Dragon Husband Chapter 521-530

Chapter 521

Ten billion!

Real money!

Just ask which company in Q City ( Qena City ) can have such courage!

Everything is difficult to start a business, which company is not debt-laden at the beginning, starting from scratch.

This Bai family is Wang Zhuang at the beginning, and the future is limitless!

After listening to these words, the rich people in Q City ( Qena City ) who were watching from upstairs began to weigh the weight of the Bai family.

In the future, it seems that cooperation with the Bai family is inevitable.

No, maybe it’s not cooperation anymore.

But it is a privilege to be able to eat a slice of the pie from the pool of the Bai family.

Don’t wait for three days!

No one dared to imagine that the Bai family, who was thrown into hell, would return with such a posture as the king.

Immediately afterwards, the host immediately introduced: “Now, let me introduce to you the main leaders of the Baishi Group. Please remember the names of each of them from now on! Because they will be, after all Great Q City ( Qena City ) business district!”

The people at the scene suddenly became quiet.

Because this link is the most important link today.

Knowing the important leaders of the Bai Group is extremely important to the rich.

This directly determines which of them will be looked for in order to have meat and soup.

Following the host’s words, the screen suddenly switched screens.

“President of Bai’s Group, vacant.”

These words immediately caused an uproar at the scene.

The position of the president of the Baishi Group that everyone is most concerned about is actually vacant?

What is this operation?

The moderator explained in a timely and vague manner: “The position of the president of the Bai Group is temporarily vacant and there are other arrangements.”

Everyone was at a loss and could not understand it.

Soon after, the screen changed again, “Vice President of Bai Group, Chen Shuyun.”

Chen Shuyun also stood up and waved in greeting in all directions.

The eyes are full of pride.

At this moment, she is the most eye-catching.

Everyone also began to applaud. Since the president is vacant, the vice president is the person in charge of the company.

It seems that after all, the Bai Group is still in power by Chen Shuyun.

Everyone applauded desperately, but Feliicity was alone, looking at everything in front of him indifferently, as if he were an outsider.

Chen Shuyun’s gaze suddenly fell on Feliicity’s body.

Bai Lizheng also stabbed Feliicity with his elbow, and said, “Feliicity, please applaud and bless your grandma. The overall situation is important. We are all one family.”

Feliicity barely clapped.

Then, the host announced that Bai Li was the company’s chief partner.

This name is naturally a false name, but everyone does not dare to underestimate Bai Lizheng.

After all, Bai Lizheng had surprised four people at the auction before, and there is more news that this time the Bai family regrouped, all the funds were from Bailizheng.

This is an invisible rich man.

Next, each of the Bai family appeared one by one under the introduction of the host.

They are all top leaders of the company.

Each of the Bai family members are also very satisfied with this situation.

However, as the introductions passed one by one, everyone suddenly became confused.

Where is Feliicity?

Why didn’t you hear Feliicity’s name?

Feliicity is the vice chairman of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, and he was also the president of the Bai family.

Why is there still no job introducing Feliicity until now?

Does Feliicity have a position in the Bai Group?

But it shouldn’t be, she is all sitting on it. Judging from the introduction by the host, the people sitting on it are all leaders of the Bai Group.

As everyone’s doubts deepened, even Bai Lizheng became puzzled and asked Chen Shuyun in a low voice, “Mom, why is Feliicity’s name not mentioned? Isn’t she the group’s operating director? It stands to reason that it should have been mentioned long ago. “

However, Chen Shuyun said lazily: “I will mention it, don’t worry.”

Bai Li just naturally believed Chen Shuyun’s words, nodded and listened to it.

After introducing the people on stage, the host immediately said: “Next, I will introduce some of the middle-level leaders of the group. Because of the large number of people, I will not introduce them one by one. Please watch the screen yourself.”

As the host’s voice fell, the screen flashed and suddenly a dense cluster of names and positions appeared.

Everyone took a closer look and found that these were indeed mid-level employees of the company, with hundreds of them.

These names are constantly scrolling, and everyone is not so serious.

But at this moment, someone suddenly exclaimed, “Look, everyone! Feliicity! I saw Feliicity’s name! Did I misread her name? How did her name appear here?”

As this person shouted, everyone turned their eyes to the screen in an instant.

At this look, the scene suddenly screamed.


Everyone can’t believe what they saw!

“Assistant Bai’s Group Operations Director, Feliicity.”

Moreover, I don’t know if it was intentional. These words are obviously larger than those of others.

It seems to be deliberately reminding everyone to pay attention to this line of words.

Feliicity also opened her eyes wide, looking at her name in disbelief.

Assistant Director of Operations?

Seeing this, Feliicity couldn’t help but laughed miserably.

It turned out to be like this, but another one was placed by the Bai family.

Bai Li was directly standing up from the chair and asked Chen Shuyun in disbelief, “Mom! Isn’t Feliicity the director of operations? Why is the assistant director? Are you mistaken?”

This doubt is also the doubt of everyone at the scene.

Everyone turned their eyes to Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun said lightly at this time: “The name is not wrong. Feliicity’s position is indeed the assistant to the operations director. She is still young and needs to exercise. Sooner or later, this group belongs to their young people. While still young, exercise more. It’s always good.”

Bai Lizheng couldn’t believe what he heard. He pulled Chen Shuyun and his voice was angrily, “Mom! Why is it different from what I said before! You did this, didn’t you embarrass Feliicity in public! I can understand that you let her exercise more? But if that’s the case, there is absolutely no need to let her sit here today! How can it end now! Everyone is watching!”

Chen Shuyun seemed to deliberately didn’t understand Bai Lizheng’s words, and asked in a loud voice in front of everyone: “Shame? Why is Feliicity ashamed? It is an honor to be an employee of the Bai Group and help each other with our Bai family. If she feels embarrassed, it means that she is not even worthy of being the assistant director. Feliicity, did you say that grandma was right?”

“Besides, I’ve already personally called Feliicity to ask for advice before, and she totally agrees. Wouldn’t it be possible to bite Grandma now?”

The atmosphere at the scene is almost solidified.

Everyone seemed to understand that this was Chen Shuyun exerting pressure on Feliicity.

With so many eyes on the scene!

Forgive her no matter how dissatisfied Feliicity is, she can only swallow her breath.

Chapter 522

And this is exactly the little trick Chen Shuyun thought of before.

First called Feliicity to sit on it, and then, in the expectation of everyone, gave Feliicity a fierce one so that she could not get off the stage at all.

Chen Shuyun dared to do this because there are so many people today.

With so many people, Feliicity never dared to turn his face on the spot.

What’s more, Chen Shuyun stated the fictitious matter of asking for opinions first.

Even if Feliicity dared to resist, in the eyes of everyone, it was nothing more than sophistry.

The more important reason is that Chen Shuyun knows the character of Bai Lizheng.

Bai Lizheng is the most defiant person, he will not continue to question this matter in the public.

This will only make the Bai family stink for thousands of years.

Sure enough, although Bai Lizheng knew that Feliicity was wronged, he thought that if he continued to be entangled in this matter, it would only damage everyone’s reputation.

He stopped speaking immediately.

And everyone’s eyes turned to Feliicity in an instant.

Some reporters even rushed straight up, piled the microphone in front of Feliicity, and asked in a row: “Chairman Bai, is what Vice President Chen said just now true? You really want to be here in Bai’s Is the group an operations director? Don’t you think it’s a shame?”

“Chairman Bai, Vice President Chen said that he had solicited your opinion, did you really agree?”

“Since you agree, you can only be regarded as a middle-level employee of the company, so why are you sitting on the stage today? Is it to increase exposure and popularity?”

There were several questions in a row, one sharper than one.

