Dragon Husband Chapter 511-520

Chapter 511

Bai Lizheng’s head blew, and he almost blurted out, “Feliicity! Stop coaxing! If you keep coaxing like this, Dad will really be angry.”

Yesterday, Bai Lizheng made it clear in front of everyone that he wanted to give this mythical heart to a big man.

And in the morning, he had already given it to Elder Wang, and now Feliicity opened his mouth to want this mythical heart?

Isn’t this embarrassing?

Bai Lizheng also wanted to understand that Feliicity was clearly angering herself.

Yesterday, she was supposed to give Feliicity this mythical heart, but she must be very upset when she turned her back.

So taking this opportunity, I want to find face.

But, can your Feliicity’s face be better than Mr. Wang!

That’s Qilinwei!

Even people of high authority like me, in front of the elders, have to tremble.

It is impossible to get it back!

But Feliicity seemed to be iron-hearted, and said: “I don’t care, I want this mythical heart, otherwise everything is forbidden.”

Feliicity is also deliberate, she is still testing, testing her father, why she is so pretentious.

Bai Li was so angry that he overturned a table on the spot, and his whole face was furious, “Feliicity! I said, let you not booze! Can’t you hear me! Do you want to piss your dad off! You! Do you know that mythical heart, I have given it away!”

While speaking, he suddenly looked at Wiliam.

At the scene, only Wiliam knew who he gave this mythical heart to.

It must be this rubbish who made a small report to Feliicity, to use Feliicity to recover the face problem that she had just humiliated.


court death!

Feliicity confided, and said, “If that’s the case, then forget it, Wiliam, let’s go out and relax.”

With that, she was about to pull Wiliam out.

“You stop me!” Bai Li shouted immediately when Feliicity was about to leave.

His heart is trembling.


I have never suffered such a waste in my life!

I didn’t think it was my own biological daughter, and a piece of garbage together!

They clearly wanted to force themselves to find the elders and ask for this mythical heart to come back.

In particular, this is very simple.

Simple ass!

This is harder than reaching the sky!

I have to come back with the gifts I gave out. This will look good!

What does this make Mr. Wang think?

Thinking of this, he softened his tone and said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, calm down and don’t be impulsive. Isn’t that good for you? Dad will buy you other gems, you just say, as long as there are in the world, how expensive I will buy it for you? If it doesn’t work, give me some time and I will mobilize all my strength to find a heart of myth that is exactly the same for you. Do you think it will work?”

But Feliicity shook his head resolutely, “No, I just like the one yesterday. If you can’t do it, then forget it. Anyway, I don’t forgive you, it doesn’t matter to you at all.”

Bai Lizheng is going crazy, doesn’t matter?

This is unforgivable, but it is related to the important matter of letting Feliicity ask the old man to intercede!

Moreover, I had to endure the first two conditions after all the humiliation. What reason is there to give up on the third condition?

Thinking of this, Bai Lizheng said viciously: “Okay! You are waiting here, don’t leave anywhere, I’ll go out immediately!”

With that, he walked away.

The white family was left staring at each other.

The scene was once in embarrassment.

The Bai family, who were still showing their power just now, now in front of Wiliam and Feliicity, there is a feeling that they dare not breathe.

It was really that Wiliam’s tactics just now were too cruel, and he would beat people at every turn.

And Feliicity too!

I couldn’t tell how gloomy she was in her heart.

“Let’s go first, sometimes it’s time to find them to settle the account.” Chen Shuyun felt unable to stay any longer, so she took a scene and hurriedly left Feliicity’s home with the Bai family.

At this moment, Bai Li was heading to the Wang’s house in anger.

He was thinking now how to open this mouth to Mr. Wang.

He felt that this matter was originally very simple, but being entangled with his own woman, it has become a knotty knot.

The elder Wang wanted to ask for the Feliicity by himself, and the Feliicity made himself want to return to the heart of myth.

Okay, I went to find the prince, and offended the prince again.

Even if Feliicity agreed to return to the heart of mythology, he would not have to go to the elder Wang instead.

This is so neat!

He has never experienced such a tormenting moment in his life.

When he arrived at Mr. Wang’s house, he once again saw Mr. Wang with a cold face.

“What are you doing here again? Is this my house or yours? Just say it and just leave? Didn’t I say it? My Feliicity niece disagrees. What you say doesn’t work!” Harper said indifferently.

Bai Lizheng said with a strong smile: “Wang, there is something now, I really don’t know how to speak to you…”

“I don’t know how to speak, then don’t speak.” Harper was even more direct, blocking his words back.

“Hey, don’t, it’s like this, my family Feliicity, she likes the mythical heart that I gave you in the morning. She said that if she wants her to forgive me, she must have this mythical heart, so you see…” Bai Li was afraid Mr. Wang left directly, and quickly spoke out.

But after speaking, Harper sneered directly, staring at Bai Lizheng and said: “Balizheng, Bailizheng, a unicorn slave, what kind of confidence is it to let you run wild in front of me? Give gifts with the front feet, and pay back the gifts with the back feet. , Okay, the heart of the myth is on the table, take it away, don’t send it.”

This was so cold and merciless that even a fool could hear it. Harper was completely angry.

But in fact, Harper didn’t have any anger in his heart.

Instead, he felt extremely happy.

Wiliam had lost the heart of the myth inexplicably before, and he was still wondering which one was the whole story.

Unexpectedly, waiting here.

Wiliam clearly wanted to frustrate Bai Lizheng’s arrogance.

But what Harper did not expect was that Wiliam did send back the heart of the myth, but the matter of Feliicity returning to the heart of the myth, Wiliam did not even mention it.

It can only be said that the husband and wife have been in good spirits for years.

Sometimes the foreshadowing left by Wiliam would become the Feliicity weapon.

After Bai Li was listening to Harper’s words, he was so excited that he knew that something was wrong.

If the old man is angry, even if he wants to return to the heart of the myth, what use is it.

Feliicity and him, after all, were just friends in their new year, and the right to speak was still in Wang’s body.

Going to please Feliicity and offending the elders by yourself is not putting the cart before the horse!

Seeing that Mr. Wang was about to go back to the back hall, Bai Li was buzzing his head and blurted out for a while, “Wang, you stay! I want to return to the heart of myth. First, the Feliicity want it. Second, I just thought about it carefully. Although the heart of myth is precious, it is mortal after all. How can it set off your identity? I have a heavier gift that I want to give you…”

Chapter 513 The Shock of Feliicity

These words made Feliicity’s heart ripples again.

She couldn’t help thinking of what Wiliam had said before.

He said, it should be the Feliicity, no one can take it away.

Now, the heart of myth has returned to his own hands.

Everything seemed destined.

He also said that if someone else gets dirty, he will wipe it spotlessly before giving it to himself.

Now, he said again, the heart of myth is clean.

Could it be…

Thinking of this, Feliicity’s pupils shrank.

So there is no destiny!

It turns out that Wiliam is his own heaven!

Everything is controlled by Wiliam!

The purpose is to let yourself not be wronged and vent your grievances!

Thinking of this, Feliicity’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Obviously the relationship between him and his father was already in turmoil, but for his own sake, he sacrificed his life again.

does it worth?

