Dragon Husband Chapter 591-600

Chapter 591

The Qilin Envoy was covered in black, and even his face was wearing a black mask, only his majestic eyes were exposed.

His voice was very low, and he asked, “Who is this kid? What hate do you have at Lingyue Villa?”

Jin Lieyun stunned, and replied in a vague way: “This kid is the boyfriend of a disciple inside my door. Today, seeing that his girlfriend was not under the income of our Lingyue Villa, he did it in anger. A matter of anger and grievance.”

Speaking of this, Jin Lieyun’s eyes suddenly saw the Fengtian unicorn smashed on the ground, and he quickly said: “Look, my lord, the totem of our unicorn power, the Fengtian unicorn, was broken by him. This is clearly I want to be the enemy of our entire unicorn.”

The Qilin Envoy’s gaze was fixed on the broken Fengtian Qilin, and he suddenly became furious.

There was a sudden burst of violent momentum on his body, “Bold!”

Sound like thunder!

None of the people present dared to speak.

This is the majesty of the Kylin Envoy!

This is the anger above the external force!

Even Zhuang Ningning, who was far away, felt the monstrous anger on the Qilin Envoy.

At this moment, she couldn’t stand it anymore.

She rushed up and said quickly: “No, Jin Lieyun is wrong! It is clear that the entire Lingyue Villa bullied people first, and the competition was completely unfair and unfair. This Fengtian unicorn was destroyed by me, and it was with Lu Yezhen. The slightest relationship.”

She was very worried.

She vaguely felt the strength of this unicorn envoy.

It was an unattainable state for her.

She felt even more that Wiliam was not the opponent of this unicorn envoy.

That’s why she stood up.

One person to do things, one person!

It was she who threw the totem happily just now, and she was willing to bear all the blame.

However, the Qilin Envoy’s gaze was still fixed on Wiliam, and said, “What else can you explain?”

Wiliam shook his head, “I don’t want to explain anything.”

Jin Lieyun on the ground immediately showed an expression of ecstasy.


This kid is completely annoyed by the Qilin Envoy now!

This Fengtian unicorn is that he usually doesn’t dare to neglect it.

Not to mention such nonsense in front of the people above.

This is to touch the dragon against the scales.

Today this kid sees how he gets out of my Lingyue Villa!

Seeing that Wiliam didn’t explain, the Qilin Envoy nodded, and suddenly shouted, “Where are the subordinates!”

The voice pierced the clouds and broken jade!

As this voice fell, the sound of breaking the wind suddenly sounded.

Countless people in black fell directly from the sky!

No one knows where these people come from!

No one knows how long they have stayed here!

However, looking at the aura of these people, everyone present had fought a cold war together!


It is too strong.

These people are now standing in front of the Qilin Envoy.

There are thirty or forty people.

One person is enough to outsmart the audience!

Not to mention more than thirty people.

This is a force capable of sweeping the entire Jianghuai!

Looking at the Qilin Envoy who looked like a black cloud over the city, the life on the scene did not have the courage to speak.

The difference in realm is too big.

These people are all above external power!

Even Jin Lieyun could not have imagined that so many people would be sent to Lingyue Villa at the same time.

He thought there were only a few people at most.

God favors me Lingyue Villa.

The sky is endless, Jin Lieyun.

He was very excited at the moment.

This is the indulgence of another village!

With these people here, why be so afraid of being a little kid!

“Come here, grab this man and woman, and beheaded to show the public!” The original unicorn envoy said majesticly.

Those people moved!

However, what surprised Jin Lieyun was that these people didn’t go towards Wiliam and Zhuang Ningning.

It’s in the direction of the door!

Like an enemy!

This stunned everyone present.

what’s the situation?

What are you doing to the door?

When everyone was puzzled, suddenly there was a sharp voice!

A thing flew in from outside the door at an extremely fast speed!

A Kylin envoy reached out and grabbed it, trying to grab this thing in his hand!

But what I didn’t expect was that the buddy caught the thing.

But that thing is too powerful!

It actually took the Qilin Envoy directly to fly.

Until it hit the floor of the martial arts platform!

How many people took a breath in this scene!



Who is it!

Have such a god-defying cultivation base!

This is the Kylin Envoy!

They were all knocked off by one move!

This strength!

Far above everyone on the scene!

Everyone looked at the thing on the martial arts stage.

After seeing it clearly, they were all shocked in unison!

That thing is not a hidden weapon at all!

It’s a wine bottle!

A bottle of beer that has long been drunk.

An ordinary wine bottle, unexpectedly brought a master of external power!

It’s incredible.

However, Wiliam showed a joking smile when he saw this wine bottle.

It’s still here.

“Who! Sneaky! What a hero who hides his head and shows his tail!” Qilin made the leader shouted sharply.

At this time, a lazy voice came from the door, “I have never been a hero, but an alcoholic.”

As soon as the voice fell, an overjoyed expression appeared on Zhuang Ningning’s face!

She already knows who is coming!

Sure enough, a figure appeared at the door staggeringly.

He staggered step by step, as if he could fall to the ground at any time.

He walked in slowly while everyone was stunned.

one person!

The air pressure is all over!

No one is behind him!

There is no one in his eyes!

And seeing this person’s appearance, Jin Lieyun and others showed a look of horror, “Three Kings of Jianghuai! King Chu! You, why are you here!”

The visitor was full of alcohol, eyes seemingly open, and stood staggering beside Wiliam and Zhuang Ningning.

It is really Chu Huaijin!

Seeing Chu Huaijin, Zhuang Ningning’s tears came out directly, “Brother Chu, you are here.”

Chu Huaijin smiled at Zhuang Ningning, “The days are too boring, just come over and see the heat.”

Zhuang Ning would rather no matter why he came here, just know that he can come and everything will be fine.

Everyone was still stretching their necks, wanting to see who else this King of Chu had brought over, after all, King Chu had thousands of troops.

Chu Huaijin smiled lazily, “Don’t look, I’m the only one.”

Everyone was once again shocked by Chu Huaijin’s atmosphere.

What is going on today!

There was a young dragon and tiger, who came all by himself, striving to win the enemy’s first rank!

Now there is another King of Chu, who is also committing danger alone, and one person has appeared in the door of the hostile forces.

Is it that Lingyue Villa is so despised in the arena?

The Qilin Envoy looked at Chu Huaijin and asked, “Who are you? Why are you here!”

Chapter 592

Jin Lieyun knew about the character of King Chu, so he quickly explained: “Beat people. This person is the second in command of Fengyamen, another force in Jianghuai, nicknamed King Chu, Chu Huaijin.”

The Qilin envoy nodded and asked, “Are you here to keep this kid?”

This time Chu Huaijin shook her head, “No, I’m here to keep my girlfriend.”


The jaws of all those present are falling to the ground.

Who is King Chu’s girlfriend?

When did you hear that King Chu had a girlfriend?

This is simply great news!

You know, the king of Chu is on the ground in Jianghuai, he can be regarded as a talented, golden bachelor!

How many women rushed to him.

Now I heard that he has a girlfriend?

Which woman is she who stepped on shit in her last life?

Just when everyone was wondering who was Chu Wang’s girlfriend, Zhuang Ningning, who had long since wept, suddenly embraced an octopus, and hugged Chu Huaijin with his hands and feet.

Everyone doesn’t know, Zhuang Ningning still doesn’t know in his heart?

Although Zhuang Ningning usually regards Chu Huaijin as her boyfriend, the two are also out of the kind of concubine.

However, Zhuang Ningning had been cautious in his heart, not daring to say something to Chu Huaijin about her boyfriend and girlfriend.

Even more rarely, once, as Chu Huaijin’s girlfriend.

She was afraid.

After all, Chu Huaijin is noble, she is afraid that she is not worthy, and even more afraid that she will be affectionate.

She also didn’t want to cause trouble to Chu Huaijin, so she never dared to admit her girlfriend in public.

And Chu Huaijin usually seems to be an elm knot, always accepting all the kindness to Zhuang Ningning, but he does not express his attitude or take the initiative.

