Dragon Husband Chapter 541-550

Chapter 541

What Feliicity said was of course she met Li Chunfeng.

She was also overwhelmed by Melissa’s words.

After all, for so long, although this group seems to be screaming, it has brought Feliicity a lot of laughter.

When she was lost, the sisters in the group would comfort her.

When she is happy, the sisters in the group will be happy with her.

This kind of girlfriend-like feeling cherishes Feliicity, who has always had no friends.

That’s why she had this urge to want noodles.

But as soon as she finished speaking, the group became quiet again.

Among the crowd, except for Li Chunfeng, their hearts all shook together.

They used to pull Feliicity into this group with a playful heart.

The main purpose is to pit this silly white sweet.

Who knows that this little sister is too bad, every time she scolds the little bastard, she is the first to take the lead, for fear that the scolding is not harsh enough.

After a while, their relationship with Feliicity gradually improved.

But they never thought of asking for noodles.

Feliicity’s proposal gave them a strange heartbeat.

Anyway, they are now members of the same group as Feliicity, and will see you later when you look up and lower your head.

Sooner or later, this matter will help.

Why don’t you see this silly sister while she is still stupid?

Melissa first said in the group: “Okay, I have no opinion.”

“I have no opinion either.” Janett.

All of them agreed on the spot, which made Feliicity very happy.

But she still had a small worry, and said weakly: “Sisters, you see me tomorrow, don’t scream.”

She has a reputation in Q City ( Qena City ) anyway, and she is afraid that these young girls will be shocked to see that the young girls in the group are actually Feliicity in their lives.

However, these words made Melissa laugh out loud, this sister is really cute.

She deliberately joked: “Oh? Isn’t my sister a celebrity?”

Feliicity’s face blushed, which was a bit bragging.

Her wit came up immediately and shifted her firepower, “Eh eh, eh, I was wrong, I mean you see Sister Tutu, don’t scream.”

Li Chunfeng’s net name in the group is Dututu, and Feliicity usually calls her Tutu Sister.

Li Chunfeng is a big star, and he easily appeared in front of ordinary petty people, and these sisters were not shocked.

Feliicity thought that they didn’t know that it was Li Chunfeng who was digging the soil, so she said so.

When the women heard this, there was a black line.

Feliicity continued slyly: “Hmph, are you all stunned? Then you will know if what I said is true.”

Melissa said jokingly: “Then what if we don’t scream, are you disappointed?”

“How is that possible, Sister Tutu…” Feliicity was so excited that she almost sent the information directly.

Fortunately, she held down this little wit in time, and said with a smirk: “I dare to swear that you will scream when you meet Tutu sister.”

“Otherwise, let’s make a bet? If we don’t scream when we see Tutu tomorrow, would you find a man to hug on the spot?” Melissa said wickedly.

“Betting, betting, if you are shocked, find a man to carry it alone.” Feliicity is full of confidence, and has never had such confidence in her life.

After the next few people set the time and place, this matter is finalized.

But at this time, Feliicity suddenly heard something and said, “Hey, I have never seen that little bastard in your mouth so far. The core of our group is this little bastard, do you want to take you tomorrow? The little bastard also called out to open my eyes?”




Ellipses slipped in the group.

Everyone has no idea what to say.

Stupid sister, silly sister, you are playing with fire, know?

There are people in this world who have been pushing themselves into the fire pit.

Melissa said embarrassingly, “Isn’t it necessary?”

Feliicity stubbornly said, “How do you do that? The core figure of our group is the little babe. We got together because of the little babe. Speaking of which, this guy is still our fate. Call it out, I It’s okay to take a peek, or I don’t even know that I fed the dog what I usually scolded.”

Melissa was about to come out in cold sweat, and said silently in his heart, ah, it was indeed a dog.

“This is not so good. After all, tomorrow is a gathering between our best friends.” Li Chunfeng also said embarrassedly.

Feliicity said with a grin: “What’s the matter, just ask him to come over and show his face. If I’m in a bad mood, I will scold him for you in public.”

“Really?” These words immediately aroused the interest of several women.

This is a historic reunion.

If Feliicity really dared to curse in person tomorrow, it would definitely be awesome.

“I’ll try it.” Melissa finally said.


After talking to the sisters in the group, she was in a good mood.

At the same time, I am looking forward to meeting my sisters tomorrow.

What do they look like?

Seeing me, seeing Sister Chunfeng, would you be so scared that your jaw dropped to the ground?

Hahaha, after all, Sister Chunfeng and I are both famous celebrities in Q City ( Qena City ).

I really want to see their Huarong look pale.

Yes, they will find a man to hug them tomorrow because of shock, hahaha.

so fun.

This meeting ceremony is so funny.

Feliicity thought for a while, and fell asleep deeply.

And at this moment, Wiliam, who was studying the “Impermanent Medical Classics” in the study, suddenly received a call from Melissa.

“What’s the matter?” Wiliam asked lightly.

As soon as Melissa heard the sound of ice cubes that had nothing to do with this matter, the anger in his heart stopped.

She also said coldly: “Oh, it’s so late, your family is sleeping in Feliicity, and you are still alone. It seems that Sister Feliicity’s curse is really effective for ten thousand years of a single dog?”

Wiliam looked speechless, “What are you going to say?”

“Oh, nothing, your family Feliicity just asked some of our sisters to meet tomorrow.” Melissa said.

Wiliam raised his brows, “You guys are still not disbanded by me? Are you looking for death?”

Melissa was silent for a moment, and said quietly: “The one who is looking for death is still down. Your wife is very curious about who the little bastard is, so he threatens us with death. Tomorrow, he will take the little bastard to the scene and let her be It’s cool to scold me.”

“How’s that? Tomorrow, I’ll show you a face, and it’s good to be scolded by your wife in the past?”

Chapter 542

Wiliam almost wanted to hit someone with his mobile phone.

What does it mean to be scolded in the past?

He was also silently complaining about the white Feliicity in his heart, usually it seems that the ice and snow are smart and sometimes weird, and they are too stupid at critical moments.

Can you still see that the little bastard in their mouth is a strange man on earth?

“Why don’t you speak?” Melissa asked mercilessly.

Wiliam had a stomachache, but he didn’t know how to say it.

Is it okay? I will be scolded tomorrow.

“Just make the decision and send it to you later, time and place. If you don’t go, we won’t take care of your broken company in the future. You can figure it out by yourself.” Melissa said and hung up. phone.

Wiliam looked at his cell phone amused, only to think that the women around him were a bit funny.

Always stay awake in front of the big right and wrong, but always keep passion in the matter of frustrating him.

Are you so hateful?

Wiliam practiced for a while, then went back to the room to sleep.

In the evening of the next day, as the agreed time was getting closer, Feliicity didn’t know why, and her heart suddenly became nervous.

She suddenly regretted letting the sisters take that little bastard.

I am a married woman, so what kind of decent it would be to meet a strange man.

But now there was no way to change it, and Feliicity wanted to find an excuse to lie to Wiliam.

After all, Wiliam knew about this, he would definitely be jealous because he was so small.

Just keep it from him.

Feliicity just thought about it, and suddenly saw Wiliam walk up to her.

She felt a little in her heart, but she couldn’t say anything.

“What’s the plan for a while?” Wiliam asked casually.

Feliicity suddenly hesitated a little, “After a while, what, I made an appointment with a few sisters for dinner.”

After she finished speaking, she felt like she was pulling a calf, and she was so clever that Wiliam couldn’t see the mystery in it.

Sure enough, Wiliam glanced at Feliicity amusedly, “All sisters? There are no men?”

Feliicity felt like being stepped on the tail of a cat, her hairs going to stand up, and she hurriedly waved her hand, “Of course there are no! Not to mention men, there are no males.

Wiliam looked at her wanting to cover up, and sighed in his heart, his wife’s ability to lie was as bad as ever.

