Dragon Husband Chapter 501-510

Chapter 501


Bai Li was dumbfounded on the spot?

What does it mean to laugh enough, just get out?

Mr. Wang, is this to drive yourself away?

Thinking of this, Bai Li felt that he had just heard it wrong.

Obviously, the king is thirsty for talents, and he personally greets him to go out. Why is he chasing himself away now?

It must be something that I did not do well.

Was it that few laughs just now?

Bai Li’s head went crazy for a while.

No, Mr. Wang obviously didn’t care about his smile anymore.

Where is the problem?

Bai Lizheng suddenly slapped his head and finally woke up!


It turns out that I don’t understand etiquette!

When visiting the door, the etiquette and etiquette, of course, the most important thing is a word of etiquette!

I have all the gifts in my hand, so I don’t know how to send them out to show sincerity!

Let the elder Wang hint like that, shouldn’t, shouldn’t!

Thinking of this, Bai Li was slapped and slapped himself on the face, and then rushed to the turning elder in a vigorous step, and knelt down to the elder respectfully.

Then, he held the beautifully packaged mythical heart in front of Harper, and said loudly: “Boy Bai Lizheng, please peace of mind to Mr. Wang. This is the mythical heart that the kid got from the auction yesterday, a trivial thing. Talk about your heart.”

This remark made sense and reason.

Harper frowned slightly again.

The man has gold under his knees.

This white ceremony is really servile!

How could this kind of person be worthy of being the son-in-law of the young master!

What a shame!

No wonder the young master, such a generous person, called yesterday with an impulsive tone.

Born to be human, Tian is human!

Originally, Harper was too lazy to deal with Bai Lizheng.

But when the heart of myth was raised in front of Harper’s eyes, he thought of Wiliam’s explanation again.

So he stretched out his hand and took over the heart of the myth.

When Bai Li saw Harper accepting the gift, his heart became excited.


It’s just such a courtesy!

I was really happy and confused for a while.

Don’t you understand the rules of the arena?

Look, Mr. Wang accepted this gift directly.

Next, it’s time to talk about the future.

As Bai Li was thinking, he knocked his head deeply again, “From now on, please…”

“Bang!” Only a bang was heard, and the door in front of Bai Li was directly closed.

Bai Li’s words were still on his lips, and he was stunned.

what’s the situation?

What kind of situation is this?

Leave after receiving the gift?

Without saying a word?

Is this reasonable?

Is this in accordance with etiquette?

All of a sudden, Bai Lizheng’s heart was raging.

He had never expected such an appearance.

This is very different from what he expected.

Originally, things went well, but at what point did you go wrong?

He wanted to break his head, but he couldn’t remember what he did wrong.

However, now that Mr. Wang had entered, he could not hear Bai Lizheng’s explanation.

Bai Li was not giving up, knocked on the door, and the butler showed his face again.

It’s just that the butler’s face also turned stinky, and he said unceremoniously: “Go! My master will let you go. The farther you go, the better. Don’t let him see you again.”

The smile that Bai Li was squeezing out instantly froze.


So what happened!

Obviously, when he first met, Mr. Wang still looked excited, like his long-lost father.

Why did he turn his face like a stepfather this second time?

Bai Lizheng was so depressed, he was ready to celebrate today.

That’s why he swears in front of Chen Shuyun that his worth will skyrocket.

But now, not only is there no skyrocketing, but it seems that he has offended the elder.

Thinking of this, Bai Li was full of excitement!



Even if this surrender is not successful, he is still the deputy owner.

But if the elder is offended, the deputy owner may not be able to keep it!

He wanted to leave, but now he dare not leave at all.

He guarded not far from the villa, just waiting there to see if Mr. Wang would come out, and listen to him explain.

After a while, Wiliam quietly entered the Wang’s house through the back door.

Harper leaned slightly and respectfully handed over the mythical heart in his hand.

Wiliam took it casually, with a cold face.

“Little Master, please tell me, I will take you to the door personally, and I will bother you to come here in person, or go through the back door…” Harper was somewhat apologetic when he said this.

Wiliam naturally knew that Bai Li was being turned away just now, so he walked in through the back door.

But Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Wang, why are you polite with me? This time I came here to tell you something about Lunanica Company.”

Wiliam told Harper about his plan to integrate Lunanica Company and Genuine Care Medical Center into a new group and put them under the name Feliicity.

Harper nodded naturally and said: “This is only up to you to call the shots. I bet you at the beginning. I was defeated. Who would want you to invite Li Chunfeng, and even thought that you would bring the ancient Ling to life again. Now With these two flowers, I am convinced that I lose.”

“Well, there will inevitably be some small things that you need to hand over at that time.” Wiliam said.

“Master, you are a unicorn of the destiny, and the young lady is even more exquisite and intelligent, but a pair of bi people in the sky and the earth. I can’t even bless you.” Harper said of Feliicity with a look of appreciation.

Obviously, after a few short contacts, he also liked this kind-hearted but sometimes strong little girl doll.

The two chatted casually, and the topic returned to Bai Lizheng.

Harper also talked about what happened to Bai Lizheng just now.

Wiliam nodded, and said, “This kind of person is already full of greed, and you have done it right. In the future, you will have less contact with this kind of person to avoid nausea.”

After all, Wiliam was thinking of Feliicity, planning to spare this cheap old husband from death, and only hoped that he would do it for himself.

Harper hurriedly took his order, but he was a little unhappy after all.

This unicorn slave first bears the young master and then the young lady!

Could it be that the cold and violent meal just now can be punished?

However, Lu Yezheng said that after all, Harper did not dare to transgress without authorization.

Wiliam looked at the time, and Harper hurriedly called the butler. The butler was very interesting and immediately said, “The person outside the door has been away for ten minutes.”

Wiliam nodded, and took the mythical heart, and walked out the door, “No need to send it, I will go out by myself.”

He promised that Feliicity belonged to her, and no one could take it away.

But just as Wiliam walked out of the villa within ten steps, a figure suddenly flashed before his eyes.

A sharp voice rang.

“Wiliam! Why did you appear here! Dare!”

Chapter 502

The person who appeared suddenly was not Bai Lizheng.

Since Bai Lizheng was turned away by Harper, he was trembling in his heart, where he dared to leave the villa at will.

However, he was a little negligent, and when he came back to his senses, he unexpectedly found that Wiliam appeared outside the villa!

It seems that this kid came out of the villa!

With this discovery, Bai Lizheng’s courage was shocked!

This is the royal residence!

Qilinwei Mansion, how can ordinary people approach it at will!

Not to mention the waste like Wiliam!

Even looking at the mansion of Qilinwei is a sinful one!

At first Bai Lizheng thought that Wiliam was trespassing the mansion, so he jumped out and asked Wiliam harshly.

Wiliam frowned when she saw Bai Lizheng.

This guy is still going?

Bai Li was glaring at Wiliam, and when he saw that he was afraid to speak, he said again, “Why don’t you let me roll down the mountain! Is this something people like you can approach? You are so blamed, to Didn’t you want me to wipe your ass! Get out!”

Wiliam looked at Bai Lizheng’s arrogant expression, sneered, and walked down the mountain according to Bai Lizheng’s statement.

Bai Lizheng thought that Wiliam knew that he was wrong, and cut behind him.

However, his eyes suddenly fell into Wiliam’s hands.

At this look, he was stunned!

The exquisite bag in Wiliam’s hand is not the gift box that he just gave to the heart of mythology!

In other words, the heart of the myth is now in the hands of this kid!

Thinking about this, his whole body was about to explode, “You! You stop me! Do you dare to take a step and try!”

Wiliam stopped, but turned his head and looked at Bai Lizheng coldly.

Bai Li was rushing to Wiliam in one step, pointing to the thing in Wiliam’s hand, and shouting sharply, “What is the thing in your hand!”

Wiliam glanced at the gift box in his hand, and said faintly: “What is it, you should know better than me?”

