Dragon Husband Chapter 571-580

Chapter 571

The eyes of everyone fell on Wiliam with Zhuang Litian.

In the scene, besides Wiliam, who else can there be!

It was him who prepared the first antidote when Zhuang Litian didn’t even know the composition and saved a dozen people.

It was him, when Huang Daoming didn’t realize that the second poison was different from before, he made a completely different second antidote and saved the hotel manager.

Who else has this ability?

There is no such thing as Zhuang Litian.

Now it is proved that Huang Daoming does not have it either.

For a moment, the eyes of everyone looking at Wiliam changed.

Before, everyone thought that this was just a fledgling kid who didn’t know the height of the world.

He dared to challenge Zhuang Litian and Huang Daoming when he came up. He simply didn’t know how to write dead words.

But now it seems that the kid is powerful!

He actually did something that even Huang Daoming couldn’t do!

The referees looked at Huang Daoming, their eyes flashed with deep disappointment.

Huang Daoming saw these eyes in his eyes, and his heart suddenly became anxious.

If he walked out of this gate today, his three words Huang Daoming would be worthless!

Never let this happen!

All this, they must be united to want to play me!

Thinking of this, before the referee announced the result, Huang Daoming said loudly: “Don’t forget, our previous gambling agreement was to dispense the original poison and antidote! In other words, neither Zhuang Litian nor I have a match. The original poison came out, and this kid, the antidote that came out was different from the previous one. None of the three of us counted as a victory, did it!”

The scene was full of boos!

This guy is still here with clever tongues.

Played a game of picking words.

Does it really make sense to dispense the original poison and antidote?

Could it be that Wiliam’s dispensation of medicines in danger, plus the second prescription that can save people just now, can’t compare with the hard words on the paper?

If the doctor is so pedantic, it’s improper!

But Huang Daoming caught this literal loophole and said to the referee: “Since we are fighting, we naturally have to follow the rules of the game. You say yes!”

When he spoke, his eyes became fierce.

He is threatening the referee.

The Five Dragons and Tigers behind him also stepped forward slightly, as if putting pressure on them.

The referees shrank their necks and their faces rose.

Zhuang Li jumped at the weather, “Huang Lao’er, you are really going back more and more live! It’s so mean!”

Huang Daoming has now reached the absolute path and can only take the risk.

But Wiliam smiled and said, “Oh? That’s it, then you just talk about it, what should you do?”

Seeing that Wiliam took the initiative to give in, Huang Daoming immediately hit the snake with the stick. He said, “Since we are different from the prescriptions we prepared before, then all the previous tests will naturally be invalidated. It is not counted. We have to start again. “

Boos sounded at the scene again.

They witnessed the personal decline of a genius doctor.

Zhuang Litian wanted to speak for Wiliam, but was stopped by Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at Huang Daoming with a smile, and asked: “Okay, it doesn’t count if you don’t count. You’re cheap, and everything you say is right. Then I want to ask you, how do you want to tell the winner? Or maybe , Stop here.

Huang Daoming was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Do you want to speak so prickly!

However, let him stop here, he absolutely can’t.

So, he said sinisterly: “Aren’t you very good? Didn’t you say that you have to be one-to-two? Okay, then you have to do one-to-two in order to win. If you have a seed, you will be worthy of third. A recipe.”

Zhuang Litian cursed directly, “Lao Huang, can you be more shameless! We are all healers, and we all know the doorway inside. If you want to make things difficult, this kid just said, why do you want to do so? s method.”

Huang Daoming said righteously: “Since he also agrees that the previous games are not counted, then the antidote before is naturally not counted, and now it is natural to match a new one.”

The people at the scene couldn’t help shaking their heads, Lao Lai, Huang Daoming.

But Wiliam smiled and said: “It makes sense, I can’t refute it. Okay, it’s up to you, but I want to ask you, how many students do you have?”

These words caused several of Huang Daoming’s apprentices to sweat on the spot.


What does this kid mean!

Do you want to use us as guinea pigs again?

Huang Daoming said coldly: “What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you say to have another pair?” Wiliam asked back.

“That’s natural, and it’s completely different from the previous two medications, even if the same is repeated, it won’t work!” Huang Daoming simply ran away.

Wiliam smiled, “Okay, don’t talk about one pair, I’ll give you a few more pairs, I’ll count, you have fifteen on the spot, let’s go, how about I give you five pairs?”

As soon as this was said, the eyes of the people at the scene fell to the ground.

This kid!

How arrogant!

It is even harder for ordinary people to match the second pair.

This kid speaks five pairs!

Add the previous two, and that is seven!

And the medication must be completely different!

This is harder than reaching the sky!

Even a pharmacy expert like Zhuang Litian couldn’t help but take a breath!

This kid, is it up?

How could this kind of travel against the sky be possible!

Huang Daoming laughed directly when he was told, “You asked for this! Good! Just five! I will dispense the medicine myself! It’s considered to be praised for you!”

Wiliam nodded, looked at Huang Daoming’s apprentice with melodious eyes, sighed, and said, “You have worked hard.”

Those apprentices had already shivered.

None of them dared to take the initiative to invite Ying, they actually took a step back in silence.

When Huang Daoming saw this scene, he was so angry that he rushed over and took out a few more junior apprentices, “Just the five of you!”

The five people looked unlovable.

After the decision was over, Huang Daoming took the initiative to walk to the piles of medicines and dispense them according to the previous poison.

The referee is naturally going to supervise.

Only when they were supervising, they all received Huang Daoming’s vicious eyes.

Wiliam saw all this in his eyes, but he didn’t want to stop it.

Instead, Zhuang Litian took the initiative to walk in front of Wiliam and asked a little worried: “Little baby, can you really do such a thing against the sky?”

Zhuang Litian had been shaken by Wiliam’s miracle, and his three views were shattered.

He has never seen such a healer, as if the world medicine is clear to his chest.

Now it was really out of concern that I went up to ask.

But Wiliam smiled and said to Zhuang Litian: “It’s not a trivial matter. The more exciting things are yet to come.”

“You’d better be mentally prepared. The next one I challenge is you. I called you then…”

“The three views are completely destroyed.”

Chapter 572

Zhuang Litian was stunned by Wiliam’s words!

He originally thought that after the boy had just maintained everywhere, the two of them had formed a united front.

Unexpectedly, this kid turned his spear head and aimed at him.

What else is going to be more exciting next.

Zhuang Litian’s unhappiness was written on his face, but he was faintly looking forward to it.

There are no capable people in the world.

This is his emotion before.

Now, he felt that this sentence was about to be taken back.

A capable person appeared.

Zhuang Litian, who has always been a master of loneliness, seemed to have re-established the goal of medical practice, and he was complacent for a while.

He glanced at Wiliam deeply, and said, “Then wait and see.”

After speaking, he retreated.

The scene fell silent again.

After half an hour, the poison Huang Daoming personally grasped was finally cured, making five bowls.

The people at the scene looked at the five bowls of poison, and they all lifted their throats.

Today is really exciting.

Either live or die, or life is better than death.

Those five apprentices even felt like the end is coming.

Huang Daoming was about to tell the apostle to take out the medicine.

At this time, Wiliam stepped forward and said with a smile: “I will do the medicine. I can’t let your apprentices fall in love with each other, right.”

The apprentices who were going to be dragged to give medicine suddenly looked at Wiliam with gratitude.

It really is so.

They are all senior brothers of the same discipline, and now they have to give medicine to the senior brothers, who can handle such things that are not as good as animals.

Um, except for their master.

Wiliam stepped forward, walked up to someone with the medicine in person, and said with a smile, “Now, do you drink it yourself, or should I feed you?”

The apprentice looked righteous, he stared at Wiliam and suddenly sighed deeply.

Next, he did something unexpected to everyone present.

He suddenly knelt down to Huang Daoming and knocked his head three times deeply.

