Dragon Husband Chapter 617

Chapter 617

Lu Sixian couldn’t even think of killing him. The boy in front of him dared to ignore the mighty power of these people and attack him directly!

He threw his body backwards and directly hit the bodies of those men.

Nothing hurts right now.

He struggled to get up from the ground and looked at Wiliam angrily, “Well you kid! Kill me! Kill him on the spot!”

Lu Sixian has been rampant in Jianghuai, who is not respectful to him all these years!

However, this kid, even when he is weak and strong, dare to attack himself!

Make you look good!

Wiliam sneered.

These people, although they are all martial artists, are worthy of entering the initial stage of foreign power.

In front of Wiliam, it was just a child.

With three punches and two kicks, Wiliam put all those people on the ground, and then walked towards Lu Sixian.

Lu Sixian saw that his men who blocked the killing Buddha were thrown over in less than a minute, and their jaws were about to fall to the ground!

He looked at Wiliam in horror, not thinking that this kid is also a martial artist!

“You! You! You dare to offend my Lu family! Are you really afraid of death!” Lu Sixian shouted at Wiliam when he saw Wiliam coming over.

Lu Yezhen answered, but looked at Lu Sixian condescendingly, “Lu Family? What does it mean to me?”

In a word, Lu Sixian was completely angry.

The Lu family is nothing in front of you?

What a big tone!

Looking at this Jianghuai, apart from those out-of-the-world sects, the Lu family really has no fear of anyone!

This kid seems to be determined to fight against the Lu family!

Thinking of this, Lu Sixian took a few steps back, knowing that there is no benefit in front of this kid today, so it is better to go home and rescue soldiers!

At this moment, a woman’s scream came not far away!

“You let me see Lu Sixian! I want to make it clear to him in person!”

Everyone followed the prestige, but saw a woman running towards this side under the chasing of several people.

After seeing this woman clearly, Wiliam and the others all showed a look of surprise.

They all know this woman.

It turned out to be Cheng Suyi.

Cheng Su was panicked right now, and even suffocated tears were still in his eyes.

But it is more of a determination, a determination that the fish die and the net breaks.

Cheng Su was terrified in his heart while running.

She knew that Jianghuai was a nightmare for her.

Unexpectedly, he was caught when he had just checked into the hotel.

She also just learned that the hotel belongs to the Lu family.

A few years ago, Cheng Suyi had spent all his family savings long ago because of his treatment of his mother’s illness.

Under the introduction of someone with a heart, she met Lu Sixian.

Lu Sixian coveted her beauty and deceived Cheng Xunyi with fancy words and asked her to sign a letter of guarantee similar to a deed.

At that time, she borrowed one hundred thousand yuan from Lu Sixian.

In less than two months, it turned out to be three million.

As soon as Cheng Su was forced to find a way, he took his mother and fled Jianghuai.

But she was always in fear, knowing that as long as that piece of paper was in Lu Sixian’s hands, she would always be at a loss.
So she plans to beg Lu Sixian, after all, in Q City ( Qena City ), her happy life has just begun.

I didn’t want to waste my life just because of a deed.

And when she came here, seeing the person in front of her clearly, she was also dumbfounded on the spot.

“Lu, Wiliam, Gu Sister…” Cheng Su stared at Wiliam and Gu Zhiling blankly, not even speaking completely.

She had no idea that Wiliam and Sister Gu would appear here.

Even President Qin is there.

After she saw them, she suddenly felt inferiority and grievance in her heart.

What she didn’t want most was that her dark past was seen by her current friends.

But now, friends are in front of her eyes, and all her embarrassments can be seen in full view.

But Wiliam and the others had no time to speak, and Cheng Su was immediately held down by someone who rushed over behind him.

“Suyi! Lu Sixian, why did you catch Cheng Suyi! Quickly let her go!” Gu Zhiling had the best relationship with Cheng Suyi. Seeing Cheng Suyi was caught here somehow, he shouted on the spot.

And Lu Sixian also didn’t expect such an appearance, this Cheng Suyi actually knew these people in front of him.

Cheng Suyi was indeed caught by Lu Sixian in the afternoon. As soon as she swiped her ID card, someone reported the matter to Lu Sixian.

Lu Sixian sent someone to catch her. He wanted to enjoy it slowly tonight, but he didn’t think about it. Now it comes in handy.

It seemed that Cheng Suyi was their friend, otherwise Gu Zhiling would not be so nervous.

Thinking of this, Lu Sixian smiled grimly, and didn’t intend to escape.

He pressed Cheng Suyi cruelly, then took a sharp fruit knife from his hand and gestured on Cheng Suyi’s face.

“Lu Sixian! What do you want! I tell you, if you dare to move Cheng Suyi, Wiliam will definitely kill you!” Gu Zhiling’s expression became even more ugly.

And the more she was like this, the more confident Lu Sixian was.

Doesn’t this mean that Cheng Suyi is his big bargaining chip?

“This little girl owes me thirty million, and wants to fall back on the bill. I will naturally catch him.” Lu Sixian said leisurely.

“Fart! Lu Sixian, you are shameless! I borrowed a total of 100,000 yuan from you, how did you become 30 million! You are shameless!” Although Cheng Suyi was afraid of the cold dagger in front of him, he was still angry. To say.

“What’s the matter?” Wiliam frowned and asked coldly.

When Cheng Su saw Wiliam’s cold look, he was a little afraid to look at Wiliam.

She had a deep awe of Wiliam since she knew Wiliam.

She was even more afraid to trouble Wiliam now that she was in trouble.

“Yiyi, you speak quickly.” Gu Zhiling asked Cheng Su anxiously.

Cheng Su reluctantly said helplessly, “You probably also know that my mother is seriously ill and has been seeing a doctor for these years. My family has no money. I was in a hurry to go to the doctor. I met this dog thief through others, he Lie to me to sign a very excessive IOU. I can’t afford to pay, and I was forced to find a way, so I fled to Q City ( Qena City )…”

When Gu Zhiling heard this, he suddenly showed a look of guilt.

It was she who brought Cheng Su to this place of right and wrong.

If you can pay more attention to Cheng Suyi’s mood in the car in the afternoon, maybe you won’t be coaxing like this.

“Wiliam, please help me.” Gu Zhiling pushed Wiliam.

Several other women also stepped forward and nodded together.

But Lu Sixian laughed loudly, “Okay, then take out 30 million, and I will release the people immediately, otherwise, everything is free, tonight I will follow the content of the IOU and let her do it for me The cow is the horse, hahaha.”

The shamelessness in his words makes people know what he is going to do to Cheng Suyi tonight.

Several women looked at Wiliam together, it was obvious that Lu Sixian had spoken loudly in the lion.


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