Bai Li was full of thoughts that Wiliam would be timid, but he didn’t think that he actually meant to be timid!

Instead, I asked myself!

He was annoyed all over, “Okay! I understand it completely! It turns out, since yesterday, you didn’t really want to buy this mythical heart. You were planning to steal it! I was all night long last night. Without sleeping, you have no chance to start, so you just followed me secretly, and then went to the Wang Family Mansion and stole the Heart of Myth!”

“Well, you Wiliam! I thought you had some skills, I wanted to give you a boost, but I didn’t expect your behavior to be so bad! I lost the Bai family’s face!”

Bai Lizheng made Wiliam’s face become colder and colder with his head and face.

Bai Li was cursing righteously, suddenly a thought popped into his head.

He was so frightened by this thought!

Yes, since this kid was stealing, he was stolen from the hands of the king!

This is the crime of exterminating the door!

No way!

The Bai family must not bear the rest of the crime together because of this kid’s bad behavior!

Thinking of this, he shouted again: “Say! How did you steal the heart of the myth from the Wang family? To be honest, I condemn you to death!”

Wiliam finally spoke, but still looked coldly, “I didn’t steal it from the Wang family, but I took it from the Wang family.”

Bai Li was so angry that he laughed, “You will put gold on your face! What is the difference between stealing and taking?”

“Stealing, I took others, and others gave me.” Wiliam said casually.

Bai Lizheng even smiled sarcastically, “You mean, this mythical heart, or the elder Wang personally handed it to you, can’t it?”

Wiliam nodded, “So what?”

“So what? Hoho, let me tell you, so what!” Bai Li was smiling and his face instantly turned cold, “Yes, it’s a capital crime! No, it’s also a capital crime! Good you Wiliam! You don’t make a bubble Pee in the mirror! What status are you? You are just an orphan, a door-to-door son-in-law of my Bai family! And you know, what is the status of the elder Wang? His status is a dignity that you can’t even look up to the sky! You two One is the underground dust, the other is the bright moon in the sky! Will the elder Wang know you? Will he give you the heart of myth? If he knows you, I will cut off my head and let you sit on as a stool.”

Wiliam laughed at what Bai Lizheng said, “Your head is a stool, I think it is dirty.”

After speaking, he set off again, ready to go down the mountain.

People who are not compatible with this virtue say too much.

Bai Li was shouting violently, “Stop! Want to go? Today you have only one way! Go in right away and explain the truth to Elder Wang, saying that this is your own evil deeds and has nothing to do with the Bai family and me. Then you say Apologize for death!”

As Bai Li was talking, he put a hand on Wiliam’s shoulder, he was ready to do it.

At this time, Wiliam finally showed a hint of ridicule.

This person, speaking of it, turned out to be afraid of being involved.

After all, it’s still selfish.

Wiliam said lightly: “What if I say no?”

Bai Li was sneered, “It’s not for you! Today, the Feliicity are not there, I see who can protect you!”

As he spoke, the strength of his fingers was increasing!

He actually wanted to crush Wiliam’s shoulder bone with one claw!

However, Wiliam moved a thousand jins four or two, and evaded without blood.

His eyes instantly became cold.

The clay figurine still has three points of anger, but he is just lazy to vent.

Instead of not venting.

From yesterday to the present, this Baili is righteously rude and selfish!

To Feliicity is morally kidnapped in the name of love!

Wiliam was already on fire.

He listened to Bai Lizheng’s words, and smiled evilly, “Yes, now, I have to lose the Feliicity, otherwise, I really can’t explain to her.”

Bai Li was laughing outrageously by Wiliam’s arrogant remarks, “Funny! Are you trying to say that I still use the protection of the Feliicity to avoid your bad hands?”

“Then, give me life!” Bai Li was laughing, and he was completely murderous!

But at this moment, a violent drink sounded not far away, “Stop!”

Bai Li was stunned for a moment, then turned to look.

The violent drinker is an angry elder!

Bai Lizheng’s ferocious aura was swept away, as if anxious to explain, he rushed to the elder Wang and said, “My elder Wang, I’m really sorry, this man is my trash son-in-law. He is so timid that he even started fighting. After the idea of ​​the heart of the myth, I will teach him immediately!”

Harper stared at Bai Lizheng and suddenly laughed.

His hand pointed to Wiliam, and he shouted at Bai Lizheng: “Kirin slave! Until now, don’t you know who he is?”

Chapter 503

“He?” Bai Lizheng was taken aback, but still said the truth, “He is just an orphan who has been fostered in my Bai family since I was young. Taking advantage of my absence in the past few years, he ate a toad with swan meat!”

Harper’s face became cold, and suddenly he was extremely angry!

A mere kylin slave, dare!

He walked directly towards Bai Lizheng, raised his hand, and when he was dumbfounded, he severely slapped Bai Lizheng!

Bai Li was being slapped directly, covering his face and asked blankly: “Old Wang, you, why are you beating me?”

Harper pointed to Wiliam, almost blurting out, “Listen to me, he is Qi…”

When talking about Qi, Harper glanced over Wiliam, but saw that Wiliam frowned slightly.

Harper’s heart is stunned!

Secretly applauded risk!

The identity of the young master cannot be fully exposed for the time being.

Especially when exposed to such inflamed dogs!

If Bai Li knew Wiliam’s identity, it would definitely be a big publicity. If the people from North Lu’s family knew it, the consequences would be disastrous.

“What is he?” Bai Lizheng asked foolishly. For a while, he was full of doubts about Wiliam.

This Wiliam, what kind of identity he was, was able to make Qilinwei angry.

At this time, Harper’s brain was turbulent, and he suddenly saw the mythical heart in Wiliam’s hand.

He deliberately coughed, and said loudly: “He is the husband I have left for years! You look down on him, don’t you look down on me as well?”

Year-end pay?

These words; even Wiliam was taken aback.

But he reacted immediately, showing a slight smile.

This Harper is also an old fox.

Lies without blinking.

“The husband of the year-end acquaintance, Mr. Wang, could it be that your year-end acquaintance was…” Bai Lizheng was about to be stunned by Harper, but after he wanted to understand it, he suddenly showed very surprised eyes.

With that said, his daughter, Feliicity, actually knew Harper and had a new year relationship with Harper?

Sure enough, Harper nodded and said, “It’s wrong. My niece Feliicity and I hit it off right away. We talked very happily. They are best friends, why not?”

“There is no such thing! The fact that Wang and Lao can be friends with the little girl is simply a blessing that the little girl has cultivated in her eight lifetimes. How can I have any dissatisfaction.” Bai Li was shocked in his heart, but still respectfully said.

He couldn’t even think that the elder, who was so painstaking but unsuccessful, had such a deep friendship with his daughter.

If I knew my daughter had this antenna, would I have to go around in a big circle?

Thinking of this, Bai Lizheng’s heart gave birth to a glimmer of hope.

Since I have a relationship with my daughter, I am Feliicity’s father.

Don’t look at the monk face, but also look at the Buddha face?

He naturally thought, at this moment, Harper was protecting Wiliam because he loved the house and the black.

Harper said coldly: “The mythical heart in Wiliam’s hand was I asked him to come and take it away and prepare to give it to Feliicity’s niece. Do you have any comments?

These words perfectly explained why Wiliam had the heart of mythology, and Bai Lizheng couldn’t raise any suspicions at all.

And this also confirmed Wiliam’s words just now, he said he took it from the hands of Mr. Wang.

At this moment, Bai Lizheng completely understood, and bowed respectfully, “Misunderstanding, Mrs. Wang, it was all a misunderstanding. It turns out that you have this relationship with the little girl, and it is really embarrassing that the flood rushed into the Longwang Temple.”

“Humph.” After Harper lied, he gave a cold snort and stopped talking.