“What do you want?” Bai Lizheng saw Feliicity not speaking for a long time, thinking that there was something in Feliicity’s heart, and couldn’t help asking.

Feliicity suddenly put away the heart of mythology and said: “Well, thank you father, then I will go back to my house and rest first.”

“You stop for me!” When Bai Li saw Feliicity finished collecting the mythical heart that he had obtained the qi fruit in exchange, he turned and left, almost vomiting blood with anger.

The most important thing is so hard to speak!

I have worked hard and endured humiliation, for what!

Isn’t it just to exchange your forgiveness and then beg you to do something?

You are so good, turn around and leave after you have collected your things, are you sorry?

After Feliicity stopped, she asked, “Do you have anything else?”

Bai Li was squeezing out a smile and said, “Feliicity, since we are all reconciled, let’s see, can you do Dad a favor?”

Feliicity’s face suddenly showed a strange smile.

Well, I am waiting here!

Before Feliicity had been wondering why his father had to forgive him.

Even for this so-called forgiveness, so much was paid.

It turns out that I have something to ask myself.

She couldn’t help asking, “What’s the matter? Dad, your hands and eyes are open to the sky. I’m just a little woman. Is there anything you can’t do and you want to ask me for help?”

When Bai Li was hearing this, his heart became even more aggrieved.

Feliicity made sense.

With his hands and eyes open to the sky, he didn’t expect to ask his daughter for help in the end.

Where can I put my own face?

But now the bow has to be sent on the string.

He bit his head and said, “Feliicity, do you know Harper Mr. Wang?”

Feliicity was taken aback, nodded, “I know, I’m quite familiar, what’s wrong?”

Bai Li was overjoyed when he heard it!

Sure enough!

If you are familiar with it, it will be easier to handle.

So he said, “Feliicity, do you know who Mr. Wang is? Do you know who I am looking for in the morning?”

Feliicity shook her head blankly.

Bai Lizheng knew at a glance that his daughter didn’t know the mysterious identity behind the elder Wang, and said, “Feliicity, next I will tell you a great secret. Don’t be scared!”

Feliicity went in without knowing it, but nodded, “Just tell me.”

“Feliicity, look at your current father, what’s your status?” Bai Li was about to use himself as a metaphor.

Although Feliicity is unhappy, she still tells the truth: “Your status is honorable. In the entire Q City ( Qena City ), I am afraid that there are no people who are more generous than you.”

Bai Lizheng nodded with satisfaction, and then said: “Daddy can cover the sky with one hand in Q City ( Qena City ), but you know, in the eyes of Elder Wang, what am I?”

Feliicity shook his head.

“I can’t even count as a worm! His status is hundreds of times more honorable than your father! Let me tell you this, I don’t have the qualification to kneel down in front of him!” Bai Lizheng When I said this, I felt a sigh.

That’s Qilinwei!

How many unicorn slaves are there in the whole world?

I’m afraid it is countless.

How many unicorn guards are there?

That is one of the few!

How lucky I am to meet such a big man across the ranks.

Feliicity was taken aback by this metaphor, her face paled.

For Feliicity, what Bai Lizheng said was simply ruining the three views.

Bai Lizheng is enough to cover the city, and the elder Wang is hundreds of times more honorable than Bai Lizheng!

The identity of the prince…

Thinking of this, Feliicity couldn’t help but breathe in air.

Next, while the Feliicity were still awake, Bai Li was sighing and popularized the concepts of Qilin Guards, Qilin Envoys, and Qilin Slaves to Feliicity.

With this popularity, Feliicity’s eyes widened, “You mean, you are just a Qilin slave, you can already call the wind and rain in Q City ( Qena City ), and the old man is the Qilin Guard! A noble person who surpasses your two-tier status?”

Bai Li nodded, “Exactly.”

Feliicity couldn’t help being speechless at this nod. For her, it was a new world that had just been opened.

She suspiciously said: “Kirin slaves are so powerful, and Qilin guards are more than ten thousand people under one person! What about the master of unicorns? Isn’t it an emperor through the ages? I really want to see who the master of unicorns is. Not three heads and six arms?”

Bai Lizheng smiled at this time and said, “With my father’s qualifications, how can I have the opportunity to see the Lord of the Kylin? I don’t even have to think about it in this life. Such a big person can only be seen in fantasy. Don’t you. Looking forward to seeing the last side.”

Feliicity sighed secretly, “Yes, you don’t know who you are. Ordinary people like me are wishful thinking. Forget it. Anyway, don’t care about me, and I already have someone in my heart, so I don’t care about others.”

Wiliam on the side couldn’t help laughing.

Wife, my wife, how many unicorns are ashamed of your words.

In the whole world, I am afraid there is no one who is more versatile than you see the lord of the unicorn.

See you every day and every night.

Bai Lizheng gave Wiliam a stern look, “Laugh? You can laugh at this kind of heavenly character? You are tired of life!”

Wiliam shrugged and stopped talking.

“So, Feliicity, although I don’t know how you became acquainted with such a big fairy with hands and eyes like Mr. Wang, but this is the situation now. Mr. Wang has already let out a word and said that if I want to worship Mr. Wang, just You have to agree, so you see, can you call Mr. Wang…” Bai Li was turning to Feliicity while he was hitting the railway while it was hot.

But these words made Feliicity hesitate.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Bai Li continued to reason with his family and country. “Dad did this, not for the sake of his own future, but for the sake of our Bai family. You don’t want our Bai family to stay down, so do you. Our Bai family is calling the wind and rain forever in Q City ( Qena City ), right? Feliicity, depending on the relationship between our father and daughter, you must help Dad this time.”

But when Bai Li was talking, she didn’t realize that Feliicity seemed to have thought of something, her face suddenly turned pale!

Yes, what did Feliicity think of!

Just now, she was completely fooled by her father’s words, and she completely forgot about one thing.

Now she remembered.

She suddenly thought of the unattainable Qilin Wei Mr. Wang in her father’s mouth!

It’s my husband!

Wiliam’s subordinates!

Chapter 514 Who Is The Older Husband

“Dad, wait a minute, I have something to talk to Wiliam.” Feliicity’s entire face was pale and pale, she hurriedly dropped a word, and pulled Wiliam directly into the room.

Bai Lizheng was left with a stunned look.

He was very nervous, wondering what Feliicity was going to do.

Feliicity locked the door with a “bang”, and then stared at Wiliam closely, trying to see the truth in Wiliam’s eyes.

But it was a pity that Wiliam’s eyes were clear and he didn’t evade.

In the end, Feliicity couldn’t restrain the shock in his heart, and asked in shock, “Wiliam, did Mr. Wang say that he is loyal to you?”

Wiliam nodded casually, “Well, he said it before you.”

At this moment, Feliicity took a step back.

Before that, Harper was only one of the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ), saying that he was loyal to Wiliam, so Feliicity found it difficult to accept.

Now, Feliicity knew how terrifying Harper’s identity was. Thinking about Harper’s previous allegiance, she felt goose bumps all over her body.

Isn’t his husband better than Harper?

In other words…

Suddenly Feliicity didn’t dare to think about it anymore. The next truth was really terrifying.