Zhuang Ningning was once disappointed and sad.

However, she didn’t expect to wait.

Just waited unexpectedly.

Chu Huaijin appeared so unexpected.

Chu Huaijin’s words are even more understatement.

He just admits that he has a girlfriend in front of everyone!

Zhuang Ningning was so touched that she could only express her excitement with a mad hug.

The prodigal son will not change his head.

The elm lump resuscitation is even more touching.

When the people on the scene saw Zhuang Ningning suddenly hugged King Chu, each of their jaws fell to the ground.

What’s the situation?

Isn’t Zhuang Ningning Wiliam’s girlfriend?

Why did you hug King Chu like Wiliam’s face!

The relationship between these three people is very charming!

Seeing Zhuang Ningning embracing Chu Huaijin, there was one person who was most upset!

She is Liu Nianru!

Liu Nianru saw King Chu, who was sought after by thousands of young girls, unexpectedly being hugged by a girl like Zhuang Ningning, who was crazy with jealousy.

Why is she!

“Zhuang Ningning, who is your boyfriend!” Liu Nianru shouted sharply.

Zhuang Ningning cried and chirped, and said, “Who else can! Of course it is my Brother Chu.”

In this sentence, the truth is revealed!

Everyone at the scene looked at Zhuang Ningning again, and their eyes changed.

Before, Zhuang Ningning was nothing but a stunned green in everyone’s eyes.

Without the slightest background, anyone can easily bully her.

But now, she turned into a phoenix by flying on the branch!

Become the woman of King Chu!

This posture of the sky monkey made everyone no longer dare to look down upon Zhuang Ningning.

“Okay, let go.” Chu Huaijin was seen by everyone as a monkey, and his face was a little bit awkward, and he whispered to Zhuang Ningning.

But Zhuang Ningning cried and said stubbornly: “I don’t! I don’t! Finally, your stubborn stone blooms, and I won’t let go! I will hold you like this! I will hold you wherever you go today. where!”

“You still look like a virtuous and virtuous woman? How come you look exactly like my sister when she was young.” Chu Huaijin said helplessly.

The Qilin leader became even more angry at the scene.

What is this place!

Fengtian Kylin is broken here!

Qilin slaves are being bullied here!

But there are still people who dare to ignore the Qilin Envoy and talk about love in public!


“King of Chu! I heard that Lingyue Villa and you Fengyamen do not offend the well water on weekdays. Are you here today to provoke our entire unicorn situation?” the Qilin envoy shouted.

But Chu Huaijin laughed and said, “This elder brother is serious. Didn’t I just say it? I’m here, just to give my girlfriend a sigh of relief. As for the dispute between the two gangs you mentioned, there are some provoking unicorns. I don’t quite understand.”

What he said was quite polite, the people of Qilin Power just felt acceptable, but suddenly heard Chu Huaijin’s next sentence.

“If you want to treat me as provoking the unicorn situation this time, then take it! So what can you do!”



Everyone was suffocated!

How wild!

Just take it, he is not afraid of anyone!

Dare to be alone and be the enemy of Qilin!

“Well, who was it just now, bullying my girlfriend?” Chu Huaijin’s dominance just now seemed to be only a flash in the pan, and she showed that lazy look.

People at the scene look at me and I look at you, but they dare not speak.

Chu Huaijin asked Zhuang Ningning again, “Ningning, who do you think? I will vent your anger.”

Zhuang Ningning cried harder.

Today’s elm bumps are meant to show the overbearing president to the end!

It’s so exciting and so loveable.

She stretched out her hand and pointed at Jin Lieyun and Wang Tiejun, who were silent on the side. “The two of them are embarrassed.”

Chu Huaijin nodded and took a step forward.

Jin Lieyun suddenly shrank behind the Qilin envoy.

There is no slightest majesty of the lord of the village.

“Do you want to do it?” The Qilin envoy shouted.

Chu Huaijin nodded, “Well, I can do things, so I don’t want to talk nonsense.”

After finishing speaking, he actually sprang up like a ghost with Zhuang Ningning behind his back.

He had appeared in front of Jin Lieyun between the lightning and flint.

At this speed, everyone present was speechless!

Even the unicorn envoys looked at Chu Huaijin in disbelief.

Chu Huaijin had already slapped Jin Lieyun’s face with one hand, pulling him into flight.

“Is a slap enough?” These words were asking Zhuang Ningning on the back.

Zhuang Ningning almost wanted to give Chu Huaijin a promise on the spot.

Domineering men have a kind of deadly magic.

Don’t want to talk nonsense if you can do it.

A slap is not enough.

Are you crazy?

Waves or not?

She nodded with rain, and then pointed at Wang Tiejun, who was shivering with fright, “and him, he is not enough to slap him.”

Chu Huaijin nodded and rushed towards Wang Tiejun again.

This time, the unicorn envoys moved!

But what if it moves!

In an instant, a howl like a pig resonated throughout the audience.

Scarlet blood suddenly appeared on Wang Tiejun’s body!

“A slap is not enough, then he can only use his hands.”

Chapter 593 Overbearing President Forcefully Spoils

The people at the scene didn’t even dare to breathe.

Crush the strength of the audience!

Even the Kylin Envoy could not stop it!

This king of Chu can go wherever he wants!

You can kill whoever you want!

Get what you want, get what you want!

Wang Tiejun’s arms were twisted into twists.

Everyone can’t see how Huai Jin made the move.

The result of this astonishment alone has already made everyone’s heart touch their throats.

“You! Bold!” The Qilin envoy was so blindly ignored by Chu Huaijin, and endless anger was born in his heart.

“Ho ho, I think you are ignorant and don’t want to be your enemy, why, do you still want to stop me from leaving?” Chu Huaijin said lightly with Zhuang Ningning on his back.

This question silenced the Qilin Envoys.

They have important things to do when they descend this time.

That’s why I brought so many people down.

If it is here in Lingyue Villa that they lose their soldiers and lose their generals, and miss a major event, then they are inexcusable.

This king of Chu is clearly a character that is not easy to mess with.

Just when they were silent, there was a soft applause.

Everyone looked at the applause, but saw another madman.


Wiliam watched Chu Huaijin’s behavior with interest just now, and now couldn’t help applauding, “Brother Chu is good.”

“Hoho, I’m overwhelmed.” Chu Huaijin said lightly.

“Well, you can go now.” Wiliam said to Chu Huaijin again.

Chu Huaijin nodded, “Yes.”

With that said, he carried Zhuang Ningning on his back and walked towards the door.

But at this time, Zhuang Ningning, who was enjoying the overbearing president’s strong pampering on his back, suddenly awakened.

Take a ball!

She patted Chu Huaijin on the back and said eagerly, “Brother Chu, we are going to rescue Wiliam together, otherwise he would be dead here.”

But as soon as her voice fell, two voices rang out in unison.

“Not saved.”

“No need.”

These two voices are more indifferent than the other, and the other is more ruthless.

It was Chu Huaijin who said that he could not be saved.

And it was Wiliam who said it was unnecessary!

Zhuang Ningning saw the two people respond in unison like singing double reeds, and then listened to the content, the whole person is almost!


Is my old mother’s heart rippling or what!

Did you feed the dog with a cavity of spring water?

What’s the matter with my boyfriend!

The kind that the moon picked up just now.

Now the face is turned into the butt?

If you don’t save it, you can’t save it. It’s so ruthless to say it, so my old lady wants face!

How do you let me step down now!

And that bastard!

You are too much!

My mother kindly wants to save you!

You do not have to!

No need a hammer, no need!

Are you addicted to being a hero?

These people beat you, they can beat you into sauce!

Kind as a donkey liver and lungs!

At this moment, Zhuang Ningning felt frustrated.

Two thousand-year-old straight men who are incomprehensible will die for me!

Spit these two big pig hooves!

When Wiliam and Chu Huaijin finished talking, they looked at each other.

From the expressions in each other’s eyes, they clearly see the understanding.

Chu Huaijin knew that Wiliam must have relied on and purpose in coming here.

So Wiliam would never leave.

