Dragon Husband Chapter 551-560

Chapter 551

Since the young man at the door is Zhang Dian, who is the young man in front of him?

Who is the little doctor?

The hotel manager’s heart suddenly became anxious.

He quickly took out his cell phone and Baidu got up.

Zhang Dian is also considered a public figure in Rock City, so there should be pictures of him on the Internet.

The hotel manager immediately searched with luck.

During this search, his entire hands and feet were cold.

In the photo, Zhang Dian was the one who was stopped by the door!

In other words, I admit the wrong person!

I also blame myself for the critical situation just now, and I have no time to think about other things.

Since Zhang Dian is at the door, who is this kid in front of me!

Why did he ask him for help? He pretended to be a little genius doctor!

Not only pretending to be a genius doctor, but also using this messy antidote to these people!

What if something goes wrong with this!

Thinking of this, the hotel manager ran towards the door like a dog’s tail.

People around also ran toward the door.

“Get out of the way!” The hotel manager first shouted to the security guard.

Then he said hello to the manager Zhang Dian respectfully: “Hello, are you really the genius doctor Zhang Dianzhang?”

This Zhang Dian is a bit handsome and well-known as a young man, with the arrogance of a superior.

He looked at the hotel manager condescendingly, and said coldly: “I’m not Zhang Dian, who is Zhang Dian?”

“Quick, quick! Please come in, doctor Zhang, it was our security guard who didn’t know Taishan.” The hotel manager said repeatedly.

Zhang Dian nodded proudly and walked towards the hall.

He originally received a call saying that his teacher Huang Daoming had temporarily changed his mind and went to another hotel.

He also called Huang Daoming, but it showed that it was turned off.

But I don’t know that Huang Daoming got off the plane, and his mobile phone hadn’t had time to turn on.

When things went wrong, he ran to another hotel, only to realize that it was nothing but nothing.

So he hurried back to the original hotel, but was stopped at the door.

If it is delayed for him to welcome Master’s good day, can these people afford it!

As Zhang Dian walked, looking at the mess in the hotel, he frowned, and sternly shouted at the hotel manager: “What’s the matter with your hotel! What a mess! It would be embarrassing if my master saw this! “

The hotel manager was worried that he had no chance to explain everything before him to Zhang Dian. After hearing these words, he quickly pulled Zhang Dian gently and whispered something in his ear.

After listening to Zhang Dian, he immediately cast his gaze on Wiliam, who was standing not far away.

A gloomy bird flashed in his eyes and strode towards Wiliam.

The people around also hurriedly followed, this good show of true and false Zhang Dian, can not be missed.

Zhang Dian walked up to Wiliam and shouted condescendingly: “It’s you! Pretending to be my genius doctor Zhang Dian?”

Wiliam looked at Zhang Dian in front of him coldly, and said lightly: “I never said I was Zhang Dian.”

Zhang Dian looked at the hotel manager again.

The hotel manager suddenly felt guilty, and he was indeed anxious before, shouting at genius doctors.

This young man never admitted that he was Zhang Dian from beginning to end.

The hotel manager took the courage, bit his scalp, walked up, and said sharply: “You are lying! You are obviously acting as an impostor. Everyone is watching, can you still block Yoyo’s mouth?”

Wiliam just wanted to laugh after hearing this.

There are really people in the world who refer to a deer as a horse.

His front feet begged to save others, kneeling on the ground and kowtow.

Now he quickly changed his face.

Really disgusting.

Zhang Dian looked at Wiliam again, and said in a deep voice, “Who are you! Why are you impersonating me! What have you done to these people!”

Wiliam didn’t answer directly this time.

For such arrogant people, he was too lazy to bother.

And the hotel manager now pinned all hopes on Zhang Dian.

After all, Zhang Dian became famous at a young age, and it is estimated that there is no one who can outperform him in his young medical skills.

Can the imposter in front of him be more capable than Zhang Dian?

Totally impossible!

He said to Zhang Dian: “He just asked our chef to prepare some antidote for these people to eat.”

“Antidote?” Zhang Dian frowned deeper, but he cursed loudly, “Hu Hong! Are you playing a family when you are practicing medicine to save people? These people have taken the medicine that this kid inexplicably prescribed, it’s not easy. Permanently paralyzed, or even death on the spot! Any one of you can afford this kind of crime of killing human life!”

Everyone who said these words bowed their heads.

The hotel manager didn’t even dare to speak out.

“Do you remember what medicine he just prescribed?” Zhang Dian asked.

The chef on the side immediately told Wiliam’s prescription.

After saying this, Zhang Dian’s face rose extremely ugly!

He was trembling with anger!

“What kind of shit antidote is this! It’s simply a poisonous medicine! Do you all have a bit of common sense! These people die today, and you are guilty of this kid!”

The chefs also said depressed: “I just said that they are all poisonous medicinal materials, but…”

While speaking, he glanced weakly at the hotel manager, but was stared back by the hotel manager.

“Get this kid up immediately, and I will diagnose these people myself.” Zhang Dian said, and walked towards the people lying on the ground.

Wiliam was immediately surrounded by security guards.

Zhang Dian grabbed a person’s hand casually, auscultated the pulse.

Upon hearing this, he broke out in cold sweat, and actually dropped the man’s wrist directly, and said with a trembling, “It’s over! It’s over!”

“What’s the matter!” the hotel manager quickly stepped up and asked.

“General orders! Dead end! Dead end! These people are going to die!” Zhang Dian said fiercely.

The pulses of these people are chaotic and not like personal pulses at all.

It seems that there is something frantically fighting in these people’s bodies.

Can you live like this?

He didn’t believe Zhang Dian’s words backwards!

The hotel manager is said to be like an ice cellar.

He looked around in a panic, suddenly fixed his eyes on Wiliam, and said loudly: “Everyone has seen it just now. It was the medicine this kid gave to these people indiscriminately that made them worse. It was him. Killing these people has nothing to do with me and our hotel!”

The hotel manager is desperate.

The cruelest way he could think of was to plant a mischief and put all the blame on Wiliam.

Who made this kid not know what is good or bad, and pretended to be a genius doctor.

Thinking of this, the hotel manager suddenly looked fierce!

Just do it!

He stood up, pointed to Wiliam and said, “Maybe it was this kid who poisoned just now! What a cruel person! I saw you just now! What kind of hatred do these people have with you? Can you commit such poisoning to them? !”

Chapter 552

As soon as this was said, there was an uproar at the scene.

Everyone has come to see Hot Hoo, and they don’t know what happened before.

Now hearing what the hotel manager said, everyone looked at Wiliam with fearful eyes, as if he were a maddening poison king.

Wiliam smiled lightly and said, “Justice and comfortable, since you don’t believe me, I will leave.”

He knew that Yoyo’s mouth was difficult to block, and he didn’t bother to argue about these things.

But the hotel manager stopped directly in front of Wiliam and said viciously, “Go? You want to go after poisoning? It’s not that easy!”

Following his order, the security guards tightened the encirclement again and surrounded Wiliam Tuantuan.

At this time, Zhang Dian said loudly: “Stop arguing, what can I do with this cancer! The top priority is to save these people.”

The hotel manager was reminded by such a reminder that he suddenly woke up and said repeatedly: “Yes, that’s right. What Dr. Zhang reminded is that he also asked Dr. Zhang to do it. Our hotel is grateful!”

He had a flattering face again, as before asking Wiliam for help.

Zhang Dian glanced at Wiliam with disdain, then picked up the silver needle he was carrying and administer the needle one by one to those people.

When the injection was given, his heart was actually very worried.

Judging from the previous diagnosis, these connections were extremely disordered, and I was afraid that the god Daluo could not be saved.

Although he bears the name of a little genius doctor, after all, people are not gods, how can they be able to save these people.

He thought for a while and said to the people around: “These people have already stepped into the yellow spring with one foot. I can only do my best to know the fate.”

The hotel manager said immediately: “That is natural, no matter what the result is, we will be grateful to you for taking the initiative.”