“What are you doing? You have to remember that you are my apprentice, so naturally you have to listen to me. No one can change the things I decide.” Huang Daoming thought this apprentice was asking him to let him go.

But at this time, the apprentice said in a deep voice: “Master is like a father! Master, I have always treated you as my father, respecting you, honoring you, thinking that you are a role model in the world, who knows, ho ho…”

“I’m willing to drink this bowl of medicine. But after drinking it, our fate for master and apprentice is over.”

After saying this, the apprentice raised his neck and drank the bowl of medicine.

Then he sat aside quietly.

As if waiting for time to pass, netherworld comes.

And the other four apprentices sighed after seeing this person’s actions.

Do the same.

They didn’t talk anymore.

But one by one, they knelt down and koozed their heads, and then drank the medicine that Wiliam brought personally.

The atmosphere at the scene was extremely solemn.

Huang Daoming felt that his face was lost!

My apprentice turned out to be in front of so many people!

All of them are waste!

Huang Daoming’s face was shaking with anger.

After they drank the medicine, Wiliam moved quickly. This time it was even more miraculous.

It only took him about seven minutes to write down five prescriptions.

This speed once again gave the people the illusion of seeing the gods descending from the earth.

Is this dispensing medicine?

This is really shorthand.

Many people ask themselves, just let them copy it again, it may not be so fast.

Not to mention the dispensation, or dispensing five completely different medicines.

After Wiliam finished this, he walked directly to the medicine pile.

His hands flew like flying, as if he had two heads and two eyes.

Open the bow from left to right, grab one side with your left hand, and grab one side with your right hand!

This scene stunned everyone again.

Oh, how does this guy’s head grow!

Two drugs at the same time?

Is this a human thing?

And what makes them feel more creepy!

This kid does not need a medicine scale to dispense medicine!

He grabbed it and threw it into the medicine jar.

This hand is simply amazing.

Just now Huang Daoming grabbed the medicine, staring at the medicine scale carefully.

Because of the lessons learned, the effect of the medicine is different because of the slightly different proportions.

But Wiliam is so casual, is this scientific?

Does his hand just fail to scale?

When everyone was so scared that their scalp was numb, Wiliam had already prepared five medicines.

Then he urged a few people to lay down and quickly grind the medicine into shape.

The people at the scene didn’t know why Wiliam had been so ignorant from the beginning, until now he made a high-profile shot.

It’s totally like a different person.

Just because of time.

Why did Wiliam give medicine to those five people himself?

He naturally couldn’t believe in Huang Daoming.

Would Huang Daoming be so kind to dispense the medicine himself?

Think with your toes to know that he will work on the proportion of the medicine.

Wiliam had the ability to smell and know medicine.

He was by smelling the medicine while holding the medicine.

Sure enough, the five bowls of poison looked the same in color, but the taste was slightly off.

The time of the onset of toxicity is also different.

The person who has the first attack should be in fifteen minutes.

That’s why Wiliam raced against time and had to go to battle himself.

After he finished this, he was also sweating.

Wiliam breathed a sigh of relief when the five people finished drinking the antidote.

Then wait for the good show.

When the people on the scene watched Wiliam breathe a sigh of relief, they also let go of their hearts.

The scene where Wiliam used the bow medicine from side to side but was not able to weigh it just now was like a dream bubble, too unreal.

Huang Daoming on the side suddenly laughed.


This round, I won!

He was also shocked at first that Wiliam could dispense so many different antidotees so quickly.

And there is also Wiliam’s magical performance just now.

But how can this be?

This kid must be like what he did on TV. He stumbled and showed off and found an ancient medicine book before he knew so many prescriptions.

It’s just that, he must not have thought, I moved my hands and feet on the source, hahaha!

“Lao Huang, you laughed so insidiously! Say, what shady thing you did!” Zhuang Litian yelled first.

Huang Daoming smiled and said, “How can I do anything! Don’t talk nonsense about things that have no evidence, or I’ll be rude to you!”

Yes, there is no evidence left.

Those referees had already been threatened by themselves, so they didn’t dare to say anything at all.

But Wiliam also laughed suddenly.

With this smile, Huang Daoming suddenly lost his hair, and stopped laughing and shouted: “What are you laughing at?”

Wiliam looked at Huang Daoming with a smile, “The organs are too clever to count Qingqing’s life on the contrary.”

“Really thought I didn’t know, the toxicity of each of your poisons is different?”

“It’s already two hundred and fifty times, and you have to go two hundred and fifty times. Is your stage name five hundred?”

Chapter 573

The people on the scene suddenly exclaimed.

The properties of each poison are different!

This Huang Daoming is really bad!

Such a disregard of the rules and recklessness!

Zhuang Litian looked at the referee sternly, “Are you doing things for the tiger?”

The referees suddenly shrank their necks, and there was no one who dared to speak.

“This game! It’s no better!” Zhuang Litian brushed his sleeves and wanted to leave.

He can’t stand such a disgusting person anymore.

But he was stopped by Wiliam, “Zhuang Lao Liubu, how can I beat you if you leave, don’t be restless and restless.”

Zhuang Lao felt that a mouthful of old blood was about to spray three meters away.

So this kid is too much.

He speaks for him with heart and soul, and he!

Turn around and stab your comrades!

Are current friendships so worthless!

Zhuang Litian became angry, looking at Wiliam’s indifferent face, but he really stopped.

This kid, who can explain Huang Daoming’s conspiracy, shows that he has no fear.

Thinking of this, Zhuang Litian returned to his seat again, and could only wait and see.

Huang Daoming sat down on a chair after being broken by Wiliam’s words.

Really count it all!

Really lose face!

This kid actually knew that he had moved his hands and feet on the prescription!

How did he know!

You know, he didn’t even come to see it just now!

Did he cheat like himself?

Ask someone to watch it secretly and whisper it?

But even in this case, he doesn’t have enough time to think and digest.

Seven pills!

Huang Daoming only felt that his heart was bleeding.

How did it happen?

He can only hope now that his apprentice died on the spot!

Thinking of this, he suddenly felt a deep sense of guilt.

Today, he has spared everything.

He has nowhere to go back for the Baixue Shengsheng Pill.

He slowly walked towards the five disciples.

No, he is no longer counted as his disciple now.

He began to trace these people.

One by one, his face became more and more ugly.

Seriously, it’s all solved.

Until the last number was over, he even thought whether or not to give them a hint.

Let them pretend to be poisonous.

But this thought together, he slumped away again.

Pretending to be sick, pretending to be sick in front of Zhuang Litian?

Too pediatric.

He walked back to his position in despair, completely speechless.

When Zhuang Litian saw this scene, he naturally knew what had happened, and he burst out laughing.

“Lao Huang, what do you have to say now!” Zhuang Litian asked.

Huang Daoming forcibly supported his body and walked towards the referees.

Now, he has only one hope of winning.

Those are the five prescriptions Wiliam wrote down.

Whether there are repeated medications.

However, he walked without confidence.

Because Lu Yeneng promised him such a harsh condition with a vow, it proved that he was confident enough.

Sure enough, the five prescriptions were not the same.

He lost.

The loss was very thorough, but also very ugly.

He looked at Wiliam deeply, and suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness in his heart.

The world is so big, where did this kid come from.

Today’s hand alone is enough to disregard the entire Xinglin.

But why has never heard his name before.

He had a deep feeling before, as if he had a hand, squeezing thousands of pounds in four or two.

Now he had an epiphany.

This hand comes from Wiliam.

From the very beginning, he had framed and threatened this boy in every possible way, but he did not say a word.

I thought that he was succumbed to the situation and had to bow his head.

But now it seems that I am too ignorant.

He simply disdains.

If he doesn’t make a move, he will be dead.

Losing my own dedication, I even thought of all the possibilities.

What about this kid?

He doesn’t need to do anything.

A single hand is worth a thousand words!

Using the second antidote formula, he silently pierced his cheating and the trick of stealing his antidote formula.