She looked at the very familiar Wiliam in front of her. She was obviously the same person, but she felt that Feliicity had an inaccessible coldness.

Wiliam seemed to feel the fear of Feliicity and sighed.

The reason why he didn’t dare to expose his identity to Feliicity at will, on the one hand, was that he was afraid of bringing death to Feliicity.

On the other hand, I am worried about the current situation.

Feliicity will stay away because of her identity.

Wiliam stretched out his hand, rubbed Feliicity’s head, and said, “What’s the matter? He looks like his chin will fall to the ground.”

Feliicity resisted the shock and asked, “Wiliam, your identity…”

Wiliam smiled warmly: “Didn’t you say it yourself, do you want to slowly learn a more secret me?”

Feliicity was taken aback.

The previous things slowly came to mind.

A while ago, she did have a heart-to-heart talk with Wiliam, saying that she wanted to know more about Wiliam.

From then on, Wiliam asked her to go to the Tianyi Martial Arts Center to let her know that her husband could easily make an industry worth more than 100 million yuan.

But now, she even knows how proud Harper’s identity is, even Bai Lizheng is beyond the reach, but her husband can still surpass him!

A deep feeling rushed to Feliicity’s heart.

She just felt something in her heart at the time, and said casually to Wiliam.

She even forgot this sentence long ago.

However, Wiliam remembered everything.

Moreover, they are silently fulfilling their promises to themselves.

How can such a husband who pays silently make people not love…

With tears in her eyes, Feliicity stretched out her hands, choked up and said, “Hug.”

Wiliam also stretched out his hand and took Feliicity into his arms.

Feliicity felt the warmth on Wiliam’s body, and tears suddenly appeared.

“Feliicity, now you know…” Wiliam said lightly.

However, Feliicity directly interrupted Wiliam’s words, “I don’t know, I don’t know anything, I only know that you are my Feliicity’s husband, that’s enough.”

Feliicity didn’t dare to think further, and now he didn’t want to go further.

As long as there is a husband and wife identity, it is enough.

Even if he is a god, he is a demon, who is older than her husband.

However, she also thought that the reason why Wiliam became Harper’s master was because of his grandfather.

She didn’t even dare to think that Wiliam was the master of the unicorn.

After all, from the description of Bai Lizheng just now, the master of unicorns commanding a thousand troops is really a bit scary.

It is not equal to Wiliam.

The two embraced each other warmly. A few minutes later, Feliicity shyly left Wiliam’s embrace and asked, “Wiliam, what happened to my dad…”

“You decide for yourself, do whatever you want. Anyway, if your husband is standing behind you, you are fearless.” Wiliam said casually.

As far as Wiliam was concerned, Bai Li was not worth mentioning, and Wiliam would not take it seriously.

Feliicity nodded firmly, “Well, yes, I see.”

After speaking, she walked outside.

Bai Li was walking up and down the hall at this moment, with a heart falling in the air, neither was walking nor staying.

Before his patience ran out, he finally saw Feliicity coming out.

At a glance, Feliicity’s eyes were red, as if he had cried.

He instinctively wanted to care about why his daughter was crying.

However, he opened his mouth and asked: “Feliicity, why did you leave? How about? Give dad a call? Just think about it for our Bai family?”

Feliicity looked at Bai Lizheng deeply.

If it was before, she still felt that her father was omnipotent and majestic.

But now, she only felt that her father was really pitiful.

Fame, fame and fortune, busy, busy for most of my life, what is it for?

What did he get?

He can’t get anything.

What did he lose?

He lost a daughter and a son-in-law.

But Feliicity’s eyes changed to another meaning in Bai Lizheng’s eyes.

Bai Li was watching Feliicity not speaking, thinking that what he said was not attractive enough.

He thought for a while and said again: “Feliicity, don’t worry, Dad will not treat you badly. Our Bai family group will be established these days. According to the rules, the group president will be empty. Dad promised you. The position of vice president of the company must be reserved for you. You are the chief hero of the Bai family. Can this work?”

Feliicity smiled faintly, company vice president?

It’s so tempting.

It’s really dazzling.

“I will call Mrs. Wang, don’t worry.” Feliicity said softly.

Whether this call is made or not has no effect on Wiliam.

So Feliicity didn’t care about this.

Bai Li was overjoyed when he heard it, and sure enough, his daughter was still waiting for the price.

The position of vice president of the group was given to Feliicity.

Worth it!

“Well, can you call now? I’m still going to discuss the important matter with the old man.” Bai Lizheng saw Feliicity agree to call, but urged again.

“I’ll let Wiliam fight it more convincingly,” Feliicity said lightly.

But Bai Lizheng’s face became cold, “Feliicity, Dad is up to this point, why are you still refusing to help Dad? What’s the use of letting that trash call! People always have friendship with you? , It’s not with him, he just ascended to heaven because of you.”

Chapter 515

Feliicity sneered when he saw his father slander Wiliam again, “Okay, I will fight as I fight. You don’t know what you missed. Don’t regret it.”

Bai Lizheng couldn’t hear Feliicity’s overtones at all. He only knew that Feliicity had to make a phone call in person, and that would definitely be done.

So, in the eyes of Bai Li’s expectation, Feliicity picked up the phone and called Harper.

And Harper seemed to have been waiting for this call, and he was picked up as soon as he made the call, “Niece Feliicity, you finally called. If you don’t call, I have to call you and ask you about it.”

“Elder Wang, my dad’s affairs have caused you trouble, and you have to worry about it.” Feliicity said straightforwardly.

“Ho ho, I naturally know what to do, let your dad come to me.” Harper heard the sound of the Feliicity, and immediately replied.

Feliicity hung up the phone and said to Bai Lizheng, “Mr. Wang wants you to find him now.”

As soon as this was said, Bai Li almost jumped three feet high!

It’s done!

Sure enough, everything was done with one phone call!

However, this is definitely not an ordinary phone call.

For this phone call, I paid my face, and even paid my return!

It is right to get such an answer!

He pulled out his leg and wanted to go outside.

But after a few steps, he folded back again.

He looked at Feliicity with a cold look, and couldn’t help asking: “Feliicity, Dad forgot to ask, your eyes are red, have you cried? Did that kid bully you? Do you want Dad to do it for you? Teach him!”

Feliicity looked at her father’s false concern, and suddenly wanted to laugh.

Now think of it, you need to care about your daughter?

I’m afraid I was full of power and wealth just now, right?

Feliicity did not answer Bai Lizheng’s words, but said lightly: “Mr. Wang said to wait for you for ten minutes.”

Bai Lizheng’s face became stiff, and he ran outside almost without hesitation, and only dropped a word, “Feliicity, you wait for me to meet the elder Wang, and I will teach you that stinky boy when I come back!”

After he left, Feliicity was relieved and sat down on the sofa.

Wiliam came out of the room and brought Feliicity a glass of warm water.

Feliicity held a cup of water in her hand, watching Wiliam feel a touch of warmth in the world.

“Wiliam, I feel that my image of my dad is completely disillusioned.” Feliicity said to Wiliam aggrievedly.

