Dragon Husband Chapter 607

Chapter 607: A Model Among Men


Everyone followed the prestige, and after this look, they screamed neatly again!

At the corner of the stairs, I don’t know when, six women stood neatly.

Only these six women.

The key is that they are all beautiful and beautiful, like seven fairies descending from the sky.

Especially a woman in front of her, wearing a light blue dress, her face is no weaker than the woman who just left.

Everyone felt like they were dazzled by the beauty in front of them.

what is it today?

How come there are beauties everywhere!

These beauties, any one, stand out on the street.

Now they all appeared together.

Where did they come from?

And Liu Nianru’s eyes widened when he saw these women.

Originally, her appearance was also the upper-middle appearance.

But tonight, the women who appeared one by one were all prettier than her.

This made her feel like she had completely fallen into the abyss.

Wiliam saw the expressions of a few of them, one by one as cold as frost, and then recalled the voice just now.

Obviously Feliicity.

Feliicity is usually relatively gentle, and will not be angry with anyone casually.

But just now she actually said the wives.

It seems that Feliicity has moved a lot of anger, so he wants to find himself back.

He reluctantly watched Feliicity and the others walk over together, it seems that things tonight are going to be upset again.

When the six of them stood in front of everyone, everyone held their breath, looking forward to what will happen next.

Feliicity looked at the woman named Liu Nianru in front of her, and she was really angry.

They were just aside, and they probably knew what had happened.

Wiliam’s character, Feliicity is naturally very clear.

Unexpectedly, there is actually such a bitch woman, and it is enough to keep him stubbornly, but also to beat Wiliam all over his body.

This made Feliicity unbearable.

Is my Wiliam the kind of person who lacks women!

Didn’t you say that my Wiliam is lustful and likes to look for flowers and ask Liu?

Then I will let you see, my Wiliam, with so many flowers and so many willows, can he pick it up?

Feliicity is also absolutely perfect. He didn’t explain anything. He just turned around, kissed Wiliam’s cheek casually, and said affectionately, “My husband, I’m going to take a shower first. Come in after you’re done. “

After speaking, she walked directly to the room.

The other women, who clearly understood Feliicity’s heart, walked towards Wiliam one by one after Feliicity left.

Xena was the boldest, and he grabbed Wiliam’s cheek with a sip, “My husband, I went in too, come on tonight.”

The remaining four women looked at each other, which obviously meant that they all understood, but in terms of action, they were still a bit shy.

In the end, Janett took a deep breath, hooked Wiliam’s neck with one hand, and stared affectionately at Wiliam.

Wiliam only felt a faint fragrant breeze coming, as if to be intoxicated.

Qin Jiang Yuezhuangruo was whispering, and gently put her lips to Wiliam’s ear, and said in a low voice like a mosquito, “Boy, it’s cheaper for you tonight. For the sake of Sister Feliicity, we are perfect. You are the blessing of everyone.”

After speaking, she kissed Wiliam’s ear and walked into the room.

It’s just that outsiders didn’t see that the moment Janett turned around, his face turned red to the root of his ears.

Li Chunfeng and others could see that their jaws were about to fall.

Sisters, as for?

Why do you sacrifice so much one by one?

We have another way, do we have to give benefits to the little babe?

But everyone watching the scene was so surprised that they couldn’t close their mouths together. They knew that they had been forced to go to the beam.

Melissa’s heart was abrupt, and he went up to his toes, and kissed Wiliam’s forehead lightly, pretending to be coquettish, and said, “Husband, please come in quickly?”

With this husband, the voice was soft and soft, and Wiliam got goose bumps all over his body.

Immediately afterwards, Li Chunfeng and Lydia also looked like they had nothing to love. They kissed Wiliam, called for her husband, and then walked into the room.

After finishing this set of programs, the people in front of Wiliam were already shocked to the point of flying!

what’s the situation!

These women are so dedicated to a man!

And they call his husband!

How can this kid, He De, hug right and left like this!

These beauties are just one in a million.

Any one can turn this disheveled woman into a scum.

Gee tut!

What is going on in this world!

A few big beauties serve one husband together.

The relationship is still so harmonious?

This is totally unscientific.

Those men, looking at Wiliam’s eyes, the envy, jealousy and hatred in his eyes were overflowing.

This kid must have saved the universe in his previous life, and only then will he gain the common favor of these allure.

And Liu Nianru was trembling with anger.

If it was the speechless humiliation of the fairy woman before, it would be fine.

She can grit her teeth and endure it.

But now, there are six women all together!

One is better than one!

If I still say that these women are not clean, who would believe it!

Where is the bottom of the world to find these six unclean and fair-looking women at the same time?

Liu Nianru just felt his face crackled!

The forefoot is still talking about the long night, this kid is unaccompanied and sees his heart.

Now there are six at once, is it still a long night?

It’s really worth a moment.


This kid looked like a young kid, but he didn’t think he would have missed it.

There is such a beautiful woman beside him.

If he had known long ago, even if there was only one beautiful woman around him, would he still have the courage to come over?

No one has the guts to come over, let alone seven!

Liu Nianru only felt this place and couldn’t stay at all.

Insult yourself!

Staying one more minute is a humiliation to yourself!

She struggled to push away from the crowd, ran to the elevator with her head down, she didn’t even dare to say any more excuses.

The men around looked at Wiliam with a little embarrassment, and couldn’t say anything to apologize.

Wiliam looked at these people coldly, and asked faintly: “Is there anything else? If there is anything, I’ll go in and serve my wives.”

Those men woke up like a dream, and each gave Wiliam a thumbs up, “Boy, a role model among men, a fighter among heroes! Disrespect and disrespect! I wish you good health tonight and all the best!”

After speaking, these people turned and left awkwardly.

Wiliam looked at these people amused, and turned around and entered the room.

But as soon as he entered the room, he only felt a white thigh resting directly on his shoulder, which gave him a wall.

“Ho ho, a role model among men, a fighter among heroes? Brother-in-law, you are so capable. Come on, what do you plan to do with the six of us tonight?”


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