Next, he was completely defeated.

For the first time, Huang Daoming felt that, in the face of absolute strength, it would be useless to allow his tongue to turn black and white in every possible way.

It will only end up even more disgraced.

Is there any excuse not to admit defeat?

Seeing Huang Daoming as if he had lost his soul, Zhuang Litian was relieved and laughed loudly, “Refers! Are you really going to announce now, who wins and who loses?”

He was really happy.

From the beginning, he was disgusted by Huang Daoming’s treacherousness.

It happened that this guy didn’t have any evidence to do things, so that Zhuang Litian couldn’t make a fuss.

It’s cool now.

This miraculous kid who didn’t know where came out, used one-handed medical skills to beat Huang Daoming to the ground, without the power to fight back!

When Zhuang Litian felt happy, his impression of Wiliam skyrocketed.

Even gave birth to a trace of respect.

It is a kind of respect that learns to be the teacher with high morals.

This kid is really tolerant!

Being so wronged and slandered, he can even bear this breath.

Then he called back silently.

This extraordinary city alone made Zhuang Litian sigh.

The referees, look at me, and I will look at you, and finally announced helplessly: “In this round, Mr. Lu won.”

At this moment, Huang Daoming no longer complained.

After hearing these words, the five disciples bowed to Huang Daoming, then turned and left.

There is nothing to do with Huang Daoming in this life.

Zhuang Litian smiled more happily, this Huang Laoer was a loser today and lost again.

Even the apprentice ran away.

But when Zhuang Litian was proud, Wiliam looked at him amused, “Happy? Then hurry up and be happy for a while, but I’m going to challenge you next, you must not laugh.”

Zhuang Litian’s laughter stopped abruptly.

He almost rushed over to fight Wiliam with a bayonet.

What’s the matter with this kid!

Is it bad to have multiple friends and multiple paths!

No matter how you stabbed the knife everywhere, I have provoke you!

Wiliam looked at the time and found that it was almost dusk, and there was not much time.

He said to the referee: “Well, now we can start the next game.”

The referee nodded and then asked Wiliam, “How would you like to compare this round?”

Wiliam looked at them with a black line, “Are you a referee or am I a referee?”

The referees are almost crying, they also want to know, who is the referee?

It’s not all to blame you for being too good.

Wiliam saw that they could not answer, so he turned to ask Zhuang Litian, “Zhuang Lao, what do you think? Give you a chance to speak.”

Zhuang Litian only felt a moment of depression in his heart.

Why does this sound like saying your last words before you die.

He thought about it, and suddenly took a deep breath.

Everyone suddenly fell silent, wanting to hear what Mr. Zhuang would do.

Zhuang Litian sounded like a Hong Zhong, and uttered three words in a loud voice.

“I surrender!”

Chapter 574

Those referees almost fell to the ground!

They looked at Zhuang Litian in disbelief, as if what they had just said was from the outside world.

Zhuang Litian’s apprentices are also unlovable.

Is this still their master?

They have served Master for many years, and they naturally know Zhuang Litian’s temper.

That’s a good gamble, and you won’t admit defeat.

Now he surrendered directly and recognized such righteous words.

As if doing something extraordinary.

Really, as Wiliam just said, it ruined three views than before.

After saying this, Zhuang Litian breathed a sigh of relief again.

After all, it is not so difficult.

In fact, just now when he saw Wiliam dispense five pairs of medicines, Zhuang Litian felt a sense of powerlessness in his heart.

This kind of magical pen is a height that he has never reached in his life.

So Wiliam compares with him, he wins or not.

And this kid just kept saying that it will be more exciting next time.

Wonderful yarn!

With Huang Daoming’s lessons learned, Zhuang Litian no longer wants to be embarrassed in front of his disciples.

You can lose, but the momentum must not lose.

So Zhuang Litian thought about it, and only the bachelor surrendered this way, and he could slightly save his face.

Wiliam was also speechless.

This is decisive enough.

Just admit defeat.

He looked at the referee feebly, “What’s going on?”

The referees were already in a mess, “What do you think?”

The question was thrown back.

Zhuang Litian naturally took the stubbornness and said: “Now this kid has done one to two. He is the unique winner today.”

The referees repeatedly said yes after listening.

And Zhuang Litian once again said boldly, “Today is an eye-opener, knowing that there are people outside the sky, it is not wrong to lose! Not to mention, I use this one hundred blood pill to witness the birth of a magical boy, too It’s worth it! Maybe, this kid will aspire to Xinglin in the future, and today’s show is enough to be recorded in history! The old man keeps his name! Enough!”

Some words made his apprentices stand in awe.

Wiliam nodded appreciatively.

This old poison is good.

Very open-minded.

After Zhuang Litian finished speaking, he said to the apprentice behind him: “Take out the Baixue Shengsheng Pill and give it to this kid.”

The person he was talking about was Wang Yuming.

Wang Yuming witnessed Wiliam’s miracle again just now, but he was the one who marveled the least.

Because he had seen the magic of Wiliam a long time ago.

When he faced off against Fernando and Baijia Hotel at Genuine Care Medical Center before, he saw with his own eyes that Wiliam used some broken medicinal materials, and the results were the same as those made by Fernando’s family.

Therefore, Fernando’s company was accused of making and selling fakes.

From then on, Wang Yuming knew that Wiliam had this magical ability to use different medicines to achieve the same effect.

This ability is like everything in the world, reaching the same goal by different routes.

So today, seeing Wiliam’s ability again, he only felt happy, not too shocked.

He quickly took out Master’s Hundred Blood Promoting Pills and walked towards Wiliam.

When he stood in front of Wiliam, his face was full of excitement.

He whispered: “Little genius doctor, you can do it! I just squeezed the sweat for you! You are famous now, you are the light of our Q City ( Qena City )!”

Wiliam smiled slightly at the words “Light of Allure”.

Q City ( Qena City ), after all, is a small place.

Now he should look farther.

He slowly opened the box, and suddenly there was an exclamation around him.

I saw a crimson pill in the box.

This crimson, as if it would glow, gave people a feeling of radiance.

In the air, there was a faint smell of blood.

This is the smell of Baixueshengpill.

Zhuang Litian smiled and said, “Boy, I guess you won’t use this thing. It’s too tasteless. Just take it and eat it as a jelly bean.”

Wiliam smiled and nodded, but said nothing.

Because he found that Huang Daoming’s eyes were completely red since the Baixue Husheng Pill was taken out.

He seemed to be gradually losing his mind.

As Wiliam thought, Huang Daoming was really silly after seeing the Baixue Husheng Pill.

Today, he made a notorious reputation for this ball.

Now, come here in a hurry, and come back in defeat?

A kind of unwillingness clamored wildly in his heart.

Anyway, this is already the case.

It’s better to be a villain!

Thinking of this, he suddenly shouted backwards, “Duo!”

Then, his five dragons and tigers, as if they had been prepared for a long time, moved in an instant and rushed towards Wiliam.

This sudden change caused Zhuang Litian to shout directly, “Old Huang, are you looking for death! You can even do things like this kind of green forest bandits!”

Huang Daoming laughed wildly, “I can’t have nothing! I can’t go home empty-handed! I want you all to die for me! Especially you, Wiliam! Now all our grievances have been counted together! I killed him!”

He hated Wiliam the most in the presence!

This kid slapped before and didn’t say anything.

It was him who took everything from him!

Seventy years!

A whole seventy years of hard work has all gone to nothing!

So today, he must apologize with death!

Zhuang Litian saw Wiliam being surrounded by the dragons and tigers, and suddenly felt anxious.

He knows the power of the Five Dragons and Tigers.

Zhuang Litian wanted to help Wiliam, but when he looked behind, he found that his apprentices had no power to bind the chickens.

He hates it!

I hate myself for not accepting a few apprentices who can fight!

