Dragon Husband Chapter 491-500

Chapter 491 Five Billion

Bai Lizheng’s words made the scene become silent!

Everyone’s eyes are about to fall to the ground.

The current Bai family is not as good as an ordinary family.

Hundreds of thousands are a huge sum of money for them.

And what did they hear just now?

five billion!

This number, to the Bai family, was like a thunder.

It was the Bai family in its heyday, and its assets totaled only two or three billion.

Bai Lizheng now opens his mouth to five billion.

What made them even more unbelievable was that these words came from Bai Lizheng.

Because in their impression, Bai Lizheng has always been a person who is not doing business properly.

Unlike Bailitang, he helped his family run the company since he was a child.

He has no interest in these business operations at all.

Bai Lizheng has been obsessed with martial arts since he was a child. In everyone’s eyes, this is a typical failure to do business.

So when he said five billion, everyone was dumbfounded.

Even Wiliam frowned slightly.

It seemed that Bai Li was more powerful than he thought.

Chen Shuyun asked stupidly: “My son, what did you just say? I can’t hear you clearly.”

The people around also nodded hurriedly, wanting to hear the shocking words from Bai Lizheng’s mouth again.

Bai Lizheng said indifferently: “I said I will give you five billion first. Our Bai family is a wealthy family in Q City ( Qena City ). How can it be shabby? Isn’t this disgraceful of the Bai family?”

Now everyone heard clearly, and Bailitang said with a look of disbelief: “Lizheng, where did you get the money? As far as I know, you don’t like business at all, right?”

Bai Lizheng smiled proudly at this time, and said, “I also blame me. I was so busy greeting you just now. I forgot to tell you where I have been in the past few years. I wonder if you have ever heard of Lingyue Villa?”

Chen Shuyun and the others were confused and shook their heads.

But Bai Zhensheng’s eyes widened and said: “I’ve heard that some of my friends always like to collect some strange gossips. I heard that this Lingyue Villa has risen strongly in the past few years and is powerful. Uncle, Could it be that you are in Lingyue Villa…”

Bai Li nodded and said faintly: “Wrong, you all know that I have liked martial arts since I was a child. In your opinion, it is not doing business properly, but in my opinion, it is fun. Nine years ago, because of the teacher. After a change, I was called back urgently. After years of hard work, I am now the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa.”

When everyone heard this, they took a breath!

Deputy owner!

What has Bai Lizheng done in recent years?

He changed his body and became the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa?

But Chen Shuyun still couldn’t believe it and said: “But, even if you are the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa, can you come up with five billion in one go? Do you know what this is?”

Bai Lizheng smiled even more triumphantly and said, “Hoho, Mom, you still underestimate our Lingyue Villa. Let’s not say that we have countless vassal consortiums under Lingyue Villa. It’s just a simple effort to spend billions. Yes, our people in Lingyue Villa are Qilin slaves.”

Kirin slave?

When everyone heard this, they were once again trapped.

As if under the leadership of Bai Lizheng, he had entered a completely unknown world.

And Bai Lizheng first explained to everyone what the unicorn power is, and then said: “We have higher talents and strangers above us, and money is like waste paper to them, so every year they give us a lot of money in Lingyue Villa. . To put it bluntly, the worst thing about Lingyue Villa is money.”

Everyone was speechless, what a crazy world this is.

I didn’t know if I didn’t touch it before, but now that I touch it, it feels so strange.

Wiliam aside agreed with Bai Lizheng’s words.

Those who practice martial arts, the essence of martial arts that they have pursued all their lives, for them, the amount of money they need, simply can not attract their interest.

With Bai Lizheng’s explanation, everyone believed Bai Lizheng’s words.

Then, everyone showed ecstasy.

Chen Shuyun was trembling with excitement. She stood up as soon as she slapped the table, and shouted to the sky in choking, “Sure enough, there is no way for the sky to be inexhaustible. God still has eyes, knowing that our Bai family should not be killed. , So the gift is going home. Our Bai family is going to shine in Q City ( Qena City ) after all!”

Everyone nodded and said yes.

Even Feliicity was shocked by his father’s courage.

Don’t wait for three days, and look at it with admiration.

Only in the White Hall, while happy, a deep jealousy flashed in his eyes.

From a young age, he looked down on this younger brother, but now, this younger brother has become the savior of the Bai family.

With just five billion shots, Bai Auditorium felt beyond reach.

When everyone was in ecstasy, Bai Li was making a phone call and said: “I reported to my owner and said to invest in a few projects in Q City ( Qena City ). He quickly approved it. The money will be available within today. See what company we are going to do?”

At this time, Bailitang took the lead and said: “Of course we are still in our old business, the pharmaceutical industry. I will immediately take care of the company’s affairs, and it is also called Bai’s Enterprise, how about?”

But at this time, Chen Shuyun smiled and said: “What Bai’s enterprise is small! The structure is small! We now have 5 billion, how can it be called Bai’s group like Xiao Da Xiaohua!”

Bailitang repeatedly said, “Yes, that’s right. Mom is right. How can my vision compare to yours. I’m going to register the company.”

Just as he was about to leave, Bai Lizheng stopped him and said, “I will send someone to register the company. Don’t bother you, brother.”

These words stunned the people at the scene.

After they knew that the Bai family had five billion people, they had always felt like they were living in a dream, with an extremely unreal feeling. Now that Bai Li was suddenly not letting Bai Auditorium go to register the company, their hearts shook together.

Is there any ups and downs inside?

Knowing what they were thinking, Bai Li explained with a smile: “We have a special rule for people running a company, and I am no exception, but it does not affect the overall situation. I will let someone do it. You can relax. You can go to see the house first and buy something you like. I will transfer the money to you later.”

When everyone heard this, they jumped for joy.

Buying things lavishly, this is what they dream of.

Everyone immediately began to discuss, this time we are going to buy a big villa, the kind that can accommodate everyone in and have vacancies.

At this time, Bai Zhensheng suddenly stood up and proposed, “Uncle, tomorrow we have an outstanding auction in Q City ( Qena City ), otherwise, our Bai family, shall we join us?”

Chapter 492

Everyone was taken aback, the auction in Q City ( Qena City ) tomorrow?

Indeed, there will be an antique auction tomorrow, but the Bai family did not dare to expect it.

So there is no prior registration.

You must know that you must apply for qualifications in advance to enter the auction venue. There are tens of millions of assets, and there is no qualification to enter the gate.

And Bai Lizheng also pondered at this time.

Chen Shuyun thought, and said: “The Zhensheng proposal is a good one. Since our Bai family is going to return to the top and stand on the top of Q City ( Qena City ), then tomorrow’s auction, our Bai family will just be officially unveiled. It is best to be in the auction. Take a few things up and down, so that it can not only surprise the crowd, but also promote my name as the Bai family.”

This made everyone’s eyes bright.

It seems that tomorrow is indeed a good opportunity.

They all turned their eyes to Bai Lizheng, after all, the money was from Bai Lizheng, and he alone had the final say.

Bai Lizheng was also ready to move at this moment.

However, he didn’t think about the restoration of the white lintel.

After all, the Bai family’s structure is too small for the current Bai Lizheng.

What he was thinking about was going to see Mr. Wang the day after tomorrow.

Go to see the prince and ask the prince, do you have to empty your hands?

It’s best to see if you can get some rare treasures as a meeting ceremony, so that you can show your sincerity.

Thinking of this, he smiled and said, “Okay, then we will join together tomorrow.”

Everyone suddenly became more happy.

They like this kind of publicity most, they have been holding back for too long these days, and they are too wronged.

“However, if we decide to go now temporarily, our invitation letter…” Bailitang hesitated and said.

“Nothing, I’ll just let someone get a few, what a big deal.” Bai Lizheng said lightly.

In his opinion, these are all trivial matters.

And he also understood that his vision with the Bai family was already two worlds.

Just like now, things that the Bai family are helpless, in Bai Lizheng’s view, are just a matter of effort.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help becoming more proud.