The people around also nodded.

Being able to help at this moment of crisis has already demonstrated the benevolence of the doctor.

What else can he demand?

Zhang Dian nodded in satisfaction when he saw that he had harvested a lot of good feelings.

This is just a vaccination.

He continued to give the needles, but only to stimulate the heart of these people, hoping to delay their death.

Then, taking advantage of this time gap, he hurriedly asked Master for help.

In a short while, he finished the injection of all those people.

The people around looked at these people still not moving at all, and they were all unsure of each one, not knowing what kind of tragedy would happen next.

After finishing this, Zhang Dian finally breathed a sigh of relief. He was about to tell the truth to the people around him, saying that these people could not be saved at all.

But at this time, suddenly a patient on the ground straightened up and coughed fiercely.

This sudden change caused the people present to exclaim directly.

“Look! Someone wakes up! Someone wakes up!”

“Damn! Zhang is a genius doctor, he is really a living Huatuo! Just now those people didn’t even breathe, and they abruptly saved these people!”

“A miracle! Doctor Zhang, you are too good!”

People all around looked at Zhang Dian, their eyes became hot.

They know that they are witnessing a miracle!

Someone can be ordered at this critical juncture, and they have also been rescued!

Even Zhang Dian looked at the patient who had straightened up in surprise.

He couldn’t hear the praise around him at all.

There is only one thought in his mind!

How can it be!

how can that be!

These people are dying, they have nothing to do.

Instead, it stimulates their heart.

The person present with this hand couldn’t see it, but he knew it was extremely dangerous.

Either let these people die on the spot, or just hang them.

But it just lingered.

It is impossible for these people to wake up or even get better.

He stepped forward in disbelief and grabbed his wrist.

With this pulse, he was shocked to take three steps back.


Really weird!

This person had the most chaotic pulse before, and was the person closest to death!

But at this moment, his pulse condition is actually gradually calming down at a perceptible speed.

Although the pulse is still very weak, he clearly feels that his body is improving.

In other words, the poison on his body is solved?

Zhang Dian was so frightened by this sudden miracle that his soul flew away.

He naturally didn’t believe in the theory of ghosts and gods.

How did these people become better!

As this person woke up, the next few coughed out one by one.

At this moment, everyone around was excited.

They shouted a name, and seemed to want to engrave it in their hearts!

“Doctor Zhang! Doctor Zhang! Doctor Zhang!”

Doctor Zhang looked at the worshiping eyes from the people around him, and his heart gradually heated up.

who cares.

Maybe it was really because of a mistake that he made a mistake and saved these people.


It’s all right now, and a lot of money.

Originally, he was only a dead horse as a living horse doctor, but he didn’t expect a lot of feats to fall out of thin air.

Then I will be happy and happy when I am in Rock City.

“Mr. Zhang! I’m kneeling for you! Your great kindness, I am unforgettable!” The hotel manager flushed with joy, and rushed over again and kneeled in front of Zhang Dian.

Zhang Dian looked at this person with tears of gratitude and coughed, pretending to be calm and said, “No, I just raised my hands, it’s nothing.”

The people around him once again admired Zhang Dian’s calmness.

“The genius doctor Zhang is indeed a genius doctor, with extraordinary temperament.”

“Saving more than a dozen lives at hand, this is just a small effort, too modest.”

“Mr. Zhang, you will be our Bodhisattva in Yancheng from now on!”

The hotel manager saw those people wake up, although they still could not move, they just lay on the ground.

His heart relaxed all at once.

This robbery was finally over.

The position of his manager was finally saved.

Thanks to this real genius doctor Zhang.

Thinking of the real two sons, the hotel manager thought of Wiliam.

He looked at this indifferent young man, and suddenly sneered, “Ho ho, Zhang’s medical skills are unparalleled in the world, will you be ashamed of seeing someone!”

“Ms. Zhang has an extraordinary temperament, but someone is narrow-minded, isn’t he ashamed?”

“Doctor Zhang, look at how we are going to deal with this person! He imposts you and poisoned so many people. I suggest sending him directly to the bureau and detaining him for a few years!” The hotel manager said flatly to Zhang Dian. .

But Zhang Dian, who was enjoying the vanity of worship from all quarters, was interrupted by the hotel manager and immediately looked at Wiliam.

Originally, he was very disdainful of Wiliam.

But now, seeing Wiliam so indifferent, his heart suddenly felt a little uneasy.

After he woke up, he knew that the two hands he had just now were not enough to save these people.

Then why do these people get better?

Thinking of this, there was only an impossible answer left in his heart.

It was this impostor guy who saved these people.

Chapter 553

Because only this kid had come into contact with these people before, he even prescribed prescriptions and medicines for them.

But the reason why he said it was impossible was because he had also diagnosed it just now. What a perverted poison is that!

I am afraid that only my master can solve this in the world.

Besides, this kid’s prescriptions are all poisonous medicinal materials, and it’s considered good if they don’t poison people.

When Zhang Dian thought of the vanity scene just now, there was a knot in his heart.

Can’t keep this kid.

No matter what, this thing can no longer be related to this kid.

Thinking of this, Zhang Dian simply pretended to be in the end, and said with a benevolent look: “God has the virtue of a good life, boy, I will let you go today. I hope you can do it for yourself. In the future, you will do more to accumulate virtue and get out!”

When the hotel manager heard that Zhang Dian was about to release the kid, he was anxious, “Mr. Zhang, how could he let him go! He is so heinous, wouldn’t he let him go?

Zhang Dian stared at the hotel manager coldly, and the hotel manager suddenly did not dare to speak.

Zhang Dian has only one idea now, let this kid disappear in front of his eyes at the fastest speed, disappear into the vast sea of ​​people, no one can find it.

In this case, even if there is no evidence of what happened today, the hero will be alone.

“I said, give this kid a chance, don’t you give me face?” Zhang Dian said coldly.

“Well, Doctor Zhang is not only good at medical skills, but also a slap in the face, I am completely convinced.” The hotel manager could only give up.

He wanted to please Zhang Dian, but he didn’t want to offend Zhang Dian because of an insignificant brat.

When the people around heard what Zhang Dian said, they all applauded.

“Mr. Zhang is worthy of the word “Mr. Zhang!”

“The heroes are righteous and help the weak and the poor! Good!”

“Hey, kid, don’t hesitate to thank the genius doctor Zhang for not killing!”

Standing in the middle, Wiliam sneered while watching this coaxing show.

Fame and fortune, the world chased into madness.

Seeing Wiliam smile, Zhang Dian’s face immediately went cold, “What are you laughing at?”

Wiliam looked at Zhang Dian and said jokingly, “Do you really think they are having trouble?”

Zhang Dian’s heart twitched, and the ominous premonition just now resurfaced.

This kid!

Why do you say such a thing!

Could it be!

What’s wrong inside!

However, with this sentence alone, Zhang Dian was already a little bit convinced that this kid didn’t know what method he used to save them!

That being the case, we can’t keep him here!

Thinking of this, Zhang Dian said in a cold voice: “Huh, I Zhang Dian took the shot, and the Quartet witnessed it with my own eyes. Is there a fake?”

Wiliam shook his head, did not answer the conversation, but once again showed a mocking smile.

Boring people.

Do you really think something is wrong?

Wrong, Wiliam temporarily rescued them with poison.

It took some time for these people to wake up before.

It’s also a coincidence. Within this time, Zhang Dian appeared, and everyone thought that Zhang Dian saved these people.

However, the treatment is not over yet.

After Wiliam rescued them, he was still short of the last injection, and these people’s lives were completely recovered.

And this last injection is to use the secret technique in the “Impermanent Medical Classics”.

In the whole world, I am afraid that only Wiliam’s grandfather will be able to save people with this method.

This scripture, called the genius doctor, is unlearned.

Really responded to that sentence, ten doctors and nine yongs.

Zhang Dian had a ghost in his heart, and he was immediately annoyed by Wiliam smiling like this!