There is no need to save yourself.

So he said that he could not help.

And Wiliam, as Chu Huaijin thought, really wanted to stay.

Pick up the pieces.

Zhuang Ningning was still complaining in her heart, and Chu Huaijin had slowly walked towards the door behind her back.

When everyone looked at Zhuang Ningning’s back, their eyes turned red with envy.

Why didn’t this woman look better? Why did she climb this big tree.

I am afraid that Zhuang Ningning can walk sideways in Jianghuai in the future.

Liu Nianru was trembling even more.

Hatred from jealousy!

She thinks she is incomparably beautiful, and relying on this charm, she worked hard to climb Wang Tiejun.

I thought that her glory and wealth were coming soon.

What now!

Wang Tiejun was beaten like a dead dog, and his life is uncertain.

Instead, it was Zhuang Ningning, this boyfriend was not only extremely handsome, but also amazingly powerful.

Just now he even showed his arrogance as a beauty.

How can such a man not make Liu Nianru jealous!

Seeing Zhuang Ningning was about to leave the gate, she suddenly couldn’t help it anymore.

She shouted directly at Chu Huaijin: “King Chu! Did you know that your girlfriend was cheating out and cheating on you? Just now she said she was Wiliam’s boyfriend! Don’t you feel humiliated! “

With this shout, everything was quiet.

At first, everyone was looking forward to this Demon King Chu leaving quickly.

Unexpectedly, this woman who didn’t know good or bad actually took the initiative to provoke King Chu!

Jin Lieyun was so angry that he almost rushed to beat Liu Nianru.

Sure enough, Chu Huaijin turned around.

Even with that, Zhuang Ningning also faced Liu Nianru.

Liu Nianru saw them turning around, thinking that his words were too lethal, so he hurried to take the train while it was hot: “Everyone has seen and heard them just now. This woman is a prodigal girl! What is she worthy of? King Chu, you!”

Zhuang Ningning looked at Liu Nianru, only feeling nauseous in her heart.

She couldn’t help shouting: “I do! Can you control it!”

Liu Nianru became more excited when he heard this.

This Zhuang Ningning actually admitted in public!


Now, where is the face of King Chu?

But while she was waiting for King Chu’s response, Chu Huaijin turned around and continued to walk forward with Zhuang Ningning on her back.

Just leave a word, “Yeah.”


Um woolen yarn!

Uh, a few meanings!

Liu Nianru felt his head dizzy, and couldn’t help but shout again: “What do you mean!”

“I am willing too.” The figure disappeared after the words appeared.

And these four characters, like magic sounds, hovered in Liu Nianru’s head, lingering.

Her whole body, as if losing her soul, sat down on the ground.

What a wonderful couple this is!

It’s a raccoon dog!

After hearing these four words, Zhuang Ningning suddenly bit Chu Huaijin’s shoulder.

She was so excited that she had no way of using words to describe her inner thoughts.

I am also willing, the world’s most beautiful love poem, can it be more beautiful than these four words?

This man with the iron tree blossoming, is he going to spend his entire life of romance today?

Zhuang Ningning was excited but did not regret it.

I’m so touched today.

This will be the most precious memory of my life!

After they left, the scene heated up again.

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned to Wiliam.

This kid is surrounded by a huge field.

Without the help of Chu Huaijin, he really couldn’t fly.

“Boy, are you staying, do you want to atone for your sins!” the Qilin messenger asked.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Atonement? I stayed, not for any atonement, but for…”


Chapter 594


The people at the scene were confused by Wiliam’s words.

Who is convicted?

Who is guilty at the scene!

Is he trying to condemn Lingyue Villa?

Why is he?

Does he have this qualification?

After a brief absence, there was a burst of laughter.

They were laughing, laughing at this kid’s ignorance and arrogance.

Dare to be stubborn when death is imminent.

Even Jin Lieyun, who was on the ground, clutched his swollen cheek and laughed sullenly.

He slowly stood up and looked at Wiliam who was alone in the siege, as if looking at a dead person.

“Hahaha! What a crazy kid! Okay! I’m going to see, who are you going to convict today! What are your skills to convict people!”

Wiliam looked at Jin Lieyun and said indifferently: “One sin against Jin Lieyun, he is wrong in his mind, and he is a teacher in vain.”

After hearing this, Jin Lieyun laughed again. He became interested when he saw this kid speak more and more truthfully, “Hahaha, convict me! Well, you say it again, we would like to hear it. What amazing words do you have to say!”

Wiliam looked at Wang Tiejun, who was unsure about his life and death, and Liu Nianru, who was desperate. “Two sins, the disciples are lawless and nonchalant.”

When Liu Nianru was mentioned, he also let out a sneer, as if he didn’t even care about what this kid said.

“Three sins, all disciples, without justice, Wencheng Wude, nothing but empty talk!” Wiliam looked around and said again.

These words aroused the xinxing of everyone, and they laughed in unison again, “Hahaha, we have no justice in our hearts? What is your kid!”

“What is justice! Mao is not long, dare to speak up here!”

“I’m expecting him to say anything else, hahaha, say it quickly. No, say it slowly. After all, it’s your death date.”

Lu Yesi laughed regardless of the audience, and turned his eyes to the Qilin Envoy who was in charge, “Four sins, regardless of the cause, serve as a tiger.”

The scene was instantly deadly quiet!

This kid, just accuse Lingyue Villa.

Now even the Kylin Envoy dare to criticize!

I really think my life is too long!

The Qilin Envoy was also said to sneer, “Is there any after finishing talking?”

Wiliam looked at the Qilin Envoy and shook his head slightly.

What he wants to say in his heart is more than a million words.

More than these four sins.

He wanted to say, your unicorns have completely failed my grandfather’s painstaking efforts!

But these words of him can only be buried in his heart.

After all, he has grown up, and since then the Qilin power is evil, within his thoughts.

Let’s start today.

“That’s it! Okay, you like to convict people so much! I will convict you today too!” Jin Lieyun stood up and said grimly.

He first pointed to the Fengtian unicorn shattered on the ground, and said: “For one sin, the Fengtian unicorn who smashed my unicorn status. This alone is a death penalty!”

He looked at those disciples again and said: “The two sins, wounded my countless unicorn children, with brutal methods!”

“Three sins! The following commits and speaks rudely to Qilin!”

“Four sins! Collusion with Fengyamen, the heart can be condemned!”

Jin Lieyun just opened his mouth, even talking nonsense.

However, he doesn’t care if this is nonsense.

He just wanted to say something happy!

It was really humiliating just now, and it was a bit relieved to be able to take advantage of this opportunity to find some face.

“Is it all done?” Qilin calmed down the boss, staring at both sides.

Wiliam nodded.

“Then, you will die! You have to pay an unforgettable price for offending the Qilin Momentum!” The Qilin Momentum boss shouted.

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly asked again, “I keep talking about the unicorn power, and I will ask you, what is the unicorn power?”

This question stunned everyone present.

What is Kylin Power?

They are people of unicorn power.

However, when someone really thinks about what a unicorn force is, they feel at a loss.

It was the boss who could only say directly and directly: “Kirin power is naturally a powerful force, this power is capable of destroying the world!”

Everyone can’t help nodding, that’s exactly what they think.

The unicorn is in the country, and it is intertwined, and it has long grown into a big tree.

However, Wiliam shook his head and smiled: “No, this is not a unicorn.”

Jin Lieyun looked angry and cursed: “Boy! You know what a fart! Are you a unicorn or I am a unicorn! Don’t delay me here! Hit people and kill him. !”

However, the Qilin Envoy looked at Wiliam deeply and stopped Jin Lieyun.

He said to Wiliam: “I would like to hear your opinion, you keep talking.”

Wiliam said indifferently: “The Qilin Power is not such a powerful force. The Qilin Power should be a strong belief! A faith that is invincible to death! All of you don’t understand! It was just now. Zhuang Ningning understands more than you.”

He does not mean that.

The Qilin Envoy leader was struck by his heartstrings and looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

What this kid said was even whipped into it.