Sure enough, Bai Lizheng sent a few invitations to everyone in the afternoon.

While everyone was rejoicing, Feliicity looked a little dull.

In the evening, Wiliam asked, “Feliicity, what’s the matter with you? You keep smiling. Because the Bai family are back?”

But Feliicity shook his head and said, “No, I am not disgusted with their return. I just think that this time the Bai family came back. On the one hand, it feels that they are different and more tolerant. On the other hand, I feel that they are more swollen than before. You think these two are very contradictory.”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Isn’t the Bai family all like this, okay, don’t think about it, think about it, what good things will you see tomorrow, I haven’t given you something for a long time, right? Something you like?”

Feliicity knows that Wiliam is rich, but she feels reluctant to give up. She said painfully, “Don’t you know if you have money? After all, 30 years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi, no one knows whether we will do it in the future. Be poor and save money.”

Wiliam said with a black line, “Then let’s talk on the spot tomorrow. Tell me if you are fancy, otherwise, I will buy two or three as you like.”

Feliicity glared at Wiliam, “Prodigal man! Dare you!”

“I dare, or try tomorrow.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Feliicity looked speechless, but she had a special expectation in her heart.

She knew that Wiliam spoke exactly the same.

He said he wanted to give him something, and he would definitely give it.

Tomorrow, what will he buy for himself.

Thinking of this, Feliicity wanted to laugh with happiness, but didn’t dare to show it in front of Wiliam.

The next day, the Bai family spent a whole day shopping for clothes frantically outside, just to make their debut at the evening auction.

In the evening, Bai Lizheng specifically called for a luxury car and took the Bai family to the auction site mightily.

It’s just that some accidents occurred while receiving the auction cards.

Bai Li naturally took an auction card, but when the others were about to walk in, Wiliam took an auction card at the end.

When Bai Li saw this scene, he couldn’t help frowning.

Although he reluctantly agreed that Wiliam was his son-in-law, this son-in-law did not have the consciousness that he should have at all.

Today’s auction was attended by the Bai family. What does it mean that he took an auction card alone?

Bai Li was turning back, facing Wiliam’s eyes, and said coldly: “Put it back.”

The voice is beyond doubt.

Feliicity’s face stiffened, knowing that her father’s anger was coming up again.

She hurriedly said, “Dad, Wiliam has no other meaning with the auction card. He also wants to…”

“What does he think? He wants to show his face? Isn’t that embarrassing enough? The Bai family has an auction card is enough, what do you mean by taking another one? Don’t you want to spend our Bai family’s money to give yourself a face? ?” Bai Li said naturally.

Because in his opinion, Wiliam was a member of the Bai family, and the Bai family was in charge of eating and drinking Lazar. What kind of money does he have, and what face does he have to take this auction card?

When Chen Shuyun saw Bai Lizheng conflicting with Wiliam, they all laughed without saying a word, just watched silently.

“Dad, how can you say that to Wiliam? Wiliam told me last night that he wants to buy something for me today.” Feliicity’s face also became unsightly.

This is under the public.

His father embarrassed Wiliam in this way, has he ever considered Wiliam’s face?

But Bai Li was making a sneer, “Buy you something? Today? Here? Whose money is it? Besides, Feliicity, you want something, won’t my father buy it for you? Why should he buy it?”

Feliicity was so angry that he didn’t know what to say.

Wiliam stopped in front of Feliicity and said faintly to Bai Lizheng: “First of all, I will spend my own money to buy Feliicity, and it won’t touch you a penny. Don’t worry about that. Then, she is my wife, I Buying something for him is justified, do you still need to nod your head?”

The smell of gunpowder in these words instantly thickened, and Bai Li was about to get angry, but was caught by Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun said in an old-fashioned manner: “Li Zheng, this is outside. If you have anything to say before going home, he will take it. As long as he has money, it is not a big problem to take a brand, right?”

Bai Li was looking around, and many people were watching. Then he glared at Wiliam and turned and walked towards the venue.

It seemed that it was reminded by Wiliam. Chen Shuyun thought for a while and walked to the concierge desk to receive another auction card.

Chen Shuyun also wants to show off in this highly anticipated venue.

Chapter 493

As the Bai family entered the venue, there were many eyes on the scene, all of which were cast towards the Bai family.

There was a trace of stunnedness in everyone’s eyes.

Because many people actually recognize Chen Shuyun.

I also knew that the few people who came were the Bai family.

However, this is the problem.

The Bai family has gone bankrupt in Q City ( Qena City )?

Why did they appear on such a luxurious auction scene?

And everyone looked at it carefully and discovered another spectacle.

The Bai family actually took three auction cards!

This is a great wonder under the sun.

Originally, they were notoriously bankrupted, and it is very puzzling to be able to come.

Is it a family of three cards now?

Is this here to play?

Many wealthy people at the scene also came to one family, but they only took one card.

The Bai family has such a big appetite.

The eyes of everyone looking at the Bai family gradually became ridiculous, but they became interested, wanting to see the three cards in their hands, how will they play today?

Isn’t it here to eat and drink?

Several people who had business dealings with the Bai family before, looked at each other, and walked towards the Bai family together.

A middle-aged man with a big belly said enthusiastically to Chen Shuyun: “Oh, isn’t this old lady Chen? You have been depressed in Q City ( Qena City ) for a while? What wind has brought you out of the mountain again today?”

Chen Shuyun looked at these people, her eyes became aggrieved, she whispered to Bai Lizheng, “These people are all partners of the Bai family before, and we will see our Bai family fall from behind, and we will all fall into trouble. Now they come over, definitely No peace.”

Bai Lizheng’s heart suddenly understood, he stood up naturally, and said in a high-ranking posture: “Get out.”

A word made the faces of those who wanted to come and laugh at the Bai family stiff.

They looked at this unknown middle-aged man in disbelief.

The Bai family was already at the end of the road, and yet he did not repent, and his attitude was so bad!

Simply deserved!

The obese middle-aged man asked displeasedly: “Who are you? The Bai family doesn’t seem to have you, right?”

Bai Lizheng said lightly: “You are not qualified to know who I am. I count three times and disappear before my eyes.”

The few people were startled by Bai Lizheng’s eyes, glanced at each other, and all returned to their original seats.

However, those few people are holding fire in their hearts.

What is the Bai family to them?

They used to laugh at the Bai family, even to see the Bai family’s low-pitched attitude towards them.

However, Bai Jiaju dare to be so arrogant!

Okay, aren’t you still swollen faces to fill up fat people, then we have to see how you are here today!

The obese middle-aged man said viciously to the other middle-aged people: “Brothers, as long as the Bai family dares to raise a placard later, we will join hands and press him down! Otherwise, I can’t keep the tone. !”

Those few people also looked unhappy, and nodded together.

“The money is awesome, I don’t like this kind of people the most. I want them to look good later!”

“Ho ho, maybe they just came to brush their presence, those three cards are simply grandstanding.”

“I listen to my brother. I don’t know how to promote something like this. I can’t wait to get him out of Q City ( Qena City ) right away.”

The few people hit it off, and the anger in their hearts vented a little.

And the Bai family, under the full view of everyone, under the leadership of Bai Lizheng, directly sat in the first row.

This sitting, the scene was in an uproar!

Although there are still many places on site, and the organizer has no seats arranged, everyone can move in freely.

But the convention is that the first row is generally reserved for the most well-known wealthy people in Q City ( Qena City ).

Looking at the first row now, there are only a handful of people sitting.

Everyone doesn’t have such a face to sit in the first row.

However, the Bai family blatantly sat on it.

Let the whole family sit on it!

Such shameless behavior once again caused disgust in the audience.

But in Bai Lizheng’s view, all this was normal.

With his current status and status, there was no one in the room who could be in the eyes of Bai Lizheng.

Sitting in the first row, Bai Lizheng still felt condescending.

For the first time Chen Shuyun sat in such an important position, her heart couldn’t help shaking.

