Dragon Husband Chapter 616

Chapter 616

When Manager Huang said these words, he felt quite happy.

Let you brat in front of me!

No matter how rich and powerful you are, can you have this Young Master Lu who is rich and powerful?

Shao Lu is our famous little overlord in Jianghuai.

The Lu family behind him is itself a tycoon in the Jianghuai entertainment industry, and it is said that there are two backers.

So Master Lu is in Jianghuai, and he can walk sideways.

Boy, if you are acquainted, greet Master Lu obediently.

And Wiliam looked at Lu Dashao who Manager Huang said.

This Young Master Lu, who is about 30 years old, is wearing a flowered shirt and pants, and a thick gold chain around his neck.

At first glance it looks like an upstart.

What is even more striking is that this young Master Lu wore a pair of dark circles, which was caused by excessive indulgence.

Dashao Lu’s name was Lu Sixian, and he didn’t pay attention to Wiliam’s eyes at the moment, but cast his gaze behind Wiliam.

At this look, his eyes burst with infinite light.

Not far away, there were seven beautiful women standing there!

These seven beauties are so beautiful that they all have their own advantages.

A hundred times more beautiful than the women he has ever been to in his life!

That’s it!

One of his heart was about to move.

“Open the door to do business, don’t follow the rules, you sea and sky the resort, it’s good.” Wiliam said to Manager Huang with a sneer.

Manager Huang didn’t know that Wiliam’s death was imminent, and his tone became sharp, “Ho ho, do you want to complain to me? Go! Go complain! Then see the boss and hear that I’m leading Master Lu. If you come here, will you reward me or punish me? To put it a bit ugly, don’t say that you are contracting this resort. You just bought this resort, and Master Lu is also rampant.

“Hey, Manager Huang, if you speak lightly, why do you become a manager? Go away.” Lu Sixian scolded Manager Huang.

Upon hearing this, Manager Huang hurriedly retreated to the side.

At this time, Lu Sixian formally looked at the young man in front of him.

Is it because the little white faces raised by these fairies are not the ones that are thin and tender?

Tsk tusk, beautiful women have physical needs, come to me Lu Sixian.

It’s really worthwhile to see so many beautiful women here.

That Liu Nian Rucheng did not deceive me.

In other words, Lu Sixian is indeed a famous young man in Jianghuai.

But notorious and notorious.

His biggest hobby in life is female sex.

Over the years, he has been hollowed out of the flowers.

But he still loves it, and when he sees a beautiful woman, he must try to get her to bed.

Originally this afternoon, he caught a little girl from the enemy family in his hotel, and planned to enjoy it tonight.

But after seeing the seven fairies, Lu Sixian suddenly felt that the little beauty who had been caught in the afternoon was dull.

He whispered to Manager Huang: “You go to the lobby and tell my men to watch that little bitch first. I have another plan tonight.”

Manager Huang nodded when he heard it, and hurriedly walked outside.

Then Lu Sixian stretched out his hand to Wiliam with a smiley face, “Brother, it seems that you are also a fellow, how do you call it?”

However, Wiliam didn’t stretch out his hand and hung him directly in front of him.

Lu Sixian didn’t care, and slowly withdrew his hand.

Lu Sixian has seen many young people who don’t know how to promote.

Which one is not very stubborn at first, but after seeing his own methods, which one is not crying and begging for mercy.

This is nothing more than that.

“Let’s say, how much money you want me to pay, you give them to me.” Lu Sixian said straightforwardly.

But at this time, a cold snort came over, “Lu Sixian, keep your mouth clean.”

When Wiliam heard this, his brows wrinkled slightly.

It was Gu Zhiling who was talking.

Gu Zhiling has slowly stepped forward, looking at Lu Sixian with a disgust in his eyes.

And Lu Sixian only realized that the big beauty in front of him was the superstar Gu Zhiling!

At this moment, Lu Sixian’s eyes widened, but he burst into laughter, “Oh, I didn’t recognize it just now. It turned out to be a big old star. Tsk tusk, I haven’t seen you in a year, you are actually getting longer and more beautiful. , This figure is also…”

“Do you know?” Wiliam asked Gu Zhiling behind him in a low voice.

Gu Zhiling seemed to hate Lu Sixian’s fiery eyes, and hid his body behind Wiliam, and then whispered: “Yes, his family’s Qiulu Group is the leader of the JAC entertainment industry, and it seems to be the ancient Wu family. Powerful and powerful in Jianghuai. A year ago I came to Jianghuai to record a field variety show, which was produced by his family and I met at that time.”

Qiulu Group?

a year ago?

Outdoor variety show?

When Wiliam heard these words, he suddenly thought of something and sneered.

“At that time, he saw lust and heart, in order to chase me, he did not scrutinize any means, his character was really bad.” Gu Zhiling added.

This was heard by Lu Sixian.

Lu Sixian was not angry, anyway, he knew that someone was scolding himself every day.

Instead, he laughed loudly, “Gu star, what you said is wrong. Since ancient times, gentle ladies and gentlemen are so charming, why is there any difference in character? You have not tasted me, if you try Once, you will absolutely be unable to stop.”

These little clauses are all demeaning the dignity of women, and the anger in Wiliam’s heart is also born.

“I limit you to get out of here within three seconds.” Wiliam said suddenly.

Lu Sixian was taken aback.

Three seconds?

Let me go?

Let me, the famous Jianghuai Xiaobawang?

Boy, are you awake?

Brother will spend a lot of time teaching you how to be a man today?

Thinking of this, Lu Sixian couldn’t help laughing, “Boy, don’t you see the people standing behind me? These people are not ordinary…”

“Three!” Wiliam interrupted Lu Sixian, spit out a word indifferently.

Seeing that this kid seemed determined to fight him, Lu Sixian’s expression turned ugly.

Toast and not eat fine wine!

“They are all martial arts…”

“Two.” Wiliam uttered another word again, as if he was not listening to Lu Sixian’s threat.

Lu Sixian’s face suddenly turned hideous, and he yelled behind him: “Stop this kid for me!”

Several people behind Lu Sixian rushed towards Wiliam.

These people are all thugs of the Lu family, real martial artists.

Lu Sixian expected that as long as he was under his control, this kid would be in a different place!

If you dare to be arrogant in front of me, I will make you pay!

“Three!” Wiliam spit out the third word coldly.

Then, his body moved.

He strangled Lu Sixian’s throat and smashed at those people!


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