This makes the Qilin Envoy head can not help thinking of the discipleship of the Qilin Power, Wencheng Wude!

That’s right, Qilinshi, what initially taught was the belief that he would never die from the fire.

This is a belief that dared to rise against the trend and firmly believes in a turnaround against the wind.

Who is this kid!

I am not a member of the Qilin Clan, but my understanding of the Qilin Power is even deeper than everyone here!

“Who are you!” Qilin’s momentum leader asked deeply.

Wiliam sighed. He did what he should do and what he said.

Whether it can be awakened or not depends on personal luck.

Seeing that Wiliam stopped answering, the Qilin momentum leader suddenly gave an order!

“The truth, I slowly understand, but today, you insult my unicorn power, damn it!”

When Jin Lieyun heard this, he was immediately ecstatic!


The real ** is here!

The death of this kid is here!

Make you crazy again!

Let you scream again!

Dare to teach us how to behave like a unicorn?

Now, the retribution is coming!

Hahaha! Just die for me!

Seeing those unicorns moved after hearing the wind, Qi Qi rushed towards Wiliam.

And Wiliam stayed still, as if he was getting caught.

Just when everyone was about to rush in front of Wiliam, Wiliam shook his head and slowly took something out of his pocket.

Kylin ring wear!

He raised it casually, and the unicorn ring pendant flew out directly and nailed it to a wooden stake in front of the unicorn leader!

Wiliam looked at the killing intent close at hand, with one hand slowly pointing towards the sky.

The sound is like violent thunder, and the eyes are galaxy!

“The world must not humiliate the unicorn, I, Wiliam, can humiliate!”


“The sinner kneels! The sinner dies!”

“Lingyue Villa is flat today!”

“No pardon!”

Chapter 595

Wiliam’s words seem to have deafening magic!

When the Qilin Envoy heard this, he was actually stunned on the spot.

What a mad tone!

So domineering!

Single finger day, it seems to condemn this day!

Saying Kyogen is more like ignoring countless heroes on the scene!

Sinner kneels!

The evil ones die!

Lingyue Villa is flat today!

Word by word, like a violent thunder!

People have the urge to bow their heads!

The unicorn was about to get angry and tried to resist this kid’s inexplicable arrogance.

However, his eyes suddenly swept across the unicorn ring in front of him.

With this glance, he was sweating all over!

this is!

His eyes widened, it was hard to believe what he saw!

Kylin ring wear!

This unicorn ring, with a blood unicorn on it, is full of anger, and it seems to be screaming for injustice on the court today!

The unicorn made the boss feel a chill and rushed to his forehead from the soles of his feet!

What does the unicorn ring represent?

Is there anyone here who knows better than him!

Represents the lord of the destiny of the unicorn, now alive!

The Qilin made the leader couldn’t help but look at Wiliam, full of endless fear.

This kid is the lord of the unicorn!

That is the master of the world’s unicorn power!

No wonder!

No wonder this kid was fearless from the beginning!

I even said that just now!

No one in this world can humiliate the unicorn power, only he can!

In this way, it is not that he can’t speak arrogantly!

It’s the fact, it’s the way it is!

The lord of the unicorn, holds the world’s unicorn in his hand.

It is true that only he can be convicted in one word!

Just as the unicorn made the boss’ minds split, Huang Daoming and Jin Lieyun laughed frantically.

They laughed, this kid, before he died, he didn’t forget to be a hero!

These words sound so powerful and domineering.

Unfortunately, the time is not right!

The occasion is wrong!

The person who spoke to was even more wrong!

Even if you dare to say such a thing in front of the Qilin Envoy, then you won’t die and speed up to die!

The two of them looked at each other, and their eyes were full of vengeance.

This kid, you’re crazy enough, and you’re crazy enough.

Go to death now!

But just as the Qilin Envoy’s fists were about to fall on Wiliam’s head, a loud shout suddenly sounded out of thin air.


The unicorn envoys turned their bodies one by one, gathered up the offensive among the electric light and flint, and fell back to the head of the unicorn envoy in midair.

And Wiliam, even at the moment of life and death, frowned.

He looked at the Qilin momentum in front of him with a cold face, without speaking.

The scene suddenly showed a strange silence.

However, Jin Lieyun and Huang Daoming were screaming and couldn’t help but look at each other again.

What’s going on!

It’s just a little bit short.

This kid can die on the spot.

Why did the lord ask someone to stop temporarily?

What’s the situation?

Jin Lieyun thought that Qilin had softened the boss and didn’t want to kill him.

He hurriedly said to the leader of the Qilin Envoy: “My lord! This person can’t stay! He insulted our Qilin Shi like this just now, this is the great sin of the Nine Clan! How can you let him go easily! By doing this, we Qilin Shi What’s the majesty of this.”

After he finished speaking, his heart beat violently.

He feels like death is imminent.

That’s it!

What I said just now was too hasty, and I didn’t pay attention to the tone.

Jin Lieyun was also desperate to see this kid die on the spot, so just now he could not hesitate.

These words are actually accusing adults.

If the adults get angry, the consequences will be disastrous.

Just when Jin Lieyun was trembling, he noticed that the adults were not listening to what he said.

There was only one person left in the eyes of the leader of the Qilin Envoy.

In other words, there is only one person left in the entire world.

That was Wiliam who was calm and relaxed in front of him, with indifferent eyes.

The Lord of Kylin!

The lord of the unicorn has never appeared since the establishment of the unicorn.

Even in the past few years, many people have been discussing in private whether there is such a person as the Kylin Lord.

Is there a so-called blood unicorn?

After all, is there the mysterious and mysterious Qilin ring in the legend.

Everything, the truth was revealed just now.

The Lord of Kylin is real!

And right in front of you!

The unicorn ring gleaming with cold light, it seems there are thousands of anger screaming, as if there is endless majesty!

What Qilin makes the boss even more unexpected is that the Lord of Qilin is so young!

According to his thoughts, the person who can hold the Qilin power in the world must be an advanced hermit.

Unexpectedly, he was only in his twenties.

However, the Qilin Envoy did not dare to show the slightest disrespect.

After all, this is the master of the unicorn, completely surpassing the existence of the unicorn guard, the unicorn messenger and the unicorn slave.

No wonder his interpretation of the unicorn power just now was so profound.

Is there anyone who understands the Qilin power better than him?

Thinking of this, Qilin made the boss suddenly feel a chill.

What did you do just now?

Instructed the Kylin Envoy to kill the Kylin Lord on the spot!

This is the master of the following crimes!

The Qilin made the leader suddenly speak, giving an order!


A single word, but loyalty as solid as a rock!

But when Jin Lieyun heard this word, he had another unwilling interpretation.

It seems that the adults are indeed soft-hearted.

He didn’t want to kill this brat on the spot.

Therefore, the Qilin Envoy Qi Qi was asked to act just now, just to deter Wiliam.

Now, when he let him kneel, he gave this kid a step down.

Teach him how to promote, and teach him how to respect etiquette.

Jin Lieyun felt 10,000 unwilling.

However, because he had spoken recklessly just now, he did not dare to confront the adults on the spot.


Are you going to watch this kid go all over today!


Jin Lieyun thought aggrieved, but also felt helpless.

This is an adult’s decision, who dares to resist.

However, Jin Lieyun immediately had another idea.


Let this kid live a little longer.

Anyway, the adults just came to announce that they were the masters of Lingyue Villa, and they should leave after the announcement.

At that time, as long as this kid still didn’t leave Jianghuai, he would definitely die!

No, it should be said that as long as this kid still does not leave the earth, he will die!

Such a shame to me, I will be a poor blue and fall to netherworld, and I will kill him!

After figuring this out, Jin Lieyun immediately stepped out and shouted to Wiliam: “Boy, I heard that there is no such thing! Hurry up and kneel down for us adults! Thank you for not killing! This is your last chance to survive! “

But as soon as his voice fell, he suddenly heard a burst of sounds coming from behind him.

He couldn’t help turning his head back, and he looked like an ice cellar!

All unicorns!

Including adults!