“Boy, you have to worry! These five dragons and tigers are very powerful!” Finally, Zhuang Litian could only remind Wiliam.

But Wiliam was surrounded by him, but he smiled, turned his head and asked Zhuang Litian, “How good is it?”

Zhuang Litian was still there in a hurry, but was stunned by Wiliam’s question.

How powerful is it?

The old man doesn’t know either!

“It’s the kind that is very powerful!” When Zhuang Litian said it, he felt ashamed.

What’s the matter with this?

And Huang Daoming also laughed madly, “I am a real martial artist, and they are not like the shrimp soldiers and crabs before! Today you can hardly fly with your wings!”

And just when Huang Daoming looked up to the sky and laughed, he suddenly made a “bang”.

His body was directly smashed to the ground!

He was completely confused, what’s the matter!

He glanced intently on the ground, and what he smashed at him just now was the most powerful of his five followers!

He didn’t even have a reaction, and he heard Wiliam say faintly: “No one tells you? I’m also a martial artist, and I’m more powerful than very powerful…”

“The super powerful kind.”

Chapter 575

Everyone didn’t even realize what was going on!

When the hotel manager on the side saw this scene, he felt a dream back to the beginning.

This scene seems familiar.

When I was in the lobby before, a bunch of security guards rushed up to this kid.

Then when everyone didn’t know what happened, the dust had settled.

But the previous ones were just a few small security guards, and if they were a little capable, they could really knock them down.

But it’s different now.

On the opposite side, but the dragon and the tiger!

These five people are also famous in the arena.

Huang Daoming has traveled unharmed in these years, relying on the power of these five people.

Such a well-known expert, like the security guard before, was kicked by this kid.

The hotel manager was simply dumbfounded.

The people at the scene held their breath and looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

This kid is so omnipotent!

I showed my skills when I was dispensing the medicine, which has already made everyone bewildered and unbelievable.

Now it can be stronger!

Simply civil and military!

Everyone looked at Wiliam as if they were looking at a rising star.

Huang Daoming still can’t believe that all this is true.

These five people are his last support and his last madness.

However, how long did his madness last?

Less than a few minutes!

If it hadn’t been for the apprentice to be pressed on his body, Huang Daoming would have doubted whether he had hallucinations.

He stretched out his hand and pushed the apprentice, shouting loudly: “Get up, get up, fight with him!”

However, the apprentice seemed to have passed out in a coma long ago, and no matter how Huang Daoming pushed him, he didn’t respond.

The other four people were also shocked, surrounding Wiliam, but completely at a loss.

“What are you guys looking at! Don’t hurry up! Just now you were too underestimated by the enemy, that’s why you learned the way of this kid! With the strength of the four of you, you can definitely kill this kid on the spot!” Huang Daoming was really angry. However, he shouted to the four people again.

The four of them woke up like a dream, and their eyes turned to Wiliam suddenly!

What a shame!

What a shame!

They are also famous figures in the arena.

If the opponent is a long-established master, they will lose if they lose.

But now, the opponent is just a fledgling kid.

Unheard of before, and young.

If I lose like this, how can I mess around in the future!

Thinking of this, the four rushed towards Wiliam again.

Wiliam watched these four people rushing forward, and a trace of joking flashed in his eyes.

Outsiders only know that the dragons and tigers are powerful, but they don’t know how powerful they are.

But in Wiliam’s view, these five people are nothing more than puns.

After blowing through the sky, they were just the warriors in the early days of Wai Jin.

Compared with Wiliam’s current stage of Waijin, it is far from the difference.

That’s why Wiliam could kick a person flying with one kick.

It is simply a sledgehammer.

However, Wiliam also knew that ordinary martial artists, as long as they stepped into the realm of martial arts, would definitely concentrate on performing martial arts.

Will not bother about too many disputes.

It’s even rarer for people like the Dragon and Tiger Five to enter the world but act as thugs.

Therefore, all earthly people will mistakenly think that they are very powerful.

When these four people were killed, Wiliam dodged unhurriedly, as if walking in a leisurely courtyard.

No matter how stupid the surrounding people were, they could see that Wiliam’s skill was far above these four.

He seemed to be teasing the four.

The four people suddenly became more angry and shouted: “Boy, hide, what kind of heroes!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, and said without breathing: “As a warrior, but you are willing to be others’ thugs, you can be regarded as heroes.”

The four people’s faces became stiff and furious.

It is true that they have been shining on the surface in recent years, but they also know in their hearts that they have been poked and scolded by someone behind their backs.

Now that Wiliam exposed their wounds to everyone, they couldn’t bear it anymore.

The four of them all yelled, as if they had gone violently, vowing to kill this rude fellow on the spot!

But at this time, Wiliam sighed, “Stop playing.”

As soon as the voice fell, everyone only felt a flower.

Then there was a popping sound.

After a few seconds, the dust settled.

On the ground lay the four previous violent people.

The scene was quiet again.

When they looked at Wiliam, they no longer dared to take the slightest contempt.

In terms of medical skills, he stood out from the crowd.

When it comes to martial arts, he is also the leader.

Now it seems that big men like Huang Daoming and Zhuang Litian are nothing in the eyes of this kid.

No wonder this kid looked arrogant from the beginning, it was not because he was not afraid of tigers when he was born with a calf.

But because he himself is a big tiger!

Choose someone and eat, no one dares to fight!

Regardless of everyone’s horror, Wiliam walked towards Huang Daoming with a dull look casually.

As he walked, he said, “Do you treat what I said before as farting? I told you, I am very powerful, the super powerful kind, you still don’t believe it, do you believe it now?”

Everyone at the scene began to doubt life.

They thought of themselves as Huang Daoming and nodded together.

Believe it, and never dare not believe it again this time.

And Huang Daoming watched Wiliam slowly walk around, a terrifying sense of powerlessness surged in his heart.

He has already played all the tricks he can.

But in front of this kid, it’s as if he’s playing family.

He can slap himself to death with one slap!

“You, don’t come over!” Huang Daoming shouted as he stepped back.

But Wiliam curled his lips, “What are you talking about? Hurry up, give me the fruit that belongs to me, and I will rush back.”

Huang Daoming turned around and wanted to run.

But how fast he passed Wiliam.

Wiliam followed Huang Daoming casually.

When Huang Daoming watched Wiliam raise his hand, he suddenly plopped and fell directly in front of Wiliam.

This scene reorganized everyone’s three views again!

This long-famous generation of genius doctors is now kneeling in front of a kid with no bones.

After reading it, Zhuang Litian couldn’t help shaking his head.

It’s disappointing.

And Wiliam pinched his neck with one hand, and said lightly: “Hurry up, I’m really anxious to go back, I bought all the train tickets.”

“I’ll count three times, otherwise, I will scream.”

As the countdown started slightly, Huang Daoming’s cold sweat burst out.

The crazier the person, the more afraid of death.

He felt that the strength in Wiliam’s hands was increasing, and suddenly shouted hysterically: “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I have something to say!”

The force in Wiliam’s hand loosened and motioned for him to continue.

Huang Daoming trembled, and said tremblingly: “The fruit of return is not on me now, really, I swear!”

Chapter 576

When Wiliam heard this, his brows frowned.

Huang Daoming’s various calculations before, seemed to Wiliam to be inadequate.

So he didn’t even bother to get angry.

But now, Wiliam was really angry.

He worked so hard to get up early in the morning to drive the car, and then bumped all the way to Rock City.

It was with these people again that the matter had ended successfully.

I don’t think I’ve been busy for a day, but I’ll end up in a dead end!

Seeing that Wiliam suddenly became murderous, Huang Daoming buried his head deeply on the ground, and said tremblingly: “The qi fruit is really not on me! You just killed me, I can’t get it out now. .”

With killing intent in Wiliam’s voice, he asked coldly, “Where is that thing!”

He bet He Tiantian was to get the fruit of return from Huang Daoming.

Now the qi is actually not on Huang Daoming.

