Dragon Husband Chapter 561-570

Chapter 561

Huang Daoming was not a person who would have to report to him.

Even on weekdays, his eyes are higher than his top, and a young man like Wiliam would never take it seriously, let alone take it in his heart.

Mainly today, he was pissed off by this arrogant kid.

I want to find my place.

So he, who has lived for most of his life, is now like a naive child, actually provoking Wiliam on his own initiative.

He admits that there are five disciples of dragons and tigers by his side, and this kid has a hundred courage, and he does not dare to do it at this time.

But just when he was triumphant, “pop!”

A loud slap rang!

The people at the scene had no idea that such anomalies would occur.

All the people present turned their eyes to Huang Daoming.

I saw Huang Daoming holding his old face, looking at Wiliam in disbelief!

This kid, really dare to do it!


Huang Daoming’s anger suddenly ignited.

After Wiliam slapped him, he said with a smile on his face: “You are the first to ask me to hit you and promise not to fight back.”

Huang Daoming was trembling with anger when he heard this.

He looked at the door and hated it!

Are your five apprentices short legs!

Speaking of the entrance of the hotel, how come they still haven’t appeared!

Otherwise, I will kill this kid on the spot!

At this time, Zhuang Litian opened his eyes and asked: “What’s the matter? This kid beat you?”

Huang Daoming looked at Zhuang Litian immediately.

In Zhuang Litian’s eyes, half is concerned, half is playful.

The two of them have been enemies and friends all their lives.

Huang Daoming knows this person Zhuang Litian.

Even if he was beaten, it would be good if Zhuang Litian clapped his hands on the side.

“Lao Huang, you are so famous and you have a big background behind you that you let a nasty kid beat him up. Why, do you need me to help you? I’m relaxed, how about killing him?” Zhuang Li Tian said with a smile.

Huang Daoming took a step back, his face also became gloomy, “No, I will settle accounts with him after a while.”

Just wait for the Dragons and Tigers to come over, and that’s when this kid died!

He made a look at Zhang Dian and motioned Zhang Dian to go out and find the five short-legged apprentices.

At this time, Zhuang Litian showed a look of regret, as if a good show came to an abrupt end, and he was very unwilling.

He looked at Wiliam curiously, but smiled: “Boy, you are so courageous, you even dare to fight Huang Lao’er, do you know how to write death words? But well, I admire your courage a bit. Color, good, good!”

Wiliam smiled back, but said nothing.

Zhuang Litian returned to normal, and then asked Huang Daoming, “Lao Huang, you said before that you can infer whether the composition of my poison is true or false. If this problem is not solved, I have trouble sleeping and eating.”

The resentment in Huang Daoming’s heart also came up, and he said grandiosely: “How can an old man bluff when he speaks! If he can say yes, he is definitely yes!”

Zhuang Litian was overjoyed and said: “Okay! Then you tell me in public, I really don’t believe it.”

Huang Daoming’s face suddenly became arrogant.

His biggest gain today is not only the loosening of his realm.

It’s the magic trick to reverse the poison.

He couldn’t even imagine that he could do such a thing.

You know, there are countless drugs in this world, and when combined together, they can produce endless changes.

And he, in this endless endless, found a right way.

He said proudly: “It’s too ridiculous to say it like this. Why don’t we make a bet?”

Zhuang Litian clapped his hands directly and applauded, “Hahaha, okay, I know that you old man won’t say it so easily. Bet, it really fits my personality.”

Huang Daoming knew that Zhuang Litian also had a hobby, which was to bet against others.

Even Zhuang Litian’s apprentices have learned this feature, and they are addicted to gambling.

“Come on, how do you want to bet? What?” Zhuang Litian asked with interest.

“Ho ho, Old Poison King, let me talk about my sincerity first, how about you look at it?” Huang Daoming suddenly made a plan and said with a smile.

Zhuang Litian asked immediately: “What? Do you want to take out some natural resources to bet? I’ll tell you the truth, just your things, I’m not rare.”

Huang Daoming sneered and spit out three words.

“Going back to the fruit.”

These three words were like a thunderstorm, which caused Zhuang Litian to recover for a long time.

He looked at Huang Daoming in astonishment, and said silently: “Guiqiguo! Damn! What kind of explosives are you eating! Even this kind of magical thing will be taken out! When you got this Qiguo before, I beg you to see You refused to take a look, and now you actually want to take it out to make a bet with me! Are you crazy!”

Huang Daoming laughed wickedly.


I’m crazy.

Instead, I am sober.

He looked at Wiliam and observed Wiliam’s expression again.

Originally, he promised to give Wiliam a reward for this return.

But now he is going to bet with others in such a grand manner.

He doesn’t care if he wins or loses.

He just wanted to use this hand to tell Wiliam, the old man regretted it.

The old man repented in front of you.

How can you!

What are you doing to me!

At this time, Wiliam finally didn’t look bland.

But he also didn’t have the violent thunder that Huang Daoming thought.

He laughed instead.

Wiliam had known for a long time that Huang Daoming had a bad heart and would not directly take out the fruit of his return.

Now that he did such an arrogant thing, it was also in Wiliam’s expectation.

Huang Daoming couldn’t see the disappointed side of Wiliam. He turned to Zhuang Litian and asked, “You see my sincerity now, how about you? Don’t you show some sincerity?”

Zhuang Litian suddenly pondered.

He loves betting against people the most in his life.

But he was still sensible, and he didn’t have a gambler mentality, he didn’t have such a desperate move.

Seeing Huang Daoming so swearing now, he couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

Could it be that this old man can really push out his own poison ingredients.

Impossible, how can humans do this thing.

He wanted to bring out something else, but after thinking about it, saying it would only make Huang Daoming laugh.

So he was struggling.

And Huang Daoming suddenly showed a meaningful smile and said, “Old Poison King, what? You are also counseled? Otherwise, how about I make a decision for you?”

Zhuang Litian couldn’t help asking: “What decision?”

In his heart, there was a premonition of not wanting suddenly, this old man, could it be that he wanted it!

Huang Daoming looked at Zhuang Litian deeply, and said a word that made Zhuang Litian’s mind shaken.

“Otherwise, take out your’Hundred Blood Promoting Pill’?”

Chapter 562

Zhuang Litian’s eyes were shining brightly, looked at Huang Daoming, and said in a deep voice, “Sure enough, you are thinking of hitting me!”

On the side, Wiliam frowned slightly when he heard the five words Baixue Cuisheng Pill.

This Baixue Shengsheng pill is said to be magical. It can be matched with one thing in the legend to achieve the magical effect of condensing blood.

This condensed blood, in the eyes of martial arts practitioners, could not be more sacred.

But it’s really useless to say that this stuff is tasteless.

Because in addition to matching that mysterious thing, Baixue Husheng Pill has no other use.

I just don’t know how this Zhuang Litian has something like a martial artist.

After Zhuang Litian said those words, he was also uneasy.

How can he not know that this thing is both magical and tasteless.

He also got it accidentally from a teacher father.

From then on, he regarded it as a treasure, and went all over the world to find out what could be matched with it.

But what made him extremely disappointed was that after more than three years of inquiries, he was stunned that he didn’t know what the Baixue Husheng Pill had to be matched with to complement each other.

The other meaning of chicken ribs is that it is a pity to discard it.

Now he was asked to take out the Baixueshengsheng pills to make a bet, and Zhuang Litian felt that his heart was dripping blood.

“Why? You can’t bear this tasteless thing? As far as I can tell, the practicality of my qiguo is far above your broken pill. And as far as I know, you can’t get it out of this stuff. Other things are on par with my return to energy, right?” Huang Daoming said jokingly.

Just now, the old immortal saw that he was beaten, and he was even joking.

Now it’s my turn to disgust you.

Zhuang Litian was still frowning, not determined.

He has seen countless drugs in his life, and the ones that are eye-catching, naturally have their rarity.

How can he give it out at will, just like this.

At this time, Huang Daoming said again: “Seeing you are so reluctant, otherwise the bet will be forgotten, and I will go out and tell people that the old poison finally can’t afford to lose, hahahaha.”