Bai Li’s mind became active and he quickly stepped forward and said, “Wang, since we are so connected to the Feliicity, it means that God is destined to work for you in this life, you see…”

Harper looked at Wiliam.

However, seeing Wiliam’s face didn’t matter.

But Harper still had anger in his heart. He said indifferently: “You serve me in this matter. Go back and ask your daughter. If she agrees, I will accept you.”

These words immediately made Bai Lizheng ecstatic!

Ask my daughter, hahaha!

My daughter is not obedient to herself.

Mr. Wang, this is a disguised step for himself.

It’s done, it’s done!

And just when Bai Li was in ecstasy, Wiliam’s eyes showed a hint of playfulness. He threw the mythical heart in his hand to Harper, and said faintly: “Wang, this thing is really too swagger, I see, Give it to Feliicity yourself.”

Although Harper didn’t know what Wiliam had made in his mind, since he had spoken, how could Harper refuse to follow him.

So he hurriedly said: “Okay, I will come personally another day and give it to my niece in the snow.”

After speaking, he slowly returned to the mansion under Wiliam’s hint.

Wiliam glanced coldly at Bai Lizheng who was still immersed in ecstasy, shook his head, and went down the mountain to go home first.

Bai Li was right and ecstatic.

He was already thinking about how to talk to Feliicity later.

Of course, it is impossible to say directly, after all, in front of the Bai family, no one can shake him.

If you tell Feliicity that you want to be a dog for Harper, what would the Bai family think?

Must be tactful and roundabout.

Go home, first please yourself this baby girl.

When he recovered from his joy, Wiliam had already disappeared.

Bai Li was snorting coldly, “Huh, things that do not rely on human power will only rely on my daughter’s connections to succeed. If he is lucky today, he will go home later, he must dare to talk nonsense, I want him to look good!”

Thinking of this, Bai Li was also slowly going down the mountain.

But at the moment, something happened to the Bai family.

After Chen Shuyun knew that her son would be on the next level after today, she was so ecstatic that she couldn’t be herself.

In particular, Bai Li was vowing to Chen Shuyun to help her become the first person in Q City ( Qena City ). Chen Shuyun was already completely dizzy with happiness.

She immediately called everyone in the hall and held an urgent meeting.

Feliicity was eating breakfast in the hall, but when she saw the Bai family gathered together again, she said that she wanted to plot something big.

She frowned slightly, but said nothing.

But at this moment, Wiliam and Bai Li are not present.

The kindness that the Bai family had been disguising all along disappeared instantly.

Bai Zhensheng said in a weird manner: “Don’t you see that we are going to have a meeting, why don’t you go back to the room? You are no longer the Bai family, do you want to come to the meeting licking a face?”

Feliicity was almost amused by this skinny remark. She swallowed the bread and said coldly: “One, this is my Feliicity’s home, and I have nothing to do with you. You want to have a meeting, go out, and I have no opinion. Second, I always thought that I was not a member of the Bai family. I was not ashamed, but proud. Third, the eunuch should not talk to me.”

Chapter 504 Eunuch Don’t Talk to Me

Of these three views, one is sharper than the other, and the last one makes Bai Zhensheng vomit blood.

This has become his biggest pain since he was cut by Wiliam.

He has never dared to face this reality, but now, Feliicity actually Chi Guoguo said it, this is simply frantically spreading salt on the wound!

Bai Zhensheng always thought that Feliicity was soft and weak, and he valued harmony.

What a thought, how long has passed since then, the mouth has become as poisonous as that waste!

It is really black near the ink!

Bai Zhensheng became furious on the spot, and slapped the table, “Do you guys say another try!”

“If you make it louder, your voice will be broken.” Feliicity said without hesitation.

Bai Zhen was so angry that he wanted to fan Feliicity on the spot.

But at this time, he was held by Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun has gone through so many ups and downs, and her mind has already become tough.

She looked at Feliicity coldly, and said to Bai Zhensheng, “Jinsheng, don’t care about this kind of person. In the days to come, it will still grow.”

Bai Zhensheng sat down angrily when he saw his grandma talking.

“Well, regardless of her, let’s hold our meeting, and let her listen by the way. The future grace of my Bai family will make people regret that they shouldn’t be the first.” Chen Shuyun said lightly.

Everyone nodded.

So Chen Shuyun repeated what Bai Li had said before going out in front of Feliicity.

When she said that Bai Li was offering gifts to the big brother with the heart of mythology, she paused deliberately and looked at Feliicity.

Everyone knows that Feliicity likes the heart of myth.

Now, the heart of Mythology was given to others by his father as a gift, which severely frustrated Feliicity’s spirit.

Everyone also sneered.

But Feliicity turned a deaf ear, still drank milk unhurriedly.

If we say yesterday, Feliicity still loved the heart of myth.

Today she has completely broken this mind.

As a result, she was extremely disappointed by her father’s behavior.

But more importantly, Wiliam had a good understanding of her yesterday.

Feliicity also wanted to open it, as long as Wiliam was still by his side, it was more worthy of cherishing and protecting than the heart of myth.

Isn’t it just a broken stone, sister is not rare.

And Chen Shuyun said that in a few days, the Bai family would completely rise in Q City ( Qena City ). When the new Bai family group was established, everyone’s eyes were bright.

“Grandma! This new Bai Group is the new starting point for the rise of our Bai family. You must be the president of this group!” Bai Zhensheng quickly complimented.

Chen Shuyun nodded triumphantly and said: “I am old, so I will be a symbolic president. The specific affairs require you to work hard. After all, you have followed me these days and stayed in the same boat. Practice has proved that you This is the most reliable and backbone of our Bai family.”

Everyone showed joyful faces.

Chen Shuyun has already started to order her troops. She pointed to Bai Zhensheng and said: “Zhensheng, these days, I have wronged you. Then, I will give you the position of vice president. Don’t dislike it. Wait for grandma a hundred years later. Sooner or later the group is yours.”

Bai Zhensheng was overjoyed, and quickly bowed his head, “Thank you Grandma!”

Chen Shuyun nodded, and said to Bai Auditorium, “Auditory, it is not easy for you, but after all, it is the world of young people. You should also be a vice president in the company, but you can relax and give young people more opportunities. , Do you have any opinions?”

Bai Li was hurriedly waving his hand, “I have no opinion, I have no opinion, Mom, you are so kind to us.”

Chen Shuyun ordered Sun Huiqin again and said, “Huiqin, you have also shown your loyalty. Don’t you like money? How about letting you be the chief financial officer?”

Sun Huiqin still didn’t nod, and Feliicity snorted while listening to the play, and the milk sprayed all over the floor.

She hurriedly covered her mouth and straightened her face as if she didn’t hear it.

But in her heart, she was laughing crazy.

Just as Sun Huiqin doesn’t know a few big Chinese characters, she only talks about some wild gossips all day long, can she be the chief financial officer?

Bai family, are you coaxing to start a company?

Everyone cast their eyes towards Feliicity, clearly dissatisfied with Feliicity’s performance just now.

But Chen Shuyun said in a weird way: “Hui Qin, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. You can splurge. After all, we have money in the Bai family, so let’s play it.”

The words were so magnificent that Sun Huiqin was moved to tears.

And then, Chen Shuyun brought up even more exciting topics.

“Everyone present, I asked Lizheng to give you a big villa alone. It’s just a little bit of hard work to accompany my old man these days.”

Everyone’s jaws are about to fall to the ground.

One person, one villa?

“Ho ho, don’t be too surprised. Lizheng’s financial resources, didn’t you also see it yesterday? He wouldn’t take it into consideration for a mere several hundred million. By the way, the price of everyone’s villa is definitely not It will be lower than the emperor’s flower.” Chen Shuyun glanced at Feliicity when she said this.

Feliicity knew that the emperor flower had become a nightmare for the Bai family.

That’s why Chen Shuyun is so brooding, even now buying a villa is on par with the emperor flower.

