Dragon Husband Chapter 531-540

Chapter 531


Several people on the scene were dumbfounded when they heard this.

What’s the situation?

What means it can be settled now?

What is Feliicity?

What exactly did Harper mean!

But at this time, Li Muhe’s expression suddenly changed!

He looked at Wiliam in disbelief, as if he understood a trace of mystery!

Wiliam smiled at Li Muhe and motioned to Li Muhe to continue watching.

The cold sweat on Li Muhe’s head suddenly came down!

The factors of instability really appeared!

Li Muhe asked himself that he has all the information he can grasp.

However, facing the unknown, he also felt helpless.

Now that he heard things change again, he felt a deep powerlessness.

The reason lies in Wiliam!

This kid, how many things he doesn’t know!

As for the Bai family, Qi Qi was dumbfounded, and Bai Lizheng felt that the whole person was going crazy.

He asked aloud: “Elder Wang, you just said that you want to give Feliicity the position of president of the Bai Group?”

Harper nodded, and said confidently, “Yes, any comments?”

Chen Shuyun exploded in an instant, “Of course there are opinions! This Bai family belongs to our Bai family! Does it have anything to do with that little bitch! What qualifications do you have to point out the internal affairs of our Bai family!”

However, after she finished speaking, Bai Lizheng was directly dragged down.

Bai Li was facing his mother and was speechless.

Lao Wang is someone you can easily question or even blame!

Do you still want to live?

However, Bai Lizheng was also extremely unwilling, and couldn’t help resisting the pressure and asked: “Wang, if you did this, did you break the rules?”

“What rules?” Mr. Wang asked lightly.

“You know! The position of the person in charge of all of our Kylin potential industries must be vacant, which is reserved for the owner of the Kylin! And you are now giving her the position of president without authorization in order to give Feliicity a step down, isn’t it bad? The rules…” Bai Lizheng whispered to Harper.

After Harper listened, he suddenly laughed, as if laughing at Bai Lizheng’s ignorance!

Bai Li was laughing at a loss, but he became more and more unwilling.

State-owned legalists have family rules!

Now that the rules for this vacancy are set, why the upper beam is not right!

After Harper laughed, he asked, “Do you think I’m breaking the rules? But if I tell you, I don’t have bad rules?”

“No bad rules? How is this possible? We have not shown up for the Kylin Lord for many years, if it hadn’t been ordered by the Kylin Lord himself…” Bai Li was silently retorting, but as he spoke, his eyes suddenly widened, in horror. Look at Harper!

Harper just said that there are no bad rules, could it be…

There is only one possibility!

That is, the real master of unicorns is now alive!

It is the lord of Kylin, who ordered the position of president to Feliicity!

If this were not the case, it would be impossible for Harper to say such a thing!

But in this way, Bai Lizheng is trembling!

The lord of the unicorn, is he alive now!

What makes Bai Li even more difficult to breathe is that the lord of the unicorn has given orders to Feliicity, which means that the lord of the unicorn knows his daughter!

Thinking of this, Bai Li felt dizzy!

The lord of unicorns, who could not pay his respects for a lifetime, even knew his daughter!



Who is the Lord of Kylin!

Bai Li couldn’t help but look around the few people on the stage.

For the man standing on the stage, it is impossible for the Bai family, neither is it possible for Harper and Li Muhe!

Then there is only one man left…

Bai Li was staring at Wiliam with his eyes, but in an instant he threw off this terrible thought!

How could it be Wiliam!

This kid is a trash from a humble background. Everyone can be the lord of unicorns. This kid alone is absolutely impossible!

Does Chongmao also want to skyrocket?

wishful thinking!

“Hurry up to announce?” Harper looked at Bai Lizheng with a frightened expression, and his tone suddenly became heavy.

This sentence is like a magic sound!

Bai Lizheng almost didn’t even think about it, so he shouted to the audience: “I, I announce that Feliicity will be the vacant president of the Bai Group! Feliicity owns 90% of the group’s equity!”

According to the rules, if necessary, the Kylin Master can directly take up 90% of the equity.

Now that the lord of the unicorn has given orders, Feliicity should do the same.

This announcement made the chin of the scene fall to the ground!


Damn it!

What’s the situation today!

First, Feliicity became the president of Fengyue Group!

Then he sent out all the assets of Fengyue Group to Baishi Group in a thunderous manner!

Now, there is actually even more bursting news!

The position of the president of the Bai’s Group that was vacant before now falls on Feliicity’s head again!

Going around, the biggest winner of the game is still Feliicity!

Do these gods and men feel so idle!

No matter assets are sent here and there!

Moreover, after everyone thought about it, they were suddenly shocked.

Everyone looked at Feliicity with horror!

After such a drama, it seems that Feliicity has suddenly occupied the Fengyue Group and the Bai Group!

The Bai Group, which had acquired all the assets of the Fengyue Group before, was still dreaming about sky high in the sky.

This tens of billions of assets is still not hot, and it’s just a bitch!

It’s not just a simple joke!

Even the Bai Group is from Feliicity!

Feliicity had obviously thought of this, and looked at Wiliam in terror.

It turns out that his confidence comes from here!

No wonder he has always been confident!

Everything is calculated!

Anyway, the Fengyue Group and the Bais Group will be Feliicity, so Wiliam didn’t care about this asset transfer.

20 billion…

Feliicity felt her legs feel soft.

Frightened by my husband’s shot!

When Li Muhe saw this scene, his face fell instantly, and he knew he had lost.

This bet, he lost completely!

However, he didn’t mind playing for Wiliam anymore.

He just felt powerless.

This Wiliam’s methods and background are much deeper than what he saw!

I did not lose to Wiliam, but to the unknown behind Wiliam…

Think about it, he deliberately arranged everything and blocked all his roads.

However, because of the unknown and mysterious, he turned defeat into victory easily.

Li Muhe was in a deep trance, as if he refused to accept defeat in a bloody battle in his life, but he had to take it today.

“I lost.” Li Muhe said weakly.

But at this moment, a heart-piercing roar rang out on the stage, “Why! Why should Feliicity be the president of the Bai Group! What you said is not counted! I am the owner of the Bai Group. No one wants to take the Bai Group from me! No one wants to!”

Chapter 532

Chen Shuyun seemed to be crazy, clutching the transfer contract tightly in his hand, and rushed towards Wiliam.

She is going to scratch Harper!

However, Bai Lizheng stopped him directly.

Bai Li was looking at Chen Shuyun, who was mad, and felt very sad, but for the sake of the overall situation, he shouted: “Mom! Stop coaxing! If you coax further, our Bai family will really be stunned!”

“No! No! Good! Not good! Better than giving me hope and making me completely desperate! Why!” Chen Shuyun sat on the ground, shouting angrily.

People at the scene looked at Chen Shuyun like this, shaking their heads constantly.

It’s ugly.

Just like that, is it still the vice president of Baishi Group?

“Feliicity, what’s the matter?” Wiliam lightly nodded Feliicity, who had already lost consciousness beside him.

The twists and turns in Feliicity’s heart are definitely the biggest in the audience.

From the very beginning, he became the president of Fengyue Group inexplicably, and then quickly lost nothing.

Up to now, the Bai Group has actually been accepted by her.

In just one hour, she actually experienced several ups and downs.

This huge contrast made her feel confused.

“Wiliam, is all this true?” Feliicity asked stupidly.

Wiliam smiled, “What do you think?”

Feliicity looked in all directions, but the eyes cast from all directions were hot envy and jealousy.

She has a kind of enlightenment, everything is true.

Why is this…

She couldn’t help but asked Wiliam in a low voice, “Wiliam, are you really doing all this?”

“Well, remember the three things I promised you?” Wiliam asked back.

Feliicity’s head was about to explode.

Now she can think of anything.

“Oh, I can’t remember it at all,” she said depressed.

This bad guy remembers everything so clearly.

I have forgotten all about it a long time ago.

Wiliam put away his smile at this time, looking at Feliicity, his eyes showed unprecedented tenderness, “When you coaxed a divorce with me, I said to you, give me a year to prove one thing, I Love you, the world is invincible!”

