Dragon Husband Chapter 614

Chapter 614

While Manager Huang was speaking, his eyes had been staring at Feliicity and the others, obviously not paying attention to Wiliam in the slightest.

After all, in addition to being handsome, Wiliam wears nothing but ordinary, and there is no trace of extravagance.

But Wiliam smiled and said to Manager Huang: “Oh? That’s a coincidence. It’s not me who is contracting the resort?”

Feliicity and the others kept their eyes on Wiliam. Hearing Wiliam’s words, he suddenly snorted and laughed.

When Manager Huang heard Wiliam say this, his heart beat fiercely.

He just looked down on this kid, but this kid actually said that he had contracted the resort?

As a professional manager, his face changed instantly.

He became respectful, “Oh oh oh, it’s the resort you ordered, ah ha ha, I’m really sorry, I didn’t recognize it just now, sir, can you give me your ID card, I will help you with the formalities immediately.”

Wiliam took out his ID card in his hand, then Manager Huang held the ID card and stepped back respectfully.

Wiliam walked up to Feliicity and the others, and said with a smile: “Little gourd children, you are all here.”

Xena said to Wiliam angrily: “What little gourd baby, so ugly! We are called Seven Fairies! Can you speak!”

Wiliam was too lazy to pay attention to Xena, and set his eyes on a woman.

Ancient Ling.

“Sister Gu, you have worked so hard, running around for the company.” Wiliam said politely.

Gu Zhiling is no longer as arrogant as before. She smiled and said, “Working for the boss, you should.”

Several people chatted for a few words, then Manager Huang appeared again and handed the ID card to Wiliam respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Lu, the procedures have been completed, do you think there is anything else I need to do? Just say, I’m on call 24 hours a day.”

Wiliam took the ID card, nodded, and said, “Okay, then you can go home and rest first.”

Manager Huang was stunned, “Huh? Holiday?”

“Yeah, I don’t want to see you again. You go back and rest first. Anyway, don’t let me see you in the resort again.” Wiliam still held a few room cards in his hand, and turned around with Feliicity and the others. To go.

Manager Huang stood there, too embarrassed to know what to say.

He is a hotel manager, but this guest actually gave him a holiday?

Originally, he was still thinking about how many beautiful women staying in the hotel, how can he feast his eyes, so he took the initiative to ask.

Unexpectedly, this kid gave him a holiday directly.

“Oh yes.” Wiliam walked, stopped suddenly, turned around and looked at Manager Huang.

Manager Huang was overjoyed. Could it be that this nobleman has changed his mind.

But Wiliam’s next sentence left him speechless.

“Let’s leave all the male waiters in the resort on vacation, and just leave the waitresses to entertain us.” After Wiliam finished speaking, he took Feliicity’s hand and walked directly to the side building.

Manager Huang shivered as if he had been pricked.

This guest is too difficult to serve!

But after all, he didn’t dare to disobey the guests of the entire resort directly, so he could only do what he said.

After all, this package will only take three days, which is a full one million.

On the way, Janett quietly said to Wiliam: “Good boy, if you have you, only the waitress is left. Those who don’t know think you are going to build the Lingjiu Palace here.”

Wiliam knew that the more she talked to Janett, the more energetic she was, so she ignored her.

“You have one room, and I will wait for you at the beach behind.” Wiliam sent them to the door of the room before speaking.

When these women go to the beach to surf, naturally they have to change their clothes.

But when he was about to leave, he was caught by the Feliicity. Feliicity handed him a bag and said, “When shopping during the day, I also bought you a pair of beach pants. You can make do with it.”

Wiliam nodded, and went straight to the beach.

A man changed his clothes and changed directly on the beach, without going back to the room.

Wiliam waited on the beach for half an hour before he heard a chuckle and several women came out.

He followed the sound and looked behind him. At this look, he almost shot out a nosebleed.

It’s too spectacular!

This is a beauty beyond description.

Seven women came on stage holding hands, their faces filled with joy.

But what shocked Wiliam most was their clothes.

Although I knew that they would appear in swimsuits, I didn’t expect it would be such a swimsuit.

The seven of them obviously bought bikinis together, all of the same style.

The fabric is really less.

The upper body is tied with a line, and the lower body is also tied with a line.

It seems that as long as you pull it, this thread will be unlocked and the door to a new world will open.

And they really didn’t cheat Wiliam, Colorful.

One wears one color, red, orange, yellow, and blue, blue and purple.

Wiliam was almost blind.

This is not what the Seven Fairies are.

The seven fairies don’t even look good at these seven people.

For a moment, Wiliam thanked Xena, a nervous little sister.

If she hadn’t cut it first and played it later, she would never have seen such a spectacular scene in her entire life.

When the seven people stood in front of Wiliam, Wiliam was still lost in consciousness.

Finally, Feliicity awakened Wiliam, “Hey, what are you looking at! Nosebleeds are coming out.”

Wiliam was so excited that he subconsciously wiped his nose.

This action made several women laugh again.

They seemed to be very relaxed in front of Wiliam, and were not afraid of being taken advantage of by Wiliam.

Wiliam said with lingering emotion: “Fortunately, I have taken care of the entire resort, otherwise it will definitely explode today.”

Janett said quietly: “I think you don’t want us to be seen by other men for no reason.”

Wiliam nodded naturally, this picture was a bit unbearable even for people with extremely tough minds like him.

Not to mention ordinary men.

Melissa also said quietly, “So, you want to keep yourself alone and watch it slowly, right?”

Wiliam suddenly became embarrassed, and Melissa had pinched this little wretchedness.

“Alright, okay, don’t coax Wiliam. Wiliam, do I look good in this?” Feliicity came forward to relieve Wiliam, then blushed and asked Wiliam.

Only then did Wiliam take Feliicity seriously.

Feliicity wears an orange swimsuit, with her pure face, and her skin like snow now, adding a bit of shame to her shyness.

Wiliam couldn’t help nodding, “It looks good, of course it looks good.”

Feliicity suddenly showed a sly smile, “Then you say, seven of us, who is the best dressed? Answer honestly.”


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