Dragon Husband Chapter 611

Chapter 611

Jin Lieyun was beeping a dog in his heart.

What does the old man think?

The old man didn’t want to look, and looked down on it.

You two young, don’t torture the old man anymore.

He cursed in his heart, but still smirked, “Okay, okay.”

When Zhuang Ningning heard it, he suddenly showed an expression of indescribable love.

Unexpectedly, she brought the knife to save people, but she saved a white-eyed wolf.

Help the enemy to set up conditions, Wiliam, are you reproducing?

“Wiliam! Give me enough. If you dare too much, I will turn around and leave, mother, letting you die.” Zhuang Ningning sighed and admitted that he was blind to save the dog.

Wiliam smiled and said, “My condition is that as long as you agree to be the owner of this Lingyue Villa, they will let me go, how about?”

“I knew that your dog couldn’t spit out ivory, so it made me…Eh, what are you talking about? You say it again?” Zhuang Ningning instinctively wanted to scold Wiliam because she thought this stinky boy had a bad mouth. Can’t say anything good.

But as he was talking, he suddenly reacted. What did this kid say?

Pants are too tight, can’t hear?

Jin Lieyun heard this, but his face turned earthy instantly.

And Wiliam said again with a smile, “I mean, as long as you promise to be the owner of this Lingyue Villa, they will let me go.”

Zhuang Ningning heard clearly now, and her face paled in shock instantly.


This kid, my old lady kindly came to save you, so you don’t need to be grateful.

I want to take my old lady and burn them all!

How dare you say such a rebellious thing in front of Jin Zhuangzhu, don’t you deliberately let yourself jump into the pit?

“Wiliam, you don’t want to die! Pooh, oh! Hurry up and eat this to me!” Zhuang Ningning shouted sharply.

But Wiliam looked at Jin Lieyun, who was sluggish, and asked, “Jin Lieyun, what do you think?”

Where did Jin Lieyun dare to resist, he had already been expelled from Lingyue Villa, and he was not qualified to resist.

He nodded and bowed: “The adult is wise! The adult is wise! The villain should obey the arrangement of the adult. Zhuang Ningning, it’s not right, the owner…”

The owner…

This weird name made Zhuang Ningning not recover for a long time.

She looked at this scene in disbelief, and suddenly pinched herself severely.

“Ouch.” She also showed no mercy to herself, her face turned pale with this pinch.

She couldn’t believe what she heard and saw.

This stinky boy said such a thing in front of the Jin Zhuangzhu.

What’s even weirder is, what happened to Jin Zhuangzhu?

Also agreed.

No, this is not a promise.

But just accept it?

It seemed that the owner of Jin Zhuang could only obey what Wiliam said.

What’s the situation!

By the way, what was the name of the owner of Jin Zhuang Wiliam just now?

Looks like an adult?

grown ups?

What is an adult?

For a while, Zhuang Ningning’s head was completely down, everything came so strange and shocking.

“Wiliam, what’s the situation with you? Didn’t you get caught by them? Why are they…” Zhuang Ningning asked incoherently.

Wiliam looked at the people around him, “From now on, Zhuang Ningning is your owner, do you have any objections?”

Everyone trembled and knelt down together, “The villain obeys! See the owner of the village!”

Zhuang Ningning was completely lost by the neatly bowed and bowed. She staggered and almost fell to the ground.

When she recovered, she found that Wiliam didn’t know when she appeared behind her and held her back.

She let Wiliam hold her back and sat down on the chair, only to recover slowly.

What happened just now is incredible.

“Wiliam, you, who are you? Why do they respect you so much?” Zhuang Ningning asked blankly.

Jin Lieyun couldn’t stand the weird atmosphere anymore, and knelt down to Wiliam, and said, “Master Lu is a unicorn envoy. We are the servants, so naturally we have to follow him.”

With these words, Zhuang Ningning was lost again.

This kid is actually an adult Kylin!

But it shouldn’t be. So many people yesterday were all Kylin Envoy adults.

Could it be that the identity of this kid is actually higher than those people?

A feeling of suffocation made her unable to relax for a long time.

She felt frustrated at the moment.

The old mother worked hard to save this kid with a knife, but what happened?

This kid sat silently on the top spot in Lingyue Villa.

Isn’t this the worm shaking the tree?

Does he need to save himself?

In other words, in their eyes, those actions just now were just a joke?

Thinking of this, Zhuang Ningning’s face suddenly became cold.

At this moment, she had no feeling for the position of the owner.

She only felt that Wiliam had received 10,000 critical hits.

Obviously, you are in high position!

Obviously you are above ten thousand!

Pretending to be grandson in front of me!

My mother lost sleep for you last night for nothing!

“Wiliam! I ended up with you! Why did you lie to me!” Zhuang Ningning resumed her bluffing character again, reaching out to scratch Wiliam.

But Wiliam grabbed Zhuang Ningning’s hand and said naturally, “When did I lie to you?”

Zhuang Ningning had 10,000 words to refute, but when he reached his lips, he couldn’t say a word.

Yes, where did you cheat?

The kid said at the beginning that he wanted to step down Lingyue Villa, because he didn’t believe it, he thought she was just talking about it.

It was in the martial arts field yesterday that he said to support himself, and he did it.

It’s because he didn’t ask his identity directly, it was not that he deliberately concealed it.

Even, it was his own dog who looked down upon others and underestimated this kid.

From beginning to end, he was frank and honest without any concealment…

Zhuang Ningning was so depressed that she almost spewed a mouthful of old blood.

Her hand was still in the air with teeth and claws, but she couldn’t scratch it at all.

This kid is a hedgehog, it makes people hate him and there is no way to do it.

So, Zhuang Ningning turned away depressed, not wanting to pay attention to Wiliam.

“Okay, Jin Lieyun, go down.” Wiliam said to Jin Lieyun and the others.

Jin Lieyun was sitting on pins and needles. After Wiliam spoke, he left without looking back.

It hurts self-esteem to stay here.

“Okay, what’s so angry about you, this time you are not here, don’t you always want to join Lingyue Villa, now it is in place, how good.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Zhuang Ningning turned his face and leaned in front of Wiliam, grabbing Wiliam’s cheek with one hand.

Good you Wiliam!

What you said is an understatement!

complete in one step!

It’s so thorough, is there anything better than being the owner of the game in one step?

The old lady just lost sleep, and her conscience was revealed.

Then he came here outside to fight fakes, and he became the owner?


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