Feliicity looked at these microphones in front of him, as if looking at a sharp butcher knife.

The butcher knife was close in front of his eyes, hanging from his neck.

At this moment, Feliicity suddenly felt that the world was quiet.

She could not hear anyone’s voice, nor could she see anyone.

The world was so white and it ended up really clean.

She laughed.

She thought that she would be very angry if she was put up like this by the Bai family.

At least it will be wronged.

After all, this time, I lost my face all over the city.

However, Feliicity actually discovered that there is no such thing!

These feelings of grievance, anger, and unwillingness are not at all.

Even she felt very strange.

In her world, there is no voice and no one at this moment.

No, there is only one person.

Her gaze flew back and forth, and finally fixed on a person not far away.

The man was also looking at her, eyes facing each other, with affection.

Strange to say, Feliicity couldn’t see the details in Wiliam’s eyes at such a distance.

However, Feliicity just felt a blessing to the soul.

It seemed that everything would be fine as long as I saw him.

The people at the scene, seeing Feliicity smile inexplicably, were even more at a loss.

Why can she still laugh in this situation?

Is it too stressful to force a smile?

Those people asked again: “President Bai, are you still answering our question?”

“President Bai, what did you mean by this smile?”

Feliicity came back to her senses and saw these people in front of her clearly.

Especially the eyes of the Bai family.

Chen Shuyun’s eyes were joking and mocking, as if he would not stop the Feliicity into hell.

Bai Lizheng’s eyes were filled with guilt and powerlessness.

But in Feliicity’s eyes, this is a cowardly pedantic.

The other Bai family members looked at the play, wanting to see why Feliicity couldn’t get off the stage.

Feliicity stood up suddenly and cleared his throat.

Everyone knew that she was about to speak, and the scene instantly fell silent.

“I have only three sentences.” Feliicity looked around and stretched out her first finger.

“The Bai family has never been shameless from before to now.”

This first sentence caused an uproar on the scene.

Everyone looked at Feliicity in disbelief, and they couldn’t think that her first words were so sharp and sharp, pointing directly to the Bai family!

Bai Lizheng stood up directly to hold Feliicity, and whispered: “Feliicity, don’t talk nonsense! So many people are watching, I know you feel wronged, let’s go back and talk slowly, OK?”

Feliicity sneered off Bai Lizheng, and said in public: “You are not a good thing. I waited for nine years and fed the dog.”

This made Bai Lizheng’s face pale, he wanted to say something, but looking at so many people, he didn’t dare to say it.

Chen Shuyun was furious, “Feliicity! Keep your mouth clean! Don’t think that someone behind you can talk nonsense! How can our Bai family treat you badly!”

Feliicity didn’t even bother to explain.

Explain to these people, what’s the use?

Just add to yourself.

She stretched out her second finger and said coldly: “Whether it is the president of the Bai Group or the assistant to the operations director, I have never been rare in Feliicity. Whoever loves to do it! I won’t be waiting for you!”

At the end, everyone was dumbfounded.

The most beautiful woman in Q City ( Qena City ) has always been synonymous with elegance and dignity.

But today, what did they hear?

Feliicity exploded in front of so many people?

Destroy the three views!

The flash on the spot flashed directly into one.

Wiliam, who was not far away, suddenly chuckled.

Such a wife is kind of cute.

However, well done.

Feliicity suddenly pushed aside the crowd, and while walking towards the stage, she stretched out her third finger, but pointed at Wiliam who was laughing.

“Husband, you said you want to give me a gift today. Take it out. Your wife is very irritable and needs your comfort. The gift can’t satisfy your wife. You will be served tonight.”

This remark caused countless screams again!

Is Feliicity crazy today!

This kind of little love between husband and wife, dare to speak in front of so many people.

Countless people’s heads have begun to dream about the grand punishment service tonight.

As for Melissa and other women, their chins were about to fall to the ground.

Feliicity is really a strange woman!

Sometimes it’s soft and distressing, and sometimes it’s so overbearing that it makes people excited!

While speaking, Feliicity was already standing in front of Wiliam, with a hand outstretched, as if to receive a gift.

Wiliam smiled again.

As soon as he stretched out his hand, in front of everyone, he suddenly pulled Feliicity and sat directly on his lap.

The people at the scene were almost crazy.

Is it appropriate to show affection in front of the whole city?

“Gifts, I have already prepared them for you.” Wiliam said with a smile, and then made a look at Melissa on the stage.

Melissa came back to his senses, cleared his throat, and said: “The time is almost up, now the opening and launching of our Fengyue Group will officially begin. You all know the origins of Genuine Care Medical Center and Lunanica Company. , I’ll just skip it. Next, announce the group president.”

When countless people were still not reacting, Janett took the microphone and said coldly: “President of Fengyue Group, Feliicity!”

Chapter 523

Janett’s words made the scene deadly quiet!

Everyone looked at Janett in disbelief, and they couldn’t believe the three words that popped out of her mouth!


Feliicity, how could Feliicity become the president of Fengyue Group!

This is a completely irresistible relationship!

Completely inexplicable!

The reporter at the scene asked first: “Mr. Qin, did you just say that you were wrong? You just said that the president of Fengyue Group is Feliicity?”

Janett nodded, looked at Feliicity with a dull face, and showed a warm smile, “Well, it is her, Feliicity. Feliicity is the first president of our Fengyue Group!”

With her reconfirmation, bursts of exclamation broke out on the scene!

This is definitely the most explosive and unexpected news today!

Feliicity has become the president of Fengyue Group!

Think about it, the Feliicity just now was smashed by the Bai Group, and it was a loss of face.

The vice chairman of the Tangtang Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association can only be a small assistant to the operation director in the Bai Group established by his own Bai family.

This is an ironic thing.

But, just a few minutes later?

Only five minutes!

Feliicity unexpectedly appeared another identity against the sky!

President of Fengyue Group!

Everyone at the scene felt like they were riding a roller coaster.

Witnessing the most beautiful woman in Q City ( Qena City ), flying from the abyss of hell to heaven!

Baishi Group and Fengyue Group, the net assets of these two groups are evenly matched.

But the position of the president of the Bai Group is vacant.

The Fengyue Group directly appointed Feliicity as the president!

In other words, Feliicity’s identity and position completely surpassed Chen Shuyun of Best Group!

This is even more a huge ruthless irony!

Feliicity Group’s move seems to be saying a word to the entire Q City ( Qena City ), you don’t want Bai Group, don’t Feliicity, our Feliicity Group treats her as a treasure.

If you want to humiliate Feliicity, ask us if Fengyue Group agrees!

Now there is the identity of the president of the Zhongfengyue Group, the Bai Group, what can you compare with Feliicity!

This is a very obvious contrast before and after, and the face of the Bai Group is smashed!

Half of the people at the scene turned their eyes to the sluggish Feliicity, and half looked at the Bai Family Group mockingly.

Those from the Bai family had wonderful expressions on their faces.

Bai Lizheng was stunned, and he never thought that Fengyue Group would hide such a hand.

The other Bai family members were even more panicked and completely dumbfounded.

However, Chen Shuyun’s expression was ugly to the extreme!

She almost couldn’t help but shouted out, “This is impossible! How is this possible! What is Feliicity’s relationship with your Fengyue Group! Why did she become the president of your Fengyue Group! You are making fakes! You are giving her a step Feliicity, don’t think that they are helping you, they are actually harming you! They are mocking you with more ironic means! Without the Bai family, you Feliicity is nothing!”

Chen Shuyun simply couldn’t accept such a tragic reality!

A few minutes ago, Chen Shuyun was definitely the most glorious person on the court today.

Vice President of the Bai Group.

And if the president is idle, she will be the actual controller of the Bai Group.

But now, the limelight lasted only five minutes.

