Dragon Husband Chapter 615

Chapter 615 DDDDEFG

Wiliam’s head buzzed.

Even if you have no experience, you know that this is a proposition.

Seven people, who dresses well?

Answer that anyone will offend the other six people.

Wiliam’s eyes swept across everyone, but suddenly there was a feeling of rapid heartbeat.

Behind Feliicity, six other women stood.

Melissa is all red and Janett is gentle yellow.

Xena is green, and Li Chunfeng is green.

Lydia’s sky is blue, and the ancient Ling is deep purple.

Everyone’s beauty has its own merits.

But all Qiqi released a signal, that is hot.

Mainly this swimsuit fabric is too little.

And their bodies are all too explosive.

I can’t bear the feeling of overflowing at all.

Among them, Janett is the most breathtaking.

Other people wearing this swimsuit are sexy.

Wearing it on her body is simply a crime.

Fortunately, Wiliam had seen Janett’s figure before, so after a serious look, he was not embarrassed on the spot.

For unknown reasons, Wiliam suddenly flashed an enlightenment English children’s song in his mind.


“You mean it.” Feliicity saw Wiliam hesitate, a joking flashed in his eyes, but his hand quietly climbed onto Wiliam’s waist.

Wiliam stiffened, knowing that it would be a bad answer, and his old waist would not be protected.

“Of course, my wife is the best watch. You guys are scumbags compared to my wife.” Wiliam said without changing his expression and heartbeat.

“Cut!” With the six women behind, Qi Qi raised his middle finger to Wiliam, clearly knowing that Wiliam was evading.

Wiliam breathed a sigh of relief, and finally escaped.

After hearing this, Feliicity smiled and took her little hand away from his waist.

These women changed their usual personalities, and now all of them became presumptuous.

Like Li Chunfeng, he was originally reserved.

Gu Zhiling was originally arrogant.

Janett was originally serious.

But now they all smiled together, making Wiliam touched from the bottom of his heart.

Apart from other things, just a company, the sacrifices these women silently made, and the pressure they took silently, are not something ordinary people can understand.

They can have a moment of joy at this moment, they actually treasure it like this.

They are usually suffering.

“Okay, okay, let’s go play in the water and ignore this little bastard.” Li Chunfeng said with a smile, and then ran to the beach not far away.

At this moment, the afterglow of the setting sun shines on the beach, making this beach more golden.

The fine sand, the gentle waves, and the beauty who constantly laughed and laughed.

Wiliam lay on the beach chair and admired the tranquil scenery, and his heart suddenly relaxed.

Then stay with them and take a good rest for a few days.

As Wiliam put down his strength and defense for more than half a year, he actually took advantage of the sunset to slowly fall asleep.

He woke him up with a sweet drink, “Wiliam! After finally coming out to play, you are actually sleeping!”

The voice is clearly Feliicity.

Wiliam slowly opened his eyes, only to realize that several women had already surrounded him, each with unhappy faces.

Wiliam got up from the chair and suddenly felt at a loss what to do.

Several women surrounded him, so that he didn’t know where to look.

No matter where you look, it is all white.

At last he asked in a quizzical manner: “Have you all played well?”

He checked the time, more than an hour had passed.

Several women were also soaking wet, apparently having a wave of wanton just now.

Janett looked angry and said to Wiliam quietly: “Tsk tusk, seven beauties in swimsuits are playing in the water in front of you, you can still sleep, real man, don’t explain.”

Several other women also nodded strangely.

Wiliam Yihan, he is indeed a violent thing.

“Well, otherwise you guys go to play again, I’m looking good now?” Wiliam smiled.

Feliicity knocked on Wiliam’s head, and said, “I won’t let you look at the pig’s hoof. We are all tired of playing. Let’s rest for a while.”

After speaking, Feliicity briskly ran to the beach chair closest to Wiliam and lay down.

Other women also found chairs to lie down.

The chair is a little warm in the sun, and lying on it, it doesn’t feel warm.

But Wiliam seemed to be not only warm, but also hot.

Each of these women is better than the other, and this one lay down, making it even more towering.

From Wiliam’s perspective, it looks like a ridge on the side and a peak, with different distances and heights.

Wiliam really felt a little itchy nose this time, she couldn’t help it anymore, picked up a few bathrobes from the side, and threw one at each of them, pretending to be strong, muttering on her mouth: “The sun is down. Don’t be afraid of catching a cold, so cover me all.”

Seeing Wiliam’s unrequited expression on his face, several women secretly laughed while covering their mouths.

As women, they are naturally sensitive to the expressions of men. They know what Wiliam has experienced just now.

Fortunately, they were really tired, so they obediently took the pure white bathrobe that Wiliam handed over and put them on.

This made Wiliam feel relieved.

It was a beautiful job to accompany beautiful women to the beach.

But there are too many beautiful women, which is a kind of torture.

“Let’s make a bonfire here for a picnic in the evening.” Wiliam said casually, and immediately got the approval of several women.

He thought, calling the hotel people to help get some firewood, but at this moment, he heard a high-profile conversation not far away.

Wiliam frowned deeply.

The seven women also heard the sound, and they straightened up one by one, but they all wrapped up the robe they were wearing at random, not transmitting the half-spring light.

Wiliam stood up and said, “Don’t move here, I’ll take a look.”

Wiliam was in a good mood, but now the pleasure is gone.

What’s going on at this resort!

I have already covered the entire venue, why is there still someone coming in now?

Wiliam looked towards the place where he made the sound, only five people slowly appeared in his field of vision.

It was the former manager Huang who took the lead.

At this moment, Manager Huang kept bowing as he walked.

His body has completed ninety degrees.

Obviously they are extremely respectful to these people.

His voice was also very sharp, and he said flatly, “Shao Lu, that’s it, do you think it’s okay?”

While they were speaking, they had already reached Wiliam’s.

Wiliam stopped in front of them and said indifferently: “Manager Huang, if I remember wrong, I have taken care of this place these days, and you still let people in?”

Wiliam’s tone was already a bit rude.

I didn’t want to be familiar with this little mess before, so I didn’t deal with him.

Unexpectedly, he actually let people in, which broke Yaxing.

But Manager Huang changed his previous respect, and said arrogantly to Wiliam: “Bold! Do you know who the distinguished guest I brought is? The frog at the bottom of the well! Look, the one in front of you is our Jianghuai Lu family Young Master! As long as it is where Lu Shao wants to go, there are no taboos!”


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