He cast a look at the hotel manager, his eyes full of brutality.

Boy, I am determined to let you make a living and not care about you.

Since you don’t know good or bad, don’t blame me for being rude.

The hotel manager is also a good individual, and he understands it all at once.

He rushed in front of Wiliam and shouted loudly: “You murderer, you are still here to question the genius doctor! It’s crazy! If you don’t send you to the bureau today, I promise not to be a human being. This fanatic caught me!”

The security guards obeyed, hula and rushed towards Wiliam.

The people around were frightened and backed away, for fear of being injured by mistake.

They also felt extremely disgusted by Wiliam’s ungrateful attitude.

There are so many people in the world who don’t know good and bad!

And Zhang Dian sneered watching this kid was about to be arrested.

But in the next scene, Zhang Dian stayed, the hotel manager was stupid, and the onlookers screamed.

There were a dozen security guards, each one was tall and he was still holding a stick in his hand.

It was easy for them to take down a young man who seemed to be weak.

However, they just approached Wiliam’s body, but they flew out one by one!

“Bang bang bang!” One sturdy body smashed to the ground.

Wiliam was still standing there, but he flicked his leg slightly.

Everyone’s eyes are about to fall to the ground.


How did this kid make the move just now?

Dare to ask how many people see clearly?

No one can see clearly!

It took only ten seconds before and after.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the person flying upside down, where would they pay attention to Wiliam.

Looking at the people on the ground, everyone looked at Wiliam, their eyes all changed.

This kid is not only a madman, but also a violent man!

With such skill, who is his opponent now!

The hotel manager was completely confused.

He thought this kid could handle it at will, but he didn’t expect his own person to be handled at will.

Just when he had no idea what to do, Wiliam moved.

Wiliam walked towards him slowly.

Step by step, every step is in the heart of the hotel manager.

He was so nervous that he almost choked.

There was no one around him who could help him.

“You, what do you want to do!” the hotel manager said in a panic while stepping back.

What does Wiliam want to do?

I don’t want to do anything.

He stood in front of the hotel manager and said lightly: “Your hotel is open for business. I naturally want to live in the hotel. What do you say I want to do?”

As soon as this was said, the people around were in an uproar again.

What an arrogant kid!

Poisoned and hurt people.

It’s fine if you don’t run away quickly, and you have to live in this hotel grandly!

Everyone should look at Wiliam with the eyes of a lunatic.

And the hotel manager, under Wiliam’s seemingly indifferent, but solemn and domineering aura, he didn’t even have room to struggle.

He tremblingly said, “I, I will check in for you.”

He wanted to struggle, and when he struggled, he was closer to death.

Everyone watched as the hotel manager checked in for Wiliam, and they felt their hearts were about to jump.

Wiliam took the room card, smiled, and walked towards the elevator.

However, when passing by Zhang Dian, Wiliam suddenly stretched out his hand.

Zhang Dian shrank his neck, but he only felt that he was being watched by a tiger, unable to retreat.

Lu Yezhen hit him, but patted him gently on the shoulder.

“Well, I live in 1606. If you come to me later, remember…”

“Kneel and knock on the door.”

Chapter 554

Wiliam’s words were gentle and understatement, but they gave Zhang Dian an unquestionable feeling.

Zhang Dian wanted to refute, but found that he couldn’t say a word.

He watched Wiliam walk into the elevator, and the whole talent came to his senses.

Recalling Wiliam’s words, and looking at the suspicious eyes from the people around, Zhang Dian was completely furious!


What an arrogant kid!

Just stay in the hotel grandiosely.

Still want me to find him!

Kneeling on the door!

It’s lawless!

I’m going to find a kid who is good for a reputation!

How can it be!

“Doctor Zhang, what should I do now?” The hotel manager asked Zhang Dian tremblingly.

Zhang Dian glanced at the hotel manager coldly and said, “Everyone is saved, they are still very weak, so don’t go to the hospital soon!”

The hotel manager nodded hurriedly, and ordered the messy security guards on the ground, “Don’t get up! Everyone is useless! Does our hotel have a bunch of wine and rice bags? Can’t even beat one person, don’t be ashamed! Don’t hurry and carry those people Get up and call a car to the hospital.”

The security guards struggled to get up from the ground, their faces flushed.

Obviously, it was easily brought down by a kid just now, which made them shame.

But Zhang Dian is abnormally stubborn.

Everyone around was watching him, but the eyes were not as hot as before.

Some even took pity.

This makes Zhang Dian even more unhappy.

Originally, he was the most energetic healer hero in the field today.

But at the last moment, a bastard kid stole the limelight.

How can Zhang Dian, who has been going smoothly since childhood, bear this kind of shame and shame?

Just as he was thinking whether to find a few people to do this arrogant boy, the security guard suddenly rang out not far away.

“Oh, what’s wrong with this person? Is he dead? Why is his body frozen!”

With this shout, everyone around looked at it.

Just now everyone’s attention was drawn to Wiliam, and there was no one observing the patients on the ground.

When the security guard said it, everyone looked at it again and took a breath!

I saw all the patients who had regained consciousness before, and I don’t know when they started to fall into a coma again.

No, it’s not as simple as being in a coma!

Zhang Dian groaned in his heart and rushed up with a vigorous step.

He grabbed a person’s wrist, but felt a strange cold coming from the patient’s hand, reaching Zhang Dian’s heart!

How can it be iced!

Zhang Dian pulsed again, and his whole body got goose bumps.


Although the pulse condition was weak, they gradually stabilized, which means that the symptoms have improved.

But now!

Zhang Dian could hardly feel the pulse of this person in his hand.

No, there is still a pulse.

It’s just too weird.

A normal person’s pulse can beat dozens of times a minute.

Now the person in his hand, his pulse only beats four or five times a minute, and it is still inaudible.

Zhang Dian touched the man’s heart unbelief.

Found the same with the heart!

It bounced faintly a few times, and even stagnated for a long time.

There is no difference from the dead.

Zhang Dian was so scared that he was sweating coldly. He checked other people again and found that the situation was the same.

The security guards thought that the man was dead, and they were so scared that they shouted, “Dead, dead, these people are dead!”

With this shout, everyone around was also afraid.

“Mr. Zhang, what the hell is going on! Haven’t you saved them already?”

“Yes, why are they all dead now, have you saved them?”

“Could it be that just now? The genius doctor Zhang didn’t rescue them?”

People around him began to question Zhang Dian.

Zhang Dian is desperate at this moment!


Why is it like this!

Originally, these people are all going to die. If they died before, then it’s nothing to do.

But now, no longer!

Just now everyone saw that they rescued them, and now they die, their nature has completely changed.

Zhang Dian was too anxious to know what to do.

“Doctor Zhang, you will save them soon, are they still saved?” The hotel manager also said sweatingly from the side.

Doctor Zhang was so angry that he slapped the hotel manager directly on the face, cursing: “I practice medicine, you need to be here to force you! Shut me up!”

He was really outraged.

This slap also slapped everyone around him quiet.

Zhang Dian tried to calm himself down and took out the silver needle to give it.

But this time, he no longer had the courage and courage he had before.

These people obviously have only one breath left.

Maybe, if one needle goes down by himself, it is the last straw that crushes them.

At that time, he was really a murderer.

His hands were shaking, and gradually, his body was shaking.

The people around him dare not let out the atmosphere, which puts even greater pressure on Zhang Dian.

Just when Zhang Dian wanted to escape, an old and majestic voice came over, “What’s the matter?”

Zhang Dian looked at the sound and was overjoyed!


Master Huang Daoming is here!

The master appeared when he was most in distress!

Zhang Dian immediately ran towards Huang Daoming and shouted anxiously: “Master, you can save these people!”

Huang Daoming was originally down to eat, and seeing the mess in the hall, he took a look out of curiosity, but he didn’t realize that his little apprentice was here.

When the hotel manager heard what Zhang Dian said, his eyes suddenly showed incredible expression.