Feliicity snatched it again.

Just now, she was still very proud of her masterpiece.

There is such a highly anticipated opportunity to ridicule this little bitch who doesn’t know how to promote.

It’s simply too popular.

But now, reality is like a big ruthless hand, slapped her old face!

If Feliicity is the president of Fengyue Group, then the vice president that she has painstakingly exchanged would still be inferior to this little bitch!

Thinking of this, her entire face flushed.

But the words she blurted out made the faces of the Fengyue Group on the stage even more mocking.

Melissa stood up directly, as if confronting the Bai Family Group, and said: “Hoho, Chen Shuyun, you look too ugly! Okay, I will talk to you well. Let’s not talk about Feliicity and We have no relationship with Fengyue Company, so what? We are willing to let her be the president of the group, can you manage it! Can’t we have money and waywardness? Besides, the entire Q City ( Qena City ) media are here today. We Fengyue Group can’t make such a fuss. A big lie, and you use your pig’s brain to think about it, if we decide temporarily, when did the big screen behind you do it?”

As she spoke, the names of the leaders of the Fengyue Group also appeared on the screen one by one.

Feliicity stands high, ascending to the position of president.

Below are Melissa and Janett, the company’s vice presidents.

This scene smashed Chen Shuyun’s face even more so.

Janett also stood up and said in a cold voice: “The first wind of our Fengyue Group is the wind that takes Feliicity. Feliicity is the president of our group. He deserves it. Do you have any comments?”

Exclamation broke out again at the scene.

It turned out that the name of Fengyue Group had a meaning for a long time.

The people at the scene looked at the Fengyue Group’s list, almost crazy.

What kind of fairy group is this!

Is this sorted by appearance?

Feliicity, Janett, Melissa, Lydia, and Li Chunfeng and Gu Zhiling behind them, which one is not the famous beauty of Q City ( Qena City ).

This group is really trying to kill all the beauties in Q City ( Qena City )!

For a time, everyone felt infinite envy of Fengyue Group.

It is a blessing for Sansheng to work in such a beautiful group.

The Bai family, after Fengyue Group’s shocking answer, had to accept this unimaginable fact!

Chen Shuyun even sat down on the chair, and the whole person looked lost.

What can you do if you become the vice president of Baishi Group!

I thought it soared into the sky.

I don’t know, after flying to the sky, I know that there are still people in the sky!

This person kicked her into the dust again!

She could not feel the power of being a vice president at all.

Even she now feels that being a vice president is a deep shame!

After all, Feliicity Zhuyu was ahead, she couldn’t lift her head at all.

At this time, Janett looked at Feliicity and said gently: “President Bai, would you like to say a few words? After all, this is your first appearance.”

Feliicity was named by Janett, and she gradually woke up from her astonishment.

But the first thing she woke up was not to go on stage.

Instead, he looked at Wiliam with a more shocked look, and asked in a low voice, “Is this the gift you gave me?”

Chapter 524

Wiliam nodded slightly, as if doing a trivial thing, and said, “Do you like it?”

Feliicity’s eyes burst into tears when she saw Wiliam’s expression like this!

The shock in her heart for Wiliam reached its peak again!

She felt like a dream.

Everything really seems to have returned to the previous scene of the confrontation between the Bai family and the Genuine Care Medical Center.

At that time, when he was most aggrieved, it was Wiliam who stood up.

At that time, the Genuine Care Medical Center said, “There is a new owner of our Genuine Care Medical Center, Wiliam will come on stage!”

These words were deeply engraved in Feliicity’s heart.

On the scene, the picture is so similar!

The same is self-humiliation.

I was also framed by my own family.

Likewise, the person on the other side stood up.

However, the protagonist last time was Wiliam.

The protagonist this time has become himself!

This is Fengyue Group!

Over tens of billions of assets!

Wiliam had such courage to make Janett and Melissa give themselves such a large group!

Is this still a gift!

This is simply a pie falling from the sky!

Wiliam, how capable you are!

You are too terrible!

Time and time again, reorganize my understanding of you!

For a time, Feliicity felt a strange feeling in her heart.

It seemed that since I told Wiliam last time that I wanted to know more about Wiliam, everything has become terrifying.

First, he took the Tianyi Martial Arts Hall, and then his status was completely detached from his father!

Now, it is giving away tens of billions of gifts!

Feliicity was like a flat boat in a violent storm, and was shocked by Wiliam’s repeated shots, almost capsized.

She actually regretted it a little, and said she wanted to know more about Wiliam.

This is a little bit more, it’s all a fairy technique!

However, Feliicity was more moved in her heart!

This stupid husband would rather bear the misunderstandings and accusations of the people of the world and stand silently behind her.

All the brilliance is given to myself.

He bears all the grievances and forbearance alone.

If the husband is like this, what can the wife ask for!

At this time, Melissa on the stage also began to call Feliicity to let her take the stage.

Feliicity’s footsteps moved, and suddenly amidst everyone’s exclamation, he leaned down towards Wiliam.

He kissed Wiliam’s lips deeply.

This kiss stunned even Wiliam.

A wife who usually blushes even holding hands and shoulders and backs, but she would kiss in front of so many people.

Is she crazy?

After Feliicity kissed her, she blushed like water and said softly: “I don’t know what to say to thank you anymore. Since I can’t say it, then do it.”

These words made Wiliam’s face flushed slightly.

The scene suddenly burst into applause.

Dedicated to today’s most dazzling white Feliicity.

Feliicity’s face turned even redder by the applause.

Wiliam said depressedly: “It seems that I was kissed by you like this. I am more like a little white face who can only eat soft rice. I have to rely on my president’s wife to eat.”

Feliicity was so touched by Wiliam’s words that he chuckled like spring flowers.

She touched Wiliam’s head as Wiliam rubbed her head.

Then, she let go of Wiliam and strode towards the stage.

But it is to leave behind extremely overbearing words.

“It’s okay, my husband, soft food is hard to eat, it’s no problem!”

These words made Wiliam even more speechless.

What is soft food and hard food? Is your husband such a person?

As Feliicity came to the stage, there was even more enthusiastic applause.

All the flashes were concentrated on Feliicity’s body.

On the contrary, it completely ignored the Bai Group, which was originally evenly matched.

Seeing reporters swarming towards Feliicity, the release meeting of the Bai Group, instantly people went to the empty building, a mess.

Chen Shuyun was so angry that she almost passed out.

Feliicity stood on the stage, looked at Janett and Melissa, and nodded to them.

She even felt a little strange in her heart.

He is clearly unfamiliar with Janett and Melissa.

But why do you feel that the two of them look at themselves very friendly?

It’s like a good girlfriend who usually beats coaxing together.

It’s really strange.

However, Janett and Melissa looked at each other and smiled at each other.

To Feliicity, the three of them are unfamiliar.

But for them, they are very familiar.

All are good girlfriends in a trench.

That period of digging pits and complaining about Xiaowang Bayou’s long history is very unforgettable.

To them, Feliicity is the dumbest and most stupid little sister.

My sister was bullied just now, and these two sisters were already angry.

However, Wiliam never made a statement.

Until just now, the two of them completely released this resentment through the introduction just now.

“President Bai, just say a few words.” Melissa took Feliicity’s hand affectionately.

Feliicity thanked them and took the microphone.

For a time, she couldn’t find the right words to say.

After all, things reversed so badly, and her mood swings were completely out of control.

“Then, just say a word.” Feliicity thought for a while and finally spoke.

Everyone’s appetite was completely lifted.

If it’s a long story, everyone won’t care so much.

But this is Feliicity.

The three sentences I said in the Bai Group just now were horrifying, and each one burst into light.

Completely subvert everyone’s perception of her.

Now she was about to say another word.

