Dragon Husband Chapter 613

Chapter 613

When Zhuang Ningning heard this, Wiliam didn’t even think about himself?

She recalled the shameful words she had just said, and was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a place to sew in.

“Um, you really don’t think about it…” Zhuang Ningning felt unwilling to feel that her beauty had been tainted by this stinky boy.

Wiliam looked at her amusedly, without speaking.

In the end, Zhuang Ningning finally gave up.

If Wiliam really dared, she would really admit it on the spot.

“Okay, okay, I’ll do it right away. A little fresh meat, and she uttered wild words about the beautiful women around her, pretending to be like a cloud, pretending to continue to pretend to me, trying to save face and suffering.” Go outside.

She naturally didn’t believe what Wiliam said just now.

Beautiful women are like clouds, are these beautiful women in the world just scratchy and grab a bunch of them.

However, when she walked out of the conference hall, a person suddenly walked out of the corner.

It was Jin Lieyun impressively.

Jin Lieyun had been eavesdropping in the dark just now, and when he heard that Wiliam was going to take a woman to the beach, he suddenly had a plan in his heart.

With a sneer on his face, he directly called Liu Nianru.

Don’t ask why he knows Liu Nianru.

Very familiar.

Liu Nianru received a call from Jin Lieyun and was flattered, “Owner, why do you call me in person…”

At this moment, Liu Nianru didn’t dare to walk out for half a step at home.

The humiliating moment when seven beauties flashed blind and her face was swollen last night, she still vividly remembered.

“I’ll explain one thing to you, you just do it, don’t ask so much.” Jin Lieyun said indifferently

“Owner, you say.” Liu Nianru quickly said respectfully.

“In the afternoon, call Grandpa Lu family.” Jin Lieyun whispered to the phone.

Although Liu Nianru was in the clouds, he still obeyed Jin Lieyun’s instructions.

Just when Liu Nianru was about to hang up, Jin Lieyun suddenly said, “In the old place, open a room and wait for me.”

This sentence immediately made Liu Nianru feel deeply sick.

However, she finally said, “Well, good…”

After Zhuang Ningning left, Wiliam stayed in the chamber and looked at the two books carefully.

Knowing it in your heart makes you invincible.

In the afternoon, Zhuang Ningning sent a message to Wiliam, saying that the coastal vacation had been set.

It is a resort called Haitian Yise.

In accordance with Wiliam’s instructions, Zhuang Ningning packaged the entire resort.

This Haitian Yise Resort is quite famous locally.

The resort’s own beach is one of the best golden beaches in Jianghuai.

Wiliam checked the time. It was already past four in the afternoon.

He called Feliicity, “Feliicity, have you finished shopping? The sunset is just right, and the scenery is just right, otherwise we will go to the beach now.”

Feliicity’s pretty voice came from the other end of the phone, “Well, just back to the hotel, they are too good to go shopping, especially Xena, who is desperately preparing to put our foundations to disaster and bought one. Lots of things. Let’s put things down and go directly to the beach. By the way, sister Gu has also got off the plane, so send her your address.”

Wiliam nodded, hung up and sent the address to Feliicity and Gu Zhiling.

And at this moment, in the car from the airport to the city.

A slender woman sat in the back seat, her eyes narrowed slightly.

With sunglasses, I can see the beauty of this man from those red lips.

She is the Gu Zhiling who has just finished location work and is about to rush to meet Feliicity and the others.

Next to Gu Zhiling, there was a woman sitting.

Cheng Suyi.

As Gu Zhiling’s assistant, Cheng Suyi naturally wanted to travel with Gu Zhiling.

However, at this moment, Cheng Suyi, looking at this gorgeous city through the car window glass, has this inescapable fear in his eyes.

“Yiyi, what’s the matter? In a bad mood?” Gu Zhiling asked lightly.

In the beginning, Gu Zhiling protested against Cheng Suyi because she was forcibly stuffed by Wiliam.

But after getting along during this period of time, she also felt Cheng Suyi’s simplicity and simplicity, and the lumps in her heart were also let go.

Now she and Cheng Suyi are good sisters in life.

Hearing Gu Zhiling’s concern, Cheng Su quickly shook his head and said: “There is no such thing, I’m just getting airsick and a little tired.”

“You know that little babe too, let’s go and play together later.” Gu Zhiling said.

But Cheng Suyi rejected Gu Zhiling for the first time, saying: “Sister Gu, go play, I’ll just sleep in the hotel.”

Gu Zhiling noticed more things wrong, so he nodded, “Alright, then, you will have a good rest.”

After Cheng Xu thanked Gu Zhiling, he looked at the city and fell into a kind of nightmare anxiety again.

This city is the one Cheng Suyi grew up in.

It was just for some reason that she had to flee the city and hid in the small city of Q City ( Qena City ) with her seriously ill family.

At first, she thought she would have no trouble with this city, but she didn’t expect that because Gu Zhiling suddenly changed her itinerary halfway, she set foot on this nightmare land again.

This city, when night falls, no matter how feasting it is outside, it will not cover the fangs of wild beasts.

Cheng Suyi got out of the car halfway and took a taxi back to the hotel. Naturally, Gu Zhiling had to go directly to Haitian Yise Resort.

Wiliam was the last one to reach the resort because he was the furthest away from the resort.

When he entered the lobby of the resort to check in, Wiliam saw Feliicity and the others sitting on the sofa in the lobby, all covered up.

If so, there is still a lean and lean man talking eagerly in front of them.

Wiliam could feel the impatience of Feliicity’s face from far away.

Because when the Feliicity are impatient, they will habitually hold the things in their hands.

No, an orange in her hand will be blown up by her.

Wiliam walked over quickly, stretched out his hand and patted the lean man’s shoulder directly, “Man, what are you doing?”

The thin man turned around and saw Wiliam, and said a little dissatisfied: “There are no rules? Sir? Who are you, sir? I am the lobby manager of this hotel. Please call me Manager Huang instead of hello.”

“Well, Manager Huang.” Wiliam said with a smile.

This manager Huang was in a very good mood. Although the seven women in front of him covered his face, just now there was a relatively young man who took off his sunglasses because he couldn’t hold it back. Manager Huang was shocked on the spot.

So he deliberately introduced everything about the hotel in front of these women, and wanted to stay with these beauties for a while.

But I didn’t expect to make Cheng Yaojin halfway through.

“Sir, I’m sorry, our resort has been packaged today and it is not open for business. Please come back.” Manager Huang said with a slight contempt to Lu Yepi with a smile.


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