These words are obviously stimulating Zhuang Litian.

Zhuang Litian knew it was a trick, and the old face that was said to be blushed, and he slapped the case, “Huang Lao Er, can you accumulate some morality when you speak! Damn! Isn’t it just a pill for promoting life! A bet is a bet! I still pay. I’m afraid you won’t succeed!”

Zhuang Litian finally gave up.

He didn’t believe Huang Daoming could reverse the poison.

After all, this thing is amazing.

And Zhuang Litian still has a more sure place, that is his poison.

When he was dispensing the medicine, he was really old and his hands trembled.

There is a medicine in it, and he doesn’t even know how much the dosage is.

Moreover, there is only one poison of this poison, and it is impossible to find out.

At that time, no matter what the old man Huang said, he could refute that it was wrong.

I should be in an invincible place, what to fear!

Huang Daoming didn’t know there was such a story, so he agreed to Zhuang Litian and immediately clapped his hands in applause.

Wiliam on the side noticed a flash of excitement in the depths of Huang Daoming’s eyes.

The excitement fell in Wiliam’s eyes, and he couldn’t help frowning.

This Huang Daoming has a return to qi fruit, and what he said is wrong. The practicability of the return qi fruit is far above this Baixue Shengsheng Pill.

Then why is he so excited, he can even hide.

Thinking of this, Wiliam suddenly smiled.

There is only one possibility!

Interesting, interesting.

“Speaking is no proof, stand up as evidence! No, I will find some famous local people to witness together, otherwise I don’t believe in your character.” Huang Daoming said in a deep voice.

Indeed, as Wiliam thought, he was too eager to get this Baixue Shengsheng pill.

Even, why did he appear in Rock City this time!

It is for the Baixue Shengsheng Pill!

For this, he kept a low profile in every possible way and changed flights just to get closer to Zhuang Litian without knowing it.

Originally, when he was arched out to save people, he felt that things had been out of control.

Unexpectedly, now that the peaks were turning, Zhuang Litian appeared in front of him on his own initiative.

There is really no way out of the mountains and rivers, and there is another village in the dark.

He also knew about Zhuang Litian’s temper, so in order to get the matter right, he had to risk offending Zhuang Litian and ask for a notarization.

Anyway, Zhuang Litian agreed just now.

Zhuang Litian was really angry. He looked at Huang Daoming and showed deep disappointment, “Good old Huang! We have fought for most of our lives, although we have done everything we can, but I, someone in Zhuang, still does not have you. It’s so despicable to think! You don’t think that I am such a whimsical and unbelieving person in your heart.”

Huang Daoming could only bite the bullet and said at this time: “Don’t guard against the gentleman but not against the villain, Old Poison King, don’t be angry, I am not a treacherous and unbelieving person.”

Everyone heard what they said, and Wiliam, who was on the side, couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

He can’t hold it anymore.

This old immortal, his front foot was still in front of him and he didn’t believe it and took out the Qiguo to make a bet.

The hind feet actually cheekily said that they have integrity.

It’s so nonsense with your eyes open.

But the atmosphere at the scene was tense, but it was instantly broken by Wiliam, and everyone looked at Wiliam.

“Boy, what are you laughing at!” Huang Daoming shouted sharply.

He didn’t feel that he had just acted without faith.

Zhuang Litian also looked at Wiliam displeased, but he didn’t say anything.

Wiliam had a better impression of Zhuang Litian than Huang Daoming.

Although Zhuang Litian is ruthless, but he has a straightforward personality and a drug idiot.

Such people are despicable and upright and are not afraid of being scolded by others.

Huang Daoming is just the opposite.

On the bright side, he is a kind and righteous person.

He did everything secretly, and his personality was much worse than that of Zhuang Litian.

“Ho ho, I’m just smiling, your bet is interesting.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Huang Daoming continued to say to Zhuang Litian, “Old Poison King, what do you think?”

Zhuang Litian looked at Huang Daoming disappointedly, suddenly patted the table, and said: “Just as you say! Please notarize! But I have one sentence here.”

“After this time today, you and I will be absolutely gracious!”

When Zhuang Litian said this, he even felt a moment of sorrow.

Although he has been enemies and friends with Huang Daoming for most of his life, he still has more friends in his heart.

Zhuang Litian thinks that this feeling of competing with each other and making progress together is very good.

But I didn’t think that I fed the dog with loyalty!

Read this old thing wrong!

So narrow-minded!

Huang Daoming was stunned by Zhuang Litian’s words, and he felt a little guilty in his heart.

However, in the face of the temptation of Baixue Cuisheng Pill, he could only harden his heart and ordered his subordinates to go for a notary immediately.

He said silently in his heart, after today, as long as I take the Hundred Blood Promoting Pill, I will not be in the same world as you.

Cut off the robe and cut righteousness!

But at this moment, Wiliam who was watching the play suddenly said lightly: “I haven’t finished what I just said. Your gamble is a bit interesting.”

“Why, add me one more.”

Chapter 563

“Add you one more?” Zhuang Litian was in grief and indignation, and couldn’t help asking after hearing what Wiliam said.

Wiliam nodded and said, “Well, add me.”

Zhuang Litian immediately became even more unhappy, and waved his hand distractedly, “Little baby, don’t be foolish, just stay there, there is nothing wrong with you here.”

He had a good impression of Wiliam.

After all, this kid dared to fight Huang Daoming in front of outsiders, so courageous, that the newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.

But now, this kid is so arrogant that he wants to bet with them.

Is this something he can participate in?

The two big guys are fighting each other and a little kid comes in and spoils the situation.

But Huang Daoming on the side looked at Wiliam deeply, without speaking.

I don’t know why, although he is not afraid of this kid, but he has a feeling of being suppressed with an unknown way.

Just like now, if ordinary people dare to say such unreasonable words in front of him, he will not be merciless.

And if it was Wiliam, Huang Daoming felt like he didn’t know what to say.

Seeing that Wiliam insisted on coming in, Zhuang Litian couldn’t help cursing: “You kid has a little vision! I don’t see the old man in a bad mood! Who are we all, can you mess things up? Now, all we have brought out are rare treasures, what do you have to bet on?”

When asked about this, Wiliam smiled directly.

He suddenly looked at Huang Daoming and said meaningfully: “What baby I have, he knows nothing more.”

Huang Daoming’s heart thumped!

He instantly understood what Wiliam meant.

Wiliam did not carry any treasures on him.

However, he is the biggest treasure.

Zhuang Litian doesn’t know, can Huang Daoming still know?

Just now this kid used some wicked method to detoxify those people.

My own antidote recipes are still plagiarizing this kid.

Besides, he didn’t talk about this weird means, he insisted on mixing it in, and his return to energy can also be regarded as his bet.

“Lao Huang, what is his bet?” Zhuang Litian asked Huang Daoming.

Huang Daoming choked, still don’t know what to say.

However, Zhuang Litian saw that Huang Daoming, who was still aggressive just now, had nothing to say, and immediately looked at Wiliam.

Suddenly a thought arose in his heart.

This kid, I am afraid it is not easy.

Otherwise, how dare he hit Huang Daoming.

Now Huang Daoming can be speechless again.

“Boy, do you really want to get involved?” Zhuang Litian asked.

Wiliam nodded and said yes.

Zhuang Litian frowned at this time and said, “I didn’t let you participate, but what is the matter with your participation? How do the three bet?”

As he said, he wanted to push Wiliam and drive him away.

But when he stretched his hand out to normal, he suddenly retracted.

The hand he stretched out was the one hundred refining poisonous hand.

Ordinary people were touched by his hand, and he died without death.

Zhuang Litian is also a killer who doesn’t blink, but I don’t know why, today he suddenly has a special pity for life.

It seems that Huang Daoming was betrayed, and turned to feel that life is impermanent, or it may not be better than death

When Wiliam saw him stretch out his hand and retracted again, a glimmer of appreciation flashed in his eyes.

This old guy is not hopeless.

Just as Zhuang Litian was about to stop, an unexpected scene appeared.

Wiliam took the initiative to reach out and grabbed Zhuang Litian’s poisonous hand.