The auction will begin later, and that will be the true moment of glory. Don’t let people see that you are excited.

While Chen Shuyun was thinking about it, she turned around and found that a person was looking at the Bai family.

She was shocked at once, and instinctively stood up to greet her.

The person sitting not far away was Li Muhe impressively.

According to Chen Shuyun’s concept, Li Muhe is the supreme existence of Q City ( Qena City ), and she naturally wants to cling to it.

But Bai Lizheng frowned, grabbed Chen Shuyun, and asked, “Mom, what are you going to do?”

“I’ll greet Lao Li.” Chen Shuyun whispered.

Bai Lizheng’s expression became even more unhappy. He glanced at Li Muhe and said indifferently: “You are older than him, so he can stand it if you call him Mr. Li? Besides, what status do you want? Greetings, he should also come and sit down.”

These words made Chen Shuyun stunned again.

But then she thought about it, her son is now arrogantly coaxing outside, opening up to spend billions of dollars casually, this kind of pride, I’m afraid that even Li Muhe can’t match it?

I seem to be really old, and I still can’t change my concept. Now I should be the highest in Q City ( Qena City ).

Thinking of this, she became excited again.

But Feliicity respectfully walked to Li Muhe’s eyes and greeted him.

Wiliam also sat in his seat and greeted him.

Seeing Li Muhe calmly accepting his daughter’s greetings, Bai Lizheng’s eyes became sharper.

This old man seems to be used to arrogance, my daughter, do you dare to be so negligent?

Ho ho, the small place in Q City ( Qena City ) always makes some frogs at the bottom of the well complacent.

Bai Li was even more disdainful of Wiliam, thinking that he was something that mud couldn’t hold on to the wall.

After a while, the auction officially began.

The host’s words were very brief. After speaking, he officially entered the auction of the first item.

The first thing is a beautiful Tang Sancai, which looks radiant under the light.

After the host introduced, he said: “This Tang Sancai has a starting price of 5 million yuan, and now we will start bidding.”

This starting price made many people on the scene stunned.


This is the first one. The first one is so expensive.

But everyone was surprised and surprised, but they felt that it was in line with the style of today’s auction.

Today was originally a high-end auction, and a higher price is justified.

This first product encountered a cold spot, and no one was willing to hold a placard.

Just as the host was counting down and was about to announce the unsuccessful shoot, the obese middle-aged man suddenly stood up and said in a weird manner: “Hey, you Baijia, I took three brands all at once. The appetite is not too big. Well, why? Don’t you give us a sample?”

Chapter 494

The fat man’s voice was so loud that all the people on the scene immediately focused on the Bai family.

Of course, what they saw more was the three auction cards in the hands of the Bai family.

The scene was as strong as Li Muhe, and he only got one card.

Does the Bai family think it is three times as powerful as the Li family?

Ho ho, it’s just a shame.

Now that he has won three cards, he must have the consciousness of being a big fan.

Everyone had a mentality of watching a show to the Bai family, and their eyes were joking.

That fat man is even more proud.

Bai family, Bai family, do you think you guys came here to get your reputation, I would let you go so easily?

If you want to be a turtle, you have to look at the occasion!

Today, let you show your ugliness!

Sure enough, Chen Shuyun’s face froze suddenly.

She was holding the auction board in her hand, and now she is not putting it, nor is she holding it.

She cast her eyes on the relaxed Bai Lizheng, and asked in a low voice: “Lizheng, what can I do now? I blame me for being bad. I was too vain for a while and took an extra card.”

But Bai Lizheng looked at Wiliam and chuckled coldly: “Mom, why is this your fault? At first, it wasn’t you who took more cards. Wiliam, didn’t you say you have money? If you have money, You bought it.”

When Bai Li was saying this, his anger towards Wiliam rose unabated.

It’s all this kid, wherever he goes, wherever he goes.

But Wiliam said faintly: “This Tang Sancai is too kitsch, I don’t even look at it, let alone Feliicity.”

Bai Li was snickering, “If you don’t have money, you will say there is no money. I won’t look down on you, forget it.”

“Hey, you Bai family, what’s the matter? It’s a word for auction or not. If you don’t raise three cards, can you use it as a fan?” The fat boss said arrogantly.

Several of his friends and friends also said to the side: “Yes, you guys, are you afraid that the money will be seen by others hahaha.”

“Well, the clothes are very expensive, isn’t it a copycat? Hahaha.”

“Forget it, host, I think they are here to rub traffic, let’s continue.”

The fat man became more proud as he spoke. In the end, he patted his chest and said, “As long as you Baijia sampled, no matter how much you sell, I will call up. It can be regarded as a hot atmosphere at today’s auction, how about it?”

This immediately won a round of applause.

Many people also shouted at the Bai family: “Hey, everyone said so, you still don’t call it? Are you counseling? Is it really coming over to catch the heat?”

Chen Shuyun’s face was embarrassed for a while, and she didn’t know what to do.

Fatty’s words, don’t look superficial, but vicious!

It is said that he will continue to bid up, but what if he doesn’t bid?

If you don’t call it, wouldn’t this pot hit the Bai’s head?

In this era, the least valuable thing is running trains.

The host looked embarrassed, thinking that he would encounter a cold spot when the first baby was shot, and the scene was even more complicated.

In line with the principle of calming people, she quickly said: “Okay, since this first collection is unpopular…”

“Who said that there are no people?” At this time, Bai Lizheng suddenly raised the sign in his hand, looked around, and said with a smile, “Since you want to see our Bai family hold the card, give you a sample, OK, then I’m Bai. , I’ll play with you.”

“It’s just that, with my end, you have no chance to play.” Bai Lizheng’s voice was full of arrogance.

In this case, the audience instantly detonated.

Everyone looked at Bai Lizheng with crazy eyes.

Isn’t this person coming out of a mental hospital?

Does he not know who is sitting there?

Looking at this scene, just pick out a person and you can hang your Bai family.

I even dared to say crazy words. If I leave the game, you will not have a chance to play…

Do you Bai family want to round up today’s baby?

You must also have this strength!

The Bai family on the side were also dumbfounded by Bai Lizheng’s words.

This tone is so overbearing.

It is ignoring everyone in the audience, and it is to offend everyone!

“Hahaha, crazy people, these years have been very rare, okay, then I will see how this gentleman gave us a sample.” The fat boss saw that the Bai family was planning, and he succeeded. Annoyed the audience, and suddenly became excited.

Chen Shuyun really guessed what he was thinking.

As long as the Bai family dared to raise a card, he really wouldn’t bid up.

The pot was thrown to the Bai family.

When the time comes, see if you cry or not?

The host was also frightened by this scene, but fortunately she had a strong psychological quality. Seeing Bai Li raising her hand, she immediately said, “Mr. Fifty is holding a card, five million one hundred thousand.”

According to the rules, a plaque is raised by one hundred thousand.

The fat boss was about to speak out for the host to verify the capital of the Bai family on the spot, so that they could show their feet on the spot, when Bai Lizheng suddenly spoke again.

He smiled disdainfully, and said: “A one-time increase of 100,000 yuan will be called until dawn, 50 million yuan.”

This sound was shocking!

A needle in the scene can be heard dropping!

Everyone looked at Bai Lizheng with shocked eyes!

Increase the price ten times at a time?

Fifty million?

And the reserve price is not hundreds of thousands, but five million!


This person is absolutely mentally abnormal!

Does the Bai family have so much money!

The host felt his head exploded.

After she woke up, she asked with a dazed expression: “This gentleman, how much did you just say? I’m a little bit confused.”

“50 million.” Bai Lizheng said lazily.

For him, money is nothing but numbers.

I can’t make any waves when I spend it out.

I heard it again at the scene, now it’s fry the pan directly!

“Damn! Is the Bai family so rich? Is this pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?”

“I can’t tell, it’s not a lie, right?”

“Who dares to deceive people at the auction, the placards raised here have legal effect.”