“”Three months, I will let you ascend to the lord of the Bai family! “

“For six months, I let you take charge of the pharmaceutical industry!”

“Within one year, I will let you aspire to the top of Q City ( Qena City )!”

“Now, fortunately not insulting my life.”

Following Wiliam’s words, Feliicity’s thoughts returned to the situation at the time.

She remembered all these words.

For a moment, she whispered in tears!

In three months, I let you ascend to the lord of the white house.

He helped himself become the head of the Bai family with one round of chain joint guarantee funds!

For six months, I put you in charge of the pharmaceutical industry.

He strongly suppressed the General Assembly of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association and made himself the most powerful vice president of the Drug Association besides Frandick!

Now even Frandick speaks to himself, he must be polite.

Within one year, I will let you aspire to the top of Q City ( Qena City )!

Now, the Bai Group, which has a net worth of more than 20 billion in its own hands, is comparable to Q City ( Qena City )!

The pinnacle, do your part!

Feliicity’s heart is about to melt.

When Wiliam said this, Feliicity completely thought it was his rants.

He didn’t explain, nor was he discouraged.

He just silently made three promises for him, exhausting his strength.

Up to now, all three promises have been fulfilled!

Feliicity wanted to say thank you to Wiliam, but found that she couldn’t speak.

These silent dedication and practice, how can a thank you express your heart?

She couldn’t hold back the tears anymore, and plunged into Wiliam’s arms fiercely, crying hysterically.

The people at the scene didn’t know why, and thought Feliicity was too excited, that’s why they cried so pear and rain.

After finally calming the Feliicity, Wiliam winked at Harper.

Harper understood, and immediately said to Bai Lizheng, “Is it time to change the relevant equity matters of the Bai Group?”

Bai Lizheng looked embarrassed. He looked at Feliicity, who was crying with joy, and then at Chen Shuyun, who was mumbling to himself on the ground. Lord, Dad doesn’t expect you to do anything else, but there is one thing you must think about! Look at your grandma!”

Feliicity followed Bai Lizheng’s words and looked to the ground.

Chen Shuyun was still mumbling to herself, like a madman.

However, in Feliicity’s heart, there is no sympathy.

Chen Shuyun did many evils and deserved it!

Feliicity suddenly walked towards Chen Shuyun in full view.

She knelt down and looked at Chen Shuyun in front of her.

However, Chen Shuyun didn’t seem to see the white Feliicity, and his face was raised.

Feliicity said indifferently: “Chen Shuyun, you questioned me before. Without your Bai family, what is my Feliicity? Okay! Then I will ask you instead! Without me Feliicity, what is your Bai family!”

This sentence made the audience in an uproar!

So cruel!

So sharp!

These words are simply the strongest response to Chen Shuyun’s previous words!

What everyone couldn’t believe was that these words came from the mouth of the gentle white Feliicity.

She is not like a person who must report to her.

Why is it so aggressive today!

Bai Lizheng was even more furious, and said angrily: “Feliicity! What are you talking about! You are too rebellious! You dare to say such things to your grandma! Quickly apologize to your grandma!”

Feliicity looked at Bai Lizheng coldly, as if he had made some decision.

Wiliam worked hard for me.

Even more for me, to endure the insult of the Bai family for many years!

Even if he did something against the Bai family, he would leave a way to survive and dare not rush to kill him!

What can I do for Wiliam?

Nothing seems trivial!

Nothing seems to matter!

But even if it is insignificant or insignificant, I should do something!

Then, I will destroy this Bai family by myself!

Be quiet after returning Wiliam!

Since it’s done!

It must be the ultimate!

I’m not afraid of thousands of people scolding me for being mean and ruthless!

Not even afraid that the Bai family pointed at me and called me a white-eyed wolf!

I will bear all the sins!

Thinking of this, Feliicity’s eyes hated, she stood up, and said to Chen Shuyun condescendingly: “Chen Shuyun, I know you are pretending to be crazy and stupid, don’t you pretend enough! Ho ho, now I am the president of the Bai Group! You! Also know, how did you offend me before! I am not a generous person, I will definitely repay the humiliation you have imposed on me, and repay it back thousands of times! Want me to work with you in the future? Want me not to give it in the future Do you wear small shoes? Yes!”

“Now kneel down in front of everyone in Q City ( Qena City ), knocking a hundred times at me! I will forgive you!”

Chapter 533

Feliicity’s words were shocking!

Everyone on the scene looked at Feliicity in horror!

Is this Feliicity!

This is clearly a treacherous woman who will repay her!

Why did the kindest and most beautiful woman in Q City ( Qena City ) become so arrogant and domineering once she gained power!

After all, Chen Shuyun is still her grandmother!

She said this in front of everyone, isn’t she trying to let Chen Shuyun face away!

For a while, everyone began to curse Feliicity.

“Feliicity! I didn’t think you were such a person! I misunderstood you before! I don’t like you anymore!”

“You disappointed me too much. You have to be forgiving and forgiving. It’s unreasonable for you to treat your grandma like this!”

“I want to post what you said as it is, so that the whole Q City ( Qena City ) people will spur you!”

Even Melissa and the others had their jaws falling to the ground.

Throughout the scene, only Wiliam’s eyes changed, but after all, there was nothing to say.

He just muttered silently in his heart, silly wife, why bother…

What is this humiliation for me?

Bai Lizheng was furious at the scene and was about to fight Feliicity when he went up, but was stopped by Harper, “Bai Lizheng, do you have your place to speak here!”

With a scolding, Bai Li was on the spot, but his face was hard to see the extreme.

Obviously, the anger in his heart has been suppressed to the extreme!

At this time, Chen Shuyun on the ground suddenly raised her head and stared at Feliicity.

When he raised his head, the people on the scene called out again!

At this moment, the expression in Chen Shuyun’s eyes, after everyone saw it, would feel like a resentful ghost crawling out of hell!



Countless malice!

Chen Shuyun looked at it, and suddenly laughed, “Haha! I want Chen Shuyun to kneel to you! Are you worthy! Feliicity, Feliicity, you are just an ant in my Bai family! What prestige is in front of me? !”

“Enough! Enough!”

“I, Chen Shuyun, will die, and I won’t kowtow to you!”

“Moreover, I want you to be ruined in the entire Q City ( Qena City )!”

“Everyone on the scene, just watch and listen to my words!”

“It’s this little bitch who forced me to death! She must bear all the sins!”

As she said, she suddenly took out a dagger from her arms that she didn’t know when she was ready, in a rush to hide her ears!

Insert yourself fiercely!

“No!” Bai Li was seeing this scene, his eyes were cracked, tears fell on the spot!

Chen Shuyun shocked everyone on the scene!

Feliicity was also stunned on the spot.

Bai Li was about to help Chen Shuyun, but Chen Shuyun scolded him back, “Don’t come! Don’t come anyone!”

Her body was already red with blood.

She was originally going to be the vice president of the Bai Group today, and this position is proud of Q City ( Qena City )!

So she put on a festive red dress specially.

Now, blood is red than clothes!

She took a step forward, faltered, and staggered.

However, she stood up stubbornly again, but continued to walk forward.

When everyone saw her direction, they couldn’t help but exclaim again.

She actually walked towards the stage of her home.

That stage was red, red and gorgeous, and very festive.

The four words Baishi Group above are shining in gold, and they are really beautiful.

As Chen Shuyun walked, she suddenly fell to the ground.

She raised her head with difficulty, looked at the stage belonging to the Bai family, and suddenly laughed miserably.

What a beauty.

The four words of Baishi Group are really beautiful!

In the human world, which words and strokes are comparable to the four characters of the Bai Family!

She supported on the ground with both hands, slowly crawling towards the stage of the Bai Group.

Along the way, a shocking bloodstained road was drawn.

The people at the scene were so horrified that they couldn’t speak.

Finally, Chen Shuyun climbed onto the stage belonging to the Bai Group.

She was the only person on the whole stage.

She couldn’t see her surroundings anymore, her eyes were in a trance.