This sentence must be more classic.

The reporters’ notebooks and recording pens are all ready, and they are waiting for Feliicity to speak.

Feliicity cleared her throat, but turned her gaze to the lonely Bai family on the opposite side, and said loudly, “Without the Bai family, am I not Feliicity?”

This sentence stunned the people at the scene.

Without the Bai family, am I not Feliicity?

This sentence is a rhetorical question.

Moreover, it is clearly the words that Chen Shuyun vowed before answering, “Without the Bai family, you Feliicity is nothing!”

This rhetorical question is simply the deadliest counterattack against those words of the Bai family!


Too sharp!


It was like a sharp knife, slammed into the heart of the Bai family!

What a ruthless white Feliicity!

It seems that today, she is going to completely confront the Bai family!

After a few seconds of silence, the scene suddenly turned around and rushed towards the aggrieved Bai family.

The reporters were so excited that they wanted to put the microphone in their hands into Chen Shuyun’s mouth.

“Vice President Chen, you just laughed at Feliicity all this time, wishing to slam her on the ground. But now, Feliicity’s worth has completely surpassed you. Without the Bai family, is Feliicity really nothing? What do you think of this sentence?”

Chapter 525

The reporters rushed directly to the stage and surrounded the Bai family on three floors.

There were a total of forty or fifty microphones, and they were in front of Chen Shuyun.

Because Chen Shuyun is the author of the sentence just now, now, be sure to ask her to answer.

Chen Shuyun’s face was suffocated to the point where it could not be added.

Just now, she was completely dazzled by anger before she said this.

This sentence is indeed what she said in her heart, she wanted to say it for a long time!

Feliicity was nothing more than a little woman in the Bai family.

Why, time and time again, can surpass the Bai family!

From when she complied with the situation and became the head of the Bai family, Chen Shuyun hated her extremely in her heart.

Later, she watched Feliicity from the Patriarch of the Bai family to become the vice president of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association!

Every time, it was when Chen Shuyun was about to kill Feliicity, she could always turn the danger into peace.

Then soaring to the Pengcheng Wanli!

It was like this before!

Now it’s like this again!

Seeing that Feliicity was about to be stepped into the dust.

Unexpectedly, Fengyue Group actually made a move!

Put her as president directly!


There is no forgiveness!

Why can you be above the Bai family again and again!

Why don’t you do anything, but you got lucky again and again!

And I, Chen Shuyun!

How much sadness and price I have paid for the Bai family!

I finally got the proud identity that I am today!

But this glory only lasted for less than a few minutes before being taken away by the little bitch Feliicity!

I am not willing!

I am not willing!

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun directly shot the case and shouted like crazy: “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! That bitch must betray her hue, she is a slut. Woman!”

These words stunned everyone at the scene.

I thought Chen Shuyun would say something to ease his embarrassment.

But it occurred to her that she was so frustrated.

I can say anything.

This is simply losing and losing.

For a time, the flashing light kept flashing, completely recording Chen Shuyun’s ugly state.

When Bai Li heard this, his anger rose, and he couldn’t help but shout: “Mom! Don’t say it! Feliicity is not such a person at all!”

And Chen Shuyun seemed to be completely shameless, and shouted loudly: “It’s not such a person! What do you know! How many years have you been home! You know what a shit! She is such a person, she is Bai Lianhua! “

“Pop!” A loud slap made the scene quiet instantly.

Everyone looked at the slapped person and was once again astonished.

I don’t know when, Wiliam was already standing on the stage.

He slapped it.

After he slapped the face, he stepped down again, without saying a word throughout.

The people at the scene were dull.

This is so, Wiliam is also overbearing.

Come over and slap in the face and leave.

I didn’t even bother to explain.

Chen Shuyun was instantly slapped by this slap.

She clutched her swollen face, and suddenly burst into tears, “It’s upside down! It’s upside down! You are all traitors! You are all traitors of the Bai family!”

Bai Li was grabbing the crazy Chen Shuyun and let Bailitang control her.

Then he said to the reporters: “Sorry, my mother was a little gaffe. What happened today is really surprising to us. Please stay calm, and I will give you a satisfactory explanation.”

He said this calmly, and the reporter at the scene immediately grabbed him and asked fiercely.

Chen Shuyun was taken aside and sat on the ground and started crying.

Her hair was completely messy, like a patient running out of a lunatic asylum.

But after a few minutes, Chen Shuyun’s cell phone rang suddenly.

She picked it up while crying.

After seeing the phone number, her whole body was agitated.

She hurriedly answered the phone and greeted respectfully, “Master.”

A joking voice came from the phone, “Chen Shuyun, Chen Shuyun, half of my foot has stepped into the coffin, and I’m still learning how to roll around with children. You disappointed me too much.”

Chen Shuyun’s old face blushed and hesitated, not daring to reply.

At this time, the master said again: “Well, I expected this scene a long time ago, then, you will listen to me.”

“Master, do you have any good ideas? Didn’t you say that you want to give us a big gift to the Bai family? Today, our Bai family’s face is lost, you must help us!” Chen Shuyun seemed to have caught the help Straw-like, whispered.

“Huh! It’s a waste of less than success, it’s up to you to ask me questions? Okay, give Feliicity and Wiliam the phone, I have something to tell them.” The person said lightly.

Chen Shuyun was taken aback, wondering what the master was looking for at this time, Wiliam and Feliicity.

But she didn’t dare to ask any more, she could only answer: “Okay, OK, I’ll take the phone right away.”

The attention of the people at the scene was on Bai Lizheng’s body, so Chen Shuyun quietly slipped from the backstage to the Fengyue Group’s side.

At this moment, on the release stage of the Fengyue Group, Feliicity was surrounded by several women, chattering, her head was stunned.

“Sister Feliicity, what you said just now was really so relieved! It made me feel comfortable! Great!” Lydia said.

Li Chunfeng directly took Feliicity’s arm and said with a smile: “President Bai, I will work for you in the future. You must pity others.”

“Hmph, Sister Feliicity, I always feel that your words lack a bit of flavor, and should be more ruthless.” Janett said lightly.

“Hehe, Sister Feliicity must have been messing with someone a lot, and she seems to have a black belly.” Melissa also laughed and joked.

Feliicity didn’t have a deep interaction with these great beauties, but now that everyone is so familiar with her, she thought she would be embarrassed.

But unexpectedly found that there was no embarrassment, and I was not nervous.

Instead, I feel that everything is natural.

It feels like they have been chatting together like this for a long time.

She said stupidly: “Sisters, don’t laugh at me anymore, I’m still confused now, you let me stroke it.”

The few big beauties were amused by Feliicity’s silly words.

The people around couldn’t help but look sideways and envy them.

Several beauties in Q City ( Qena City ) gathered to chat, it was not too beautiful.

And just when they were about to continue chatting, Chen Shuyun suddenly appeared in front of them, handing the phone to Feliicity, and said bitterly: “Feliicity, someone wants to talk to you.”

Feliicity was taken aback for a moment, and took the phone. It was an unknown number.

She asked: “Hello, I am Feliicity.”

On the other end of the phone, there was a deep laughter, “Hello Feliicity, today is beautiful, right? Your husband really did everything you can to you. But there is something, let me tell you Better. Your good sister Xena is now in my hands, do you want to save her?”

Chapter 526: A Game

A word from the other party made the white Feliicity that had been in a good mood like a basin of cold water poured down.

Her face changed on the spot, and her voice couldn’t help but rose, “Who are you!”

This sentence made the surroundings suddenly quiet.

The beauties looked at Feliicity foolishly, wondering what had happened.

When Feliicity saw that everyone was watching her, she immediately gave Melissa an apologetic look, and then hurriedly walked towards the backstage.

