Dragon Husband Chapter 619

Chapter 619

Cheng Su covered his face and looked at Wiliam blankly, tearfully.

And the other women were so scared by Wiliam’s fierce hand that their faces paled.

What is Wiliam doing!

Why do it to yourself?

Even so hard, Cheng Suyi’s face was swollen.

However, Cheng Suyi seemed to understand Wiliam’s intentions, his lips moved, and in the end he just bowed deeply.

A thousand words of gratitude, it is better to kneel down sincerely and faithfully.

“Before I take the money tomorrow, if anyone does Cheng Suyi.” When Wiliam said this, his eyes were fierce!

Suddenly, his legs kicked towards the manager Huang, only to hear a scalp tingling sound.

Manager Huang suddenly screamed like a pig.

His leg had been broken by Wiliam.

“Who dares to move Cheng Suyi, the end will be thousands of times harder for this person.” Wiliam retracted his foot and said indifferently.

At this time, I was caught off guard, and cruel!

Even Lu Sixian was shocked by Wiliam’s methods.

“You bastard! I have no grievances with you, why do you want to attack me!” Manager Huang fell to the ground and roared frantically.

At this time, Xena, who had been angrily, suddenly stood up and yelled, “You like to bring people over so much, so let you bring enough! You shit, interrupt your shit!”

With that said, the people around understood what Wiliam’s kick meant.

And Lu Sixian also reacted, looking at Wiliam deeply, the resentment in his eyes became more obvious.

it is good!

What if I will bear you all night!

As long as you dare to pass tomorrow, our group will be your grave!

“Go!” Lu Sixian said gloomily, then turned around and walked towards the door.

Just walking halfway, he turned his head and stared at Wiliam, “Tomorrow, I will wait for you! I will accept your money!”

Life! I have to make a decision too.

After they were all gone, several women surrounded Wiliam again, and Feliicity asked nervously, “Wiliam, are you really going to their company tomorrow? They will definitely set a trap.”

Wiliam smiled casually, “Even my wife can see it, indicating that the other party is not clever enough.”

Everyone was all sweating. The little bastard got up so cruel that he even scolded his wife. As expected, Feliicity was a natural match.

“Then you are going to die?” Feliicity blushed and punched Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “I naturally have a way.”

Gu Zhiling comforted Feliicity from the side: “Nothing, Wiliam has money, and his skills are so good, there should be no problems.”

“Okay, you go back to pack your things first, and stay in the hotel where you used to stay. I will go out and make some arrangements.” Wiliam said.

A few women, look at me, I look at you, there is no better way.

“Okay, then you must be careful.” Feliicity repeatedly told Wiliam.

When they were about to leave, Wiliam suddenly said, “Gu sister, stay and accompany me to a place.”

As soon as these words came out, several women looked at Wiliam with surprised eyes.

“You kid, you still don’t want to die at this time, and let Sister Gu accompany you in front of your wife?” Janett said quietly, her chest straightened slightly.

It seems to say that I am the biggest one, and you should choose me if you want to choose.

Wiliam Yihan said, “You all have nasty attitudes, I’m looking for Sister Gu, it’s business.”

They all gave Wiliam a weird look before leaving.

Gu Zhiling stayed, and the atmosphere became a little embarrassing, “Wiliam, why are you keeping me? This spread out is not good for you.”

Wiliam knocked on Gu Zhiling’s head and said, “You go to a place with me. There is something. I want to confirm it in person tomorrow. It’s related to you.”

“It’s related to me? What’s the matter?” Gu Zhiling asked in confusion.

“I’ll know tomorrow, let’s go.” Wiliam walked forward as soon as he finished.

They went out to take a taxi and rushed directly to Lingyue Villa.

When he arrived at the gate of Lingyue Villa, Gu Zhiling looked at this quaint and majestic villa, and became even more confused, “Why are you bringing me here? Where is this?”

“This is my site.” Wiliam said casually, and took Gu Zhiling into the villa.

Gu Zhiling’s eyes were straight, he kept looking around, and asked in horror: “You said, this is your site? How can you have power in Jianghuai? I remember how you didn’t get out of Q City ( Qena City ), right?”

Lu Yezheng had too much explanation, went to the meeting hall, and then called Zhuang Ningning.

While Gu Zhiling was waiting, he kept sneaking at Wiliam.

This kid couldn’t see him more and more.

I thought he was the emperor of Q City ( Qena City ) Tu, but he didn’t expect to have such a power in Jianghuai. No wonder he was not afraid of Lu Sixian.

I just don’t know what the origin of Lingyue Villa is, it is not comparable to the Lu Family.

As she was thinking, she saw a woman with a strong figure coming in.

It is Zhuang Ningning.

Zhuang Ningning also saw Gu Zhiling at a glance and was stunned.

“You, who are you? That who! That is who you are!” Zhuang Ningning poked his forehead with both hands, and said to Gu Zhiling in surprise.

This careless sentence made Gu Zhiling sweat.

Don’t force it if you can’t name it, okay?

“She’s Gu Zhiling, Sister Gu, and she’s Zhuang Ningning.” Wiliam briefly introduced him.

Zhuang Ningning suddenly realized that, first greeted Gu Zhiling, and then quietly said to Wiliam: “You asked me to take care of the resort. It turned out to be the golden house. Indeed, such a star beauty, It’s really not seen by others, and the influence is not good.”

When it comes to contracting the resort, Wiliam is angry, “Have you ever told others about this?”

Before Lu Sixian came here prepared, Wiliam guessed that Lu Sixian should know that there are beautiful women in the resort, so he went straight to the resort.

In other words, someone confided in Lu Sixian.

Zhuang Ningning was taken aback, “No, I was just in the afternoon when Jin Lieyun asked me, and I said nothing else.”

Jin Yeeyun?

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth ticked, as if he knew something.

“Okay, this is the end of this matter. Now you will help me withdraw 30 million in cash. I will use it tomorrow.” Wiliam said to Zhuang Ningning.

Zhuang Ningning couldn’t help asking, “What do you want so much money for?”

Wiliam was not in a good mood at the moment, and his tone became cold. “I want money, but I still need to report to you?”

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became suppressed.

Zhuang Ningning didn’t think of Wiliam’s violent temper. When he came back, he looked like an ice cube, not at all the thoughtfulness that morning.

She was also wronged in her heart.

At this time, Gu Zhiling made a roundabout, “If you have something to say, you can’t say it, you are so mean to beautiful women, Wiliam, you are really a single dog for a thousand years.”

Wiliam Yihan, it is better not to fight this round.


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