But she can feel it.

The entire stage, even the entire Bai Group, at this moment and now, belongs to her alone.

“Hahaha, the Bai Group, it’s mine! It’s mine! Cough cough!” Chen Shuyun yelled with difficulty, again bleeding from his mouth.

Her consciousness has become increasingly blurred.

In front of me, there was only a festive red, and a golden symbol of honor.

Her hands were shaking.

She tremblingly took out a piece of paper.

With this cut, the white paper was immediately dyed red.

The writing on it has also been dyed so that it cannot be seen clearly.

However, she stubbornly brought this piece of paper to her eyes, trying hard to see clearly.

This piece of paper is exactly the contract that Feliicity previously transferred to Fengyue Group.

When Chen Shuyun got this piece of paper, she thought she was already standing on the top of Q City ( Qena City ).

This piece of paper is her jade seal, the highest point of her life.

She can’t bear it.

I worked hard all my life, not just to stand on the top of Q City ( Qena City ), take a good look at the big Q City ( Qena City ), which one is the Bai family, and which one is called other people…

She exhausted the last bit of strength and barely sat on the chair that helped her accept the pilgrimage of the Q City ( Qena City ) media.

With her bloody hands, she meticulously gathered up her messy white hair.

She just sat up like this, as if receiving worship from all directions.

Laugh, laugh.

She held up the paper again, turning all the expectations and obsessions of her life into a deep kiss, and kissed it on the paper.

Her head sank, and the blood-stained paper fell from her lips and fell to the ground.

Chen Shuyun, died here!

The entire scene witnessed Chen Shuyun’s behavior before his death.

One by one, they suddenly sighed.

This old woman was dying, she was looking forward to the recovery of the Bai family.

Should it be said that she has been devoted to the Bai family’s lifelong loyalty, or that she has worked so hard to the end but nothing happens…

For a time, an extremely depressing atmosphere was cast on the court.

Even Feliicity couldn’t help but shed a few tears.

Today I sin, today I suffer!

Grandma, go all the way!

Don’t send it!

And just when the scene was immersed in grief, a monstrous cry resounded through the scene!

“No! No! No! Mom! I’m sorry! Hahaha, what bullshit unicorn power! What bullshit unicorn guard! What bullshit kingship! Go to death! Mom! I’ll take revenge for you!”

“Feliicity, if you don’t care about family affection, it’s a sin for me to keep you in the world! You will pay for my life! Go to netherworld, and ask your grandma to kowtow!”

Bai Li was witnessing her dearest mother committing suicide on the spot, and he was deeply obsessed before he died, and his whole figure was like a beast that was completely angered.

With a swing of his body, he flew straight up, his hands claws, and he took the Baifengxue’s gate!

Chapter 534

Bai Li was feeling that he was really crazy at this moment.

Witnessing his beloved mother committed suicide on the spot, his heart seemed to be completely broken.

All the humiliation before, and forbearance, have turned into a monstrous anger at this moment.

In his eyes, only Feliicity.

It was Feliicity, his own daughter, who personally forced Chen Shuyun to death.

What kind of hatred is there to make the two grandchildren, so antagonistic!

He rose in the air, wanting to catch Feliicity severely with one claw, and take revenge!

Feliicity slowly closed his eyes as he watched his father attack.

Since she chose to be the devil in everyone’s hearts, she had already done so to bear it.

It’s just that, after all, I feel a little bit sad.

There is a man named Wiliam in this world.

Seeing that Bai Li was furious at the scene, there was a burst of exclamation.


This is going to kill!

When Bai Lizheng’s hand was about to catch Feliicity, a figure suddenly appeared.


Wiliam fisted with both hands and blasted directly against Bai Li.

With this pair of booms, Wiliam and Bai Li backed back several steps together.

Harper stood up and shouted sharply: “Bai Lizheng, dare you! Do you know who is standing in front of you!”

Bai Lizheng’s eyes were red and full of killing intent. He sneered, “Hoho, who! I care about him! As long as I dare to prevent me from killing Feliicity today, I won’t keep it!”

Harper was going crazy.

This mere kylin slave dare to commit the crime!

Bai Lizheng suddenly looked around and said fiercely: “You all get out of here! If you dare to let me know that you will spread the scene of my murder today, I will kill your family and punish you nine races!”

Hearing Bai Lizheng’s words, a trace of astonishment flashed across the faces of the people at the scene and they began to retreat.


On the court today, I was completely crazy.

Feliicity is crazy!

Chen Shuyun is dead.

Now even Bai Lizheng is crazy.

Today is definitely the biggest catastrophe in the history of Q City ( Qena City )!

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Harper looked at each other with Li Muhe and said in unison: “Please come back, everyone, this is a family affair of the Bai family. I hope everyone will look at our face and consider carefully, and you will bear the consequences.”

These words were both hard and soft, and those who wanted to secretly spread the message didn’t dare anymore.

These are the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ), who dares to offend them on the territory of Q City ( Qena City ).

After a while, irrelevant people all left, leaving only the Bai family and the women from Fengyue Group on the scene.

Li Chunfeng and others were worried.

They had previously inquired that Bai Li was an amazing character.

Now there is a head-on conflict with Wiliam, Wiliam is in danger!

However, the people at the scene were powerless.

This is a contest between masters, they can’t help at all.

For the present plan, I can only pray, that Wiliam’s disaster will be safe and sound.

“Ho ho, Wiliam, you offended me in every possible way before, and I don’t want to care about you. Today, I will kill you for whatever I say!” Bai Li was saying, and rushed up again.
In his eyes, what did Wiliam do!

Even if Wiliam can defeat Frederick, so what!

It’s just a mid-term warrior of foreign power.

It’s a realm short of myself.

Killing him on the spot was just a matter of effort.

However, there was a flash of joking in Wiliam’s eyes.

If it was a few days ago, he was indeed not Bai Lizheng’s opponent.

But now, it’s hard to tell.

Wiliam worshipped Bai Lizheng’s gift of the Qi-returning fruit, and had completely refined the jade pearl in his body these days.

Naturally, his skill has improved.

Now, Wiliam is not at all shocked by the late stage of Wai Jin against the late stage of Shang Wai Jin!

After all, his “Impermanence Medical Classics” is a world-sweeping good fortune, which Bai Lizheng can compare to.

Bai Li was rushing in front of Wiliam, using all his strength, trying to kill Lu Yege within one move.

However, Wiliam’s extremely stern “Living on the Mountain” was actually a dangerous and dangerous deal with Bai Lizheng’s punch.

Bai Li frowned and suddenly became puzzled.

Shouldn’t it!

This little rubbish is just the middle stage of Waijin, how can he take his full blow!

Is it a fluke?

No, this kid’s technique seems a bit weird.

Bai Li was thinking about it, and his anger was even worse!

He had listened to Frederick’s words before, saying that it was this kid who used a treacherous skill to win the Frederick.

Now it seems that it is true!

This kid has a mind to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix to the phoenix.

If you don’t behead him today, how can you call it a way for the sky!

“Today I will let you see what evil is invincible!” Bai Lizheng said, using Broken Dragon Claw again and rushing towards Wiliam.

The two were fighting together, and for a while, the entire venue seemed to be two people.

Very fast!

Soon Feliicity and the others’ eyes widened.

A little bit unable to keep up with their speed.

The two of them fought and rushed out of the venue.

Harper blinked and shouted, “Quickly chase out and have a look!”

Everyone woke up and chased them out together.

But after chasing to the door, there is no shadow of them.

The speed is too fast!

“Look! Find it!” Harper shouted again.

And Wiliam and Bai Lizheng, at this moment, actually hit all the way from the conference hall to the top floor of the hotel.

This place is empty and empty, and it is a great place to show your skills.

Bai Li was unable to attack for a long time, and his grief was even worse.

The master of his own dignified late stage was actually entangled for so long by a small garbage in the middle stage of exterior!

It is a shame to spread it out!

For a while, his mentality collapsed, and his fists became more fierce.

However, the rules were completely messed up with fierceness.