Zhuang Litian thought that Wiliam would be like this, his pupils shrank, and sternly shouted: “What are you doing! Looking for death! Don’t let go! You don’t want to live anymore!”

But Wiliam didn’t let go.

He actually admired Zhuang Litian’s hand directly, and exclaimed, “It really is a drug idiot, but if you try the medicine by yourself, this life may not last long.”

If Zhuang Litian had paid attention to Wiliam, all his attention would be on Wiliam.

His poisonous hand is extremely overbearing, and when ordinary people encounter it, it will be poisoned on the spot.

But this kid has nothing to do, and he is still chatting about it?

Could it be!

Zhuang Litian suddenly looked at Wiliam in amazement.



This kid is nothing in the pool!

I actually missed it!

Judging from the fact that he is holding his hand and making a poisonous act now, he is already a leader of the younger generation.

Just let Zhang Dian, the most powerful genius doctor of the younger generation, grab his hand, enough for him to drink a pot.

“You! Who are you!” Zhuang Litian suddenly asked in a deep voice.

Only then did Wiliam slowly put down Zhuang Litian’s hand, and said with a smile, “My name is Wiliam.”

“Wiliam?” Zhuang Litian thought of the name, but couldn’t remember anything.

The nameless?

Wiliam returned to the previous topic and said, “You just said that three people are not good at betting, right?”

Zhuang Litian nodded, “That’s natural, how do you gamble with three people?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “In my opinion, it’s a good bet. As long as…”

“I am alone, bet you two!”

When these words came out, the scene was deadly silent!

One person, two people bet!

A kid, bet on two famous doctors!


The hotel manager was so scared that he was completely speechless.

It is already very courageous to dare to speak in front of these two holy hands.

He didn’t think of this kid, in his words, he didn’t even put the two Taishan Beidou in his eyes.

It’s too arrogant to describe it in words!

Huang Daoming was so angry that he vomited blood!

How arrogant this kid is!

I don’t know what death is!

Does he really think he is amazing!

It’s still a big talk!

Just as Huang Daoming was about to taunt Wiliam, he heard Zhuang Litian’s heroic laugh, “Hahahaha! Crazy! It’s been a long time since I saw such a arrogant young man! If I heard you wrong, you want to fight one against two. , I and Huang Lao’er?”

Wiliam nodded, “Zhan? It’s a bit heavy. If you insist on using something to describe it, call it one belt and two.”

Take one with two?

The band to pass on?

He meant that as a teacher, he taught the two medical masters present?

Rao was a little admired by Zhuang Litian, and he laughed with anger.

“Mao has a long-lasting little baby, say something like this in front of me? Boy, young people are arrogant, but it’s hard to save them if they are too pretentious. Don’t you want to teach us? All right, this bet , I’ll take my old face and gamble with you!” Zhuang Litian suddenly looked at Wiliam coldly, his eyes full of violence.

He has never been a soft-hearted person. Just now, he was kindness but also felt it.

The three of them immediately signed the betting agreement, but Wiliam didn’t write anything specific when filling in the bet.

Only one word.


Chapter 564

“Betting with fate! Hahaha! Crazy enough! Then you, just wait to die!” Zhuang Litian said sharply.

Huang Daoming on the side annoyed Zhuang Litian when he saw that Wiliam was so ignorant of good and bad, he was immediately very happy.

Originally, Zhuang Litian’s focus was on him, but he was still thinking about how to divert his attention.

The kid jumped out to find death by himself.

I really dozed off and met a pillow, so lucky today.

The three had their own thoughts, waiting for the arrival of the notary.

After half an hour, there were hurried footsteps outside.

It turned out that Huang Daoming’s apprentice led a few gray-haired elders over.

Huang Daoming took a closer look, and his heart became more cheerful.

Zhang Dian also led his dragon and tiger five disciples.

If you are lucky, you can’t stop it.

Originally, Huang Daoming was going to cut Wiliam on the spot.

Seeing Wiliam betting with fate now, he didn’t rush to clean up him.

At this time, cleaning up might make Zhuang Litian even more unhappy.

Anyway, this kid is dead today. Wouldn’t it be nice to humiliate him and die again?

Zhang Dian led five powerful people from Kong Wu to Huang Daoming’s body and whispered: “Master, my seniors went to the wrong hotel just now, I’m really sorry.”

It turned out that Zhang Dian was tricked into another hotel by the people of Zhuang Litian, and he remembered the name of that hotel subconsciously.

When Huang Daoming asked him to call five seniors, he reported the wrong hotel without realizing it.

This is a big circle.

Huang Daoming nodded, he didn’t take this matter to heart.

At this time, Zhuang Litian’s people also came.

These are Zhuang Litian’s apprentices, and they naturally came to cheer Master.

The whole venue was suddenly a bit full.

Zhang Dian hurriedly asked the hotel manager to open another big box, and everyone moved over.

Wiliam was at the end, but suddenly he heard a surprised voice from the front, “Mr. Lu Xiao! It’s you!”

Wiliam looked up, but unexpectedly found an old acquaintance.

This person is surprisingly Wang Yuming from Q City ( Qena City ) Qin Han Medical Research Institute.

Before Lu Yechu showed greatness and wrote the prescription of “Hongyan” in Q City ( Qena City ), he didn’t expect to be criticized by Wang Yuming for nothing.

Wiliam used facts to teach him how to be a man. From then on, Wang Yuming suddenly became more honest.

“Are you Wang Yuming? Lydia’s colleague before?” Wiliam asked.

Wang Yuming saw that it was really Wiliam, overjoyed, “It’s really you! What a coincidence!”

“Why are you on Zhuang Litian’s side?” Wiliam asked.

“Lao Zhuang is my master, don’t you know?” Wang Yuming replied.


Wiliam was taken aback, he really didn’t know this.

But thinking about it now, it’s possible.

Wang Yuming also specializes in drug research, as is Zhuang Litian.

And what made Wiliam sure was that Zhuang Litian was a gambler, and I heard that several apprentices were also.

Wang Yuming is also a good gambler, he is famous in Q City ( Qena City ). This can be proved by betting when they first met.

Unexpectedly, there is such a coincidence.

Wang Yuming said excitedly: “My Master’s birthday will be two days later, and some of our apprentices will come over to congratulate him. I don’t expect to meet you here.”

Wiliam smiled, “Well, what a coincidence.”

They talked about the gambling appointment as they walked.

When Wang Yuming heard that Wiliam had singled out the two masters, his face turned pale with fright, he grabbed Wiliam and whispered: “You don’t want to live anymore! Huang Daoming doesn’t have much contact with me, so I won’t comment much. But my master, I know his methods well. Not only are they incomparable in terms of medication, but their personality is even more moody. Go quickly! Take advantage of their attention and go! Maybe you can survive!”

Wang Yuming really cared about Wiliam.

His fear of Master is also real.

At this time, Zhuang Litian’s unpleasant voice suddenly heard in front of him, “Xiao Wang, what are you doing?”

Wang Yuming’s face became stiff, and he turned his head helplessly and said, “Master, I will say a few words to Wiliam, and I will be back.”

He sighed deeply to Wiliam, “It’s over, my master must have found out. You can’t go anymore if you want to go now, so do it yourself.”

Then he walked towards the master.

Zhuang Litian asked casually: “Do you know him?”

Wang Yuming immediately said respectfully: “Well, in my opinion, he is also very capable.”

Zhuang Litian nodded. He knew Wang Yuming’s character and would not praise anyone casually.

With that said, this kid is really a bit exciting.

Everyone moved to a wide box. Huang Daoming had many dreams during his sleepless night, and quickly said: “Let’s start right away. These five old men, presumably everyone knows them. They are all old people in Yancheng. They are respected and judged. , We can rest assured.”

Zhuang Litian nodded. These five people also have contacts. They are fairly straightforward and have a good reputation. They have no problem when it comes to being a notary.

Zhuang Litian was about to ask how Wiliam picked two, and Huang Daoming took the lead again.

“Since I made a bet with Mr. Zhuang first, naturally I will compare with Mr. Zhuang first, and the kid will talk about it later.”

Huang Daoming said this for a clear purpose.

