Dragon Husband Chapter 608

Chapter 608

Wiliam naturally knew that the person who stepped up to the front wall was Xena.

Only she is wearing hot hot pants, and only she is the one who can say such things.

Wiliam grabbed Xena’s leg directly, pushed her gently, pushed her away, and said, “That group said it. What does it have to do with me?”

After speaking, he only noticed that the six women in the room, except Xena who was still bluffing, all of them had a little blush on their faces.

Obviously everyone is well aware of the kisses.

But one by one pretended not to know anything.

Especially Feliicity, her face was peach blossom, and her heart was very depressed.

Just now, when she saw her husband being framed outside, she was really confused with anger.

In addition, I drank a lot of wine in the evening, and my courage became extremely big.

That’s why he pretended to be the head of the sixth house.

I just want to support Wiliam.

Now that the matter is over, Feliicity thinks about it again, feeling ashamed just now.

These sisters, my brain is confused, are your brains burned out? Or do you drink too much wine?

Kiss a man casually, or the little bastard you hate the most, don’t you even brush your teeth?

The atmosphere at the scene was a bit awkward.

Finally, Wiliam took a deep breath, intending to treat what happened just now as a dream. He took the initiative to say: “Well, I have already booked the room for you to rest in the evening, and it is next to us. I have booked three rooms. Tomorrow’s Ling will come. Add another one when it’s time. Can you see enough?”

Several women knew that Wiliam was stunned, they were talking about it.

But they also obeyed Wiliam for the first time, and said quickly: “Enough dogs.”

Melissa took the initiative to say: “I am with Lydia, Chunfeng and Jiangyue, Ruoshuang is alone…”

“I have a room with my sister.” Xena directly interrupted Melissa’s words and offered to ask.

But as soon as these words came out, several women at the scene gathered a black line.

What a big light bulb.

Everywhere I was stirring my sister and brother-in-law’s shit.

They are well-justified couples. What do you mean by bluffing?

But Xena looked righteous and confident, and said to Wiliam: “I haven’t slept with my sister for a long time, so you can let me have one or two nights, and you won’t lose a piece of meat. Besides, you are just pure Sleeping, occupying the pit and not shit, then my sister is not the same as who sleeps.”

The scene was too embarrassing to describe in words.

What is pure sleep, what is meant by occupying the pit without shit…

“Anyway, you either give me my sister for one or two nights, or you have the seeds, and you can buy all of us women Chase shop, you choose yourself.” Xena finally added another sentence, making the scene already embarrassing. More speechless.

“Um, Wiliam, I feel I have something to say to Ruoshuang, I’d better sleep with Ruoshuang.” Feliicity hurriedly came out to make a round.

She was very afraid that Ruoshuang, a nervous guy, could speak any nasty things.

After Feliicity finished speaking, he took a room card from the table and pulled Bai Rushuang with his luggage, flying out of the room.

The other women laughed unscrupulously.

Wiliam was even more depressed by the laugh, and said directly: “Why are you laughing? Why don’t you go to bed?”

Janett walked in front of Wiliam with the most courage, and exclaimed: “It’s not the man’s pain that has been revealed at this time, my sister Feliicity is really pitiful, I thought, you actually…”

After speaking, she also went out with her room card.

Melissa was terrified and patted Wiliam on the shoulder, and said in pain, “Sorry, I was really hit by the woman. The night is long, and none of the six women belong to you. Tsk.”

Even Li Chunfeng, who has always been reserved, smiled when he passed by Wiliam, “Come on, President Lu.”

Wiliam felt weak all over after sending these women away.

He was also very depressed in his heart. Forget about the time, half a year passed, Feliicity’s body should be almost healed.

It’s time to put the creation of human beings on the agenda.

Otherwise, Xena would really look down upon him.

After he made up his mind, he took his clothes into the bathroom, ready to take a bath and sleep.

But when he entered the bathroom, he was stunned.

This bathroom mirror…

A few words were written on the bathroom mirror.

“I thought of giving you a gift, call me.”

These words are clearly visible above, but these words are not written.

It’s engraved!

The glass was not broken.

Wiliam didn’t need to think to know that He Tiantian did it.

She was taking a shower before, and she didn’t expect that she could.

There is paper or pen in the room without writing, and you can directly engrave on the mirror.

What a hobby this is!

Wiliam looked at these words and wondered if He Tiantian really wanted to give him something?

So he didn’t hesitate anymore and directly called He Tiantian.

“What’s the matter? Is the matter over there over?” He Tiantian’s voice was accompanied by whirring wind, apparently outside.

“What are you doing?” Lu Yezhen asked kindly.

“Oh, while galloping, I stopped, you can tell me something.” He Tiantian said on the phone.


Wiliam really wanted to kneel for this fairy sister.

Everything is so unusual.

“Why did you engrave in the bathroom mirror? And, what gift did you think of?” Wiliam said straightforwardly.

Suddenly a voice came from the other end of the phone, “Oh, this matter, let me just talk about it, I always feel that there is something I forgot to tell you. Fortunately, I am witty, and I carve my thoughts on the mirror, otherwise it is true. forget.”

Wiliam has a black line.

Dare to love that this fairy sister is too forgetful. When she took a bath in the bathroom, her inspiration flashed, and she was afraid she would have forgotten, so she immediately engraved on the mirror.

“Let’s talk.” Lu Yezhen asked kindly.

“What is fierce? What kind of attitude is this.” He Tiantian’s voice on the other end of the phone became dissatisfied.

Wiliam frustrated, this kind of woman can’t talk and talk, and can’t beat her. It’s almost impossible to start.

He was so guilty or evil that he smoothed the inexplicable anger of He Tiantian, and then returned to the subject again.

“Oh ho ho, the gift I think of is also a thought, but this gift is not for you.” He Tiantian said with a smile.

Not for me?

Wiliam felt like he was going to explode.

It’s not for me. Who do you like to send it to? It has a relationship with me.

He Tiantian seemed to know Wiliam’s depression, and said, “But it’s for people around you, I think you will be interested.”

Wiliam was taken aback, “Give it to someone next to me? What do you say?”

“To be precise, it’s for your wife and the girl named Li Chunfeng, because I accidentally discovered when I was drinking just now that the two of them have amazing bloodlines!”


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