“As for this house, ho ho…” Seeing Feliicity’s expression unchanged, Chen Shuyun suddenly became angry.

She said so much just to show off in front of Feliicity.

However, this girl didn’t even mean any envy.

This gave Chen Shuyun the feeling of hitting a set of dragon and tiger punches, and the results were all hitting cotton.

She couldn’t help feeling sick.

“I feel comfortable living in this house. I will let the gift be given to me, just as my old lady’s coffin.” Chen Shuyun said deliberately.

These words really changed Feliicity’s expression.

This house is of great significance to Feliicity.

It was of great significance before, because her father had not returned, she guarded an endless wait.

Now, the meaning becomes special.

Father came back, but Feliicity was disappointed by his behavior.

This house turned into Feliicity’s nostalgic sustenance.

Chen Shuyun said she wanted it?

Feliicity said displeasedly: “This house is mine, no one can take it away. If you want to do evil, die early!”

Chen Shuyun finally saw Feliicity getting angry, she laughed instead.

She faintly said to Feliicity: “Your house is wrong, but don’t forget, Bai Li is your father! He is also my biological son!”

“Li is coming back for a while. I would like to see if Li will listen to his daughter, or will he listen to me as a mother?”

Chapter 505

The arrogance in Chen Shuyun’s words can no longer be hidden.

Everyone here knows that Bai Li is a very filial person.

He was obedient to Chen Shuyun’s words since he was a child, and said nothing.

How dare he go against Chen Shuyun’s words and defend Feliicity?

Totally impossible!

Even Feliicity’s face turned pale when she heard this.

She said angrily: “You are all ready to buy a house outside, can’t you let me and Wiliam go! I know your sincerity, Wiliam and I don’t plan to care about you anymore, why are you so aggressive?”

These words, like a fuse, instantly ignited Chen Shuyun’s anger.

Countless images of Wiliam and Feliicity humiliating her flashed across Chen Shuyun’s head!

It is tolerable, which is unbearable!

There was a vicious look in her eyes, and she looked at Feliicity, “Feliicity, the humiliation you and Wiliam imposed on our Bai family, I can’t forget it! Since Bai Li is not here now, we simply clarify the words. Come on! You and Wiliam owe my Bai family a thorough account! So, before I die, you are definitely not finished! But you can rest assured, when the ceremony is present, I will still pretend to be magnanimous and ignore you. of.”

Feliicity’s anger also ignited, “Chen Shuyun! Don’t deceive people too much! I will tell you Feliicity too, and Wiliam and I are not afraid of you! If you have any means, just use it!”

Seeing Feliicity’s anger, Chen Shuyun’s mood improved. She seemed to have grasped the situation at once, and said proudly: “Ho ho, the days are still long, what means I will use slowly, you just wait and see Ok.”

Feliicity was about to respond with a few words when the door opened with a clatter.

Chen Shuyun thought that Bai Li was coming back, and quickly put away the insidious touch just now, revealing a amiable look.

However, everyone saw that the person who came in was not Bai Lizheng, but Wiliam.

Wiliam glanced at the scene in front of him, then looked at Feliicity’s crying look, couldn’t help frowning, and asked, “Feliicity, are they bullying you again?”

Feliicity saw Wiliam, tears fell, and nodded aggrievedly, “Yeah!”

She was no longer the same as before, she just endured any grievances.

She knew that no matter how much forbearance, Wiliam could see it.

Rather than concealing Wiliam to make Wiliam worry, it’s better to tell him directly about any grievances.

Sure enough, Wiliam’s expression suddenly became ugly.

He walked up to the Bai family and asked Feliicity, “Who bullied you?”

“Bai Zhensheng scolded me.” Feliicity pointed at Bai Zhensheng first.

Bai Zhensheng still didn’t react, and he felt that his face was hit by a car, and he flew upside down.

He fell to the ground severely and couldn’t stand up immediately.

Bai Zhensheng’s heart was beeping!

Who scolded someone just now!

Feliicity, you stinky lady, you call Lao Tzu an eunuch, did Lao Tzu speak again!

You are ashamed to say that I scold you!

Is your conscience eaten by dogs!

Perhaps it was Bai Zhensheng’s stare sober, Feliicity suddenly realized: “It was wrong, it seems that I scolded him just now, I scolded him for the eunuch.”

These words almost made Bai Zhensheng vomit three liters of blood.

Scold it!

Now you say something more!

Insert a few more!

But then, Wiliam’s words completely broke him.

“If you hit it, you will hit it. Nothing. My hands are itchy when I see this person.” Wiliam said lightly.

Bai Zhensheng glanced at him and almost fainted.

This pair of unreasonable dog men and women still has no kingship!

Wiliam asked again, “Who is bullying you?”

Now, with Bai Zhensheng’s lessons learned, the faces of several Bai family members turned pale after brushing their faces.

Everyone is recalling that there was no disrespect to Feliicity just now.

Only Chen Shuyun was arrogant.

There are people behind her, and she is still afraid that nothing will be a waste?

However, Feliicity suddenly pointed to Chen Shuyun and said, “It is her, she is going to drive me away from this house.”

Chen Shuyun’s head buzzed, when should I drive you away?

This is my implied meaning, I don’t say it so obvious!

However, Wiliam had already walked towards Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun was so scared that her eyes widened, she quickly stepped back and said in a shrill voice: “You! What do you want to do! I tell you, Li is coming back, I want you to look good! I advise you to do it yourself!”

“Good for yourself? I, Wiliam never know what to do for myself, I only know…” Wiliam waved again and slapped Chen Shuyun severely.

Chen Shuyun was beaten and fell directly to the ground and couldn’t get up for a long time.

When Wiliam finished typing, he spit out the remaining four words, “Jai Xie must be reported!”

“You, aren’t you afraid of Lizheng getting angry!” Chen Shuyun shouted angrily on the ground.

She almost wanted to kill this kid alive!

It’s lawless, and bold!

The current Bai family is no longer the same as before!

He is a mere rubbish, dare to do it to himself!

I really don’t want to mix in Q City ( Qena City )!

Chen Shuyun knew that Wiliam had something to do with those big guys in Q City ( Qena City ).

However, in Chen Shuyun’s view now, what about those big bosses?

In front of his son Bai Lizheng, he still wants to surrender his hands!


At this time, the door was pushed open again.

Everyone looked intently, and it was Bai Li who was coming back.

Bai Lizheng was originally thinking about how to talk to Feliicity when he came back.

But as soon as he saw the scene before him, his head was immediately stunned, and he had forgotten everything.

He saw Chen Shuyun on the ground, and hurried over to help Chen Shuyun in a stride, and asked nervously: “Mom, why are you on the ground? What happened?”

Chen Shuyun seemed to see a savior, her sour and mean face disappeared in an instant, and she changed into a wronged look in her eyes.

Then she sighed and said, “It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault. People are getting old and they are not useful.”

“Mom, what happened?” Bai Li was asking nervously.

Chen Shuyun glanced at Wiliam and Feliicity before sighing loudly, “I wanted to discuss something with the two of them just now, and the grievances before the reconciliation were instantly reconciled, but I didn’t think of them, the two of them… ah!

The more Chen Shuyun talked, the more aggrieved, she shed two tears.

Bai Lizheng also saw Chen Shuyun’s face with scarlet and shocking finger marks.

He understood in an instant, the anger gushing out from his body, and he walked towards Wiliam!

“Did you beat my mother?”

Wiliam didn’t fear at all, and said coldly, “So what?”

“If yes, I will want you to pay back a thousand times!” Bai Li was saying, and he swiped towards Wiliam with a punch.

Chapter 506

Wiliam didn’t avoid it, his eyes showed a trace of joking.

But at this moment, Feliicity, who was not aware of it, stood directly in front of Wiliam and shouted: “Dad! Can you figure out things before you do it!”