He was afraid that if Wiliam made the first move, he would naturally say the same things as him. At that time, he would fall into his tongue and he would have to argue.

Why bother more.

As long as he compares himself with Zhuang Litian, even if this kid says the same thing, he will only make people laugh, making people think that he is unlearned and is copying his own ideas.

So he must make a move first.

Zhuang Litian glanced at Huang Daoming with an uncomfortable expression, he had already seen that Huang Daoming was extremely abnormal.

It seemed to be anxious to shoot before the kid.

But he didn’t have a good impression of the old and young, and said: “Okay, according to the bet, you can now tell the composition of my poison.”

Huang Daoming smiled slyly at this time, “Lao Zhuang’s words are a bit biased. If I say it, wouldn’t you deny it on the spot? So, let’s write down your poison formula at the same time. This is not fair ?”

These words made Zhuang Litian almost jumped up and cursed. He has endured this bastard for a long time!

Since just now, I have never believed in myself!

Who is the guilty conscience!

Who is repeatedly aggressive!

But Huang Daoming’s words made several referees nodded together, “reasonable, yes.”

Huang Daoming was very proud of himself, he had already thought about these tricks just now.

One link and one link is seamless.

When Zhuang Litian writes, his apprentice will naturally watch.

Ho ho, his apprentice, sometimes not so loyal…

Thinking of this, Huang Daoming cast a look at one of Zhuang Litian’s apprentices and smiled triumphantly.

And this look happened to fall in Wiliam’s eyes.

Good show, start the gong.

Chapter 565

Zhuang Litian glanced at Huang Daoming angrily and said, “Whatever you want.”

Huang Daoming showed an awkward look, and then said to the referee: “Let’s start then.”

The referee nodded and motioned to everyone around him to move away and make room for them both.

Huang Daoming’s people are on the left, and Zhuang Litian’s people are on the right.

Paper and pens are already placed in front of them.

And Wiliam didn’t belong there, he stood in the middle, smiling at what was happening in front of him.

The two started writing the poison formula almost at the same time.

Zhang Dian stood behind Huang Daoming.

He slightly blocked Zhang Dian with his body.

Then Zhang Dian took out his mobile phone silently and checked the message that was about to be sent from the mobile phone.

After a while, several consecutive messages came from the phone.

But it was all one of Zhuang Litian’s apprentice who was secretly whispering to Zhang Dian what Zhuang Litian had written.

Zhang Dian whispered in a low, inaudible voice behind Huang Daoming.

Huang Daoming seemed to be writing, but his eyes were slightly narrowed, as if he was writing while thinking.

After five minutes, Zhuang Litian stopped writing.

He looked at the formula in his hand with satisfaction, and was extremely proud.

Zhuang Litian wrote a random proportion of the medicinal material he had shaken before.

He thought, even if Huang Daoming wanted to break the sky, he wouldn’t have thought of it.

You know, although the composition of the medicine is a little different, it will also affect the efficacy of the medicine.

By that time, as long as he makes a big fuss on this, Huang Daoming is absolutely sure of winning.

He smiled and looked at Huang Daoming, who was still writing, and said: “What? Are you still finished? Do you want me to remind you.”

Huang Daoming has no reason, but he is swiftly writing.

After a while, he breathed a sigh of relief, as if he had finally finished writing.

The referee confirmed to them both: “Did you both finish writing?”

The two nodded together.

The referee stood up and put away the two handwritten scripts in full view.

He first took out Zhuang Litian’s poison formula and read out the formula in public.

Zhuang Litian carefully observed Huang Daoming’s expression.

If Huang Daoming’s formula is slightly wrong, he will definitely show an upset look.

Unfortunately, Zhuang Litian did not see anything wrong with Huang Daoming.

Until he read the proportions of medicinal materials he wrote at random, Zhuang Litian finally saw Huang Daoming’s expression slightly changed.

Zhuang Litian was overjoyed!


The key to the final victory lies in this prescription.

Zhuang Litian suddenly felt that victory had been achieved.

Although he hates Huang Daoming at this moment, he still has to admire.

It seems that what Huang Laoer wrote before is correct.

It can be considered earth-shattering.

Even this can be reversed.

If it wasn’t for him to shame him in secret, I’m afraid I would lose.

After the referee finished reading, he asked Zhuang Litian again: “Did we read and write wrong?”

Zhuang Litian shook his head with satisfaction, “It was indeed written by me. There is no error at all.”

The referee looked at Huang Daoming again, “Next is yours.”

Huang Daoming actually knew that he was unbeaten.

Seeing that Zhuang Litian was deceived by his own expression, he couldn’t help feeling proud.

Old poison, do you really think I am defeated?

are you happy?

Then I will act with you to make you happier.

Thinking of this, Huang Daoming pretended to be hesitant to say something, and said, “Well, when I wrote down, there was a place that I didn’t think about clearly, I was a bit reckless, can I…”

When Zhuang Litian heard the words, he laughed loudly, “Lao Huang, do you think this is a child playing the house? You have no regrets, and you are willing to bet and lose. Do you have this kind of mind?”

The referee also shook his head and said: “Since the other party has already read it, there is no possibility to change it, otherwise it will be unfair to Mrs. Zhuang.”

Huang Daoming immediately showed an annoyed look, and flicked his sleeves angrily.

Wiliam stared at him and smiled.

Shameless and boring.

The referee then picked up Huang Daoming’s prescription and began to recite the formula.

They have a clear division of labor. One of them reads prescriptions and the other reads proportions.

Another one compares to the side.

In the first few, the referee said one by one was correct.

This was completely in Zhuang Litian’s expectation.

Until I came to the proportion of medicinal materials that Zhuang Litian handwritten.

One referee read out the medicinal materials, but the other referee suddenly stopped.

At this moment, Zhuang Litian laughed directly, “Hahaha, I already knew that the outcome will be here, Huang Laoer, what else do you have to say now?”

But Huang Daoming suddenly smiled jokingly, and said: “Old Poison King, I should play enough with you, right? Next, it’s my turn to be happy?”

As soon as the voice fell, the referee said loudly: “0.54%.”

As soon as he said this, Zhuang Litian seemed to have a basin of cold water pouring down.

The smile on his face suddenly froze!

He looked at the referee in disbelief, “How much! How could it be!”

However, the referee did not understand Zhuang Litian’s questioning, and another announced on the spot: “Correct!”

These words undoubtedly sentenced Zhuang Litian to death!

He suddenly looked at Huang Daoming with an angry look, “Old Huang! What did you move! How can you know what I wrote!”

Huang Daoming said with an arrogant look: “I can naturally push back your poison, as I said before.”

“Impossible!” Zhuang Litian stood up directly.

He now knows that the ecliptic clearly can actually reverse the prescription.

But if this ratio is correct, it would be extremely unreasonable.

No matter how lucky he is, he will not find the same thing as he wrote in this vast proportion.

You should know that 0.54% was written by him just now!

Zhuang Litian was completely immersed in the shock and shock of the defeat. He could not understand what the referee said next.

Anyway, it is correct.

Until the end, the referee directly announced: “Lao Huang’s prescription is exactly the same as that of Zhuang Lao, so in this round, Huang Lao wins.”

Zhuang Litian wanted to refute, saying that although he didn’t know what Huang Daoming used, he must have cheated on the spot.

Helplessly, he reached his lips, but he couldn’t say it at all.

Because he played tricks first, once he said it, he lost more thoroughly.

“Hahaha, Old Poison King, are you convinced that you lose? Now, can you give me your Hundred Blood Promoting Pills?” Huang Daoming said to Zhuang Litian triumphantly.

Zhuang Litian suddenly felt a sense of despair as the sky collapsed.

He lost, but he was unwilling to lose!

Under the shamelessness of this guy!

He is extremely unwilling!

No matter how many people watched, his hands were shaking.

He was shaking, and he was about to turn around to get a box.

But at this time, a faint voice came over.

“What’s the rush? Isn’t I still playing?”

Chapter 566

Everyone followed the reputation, but it was Wiliam who had been watching amusement and laughing just now.

Huang Daoming’s laughter stopped abruptly.