They were all swiping, facing in front, kneeling down on one knee!

Chapter 596

This strange scene shocked many people on the spot!

The unicorn envoy who is absolutely supreme in the scene!

Now they all kneel down on one knee!

Seeing the darkness in the court, everyone felt a terrifying suffocation.

What’s the matter!

Kirin messenger, why would you kneel down!

Isn’t the person who should kneel the stinky kid who committed the heinous crime!

Why is he standing upright!

Rao was Jin Lieyun who had lived for most of his life, and was so scared by the scene before him that his soul flew away.

Naturally, he would not think that these aloof Qilin Envoys were kneeling to that Wiliam.

He hurriedly stepped forward and wanted to lift up the leader of the unicorn envoy, and said tremblingly: “My lord, this is impossible! You are a grown-up and I am a subordinate, how can you kneel to me! This is not a shameless man! Is it?”

Because in this direction, there are only two people, Jin Lieyun and Wiliam.

Not kneeling Wiliam, it was naturally Jin Lieyun.

But Jin Lieyun’s support was directly ignored by the Qilin boss.

Now the person who is kneeling by the unicorn envoy, ninety-five is supreme!

What did Jin Lieyun do?

After a while, there will naturally be Jin Lieyun’s end.

But Jin Lieyun, who was completely unaware of the imminent death, saw that they refused to get up, so nervous that he didn’t know what to say.

However, there was a weird faint pride in his heart.

Although I don’t know why, my lord actually kneeled to him.

This is the greatest scenery in this life.

When Jin Lieyun was considering his words and wanted to persuade the leader of the Qilin envoy again, suddenly a faint voice came from the other side.

“Get up.”

Jin Lieyun instinctively raised his head and saw that the speaker was Wiliam who was damned long ago.

The anger in his heart burned again.

Ho ho.

Who do you think you are!

These adults are kneeling but you?

How good are you, can you stand them all on their knees?

Aren’t you afraid of life loss

They said kneeling, just talk about it?

Who gives you the confidence and courage!

Just when Jin Lieyun wanted to stun Wiliam, another scene happened in front of him that shocked him.

The thirty-odd unicorn envoys all stood up after hearing Wiliam’s order.

The movements are neat and tidy, without any muddle!

There was an uproar at the scene!

what happened!


Why do these big guys who look down on the crowd will obey the orders of a kid!


They got up because this kid said a word!

This cannot be explained by coincidence at all!

Who on earth this kid!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in amazement, and no longer saw the contempt and arrogance before.

Can make unicorns kneel, and make them rise!

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is an order!

What an identity can do this!

Even Jin Lieyun, who had been slandering just now, was dumbfounded on the spot.

He looked at the more than thirty unicorns in front of him in disbelief.

Although they got up, although they also stood upright and standing like pine trees!

However, their heads hang down neatly!

Seems to be a shameless person!
It also seems to be afraid to go beyond the rules!

Now Jin Lieyun is standing by their side, and the only people they respect are…

Thinking of this, he looked at the only person in the field who accepted worship in horror!



It’s him!

The object of the Qilin Envoy to kneel down is really him!


For a while, Jin Lieyun was so angry!

Yes it is!


Thinking of me, Jin Lieyun, spent all his life and exhausted his thoughts before sitting in the position of the owner of Lingyue Villa!

However, even in this position, I still have to respect these adults and dare not speak loudly!

On the contrary, this kid is obviously an arrogant and arrogant person, but why can the Qilin Envoy treat him respectfully!

“My lord, what the hell is going on! Why are you treating him!” Jin Lieyun forcibly held back his anger and asked the leader of the Qilin Envoy.

Even Huang Daoming came to the head of the Qilin Envoy in an unwilling manner.

He is not a unicorn, and he is indeed anxious now, so the words are more direct, “Adults! This kid is a trash! What qualifications does he have to make you kneel down! Is there any misunderstanding in this? You should kill He…”

He didn’t finish speaking, but suddenly wailed, and flew out directly.

However, the leader of the unicorn envoys himself and blasted the sky with a punch!

With this punch, Huang Daoming spit out a mouthful of blood in the air, not far from death.

But obviously, the actions of the unicorn envoys are not over yet.

From behind the leader of the Qilin Envoy, five people suddenly sprang out.

They seemed to be well-trained, all kicking up!

He was heading towards Huang Daoming in the air!

The five people have their own division of labor, and suddenly two people grab their legs and two people grab both arms!

One more person turned Huang Daoming’s head directly!

No one is working hard almost at the same time!


There was a creepy tearing sound!

Huang Daoming in the sky didn’t even hum!

Straight to pieces!

In this scene, everyone on the scene fought a cold war!

Individuals were timid and even scared to pee on the spot.

How cruel and domineering!

This is the real Kylin Envoy!

If a word is inconsistent, directly resort to the punishment of car splitting!

Jin Lieyun looked at the residual limbs that had fallen on the ground, and his whole body was frightened to the ground.

very scary!

There is simply no opportunity to explain!

But why, not use this overbearing method against that kid!

At the same time, Jin Lieyun was also extremely scared.

He thought that he had contradicted the adults in the same way before.

Huang Daoming died tragically without saying a word, what about himself…

Jin Lieyun felt like stepping into a ghost gate with one foot.

At this moment, Qilin made the boss speak.

Three words!

“The sinner is dead!”

These three words, like thunder, made Jin Lieyun dumbfounded again!


Kylin Envoy will repeat these three words!

These three words are clearly what Wiliam said just now.

Could it be that the Qilin Envoy was exercising Wiliam’s command just now!

He stared at Wiliam, a huge wave in his heart.

Wiliam, who is it!

At this time, the leader of the Qilin envoy spoke again.

But it was a dumbfounded person.

“The sinner kneels!”

In a word, the people who were shocked in the audience knelt down on their knees.

Not only did he kneel, but he was lying on the ground, shaking constantly.

Five-body cast!

Jin Lieyun finally confirmed that the identity of the kid in front of him was absolutely terrifying!

A shocking conjecture flashed in his mind!


It must be so!

He almost shivered, and tremblingly asked the leader of the Qilin Envoy: “My lord, can it be that Wiliam is the master Qilinwei who sees the dragon without seeing the end!”

Chapter 597

Jin Lieyun was also frightened by this conjecture of his own and couldn’t recover for a long time.

It can make everyone in the audience kneel down, and even more so that such a noble unicorn can make adults obey. Isn’t the identity ready!

Only Master Qilinwei who is one level higher than the Qilinshi can do this!

Jin Lieyun couldn’t calm down anymore.

He looked in awe at Wiliam, who was calm and breezy in front of him, and his whole body shuddered.

So young, this is just a few years old.

It turned out to be Lord Kylinwei!

This is simply a good meal to eat.

At the same time, Jin Lieyun felt more aggrieved and unwilling!

He has worked hard all his life, trembling and fearful, and finally became the owner of the unicorn.

Until now, it is still subject to others.

Subject to others, today, I am afraid that it is impossible to be good at all.

He completely offended Master Qilinwei. Is there any other way to survive?

He was very angry!

A lifetime of hard work is not as good as a young man who airborne!

What a mockery this is.

After hearing Jin Lieyun’s question, everyone in the audience also realized it.

It turned out that Master Qilinwei came here!

It’s no wonder that this kid was arrogant from the beginning, he was not afraid at all.

May I ask Master Qilinwei, who can compare with him at the scene?

But at this moment, the Qilin made the boss suddenly sneered.

Kirin Guard?

You ignorant people!

It’s clear that the true dragon appears, but you still have no eyes!

What is the use of keeping you people!

He is a more noble Qilin Master than Qilinwei!

Our entire unicorn posture must obey him!

However, the Qilin Envoy boss didn’t dare to say these words in front of everyone.

Because he also couldn’t guess the mind of the Qilin Lord before him.

I’m afraid that more words will be lost.

With a movement of his body, he pulled the blood unicorn ring that represented the lord of unicorns from the wooden stake.

Then he knelt down in front of Wiliam respectfully, offered his hands to Wiliam, and said in a deep voice, “Before we had no eyes, please punish you!”