Seeing Feliicity horizontally in front of Wiliam made Bai Lizheng’s anger burn even more.

He now fully felt that Wiliam was just a rubbish that only relied on the white Feliicity.

He couldn’t bear to hit the Feliicity directly, put his hands away, and shouted: “Huh! What else needs to be figured out! I don’t care what reason you have! It’s wrong to hit my mother! There is a great reason for me. It seems that they are all sophistry!”

Bai Lizheng was so unreasonable that Feliicity blushed with anger.

“Dad! You don’t know the truth at all! Just now Chen Shuyun and her!”

“You actually called your grandma’s name directly! You really did the opposite!” Bai Lizheng’s anger came up again and shouted at Feliicity.

He completely forgot to please Feliicity.

Feliicity was even more aggrieved, and said: “She just wanted to take this house! This house is mine! Why should I let it go to her!”

Bai Lizheng has been filial to his mother since he was a child. After hearing these words, he even said directly: “Your grandma has worked so hard all her life, not to mention living in this house, I will buy her even the big villa. Besides, your grandma has taken a fancy to this house. Wouldn’t it be enough for you to give it to her? Can you let Wiliam do it? Can’t I buy you a bigger house to compensate you?”

Feliicity suddenly showed a miserable expression after hearing these words.

One of her heart began to shatter at this moment.

My own father can’t understand the hard waiting and persistence of a daughter waiting for her father to return!

He did not understand the special meaning of this house for a daughter!

In his heart, only Chen Shuyun!

Feliicity’s tears fell on the spot.

And Wiliam gently hugged Feliicity, and said softly, “Don’t cry, I told you, no one can take your things.”

Seeing that Wiliam dared to hug Feliicity in public, Bai Li once again angrily said: “Wiliam! You still don’t let it go! What a decent hug and hug in the public!”

Bai Li has been practicing martial arts for many years. The kind of courtesy, justice and shame are deeply ingrained, and he can’t tolerate Wiliam’s rash behavior.

But Wiliam still didn’t speak, he heard Feliicity say angrily: “Wiliam, leave him alone! You will hold me! Hold me forever! The one who is not allowed to let go!”

Feliicity’s stubbornness and arrogance was also completely agitated.

The words were so angry that Bai Li almost ran away.

He had no idea that Feliicity, who was still cute and cute when he left home, would now turn into such a retrograde!

“Feliicity! You! You disappointed me too much!”

“Yeah! Likewise, you disappointed me too much, Dad!” Feliicity sneered.

Bai Li lost his reason in an instant, and was going to fight Feliicity on the spot.

However, this time Wiliam moved.

He put his arms around Feliicity, and stepped back several steps.

Chen Shuyun’s acting just now turned the father and daughter into enemies, but this did not relieve Chen Shuyun at all.

She pretended to be bracing, and said to Bai Lizheng: “Lizheng, forget it, this matter is for me, don’t blame them, young people, the anger is a little bit angry, I can understand.”

Bai Lizheng said angrily: “Mom! Why are you still talking for them! You don’t see their attitude just now! I have no repentance! My Bai family’s fine tradition of loyalty, filial piety and benevolence has been completely trampled by them! They still dare to beat them. You are not big but small, I will not teach them today, how can I gain a foothold in the Bai family in the future!”

“Alright, Lizheng, don’t be angry, maybe it was a misunderstanding just now.” Chen Shuyun said hypocritically.

Bai Lizheng waved his hand and said viciously: “You two! I’ll give you one last chance! Come and kneel with your grandma! Knocking your head! I might forgive you! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel!”

“Kneel down?” Wiliam let out a sneer, and finally spoke, “I beat them because they should beat them! What’s wrong?”

This remark aroused Bai Lizheng’s anger again.

Bai Lizheng hated Wiliam today.

At the Wang’s house just now, he wanted to finish this rubbish by himself.

I didn’t think that this rubbish would slip away when the situation was wrong.

Now, he is coming back home to avenge the Bai family.

Its heart is punishable!

“Wiliam! Good! That’s what you said! Now I announce that I don’t have you as a son-in-law in Bai Li! Get out of here!” Bai Li was shouting angrily.

“It’s you who should go. The property right of this house is owned by my family.” Wiliam said lightly.

This look is exactly the same as Feliicity’s look at Bai Zhensheng just now.

Bai Li was so upright that he was about to demolish the house.

“Lizheng! Let’s put up with this tone first, hey, I don’t even think that they will become what they are now. I have no way to educate. My fault, otherwise, let’s go first.” Chen Shuyun saw that they are now completely Knocking over, there is no more value to stay, so he said kindly.

In fact, she felt very happy.

Just now, she deliberately angered Bai Lizheng and turned them into enemies, which has a deeper meaning.

That is, Chen Shuyun knew that Bai Li was spoiling Feliicity, so he made such a move, which made it difficult for them to get overwhelmed.

In this case, Bai Lizheng’s money and Bailizheng heart are not all to be spent on himself.

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun felt that she was too smart.

Bai Lizheng was also so angry that he couldn’t find Bei at all. Under Chen Shuyun’s drag, he reluctantly agreed and left here first.

They didn’t see that in Wiliam’s eyes, the joke was even worse.

It’s a good show, but it’s still not open yet.

Just when they turned to leave Feliicity’s house, Chen Shuyun suddenly asked casually: “Lizheng, didn’t you just give gifts with the heart of mythology? How is it? Has it been done? That big guy is willing to help you Already? Your mother has been waiting for you to come back. This heart is praying for you.”

He does not mean that.

Bai Lizheng’s footsteps stopped in an instant.

His face instantly became pale and pale!

He suddenly remembered the most important thing about his return!

That is to appease Feliicity!

However, as soon as I came back, I was confused and even forgot such an important matter.

And, just now, just now, I did this to Feliicity.

For a time, Bai Lizheng’s heart was almost broken.


Now the daughter is completely furious, but how can she brazenly ask her to plead with the old man!

“Li Zheng, what’s the matter with you?” Chen Shuyun asked without knowing it.

At this time, Bai Lizheng woke up, squeezed out an ugly smile, turned and looked at Feliicity.

“Well, let’s go in no hurry, no hurry, no hurry, there is a misunderstanding…”

Chapter 507

Chen Shuyun was taken aback, why did Bai Lizheng’s attitude suddenly undergo such a big change?

Don’t you have to go now?

Is there any misunderstanding inside?

No, she still pretended to say: “Well, Li Zheng, I am so happy that you can think so. There must be a misunderstanding between me and them. We are all a family and should not be coaxed like this. .”

Bai Lizheng hurriedly hummed twice, then folded back and walked towards Feliicity and the others.

Chen Shuyun was annoyed, and there was no on-the-spot seizure, so she followed.

Seeing them coming back again, Feliicity said with a cold face: “What are you doing back now? Get out of here!”

The current Feliicity was also at the peak of rage and rebellion, and she would not listen to anyone persuading her.

Except for Wiliam.

But she knew that Wiliam would not persuade her to do things she didn’t like at this time.

Bai Zhensheng just saw Bai Lizheng’s anger in his heart, and now that Feliicity dares to speak so arrogantly, she immediately asserted: “Feliicity, are you looking for death? Do you dare to speak like this to your father! You have no idea! Kind of like a daughter!”

After speaking, he licked his face and went to Bai Lizheng to ask for credit, “Is that uncle?”

But I don’t want to, waiting for him is Bai Lizheng’s more aggrieved anger.

When Bai Li was coming back, he naturally wanted to reconcile with Feliicity.

Bai Zhensheng’s words ignited Feliicity’s anger again.

Are you so embarrassed to come over and ask for credit?


With a loud slap, Bai Zhensheng’s face swelled directly.

And this slap in the face also made the scene quiet instantly.

The Bai family looked at Bai Lizheng in disbelief, not knowing which side Bai Li belonged to?

Feliicity also looked at Bai Lizheng in surprise, wondering what he meant by this appearance?