He suddenly looked at Wiliam, his eyes full of spite and domineering.

He walked towards Wiliam.

The people at the scene were silent.

He looked at Wiliam arrogantly, and said: “Ho ho, I don’t care about you, you really don’t see the coffin without crying, do you?”

Lu Yezheng paid attention to him, but looked at the referee and said, “Now, is it my turn?”

Referees, you look at me and I look at you. For a while, I didn’t know what to say.

Wiliam said before that he would fight one against two.

But now Huang Daoming is arrogant and Zhuang Litian is like a concubine, how can this compare.

Zhuang Litian sighed and said to Wiliam: “Little Wawa, I don’t think you should compare with him. He has a ghost in his heart.”

Zhuang Litian hated it in his heart.

I only hate that I have eyes and no beads, but I have never noticed that this Huang Daoming is such a despicable and shameless villain.

Now, he didn’t want to see a stunned green stupidly bump into him and die.

After all, he was so confident that he would follow Huang Daoming’s way.

How does this kid compare to this old fox.

I’m afraid that I’ve given this life for no reason.

Wang Yuming also hurriedly stood up and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, just listen to my master’s words. You can leave as soon as my master speaks for you.”

But at this time, Huang Daoming sneered.

“Want to leave now? Why don’t you take the initiative to provoke? I tell you, now you just want to admit defeat, it’s too late!”

Huang Daoming patted the gambling agreement signed by the three before and announced it to everyone, “Everyone can see clearly, this kid is going to be one enemy two, and lose, but he has to take out his life! How can I not be beautiful with such pride.”

People at the scene looked at Wiliam in horror.

Why bother!

Gamble your own life to participate in this game of losing or losing.

Where did this kid come from?

But Wiliam smiled softly: “Naturally, I won’t leave.”

“Okay! Well said! You have the courage! Then you can tell everyone, how do you do one enemy two methods? I want to see for myself, what do you have?” Huang Daoming laughed arrogantly.

He is now smug!

Because in his opinion, this kid has absolutely no hole cards.

Can he dispense the antidote?

I’m sorry, the antidote has been told in public before, and even Zhuang Litian has agreed with it.

So even if Wiliam repeats it again, everyone will not take it seriously.

And can he reverse the poison?


This is even more impossible.

In this world, there are probably very few people like Huang Daoming who have outstanding wisdom.

And even if he is one of thousands of people, what about it?

Du Fang himself and Zhuang Litian have also said it.

Does this kid still want to repeat himself humiliation in public!

So in Huang Daoming’s view, as soon as this kid stood up, he was doomed to fail.

Next, how do you humiliate this kid well?

Huang Daoming had a leisurely mind and began to think about this issue.

Wiliam looked at Huang Daoming amusedly, and said, “I think Mr. Zhuang is in a downturn now. Why don’t I start with you? It’s also regarded as asking Mr. Zhuang for justice.”

When Zhuang Litian heard this, he suddenly raised his head and stared at Wiliam closely.


Why did this kid say such inexplicable words?

Could it be!

Zhuang Litian is full of excitement!

He looked at Wiliam incredulously.

Could this kid also see that Huang Daoming is making a fraud!

Is he calling himself wronged?

Want to avenge yourself?

Zhuang Litian looked at this tall young man, and his affection for a while was even greater.

However, in the current situation, how could Zhuang Litian think that Wiliam would beat Huang Daoming?

“Little Wawa, I appreciate your kindness. Forget it, because I have a good impression of you, I will put the words here!”

As Zhuang Litian said, he looked around, his eyes filled with fierce fierceness!

“If this kid loses today, I am willing to break my right arm and save this kid’s life!”

As soon as this word came out, there was an uproar everywhere!


Still right hand!

No one at the scene knew that Zhuang Litian’s right hand was the poisonous hand of Bailian.

He became famous by this right hand.

I didn’t expect to make such a poisonous oath today for an unknown kid!

Elder Zhuang’s apprentices shouted: “Master, think twice!”

“Master, how precious is your right hand, how can it be compared to the life of a hairy boy!”

“Little guy, you are the one who killed you! Please tell my master to take back this sentence!”

For a time, the court was very noisy.

Huang Daoming was also shocked by Zhuang Litian’s words.

This kid, He De, He Neng, made a cruel life like Zhuang Litian show compassion.

It’s incredible.

Huang Daoming thought for a while, fearing that Zhuang Litian would go back, and said: “Okay! I promise you!”

The court suddenly became noisier.

One by one, Zhuang Litian’s apprentices scolded Huang Daoming for being shameless, and took advantage of the danger.

But Huang Daoming turned a deaf ear.

He knew that today and Zhuang Litian were completely torn apart.

After all, keeping Zhuang Litian is a hidden danger.

If he can break his right arm, he can sit back and relax.

As for that kid, ho ho.

Huang Daoming promised that he would not be able to leave Q City ( Qena City ) today.

“Enough noisy, no! Give me silence!” The referee stood in the middle and shouted loudly.

The scene suddenly became quiet.

The referee looked at Wiliam and asked in a deep voice, “Are you still willing to continue the competition?”

Wiliam smiled faintly, “Why not compare?”

These words immediately made the people on Zhuang Litian hate even more.

Dare to love it is not your kid who broke his arm!

Can someone support you so you can be unscrupulous?

“Okay! Then tell me, how do you compare with me!” Huang Daoming said loudly.

Wiliam smiled and said, “If you compare it with you, naturally it’s better than you.”

“The antidote?” Huang Daoming laughed loudly when he heard this. “When I said the antidote in public before, you were there and you heard it. Now you still have the face to tell me this? With the antidote I carefully developed to fight me, do you want a face?”

Huang Daoming’s words caused a black line to the hotel manager not far away.

What this said.

Obviously Huang Daoming took this kid’s antidote and robbed him of his work.

Now it can still be dignified.

Are current genius doctors so shameless?

But the hotel manager also knew that this kid was completely using Huang Daoming’s method.

After all, what Huang Daoming said first, the ownership will naturally belong to Huang Daoming.

But at this time, Wiliam smiled indifferently, slowly took off his coat, and threw it on the chair.

“Who said I want the same antidote as you?”

Chapter 567

After listening to Wiliam’s words, the people at the scene stopped Qi Qimeng.

What does this mean?

Isn’t it possible that this kid has to make a different antidote?

When Huang Daoming thought of this, he was full of excitement.


How could this happen!

With this move of Wiliam, Huang Daoming was completely caught off guard.

He was preconceived and forcibly occupied Wiliam’s previous antidote.

So I thought Wiliam was really just this recipe.

But I didn’t expect this girl to speak surprisingly!

Does he have other prescriptions that can’t work!


As soon as Huang Daoming raised his doubts, he was rejected by his own thought.

Absolutely impossible!

If there are two doctors, it is normal for them to be able to formulate two prescriptions because of their different experience and knowledge.

But if you are just one person, it is crazy to have two prescriptions!

Because every doctor will make the best plan first when dispensing medicine.

That’s why Huang Daoming felt that Wiliam was at the end of his life and could never win.

Now he dare to say that he can formulate the second antidote?


Even if it is matched, it is definitely not the best solution!

When the time comes, how do you compare with my antidote!

Thinking of this, Huang Daoming said viciously: “Okay! Your kid is very flexible thinking, okay! I want to see how you can make a different prescription! But my ugly words are first, you If the prescription formulated does not have the effect of my prescription, then you will lose!”

His words directly cut off Wiliam’s idea of ​​wanting to make up for it.

He was sure that what he had just taken away by Hao was Wiliam’s best plan.

But Wiliam smiled lazily, “Okay, everything you say is right, okay?”

These words can make Huang Daoming angry.

Zhuang Litian’s apprentice chuckled directly.

Although this kid is arrogant, he is quite powerful.

These words sounded as if Huang Daoming was bullying the weak with a big bully. Can Huang Daoming jump his feet with anger?

The enemy of the enemy is the friend.

Wang Yuming said loudly, “Mr. Lu Xiao, come on! Come on!”

Wiliam nodded slightly and said to the referee: “Can we start now?”