Seeing Feliicity’s face changed drastically, Wiliam frowned and got up to catch up with Feliicity.

Feliicity came to the backstage and couldn’t help but shout again: “Who are you! What have you done to Ruoshuang!”

The other party smiled ho ho, and said, “You don’t care who I am, I just want to say, do you want to save Xena?”

Wiliam walked to Feliicity’s side and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

Feliicity covered the phone and said anxiously, “Wiliam, Ruoshuang is in an accident! It seems to have been taken away.”

Wiliam was taken aback, no wonder she couldn’t find Xena these days.

He motioned to Feliicity to turn on the phone, and Feliicity said again, “What the hell did you do to Ruoshuang?”

“Ho ho, don’t worry, she eats and drinks well with me, everything is fine.” The man said gloomily.

Wiliam frowned further.

This person clearly did not want them to hear his voice, so he deliberately changed his voice.

Since that is the case, they also know this person.

“What do you want?” Feliicity asked.

“Hoho, I want to play a game with you, isn’t it very hot today, so let’s get hotter.” The other party said jokingly.

“What game?” Feliicity asked again.

“Is Chen Shuyun?” the person suddenly said.

Chen Shuyun, who has been following behind him, said repeatedly: “Yes, I have been.”

Wiliam glanced at Chen Shuyun slightly, and suddenly felt a little clear in his heart.

Chen Shuyun had been hiding in Q City ( Qena City ) before, and it seemed that he was hidden by this person.

It’s just, ho ho, interesting…

“Today’s Q City ( Qena City ), but two tigers have emerged, but since ancient times, one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers. Xena is both your Feliicity’s sister and Bai family. Then, let’s go. You two groups can only keep one of them, one family. If you want to unconditionally give all your assets to another house, how, is this game interesting?” The man said, he laughed.

He could hear that he was looking forward to such a game.

But this sentence changed the expressions of everyone present.

One family unconditionally gave all the assets to another one!

how can that be!

No matter which one, the assets involved are tens of billions of dollars!

Who can give away such assets to another one!

What’s more, now the two families are still in danger, and there is simply no way to make such a compromise!

Chen Shuyun’s expression was even harder to see the extreme.

She originally thought that the master was vowing to help them.

I didn’t think it was such a game in the end.

The Bai family finally got to the point where it is today, and is about to reach the top of Q City ( Qena City ). How can it easily pass this glory to others!

“Ho ho, hesitate? I’ll give you ten minutes to think about, Chen Shuyun, you go outside and announce it, rest for ten minutes, ten minutes later, there will be a message that shocked Q City ( Qena City ) will be announced in public.” The man called again, Order Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun was already aggrieved to the extreme, but she still dared not complain.

She gave Feliicity a fierce look, and then walked outside.

When the people outside heard Chen Shuyun’s words, they were also stunned.

Ten minutes later, there is a message that shocked Q City ( Qena City )?

Today’s confrontation between the two heroes is already the most explosive message of Q City ( Qena City ).

Could it be that there is no more popular message than this?

The curiosity of everyone was suspended.

In the background, the Bai family and the Fengyue Group members were silent.

The person sent a photo just now, which looked exactly like Xena was tied up.

“After ten minutes, you haven’t made a decision, so you don’t even want to see Xena again in your life.” After the man said this, he hung up the phone.

Chen Shuyun finally yelled, “No! Absolutely not! The Bai family absolutely can’t give up the industry!”

This made her feel more painful than cutting Chen Shuyun’s flesh.

However, Melissa said in a cold voice, “Xena’s surname is Bai, and it should be your Bai family to rescue her because of emotion and reason. What is she to our Fengyue Group?

Chen Shuyun was so angry that he cursed Melissa, “Do you still have the heart to say cool words here! Isn’t Feliicity the president of your Fengyue Group? Doesn’t you have any responsibility at this time? Why do you want us from the Bai Group to save it? Little bitch! No way!”

Melissa said confidently: “Feliicity is indeed the president of our Fengyue Group, but as long as we remove her as the president now or if she voluntarily resigns, then she has nothing to do with our Fengyue Group. In this case, is it right for your Bai family to save Xena?”

Chen Shuyun was trembling all over, “Okay! I know you are not good-hearted! You are coveting our Bai Group’s industry! Maybe all of this was arranged by you! Deliberately performed such a play to blackmail. Our Bai family!”

Wiliam sighed and said coldly, “Chen Shuyun, don’t you know the best if it’s acting?”

These words made Chen Shuyun completely stunned, “You, why are you…”

Chen Shuyun really only spoke quickly.

She knew that the master was here for real, not Wiliam’s arrangement.

“Let’s talk, what are you going to do now?” Wiliam saw that Feliicity was in chaos at this moment, and stood up and said.

The faces of the Bai family were extremely embarrassed.

What Melissa said was wrong, why Xena is also surnamed Bai.

The Bai family rescued her as expected.

However, asking the Bai family to give up this easy-to-reach glory and wealth is more uncomfortable than killing them.

They all stopped talking.

Bai Lizheng said, “Mom, what I have is money, and Ruoshuang is also my niece…”

“Shut up!” Chen Shuyun shouted directly at Bai Li.

After roaring, she suddenly slapped the table and said fiercely: “Xena has already cut off from our Bai Jiaen, so our Bai family has no reason to save her. Whether her life or death has anything to do with us, we absolutely will not For her, give up our Bai Group’s industry, and you will die! Is the life of a wild girl worth tens of billions? It’s a cannibalistic dream! Just let her die, anyway, it is also unforgettable With a wild girl!”

The words were cold and merciless, and everyone at the scene took a breath.

Chen Shuyun couldn’t save him so much.

But at this time, a soft laughter sounded in the field.

Everyone followed the sound, but it was Feliicity who had been anxious just now.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam and muttered to herself, “That girl’s life, let alone ten billion, one hundred billion and one trillion, is worth it to me!”

“Wiliam, can I be crazy and willful once?”

Chapter 527

When Feliicity said this, the people at the scene were once again sluggish.

One hundred billion and one trillion are all worth!

are you crazy!

Really use all the assets to save an insignificant person!

After Feliicity finished speaking, he looked directly at the landing leaf.

Her eyes suddenly became abnormally calm, and she was no longer as panicked as before.

Wiliam also looked at Feliicity and suddenly smiled.

He rubbed Feliicity’s head and said softly, “Well, your girl is worth eleven trillion in your heart, but it is also priceless in my heart, so be it.”

Feliicity immediately looked at Wiliam with gratitude, but said sadly: “Am I crazy? This is all you have…”

Wiliam gently covered Feliicity’s mouth with his hand, and said softly, “It’s rare that you will be crazy once, and I will accompany you, so why not?”

Seeing what they said so swearing, Chen Shuyun couldn’t help but laughed, “Ho ho, what are you talking about? Can you call the shots? The tens of billions of assets involved in the Fengyue Group must have shares of other people. , What are you guys! You are also worthy to perform some human righteousness here.”

These words completely annoyed Melissa and Janett.

They glanced at each other and stood up together.

Melissa said in a cold voice: “Plus us, can you say if you can do it the lord!”

Chen Shuyun’s eyes narrowed, her lips moved, and she was completely speechless.

Are these two women crazy?

Xena has nothing to do with them for half a dime. Can he save everything like this to save him?

This group is so crazy!

Wiliam looked at his watch and said, “Go and announce.”

Feliicity nodded, knowing that the situation was urgent, and all words of thanks and guilt could only be left to Wiliam after the incident.

The Bai family also hurriedly followed Feliicity out.

The people outside were waiting hard for this blasting news, and seeing Feliicity coming out, they all stood up.

Feliicity looked at these people in front of her, and took a deep breath.

This message is undoubtedly a huge burden for her.