Wiliam smiled softly, “Disillusionment is better than unrealistic expectations. Only when disillusionment can you continue to move forward.”

“Yeah.” Feliicity nodded, and then asked casually, “Have you been to see Ruoshuang recently? How do you feel that she has evaporated?”

“I’ve been there once, not at home, she said before that she was going to go out and have a wave, and went out to enjoy the mountains and water.” Wiliam said.

“Oh.” Feliicity also didn’t care about it.

At this time, Wiliam rubbed over with a cheeky face, “Wife, do you still need a hug? You can kiss me, I don’t mind!”

“Go!” Feliicity rolled her eyes at Wiliam.

Sometimes she really can’t understand her husband.

Obviously it is a cloud-piercing dragon, and it is obviously very domineering sometimes.

But in some things, he is just like a slug wood man, itching his teeth with hatred, as if beating him.

“Next, what are you going to do?” Seeing Wiliam’s pitiful appearance, Feliicity couldn’t help but pretend to be concerned.

“I just want to hug you.” Wiliam missed the hug very much, always feeling that he didn’t perform well.

Feliicity glanced at Wiliam again, but put down the water glass and took the initiative to pull Wiliam’s hand to let him sit beside him.

Then, he pushed Wiliam on her legs.

Wiliam was caught off guard by her and raised his head, just as the Feliicity looked at him condescendingly.

“Don’t move, don’t you want to hug? I’ll just hug enough, hug you until you get tired!” Feliicity gently touched Wiliam’s head with one hand, as if coaxing a child, said to Wiliam.

Wiliam laughed and couldn’t ask for it.

Feliicity took out an earpick and gave Wiliam an ear.

He asked again: “I’m serious, what are you going to do next? I want to know.”

Wiliam hummed comfortably while enjoying his wife’s gentle craftsmanship.

Feliicity was so angry that he wanted to hit him but did not dare to hit him, for fear that he would poke his ears with an earpick.

But fortunately, Wiliam was acquainted. He felt comfortable for a minute or two and then said faintly: “Well, in a few days, I plan to give you another gift.”

“What gift? The heart of myth?” Feliicity’s curiosity was immediately hooked and asked curiously.

Wiliam hummed a few words before saying, “No, it’s a secret for now. But, it’s not a gift, it can only be regarded as fulfilling my promise to you.”

Three days later, the integration of our two companies should be completed and we can officially announce it.

“Which sentence?” Feliicity couldn’t help but asked again.

At this moment, Feliicity was suddenly very upset.

I’ve said so many things to this little bastard.

I have forgotten all about it, but this kid can remember all the words.

Just like in the room.

I really don’t know how my husband’s head grows. Is it true that I don’t remember anything else, just remember his wife’s words and deeds?

Thinking of this, Feliicity’s face suddenly turned red.

Is this bad?

That’s a good husband.

Do you want to reward him in advance and give him a kiss?

By the way, this guy is so fragrant lately, so what is going on with it?

“Feliicity, you blush.”



“I said no! That’s no! If you don’t use your eyes, you can donate it to Li Nanfeng!”

“It hurts! It hurts! Loosen my ears! If you don’t have it, you won’t have it, why are you angry…”

Feliicity was already powerless to complain about Wiliam’s horrific skill.

Deserve a thousand years. male!

At this moment, Bai Li was standing tremblingly in front of Harper, feeling full of emotion in his heart.

This Wang family, I have come here three times today.

Really more bumpy than Xitian learning.

But finally everything is done.

“Elder Wang, the little girl just now…” Bai Lizheng respectfully asked for instructions.

“Well, she called me, and I know all about it,” Harper said lightly.

Bai Li was overjoyed and took advantage of the situation, “Then what you mean is that I can put in your command and do my best for you…”

Harper nodded very simply this time, “Naturally I won’t break my promise.”

Bai Li was about to kneel down in excitement to thank him, and suddenly heard Harper say: “You can now inform you the owner of Lingyue Villa, and say that I am willing to hold Lingyue Villa as his subordinate, and share the honor and disgrace.”

Chapter 516: Rules

Bai Li was on his head when he suddenly heard such a sentence.

It feels like a basin of cold water poured from head to toe.

He almost said in disbelief, “Lingyue Villa? Why is there something about Lingyue Villa?”

Harper’s expression was stern, “Aren’t you the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa?”

Bai Li was nodding quickly, “Yes, yes, I am the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa.”

“Then you came here this time, didn’t you come to surrender to me on behalf of Lingyue Villa?” Harper asked rhetorically.

Bai Li was choking righteously, just about to defend, and suddenly thought of a terrible thing.

That’s it!

When the Kylin Power was established, the people above clearly instructed everyone to share honor and disgrace, regardless of personal gains or losses.

But to this day, Bai Li completely thought it had become an empty talk.

Now, Harper is probably going to make a fuss with this sentence!


Bai Lizheng felt as if he was blocked by a stone for a while, suffocating and going crazy.

He hadn’t made it clear to Harper that he wanted to dedicate himself to him.

Therefore, according to the rules, Harper must have thought that he was here on behalf of Lingyue Villa.

But now Harper had set the tone, and he told him that it was a personal surrender, and that Harper would definitely be furious if it had nothing to do with Lingyue Villa.

He even feels like a villain who abandons his colleagues to pursue fame and fortune by all means.

Thinking of this, Bai Li was about to suffocate.

I just hate that I didn’t have a hint before to make it clearer.

“Could it be that you want to abandon Lingyue Villa and switch to my sect?” Harper didn’t know Bai Lizheng’s mind, he asked lightly.

There was more anger in the words.

Bai Li was stiff as he dared to say other things.

He bowed immediately, “Thank you, Mr. Wang, for your kindness! I will report to our owner! You can rest assured that our Lingyue Villa is absolutely loyal to the first and united second, and there will be no internal disputes.”

When he said this, his heart began to bleed again.

It was so numb, he sacrificed countless prices after busying himself, and in the end he made wedding clothes for Lingyue Villa.

All the benefits fell on the head of Lingyue Mountain Villa.

“Well, that’s the best. You know that what our Qilin Shi hates most is the kind of selfish villain who abandons their wives and children. Let’s go.” Harper said pointedly.

Bai Li nodded hurriedly, and then resigned.

Along the way, he was going crazy with depression.

But now there is no way.

He made a casual call with the owner and reported the good news.

Sure enough, the owner was overjoyed when he heard this message, “Hahaha! I said that there is a mysterious Kirin guard in your hometown, and that’s what I expected! Li Zheng, you did this very beautifully, let Our Lingyue Villa is worth a hundred times! I will reward you heavily!”

Bai Li was disheartened and said a few perfunctory words.

But the owner was still not happy, and said: “Well, I will rush to Q City ( Qena City ) in the past few days. I would like to express my gratitude to Qilinwei, so that the beginning and the end will be considered.

Bai Li was saying something in his heart that you are free, so he hung up on the excuse that there was still something to do.

He was depressed, but no one could say. After thinking about it, he called Chen Shuyun and asked where they were.

Naturally, Chen Shuyun lived in the hotel first, and she was also watching the house, but she always felt dissatisfied.

Of those villas, there is no one she can admire.