The referee nodded, signaled the people around to calm down, and gave Wiliam a space for him to write a prescription.

Wiliam picked up his pen, as if he hadn’t thought about it, and wrote it casually.

Huang Daoming sneered directly.

Pretend, then pretend to me.

The doctor writes the prescription carefully.

It was just that he and Zhuang Litian wrote the following, and they had to read it silently in their hearts.

After all, the prescription is related to the patient’s life, and it is impossible to be sloppy.

Looking at this kid, he didn’t even think about it, he was obviously pretending.

Sure enough, in just three minutes, Wiliam got up and handed the paper to the referee.

The referee was also frightened by Wiliam’s speed, and kindly reminded: “Little guy, there is still time, don’t you want to check it again?”

Wiliam said lightly: “No need.”

The referee was almost pissed off by this kid.

He was kind of like a donkey.

If you lose too ugly later, don’t blame us for not helping you.

The referee took the piece of paper and wanted to make an announcement, but was suddenly taken aback.

What to announce?

Who loses and who wins?

Who knows!

The prescription Wiliam wrote now is completely different from the previous antidote.

How to judge winning or losing?

Huang Daoming seemed to have thought of this, and his smile froze.

How to do?

Now there are no poisons and no sick ones.

“Um, little guy, you proposed to fight against Huang Lao, then tell me, how do you judge victory or defeat?” the referee cheekily asked Wiliam.

Rao is that he has lived for most of his life, and for the first time he felt that being a referee had no professional qualities.

Have you ever seen referees ask players how to judge winners or losers?

Wiliam looked at the referee amused, and said, “Since it is an antidote, it naturally depends on the effect of detoxification.”

“I know this, but where did the patient come from? Mr. Huang had been healed before.” The referee said.

However, Wiliam took it for granted and said, “If there are conditions, you must go, right?”

People at the scene Qi Qi Yihan, what do you mean by this.

However, I always feel that the words are not rough.

But how to create conditions?

Sure enough, Wiliam said faintly: “Didn’t the prescription for the previous poison have been written down? I will dispense the medicine immediately according to the prescription, and then find two people to drink it, and when the poison is on the verge of taking it, I will take it together with Lao Huang. The antidote to the disease, see which patient detoxifies first, won’t the outcome come out?”

When Wiliam spoke, the jaws of those present were about to fall to the ground.

This kid is not only crazy!

And ruthless!

This is really creating conditions to be up!

Actually want to create patients to determine the outcome!

Who is so idle to use his life as a guinea pig to test medicine?

Wiliam looked around, and the people around him shrank their necks as if they had seen a ghost.

They don’t know why they are afraid.

It seems that when I returned to the classroom when I was a child, when the teacher wanted to ask a question, he could never look at the teacher.

One pair wins the prize.

They were sad, how could they be embarrassed by a kid.

At this time, Zhuang Litian, who had been silent, suddenly clapped his hands and applauded, but said to Wiliam: “Good boy! The more I look at you, the more pleasing to the eye! The old man poisoned him, he has always been a secret agent, and he has never been like you. In this way, if you confess that you want to poison, you are more domineering than me!”

Wiliam arched his hands, “Easy to say, easy to say.”

“Huh! How can I do such a ridiculous thing! Absolutely not! As a generation of benevolent doctors, how can I watch you poison the innocent people with poison! No!” Huang Daoming wanted to maintain his integrity and kindness. Furious.

Wiliam looked at his hypocritical manner, and suddenly smiled, “Oh? So the genius doctor Huang is so kind? Okay, then listen to you. Since you don’t want to see innocent people hurt, then this We don’t have to compare the game, and the outcome is naturally indistinguishable. Since it is a gambling agreement between the three of us, if the outcome cannot be distinguished, then the old man’s Baixuesheng Pill will not be given to you.”



Eh eh eh!

Huang Daoming directly stunned!

This kid is so good at hitting snakes and sticks!

I just said this sentence for the sake of face, what do you mean!

No victory or defeat!

That Lao Tzu’s Hundred Blood Pills!

How about the duck flying away!

Huang Daoming suddenly wanted to slap himself!


What are you going to do with this kid!

it’s good now.

He shot himself in the foot.

Now it’s hard to ride a tiger by yourself.

After Zhuang Litian heard this, he laughed, “Okay! Good boy! So you are waiting here! Good plan! Good plan! Really revenge for me.”

“Wait!” Huang Daoming interrupted Zhuang Litian’s words suddenly, showing a trace of embarrassment, “Well, this kid’s suggestion, it’s not impossible to consider…”

Chapter 568

Huang Daoming only felt hot when he said these words.

This is slapped with one’s own slap!

Moreover, Huang Daoming understood what Zhuang Litian said.

This kid is intentional!

The recipe he wrote just now is simply random.

That’s why I write so fast.

He is waiting here!

He offered to find someone to try the medicine, and he was certain that he would object to his identity.

Then all of a sudden, he seized the loopholes in his speech and prevented himself from getting off the stage.

If he insists not to test the medicine, then as this kid said, the three of them can’t tell the winner, and no one can get anything.

And if I regret it, I will really hit my face.

Huang Daoming weighed it down and finally decided to go back!

Shame on you!

I remember these people anyway!

As long as I get the Baixue Shengsheng Pill, I will remember you people in the future!

“Oh? Huang’s attitude has changed quickly enough. Are you from Sichuan?” Wiliam asked mockingly.

“Which ancestry is from Sichuan?” Huang Daoming was taken aback and couldn’t help asking.

“Otherwise, how did you learn to change your face?” Wiliam said a cold joke.

Huang Daoming changed his face again with anger, “You kid! Good! Isn’t it possible to find someone to test the medicine? I promise you! All this is to prove the medical way! After I pass, I will naturally atone for the tester!”

He still doesn’t forget the grand-sounding set.

He had already expected that the prescription written by this kid was random.

So, this trick!

It’s called Zhizhi’s death and resurrection!

Just jump into the pit of this kid, and you will lose face when you lose face!

Victory is yours!

Huang Daoming thought that Wiliam would have a guilty conscience because he agreed to try the medicine, but unexpectedly, Wiliam asked, “Okay, then I’ll pick someone?”

“Why did you pick someone?” Huang Daoming shouted directly.

“Most of them are yours. Elder Zhuang is not part of this fight. His people can’t move naturally, so should you pick it? What if you cheat?” Wiliam said directly.

These words can make Huang Daoming angry.


Do you numbness!

Lao Tzu cheated once, so you won’t let it go, right?

Does it hurt you!

But Wiliam’s remarks made the referees agree, “Well, what Mr. Lu said is wrong. It is indeed better for him to pick someone. It’s just that the people he picked have worked hard.”

Wiliam got the referee’s approval, and suddenly looked around and pointed out, “You, you have worked hard. Today, you are the master of this house, so naturally you are not allowed to give you someone else?”

Everyone looked at Wiliam’s hand, only to see a person kneeling on the ground because his legs were weak.

It was the hotel manager before.

The hotel manager was eating melon safely.

I don’t think of eating and eating, I become a melon.

Let me test the medicine?

The hotel manager turned pale with fright.

He looked at Wiliam bitterly and knew that Wiliam was taking revenge on him!

Before revenge, the crime of repaying virtue with grievances and even slanderous words!

The hotel manager felt aggrieved.

If I knew this kid had buried his hand here, I shouldn’t have offended him earlier!

It’s fine now, but I can’t get away even if I want to run.

The owner of the special venue makes sense.

Zhuang Litian smiled slightly and gave a look.

Suddenly, two people came out more and more, and carried the limp hotel manager to the center of the venue.

“Well, there is only one short.” Wiliam muttered to himself.

The necks of the people at the scene shrank again.

This man is the devil.

Wiliam looked behind Huang Daoming naturally.

Huang Daoming’s apprentices turned pale in fright.

And Zhang Dian has an ominous premonition.

Very strong.

Sure enough, Wiliam casually pointed, “Old Huang, don’t say I don’t give you a chance, I’ll pick yours. It’s easier for you to cheat. Just pick you who are the most loyal and cooperating with you and the most tacit understanding of cheating. Alone, who, Zhang Dian? Yes, don’t look at it, it’s you, come out.”