Wiliam sneered. Seeing that there was a flaw in Bai Li, he shouted: “Captain Water!”

With one move, Bai Lizheng was thrown out fiercely with softness.

Bai Li was missing and fell to the ground, coughing up a trace of blood.

He looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and shouted: “Impossible! How could this be! How could you beat me! You are just a warrior in the mid-external power!”

“In the middle stage of Waijin? Hoho, it was a few days ago, but now…” Wiliam walked towards Bai Lizheng step by step, and suddenly said sharply, “Not anymore!”

Now it is not?

Bai Lizheng’s pupils shrank violently!

Not now, can it be said!

He is now a master in the late stage of Wai Jin!

How can it be!

Only a few days ago, it broke through to the middle stage of Waijin, and after a few days it will be in the later stage?

The speed of this rocket directly subverted Bai Lizheng’s perception!

You know, their martial artist spends their entire life, and they don’t necessarily have such qualifications to reach the late stage of external power!

But in just a few days, how could he be possible!

Could it be that his talent has broken through the sky!

Totally impossible!

“Ho ho, you are lying to me! You want my martial arts heart to collapse!” Bai Li shouted loudly, wanting to get up and fight again.

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly kicked and stepped on Bai Lizheng’s face!

Chapter 535

“Is it right? You know it best.” Wiliam said fiercely.

Bai Li wanted to break free.

However, he was surprised to find that Wiliam at this moment seemed to be extremely important!

With this step, he only felt that he would be completely stepped into hell!

Such a heavy fall made Bai Lizheng even more shocked.

Could it be that what this kid said is true!

When Bai Lizheng thought of this, his heart became even more sad.


I worked hard all my life, but it was the late stage of external power!

This kid easily completed the breakthrough within a few days!

Why is God so unfair!

Why does the way of heaven love the villain and far away the gentleman!

“I’m going to kill you!” Bai Li was coughing up blood again when he was so angry that he realized that he had no strength to break away from Wiliam.

What was even more frightening was that he suddenly discovered that there seemed to be something in his body that was flowing with blood!

Every time I want luck, my body feels like a sting, so cold sweat comes out.

“You, what did you do to my body!” Bai Li’s face flushed.

It was clearly evenly matched just now, but why is everything changed now?

What did he move? Why didn’t he realize it!

And Wiliam smiled faintly, “You don’t move anything, it’s just a few needles in your body.”

It turned out that Wiliam was fighting with Bai Lizheng before, not just fist-to-fist.

Between his fists and feet, long live safflower was naturally mixed.

Between the opening and closing, Bai Li could not feel the slight sting of the silver needle at all.

It wasn’t until he fell to the ground and his blood was tumbling that he felt this kind of heart-wrenching pain!

After hearing Wiliam’s words, Bai Li roared with anger, “Little man! You are a real villain! You even murdered with hidden weapons!”

Wiliam no longer wanted to explain Needles of Ruby Flower.

He just looked at the angry Bai Lizheng, and said lightly: “Now you have lost, before dying, what will you have to wish? For the face of your Feliicity father, I can satisfy you.”

The more angry Bai Lizheng was, the stronger the sting of the silver needle in his body.

Wiliam saw that he had been completely stabbed by a silver needle in his body, and suddenly he tapped several key points on Bai Lizheng’s body.

Then he shouted, “Get up!”

Bai Lizheng suddenly let out a howl like a pig.

A few silver needles quickly broke out of his body and appeared in Wiliam’s hands.

The silver needles were shining with mysterious red light.

Suddenly, Bai Lizheng was stunned by this strange picture.

Such a weird silver needle, I seem to have seen it…

His thoughts immediately returned to several years ago.

That was when he was urgently recalled to the division.

At that time, Lingyue Villa was about to be established and became a unicorn.

At that time, his master said a word to Bai Lizheng.

“Seeing Needles of Red Flower is the Lord of Qilin.”

Bai Lizheng was still curious about this magical name, and asked Master, “What is Needles of Red Flower?”

“I don’t know the details of Long live safflower, but I know that the needles of Long live safflower, a section of vermilion, drink blood and become soldiers!”

With the influx of thoughts, Bai Lizheng was shocked. He looked at the silver needle in Wiliam’s hand in amazement, and asked dullly: “The silver needle in your hand is long live…”

“Wrong, Needles of Ruby Flower.” Wiliam held the silver needle, as if seeing his grandfather’s voice and smiling face, his tone became low.

The four words Needles of Red Flower were like a thunder, and Bai Lizheng was dumbfounded by the explosion!

Needles of Ruby Flower is here!

Really present!

That is to say, the owner of Needles of Red Flower!


It is the master of the unicorn!

They are the true masters of the unicorns they have not seen for many years!

He was shocked by his own thoughts and sweated out!

He couldn’t believe his guess, “Why do you have Needles of Red Flower! Say!”

Wiliam smiled faintly, his eyes hidden fiercely, “What do you mean? My Qilin slave.”

This rhetorical question is undoubtedly the strongest response to Bai Lizheng’s doubts!

“You are the lord of the unicorn, you are the lord of the unicorn!” Bai Lizheng murmured, his whole mentality was completely shattered!

Wiliam turned out to be the Lord of Kylin!


My son-in-law turned out to be the lord of unicorns who has no power in all!


I’m really stupid!

For a while, all the confusion before Bai Lizheng was solved at this moment.

Why does Wiliam have a weird unicorn ring?

But he couldn’t recognize it, but he said it was a peace symbol.

Funny me!

Obviously as a unicorn slave, I don’t even know the token of the master of unicorn!


If he could recognize that Wiliam was the master of the unicorn, then why did he make all these unnecessary efforts!

It’s enough to treat Wiliam well!

I really want to be different!

No wonder, Wiliam will appear in Harper’s home, and Harper is so respectful to him!

No wonder, my daughter will be protected by Harper in every possible way!

It’s no wonder that Harper just said that Feliicity was the president of the Bai Group, and there were no bad rules.

Everything, Wiliam is here!

His word is enough to make the sea go through fire and water!

His words are enough to make Q City ( Qena City ) look down!

It’s ridiculous, I’m still making every effort in front of the Kylin Lord!

He even called him a little trash!

Now think about it, who is the rubbish!

Who is the waste!

If it is not the lord of unicorns, who has such a talent!

A strong breakthrough in just a few days!

For a moment, Bai Lizheng’s heart seemed to have been severely plucked, and he couldn’t wait to dig out his eyes!


The nobleman is in front of him and has become his son-in-law!

If you have a little root of wisdom, you can see it through many opportunities.

So now, as a kilin slave, dare to compete with the master of the kilin!

Now, a dead end!

It’s a dead end!

However, in all despair, Bai Lizheng was also unwilling!

Why is he!

Everyone in the world can be the master of the unicorn!

Only Wiliam, no!

He became the master of unicorns, and I was the biggest joke in the world.

How should the world laugh at me!

How should the world cast aside me!

My fame was all gone!

For a while, Bai Lizheng’s eyes turned red again.

And just as Wiliam was about to speak, suddenly a figure fell from the sky and landed in front of them.

The man was an old man in black, and when he saw Wiliam stepping on Bai Lizheng, he suddenly shouted, “Who are you! Dare to do this to the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa!”

When Bai Li was seeing this man, his brows were instantly overjoyed, and a poisonous scheme was breeding in his heart!

Only oneself and Master know about the Needles of Ruby Flower.

Outsiders don’t know.

Right now, it is a great opportunity to make a comeback!

As long as you kill Lu Yege here and take his unicorn pendant, I am honoring the unicorn power that day!

Thinking of this, he immediately shouted in grief and angrily: “The owner! This person is a member of the magic way! Kill him for me!”

The person here is the owner of Lingyue Villa, Wu Jingzi!

Chapter 536

I have to say that Bai Li is making good calculations.

Although he was extremely shocked by Wiliam’s identity, he expected that the matter was a foregone conclusion.

He ridiculed the master of the unicorn in every possible way, this was a heinous crime!

Therefore, he grows evil to the courage.