Although she did not regret making this decision, she felt that she owed Wiliam all her life.

This is what Wiliam had finally worked hard on.

Now, they have to give their hands to others, or give the Bai family something like a dog!

She was also unwilling.

At this time, someone asked eagerly: “President Bai, what is the shocking message you are going to announce? Why is it mysterious?”

Feliicity cleared his throat, took a microphone, and said directly, “Fengyue Group, is willing to unconditionally transfer all assets to Bai Group.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the scene was immediately dumbfounded.

Fengyue Group will give all assets to Baishi Group!

What a special thing!

It’s against the sky!

What is the situation!

The two groups were fighting to death and alive, but now they are going to merge?

No, not a merger!

Rather, Fengyue Group is directly merged into the Baishi Group!

What a special thing!

The people at the scene covered their hearts one by one, they were so scared that they were completely speechless!

This message, as Chen Shuyun said just now, just exploded!

After a brief silence, everyone on the scene exploded.

“President Bai! What the hell is going on?”

“Why does Fengyue Group unconditionally give the assets to the Bai Group? Please at least give us an explanation!”

“You guys are not acting together? Anyway, it’s just talking, teasing us?”

While everyone was talking about it, several people in black suddenly broke in and walked onto the stage.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by them.

These people in black held three materials in their hands and placed them gently in front of Feliicity.

Feliicity looked at the material, and his face looked ugly again.

It is an asset transfer contract!

It seems that the other party is already fully prepared!

Don’t give Fengyue Group a chance to breathe!

When the people on the scene saw the transfer contract, they believed that what Feliicity said just now was true!

Feliicity glanced at Wiliam, but saw him nodding slightly, as if encouraging.

She no longer hesitated, grabbed a pen, and directly signed it.

Melissa also sighed, took out the official seal of Fengyue Group, and stamped all three contracts.

Feliicity took these three contracts and threw them directly to Chen Shuyun.

But Chen Shuyun woke up completely after being shaken like this.

When she stood up from Feliicity to speak, she was already dull.

Now she woke up.

The first thing she wakes up is to jump three feet high!



The windfall!

Just now, Chen Shuyun felt that the Bai family was overwhelmed by Fengyue Group.

But now, the situation has completely reversed.

In order to save a wild girl, Feliicity is willing to give all his assets to the Bai Group!

In this way, the Bai Group will not lose face today, on the contrary it has obtained more than 10 billion assets out of thin air!

This feeling of being overwhelmed with a sense of futility made Chen Shuyun dizzy with excitement.

She finally felt the feeling of climbing from hell to heaven.

That’s great!

It’s bliss on earth!

She repeatedly looked at the three contracts in front of her, confirming again and again whether they were true.

After seeing it clearly, she quickly signed and sealed, and then laughed.

She is laughing!

She is laughing. Today’s coax drama was performed well!

The final winner was Chen Shuyun, not Feliicity and Wiliam!

She is laughing!

Laughing Feliicity is simply a brain-dead!

The life of a girl, let alone tens of billions, is to let Chen Shuyun take one million, she is not happy!

And Feliicity has no hesitation, hahaha!

What’s even more funny is that Wiliam went crazy with Feliicity!

They are simply two wonderful flowers in the flourishing age!

it’s good now!

Your Fengyue Group’s industry is mine!

What are you fighting with me!

What kind of capital will you stand in front of me in the future!

Chen Shuyun laughed more frantically, thinking that he could trample on the dog and the man and woman at will.

Master, master, don’t deceive me!

Sure enough, he gave me a huge gift to the Bai family!

For a time, Chen Shuyun seemed to be the biggest lunatic on the court.

But after Feliicity signed the word, the whole person also weakened.

This cliff is the craziest move in her life.

At this moment, Chen Shuyun’s phone rang, and it was still that person.

She directly raised her voice and said excitedly: “Master! They signed it! They really gave all the assets to our Bai Group!”

“Ho ho, don’t you? Then I say congratulations. Tsk tusk, this game is really boring.” The person on the other end of the phone sighed deeply, as if for such an easy ending. And feel sorry.

In the words, there is also a deep disappointment.

But at this moment, Wiliam suddenly showed a smile at the corner of his mouth, and said faintly on the phone: “I did this, are you satisfied?”

“Li Muhe, Old Li?”

Chapter 528

Wiliam’s understatement made Feliicity dumbfounded.

Old Li!

Li Muhe!

The person who forced Fengyue Group to transfer all of its shares without compensation on the phone turned out to be Li Muhe!

Isn’t the relationship between Li Muhe and Wiliam always good?

How could it be her!

However, after hearing these words, Chen Shuyun’s face instantly paled!

She looked at Wiliam in disbelief, not knowing how Wiliam guessed it!

She asked herself that since she was rescued by Li Muhe, until she returned to the Bai family, she had always been respected as the master and did not dare to cross over.

Even less dare to mention Li Muhe’s name casually.

It was at the auction last time that Chen Shuyun wanted to act in a play, but she didn’t get it done later.

The clothes are seamless, this kid actually tore a crack in it!

“Wiliam, what the hell is going on!” Feliicity asked in shock.

But Wiliam didn’t answer Feliicity directly, but said faintly to the phone, “What? Didn’t you speak? Is this game fun?”

There was an old and hearty laugh on the phone, “Hahaha, the old man thought that the game is over, Wiliam, you really didn’t disappoint me. This game is very interesting!”

Li Muhe no longer deliberately suppressed his voice, and Feliicity suddenly heard his voice.

“Old Li! Why did you do it! Where did Ruoshuang offend you! How did Fengyue Group and Bai Group offend you!” Feliicity’s face flushed red, still couldn’t believe this fact.

But Wiliam smiled and said, “It’s not because of Ruoshuang, let alone the Bai Group and Fengyue Group, but because of me.”

“Because of you?” Feliicity was stunned.

Chen Shuyun on the side could finally show a brazen smile at this moment.


Because of Wiliam!

Although Chen Shuyun didn’t know why Lao Li was so worthy of Wiliam, he was deliberately planning to get rid of Wiliam here.

But as long as he can beat this unbeatable boy to the ground, Chen Shuyun will love to hear that he will never die!

At this moment, Li Muhe was in a room, drinking a cup of tea leisurely.

He really attached great importance to Wiliam.

It can be said that he values ​​Wiliam more than anyone else.

Not because of Lu Yeqiang!

Because Li Muhe is not bad either!

It’s because of Wiliam’s growth!

The growth of this kid is so fast, it’s incredible!

Li Muhe first heard Wiliam’s name. At that time, Wiliam was just a rubbish in Q City ( Qena City ).

Until Wiliam went to his house and saved his life.

Everything is as if it was opened.

This infamous waste in Q City ( Qena City ), like a dragon turned into a dragon, stretched out a huge hand in Q City ( Qena City )!

Wiliam, who is still an unknown junior, dared to borrow troops from Li Muhe!

And he is not afraid of Tigger , killing with a mad knife!

This cruelty was the first time that Li Muhe began to look at Wiliam.

It was also from this time that Li Muhe knew that Wiliam was definitely not a thing in the pool.

At that time, he told Tigger that the best effort he could do for the rest of his life was to maintain a proud heart and not be submitted to Wiliam! This person is absolutely talented! Wen Ke has a clever plan to settle the world, and martial arts domineering and prosperous! If you are not careful, you will be easily convinced by him.

Unexpectedly, the words come true!

Next, Li Muhe witnessed Wiliam’s masterpieces in which he turned his dangers into danger during the business wars and then countered the trend several times. Really, he was able to plan for peace in the world, and martial arts domineering and flourishing!

From then on, Li Muhe’s heart, although he admired Wiliam, gradually became anxious.