Wiliam took the unicorn ring and nodded, agreeing with the behavior of the unicorn leader in his heart.

Everything is respectful and respectful, and there is no risk of telling yourself who you are.

Wiliam didn’t want to expose his identity prematurely. After all, in this Jianghuai land, there are many voices, because of the fusion of fish and dragons.

If you expose yourself prematurely, it will be spread out by someone with a heart, and when the North Lu family will stare at you, it will be bad.

“What’s your name?” Wiliam asked lightly.

The Qilin made the leader immediately replied: “The subordinate is called Cui Shangyun.”

As he said, he immediately removed everything from the mask, revealing his original face.

This Cui Shangyun is about forty years old, but he has big eyes and thick eyebrows, with a fierce appearance.

“Okay, I get it. I’m also a Qilin Envoy, but I don’t need to be polite.” Wiliam said.

Cui Shangyun’s eyes flashed brightly, and suddenly he let out a cold sweat.

Good risk, fortunately, the identity of the lord of the unicorn was not revealed just now!

After listening, the people at the scene started talking in low voices.

“It turns out that it is not Master Qilinwei, but also Qilin Envoy.”

“You regret giving the wool! Lord Kylinwei, looking at the whole country, how many people can there be? It’s just that they can’t be met. It’s normal if they are not Kylinwei.”

“Yeah, isn’t the Kylin Envoy the great? You don’t hear him say that his status is more noble than the Qilin Envoy leader?”

When Jin Lieyun heard this, he felt regretful, but at the same time, he could only sigh that he had no idea about Mount Tai.

“My lord, what about these people who don’t know how to promote?” Cui Shangyun asked respectfully.

Wiliam looked at the shivering people in the audience, and said casually, “Boneless people are left for nothing, Lingyue Villa is flat today.”

This sentence determines the future of these people!

How many people have their eyes widened at once, and it is hard to believe that it will end like this!

This is Lingyue Villa, which is in the limelight!

This Qilin Envoy, with a single sentence, wiped out the existence of Lingyue Villa!

How many people point to Lingyue Villa as a backer.

How many people rely on Lingyue Villa to do their best fortune outside!

Now, Lingyue Villa is actually unavailable!

However, the people at the scene dared not speak.

Cui Shangyun immediately took the order and said loudly to the people around him: “Have you heard the orders of Sir Qilin Envoy? Lingyue Villa, peace today! Give you five days to transition, and then you will have nothing to do with Lingyue Villa and Qilin Shi! “

Cui Shangyun mentioned the five-day transition, as long as it is considered that Lingyue Villa also has a lot of industries outside, it takes time to sort and transfer.

Wiliam also nodded, this Cui Shangyun looked at the top five and three rough, thinking about things quite well.

“What about this person?” Cui Shangyun could not help being excited when he saw the Qilin Lord’s approval, and asked for instructions.

What he said was Jin Lieyun who was dumbfounded.

Jin Lieyun immediately woke up, and he knelt down on the ground, and pleaded bitterly: “Please Qilin, let the lord be spared! Before, the villain had eyes but didn’t know Taishan, I will never dare anymore! Please! You read it for the sake of the old man…”

He burst into tears and said a lot of things, and everyone got goose bumps.

Have they ever seen Jin Lieyun kneeling so high and begging for mercy?

It’s really ugly.

Seeing Lu Yezhen’s words, Jin Lieyun kowtowed his head again and said, “My lord, the little one is so obsessed with my heart, I have been bewitched by that Huang Daoming, it is really unintentional…”

“You shut up!” Cui Shangyun shouted directly.

At this time, Wiliam finally spoke, “Let him live first, I have other arrangements.”

Jin Lieyun was overjoyed when he heard the words, and kept kowtow on the ground, “Thank you for not killing! Thank you for magnanimity! I will repay your kindness by being a cow and a horse!”

“Well, everyone else, let’s go away.” Cui Shangyun said when the sky was completely dark.

The crowd left the scene tremblingly.

Today was originally just a small assessment competition, but I thought it would lead to such a shocking scene.

It also determined the life and death of Lingyue Villa.

The disciples present felt regretful in their hearts.

If he had seen earlier that this unicorn made an extraordinary man, he would definitely defend him and Zhuang Ningning in every possible way.

Now, everyone who has practiced martial arts has become a boneless name. This is simply a shame that is difficult to wash away!

And Wiliam first asked Cui Shangyun to follow him to the meeting hall.

There were people everywhere, and Cui Shangyun no longer dared to be big, so he knelt down, his voice was full of endless excitement!

“Young Master Kylin! You are finally here! We have waited for this day for ten years!”

Chapter 598

Cui Shangyun did have mixed feelings.

He had just come down to do things, but he didn’t expect to meet Young Master Qilin in this world!

This is a magnificent event that is enough to be included in the annals of the unicorn power history!

The history keeps its name!

Wiliam said lightly: “Get up and talk.”

He sat in a chair casually, and asked again: “I just came out, but I still don’t know the pattern of the unicorns very clearly. You can tell me briefly.”

Cui Shangyun nodded immediately and introduced to Wiliam.

The unicorns are widely distributed in the world.

Its industries are even more complicated.

Specifically, Wiliam didn’t want to know.

He just learned roughly that there are four main branches of the current unicorn trend.

Qilin Gates were established in the four sides of the border.

The Kylin Gate in the east, the Kylin Gate in the west, the Kylin Gate in the south, and the Kylin Gate in the north.

And Cui Shangyun belongs to the Southern Kylin Gate, and is in charge of the Kylin power of several southern provinces.

The masters of the Quartet Qilin Gate are all Qilin Guards.

In other words, among the Kirin Guards that have emerged, including Harper, there are a total of five.

The masters of the Quartet Qilin Gate are all masters in the late Neijin period.

It can be considered a hero.

Wiliam was pondering.

For the masters in the late stage of Inner Strength, if compared with the North Lu Family, this is still a bit inadequate.

The old monsters of North Lu’s family have stayed in this realm for too long. It is impossible to say that someone will break through within these ten years.

So, now is not the time to fight the grass.

Wiliam asked again: “Do you know the situation of the establishment of the unicorn power before?”

This made Cui Shangyun also embarrassed. He honestly said: “Back to Kylin Young Master, when the Kylin Power was founded, only a few veterans, that is, Master Kylinwei, knew the inside story. We all came in later, it’s not very clear. . I only know that the young master of the unicorn, who is hiding the unicorn ring, has a red flower and silver needle in one hand.”

After Wiliam heard this, he frowned slightly.

It turned out that grandpa had arranged everything ten years ago.

Grandpa also expected his stubborn and unwilling character, so when he sent himself out of North Lu’s home, he was already considered good, and he had to hand over the unicorn ring and the long live safflower to himself.

It seems that I need to find time to find these Qilin Guards and ask them clearly.

“Young Master, there is one thing, I don’t know if the tree should be said inappropriately.” Cui Shangyun pondered for a moment and asked for instructions.

“Let’s talk.” Wiliam said.

“This is the purpose of our coming down. Originally, I heard that the owner of Lingyue Mountain Villa returned to the west, so he appointed his subordinates to appoint Jin Lieyun as the owner, but something happened temporarily that changed our owner. Idea.” Cui Shangyun said.

“Our sect master suddenly heard that black flowers and silver needles appeared in the Jianghuai area.”

“Black Flower Silver Needle?” Wiliam’s eyes flashed when he heard this!

“Yes! It is the Black Flower Silver Needle! We actually haven’t seen it before, but after hearing about this kid, our hostess had trouble sleeping and eating, and immediately led me to lead more than 30 experts to Jianghuai to investigate. I guess, this The owner of Black Flower and Silver Needle, is there any feast with our unicorn potential? It may even be the mysterious valley owner behind Guhuu Valley!” Cui Shangyun said again.