“You lie to me?” Wiliam asked lightly.

“I’m a single dog for a thousand years!” Feliicity obediently raised her hand and swore.

It’s just that this vow made Wiliam a black line.

Who are you cursing!

“Okay, I’ll go with you.” Wiliam didn’t talk to Feliicity anymore, and said directly.

Feliicity’s eyes widened, “What? Are you going with me?”

“Is it inconvenient?” Wiliam asked back.

Feliicity thought for a while, Wiliam and Li Chunfeng knew each other, but they didn’t know anything in the past.

It’s just a bit embarrassing.

At the same time, Feliicity faintly found it strange that Wiliam was usually relatively indifferent, and he didn’t like this kind of entertainment. Why did he ask to go together extremely abnormally today?

It’s weird.

Seeing Wiliam’s insistence, Feliicity nodded nervously, “Well, let’s go together, but for a while, you will only eat and not speak. After all, you can’t get in from your daughter’s house.”

“Yeah.” Wiliam smiled and nodded, and drove Feliicity to a French restaurant.

Feliicity’s heart was still suffering on the road, she pretended to play with her phone to hide her anxiety.

But when she brushed, she suddenly yelled, “Wiliam, do you watch the news!”

“What news?” Wiliam asked.

“Just now, Li Muhe and Li Lao decided to transfer all of his industries to our Bai Group and become a subsidiary.” Feliicity said in shock.

That’s Li Muhe who has long been famous in Q City ( Qena City )!

Who would dare not sell his three-point thin noodles in Q City ( Qena City ).

He worked hard in Q City ( Qena City ) for decades, and only then did he gain his current industrial empire.

However, he didn’t say a word and gave his life’s hard work directly to the Bai Group.

Feliicity was shocked by this courage and courage.

Although Li Muhe lost the bet with Wiliam before, his reputation still remained.

As long as he didn’t want to do anything, Wiliam wouldn’t really embarrass him.

Unexpectedly, he kept his promise and directly gave all the belongings to Wiliam.

To show allegiance!

Feliicity was horrified by Li Muhe’s resolute action.

And the whole Q City ( Qena City ) was completely fried a few minutes ago.

What happened to Q City ( Qena City ) these days!

One by one, touching messages followed.

Now, Li Muhe, one of the pillars of Q City ( Qena City ), actually gave out all the belongings.

Does this mean that Q City ( Qena City ) is about to change?

Feliicity will become the top man in Q City ( Qena City )!

All of the media went crazy for a while.

These few days have been a disaster for media workers!

After reading the news, Wiliam couldn’t help nodding.

Li Muhe is still a bit courageous.

Although he was bound by the heart demon, but now that his obsession was gone, he became frank and open.

In that case.

Wiliam wondered in his heart how much all his assets totaled.

Before Feliicity Group, there were more than 20 billion.

Baishi Group is invested by Lingyue Mountain Villa and has 20 billion assets.

Plus the assets of Li Muhe now.

How to say, now all the net worth can reach 60 to 70 billion.

There is less than half of the 100 billion in Grandpa’s last wish.

After walking for more than half a year, Wiliam felt a lot of emotion, and he also had a kind of enlightenment.

Q City ( Qena City ) is already difficult to hide.

He needs a broader platform.

After all, after dealing with a few urgent things, I have to think about it and do what I will do next.

Wiliam had already arrived at the French restaurant when he thought about it.

Feliicity recovered from the shock before, and the whole person became extremely anxious again.

From time to time, she looked around, for fear that someone with a disgusting face would come up to her and say that they had an appointment.

But Wiliam was much calmer than Feliicity. He pulled Feliicity across the hall and went directly to the row of boxes behind.

Feliicity was about to look at her phone to make sure which box she and the sisters were in.

But before she could read the phone, she was pulled by Wiliam and turned into a box directly.

“Wiliam, why are you breaking into someone else’s box…” Feliicity was so frightened that she wanted to quit.

But halfway through, her eyes almost fell to the ground.

In this box, Qiao Shengsheng sat three big beauties!

Melissa, Janett and Lydia.

They all showed a weird smile when they saw Feliicity with a surprised look.

Melissa stood up and said quietly, “Mr. Lu is good. I don’t think you guys will come here to eat too. Why don’t you meet and eat together?”

Chapter 543

Feliicity saw these three women with mixed feelings in her heart.

These three women are very beautiful, and Feliicity has to admit that.

And what makes her feel more crisis is that these three women are so beautiful that they are not a kind of beauty at all.

Melissa is of Gao Jie, Janett’s domineering sister, and Lydia’s sister next door.

Each trait is a fatal attraction for men.

But Feliicity could not express any envy or hatred towards these three women.

These women stepped forward yesterday, Feliicity was grateful.

Although they are shallow, they are deep.

What’s more, the relationship between Feliicity and them is still a colleague, and it will only become closer in the future.

Thinking of this, Feliicity hurriedly said hello: “Hello, what a coincidence.”

She was about to find someone to euphemistically express that there was another appointment tonight, so it would be inconvenient to have dinner together.

At this moment, she suddenly saw Wiliam sitting on the chair with a big grin, and asked faintly: “Are the dishes ready?”

The three women nodded tacitly and said naturally, “I’ve already ordered them.”

This natural look gave Feliicity a sudden realization.


No wonder Wiliam was abnormal today. It turned out that it was a beautiful woman who had an appointment.

He had known that the big beauties of these companies were eating here, so he insisted on following him, just to make encounters.

Thinking of this, Feliicity felt a little depressed, this badass husband!

Is the wings hard?

Dare to sultry in front of his wife.

Just when Feliicity was embarrassed, he pushed in again by himself.

It was Li Chunfeng who was overdue.

Li Chunfeng dressed youthfully and pleasantly today, giving Feliicity an amazing feeling.

She couldn’t help asking: “Sister Chunfeng, why are you here? Didn’t we make an appointment tonight…”

When Li Chunfeng heard Feliicity’s ignorant words, he knew something instantly.

She chuckled and said, “Sister Feliicity, yes, we made an appointment.”

“But why…” Feliicity was asking, and she saw that Li Chunfeng also naturally sat down on a chair.

Her head buzzed, as if she had been blown up.

Sister Chunfeng said that she had an appointment, indicating that she did not deny the sisters’ dinner tonight.

Now she naturally took a seat in front of Melissa and the others. That doesn’t mean that Melissa and the others…

Feliicity’s expression was wonderful for a moment!

Looking at Feliicity’s wonderful expressions, Melissa suddenly couldn’t hold back, and all laughed.

This smile made Feliicity more assured, her face was all red, and she wanted to find a place to sew down.

Too embarrassing and shameful.

The few life and death best friends in the group turned out to be Melissa and the others!

Which one of them is not the famous beauty in Q City ( Qena City ).

I don’t know it on weekdays, but now I think about it, I actually laughed and cursed with them every day.

Yesterday they even uttered wild words, saying that they would be surprised at the meeting today.

Now it seems that I was surprised!

I’m so lost!

Melissa stood up at the right time and introduced himself earnestly: “Hello sister Feliicity, I am Melissa, and I am also a shovel in the ancestral grave squad.”

Li Chunfeng stood up and stretched out his hand, “Digging the soil.”

Lydia stood up, “the one carrying the shovel.”

Janett was the last one to stand up, speaking loudest.

She seemed to be staring at someone and said quietly, “Flip.”

Feliicity’s head exploded directly.

Together with her cheering, a member of the ancestral grave squadron was alive.

She hadn’t imagined that she would kill those coquettish little bitches in the group on weekdays, these people would be in front of her.

She had been quite wary of these women, but now that their other identities were exposed, Feliicity didn’t know how to get along with them.