The brief silence on the scene finally cleared Bai Lizheng’s upset head.

He shouted: “Don’t talk anymore! From now on, everything will listen to me!”

Chen Shuyun reacted, thinking that Bai Lizheng was about to make peace with Feliicity just like last time.

She nodded immediately, pretending to be an adult, and said: “Well, everyone don’t talk, just listen. What he says and does, I will support him unconditionally!”

Everyone also nodded and said yes.

Feliicity looked at Bai Lizheng coldly, wondering what else he would use to humiliate herself and Wiliam!

An unprecedented resentment breeds in Feliicity’s heart.

The more painful the wait, the deeper the disappointment.

She would never imagine that a dad who was waiting for him would have such a face.

“Dad, let’s go. Whatever you say, I won’t be separated from Wiliam, even if you beat me to death today.” Feliicity said first, leaving room for discussion at all.

And Bai Lizheng suddenly showed an awkward smile, and said: “Feliicity, my father had a problem with your attitude just now. My father was wrong. Will my father admit his mistake to you?”

How could Feliicity believe what Bai Lizheng said now.

The kind of filial filial piety that he rudely defended Chen Shuyun just now was completely out of instinct.

Seeing Feliicity’s face still cold, Bai Lizheng also became irritated.

He is a very feudal man, he supports loyalty, filial piety and benevolence, and he agrees with the superiority of men and women.

The person in front of him is just his own daughter.

Logically speaking, the destiny of parents is the greatest.

But now this daughter is extremely rebellious.

It just can’t be said at this moment, let alone fight.

This makes Bai Lizheng a deep sense of frustration.

He was unhappy and said, “Feliicity, how can you forgive dad?”

Feliicity glanced at Bai Lizheng, and said, “Why do you want me to forgive? Is my forgiveness very important to you?”

She answered in her heart when she said this.


But Bai Lizheng nodded for the first time, and said, “It’s very important! To me, it is more important than life! If you refuse to forgive Dad, Dad will be ruined in this life.”

This made everyone at the scene confused.

Only Wiliam heard what this meant, and he showed a sneer.

Even apologizing, always thinking about his future.

Is this kind of person worthy of being a father?

Although Chen Shuyun on the side didn’t know why Bai Lizheng was anxious to ask Feliicity to forgive him, but since Bai Lizheng said so, she could only follow Bai Lizheng’s words.

She stood up and said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, your father has said everything to this point. It can be considered as benevolent and righteous. You are just a daughter, so you won’t forgive your father? “

These words concealed needles in Mianli directly caused Feliicity to blow up, “Ho ho, my daughter, I should forgive my dad unconditionally if I think I am, right?”

“Presumptuous!” Chen Shuyun was dissatisfied with Feliicity’s attitude for a long time, and then almost blurted out, “Feliicity! You are enough! I will give you a face! Your dad is simply wrong, he just missed your father and daughter. , I don’t want the scene to be too ugly, so I ask you to be complacent and ask you to forgive me. Do you really consider yourself to be the proud child of heaven? Have you really served you face?”

“I tell you, without your father, you Feliicity is nothing! It used to be like this, now it is like this, and it will be like this in the future!”

When Chen Shuyun spoke, every word was holding Bai Lizheng.

She thought that Bai Li would be very agreeable.

As expected, the more Bai Lizheng listened, the uglier his face became.

In the end, Bai Li just couldn’t listen anymore, and interrupted directly: “Okay, Mom, don’t you say anything, OK?”

Chen Shuyun was taken aback, unable to set the channel: “Li Zheng, what did you just say?”

“I mean, mom, don’t talk anymore. I’m already annoying enough, don’t bother me anymore.” Bai Lizheng said one by one.

Chen Shuyun’s head bounced!

This seems to be Bai Lizheng’s first confrontation with Chen Shuyun in his life!

In the past, Chen Shuyun beat him and scolded him, but he was always obedient and did not dare to say a rebellious word.

But now, Bai Li was actually daring to confront her and shut her up.

This caused Chen Shuyun’s anger to burn to the extreme. She grabbed Bai Lizheng and said disappointedly: “Bai Lizheng, do you dare to repeat what you just said?”

Bai Lizheng knew that he was wrong, and he dared not say anything.

But Chen Shuyun was obviously unreasonable. She grabbed Bai Lizheng by the collar and pointed at Feliicity as if she was about to make a complete break, and said: “Bai Lizheng, you are here to explain it to me clearly today. , If I coaxed with your daughter, would you choose her as a daughter or me as a mother! You now, immediately! Give me a choice! Otherwise, I will be killed in this hall!”

Chapter 508

Chen Shuyun’s remarks were full of threats.

When she said it, she was full of confidence.

It’s just taking advantage of the momentum to spread it out.

She wanted to take advantage of this rare opportunity to make a noise to let Bai Lizheng fully understand who is the most important place in Bai Lizheng’s heart!

Bai Lizheng, who looks extremely domineering, is actually a very indecisive person.

Chen Shuyun knows this very well.

Therefore, she decided to help Bai Li to make a choice.

And she was confident that Bai Li would choose her.

After all, Bai Li was born out of her, knowing the roots.

When Feliicity heard this, she also thought Chen Shuyun was showing off.

Because even she knows the importance of Chen Shuyun in Bai Lizheng’s heart.

Bai Lizheng was even more irritated to his brain pain.

If it was normal, he would definitely choose Chen Shuyun directly.

This is nothing to think about.

Parents are the oldest.

But now, the situation is completely different.

He was anxious to show his favor to Feliicity.

If this answer was not good, Feliicity was really disappointed. At that time, how could she beg her to intercede with Mr. Wang.

“Say it!” Chen Shuyun made a gesture of going to hit the wall, decisively pushing again.

Bai Li was biting his head at this time and said, “It’s all right, I’ll just say it.”

Chen Shuyun immediately showed a smug face, but he didn’t say anything, because he knew the answer.

But Bai Lizheng said indifferently: “Select Feliicity.”

These three words are like a bolt from the blue, and Chen Shuyun, who is full of confidence, has a scorched face!

Even the other Bai family members were dumbfounded.

When did the situation go wrong?

A few minutes ago, Bai Li was still entangled with Feliicity.

And to fight for Chen Shuyun’s face.

Now why a few minutes later, Bai Lizheng suddenly turned his face and stood on Feliicity’s side?

Is this man just like that?

Feliicity also showed a look of stunned expression, she didn’t expect this answer at all.

Chen Shuyun looked at Bai Lizheng as if looking at a madman and said, “Lizheng, would you repeat the answer just now?”

Bai Lizheng was really annoying enough in his heart.

Today, there is no resolution of Feliicity’s affairs, and everything about his future is bleak.

This little mess at home, can you make such a fuss!

Thinking of this, Bai Lizheng’s face also became cold, and said: “I said, I choose Feliicity, how many times I have said it, this is the answer!”

After Chen Shuyun heard it clearly, he staggered and almost fell to the ground.

She is full of confidence.

She knows the character of this son even better.

The people at the scene, who else can be more important than yourself!

But why, Bai Li will say such things against his will!

Is he evil!

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun suddenly became disheartened and forced him to death: “Bai Lizheng, I have raised you for so many years for nothing! I will die for you!”

With that said, Chen Shuyun was about to hit the wall.

But he was immediately held back by the White Hall.

Chen Shuyun then lay down on the ground and burst into tears, “How come I have suffered so much in my life, Chen Shuyun! I raised a white-eyed wolf! I might as well die!”

The more she makes such unreasonable coaxing, the bigger Bai Lizheng’s head is, “Enough coaxing, no! Want to die, go out and die! Don’t be blindly in front of me!”

These ruthless words once again made the scene quiet.

The Bai family was silent, and each of them did not dare to come out.

Chen Shuyun stopped Sapo even more, and shed a few tears pretendingly.

She hates it!