With this sentence, the scene suddenly became twofold.

Zhuang Litian frowned, and Wiliam understood what he said.

Cooperate with disadvantages!

This kid was cheating with Huang Daoming just now!

Zhuang Litian had no eyebrows at first, but when he was so little, he instantly caught the clue.

Just follow this clue and find a way to cheat, it’s not a problem at all!

For a moment, Zhuang Litian nodded gratefully to Wiliam, and said no thanks.

On Huang Daoming’s side, don’t mention how wonderful the expression is.

Huang Daoming was beeping a dog in his heart!

Also mention cheating!

People are bleeding and gurgling, you are still poking hard with a knife!

are you crazy!

Will you explode on the spot without mentioning cheating?

He was really outraged by Wiliam.

And Zhang Dian, as if his parents were dead, quickly grabbed Huang Daoming’s hand and pleaded: “Master, no, I don’t want to die.”

Huang Daoming became even more angry when he said this, and he kicked Zhang Dian out, “Shameful fellow!”

Zhang Dian was kicked out, and suddenly looked at Wiliam with bitterness!

He also knew that Wiliam was taking revenge!

And it’s a grand revenge!

But he couldn’t refute it.

This kind of dumb loss made Zhang Dian too suffocated.

The two difficult brothers on the court suddenly felt pity for the same disease.

“Okay, now we can dispense the medicine according to Zhuang Lao’s poison, and I can also dispense the antidote for Huang Lao’er,” Wiliam said casually.

The referee company claimed that it was “right, right, right.”

The referees were also stunned.

what’s the situation!

Unconsciously, the main controller on the field has turned from a referee to Wiliam.

As if Wiliam were the referee, he gave orders.

Even more bizarre is that the referees even nodded.

For a time, several referees were embarrassed.


What a shame!

Zhuang Litian is an earth-headed snake, immediately patted his chest and was willing to provide all the medicinal materials.

He even called someone to bring all his medicinal materials over.

In full view, several people strictly followed the prescriptions of Wiliam, Lao Zhuang and Huang Daoming, and the referees stared at them one by one to ensure that there were no mistakes.

The waiting time is always long.

For the two difficult brothers and sisters, it was even more suffering.

They were isolated and helpless in the middle of the scene, and no one could talk to them.

They want to talk to each other, and feel that each other is so miserable, so there is no need to sell each other miserably.

Finally, the four medicines were prepared, two poisons and two antidote.

Zhang Dian and the hotel manager were almost forced to instill poison.

Then, there is another long waiting time.

Waiting for these two buddies to start thinking about life.

Finally, the poison went out.

Zhang Dian and the hotel manager were almost full of anger, and their faces quickly fell down.

The referee took a look and said quickly: “Quick, give the cure!”

Two bowls of medicine were brought to the two of them, and Zhang Dian was about to hesitate.

Suddenly saw Huang Daoming’s eyes.

He immediately understood, stretched out his foot, and kicked the hotel manager who wanted to grab Huang Daoming’s bowl of medicine.

He snatched the medicine and laughed loudly: “This bowl of medicine belongs to me!”

Chapter 569

Don’t look at the naive, the hotel manager is actually shrewd.

He had already thought about it when he was thinking about life just now.

Wiliam’s medicine didn’t know the effect at all.

I don’t know whether it is life or death. They bet whether to lose or win is more irrelevant to them.

And Huang Daoming’s medicine, which has been verified before, can definitely detoxify.

Therefore, the hotel manager did not hesitate to choose Huang Daoming’s medicine to ensure his life.

However, Zhang Dian kicked him sideways and kicked his dream awake.

He looked at Zhang Dian sadly and said yes to Ge. Life friendship too!

The boat of friendship is turned over!

Zhang Dian laughed loudly, “My master’s medicine will definitely detoxify. This kid’s medicine is simply scribbled. If you drink it, you will die for ten years. Hahaha! Brother, you have worked so hard. If you want to blame it, blame it. Boy!”

After finishing talking, Zhang Dian was afraid of unforeseen complications, so he picked up the medicine, and drank it.

This is the recipe Wiliam wrote down earlier.

At that time, he used poison to fight poison, and collected materials on the spot, only thinking about the curative effect, without considering other factors.

Just like now, this bowl of freshly baked medicine is dark and exudes a nasty stench.

Everyone had already covered their mouths and noses.

As for Zhang Dian, he was afraid of being robbed after drinking this disgusting medicine.

It looks like a dog is rushing to eat shit.

This scene also made Zhuang Litian’s apprentice leaning forward and backward with a smile.

Although I don’t know whether he will win or lose, this scene of Zhang Dian is definitely the shadow of his life.

Zhang Dian drank the medicine in one breath, burped fiercely, and smiled happily: “Hahaha, brother, I have finished drinking, and there is not even a drop left for you. Still that sentence, netherworld Road, blame That kid.”

The anger in the hotel manager’s heart.

He had no choice but to attack the heart with poison.

He could only bite the bullet and picked up Wiliam’s bowl of medicine and drank it.

A dead horse is a living horse doctor.

Not to mention, this bowl of medicine tastes good.

The hotel was ideal, and suddenly slapped myself in the face. When are you still thinking that it tastes good?

After he finished drinking, he was lying on the ground unloved, waiting for death.

The people at the scene suddenly became quiet, wanting to see who was detoxified first.

Zhang Dian was full of ambition, although the toxicity was still incomprehensible, but he laughed wildly.

Huang Daoming also smiled satisfied.

In this way, the outcome is divided.

Only ten minutes later, his apprentice can detoxify.

And what hotel manager, can only say one thing is hard.

Hoho, maybe you don’t have to wait for ten minutes, as long as the hotel manager belches, the outcome will come out.

Everyone cast sympathetic glances at the hotel manager.

The hotel manager lay on the ground with eyes wider than a copper bell.

He began to confess his life.

Before the end of life, repent and repent.

If you can come back today, you will definitely not offend that kid…

The people on Huang Daoming’s side are expecting the death of the hotel manager.

five minutes.

Why not die?

Why are eyes still that big?

Six minutes.

Still dead.

At this moment, Huang Daoming’s people began to sit still.

This fat guy has a hard life.

Are you fighting death?

Seven minutes.

Even Zhuang Litian could see that something was wrong.

What’s the matter with this guy on the ground?

Not only was he dead, his face actually started to flush.

Eight minutes.

Zhuang Litian couldn’t sit still, so he stood up and walked towards the hotel manager.

He kicked the hotel manager. “If you die, get up and let us see.”

The hotel manager is still repenting. When he said that, he was taken aback. Right, why am I still dead?

He first touched his body on the ground, this touch was overjoyed!

Before the poisonous attack, his heart was burning.

I don’t even feel that way anymore.

On the contrary, what is going on with the spirit?

With a grunt, he got up from the ground and looked at Wiliam in surprise.

Everyone was shocked by his lazy ass rolling!

Can a dying person make such smooth movements?

Zhuang Litian’s heart was even more shocked, and suddenly he grabbed the boy’s wrist and began to diagnose.

With this diagnosis, his face was earthy!

Not because of toxicity!

It’s because of the full solution of toxicity!

Even the slightest shadow of poisoning can’t be found.

How fast!

In other words, when this guy was lying on the ground waiting to die, the poison was all solved without knowing it.

This speed!

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Huang Daoming rushed over and grabbed the hotel manager’s hand.

His reaction was even more direct, and he immediately called out, “Impossible! How is this possible! That kid clearly wrote it indiscriminately! How could he get rid of his poison!”

This said, the scene was in an uproar!


Everyone had no hope for Wiliam at all.

But now, Wiliam gave them an amazing miracle!

He actually detoxified the poison before Huang Daoming, the old genius doctor!

In other words, Wiliam won!

For a while, everyone seemed to be dreaming!

All this is too unreal.

Huang Daoming trembled all over, couldn’t believe everything he diagnosed!

Totally impossible!

Didn’t that kid write indiscriminately because he wanted to cheat himself?

Could it be that he is not pitting himself at all!

But he can really write this second antidote!