When Bai Li was finished speaking, he suddenly looked at the fat man before and said with a smile: “I finished the sample. Next, do you have to fulfill your promise and continue to scream?”

This immediately made the people around him laugh.

That fat man felt hot on his face.

I wanted to humiliate Xia Bai’s family by making a mockery, but I didn’t expect the Bai family to be crazy!

The opening is fifty million!

Is there such a proofing?

Why let me call down!

Call your sister!

But, you really are the lions who speak loudly, dare to bid at any price!

Okay, the higher you call, the worse you will die!

Then, the fat man suddenly said loudly: “The idiot called down. I just teased you to take me to jail? Host, this man called 50 million, which is really outrageous. I seriously suspect that he is Barking, I suggest to verify their capital on the spot!”

Chapter 495

When the fat man said these words, he felt that he had recovered so much face.

I was really frightened just now.

It’s good now, to verify the capital of the Bai family, as long as they are proved to have no money, not only will they be ashamed in public, but if it is serious, they will be directly arrested and sent to prison.

Hahaha, kill two birds with one stone, great!

The host had never encountered such a thing before, and was caught off guard for a while.

But everyone at the scene didn’t think it was a big deal, and they shouted: “Yes, to verify their capital, I want to see how many catties they called out 50 million.”

“Don’t hit the swollen face to fill up the fat guy, you will finally blow yourself up.”

“Does this treat everyone as fools? Now they are going to be ashamed.”

Chen Shuyun was so scared that his soul was about to fly.

Fifty million, it’s a god!

How many houses can this buy!

Is it worth 50 million to buy a broken bottle?

For a time, her heart was bleeding.

The atmosphere at the scene intensified, and in the end it converged into a neat sentence, “Capital verification! Capital verification!”

The host, Dou Da’s cold sweat went down, and he didn’t know what to say.

At this time, Bai Lizheng suddenly laughed again, “What is the qualification? Boring.”

One sentence made the expressions of the people at the scene richer.

Everyone was attacking Bai Li, “Damn! It’s really playing everyone, I dare not verify capital!”

“Host, how did this kind of person get into the auction? I am now beginning to doubt your company’s qualifications to hold the auction.”

Bai Lizheng suddenly said aloud at this time: “I haven’t finished speaking yet, and capital verification is too boring. Just swipe the card. Is there a credit card machine? Bring some.”

These words made the originally excited people quiet instantly.



Swipe my card?

So simple?

So fearless?

Swipe on the spot?

This is an unprecedented scene in auction history.

Does the Bai family really have money?

Otherwise, where would they dare to swipe the card?

But the host looked like a savior, gratefully glanced at Bai Lizheng, and immediately brought a credit card machine.

The people at the scene were dead silent, watching Bai Lizheng’s movements without blinking.

As Baili was successfully swiping his card, the people at the scene went crazy again.

are you crazy!

Spend 50 million to buy a Tang Sancai!

However, everyone was also completely shocked by Bai Lizheng’s generous work.

This person is too proud!

He shot fifty million without blinking.

Putting this on most people’s side, it will definitely hurt.

The Bai family, have you met the God of Wealth recently?

That fat man, seeing that the Bai family really bought 50 million Tang Sancai, he was about to fall to the ground.

Just now he vowed to make the Bai family humiliate themselves at the auction.

Now, who is humiliating himself?

You really want to cut Hu Bai’s house, how can you cut Hu?

It is too cheap to kill Hu with his life.

After Bai Li was swiping the card, he immediately took away Tang Sancai.

But instead of returning to his seat, he walked towards the dumbfounded fat man.

Bai Li was standing in front of him and said jokingly: “I don’t believe it, I hate this kind of person the most in my life.”

The fat man was so irritated and irritated, he sneered: “There is nothing to believe in! I think it is you who do not believe in words! Didn’t you just say that you want to round up today’s collection? I want to see. Do you have so much money? You bought them all for me to see.”

“Ho ho, as you wish, by the way, and thanks to you, I finally found some fun to spend money.” Bai Lizheng said lightly, before turning back to his seat.

He just threw that Tang Sancai under his feet, and stepped directly on Tang Sancai with one foot.

This scene once again shocked everyone.

This guy spent 50 million to buy a Tang Sancai, so he didn’t cherish it. He actually used it as a foot pad.

How rich is he?

What’s the fun of spending money?

Spending money is a pleasure in itself!

However, his stepping on Tang Sancai caused Wiliam to frown slightly.

After all, Tang Sancai is a traditional national quintessence. Bai Lizheng’s name has a courtesy character, but he is really rude.

Li Muhe, who was on the side, also shook his head slightly, and was also disgusted with Bai Lizheng’s behavior.

However, the Bai family was excited one by one.

Bai Li is awesome!

Spend 50 million to buy a foot pad!

Show the limelight!

Isn’t this the picture Chen Shuyun had always imagined before?

The focus of the audience is on the Bai family, crazy for the Bai family, and regard the Bai family as the arrogant!

Although it had spent 50 million, it seemed that Bai Li was not short of this amount of money.

Thinking of this, the Bai family is even more excited, and then they will only be more beautiful!

They even took the initiative to shout to the host: “Hurry up and start the following auction? Our Bai family’s money that has nowhere to put is already ready to move.

This shameless show of wealth, if it is usual, is enough to make people laugh.

But now, there is no one who can laugh.

They even feel that they are going to experience the most shocking moment of their lives next.

Sure enough, the host bluntly introduced the next collection, a pear sculpture, with a starting price of three million.

Unexpectedly, there was no one who dared to speak, and they all looked at Bai Lizheng.

Bai Li was enjoying the pilgrimage from all directions, smiled, and said, “Ten million.”

Everyone suffocated again.

Although it was only tripled this time, it was also terrifying.

The most important thing is that you will never think of what Bai Li is going to buy this thing for?

After he swiped the card again and settled on the spot, he gave the ten million pear carvings to the host, “Thanks for your hard work, today’s tip.”

The people at the scene are almost crazy!

Spend money like this, but that’s it!

This person was too extravagant, and he gave it to a stranger after changing hands.

All of a sudden, the host was so excited that tears came out.

She kept bowing to Bai Lizheng and thanked her, her mood could no longer be described in words.

And Bai Li was doing this, showing a stubborn smile.

It turns out that spending money is such a cool thing, no wonder the world is booming, all for profit, the world is bustling, all for profit.

Then, let’s fully demonstrate my Bai Lizheng’s strength today.

In the following, he won five more collections without hesitation, and the total value of the five pieces is 200 million.

Everyone was so shocked that they couldn’t say a word.

Bao Yuan, is this guy really planning to complete today’s auction?

Who on earth is he, why such a local tyrant has never seen him before!

But when the sixth collection came up, a slight difference finally appeared.

This collection is a Luohan root carving. When it came up, Li Muhe’s eyes lit up.

He came here this time for this root carving.

Therefore, before the arrogant Bai Lizheng still shouted, Li Muhe had already bid, “15 million.”

Chapter 496 Mythical Heart

This faint sentence, like thunder, broke the silence before.

Before Bai Lizheng was spending money like dirt, everyone was already embarrassed.

There is no one who dares to challenge Bai Li.

So later, everyone has habitually watched Bai Lizheng behave alone.

Now someone is calling the price first.

And it’s Li Muhe!

Everyone’s eyes lighted up.

Li Muhe in Q City ( Qena City ) was also the one who shook the ground.

The veteran giants confronted this upstart, as if sparks hit the earth, some of them watched this.

While Bai Li was enjoying the unique ring of worship, he was suddenly broken by a word from Li Muhe, and his brows suddenly frowned.

He looked at Li Muhe, and he couldn’t help but bring a trace of shady bird in his eyes.

He had seen this old man very upset before, but now this old man is so ignorant of what is good or bad, he dares to bid before him.

Is this unclear to be done right?

Bai Li was thinking that his stare would make Li Muhe restrain, but he didn’t expect Li Muhe to be fearless and calm.

Bai Li was showing a deep smile.