This is all compelling death, why Bai Li is not moving at all!

Could it be that my mother has no status in his heart?

That shouldn’t be it, if he doesn’t value his motherhood, why would he spend a lot of money for the Bai family.

Where is the problem in the end!

Chen Shuyun’s head was about to explode.

Feliicity couldn’t understand the situation at hand.

Why did my father make a big booze with himself for Chen Shuyun last round?

The next round is for himself, even if Chen Shuyun is forced to die, can’t he compromise?

This kind of completely unsettled behavior made Feliicity feel a little unhappy.

What made Feliicity more uncomfortable was his father’s attitude towards Chen Shuyun.

I was filial in every possible way before, and it is not an exaggeration to call it foolish.

But now, if you turn your face, you turn your face, and you can even say cold and ruthless words like going to die.

This shows that there is something in the father’s heart that is far more important than family affection.

what is it?

Feliicity couldn’t think of it for a while, but she was only deeply disappointed by her father’s behavior.

When Bai Li was finished saying this, he looked at Feliicity again, with a flattering smile, and said: “Blizzard, we father and daughter have something to say, what can’t be said directly, today is my father is wrong, just say, what do you want? , Can you forgive dad? As long as you can tell, I can do it!”

Feliicity was taken aback and couldn’t help looking at Wiliam.

When she didn’t know where she was, she was used to asking Wiliam.

Because Wiliam is omnipotent and knows everything in her heart.

Wiliam squeezed Feliicity’s hand lightly, and said, “You said before that you want to make your own decisions. It’s up to you to decide.”

Feliicity nodded, and suddenly he wanted to be tempted.

She wanted to know what the father did, even her mother could turn her face ruthlessly.

So she asked back: “Really?”

When Bai Li heard the Feliicity loose his mouth, he immediately smiled and said, “Really, when did the Feliicity fool you?”

Feliicity nodded and said, “Okay, then you promise me three conditions, and I will forgive you.”

“Good, good! Don’t say three conditions, I will also agree to 300! How much do you want, or what you want, I will give you!” Bai Li was following Feliicity’s words and quickly stated his position.

But Feliicity shook his head and said: “I don’t want money, my husband has money.”

This made the people at the scene almost burst into laughter.

Is her husband rich?


How much money can a person who likes Pan Gaozhi be a running dog?

Even if you have money, can you live by Bai Lizheng if you have money?

Sit down and watch the sky.

But they didn’t speak out, all smiled and said nothing.

Only Chen Shuyun sneered.

Feliicity immediately looked at Chen Shuyun with a joking expression, “Well, my first condition is to let these people kneel down three times and nine times, and apologize to me! Every time you knock your head, you must say a reason for apology! “

“If you can’t tell, just slap your mouth!”

Feliicity’s words made the faces of several Bai family members extremely angry!

Bai Zhensheng slapped the case even more, “Feliicity, did I show your face! Who do you think you are! I killed you!”

As he said, he violently wanted to fight the Feliicity.

Wiliam on the side showed a faint smile, “This kid, tsk tsk tsk, the anxious student Zhizhi is in danger, this is not another reason to apologize…”

Chapter 509

Bai Zhensheng is really going to be mad by the Feliicity.

Don’t you have a father and a husband!

What drag!

Let our Bai family kowtow to you and apologize!

Give you a face!

What qualifications do you have!

Are you worthy!

When he was about to punch, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his arm.

“哢嚓!” A clear voice sounded at the scene.

The goose bumps all over the body looked at it.

It’s Bai Lizheng!

With a shot, Bai Zhensheng’s arm was directly broken!

This curved angle can make everyone’s scalp numb!

Bai Zhensheng made a howl like a pig, and fell to the ground on the spot.

Bai Lizheng looked at Bai Zhensheng coldly and said, “No matter how rude, believe it or not, I will kill you directly!”

Everyone feels that their breathing is about to stagnate.

The Bailizheng in front of me is completely different from the Bailizheng in everyone’s impression!

The former Bai Lizheng, with a puff of air, was submissive with a smirk.

But now Bai Lizheng, his face full of gloom and domineering, clearly looks like a hero!

Chen Shuyun took the courage and stood up and said: “Lizheng, what we say are Feliicity’s elders. Respecting the elders is an ancient ethic. It is really rude for Feliicity to say such things. Please tell her well. .”

However, Bai Lizheng showed a trace of coldness on his face, a little afraid to look at Chen Shuyun, and said, “You guys, all kneel down to Feliicity. According to her, kneel three times and nine knocks! One knock and one reason!”

“Ah!” The Bai family were in an uproar.

I really want to kowtow to Feliicity!


Chen Shuyun was trembling with anger!

She didn’t say that she was prestigious in Q City ( Qena City ), but she kept her promise in Bai’s house!

What is Feliicity?

Want to kowtow to her yourself?

It is simply the biggest joke in the world!

“If you don’t kneel, you will be useless! Bai Zhensheng is the best example.” Seeing that everyone looked different, Bai Li suddenly added another sentence.

And this sentence made everyone fight a cold war together.

Chen Shuyun looked at Bai Lizheng, and suddenly felt extremely disappointed.

Is this still his own son?

Chen Shuyun let out a miserable laugh and said, “Bai Lizheng, Bai Lizheng, I really gave birth to you by mistake. Before you ran away from home, although you were useless, you were sincere towards your mother. So, has your mother been really disappointed? Hey, now, Mom is starting to be disappointed in you, really, heartfelt disappointment.”

These words pierced Bai Lizheng’s heart like a knife.

Similarly, Feliicity was a little moved when she heard this.

She believed that Chen Shuyun acted in a day’s play today, and these few words are her most heartfelt words.

Bai Lizheng felt as uncomfortable as if he had knocked over a bottle of five flavors.

The words loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and righteousness have been deeply in his mind.

Asking the Bai family to apologize to Feliicity is already a serious violation of ethics, and he is already angry.

Now Mom’s words are like adding fuel to the fire.

Let him suffer extremely.

He looked at Chen Shuyun, who was extremely disappointed, and suddenly whispered: “Mom, you believe me, I have a hard time saying this. Mom, don’t be disappointed, just do well as I said. I swear to God that I will not let you down today! I really have a very important thing to ask Feliicity…”

He said these words close to Chen Shuyun’s ears, and Chen Shuyun was skeptical.

Bai Lizheng said again: “Otherwise, how could I do such a utterly conscience! Mom, don’t worry, I will repay you thousands of times for your grievance today. Will you just kneel down?”

When Chen Shuyun looked at the sincere Bai Lizheng, he was also moved for a while.

Thinking of this, she confided in her heart and knelt down!

Kneeling, there is prosperity!

So she took the lead, knelt down towards Feliicity first, and kowtowed the first head deeply, “I’m sorry.”

Feliicity was just waiting, and said angrily: “What’s wrong with you?”

Chen Shuyun trembled, and gritted his teeth and said, “I shouldn’t humiliate you.”

“Okay, go on!” Feliicity nodded, and looked at the Bai family as if they wanted to kill her but couldn’t.

And this trick knelt down and thought about a reason, she naturally learned it from Wiliam.

When Wiliam asked Sun Dayu to apologize, he also asked Sun Dayu to think of several reasons to apologize.

Chen Shuyun really wanted to kill Feliicity.

Grandma kowtows to granddaughter!

Heaven is incompatible!

Unfortunately, this granddaughter is so incompetent! There is a soft meal next to it!

I’ve been so talented for a lifetime, but I’m always going to kowtow to this couple!

God has no eyes!

She knocked her head while thinking sadly, and then she still said sorry for Feliicity.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t want to take your house.”

“Sorry, I should not be arrogant and arrogant in front of you.”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have thought of making myself famous, so I ignored your body and let people give you drugs.”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t…”

Chen Shuyun was completely dazzled by hatred at this moment.

She gritted her teeth and apologized like venting.