If this bet fails, Wiliam’s eagerness is waiting for the needle, but the basket will be empty.

Huang Daoming stammered and said: “Yes, in a very powerful person, he just asked me to send Guiqi fruit a few days ago. I dare not listen to his orders.”

“What amazing person? He is amazing again?” Wiliam asked.

But at this time, Zhuang Litian’s expression on the side suddenly changed, and he stepped forward and asked sternly: “Old Huang, is this the person you are talking about!”

Huang Daoming nodded nervously, and said, “Wrong, it is him.”

Wiliam asked Xiang Zhuang Litian, “Old Zhuang, who is it?”

Old Zhuang’s expression became extremely ugly, and he said, “Wiliam, have you ever heard of Lingyue Villa?”

Wiliam’s head buzzed, shit!

Is Lingyue Villa again?

Is there such a coincidence in the world?

Elder Zhuang took a deep breath and said, “This person is the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa. I heard that the owner of Lingyue Villa is about to retire. This deputy owner is determined to win the position of the owner, so a while ago He tried every means to improve his skill. This old man Huang had previously taken refuge in the deputy village owner, so what he said now should be true.”

Wiliam frowned, the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa.

Before his father-in-law, Bai Lizheng was also the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa.

The owner of Lingyue Villa, Wu Jingzi, was dead.

Now there is another deputy owner.

“I heard my little granddaughter say that Lingyue Villa has two deputy owners who are both competing for the position of the owner. I even heard her say that the other younger deputy owner has long been back home. That’s why Huang Lao’er’s master will be anxiously looking for treasures to improve his skills.” Zhuang Litian explained again.

Now, Wiliam understood completely, it turned out that’s what happened.

“Wiliam, although you showed extraordinary strength just now, I advise you not to confront the people of Lingyue Villa. They are many and powerful, and they are all martial artists. If there are more ants, they can bite. Dead elephant.” Zhuang Litian said to Wiliam kindly.

Wiliam’s face is frosty.

He was already angry just now.

I didn’t think that things were going to happen, but it still fell on Lingyue Villa.

It seems that this Lingyue Villa, it is necessary for him to go there in person.

Otherwise, the unicorn is intriguing and arrogant, what kind of style!

Simply discredit the grandfather under Jiuquan!

“What’s that person’s name?” Wiliam asked.

Zhuang Litian was silent for a long time, and finally he sighed and said: “The deputy village owner, called Jin Lieyun, has a violent temperament and innocent killing. You’d better listen to my advice.”

Wiliam Lu answered Zhuang Litian and looked back at Huang Daoming, who was trembling on the ground.

Huang Daoming had to kowtow pitifully to confess his guilt, “Master Lu, I was wrong before, and I shouldn’t be obsessed with doing so many tricks on you. I know I’m wrong, please, for the sake of my age and a few years of life, let’s go. Will you live my life?”

Wiliam’s eyes were still cold, as if to see through Huang Daoming.

Huang Daoming is still begging, “Master Lu, I really have nothing now, and there is nothing I can offer to you, so please let me go.”

At this time, Wiliam’s eyes changed.

Become extremely domineering.

Suddenly he nodded Huang Daoming’s forehead with one hand, and said faintly: “You really are lying about to die, do you really have anything you can tell?”

These words stunned the people around.

Huang Daoming’s incident has now become disreputable as a bereaved dog, and what else can be done.


Talking about money is vulgar at this time.

But Huang Daoming’s heart trembled violently.

He looked at Wiliam in disbelief, feeling a tingling scalp.

Wiliam pressed his finger on his forehead, “Ho ho, you lied to everyone, did you lied to me?”

“Master Lu, you!”

“Everyone knows that the Baixue Husheng Pill is just a tasteless thing, but you have gambled on a lifetime of fame and want to take it as your own. Don’t you think that if you do this, it is puzzling? ?” Wiliam asked again.

It’s just that Huang Daoming at this time is already like an ice cellar.

His greatest secret!

The deep and deep secrets of his trip!

It was discovered by this kid!

“I’m afraid, you just have a treasure that can complement the Baixue Husheng Pill in your body?” Wiliam awakened the dreamer with a glance.

Zhuang Litian finally reacted!

It turns out that this old man Huang has done so much deliberately to play a big game!

If Huang Laoer was given the Hundred Blood Promoting Pill just now, coupled with the mysterious baby he already had, then he would not ascend to the sky side by side with the sun!

Huang Daoming was already paralyzed on the ground.

He knew that he couldn’t hide it anymore.

Wrong, after all these years of hard searching, he finally found the only baby in the world that can complement the Baixue Shengsheng pills in a mysterious place-the blue sea washes the blood!

He had dreams of heaven-shattering dreams, and imagined that these two kinds of treasures would be able to help him make further progress.

Unexpectedly, everything can’t escape the eyes of this kid.

Huang Daoming sighed deeply, as if he had completely surrendered, “I can hand over the blue sea and wash the blood, but you must promise me to spare my life, or I won’t hand it over if I die.”

Wiliam had no intention of killing him, and had other arrangements for him, so he nodded and agreed.

Huang Daoming just staggered, took a box and handed it to Wiliam.

“Now, can I go?” Huang Daoming looked very old for a moment.

Wiliam declined to comment.

But when Huang Daoming passed by him, he lightly patted his shoulder, revealing a wicked smile.

He whispered a word in Huang Daoming’s ear.

“I know where you are going, go ahead. By the way, convey a word to me. Just say something to that Jin Lieyun, just say…”

“The Lord of Kylin Tomorrow…”

“Private driving!”

Chapter 577

Huang Daoming looked at a loss.

What Kylin Lord?

What the hell?

Do the little guys now talk so much in the second grade?

It turns out that although Huang Daoming knew Jin Lieyun, he did not worship Lingyue Villa.

So I don’t know anything about Kirinshi.

He knew that a unicorn relief was carved on the gate of Lingyue Villa.

But what does this have to do with the Kylin Lord?

He didn’t think about it, he just wanted to leave this place of right and wrong and get a little life back.

When he finally walked out of the hotel safely, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Breathing the fresh air outside, and looking at the vast sea and sky outside, Huang Daoming couldn’t help but resurface the image of being humiliated by Wiliam just now.

And thinking that he was not only infamous, but also the Hundred Blood Promoting Pill that he was about to get, and even the blue sea blood that he regarded as life was lost, his heart trembled.

This Wiliam ruined his two lives! Two futures!

This kind of kid, what does not die!

Huang Daoming thought, showing a vicious smile.

Little guy, aren’t you crazy?

Don’t you know that I am going to find Jin Lieyun?

Wouldn’t you also go to Lingyue Mountain Villa tomorrow to find him for the return of energy?

Then I am as you wish!

Tomorrow’s Lingyue Villa is your grave!

Thinking of this, Huang Daoming didn’t stop at the slightest, and directly embarked on the road to Lingyue Mountain Villa.

But in the hotel, Wiliam opened the small box given by Huang Daoming and fixed his eyes on the contents in the box.

The blue sea washes the blood.

This is a very strange name.

And the thing in front of me is even more weird, like wood but not wood, fruit but not fruit, pearl not bead.

This small round bump looks so inconspicuous that no one will pick it up on the street.

He took a deep sniff and felt it tasteless.

It’s too ordinary to be ordinary.

And it is such a common thing that can cooperate with Baixue Husheng Pill to produce an extremely mysterious effect.

The world’s great wonders.

Wiliam didn’t know how to use this thing with Baixue Husheng Pill for a while.

But he knows a principle, the same as Li Nanfeng’s jade pearl before.

But if you don’t know how to use the treasures in the world, you just eat them.

Wiliam no longer hesitated thinking of this, and threw these two things directly into his mouth and swallowed.

Zhuang Litian on the side saw his eyes straightened, and stepped forward and asked, “Damn! Little guy! I said before that I let you eat your baby like jelly beans, are you really serious? You? When did you listen to me like this?”