Seeing that Wiliam was not very clear, he explained: “This Guhuu Valley is a mysterious faction that sprang up in the rivers and lakes only half a year ago. The people of this faction all use poison, and the methods are very good, rumors. The founder of Guhuu Valley, their Valley Master, is extremely mysterious and powerful, but so far no one knows whether the Guhuo Valley Master is a male or a female. Even the Guhuu Valley people have not seen the true face of Guhuo Valley.”

Speaking of this, Cui Shangyun hesitated, and finally said: “From my survey of Guhuo Valley in the past few months, a very coincidental thing happened. The way Guhuo Valley was established is exactly the same as our Qilinmen , Are all swept across the rivers and lakes with the momentum of the thunderbolt, quickly accumulating a group of forces, and then unbroken branches and leaves. Finally, a powerful force has been formed. In the past six months, Gu Huo Gu has been an enemy of us. Our unending hostile forces.”

After Wiliam heard these words, he didn’t speak.

However, he didn’t know why, but it was turbulent.

It turned out that the world was far less peaceful than what I had imagined.

I live in a corner, but someone is carrying the pressure for myself.

“Well, this matter is very important. You immediately take your hands down to investigate. Just leave the matter here to me. Report the results of the investigation to me first,” Wiliam said.

Cui Shangyun took the lead. After all, Wiliam’s identity was more noble than their head, so naturally he had to listen to Wiliam first.

“Young Master, can you tell us your message about this world?” Cui Shangyun asked again.

“Don’t worry, the time is right, I will come to visit myself. From now on you will contact me directly.” Wiliam said.

When Cui Shangyun heard it, he was overjoyed!

Contact the young master Qilin directly!

This is the glory that falls from the sky!

He bowed immediately, “Thank you, Young Master!”

“Let’s investigate first, and call me Jin Lieyun before leaving.” Wiliam said again.

Cui Shangyun nodded, “Okay, the young master, we will set off right away. Be careful on your side.”

After he finished speaking, he folded and left the conference hall.

Wiliam was lost in thought.

Safflower silver needle, black flower silver needle.

Qilin Gate, Guhuogu.


What secrets are hidden behind this?

The clues are limited now, and Wiliam can’t infer anything at all.

But from what Cui Shangyun just said, this mysterious Guhuo Valley Master seems to have inextricably linked with the North Lu family, and even his grandfather.

This is one direction for Wiliam to carry out revenge operations in the future.

As he was thinking about it, he saw someone walk into the chamber tremblingly.

It is Jin Lieyun.

Jin Lieyun was left aside just now, feeling uneasy.

Although Wiliam spared his life, he would never give up.

Now that Wiliam summoned, he was naturally nervous.

“Sir, do you have any instructions?” Jin Lieyun asked directly, kneeling on the ground.

Wiliam looked at Jin Lieyun jokingly at this moment, where he still had the kind of aloof appearance before.

Wiliam didn’t intend to talk nonsense with him, and said straightforwardly: “Do you want me to save your life?”

Jin Lieyun nodded hurriedly, “I hope that the adults will show mercy.”

“Okay, do two things, I will save your life.” Wiliam said.

He stretched out a finger, “One, hand over the fruit that Huang Daoming gave you before.”

When Jin Lieyun heard it, he nodded immediately, “Good, good! I’ll get it for you!”

In the face of life and death, what does a qiguo count?

At this time, Wiliam stretched out his second finger, “Secondly, let go of martial arts.”

Chapter 599

“What! Self-abolition of martial arts!” Rao has made up his mind to agree to no matter what conditions, Jin Lieyun’s face instantly froze.

He is a martial artist, but he has only obtained it after practicing for most of his life.

This is all his support!

Even if he was expelled from Lingyue Villa, he had a good skill, and it was only a matter of time before he could gain a foothold in the arena.

But now, Wiliam actually wants him to abolish his martial arts!

After the abolition of martial arts, what is the difference between that and an ordinary old man!

Do not!

Not as good as ordinary old people!

At my own age, the injuries and illnesses that have been deposited through years of practice after self-expenses in martial arts will definitely come back.

When the time comes, you will be better than dead!

There was a strong resentment in Jin Lieyun’s eyes.

Killing is nothing but heartbreaking!

This kid, what a good trick!

“Why, not willing?” Wiliam asked lightly.

He naturally knew what Jin Lieyun was thinking.

Putting such people into society will only be a curse.

Just clean up the door.

Jin Lieyun hid this bit of resentment and leaned down deeply, “Everything obeys the adult’s instructions, thank you for not killing.”

After speaking, he was cruel and smashed his dantian with one hand!

A mouthful of old blood came out directly from his mouth!

His face suddenly became extremely old, and his whole person was also extremely weak and knelt on the ground.

“Go.” Seeing this, Wiliam said calmly, his expression unchanged.

“Then, the younger one will leave first. But there is something that the younger one wants to report to you.” Jin Lieyun said suddenly that he was going to leave.

“What’s the matter?” Wiliam asked casually.

“Our Lingyue Villa’s assets are very complicated, and we will take over in five days. I hope you can stay in Jianghuai, otherwise there will be no one to preside over the overall situation. I am afraid that those people will come in disorder.” Jin Lieyun said.

Wiliam looked at Jin Lieyun with great interest, but Jin Lieyun lowered his head.

He felt guilty.

Wiliam smiled casually: “Okay, it doesn’t matter if I stay here for a few more days.”

Jin Lieyun retired slowly.

Only when he went out, the resentment that he wanted to eat meat and bones again appeared in his eyes!

Ho ho ho!

Boy, you rob me of martial arts, and I want you to pay a tragic price!

Enjoy it!

In a few days, it will be your death date!

It turned out that as early as before, because Jin Lieyun killed the second-in-command of a force, the two families had resolved their insoluble enemies.

That force had written a deadly warfare a few days ago, and in the next few days it will be full of action and fight against Lingyue Villa.

Jin Lieyun originally had to bear this pressure.

But now, ho ho, let this kid have a taste of revenge!

Didn’t you take away all my Lingyue Villa? Then I will let those people come to you!

Seeing that with the help of the Kylin Envoy, can you still survive in the hands of those people?

This was also Jin Lieyun’s real purpose for forcibly retaining Wiliam for a few days.

Wiliam didn’t seem to know, he didn’t take this matter to heart.

After he got Jin Lieyun’s qiguo, he directly called He Tiantian, “Sister Tiantian, I got the qiguo, but I have something to stay in Jianghuai, and it will take a few days to go back.”

He Tiantian’s crisp voice came from the other end of the phone, “I knew you would get it, so I’m already on my way to Jianghuai, and I’ll be there in two hours. Dinner is ready, right? Forgot to find some wine, what special wine does Jianghuai have?”

Wiliam was taken aback and was speechless.

The world of the drunkard is truly pure.

It looks like that Chu Huaijin.

“What are you doing over Jianghuai?” Wiliam asked casually.

“Ho ho, Jianghuai, but my second hometown, when I came here, I was naturally looking for an old friend to talk about the past. Don’t say anything, goodbye.” He Tiantian said and hung up the phone.

Wiliam looked dazed.

But he also had no idea. He Tiantian, who didn’t know what Gao Qiang was like, had to follow her.

Otherwise, she becomes angry, and believes that the whole Jianghuai will be shaken.

After he hung up the phone, he was about to find some wine for He Tiantian, and the phone rang again.

Wiliam didn’t even look at it, and asked angrily, “Sister Tian Tian, ​​what are you doing! You come directly to the hotel where I live. I will send you the position later.”

But on the other end of the phone, after a brief absence, there was a scream.

Then there was a long, noisy, sharp sound.

Wiliam didn’t feel right now. He picked up the phone and looked at it, and he was frightened.

The caller is not He Tiantian at all!

But Feliicity, his good wife!

And it seems that there are many people around Feliicity!

Wiliam was a little aggrieved at once, what’s the situation?

He called other women’s names in front of his wife, and said that he was coming to the hotel. This wouldn’t let Feliicity misunderstand.

Sure enough, a shit-cutter-like voice came from the other end of the phone, “Sister, let me just say it. Brother-in-law has been out for several days. He must have been looking for another woman! You still don’t believe it! Now you hear it with your own ears. Come on! It’s worth coming back!”

