Dragon Husband Chapter 603

Chapter 603

The atmosphere on the scene suddenly froze.

Just get drunk…

What is this…

Wiliam’s head was buzzing with pain.

He Tiantian is doing things.

Even if you are a drunkard, do you still want to take these women?

Absolutely impossible.

Thinking of the seven women drunk, Wiliam felt like eating shit, he had to wipe his butt.

But what he didn’t say was what he said. Xena wiped the water on his face, ignoring that his body was soaked, and shot the case directly, “Master is really righteous! Okay! My disciple will go out today and go with Master* *!”

With this cheeky spirit, Wiliam only had one uppercase character for service!

The other women looked at each other, but Feliicity stood up and said: “Since my sister is so elegant, we are so kind, so let’s drink a few drinks with my sister.”

When Feliicity came forward, the other women could only nod their heads and agreed.

They can see clearly that Feliicity’s character of reluctance has risen.

When she saw a woman who looked like her but was overwhelmingly triumphant in momentum, she was naturally dissatisfied.

More importantly, she could not let Wiliam lose face in front of He Tiantian.

How can I drink this wine?

Wiliam saw that the cover was hard to harvest, so he could only give up.

As soon as the wine was served, the women were very ladies at first, tasting the red wine gently.

Then He Tiantian smiled directly, “One by one, you have to drink until dawn when you drink so much? Nianglichi, let’s see my sister give you a sample!”

After speaking, He Tiantian directly picked up a bottle of red wine and drank it to his mouth.

Several mouthfuls.

After she finished drinking, she wiped her mouth with her hand in disregard of the image, and laughed happily, “This is the way to drink.”

Several women were struck by lightning.

When is red wine drunk like this?

He Tiantian, are you the devil?

With He Tiantian taking the lead, they all put down one by one.

The more I drank to the back, the Jiujin came up, and the more I let go.

So almost an hour later, there were shouts in the box.

There are even punches.

Wiliam couldn’t stand it for several times and wanted to stop it, so He Tiantian threw it outside and continued to call for a drink.

Seeing that everyone was drunk, Wiliam had no idea what to do.

Until the end, He Tiantian looked at a table of wine bottles, burped, and said with satisfaction: “Yes, not bad. Several younger sisters are heroines. My sister admires it. Let’s drink here today. We have a chance again. drink.”

After speaking, He Tiantian looked at Wiliam, “You will come with me later.”

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, “What’s with you?”

He Tiantian showed a wicked smile, “Didn’t you get the qi fruit? Don’t you want to learn to take care of needles?”

Wiliam’s eyes lit up and nodded hastily.

These days after the busy schedule, it is not for this.

“I’ll go to the toilet first.” After He Tiantian said, he walked outside.

Although her complexion was ruddy, her steps were light, and she couldn’t seem to be drunk at all.

Obviously the old driver of the wine shop.

After she left, the women who were still yelling and drinking suddenly became silent like a frustrated ball.

Wiliam saw a sense of relief from each of them.

Wiliam looked at everyone in surprise, “Are you all drunk?”

Just now, the footsteps were light and fluttering, and the look of hooking shoulders and back and punching was clearly on the top.

Now it has changed from normal.

Xena directly curled his lips and murmured: “If you drink it again, you will be really drunk. Sister Tian Tian is really a devil, she’s bottomless.”

The other women nodded together, feeling sad.

Li Chunfeng also reluctantly smiled and said: “Just now we were pretending to be drunk, otherwise we were really going to drink until dawn. Sister Tian Tian is too good, we can’t match, so we had to pretend to be drunk and leave earlier.”

Wiliam remembered now, which of the few women present was good.

All of them are female heroes in the shopping malls, and drinking is a must.

Li Chunfeng is a star and socializing is also essential, so it’s normal to drink well.

“Okay, okay, while Tian Tian went to the toilet, we slipped first, otherwise we would be caught drinking again, I really would vomit.” Melissa couldn’t help but express his fatigue and said depressedly.

“Then where are you going?” Wiliam asked with concern.

They are all big beauties. They go out at night, and they are so full of alcohol, what should they do if they are worried about by bad guys?

Feliicity whispered: “We just wandered around the hotel, sober up, and won’t go too far.”

Wiliam thinks about it.

Anyway, He Tiantian wants to teach himself to take care of needles, it takes a while.

Just staggered.

But Xena hooked Wiliam’s neck and said fiercely: “Huh! Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking? Will you be able to make trouble with my master if we are gone? You have a wife? Husband, take care of your brother for me!”

This was so vulgar, Feliicity knocked her directly and pulled her out.

Several other women also gave Wiliam a look with self-consciousness, and then went out.

Janett walked at the end, but showed a weird smile.

She lifted the knife in her hand and fell, after a cutting motion, she walked out with no end of her will.

Wiliam was speechless, all of them looked so good on the outside, but they were so awkward on the inside. Is this okay?

After everyone left, He Tiantian appeared at the door and said casually: “Are all gone?”

“You know?” Wiliam was taken aback and asked.

He Tiantian showed the eyes of the old driver, “Several little sisters, acting in front of a person who lingers on the wine shop all the year round. This acting is not enough. If I don’t find an excuse to leave for a while, how can they have a chance to leave?”

Wiliam directly gave He Tiantian a thumbs-up. This beautiful girl, violent, drunkard, didn’t expect to be so careful.

“Let’s go, find a quiet place, I will check your body.” He Tiantian said to Wiliam playfully.

When the other men heard this, they must have thought about it.

But Wiliam didn’t change his face.

This girl has a husband, and it seems to have a very good relationship with her husband.

She said to check the body, it is definitely just checking the body.

When the two came to Wiliam’s room, Wiliam closed the door easily.

He Tiantian first went to wash his face, and then said to Wiliam: “Sit on the chair and give me your wrist.”

Lu Yeyiyan sat down and stretched out his left hand.

He Tiantian’s hand lightly touched Wiliam’s pulse, as if he was listening.

However, this time is a bit long.

In the end, Wiliam couldn’t help it, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

He Tiantian slowly let go of Wiliam’s hand, and his face was full of disbelief and regret.

“I didn’t think that you could not learn to serve needles!”


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