to rely on it.

At this time, the deputy owner suddenly smiled and said, “This kid is so arrogant. I really became interested in him. What’s his name? Is he from Q City ( Qena City )?”

Frederick’s heart clicked!

The deputy owner is really interested in this kid!

No way!

You must not let this kid get on the line with the deputy owner, or you will have a hard time in the future.

Even, never let the deputy owner know the name of this kid!

Thinking of this, Frederick pretended to be sincere and said: “This person is a nameless junior, not enough. By the way, the deputy owner, didn’t you say that it will take a few more days to come, why are you here now?”

Sure enough, these words immediately diverted the deputy owner’s attention. The deputy owner first said: “You clear the court first, let’s go to the inner hall and talk.”

Frederick immediately asked Huang Zhengyin to clear the court, and then respectfully welcomed the deputy owner to the inner hall.

The deputy owner drank a cup of tea before he said leisurely: “I originally planned to come back in two or three days, but our owner knew that I was going back to Q City ( Qena City ) a few days later, and suddenly gave me an extremely important task! “

“Task?” Frederick’s expression was solemn.

The old fox smelled an opportunity to commit crimes.

“Vice owner, can I help? Despite your instructions, I still have a bit of appeal in Q City ( Qena City )!”

The deputy owner smiled and said: “I wanted to find my family as soon as possible, but now I can only prioritize the task. According to a very secret message that our owner inquired, in our Q City ( Qena City ), there is a hidden dragon and a tiger. !”

“How do you say?” Frederick asked respectfully.

At this time, the deputy village owner showed very excited eyes and said tremblingly: “It is rumored that there is a respectable Qilin guard in Q City ( Qena City )!”

Chapter 469

“What! Qilinwei!” Now, even Frederick’s eyes were lighted up!

He also only learned from Lingyue Villa a while ago that some people in this world regard unicorns who have never been born as king.

Among these people, according to their skills and qualifications, they are divided into four levels.

The highest level is naturally a unicorn.

The second is the Qilinwei, the Qilinshi again, and the most inferior is the Qilin slave.

And the disciples of the entire Lingyue Villa were all Qilin slaves.

Don’t look at the low status of this unicorn slave, but think about it, this is Lingyue Villa!

Lingyue Villa is also famous in the arena in recent years.

Even this kind of wealthy school can only be the most inferior unicorn slave!

From this one can imagine how terrifying the Kirin Envoy and Kirin Guards above are!

If you can see this Qilinwei, then this life is simply furious!

While Frederick was excited, she was also shocked.

Q City ( Qena City ) is actually a little-known place.

I have never heard of anything related to Kylin before.

Is this mysterious Qilinwei really dormant in Q City ( Qena City )?

Could it be that the deputy owner made a mistake and made everyone happy.

The deputy owner seemed to see Frederick’s worry, and said with a smile: “This is the information our owner got. We can’t say that it’s true or false. We can only investigate as much as possible. If there is something, we naturally have to give it all. Zhuang Zhili respects him, and don’t care too much if you have any. After all, as long as we work hard, we will have the chance to shine.”

These words that are neither salty nor light made Frederick’s heart cool.

“Deputy owner, your family, do you need me…” Frederick asked for instructions again.

The deputy owner directly waved his hand this time and said: “My family’s affairs, you don’t bother you. I haven’t completed the owner’s account, and I can’t go to see them. But it’s just two or three days of things, after I reply, I will naturally look for them.”

Frederick gave up.

Only at this moment, the deputy owner’s eyes looked far away, and there was a timid excitement in his eyes.

mom! And my most beloved daughter!

Dad left without saying goodbye, and he left for several years!

Now, I have finally achieved my fame and come back to you!

You will not suffer anymore!

Wait for me, just two or three days!

At this moment, Wiliam, Xena, and Li Nanfeng, Cheng Su stood on the street.

Cheng Su was very angry from the beginning.

She thought a stupid blind man was going to fool her.

As a result, what did she see in the martial arts hall!

When he saw the blind man standing on the stage, he actually counted one as ten, and beat those fierce people to flee.

At that moment, her eyes looked at Li Nanfeng completely changed.

What a blind man, he is a reborn God of War!

Fortunately, along the way, the blind man was angry because of his broken mouth, otherwise his life would not be guaranteed.

Thinking of this, Cheng Suyi’s face suddenly blushed.

This stinky blind man doesn’t look that annoying.

Wiliam looked at Cheng Suyi’s complicated expression with amusement, and suddenly said, “I and Ruoshuang will leave first. Are Cheng Suyi? I have to trouble you, can I send my friend home?”
As soon as Cheng Su was interrupted by such a interruption, she hurriedly blushed and waved her hand: “I, I can’t! I have to go to work, I was late just now!”

Wiliam smiled and said, “How much money do you work, can’t I pay you?”