But while she was talking, she suddenly found that the surroundings were quiet.

She didn’t even know when it was quiet.

All I know is that everyone is looking at her with weird eyes.

Chen Shuyun couldn’t help asking: “What am I doing! Don’t you want me to apologize!”

Bai Lizheng’s eyes widened, and he was helpless who wanted to say but couldn’t.

Bailitang quickly said behind him: “Mom! Don’t apologize, don’t say it!”

“That’s how it works! Didn’t you say to let me, a grandmother, kneel down three times and nine times, one for one reason! You shameless! I want to face Chen Shuyun! I will show you!” Chen Shuyun said pointedly.

But Bailitang’s face was black and said, “Mom, you just kneeled and knocked nine times. You have knocked more than twenty heads, and you have also said more than twenty reasons to be sorry for Feliicity, so don’t say it. “

Chen Shuyun was taken aback.

More than twenty reasons?


She suddenly reacted, she was completely swept away by the hatred just now, just thinking of letting go.

Unexpectedly, I forgot the time, the place, and the presence of these people watching!

More than twenty!

I have so many reasons to be sorry for Feliicity!

I really do so many things I am sorry for her!


I am old and strong, and everything I do is for the Bai family, what is wrong!

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun quickly said to Bai Lizheng: “Lizheng, I made up the reasons just now, don’t take it seriously.”

But Bai Lizheng, with a cold face, spit out a cold word, “Mom! Seriously, you want to kill the Feliicity! If you didn’t say it yourself, I can’t believe that your heart is so vicious!”

Chapter 510 The Last Condition

Feliicity was also dumbfounded.

Originally, she was just trying to tease the Xiabai family and let them have a taste of what they felt.

Unexpectedly, Chen Shuyun actually got more and more excited as he talked about it, and said that he was addicted.

Not only did she tell everything about today, but she also told her all the things that had previously been calculated against her.

In one breath, twenty or so, and finished in one breath, it is called a fluency, and there is no need to think.

This makes people wonder how much she has done to apologize for Feliicity, otherwise, why would she have more than 20 crimes at the mouth, maybe there are more.

This unexpected result made Feliicity even more relieved.

If you say these grievances from your own mouth, others will definitely think you are turning black and white.

Now speaking from the perpetrator, the evidence is conclusive.

Chen Shuyun heard Bai Lizheng’s disappointed tone, and her heart seemed to have fallen to the bottom.

She couldn’t wait to slap herself madly!

This is so addictive!


I am for the Bai family, am I really wrong!

You are the one who is wrong!

Thinking of this, she said in a deep voice, “Even if I have something to blame for Feliicity, but I have difficulties. Is it easy for the Bai family over the years? Do you know how much I have paid for the Bai family? “

“Okay, let’s go ahead.” Bai Li was looking at his mother with tears in his eyes, and his heart softened again.

He left home for nine years.

In the past nine years, Chen Shuyun’s gray hair has increased a lot. This has proved her hard work for this Bai family.

All sins can be forgiven, in the name of love.

Thinking of this, Bai Li was looking at Chen Shuyun’s eyes softened again.

Feliicity took all this in his eyes and suddenly sneered, “Okay, even if this first condition has passed.”

“Feliicity, you continue to say, I really meet you with whatever conditions you need.” Bai Lizheng said sincerely again.

Feliicity looked at his father’s face, already had an idea in her heart.

The condition just now was testing the position of the Bai family in his heart.

What about the conditions now–

“Dad, you didn’t know Wiliam at all before, and you verbalized against him many times and even got him wronged. Therefore, I want you to apologize to him personally!” Feliicity said suddenly.

“What! Do you dare to say it again!” Bai Lizheng showed a sharp look in his eyes!

With this look, Feliicity’s body trembled, and she hid directly behind Wiliam.

The violent expression in his eyes felt a deep horror even the Feliicity that didn’t understand the momentum.

This is the cruelty that wants to slash people.

Bai Li was looking at Feliicity fiercely, and asked again: “You tell me again!”

Feliicity hid behind Wiliam, feeling the warmth of Wiliam’s back, heartbroken, and said: “I said you will apologize to Wiliam immediately! How to say it is my business, how to do it is your business!”

Bai Lizheng is almost going crazy by Feliicity.

What’s your identity?

What is Wiliam?

I dignified the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa, with the left hand in power and the right hand in wealth.
Want me to be the dragon and the phoenix alone, go and apologize to a trash?

My face!

Where do I put my face in Lingyue Villa!

Even if I apologize, this kid can bear it!

Aren’t you afraid of losing your life?

Wiliam showed a faint smile.

As if he understood Feliicity’s cautious thinking, he turned around and patted Feliicity’s shoulder lightly.

What is this little fool to test…

You are a phoenix, and your husband is a dragon. In this world, what else can you bow your head and bend your waist?

Following Feliicity’s words, the scene fell into a dead silence again.

For Bai Lizheng in these short seconds, it was like a year!

In his entire life, he has never experienced such psychological suffering and aggrievedness!

Asking him to apologize to Wiliam is more uncomfortable than killing him!

After all, Shi can be killed but not insulted!

However, whenever Bai Li was about to get angry, he kept telling him deep in his heart, to bear!

Those who make big things don’t stick to the trivial!

In ancient times, Han Xin was willing to be humiliated by his crotch, and finally made a big business,

What’s the point of being humiliated by myself!

As long as Feliicity said a word to the elder Wang, and he could get into the eyes of Qilinwei, he might be promoted to Qilinshi!

In this case, the identity has completely crushed the Lingyue Villa owner!

What is there to be afraid of in the future!

Shinobu gets great glory for a while!

I will endure!

Thinking of this, Bai Lizheng’s eyes gradually turned red.

He looked at Wiliam and said, “Boy, you remember this scene for me. This is the pinnacle that you can’t reach in your life!”

Wiliam smiled faintly, “It’s not the peak. It’s nothing more than a little talk after dinner.”

These rude remarks once again made Bai Li be furious.

My dignified deputy owner, the mid-term master of Waijin gave you a rubbish apology, it was just a talk after dinner!

How blind are you!

it is good!

You two, I will bear it together!

The landscape meets!

Bai Lizheng suddenly bowed towards Wiliam and said, “I’m sorry.”

Wiliam still didn’t speak, Feliicity spoke first, “Not sincere.”

Bai Li grinned in an instant, “Sincere! Why do you want me to be sincere?”

The master apologized to the garbage, it was a feeling of humiliation.

Now we have to be a master with sincerity!

It’s an individual, with backbone!

But Feliicity said, “Then I will know, you can figure it out.”

The tit-for-tat confrontation between the father and daughter made everyone who was watching the scene couldn’t help but be speechless.

The girl Feliicity went crazy, and she was even more confidant than Wiliam.

It’s so cruel to my father.

I really underestimated her.

In the future, it would be better to meet her less face-to-face, otherwise it would be embarrassing if she ended up like Chen Shuyun just now.

Bai Li was holding back this anger, and slowly bent down, and said to Wiliam: “Sorry, I misunderstood you before. I apologize to you.”

These words were sincere enough, and Bai Li was just trying to show his sincerity, and even his tone softened.

And Wiliam said lightly: “Okay, I don’t care about it.”

Bai Li, who was bent over, became stiff, and was completely speechless.

A minute later, he straightened up.

However, the expression in his eyes has completely changed.

He looked at Wiliam as if he were looking at a dead person.

Finally, he turned his gaze to Feliicity again and said, “Feliicity, let’s talk about it, what is your last condition?”

With great difficulty, his face disappeared and lasted until the last one, Bai Li took a sigh of relief instead.

With the sword and the sea of ​​fire, I just broke through!

Feliicity nodded, showing a weird shyness, and said: “Well, the last one, I don’t make it difficult for you. I want the heart of mythology, and you can give it to me immediately. Is this condition very simple and easy to handle? To?”


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