Is this going to compare money with me?

“50 million.” Bai Lizheng shouted casually.

Li Muhe’s face became stiff, and he said to Bai Lizheng in a deep voice, “This little brother, today’s auction is a graceful thing. You are bidding all over the sky, I’m afraid it’s lost interest.”

Called by Li Muhe as a little brother, Bai Lizheng’s face was suddenly pulled down.

What is this old man!

Call me little brother, can you bear it?

“Hoho, okay, I called it wrong just now.” Bai Lizheng suddenly gave a grim smile, and added another sentence in the silence of everyone, “Not fifty million, but one hundred million!”

One billion!

The people at the scene were almost unable to restrain the shock in their hearts, and they all exclaimed!

This Luohan root carving has a simple and vicissitudes of style and is very beautiful.

But because the material is average, it’s worth ten million at most.

This lunatic has been called one hundred million now!

It is simply too shocking!

How much money does he have!

Just as Bai Li finished bidding the price, he looked at Li Muhe mockingly, “Why? Don’t you continue to bid?”

Li Muhe sighed and closed his eyes.

But regret was clearly written on his face.

Bai Li was swiping his card again, and then took over the black Arhat.

At this time, something staggering happened.

Bai Li was looking at Arhat for a while, and then said inexplicably, “Don’t you like it very much? Hoho, it’s a pity, I don’t like it.”

After he finished speaking, he threw it casually, and Luohan immediately fell to the ground.


With a crisp sound, Luo Han’s head was knocked off.

This knockout is worth one hundred million, ten million, and now even one hundred yuan is worthless.

Everyone feels that a heart is about to jump out.

One hundred million, just squander it casually?

This person is a god outside the sky!

Li Muhe couldn’t help showing a trace of anger when seeing his beloved Luohan being broken.

Too much deception!

It’s nothing to disrespect art, it’s so bad!

What kind of person is eligible to appear at the auction!

Just as Li Muhe was about to stand up to fight back, Wiliam suddenly shook his head slightly at him.

Instructed Li Muhe not to act rashly.

There was a daze on Li Muhe’s face.

But he was convinced of Wiliam’s words, and suddenly sat down again angrily.

A breath of bad breath, my heart is hard to calm down!

You must carefully investigate the origin of this person, and it even made Wiliam startled!

When Bai Li saw Li Muhe stand up and sit down, he sneered.

He hoped that Li Muhe would rush over. In this way, he would be considered a famous teacher.

It’s a pity that all the rubbish has been suppressed like this, and I can bear it.

Like Wiliam, waste.

Everyone stared blankly at the silent battle that took place before them, and was shocked for a while.

This is Li Muhe in Q City ( Qena City ).

I was ridden on my head, but I was shocked?

Who is this Bai family sacred?

Everyone looked at Bai Lizheng with admiring eyes.

With this hand, Bai Lizheng once again won back the eyes of everyone’s worship, and then sat back with satisfaction.

He met everyone’s expectation and said lightly: “Is it what I just said that didn’t make it clear? I don’t mind saying it again, I have packed all of today’s collections. I don’t like cultural relics, just like spending money suddenly, so, Anyone who dares to be as ignorant as someone just now, then I’m really not welcome.”

These remarks are a bit outrageous.

He stepped on Li Muhe’s foot in secret.

Li Muhe was so angry that he walked away.

As soon as he left, the people at the scene recovered.

Even Li Muhe thought it was better to leave in despair, so who else would dare to oppose the Bai family at the scene?

I’m afraid there are no people at all.

Even if this person bid a penny higher than the auction price, no one would dare to compete with him at the scene.

After all, his capital is there.

At the same time, everyone has a deep intuition that the Bai family is afraid that they will make trouble in Q City ( Qena City ).

Those who had taunted the Bai family before suddenly felt a deep annoyance at this time.

Next, as everyone thought, Bai Li was able to take down everything without any blood.

Even in the middle, Bai Lizheng really added the lowest price increase, and the scene was still not daring to argue.

Everyone knows that Bai Li is not having money anymore.

He was playing.

Waiting for someone who doesn’t know how to promote like Li Muhe, and then took the opportunity to attack.

Who would dare to be this unjustly killed ghost?

The auction was gradually coming to an end, and Bai Lizheng also spent a full 780 million yuan.

An auction myth is slowly born today.

When Wiliam was bored, he asked Feliicity: “My wife, do you have anything to fancy? Only the last one is left.”

Feliicity was completely shocked by her father, she did not expect his father to be so generous.

And the momentum is compelling.

She was terrified that Wiliam was right with her father, so she shook her head and said: “I really don’t like these mortals, these mortals can be bought into this fairy…”

While speaking, her voice suddenly disappeared slowly.

Wiliam looked at it and saw that Feliicity’s eyes fell on the last auction item he brought up on the stage, with stars shining in his eyes.

At the scene, there was an exclamation, “Wow, the heart of the myth! It’s too beautiful!”

This is a gem with a faint blue light, it is quiet, but it has taken away all women’s eyes.

The women at the scene are all obsessed, including Feliicity.

“Like it?” Wiliam asked funny.

Feliicity has been completely lost in the blue dream of the heart of the myth, nodding instinctively, “Like it.”

As soon as the voice fell, she was like stepping on the tail of a cat, and she jumped up and denied, “No, no, no! I don’t like it!”

However, it was too late.

The auction card in Wiliam’s hand was already raised high.

Chapter 497

The starting price of this mythical heart is 10 million, and the price does not appear to be that high in Bai Lizheng’s crazy actions today.

But the scene was still shocked.

The shock is that before Bai Lizheng still had a placard to set the tone, someone actually raised a placard first.

This is the second person after Li Muhe to challenge Bai Li.

Everyone looked at Wiliam in amazement, only to find out again, is this the Bai family’s own internal fighting?

Everyone was whispering, “Hey, this person who is holding the placard seems to be the son-in-law of the Bai family?”

“Hahaha, when the posture is up, the Bai family can still play. They can’t find anyone to compete with them. They compete with them internally. It’s interesting. I have never seen such a rich family in my life.”

However, a few people on the scene suddenly showed meaningful smiles.

They knew Wiliam.

Wiliam had appeared on some important occasions in Q City ( Qena City ) more or less before, and he showed his outstanding features.

Now that Wiliam made another move, things became fun.

Is there anyone who knows how to live or die, who wants to compete with Wiliam?

Most people were still worried about Wiliam. After all, even big men like Li Muhe were defeated in the hands of Bai Lizheng. Now in a small area, how could Wiliam fight Bai Lizheng.

Did Wiliam think he was better than Li Muhe?

When Feliicity saw Wiliam holding a card, she was so frightened that her soul flew away. She grabbed Wiliam’s hand and pressed it down, and whispered, “Wiliam, are you crazy? Did you see Dad on his head? “

But on the stage, the host’s loud voice has sounded, “No. 51, 11 million.”

Feliicity’s face was pale when she heard this.

It’s late, it’s still late after all.

The last thing she wanted to see was that Wiliam would fight her father to death.

But now, I am afraid that a fight is inevitable.

Feliicity’s heart will be very uncomfortable for these two men who wins or loses.

She turned around and looked at Bai Lizheng with pleading eyes.

However, Bai Lizheng directly ignored Feliicity and looked at Wiliam.

His eyes were full of joking.

Today, Bai Lizheng felt the refreshment and ease of spending money for the first time.

I thought that it would be able to end successfully and shock the entire Q City ( Qena City ).

By the way, at this last moment, someone who didn’t live or die rushed out and challenged himself.

Still his son-in-law.

Ho ho.

A little rubbish, finally can’t restrain his desire to show his face, want to win eyeballs at the last moment?

Eleven million, do you have this money…

Bai Li was thinking naturally, Wiliam was sensationalizing, after all, everyone knew that he would overwhelm Wiliam and bought this beautiful gem.

Naturally, Wiliam would get everyone’s attention without spending a penny.

The small abacus is very precise.

Unfortunately, you met me.