Cheng Su suddenly showed a proud look and said: “Although I am just a trainee agent, but I work for a well-known company! How can I get rid of me with some money!”

Wiliam sweated slightly, wondering if you had a good sense of integrity.

At this time, Cheng Suyi’s phone rang, and she quickly picked it up.

Still not talking, there was a scathing curse on the other end of the phone, “Cheng Suyi, do you still want to work! You started to absent from work after only a few days at work? Although you still haven’t started talking to the master, but also Can’t…”

The voice on the other end of the phone was so loud that Wiliam could hear it clearly.

Cheng Suyi clearly noticed it too, she kept nodding to the phone without tears, and it took a full five minutes to hang up.

After she hung up the phone, she said to Wiliam with a look of lovelessness: “You heard, I’m just a small employee. If I don’t go to work again, I will probably be fired today. Recently, the company has rectified the atmosphere. I caught it very tightly, I’m really sorry, stinky blind man, I’m leaving now.”

After that, she looked at Li Nanfeng a little shyly and added, “Well, if you need help in the future, I will still help.”

These words, like a breeze, passed through Li Nanfeng’s heart.

At this moment, Li Nanfeng’s hundred-year-old ice face appeared with a faint green smile, “Yes.”

When Cheng Su saw him smile, he smiled happily, and turned around to leave.

But at this time, Wiliam stopped Cheng Suyi.

“Hello? You just broke up like this? Don’t you think something is missing?” Wiliam kindly reminded.

But these two people, who are newer than Wiliam, shook their heads.

Wiliam’s scalp was faintly beating.

You are so special, a man is affectionate, and a concubine is interested.

Parting is also miserable and miserable, don’t you know to leave a phone call with each other?

Is it true that in the future will all meet by chance?

Forget it, Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng’s appearance and suddenly couldn’t bear it.

He still has a grandma to take care of, and now he can’t see it again, which is a lot of inconvenience.

This was also caused by Wiliam after all.

If one more person who can take care of others came to help Li Nanfeng, it might be better.

This Cheng Suyi looked very simple and kind-hearted, and seemed a little ignorant of Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng also blossomed with iron trees.

Such fate will be ruined by pure chance encounter in the future.

Help them.

Thinking of this, Wiliam suddenly said to Cheng Suyi: “You better send me a friend.”

Cheng Su looked embarrassed, “Didn’t I tell you? I will be fired if I don’t go to work. I really don’t want to help.”

Wiliam smiled and said at this time: “Then if you send my friend home today, not only will you not be fired, but will be promoted?”

Cheng Su heard it amusedly. This young man seemed to be a big clever man, but he didn’t know what he said was a big fool.

How can such a good thing of pie falling from the sky happen?

Even if there is, it will not be his turn.

“If this is the case, I will greet your friends every day.” Cheng Su couldn’t help but finished jokingly.

Wiliam sighed for a while, “Sister paper is quick to talk, so let’s make it so happy!”

After finishing talking, he took out his cell phone and dialed a call directly, “Xiao Yueyue, there should be a trainee agent named Cheng Suyi under Lunanica Company, so let’s arrange for her to be regular and raise her salary! I want to subscribe and rule her. La.”

Chapter 470

Who is Satsuki?

This unusually wicked name left several people at the scene confused.

However, after a brief consternation, Li Nanfeng suddenly smiled.

He heard Wiliam call President Janett Qin in the previous set.

Did Wiliam call President Qin?

What’s even more coincidental is that Cheng Xun would not work in Wiliam’s Lunanica Company?

Li Nanfeng had no wrong thoughts, and Cheng Suyi did work at Lunanica Company.

She just graduated this year, and she only entered Lunanica Company for an internship two months ago.

Just now she told Wiliam that she was working as a trainee agent in a well-known company in Q City ( Qena City ), and Wiliam had already guessed that Cheng Suyi was in Lunanica Company.

After all, Q City ( Qena City ) is so big, what other performing company can be called very famous?

Only Lunanica Company dominates.

As soon as Cheng Su heard Wiliam’s mouth blocking her mouth and talking about the unspoken rules, her face suddenly turned red, and she slapped Wiliam angrily, and whispered: “Don’t talk nonsense! I’m not what you think. That kind of person.”

But Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

The unspoken rules he said were naturally not the kind of nasty things Cheng Su thought about.

Instead, he wanted to use his power for personal gain and let Cheng Suyi take care of Li Nanfeng.

Janett on the other end of the phone heard a black line.

This little bastard, who is lusty and courageous, is still talking about me here.

She greeted others in the office at the moment, and smiled on the phone: “Hoho, there are unspoken rules for such a big beauty in the company, you go to unspoken rules for a trainee broker? Little bastard, okay, You can be patient, do you want me to tell your wife.”