It always feels smaller than the pattern of the emperor flower.

Now that she wants to live, she must live more luxuriously than the Emperor Flower.

Bai Li was looking for Chen Shuyun and the others, and everyone was sitting in Chen Shuyun’s room chatting.

Only Bai Zhensheng is not there, he is still in the hospital.

Seeing Bai Li was returning, the people at the scene were silent again.

Everyone knew how Bai Li treated the Bai family before.

They thought it was a family, but now they felt that in Bai Lizheng’s heart, he didn’t like the Bai family at all.

That’s why I can order casually and turn my face on the spot.

Bai Li knew what these people were thinking, and seeing his mother’s face looked ugly, he felt even more guilty.

He hurriedly explained: “Mom, what happened to you before was really due to a reason, and I had to do this. But now it’s fine, I got the Feliicity girl done, and I also successfully got the appreciation of that big guy. It’s all back to what was originally expected.”

Everyone will believe and doubt.

Bai Li was swearing by patted his chest quickly.

After all, in his heart, Chen Shuyun’s position is unshakable.

After swearing in this way, Chen Shuyun’s anger gradually subsided, “It’s alright, mom is not that unreasonable. Just forget everything in the past. After everyone has a good life, it is really good.”

“Yes, yes, mom, didn’t I tell you about the establishment of a group before? It has already been done seven or eight. I guess the Bai’s group establishment and release meeting will be held in three days. You must Personally preside over the overall situation.” Bai Li is hurriedly cutting to the topic everyone is most concerned about.

Sure enough, everyone’s eyes lit up again.

Chen Shuyun even shouted, “Okay! Lizheng! Even if you are still the mainstay of our Bai family, you may disappoint me.”

Bai Li was getting Chen Shuyun’s affirmation, and then he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Chen Shuyun has given Bai Lizheng the pressure since he was a child, and he still feels surpassing power.

At this time, Sun Huiqin quickly slapped Chen Shuyun’s flattery and said to Bai Lizheng: “Lizheng, then the position of the company’s president is none other than my mother. I think you are not the kind of person who wants to be president. Human, right? Mom is now strong and strong, and she has enough energy to lead our Bai family to become famous in Q City ( Qena City ) as the president of the Bai Group.”

Everyone repeatedly said yes.

Chen Shuyun is even more determined on this matter, because Bai Li is not interested in doing business at all.

However, unexpectedly, there was a trace of embarrassment on Bai Lizheng’s face, and he explained, “Well, I forgot to explain to you before. There is a rule for the people of Kylinshi to run a company, that is, the position of the company leader must be empty. Because We are Kylinshi and we are only loyal to the Kylin Lord. The position of this person in charge must be reserved for the Kylin Lord to show our loyalty. This is also the reason why I said before that I would register the company in person.”

These words solidified the atmosphere on the scene, and Chen Shuyun’s originally happy face instantly turned into pig liver color, “Hu Hong! What the boss of the broken unicorn, the company we established with our own money, why should the lord of the unicorn be responsible? People! You broke the rules!”

Bai Lizheng had long known that Chen Shuyun would react like this. He sweated a bit. What do we mean by paying the money? This money is from Lingyue Villa.

But he still comforted: “Mom, you listen to me. The person in charge of the company is empty, so it will have no impact. The lord of the unicorns has passed so many years, and no one is seen. How many unicorns are established in the world The company’s company is empty, and it is still operating well. The initiative and operation rights are still separate, and there is no impact at all. That is to empty the title and show the rules.

Chen Shuyun reluctantly accepted this explanation, “Since it is used to show the rules, let it be empty if it is empty, and it will not embarrass you. Mom is not unreasonable, I will be a vice president. Can lead our Bai family to recovery.”

But as soon as the voice fell, Bai Lizheng’s expression turned ugly again, “Mom, you can’t be the vice president. I just promised Feliicity…”

Chapter 517

“What!” At this moment, Chen Shuyun’s face became uglier than a ghost.

The Bai family at the scene also looked at Bai Lizheng with bitter eyes.

Bai Lizheng looked embarrassed and said, “Mom, I didn’t mean it. I didn’t want to please the Feliicity before, so I just said casually. I didn’t think she agreed, and I didn’t know that she was such a person who likes to hold power …”

Chen Shuyun waved his hand and was about to leave the room on the spot.

But Bai Li was stubbornly holding back, “Mom, let’s think about other ways to do it. By the way, I reported to the owner of what happened today. The owner was very satisfied with me and decided to give me another five. One billion capital investment, that is to say, we have 10 billion capital.”

Chen Shuyun flushed with anger, and said angrily: “Ho ho, five billion, ten billion, what’s the use! Isn’t it all for your baby girl! Does it have anything to do with me? Go, in your heart, there is only your daughter, and there is no such mother as me!”

Bai Li was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say.

In his heart, Chen Shuyun is always the most important thing, but the current situation makes him one of the first two big.

“I will put the words here today. If this Bai family group falls into the name of Feliicity, then the love between our mother and son will be broken today. Don’t call my mother anymore! I don’t have you like this. Son!” Chen Shuyun said in a deep voice.

This time, she didn’t look for life, nor did she roll around.

She really got angry and became disappointed with this son.

Bai Lizheng couldn’t feel Chen Shuyun’s disappointment. He was stunned, and finally said helplessly, “Well, I’ll call Feliicity right away to see if she can let it go. Everyone is a family, why bother to do this. What?”

With that said, he was afraid that Chen Shuyun would leave, so he immediately took out his cell phone and called Feliicity.

“Feliicity, there is something. Dad wants to discuss with you whether it will work. Three days later, our Bai family is going to hold a Bais Group opening and release meeting. Before, Dad also promised you to be the vice president of the group, but The current situation has changed a little…” Bai Li said embarrassedly after Feliicity’s phone was connected.

Feliicity was drinking morning tea with Wiliam at the moment. She seemed to have expected it, and said lightly: “So, you called, are you going to make a mistake again?”

These words made Bai Lizheng even more embarrassed, but he became a dad after all, and his tone hardened, “Feliicity, how do you talk is getting bigger and smaller. I am your dad! You can’t listen to my arrangements. Did you listen to me, now your grandma’s side…”

“Forget it, do whatever you want. It’s best not to let me mix with the affairs of the Bai family, I’m happy to be clean.” Feliicity said unhappily.

Then she hung up the phone.

Bai Li stomped his feet with upright anger.

This daughter is becoming increasingly disobedient.

What do you mean by turning back? It’s so ugly!

Didn’t I call it to discuss it.

Now he has learned to hang up his father’s face.

But Bai Lizheng didn’t dare to go too far with Feliicity, after all, the relationship between Feliicity and Mr. Wang was there.

He smiled and said to Chen Shuyun: “Mom, the matter is settled, and Feliicity I also said that she can not be the vice president. But in order to make up for my debt to her, I want to arrange for her a high-level position in the company. She, do you have any opinions about this?”

After Chen Shuyun listened, her face gradually eased and said, “This is a natural problem. After all, there is a white letter in her name. I am also a nostalgic person. I don’t want to make it too ugly with her and let outsiders read jokes.”