Just when she was embarrassed and overwhelmed, Li Chunfeng stood up and thanked again in a deep voice: “Sister Feliicity, thank you for your hard work during this period of time and cheer for you. This group of us has new vitality. You are us. The most indispensable friend.”

Feliicity’s words that were familiar with the swoosh made Feliicity entered immediately.

She directly clasped her fists and said impassionedly: “Say, easy!”

Looks like a dumb hero.

Seeing the Feliicity in reality was also a confused little joke, everyone suddenly laughed.

Feliicity didn’t know why, and then smirked.

With this smile, the atmosphere on the scene suddenly became harmonious, and the tension before Feliicity was suddenly gone.

She sat down at Chunfeng’s invitation, looked at these people in front of her again, and said with emotion: “I can’t even think of killing them. It is you people who chat with me every day.”

Melissa said quietly, “Yes, who said yesterday that I would be shocked when I saw you and Li Chunfeng? He looks like a promise.”

Feliicity blushed immediately.

Didn’t you know that yesterday?

If he had known that the other party would be Melissa and the others, how could Feliicity say such a thing.

“Yes, I also said that if we are not shocked by the spring breeze, someone will hug the man,” Janett also said lightly.

Feliicity finally got used to it. When she was said that, her face turned red again.



Feliicity now thinks about the feeling that the world was in his grasp yesterday, it is so ashamed.

Who gave me the courage and confidence that made me so inflated yesterday.

“Sisters, don’t laugh at me. By the way, I suddenly thought of one thing, did you know my identity for a long time? Therefore, from the beginning to the end, I am the only one who does not know you, hum.” Feliicity came up witty, The subject suddenly changed.

As expected, everyone became embarrassed.

Indeed, they concealed Feliicity.

This is because they are wrong.

Li Chunfeng couldn’t help explaining: “Sister Feliicity, I haven’t been able to find a suitable opportunity to tell you before, I’m sorry, it’s our fault.”

Seeing them sincerely apologizing, Feliicity suddenly chuckled, and said, “If the merits and demerits are equal, I don’t have to hug the man.”

A few big beauties look unlovable, in front of someone, what are you clever.

At this time, Feliicity suddenly remembered one more thing, and her face became very unnatural.

She suddenly pulled Melissa cautiously, and motioned Melissa to stand up and talk privately with her.

Melissa didn’t doubt that he had him, so he walked a few steps away.

Feliicity asked weakly, “Sister Qingmian, I was talking nonsense in the group yesterday, saying that I wanted to see that little bastard, would you really call him over? Now my husband is there, Xiao It’s not appropriate for Wang Bayou to appear, can you let that person go back, don’t come.”

However, Melissa’s face was stern, and he said solemnly: “What are you talking about! The little king has arrived! Now chasing people away, is this appropriate!”

Chapter 544

“What! People have come!” Feliicity heard this, her face pale, and her voice rose unconsciously.

Several women looked here one after another.

Feliicity immediately lowered her voice and said nervously, “It’s over! My husband will definitely be upset later, it’s over.”

Melissa looked at Feliicity as if he was approaching an enemy, not to mention how refreshed he was.

Isn’t he scolding very sharply?

She couldn’t help turning her head, looked at Wiliam, and deliberately said loudly, “Hey, little bastard, your wife doesn’t want you to come over and ask for your opinion. Do you want to get out now?”

As soon as this was said, several people on the scene burst into laughter.

When Feliicity heard it, his head seemed to have been hit by a stone. He looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and said, “You, you are…”

Wiliam said with a faintly resentful expression, “The nickname you gave me doesn’t match my temperament at all, is it Feliicity?”

This is undoubtedly his own confirmation of the identity of the little king.

Feliicity’s entire head became a mess for a while.

what’s the situation!

My husband is a little bastard.

Is there such a coincidence in the world?

No, no!

If Wiliam is a little bastard, then he was in the group before…

Feliicity thought of scolding Xiao Wang Bazi in the group before, and the scolding made it a pleasure.

He even cursed the virgin man who was single for a thousand years.

Thinking back to this Feliicity, she wanted to dig a hole to bury herself.


It turns out that when I scolded myself before, it was all on my own body.

It’s no wonder that every time Wiliam and himself are deeply in love, they always make a little mess.

It turned out to be cursed by myself.

Deserve it!

Feliicity was so scared that he didn’t dare to look at Wiliam, his face flushed.

Janett said quietly: “Sister Feliicity, you have made great sacrifices and contributions to our group. Why are you standing? Come here soon, let’s toast you together.”

Other women nodded one after another, “Yes, Sister Feliicity, you have been working so hard these days, righteousness kills relatives, righteousness is thin, you are a model model of friendship between girlfriends.”

These words made Feliicity ashamed, and the whole person directly exploded, “Oh, you guys are too bad, where are you like you? You obviously dig a hole for me, Wiliam, listen to me. I didn’t. know……”

Wiliam was said to be curious, “Oh, isn’t it? Feliicity, then tell me, how did you scold me in the group?”

“A thousand-year-old single dog!” Melissa.

“Ten thousand years old virgin!” Janett.

“A man’s shame!” Li Chunfeng.

“The above cycle a thousand times.” Lydia.

Feliicity’s head was almost buried in the ground.

Didn’t you know that before? If you knew it, she wouldn’t say such a thing if she gave her 10,000 courage.

After all, Wiliam’s Wan-year-old virgin did not benefit her at all.

Wiliam’s face turned black when he heard this.

Day and night defenses are hard to guard against house thieves.

Among the women, is there anyone who scolds more harshly than his wife?

This is to burn the jade and stone.

“Oh, don’t say it, don’t say it, you guys are necrotic, I ignore you.” Feliicity was depressed to death.

Melissa saw that the joke was almost done, so he said roundly, “Alright, okay, let’s meet together today. I just don’t want to keep our sister Feliicity in the dark. We will all be good colleagues and sisters in the future. Ah, you can say anything frankly.”

After hearing this, Feliicity felt a little more comfortable, and said, “That means that the Zongzufen team is about to disband.”

These words suddenly silenced several women.

They look at me, I look at you, with a strange look on their faces.

Janett said straightforwardly: “We don’t plan to disband that group. I won’t say why. Sister Feliicity, you can quit.”

Wiliam thought that Feliicity must be on his side, resolutely resisting the bad behavior of these little ladies.

But when she thought about it, Feliicity thought for a while, and suddenly said weakly: “Then I’ll stay inside. I won’t say why.”

When several women heard it, they laughed again, “Sure enough, they are our good sisters. This is called sisters concentric, and it’s not gold.”

Wiliam was about to be pissed off by these little bitches.

One by one, I don’t usually work well, and I think about swearing bad things behind my back.

It’s all right now, and I have taken my wife badly, and got in together.

So throughout the night, Wiliam kept a stern face, using practical actions to prove his unhappiness.

However, several women took Wiliam’s expression to heart, joking and joking, chatting happily.

It’s really like what Feliicity said before, Wiliam couldn’t get in at all between the sisters.

Fortunately, when Melissa saw that Wiliam was about to explode, he changed the subject and said, “Mr. Lu, now our group is unique in Q City ( Qena City ). What do you plan to do next?”

Wiliam was eating the food while thinking, and said, “You guys should work together first. I don’t expect you to help me achieve anything in a short time.”

Wiliam said so, naturally he has his own considerations.

From the Genuine Care Medical Center all the way to the current Baishi Group.

Several counter-attack rebirths in the middle required great opportunities and courage.

Wiliam’s guidance is absolutely indispensable.

A few women can only help him, and it is good to maintain the normal operation of the group.

But when those women heard it, they all made faces.

Melissa said faintly: “The dog can’t spit out ivory, hum! See you in the group!”

Then a few women lowered their heads and took out their mobile phones. They didn’t need to look at them to know that they must be cursing in the group again.

Wiliam put his last hope on Feliicity.