Bai Li was smiling and said: “Okay, don’t you want to get eyeballs? I will fulfill you, but I want to see where you took out 11 million.”

The people at the scene suddenly became interested.

It turned out that the Bai family was really a civil war.

The two people seem to be in disharmony.

Wiliam shrugged his shoulders and said, “Then let it go.”

These words made Bai Lizheng’s heart suddenly choked.

He is considered to have walked the rivers and lakes for many years and read countless people.

It was the first time I saw Wiliam, who was both powerful and powerful, his eyes were so calm and calm.

It seemed to him that these eleven million were nothing but a drop in the bucket.

How similar is this look to the way he spent money just now?

Is this kid really rich?

Thinking of this, Bai Lizheng couldn’t help but recalled that when Wiliam took the brand just now, he said that he would not use a penny from the Bai family, just to buy Feliicity’s favorite baby.

Where does he get the money?

As the host on the stage counted down, Bai Lizheng’s calm mind suddenly became restless.


Why does it have to be finalized, this kid still has an expression of acceptance?

And Bai Liuzheng’s tangled expression filled Wiliam’s eyes.

Wiliam couldn’t help but let out a sneer.

Is this your vision and mind?


As the host counted down, the atmosphere seemed to freeze completely.

This is the most unexpected situation for everyone.

Bai Lizheng is out of contention?

Give it to Wiliam?

This is not like the previous prodigal tyrants.

Eleven million, buying the heart of the myth, this is a steady profit.

For a while, everyone’s heart raised their throats.

Some people even have red eyes.

They were all about to move, thinking that at the last moment, their hearts jumped, and they would fight this mythical heart with Wiliam.

After all, the heart of myth is so beautiful. With it in hand, which woman can’t hold it?

Didn’t you see the eyes of Q City ( Qena City ) to Meibai Feliicity just now?

And just as the hammer in the hands of the people living in the residence was raised high, and when the hammer was about to fall, Bai Lizheng couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted, “One hundred million!”

“Wow!” Many people on the scene fell to the ground at this moment.

Break your glasses!

It’s reasonable again!

Bai Lizheng is still the crazy Bai Lizheng, he is back.

Many people also secretly rejoiced, but fortunately, they held it back just now, and they didn’t make any rash moves.

Otherwise, Bai Lizheng’s anger would not rush towards Wiliam.

After Bai Lizheng shouted violently, the whole figure seemed to be set alight.

He stared at Wiliam, furious!

It seems that the silent silence of two people just now is the cruelest kind of confrontation.

At the last moment, Bai Li couldn’t hold back his breath and was considered lost.

Because he broke his promise.

Since Bai Lizheng returned to Q City ( Qena City ), he has been proud and arrogant, and countless people have been in awe of him.

Being present today, it was a bigwig like Li Muhe who was also impressed by him.

This is a matter of course.

However, all the changes have appeared on his son-in-law!

From the very beginning, the boy was ordered to join Lingyue Villa twice, but was directly rejected.

Then all kinds of ignoring yourself!

Now, even the prestige that I have accumulated just now is wiped out!

There is a mess left!

Damn it!

Obviously it is nothing but rubbish! How good is he!

Bai Li was at this moment, wishing to kill Wiliam, venting his anger!

He looked at Wiliam who still looked like Shi Shiran, and shouted angrily: “Come on, there is a kind of you keep shouting! I want to see how much money you hide!”

The more Bai Lizheng looked like this, the more ridiculous it seemed to Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled faintly: “Want to see how much money I have? This is a bit difficult for you, do you deserve it?”

While speaking, he raised his hand again and wrote lightly: “One hundred and one million.”

Chapter 498

The people at the scene were almost crazy.

Actually dared to shout up!

They clearly saw that Bai Li was like a mad beast, and this Wiliam even dared to scream!

This is obviously going to be against Bai Li!

Moreover, the upward bidding is the upward bidding. You are worth 200 million, so it’s more domineering!

It’s okay for you, what do you mean by making a hundred and one million?

Everyone’s hearts were raised in their throats.

Bai Lizheng was even more so called by Wiliam, almost vomiting blood with anger.

Never seen such a brazen man in his life!

Bai Lizheng had already predicted that no matter how much Wiliam had, he would not have 100 million.

So he made two preparations. One was Wiliam’s admission, so he could humiliate him on the spot.

Another is that Wiliam was so irritated by himself that he lost his mind and called out 200 million.

At that time, Bai Li was fighting his face and didn’t continue calling up.

Let this Wiliam taste the pain that he couldn’t repay the price.

But Wiliam’s name makes Bai Lizheng almost depressed!

What broke one hundred and one million!

Are you so disgusting!

Suddenly disrupted Lao Tzu’s rhythm!

This is not too high, whether I call or not!

Thinking of this, Bai Li was furious, apparently about to rush directly to beat Wiliam.

But Chen Shuyun grabbed Bai Lizheng for an unprecedented time, and said anxiously: “Liezheng, don’t be impulsive, there are so many people on the scene, the face of our Bai family matters. Besides, this is our family’s internal struggle, and the ugliness of our family should not be exposed.”

Bai Lizheng barely suppressed the anger in his heart and looked at Wiliam, “What do you mean by calling one hundred and one million!”

Wiliam glanced at Feliicity who was extremely nervous, rubbed her head, and then slowly said, “Before going out, my wife has explained that the money should not be squandered. You must save it.”

This made the people at the scene almost vomit blood.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam with a look of impotence, whether it was a beating or a curse.

She told Wiliam last night that if you have money, you shouldn’t spend it lavishly.

But, it’s not like that, OK?

Wiliam, do you have any misunderstandings about not spending money arbitrarily!

You dared to scream up for a hundred million, is that one million short?

This one million is meant to disgust people!

Sure enough, the small universe that Bai Li was reluctantly suppressing was ignited again in an instant, “Wiliam! Are you looking for death! You are fooling me!”

Wiliam shrugged, “I heard what Feliicity said, is it wrong?”

Feliicity felt that she had been shot countlessly while sitting on the chair.

Wiliam, this is not what your relatives and wife absolutely mean, OK?

When Bai Li was watching Wiliam even move out of Feliicity, he was even more angry.

He suddenly laughed wildly, “Okay! You want this mythical heart, don’t you? I will fight you to the end today! Five hundred million! You can go up and show me!”

Five hundred million!

The man at the scene dropped his jaw.

The heart of a myth has been carried to 500 million. Before this, no one dared to think about it!

The local tyrant from where Bai Lizheng came, really generous.

Everyone looked at Wiliam again, wondering what he would do next?

And the sound of 500 million screamed Feliicity’s heart completely.

Her head was in chaos, and when it was over, her father and Wiliam were truly immortal.

Even if my father successfully photographed this mythical heart, he still spent countless amounts of wronged money.

This account must be counted on Wiliam.

Feliicity originally thought that when his father came back this time, the three of them would be reunited and friendly.

But now it seems completely impossible.

She looked at Wiliam nervously, but when she saw Wiliam’s hand move, she wanted to lift it without hesitation.

At this moment, Feliicity couldn’t help it anymore.

It’s already wrong and can’t be wrong again and again.

She grabbed Wiliam’s hand, clasped her fingers tightly, and said aggrievedly: “Wiliam, stop screaming, call again, this mythical heart is bloodied, think about it, bloody Will I still like the mythical heart? Besides, my dad wants to buy this mythical heart, and it is also for me, right? Dad? You two are my dearest relatives, isn’t it the same who gave it to me? Your intentions , I also fully understand, stop fighting, okay?”

In the end, Feliicity almost begged Wiliam.

The Bai family on the side looked at Chen Shuyun together, as if waiting for Chen Shuyun’s instructions.

When Bai Li was calling out 500 million just now, Chen Shuyun almost fell into a coma with anger.

Five hundred million!

Real money!

Enough for the Bai family to eat and drink for a few lifetimes!

Just be taken advantage of!