Wiliam didn’t care about Zhuang Litian, but closed his eyes and felt the changes in his body.

Unfortunately, a few minutes later, he opened his eyes.

No change.

It’s like a small stone thrown into the ocean, splashed with a little water, and then disappeared completely.

Wiliam sighed, thinking that the chance was not there.

He didn’t like these two things very much, so waste was wasted.

And Zhuang Litian’s heart was shaking, Mahler Gobi’s!

This kid ate the priceless treasure in just one bite, so he was really violent.

It’s so utterly devastated.

He was distressed, but saw Wiliam stepping out.

He quickly grabbed Wiliam and asked, “Where are you going?”

Wiliam said lightly, “Do I need to tell you where I am going?”

Zhuang Litian’s face blushed and he let go of Wiliam, but he said, “I know, you are going to Lingyue Villa.”

Wiliam declined to comment.

Zhuang Litian’s temper suddenly came up again, “You really don’t know how to live or die, did you hear what I said just now! That Lingyue Villa is not as simple as this scene just now! That is Longtan Tiger Cave! Listen to my little granddaughter, there The masters, such as the Ganges Sands, there are hundreds of people! And compared with the dragons and tigers, each one is only strong but not weak!

“I even heard that the Five Dragons and Tigers followed Jin Lieyun in the early years, or Jin Lieyun sent them to Huang Daoming. If you go there alone, you are seeking your own death.”

Wiliam smiled faintly, “It’s dead or alive, nothing can be said.”

Zhuang Litian saw that Wiliam had decided, and he didn’t listen to advice at all.

After finally seeing another mountain, he didn’t want to start climbing, this mountain collapsed.

Finally, he sighed and said: “Well, you see life and death like clouds, my heart is not as broad as you. Today you helped me get back a face, I owe you a favor…”

“No.” Wiliam interrupted him.

Zhuang Litian is going to be pissed off by this kid. Will he not die?

He decided to ignore Wiliam’s trash talk and continued: “I guess you don’t know where Lingyue Villa is at all. I will help you and ask someone to take you there.”

These words made Wiliam nodded, “All right.”

He did not know the specific address of Lingyue Villa, only that it was in the next province-Jianghuai.

Zhuang Litian looked at Wiliam angrily, “But this person I’m called has the same temper as me. You’d better be able to talk to her well.”

“You know you have a bad temper.” Wiliam said casually.

Zhuang Litian was so depressed that he just wanted to leave on the spot.

But after all, he left a cell phone number and said, “You can call this number after you have passed. This person is my relative and he is also in Lingyue Villa. It’s fine.”

Wiliam didn’t ask much, thanked him, and walked out of the box directly.

He went back to the room to clean up a bit, and then thought of calling He Tiantian.

When I came this time, I was simply cheated by this beautiful Yujie.

“Well, you, has Guiqi Guo got it?” A vague voice came on the other end of the phone.

Lu Yezheng said angrily, “Isn’t the return qi fruit not in Huang Daoming’s body at all! It’s in a person named Jin Lieyun in Lingyue Villa.”

Wiliam thought about why Tian Tian would feel guilty, and he didn’t think there was a laughter over there, “Hahaha, that means you ran for nothing, right?”

At this moment, Wiliam deeply understood the depression of Zhuang Litian just now.

“In this case, it doesn’t count as a loss for you. Go find that Jin Lieyun and get it back. I still count you as winning.” He Tiantian finally said something.

“Well, that’s what I planned. Tomorrow I will go to Lingyue Villa.” Wiliam said lightly.

“Okay, where is Lingyue Villa? Not far?” He Tiantian asked casually.

“In the next province, Jianghuai.” Wiliam said.

But these words made He Tiantian’s voice fluctuate.

“Jianghuai, such a familiar place. I remember that my husband’s young brothers are all in Jianghuai. Now I don’t know how they are going…”

Chapter 578

Wiliam was in any mood to care about He Tiantian’s husband’s brother.

There is no way to go with him.

After chatting casually with He Tiantian, Wiliam hung up the phone.

Because he heard He Tiantian’s vague voice, he guessed that he was drinking.

Can’t drink her!

And that night, Huang Daoming appeared at the door of Lingyue Villa.

After a briefing, he entered the villa and saw Jin Lieyun.

Jin Lieyun is a very old man.

He is more than eighty years old today, with white beard and hair, and a golden robe.

At this moment, he was sitting in the position of the owner of the meeting hall of Lingyue Villa, exuding a madness.

He really deserves madness.

It stands to reason that he is older than the owner, Wu Jingzi, at this age.

Wu Jingzi is about to retire, but he still has a bullying heart.

Originally, he and Bai Lizheng were both deputy owners, and he had no advantage in competing for the position of the owner.

So he wondered whether he could win Bai Lizheng in the martial arts realm.

It’s just that in the past few days, something big has happened to Lingyue Villa!

Wu Jingzi and Bai Lizheng didn’t know why, they both died away from home.

This was originally the grief of the villa.

But for Jin Lieyun, it was great news.

In this way, he deserves his name as the owner of the village, and no one can shake it anymore.

Just like now, although the Qilinshi has not announced his successor as the owner, he is sitting on a chair that belongs only to the owner.

No one has any doubts.

In the past few days, he has been very energetic, and his pride is written on his face.

Seeing Huang Daoming come to see him late at night, Jin Lieyun smiled and said, “Huang Daoming, why are you here? Did you come to say to the old man?”

Huang Daoming’s face became stiff, and he didn’t know where the joy came from.

But he still congratulated him casually, and then cut to the topic, “Old Jin, I am here this time, I have something important to report to you. Our Lingyue Villa is about to usher in an enemy.”

Jin Lieyun frowned and said, “How did you know?”

Huang Daoming was taken aback, how did he know?

Are we talking about the same thing?

He immediately asked: “Old Jin, I mean, there is a young man with high martial arts who threatened to come over by himself tomorrow and level Lingyue Villa!”

Jin Lieyun looked angry, but he also knew that what Huang Daoming was talking about was not the same thing he was worried about.

He immediately asked: “What kind of young martial artist?”

Huang Daoming immediately remarked on what happened in Yancheng during the day today.

Naturally, the emphasis was on Wiliam’s arrogance and arrogance.

As for the last sentence Wiliam confessed, Huang Daoming would naturally not pass it on to Jin Lieyun.

After Jin Lieyun heard this, he asked in confusion, “You mean that the five dragons and tigers are all defeated by him?”

Huang Daoming nodded, and then said with the momentum: “Old Jin, those five people were all trained by you personally. They are humiliated, and you are the humiliation!”

“By the way, he also said that coming tomorrow is to snatch the qi fruit in your hand and let you hand it over obediently, otherwise you will step down on Lingyue Villa.”

Huang Daoming began to lie all over the sky, how to pull the hatred.

However, after Jin Lieyun listened, he just smiled lazily, “Huang Daoming, Huang Daoming, you are really a worldly villain. A little bit of trouble will make you scared of this? Then the kid, even if you can Defeating those five people is just a little better, but can it be compared with the hundred masters of Lingyue Villa? Hoho, I have the right to be a joke.”

Huang Daoming’s heart suddenly became anxious, but he wanted to use Jin Lieyun’s hand to make Wiliam die!

How can you let it go!

He thought for a while, as if he was throwing himself out, he suddenly said in a deep voice, “Old Jin, there is another thing I want to tell you.”

With that said, he explained the matter of the Baixue Husheng Pill and the blue sea washing the blood!

With that said, Jin Lieyun stood up directly from the chair and looked at Huang Daoming in shock, “You mean! He has those two things on his body! It was taken from you!”

Huang Daoming nodded.

The next second, he just felt a flower in front of him.

Then the body was hit hard on the wall!

His neck was stuck tightly!

The person who stuck his neck is naturally Jin Lieyun!