Feliicity glanced at Wiliam, cast an apologetic look at Wiliam, and then took out the phone weakly, “Sisters, I can’t bear it, my husband is sorry!”

Wiliam’s heart was shaking, what a bunch of crazy ladies!

Is it OK to say in person if something happens!

Feliicity lowered her head to return the message, while also figuring out everything.

The man who can let these good sisters go violently and curse collectively, I am afraid that only his husband can do it in this world.

After all, his straight male cancer is really advanced.

I don’t know how to pity and cherish jade.

After eating a meal until nine o’clock in the evening, they were still unhappy and suggested to sing.

Wiliam pulled Feliicity home with a hard pull. Before this girl Lu Yezhen realized that she was also a crazy girl.

And early the next morning, Wiliam received a call from Li Nanfeng, “Wiliam, my grandma asked if you could come to our side. Today my grandma’s little apprentice is coming.”

Chapter 545

Wiliam pondered for a moment, and said, “Okay, I’ll go over immediately.”

Seeing Feliicity still not getting up, Wiliam left a note and went out.

When he arrived at Li Nanfeng’s hotel, Wiliam saw three people in the room at a glance.

Li Nanfeng and his grandmother were naturally there, but what Wiliam could not imagine was that Cheng Suyi was there.

This girl had promised her condition before, but she thought she was quite convinced and really helped take care of Li Nanfeng and their grandson.

She was busy cutting an apple for Li Nanfeng’s grandma, and when she saw Wiliam coming over, she quickly got up and said hello respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Lu.”

She had specifically inquired before, only to realize that Wiliam’s identity was more terrifying than she had imagined.

Coupled with the fact that the Bai Group has come to Q City ( Qena City ) with a strong posture in the past two days, she is even more shocked.

So her respect for Wiliam comes from the bottom of her heart.

Wiliam smiled faintly: “You don’t need to be polite, you are busy with you.”

Cheng Suyi nodded and went out to pour water.

Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng and jokingly said, “It seems that your relationship with Cheng Suyi has gone further.”

Li Nanfeng didn’t change her face, and said lightly: “She is a good girl, I naturally know how to cherish.”

The old lady on the side also smiled and said, “Wiliam, you can be regarded as another good deed for my Li family. Although this little girl has a low status, she has a kind personality and can manage the south wind of my family. , They are indeed a match made in heaven.”

Seeing that Mrs. He was not pedantic, Wiliam was relieved and said, “Grandma He, if you don’t object, it would be better.”

Then, Wiliam diagnosed the condition of Mrs. He, and found that her Yimu Liuqi had gone 50-60%, and her recovery speed was faster than she thought.

What made Wiliam even more surprised was that although Mrs. He was still unable to move most of her body, there seemed to be an air current in her body, gurgling all the time, automatically repairing her aging body.

This is probably another cultivation of Old Lady He.

Mrs. He seemed to see Wiliam’s surprise, and said with a smile: “Wiliam, you are now a warrior in the late stage of Wai Jin. Next is another realm. There is no one who will give you advice. I am afraid that I will explore. Last time, so this is the main intention of the old man to introduce my little apprentice to you. Please ask my little apprentice more, and it will benefit you without any harm.”

Wiliam stood up and respectfully said, “Then thank grandma He, where is the little apprentice you mentioned now?”

Mrs. He smiled and said, “I’m still on the way, I’ll call you later, and you can meet by yourself. I’m old and can’t toss it anymore.

“By the way, my little apprentice has a weird temper. You have to take it well by then, know?” Old lady He added.

Wiliam nodded naturally, “This is what it should be.”

He has endured humiliation since he was a child, and there is no temper that he can’t bear.

After they chatted for a few more words, old lady He appeared tired, and Wiliam got up and left.

He didn’t go home directly, but went to Li Muhe’s house.

After all, I wanted to meet Li Muhe.

And Li Muhe seemed to have known that Wiliam would come to the door for a long time, and greeted him with a smile, “Wiliam, you are finally here, but I’m good to wait.”

With this expression, he couldn’t see at all that he had calculated Wiliam before, let alone the regret and unwillingness of his calculation failure.

Seeing this, Wiliam felt relieved.

It is also a good thing for Li Muhe himself that Li Muhe’s obsession is exhausted.

“Lao Li, you don’t have to put all your properties into the Bai Group.” Wiliam said straight to the point.

Li Muhe resolutely said, “Wiliam, what are you talking about? Since I have lost, I am willing to bet and give up. There is nothing shameful. Besides, I now find that since I made that decision yesterday, the whole People have relaxed a lot. Over the years, I have also been tired. Now that someone is holding on in front of me, it is not a bad thing for me.”

Wiliam nodded, “All right, I won’t intervene in your Li family’s property for the time being, what should I do or what?”

Li Muhe seemed to be taken lightly, and said with a smile: “It’s fine for you to be the master, but I only have one thing to ask for.”

Wiliam became curious, “Oh? But you can say it’s OK.”

“Hahaha, since I don’t have to think about business matters anymore, my other thoughts are just about to move, Wiliam, do you still remember the words that you awakened me when I first met?” Li Muhe suddenly laughed Very heroic.

Wiliam naturally remembered, “The old man talks about being a teenager!”

Li Muhe stood up directly and laughed: “Yes! It’s the old man talking crazy! I now know that you are definitely not in the pool. If there is a place where you need to charge and fight in the future, you can’t look down on my old man. Age! You need to promise me that you have to charge! The old man takes the lead!”

Wiliam looked at Li Muhe, and saw that Li Muhe’s eyes were filled with unprecedented heat!

That is an extremely longing for the bloody battlefield!

After putting aside all his worries, Li Muhe did not forget his original aspiration and regained his courage.

Seeing this, Wiliam didn’t shy away, “I am content with the words of Mr. Li, and I will never forget you!”

“Okay! Let me see if the boy who can make the Q City ( Qena City ) two heroes turn their heads is a dragon or a tiger!” Li Muhe said, pulling Wiliam and staying.

Naturally, I drink from morning to night.

Li Muhe was so drunk, as if he had never drunk like this in his life.

Even Wiliam was exhausted from drinking.

At this time, his cell phone rang suddenly.

Wiliam picked it up, “Hello.”

“Ho ho, little guy, are you the young hero in my master’s mouth? I want to see me, come to the Heron Peak, I will only wait for you for half an hour, after all, the stars here are the most beautiful at the moment.” In a word, he directly hung up the phone.

Wiliam was all drunk.

Listening to the voice on the phone, the age should be around fifty or sixty.

At this age, Wiliam should be regarded as an old man.

But this female Shura didn’t have the old man’s calmness.

The opening is the stars, and the closing is the most beautiful, but it is like a young girl who has just begun to love.

Wiliam saw that Li Muhe was dizzy and didn’t say anything. He left directly and headed towards the Heron Peak.

It is a bit difficult to reach the top of Heron Mountain in half an hour.

But Lu Yezheng had half a complaint, and drove madly all the way.

Fortunately, there is no one on the mountain road late at night, and the journey is still safe.

But Wiliam hurriedly hurried, more than thirty minutes had passed by the time he reached the mountain.

Wiliam jumped straight out of the car and looked around.

Suddenly saw a figure from the back, standing with his hands in the moonlight, looking up at the stars.

Wiliam hurriedly stepped forward and said hello in a respectful voice: “Junior Wiliam pays respects to Senior Shura.”

Chapter 546: He Tiantian

This figure in the moonlight didn’t show any signs after hearing Wiliam’s words.

She just stood quietly, her head slightly raised, as if looking up at the stars.

However, Wiliam had a weird feeling standing behind her.

This female Shura should be about 60 years old.

But the figure in front of him looked so graceful and graceful.

It was like a girl standing in front of Wiliam.

Can people who are tens of years old be able to maintain such a beautiful figure?

Wiliam couldn’t help but wonder.