Wiliam’s face became stiff, well, I still can’t be too presumptuous to this big breasted sister.

“Then what, I’m talking about business, so please help.” Wiliam said kindly.

When Janett saw that Wiliam had converged, she smiled and said: “Okay, Mr. Lu is speaking, there is no reason for me not to help. What is it called? Cheng Suyi?”

She controls the overall situation in the company, and how can she remember the name of every employee.

Wiliam nodded and said yes.

“Okay, I get it, I’ll explain it right away,” Janett said on the phone.

Wiliam wanted to hang up, but suddenly he thought of another thing, and asked, “Isn’t Gu Zhiling’s agent being driven away some time ago? I see her stinking her face at the company every day, as if she is right now This agent is a bit unsatisfied, otherwise you will let Cheng Suyi give Gu Zhiling a try to see if it works?”

Speaking of Gu Zhiling’s name, Cheng Suyi’s eyes widened.

She thought that Wiliam’s call was just a fool.

Unexpectedly thinking that this kid would be more and more truthful, he moved out Gu Zhiling!

This is Gu Zhiling!

In Lunanica Company, she is definitely the best sister!

For Cheng Suyi, a young Mengxin who just came out of society, being the agent of the Ling Gu Ling is her goal in this life!

Now he was so easily said by this kid.

Wiliam is getting better and better?

Just as Cheng Xun wanted to laugh at Wiliam, he heard Wiliam say again: “Oh, right, didn’t Li Chunfeng just come to our company soon? Her agent didn’t come with me. Is it a match now? ?”

Janett on the other end of the phone made her scalp numb.

Mr. Lu, Mr. Lu!

You have a big tone!

One export is to directly name two of our company’s big stars.

You know, these two characters are now the mainstay of the company, and their agent positions, but countless people are jealous.

After all, being able to be the agent of the two of them is simply a rise, and you have a certain right to speak in the company.

After all, it depends on the owner to beat the dog.

Now Wiliam opened up the quota of these two agents.

Janett grew up for a while and said: “You are President Lu, you have the final say, little girl, I can only ask for everything you say is what you say.”

Wiliam uttered a cry, and suddenly covered the phone, then turned to Cheng Suyi, who was blank and asked: “Cheng Suyi, do you like to be Li Chunfeng or Gu Zhiling as an agent? One?”

These words were like a huge thunder that exploded Cheng Su and his whole body dumbfounded.

It’s really getting more and more exciting!

The agent of these two big shots, is you a brat who can become a man with a word?

What an international joke!

“Don’t coax me, I really want to go to work.” Cheng Su suddenly became a little unhappy.

She felt that Wiliam was using her to do it.

But at this time, Li Nanfeng, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly stopped Cheng Suyi and said, “You are Wiliam joking with you. Choose one of the two.”

Cheng Suyi still couldn’t take it seriously, but she looked at Li Nanfeng’s face and didn’t know why, but she believed it in her heart.

Because from her brief contact with Li Nanfeng, this stinky blind man does not seem to be a person running a train with his mouth full.

Thinking of this, Cheng Su said indifferently: “Then be Sister Gu. Sister Chunfeng’s agent is my old sister. I have taken care of me in the company for these two months, so I won’t bother me. Where is my sister.”

She just said that casually, but Wiliam nodded and said to the phone: “Then let Gu Zhiling, you will arrange it right away. It is best to give me a reply within five minutes.”

Janett has a black line, the president’s frame is getting bigger and bigger, and he will answer you within five minutes?

Did you eat me if you didn’t reply?

But when she wanted to return, she still planned to do what Wiliam said, who made Wiliam the boss of the company.

But at this time, Wiliam jumped out again, “Well, this Cheng Suyi has a kind-hearted character, a bit stupid, and Gu Zhiling, you also tell her to let her take away her own stink. Temper, better your opponents, I don’t want to cry for Cheng Suyi to give me a small report in just a few days.”

As soon as the voice fell, a violent voice suddenly rang on the other end of the phone, “Wiliam, you bastard! Who do you think is bad temper! Do you want to die? Don’t let me meet you in the company!”

With this roar, Wiliam was also dumbfounded.

The voice was so loud that even Cheng Suyi could hear it clearly!

She was stupid.

This voice!

It turned out to be the voice of Gu Zhiling!

At first, Cheng Suyi felt that all this was just Wiliam playing.

Unexpectedly, Gu Zhiling’s voice actually appeared!

In other words, what Wiliam said just now is true!

The more she thought about it, the more terrifying she became. In the end she stared at Wiliam with her big watery eyes, and her hand directly grabbed Wiliam’s clothes, and tremblingly shouted, “Hey, who did you call this call? Yes! How could there be Sister Gu’s voice? I would never forget her voice! Also, just now you said that you arranged me to be Sister Gu’s agent. Is it really impossible!”


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