Anyway, Wu Jingzi didn’t know that the lord of unicorns had Needles of Red Flower.

Anyway, Harper couldn’t find here at once.

Even if Wiliam took the initiative to say his identity as the master of the unicorn, there was no authentication or physical evidence to prove it.

Instead, he would deeply offend Wu Jingzi by pretending to be the lord of the unicorn.

Who doesn’t know, this Wu Jingzi is an old and stubborn stubborn, who has already enshrined the lord of the unicorns in his heart.

As long as Wu Jingzi can kill Wiliam before Harper arrives, things will be cleared up.

At that time, as long as he stole the kid’s unicorn ring, and then took Wu Jingzi to leave this place of right and wrong.

Then find another chance to punish Harper. At that time, he was a god and couldn’t tell the truth in Xiezhong.

Finally, I will support a puppet to become the master of the unicorn. Isn’t it all my own when the unicorn power is under that day?

Thinking of this, Bai Lizheng’s grievance deepened.

Wiliam looked at this old man who didn’t know where he came from.

The old man’s beard and hair were all white, and there was a scar at the corner of his mouth, winding deeply towards the base of his ears, looking shocking.

And in the depths of this person’s eyes, there is a kind of hostility that is unclear.

As if he was born sullen.

But Wu Jingzi looked at Wiliam up and down after hearing Bai Lizheng’s words.

Wu Jingzi was very surprised to see that the boy in front of him was so young that he could knock the deputy owner of his villa to the ground.

Young and promising, but unfortunately strayed into the magic way!

“Boy, why are you thinking about evil at a young age!” Wu Jingzi said to Wiliam in a deep voice.

Wiliam naturally knew what idea Bai Li was fighting, and even more so that the owner didn’t look like a good person, so he didn’t bother to argue about anything. He just said indifferently: “If you want to fight, you can fight, what nonsense?”

These words made Wu Jingzi laugh happily, “Hahaha! Good boy! Such a strong temper! It’s a bit of the old man’s style, but it’s a pity, good! The old man is perfect for you!”

After that, Wu Jingzi broke the dragon claws with both hands and grabbed it towards Wiliam.

This broken dragon claw is the unique knowledge of Lingyue Villa.

Although Bai Lizheng and Wu Jingzi are both in the same stage of foreign power, Wu Jingzi has stagnated in this state for more than 30 years.

The so-called accumulate thin hair, Wu Jingzi’s move broke the dragon’s claws, and when he made the move, it caused the sound of breaking the wind, as if there really was a dragon’s claws, wanting to kill people!

Wiliam fought alone with Bai Lizheng just now, although he was able to overcome Bai Lizheng, but it was also quite difficult.

With this change, Wiliam’s body went straight back for the first time.

Seeing this scene, Bai Li’s eyes were blooming!

Sure enough, this kid is not the opponent of the owner of Wu Jingzi!

Next, as long as Wu Jingzi slays the killer, even if Wiliam has nine lives, he will probably explain it here.

However, what makes Bai Lizheng very depressed is that after Wu Jingzi’s move, he stopped and said to Wiliam: “You are not my opponent. As long as you are willing to change evil and return to the old man’s family, how about the old man’s death?”

Although Wu Jingzi blasted Wiliam back, he also felt the extraordinary of Wiliam in this punch.

At such an age, with such a cultivation level, Wu Jingzi’s careful thinking suddenly rose.

He is very old, but he wants to start thinking about his future livelihood.

It happened that several of his apprentices were ineffective, so how could they provide him with shelter?

So he saw that Wiliam was so extraordinary, so he thought that he would train him well in the past few years, and when he was old, he could drive this kid to continue to dominate.

But Wiliam laughed loudly when he heard it, “Do you people in Lingyue Villa like to accept people as disciples? It’s a pity, I still answer that, not interested.”

“Owner, what’s wrong with him! Kill him quickly! Keep him with endless trouble!” Bai Lizheng said to Wu Jingzi anxiously, afraid of being delayed by this kid.

But at this time, Wu Jingzi turned away and looked at Bai Lizheng with an unhappy expression.

Who is the owner and who is the deputy owner?

If you do it yourself, when will you get a deputy dealer to dictate?

“Vice Villa Master Bai, the old man still doesn’t tell you a lot.” Wu Jingzi said coldly.

Bai Lizheng was anxious.

Now time is money, time is life!

Talk about wool!

Killing him is the right way!

“Owner! Hearing what I said, now is not the time to say, kill him!” Bai Li was anxious, because he faintly heard someone downstairs calling Wiliam’s name.

It must be Harper and others who are looking for it.

But as soon as he finished speaking, he only felt a pain in his heart!

Wu Jingzi was already standing in front of him and hit his heart with a fist.

“Ho ho, the old man is still not retired. If you want to give orders to the old man, you are afraid you will have to wait a while.” Wu Jingzi is the best in power and face, especially now he is about to retire. The location is very impressive.

There is a feeling of being a soldier.

After Bai Li was vomiting blood, he was really going to be pissed to death by Wu Jingzi.

When is it, still thinking of your power!

Lao Tzu rare you are the owner of the house!

Lao Tzu is now the man who wants to be the lord of the unicorn!

It’s a pity that now Bai Lizheng has the slightest strength, so he can only ask for perfection, thinking about speaking to Wu Jingzi in a different tone.

But it’s too late!

The door on the roof slammed open.

It was a few people headed by Harper that appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Feliicity saw Wiliam’s face a bit pale, and ran towards Wiliam.

But Bai Li, who vomited blood, directly ignored it.

When he saw Wu Jingzi, Harper’s face was solemn, and he shouted sharply, “Who are you!”

Wu Jingzi proudly said: “The old man is the owner of Lingyue Villa, Wu Jingzi! Why don’t you kneel when you see the old man!”

Hearing Wu Jingzi’s self-reporting of his family, Bai Li on the ground blew his head!

That’s it!

Completely finished!


Sure enough, after hearing this, Harper’s face flashed with disdain!

“A trivial Qilin slave, dare to commit the crime?” Harper stepped forward and said in a deep voice.

Wu Jingzi suddenly heard the three characters Qilin Slave, stared in his eyes, and couldn’t help asking: “How do you know…”

Before he finished his words, a sign had been dropped in front of Wu Jingzi.

Wu Jingzi looked like an ice cellar!

Mo Qilin!

Kirin Guard!

“You, you are what Bai Lizheng said…” Wu Jingzi suddenly thought of something, and his whole body was shaking slightly.

And Harper stepped up his vigor, saying, “Congmao Qilin slave, dare to be rude to my Qilin Lord! What a crime!”

Chapter 537

“Qi, the lord of the unicorn?” Wu Jingzi seemed to be struck by lightning.

Seeing Qilinwei suddenly made Wu Jingzi feel very surprised.

But now, what did he hear?

The Lord of Kylin!

These four words, like magic sounds, messed up Wu Jingzi’s thoughts!

Why did the Kylin Lord, who hadn’t appeared in ten years, appear in the mouth of the noble Kylin Wei at this time?

Why did Qilinwei still say that he was rude to the Lord of the Qilin?

Could it be! The Kylin Lord is on the scene!

Thinking of this, Wu Jingzi immediately cast his eyes on Wiliam!

He can’t believe it!

The lord of the unicorn is so young!

“You, you…” For a while, Wu Jingzi was speechless.

“Dare to be rude to the Kylin Lord!” Harper’s voice was thunderous!

Wu Jingzi was like a puddle of mud, kneeling directly in front of Wiliam.

His voice never saw the arrogance before.

His cold sweat directly wet the face.

“Lord, master, the sin of a slave deserves ten thousand deaths!” Wu Jingzi held back this sentence for a long time.

When he said it, his heart was bleeding!

So this kid is actually the lord of the unicorn!

I’m really getting alive and going back!

Dare to accept the master of the unicorn as an apprentice!

Still thinking about driving him in the future.

Old confused!

Old confused!

At this time, he changed his mind, not right!

Bai Li should know the identity of this kid!

Then he just said that the lord of the unicorn is a crooked way!