Seeing that there was no reply from the female senior Asura, Wiliam bowed again and asked, “Junior Wiliam, meet senior Asura.”

The figure seemed to have heard it this time, and her body slowly turned around.

Wiliam was looking forward to seeing a kind-looking old man, but after seeing the figure of this female Shura clearly, his pupils shrank and he actually took two steps back!

Wiliam was also a person who had gone through strong winds and waves, and hadn’t been so gaffe before.

It’s not that this female Shura’s face scared Wiliam.

But because this female Shura is so beautiful!

Not as beautiful as a mortal woman.

The female Shura in the moonlight was covered with a faint white light, like a female fairy.

She looked like a fifty or sixty-year-old man.

On that face that can be broken by bombs, there are clearly written all kinds of style and coldness.

Looking at the age of this face, some people believe it in the 20s and 30s.

Is she a female Shura?

Wiliam looked at this suffocatingly beautiful woman, and wondered for a while.

And this woman looked at Wiliam in front of her with a hint of curiosity in her heart.

The man in front of him, young and handsome, looked a bit like his husband when he was young.

But this man, better than his husband, his eyes are always clear, as if he is not at all confused by the beauty.

The woman nodded lightly and said, “Are you Wiliam?”

Wiliam nodded, and said, neither humble nor arrogant: “It’s the junior.”

The reason why Wiliam was unmoved by the beauty of this woman was mostly due to his wife Feliicity.

The woman in front of her was beautiful, but she was just as good as the Feliicity.

Feliicity wins in a sort of purity, this woman wins in a sort of overbearing deserted.

What’s more, Wiliam has deep roots in Feliicity, and it will be difficult for him to feel true to other women in this life.

After the woman listened to Wiliam’s words, she didn’t speak any more.

Wiliam couldn’t help asking: “Are you a senior female Shura?”

But the woman suddenly showed a wicked smile and said, “I am not.”

“No?” Wiliam frowned.

It’s not a female Shura, but why happened to appear here.

And when Wiliam saw this woman, he was definitely not a common man.

“How should I say, female Shura is my mother.” The woman said coldly.

“Your mother?” Wiliam was stunned, wondering what was going on.

“I chased my mother all the way to Q City ( Qena City ). She was sitting here looking at the stars, and when she saw me coming, she left first, but gave you to me and let me give you some pointers.” The woman said. A wry smile appeared.

Damn yourself, I’m always fond of love.

Running around all day, but I don’t know why.

Wiliam nodded, as if a little understood.

It turns out I am a broom star, one by one.

From Mrs. He all the way to this woman.

“Dare to ask the girl’s name?” Wiliam asked politely.

“The last name is He, Tian Tian.” The woman said lightly.

He Tiantian?

The name sounds a little weird.

But if Lu Yezhen said something, he respectfully said hello: “Senior He.”

The woman didn’t seem to care about her image, and she sat on a rock directly in front of Wiliam.

She looked at Wiliam with interest, and said casually: “You don’t have to be so born, and I won’t be your master. After all, I have only one apprentice in my life and I have become my husband. I think your realm is a bit weak. , The late period of Foreign Power?”

He Tiantian didn’t know who was an expert, but a single sentence broke Wiliam’s current realm.

Wiliam sighed in his heart.

“Exactly.” Wiliam said.

He Tiantian looked at Wiliam up and down again, and suddenly there was a glint in his eyes, and he said enthusiastically, “Aha, I just missed it. Although you are in the late stage of Waijin, you only spent a total of It took more than two months.”

Wiliam was shocked again, can he even see this?

“Well, your talent is better than my husband, ho ho, I am really interested. See if I can teach another monster.” He Tiantian’s eyes became a little hot.

Wiliam’s focus fell on the person He Tiantian appeared repeatedly and asked: “I don’t know who your husband is?”

He Tiantian was taken aback, showing three points of depression and seven points of happiness, and said: “It’s just a bastard, if you are a genius, one day, you will meet my husband.”

Wiliam nodded, wittyly not going to ask any more questions.

“Well, since my mother has confessed you to me, let me think about it. What is your top priority now?” He Tiantian suddenly frowned, with a thoughtful style.

Wiliam didn’t bother and waited quietly.

After five minutes, He Tiantian slapped his head and said, “Yes! In the later stage of external energy, the next step is to step into internal energy. As soon as internal energy is released, internal energy and blood will be generated one after another. From this point of view, you should have a lot to do. Right.”

Although Wiliam had the “Medical Classic of Wuchang” with him, it couldn’t cover everything.

He heard what He Tiantian said, and it was a little hazy.

Seeing that Wiliam didn’t quite understand, He Tiantian made an analogy and said, “The biggest difference between this external power and internal power is that there is no internal power. Only after opening the eyes of the external power can martial artists vent their breath. Come, and then the body has qi to guide the blood qi to churn…”

“Blood qi?” Wiliam frowned slightly when he heard this.

But He Tiantian said with a bit of dissatisfaction: “Young man, don’t step too far, it’s easy to pull the egg. You have to open your eyes first, and then fill your breath in order to make your blood churn. I know you are talented and intelligent, but you are so high For you, there is absolutely no benefit.”

He Tiantian had a good impression of Wiliam at first, but he never thought that this guy was not calm enough.

People who practice martial arts all want to be steady, how can they be allowed to climb to the sky in one step?

In the end it will only hurt myself.

Wiliam shook his head, and said to He Tiantian: “Senior Ho, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean anything else. I just want to tell you that it seems that my body has already been turbulent.”

Chapter 547

“What!” He Tiantian stood up directly from the ground and looked at Wiliam in surprise.

He Tiantian in the moonlight, even with a surprised face, seemed extremely sacred.

Wiliam looked at He Tiantian amused. At this moment, she didn’t have the kind of calmness and grace that she had before.

“I mean, I seem to have been agitated long ago.” Wiliam said.

He didn’t say this for nothing.

As early as after the First World War in Lantern Village, Wiliam was soaked in the blood pool to come back to life.

From then on, Wiliam felt that his body had changed.

Qi and blood are tumbling all the time, as if ready to come out at any time.

After the baptism of blood jade presented by the head of Lantern Village, more than forty people were saved in the Tianyi Martial Arts Hall.

The blood qi in his body was surging even more fiercely, and it was able to surge with Wiliam’s thoughts.

In the end, it was Li Nanfeng’s last impetus from that jade pearl that made Wiliam’s blood scent overflowing.

That’s why Wiliam dared to tell He Tiantian that he had already become bloody.

He Tiantian was so surprised that his mouth fell.

Ordinary people who practice martial arts first open their eyes, then fill up their inner qi, and finally reach a bloody qi.

It is his monster husband who is so obedient and does not travel on business.

What is going on with this kid in front of me?

Even the eyes of the breath are still open, and the blood is tumbling when you open your mouth?

Do you know what churn is?

He Tiantian wanted to ridicule Wiliam in person, but when he saw Wiliam’s sincere expression, he was puzzled again.

She couldn’t help but grabbed Wiliam’s hand, wanting to observe his body carefully.

He Tiantian was stunned by this pulse.

She only felt that from Wiliam’s pulse, there were powerful beatings!

This kind of beating, the rhythm is full, and the rushing, gurgling vigorous!


It is a sign of blood turmoil!

It’s weird!

He Tiantian looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and suddenly said, “The blood meets the purple star!”

How could Wiliam not understand what He Tiantian meant.

He was about to gather the blood on the purple star point in his body.

Suddenly, He Tiantian only felt that Wiliam’s body was like a big river, and all the blood in his body rushed towards the Zixing Cavern.

She did not believe in evil, and said again: “Yongquan!”

Wiliam directed his blood to the soles of his feet again.

At this moment, He Tiantian finally believed in evil.