“Master of Doctor Zhang? Could it be that you are Doctor Huang Daoming Huang!”

This sentence, blurted out, the voice is extremely loud.

The people around also showed shocked eyes.

Who doesn’t know Yancheng, Zhang Dian studied under Huang Daoming.

And Huang Daoming’s reputation is ranked top in the entire country.

It is a coincidence that such a generation of genius doctors actually appeared here.

The people around me gathered up in an instant, you talked with each other.

With a bad premonition in Zhang Dian’s heart, he suddenly said to the hotel manager: “My master will take action, and the idlers will not look at you. You let everyone go, hurry up!”

He actually didn’t want these people to gossip and talk about the situation just now to Huang Daoming.

The hotel manager obeyed his orders and immediately organized personnel to dismiss the onlookers.

When the people around were almost gone, Zhang Dian respectfully said to Huang Daoming: “Master, these people seem to be poisoned, they are about to die, you can see them soon.”

Huang Daoming still knew that human life is a matter of life, so he didn’t ask much, and lowered his body to give someone a pulse.

At this number, Huang Daoming’s face suddenly changed.

He stood up directly and shouted sternly: “Teacher, I taught you for the teacher! Where are these people poisoned! How can they have any poison?”

“Obviously it was caused by the strong stimulation of the heart pulse by the silver needle!”

“Who is this cruelty to so many people?”

Chapter 555

Zhang Dian almost couldn’t stand on his feet when he heard it, and cried out: “Master, are you wrong? Those people were obviously poisoned before…”

But when he didn’t finish speaking, he saw Master cast a majestic look at him.

He trembled with fright.

What are you doing!

In front of outsiders, questioning Master!

Thinking of this, Zhang Dian hurriedly lowered his head, afraid to speak.

What the master said is never wrong.

Then, what is weird in it?

Huang Daoming diagnosed it again carefully, and said in a deep voice: “It’s wrong, it is indeed because the silver needle strongly stimulates the heart pulse and the life is hanging by a thread. I ask you, who just gave these people the needle?”

Huang Daoming asked the hotel manager.

The hotel manager took a peek at Zhang Dian, but Zhang Dian stared back.

He knew what to say.

He bumped and said: “Before there was a stinky guy who didn’t know where he came out. He gave these people a needle. I wonder if it’s him?”

Huang Daoming’s face turned angrily, “Huh! Caosuga life! It’s Caosuga life!”

The hotel manager and Zhang Dian cast a glance, and neither of them dared to say that Zhang Dian had used needles.

Zhang Dian was even more disturbed.

According to Master, Zhang Dian did this to stimulate the heart.

In other words, if these people died, Zhang Dian would be the culprit.

Zhang Dian still hasn’t come out of the infinite glory before, how can he accept such a shocking reversal.

He decided no matter what, to directly attribute the crime to the previous kid.

“Master, you can help them quickly.” Zhang Dian whispered.

It’s okay if nothing happens. When something happens, there are things that you can’t hide.

I hope Master can save these people.

Huang Daoming sighed and said, “This time my teacher came to your Rock City for personal matters. I didn’t expect to encounter this kind of thing, but I can’t stand by and take an exception.”

Huang Daoming came here this time, indeed for a very private matter, to get something from Yancheng.

If this thing is obtained, he will be able to take it to the next level.

So he deliberately kept a low profile, and even changed flights temporarily, just not wanting to be thought of by those who are interested.

Unexpectedly, the appearance just now has been recognized by some people.

He didn’t want to shoot.

But since he has been seen, for the sake of fame, he can’t be kind by himself.

Zhang Dian was overjoyed when he heard that, “Master is unparalleled in medical skills, and he must be cured.”

Huang Daoming nodded with satisfaction.

His fame is well-known.

A little sickness doesn’t make him difficult.

“Get the needle here.” Huang Daoming said to a person behind him.

The man nodded and immediately took out Huang Daoming’s silver needle.

Huang Daoming first put a needle on a person’s body quickly, and wanted to borrow these needles to neutralize the strong stimulation of the kid who didn’t know where before going.

In Huang Daoming’s view, this is a trivial matter.

But after a while, Huang Daoming suddenly gave a hey.

“Master, what’s the matter?” Zhang Dian had been observing Master’s expression and asked immediately when he saw this.

Huang Daoming glanced at Zhang Dian, frowned and said, “It’s weird, a little weird. You can come here by another person.”

Zhang Dian was in the fog, but he quickly changed a comatose patient to Huang Daoming.

Huang Daoming did not believe in evil, so he administered the needle again.

But the result is the same as before.

Suddenly Huang Daoming’s face suddenly became serious.

Before he thought he could catch it with his hands, but now it seems that the mystery is deep.

“It seems that these people have indeed been poisoned before.” Huang Daoming muttered, suddenly closed his eyes and began to think.

Originally, he thought that these people were hanging by a thread because of the strong stimulation of the heart.

But now it seems that it is not that simple.

The lifeblood of these people is extremely weird.

It seemed that someone had used a very special method to seal the gate of life.

This way they hung their breath.

In this way, even if these people are still unconscious, they will almost die if their pulses seem to be absent.

But just being hung in a sigh of relief, will die.

After thinking, Huang Daoming opened his eyes and observed these people carefully.

He wanted to find out how many places were sealed by this mysterious method.

In this way, you can target them and break them one by one.

But Zhang Dian felt even more nervous when he saw his unattainable master showing a solemn expression.

It seems that the bastard used to be able to make the master like that.

But Zhang Dian still believes in his master. After all, the master’s age and qualifications are all there, so how can a young kid be able to compare.

After Huang Daoming’s careful observation, he finally found seven blocked gates.

He couldn’t help taking a breath, “How weird! How can the sword go slanting forward! How dare a person with great skill!”

These life gates are the dead spots of the human body. The drop of the silver needle, deep or shallow, will cause death.

Unexpected results can only be achieved if the points are just right.

It is to ask Huang Daoming to inject the needle himself, and he has to weigh it again and again.

The stinky boy who didn’t think of this, not only got the needle, but also got a dozen people without making a mistake.


While Huang Daoming was admiring in his heart, he was also excited about the outcome.

Ho ho, since you can block, the old man can solve it.

At this moment, he has completely stopped thinking, even if he can solve it, what will happen to these people after unlocking it?

Life and death are destined by nature, so what is wrong with death.

He held his breath and stared, suddenly a needle!

The patient’s body trembled suddenly.

Huang Daoming and Rao’s age and qualifications were there, and he was taken aback by the patient’s reaction.

“No!” He couldn’t help exclaiming.


Not seven places!

Huang Daoming suddenly discovered that his previous observations were too simple.

There is a Mingmen, the acupoint in the acupoint, and a pulse, which is the pulse storing the pulse!

In other words, there are nine places!

Nine Nine into One!

It’s Hetian Dao!

After Huang Daoming saw through these, his face changed drastically!

There are people in the world who use needles so magically!

Huang Daoming worked his lifelong cultivation base, and now only these clues can be seen.

As for the needle, I can’t even think about it.

Before the seven points, Huang Daoming could only reluctantly, saving the next two is already the limit.

He was thinking about saving the next two just now, which is considered an explanation.

But now the nine points, the points in the points, the veins contain the veins!

Don’t talk about it alone, he wouldn’t even dare to take a shot!

He suddenly felt extremely terrifying.

His own path of medical science was originally a glimpse of the mountains and small mountains, disregarding the heroes.

But now, suddenly there was a towering high mountain lying in front of him.

Cover the sky!

There is no peak in the world!

He was so frightened by his thoughts!

He no longer cares about the patient in front of him, and suddenly stood up, and asked Zhang Dian, who was nervous to the side, with a deep voice, “Say it! Who used the needle on these people before! Come on! Take me to see him!”

Chapter 556

Zhang Dian saw that his master changed his face in an instant, and he became too nervous, and asked vainly: “Master, let’s ignore that person for now. It’s important that we save these people in front of us first.”