Thinking of this, Wu Jingzi was murderous!

What a Bai Lizheng!

How dare to slander the master!

Now, I pit myself to death!

The thief will die for me!

Wu Jingzi had been completely dazzled by anger, and he didn’t even notice that Wiliam was still talking.

He rushed towards Bai Lizheng on the ground, slammed his fist on Bai Lizheng’s face, and shouted: “Balizheng! Why did you harm me! Your wolfish ambition!”

Bai Lizheng was completely unable to fight back.

In a short while, he was beaten to a blossoming face, which was terrifying.

Feliicity’s heart tightened, after all, there was nothing to say.

Wu Jingzi was sore after the fight, and only a little bit of anger was left in the fight, and then stood up angrily, planning to kneel back in front of Wiliam again.

But at this time, everyone suddenly heard a low laugh.

The laughter seemed to come from hell.

Everyone followed the prestige, but they saw the master of laughter, who was truly Bai Lizheng on the ground who knew nothing about life and death!

Bai Li was laughing and struggling to move.

With every laugh, blood foam flew out of his mouth.

Everyone who saw this scene had goose bumps.

Is this Bai Li just being beaten up and out of mind?

My life is dying, and I still want to laugh.

However, this scene also left everyone in a trance.

He is so similar to Chen Shuyun, who had been short-sighted before.

Crazy before death?

Bai Lizheng did not seek death, but smiled and looked at Wu Jingzi with a stunned look.

“Owner, you acted on the master, you just died a while later than me, hahaha.”

Wu Jingzi’s face sank when he was told, but his heart was extremely depressed.

As a unicorn slave, with a humble status, he should be respectful to his master.

However, he did it, which was already a capital crime.

Bai Li was saying that he was wrong, sooner or later, he would follow in his footsteps!


This bastard killed himself, and it is still like this now!

Wu Jingzi wanted to rush to kill Bai Lizheng again.

But Bai Lizheng’s words stopped Wu Jingzi’s footsteps.

Bai Li was looking at Wu Jingzi with a mocking face. For the first time in front of Wu Jingzi, he showed his hideous fangs!

In the previous few years, Bai Li was just in front of Wu Jingzi, greeted with humor, and even pretended to be silly, in order to leave the scenery to the owner.

Now, no more!

Bai Lizheng smiled sullenly: “Owner, why did you think I had concealed the identity of this kid just now? That was to drag you into the water! You can kill Harper before he rushes over, of course it is best. Up.”

“Bold!” Harper furiously shouted.

But Wiliam showed a very interesting smile and stopped Harper, “Let him go on.”

Bai Li didn’t even look at Wiliam, and continued to say grimly: “It’s a pity, you talk too much nonsense, it’s a good thing for me! But, it’s not too late.”

“Bai Lizheng! You are crazy! Do you know what you are talking about!” Wu Jingzi only felt five thunders.

Once said by this lunatic, Lingyue Villa is definitely a disaster!

“Ho ho ho, of course you know. Wu Jingzi, it’s fine now. There are only two paths before you. You have no choice. The first one is to plead with this kid and sue yourself in public. You have the dream of enjoying your old age. , Completely disillusioned, not only that, but you have become a traitor and rebel among the world’s population, stinking for thousands of years, hahaha!” Bai Lizheng was analyzing for Wu Jingzi.

The more you speak, the more ugly Wu Jingzi’s face becomes!

For him who likes face, the scenery will last a lifetime!

Is it going to be stinking for thousands of years after death!

These words hurt Wu Jingzi’s heart deeply.

“Another way, it’s still stinking for thousands of years, but you can feel comfortable with stinking! That would be killing this kid!” Bai Lizheng said again.

When these words came out, Wu Jingzi almost rushed in front of him and slapped him directly!

“Great disrespect! Great disrespect! Looking for death!” Wu Jingzi was shaking all over!

It’s over, Lingyue Villa is really over!

Bai Lizheng did not feel any pain at all, and continued: “In the scene, the Lord of Kylin is not your opponent. You have confirmed just now that Qilinwei does not know anything about martial arts. I swear to God. Others They are all ordinary people. Therefore, you can punish the master of the unicorn on the spot, and then hold the world unicorn power! The peak is back!”

This is the peak of the four words again, like thunder, like an emergency!

Wu Jingzi’s heart trembled fiercely.

He looked around and knew what Bai Li was saying was true!

Is it to choose to be unwilling to stinks for thousands of years, or to choose to rise to the top in the last days when the power is about to burn out!

Which way, Wu Jingzi seems to have made up his mind!

“Then what about you!” Wu Jingzi’s temperament changed drastically for a while, like an abyss, calm.

Bai Lizheng suddenly burst into laughter, “Well, don’t worry, I won’t live. I hate this kid! As long as you kill this kid and these people on the scene, I will kill myself immediately without giving you anything trouble!”

This sentence completely moved Wu Jingzi’s heart, and his eyes slowly turned red.

In my eyes, it is slowly the infinite love for the sunset.

“Resolved?” Wiliam, who had been silent, suddenly asked jokingly.

Wu Jingzi did not answer, but took a step towards Wiliam.

Better to answer!




Downstairs, I suddenly remembered a sound that made people hear the goose bumps!



Chapter 538

Wu Jingzi looked at the door of the black hole with a serious expression, and shouted sharply: “Who! Come out!”

No one answered Wu Jingzi’s words, and the answer to him was still that bang bang bang.

It’s the sound of footsteps.

Heavy footsteps.

“Who is fooling around with mystery! Come out for me soon!” Wu Jingzi stepped forward and galloped toward the door!

However, no one else was at the door, and even no one had time to see clearly.

I saw Wu Jingzi flying backwards, and fell to the ground severely!

This sudden change made the eyes of several people present widen.

Harper was even more shocked.

Judging from the performance just now, this Wu Jingzi is extremely powerful!

Even Wiliam, who was weak now, was not his opponent.

But what is the situation now!

Without seeing anyone, Wu Jingzi was thrown back directly!

Where is this sacred?

It is even more powerful than Wu Jingzi, and it is much more powerful!

When did such a god and man exist in Q City ( Qena City )!

Everyone looked at the door together again.

At this moment, everyone saw clearly.

A figure slowly appeared in the middle of the door.

One person, no, it can also be said to be two people!

Li Nanfeng!

Li Nanfeng was holding a cane in his hand. Although he was blind, he seemed to have opened his eyes.

The whole person stood at the door, the wind was light, there was a kind of arrogance that contempted the world!

Feliicity was also dumbfounded when she saw Li Nanfeng.

Is this Li Nanfeng?

Li Nanfeng’s skills have also been seen before.

He is worse than Wiliam.

But judging from the situation just now, Wu Jingzi is not Li Nanfeng’s opponent at all!


Not Li Nanfeng!

It’s definitely not Li Nanfeng!

Then there is only one possibility left!

Feliicity’s eyes moved upward along Li Nanfeng.

Came to Li Nanfeng’s back!

Li Nanfeng carried a person on his back as always.

A gray-haired old man.

She is Li Nanfeng’s grandma!

It’s just that Grandma Li Nanfeng, whom Feliicity saw before, is seriously ill and is already a vegetable.

But now, although Li Nanfeng’s grandmother is still pale, she has her eyes open, and her eyes look like a galaxy dragon and tiger!

Wu Jingzi got up from the ground with a grunt, and shouted towards Li Nanfeng: “Boy! Where did you come from! Where did you learn from! Don’t give a quick report!

When Wu Jingzi questioned, the shock in her heart could not be added!

Like the people present, he couldn’t even see the shots!

This kind of inexplicable situation of being beaten off, he has never encountered it in his life!

Where did this little guy who looks as young as the lord of the unicorn come out of!

Li Nanfeng didn’t care about Wu Jingzi. He just turned his head slightly, but locked in Wiliam’s direction with great accuracy, and said flatly, “Wiliam, my grandma woke up. She said she wanted to see you, thank you in person. .”

Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng’s grandmother and nodded slightly.