She threw away Wiliam’s wrist, wiped the cold sweat from her forehead, and couldn’t help but spit out: “Where is your monster from! You have subverted all the rules of martial arts! If my mother hadn’t explained it personally, I would really I want to dissect you to see how your body is different from others!”

Wiliam got goosebumps all over his body by her words.

This beauty looks cold and proud, but she has such a strong taste in her bones.

He Tiantian was really not joking when he said this.

She thought Wiliam was bragging.

But after numbing the pulse, he found that he was really bloody.

She deliberately let Wiliam’s blood flow toward the two acupuncture points, which was testing Wiliam, whether it was a hit and miss, or a matter of course.

Seeing that Wiliam was already able to command the surge of blood and energy, He Tiantian couldn’t say anything.

In the end, only one sentence can be summarized, this kid is also a monster!

All at once, He Tiantian’s thoughts were completely overturned.

He Tiantian was a bit arrogant as a teacher, but now she is so arrogant that she can’t think of how to give this kid any more.

Even the blood was churning out, but the eyes were still open, which made He Tiantian Youzhong look at a piece of pork full of pig hair.

It smells sweet and delicious, but there is no mouth.

It’s disgusting.

After thinking about it, He Tian’s head is big, and he simply said: “Oh, I don’t want to, I blame you, I have mixed up all my sister’s thoughts. Anyway, I still follow the original idea. Do you like to listen.”

Wiliam had an urge to laugh when he heard this almost shameless remark.

He didn’t know what happened to his body.

All he knows is that his blood is surging in his body now, and the fragrance of blood is overflowing.

And the recovery ability is many times stronger than normal people.

“In this way, you first go get a return to the qi, and open your eyes.” He Tiantian said shamelessly.

Go home?

Wasn’t Wiliam able to refine the jade pearl in his body because he had taken Guiqi Guo.

Make another one now?

“There is no problem, what else?” Wiliam said lightly.

Now that he has a unicorn in his palm, it is not difficult for him to have a mere return.

But He Tiantian was so angry that his nose was crooked by Wiliam’s cold attitude.

what the hell!

The old lady hurried to this place with stars and the moon, but she was inexplicably stuffed with a man by her mother.

This man is really a monster, turning all his thoughts to the ground.

It’s okay now, he doesn’t have the morals of a junior at all.

Who can show an ice cube face!

The old lady looks much better than you.

Okay, you don’t have a problem, my old lady will make a problem for you.

He Tiantian felt a little more comfortable thinking of this.

Sure enough, doing evil makes people happy.

Suddenly she said in front of Wiliam: “Look at it.”

Wiliam’s eyes immediately fixed on He Tiantian’s hands.

There was nothing in her hand.

But at this time, a scene that surprised Wiliam appeared!

I saw that He Tiantian, who was originally empty, suddenly slowly emerged a dagger with a red light!

This dagger seemed to appear out of thin air, with cold light, giving people a deep killing intent!

This is definitely not an illusion!

Wiliam looked at He Tiantian in astonishment. Naturally, it was not some kind of magic or blindfold.

He Tiantian smiled triumphantly when he saw Wiliam’s horror, “Did you see clearly?”

Wiliam closed his eyes suddenly, recalling the actions He Tiantian had just done.

See it!

Wiliam opened his eyes, his eyes gleaming!

See it!

This dagger emerged from He Tiantian’s body!

Slowly emerged from her hands!

“Can your body hide daggers?” Wiliam asked in surprise.

He Tiantian was taken aback, not thinking that this kid was really smart, and he could see through.

She smiled and said, “It’s wrong, this is my unique skill, to serve the sword! Do you want to learn? When you reach your inner strength, I can teach you.”

Wiliam’s heart suddenly throbbed.

Waiting for the knife!

Wiliam thought with inferences, if he could take care of the needle!

There are a hundred long live safflowers in my body!

And I don’t know if it is destined by God.

Long live safflower drinks blood to show off its power, and become attached to blood.

If you take care of the needle yourself, it is not only much more convenient, but also unexpected.

More importantly, if you can use your own essence and blood to keep the long live safflower at all times, then the power will definitely increase!

Wiliam looked at He Tiantian with a smile, and said in a deep voice, “I want to learn, let’s tell you, I am determined to learn! Tell us your conditions.”

Chapter 548

He Tiantian showed a successful smile, as if he had known Wiliam’s mind a long time ago, watching Wiliam not speak.

Wiliam saw that there was no way, and said, “If you have any requirements, just ask.”

He Tiantian cleared his throat and said: “I know that you are a little power, and it is easy to get the qi fruit from there. My condition is that you are not allowed to use your power, but you must rely on your true ability to get the return. Gas fruit.”

Wiliam frowned. Didn’t this little Niang Pi do things on purpose.

Seeing Wiliam frowned, He Tiantian felt very refreshed.

It’s fun to show you such a gloomy look.

Otherwise, you really think that the world belongs to you Wiliam alone?

“Then I’m going to find out where there is a return to qi, is there a time limit?” Wiliam pondered for a moment, and said.

He Tiantian smiled slyly and said, “I know where it is, but I only give you one day.”

Wiliam has a black line, don’t be too obvious about making things difficult.

“Huang Daoming, do you know? It seems to be a well-known doctor in your world. He will come to Yan Province tomorrow, and he happens to have a qi fruit in his hand. If you have the skills, take it from him. “He Tiantian said with a smile.

“Huang Daoming?” Wiliam frowned again when he heard the name.

Huang Daoming was naturally an old genius doctor who was wrong, but before because of his younger brother Huang Daoqing, Wiliam and this stranger Huang Daoqing had forgotten.

He Tiantian actually asked him to go to Huang Daoming to get the fruit?

This is even worse.

What’s more, Guiqi Guo is nothing more than a gadget for people like He Tiantian and Wiliam.

But for the secular people, it is an inestimable treasure.

Will Huang Daoming give up such things?

There is only one day.

Seeing that Wiliam was really serious this time, He Tiantian couldn’t help asking, “What’s the matter? Are there any difficulties?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “There is nothing wrong with Huang Daoming.”

When He Tiantian heard this, he clapped his hands and laughed, “Oh, what a coincidence, now it’s more fun.”

Wiliam looked at He Tiantian speechlessly, this is a dung stick, right?

Hopefully, the more complicated things are, the happier she will look at Renhong.

“A day’s time, to go to the province to do things, it takes more than half a day to go back and forth, you give me a day, isn’t it a bit difficult for me.” Wiliam didn’t care about Huang Daoming, but he was quite critical of the world.

He Tiantian’s face was stern, and said, “A challenge is a challenge. Otherwise, my condition is for nothing?”

Seeing that He Tiantian would never let go, Wiliam nodded and said, “Alright, you will send me his tomorrow’s foothold in a while, and I will find him early in the morning.”

He Tiantian originally wanted to agree, but when he heard the tone of a command, he suddenly became angry again.

But suddenly she couldn’t find any other excuses to vent, so she exchanged phone calls with him and sent him an address.

After He Tiantian sent the address, a little fox smile suddenly appeared.

How could she pay attention to a small doctor in this world.

It’s just that when I was chasing her mother yesterday, I happened to pass through the province, and then heard some news. At this time, it was time to make things difficult for Wiliam to think of it.

Well, this little monster, don’t know what will happen tomorrow?

It’s a bit looking forward to it.

“Well, it’s getting late, do you have a place to rest? Would you like me to arrange a hotel for you?” Wiliam asked kindly.

But He Tiantian shook his head, showing a little bit of greed, and said, “No, I will arrange it myself. It’s been a long time since I have been out of the mountain, and I have forgotten. What is the taste of your wine? Have fun tonight Something.”

Lu Yegang was about to laugh at how this girl is still an alcoholic.

But without time to say anything, I was shocked by the previous scene.

He Tiantian rose in the air, like a bird under the moon.

Dancing lightly, aura is compelling.