In fact, Chen Shuyun sneered at Feliicity in her heart.

Now, the company’s start-up capital has tens of billions, which is definitely the highest starting point in Q City ( Qena City ) in history.

In the company, Feliicity, as long as he is not a vice president, will he still obey me in the future?

At that time, I had a hundred ways to force her to leave the company without bloodshed.

Next, Bai Lizheng discussed with everyone the arrangements for other positions in the company.

Because of Chen Shuyun’s Yu Wei, Bai Lizheng basically accepted Chen Shuyun’s arrangements as order.

However, both Chen Shuyun and Bai Lizheng had very tacit understanding and directly omitted Wiliam.

After all, Wiliam was simply an uncommon enemy to them, and he would be polite if he didn’t clean up.

He also arranged for him to be a senior in the company.

Bai Li was even thinking viciously in his heart, Wiliam, Wiliam, just wait to regret it!

If you were kind to me before, and be an obedient son-in-law, I might help you.

It’s a pity that you have no eyes, so don’t blame me for not being covered in rain and dew

After arranging all this, Bai Lizheng was too embarrassed to go back to Feliicity to live again. He also opened a room next door and went to rest.

Chen Shuyun stood alone in the room, proud.

All this is so dreamy.

After all, the Bai family should not be killed, and now it is finally about to rise.

She was thinking ambitiously when the phone rang.

As soon as she saw the familiar number, she was so scared that she quickly picked up, “Master, hello.”

On the phone, there was a low voice, “Ho ho, do you remember me, I thought, after you go back, you will leave me behind.”

Chen Shuyun hurriedly said: “Don’t dare! Master, if you hadn’t saved us when my Bai family was at the end of the road, we wouldn’t have the same grace as we are now. Your kindness is unforgettable for me. And I swear for a lifetime. Loyalty to you will always be remembered.”

This person whom Chen Shuyun called the master was the one who appeared in front of them when the Bai family was desperate in Q City ( Qena City ) that night.

Chen Shuyun is very familiar with this person.

Even Wiliam was very familiar.

Chen Shuyun was killed at the time and never thought that this person would save the life of the Bai family.

Now that the Bai family is about to rise, it is time to repay this life-saving grace.

The person on the phone continued: “I heard that you will be holding a group establishment and release meeting in three days? How are things going?”

Chen Shuyun didn’t dare to conceal anything. She told this person about the establishment of the group and the structure of the core personnel.

After this person heard this, he smiled, “That’s good, good. It seems that I will have to do something next, otherwise, my heart is always sleepy and sleepy. Three days later? I want you to This release meeting will be held in Tianhe Hotel.”

“It’s time to compete with that kid.”

Chapter 518: Detonating Q City ( Qena City )

“Tianhe Hotel?” Chen Shuyun was taken aback, “Why do you want to do it in Tianhe Hotel?”

Chen Shuyun’s heart is actually very touched by Tianhe Hotel.

Because that was the first time that the Bai family was humiliated in Tianhe Hotel!

At the beginning, it was in this hotel that the Bai family and Fernando’s family held a news release meeting, wanting to kill Genuine Care Medical Center.

Then in the hotel, the bastard Wiliam slapped his face.

It was also from that time that the Bai family became depressed, and since then it has completely fallen in Q City ( Qena City ).

So Chen Shuyun felt that this hotel was not in line with the Bai’s character.

However, there was a cold snort on the other end of the phone, “You only need to follow the order, do I still need to report to you?”

“Dare not! Everything is in accordance with your instructions!” Chen Shuyun said immediately after shaking her body.

“When the time comes, I will naturally call you again and tell you what to do next.” The man said again.

“Okay, goodbye, master.” Chen Shuyun let out a heavy sigh of relief after hanging up the phone.

This person gave Chen Shuyun too much pressure.

Even though Chen Shuyun now has tens of billions of assets, he can’t even feel the slightest thoughts of touching this person in his heart.

This makes Chen Shuyun feel very strange.

But what is even more strange to her is, why should this person be done there?

Could it be that three days later, what will happen there again?

What Chen Shuyun didn’t know was that after hanging up the phone, a person sat alone in an empty room with unwillingness and sadness written on his face.

He murmured to himself: “That kid’s company integration should be almost done. They will be in Tianhe Hotel three days later. Well, since everything started from that place, let’s end there. Wiliam, I want to see, this time, can you dig out of my palm! This time, it’s not you who smashed into the sand, or I am dead!”

On the other side, Wiliam didn’t feel the depression of the mountain and rain coming and the wind was overwhelming. He was talking on the phone, and said on behalf of his wife, “Well, at the Tianhe Hotel, yes, you can arrange it. , I only need to confirm one thing, the position of the company’s president is my family Feliicity.”

After getting the confirmation, Wiliam hung up the phone.

Feliicity just walked into the room and asked curiously: “Who are you calling?”

Wiliam smiled and said casually: “With friends.”

Feliicity curled her lips and said with a faint resentment: “It must be with your confidantes again, huh!”

Wiliam had a black line, “Don’t think about it, take a good rest these days, we are going to make a big ticket.”

This is like the Greenwood bandits, and Feliicity is even more curious, “What are you going to do?”

“In three days, you will know.” Wiliam said lightly.

So for the next few days, Feliicity was at home, while Wiliam ran in and out often, not knowing what he was running.

The place where Wiliam ran the most in these three days was Harper’s home.

After taking Guiqi Guo, he took the time to study the “Impermanence Medical Classic”.

Sure enough, this return of qi was a charcoal in the snow for Wiliam now.

After three days of refining, he clearly felt that the jade pearl in his body was melting at a speed visible to the naked eye.

He even felt that if he gave him a little more time, the jade pearl could be completely refined.

At that time, in the mid-term of his external power, it was time to break through to the late period again.

The speed of this breakthrough made even Wiliam feel surprised.

If it wasn’t for a coincidence, it would be absolutely impossible for him to break through again in such a short period of time.

It can be regarded as God has eyes, and sees me that Wiliam has a heart to avenge grandpa.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

In these three days, the entire Q City ( Qena City ) became turbulent again.

In the beginning, a burst of news swept across Q City ( Qena City ).

That was the Q City ( Qena City ) Bai family, returning to the top.

They will soon hold the opening meeting of the Bai Group.

With the extravagant performance of spending a lot of money in the auction before, and then through the present to build momentum.

Now Baijia has become the hottest word in Q City ( Qena City ).

There are even more rumors that the Bai family made a comeback this time, and the establishment of the Bai Group, the net assets alone, reached tens of billions!

This is definitely a blockbuster for Q City ( Qena City )!

There has never been a company in Q City ( Qena City ) that has such a strong capital since its establishment.

It seems that the Bai family is going to do a big business in Q City ( Qena City ).

And the next day, there was another explosive news.

Genuine Care Medical Center and Lunanica Company have merged and reorganized to jointly establish Fengyue Group!

This news once again made Q City ( Qena City ) tremble on the ground!

Everyone’s eyes are falling off the ground.

What happened in these two days!

First, the king of the Bai Group returned, and the opening was announced with the momentum of spending money!

Now it is Genuine Care Medical Center and Lunanica Company again!

