Dragon Husband Chapter 602

Chapter 602

As if what they saw just now was a dream.

Where is the beauty at the door now?

And Xena was still holding the basin of water, and seeing that there was no one at the door, an emergency brake was put on the brakes, and he asked suspiciously: “What about people? Did you hear footsteps just now?”

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by Xena’s words.

And seeing Xena, the jaws of several women were about to fall to the ground!

They saw an extremely horrifying scene!

The gorgeous woman before, just disappeared out of thin air.

And now, she was standing behind Xena, looking at the people on the scene with a smile.

This woman!

Is it a man or a ghost?

It’s a fox or a demon!

How did she appear behind Xena?

Originally, Wiliam was the most psychologically prepared, but after watching this scene, he couldn’t help but start stunned.

At the scene, it is estimated that only Wiliam was alone, and he could barely see what had just happened.

He Tiantian appeared at the door just now.

However, Wiliam didn’t blink her eyes at the speed of lightning and flint, but barely saw an afterimage.

Then in the next scene, He Tiantian appeared behind Xena.

Wiliam was shocked.

There is such an extraordinary person in this world!

This He Tiantian cultivation realm, I am afraid that it has long surpassed those old monsters of North Lu family!

Is she going to heaven?

Otherwise, why is it so powerful.

“What’s wrong with you? What do you see? One by one is like seeing a ghost.” Xena couldn’t help asking when seeing everyone’s expressions wrong.

Li Chunfeng looked at He Tiantian’s face obsessively and muttered, “Indeed, hell, behind you…”

Xena turned around now.

From this look, there was someone standing behind him without knowing when.

And he is also a stunning person!

She suddenly became calm, “You! When did you appear behind me? Who are you?”

But He Tiantian still smiled like a flower. She looked at the basin of water that Xena had raised above her head, and Zhu lips lightly opened, and said with a smile: “My sister’s hospitality style is really unique. But ah, sister, this person, mouth Thirsty always only drinks alcohol, not water. This water, sister invite you to drink.”

Then, she flicked her hand.

No one else could see what she did.

But the basin above Xena’s head suddenly burst open.

The cold water poured Xena into the heart.

Her hair was completely wet, all stuck to her forehead.

She was also sluggish.

What’s the situation?

Does this become magic?

As everyone was horrified, everyone screamed again in the next second.

The big beauty who was originally behind Xena appeared on a chair.

Everyone was so scared that their souls would fly away.

“Wiliam, who are you really acquainted with! Are you the fox fairy in “Liao Zhai”?” Lydia asked in shock.

Wiliam finally came back to his senses. First, he glanced at Xena with a dumbfounded look, and then slowly stood up and said, “Okay, everyone, don’t booze, listen to my introduction.

He walked up to He Tiantian and said, “This is Sister Tian Tian. She is very good at martial arts. I am not her opponent. Don’t use your brains and get along with others.”

And everyone nodded blankly.

They didn’t want to watch the scene that was beyond their imagination just now.

Xena was full of spirits, and suddenly went straight to He Tiantian.

Wiliam thought she was going to do something again and was about to stop it.

Suddenly he saw Xena’s eyes staring, and he knelt straight in front of He Tiantian, his voice was full of admiration and exclamation, “Sister, you are really amazing! Please accept me as a disciple, OK? Disciple heart I’ve been thinking about beating my brother-in-law for a long time, but it’s not as good as people’s skills, and it’s so miserable…”

Everyone at the scene, including He Tiantian, had a black line.

Wiliam almost spit out old blood.

This girl changed his face too quickly.

One second before he wanted to kill He Tiantian, the next second he knelt down to apprentice.

But this is also in full compliance with Xena’s crazy character.

Wiliam could not help but lifted Xena from the ground, embarrassed.

“Sister Tian Tian, ​​I’m causing you trouble.” Wiliam said awkwardly.

He Tiantian showed a funny look and said, “Is that how you welcome me?”

Wiliam looked bitter, and things weren’t what you thought.

It’s not that I don’t know how to praise, but the backyard fire is burning.

He Tiantian looked around, looked at everyone who was silent, and suddenly laughed.

The atmosphere has also eased slightly.

He Tiantian looked at these women and couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Wiliam, you are so blessed that you have collected so many women. Hey, my husband is really weak compared to you.”

She said this, although she was joking, but there was a hint of helplessness in her eyes.

Since ancient times, heroes have been so powerful that women are absolutely indispensable around them.

This kid is so attractive at a young age.

Among the women present, which one is not the beauty of the country.

Good skill.

He really looked like him when he was young.

He Tiantian’s words made the faces of the women present blush.

They all defended: “You misunderstood, Wiliam is our boss.”

But between the words, there is a kind of embarrassment to cover up.

On the contrary, Feliicity is the most calm. She is the palace where the Ming media is marrying.

He Tiantian’s eyes fell on Feliicity’s body for the last time, sighing again, “This younger sister is beautiful and charming. I really feel sorry for me. I have been walking in the rivers and lakes for so many years, and I have never seen such an outstanding woman.”

Just now Feliicity reminded He Tiantian that He Tiantian naturally had a good impression of her.

When Feliicity heard this compliment, she was happy in her heart, but she said, “My sister is utterly complimented. My sister is the one who is all over the country. I feel a little bit ashamed.

The other women nodded together.

Wiliam looked dull.

It’s only a few minutes now, is it the elder sister?

Are friendships between women so cheap?

“Okay, okay, stop touting each other, let’s eat.” Wiliam quickly changed the subject and said.

But He Tiantian looked at a messy table and said jokingly, “Where is the rice?”

Wiliam was taken aback, and quickly said, “I’ll order another table.”

However, He Tiantian stopped Wiliam and said with a smile, “I don’t want to eat rice. Take out the wine you were looking for before.”

Wiliam nodded, took out a few bottles of good red wine that had been in the box, and put them in front of He Tiantian.

The other women looked at each other. The beauty of the allure is a drunkard?

He Tiantian smiled with satisfaction, and suddenly said: “Okay, I think all my sisters are also of good temperament. We will be drunk tonight, how about!”


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