Her feet stepped against the wind in the air and jumped directly into the boundless cliff in front of her.

“Senior!” Wiliam was so scared that he got goosebumps all over his body. What is the habit of jumping off the cliff if he doesn’t agree?

But when he reached the edge of the cliff, he sweated again.

At this moment in the night, He Tiantian is in white again.

In the dark night, a white dress was particularly dazzling in the moonlight.

The white robe walked on the wind like this, and in an instant, he went away.

“Don’t worry, the outside world is big. You will get used to it later.” He Tiantian’s hearty laughter came from a distance.

Only then did Wiliam believe that this girl was not thinking about it, but really capable.

He looked at He Tiantian’s disappearing back with mixed feelings.

When he was at the Lu family in North, Wiliam didn’t have seen those masters in the family.

Those people are tall and tall, but who can do it like He Tiantian in front of them, understatement and walk in the wind.

Her realm was actually much stronger than the elders of the Lu family.

Where did she come from!

Wiliam was full of interest in He Tiantian’s background.

After calming down for a few minutes, Wiliam also drove down the mountain and returned home.

Early the next morning, Wiliam separated from Feliicity again and drove the earliest train to Rock Province.

Yan Province is a large province with nine cities and towns below, and Q City ( Qena City ) is just one of them.

Wiliam said he was going to Rock Province, but he was actually going to Rock City, the capital city of Rock Province.

According to He Tiantian, Huang Daoming will stay at Luomutian Hotel in Yancheng this morning.

And while Wiliam was in the car, something was happening in the Luomutian Hotel in Yancheng.

An old man with gray hair and black clothes was standing in front of a presidential suite, listening to the report of his apprentice.

“Master Zhuang, the old man Huang Daoming will be at the hotel in an hour. Everything has been explained according to your instructions. He will definitely give Huang Daoming an unexpected gift to meet him.”

Master Zhuang, whose real name is Zhuang Litian, is a famous genius doctor in Yancheng.

But he is well-known as a genius doctor, not well-known, but he is a poison king!

The use of poison by the healer is justified.

Over the past few decades, he has devoted himself to the study of poison techniques and has achieved success.

In his opinion, there are no people in this world who can’t die.

He doesn’t have any grudges with Huang Daoming, on the contrary, it is a bit like the relationship between enemies and friends.

Over the years, the two have fought countlessly, one using poison and the other detoxifying, and they have formed a tacit understanding.

This time Huang Daoming came to Yancheng. As the earth-headed snake, how could Zhuang Litian not give a welcome gift?

He planned that when Huang Daoming stepped into the hotel, he would send a dozen or so poisonous people to see how Huang Daoming cracked the horrible poison he had just developed!

Chapter 549

As for Huang Daoming’s detoxification, Zhuang Litian doesn’t care.

He used poison for the pleasure of his heart.

If it can be solved, Zhuang Litian will naturally continue to work hard.

If you can’t explain it, Zhuang Litian will not be arrogant and complacent.

As for those who are highly toxic, Zhuang Litian naturally does not pay attention to their life and death.

After all, according to Zhuang Litian’s current identity, it was just a trivial man and an ant.

His generation of poison kings has never used poison only, not detoxification, nor detoxification.

If you die, you die.

Even in Zhuang Litian’s eyes, it was their good fortune that these little people were lucky enough to be his poisoned souls.

“Okay, just follow the plan. If you have anything, report to the old man in time.” Zhuang Litian said lightly.

He held a cup of strong tea in his hand, and his apprentice couldn’t help backing three steps with this hand.

I saw that Zhuang Litian’s hand was completely different from normal people.

His hand has completely turned dark green because of touching the poison all the year round.

The Poison King is the Poison King not because he can use poison.

But he himself is poison.

As long as he touched something with his hand, it could never be used by others.

Otherwise, only one death.

“By the way, Master, Huang Daoming’s young apprentice Zhang Dian in Yancheng has already greeted him at the entrance of the hotel, do you want to…” the apprentice said cautiously.

“Zhang Dian?” Zhuang Litian frowned.

He naturally knew this Zhang Dian.

And he is a talented person among the younger generation of Iwaki.

In my twenties this year, I have come to Huang Daoming’s school, and I am already quite accomplished in medicine.

People in Yancheng are also well-known.

“Just find something and move him away.” Zhuang Litian said casually.

This classic is familiar to Yancheng, and this game will not be fun if it breaks.

The apprentice took the order and hurried out.

Looking at the bustling big city, Zhuang Litian suddenly felt melancholy, and sighed, “The world is so big, there are no capable people…”

A young man at the door answered a call a few minutes later and left in a hurry.

After more than half an hour, a kind-minded old man, followed by a few entourages, slowly walked into the hotel.

No one found out that he was the famous genius Huang Daoming Huang.

His flight was advanced, and he didn’t tell anyone.

And Zhuang Litian’s apprentice, staring at the time in a corner, couldn’t help but get nervous.

He knew Master Zhuang Litian was fierce, so he didn’t dare to mess things up.

It’s just that Huang Daoming couldn’t wait and wait, he couldn’t help becoming impetuous.

what should I do?

According to the poison prescription given by the master, those who are tricked into drinking poisoned water will be effective soon.

After a few minutes, another young man appeared at the door of the hotel.

He is naturally Wiliam.

Wiliam stood at the door of the hotel, looking at the majestic lobby of the hotel, showing a slight smile.

The world is so big, we still have to look at it more.

Over the years, he has been dormant in Q City ( Qena City ) for too long.

He just stepped into the door of the hotel and suddenly heard a commotion in the lobby.
Someone shouted: “No! Someone vomited blood! Come on!”

Vomiting blood?

Wiliam frowned and walked slowly towards the place where the crowd was commotion.

As he approached, Wiliam suddenly smelled a strong smell of medicine.

His brow furrowed deeper.


“Impermanence Medical Classics” not only saves people, but also kills.

Naturally, the way of using poison is also recorded.

To put it bluntly, the world’s doctors are no more than the “Impermanence Medical Classic”.

The poison of the world is equally poisonous but not medical classics.

He can easily distinguish the smell of medicine in the air and what ingredients are mixed in.

Wiliam stood not far away and said lightly: “If you don’t want to die, don’t get close to them yet.”

However, the nervous-looking people around them cursed at Wiliam: “What’s the matter with you young man! Life is at stake, how can you stand by and watch!”

“The world is getting worse, and nowadays young people are becoming less and less ungrateful.”

The people around were dissatisfied with Wiliam and flocked to the person who vomited blood again.

There were a dozen people who vomited blood lying on the ground. The faces of these people were like golden paper, and the blood vomited out was a faint copper color.

The evil spirit in the air is getting heavier.

Wiliam sighed when these people didn’t listen to them and wanted to give up.

What should be said, he said.

He can do nothing if he doesn’t know good or bad.

But at this moment, someone suddenly shouted: “Lao Zhang, what’s the matter with you? Why did you faint suddenly!”

Wiliam turned around to look, but it was the person who scolded him a while ago.

The man was originally not poisoned, but he wanted to help him in the past.

But within a minute, he was also poisoned and passed out.

Like a chain reaction, the people around just now coughed violently one by one, then became confused and fainted directly on the ground.

At this moment, those who originally wanted to step forward were stunned in an instant.

One by one, as if hiding from the plague god, hula suddenly dispersed.

The people on the ground were vomiting blood and twitching constantly, the scene was like hell.

The lobby manager of the hotel was anxious and sweated straight down.

This is in his hotel.

Now that so many people are vomiting blood, he has a few lives that are not enough to pay!

At this moment, the manager suddenly looked at Wiliam.

This kid, I mentioned before that everyone should not go forward.

At that time, everyone didn’t take it seriously, and thought he was innocent.

Now it seems that he is warning!

Could he be able to predict the prophet?

