Dragon Husband Chapter 618

Chapter 618

Wiliam Lu made a statement on the spot, but looked at Lu Sixian coldly.

Lu Sixian had known for a long time that this kid was just bluffing, how could he spend 30 million for a woman.

However, Lu Sixian is not afraid, anyway, with the IOU signed and drawn by Cheng Suyi himself, he is reasonable everywhere.

“Can I read the IOU?” Wiliam said suddenly.

Lu Sixian seemed to deliberately wanted to humiliate Wiliam, so he asked his subordinates to take out the IOU, but instead of showing it to Wiliam, he read it out.

After listening to the content of this IOU, the faces of several people at the scene became even more ugly.

In the IOU, it was wrong to borrow 100,000 yuan.

But the calculation formula for interest is clearly written in it!

There is even Cheng Suyi’s promise that if he does not pay the money, he will repay the debt with his body and never regret it.

This extremely excessive IOU made Gu Zhiling’s face suddenly uncontrollable. She said in a deep voice to Cheng Suyi: “Yiyi, why are you so confused! How can you sign such an IOU!”

Cheng Suyi’s eyes were filled with tears, but his heart was extremely wronged.

What can she do?

When the IOU was signed, her mother was anxiously waiting for the money for surgery.

When the IOU was signed, she was already confused by the drinking.

Afterwards, she knew that there was such an IOU.

But it was too late.

One hundred thousand, up to thirty million now!

With this astronomical figure, Cheng Suyi couldn’t get through.

She dared not look at these friends in front of her.

She clearly made the mistake, so she should be alone.

There was no need for Wiliam and the others to intervene.

The more they behaved in this way, the more uncomfortable Cheng Suyi felt.

Playing a small inferiority complex made her mind more sensitive.

Several other women looked at Wiliam one after another.

They didn’t want to embarrass Wiliam.

After all, this money is not a small amount of money, it is indeed a mistake committed by Cheng Suyi.

Even Gu Zhiling didn’t know how to talk to Wiliam.

“Hoho, there is no money, and if there is no money, I will play righteousness in front of me! I thought you were such good friends, but that’s it. Take this little bitch down to me, take it all away, and wait for me tonight Fortunately!” Lu Sixian laughed arrogantly.

The faces of several women at the scene flushed.

It’s not as good as a beast!

This kid is more disgusting than the men they have met before!

When Cheng Su heard this, a deep humiliation and helplessness flashed in his eyes.

But there is no talk.

She has decided that she will bear the mistakes she committed.

And just when they were about to take Cheng Suyi away, Wiliam said, “Do you dare to take my money?”

Lu Sixian was taken aback and laughed again, “Hahaha, why don’t I dare to collect your money? Is there anyone in the world who can’t get along with money? Are you afraid that I dare not collect money? I’m afraid that you don’t have money.”

Cheng Su suddenly raised his head and looked at Wiliam.

She seemed to know what Wiliam was going to do.

She hoped that Wiliam could see herself.

She kept shaking her head to Wiliam, hoping that Wiliam would understand her intentions.

This is the Lu family!

In the presence, no one knew better than her the Lu family’s influence in Jianghuai.
The Qiulu Group is not comparable to the current Bai Group.

If the Bai Group is a real group of companies, then the Qiulu Group is a predator that is free from a gray area.

It was the Lu family, there were masters in it, and it was not what Wiliam alone could handle.

She didn’t want Wiliam to pay for her mistakes.

However, Wiliam didn’t watch her from the beginning to the end, just at Lu Sixian.

He listened to Lu Sixian’s words and showed a cold smile, “Well, this is what you said.”

Seeing this kid’s serious expression, Lu Sixian was really taken aback for Cheng Suyi’s debt.

However, he immediately showed a more vicious idea.

You kid, you beat me just now, now it’s 30 million things?

So he said to Wiliam: “Okay, you are still a man. I don’t want to embarrass you too much. I will give you one night to raise money. Tomorrow noon, our Qiulu Group will invite rich people to do it in the group. A grand reception. If you don’t have money to send to me before the reception, I’m sorry.”

Lu Sixian really has a good abacus.

Tomorrow, dozens of companies headed by Qiulu Group will gather in the group to discuss major issues.

He even invited one of the backers behind.

If this kid dares to come over tomorrow, ho ho, I will take his money as well as his life!

At that time, this little bitch, is not going to lie on my bed obediently, let me fish!

“Tomorrow at eleven o’clock, I will arrive at your group on time.” Wiliam said lightly.

He already knew the intention of this reception.

But his promise made Cheng Su, who had been stubborn, a tear straight down.

She looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and she was touched, full of guilt!


Obviously it is my fault, you have to bear it.

The more you are like this, the less I will be able to raise my head in front of you in the future!

In this way, it might as well let me die!



You can’t go!

A fool can see that Lu Sixian will attack you tomorrow.

You will take your life!

Thinking of this, Cheng Suyi’s face flashed with unprecedented determination!

She didn’t know where she got her strength, she broke free from the people behind her, and then knelt down on her knees when everyone was shocked.

Kneel Mr. Qin!

Kneeling sister Gu!

Kneel Wiliam!

Not only did she kneel, she even knocked her forehead three times on the ground.

The sound of “dong dong dong” made people feel numb after hearing it.

When she raised her head, blood was oozing out of her forehead.

She showed a tragic smile, and said resolutely: “Wiliam! President Qin! Sister Gu! And sisters, thank you for everything you have done for Cheng Suyi today. So, from now on, I am Cheng Suyi. , Quit my job in the Baishi Group and join you!”


This remark made the scene deadly quiet.

Gu Zhiling looked at Cheng Suyi in disbelief, and cursed heartily: “Suyi! Are you crazy? Wiliam is going to help you, what nonsense are you talking about now!”

However, the other women’s thoughts are exquisite, and there is no reason why Cheng Suyi did this.

She didn’t want Wiliam to commit a risk tomorrow, she wanted to sin against herself and cause harm to others!

At this time, Lu Sixian also reacted and laughed loudly, “Hahaha, what an affectionate drama, interesting, interesting! What will you do, kid? After going down this step, will you still take the blame for not repenting?”

Several women looked at Wiliam together with a nervous expression.

Wiliam also laughed at this time, but walked towards Cheng Suyi who was kneeling.


A loud slap in the face, Megatron.

Wiliam’s indifferent voice was clearly heard by everyone.

“My minister under Wiliam’s feet is not a man with cartilage.”

“Listen, this slap is worth thirty million.”


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