Dragon Husband Chapter 610

Chapter 610

Hearing this report, several people at the scene, including Wiliam, were all at a loss.

Come to rescue Wiliam?

An outside disciple in this area, who was single-handedly, came to rescue Qilin and let the adults out?

Where is the courage?

Besides, Master Qilin Envoy, does she still need her to save?

The adults almost overturned the entire Lingyue Villa.

What kind of coax is this oolong.

Jin Lieyun’s expression became extremely embarrassed. He seemed to understand that Zhuang Ningning still didn’t know the identity of Wiliam, so he did such a ridiculous thing.

But Wiliam showed a faint smile, interesting.

This Zhuang Ningning usually looks carefree, but he is really a man of loyalty.

“My lord, what do you want to do…” Jin Lieyun asked in a low voice.

Wiliam smiled and said, “It’s okay, just take a look.”

While they were speaking, they heard a soft drink coming from outside, “Leave me all the way! Today I tried to die, and I have to save that kid!”

At this moment, Zhuang Ningning was on the square outside the door, and a dozen inner disciples surrounded her.

Zhuang Ningning looked at these people, not to mention how scared she was.

These people can beat her several times in normal times, not to mention so many people gathered around.

Zhuang Ningning was completely biting his scalp at this moment, rushing in with a passion.

Yesterday, she was confessed by Chu Huaijin to show her love in public, and her whole person was in the mist, and she was so happy that she was fainted.

But after returning home and sleeping for a while, she suddenly felt a deep guilt.

She brought Wiliam to Lingyue Mountain Villa. It stands to reason that she would bring the kid back safely anyway.

Although the boy was unobtrusive and bold, he was a friend of his grandfather after all.

What’s more, when Zhuang Ningning recalled it again last night, he realized that although this kid was not as many as Lingyue Villa, he seemed to be a scholarly hero because of his justice.

But because of his own recklessness, the people of Lingyue Villa should be sacked.

But Lingyue Villa’s strength is too strong, which makes Zhuang Ningning feel a sense of powerlessness.

She struggled all night, and finally at dawn, after drinking a few bottles of wine, she decided to save Wiliam alone.

She had thought about asking Chu Huaijin for help, but after deliberation, she found it inappropriate.

The two of them have just established a relationship, and now they are pulling their boyfriend to save another man, is it appropriate?

Besides, Chu Huaijin’s identity represents Fengya Sect. If he joins in again, he might completely cause a dispute between the two sects.

Therefore, Zhuang Ningning decided that she had to bear the trouble she had caused herself.

That’s why Zhuang Ningning was blushing, holding double knives in his hands, looking sour and heroic.

She rushed to the square from the door, and was still murmuring in her heart, shouldn’t Wiliam be executed yesterday?

Yeah, whether he is dead or not!

But I have a clear conscience!

With this trace of luck, she kept rushing in.

What made her even more strange was that all these people around could hang her.

But I don’t know why, these people actually fought and retreated, and didn’t dare to beat her cruelly.

She suddenly thought that these people knew that they were Chu Huaijin’s girlfriend, so she was afraid of Chu Huaijin and did not dare to kill him.

This kind of fox’s fake feeling made Zhuang Ningning even more bloody.

Since you dare not come up, then I will go up!

In the blink of an eye, she had rushed to the outside of the conference hall.

Jin Lieyun inside looked at the vigorous Zhuang Ningning outside, looking angry and afraid to speak out.

Wiliam looked at Zhuang Ningning’s dressing at this moment with amusement. He was really a hero in the middle school.

This girl also raised the knife, and it was a double knife.

While Zhuang Ningning was bloody and brave, he inadvertently looked up and saw Wiliam and Jin Lieyun in the chamber at a glance.

She was in ecstasy immediately!

Wiliam is still dead!


God bless, this kid is really lucky.

Under so many fierce people yesterday, he actually died!

“Wiliam! I’m here to save you!” Zhuang Ningning yelled, and had already rushed into the discussion hall.

The people around had weird words written on their faces, and they didn’t dare to move around Zhuang Ningning.

When Zhuang Ningning saw Wiliam standing next to Jin Lieyun, she thought that Wiliam was being held hostage. She suddenly shouted, “Villa Jin! Let Wiliam go! He is just a man without the power to bind a chicken. Little brat, killing him won’t do you any good! Something is coming to me.”

Jin Lieyun was even more embarrassed by her words.

Silly girl, you should take a good look at the scene, who actually released whom?

Also, who is the one who has no power to bind the chicken, you can tell me clearly.

“That, Zhuang Ningning, you have something to say well.” Jin Lieyun finally couldn’t help it, and said to Zhuang Ningning.

But Zhuang Ningning was obviously still sulking, and continued: “Golden House Master, I respect you as the master of a house, and I also know that I can’t beat you, but this kid committed the crime because of me, and I can’t blame it. Lingyue Villa has been teaching me, Wencheng Wude, we are wronged and indebted, you let him go, I will leave it to you.”

The speaker was unintentional and the listener was intentional. Wiliam looked at Zhuang Ningning’s headless but righteous appearance, and suddenly a thought came into his mind.

Maybe, Lingyue Villa, fate should not be broken…

“Can you really be as good as a man?” It was Wiliam who asked this.

Zhuang Ningning was taken aback, thinking that Jin Lieyun would take the opportunity to threaten him, but he didn’t think it was Wiliam who was speaking.

She glared at Wiliam angrily, “You shut up! There is no place for you to speak here.”

Wiliam was almost injured internally.

There is no place for me to speak, so who is qualified?

“Jin Zhuangzhu, why did you not speak? I thought, if you didn’t kill this kid yesterday, it must be because you still have a heart of martial virtues. If so, why not let him go. As long as you let him go, what do I mean I promise you.” Zhuang Ningning said earnestly.

Jin Lieyun on the side was made by Zhuang Ningning’s words one after another. He was not human inside and out.

He wanted to talk.

But does he have this qualification?

What’s the matter with this little lady?

Can I donate my eyes to those in need?

You don’t take a good look. Does this kid seem to be held hostage?

The old man is the poor man, okay?

“Oh oh, Zhuang Ningning, I don’t think you’re really loyal, not bad, I appreciate you, since you say that you will agree to any conditions, otherwise, I’ll make a condition for the owner of the gold. See if you dare to agree.” Wiliam said with a smile.

However, Zhuang Ningning cast the eyes of Killing Thousand Swords instantly.

She almost wanted to tear up this stinky boy in her heart.

Yeah, my sister brought a knife to rescue you early in the morning, so you don’t need to be moved silently.

What do you mean by one sentence after your sister?

Did you take the initiative to help the Jin Zhuang owner to torture me?

Damn, how about being your own person?

My sister fed the dog with passion!

Zhuang Ningning blinked desperately and motioned to Wiliam to shut her up. This is not your home. If you want to talk nonsense, just talk nonsense.

But Wiliam directly ignored Zhuang Ningning’s suggestion and said with a smile, “Jin Lieyun, what do you think?”


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