Wiliam grew up so fast that he couldn’t accept it quickly.

What really made Li Muhe determined to be an enemy of Wiliam was another matter.

Bloody Battle in Lantern Village!

After this incident, everything became no longer controlled by Li Muhe.

His most loyal subordinate, Tigger , declared his service to Wiliam!

At that time, he said to Tigger at Wiliam’s house, “What if I and Wiliam are enemies?”

Although this sounded like a joke, it was Li Muhe’s true monologue.

Looking at Q City ( Qena City ), the underground king returned to Wiliam.

It was that Harper, one of the two heroes who was even as famous as him, also announced at that time that Wiliam was his master.

Li Muhe was really shocked.

Not resigned!

With the size of Q City ( Qena City ), all these big forces turned to Wiliam.

Who will Wiliam’s next goal be!

Li Muhe knew without even thinking about it, he must be undoubtedly.

Although he admired Wiliam, the blood in his bones was hot in his early battles on the battlefield.

He didn’t want to sit still, so he chose to take the initiative.

After Wiliam overturned the entire Bai family, he quietly appeared and rescued the Bai family.

In order to wait for the opportunity to play the white card again.

Now, the card was out, but Wiliam knew about the hole card.

Originally, Li Muhe had left Wiliam with nothing when he looked at it lightly.

But now, Li Muhe’s eagerness to win has truly risen.

Wiliam, I want to see, what do you have now!

“Wiliam, how did you guess me?” Li Muhe asked lightly.

Wiliam smiled and said, “This couldn’t be simpler. Before, I asked Tigger to find the whereabouts of the Bai family. He couldn’t find it. I thought the Bai family had escaped from Q City ( Qena City ). I didn’t think they were still in Q City ( Qena City ).”

“In this way, someone must be covering for them, and in Q City ( Qena City ), who can cover them under Tigger ‘s eyelids? I’m afraid there is only one person. Once Tigger ‘s master, you are.”

“It’s only you. Tigger and even everyone can’t think of it. Did you say I was right?”

Wiliam’s analysis was intertwined, and I heard Li Muhe applaud on the other end of the phone, “Hahaha, really smart! It’s a pity that you woke up too late. Now, the words have been signed. Now, you have nothing, and all this is something you didn’t expect. You don’t have any precautions. Now, do you think you can get it back?”

Hearing Li Muhe smiling, Wiliam also laughed.

“What are you laughing at? Are you not willing to admit defeat?” Li Muhe asked lightly.

Wiliam looked at the puzzled people in the audience, and suddenly said, “I’m laughing at you. The villain’s heart saves the gentleman’s belly. I laugh at myself even more. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind keeps going. I didn’t intend to do it with you. Enemy, why do you bother mediocre yourself.”

In Wiliam’s heart, Q City ( Qena City ) was too small.

His stage is in another world where the strong are respected.

Li Muhe, Li Muhe, after all, you are sitting in a well and watching the sky.

“If you want to play, I will accompany you to play this round. Feliicity, you announce to everyone, ten minutes later, I will give you a more shocking message.”

Chapter 529: It’s Time

Feliicity was crazy to hear it!

What more shocking news!

Even if there is, can it be compared to the shock of giving away tens of billions of assets just now!

However, when she saw Wiliam’s understatement, she felt a sense of confidence in her heart.

There is nothing that my husband can’t do.

He said yes, yes!

He said shock, it was absolutely earth-shattering!

Therefore, Feliicity announced in public what Wiliam had just said.

The audience was in an uproar again.

What happened today!

Each message is more shocking, and each is more mysterious!

The unexpected free gift from Fengyue Group just now makes everyone still feel uncomfortable.

Now Fengyue Group unexpectedly announced that there is another shocking message.

Everyone was about to ask what it was, Wiliam and others had already walked backstage.

Wiliam held the phone and heard Li Muhe’s stunned voice, “Boy, are you stubbornly resisting? You already don’t have any cards.”

In Li Muhe’s heart, the trick just now had taken all of Wiliam’s capital.

He doesn’t have any confidence to challenge himself anymore.

But why is this kid still so calm and composed?

Wiliam took a chair and sat down.

There is no one who dares to sit around.

It can also be said that there is no one in the mood to sit down.

Although Melissa and others just stepped up to help Wiliam and Feliicity.

But when Feliicity signed, the hearts of the women were bleeding.

After all, these two companies are all their hard work.

Now that the matter is a foregone conclusion, Wiliam is still in the mood to sit down.

Li Chunfeng was even more guilty with tears in his eyes, and asked angrily on the phone: “Grandpa, why are you doing this! Wiliam saved your life before!”

When Li Muhe heard his granddaughter’s voice, he smiled and said, “Chunfeng, don’t worry about the affairs between Wiliam and I. This is a contest between men.”

Wiliam sneered and said, “Ho ho, I remember you said, the old man talked about being crazy about juveniles, isn’t it? This is your juvenile crazy? Isn’t it tiring to hide your head and show your tail? Come down, come directly to me. Come here.”

“You!” Li Muhe’s eyes widened when he heard this.

“You have deliberately arranged such a big game, and you probably won’t be at ease sitting at home. It should be somewhere in the hotel. When you come down, I will return my home Ruoshuang by the way. I believe you will not treat me badly. Frost.”

This swearing remark made Li Muhe laugh again, “Sure enough, he is courageous and conscientious, frank and open, the old man is ashamed of himself, wait a few minutes for me.”

After speaking, Li Muhe hung up the phone.

The people around immediately surrounded Wiliam with a splash, and kept on twittering.

But Wiliam pushed aside everyone and let Li Chunfeng come to him, “Chunfeng, sit next to me.”

Looking at the gentle Wiliam at this moment, Li Chunfeng felt even more guilty.

After all, it was her grandpa who did evil!

She couldn’t pass the hurdle in her heart.

“Wiliam, I’m sorry!” Li Chunfeng said, tears fell.

Feliicity gently hugged Li Chunfeng, and whispered comfortingly: “Sister Chunfeng, it’s none of your business. You heard it just now. This is a contest between Wiliam and your grandfather. What we can do now is One thing is to believe that Wiliam can turn defeat into victory again.”

“What do you mean, Wiliam?” Feliicity asked Xia Wiliam again, his voice obviously trembling.

She also doesn’t have this confidence, but everyone is there. She, a wife, must not persuade, how can she be the first to be the first husband.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Well, that’s right. Besides, things are not that bad, what are you all worried about?”

Everyone was comforted, but they didn’t feel at ease at all.

The tens of billions of assets have been sent out, is this not bad?

Do you want the Bai family to tear up the contract?

It is impossible for Chen Shuyun to treat the contract like a treasure.

Now there is no way to return to heaven.

Everyone was so worried, and after a few minutes, two people walked into the background.

Everyone still didn’t react, and a gusty figure rushed towards Wiliam.

Feliicity was even taken aback, and shouted, “There is an assassin! Be careful!”

But in the next second, everyone was speechless.

This gusty figure had already plunged into Wiliam’s arms, and directly brought Wiliam sitting on the chair to the ground with a clatter.

At this moment in Feliicity’s mouth, Xena was full of tears.

Xena rushed into Wiliam’s arms and cried loudly, “Brother-in-law, I miss you so much, I am so scared! Sorry, I seem to have caused a terrible disaster. You and your sister’s hard work has been fed to the dog.”

When she cried wildly, everyone at the scene was dumbfounded.

Wiliam looked at Xena with the rain in the pear blossoms in front of him with a smile, and said with a smile: “What are you afraid of? I haven’t seen you in a few days. You seem to have gained weight. Your small face is round and you can’t tell that you have been kidnapped. “

Xena’s face blushed, and he muttered: “Old Li took me away, and then locked me in the hotel room. He couldn’t do anything. Of course, only the gluttonous gluttony was left…”

Feliicity has a black line, this heart-hearted sister is still in the mood to eat after being arrested.