The deep hatred for Wiliam in her eyes flashed away, and her head turned frantically.

Don’t let Bai Li spend money just for a bastard.

This money belongs to the Bai family!

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun also said loudly: “Yeah, yeah, Lizheng, both of you are the same in giving gifts from the Feliicity. They are all in the same family. Why do you have such a clear distinction? This is what you said before, don’t fight, don’t fight Up.”

Bai Lizheng has been filial to Chen Shuyun since he was a child. After listening to her words, his anger gradually ceased, but he glanced at Wiliam with his left light.

Wiliam was not at all concerned about the hundreds of millions of dollars, because it was rare to see Feliicity being so obsessed with a piece of jewelry.

Looking at Feliicity’s bitter little face now, it was a bit unbearable.

Can’t let the Feliicity be caught between them and be difficult to be a human being.

Just when Wiliam was about to give up, Feliicity suddenly ignored the crowds and pecked on Wiliam’s face, then buried his head, blushing to the root of his ears.

“This is a reward for your heart, is it enough?”

Wiliam’s kiss from this sudden attack made his whole person feel a little airy.

Because Feliicity has always been a shy woman, don’t talk about kissing others in front of outsiders, she will dodge a little hand.

Now in order to stop this fight, she offered to kiss.

It seemed that she really didn’t want to see a roommate fuck.

So Wiliam looked at Bai Lizheng, “Since you also gave it to Feliicity, I won’t fight with you.”

“The Feliicity in my house are naturally the most suitable gift from my father. It seems that we are all because of the Feliicity, so we don’t care about you.” Bai Lizheng said.

Feliicity was overjoyed on her face and pulled Wiliam’s hand and said, “Thank you Wiliam. You are the best to me.”

Bai Li was so angry at this scene that he was about to collapse again!

Laozi spent five hundred million, alright!

This kid doesn’t spend a penny!

As a result, did he take all the credit?

Is it really him? The water thrown out by the married daughter!

With Wiliam’s regression, the whole auction finally came to an end.

Everyone left the meeting reluctantly, thinking that today the Bai family has completely rectified their name.

Q City ( Qena City ) estimated that this is the only one in the Bai family who had such a generous shot.

Really thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, we can no longer underestimate the Bai family.

And Wiliam accompanied Feliicity to the backstage, where he was counting the collections auctioned off today.

After the count, a staff member will personally send it to the Bai’s gate.

In this battle, Feliicity finally breathed a sigh of relief. She no longer had to hide her love for the heart of myth.

With a little cheer, she stretched out her hand to get the heart of the myth, which was given by her father, and it was considered as a heart.

But at this time, Bai Lizheng suddenly drank the Feliicity, “Don’t move in the Feliicity, I have another use for this gem.”

Chapter 499

Feliicity’s hand trembled when she heard this.

Fortunately, Wiliam was on the side, firmly grasping the heart of the myth, and then he did not fall to the ground.

Feliicity looked at Bai Lizheng in disbelief, “Dad, didn’t you give me this mythical heart?”

Even Wiliam frowned.

Because from the previous fight, whether it was Feliicity, the Bai family, and even Bai Lizheng at the last moment, they were releasing a piece of information.

This mythical heart is given to Feliicity.

And this was also the most critical reason why Wiliam was willing to give up continuing to fight for the heart of the myth at the last moment.

But now Bai Li is suddenly changing his mind?

For a while, Bai Li was in Wiliam’s heart, and his impression could not be worse.

Chen Shuyun was also surprised: “Li Zheng, you didn’t give it to Feliicity? Then why are you better!”

She is heartbroken for her 500 million dollars!

Bai Li was looking at Feliicity with a stunned look, and suddenly felt a little guilty.

He knew how much his daughter liked this mythical heart.

This is why he is determined to win.

It’s just that Bai Lizheng just now was completely deprived of reason by Wiliam’s anger.

He forgot the most important thing.

It was his original intention to come here to give Mr. Wang a heavy meeting gift.

And looking at the audience today, among all the things, only this mythical heart is the most beautiful and most thoughtful.

What’s more, the auction price is also many times higher than other things.

Such a value will definitely make headlines in major news tomorrow.

If he chooses another gift to give to the elder Wang, he will definitely think in his heart that he has clearly photographed the heart of the myth, but he has given other cheap things.

It’s okay if it’s not sent, but it’s a big deal.

So Bai Lizheng thought about it just now, and felt that he should give the heart of myth to the elder Wang.

On the one hand, it can represent one’s highest respect, on the other hand, it is also the most reasonable.

However, Feliicity would be wronged in this way.

Bai Li was looking at Feliicity and sighed. For the sake of the overall situation, he could only wrong her.

However, as long as you get the appreciation of the prince and elder, what kind of precious treasures you can’t want in the future?

Thinking of this, Bai Li said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, give me this mythical heart first. I have a very important use. I will visit a big person tomorrow as a meeting ceremony. I will give away everything I buy today. Will it be for you?”

This made Bai Zhensheng and others crazy with jealousy.

Other things add up to several hundred million in value.

Although the price is quite high, one or two hundred million is indispensable.

It’s like being stunned by money out of thin air.

However, Feliicity showed a reluctant smile and said, “Well, thank you Dad, you can use it if you are useful, I understand.”

With that, there was a sudden wave in her heart.

She was laughing at herself.

It’s ridiculous. I was worried about being half-dead just now, and now it seems that I am passionate.

My father didn’t compete with Wiliam just to give it to himself.

Worry about.

She was a little embarrassed for a while, no, it was too embarrassing.

Obviously it wasn’t for myself, I just wanted to pick it up just now, not to be ashamed or ashamed.

Thinking of this, Feliicity said again: “Um, I am a little uncomfortable, I will go back first.”

After that, she ignored everyone and walked outside.

How could Wiliam not understand Feliicity’s situation and mood at the moment.

In order to reconcile Wiliam and Bai Lizheng, she took great pains, and in the end, her father made such a show in public.

Individuals will be embarrassed to get the head start.

Wiliam followed Feliicity, looked at Chuchu’s poor Feliicity, and suddenly became angry!

He has never been an angry person.

Over the years, he has long learned to forbear.

Even if others insulted him, Wiliam could smile calmly and ignore it.

However, it happened to Feliicity, this thing!


Feliicity is Wiliam’s reverse scale!

Those who touch the scales die!

Wiliam’s eyes slowly became cold and severe.

Bai Lizheng, are you going to see a big man tomorrow?

Are you going to see Harper?

Ho ho, okay, go!

Be sure to let you, an eye-opener!

God can’t take away my Feliicity! The ghost dare not deceive!

“Still thinking about the heart of the myth?” Wiliam suddenly asked softly.

Feliicity stagnated, but shook his head and smiled reluctantly, “I don’t want to, this time I really lie to you, I really don’t want to.”

As for why she didn’t want to, she thought only she knew.

Because it’s dirty.

I was soiled by my dearest father.

“Yours, it will be yours after all. If someone else gets dirty, I will wipe it for you spotlessly before giving it to you.” Wiliam said inexplicably, and took Feliicity’s hand and walked forward.

Feliicity’s heart trembled, and suddenly a warm current spread across his body.

Going around, no matter what people have gone through.

In the end, only Wiliam knew himself best.

Feliicity suddenly threw away Wiliam’s hand and stood still.

Wiliam was taken aback and looked at Feliicity in surprise.

At this time, Feliicity looked at Wiliam blankly, and suddenly chuckled like spring flowers.

She took the initiative to hold Wiliam’s hand, and said shyly but firmly: “This time, I will hold your hand and take you along.”

She really took the initiative to clasp Wiliam’s ten fingers, while leaning on Wiliam’s shoulder, she acted coquettishly, “Husband, people are hungry.”

“Well, what do you want to eat?”


“Uh, your husband doesn’t have lollipops, only golden hoop…”



“Wiliam, did I give you a face? It takes too long to do exercises for you, isn’t it? You stand still!”

“What sport?”