Jin Lieyun’s face was full of anger, and his violent aura soared, “In other words, when I asked you for the treasure, you concealed it and didn’t report it, and only gave me the qi fruit! Damn!”

Since Huang Daoming said it, he was prepared to suffer from deception.

He said with difficulty: “Old Jin, those two things are still on that kid, and only I, vaguely know the usage of these two things, didn’t I come here to report to you just to atone for your sins?”

With these words, soft and strong, Jin Lieyun let go of Huang Daoming bitterly.

Huang Daoming clutched his neck and looked at Jin Lieyun, who was violent in front of him, and he felt as if he had walked before a ghost gate.

“You mean, he is coming tomorrow, right?” Jin Lieyun confirmed.

“Yes, he said it himself, I originally moved you out to keep him down, but he said directly, what Jin Lie… it’s not a bullshit, I will step on your face tomorrow…” Huang Daoming provoked again heart of.

At this moment, Jin Lieyun sneered directly, “I don’t know the height of the sky and the earth! A little bit of effort, I think the world is invincible! A person dare to come to my Lingyue Villa! I want to see it, he took it from my hand Going back to Qiguo, I still took the Baixue Shengsheng Pill and the blue sea cleansing blood from his body! If he can get out of the villa, I will thank the world for myself!”

Seeing the provocation succeeded, Huang Daoming revealed a crazy smile in secret.

That’s it!

Tomorrow is the death of that kid!

While Jin Lieyun sneered, he was also counting the time in his heart.

Tomorrow, the people above should still not come.

It turned out that when Jin Lieyun received a message yesterday, someone from above would announce his successor as the owner of Lingyue Villa.

Then take advantage of the fact that the people above are still here, kill the chickens and the monkeys, and build me the power of Jin Lieyun!

On the other side, Wiliam set foot on the road to Lingyue Villa early in the morning.

He also sent a message to Zhuang Litian’s relative and asked that relative to pick him up at the station.

But when he arrived at the station, Wiliam waited left and right, but couldn’t wait for anyone.

Just before he exhausted his patience, suddenly there was a violent engine roar in front of him!

A purely black and domineering locomotive broke through the crowd and rushed to the drop-off area in a flurry of hops.

Then, the rider stepped down, took off the helmet tightly covered on his head, and shouted at the crowd: “Which one is called Wiliam!”

The voice is as crisp as a lark, and the face is as smart as a lotus.

Wiliam’s head was stunned.

Is Zhuang Litian’s relatives a woman?

Chapter 579

The people around were filled with righteous indignation, but after seeing the woman’s appearance, the complaints stopped abruptly.

Isn’t this woman too smart?

Seeing her wearing a small T-shirt on her upper body, revealing a graceful and feminine waist, and wearing a pair of hot pants on her lower body, her slender and tight long legs make everyone have the urge to swallow.

And this woman seemed to ignore the onlookers of the people around her, and continued to howl, “Which one is called Wiliam! Are you there! No, I’m leaving!”

After that, she really had to step on the locomotive again and leave.

The people around thought for a while, if I could become the one named Wiliam, that would be great.

Riding a bike with such a beautiful and hot woman, staying and flying, not to mention how beautiful.

Seeing the woman about to leave, Wiliam finally recovered from his surprise and stood up and said, “I am Wiliam.”

The woman glared at Wiliam, and grinned carelessly: “You are Wiliam, why didn’t you agree?”

Wiliam took out his mobile phone and shook the content of their previous communication in front of the woman.

This woman believed that the young man in front of her was Wiliam.

She looked at Wiliam up and down and couldn’t help muttering: “My grandfather doesn’t tell me that Wiliam is a little fresh meat. I thought it was a husband.”

This made Wiliam a black line. He also wanted to say why Zhuang Litian didn’t say that his relatives were such a bosom. Big brainless two goods.

“Come up first, let’s talk about it. There are too many people here, so I will take you to dinner first.” The woman said again, and then stepped onto the locomotive.

Wiliam went up as soon as he turned over.

In the envy of everyone, the locomotive girl took the landing leaf, started the engine, and roared away.

The two came to a restaurant and sat down casually.

The two of them sat face to face, and the woman looked at Wiliam with interest again, and she was a little embarrassed to see Wiliam.

“What do you think of me?” Wiliam asked.

The woman seemed to understand Wiliam’s embarrassment, and she smiled, “Oh, Xiao Xianrou is quite shy, come and tell my sister, how do you know my grandpa? I thought my grandpa is an old antique, you know They must all be 70-80s.”

Wiliam said casually: “I just met yesterday, by the way, what is your name?”

This woman was taken aback, just met yesterday?

Shouldn’t be.

On the phone, Grandpa Mingming’s tone was very serious, so she must treat this Wiliam well.

That kind of tone with a little respect is not like I just met yesterday.

But there was a streak in her head, and she was immediately taken away by Wiliam’s questioning. She smiled and stretched out her white tender hand, and said: “Introduce yourself, my name is Zhuang Ningning, and I am a small person in this area. Well-known, the people I know are very powerful people.”

Lu Yeyihan was a little suspicious of what Zhuang Litian said before.

Zhuang Litian said that this relative still had some status in Lingyue Villa.

But is it just this second item, like a warrior?

At least Wiliam has only seen her two until now.

“Your name is Wiliam? Are you married? Look at you, thin-skinned and tender. You are so cute.” Zhuang Ningning has a carefree personality and a self-familiar one, and soon started Wiliam’s. joke.

Wiliam said with a calm expression: “Married.”

Zhuang Ningning looked at Wiliam in disbelief, “Are you married? But look at your shy girl, don’t you look like a married man?”

This made Wiliam’s face reddened slightly.

Can’t you be shy after getting married?

Can you be more straightforward?

“Forget it, I wanted to introduce my good sisters to me, but it’s a pity. Let’s wait for dinner. I called my sister and my sister’s brother came over for dinner.” Zhuang Ningning said regretfully. .

Wiliam frowned slightly, without saying anything.

He doesn’t like socializing, but Zhuang Ningning is like a socialite, which makes Wiliam a little hard to accept.

But after all, it’s just the guest, and Wiliam can’t say anything.

“Speaking of my elder sister, tusk tusk, she looks really good-looking, but unfortunately, after so many years, she still can’t get out of the shadow of a man. I originally wanted to introduce it to you.” Began to chatter.

Wiliam really couldn’t bear her noisy character, and began to pretend to be silent.

Zhuang Ningning said a few words, and when Wiliam didn’t talk to him, he suddenly curled his lips, “The man who is tough, forget it, it’s as tough as the man I like. Are men all elm bumps? Do not know what to do?”

Wiliam’s face turned black, didn’t he say that he could not speak?

Seeing Wiliam’s face turned black, Zhuang Ningning only converged a little.

Only two minutes later, Zhuang Ningning asked weakly and suddenly, “Can you accept the relationship between sister and brother?”

“Can we eat first?” Wiliam was speechless.

Zhuang Ningning curled his lips again, “Forget it, don’t mean it. Let’s order.”

Zhuang Ningning took the menu, muttering which one was delicious and which was not delicious, while secretly peeking at Wiliam from the corner.

And Wiliam watched his nose and his heart without saying anything.

At this moment, a clear voice suddenly came from the side, “Ningning, let you wait a long time.”

Wiliam turned his head and looked.

I saw a woman with crisp short hair standing next to them.

This woman is a little fat baby, but it doesn’t affect her appearance.

Instead, it made her look more playful and smart.

The most striking thing about her are those eyes.

Black and shiny.

But from the depths of his eyes, Wiliam could see a trace of sadness that was so rich that it could not be removed.

Is she pretending to be happy?

Is this person the good sister Zhuang Ningning said?

Wiliam was thinking about it, but Zhuang Ningning got up, rushed in one direction, and whispered: “Brother Chu, you are finally here.”

Only then did Wiliam realize that there was a man behind this woman.