She began to wonder if it was right or wrong to give up everything to save this second person?

But Wiliam was joking when he saw Li Muhe standing not far away.

Wiliam sat back in the chair and looked at Li Muhe, “Here.”

“Well, here it is.” Li Muhe said with a smile.

The conversation made the people around him in a trance.


Huh here?

Such a natural and casual conversation came from the mouths of two enemies?

Those who didn’t know thought they were old friends for many years.

“Wiliam, since you are so confident, the old man will make another bet with you.” Li Muhe said suddenly.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “If I can win this round, will you only follow me?”

Li Muhe sighed, “Smart! Since I am entangled by this heart demon, let’s just follow the flow and let my fate go! If you can get back the situation, I’m completely convinced, and I won’t have any obsessions or complaints in the future.”

Li Muhe had no hatred for Wiliam in his heart.

He hates himself!

Trapped by a groundless obsession, ruining a lifetime name.

Forget it, just take advantage of today and make a decision.

Win or lose, this obsession will disappear.

“Okay, I promise you.” Wiliam said lightly, “Feliicity, a few minutes?”

Feliicity was taken aback, looked at his watch, and said blankly: “Nine minutes.”

“That should be about it, let’s go out.” Wiliam suddenly showed a domineering smile, stood up and walked towards the front desk.

it’s time!

Chapter 530

What do you mean it should be almost done?

What does Wiliam want to do?

Everyone was puzzled, and saw Wiliam walk out.

Feliicity did not suspect that he was there, and followed out.

A large group of people showed up at the front desk.

The reporter who was waiting in front saw people coming out, and immediately surrounded them.

The microphones were raised together, “President Bai, what is the more shocking message you just said?”

Feliicity’s face became stiff, she didn’t know.

The Bai family behind him all showed joking expressions.

Is there any more explosive message than Fengyue Group’s free gift of tens of billions of assets?

How can it be!

This kid is just trying to find a step down.

Now we have to see how he gets off the stage.

Even Li Muhe was full of confidence, thinking that Wiliam definitely had no chance to stand up this time.

But at this moment, there was a commotion at the door, only to hear someone shouting in surprise: “Old Wang! How come the old Wang is here too! Here today, the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ) are together again!”

Everyone looked at the door together, and saw an old man walking in step by step.

Seeing Harper’s appearance, everyone on the stage was stunned.

Mr. Wang?

What is he here for?

Li Muhe smiled when he saw Harper appear.

It’s impossible for Harper not to show up for this grand event today.

It’s just a pity, even if it is Harper, what can it be?

The matter was a foregone conclusion, and Harper came to no avail.

However, just as Li Muhe was proud, Bai Li was on the side of his face suddenly happy, almost rushing out at an extraordinary speed!

Mr. Wang!

Mr. Wang actually came in person!

It seems that my daughter did not deceive herself before, and Harper is really here!

When he came, he must have come to join in the grand event with the Bai Group.

But when the other Bai family saw the elder Wang, they showed embarrassment.

They all know that the two companies before Fengyue Group are more or less closely related to Harper.

Now that he is here, is he trying to recover this paper assignment contract by strong means?

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun suddenly tightened the contract in her hand.

She thought angrily in her heart, today is the king of heaven, Lao Tzu, and don’t want to snatch the transfer contract from her.

Harper didn’t even think about it.

Besides, now the Bai family is as powerful as a tiger, with two tens of billions of assets in it, and Bai Li is backing it, so why be afraid of Harper alone!

Just as everyone was suspicious, Bai Lizheng had already arrived in front of Harper, and he respectfully gave a big gift, “Wang Wang! You are here in person, Pengxun is shining! Pengxun is shining!”

Harper looked at Bai Lizheng, smiled faintly, nodded, and continued to walk towards the stage of Fengyue Group.

Bai Lizheng’s face froze, looking at Harper’s indifferent appearance, it was not like he came to congratulate the Bai Group.

Could it be!

Are you here to support Feliicity?

Thinking of this, Bai Lizheng felt a deep unwillingness in his heart.

Feliicity is just her own daughter.

Being a father is more expensive than Feliicity’s face.

However, he did not dare to attack on the spot, and could only follow behind Harper and step by step onto the stage.

Harper stood in front of Wiliam and Li Muhe, took a look at Li Muhe, and said with a smile: “I don’t think you’re really old, you’re really crazy about your old man’s madness when you’re young. Eye-opener, eye-opener!”

Li Muhe laughed, “Certain concession! Great!”

“Great!” Harper couldn’t help but thumbs up.

The conversation between these two people is clearly a joke between a pair of old friends, and there is no hostility at all.

“Grandson Turtle, what are you doing here today?” Li Muhe asked again.

“Guess?” Harper smiled.

Li Muhe said casually, “Could it be that Wiliam and Feliicity came here to support Wiliam and Feliicity?”

Harper shook his head and said, “They naturally have their blessings, and it is not my turn to support them.”

Li Muhe was taken aback for a moment, and he thought too, since Wiliam is the master of Harper, Harper can’t even say that he can’t support it.

But these words made the Bai family happy.

They had always worried that Harper would come here to give Feliicity his head, but now it sounds like it is not.

Since it is not, then everything is easy to say.

Chen Shuyun breathed a sigh of relief, and the contract in Wei Wei’s hand was also loosened.

At this time, Bai Li was stepping forward again, and asked respectfully: “Mr. Wang, then your intention to come today is…”

Harper ticked the corner of his mouth slightly, and said to Bai Lizheng, “I am here today, naturally for the Bai Group.”

Li Muhe frowned, wondering that Harper had come for the Bai Group instead of the Fengyue Group?

This is a bit weird.

However, Li Muhe wanted to break his head and couldn’t think of Harper’s true intentions.

“Bai’s group was created by your Bai Lizheng, and it is naturally a great event between us. How can I not come?” Harper said lightly to Bai Lizheng.

Bai Lizheng was overjoyed!

Sure enough!

Harper is also looking at the face of the unicorn, and he comes to join the grand event!

So wonderful! It’s wonderful!

When Bai Lizheng set up the Bai Family Group, he prepared the poster for Wang Cang as soon as possible in accordance with the rules of Qilin Shi. Now that Harper is coming, it is also the intention of the question.

“Elder Wang! It’s a great honor for you to come to our Bai’s house! Then you just told Fengyue Group…” Bai Lizheng asked cautiously.

Harper laughed, “Since Fengyue Group is willing to give all the assets to the Bai Group, this is the blessing of your Bai Group, and it is also a blessing for us, right?”

Bai Lizheng smiled and claimed to be!

After repeated euphemistic questions, he is now finally determined that Harper will never stop the development of the Bai Group, but now supports it in every possible way!

In this case, the Bai family dominates the Q City ( Qena City ) family, and it seems that it is already a certainty.

On the side, Li Muhe frowned deeper.

From the conversation between Harper and Bai Lizheng just now, we have been mentioned several times.

What is this us?

What is the relationship between Harper and Bai Lizheng?

Suddenly there was an inexplicable anxiety in Li Muhe’s heart.

Instability factors seem to have appeared.

At this time, Bai Li respectfully handed a copy of the Bai Group’s staff and job arrangement to Mr. Wang, and asked for instructions again: “Wang, this is the list of the senior leaders of the Bai Group that was publicly shown today. Can you go through it?”

Harper picked it up and nodded, “Well, at random, this is an internal matter of your Bai Group, I will naturally not interfere.”

With that said, Harper’s conversation suddenly changed.

“But this vacant group president can be fixed now, it’s Feliicity.”


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