“You dare to say! Humph! Humph! Humph!”

But that night, Wiliam was used to sleeping on the floor again.

In the dark night, Feliicity looked at Wiliam who seemed to be asleep without moving, with infinite love in her heart.

Today, she was aggrieved very much.

But because of Wiliam, all her grievances were wiped out.

Instead, there is an infinite expectation of staying together with Wiliam.

“Husband, it’s nice to have you.” Feliicity muttered to herself suddenly, flushing with shame.

But in the dark night, a magnetic deep voice suddenly sounded, “Well, I heard it, can I go to bed now?”

Feliicity has a black line, and his face is even redder, “Fuck you!”

Necrotic people, and eavesdropping!

Wiliam in the dark night kept repeating a word in his heart.

Wife, it’s nice to have you.

In the other room, Bai Li was tossing and turning and couldn’t fall asleep. His light was on, and his eyes kept staying away from the beautifully packed mythical heart on the table.

It depends on tomorrow whether things happen or not.

Although Mr. Wang only said two or three days later, he didn’t contact him again.

But Bai Li is now deciding to take the initiative to come and surrender again.

The night passed, Bai Li was holding two dark circles under his eyes, carefully holding the heart of myth, and went out to Harper’s home.

After he left, Wiliam looked at his leaving back, with a trace of coldness and cruelty in his eyes!

Go, go see and see, the anger of my Qilinwei!

Chapter 500

When Bai Li was going out, the first ray of sunlight just shone on his face.

Everything in the morning is so beautiful.

Bai Lizheng also gave birth to a trace of pride out of thin air, feeling that today’s event must be as smooth as the sun.

Chen Shuyun happened to be outside the door and saw that Bai Lizheng was about to go out early in the morning and asked, “Lizheng, where are you going so early?”

Bai Li was showing a heroic smile and said, “I’m going to see a big man.”

“Big shot?” Chen Shuyun was taken aback. After yesterday’s auction, Bai Li was talking about giving a gift to a big guy, and then she wanted to ask.

With Bai Lizheng’s arrogance of spending money like earth, there is also a skill, and people like Li Muhe are not in the eyes of Bai Lizheng.

So who else in Q City ( Qena City ) can be called a big shot by his unparalleled son?

Chen Shuyun was very curious.

“Who? Is there such a person in Q City ( Qena City )?” Chen Shuyun asked.

But Bai Li looked seriously, and said proudly: “Mom, don’t talk nonsense. How can a big man be a person like me who can call his name. You just need to know that as long as I get the appreciation of that big man, my status and worth will be better than Now it is thousands of times higher!”

This remark made Chen Shuyun shocked.

Today’s Bai Lizheng is already a god in the sky in Chen Shuyun’s eyes.

It can be thousands of times higher!

Then can’t stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun?

She became more and more curious about who this big man was.

It was just that Bai Li was observing etiquette about this, even if Harper was not present, he did not dare to go beyond the slightest.

Chen Shuyun had no choice but to give up in the end. She asked, “Son, then you are going over this time, will the big man really help you?”

This just hits Bai Lizheng’s heart.

Bai Lizheng smiled triumphantly: “Mom, when I first met that big man, he had a very good impression of me. If I said that I had a 70% chance of winning before, if I pass again today, the chance of winning will be raised. It’s 100%. After all, I went there with a lot of sincerity, and the big people are impeccable to me.”

The more he speaks and the more truthful he is, the more he feels that this line of loyalty will be a smooth future.

When Chen Shuyun heard that her son could make progress, she clapped her hands with excitement, “My son, mom didn’t support you in vain! You are really promising, and the whole Q City ( Qena City ) is proud of you!”

Bai Lizheng also smiled and said, “Mom, after today, to be honest, Q City ( Qena City ) is no longer what I can see. It is time to repay you for your years of nurturing. At that time, I will do my best to let you Be the first person in Q City ( Qena City ) as soon as possible.”

“Good! Good!” Chen Shuyun smiled so that all her faces were squeezed together. She had already begun to fantasize about seeing the small scenery of Q City ( Qena City ) after today.

After the two laughed happily, Bai Lizheng went to Harper’s house arrogantly.

Ten minutes later, he stood at the door of Harper’s house, respectfully rang the doorbell, and a housekeeper came to open the door.

Even though Bai Lizheng was not daring to offend a little butler in He, he squeezed out a flattering smile and said, “Hello, can you please inform Mr. Wang and say that the boy Bai Lizheng begs to see you. God said he wanted to tell me something.”

The butler glanced at Bai Lizheng in surprise, and went in to report.

Waiting outside the door, Bai Lizheng’s gaze fell on the imposing ink unicorn carving at the door.

I saw this Mo Qilin, angry and violent, really brave and awe-inspiring.

Bai Li couldn’t help but bowed deeply to this Mo Qilin.

This is the ink unicorn sculpture representing Qilinwei.

When Bai Li was feeling solemn in his heart, he couldn’t help thinking of Wiliam’s blood-red unicorn ring.

He couldn’t help it, and just chuckled.

Now think about it, the rubbish piece of blood, the unicorn, the carved unicorn, the workmanship is so rough that it is terrible.

Serious copycat version.

Bai Lizheng felt a little funny when he thought that he was so clumsy at the time that he could directly fight fakes on the spot.

Laugh that kid, the garbage man can only buy garbage.

At this time, a majestic voice came from the door, “I don’t know what you are smiling at me, Mo Qilin?”

Bai Li was turning around to look, and the speaker was Harper!

He was so scared that his soul was about to fly, and the elder Wang personally went to the door to greet him!

This is simply a great honor!

Bai Lizheng was also more proud of himself. Since the elder Wang paid so much attention to him, wouldn’t the next discussion be more natural.

“Elder Wang, it is really impolite to let you go out.” Bai Lizheng hurriedly greeted him and bowed directly at ninety degrees.

But Harper looked at him indifferently and said, “You still didn’t answer my question just now. What are you laughing at my Mo Qilin? Could you look down on my Mo Qilin and laugh at him?”

Bai Lizheng’s heart trembled. Looking at Harper’s frosty face, he immediately felt that the laughter just now was really offensive.

It’s okay to make Mr. Wang misunderstood.

Bai Lizheng hurriedly bent over and explained: “Old Wang, you have misunderstood! I definitely don’t mean to laugh at Mo Qilin! On the contrary, I just worshiped Mo Qilin on the spot because I was too respectful! We are all unicorn students, how dare you disrespect unicorn .”

“Then what are you talking about, what are you laughing at?” Harper said lightly.

Seeing that Harper stopped pursuing his own ridicule, Bai Li relaxed his mind and said with a smile: “I am not afraid of you laughing at Mr. Wang. I was laughing at my son-in-law. That kid actually bought a piece of work from the street. The extremely rough unicorn ring is used as a safety talisman, ho ho, I won’t complain about the workmanship, what makes me want to laugh most is that the unicorn is actually blood red, hahaha, it laughs me to death.”

The more Bai Lizheng talked, the more he wanted to laugh, and when he reached the back, he laughed again in front of Harper.

He didn’t notice it at all, and Harper’s expression became more and more cold as he spoke.

Harper knows who Bai Lizheng is talking about the son-in-law?

Ho ho, Wiliam is the destiny unicorn, the master of my Harper’s remaining life, who has been with him for the rest of his life!

It is the unique master of unicorn power in the world!

The token he holds is naturally the blood unicorn ring that his grandfather personally left him!

Such an inexhaustible blood unicorn ring is actually ridiculed for its rough workmanship.

Ho ho, okay, okay!

A small unicorn slave, in front of the unicorn guard, laughed at the master of the unicorn!

And Harper, after being instructed by Wiliam last night, already knew what happened at the auction yesterday.

Seeing Bai Li was still laughing, Harper suddenly sneered, “Have you laughed enough?”

As soon as Bai Li heard it, he quickly stopped the laughter, “Enough laughter.”

“If you laugh enough, go away.” Harper faintly burst out a thunder.


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