He did give Li Nanfeng’s grandma several injections this time, and Wiliam had already pulled out half of her body

But it is still too early to recover.

Being able to wake up now can be regarded as God’s favor.

“Dare to ignore me! Do you know who I am!” Wu Jingzi was ignored by Li Nanfeng, and his entire beard flew up.

At this time, Li Nanfeng’s grandma suddenly spoke.

Still ignoring Wu Jingzi, still only talking to Wiliam.

“Little baby, is that you?” Li Nanfeng’s grandma said inexplicably.

But Wiliam seemed to understand, and nodded, “It’s me.”

“Although the old body had fallen into wood before, but the consciousness still remained. It was you who made the old wooden man cry, and it was you, and let the old body see the sky again.” Li Nanfeng’s grandma seemed to thank Wiliam, but her tone was neither humble nor overbearing. There is a kind of arrogance of the strong.

Wiliam smiled faintly, and said, “It’s nothing more than a simple effort. Now that you see your old man getting healthier, it’s also very happy.”

“My surname is He, if you don’t mind, call me Grandma He.” Li Nanfeng’s grandma said actively.

These words seemed to be taking advantage of Wiliam’s advantage, but Wiliam seemed to be blessed to his soul, and bowed his hand respectfully, “Grandma He.”

As soon as Mrs. He appeared, Wiliam felt a terrifying aura from her body.

Wiliam was so familiar with this kind of breath!

The breath of the strong!

This is the same breath that Wiliam felt from the family elder when he was in the Lu family in North when he was a child.

It’s too strong to look up!

This old lady He must be extraordinary!

“Damn! You dare to ignore me! I want you to die today without a place to bury your life.” Wu Jingzi was completely angry.

At this time, Mrs. He suddenly motioned to Li Nanfeng, “Nanfeng, let go of grandma, there seems to be someone today who came to find fault with our Li Jiaen.”

Li Nanfeng hesitated and said, “Grandma, although you are awake now, you are still very stiff. Only your right leg can move, and the others have not yet recovered…”

“No problem, to deal with this kind of ants, one leg is too much.” He said to Li Nanfeng kindly, but there was a sense of solemnity in her tone.

And these words made the whole audience even more terrified!

From a moment ago, Wu Jingzi was definitely from Ling Aoqing.

And what does the old lady want to do!

Hemiplegia, only the right leg can move.

Actually, I still have an eye above the top, saying that one foot is too much for a master like Wu Jingzi!

If this old lady is not delirious, it is because this old lady has been transcendent and sanctified!

Wu Jingzi was even more angry and smiled directly.

He has lived for most of his life, and no one has dared to despise him so much!

A foot?


Even if you are a master of inner strength, you dare not say such Kyogen!

When Li Nanfeng heard this, he let go of Granny He obediently.

As soon as Mrs. He landed, she was as Li Nanfeng said.

Her right foot was standing on the ground, and although her left foot was also hanging on the ground, it was soft and it didn’t seem to make any effort.

Her body was straight and bent, and her head was about to drop to the ground.

This weak Liu Fufeng look, as if a gust of wind blows her body down.

It was limp like a stall of noodles.

This kind of weird picture made everyone get goose bumps.

If it weren’t for the shining sun, everyone would have thought they had seen a ghost!

Wu Jingzi was even more murderous!

An old immortal who can’t even straighten his waist, dare to say such a sky-defying eye!

court death!

Thinking about it, he rushed towards Granny He.

Mrs. He also drooped her head, as if she could fall to the ground at any time.

At this time, she suddenly asked Wiliam, “Why kill this person in front of you?”

Wiliam smiled softly, “It’s okay.”

Chapter 539: Female Shura

“Ho ho ho, okay, half asleep and half awake for many years, this is the first time for an old man to land and move his muscles and bones, think about it, what should I give him? It’s troublesome.” Old lady He was drooping, but she opened her mouth. raving.

Everyone couldn’t close their mouths.

Who is this old lady?

Why does he seem to be kind and purposeful, but he has such a strong killing intent on his body.

While she was talking, Wu Jingzi had already arrived in front of her, and the broken dragon claw took her head straight.

At this time, something happened suddenly!

The seemingly weak old lady He suddenly flicked her only right foot.

Her body was directly taken up.

Then her right foot swept towards Wu Jingzi’s brain at the speed of lightning and flint!

At this speed, Wiliam is a little hard to see!

That Wu Jingzi was full of confidence and wanted to take the head of the old woman.

But when the old woman suddenly kicked it like this, Wu Jingzi was really defensive.

He wanted to hide, but found that the old woman’s feet were like a rush, he was powerless!

Then, he didn’t even hum, he didn’t know what happened.

He didn’t know what happened, but the people at the scene knew.

Because, with the kick of Granny He, Wu Jingzi’s head is like a kite, flying up and down directly to the ground!

His body remained in place, with the broken dragon claws still open.

This shocking scene made the girls pale and shivered!


How ruthless!

Bai Li on the ground was trembling all over when he saw this scene.

He didn’t even know where the old lady came from, she was so skilled!

The whole person seemed to be dying, but he took Wu Jingzi’s life with a casual kick!

Wu Jingzi is the owner of Lingyue Villa!

The owner was killed by a single blow and had no power to fight back!

Who can believe this! Who can believe it!

However, Wu Jingzi’s head was still spinning on the ground.

Even his eyes were too late to close.

His eyes were wide open, as if he could not believe his life, so confessed!

Poor Wu Jingzi, who originally answered Bai Lizheng’s phone call, hurried to Q City ( Qena City ) all the way, wanting to throw himself under the Qilin Guardian, in order to hope for thousands of years of health.

Unexpectedly, he has no old age.

At the scene, only Old Lady He fell on the ground, standing on one foot, her upper body drooping.

She seemed to be shaking her head, shaking her body.

“Well, I’m old, I can’t keep up with my head, and I’m not serious about starting, meaningless, meaningless.”

After hearing this, everyone felt that their hearts were blocked by stones, and they were very depressed!

This old woman, who was very cruel, looked even more terrifying with a compassionate look.

“Oh ho ho, my old body is becoming more and more like my little disciple.” Old lady He murmured again, saying that everyone was inexplicable.

Who is the little disciple?

At this moment, Bai Li was suddenly getting up from the ground, and kneeling directly in front of Wiliam, crying bitterly, “Xian son-in-law, son-in-law! I was obsessed with my heart before, I am confused! It depends on the fate of our son-in-law. , Can you let me go! I’ll be a cow and a horse for you in the future!

Bai Lizheng said, crying bitterly, looking distressed.

This flattering look made everyone shake their heads.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity’s eyes suddenly burst into tears.

She just heard what her father said to Wu Jingzi.

If Mrs. He hadn’t appeared, Wu Jingzi would be persuaded by his father.

At that time, Wiliam was unpredictable!

It was his own father who wanted to kill Wiliam first.

Now, there are grudges and grievances!

Thinking of this, she suddenly became cruel, turned and walked towards the door!

This turn around, but conveyed the meaning clearly.

Bai Lizheng also understood what Feliicity meant.

His face instantly turned white.

But his words were still unavailable, and he suddenly felt suffocated.

He covered his neck in disbelief, and a line of blood shot out from his neck.

He tilted and fell straight to the ground.

“Grandma He, let’s go, find a clean place.” Wiliam said lightly to Granny He.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Mrs. He said, Li Nanfeng walked over and carried Mrs. He on his back.

Wiliam and Mrs. He came to a clean box, and Li Nanfeng put grandma on the chair.

“Wiliam, I can talk now, where did you come from?” Old lady He asked softly.

Wiliam knew that Mrs. He came from that place, so he no longer concealed it, and said, “North Lu Family.”

“Ho ho, as the old man expected, you are from the Lu family in North. Back then, your grandfather was in the midst of a storm. No one can beat the Needles of Red Flower in one hand. It’s a pity, day and night defense, house thieves are hard to guard.” Granny He seemed to be the grandfather who knew Wiliam, and said lightly.

Lu Yezheng answered the conversation, but he felt even more sad.

