Dragon Husband Chapter 601

Chapter 601 Flame Red Lips

When Xena said so, the faces of several women at the scene flushed.

Feliicity stared at Feliicity annoyedly, and said, “Ruoshuang, don’t talk nonsense, keep a low profile.”

Xena pouted and said angrily: “Did you say that when you came out before? I went to the beach to play, and on the way we came, the swimsuits were all bought. One person, one color, colorful rainbow, how cool.”

Several women buried their heads together again, obviously as they didn’t know Xena.

When Wiliam heard these words, his head was buzzing.


His head can’t help but show a beautiful picture.

Seven women, seven colors.

What is this…

It’s too angry.

“Okay, okay, I’ll talk about it tomorrow. Let’s go to eat now.” Feliicity bit her scalp and quickly changed the subject.

And Wiliam looked relieved, and then said: “Walk around, eat, and I will make a reservation for you.”

With that said, he took the lead and went straight out.

The other women were left looking at each other.

Li Chunfeng and Lydia showed surprised expressions. I don’t know why Wiliam was more embarrassed than the other women after hearing these words.

However, Janett and Melissa smiled without speaking.

Xena said carelessly: “Hmph, you don’t know yet, my brother-in-law is probably still a young child, who has never seen the world.”

These words made Feliicity a big red face. She knocked Xena on the head and hurriedly chased Wiliam out.

She was too embarrassed to stay on the scene.

The women glanced at each other and suddenly burst into laughter.

This little bastard looked at Gao Leng, and he turned out to be an outsider who is doing it, and even Feliicity can’t handle it.

Several people came to a big box, and Wiliam had already ordered all the dishes.

Xena was just like a starving ghost reborn, just stepping on a chair to eat.

The other women are graceful and eat slowly.

Wiliam looked at these women and felt that the veins in his forehead were beating.

This is a lucky thing for the world.

Surrounded by beauty, what a husband wants.

But for Wiliam, this was simply torture.

Which of these women is annoying?

It seems that these few days have become more uneasy.

But Wiliam forgot one thing.

After several people ate for about ten minutes, Wiliam’s phone suddenly rang.

Wiliam took a look and almost called out.

He glanced at the women at the scene with a vacant look, and then went out to answer the phone.

But after a bitter battle just now, Xena obviously had almost eaten it.

She stared directly at Wiliam, and said in a weird manner: “Oh, is it the old vixen’s phone call? Going out to answer it? It’s a guilty conscience.”

Wiliam was embarrassed to leave after being said so.

Lydia also fanned the flames on the sidelines, “Speak up! Open up! What do we want to hear from you?”

Wiliam had no choice but to speak up.

On the other end of the phone, He Tiantian’s magnetic Yu Jie’s voice suddenly heard, “Wiliam, I’m at the door of the hotel, where are you?”
Several women cast murderous eyes at Wiliam, including Feliicity.

This opening remark is really misleading.

Wiliam bit his scalp and said, “I’m in Box 316.”

“Okay, then I’ll go to find you.” After He Tiantian finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Feeling the murderous eyes around, Wiliam couldn’t help but explain, “This is a friend of mine, what are you misunderstanding?”

But Xena looked like righteousness, stepping on the chair this time, “Huh! Is it a friend? We have the final say! Hearing this sound, I feel that my soul is going to be hooked away, definitely not a good woman! Humph! Sisters, let’s give her a good start!”

The few women present are all characters with faces and faces. Although they are not upset, they will not follow Xena to behave.

Seeing that they were moving, Xena curled his lips, “You are in the den! Where is the heroic spirit of the sword-riding knights in the group? Humph, it depends on me, Xena!”

After that, Xena directly picked up a basin of water for washing dishes before, and hid behind the door.

The pot of water was originally hot water, but after being left for so long, it became cold.

Xena had no intention of killing, but he planned to splash the old vixen wet and let the old vixen come to life on the spot.

Wiliam looked at Xena amused, and said, “Ruoshuang, don’t be foolish, you will get hurt.”

But Xena glared at Wiliam and said angrily: “You’re the one who has suffered a thousand swords, and you have forgotten your mother if you marry your daughter-in-law! I’m your sister-in-law! Are you actually concerned about your partner being injured? She is innocent.”

Wiliam rolled his eyes to the sky.

I do not care about He Tiantian being injured, I care about you.

Forget it, since you’re going to be funny, don’t cry later.

Wiliam was entangled by Xena’s all sorts of arrogance, and he wanted to say that teaching Xena a lesson would be great.

The women at the scene stopped talking.

Although they don’t do these reckless things by themselves, it’s fun to see a good show.

So the whole scene became silent, and everyone waited for the moment the door was opened.

Xena took a deep breath and decided to do good things well and do practical things.

At this time, a clear sound of high heels suddenly came from the door.

The voice was from far to near, obviously going to their side.

Xena’s eyes lit up, and everyone’s hearts raised their throats.

coming soon!


The sound got closer and closer, and finally stopped at the door.

And the door rang softly.

The old fox is pushing the door.

Xena directly lifted the basin of water, waiting for the woman’s appearance in the next moment.

At this time, the door opened.

When the people sitting across from the door saw the incoming person, their eyes suddenly widened.

The person who appeared at the door seemed to have a flash of light.

The beauty was so beautiful that all the beauties present felt a strong sense of suffocation!

Red shirt and white jeans.

A long wavy hair hanging down to the waist, flaming red lips.

As if the beauty of the world was seen in this woman.

It was the white Feliicity of the flower of Q City ( Qena City ). After seeing this woman’s face, she also felt ashamed and filthy.

She doesn’t lose her appearance, she loses her momentum.

This woman just stood simply, but made the women present feel a kind of unparalleled pressure and momentum.

And just as everyone lost their minds, Xena, who was standing at the door, was suddenly about to pour the basin of water on He Tiantian.

Feliicity couldn’t help but blurt out, “Be careful!”

However, as soon as her voice fell, everyone at the scene got goose bumps.

This allure has disappeared out of thin air?


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