No, there is no such kind of gods.

He must be a doctor!

The lobby manager suddenly thought of something. He stepped up to Wiliam, pulled Wiliam’s hand tightly, and said sincerely, “Doctor Zhang, is it you! You must help us in the hotel, no, you must Save the lives of these innocent people, they are almost dead.”

The lobby manager knows that Doctor Huang Daoming will come to the hotel to check in today.

He even knew that Zhang Dian, a small and famous Yancheng, would welcome him at the door.

It’s a pity that he has never met Zhang Dian and doesn’t know what he looks like.

Now that Wiliam can warn others casually, he is as young as legend.

He is not Zhang Dian, then who would it be?

Lu Yezheng thought about arguing with a lobby manager about his identity.

He just frowned and looked at the people on the ground.

The first person to be poisoned is obviously dying.

The people who fell into a coma because of the smell of poison are now gradually losing their minds.

In a few minutes, the poison can be transmitted by poison, and the toxicity is still so strong.

This poisoned person is afraid it is not easy.

However, Wiliam couldn’t agree with this kind of human attitude.

When the lobby manager saw that Wiliam was unmoved, he suddenly plopped and knelt down for Wiliam, slapped his head, “Doctor Zhang, your doctor is kind, okay to save them? You can’t see I can’t help you. You know that our hotel is located in the center. This time is the peak time for work and ambulances are still not coming. These people probably won’t be able to hold it…”

Wiliam sighed and said faintly: “Let the hotel chef come over and help me.”

Chapter 550

The hotel manager was overjoyed when he heard the words, and immediately nodded, “Okay, thank you, Dr. Zhang! You are simply our hotel’s second benefactor!”

After thanking him, he ran towards the kitchen.

The people around were looking at Wiliam, with expectations in their eyes.

“Listening to what the manager called him just now, is it possible that he is the little genius doctor Zhang Dianzhang in Iwacheng?”

“It must be. You can be called a genius doctor at such a young age. Who else besides Zhang Dian?”

“It’s saved now, God bless you!”

The people around him talked a lot, and Wiliam turned a deaf ear, and walked towards those who fell on the ground.

He is well versed in medicine and naturally knows how to avoid drugs.

He put his hand on a person casually, feeling the pulse of that person.

Combined with the smell of medicine in the air before, Wiliam suddenly understood.

He took out the long live safflower and stuck a few needles on the man’s back. The man suddenly coughed violently, and then he wowed, vomiting blood all over the floor.

After doing this, Wiliam put the person back on the ground and walked towards the next person.

These people were very poisoned, and a few needles would naturally not be able to completely eliminate their toxicity. Wiliam just hung them in a sigh of relief.

After a while, Wiliam had already put all these dozens of people into needles. The people around looked at the blood on the ground, shocking, and the atmosphere didn’t dare to gasp.

And the chef who was called by the lobby manager had already been waiting by the side.

When the manager saw Wiliam stop his hand, he didn’t dare to walk over. He just asked from a distance, “Mr. Zhang, are they all in trouble? Why are they still awake?”

Wiliam glanced at the manager faintly, and said, “I just stopped their poisonous attacks. You chefs come over.”

The chefs heard the words, but did not dare to step forward.

Wiliam frowned slightly, no longer insisting, and said, “I’ll talk about a few things, and you should prepare them now.”

Then he casually said several medicinal materials.

These kinds of medicinal materials are often used in some medicated diets.

Naturally there are all in the hotel.

In Wiliam’s mind, there are naturally seven or eight ways to detoxify, but he is now in a hotel, so he chooses to obtain local materials to save time.

“Crush these medicinal materials according to the amount I just said, and take them with water.” Wiliam said at last.

The chefs were confused when they heard that, a fat-eared chef suddenly asked, “How do I feel that these kinds of medicinal materials are all toxic?”

As soon as he said this, the people around him suddenly became upset.

Theoretically speaking, medicine is three points poisonous, and these chefs know a little bit.

Therefore, the medicated diet usually has a controlling weight.

But the weight that Wiliam just said clearly exceeds the common sense and knowledge of these chefs.

These people are already dying, and they are being fed poison. Isn’t this worse?

The hotel manager’s face turned blue in an instant, and he bumped and asked: “Doctor Zhang, you are…”

Wiliam just said indifferently: “Do as I said, because it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me.”

He was too lazy to explain to this group of people what a severe illness is and requires a strong medicine doctor, what is the use of poison to fight poison, and what is the use of medicine to give birth to a disease.
The hotel manager suddenly became entangled.

He took a deep look at Wiliam, and suddenly his heart slammed, and said, “You guys, immediately follow the prescription of the genius doctor Zhang, hurry up! Don’t worry about that much!”

The chefs nodded immediately and ran towards the kitchen.

After the hotel manager finished this, he suddenly hid aside and made a quiet call, “You immediately send a dozen security guards to block the door.”

He was naturally afraid that these people would be poisoned to death, so he called the security guard. In case of an accident at that time, he must not let the little genius doctor run away.

Lu Yeruo glanced at the hotel manager seemingly, and didn’t say anything.

Human nature is evil, and no one can change it.

Wiliam stood in the center, letting people around him point to him.

Ten minutes later, several chefs rushed out in a hurry, each holding a bowl of dark things in their hands.

The thing was so pungent, and there was no way to come, people around them clutched their noses, and stepped back again.

“What’s this! It smells so bad!”

“Can this thing cure diseases? How do I feel more poison than poison?”

“Hey, let’s take a look. Anyway, a dead horse is a living horse doctor, and we have no idea.”

Seeing them coming, Wiliam said lightly, “One spoonful per person, feed them.”

Those chefs look at me and I look at you, but they dare not start.

It was the hotel manager who came forward again. He kicked the nearest chef and cursed: “Hurry up! Can you afford it if you die?”

Only then did several chefs walk over to the people on the ground.

They had already prepared, one by one, they took out their mouths and covered their noses and mouths tightly.

After some feedings, the chefs scattered around immediately as if they had seen a ghost, not daring to make any stops.

The eyes of the people around them all stayed on those patients.

After a few minutes, they remained unconscious.

Suddenly, the voice of doubt became louder and louder.

“Why are you still awake? Is this antidote not working?”

“I don’t think it’s the antidote at all. Do you smell the smell just now? It’s almost choking.”

“Could it be that the little genius doctor is so ignorant?”

As time goes by, the voice of people outside the discussion is getting louder and louder.

Even the hotel manager was in a hurry.

This is on his territory.

These people are all bombs.

As long as one person dies, his position as a hotel manager will be overwhelmed.

He couldn’t help but walked towards Wiliam and asked anxiously, “Mr. Zhang, why are they still awake? Do you want to give some more medicine?”

Wiliam glanced at him coldly, and said, “In ten minutes, they will get better.”

ten minutes?

The hotel manager was taken aback, it would take so long!

In these ten minutes, he will wait until the wasteland is old.

But at the moment, he has no way at all, so he can only rub his hands on the side in a hurry.

At this time, a loud noise suddenly came from the door.

Everyone looked at the door.

I saw a young man about to come in, but was stopped by the security guard arranged by the hotel manager outside.

The young man looked cold and stern, and said arrogantly: “Get out! Do you know who I am? Why don’t you let me into the hotel?”

The security guards had long been ordered by the hotel manager not to let anyone in the hotel.

This is also for the sake of the hotel’s reputation.

“I don’t care who you are? The hotel will not open for the time being. Go ahead.”

The young man looked at the hotel lobby with cold eyes, and said incomparably high: “It’s really a dog’s eyes that look down on people. I, Zhang Dian, is also very famous in Rock City. Even if your hotel owner comes over, you must respect me three points! What the hell!”

The speaker was unintentional, the listener was intentional, the hotel manager’s head buzzed, and the whole person was stupid.

The man at the door is Zhang Dian?


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