“It seems that you have taken over the unicorn power. This is your grandfather’s good intentions, you must cherish it.” He said again.

“Dare to ask Grandma He, where are you from?” Wiliam asked, changing the subject.

Li Nanfeng replied for Mrs. He, “South forbid Li’s family.”

South forbidden Li’s house

Wiliam frowned, thinking that Li Nanfeng was also from a famous family.

The prestige of the Li family in the south is comparable to that of the Lu family in North.

“You and my grandson have the same roots and fate, but there is some fate. My grandson is loyal to you, and the old man knows it. I would like to thank you for the old man. If it were not for you to mention something, my grandson has never been lost. Back, it’s all right now.” Mrs. He said with emotion again.

“Don’t dare, although Nan Feng and I are master servants, we regard them as our own.” Wiliam said lightly.

“The old man naturally knows who you are, otherwise, I won’t support my young master from the Li family in the south to be loyal to your young master from the Lu family in North.” He said with a smile.

After a short silence, Mrs. He said again: “However, before you were unpaid, no one knew you, but now the people from Lingyue Villa have mixed in, indicating that your edge cannot be covered up. , You may be even more dangerous, maybe you will face your North Lu family.”

Wiliam naturally knew that after today, not only did Q City ( Qena City ) change the sky, it was also a historic turning point for him.

“Never mind, my grandson is in the same breath with you, and the old man doesn’t want to see you die prematurely. Just count the time, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow you come to the old man, and the old man introduces someone to you, and see if you can learn from her. What to order? I believe that with your savvy, you won’t go for nothing.” He said suddenly.

Wiliam was stunned, and asked, “Who?”

Mrs. He seemed to be thinking of the past, showing a warm smile, but what she said was shocking.

“The old little disciple, seems to have a nickname, what is it called…”

“Female Shura…”

Chapter 540

Female Shura!

Wiliam frowned. He had heard the name from Old Lady He before.

Listening now, I only feel that a single nickname makes people feel like their heartbeat is speeding up.

After saying this, Mrs. He suddenly raised her head struggling, looked into the distance, and muttered to herself: “This world has changed after all, starting today.”

Starting today, it’s not because Mrs. He is back in the arena.

But because there is a little guy, the tiger roars and the dragon chants, Q City ( Qena City ) can no longer tolerate his claws!

After saying this, Mrs. He asked Li Nanfeng to go back with her back.

And Wiliam went to find Feliicity, Feliicity at this time needed him.

The people of the Bai family were completely desperate when they saw that Chen Shuyun and Bai Li were dying.

Having floated up and down in Q City ( Qena City ) for decades, it is false to say that he has no feelings for Q City ( Qena City ).

It’s a pity that now, the Bai family no longer has the backbone, and the Bai family has no chance of a comeback.

Bai Zhensheng and the others glanced at the big Q City ( Qena City ) one last time, shook their heads, and left lonely.

To them now, the Bai family is a poor family and Q City ( Qena City ) is a desperate city.

When Wiliam returned home, he saw white Feliicity with red eyes.

Seeing Wiliam’s return, Feliicity wiped the tears on the corners of his eyes flusteredly, and said with a strong smile, “Wiliam, you are back, are you hungry? I’ll cook for you.”

Lu Yezheng answered Feliicity, walked over, hugged her into his arms, and said softly: “If you want to cry, just let it out.”

Feliicity was taken aback, and her body trembled slightly.

Then, tears seemed to be uncontrollable, like rain!

In Wiliam’s arms, she was crying so hard that she couldn’t be herself.

For Feliicity, today was an absolutely glorious day.

She stood at the pinnacle of Q City ( Qena City ), overlooking everyone.

However, today is definitely the most memorable day for her.

Being a villain, she indirectly ruined the lives of Chen Shuyun and Bai Lizheng.

For the kind-hearted woman, this is definitely a kind of guilt.

At this moment, she needs to vent as much as she wants, and Wiliam must embrace her.

She didn’t know how long she had been crying, but she knew that her tears were going to drain, and her voice was crying dumb, and she gradually calmed down.

Looking up, it was already starry outside.

She looked at Wiliam shyly, and said in a choked voice, “I’m sorry.”

Wiliam rubbed her head and said, “It’s been a lot of work, but things are over after all. Tomorrow’s Q City ( Qena City ) will be a new Q City ( Qena City ) for you.”

Feliicity nodded, remembering everything before.

Wiliam supported the entire Q City ( Qena City ) for her.

After the loss of Chen Shuyun and Bai Lizheng, who shouldn’t be attached to them, she said that she should have gained a lot of emotions.

But what made Feliicity feel warmer was that she felt as if she was getting closer to Wiliam.

If Feliicity knew that Wiliam was the lord of unicorns before, she would have been shocked and could hardly accept such shocking facts.

But because Wiliam walked all the way to pave the way, it was completely acceptable to her now.

She also understood Wiliam’s good intentions to hide something from her before.

“Thank you.” Feliicity thanked Wiliam again, but couldn’t find a more suitable vocabulary to express his feelings.

“Okay, I’m going to cook, you will wait here obediently, eat, take a bath and then go to bed, you know?” Wiliam said.

Feliicity nodded obediently, seeing Wiliam walking towards the kitchen, she was fascinated for a while.

There is a man in the world who is so majestic outside, but willing to wash hands and make soup for a little woman.

In this world, I am afraid that there is only one person named Wiliam. How lucky I Feliicity.

With such gratitude, Feliicity had already let go. She had been a villain full of evil in front of the people of Q City ( Qena City ).

A long, long time ago, she and Wiliam vowed to the sky, one wishing to permeate the evil, the other wishing for nothing.

Now it’s just a matter of practicing words.

What about the wicked, do not live to them.

After eating the dinner that Wiliam made himself, Feliicity returned to the room early.

For her today, she still put a lot of effort into it.

Although very tired, she couldn’t help but picked up the phone.

After swiping, she finally set her sights on a group.

The ancestral grave squad.

Feliicity had something to say, but some of her daughter’s words were not easy to tell Wiliam.

Seeing this group, she was aroused to talk about it.

She clicked to open the group, and weakly sent a sentence in the group, “Sisters, I don’t know if I should say something wrong?”

Several women in the group were very active, and immediately brushed out a row of emoticons, “Don’t talk about killing you!”

Feliicity thought about it for a while, and a happy smile came up at the corner of her mouth, and said, “Sister, I seem to get rich overnight.”

As soon as these words came out, the group suddenly became quiet.

What Feliicity didn’t know was that in several places, those women had black lines, and they didn’t know how to complain about this stupid woman.

However, there was a warm smile on their faces.

This silly sister.

How come you get rich overnight.

From the time you met Wiliam, the little king’s bastard, you’ve already been a wealthy country.

After all, it is easy to ask for priceless treasures, and it is rare to have lovers.

While they blessed Feliicity, they were also envious in their hearts.

Feliicity was fortunate enough to meet a most beautiful man at the best age.

Probably all the luck in this world was taken up by her alone.

Melissa was the first to reply with a happy applauding expression.

The people below also followed the team, sitting in rows and applauding.

Feliicity looked at their funny expressions and couldn’t help covering her mouth to cheat, and said, “Because I have a man who treats me very well. He is thousands of times better than the little bastard in your mouth. Ten thousand times.”

Melissa was heartbroken and couldn’t help saying, “Yes, that little bastard deserves to be single for thousands of years.”

“Yeah, I’ll help you scold him together.” Feliicity once again used the ability to cheer and cheer up.

After a verbal condemnation, Melissa suddenly said quietly, “Sister, I sincerely bless you, and you will continue to be happy in the future, so that you and your husband will not be in vain for your efforts.”

These words seemed to have touched Feliicity’s heartstrings. She was stunned for a long time, and she was suddenly moved.

Her fingers flew, and she suddenly said a word in the group, “Sisters, I see your information, they are all from Q City ( Qena City ). I am also from Q City ( Qena City ), and I have already met a sister in the group.”

“Well, let’s see each other tomorrow! I really want to see you sisters in person.”


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