This man is handsome, with casual long hair and wearing a casual shirt and denim.

It’s just that his mental head is really lacking.

A pair of eyes seemed to be awake forever, half-open and half-closed, and the whole person was lazy.

Wiliam also saw that this man was still carrying a wine bottle in his hand.

And Zhuang Ningning just threw himself into this man’s arms and acted like a baby.

The front feet were still smiling wickedly, and the back feet turned into a charming little woman. Wiliam was frightened by Zhuang Ningning’s changing face.

The man pushed Zhuang Ningning, but was hugged by Zhuang Ningning like an octopus, and finally gave up and let Zhuang Ningning hold him.

And the short-haired woman is also a black line, “The guy with the opposite sex and humanity still has my sister in his eyes. I really regret introducing my brother to you.”

Zhuang Ningning was said to have constricted a bit before letting go of the man, then looked at Wiliam, and casually introduced: “Here, you know each other, his name is Wiliam. And these two are brothers and sisters, men. It’s my brother Chu Huaijin, and the girl is my good sister Chu Huaiyu.”

Chapter 580: Three Kings of Jianghuai

With four people sitting on the chairs, Wiliam nodded to the brother and sister.

The woman named Chu Huaiyu also smiled at Wiliam and greeted him politely: “Hello, nice to meet you.”

“How happy are you?” Zhuang Ningning interjected and asked.

At this question, the faces of several people turned black.

Chu Huaiyu seemed to know Zhuang Ningning’s temper, and said obediently: “I’m very happy, very happy, all right.”

Zhuang Ningning curled his lips, “No energy.”

And the man named Chu Huaijin also nodded to Wiliam, saying hello.

After he said hello, he leaned back in his chair lazily, looking drowsy.

Zhuang Ningning saw that Wiliam’s eyes were indifferent, and explained: “Hey little guy, don’t look at my man’s listless look, but when you fight, you are not his opponent, you know what he is. Identity?”

Wiliam was curious: “What identity?”

Zhuang Ningning immediately showed a proud look, put his arm around Chu Huaijin’s arm, and said: “He is the king of Chu who is known as one of the three kings of Jianghuai! Don’t you know?”

Wiliam shook his head, he didn’t know that he had been on Jianghuai.

Zhuang Ningning curled his lips at Wiliam disdainfully, “Isolate and ignorant guy, anyway, my man is very powerful and very powerful. It’s much better than me. Oh, by the way, don’t look at me like a little woman, I’m the one It’s not a problem to hit you, I am also a warrior.”

Seeing Zhuang Ningning’s mouth breaking again, Chu Huaiyu’s face became stiff, and she immediately interrupted and said, “Alright, don’t talk about it, is it fun to fight all day long? Let’s eat first.”

This made Zhuang Ningning shut up.

It’s just that Wiliam is a little interested, the Three Kings of Jianghuai.

It seems that this listless guy is also a ruthless character.

When a few people started to eat, Zhuang Ningning would naturally talk about Jianghuai’s things without interruption.

Wiliam also probably understood some forces in Jianghuai.

One of the strongest is Fengyamen where Chu Huaijin is located.

This name is very elegant, who would have thought that this is a gang of rivers and lakes.

And the master of this Fengyamen is a man nicknamed Jianghuai Earth Emperor.

But it is said that he has now retreated to the second line, and Fengyamen’s affairs are in the hands of the three men.

It is the Three Kings of Jianghuai.

Chu Huaijin is one of them.

Wiliam didn’t dare to underestimate this lazy man if he could be the second in charge of Fengyamen at such a young age.

Halfway through the meal, Zhuang Ningning seemed to think of something, and asked Wiliam, “By the way, why did you come to Jianghuai this time? My grandfather didn’t tell me, but he said he wanted to be responsive to you.”

Speaking of this, Zhuang Ningning suddenly felt a bit of cold, and stared at Wiliam and said, “I’m telling you the ugly things. Don’t look at my beautiful face, but my famous flower is in charge. If you want to loosen the earth, you must Ask me if the man is willing.”

With that said, Wiliam rolled his eyes.

Zhuang Ningning is beautiful, but compared with the Feliicity of his own home, there is still a gap.

Among the women Wiliam had met, I was afraid that only the woman named He Tiantian could equal Feliicity.

Wiliam changed the subject and said: “I heard your grandfather said that you are from Lingyue Villa, so I asked you to take me to Lingyue Villa.”

Zhuang Ningning immediately said triumphantly: “Wow ha ha ha, you have the eyes to see! I am pretty good at Lingyue Villa.”

“How powerful?” Wiliam asked.

Chu Huaiyu, who had been speechless on the side, took the stubbornly, “A named disciple of Lingyue Villa, bragging about something outside every day.”

Wiliam’s face froze.

Hang, the famous disciple…


But Zhuang Ningning was swearing to protect Lingyue Villa, and said viciously to Chu Huaiyu: “Sister Chu, I tell you, you are not allowed to slander my Lingyue Villa! Although I am just a nominal disciple, I My heart is with Lingyue Villa!”

“Cut.” Chu Huaiyu despised and immersed himself in eating.

Zhuang Ningning asked for his own interest, and said to Wiliam: “Don’t think I am just a disciple, but it is already very powerful. Every year, people who want to invest in Lingyue Villa like Ganges Sands, I am definitely the best person. Disciple.”

Wiliam didn’t know how to answer Zhuang Ningning.

Zhuang Ningning continued to ask: “After talking so much, you still didn’t tell me, why did you want to go to Lingyue Mountain Villa? Do you want to visit Lingyue Mountain Villa? Hahaha, if this is the case, you will call me later Sister! It’s not right, right? Seeing you are so fragile, it must be a drama. Do you know how harsh they are for recruiting people? Even named disciples must have a certain ability. Do you have the ability?”

Wiliam couldn’t even say what he said.

After Zhuang Ningning said a lot and panted out of what she said, she took a sip of water and asked, “You still don’t answer me?”

Wiliam wanted to answer, but could you tell me?

When Wiliam saw her resting, he said nonchalantly: “I didn’t go to visit Lingyue Villa. I went to level Lingyue Villa.”

“Oh, it’s not a visitor, that’s really a pity, the fate of our senior sisters and brothers is exhausted, hey, it’s a pity that you are going…I rely on! I rely on! I rely on! What did you just say What are you going for!” Zhuang Ningning thought about it, but suddenly she got up from her chair and looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

Even Chu Huaijin, who had been lazy, opened his eyes slightly and glanced at Wiliam.

There was a flash of light in his eyes.

Chu Huaiyu was also shocked by Wiliam’s casual remarks that all his chopsticks fell to the ground.

In the Jianghuai land, who would dare to come and challenge Lingyue Villa?

Not to mention stepping down!

It is Fengyamen. Although it is known as the first gate of Jianghuai, it cannot be compared with the overall strength of Lingyue Villa.

It’s just a legend that the background behind Fengyamen is very strong, so it can get along with Lingyue Villa on the Jianghuai land.

Now, seeing the exit of a kid who had no power to bind a chicken was to step on Lingyue Villa, Zhuang Ningning’s chin was about to fall to the ground.

Her gaze fixed on Wiliam!

Wiliam glanced at Zhuang Ningning, took a bite of the food, and then slowly repeated: “I said, I went to level Lingyue Villa.”

Now, Zhuang Ningning heard clearly!

A trace of anger flashed in her eyes!

“You dare to say another word in front of me!” she gritted her teeth.

Wiliam also slowly stood up, and said clearly, “Tapping Lingyue Villa, what’s wrong?”

Zhuang Ningning’s legs suddenly raised, and with a sharp leg whip, he headed towards Wiliam!

And Wiliam didn’t dodge.

Because someone suddenly disappeared from the seat just now.

Between the lightning and flint, Zhuang Ningning’s leg was caught.

The man named Chu Huaijin showed an energetic smile for the first time.

“Ningning, take him.”


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