Dragon Husband Chapter 605

Chapter 605

She originally thought that if she took the initiative to throw her arms in such a way, it would be a complete showdown.

So the intention is also clearly expressed.

But any man, at this time, will soften his heart.

She even deliberately squeezed Wiliam with her upper body tightly, trying to make him feel the beauty of women.

But Wiliam’s voice became more cold, “Let go.”

How could Liu Nianru let go.

She said miserably: “Brother Lu, I have come to apologize to you sincerely, and I am a weak woman, and I don’t know what else can be used to apologize to you. If you don’t dislike it, I will be Liu Nianru this Pu Liuzhi Zi, I am willing to warm you up…”

She was still talking, and suddenly she exclaimed!

When Wiliam heard this shameless remark, his heart became colder.

He no longer cared that the other party was a woman.

Holding Liu Nianru’s hand directly, he threw it over the shoulder.

Liu Nianru fell in front of him severely.

Liu Nianru was still thinking about what to do next. How could he have thought that he would be thrown out by a shoulder-crossing throw?

It wasn’t until her body hit the floor hard that she felt the pain of her body tearing apart, and then she realized that all this was true.

She was on the ground, looking at Wiliam in disbelief!

Is this still a man?

I am a charming and charming woman who embraces him so much, and even talks about it.

I was actually thrown by the shoulder?

He’s a normal man, he can’t do things that are inferior to beasts!


This kid is really too much!

He didn’t even understand Lianxiangxiyu!

Seeing Wiliam was about to leave, she suddenly said viciously on the ground: “You stop me!”

She also got up quickly from the ground, her eyes became fierce.

Wiliam turned around and looked at Liu Nianru, “Anything else?”

Liu Nianru’s face turned hideous, and he said fiercely, “Wiliam! You don’t appreciate me so much to you! Are you a man?”

On the contrary, Wiliam laughed as he was said, “What? It’s a man, so I have to accept all the photos of your love?”

Of course Liu Nianru thinks so, “Although my Liu Nianru is a little bit different from that of Zhuang Ningning, I am better than I know men! I can make you happier, and even make you a hundred times happier! You can be touched by me. Is there any?”

When it comes to this, Wiliam sneered directly, “Thank you? Liu Nianru, what kind of thing are you? Just your shame, I will look at Wiliam? Which woman Wiliam has seen? Not a hundred times stronger than you? If you really know yourself, get out of me before I get angry.”

This is a very heavy statement.

But Liu Nianru also laughed directly, “Hahaha! What did I hear? You are a fledgling man who doesn’t know what kind of shit luck has gone, what kind of score do you put in front of me? I, Liu Nianru, read countless people, and no man can see. Ever? Just like you, I think you are still a young child, right?”

Wiliam was taken aback. At this point, Liu Nianru’s eyes were still a bit venomous.

Seeing Wiliam acquiesce, Liu Nianru became more ferocious, “I haven’t even tasted the taste of a woman. How dare you say in front of me that a woman I’ve seen is more than a thousand times stronger than me? Will I believe this? I, Liu Nianru, though It’s not the country’s beauty, but it’s a thousand coquettish, you really don’t appreciate it at all? I tell you, after tonight, you just want to get me, you don’t have a chance!”

Liu Nianru decided to throw a bet!

Anyway, if it doesn’t happen tonight, I am determined to leave Lingyue Villa.

If you become one, you will be the lady of the Qilin Envoy, so what can’t be done!

Wiliam said with a sneer: “Get out!”

Liu Nianru thought that Wiliam would really be so unfeeling, and endless resentment suddenly appeared in his heart!


You are unkind, I am unrighteous!

Let’s see whose methods are ruthless!

If you disregard the dignity of a woman, then I don’t want it!

Pull you into the water together, let you be cast aside by the world together!

As a result, Liu Nian felt like evil to the guts, and suddenly his hands quickly tousled his hair.

Then, when facing Wiliam’s face, he stretched out his hand and pulled it hard, and tore his jacket directly to reveal the beauty inside.

Wiliam’s brow furrowed deeper.

What else is this shameless woman doing?

However, Liu Nianru was more upset than he was!

I don’t want to be a woman today, but it depends on how you pass this level!

When she pulled the clothes on her upper body to the same extent, she suddenly opened her mouth and shouted, “Come on! Someone is indecent! Help!”

She is a martial artist, and she still has a bit of strength in her dantian, and many people in the room immediately heard this voice.

The doors of the rooms on the same floor as Wiliam opened one after another.

A dozen people came over in such a hurry.

Seeing so many people coming, Wiliam’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

This Liu Nianru is getting more and more excessive.

It turned out to be disgusting.

The dozen or so people saw Liu Nianru such a good-looking woman whose clothes were torn apart, and they were all stunned.

On the one hand, they were so dazed that someone was so bold, and they attacked a woman in the corridor.

On the other hand, he was even more sluggish in Liu Nianru’s beauty.

What Liu Nianru said is true. Her appearance is also the best choice. After several years of martial arts practice, her figure is even more slender and graceful.

At this moment, the clothes on her upper body were scattered, and her body had long been springing up. Many people just looked at her straightforwardly and couldn’t move their eyes.

When Liu Nianru saw the person, she was more upright. She didn’t care about any shame, let this person look at her, and then said tragically: “Brothers, help, someone wants to give me on the spot…”

Speaking of this, she broke into crying directly.

The dozen or so people had long been fascinated by Liu Nianru. Seeing the beauty in tears, all of them showed their heroism, and immediately surrounded Lu Yetuan.

“Good boy! How dare you be so bold under the circumstances! Call the police!”

“Being so presumptuous to a woman has completely lost our man’s face.”

Wiliam watched these people scolding each other, but said indifferently: “I don’t have anything to do with her. I just look down on a woman like her.”

But these words made everyone present laugh.

Look down on?

Everyone saw Liu Nianru’s beauty.

Especially this figure, a man will be tempted.

This kid lied and didn’t write drafts?

Liu Nianru also cooperated with wiping tears, pointing to the door behind Wiliam, and said, “He lives in this room. I was just passing by. He started to drag me in. If I didn’t follow, he just went straight. In the hallway, put my clothes…oooooo…”


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