Naturally, his voice was not from Feliicity, Wiliam sounded louder.

It is clearly Xena.

This sister-in-law, really didn’t know what she was thinking, every day she thought about her brother-in-law arranging flowers and weeds outside, and she didn’t expect anything better.

“Wiliam, who is Sister Tian Tian?” a soft voice asked.

This time it was Feliicity.

Wiliam said in a cold sweat: “A friend of mine, by the way, why did you call me suddenly?”

Xena’s voice came from the other end of the phone, “Huh! It must be the little vixen that my brother-in-law hid outside, no, the old vixen, sister called.”

“Xena, don’t stir the shit anymore.” Wiliam couldn’t help but shout loudly.

There was a series of laughter on the other end of the phone, as if many people were standing by.

Wiliam couldn’t help wondering: “Who are you guys, so noisy?”

“Me, Li Chunfeng.”

“Me, Janett.”

“Me, Lydia.”

“I, Melissa.”

An orderly registration sound came from the other end of the phone.

Wiliam’s head buzzed, okay!

An ancestral grave squad was neatly organized.

But Xena didn’t join that group before.

“Hey, there’s me, please tell me to lift the bar in the future.” Xena seemed to be connected with Wiliam Lingxi and said immediately.

Feliicity said weakly from the side: “I’m sorry, Wiliam, Ruoshuang heard that I added a fun group, and I want to add it, I have no way…”

Wiliam was speechless for a while, anyway, the debt was too much.

“Why are you guys getting together? What big things are you plotting?” Lu Yezhen asked angrily.

Over there, Xena said immediately and confidently: “Huh! We are in the car coming to Jianghuai, and we will be there in a while. We are going to catch the rape! Don’t try to escape!”

Chapter 600

Wiliam only felt the sky spin.

After experiencing so many ups and downs before, Wiliam didn’t feel stressed.

But when these women got together, Wiliam felt like a disaster was imminent.

Are they actually coming to Jianghuai?

What is this operation?

When Wiliam’s head was growing up, Feliicity quickly explained: “Wiliam, don’t listen to Ruoshuang’s nonsense. But we came to Jianghuai and it was indeed Ruoshuang’s idea. She heard that you were in Jianghuai for the past two days. I want to go over and play, saying that you owe her a promise to go out, so I’ll cut it first and play it later. After killing it, let you take us to the beach to play.”

Wiliam’s heart was almost lost.

Xena, this woman really suffered a thousand dollars, remember a small promise so clearly.

Wiliam had promised Xena before that he wanted to take her out to play.

I didn’t think she was still reading it.

He even agreed to go out with a few celebrities in the company.

Now it seems that Xena has completely succeeded and brought Li Chunfeng out.

Fortunately, the ancient Ling is not here.

Wiliam felt a little creepy when he thought of the woman Gu Zhiling.

She looked at her eyes too strange recently.

But at this time, Xena said immediately: “Hmph, Sister Gu is actually coming too, but the schedule is not right. She is out of town, and she will fly to Jianghuai to meet us tomorrow.”

Wiliam almost spit out old blood.

What are you afraid of?

This Xena wanted a leading group of the Bai Group to serve it all.

Wiliam counted and counted. There were seven women in the Bai family, Melissa, Janett, Lydia, Li Chunfeng, and Gu Zhiling.

Form a calabash team to come to JAC to find grandpa?

“Where are you? Didn’t you mean the hotel? Send us a location? We are about to get off the bus.” Xena yelled on the phone again, “We are going to block the guy named Tian Tian in the hotel, see Where is she a fairy?”

Wiliam felt distressed for a while.

Sister Tian Tian, ​​is that something you weak women can stop?

Not to mention the Calabash team, the Marvel team can’t do her alone.

However, Wiliam still sent Feliicity his previous location of staying at the hotel.

After all, those who are clear will clear themselves.

A woman like He Tiantian is not something he can handle now.

Wiliam checked the time, got up and went to the hotel, waiting for the arrival of the gourd children.

And just as he stepped out of Lingyue Villa, a figure quietly appeared from the corner.

This woman is surprisingly Liu Nianru.

Liu Nianru looked at Wiliam’s leaving back, eyes full of envy, jealousy and hatred.

A real dragon was right in front of him, and he didn’t even recognize it.

For so many years, I still mixed in Fengyue Flower Wine, but I couldn’t see the true face of this kid.

Liu Nianru thought again, this unicorn makes the adults so young and looks so handsome, and Wang Tiejun is like the heaven and the underground!

In order to welcome Wang Tiejun, Liu Nianru sacrificed too many hues.

Now in comparison with Wiliam’s appearance and status, she only felt nauseous when she thought of Wang Tiejun’s full body.

Liu Nianru had already made up his mind.

How can I let go of such a young little powerful man.

Seeing him like this, he shouldn’t experience female sex.

The former Zhuang Ningning seemed to be just acting on occasion, using him as a shield.

If this is the case, then I can’t say tonight, I have to learn from him, maybe I have the opportunity to become the Qilin Envoy in one fell swoop.

The more Liu Nianru thought about it, the more he found it interesting. After following Wiliam’s car to the hotel, he went to the front desk to inquire carefully.

After confirming that Wiliam was staying in the hotel alone, she became more confident.

She checked the time and quickly went back to clean up. She was about to appear in front of Wiliam in the sexiest and glamorous state, sure to make him so amazing that he couldn’t move his eyes away.

Wiliam reserved a box in the hotel, then went back to the room and took a rest.

After half an hour, Wiliam received a call from Feliicity.

This time he prepared it with heart.

Sure enough, as soon as he answered the phone, Xena’s little fairy babbled again, “Brother-in-law, we are already at the door of your room, let us open the door, let us see where you hide the old fox?”

Without listening to the phone, Wiliam heard Xena’s exaggerated voice through the door.

He hung up and went over and opened the door.

This opening, a gust of fragrant wind hit.

Standing in front of him are flowers of Q City ( Qena City ) delicate flowers.

Feliicity naturally stood at the forefront, wearing a light blue dress, her hair casually dangled, and there was a peaceful beauty that was indisputable in the world.

Xena wore a short cartoon T-shirt and a pair of navy blue hot pants, which stretched her figure out.

Then came Melissa, Li Chunfeng, Lydia and Janett.

Janett’s dress made Wiliam’s eyes shine the most.

She usually wears rigid work suits, at most small skirts.

Coming out to play today, wearing a loose linen shirt and wearing a toad mirror, the whole person looked relaxed and natural.

After seeing Wiliam, these women nodded to Wiliam with a smile, and then exaggeratedly bowed together, “Hello, President Lu!”

Wiliam knew that these women were teasing him, and smiled, saying hello.

Xena was the most clever, she drilled into the room through Wiliam’s armpits, and then writhed around.

Feliicity looked at Xena’s debauchery helplessly, and smiled at Wiliam.

After seeing it for a few days, Wiliam was naturally thinking like crazy.

He gently took Feliicity’s little hand and pulled her into the room, “Feliicity, I haven’t seen you for a few days, I miss you so much.”

Feliicity’s face blushed, and she squeezed away from Wiliam’s hand, “Don’t coax, someone is watching.”

Wiliam looked behind her, and as expected, Janett and the others rolled their eyes to the sky.

After welcoming them in, Xena also threw angrily on the bed, “No old fox was found.”

Lu Yezheng paid attention to her and asked Melissa, “Why do you have time to come out? The company is idle?”

Melissa stared at Wiliam angrily, “You ask your sister-in-law, she pulled us out by force, you think we would like to eat dog food behind your ass.”

This girl is very angry.

On the contrary, Janett changed the coldness of the past and said with a smile: “The company is almost settled down, and we have no trouble after two days.”

“Well, where are you going to play this time? I’ll be with you.” Wiliam asked bitterly.

But at this question, several women suddenly showed an awkward look, and they did not dare to look at Wiliam.

Xena was cheered up and jumped up from the bed.

“Of course to go to the beach!”

“Blue sky! White clouds! Beach! And more!”



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