Dragon Husband Chapter 609

Chapter 609

Wiliam was dumbfounded on the spot.

My wife, and Li Chunfeng?

Their blood is amazing?

“What do you mean by this?” Wiliam asked quickly when it was about his wife.

“Well, when I was drinking with them, I habitually took their pulse. Other people, except for the one named Janett, have some aptitude, and then they belong to your wife and Li Chunfeng, who are so talented. The two of them actually have a fire vein and an ice vein, showing two extremes, which are also rare in the world.” He Tiantian explained.

Fire vein?

Ice veins?

Wiliam has never heard of these two words.

He also knew that he had just stepped into the realm of martial arts, and it was normal for him not to know that there were thousands of worlds in this doorway.

It’s just that Wiliam was reminded of this, and immediately thought of the illness on his body before Feliicity and Chunfeng.

Feliicity had cold toxins since he was young, and it took six months to fully recover.

Li Chunfeng is also in the same situation, with fever in his body.

Unexpectedly, there is such a subtle exquisiteness in this cold poison.

“Fire veins and ice veins are both rare blood veins in the world, and they are also rare in a century among martial arts practitioners. If they can step into the realm of martial arts, they will be a very big one for you in the future. Help, I know that you are not very human, so I was thinking, do you have a need, I will help you lead them to the beginning?” He Tiantian continued.

Now, Wiliam hesitated.

He could not interfere with Chunfeng’s decision at will.

But my wife.

Wiliam knew the difficulties and obstacles of Xiwu’s road, and said that there would be no harm.

Wiliam didn’t want to take risks in the Feliicity, but only wanted her to live safely.

But he also knew Feliicity’s thoughts. If Feliicity knew about this, how Feliicity would agree to this attractive gift from Tian Tian.

Because both of them put each other in the most important position in their hearts.

Consider it for her, why not consider it for herself.

Feliicity had long wanted to help herself more, so this answer was obvious.

“Let me think about it.” Wiliam groaned, without agreeing directly.

He Tiantian seemed to have known Wiliam’s concerns a long time ago, and said, “Don’t worry, I also know some shallow things. I really want them to step into the martial arts realm, and they need my husband’s help. Recently, I have a lot of things. , Tell me when you think about it.”

“Well, thanks,” Wiliam said.

“It’s nothing, but there is one thing I said ahead. I think your wife is still a virgin now, and the spring breeze is also the same. You did a good job at this point. Then you have to keep it up. You can’t break it at will. Your wife and the body of Chunfeng, or else the blood essence and energy they have accumulated over the past 20 years will be destroyed. Okay, I will continue to fly, goodbye.” He Tiantian died after saying this. Phone.

Wiliam almost threw the phone out.

what’s the situation!

I just made up my mind, ready to discuss with my wife about the plan to create a man, you will make me a setting that can’t break the blood!

You played me on purpose!

Wiliam had the urge to spray all the blood.

Good luck tricks people.

However, with He Tiantian’s reminder, Wiliam really had to carefully weigh this matter in his heart.

It seems that I need to find time to tell Feliicity about martial arts.

Wiliam then took a shower and went to rest.

Early the next morning, he received a call, and it was actually from that Jin Lieyun.

Wiliam gave him and Lingyue Villa five days to sort out Lingyue Villa’s internal affairs and external industries. Jin Lieyun called Wiliam early in the morning and naturally reported the situation.

It turned out that Lingyue Villa’s internal affairs had been checked last night, and he waited for Wiliam to pass by.

Naturally, many assets are directly invested by Lingyue Villa.

Wiliam groaned, feeling that this time his wife and the others came here, they all had God’s will.

They came just right, just to give play to their strengths, to check all these messy things.

When Wiliam called Feliicity, they were still sleeping.

Wiliam said to go out first and take them to the beach in the evening.

Anyway, the sea is only a half-hour drive away from here.

Feliicity agreed casually, saying that they would go shopping during the day.

Wiliam repeatedly told them to wear sunglasses and hats when they went out.

Otherwise, these women will appear together, and the damage will be too great.

After the instruction, Wiliam walked outside and drove a car to Lingyue Villa.

In the discussion hall of Lingyue Villa, Wiliam saw Jin Lieyun standing respectfully and respectfully.

After Jin Lieyun was abolished from martial arts yesterday, his whole person was a lot more decadent, and he looked even older.

Even his waist buckled down.

He saw Wiliam coming and greeted him respectfully, “Master Qilin Envoy, you are finally here, the accounts are ready, please check it out.”

Wiliam nodded, then sat down on the chair and picked up two thick notebooks.

Of these two books, one is a record of the enterprises founded by the disciples of Lingyue Villa.

Wiliam wouldn’t take care of them at this point, as long as he followed the rules and handed over the general output value to Lingyue Villa, and from then on, he would go to the sky and go one side.

The other book is about Lingyue Mountain Villa’s industry. There are not many records, indicating that there are not many industries directly founded in the name of Lingyue Mountain Villa.

Jin Lieyun explained cautiously: “My lord, a lot of our money is actually contributed by some affiliated companies, so it cannot be reflected in the ledger.”

Wiliam nodded, he was quite clear about this.

Like the North Lu family, most of the money is contributed by the following vassal enterprises.

“You just report the results to me.” Wiliam rubbed his head and said casually.

Jin Lieyun hurriedly said: “Yes, my lord! The company that our disciples started outside has turned over half of the output value, which is more than 70 billion in total. The industry invested by our Lingyue Resort is also more than 40 billion in total. Add up to about 110 billion.”

Wiliam nodded, not paying attention.

Because the money seems to be a lot, but according to the initial agreement between him and Harper, what he got out of thin air is not his.

So the money is his fault, but it cannot be included in the scope of Grandpa’s last wish.

Jin Lieyun was about to say something more, suddenly a disciple ran in in a hurry and said loudly, “My lord, the big thing is not good.”

Jin Lieyun frowned, “What kind of decent is you in a hurry! Have you seen the unicorn making the adults busy?”

The man glanced at Wiliam in awe, and then whispered: “My lord, that Zhuang Ningning is about to come in at the door, and we dare not stop her…”

“What is she doing here?” Wiliam asked.

The disciple hesitated for a while, and said: “She kept saying that she would save you, the lord…”


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