During this period of time, these two companies also changed the situation of Q City ( Qena City ).

But no one would have imagined that these two companies, which could not be beaten, were merged into one.


However, someone with a heart has observed a detail at this time.

In its earliest days, Genuine Care Medical Center was the property of Harper.

The Lunanica Company was even made by Harper.

Both are Harper’s companies.

Could it be that the elder Wang is in Q City ( Qena City ) and he wants to make big moves again?

Everyone’s hearts were hanged.

Now it’s fun!

After this period of strong development, Genuine Care Medical Center and Lunanica Company have made great progress.

Together, the assets of the two companies are over 10 billion!

In just two days, two groups with tens of billions of dollars appeared out of thin air in Q City ( Qena City )!

This is simply unimaginable!

On the third day, the Fengyue Group and the Baishi Group almost announced that the two groups had established and released the conference, and both chose the Tianhe Hotel.

At this moment, Q City ( Qena City ) immediately made a noise.

Within ten minutes, the private rooms in this little-known Tianhe Hotel were ordered instantly.

The rich and powerful in Q City ( Qena City ) almost moved all the time. They can’t wait to visit Tianhe Hotel to witness the grand opening ceremony in Q City ( Qena City )!

The two even chose the same hotel, which also surprised everyone.

Are these two going to join forces?

This kind of speculation swept Q City ( Qena City ).

And in the midst of the storm, Wiliam frowned slightly.

Fengyue Group chose Tianhe Hotel, Wiliam has no opinion.

But Baishi Group also chose Tianhe Hotel, which is intriguing.

What exactly does the Bai family want to do?

Or, what do the people behind the Bai family want to do?

On the other side, Chen Shuyun frowned.

The two chose the same hotel, which was far beyond Chen Shuyun’s expectations.

She instantly thought that this was deliberately arranged by the master.

It seems that something big will happen tomorrow!

Chapter 519

Faced with this unknown situation, Chen Shuyun seemed to be in a trance.

After all, the blow she had suffered before was too great, and it was impossible for her to experience another setback of failure.

After experiencing it again, she felt that this life was about to go in.

However, at this time she received the master’s information. In the information, the master made it clear that tomorrow, as long as you act according to his words, you can guarantee that the Q City ( Qena City ) will be in the future, and the Bai family will be beautiful, no one can compare.

Even the host made it clear that he would give the Bai family a great gift!

With the master’s guarantee, Chen Shuyun’s heart fell.

As long as there is no more trouble in the Bai family, everything is easy to say.

And Chen Shuyun, who was in Panasonic’s heart, suddenly began to think carefully.

She thought of a wonderful way.

When she thought about it, she suddenly showed a sinister smile.

Ho ho, Feliicity, Feliicity, tomorrow, I will show you how great our Bai family is.

The third day finally came, and in the evening, the Bai family was ready to go.

Feliicity was originally at home, but unexpectedly received a call from Bai Lizheng.

Bai Lizheng has also been busy these days. After all, Kirin is going to set up a company, and it needs to be filed at various levels.

When all this is done and the above is clear, Bai Lizheng came to rest and called Feliicity.

“Feliicity, I have already communicated with your grandma here. You will be the company’s operations director then. Think about it, you are still young and not very experienced. Start with the operations director first. Dad promises Your grandma abdicates, and the company will be yours sooner or later.”

Facing Bai Lizheng’s remarks, Feliicity has long since been invincible. She said indifferently: “No, I don’t want to have any more entanglements with the Bai family.”

But Bai Li was on the phone, swearing to the sky, and then knowing and reasoning about the Feliicity, making Feliicity annoyed, “Okay, okay, I can’t do it in the past!”

“Hmm, time is almost here now, come here, everyone is waiting for you.” Bai Li was saying happily.

But when Feliicity was about to hang up the phone, Bai Lizheng suddenly said cautiously: “Feliicity, don’t you have a good relationship with Mr. Wang? This is a big issue for our Bai family. Can you please call Mr. Wang and let him Mr. Wang also came here to show his face, let’s get hot together?”

Feliicity smiled directly with anger.

Okay, so I said a lot before, waiting here!

Let me invite Mr. Wang again!

Feliicity directly replied: “Aren’t you already on the line of Mr. Wang? Wouldn’t you call him by yourself?”

Bai Lizheng smiled, and said: “Why don’t you have a better face than Dad, okay, let’s stop talking about anger, Dad is still busy here, you just give the old man a call, it doesn’t matter whether you come or not. , We’ll do as soon as we arrive at the courtesy, let’s do this first, hang up.”

After speaking, Bai Li hung up the phone in a hurry, for fear that Feliicity would refuse again.

Feliicity was so angry that he wanted to throw the phone out!

Her feelings towards this father became more and more indifferent.

In the heart of father, what is oneself?

A tool he can use at any time!

When you need it, you will please yourself in every possible way, one swears and the other swears.

When you don’t need it, I don’t see a phone call for a few days!

Feliicity suddenly felt that she had had enough!

When she was sulking, the room door opened, and Wiliam walked in and said, “Feliicity, who are you angry with? Let’s go to Tianhe Hotel.”

Tianhe Hotel?

Feliicity was taken aback, wasn’t this the hotel where Bai Li was letting him go?

The Bai family will hold an opening and release meeting there today.

“How do you know where I am going?” Feliicity asked suspiciously, “Did my father also call you and asked you to persuade me?”

Wiliam looked at Feliicity amused, “Do you think your father’s words are useful to me?”

Feliicity was taken aback for a moment, and then he realized that his husband, with an extraordinary identity, could not tell Wiliam for a person like Bai Lizheng.

Besides, even if Lu Yezhen had some noble status, with his hard temper, Bai Lizheng couldn’t influence his thoughts at all.

“Then what are you doing at Tianhe Hotel?” Feliicity asked.

“Fengyue Group is also holding an opening and release party there today. Melissa and I are good friends, so we went to the heat.” Wiliam said lightly.

Feliicity’s face stinks, and it’s that little bitch again!

“Okay, don’t be stubborn, you want to be beautiful today, go and change your clothes.” Wiliam walked over and rubbed Feliicity’s head.

Feliicity got up depressed, but still asked, “Wiliam, my dad asked me to call Mrs. Wang and ask him to come over to support the scene, but I don’t want to make this call. Playing around.”

Wiliam arranged his clothes in the mirror, and said indifferently: “There is nothing wrong, Mr. Wang will also pass by today.”

Feliicity was taken aback, and immediately reacted, patted his little head, “Yes, why did I forget about this? Genuine Care Medical Center and Cangyue Group were both the property of the old man before, and he will pass no matter what. , Or your head is bright.”

“Ho ho, he won’t go over for this trivial matter, he passed, he has another important task.” Wiliam said casually.

“What important task?” Feliicity asked.

“Go and change your clothes, or I will change it for you?” Wiliam turned the subject.

Feliicity blushed and turned to the bathroom, “You also call Ruoshuang and tell her to go with her, otherwise she will be so pitiful to be alone.”

Wiliam nodded and called Ruoshuang.

Unfortunately, the phone is still turned off.

After Feliicity changed his clothes, Wiliam suddenly felt a bright light.