Huang Daoming looked at Zhang Dian’s guilty conscience, and suddenly put one hand on his head, and said indifferently, “Zhang Dian, as my apprentice, you have such a narrow vision. He said, did you hide something from your teacher? I will give you another chance.”

This is very heavy.

Zhang Dian was frightened all over.

He was stared at by the master so that he could no longer stand it, and thumped and knelt in front of Huang Daoming.

He never dared to hide it anymore.

So he told Huang Daoming half-truth about Wiliam’s impostor.

Huang Daoming was trembling with anger when he heard it.

He couldn’t help but slapped Zhang Dian in public!

“You don’t know anything about using needles on these people! Still forcibly stimulating your heart! You are looking for death! Do you want to blacken out the famous name of Master I! You almost killed these people, do you know it!” Huang Daoming is heartbroken! To say.

Where did Zhang Dian dare to refute, knelt down, and hurriedly knocked his head up, “Master, I know that I was wrong. I was wrong when I acted recklessly before, but that kid is too arrogant. He is definitely not the expert you think. Swear by your life.”

Huang Daoming ignored Zhang Dian’s words, turned his head and said to the hotel manager, “Is there any prescription left by that kid before? Show me.”

The hotel manager shivered from the sidelines. Hearing what Huang Daoming said, he nodded quickly, “Also, there are still some medicines that have not been used up before, and I will get them for you.”

Huang Daoming has been immersed in medical skills for decades and has never seen such a magical needle method.

No, I have seen it, but only once.

That time, he seemed to see not a healer, but a medical saint.

The old genius doctor surnamed Lu is like a medical saint who is going to the world with a red needle in his hand, and he is unparalleled in the world.

Now, when Huang Daoming looks at these patients, he feels helpless.

Who is that person!

As he was thinking, the hotel manager fetched a bowl of black and pungent medicine paste.

The smell was that Huang Daoming couldn’t help covering his nose.

The hotel manager saw the genius doctor Huang covering his nose and stood there, not knowing what to do.

Huang Daoming just covered his nose, let go, and then reached out to take the bowl of medicine paste.

He sniffed it deeply, only the smell of medicine inside.

He tried to distinguish which medicines were in it, but to distinguish between them, only a few medicinal materials were distinguished.

He couldn’t help saying: “These should be poisonous things?”

As soon as the words came out, the hotel manager immediately bowed, “The genius doctor Huang is really a genius doctor, and you know it by smelling it.

Huang Daoming maintained an arrogant look and casually said a few herbs.

These flavors were just what he tried to distinguish.

The hotel manager was getting more and more excited, and said repeatedly: “Yes, that’s it! And more!”

With that said, the hotel manager also called out the chef just now and retelled all the recipes to Huang Daoming.

Huang Daoming became more horrified as he listened.


These poisons were actually mixed together.

And after drinking it to these people, it actually solved the poison on them.

Really amazing!

“You go down first, Mr. Rong thinks quietly for a while.” Huang Daoming said.

Zhang Dian and others immediately took their orders and stood far away.

The zodiac is clearly thinking.

But not thinking about how to save these people.

But I was thinking, what is the effect of mixing these poisons together?

He has been practicing medicine for most of his life, and he has never acted like this to put it to death.

Now thinking about the efficacy of these drugs, Huang Daoming is more and more surprised.

He is also an extraordinary person, and he has gradually figured out a clue from the mixture of these poisons.

He took a piece of paper and quickly wrote and painted on the paper.

This writing took more than half an hour.

During this half an hour, Zhang Dian and others saw Huang Daoming as if he had fallen into a demon, and he was going crazy.

He scratched the paper frantically, even sometimes with a proud look.

Until the end, he slapped the table and laughed loudly, “Hahaha! Okay! I understand! I finally understand!”

Zhang Dian wanted to pass, but he dared not move halfway.

Huang Daoming looked at the piece of paper that had already been scratched, and he felt a kind of inexplicable joy in his heart!

In the path of medicine, he always seeks stability and peace, and dare not make any difference.

After all, he is so famous that he cannot tolerate any omissions.

Otherwise, his reputation will be lost overnight.

This has also caused him to stagnate in medical practice in recent years.

But just now, after a lot of thoughts about the interaction between heaven and human, he saw another avenue as if seeing the sun in the sky.

His stagnant realm seemed to gradually loosen.

He sighed in his heart the magic of the nine points just now, and also sighed the domineering and self-confidence of fighting poison with poison.

Who the hell is that young man who has such an ability!

But what makes Huang Daoming feel even more exciting is that he was pushing back just now.

Through the medicinal properties of these poisons, he pulled out the cocoon, and actually reversed the medicinal properties of the poison.

Even, he just kept deducing.

It turned out to be true, let him push the show.

What kind of poison was among those people before!

Even the ingredients of the poison, he pushed it all over!

Before that, he had never seen poison.

Today, the antidote can be used to reverse the composition of the poison.

This kind of travel against the sky made Huang Daoming very excited.

And in his heart, he was constantly sighing about the person who was equipped with the poison.

How cruel and cruel, how vain life.

But it makes people eager to compete!

He thought of someone!

An old opponent of his.

Zhuang Litian!

Only Zhuang Litian, the old poison king, can dispense such overbearing poison!

Hahaha, I forgot just now, this rock city is the site of the old poison king.

Huang Daoming really has some ways, through one antidote, he inferred so many things.

Nowadays, Huang Daoming is even more satisfied.

He suddenly waved to Zhang Dian, “Come here.”

Zhang Dian walked over tremblingly, awaiting orders.

“Where is the person who gave the needle before! Take me to see him immediately!” Huang Daoming said.

As soon as these words came out, Zhang Dian’s whole person became ill, “Master, can you not go to that person?”

Huang Daoming’s eyes cold, “Do you still need your consent to do something for the teacher’s behavior?”

Zhang Dian shrank his neck, revealing a look of incomparable misery, and said sadly: “Master, do you know what that person said just now?”

“What did you say?” Huang Daoming asked.

Zhang Dian said bluntly, “He said that if you want to find him, you have to kneel and knock on the door!”

Chapter 557

Huang Daoming showed a displeased expression upon hearing this, “What did you say? Say it again?”

Zhang Dian didn’t hide it at all, and explained the previous events, and then said: “He really told me that. If you want to see him, you have to kneel and knock on the door, no matter who it is.”

Huang Daoming suddenly showed a sneer.

Originally, he was still admiring that a young man had such extraordinary medical skills.

Regardless of whether it is using needles or medicines, they all go slanting forward, which is very evil.

But I didn’t expect this kid to behave so perversely.

I really don’t know that there are people outside of heaven in this world?

If it had been before, Huang Daoming would not have felt that this kid was arrogant.

But after being excited just now by pushing back the poison, Huang Daoming is now smug.

Who can look at it?

“It seems that he knew that we would be helpless to find him again, so he said so deliberately, but he knew, did I want to see him? Ho Ho.” Huang Daoming said with a sneer.

Zhang Dian naturally followed Master’s words and said: “He certainly doesn’t know. If you know that a person of high esteem like you is to see him, he has to kneel in front of you and listen to your teachings.”

“Take me to see him, by the way, what is his name?” Huang Daoming asked casually.

Zhang Dian was taken aback, what’s his name, don’t you know?

Isn’t it called the brat?

He immediately looked at the hotel manager.

The hotel manager patted his head, “I checked in for him before, and I will check it for you right away.”

As soon as he said, he ran to the front desk to check.

After a minute, he ran back again and said, “I found it, his name is Wiliam.”

“Cut, what a bad name.” Zhang Dian sneered directly.

“The last name is Lu? Which Lu?” Huang Daoming started to ponder.

“Land of land.” The hotel manager answered quickly.

Last name Lu?

What a coincidence?

The veteran doctor I saw in the early years was also surnamed Lu.

But Huang Daoming just thought so casually, and didn’t delve deeper.

In his mind, there is only one old genius doctor with a surname of Lu, and there is no more Lu in the world!

In other words, the world no longer deserves the surname Lu.