Thinking about it this way, Huang Daoming felt that his scalp was numb!

There are people in the world like this!

Can write two antidote recipes for one poison, and one is better than one!

Since this second curative effect is so good, why did he come up with the first shit-like antidote before?

Huang Daoming wanted to break his head, but he didn’t understand.

“Hahaha! It seems that this kid won.” Zhuang Litian reacted and laughed.

Huang Daoming was taken aback, and vetoed, “No! My disciple’s poison has also been solved, and just now I blamed the manager on lying on the ground and didn’t say anything. I don’t know when they solved the poison. This round cannot be counted. !”

Huang Daoming took it for granted, but there was dead silence around him.

Huang Daoming was surprised and asked, “Is the old man wrong?”

Zhuang Litian showed a joking expression, “Look at your apprentice for yourself.”

Huang Daoming looked back, and suddenly got a cold sweat.

My precious apprentice, who was full of confidence and can detoxify, is now lying on the ground and foaming at his mouth.

And the whole body convulsed more and more, and the poisoning was very deep.

“Impossible! The medicine that my apprentice drank was the medicine I prepared before. Many people have seen that it can detoxify! You cheated!” Huang Daoming flushed with anger.

At this time, Wiliam smiled and walked towards him, “Do you want to know the reason? Then I will satisfy you.”

“Why people before can use this medicine to detoxify but your disciples can’t? The reason is that the previous poison is different from the current one.”

“There is a medicine in it, the ratio is different, so the toxicity is different.”

“Using the previous antidote to detoxify the current poison can’t, there is only one reason left!”

“That is, the composition of the poison that you and Mr. Zhuang just wrote is wrong.”

“In other words, you both lost.”

Chapter 570

Wiliam’s words shocked the audience!

The people present were all confused by the scene in front of them, but at this moment, Wiliam has seen the sun!

They all understand.

Why Zhang Dian was still poisoned after drinking the previous antidote? There is really another reason that the current poison is not the previous poison.

At least the toxicity and toxic effect are different.

Zhuang Litian stood up from his chair in amazement and stared at Wiliam closely!

How amazing it is!

This kid, even said all the inside story!

Even a genius doctor like Huang Daoming doesn’t know that he can’t remember a medicine.

But this kid knows!

What’s even more amazing is that he can even formulate a detoxification prescription based on the poison he has given now!

It can be said that the medicine is applied according to local conditions!

This kid is the one with the best medical skills in the room!

Huang Daoming on the side was already stunned.

He couldn’t even think of killing him, and there was such an inside story.

However, he was even more horrified how this kid knew!

Judging from his young age, it is impossible for him to have a deep understanding of medicine.

the reason!

what is the reason!

Huang Daoming has only one reason.

That’s why this kid hooked up with Zhuang Litian long ago!

That’s why this kid would do such a defiant behavior.

Huang Daoming thinks that it is more possible!

Otherwise, the old man Zhuang Litian is usually cruel, why would he bet his right arm for the life of this kid today?

Huang Daoming opened his mouth wide and shouted: “Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! You cheated! You cheated!”

His words were tantamount to a thunder, and the people present were once again confused.

Today’s things have been ups and downs, and everyone has long been confused about what is going on.

Zhang Dian on the ground convulsed more severely.

Huang Daoming didn’t dared to hesitate anymore, grabbing the unfinished antidote from Wiliam on the ground, and pouring it down to Zhang Dian.

Then he looked at Wiliam gloomily, and said angrily: “Boy, I really underestimated you, you actually joined the old poison king to yin me! You are so unpredictable!”

Zhuang Litian was in shock, and when he heard Huang Daoming’s words, he was furious, “Fuck your mother’s shit! Although the old man has been poisonous and sinister all his life, he still won’t do such a thing. I dare to swear to God. .”

Seeing Zhuang Litian filled with indignation, Huang Daoming’s doubts arose again.

Doesn’t it look fake?

What exactly is going on?

And several referees looked at each other, their heads big.

This is definitely the most tormented battle in their entire life.

“Referee, you said, how to judge!” Huang Daoming threw the question to the referee.

Where do the referees know.

At this time, Zhuang Litian took the initiative to stand up and said, “Well, I now admit that I can’t remember the poison and any medicine I used before, so I just wrote a random proportion.”

This proactive sentence once again made Huang Daoming sluggish.

A chill came from my heart.

Zhuang Litian didn’t even know the proportion of blind drugs!


Sure enough, the referees immediately called out, “Zhuang Lao! What you said is true? Do you dare to swear?”

Zhuang Litian said in a deep voice, “I guarantee my half-life personality! What I said is true!”

The referee asked again: “That’s weird. Since you don’t even know the proportions of a single medicine, but you write it down casually, why is it exactly the same as what you wrote?”

Huang Daoming’s heart thumped!


Zhuang Litian showed a playful smile and said: “I said he cheated before, now you believe it?”

The scene was in an uproar!

Yes, if Zhuang Litian wrote it casually.

How did Huang Daoming write it correctly?

It’s just cheating.

He must have sneaked into what Zhuang Litian wrote just now.

The referee’s face froze directly, and he turned around and asked the sluggish Huang Daoming, “Old Huang, what is your explanation?”

Huang Daoming only felt a whirl of heaven and earth.

The reputation he has accumulated in this life is afraid that he will be completely lost today!

He hesitated and said: “I guessed it casually. I didn’t guess the number that Zhuang Lao filled out at random. Or else I and Zhuang Lao are friends for life, I don’t think I have a good heart.”

Huang Daoming didn’t believe what he said.

But he had made up his mind and bit the bullet and lied to the end.

Anyway, as long as the other party has no real evidence to prove that he cheated, he can’t wrong himself.

After listening to it, Zhuang Litian showed a playful smile.

But Zhuang Litian’s apprentice was even more direct, booing directly.

Everyone can hear that these words are shooting in the sky.

A dignified generation of genius doctors who did such an embarrassing thing is really unsafe.

Several referees looked at each other, and they also knew that Huang Daoming was lying.

But because there is no evidence and Huang Daoming’s prestige is so powerful, they dare not rush to convict.

Zhuang Litian seemed to know the referee’s scruples, and suddenly said with a smile: “I suddenly remembered another thing, which is not very clear. I hope Mr. Huang will give you an explanation.”

Huang Daoming’s cold sweat broke out.

The ominous premonition in his heart was even worse.

I felt that I had folded a long tower card, but I had a hand, just a light push.

All the emperor’s great works collapsed.

Soldiers are not bloody!

The referees became curious, and asked: “Old Zhuang, do you have any questions?”

Zhuang Litian stared at Huang Daoming and said, “Since I don’t even know the proportion of the monolithic medicines, Huang Daoming doesn’t even know, right? His answer just now proves that he is guessing.”

Everyone nodded.

Huang Daoming was anxious, not knowing what was waiting for him next, and how he questioned it.

Zhuang Litian said again: “Since it is a guess, how did he formulate the antidote before? It stands to reason that he can formulate the antidote, and he should know the ratio? So I suspect that the previous antidote is fundamental He didn’t deserve it!”

These words are like a bolt from the blue!

The bombing scene was silent!

If it is said that Huang Daoming’s guess of the ratio just now is slanderous, that’s nothing more.

After all, this is his personal guess, no one can interfere.

But now, Ruo didn’t even match the previous antidote.

That can only show that Huang Daoming’s morality is extremely problematic!

Because Huang Daoming had already said several times that it was his antidote.

Huang Daoming’s body staggered, his head banged, and his whole body was completely lost.

The thing he feared most still happened.

He thought it was foolproof.

Using the dragon and the tiger to counterbalance Wiliam, he didn’t dare to open his mouth.

He also used Wiliam’s antidote to preemptively and completely blocked Wiliam’s mouth.

Unexpectedly, the problem actually appeared in Zhuang Litian’s body!

This old immortal, why can’t he remember a medicine!

Just as he was racking his brains to find excuses, Zhuang Litian asked again: “Then I would like to know, who would be the one who prepared a prescription and saved more than a dozen lives in the past?”

Although it was a question, his gaze fell on the indifferent Wiliam.


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