Dragon Husband Chapter 606

Chapter 606

“Boy, you don’t tell me clearly today, don’t want to leave here!”

“Yes! People who are inferior to animals like this, let’s go together and just kill him.”

Everyone was filled with righteous indignation and geared up one by one.

Seeing Wiliam being surrounded, Liu Nianru showed a playful look on the side.

She wanted to see what this kid would do now!

Toast and not eat fine wine!

My old lady is kind enough to give you a little chick to eat something sweet, but you don’t appreciate it!

Just forget it if you don’t appreciate it, and want to humiliate me!

How many women have you met like this?

Don’t you dare not pay attention to my beauty?

This is simply a shame!

Well now, you can’t avoid this.

If you regret it now, maybe I can consider it as a misunderstanding.

Then we wiped out the past, and we had a good night tonight.

When everyone was about to rush up, the people behind Wiliam suddenly opened.

Liu Nianru was taken aback, why was there still someone in Wiliam’s room?

It shouldn’t.

I have asked the front desk before, this kid lives alone.

As I was thinking, a woman’s voice came from inside, “Why is it so noisy outside?”

When Liu Nianru heard the woman’s voice, his heart shook.

This kid has a woman?

Leave the woman in the room?

No, this voice is not from Zhuang Ningning.


Did this kid call those unclean women outside?

No wonder I didn’t dare to let me in, because I was afraid of embarrassment.

Thinking of this, Liu Nianru’s face was full of pride.

At this moment, it seems that you are going to ruin your fame. It really is God’s help.

The woman who is not clean outside must have a dusty appearance. People outside will know it.

When everyone heard the sound inside, their footsteps also stopped.

Lu Yezheng said to the inside, “A little trouble.”

Wiliam was really in a bad mood at the moment.

Originally, he was already extremely depressed because he couldn’t take care of the needle.

Unexpectedly, there is another woman who does not open her eyes to mess around.

It even let Sister Tian Tian know, and it made him faceless.

Sister Tian Tian inside heard Wiliam’s voice and walked out.

After coming out, there was a loud exclamation on the scene!

He Tiantian’s face, like Feliicity and the others, would feel ashamed.

Not to mention these ordinary men.

Everyone saw a fairy-like woman who walked out of the room.

She seemed to have just finished taking a bath, her cheeks flushed with hot water, she was very charming and moving.

Her hair was still wet, with water dripping from the ends.

This beauty in bathing is a fatal temptation to everyone.

Even Wiliam swallowed when he saw He Tiantian’s appearance.

Sister Tian Tian looks too foul.

He Tiantian also carried a bag in her hand, which was the change of clothes she brought with her.

He Tiantian looked at so many people outside and was slightly taken aback, without speaking.

And the most shocking at the scene was Liu Nianru.

Liu Nianru thought that the woman who walked out of it must be a nonchalant woman.

In this way, she can also fall into the trap and humiliate this kid severely.

But she couldn’t think that she would be such a fairy who came out of it!

With just this look, this kind of figure, and a kind of cold temperament on his body, after seeing it, Liu Nianru only felt that the other party was like a bright moon in the sky, and he was underground dust.

It’s totally incomparable.

In all aspects, they were all spiked without suspense.

“What’s the matter?” He Tiantian asked Wiliam.

Wiliam said lightly to He Tiantian: “This woman came to the door and I drove her away, so she beat her back and said that I was insulting her. Are you funny?”

Wiliam pointed to the dumbfounded Liu Nianru.

And everyone looked at Liu Nianru again.

This time, their senses are completely different.

I saw Liu Nianru for the first time, and was stunned by her surprise, and was even more obsessed with the fatal temptation of her untidy clothes.

However, after seeing He Tiantian, they looked at Liu Nianru again, only to feel bored.

This fairy-like person, with neatly dressed clothes, gives people a sense of sacredness that can be seen from a distance and not to be indecent.

And this Liu Nianru clearly revealed all that should be exposed, but everyone was no longer interested.

Liu Nianru saw the change in the eyes of everyone, although he was unwilling, but he felt a sense of powerlessness.

In front of such a big beauty, any sophistry and explanation are pale.

When He Tiantian saw Liu Nianru’s clothes, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

When she was young, she was an old world, and she still didn’t know the doorway inside.

She looked at Liu Nianru jokingly and asked: “You said, this kid is frivolous of you?”

The sound is not loud, but it gives people a sense of sacred majesty.

Liu Nianru wanted to nod his head, biting his head and playing the trick.

But found that everything was useless.

All his acting skills are scumbags in front of this big beauty.

And everyone seemed to wake up now, and patted their heads one by one.

“Yeah, there is such a big beauty hidden in this kid’s room, why do you want to belittle other women?”

“If it’s me, with such a woman by my side, what kind of woman can still see?”

“A fairy-like big beauty, just a glance makes people feel that there is no more woman in the world. It seems that this kid has been wronged.”

Liu Nianru watched the change in everyone’s attitude and couldn’t think of a way.

She looked at Wiliam angrily and knew she had lost.

Losing is on this woman who appears inexplicably.

Why, in Wiliam’s room, there would be such a beauty who eclipsed the sun and the moon.

It’s such a big beauty, let her lies be self-defeating.


This kid, what I said before is actually true!

He has really seen a beauty like a fairy.

It’s no wonder that I’m not tempted at all with regard to myself!

I thought he was talking nonsense!

And seeing this woman just finished taking a shower, everything looks like she just finished her business…

“Well, I’ll go first, you play slowly.” He Tiantian said to Wiliam casually, stepping on high heels and walking slowly towards the elevator.

From when she appeared to when she left, everyone’s eyes were almost inseparable from her.

Until she disappeared, everyone sighed, as if they had lost some of the beauty of the world.

At this moment, everyone looked back at Liu Nianru and said angrily: “I said you girl, do you still need a face? If you are accompanied by such a big beauty at night, you still need to be frivolous? You think too much of yourself, right? The face that came said that this kid deserves you?”

Liu Nianru was forced to have no way out, and forcibly argued: “I don’t know where he called the takeaway woman! You have also seen that this woman counts by the clock. When the time is up, he will leave. He has a long night and has his ideas. What’s so strange about hitting me?”

Everyone was stunned when they said this.

It makes sense.

After all, men don’t think there are too many women, right?

Seeing everyone hesitate, Liu Nianru breathed a sigh of relief and finally found a step down.

But at this moment, there was a frosty voice not far away.

“Husband, your wives, are back.”


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