Originally, Huang Daoming’s brother, Huang Daoqingzhe, was in Wiliam’s hands, and he had seen Long live safflower in Wiliam’s hands.

But because Huang Daoqing was cooked by Frederick, this secret was always buried in Huang Daoqing’s heart, and there was no time to tell Huang Daoming.

“He was in 1606, Master, I will take you there.” Zhang Dian took the initiative to lead the way this time.

He couldn’t wait to see that the stinky boy surnamed Lu heard the master’s name, so scared to kneel to the ground embarrassed.

When they were about to leave, the hotel manager suddenly hesitated and asked weakly: “Two genius doctors, you are leaving, what can these people do?”

The hotel manager is very depressed.

These two genius doctors operated fiercely, and in the end, these people fell to the ground still two hundred and five.

There is no improvement at all.

Now they are leaving, who will save these people?

Huang Daoming said lazily: “Don’t worry, don’t look at these people who look like they are about to die now, but in fact they can’t die. I promised to save them, and they will naturally be saved. When I meet that kid, naturally everything will be Clear.

After speaking, he walked forward.

After thinking about the ideal of the hotel, he quickly followed, “Let me lead the two genius doctors.”

He didn’t want to stay here to face so many people whose life or death was uncertain.

The three walked to Wiliam’s door.

Huang Daoming motioned to Zhang Dian to knock on the door.

Zhang Dian took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

A faint voice came from inside, “Who?”

“It’s me! Zhang Dian! Open the door for me quickly.” Zhang Dian said loudly.

Wiliam was meditating inside, his eyes were not open, and he said coldly, “Did you come on your knees?”

These words almost made Zhang Dian’s nose crooked.



He couldn’t help shouting loudly: “Kneel your sister! My master is here, and he came to see you in person, please open the door for me!”

“Master? Then let’s kneel together.” Wiliam continued to say unhurriedly.

These words made the faces of the three people outside stiff.

Zhang Dian exploded even more, “Damn! Do you know who my master is! Listen to me! My master is Huang Daoming, a famous doctor in China! Please open the door to my master!”

“Is that Huang Daoming? I know, just like that, let’s kneel together.” Wiliam said.

Zhang Dian almost squirted out old blood.

Where did this kid come from?

Have you ever heard of my master’s name?

It’s fine if you dare to pretend garlic in front of Huang Daoming.

I want my master to kneel down too!

It’s too pretentious!

Huang Daoming also looked unhappy.

He felt more and more that the facts of the kid inside were too unwieldy.

No matter how skilled this kid is, he is just a young man who doesn’t know how to promote him.

“Mr. Lu, the old man wants you for something.” Huang Daoming said coldly, his tone also becoming very rude.

Now, there is no sound inside.

Wiliam continued to meditate, too lazy to pay attention to the people outside.

If it was before, Wiliam was still thinking about how to get along with Huang Daoming.

Don’t think about it now, I brought it to the door myself.

And Zhang Dian outside the door saw the person inside pretending to be dead, and suddenly said to the hotel manager: “You open the door for me.”

The hotel manager did not dare to refute, so he called the front desk to send the room card.

The three opened the door and swarmed in.

They saw Wiliam sitting on the bed meditating at a glance.

Zhang Dian rushed directly, and opened his mouth to curse: “You really want to die, are you? My master came here by yourself. If you don’t take the initiative to kneel down and ask for peace, it’s okay if you don’t take the initiative to kneel down and ask for peace. When you were born, you weren’t born! What kind of garlic would I pretend to be with Lao Tzu here!”

However, he hadn’t finished speaking, and suddenly only felt his knees soft.

He actually knelt straight in front of Wiliam.

This kneeling force was so great that Zhang Dian felt that his knees were about to split.

This sudden change made Zhang Dian stunned.

Huang Daoming’s face became even more ugly behind him.

Even he couldn’t see clearly how Zhang Dian knelt down.

He thought that Zhang Dian took the initiative to kneel for the other party.

Zhang Dian is his apprentice.

Even the master didn’t kneel, and now he kneeled down a nasty kid, still in front of him.

Isn’t this slap him in the face?

Zhang Dian wanted to stand up deliberately, but found that his legs seemed to be disobedient and couldn’t stand up at all.

He knelt on the ground and shouted harshly: “You kid, what did you do to me!”

At this time, Wiliam finally opened his eyes.

It looks like a galaxy!

He stood up slowly.

The body is like a lofty mountain!

He touched Zhang Dian’s eyebrows with one hand, and said lightly: “I told you to kneel.”

“You stand here for no reason.”

Chapter 558

“Little baby, the old man advises you to stay as a human being so that you can meet each other in the future.” Huang Daoming finally knew that Zhang Dian had been tricked by this kid, and said displeasedly.

Wiliam looked at Huang Daoming and smiled.

This Huang Daoming looks really similar to Huang Daoming, and he deserves to be twins.

Even the shady bird in his eyes is so similar.

It’s not a good thing either.

Wiliam smiled faintly: “You are Huang Daoming, right?”

“Bold! Dare to call my master by name! You don’t want to live anymore?” Zhang Dianren knelt on the ground, but his voice was still arrogant and domineering.

Wiliam didn’t even look at Zhang Dian. This kid was good at nothing.

Huang Daoming was not entangled with his apprentice at the moment.

He looked up at the little guy in front of him with interest.

He is so beautiful, his temperament is so restrained, but what he says is so arrogant, it’s rare in this world.

“That’s wrong, the old man is Huang Daoming.” Huang Daoming said in a deep voice.

“Then come here, why?” Wiliam asked.

“Little baby, you don’t have to ask knowingly in front of me, the old man, the old man will ask you, why are you cruel to those people, and where are you?” Huang Daoming directly buttoned Wiliam with a big hat.

Wiliam smiled lazily, “What is my intention, you don’t need to know, if you really have the ability, you can save those people, why bother to shout in front of me? You are the old genius doctor who has the skills and intends to come over and beg me to do it?”

This is straightforward and terrible.

Huang Daoming had come here, but he really wanted to ask Wiliam for advice.

But after a few words, the two sides have completely torn their faces and asked for advice.

Huang Daoming’s tone also became cold, “Boy, do you dare to put the score in front of me?”

“It’s not a score, I’m Wiliam, just this score, no need to swing.” Wiliam said lightly.

“Let’s talk about it, how can you save the people below?” Huang Daoming looked at Wiliam deeply.

When he said this, he was extremely unwilling.

However, everyone had seen him attack those patients before.

If it is spread out that these people are not saved, then he will not be able to guarantee that he is a genius doctor.

Even though he had an epiphany just now, he still didn’t know how to solve it.

He thought, it must be that he hadn’t thought of what tricks this kid used.

When Wiliam saw that he was straightforward, he was not polite, and said, “Okay, please speak quickly. Since I’m clear about it, I’ll just say it. Either, leave the fruit of return, I will naturally treat those people, or you leave now. .”

Huang Daoming was shocked when Wiliam mentioned Guiqi Guo!

He looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

Huang Daoming has a return to energy, this is an extremely secret thing.

Very few people know.

The kid who came out of this place knew that he had a fruit of return!

“Who are you! Tell me clearly!” Huang Daoming shouted sharply, never seeing the grace before.

“You don’t care who I am, you just nod or shake your head.” Wiliam said.

Huang Daoming was so angry with this kid that he was going to go crazy on the spot.

This qi fruit is, to him, a god of heaven and earth!

This fruit is very popular among martial arts practitioners, and everyone is eager for it!

Huang Daoming is like a treasure, how can he easily call it out.

What’s more, it is for those who have nothing to do with it.

Even more impossible!

“Don’t even think about it!” Huang Daoming refused directly.

“Well, everyone, please.” Wiliam stretched his hand to the door.

Huang Daoming’s face was pale with anger, and he rushed up and scolded, “You!”

“Oh? What’s the matter? You want to do two tricks with me?” Wiliam said with a smile.