My own wife, who is always staying at home these days, dresses and dresses casually.

But now with such a meticulous dressing, there is a feeling that the water lotus is amazing to the world.

No matter how you look at it, you won’t get bored.

Feliicity was dumbfounded when she saw Wiliam, she couldn’t help but sighed, “You still don’t see enough every day?”

“Of course it’s not enough.” Wiliam smiled, “It won’t be enough for a lifetime.”

“Go, go, don’t be mean.” Feliicity was stunned, but his face showed a look of shame.

The two drove to the Tianhe Hotel. At this moment, the hotel was completely surrounded by security, and anyone with an invitation letter could not get in at all.

And the hall inside is crowded with people, news media, high-ranking officials, and dignitaries gathered together for the grand event.

After the two of them entered, they saw two grand stages, set up face to face!

Chapter 520

On the left side of the hall, there is a brightly red stage, and the LED on it reads “Bai’s Group Opening and Release Meeting”.

On the right, there is a pure white and elegant stage, dotted with some small pink petals, which looks very romantic.

The LED also reads “Fengyue Group Opening and Release Meeting”.

These two stages with very different styles are so opposed to each other, giving people a feeling of fighting.

When Feliicity saw this picture, she felt like going back in time.

“Wiliam, do you think this scene is a bit familiar? Where did you see it?” Feliicity asked Wiliam’s hand.

Wiliam smiled, “Isn’t it the first time, the Bai family and the Lin family are fighting with the Genuine Care Medical Center? You have to hold a release meeting condemning the Genuine Care Medical Center, and the Genuine Care Medical Center will open. A new product release meeting.”

When Feliicity was said that, she immediately reacted, “Yes, yes, that’s it. I feel so familiar. Why is it like this today?”

Lu Yezheng answered directly, but inexplicably asked, “Do you like Fengyue Group?”

Feliicity thought that Wiliam was asking about the stage style of the Fengyue Group, and immediately nodded and said, “Well, I like it. It’s very elegant and clean, and looks very comfortable. The Bai Group’s looks too kitsch and intolerable.”

Wiliam smiled, “Just like it.”

At this time, a voice came from the station, “Feliicity, you are finally here, come here, come here.”

Feliicity looked up and saw that it was her father Bai Li who was calling her.

At this moment, the Bai family were sitting neatly on the stage, and countless flashing lights were shooting at them.

After hearing Bai Lizheng’s words, the flashes aimed at Feliicity again.

After all, Feliicity is the most beautiful in Q City ( Qena City ), and her appearance adds a lot to the scene.

Sure enough, seeing Feliicity wearing a plain white dress and long hair fluttering today, many people actually sighed together, “Feliicity is simply the goddess in my heart, she looks so beautiful.”

Feliicity looked at the stands and didn’t want to pass.

But Bai Lizheng rushed over and said, “Feliicity, why are you still stunned? Come up with me. On the stage are our Bai family members, who are also the mainstay of the Bai Group, and they will all appear today.

Without a word, he pulled Feliicity over.

Feliicity sighed and asked, “Where is Wiliam?”

As soon as Bai Li stopped, he glanced at Wiliam coldly, and said, “Sorry, today is the high-level appearance of the Bai Group, he, wait here first.”

Feliicity was about to argue, but he heard Wiliam say: “Nothing, Feliicity, go ahead first. I’ll go to Qingmian and the others to say hello.”

Feliicity reluctantly nodded, “Then don’t go far, go back together later.”

Seeing Feliicity’s reluctance to leave Wiliam, Bai Li frowned and directly pulled Feliicity away.

On the way, Bai Lizheng suddenly smiled and asked, “Feliicity, have you called Elder Wang?”

Feliicity’s face became stiff, and he sighed, and said, “Old Wang will be here today.”

Bai Lizheng was immediately overjoyed, “That’s great, Feliicity, you really did not disappoint me.”

Under Bai Lizheng’s leadership, Feliicity sat in the row of seats on the stage.

Everyone also took pictures of Feliicity one after another, and some people kept talking about the work.

“Feliicity is here too. Didn’t she have a bad relationship with the Bai family before, but what does it mean to appear here now?”

“What else can you tell me? Those who can sit on it are all senior members of the Bai Group! It means that Feliicity will take an important position in the Bai Group after returning to the Bai family.”

“Wow, Feliicity takes it seriously! Not only is the vice chairman of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, but now he has returned to the Bai family to hold an important position, a winner in life!”

“Just don’t know what position she will hold? It stands to reason that with her reputation at the Drug Association, at least she will serve as a vice president in the Bai Group!”

“That is necessary, not the vice president. I’m sorry for her current worth. Let’s wait and see.”

The words off the court made Feliicity a little embarrassed.

However, Chen Shuyun showed a meaningful smile upon hearing these words.

vice president?

Ho ho, just wait and see.

Later, I promise you don’t leave empty-handed!

On the other side, Wiliam walked towards Melissa and the others.

In the past, Wiliam suddenly had the illusion that wolves would enter the flock.

These very few are all women.

Melissa and Lydia of Genuine Care Medical Center.

Janett, Li Chunfeng, and Gu Zhiling of the Cangyue Group, and even Wiliam saw Cheng Suyi.

Detachment of women, this is!

As soon as Wiliam came over, he was immediately treated differently.

The eldest sister Melissa laughed coldly, “Oh, it’s not that we are here, Mr. Lu, what kind of wind is blowing you here today.”

Another eldest sister, Janett, said as if they were singing the duo: “What did Qingmian say? Today, his company merges. If he doesn’t come, no one knows what the company belongs to. Of course, I have to come and take a look.”

Wiliam was about to be pissed off by these two evildoers.

Then, Li Chunfeng and Gu Zhiling also joined forcefully.

Li Chunfeng smiled kindly, “Boss, it’s been a long time since I saw you, I thought you were lying in the coffin.”

Gu Zhiling said coldly: “Huh, it’s so strange that this kind of people don’t see people or dead bodies.”

Wiliam’s head was big, and he quickly changed the subject, “How are everything going? Is there anything I need to do?”

“How dare you to bother you to do it yourself, the layout is almost the same, but we started ten minutes later than the opposite one. This was unexpected.” Melissa said lightly.

She had gone through the previous confrontation between the Genuine Care Medical Center and the Bai Family, so now she has a tough mind, and there is Wiliam here, so I am afraid of something!

“Well, you sit on the stage for a while, just sit under me, I don’t like to show my face.” Wiliam said.

Janett rolled her eyes to the sky, “Hmph, I knew you would say this a long time ago, just do it as you wish, as long as you are willing to let us charming women charge for you.”

With this, Wiliam felt that he had become a scumbag.

He couldn’t stay any longer, quickly found a spot and went to sit.

This look of escaping from the desert caused several beautiful women to cover their mouths and laugh.

After a while, the opening ceremony of the Bai Group officially began.

The Bai family members on the stage immediately became serious, and they sat in full danger.

According to the process, the host first briefly introduced the origin of the Baishi Group.

When the host said that the net assets of the Baishi Group reached 10 billion, the first wave of ** was set off on the scene!


The rumors are true!


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