As soon as these words came out, Zhang Dian’s face on the ground was green!

Two tricks.

Zhang Dian had witnessed this kid’s dominance with his own eyes.

The trick is to die.

He hugged Master’s thigh on the ground and said quickly: “Master, this kid has martial arts, and martial arts is also very evil. Don’t confront him head-on.”

Huang Daoming was taken aback, and asked: “It turns out that you are also a martial artist! No wonder you are staring at the old man’s return to energy. Then you know, behind the old man, who is supporting him?”

Wiliam said casually, “No need to know.”

Huang Daoming saw that this kid didn’t get in with oil and salt, and he was almost to death.

At this time, the hotel manager’s phone rang.

He quickly picked it up, but after only a few tens of seconds, his face became like a bereaved dog.

After he hung up the phone, he said to Huang Daoming: “Mr. Huang, the big event is not good. The people who were onlookers went out and started to publicize it. Some family members of the patients also knew about it. Now they are all at the door of our hotel. “

Huang Daoming frowned, expecting such a change to happen.

He walked quickly to the window and looked down.

I saw the entrance of the hotel downstairs, there was already a loud voice, but the security guards stopped outside.

Standing in their current position, one could hear someone crying heartbreakingly below.

Some people even knelt on the ground and kept knocking their heads and shouting loudly: “Mr. Huang, we know that you are hanging a pot inside to help the world. You must save my husband. He is the only man in my family, but he can’t be there… “

Huang Daoming’s expression became even more ugly after hearing these words.

The storm of public opinion still came.

It is estimated that the entire Yancheng people know that they are going to save these people.


Now he was forced to go up to Liangshan, and it was hard to ride a tiger.

If you can’t save these people, you will lose face today.

And everything started because of this kid.

Huang Daoming glanced at Wiliam accidentally.

Suddenly, he realized that there was a trace of banter hanging around Wiliam’s mouth.

It seemed that everything was in his grasp.

Huang Daoming shook his heart!

Could it be that this kid did this thing?

Just to seize one’s own qi fruit!

The more Huang Daoming thinks about it, the more likely it is. He looked at this kid with anger and anxiety.

“Doctor Huang, go down quickly. The security guards outside can’t stand it anymore. You need to go down and say a few words to preside over the scene.” The hotel manager was about to cry.

I lived a little bit of my life, but today there are so many things.

Huang Daoming felt another sword hung on his neck.

Suddenly, he looked at Wiliam and said, “Okay! I promise you! However, I must only save these people before I can give you the fruit!”

After saying this, Huang Daoming was still wondering whether this kid would disagree.

But she suddenly saw that Wiliam walked out directly to the door, “Deal.”

Simply make Huang Daoming doubt life.

“Aren’t you afraid that I won’t believe my words?” Huang Daoming asked after catching up.

Wiliam’s feet were walking, his eyes turned cold.

“You have faith in your words, and that’s what I got.”

“You don’t believe me, I don’t just take your return.”

“Even your life, I took it together.”

Chapter 559

Huang Daoming’s footsteps stagnated, and his face was extremely aggrieved!

Thinking of his reputation, he has run rampant, but now he is threatened by a brat!


If not forced by the current situation, he must be beautiful!

I have five disciples of Dragon and Tiger in front of me, Huang Daoming, and there is a mysterious backer behind me, so he dares to challenge me with a small kid!

Thinking of this, Huang Daoming’s eyes became fierce.

Since you found it yourself, don’t blame me for being ruthless.

As he walked, he whispered to Zhang Dian, who was still trembling, “Notify me of the five followers, and rush to the hotel.”

When Zhang Dian heard this, his eyebrows were overjoyed!

The five disciples of the dragon and tiger are the earliest disciples of Master Huang Daoqing.

These five people are not masters of medicine, but masters of martial arts!

When Huang Daoming accepted these five people, he wanted them to protect themselves.

In recent years, Huang Daoming has been walking smoothly in the rivers and lakes, and it is all up to the five apprentices to carry all right and wrong in front of him.

It should have been so long ago!

Zhang Dian was very excited.

As long as these five seniors came out of the mountain, this kid would definitely not be able to die anymore.

But Huang Daoming’s heart was even colder.

He would never surrender what he regarded as a treasure.

Promising to Wiliam was just a way to slow down.

These dragons, tigers and five followers usually follow Huang Daoming every step of the way.

But today, because Huang Daoming has a private matter, he takes a step forward.

Calculating the time, they should have got off the plane and are on their way.

Huang Daoming looked at Wiliam, who knew nothing in front of him, and showed a cruel smile.

Wiliam seemed to be aware of Huang Daoming’s tricks, and took the elevator to the downstairs.

At this time, the patients had been placed in a rest room.

Huang Daoming looked at Wiliam and said, “I’ll go to the entrance of the hall to slow down those people, you go in first.”

Wiliam walked to the lounge after listening.

Huang Daoming was so disregarded, he was even more unhappy, but he still walked forward.

He felt that his head was very big when facing the crying crowd.

When everyone saw the doctor Huang coming out, they were even more excited.

It took Huang Daoming ten minutes to comfort these people and said, “Well, the old man is going to save people now. If you pull the old man like this, those people may be in danger of life at any time.”

In this way, those talents gave up and worshipped gratefully one by one.

Huang Daoming was able to get away, and then hurriedly walked towards the lounge.

When he was about to walk into the lounge, he almost ran into someone head-on.

He looked up and saw that it was Wiliam.

Huang Daoming frowned, and said angrily: “Boy, didn’t you promise the old man to save them? Could it be that the evil fruits you planted yourself are helpless?”

Wiliam said indifferently: “The man has been saved.”

Huang Daoming buzzed his head and asked in disbelief, “What did you say? The person has been saved?”

Wiliam nodded, “Naturally.”

Huang Daoming felt like he was beeped by a dog, and he jumped up and said, “Who are you really fooling? The old man has only left for a few minutes? Less than ten minutes! You will save those people? Are there a dozen people? The average person is less than a minute? It depends on the situation if you lie!”

Wiliam looked at Huang Daoming, who was shocked, and shrugged, “You can check it out by yourself.”

When Huang Daoming saw that this kid was full of confidence, he suddenly felt puzzled.


It must be impossible!

Daluo god will not save people so quickly.

He didn’t believe in evil and walked quickly inside, then grabbed a person’s pulse at will to diagnose.

This diagnosis, he was directly shocked.

The pulse is steady and steady, and it is no longer like it was before.

He carefully observed the bodies of these people.

Before the nine points, the points in the points, the veins contained the veins.

The gates of life were all sealed.

If you want to untie it, you have to have great wisdom and great courage.

Now these life gates have been unlocked again, and even Huang Daoming can feel that the body functions of these people are returning to life at a speed visible to the naked eye!


Huang Daoming’s head was completely messed up for a while.

How did this kid do it!

If you follow normal methods, it is impossible to do so fast!

This kid must have used some evil tricks.

Thinking of this, Huang Daoming felt impetuous in his heart!

No matter what method he used, the situation is that this kid seems to have saved these people.

Then, we must fulfill our promise.

However, the Five Dragons and Tigers did not come over.

I have to find a way to hold this kid.

So Huang Daoming pretended to make a serious diagnosis and began to diagnose one by one.

How could Wiliam not know what the old man was thinking? He sneered and said, “You don’t have to delay time.”

Huang Daoming was dispelled by a single word, and his face suddenly became uncontrollable.

He forcibly defended: “Huh! Ignorance child! The old man is a genius doctor in the world, and he is naturally responsible for every patient! Even if one patient is not completely rescued, the old man will have trouble sleeping and eating!”

The remarks were full of anger, and the hotel manager directly knelt, “Huang genius doctor is kind, I have to admire it!”

Wiliam looked at the shameless Huang Daoming amused, and said, “I’ll give you another five minutes. Five minutes later, I will come to see me with Qiguo.”

Huang Daoming feels aggrieved!

Threatened again.

Now there is no way to hold this kid.

Just as he was racking his brains, suddenly there was a cheerful laugh outside, “Old Huang, you can!”

This voice made Huang Daoming’s heart happy!

The savior is here!

Why did you forget him!

An old man in black slowly appeared at the door of the lounge.

It is Zhuang Litian!

Zhuang Litian was originally in the hotel room. After he was poisoned, he waited for his apprentice to come and report.

But wait and wait, I can’t wait for that apprentice.

But he didn’t know that because the apprentice miscalculated the time when Huang Daoming came, causing messes to happen later, he did not dare to report to Zhuang Litian.

And Zhuang Litian heard the noise outside, only to see Huang Daoming calming those people from the window.

When he came down, he happened to see Zhuang Litian giving those people a diagnosis.

Zhuang Litian thought it was Huang Daoming who really had the ability to solve the poison he had inflicted, and was so happy, so he showed up to meet.

Huang Daoming smiled boldly when he saw Zhuang Litian because he was about to delay time, “Hahaha, I knew it was you, the old poisonous king, who stumbled me in secret.”

After Zhuang Litian laughed, he went to observe those people.

Finding that those people were really detoxified, he suddenly showed regret, “Huang Laoer, tell me how you detoxified the old man? The old man is really curious.”

Huang Daoming looked at Wiliam unconsciously. Under the threat of Wiliam, how could he dare to talk nonsense.

But at this time, he suddenly received a message, “Master, we have reached the door, where are you?”

Seeing this, all the tension and anxiety that Huang Daoming had before was wiped out!


God helps me too!

Good coming!

It’s time to come!

Huang Daoming changed his previous attitude and walked slowly in front of Wiliam. When Wiliam faced Zhuang Litian, he said, “The old man can directly infer the ingredients of your poison and detoxify? It’s not a problem!”

Chapter 560

“What are you talking about! You can still infer the ingredients of my poison!” Rao was Zhuang Litian, also shocked by Huang Daoming’s words.

how can that be!

Huang Daoming didn’t answer the conversation, but looked at Wiliam jokingly.

He wanted to see how Wiliam reacted.

Obviously this kid detoxified the poison, and now he brazenly snatched his credit, will this kid be angry? Or feel aggrieved?

Huang Daoming felt very happy in his heart for any kind of reaction.

He had arrived now, and he was completely unafraid of Wiliam.

He just wanted to humiliate this kid severely, or even disgust him.

Zhang Dian and the hotel manager knew the inside story, and when they heard Huang Daoming’s unusual words, their eyes widened.

I don’t know what Huang Daoming is going to do.

However, Wiliam’s reaction left Huang Daoming deeply disappointed.

There was still a faint smile on Wiliam’s face, as if he was not at all unhappy because of the credit being taken away.

Huang Daoming was aroused instead.

Okay, aren’t you very calm?

Then just wait and see.

At this time, Zhuang Litian couldn’t wait for Huang Daoming’s answer, so he took the initiative to take Huang Daoming’s hand and asked: “Huang Laoer, please tell me clearly. What you said just now is true. Is it fake? Are you fooling me?”

Huang Daoming showed an inscrutable smile, looked at the scene, and said: “Old Poison King, take a look for yourself, in the scene, besides me Huang Daoming, who else has this ability to detoxify you? “

Zhuang Litian also looked around.

He probably knows all these people.

However, his last gaze fell on Wiliam who was indifferent.

Only this kid, he has never seen it before.

Just as Zhuang Litian showed doubts, Huang Daoming suddenly burst into laughter.

He pointed to Wiliam and said to Zhuang Litian: “Hahaha, Old Poison King, then I said this kid detoxified you, do you believe it?”

When Zhuang Litian was asked so, on the contrary, he showed a look of relief.

He asked, “Who is this little guy? Why is he here?”

Huang Daoming said arrogantly: “It’s just a person who pretended to replace my apprentice and wanted to cheat and drink.”

Zhuang Litian didn’t know the truth or not, he nodded, and looked up and down Wiliam, then slowly said, “Well, even if you say something is false, it’s clear that this kid is only 20 years old. How old, because he started studying medicine from his mother’s womb, it is impossible to cure the old man’s poison, even if you are good.

As he spoke, his eyes were still on Wiliam’s body, but there was a kind of arrogance and disdain.

In Zhuang Litian’s view, Wiliam’s age is too young to be his disciple.

Huang Daoming seemed to be deliberately disgusting, and said exaggeratedly: “No, no, no, old poisonous king, this kid is really detoxifying the poison, the old man dare not be greedy.”

Zhuang Litian had settled his mind a long time ago and said with a smile: “Old Huang, you don’t want to sell anymore, tell me quickly, how did you detoxify me?”

Huang Daoming smiled leisurely when Zhuang Litian didn’t believe in Lu Yejie’s poison.

He gave Wiliam a look, as if he was saying, “Look, even if the old man speaks of black as white, even if the old man refers to a deer as a horse, what can you do?”

No one believes you at all.

What’s more, Huang Daoming is completely confident.

He knows the ingredients of the antidote and can infer the ingredients of the poison. Isn’t that conclusive evidence?

Even if this kid wants to argue, what others believe is still Huang Daoming.

Because Huang Daoming’s reputation lies there.

And this kid is nothing more than a nameless man.

Huang Daoming thought of this, and said with a smile: “Want to know my antidote? All right, I will tell you now.”

As he said, Huang Daoming slowly said one kind of medicinal material after another.

These are clearly what Wiliam said before.

Not bad.

The hotel manager on the side was stunned.

He finally understood that Huang Daoming, the old genius doctor, was deliberately targeting Wiliam.

Even disgusting Wiliam.

He was forced to eat coptis, dumb, and he couldn’t tell.

The hotel manager looked at Huang Daoming in disbelief, thinking that a generation of genius doctors would actually do such a tricky thing.

And Zhang Dian snorted coldly, and the hotel manager immediately put away the surprise, lowering his eyebrows and daring not to react.

Every time Huang Daoming said a medicine, Zhuang Litian’s brows frowned.

Zhuang Litian was completely shocked until he said every medicine and dosage.

He leaned on a chair with one hand and looked at Huang Daoming in horror.

He knows that Huang Daoming’s character has always been stable.

But this prescription uses toxic substances.

Although the use of poison to fight poison has achieved unexpected results, this courage is definitely not something Huang Daoming can do.

“You!” Zhuang Litian had a hundred questions in his heart, but he couldn’t ask them.

The main reason was that this prescription was too bold and received miraculous effects, completely subverting his understanding of Huang Daoming.

He didn’t even know for a while, he and Huang Daoming, who was the poison king.

“What? You think I’m too aggressive, right?” Huang Daoming took the initiative to speak out the question in Zhuang Litian’s heart.

Zhuang Litian nodded suddenly, “Yes, to be honest, as far as I know you, this recipe is completely different.”

If Huang Daoming glanced at Wiliam who was silent, he sighed and said, “Old Poison, you know, I have been stagnant in the realm of medicine for several years, so thank you. If it weren’t for your incomparable poison, it wouldn’t be able to fully arouse my enthusiasm. Thanks to your gift, I can put it to death and live, and loosen my realm through this bold and magical house.”

This made Zhuang Litian nod his head again and again.

Huang Daoming’s words perfectly explained why he would formulate a prescription completely different from his style.

Zhuang Litian knew that Huang Daoming had always had this shackle, and he didn’t think that he was the one who forced him out.

“You allow me to digest and digest. Your prescription is said to be an antidote, but in fact it is also a more profound poison. I will absorb it well.” Zhuang Litian had a kind of unstable standing, sitting on a chair and closing his eyes, and started Think about it.

With this gap, Huang Daoming suddenly walked towards Wiliam and looked at him condescendingly.

Huang Daoming squatted and whispered: “Boy, what? What about the arrogance before? Kind of, you go to him and expose my lie? Hohhhhhhhhhhhh?

“Also, aren’t you good at hitting? Then you hit me now? You try? I will never fight back, ho ho.”


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